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IDE, CHAUNCEY                     NY-7-11-352
ILLSBURY, G. J.                   NY-7-10-319
IMSON, ELISA                      NY-7-4-329
INGALS, JARED                     NY-7-5-183
INGERSOLL, LOIS M.                NY-7-4-95
INGHAM, ISAAC                     NY-7-3-350
IPSON, DORA C.                    NY-7-8-447
IPSON, JAMES P.                   NY-7-10-525
IRELAND, JAMES                    NY-7-11-55
IRELAND, JOHN D.                  NY-7-12-94
IRWIN, CHARLES K.                 NY-7-4-33
IRWIN, GEORGE                     NY-7-10-77
ITHERIN, FREDERICK                NY-7-8-325
IWES, GEORGE                      NY-7-3-447
JACKLI, JOHN                      NY-7-8-132
JACKSON, ANN JENETTE              NY-7-10-68
JACKSON, EMELINE                  NY-7-9-445
JACKSON, EUNICE                   NY-7-8-484
JACKSON, GILBERT                  NY-7-8-473
JACKSON, HARRY                    NY-7-2-157
JACKSON, HARVEY                   NY-7-9-527
JACKSON, HATTIE l.                NY-7-12-424
JACKSON, HELEN                    NY-7-11-187
JACKSON, JOHN                     NY-7-9-364
JACOBS, HORATIO N.                NY-7-6-284
JACOBS, NICHOLAS                  NY-7-7-619
JACOBS, SOPHIE                    NY-7-10-559
JAEKLE, ANDREW                    NY-7-10-277
JAMES, ALBERT A.                  NY-7-12-142
JAMES, ANN M.                     NY-7-8-401
JAMES, CORNELIA ALICE             NY-7-9-525
JAMES, DAVID P.                   NY-7-11-472
JAMES, HARRY                      NY-7-5-286
JAMES, J. R.                      NY-7-12-249
JAMES, JONATHAN                   NY-7-2-220
JAMES, LOANA                      NY-7-4-75
JAMES, MARGARET                   NY-7-4-164
JAMES, MARIAH T.                  NY-7-6-395
JAMES, MARY E.                    NY-7-12-276
JAMES, ROBERT                     NY-7-3-125
JAMES, ROBERT                     NY-7-2-52
JAMES, ROWLAND                    NY-7-10-536
JAMES, STEPHEN                    NY-7-3-216
JAQUNIS, PETER                    NY-7-6-264
JAY, JESSE                        NY-7-5-562
JENKINS, DAVID                    NY-7-5-70
JENKS, LAFAYETTE                  NY-7-11-170
JENNER, ELIAS H.                  NY-7-8-31
JENNER, EMMA SOPHRONIA            NY-7-8-506
JENNEY, DUTY L.                   NY-7-10-636
JENNINGS, ALVA F.                 NY-7-5-238
JENNINGS, EDMUND                  NY-7-2-253
JENNINGS, HARRIET                 NY-7-9-77
JENNINGS, JAMES H.                NY-7-7-563
JENNINGS, LUTHER S.               NY-7-7-512
JENNINGS, NANCY                   NY-7-10-151
JERNEGAN, PHEBE                   NY-7-5-579
JESSUP, MARY J.                   NY-7-7-245
JESSUP, REBECCA T.                NY-7-8-561
JEWELL, ELIZABETH                 NY-7-10-427
JEWELL, ROBERT B.                 NY-7-8-334
JOHNSON, ABSALOM                  NY-7-12-513
JOHNSON, AMOS                     NY-7-10-454
JOHNSON, AMY                      NY-7-4-258
JOHNSON, ANDREW                   NY-7-11-56
JOHNSON, ASAHEL P.                NY-7-7-254
JOHNSON, AUGUSTUS                 NY-7-11-389
JOHNSON, AXEL L.                  NY-7-10-562
JOHNSON, CARL T.                  NY-7-11-81
JOHNSON, CAROLINE                 NY-7-8-411
JOHNSON, CHRISTINE                NY-7-7-467
JOHNSON, DANIEL                   NY-7-3-227
JOHNSON, DAVID                    NY-7-4-305
JOHNSON, DAVID                    NY-7-4-76
JOHNSON, ELIZA                    NY-7-12-83
JOHNSON, EVELYN                   NY-7-11-593
JOHNSON, FORBES                   NY-7-7-514
JOHNSON, FRANK L.                 NY-7-9-234
JOHNSON, HENRY C.                 NY-7-10-224
JOHNSON, ISRAEL                   NY-7-9-22
JOHNSON, JACKSON                  NY-7-8-81
JOHNSON, JACOB                    NY-7-8-111
JOHNSON, JAMES                    NY-7-8-181
JOHNSON, JOHN                     NY-7-10-191
JOHNSON, JOHN                     NY-7-10-406
JOHNSON, JOHN                     NY-7-12-182
JOHNSON, JOHN N.                  NY-7-6-52
JOHNSON, JOHN T.                  NY-7-1-217
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                   NY-7-12-222
JOHNSON, LEVERET R.               NY-7-5-433
JOHNSON, LIZZIE R. R.             NY-7-12-268
JOHNSON, LUKE                     NY-7-5-544
JOHNSON, MARIA C.                 NY-7-10-325
JOHNSON, MARY W.                  NY-7-3-1
JOHNSON, MICHAEL                  NY-7-7-164
JOHNSON, NATHANIEL                NY-7-2-186
JOHNSON, O. W.                    NY-7-12-468
JOHNSON, OLIVER                   NY-7-7-367
JOHNSON, OLOF                     NY-7-10-102
JOHNSON, PEARL                    NY-7-2-194
JOHNSON, PERRY                    NY-7-2-237
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                   NY-7-7-406
JOHNSON, THOMINE                  NY-7-12-224
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  NY-7-12-111
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.               NY-7-10-227
JOHNSON, WILLIAM V.               NY-7-9-125
JOHNSON, WILLIS M.                NY-7-12-618
JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH W.            NY-7-10-283
JOHNSTON, ELLEN                   NY-7-8-556
JOHNSTON, JAMES                   NY-7-9-591
JOHNSTON, MARGARET                NY-7-12-201
JOHNSTON, ROSANNA                 NY-7-5-156
JOHNSTON, SAMUEL                  NY-7-11-25
JOHNSTON, SARAH JANE              NY-7-3-122
JONES, ALANSON G.                 NY-7-6-529
JONES, BENJAMIN                   NY-7-3-367
JONES, BENJAMIN                   NY-7-8-227
JONES, CALEB                      NY-7-3-180
JONES, CALISTA S.                 NY-7-12-117
JONES, CAROLINE                   NY-7-12-258
JONES, CARRIE                     NY-7-9-524
JONES, CHARLES B.                 NY-7-11-544
JONES, CHARLES P.                 NY-7-5-525
JONES, DELOS W.                   NY-7-5-287
JONES, EBENEZER                   NY-7-11-369
JONES, EDWARD P.                  NY-7-8-492
JONES, HENRY                      NY-7-6-478
JONES, HIRAM                      NY-7-6-451
JONES, IDA A.                     NY-7-11-359
JONES, LUCIA A.                   NY-7-11-455
JONES, LUCINA                     NY-7-10-392
JONES, LUTHER C.                  NY-7-5-57
JONES, MARY                       NY-7-5-507
JONES, MARY M.                    NY-7-12-462
JONES, NICHOLAS                   NY-7-3-386
JONES, PETER                      NY-7-3-142
JONES, ROSINA Z. S.               NY-7-11-137
JONES, RUFUS                      NY-7-6-632
JONES, SAMUEL C.                  NY-7-3-120
JONES, SAMUEL S.                  NY-7-7-230
JONES, SARAH J.                   NY-7-10-90
JONES, ZEBULON                    NY-7-10-529
JOSLIN, JANE E.                   NY-7-6-432
JUDD, MARIA M.                    NY-7-12-484
JUDSON, EPHRAIM                   NY-7-2-166
JUDSON, TIMOTHY                   NY-7-5-213
KANE, BETSEY                      NY-7-4-465
KANE, JAMES                       NY-7-8-49
KANE, JOHN D.                     NY-7-11-48
KARLSON, CARL G.                  NY-7-8-190
KAY, JAMES                        NY-7-10-217
KAZER, JOHN L.                    NY-7-5-140
KEACH, JOHN B.                    NY-7-3-389
KEELER, CORNELIA E.               NY-7-11-305
KEELER, JOANNA B.                 NY-7-12-611
KEELER, JOSIAH R.                 NY-7-1-119
KEELER, ZALMON G.                 NY-7-3-435
KEITH, ALANSON C.                 NY-7-7-378
KEITH, EDGAR                      NY-7-10-415
KEITH, JAMES E.                   NY-7-11-307
KEITH, RUEL L.                    NY-7-5-118
KEITH, SQUIRE                     NY-7-10-353
KEITH, SQUIRE                     NY-7-10-282
KEITH, WILLIAM P.                 NY-7-12-295
KELLER, EMIL                      NY-7-7-548
KELLEY, BELA                      NY-7-3-363
KELLY, HARVEY                     NY-7-2-309
KELLY, LUCY J.                    NY-7-9-189
KELLY, MICHAEL                    NY-7-5-518
KELLY, MILTON                     NY-7-3-352
KELLY, PATRICK                    NY-7-8-173
KELSEY, JAMES                     NY-7-9-560
KEMP, JOHN                        NY-7-5-401
KENDALL, HEZEKIAH                 NY-7-6-352
KENDALL, JEWETT J.                NY-7-12-620
KENT, ALONZO                      NY-7-9-164
KENT, CHARLOTTE E.                NY-7-10-447
KENT, DARIUS E.                   NY-7-8-402
KENT, EDWIN R.                    NY-7-9-617
KENT, GEORGE SILAS                NY-7-12-187
KENT, HENRY B.                    NY-7-9-552
KENT, JOHN                        NY-7-5-387
KENT, JOSEPH                      NY-7-8-349
KENT, MERCY R.                    NY-7-9-455
KENT, OLIVE M.                    NY-7-5-153
KENT, SAMUEL B.                   NY-7-7-28
KEOPKE, WILHELMINA                NY-7-8-268
KEOUGH, MARY                      NY-7-9-183
KEPPLER, CHRISTINA                NY-7-11-330
KEPPLER, THEODORE                 NY-7-5-199
KERR, ROBERT                      NY-7-2-304
KESSLER, NICKOLAS                 NY-7-4-204
KETCHUM, SAMUEL                   NY-7-9-228
KEYES, J. J.                      NY-7-11-516
KEYS, BRANDON L.                  NY-7-11-243
KIBBE, NORMAN                     NY-7-4-214
KIBBIE, CYRENA                    NY-7-12-430
KIBLER, ELIZABETH                 NY-7-11-540
KIDDER, EZBIN                     NY-7-7-170
KIDDER, SAMUEL                    NY-7-12-504
KILBORN, HEMAN                    NY-7-5-634
KILBOURN, WILLIAM                 NY-7-5-590
KILBOURN, WILLIAM R.              NY-7-8-382
KILBURN, MELISSA                  NY-7-8-469
KIMBALL, HARRIET N.               NY-7-8-136
KIMBALL, IRA                      NY-7-9-620
KIMBALL, JOSEPH E.                NY-7-6-346
KIMBALL, LOUISE C.                NY-7-11-423
KIMBALL, OLIVER N.                NY-7-10-138
KIMBALL, PEARL C.                 NY-7-11-200
KIMBALL, SALLY                    NY-7-10-17
KING, ALBERT                      NY-7-8-588
KING, ANN                         NY-7-12-167
KING, BENJAMIN                    NY-7-10-53
KING, CAROLINE                    NY-7-11-337
KING, CLARRISSIA                  NY-7-12-180
KING, DAVID                       NY-7-2-202
KING, EDWIN                       NY-7-10-536
KING, JAMES                       NY-7-5-402
KING, MAHALA M.                   NY-7-11-305
KING, MARY A.                     NY-7-5-365
KING, NORMAN                      NY-7-6-552
KING, PAMELIA L.                  NY-7-6-636
KING, SARAH                       NY-7-3-364
KING, TABITHA                     NY-7-11-263
KING, WANTON                      NY-7-2-322
KINGSLEY, BELA                    NY-7-1-262
KINGSLEY, BETSEY M.               NY-7-12-477
KINGSLEY, ELIZABETH S.            NY-7-9-358
KINGSLEY, JOHN                    NY-7-4-89
KINGSLEY, JOSEPHINE L.            NY-7-9-17
KINGSLEY, THORNTON W.             NY-7-3-52
KINISTON, HALLIE A.               NY-7-7-330
KINMAN, MICHAEL                   NY-7-4-13
KINN, MARGARETH                   NY-7-10-269
KINNER, MARTHA J.                 NY-7-11-606
KINNEY, HIRAM                     NY-7-6-306
KINNEY, JOHN J.                   NY-7-10-370
KINNEY, THOMAS                    NY-7-11-99
KINSMAN, AARON                    NY-7-2-60
KINSMAN, ADNA B.                  NY-7-10-192
KIP, BENJAMIN H.                  NY-7-2-157
KIP, ESTHER                       NY-7-10-134
KIPPHRETH, JOHN                   NY-7-6-96
KIRSCHT, JOHN                     NY-7-6-72
KLOCK, MANNING H.                 NY-7-3-387
KNAPP, CLARENCE D.                NY-7-9-598
KNAPP, EBENEZER                   NY-7-4-114
KNAPP, EDGAR                      NY-7-8-37
KNAPP, ELIJAH                     NY-7-4-195
KNAPP, FRANK A.                   NY-7-9-232
KNAPP, GARDUS V.                  NY-7-2-7
KNAPP, HIRAM EBENEZER             NY-7-10-565
KNAPP, LAWTON J.                  NY-7-8-116
KNAPP, MILTON                     NY-7-5-198
KNAPP, NOAH                       NY-7-4-20
KNAPP, POLLY                      NY-7-6-349
KNIGHT, DAVID                     NY-7-3-253
KNIGHT, JAMES PERCY               NY-7-5-6
KNIGHT, JANE                      NY-7-7-572
KNOWLES, DANIEL                   NY-7-6-265
KNOWLTON, C. D.                   NY-7-8-454
KNOX, CHARLES                     NY-7-10-500
KOCH, LOUIS                       NY-7-12-40
KOEBERLE, JOSEPH                  NY-7-8-63
KOLSTEE, WILLIAM                  NY-7-11-203
KOPOLOWSIA, VALENTINE             NY-7-10-524
KOPYDLOWSKI, WALENTY              NY-7-10-524
KORB, CARRIE                      NY-7-8-383
KORTWRIGHT, MOSES                 NY-7-5-529
KOUSTIN, AGGIE                    NY-7-12-194
KRAGE, MARY                       NY-7-7-478
KRIEGSLSTEIN, WOLFGANG            NY-7-12-220
KRON, EMMA CHARLOTTE              NY-7-12-57
KRONIE, JOHN B. TE                NY-7-7-395
KULOE, H. M. TE                   NY-7-8-78
KULOE, HENDRIKUS TE               NY-7-6-256
KUMMER, JOHN A.                   NY-7-12-333
KYSAR, ISAAC                      NY-7-8-69
LADUE, JOSHUA                     NY-7-4-4
LAGEQUIST, JOHN P.                NY-7-10-307
LAINE, ROSALIE C.                 NY-7-3-37
LAKE, ABIATHA W.                  NY-7-12-319
LAKE, CALVIN                      NY-7-2-323
LAKE, FREEMAN                     NY-7-7-377
LAKE, KASIG                       NY-7-10-300
LAKE, LUTHER                      NY-7-2-178
LAKE, NATHAN                      NY-7-6-396
LAKE, WARREN S.                   NY-7-3-115
LAKIN, HENRY O.                   NY-7-8-142
LAMBLIN, NESTOR                   NY-7-9-278
LAMONT, ALBURTUS E.               NY-7-8-145
LAMPHEAR, JOHN                    NY-7-2-294
LAMPHEAR, MARY                    NY-7-9-639
LAMPHERE, WILLIAM H.              NY-7-12-275
LAMPHIER, PERRY                   NY-7-9-283
LANCASTER, MOSES                  NY-7-3-170
LANDAS, GEORGE B.                 NY-7-4-264
LANDERS, HARRIET                  NY-7-11-509
LANDSCHOOF, JOSEPH                NY-7-11-21
LANE, SARAH                       NY-7-9-200
LANG, JOHN A.                     NY-7-10-81
LANG, JOHN GEORGE                 NY-7-10-194
LANGDON, LAMENS A.                NY-7-3-295
LANGFORD, JOHN EDUARD             NY-7-11-53
LANGWORTHY, LUCINDA               NY-7-7-404
LANNIN, JOSEPH                    NY-7-12-446
LANPHERE, JOHN I.                 NY-7-11-347
LARKINS, JOSHUA L.                NY-7-3-385
LARSON, CAROLINA                  NY-7-11-167
LARSON, CATHERINE E.              NY-7-10-583
LARSON, LARS U.                   NY-7-12-74
LARSON, SOREN C.                  NY-7-9-136
LASCELLES, ARTHUR                 NY-7-9-636
LASCELLES, ELIZABETH              NY-7-11-269
LASCELLES, HENRY                  NY-7-10-193
LASCH, JACOB                      NY-7-3-440
LATHAM, JULIA                     NY-7-8-119
LATHROP, DELIA                    NY-7-7-256
LATHROP, FLORELLE S.              NY-7-12-67
LATHROP, JAIRUS                   NY-7-4-212
LATHROP, JONAS                    NY-7-9-310
LATHROP, MARY J.                  NY-7-9-357
LATTIN, MYRON                     NY-7-10-597
LAURIE, WILLIAM                   NY-7-2-95
LAW, ELIZABETH                    NY-7-4-394
LAW, THOMAS                       NY-7-4-357
LAWRENCE, MARK L.                 NY-7-11-312
LAWSON, ANNA                      NY-7-9-633
LAWSON, CHARLES                   NY-7-6-367
LAWSON, DELOSS J.                 NY-7-9-341
LAWSON, JOHN                      NY-7-9-186
LAWSON, JOHN                      NY-7-12-429
LAWSON, LOSS                      NY-7-12-32
LAWSON, SAMUEL J.                 NY-7-7-331
LAZELL, ENOS T.                   NY-7-8-146
LAZELL, HIRAM                     NY-7-5-224
LAZELLE, ALVAH B.                 NY-7-7-576
LEACH, AMOS C.                    NY-7-8-522
LEACH, CARSON F.                  NY-7-12-472
LEACH, ELIZABETH                  NY-7-7-298
LEACH, JOHN                       NY-7-4-268
LEACH, MARGARET D.                NY-7-5-422
LEAFSTONE, JOHANNA                NY-7-11-46
LEAFSTONE, JOHN                   NY-7-11-95
LEAVITT, JOHN                     NY-7-8-452
LEAVITT, LUCIUS                   NY-7-4-49
LEBAREN, HENRY H.                 NY-7-8-75
LEBAREN, MARIAL                   NY-7-9-602
LEBARON, ROSALTHA A.              NY-7-8-33
LECHNER, MARGARET                 NY-7-10-21
LEE, ALONZO                       NY-7-11-85
LEE, DANIEL                       NY-7-6-637
LEE, JAMES                        NY-7-5-597
LEE, JOHN                         NY-7-4-80
LEE, LUCRETIA A.                  NY-7-6-469
LEE, LUCY                         NY-7-6-388
LEE, NATHAN                       NY-7-6-491
LEE, VILETTE MORSE                NY-7-10-608
LEE, WILLIAM H.                   NY-7-4-123
LEECH, ROBERT                     NY-7-1-13
LEET, ANSON                       NY-7-1-388
LEFFINGWELL, ERASTUS              NY-7-4-184
LEGLERS, GARRET H.                NY-7-12-5
LEGRYS, ANNA                      NY-7-5-151
LEGRYS, LEMIRA W.                 NY-7-7-265
LEHLEY, JOHN M.                   NY-7-7-461
LENNERTZ, JOHN                    NY-7-11-275
LENOX, LANEY STAPLES              NY-7-7-406
LENOX, SUSAN                      NY-7-10-135
LESTER, RUFUS W.                  NY-7-8-19
LETTS, NANCY                      NY-7-9-255
LETTS, WILLIAM S.                 NY-7-10-573
LEVY, LENA                        NY-7-10-620
LEVY, SIMON                       NY-7-8-241
LEWIS, ALICE P.                   NY-7-10-532
LEWIS, CHARLES C.                 NY-7-12-297
LEWIS, ELIZA W.                   NY-7-7-613
LEWIS, ESTHER                     NY-7-3-48
LEWIS, JAMES                      NY-7-342
LEWIS, JOHN C.                    NY-7-11-513
LEWIS, LUTHER                     NY-7-9-634
LEWIS, NATHAN                     NY-7-7-269
LEWIS, PARDON T.                  NY-7-2-226
LEWIS, PERRIN                     NY-7-9-541
LEWIS, RICHARD                    NY-7-8-289
LEWIS, SAMUEL                     NY-7-1-69
LEWIS, SAMUEL B.                  NY-7-2-320
LEWIS, SARAH                      NY-7-2-75
LEWIS, WALKER                     NY-7-1-173
LEWIS, WILLARD                    NY-7-11-561
LEWORTHY, ISAAC                   NY-7-10-9
LIBBY, DANIEL W.                  NY-7-10-36
LIBBY, WALTER                     NY-7-8-430
LIDBERG, MAGNUS                   NY-7-9-18
LIGHT, OPHELIA                    NY-7-12-267
LILLEBROWN, CLAUDIUS              NY-7-1-287
LILLY, ABNER                      NY-7-9-56
LINDBERG, HELAM                   NY-7-10-74
LINDHOLM, MATHILDA E.             NY-7-12-128
LINDSTROM, CHARLES O.             NY-7-10-401
LINDSTROM, FRANK                  NY-7-11-94
LINE, WINNIE M.                   NY-7-12-317
LINK, LYMAN                       NY-7-8-82
LITTLE, SARAH E.                  NY-7-9-502
LITTLE, WILLIAM                   NY-7-8-188
LITTLEFIELD, GEORGE W.            NY-7-9-448
LITTLEFIELD, LEDYARD              NY-7-2-330
LITTLEFIELD, SQUIRE J.            NY-7-4-458
LODGE, JACOB                      NY-7-4-190
LOEB, HENRIK                      NY-7-10-440
LOFIUS, JAMES C.                  NY-7-12-6
LOMBARD, DANIEL                   NY-7-8-179
LOMBARD, EUGENE                   NY-7-9-124
LONG, JERMIAH                     NY-7-10-542
LONG, JOHN                        NY-7-9-92
LONG, MARY                        NY-7-10-403
LONNGREN, JOHN G.                 NY-7-11-96
LOOK, MATILDA L.                  NY-7-7-227
LOOK, PHEBE LUCETIA               NY-7-9-575
LOOK, ROSELIA S.                  NY-7-9-316
LOOK, SHERMAN B.                  NY-7-5-321
LOOK, WILLIAM R.                  NY-7-4-327
LOOMANS, GERRIT JOHN              NY-7-6-368
LOOMIS, FANNIE E.                 NY-7-11-443
LOOMIS, JEDDIAH                   NY-7-8-133
LOOMIS, JENNIE                    NY-7-6-458
LOOP, JAOCB HENRY                 NY-7-12-253
LORD, EDMUND                      NY-7-3-88
LORD, EDWARD C.                   NY-7-9-167
LORD, EDWARD H.                   NY-7-6-79
LORSCH, JACOB                     NY-7-274
LOUCKS, DEWITT C.                 NY-7-4-366
LOUCKS, HENRY                     NY-7-3-104
LOUCKS, JOSEPH                    NY-7-4-25
LOUCKS, MARY E.                   NY-7-11-268
LOUCKS, PETER                     NY-7-2-360
LOVE, ABBA L.                     NY-7-10-254
LOVE, GEORGE                      NY-7-3-225
LOVE, JAMES                       NY-7-2-241
LOVE, JOHN JR.                    NY-7-3-70
LOVE, LESTER                      NY-7-3-102
LOVE, REUBEN V.                   NY-7-9-114
LOVE, SAMUEL G.                   NY-7-10-537
LOW, CHARLES W.                   NY-7-10-219
LOWELL, JAMES                     NY-7-3-360
LOWELL, JAMES W.                  NY-7-11-588
LOWELL, JOHN C.                   NY-7-12-398
LOWRY, NATHANIEL A.               NY-7-2-189
LUCAS, DAVID                      NY-7-5-289
LUCAS, IRA H.                     NY-7-12-195
LUCE, BERTHA                      NY-7-9-300
LUCE, JOHN                        NY-7-4-44
LUCE, JOHN D.                     NY-7-10-520
LUCE, MOSES                       NY-7-4-93
LUKE, DANIEL B.                   NY-7-7-474
LUMBARD, LUCIUS                   NY-7-5-511
LUNDQUIST, AUGUST                 NY-7-11-496
LUNDQUIST, GUST A.                NY-7-12-439
LUSK, HENRY N.                    NY-7-7-135
LUTGEN, JOHN                      NY-7-12-92
LYDLE, ADELIA                     NY-7-12-16
LYNCH, BRIDGET P.                 NY-7-10-174
LYNCH, THOMAS                     NY-7-3-353
LYON, ELLEN R.                    NY-7-7-264
LYON, ESICK                       NY-7-1-360
LYON, MARY L.                     NY-7-11-211
MACARTHY, CHARLES                 NY-7-7-102
MACE, LAURA                       NY-7-10-472
MACE, P. FREDERICK                NY-7-7-255
MACE, WILLIAM                     NY-7-12-558
MACK, JOHN                        NY-7-8-408
MACKEY, ELLEN K.                  NY-7-12-352
MACKINNON, Lachlin C.             NY-7-11-40
MACOMBER, SARAH JANE              NY-7-5-593
MAHAR, SOLOMON D.                 NY-7-3-405
MAHER, EDWARD                     NY-7-6-415
MAHER, THOMAS                     NY-7-9-631
MAHONEY, JOHN                     NY-7-6-65
MAHONEY, THOMAS                   NY-7-9-535
MAIN, JEREMIAH                    NY-7-6-375
MAIN, OLIVER B.                   NY-7-3-336
MAIN, RILEY                       NY-7-10-528
MAKIN, CATHARINE                  NY-7-12-17
MALLORY, ANSEL                    NY-7-11-160
MALLORY, ISAAC                    NY-7-4-143
MALLORY, LYDIA ANN                NY-7-9-207
MALLORY, MYRON                    NY-7-10-535
MALLORY, OTIS                     NY-7-8-224
MALOY, ELIZABETH                  NY-7-6-328
MALOY, HUGH                       NY-7-4-231
MALTBY, URSULA                    NY-7-11-284
MANGAN, BRIDGET                   NY-7-10-126
MANGAN, PATRICK                   NY-7-12-257
MANLEY, ADONIRAM J.               NY-7-9-419
MANLEY, AMANDA T.                 NY-7-9-429
MANLEY, CALVI                     NY-7-4-287
MANLEY, EUNICE G.                 NY-7-12-408
MANLEY, FINETTE M.                NY-7-8-1
MANLEY, JAMES C.                  NY-7-9-590
MANLEY, WILLIAM E.                NY-7-11-601
MANN, ADALINE                     NY-7-12-50
MANNING, EPHRAIM                  NY-7-5-610
MANNION, MARGARET                 NY-7-11-348
MANNIONN, MARTIN                  NY-7-10-329
MAPLES, CHARLES G.                NY-7-8-437
MAPLES, DAVID J.                  NY-7-10-166
MAPLES, MARY J.                   NY-7-12-233
MARCY, CLINTON                    NY-7-3-119
MARCY, HIRAM                      NY-7-9-39
MARCY, ISINE, C.                  NY-7-11-587
MARCY, JAMES M.                   NY-7-8-422
MARCY, LYDIA                      NY-7-8-306
MARK, LODASCK                     NY-7-8-249
MARKHAM, OLIVER                   NY-7-3-390
MARKS, JAMES                      NY-7-2-326
MARLIN, A. HATCH                  NY-7-9-556
MARLIN, CHILDS                    NY-7-8-632
MARLYN, KATE FAHEY                NY-7-12-226
MARRISON, JOHN                    NY-7-9-226
MARSH, CHARLES A.                 NY-7-7-385
MARSH, DAVID                      NY-7-9-424
MARSH, DIANTHA J.                 NY-7-11-382
MARSH, ELIJAH                     NY-7-4-220
MARSH, HENRY N.                   NY-7-7-578
MARSH, JAMES G.                   NY-7-6-555
MARSH, JOHN                       NY-7-5-110
MARSH, JOHN S.                    NY-7-8-251
MARSH, MANDANE                    NY-7-8-302
MARSH, SAMUEL                     NY-7-4-104
MARSHALL, SAMUEL                  NY-7-2-112
MARTENS, MARIA                    NY-7-12-29
MARTEUS, FRIEDRICH                NY-7-7-401
MARTIN, GEORGE                    NY-7-12-28
MARTIN, GEORGE D.                 NY-7-12-530
MARTIN, HARVEY C.                 NY-7-8-554
MARTIN, HENRY                     NY-7-9-31
MARTIN, JAMES                     NY-7-5-601
MARTIN, JASON                     NY-7-5-22
MARTIN, PHEBE B.                  NY-7-6-48
MARTIN, POLLY                     NY-7-6-290
MARTYN, KATHLEEN M.               NY-7-11-81
MARVIN, DAVID N.                  NY-7-5-614
MARVIN, DAVID R.                  NY-7-9-109
MARVIN, MARY                      NY-7-1-338
MARVIN, RICHARD P.                NY-7-10-167
MARVIN, SELDEN                    NY-7-1-39
MASON, CHARLES                    NY-7-5-460
MASON, GEORGE                     NY-7-3-224
MASON, HEZEKIAH                   NY-7-2-103
MASON, LYMAN                      NY-7-10-505
MASON, MARY F.                    NY-7-12-65
MATHER, ANDREW A.                 NY-7-7-297
MATHER, ELEAZER P.                NY-7-5-38
MATHER, ELISHA P.                 NY-7-3-75
MATHER, EUNICE                    NY-7-8-160
MATHER, NATHANIEL                 NY-7-6-13
MATHER, NATHANIEL                 NY-7-2-214
MATHEWS, A. J.                    NY-7-11-378
MATHEWS, ANGELINE                 NY-7-4-211
MATHEWS, HENRY M.                 NY-7-5-599
MATHEWS, MARY                     NY-7-11-363
MATHEWS, ORRIN H.                 NY-7-10-240
MATHIAS, ROSALICE                 NY-7-12-422
MATSON, STEPHEN A.                NY-7-5-489
MATSON,E MELINE L.                NY-7-7-263
MATTESON, CHARLES F.              NY-7-7-394
MATTESON, DAID J.                 NY-7-6-518
MATTESON, NORMAN A.               NY-7-10-333
MATTESON, PHILO                   NY-7-12-13
MATTHEWS, JOHN B.                 NY-7-5-340
MATTOCKS, JOHN                    NY-7-6-194
MATTOON, ABNER R.                 NY-7-11-215
MATTSON, GILBERT A.               NY-7-11-109
MATTSON, SILAS M.                 NY-7-11-126
MAXHAM, DANIEL                    NY-7-2-363
MAXWELL, ALEXANDER                NY-7-6-459
MAY, HELEN M.                     NY-7-12-399
MAYBEE, JOHN                      NY-7-5-534
MAYBORN, WILLIAM                  NY-7-5-555
MAYBORNE, JOSEPH H.               NY-7-11-119
MAYBORNE, WILLIAM A.              NY-7-12-232
MAYHEW, KATE E.                   NY-7-8-439
MAYLOR, PAUL                      NY-7-3-326
MCALEER, JOHN                     NY-7-5-65
MCALLISTER, ELISHA B.             NY-7-10-11
MCALLISTER, JOHN                  NY-7-5-37
MCALLISTER, WILILAM               NY-7-10-411
MCALLISTER, WILLIAM               NY-7-10-412
MCARTHUR, ROBERT                  NY-7-2-152
MCCABE, LOUISE F.                 NY-7-9-296
MCCALLUM, JOHN                    NY-7-3-71
MCCLANAHAN, SARAH JANE            NY-7-5-588
MCCLANATHAN, JOHN B.              NY-7-9-87
MCCLELLAND, MARTHA                NY-7-9-626
MCCLURG, JAMES                    NY-7-5-241
MCCLURG, JAMES JR.                NY-7-4-182
MCCOLLOM, ALEXANDER               NY-7-5-575
MCCOLLOM, DUNCAN                  NY-7-8-155
MCCOLLOM, LIVENA                  NY-7-8-563
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                NY-7-3-111
MCCOURT, JAMES                    NY-7-9-362
MCCOURT, SENA                     NY-7-9-225
MCCROSKEY, JAMES                  NY-7-10-332
MCCULLOM, MILLINDA                NY-7-8-502
MCDANIELS, ALMERON                NY-7-12-106
MCDANIELS, EMILY                  NY-7-9-371
MCDONALD, ELIZA A.                NY-7-12-640
MCDONALD, GEORGE                  NY-7-3-124
MCDONALD, GEORGE J.               NY-7-4-18
MCDONALD, SETH S.                 NY-7-6-19
MCDONOUGH, BRIDGET                NY-7-8-106
MCDONOUGH, CATHERINE              NY-7-12-595
MCDONOUGH, MICHAEL L.             NY-7-8-91
MCDOWELL, JAMES                   NY-7-10-513
MCELROY, ELIZABETH                NY-7-12-85
MCEVOY, JOHN                      NY-7-9-149
MCEWEN, JUSTUS H.                 NY-7-12-606
MCEWEN, SOLON G.                  NY-7-12-635
MCGARRELL, EDWARD                 NY-7-7-566
MCGARRELL, GRACE                  NY-7-7-361
MCGEE, JAMES                      NY-7-8-183
MCGRAW, JOHN                      NY-7-11-505
MCGUNNIGLE, GEORGE                NY-7-1-99
MCILVIN, HARRIET P.               NY-7-7-511
MCINTOSH, ANN                     NY-7-9-504
MCINTOSH, EMELINE                 NY-7-12-159
MCINTOSH, JAMES                   NY-7-8-253
MCINTYRE, AMOS                    NY-7-6-563
MCKENZIE, ADELGONDA               NY-7-7-481
MCKENZIE, ALEXANDER               NY-7-9-425
MCKENZIE, DONALD                  NY-7-2-169
MCKINSTRY, WILLARD                NY-7-12-466
MCLANTHAN, ROBERT                 NY-7-4-218
MCLAURY, THOMAS MOORE             NY-7-7-621
MCLELLAN, JOHN                    NY-7-9-1
MCMAHAN, REBECCA                  NY-7-2-167
MCMAHON, JAMES                    NY-7-2-76
MCMAHON, PHILIP                   NY-7-6-99
MCMANNA, PETER B.                 NY-7-9-482
MCMANUS, ALMON                    NY-7-10-322
MCMANUS, CHARLOTTE S.             NY-7-5-248
MCMANUS, ELIZA                    NY-7-8-456
MCMANUS, ELIZABETH                NY-7-9-574
MCMANUS, GEORGE W.                NY-7-5-561
MCMANUS, JOSEPH                   NY-7-5-288
MCMANUS, JULIA L.                 NY-7-7-379
MCMANUS, LEWIS                    NY-7-2-242
MCMANUS, MARIA                    NY-7-7-463
MCMANUS, WILLIAM                  NY-7-4-86
MCMILLEN, REUBEN M.               NY-7-8-373
MCNAMARA, DENNIS                  NY-7-10-303
MCNAUGHTON, JOHN                  NY-7-4-190
MCNEIGHT, MOSES                   NY-7-10-59
MCNEIL, MARGARET                  NY-7-12-435
MCNITT, ADAM                      NY-7-3-92
MCPHERSON, HELLEN                 NY-7-9-35
MCPHERSON, ROBERT                 NY-7-3-143
MCQUILLAN, JAMES                  NY-7-7-266
MEAD, DELOIS L.                   NY-7-8-272
MEAD, SAMUEL A.                   NY-7-12-394
MEDBURY, DAVID J.                 NY-7-5-163
MEDBURY, MELLISSA A.              NY-7-12-324
MEEDER, ELIZABETH D.              NY-7-7-178
MEILLER, GEORGE ADAM              NY-7-8-233
MEISNETZER, MATHIAS               NY-7-9-445
MEISSNER, CAROLINE                NY-7-10-49
MELLEN, WILLIAM                   NY-7-4-200
MELLIN, WILLIAM F.                NY-7-5-582
MERCHANT, PHEBE                   NY-7-7-366
MEREDITH, JANE                    NY-7-12-129
MERICLE, DAVID L.                 NY-7-3-169
MERICLE, PHILIP                   NY-7-3-91
MERRICK, EDWIN                    NY-7-10-96
MERRILL, BENJAMIN                 NY-7-6-522
MERRILL, CAROLINE A.              NY-7-12-292
MERRILL, ISAAC                    NY-7-1-383
MERRILL, JOHN D.                  NY-7-11-465
MERRILL, JOSEPH M.                NY-7-2-14
MERRITT, WILLIAM R.               NY-7-11-52
MESSENGER, DANIEL                 NY-7-7-485
MESSINGER, CALVIN C.              NY-7-12-146
MEYER, SOPHIA                     NY-7-10-530
MICHAEL, LUDWIG                   NY-7-11-519
MIDDAUGH, RACHEL                  NY-7-12-131
MILES, CAROLINE L.                NY-7-4-474
MILLER, ADAM                      NY-7-8-252
MILLER, ASA                       NY-7-6-370
MILLER, BENJAMIN                  NY-7-3-77
MILLER, CHARLES M.                NY-7-11-96
MILLER, CONRAD                    NY-7-7-253
MILLER, DUENCHA                   NY-7-12-385
MILLER, ELIJAH                    NY-7-2-225
MILLER, ELIZA A.                  NY-7-11-297
MILLER, ELIZABETH                 NY-7-8-3
MILLER, HANNAH                    NY-7-5-341
MILLER, HENRY                     NY-7-5-139
MILLER, ICHABOD R.                NY-7-11-7
MILLER, ISAAC J.                  NY-7-9-21
MILLER, JOHN                      NY-7-12-52
MILLER, JOHN C.                   NY-7-11-507
MILLER, LEVI C.                   NY-7-4-406
MILLER, LOUISA E.                 NY-7-11-266
MILLER, MARIA                     NY-7-12-563
MILLER, MARY                      NY-7-11-519
MILLER, WILLIAM                   NY-7-9-450
MILLER, WILLIAM                   NY-7-8-193
MILLS, HIRAM                      NY-7-3-332
MILSPAW, SETH E.                  NY-7-10-146
MILSPAW, WESLEY                   NY-7-12-145
MINEGAR, MARTHA                   NY-7-2-294
MINEGAR, RACHEL                   NY-7-9-492
MINER, HIRAM J.                   NY-7-5-191
MINIGER, ELECTA A.                NY-7-4-68
MINIGER, JOHN C.                  NY-7-5-86
MINIGER, WILLIAM                  NY-7-3-85
MINOR, PATRICK                    NY-7-9-351
MINTON, JAMES H.                  NY-7-10-575
MINTON, JOHN H.                   NY-7-4-167
MITCHELL, ALFRED                  NY-7-11-549
MITCHELL, CHRISTOPHER             NY-7-5-221
MITCHELL, CLARA LUCINDA           NY-7-4-128
MITCHELL, JOHN                    NY-7-3-231
MITCHELL, MARY                    NY-7-8-604
MITCHELL, NELSON                  NY-7-6-287
MITCHELL, PRUDENCE A.             NY-7-12-193
MITTEN, ISAAC                     NY-7-3-120
MIXER, LYSCOM                     NY-7-5-391
MIXER, NATHAN                     NY-7-5-80
MIZZY, DAVID A.                   NY-7-11-617
MOCKER, WILLIAM                   NY-7-11-140
MONCHOW, FREDERICK                NY-7-5-293
MONFORT, GARRET S.                NY-7-11-50
MONFORT, MARTIN                   NY-7-1-390
MONFORT, MARTIN EDWIN             NY-7-2-266
MONK, NELS                        NY-7-6-276
MONKHOUSE, RICHARD                NY-7-2-299
MONTAGUE, OLIVE F.                NY-7-10-130
MONTAGUE, PETER R.                NY-7-11-454
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                 NY-7-3-266
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM E.            NY-7-12-12
MOORE, ALONZO L.                  NY-7-12-270
MOORE, ALPEHUS                    NY-7-11-497
MOORE, ASA                        NY-7-8-553
MOORE, AUGUSTUS                   NY-7-2-156
MOORE, CAROLINE                   NY-7-9-451
MOORE, CLARISSA                   NY-7-9-197
MOORE, DANIEL                     NY-7-6-36
MOORE, DEBORAH                    NY-7-9-34
MOORE, DELIA CHACE                NY-7-6-485
MOORE, FRANKLIN A.                NY-7-12-447
MOORE, H. E.                      NY-7-12-327
MOORE, HARRIET                    NY-7-11-107
MOORE, ISAAC                      NY-7-7-355
MOORE, ISAAC                      NY-7-7-354
MOORE, ISRAEL G.                  NY-7-11-76
MOORE, JAMES                      NY-7-7-333
MOORE, JAMES A.                   NY-7-11-477
MOORE, JOHN ISHAM                 NY-7-10-336
MOORE, JOHN J.                    NY-7-10-483
MOORE, JOSIAH                     NY-7-3-201
MOORE, MARTHA SCREVEN             NY-7-11-141
MOORE, OTIS                       NY-7-3-285
MOORE, PHILURA                    NY-7-9-596
MOORE, POLLY E.                   NY-7-6-350
MOORE, WALTER                     NY-7-12-532
MOORE, WILLIAM                    NY-7-7-363
MOORE, WILLIAM E.                 NY-7-6-319
MORAN, JOHN                       NY-7-7-487
MORE, JESSIE B.                   NY-7-8-29
MORE, MARY ALMEDA                 NY-7-5-583
MORE, RANSOM                      NY-7-5-598
MOREY, DELOSS S.                  NY-7-6-67
MOREY, HENRY G.                   NY-7-10-251
MOREY, THIRZA                     NY-7-12-252
MORGAN, BENJAMIN T.               NY-7-2-317
MORGAN, DELEVAN G.                NY-7-4-62
MORGAN, ELISHA J.                 NY-7-9-377
MORGAN, ELLIS                     NY-7-3-404
MORGAN, HARVEY                    NY-7-10-391
MORGAN, JAMES H.                  NY-7-3-153
MORGAN, MARY M.                   NY-7-8-488
MORGAN, ROSWELL B.                NY-7-9-543
MORIAN, ANTHONY                   NY-7-9-454
MORIAN, THOMAS H.                 NY-7-8-623
MORLEY, CYNTHIA D.                NY-7-8-478
MORLEY, VERNON                    NY-7-8-477
MORRIS, JOHN W.                   NY-7-11-256
MORRIS, MARIAN H.                 NY-7-11-558
MORRISON, EDWIN                   NY-7-11-23
MORRISON, HENRY A.                NY-7-12-190
MORRISON, JAMES P.                NY-7-7-214
MORSE, ALEXANDER                  NY-7-10-65
MORSE, JOHN                       NY-7-3-106
MORSE, MORIAM H.                  NY-7-10-197
MORSE, SAMUEL                     NY-7-7-287
MORSE, SAMUEL H.                  NY-7-7-416
MORSE, WILLIAM R.                 NY-7-7-356
MORSE, WILLIAM T.                 NY-7-12-114
MORTON, MARTHA M.                 NY-7-10-103
MORTON, PERRY J.                  NY-7-10-76
MORTON, RANSOM A.                 NY-7-7-247
MORY, UNISE                       NY-7-6-106
MOSER, GEORGE                     NY-7-3-29
MOSHER, AARON                     NY-7-7-570
MOSHER, ALFRED B.                 NY-7-11-151
MOSHER, EPHRAIM                   NY-7-5-556
MOSHER, HUGH                      NY-7-9-46
MOSHER, ORSON S.                  NY-7-9-394
MOSS, ADIEL S.                    NY-7-6-197
MOSS, REBECCA N.                  NY-7-5-545
MOULTON, MAHLON J.                NY-7-12-414
MOUNCE, THOMAS                    NY-7-5-612
MOUNT, EUNICE E.                  NY-7-8-218
MOUNT, FURMAN                     NY-7-6-409
MOUNT, JOHN C.                    NY-7-10-260
MOUNT, RICHARDH.                  NY-7-6-77
MOUNT, THOMAS                     NY-7-7-505
MOUTON, PORTER M.                 NY-7-10-546
MULLEN, MARGARET                  NY-7-8-316
MULQUEEN, PATRICK                 NY-7-8-287
MUNGER, FRANK A.                  NY-7-6-630
MUNGER, GEORGE R.                 NY-7-6-441
MUNGER, GEORGE W.                 NY-7-11-462
MUNGER, JOSEPH                    NY-7-4-325
MUNGER, LORINDA                   NY-7-2-196
MUNGER, ORVILL                    NY-7-10-408
MUNGER, POLLY                     NY-7-2-173
MUNGER, SALMON                    NY-7-2-54
MUNGER, SYLVESTER                 NY-7-10-540
MUNSON, CHESTER                   NY-7-6-435
MUNSON, ISRAEL                    NY-7-2-23
MUNSON, MIRIAM B.                 NY-7-5-338
MUNSON, REUBEN J.                 NY-7-2-152
MUNSON, SAMUEL                    NY-7-1-335
MUNYEAR, RUTH P.                  NY-7-6-66
MURCH, MERCY A.                   NY-7-11-433
MURPHY, ANDREW                    NY-7-9-352
MURPHY, DANIEL                    NY-7-9-567
MURPHY, FRANCIS J.                NY-7-9-588
MURPHY, JOHN                      NY-7-7-304
MURPHY, MAHALA                    NY-7-8-352
MURRAY, JAMES                     NY-7-8-71
MURRAY, THOMAS                    NY-7-11-70
MURRY, JOHN T.                    NY-7-2-328
MYERS, DAVID                      NY-7-4-306
MYERS, JACOB                      NY-7-7-301
MYERS, JOHN                       NY-7-6-249
MYERS, JOHN                       NY-7-9-176
MYERS, LYDIA                      NY-7-8-621
MYERS, SALLY                      NY-7-10-121
MYRICK, NEHEMIAH                  NY-7-6-74
MYRICK, SYLVANUS H.               NY-7-11-201

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