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SABIN, ASENATH J.                       NY-6-37A-637
SABINS, ESTHER                          NY-6-32B-167
SACKETT, LUKE                           NY-6-W-11
SADLER, ELIZA                           NY-6-Q-405
SAGE, ANN                               NY-6-37A-425
SALISBURY, JOSEPH                       NY-6-A2-61
SALOMON, KAROLINE                       NY-6-34B-121
SAMMIS, PHILLIP                         NY-6-B1-188B
SAMPLE, SARAH                           NY-6-Z-628
SAMPSON, CHARLES                        NY-6-32-561
SANDERS, ABNER                          NY-6-S-341
SANDERS, ANDREW J.                      NY-6-32C-163
SANDERS, NANCY W.                       NY-6-33C-5
SANDERS, WHEATON                        NY-6-N-420
SANDERSON, JANE C.                      NY-6-35C-625
SANDFORD, RANSFORD                      NY-6-34B-85
SANDS, HENRY                            NY-6-R-374
SANFORD, ANNA D.                        NY-6-35B-65
SANFORD, CHARLES P.                     NY-6-32-305
SANFORD, EGBERT D.                      NY-6-L-110
SANFORD, GIDEON                         NY-6-30-382
SANFORD, HELEN S.                       NY-6-32D-13
SANFORD, ISAAC                          NY-6-O-97
SARLES, DANIEL                          NY-6-C2-43
SARLES, DANIEL                          NY-6-E-230
SARLES, TAMAR                           NY-6-E-225
SART, DAVID A.                          NY-6-Q-369
SARTS, JOHN                             NY-6-V-525
SARTWELL, HENRY J.                      NY-6-29-203
SAVAGE, JAMES                           NY-6-B1-146B
SAVAGE, SAMUEL                          NY-6-H-486
SAWYER, AMY                             NY-6-34A-301
SAWYER, CONANT                          NY-6-36A-401
SAWYER, ELIPHALET                       NY-6-U-356
SAWYER, JOHN W.                         NY-6-O-303
SAWYER, PHINEAS H.                      NY-6-Z-570
SAXTON, ISAAC N.                        NY-6-33A-409
SAXTON, JACOB B.                        NY-6-33C-617
SAYLES, EZEKIEL                         NY-6-C1-257
SAYRE, JANE                             NY-6-P-234
SAYRE, NATHAN H.                        NY-6-I-133
SAYRE, SELAH                            NY-6-W-397
SAYRE, WALTER H.                        NY-6-36A-377
SCAMMON, EDWARD B.                      NY-6-Q-239
SCAMMON, MAHITABLE                      NY-6-T-120
SCAMMON, SAMUEL                         NY-6-L-101
SCAMMON, WILLIAM                        NY-6-C2-23
SCANLON, MICHAEL                        NY-6-Z-509
SCANTLEBURY, JOSEPH                     NY-6-P-32
SCHENCK, ADELPHIA J.                    NY-6-38A-589
SCHENCK, ANNA E.                        NY-6-35B-197
SCHENCK, CYRUS                          NY-6-35B-1
SCHENCK, ELIZA                          NY-6-30-103
SCHENCK, JOHN                           NY-6-Z-91
SCHENECK, ELSIE                         NY-6-B1-46B
SCHILLING, BERNARD                      NY-6-32D-451
SCHILLY, ANNA                           NY-6-35A-329
SCHMENICK, BERNARD                      NY-6-30-315
SCHMITY, LOUIS                          NY-6-31-511
SCHOFIELD, MARIA                        NY-6-31B-567
SCHOLBEY, CORNELIUS                     NY-6-31B-471
SCHOLL, CAROLINE                        NY-6-37A-237
SCHOONMAKER, DAVID H.                   NY-6-31-439
SCHOONMAKER, ELI                        NY-6-29-218
SCHROEDER, CHRISTIAN                    NY-6-35B-601
SCHUCH, LOUIS                           NY-6-34B-73
SCHWARTZ, GABRIEL                       NY-6-33C-313
SCHWEINFURTH, CATHEIRNE A.              NY-6-35E-25
SCOTT, FRANK E.                         NY-6-33B-29
SCOTT, HENRY S.                         NY-6-35A-25
SCOTT, J. KINGSLEY                      NY-6-32D-481
SCOTT, JAMES                            NY-6-K-264
SCOTT, RANSOM C.                        NY-6-P-40
SCOVILLE, SAMUEL A.                     NY-6-28-53
SCUDDER, ABBIE J.                       NY-6-U-468
SCUDDER, MARY                           NY-6-U-463
SEABOLT, HENRY                          NY-6-B1-200B
SEABOLT, HENRY                          NY-6-B1-85B
SEABOLT, HENRY                          NY-6-B1-149B
SEABOLT, SUSANNAH                       NY-6-A2-336
SEAIL, JAMES                            NY-6-L-185
SEAIL, JOHN                             NY-6-T-30
SEAIL, PATRICK                          NY-6-T-598
SEALEY, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-34A-89
SEARING, CHARLES W.                     NY-6-Y-28
SEARING, JANE R.                        NY-6-Z-218
SEARING, JOHN                           NY-6-31B-251
SEARING, LEONARD                        NY-6-X-294
SEARING, REBECCA A.                     NY-6-31B-507
SEARING, SARAH D.                       NY-6-32D-499
SEARLS, WILLIAM                         NY-6-37A-197
SEARS, MYRON                            NY-6-34B-37
SEBRING, FULKARD                        NY-6-A1-44
SECAUR, ELLA E.                         NY-6-34A-429
SECCOMB, JOHN                           NY-6-M-52
SEIBERT, GEORGE                         NY-6-28-16
SELOVER, ABRAHAM                        NY-6-B2-84
SELOVER, ABRAHAM                        NY-6-C1-277
SELOVER, ABRAHAM P.                     NY-6-W-635
SELOVER, GEORGE G. B.                   NY-6-G-28
SELOVER, HULDAH                         NY-6-H-9
SELOVER, ISAAC                          NY-6-M-241
SELOVER, ISAAC                          NY-6-F-107
SELOVER, JACOB                          NY-6-Y-392
SELOVER, JAMES                          NY-6-D-210
SELOVER, JAMES H.                       NY-6-G-408
SELOVER, JOHN T.                        NY-6-X-506
SELOVER, MARIAM E.                      NY-6-36B-133
SELOVER, MARY                           NY-6-32C-13
SELOVER, MARY                           NY-6-U-657
SELOVER, MINERVA                        NY-6-33C-233
SELOVER, PETER A.                       NY-6-T-483
SELOVER, RICHARD                        NY-6-B2-245
SELOVER, SUSAN                          NY-6-31B-515
SELOVER, WILLIAM                        NY-6-O-468
SENNETT, ELIZABETH                      NY-6-K-409
SERVEN, HENRY                           NY-6-27-377
SERVIS, JOHN                            NY-6-X-554
SETIN, WILLARD                          NY-6-A1-224
SETTS, RACHAEL                          NY-6-30-647
SEVERSON, MELINDA M.                    NY-6-35A-353
SEWARD, WILLIAM H.                      NY-6-V-322
SEXTON, LOIS                            NY-6-I-176
SEYMOUR, ALBERT                         NY-6-H-391
SEYMOUR, ARBA M.                        NY-6-B1-135B
SEYMOUR, BETSEY                         NY-6-33B-365
SEYMOUR, HANDFORD                       NY-6-B2-404
SEYMOUR, JAMES JR.                      NY-6-37A-413
SEYMOUR, JAMES S.                       NY-6-Y-189
SEYMOUR, JOHN                           NY-6-32-625
SEYMOUR, MARY A.                        NY-6-34B-607
SEYMOUR, PAMELIA P.                     NY-6-X-278
SEYMOUR, WILILAM J.                     NY-6-35A-237
SHAFFER, PHILIP                         NY-6-38A-637
SHANK, ALEXANDER R.                     NY-6-32-429
SHANK, JOHN                             NY-6-B1-65A
SHANK, JOHN B.                          NY-6-35E-245
SHARPSTEEN, JACOB                       NY-6-35A-473
SHARPSTEEN, JOHN                        NY-6-P-118
SHARPSTEEN, JOHN                        NY-6-B1-148A
SHARPSTEEN, KIRBY W.                    NY-6-D-324
SHARPSTEEN, STEPHEN                     NY-6-G-266
SHAVER, ABRAM                           NY-6-35A-469
SHAVER, ALMIRA                          NY-6-32D-61
SHAVER, EFALINA                         NY-6-33A-241
SHAVER, MORGAN                          NY-6-31-217
SHAVER, RACHEL                          NY-6-O-524
SHAVER, WILLIAM N.                      NY-6-34A-417
SHAW, BETSEY A.                         NY-6-38A-325
SHAW, DANIEL                            NY-6-K-181
SHAW, EDWARD F.                         NY-6-34A-433
SHAW, ELIZABETH                         NY-6-28-455
SHAW, ESTELLA C.                        NY-6-34A-277
SHAW, ISAAC                             NY-6-J-303
SHAW, JACOB                             NY-6-A1-343
SHAW, JAMES C.                          NY-6-36B-67
SHAW, JOHANNA                           NY-6-33A-613
SHAW, JOSEPH                            NY-6-K-213
SHAW, JOSEPH E.                         NY-6-31C-182
SHAW, LAFAYETTE                         NY-6-36A-53
SHAW, LOWRANIA                          NY-6-L-415
SHAW, LUCY                              NY-6-Z-68
SHAW, PELEG                             NY-6-P-428
SHAW, RICHARD                           NY-6-B2-293
SHAW, WILLIAM                           NY-6-31-415
SHEEHAN, HONORA                         NY-6-Z-561
SHEEHAN, MARGARET                       NY-6-35B-169
SHEHAN, JOHN                            NY-6-33A-261
SHEIL, PETER                            NY-6-31-535
SHELDON, BUTLER                         NY-6-33B-565
SHELDON, ELIJAH                         NY-6-P-583
SHELDON, ELVIRA                         NY-6-Q-114
SHELDON, ENOS                           NY-6-31-307
SHELDON, FRANK N.                       NY-6-35E-265
SHELDON, GRACE H.                       NY-6-37A-625
SHELDON, HENERY                         NY-6-P-156
SHELDON, JACOB                          NY-6-N-402
SHELDON, SAMUEL                         NY-6-Y-403
SHELDON, SYLVESTER                      NY-6-O-180
SHELTERS, CHARLES H.                    NY-6-36A-9
SHELTERS, HENRY M.                      NY-6-31B-239
SHEPARD, MARGARET J.                    NY-6-Z-239
SHEPARD, WILLIAM J. N.                  NY-6-V-462
SHEPHARD, HANNAH G.                     NY-6-S-527
SHEPHERD, ABEL                          NY-6-G-312
SHEPHERD, SHERMAN                       NY-6-C1-166
SHERIDAN, HUGH                          NY-6-Z-349
SHERLOCK, NICHOLAS                      NY-6-38A-349
SHERMAN, BRIGGS                         NY-6-A2-276
SHERMAN, ELIHU                          NY-6-E-110
SHERMAN, JOHN W.                        NY-6-35E-225
SHERMAN, PAUL                           NY-6-J-215
SHERMAN, REUBEN                         NY-6-28-315
SHERWOOD, HELEN C.                      NY-6-33A-497
SHERWOOD, ISAAC                         NY-6-D-388
SHERWOOD, JOSIAH                        NY-6-T-475
SHERWOOD, MARY                          NY-6-I-122
SHERWOOD, SETH                          NY-6-B1-105B
SHIEL, PETER                            NY-6-31-391
SHIMER, ALEXANDER                       NY-6-36B-73
SHIMER, DANIEL                          NY-6-Q-169
SHIRLEY, LUCY                           NY-6-30-37
SHOATS, JOHN                            NY-6-38A-221
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE L.                    NY-6-36A-173
SHOEMAKER, JOHN                         NY-6-S-61
SHOFF, ANN JENNETT                      NY-6-Y-104
SHOFF, EDARD H.                         NY-6-V-119
SHOMDS, SAMUEL                          NY-6-K-167
SHORTER, CHARLES                        NY-6-I-465
SHOURDS, ELIZA JANE                     NY-6-32-273
SHOVE, EBENEZER                         NY-6-C2-9
SHOVE, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-F-436
SHRADER, CORNELIA L.                    NY-6-31C-141
SHUMWAY, LEVINGS                        NY-6-O-547
SHURMAN, CHARLES                        NY-6-A1-139
SHW, ELIZABETH H.                       NY-6-27-517
SIBLEY, TIMOTHY                         NY-6-K-498
SILCOX, DANIEL                          NY-6-27-410
SILL, CATHERINE                         NY-6-38A-533
SIMERSON, JOHN                          NY-6-B1-1
SIMKIN, EDWARD                          NY-6-33A-189
SIMKIN, SAMUEL                          NY-6-38A-553
SIMMONS, EBENEZER                       NY-6-B1-93B
SIMMONS, MAGDELENA                      NY-6-38A-345
SIMMONS, TRYPHENA P.                    NY-6-S-489
SIMON, ANTON                            NY-6-37A-409
SIMON, ANTON                            NY-6-37A-417
SIMON, MATILDA                          NY-6-33A-397
SIMONS, CHAUNCEY                        NY-6-S-383
SIMONS, LAVINA                          NY-6-33C-97
SIMONS, MARTHA CARVER                   NY-6-28-486
SIMONS, NELSON                          NY-6-33B-157
SIMPKINS, PETER                         NY-6-35B-309
SIMPSON, SARAH F.                       NY-6-32-137
SINGLETON, THOMAS                       NY-6-W-565
SISSON, ELIZABETH K.                    NY-6-35A-417
SISSON, GEORGE M.                       NY-6-32D-343
SISSON, JONATHAN                        NY-6-E-338
SISSON, JOSEPH                          NY-6-U-550
SISSON, JOSEPH                          NY-6-30-232
SISSON, LYDIA A.                        NY-6-Y-124
SISSON, STEPHEN                         NY-6-O-284
SISSON, STEPHEN                         NY-6-F-121
SITH, WHEELER                           NY-6-28-19
SITTSER, CALVIN N.                      NY-6-34A-69
SITTSER, SIDNEY E.                      NY-6-P-336
SITTSER, WILLIS W.                      NY-6-34B-391
SKADAN, CATHERINE A.                    NY-6-34A-329
SKADAN, EDMUND C.                       NY-6-Z-205
SKADDEN, CHRISTINA                      NY-6-S-639
SKEEL, TRUMAN A.                        NY-6-32-73
SKIDMORE, AMMON                         NY-6-F-305
SKINNER, COTTON                         NY-6-B1-175A
SKINNER, THOMAS A.                      NY-6-28-206
SLACK, JOHN                             NY-6-X-58
SLADE, BARTON                           NY-6-35C-161
SLADE, ESTHER K.                        NY-6-29-464
SLADE, WILLIAM                          NY-6-32-157
SLARROW, LORENZO                        NY-6-29-600
SLATER, HUGH                            NY-6-30-453
SLAUSON, ELIZA                          NY-6-32-517
SLAYTON, THOMAS J.                      NY-6-33B-93
SLEE, JOHN                              NY-6-Z-173
SLEIGHT, CHRISTOPHER H.                 NY-6-36A-609
SLEIGHT, FRANCES D.                     NY-6-27-351
SLEIGHT, STEPHEN                        NY-6-V-93
SLOAN, ISABELL                          NY-6-28-150
SLOAN, SAMUEL                           NY-6-J-422
SLOAT, JONAS                            NY-6-B1-172A
SLOCUM, CHARLES E.                      NY-6-38A-213
SLOCUM, ELIHU                           NY-6-T-464
SLOCUM, EZRA C.                         NY-6-33B-237
SLOCUM, FREDERICK                       NY-6-K-503
SLOCUM, GEORGE                          NY-6-R-545
SLOCUM, GODFREY M.                      NY-6-27-129
SLOCUM, JAMES T.                        NY-6-35C-281
SLOCUM, PELEG W.                        NY-6-J-45
SLOCUM, SALLY                           NY-6-29-369
SLOSSON, RUFUS                          NY-6-D-166
SLOVER, JACOB                           NY-6-C1-372
SMART, ELIZABETH R.                     NY-6-32-605
SMEAD, PHEBE                            NY-6-U-104
SMEAD, WILLIAM                          NY-6-N-280
SMEAD, WILLIAM B.                       NY-6-36B-313
SMITH, ABBY B.                          NY-6-P-161
SMITH, ADALINE T.                       NY-6-31-547
SMITH, ALFRED                           NY-6-34B-13
SMITH, ALFRED                           NY-6-C1-260
SMITH, ALONZO L.                        NY-6-O-307
SMITH, ANNA H.                          NY-6-31-145
SMITH, ARTHUR                           NY-6-J-476
SMITH, BARNABAS                         NY-6-K-440
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-29-60
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-30-148
SMITH, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-P-442
SMITH, BENJAMIN H.                      NY-6-A2-229
SMITH, BURDETT                          NY-6-R-56
SMITH, CHARLES D.                       NY-6-R-220
SMITH, CORNELIUS I.                     NY-6-W-478
SMITH, DAVID B.                         NY-6-T-329
SMITH, EDGARR                           NY-6-27-118
SMITH, EDMUND                           NY-6-R-65
SMITH, EDWARD                           NY-6-Z-367
SMITH, ELIJAH                           NY-6-X-398
SMITH, ELIJAH                           NY-6-I-95
SMITH, ELNATHAN                         NY-6-N-301
SMITH, EPHRAIM W.                       NY-6-33C-501
SMITH, EZRA P. K.                       NY-6-X-483
SMITH, FANNY                            NY-6-29-275
SMITH, FREDERICK                        NY-6-P-576
SMITH, GEORGE H.                        NY-6-29-650
SMITH, GUERNSEY                         NY-6-X-538
SMITH, HARVEY                           NY-6-33A-445
SMITH, HELEN                            NY-6-35A-257
SMITH, HENRIETTA                        NY-6-32-281
SMITH, HIRAM C.                         NY-6-31-595
SMITH, HORACE W.                        NY-6-33C-441
SMITH, IRA H.                           NY-6-D-311
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-6-W-402
SMITH, ISAAC S.                         NY-6-35B-337
SMITH, JACOB                            NY-6-Q-118
SMITH, JACOB                            NY-6-C2-48
SMITH, JACOB B.                         NY-6-33C-565
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-6-31-1
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-6-T-334
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-6-U-265
SMITH, JAMES S.                         NY-6-R-84
SMITH, JANE A.                          NY-6-36B-253
SMITH, JESSE D.                         NY-6-29-146
SMITH, JOEL                             NY-6-Z-354
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-6-A1-64
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-6-D-204
SMITH, JOHN D.                          NY-6-29-139
SMITH, JOHN H.                          NY-6-V-252
SMITH, JOHN N.                          NY-6-31B-579
SMITH, JOHN P.                          NY-6-P-633
SMITH, JOHN V.                          NY-6-O-248
SMITH, JONATHAN                         NY-6-35B-265
SMITH, JONATHAN                         NY-6-K-76
SMITH, JOSEPH S.                        NY-6-R-240
SMITH, JOSIAH                           NY-6-28-268
SMITH, JOSIAH T.                        NY-6-34A-465
SMITH, LEBEUS                           NY-6-P-624
SMITH, LEWIS L.                         NY-6-27-167
SMITH, LEWIS N.                         NY-6-P-198
SMITH, LOUISA                           NY-6-34B-79
SMITH, LYMAN                            NY-6-30-571
SMITH, MARGARET B.                      NY-6-P-324
SMITH, MARY E.                          NY-6-34A-313
SMITH, MARY ELIZABETH                   NY-6-38A-457
SMITH, MARY W.                          NY-6-30-292
SMITH, MOSES                            NY-6-W-274
SMITH, MOSES                            NY-6-G-345
SMITH, NORMAN                           NY-6-35B-345
SMITH, NORMAN                           NY-6-Z-599
SMITH, OLIVE H.                         NY-6-33C-473
SMITH, PATRICK                          NY-6-34A-189
SMITH, PECKHAM H.                       NY-6-Z-566
SMITH, POLLY                            NY-6-T-253
SMITH, ROSE                             NY-6-32-469
SMITH, SALLY M.                         NY-6-33B-621
SMITH, SAMUEL                           NY-6-I-115
SMITH, SAMUEL B.                        NY-6-H-105
SMITH, SAMUEL H.                        NY-6-Y-75
SMITH, SARAH A.                         NY-6-30-438
SMITH, SETH                             NY-6-G-414
SMITH, SETH                             NY-6-I-98
SMITH, SHELDON G.                       NY-6-K-481
SMITH, SIMON                            NY-6-Y-417
SMITH, SOPHIA                           NY-6-M-315
SMITH, TALTON                           NY-6-28-43
SMITH, THOMAS A.                        NY-6-35E-481
SMITH, WARD                             NY-6-O-448
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-6-36A-33
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-6-29-267
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-6-M-222
SMITH, WILLIAM                          NY-6-F-447
SMITH, WILLIAM J.                       NY-6-36A-221
SMITH, WORTHINGTON                      NY-6-R-461
SNAP, GEORGE                            NY-6-A1-10
SNIDER, CLARK                           NY-6-35A-137
SNIDER, LUCY A.                         NY-6-32C-535
SNOVER, MARY ANN                        NY-6-I-375
SNYDER, CHRISTIAN                       NY-6-A1-60
SNYDER, COOPER                          NY-6-U-315
SNYDER, ELIAS                           NY-6-D-446
SNYDER, HENRY                           NY-6-N-371
SNYDER, TOBIAS                          NY-6-F-18
SNYDER, WILLIAM                         NY-6-34A-629
SOULE, LYMAN                            NY-6-32C-35
SOULE, LYMAN                            NY-6-31C-107
SOULIER, CAROLINE                       NY-6-36A-417
SOUTHARD, PETER                         NY-6-27-474
SOUTHWICK, JOHN H.                      NY-6-T-136
SOUTHWICK, KEZIA E.                     NY-6-34A-133
SOUTHWILL, MARIA N.                     NY-6-32-105
SOUTHWORTH, SQUIRE                      NY-6-G-252
SOUTHWORTH, VALORUS                     NY-6-29-616
SPAFFORD, ASAPH                         NY-6-33A-577
SPAFFORD, CALVIN                        NY-6-32D-349
SPAFFORD, FANNY                         NY-6-31-49
SPAFFORD, SAMUEL                        NY-6-37A-45
SPAFFORD, URI                           NY-6-30-477
SPALDIN, REBEKAH                        NY-6-B1-36
SPANGLER, HENRY                         NY-6-38A-117
SPAULDING, JOHN D.                      NY-6-35E-489
SPENCER, ABIGAIL A.                     NY-6-R-591
SPENCER, FREDERICK A.                   NY-6-H-121
SPENCER, THADEUS                        NY-6-M-199
SPERRY, HARRIET B.                      NY-6-29-376
SPERRY, LEWELLYN                        NY-6-37A-601
SPERRY, PHILO                           NY-6-W-326
SPERRY, WARD                            NY-6-M-438
SPERRY, WILL L.                         NY-6-37A-601
SPINGLER, JOHN                          NY-6-Y-135
SPINNING, BENJAMIN                      NY-6-G-172
SPORE, WALTER                           NY-6-J-4
SPORE, WILLIAM                          NY-6-K-289
SPRAGUE, CATHERINE                      NY-6-34B-439
SPRAGUE, DALSTON D.                     NY-6-O-160
SPRAGUE, JAMES                          NY-6-Z-160
SPRAGUE, WILLIAM M.                     NY-6-33B-369
SPRINGER, KNIGHT                        NY-6-W-74
SPRINGER, SALLY                         NY-6-X-77
SPURR, EDWARD                           NY-6-35C-17
SQUIERS, CATHERINE M.                   NY-6-31-349
SQUIRES, ANNA                           NY-6-29-338
SQUYER, ICHABOD                         NY-6-B1-144A
SQUYER, S. IRWIN                        NY-6-27-315
SQUYER, THOMAS T.                       NY-6-O-288
STAATS, LYDIA C.                        NY-6-Q-330
STACEY, WILLIAM                         NY-6-35A-361
STACKS, THOMAS                          NY-6-27-291
STAFFORD, EDWARD                        NY-6-35B-413
STAFFORD, MICHAEL                       NY-6-33A-361
STALKNECKER, SARAH                      NY-6-Y-375
STAMPP, MARY A.                         NY-6-36A-337
STANDARD, JAMES                         NY-6-33A-213
STANDART, CHARLES                       NY-6-34B-457
STANDART, ELIZABETH                     NY-6-S-222
STANDART, GEORGE                        NY-6-K-429
STANDISH, ORRIN                         NY-6-33A-209
STANLEY, ADONIJAH                       NY-6-27-402
STANLEY, SALMON                         NY-6-R-226
STANTON, BENJAMIN                       NY-6-D-159
STANTON, HANNAH                         NY-6-J-342
STANTON, JOSEPH                         NY-6-O-329
STARK, ALEXANDER                        NY-6-Q-129
STARKE, JAY E.                          NY-6-35C-65
STARKWEATHER, HENRY                     NY-6-H-74
STARKWEATHER, JAMES                     NY-6-28-519
STARR, FREDERICK JR.                    NY-6-R-283
STARR, THOMAS                           NY-6-B2-384
STARVER, LEVI                           NY-6-38A-477
STCROIX, PHILENIA M.                    NY-6-Z-195
STEBBINS, SILAS P.                      NY-6-X-145
STEDMAN, DAVID                          NY-6-U-388
STEEL, LEVI                             NY-6-Z-16
STEEL, RICHARD                          NY-6-32B-159
STEEL, RICHARD C.                       NY-6-32-325
STEELE, RODERICK C.                     NY-6-G-427
STEINER, CAROLINA                       NY-6-37A-121
STEPHENS, KINGSLEY                      NY-6-R-109
STEPHENS, SYLVIA                        NY-6-R-112
STEPHENS, THOMAS                        NY-6-30-541
STEPHENSON, JOHN                        NY-6-27-554
STERNES, JAMES G.                       NY-6-W-441
STEVENS, ABRAM W.                       NY-6-35C-401
STEVENS, AMOS B.                        NY-6-Z-546
STEVENS, CARRIE C.                      NY-6-35B-297
STEVENS, EDWIN M.                       NY-6-36A-265
STEVENS, HARRIET A.                     NY-6-36A-65
STEVENS, HARVEY A.                      NY-6-35A-77
STEVENS, ISAAC JR.                      NY-6-R-467
STEVENS, JAMES                          NY-6-27-258
STEVENS, KATHARINE                      NY-6-B2-11
STEVENS, OLIVER                         NY-6-28-404
STEVENS, OLIVER J.                      NY-6-36A-217
STEVENS, PHILIP                         NY-6-U-487
STEVENS, PHILIP                         NY-6-27-242
STEVENS, THOMAS S.                      NY-6-Q-37
STEVENS, WASHINGTON                     NY-6-J-428
STEVENS, WELTHA B.                      NY-6-31-451
STEVENS, WILLIAM                        NY-6-P-109
STEVENSON, ARTHUR                       NY-6-B1-137A
STEVENSON, CORNELIA A.                  NY-6-27-482
STEVENSON, MACY                         NY-6-N-412
STEVENSON, PHEBE ELIZA                  NY-6-31B-315
STEWART, CHARLES H.                     NY-6-X-64
STEWART, DAVID                          NY-6-32-397
STEWART, ELIZABETH                      NY-6-T-427
STEWART, HECTOR                         NY-6-Z-1
STEWART, HENRY                          NY-6-29-292
STEWART, HIRAM                          NY-6-R-346
STEWART, JAMES                          NY-6-28-130
STEWART, JAMES                          NY-6-O-252
STEWART, JANE                           NY-6-38A-261
STEWART, NANCY                          NY-6-32C-499
STEWART, ROBERT                         NY-6-36A-577
STEWART, ROBERT M.                      NY-6-29-406
STEWART, WILLIAM                        NY-6-37A-565
STEWART, WILLIAM                        NY-6-Q-233
STICKLE, HENRIETTA M.                   NY-6-35A-29
STICKLE, WILLIAM H.                     NY-6-35A-273
STILES, MARY                            NY-6-P-51
STILWELL, MARY J.                       NY-6-33B-529
STINARD, PHEBE J.                       NY-6-35E-269
STJOHN, ADOLPHUS                        NY-6-U-143
STJOHN, EZRA                            NY-6-C1-6
STJOHN, WILLIAM C.                      NY-6-33C-53
STOCKING, BENJAMIN                      NY-6-34A-505
STOCKING, GEORGE A.                     NY-6-T-269
STOCKING, GEORGE W.                     NY-6-M-158
STOCKWELL, CHAUNCEY                     NY-6-T-459
STOCKWELL, ELLEN J.                     NY-6-U-69
STOCKWELL, JULIA                        NY-6-T-310
STODDARD, THOMAS                        NY-6-B1-42B
STOKES, SAMUEL                          NY-6-33A-665
STONE, GEORGE E.                        NY-6-T-350
STONE, GERTRUDE L.                      NY-6-35E-121
STONE, HENRY                            NY-6-R-129
STONE, MARY E.                          NY-6-35E-465
STONE, NANCY                            NY-6-37A-185
STONER, DEWITT C.                       NY-6-W-562
STONER, JOHN                            NY-6-Q-212
STORKE, MARY ELIZABETH                  NY-6-34B-619
STORKE, WILLIAM H.                      NY-6-P-272
STORM, PERRY K.                         NY-6-30-397
STORY, ALEXANDER                        NY-6-K-72
STORY, MANASSEH A.                      NY-6-34A-53
STOUT, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-Q-75
STOYELL, EMILY                          NY-6-32C-625
STOYELL, LOYAL                          NY-6-32C-151
STRANAHAN, EBENEZER G.                  NY-6-P-377
STRANG, HIRAM                           NY-6-29-281
STRANG, SARAH ANN                       NY-6-34B-223
STRATTON, PATTY                         NY-6-M-300
STRATTON, PATTY                         NY-6-L-386
STREETER, ABAGAIL                       NY-6-O-69
STREETER, BENJAMIN                      NY-6-N-395
STREETER, JOSIAH                        NY-6-27-303
STREETER, LEVI H.                       NY-6-37A-29
STRICKLAND, CHAUNCEY                    NY-6-29-402
STRINGER, MARY A.                       NY-6-35E-205
STRINGER, WILLIAM H.                    NY-6-35E-133
STRINGHAM, SAMUEL                       NY-6-Z-237
STRODE, JOHN                            NY-6-Y-110
STROHMENGER, CHARLES F.                 NY-6-37A-293
STRONG, ASHER                           NY-6-A1-329
STRONG, ISAAC                           NY-6-C1-332
STRONG, LEVI                            NY-6-30-442
STRONG, PHILIP                          NY-6-A1-229
STRONG, SUSAN J.                        NY-6-33A-141
STRYKER, ABRAHAM                        NY-6-B1-38
STUART, BETSEY A.                       NY-6-33C-169
STUDWELL, GABRIEL                       NY-6-B2-13
STUPP, BARBARA                          NY-6-35B-25
STURGE, JAMES                           NY-6-28-37
STURGE, JOHN                            NY-6-V-215
STURGE, JOHN M.                         NY-6-Q-474
STURGE, SAMUEL                          NY-6-V-242
STURGES, ALEXANDER C.                   NY-6-27-6
STURGIS, JOHN S.                        NY-6-Z-453
STURGIS, JOSEPH                         NY-6-B2-369
STURGIS, JOTHAM                         NY-6-J-241
STURGIS, MARGARET                       NY-6-V-371
STURGIS, WILLIAM D.                     NY-6-33A-313
SULLIVAN, BRIDGET                       NY-6-33B-21
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-6-36A-209
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-6-28-222
SULLIVAN, THOMAS                        NY-6-30-334
SUMHOFE, HENRY                          NY-6-Q-453
SUMRIX, STEPHEN                         NY-6-R-149
SUNDERLIN, DANIEL                       NY-6-B2-69
SUNDERLIN, HORACE                       NY-6-X-561
SUNDERLIN, JAMES H.                     NY-6-Z-363
SUNLEY, JAMES                           NY-6-Z-573
SURTYER, HENRY                          NY-6-31C-47
SUTFIN, JAMES                           NY-6-P-299
SUTPHEN, MARIA                          NY-6-32-165
SUTPHEN, WILLAM                         NY-6-B1-129B
SUTTER, SAMUEL                          NY-6-P-124
SUTTON, JOSEPH W.                       NY-6-G-423
SUYDAM, CHARLES S.                      NY-6-N-264
SUYDAM, EMELINE                         NY-6-37A-513
SUYDAM, SALLY A.                        NY-6-35B-377
SWAIN, BARZILLIA                        NY-6-D-372
SWAIN, GEORGE                           NY-6-H-472
SWAIN, NANCY                            NY-6-H-341
SWAIN, WILLIAM                          NY-6-T-361
SWAN, GEORGE B.                         NY-6-B2-329
SWAN, JONATHAN                          NY-6-C1-302
SWAN, THOMAS                            NY-6-29-545
SWART, SARAH                            NY-6-35C-433
SWARTWOUT, ELSY                         NY-6-Z-431
SWARTWOUT, SIMEON                       NY-6-R-489
SWEET, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-31B-607
SWEET, ROBERT                           NY-6-O-462
SWEET, WILLIAM                          NY-6-N-291
SWEETING, HENRY S. C.                   NY-6-32D-169
SWIFT, CHARLES E.                       NY-6-33A-77
SWIFT, IRA                              NY-6-V-222
SWIFT, LEWIS M.                         NY-6-Y-364
SWIFT, MELISSA                          NY-6-33C-105
TABER, ALLEN J.                         NY-6-38A-401
TABER, AMAZIAH                          NY-6-G-167
TABER, ANDREW                           NY-6-C2-445
TABER, AUGUSTUS                         NY-6-C2-97
TABER, DEBORAH                          NY-6-Y-460
TABER, DORIS D.                         NY-6-32C-421
TABER, GERTRUDE A.                      NY-6-34A-613
TABER, LODOWICK                         NY-6-B2-265
TABER, NATHANIEL                        NY-6-R-158
TABER, SAMUEL A.                        NY-6-37A-537
TABER, WILLIAM                          NY-6-Z-511
TABER, WING                             NY-6-R-205
TABOR, ASA M.                           NY-6-36B-295
TABOR, DANIEL H.                        NY-6-35E-397
TALBOT, EDWIN G.                        NY-6-32D-559
TALBOT, JANE S.                         NY-6-33C-213
TALLADAY, GEORGE W.                     NY-6-O-190
TALLADAY, LEWIS G.                      NY-6-35A-401
TALLCOT, JOSEPH                         NY-6-K-119
TALLCOTT, PHEBE F.                      NY-6-T-526
TALLMADGE, SETH                         NY-6-I-199
TALLMADGE, WARREN A.                    NY-6-33A-585
TALLMAN, ANN MARIA                      NY-6-33B-521
TALLMAN, HUMPHREY A.                    NY-6-36A-385
TALLMAN, JOHN B.                        NY-6-Q-95
TALLMAN, JOHN K.                        NY-6-34A-185
TALLMAN, JOHNSON                        NY-6-S-187
TANNEO, WILLIAM                         NY-6-27-362
TANNER, SARAH W.                        NY-6-29-531
TANNER, SELDEN B.                       NY-6-32D-97
TANNER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-6-37A-101
TANNER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-6-35A-549
TARLEY, HORACE H.                       NY-6-31B-467
TATE, ELIZABETH L.                      NY-6-33B-541
TATE, HELEN                             NY-6-36B-115
TATE, JAMES                             NY-6-37A-617
TATE, ROBERT                            NY-6-33A-181
TATER, JEHIAL E.                        NY-6-31B-199
TAVENER, CHARLOTTE                      NY-6-36A-237
TAVENER, WILLIAM                        NY-6-36B-223
TAYLOR, ABNER                           NY-6-U-652
TAYLOR, ABRAHAM                         NY-6-32D-127
TAYLOR, ALONZO L.                       NY-6-O-187
TAYLOR, CATHERINE                       NY-6-31-43
TAYLOR, FLORA B.                        NY-6-36A-177
TAYLOR, GEORGE                          NY-6-32D-529
TAYLOR, GERSHOM                         NY-6-D-375
TAYLOR, HALSEY W.                       NY-6-36A-253
TAYLOR, HENRY                           NY-6-32-373
TAYLOR, ISRAEL                          NY-6-A1-1
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-6-32-609
TAYLOR, JAMES                           NY-6-Z-21
TAYLOR, JAMES H.                        NY-6-O-275
TAYLOR, JAMES H.                        NY-6-O-264
TAYLOR, JOB                             NY-6-R-358
TAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-6-E-26
TAYLOR, LUKE                            NY-6-E-242
TAYLOR, MARY                            NY-6-35A-437
TAYLOR, MARY                            NY-6-O-527
TAYLOR, NICHOLAS                        NY-6-P-249
TAYLOR, RACHEL                          NY-6-N-190
TAYLOR, SMITH                           NY-6-T-163
TAYLOR, THOMAS                          NY-6-29-525
TAYLOR, THOMAS D.                       NY-6-O-367
TEED, SAAH A.                           NY-6-32-417
TEFFT, JABISH                           NY-6-K-110
TEHAN, DANIEL                           NY-6-32C-355
TELFORD, EUNICE S.                      NY-6-33A-533
TELFORD, GEORGE S.                      NY-6-S-172
TELLER, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-34A-61
TELLER, ISAAC                           NY-6-P-588
TENBROECK, ELIZABETH                    NY-6-R-236
TENBROECK, NICOLAS                      NY-6-O-595
TENEYCK, HANNAH                         NY-6-Y-507
TERNEUR, ANN                            NY-6-U-524
TERPENING, DELANA                       NY-6-35E-189
TERPENING, JOHN                         NY-6-L-273
TERPENING, JOHN D.                      NY-6-P-208
TERPENING, JOHN E.                      NY-6-32C-175
TERPENING, LUCAS                        NY-6-E-347
TERPENY, JACOB                          NY-6-E-97
TERRELL, SOPHRONIA J.                   NY-6-31B-627
TERRILL, FREDERICK M.                   NY-6-Z-155
TERRILL, ISRAEL F.                      NY-6-28-126
TERRILL, MARY A.                        NY-6-36B-1
TERRY, ARMENIA M.                       NY-6-33B-225
TERWILLIGER, DAVID                      NY-6-C2-1
TERWILLIGER, RICHARD                    NY-6-28-540
TETER, SIDNEY B.                        NY-6-33C-49
THAYER, STEPHEN                         NY-6-28-218
THOMAS, ABEL                            NY-6-G-436
THOMAS, ANNA                            NY-6-R-89
THOMAS, DAVID                           NY-6-N-241
THOMAS, EDNAH D.                        NY-6-Z-596
THOMAS, GEORGE B.                       NY-6-28-643
THOMAS, GILBERT                         NY-6-33B-585
THOMAS, HARVEY B.                       NY-6-Q-355
THOMAS, HULDAH B.                       NY-6-32-545
THOMAS, JOHN J.                         NY-6-35A-217
THOMAS, LEVI                            NY-6-29-119
THOMAS, MAHALA B.                       NY-6-33A-553
THOMAS, MARGARET                        NY-6-33A-433
THOMAS, MARY H.                         NY-6-35C-393
THOMAS, SETH                            NY-6-B2-141
THOMAS, WILLIAM                         NY-6-35C-113
THOMAS, WILLIAM C.                      NY-6-35C-385
THOMAS, WILLIAM O.                      NY-6-35B-405
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                     NY-6-T-88
THOMPSON, DORCAS                        NY-6-L-376
THOMPSON, ELIZA A.                      NY-6-Y-66
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH P.                  NY-6-35E-53
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        NY-6-35E-21
THOMPSON, GEORGE C. E.                  NY-6-27-297
THOMPSON, JAMES                         NY-6-I-111
THOMPSON, JANE                          NY-6-33A-625
THOMPSON, JESSE                         NY-6-B2-151
THOMPSON, JONAS                         NY-6-C1-123
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                        NY-6-34A-269
THOMPSON, JOSEPH                        NY-6-X-19
THOMPSON, JOSIAH                        NY-6-I-253
THOMPSON, LOVEL                         NY-6-X-105
THOMPSON, LYDIA U.                      NY-6-31B-411
THOMPSON, NANCY                         NY-6-I-484
THOMSON, THOMAS                         NY-6-A1-4
THORNE, HARRIET A.                      NY-6-36B-265
THORNTON, HARRIET                       NY-6-34A-41
THORNTON, HIRAM                         NY-6-38A-297
THORNTON, ISABELL                       NY-6-N-408
THORNTON, JESSE                         NY-6-C1-114
THORNTON, LYMAN                         NY-6-33C-533
THORNTON, STEPHEN                       NY-6-K-318
THORP, DANIEL                           NY-6-C2-138
THORP, DANIEL W.                        NY-6-Z-66
THROOP, ENOS T.                         NY-6-X-433
THURSOTN, STEPHEN                       NY-6-Q-541
TIBBILS, SOLOMON                        NY-6-A1-215
TICE, MARTHA P.                         NY-6-L-52
TICE, REBECCA                           NY-6-34A-241
TICHENOR, MARY JANE                     NY-6-33B-605
TICHENOR, SARAH                         NY-6-33C-21
TICKNER, JOSEPH                         NY-6-D-216
TIDD, CHAUNCEY                          NY-6-H-6
TIDD, ELIZA                             NY-6-32C-127
TIDD, WILLIAM                           NY-6-38A-185
TIFFT, AMASA E.                         NY-6-35A-253
TIFFT, ARDASA                           NY-6-35A-57
TIFFT, ELIZA J.                         NY-6-37A-449
TIFFT, HENRY                            NY-6-I-149
TIFFT, HIRAM                            NY-6-33A-17
TIFFT, JOHN                             NY-6-35A-153
TIFFT, MARY H.                          NY-6-33B-273
TIFFT, URSULA                           NY-6-S-421
TILDEN, LUTHER                          NY-6-J-41
TILFORD, NANCY                          NY-6-29-70
TILLAPAUGH, SARAH A.                    NY-6-S-39
TILLOTSEN, ADONIGAH                     NY-6-31-37
TILLOTSON, ADONIJAH                     NY-6-N-333
TILLOTSON, CYNTHIA                      NY-6-W-149
TILLOTSON, JOHN M.                      NY-6-31-97
TILLOTSON, MARIA                        NY-6-R-233
TILLOTSON, MARY                         NY-6-35B-573
TILLOTSON, MATTHEW N.                   NY-6-C1-222
TILTON, JOHN                            NY-6-R-385
TIMERSON, BENJAMIN                      NY-6-35E-85
TIMERSON, CAROLINE                      NY-6-37A-397
TIMERSON, GEORGE W.                     NY-6-37A-9
TIMERSON, JULIA                         NY-6-35C-233
TIMERSON, MARGARET                      NY-6-W-414
TIMERSON, MARY ISABEL                   NY-6-35E-61
TIMMONS, MARY                           NY-6-36A-369
TINKER, SALLY                           NY-6-Z-145
TITUS, CLARISSA J.                      NY-6-Z-460
TITUS, DAVID S.                         NY-6-28-201
TITUS, F. WEST                          NY-6-W-43
TITUS, HENRY                            NY-6-31B-63
TITUS, JARED                            NY-6-G-43
TITUS, JONATHAN                         NY-6-35E-193
TITUS, JONATHAN                         NY-6-A1-266
TITUS, JOSEPHINE C.                     NY-6-31B-75
TITUS, JULIA A.                         NY-6-35E-517
TITUS, JULIUS ANN                       NY-6-32D-79
TITUS, MARY H.                          NY-6-34B-409
TITUS, WILLIAM                          NY-6-31C-1
TOAN, ELIZABETH                         NY-6-S-477
TOAN, GEORGE                            NY-6-X-611
TOAN, JOHN                              NY-6-A1-161
TOAN, PHEBE                             NY-6-B1-49A
TOBIN, BENJAMIN P.                      NY-6-35A-521
TOBIN, WILLIAM                          NY-6-35B-157
TOLES, MARGARET ELIZABETH               NY-6-27-153
TOLL, WILLIAM C.                        NY-6-38A-141
TOMPKINS, ABRAHAM                       NY-6-J-54
TOMPKINS, DAVID                         NY-6-27-348
TOMPKINS, PHOEBE                        NY-6-35A-557
TOOLE, BARTHOLOMEW                      NY-6-38A-385
TOPPING, DANIEL                         NY-6-H-366
TORBIT, ROBERT                          NY-6-30-124
TOSH, MARY JANE                         NY-6-34B-577
TOURTELOTTE, WRIGHT                     NY-6-29-551
TOUSLEY, POLLY                          NY-6-S-456
TOWN, THOMAS                            NY-6-27-445
TOWNLEY, JOHN C.                        NY-6-33C-433
TOWNSEND, AMANDA                        NY-6-U-159
TOWNSEND, ANN H.                        NY-6-Z-403
TOWNSEND, ELIJAH C.                     NY-6-33C-629
TOWNSEND, FRANCES S.                    NY-6-35A-481
TOWNSEND, JULIA A.                      NY-6-27-148
TOWNSEND, JUSTUS                        NY-6-Z-418
TOWNSEND, LAUREN                        NY-6-V-1
TOWNSEND, MARYETTE                      NY-6-35C-41
TOWNSEND, SAMUEL                        NY-6-35B-29
TOWNSEND, THOMAS R.                     NY-6-Y-82
TOWNSEND, VERNOM                        NY-6-35A-41
TOWNSON, SAMUEL                         NY-6-30-133
TRACY, ALANSON                          NY-6-J-208
TRACY, HENRY                            NY-6-J-238
TRAVER, GEORGE W.                       NY-6-38A-353
TRAVER, JACOB I.                        NY-6-L-324
TRAVERS, ELLEN                          NY-6-32D-421
TRAVES, ALANSON D.                      NY-6-Y-219
TREADWELL, BENJAMIN                     NY-6-R-498
TREAT, ASHBEL                           NY-6-F-22
TREAT, CHESTER                          NY-6-T-96
TREAT, EBER M.                          NY-6-Z-653
TREAT, HEMAN                            NY-6-31B-223
TREAT, HORACE H.                        NY-6-34B-115
TREAT, JAMES F.                         NY-6-T-585
TREAT, JAMES L.                         NY-6-33A-237
TREAT, MOSES                            NY-6-29-548
TREAT, MOSES                            NY-6-F-171
TREAT, NAOMI M.                         NY-6-36B-325
TREAT, PHILO                            NY-6-R-280
TREAT, ROSWELL                          NY-6-30-13
TREAT, SYLVESTER W.                     NY-6-31B-263
TREMAIN, BENJAMIN                       NY-6-G-358
TREMAIN, DANIEL P.                      NY-6-32-557
TREMAIN, WILLIAM                        NY-6-L-207
TREMAINE, WILLIAM                       NY-6-L-426
TRIPP, ABNER                            NY-6-33A-333
TRIPP, GEORGE W.                        NY-6-35E-101
TRIPP, HENDERSON                        NY-6-34A-181
TRIPP, ISAAC D.                         NY-6-A1-157
TRIPP, MARGARET                         NY-6-33B-381
TRIPP, NICHOLAS D.                      NY-6-34A-37
TRIPP, SARAH                            NY-6-35B-457
TRIPP, THOMAS                           NY-6-C1-30
TROWBRIDGE, MATILDA R.                  NY-6-34B-523
TRUESDELL, GEORGE W.                    NY-6-U-247
TRUMAN, DANIEL M.                       NY-6-G-118
TUBBS, GEORGE A.                        NY-6-35A-345
TUBBS, JANE V.                          NY-6-35A-517
TUCK, PHOEBE                            NY-6-B2-172
TUCKER, MATILDA                         NY-6-X-527
TUCKERMAN, HARRIETTE W.                 NY-6-35C-585
TUCKERMAN, ROBERT                       NY-6-35C-441
TULLER, SARAH A.                        NY-6-32D-397
TUPPER, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-W-361
TUPPER, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-C1-118
TUPPER, CALVIN                          NY-6-J-50
TUPPER, HENRY                           NY-6-31B-399
TUPPER, POLLY                           NY-6-T-617
TUPPER, VOLNEY                          NY-6-T-439
TURBUSH, JOHN                           NY-6-O-314
TURNER, BETSEY A.                       NY-6-T-60
TURNER, EBENEZER W.                     NY-6-33B-633
TURNER, HANNAH                          NY-6-29-394
TURNER, ISAAC                           NY-6-34B-289
TURNER, JOHN                            NY-6-32B-239
TURNER, JOSEPH                          NY-6-Q-182
TURNER, RUTH S.                         NY-6-33A-617
TURNER, SETH                            NY-6-N-318
TURNER, WILLIAM S.                      NY-6-31B-303
TURPENNING, HANNAH A.                   NY-6-31C-57
TUTHILL, HECTOR C.                      NY-6-Y-598
TUTHILL, JULIA                          NY-6-31B-347
TUTHILL, NATHANIEL                      NY-6-28-22
TUTTLE, BRADLEY                         NY-6-M-128
TUTTLE, BRADLEY A.                      NY-6-34B-301
TUTTLE, JOHN C.                         NY-6-33A-329
TUTTLE, NAHAN                           NY-6-37A-53
TUTTLE, TRACY                           NY-6-L-66
TWINING, SARAH                          NY-6-27-133
TWITT, GEORGE W.                        NY-6-37A-497
TYLER, ABRAHAM                          NY-6-Y-357
TYLER, COMFORT                          NY-6-C1-215
TYLER, COOK                             NY-6-T-545
TYLER, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-G-207
TYLER, GIDEON                           NY-6-B2-35
TYLER, HELEN A.                         NY-6-36A-25
TYLER, JOHN                             NY-6-35E-173
TYLER, LOREN                            NY-6-34B-187

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