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NAGEL, PHILIP                           NY-6-P-213
NALDER, STEPHEN                         NY-6-V-289
NASHOLD, FREDERICK                      NY-6-R-101
NAYLOR, JOHN                            NY-6-38A-341
NEAR, CHARLES                           NY-6-35A-5
NEELY, HANNA                            NY-6-G-283
NEILL, ABAGAIL                          NY-6-30-260
NELSON, ROBERT A.                       NY-6-31C-264
NELSON, WILLIAM                         NY-6-35A-89
NEWLAND, BETSY ANN                      NY-6-33C-541
NEWMAN, AMELIA                          NY-6-34B-361
NEWTON, ISAAC                           NY-6-B2-289
NIBLO, CHARLES K.                       NY-6-33C-261
NIBLO, JOHN                             NY-6-32D-571
NIBLO, LYDIA                            NY-6-Z-559
NICHOLS, CYNTHIA                        NY-6-33B-465
NICHOLS, HENRY E.                       NY-6-Z-592
NICHOLS, LEWIS                          NY-6-Z-257
NICHOLS, PAUL                           NY-6-X-510
NICHOLSON, ANNE                         NY-6-C1-376
NICHOLSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-6-31B-555
NICHOLSON, HUMPHREY                     NY-6-B1-156B
NICHOLSON, HUMPHREY H.                  NY-6-Q-389
NICHOLSON, SAMUEL M.                    NY-6-36A-297
NICHT, THERESIA                         NY-6-31B-191
NICKERSON, MATTHIAS H.                  NY-6-35A-241
NILES, RALPH H.                         NY-6-Z-296
NILES, ROBERT                           NY-6-B1-32
NILES, STODDARD                         NY-6-I-191
NIPPERS, RICHARD                        NY-6-O-78
NOLAN, ANDREW                           NY-6-34A-361
NOLAN, BRIDGET                          NY-6-29-186
NOLAN, CHARLES                          NY-6-35C-145
NOLAN, JOHN                             NY-6-33C-149
NOLAN, JOHN                             NY-6-29-432
NOLAN, MARTIN                           NY-6-W-183
NOLAN, MICHAEL                          NY-6-37A-605
NOLAN, MICHAEL                          NY-6-29-200
NOLLOTH, WILLIAM H.                     NY-6-R-63
NOONAN, ANN                             NY-6-34A-141
NOONAN, MATTHEW                         NY-6-34A-333
NOONEN, SARAH A.                        NY-6-36A-305
NORMANLY, PATRICK                       NY-6-38A-153
NORRIS, CYRENUS                         NY-6-A1-388
NORTH, ELIZA A.                         NY-6-N-55
NORTH, LUCIUS                           NY-6-Z-306
NORTH, THOMAS                           NY-6-B1-11
NORTON, ELIZA M.                        NY-6-31B-595
NORTON, MARIA                           NY-6-33B-249
NORTON, POLLY M.                        NY-6-L-303
NOTT, FREDERICK E.                      NY-6-30-302
NOWLAN, JOHN                            NY-6-29-432
NOYE, ANN JENNETT                       NY-6-32D-565
NOYES, ANNA                             NY-6-Y-542
NYE, ALBERT M.                          NY-6-35A-197
NYE, CAROLINE E.                        NY-6-33B-65
NYE, GEORGE                             NY-6-A1-288
NYE, GEORGE W.                          NY-6-M-123
NYE, JARED                              NY-6-N-126
NYE, LORENZO W.                         NY-6-31-313
NYE, RHOBA                              NY-6-36A-69
NYE, SAMUEL                             NY-6-Y-290
NYE, SAMUEL D.                          NY-6-34A-385
OAKLEY, GEORGE W.                       NY-6-31C-119
OAKLEY, MARY D.                         NY-6-33B-293
OBRIEN, ANN                             NY-6-33A-165
OBRIEN, JAMES                           NY-6-33A-265
OBRIEN, JOHN W.                         NY-6-35C-49
OBRIEN, MARY                            NY-6-37A-477
OCHENFELS, MATHIAS                      NY-6-36A-205
OCOBOCK, HENRY                          NY-6-37A-369
OCONNOR, CATHERINE                      NY-6-33A-461
OCONNOR, DENNIS                         NY-6-Y-107
OCONNOR, FRANCES                        NY-6-38A-41
OCONNOR, MARY                           NY-6-30-358
OCONNOR, MARY AGNES                     NY-6-35E-145
OCONNOR, MICHAEL W.                     NY-6-34A-33
OCONNOR, PATRICK                        NY-6-27-106
OCONNOR, RICHARD                        NY-6-37A-609
OCONNOR, SARAH                          NY-6-28-159
ODANIELS, MARY                          NY-6-33C-17
ODELL, AARON                            NY-6-B2-374
ODELL, CHARLES                          NY-6-36A-465
ODELL, DAN                              NY-6-38A-545
ODELL, JONATHAN                         NY-6-33B-441
ODELL, JONATHAN                         NY-6-H-69
ODELL, SAMUEL                           NY-6-X-453
ODONNELL, THOMAS                        NY-6-37A-309
OGDEN, BURGIN B.                        NY-6-33B-277
OGDEN, MJARY                            NY-6-32-101
OGDEN, POLLY                            NY-6-H-454
OGDEN, WESTON A.                        NY-6-36B-247
OGILSBIE, DAMARIS                       NY-6-H-13
OGILSBIE, HARRIET A.                    NY-6-34B-511
OGILSBIE, JOHN S.                       NY-6-35A-125
OHARA, JOHN                             NY-6-K-229
OHARA, MARTHA L.                        NY-6-V-606
OHARA, MICHAEL                          NY-6-37A-217
OHARROW, MARY M.                        NY-6-35B-237
OHERN, CATHARINE                        NY-6-33B-89
OHERN, JOHN                             NY-6-33A-645
OHLHEISER, JOSEPH                       NY-6-T-247
OLDS, LAVINIA                           NY-6-36A-561
OLDS, RANSOM                            NY-6-28-479
OLDS, SAMUEL                            NY-6-I-338
OLIPHANT, JOHN                          NY-6-A2-361
OLIVER, SARAH                           NY-6-P-98
OLMSTED, AMBROSE                        NY-6-B2-239
OLMSTED, ELIZABETH                      NY-6-31-373
OLMSTED, GEORGE                         NY-6-31B-83
OLMSTED, GEORGE E.                      NY-6-U-396
OLMSTED, JOHN                           NY-6-32-173
OLMSTED, JOHN ERVIN                     NY-6-34A-105
OLMSTED, JOHN R.                        NY-6-M-319
OLMSTED, LOREN                          NY-6-32C-553
OLNEY, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-I-278
OLNEY, HENRY S.                         NY-6-L-467
OLNEY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-6-W-228
OMARA, DENNIS                           NY-6-35B-229
OMSTED, ROGERS                          NY-6-E-6
ONEIL, ADAM                             NY-6-34B-67
ONEIL, ANN                              NY-6-29-36
ONEIL, JOHN                             NY-6-U-441
ONEIL, MARY                             NY-6-37A-41
ONEIL, WILLIAM                          NY-6-34A-117
ONEILL, MARGARET                        NY-6-35B-513
ONEILL, PETER                           NY-6-36A-249
ONEILL, THOMAS                          NY-6-36B-139
ORR, WILLIAM                            NY-6-Z-311
OSBORN, EDWARD                          NY-6-30-6
OSBORN, FREDERICK                       NY-6-37A-157
OSBORN, JANE A.                         NY-6-34A-449
OSBORN, JOSEPH                          NY-6-31B-415
OSBORN, NATHAN                          NY-6-28-462
OSBORN, SETH B.                         NY-6-O-363
OSBORN, SHADRACH                        NY-6-B2-51
OSBORNE, ABBY JANE                      NY-6-35E-333
OSBORNE, AGNES DEVENS                   NY-6-34B-427
OSBORNE, DAVID M.                       NY-6-32-153
OSBORNE, JOSEPH JR.                     NY-6-28-400
OSBURN, WILLIAM D.                      NY-6-35E-389
OSHEA, MICHAEL                          NY-6-R-566
OSTERHOUT, HENRY                        NY-6-C1-211
OSTERHOUT, IRA                          NY-6-29-53
OSTRANDER, ANNA K.                      NY-6-33B-601
OSWALD, GEORGE                          NY-6-R-170
OTIS, ANNIE J.                          NY-6-33B-413
OTIS, CHARLES                           NY-6-36A-549
OTIS, ELLEN E.                          NY-6-X-92
OTIS, JAMES D.                          NY-6-Y-371
OTIS, JOB                               NY-6-L-159
OTIS, MARY M.                           NY-6-34B-433
OTIS, MARY M.                           NY-6-T-409
OTIS, SAMUEL D.                         NY-6-32B-71
OVEROCKER, DANIEL                       NY-6-Q-5
OVEROKER, JOHN                          NY-6-X-340
OWEN, DANIEL                            NY-6-J-73
OWEN, GEORGE M.                         NY-6-V-37
OWEN, THEODORE M.                       NY-6-32C-217
OWENS, ALICE                            NY-6-X-311
OWENS, MORRIS                           NY-6-28-458
PADDOCK, JAMES                          NY-6-D-184
PADDOCK, JANE                           NY-6-28-172
PADDOCK, SUMNER L.                      NY-6-29-167
PAGE, JOHN                              NY-6-J-235
PAGE, LYDIA                             NY-6-I-419
PAGE, MARY S.                           NY-6-35A-265
PAINE, LYMAN                            NY-6-R-512
PAINE, WILLIAM L.                       NY-6-36A-269
PALMER, ABRAHAM                         NY-6-I-107
PALMER, ALBERT                          NY-6-32-17
PALMER, ALLEN                           NY-6-29-539
PALMER, ARCEVILLE                       NY-6-34A-101
PALMER, CANDEE                          NY-6-30-289
PALMER, DANIEL M.                       NY-6-Q-1
PALMER, DYER                            NY-6-R-198
PALMER, EDWARD                          NY-6-V-231
PALMER, EDWARD                          NY-6-I-43
PALMER, ELEAZER R.                      NY-6-J-143
PALMER, ELI                             NY-6-C1-207
PALMER, ELIOT                           NY-6-L-27
PALMER, ELIOT                           NY-6-J-378
PALMER, GAMALIEL                        NY-6-C1-289
PALMER, HARRY                           NY-6-28-548
PALMER, JAMES V.                        NY-6-Y-382
PALMER, JARVIS                          NY-6-X-503
PALMER, JONATHAN                        NY-6-R-246
PALMER, LEVI                            NY-6-C2-314
PALMER, LEVI C.                         NY-6-36A-541
PALMER, LOCKWOOD                        NY-6-32-269
PALMER, MARGARET                        NY-6-32D-115
PALMER, MARGARET H.                     NY-6-29-630
PALMER, NATHANIEL                       NY-6-W-505
PALMER, NETUS                           NY-6-34A-581
PALMER, REUBEN                          NY-6-K-374
PALMER, SIDNEY W.                       NY-6-34A-197
PALMER, TRYPHENA                        NY-6-37A-465
PALMETER, OBADIAH                       NY-6-29-528
PANCOST, JOSEPH                         NY-6-J-250
PANKEY, WILLIAM                         NY-6-33C-593
PARCELLS, WALTER H.                     NY-6-38A-177
PARISH, MARIETTE                        NY-6-32-85
PARKER, CHARLES E.                      NY-6-31-637
PARKER, EDWARD D.                       NY-6-33A-517
PARKER, EFFY ANN                        NY-6-Y-139
PARKER, EZEKIEL                         NY-6-A1-112
PARKER, HENRY                           NY-6-27-530
PARKER, JOHN L.                         NY-6-35B-381
PARKER, MARY                            NY-6-35B-117
PARKER, PERRY                           NY-6-33A-273
PARKER, PHILIP                          NY-6-33A-369
PARKER, WILLIAM                         NY-6-35A-593
PARKER, WILLIAM                         NY-6-28-291
PARKES, JANETTE                         NY-6-O-112
PARKHURST, PHILEMON                     NY-6-34A-281
PARKS, EBEN                             NY-6-O-459
PARKS, PHILANDER                        NY-6-27-330
PARKS, SHUBEL                           NY-6-A2-435
PARMELE, EDWIN B.                       NY-6-35C-129
PARRY, ELIZABETH V.                     NY-6-29-343
PARSEL, GARRET C.                       NY-6-N-237
PARSELL, ALFRED                         NY-6-30-52
PARSELL, BENJAMIN                       NY-6-L-288
PARSELL, CORDELIA                       NY-6-38A-653
PARSELL, DAVID                          NY-6-29-212
PARSELL, DAVID                          NY-6-M-374
PARSELL, DAVID C.                       NY-6-37A-177
PARSELL, ISAAC                          NY-6-C1-37
PARSELL, MILTON J.                      NY-6-W-570
PARSELL, PRUDENCE                       NY-6-33B-405
PARSELL, RICHARD                        NY-6-29-152
PARSELL, SUSAN S.                       NY-6-30-90
PARSONS, AARON                          NY-6-T-593
PARSONS, ELIJAH                         NY-6-32D-469
PARSONS, SPENCER                        NY-6-I-141
PARSONS, TITUS                          NY-6-I-287
PARSONS, WARREN                         NY-6-D-9
PARTELOW, ELI C. B.                     NY-6-38A-581
PARTELOW, EUNICE                        NY-6-31-277
PARTELOW, SEAMOR                        NY-6-K-400
PASSAGE, ANNA                           NY-6-R-276
PASSAGE, DAVID                          NY-6-31C-21
PASSAGE, GEORGE                         NY-6-33A-301
PASSAGE, HANNAH                         NY-6-R-536
PASSAGE, HENRY                          NY-6-A2-302
PATCHIN, ASEL                           NY-6-B1-52A
PATCHINS, ISAAC                         NY-6-A1-41
PATEE, ELIPHALET                        NY-6-Z-105
PATEE, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-34B-199
PATRICK, LUCY                           NY-6-S-411
PATTERSON, SARAH                        NY-6-K-151
PATTERSON, THOMAS                       NY-6-A2-271
PATTY, JOHN                             NY-6-K-45
PATTY, ROBERT S.                        NY-6-O-89
PATZIUS, MARGARET                       NY-6-P-507
PAUL, CORNELIUS A.                      NY-6-32D-1
PAUL, JOHN G.                           NY-6-K-338
PAYNE, NELSON                           NY-6-30-478
PAYNE, WILLIAM W.                       NY-6-P-188
PAYNER, PENNINAH S.                     NY-6-33B-597
PEACOCK, CORNELIS J.                    NY-6-30-75
PEACOCK, DANIEL                         NY-6-35B-205
PEACOCK, EDWARD W.                      NY-6-36B-343
PEACOCK, WILLIAM                        NY-6-35A-113
PEAKE, GARRETT V.                       NY-6-27-101
PEARCE, CHARLES E.                      NY-6-31C-365
PEARCE, ROBERT                          NY-6-36A-601
PEARCE, WILLIAM                         NY-6-32B-63
PEARL, DENISON R.                       NY-6-29-383
PEARSON, JOHN                           NY-6-31-31
PEARSON, MARIA                          NY-6-31B-183
PEARSON, ROBERT                         NY-6-T-627
PEARSON, THOMAS                         NY-6-M-453
PEARSON, URIAH N.                       NY-6-W-521
PEASE, EDWIN                            NY-6-35A-317
PEAT, EDWARD L.                         NY-6-37A-109
PECK, GEORGE W.                         NY-6-Z-226
PECK, ISAAC                             NY-6-35A-97
PECK, PHILIP                            NY-6-E-220
PECKHAM, EMILY L.                       NY-6-31B-571
PECKHAM, H. ADELL                       NY-6-36A-101
PEET, ELLEN                             NY-6-Q-565
PEETS, ELEANOR                          NY-6-31-175
PELTON, FANNY                           NY-6-T-564
PELTON, JOHN                            NY-6-T-568
PENDLETON, ANN BROWN                    NY-6-32D-103
PENNELL, AARON                          NY-6-D-275
PENNELL, ZEBINA B.                      NY-6-R-417
PENNY, ELEAZER                          NY-6-R-529
PENOYER, REUBEN                         NY-6-I-315
PERCIVAL, CORDELIA W.                   NY-6-35E-161
PERDRIX, MARCELLINE                     NY-6-38A-81
PERINE, HENRY                           NY-6-T-125
PERKINS, JAMES                          NY-6-A1-365
PERKINS, WALTER                         NY-6-31-187
PERKINS, WALTER                         NY-6-31-181
PERRINE, MATTHEW LA RUE                 NY-6-C2-126
PERRINE, MATTHEW LA RUE                 NY-6-B2-410
PERRY, AUGUSTA E.                       NY-6-34B-595
PERRY, CHARLES                          NY-6-K-1
PERRY, CHARLES B.                       NY-6-N-267
PERRY, ICHABOD                          NY-6-C1-1
PERRY, JANE A.                          NY-6-36A-309
PERRY, JOEPH                            NY-6-A2-79
PERRY, JOHN FRANKLIN                    NY-6-P-464
PERRY, MILLER                           NY-6-R-474
PERTS, DANIEL                           NY-6-32-513
PETERSON, ANNA                          NY-6-R-508
PETERSON, CORNELIUS                     NY-6-29-621
PETERSON, CORNELIUS                     NY-6-H-313
PETERSON, GEORGE                        NY-6-N-36
PETERSON, HANNAH C.                     NY-6-28-261
PETERSON, MARGARET B.                   NY-6-30-48
PETERSON, MARY E.                       NY-6-35A-569
PETERSON, PETER H.                      NY-6-31B-195
PETRIE, SALLY ANN                       NY-6-N-271
PETTIT, JOHN                            NY-6-Q-441
PETTITT, JOSEPH                         NY-6-S-163
PETTY, FRANCIS K.                       NY-6-N-154
PHARES, SALLY                           NY-6-V-467
PHELPS, ALANSON                         NY-6-30-183
PHELPS, ALFRED                          NY-6-28-258
PHELPS, CLOVIE D.                       NY-6-29-435
PHELPS, CYNTHIA A.                      NY-6-35E-281
PHELPS, EBENEZER                        NY-6-A2-451
PHELPS, EDSON L.                        NY-6-36B-85
PHELPS, ISRAEL                          NY-6-B2-413
PHELPS, JOHN                            NY-6-36A-85
PHELPS, JOHN                            NY-6-Y-341
PHELPS, JOHN                            NY-6-Z-245
PHELPS, LUCINDA                         NY-6-F-279
PHELPS, LUTHER                          NY-6-Q-467
PHELPS, MARY ANN                        NY-6-29-304
PHELPS, NELLY                           NY-6-S-368
PHELPS, NEWTON G.                       NY-6-36A-633
PHELPS, SAMUEL                          NY-6-L-299
PHELPS, SAMUEL                          NY-6-D-45
PHELPS, SARAH                           NY-6-34A-377
PHELPS, SARAH A.                        NY-6-Y-395
PHELPS, SEMANTHA                        NY-6-32-421
PHELPS, SIMRI                           NY-6-E-138
PHILIPSEN, THERESA                      NY-6-34A-353
PHILLIPS, ABRAM                         NY-6-27-170
PHILLIPS, CAROLINE M.                   NY-6-35B-429
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH                     NY-6-33C-377
PHILLIPS, HENRY F.                      NY-6-32-169
PHILLIPS, JAMES H.                      NY-6-36A-365
PHILLIPS, SUSAN                         NY-6-31C-355
PHINNEY, ANSEL N.                       NY-6-35B-77
PHINNEY, EUNICE                         NY-6-35C-225
PHINNEY, FRANK                          NY-6-31C-137
PHINNEY, MERCY                          NY-6-K-81
PICKENS, WINNIE E.                      NY-6-33A-489
PICKINS, GEORGE                         NY-6-31B-363
PICKINS, LYMAN C.                       NY-6-30-583
PIDGE, WILLIAM                          NY-6-33C-137
PIERCE, ANN R.                          NY-6-U-365
PIERCE, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-6-33B-401
PIERCE, DANIEL                          NY-6-T-188
PIERCE, ELLA E.                         NY-6-33C-209
PIERCE, GEORGE W.                       NY-6-I-291
PIERCE, HESTER                          NY-6-27-453
PIERCE, JAMES                           NY-6-B1-114B
PIERCE, JAMES E.                        NY-6-T-488
PIERCE, JENNIE O.                       NY-6-34A-493
PIERCE, JOSEPH                          NY-6-D-467
PIERCE, JOSEPH                          NY-6-B2-103
PIERCE, LYMAN                           NY-6-C2-102
PIERCE, SARAH J.                        NY-6-33C-581
PIERCE, STEPHEN                         NY-6-T-73
PIERCE, WILLIAM F.                      NY-6-35B-249
PIERCE, WILLIAM G.                      NY-6-35E-105
PIERSON, JOSEPH                         NY-6-C1-58
PIERSON, PHEBE                          NY-6-27-194
PIERSON, TIMOTHY                        NY-6-W-134
PIM, JAMES                              NY-6-31B-47
PIMM, JAMES                             NY-6-31B-47
PINCKNEY, GILBERT                       NY-6-35B-605
PINCKNEY, HERBERT G.                    NY-6-36A-313
PINCKNEY, JAMES                         NY-6-K-49
PINCKNEY, LEWIS                         NY-6-38A-357
PINE, JAMES                             NY-6-Z-54
PINE, LYDIA                             NY-6-Z-448
PINGREE, JOHN T.                        NY-6-30-337
PINNEY, CALVIN                          NY-6-V-294
PITNEY, JOSEPH T.                       NY-6-J-323
PLACE, DOCTOR S.                        NY-6-31C-320
PLACE, IRENE ANN ADELAIDE               NY-6-34A-305
PLACE, LAURA                            NY-6-29-6
PLATNER, GARDINER C.                    NY-6-Z-78
PLATT, FRANCIS S.                       NY-6-30-374
PLUMER, JOSEPH                          NY-6-U-12
PLUMLEY, EBENEZER                       NY-6-G-419
POLHEMUS, UREE                          NY-6-O-531
POLLARD, DOTHA                          NY-6-31-289
POLLARD, NATHANIEL                      NY-6-27-428
POMEROY, ELIZABETH W.                   NY-6-33C-277
POMEROY, MEDAD                          NY-6-W-371
POMEROY, REUBEN                         NY-6-A1-221
POMEROY, SARAH M.                       NY-6-31B-535
POMROY, ELLEN A.                        NY-6-31B-207
POOLER, WALLACE                         NY-6-30-623
POORE, WILLIAM                          NY-6-32-109
POPPINO, FRANKLIN                       NY-6-31B-159
PORTER, ABBIE M.                        NY-6-31-463
PORTER, ELIZA                           NY-6-31B-91
PORTER, ELIZABETH F.                    NY-6-35A-585
PORTER, JOHN                            NY-6-W-450
PORTER, LANSING                         NY-6-35C-513
PORTER, MICHAEL W.                      NY-6-Y-514
PORTER, PETER                           NY-6-32-69
PORTER, REUBEN                          NY-6-B1-150B
PORTER, SAMUEL B.                       NY-6-S-307
POST, CHARLES F.                        NY-6-O-592
POST, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-6-B1-37
POST, GEORGE                            NY-6-J-35
POST, JACOB                             NY-6-28-50
POST, JOHN G.                           NY-6-N-15
POTTER, ASA                             NY-6-B1-111B
POTTER, ESEK                            NY-6-O-163
POTTER, JOSIAH B.                       NY-6-M-185
POTWIN, MARY C.                         NY-6-R-217
POWELL, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-T-102
POWELL, FRED H.                         NY-6-33B-109
POWELL, GEORGE E.                       NY-6-36A-593
POWELL, HENRY W.                        NY-6-32C-487
POWELL, JACOB                           NY-6-35E-329
POWELL, JEREMIAH G.                     NY-6-38A-497
POWELL, POLLY M.                        NY-6-33C-289
POWELL, SARAH J.                        NY-6-38A-625
POWERS, CHLOE                           NY-6-O-200
POWERS, CLARISSA                        NY-6-34A-229
POWERS, CYRUS                           NY-6-28-96
POWERS, CYRUS                           NY-6-E-193
POWERS, GERSHOM                         NY-6-A2-224
POWERS, LOIS G.                         NY-6-32C-265
POWERS, MARCUS                          NY-6-T-286
POWERS, PHILANDER                       NY-6-33C-1
POWLER, DAVID T.                        NY-6-31C-332
PRATT, ALMIRA L.                        NY-6-33C-437
PRATT, DAVID                            NY-6-33C-89
PRATT, JACOB H.                         NY-6-38A-145
PRATT, MILAN F.                         NY-6-32-381
PRICE, ALEXANDER                        NY-6-A2-88
PRICE, CATHARINE F.                     NY-6-I-394
PRICE, DAVID                            NY-6-H-63
PRICE, ELIJAH                           NY-6-B1-141A
PRICE, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-P-289
PRICE, LEWIS                            NY-6-27-408
PRICE, OLIVER                           NY-6-K-308
PRINE, DANIEL                           NY-6-J-489
PRINE, HARRIET                          NY-6-O-244
PRINE, JOHN                             NY-6-W-318
PRINGLE, RICHARD MARSH                  NY-6-35A-133
PRIOR, ELIZABETH H.                     NY-6-O-501
PRIOR, JOHN                             NY-6-O-124
PUFF, CLARINDA                          NY-6-R-303
PUGSLEY, DEBORAH                        NY-6-M-47
PULSIFER, LAURA W.                      NY-6-35A-525
PULVER, EMMA N.                         NY-6-33B-349
PULVER, PETER W.                        NY-6-34A-161
PULVER, PHILIP                          NY-6-K-298
PURCELL, THOMAS                         NY-6-33A-97
PURDY, HENRY                            NY-6-O-542
PURDY, JAMES                            NY-6-30-237
PURDY, MONMUTH                          NY-6-E-38
PURDY, PATIENCE R.                      NY-6-P-183
PURSE, ALMIRA M.                        NY-6-28-466
PUTMAN, ELIPHALET F.                    NY-6-29-362
PUTNAM, CARRIE                          NY-6-38A-561
PUTNAM, ETTA J.                         NY-6-31B-519
PUTNAM, LEWIS                           NY-6-A2-355
PUTNAM, ROBERT                          NY-6-31-367
PUTNAM, WILLIAM M.                      NY-6-32-185
PYM, WILLIAM                            NY-6-34A-421
QUACKENBUSH, ISAAC H.                   NY-6-J-1
QUICK, AMANDA                           NY-6-32D-391
QUICK, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-N-345
QUICK, JOHN M.                          NY-6-O-295
QUICK, TEUNIS SR.                       NY-6-A1-37
QUICK, WILLIAM M.                       NY-6-33B-33
QUIGLEY, MARY                           NY-6-33B-5
QUIGLEY, MARY R.                        NY-6-33B-429
QUIGLEY, THOMAS                         NY-6-C1-174
QUIGLEY, THOMAS                         NY-6-B1-131A
QUILL, ELLEN                            NY-6-34A-589
QUINN, JAMES                            NY-6-38A-149
QUINN, JEREMIAH                         NY-6-33B-69
QUINN, JOHN                             NY-6-32-201
QUINN, KATE                             NY-6-33B-537
QUIRK, PATRICK                          NY-6-35A-621
RABITOW, WILLIAM                        NY-6-32-433
RACE, CHARLES A.                        NY-6-30-406
RADAMER, JOHN                           NY-6-R-142
RADAMER, SABRA                          NY-6-T-641
RADCLIFF, WILLIAM                       NY-6-32D-427
RAEISH, ALBERT A.                       NY-6-28-379
RAINS, GEORGE                           NY-6-S-517
RAMAGE, MARGARET                        NY-6-32B-103
RAMSEY, JOHN W.                         NY-6-35E-401
RAMSEY, SARAH A.                        NY-6-36A-181
RANDALL, HARVEY                         NY-6-32-341
RANDALL, JOHN                           NY-6-33A-317
RANDOLPH, PHINEHAS F.                   NY-6-D-393
RANNEY, ALFRED                          NY-6-W-208
RANSOM, JAMES                           NY-6-G-393
RANSOM, ROBERT                          NY-6-33B-265
RARICK, HENRY                           NY-6-A1-354
RASBECK, JEREMIAH C.                    NY-6-30-347
RASMUSSEN, RACHAEL A.                   NY-6-28-515
RATHBUN, AMOS                           NY-6-B1-162A
RATHBUN, EDWARD                         NY-6-28-99
RATHBUN, EDWARD                         NY-6-C1-61
RATHBUN, L. EVELINE                     NY-6-33A-389
RATHBUN, MARIA                          NY-6-31B-107
RATHBUN, SAMUEL R.                      NY-6-32C-133
RAYMOND, ELIZABETH                      NY-6-T-235
RAYMOND, LUKE                           NY-6-31B-615
RAYMOND, NATHAN                         NY-6-I-62
RAYNOR, RACHAEL                         NY-6-32-193
REDMOND, WILLIAM                        NY-6-30-403
REED, CHARLOTTE A.                      NY-6-35E-13
REED, ELIZABETH                         NY-6-P-330
REED, GRIFFIN W.                        NY-6-F-1
REED, JAMES C.                          NY-6-35C-497
REED, JESSE                             NY-6-A2-265
REED, JOANNA                            NY-6-R-442
REED, MYRON C.                          NY-6-G-244
REED, SARAH C.                          NY-6-30-40
REESE, MARTIN                           NY-6-E-324
REEVE, SAMUEL                           NY-6-C2-296
REICH, JACOB                            NY-6-35E-457
REILLY, ROSE                            NY-6-37A-253
RELAY, SARAH J.                         NY-6-34A-569
REMENTON, MOSES                         NY-6-B2-432
REMINGTON, AMBROSE O.                   NY-6-38A-361
REMINGTON, ANDREW W.                    NY-6-33B-553
REMINGTON, MARTIN C.                    NY-6-34B-481
REMINGTON, PHILANDER                    NY-6-27-548
REMINGTON, RUFUS M.                     NY-6-31C-301
REMINTON, ABNER                         NY-6-E-11
REUSCH, ALICE GRACE                     NY-6-36A-165
REYNOLDS, ABRAHAM                       NY-6-K-27
REYNOLDS, ALANSON                       NY-6-Y-300
REYNOLDS, BARNABAS                      NY-6-30-469
REYNOLDS, DANIEL D.                     NY-6-33A-177
REYNOLDS, EDWIN J.                      NY-6-O-335
REYNOLDS, JANE                          NY-6-36A-397
REYNOLDS, JEDDEDIAH                     NY-6-A1-20
REYNOLDS, JEREMIAH                      NY-6-32-197
REYNOLDS, JONAH                         NY-6-Q-286
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH                        NY-6-H-432
REYNOLDS, JOSIAH                        NY-6-Z-60
REYNOLDS, OLIVER                        NY-6-Q-397
REYNOLDS, SARAH A.                      NY-6-34A-453
REYNOLDS, THALIA F.                     NY-6-32-645
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM N.                    NY-6-34A-457
RHOADES, ANNA W.                        NY-6-38A-109
RHOADS, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-F-34
RHODES, GEORGE A.                       NY-6-32-37
RIBY, ROBERT                            NY-6-Y-225
RICE, ELIJAH                            NY-6-A2-194
RICE, JOHN                              NY-6-35B-17
RICE, JOHN                              NY-6-32D-37
RICE, SAMUEL                            NY-6-33B-289
RICE, SAMUEL JR.                        NY-6-35A-165
RICH, FRANK                             NY-6-30-167
RICH, GEORGE R.                         NY-6-32D-361
RICH, SETH                              NY-6-Q-349
RICHARDS, GEORGE                        NY-6-33B-505
RICHARDS, JAMES                         NY-6-F-216
RICHARDS, SIMEON                        NY-6-U-308
RICHARDSON, BARTON S.                   NY-6-33B-37
RICHARDSON, CALISTA ANN                 NY-6-36B-13
RICHARDSON, CATHERINE                   NY-6-M-25
RICHARDSON, CHARLOTTE                   NY-6-I-215
RICHARDSON, DEWITT C.                   NY-6-29-640
RICHARDSON, EDWIN R.                    NY-6-32C-631
RICHARDSON, FREEMAN                     NY-6-W-377
RICHARDSON, HARRIET                     NY-6-37A-457
RICHARDSON, HELEN M.                    NY-6-33C-421
RICHARDSON, MARIA                       NY-6-27-491
RICHARDSON, MARY                        NY-6-35E-117
RICHARDSON, RHODA                       NY-6-33A-325
RICHARDSON, SAMUEL                      NY-6-E-48
RICHARDSON, SARAH J.                    NY-6-31B-131
RICHMOND, BROWNELL                      NY-6-P-389
RICHMOND, EUNICE                        NY-6-N-337
RICHMOND, JONATHAN                      NY-6-J-482
RICHMOND, MIRANDA                       NY-6-33C-9
RICHMOND, REBECCA                       NY-6-X-598
RICHMOND, WILLIAM R.                    NY-6-V-363
RICHMOND, ZENAS B.                      NY-6-J-205
RIELLY, CAROLINE M.                     NY-6-32-77
RIGGS, HENRIETTA                        NY-6-37A-373
RIGGS, LAURA B.                         NY-6-36B-301
RIGHTMYER, HARMON                       NY-6-28-210
RILEY, EDWARD J.                        NY-6-P-409
RILEY, JOHN                             NY-6-Q-205
RILEY, MARGARET                         NY-6-38A-21
RILEY, THOMAS                           NY-6-F-99
RING, ABAGAIL                           NY-6-36A-149
RING, EDWARD                            NY-6-35A-229
RISING, SARAH                           NY-6-32C-523
RIVER, ICHABOD                          NY-6-B1-23
RIVERS, CATHARINE                       NY-6-30-513
ROACH, PATRICK                          NY-6-35E-325
ROBINS, JOHN S.                         NY-6-Y-361
ROBINSON, ALDEN E.                      NY-6-33A-57
ROBINSON, CLARISSA                      NY-6-T-115
ROBINSON, CYNTHIA P.                    NY-6-30-638
ROBINSON, DAVID M.                      NY-6-Q-514
ROBINSON, DENNIS                        NY-6-I-218
ROBINSON, EDNAH D.                      NY-6-27-188
ROBINSON, GILES                         NY-6-N-83
ROBINSON, HORATIO SR.                   NY-6-32C-229
ROBINSON, JOHN                          NY-6-V-549
ROBINSON, JOHN M.                       NY-6-T-470
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                        NY-6-33A-5
ROBINSON, JOSEPH                        NY-6-M-113
ROBINSON, MARIA                         NY-6-J-416
ROBINSON, PETER R.                      NY-6-Y-147
ROBINSON, PHEBE JANE                    NY-6-34A-473
ROBINSON, ROSELLA                       NY-6-Z-94
ROBINSON, SILAS                         NY-6-D-422
ROBINSON, THOMAS                        NY-6-U-436
ROBINSON, WILLIAM C.                    NY-6-Z-242
ROCHE, MARY                             NY-6-35A-121
ROCHE, PATRICK                          NY-6-37A-573
ROCKEFELLER, JOHN N.                    NY-6-U-351
ROCKWELL, CATHARINE                     NY-6-P-620
ROCKWELL, DAVID                         NY-6-V-80
ROCKWELL, EVE                           NY-6-W-39
ROCKWELL, STEPHEN                       NY-6-E-60
ROE, GEORGE H.                          NY-6-36A-521
ROGERS, ABRAM                           NY-6-O-338
ROGERS, ALFRED                          NY-6-28-161
ROGERS, ANSON B.                        NY-6-33C-621
ROGERS, EBENEZER                        NY-6-B1-6
ROGERS, ELIAS                           NY-6-P-398
ROGERS, JAMES G.                        NY-6-Q-499
ROGERS, MATILDA S.                      NY-6-Z-435
ROGERS, NERI                            NY-6-C1-366
ROGERS, PATRICK                         NY-6-37A-165
ROGERS, S. WARREN                       NY-6-35E-497
ROOD, AARON G.                          NY-6-L-189
ROOD, BETSEY                            NY-6-J-60
ROOD, MARY AUGUSTA                      NY-6-27-11
ROOKER, WILLIAM L.                      NY-6-I-102
ROOKS, DAVID R.                         NY-6-V-100
ROOKS, JOHN                             NY-6-27-210
ROOKS, MARTHA                           NY-6-X-602
ROOT, ELISHA                            NY-6-C1-153
ROOT, JOSEPH                            NY-6-A1-328
ROOT, SAMUEL H.                         NY-6-33B-141
RORAPAUGH, JOHN                         NY-6-34B-25
ROSEBOOM, GILBERT                       NY-6-35A-173
ROSEBOOM, GILBERT                       NY-6-I-386
ROSECRANTS, LUCINDA                     NY-6-38A-493
ROSEKRAUS, JOHN                         NY-6-B1-103A
ROSS, CAROLINE                          NY-6-34B-343
ROSS, DANIEL V.                         NY-6-P-263
ROSS, ELENORE P.                        NY-6-28-505
ROSS, MILTON                            NY-6-V-557
ROSS, WILLIAM                           NY-6-D-401
ROSS, ZEBULON                           NY-6-W-57
ROUNDS, ARVILLA                         NY-6-36A-545
ROUNDS, HORACE                          NY-6-38A-621
ROUNDS, JENNIE P.                       NY-6-35E-113
ROUNDS, REUBEN                          NY-6-36B-109
ROUSE, SIMEON                           NY-6-B2-130
ROWAN, TIMOTHY                          NY-6-35B-437
RUDD, PHEBE E.                          NY-6-R-585
RUDE, ABIGAIL                           NY-6-P-223
RUDE, CALEB                             NY-6-C1-336
RUDE, JOHN J. B.                        NY-6-M-74
RUDE, JONAS                             NY-6-L-130
RUDE, NATHAN                            NY-6-D-281
RUDE, TRYPHENA                          NY-6-33C-361
RUDES, ORANGE                           NY-6-A2-15
RUETSCH, RUDOLPH                        NY-6-35B-489
RULEFF, JACOB                           NY-6-H-436
RUMSEY, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-32-121
RUMSEY, DANIEL                          NY-6-36B-211
RUMSEY, DANIEL J.                       NY-6-29-634
RUMSEY, JOSEPH                          NY-6-X-7
RUMSEY, LEWIS                           NY-6-T-316
RUMSEY, MOSES                           NY-6-B1-48A
RUMSEY, SARAH                           NY-6-R-267
RUMSEY, STEPHEN                         NY-6-S-358
RUNDELL, DAVID N.                       NY-6-31-283
RUSSELL, ANN                            NY-6-33B-133
RUSSELL, ANN                            NY-6-H-307
RUSSELL, JAMES                          NY-6-M-233
RUSSELL, JULIA A.                       NY-6-36B-289
RUSSELL, NANCY                          NY-6-J-299
RYAN, HANORA                            NY-6-S-112
RYAN, JULIA ETT                         NY-6-34B-451
RYAN, PATRICK                           NY-6-34A-357
RYAN, ROBERT                            NY-6-I-83
RYDER, NATHAN C.                        NY-6-38A-557

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