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ABBEY, PHEBE                            NY-6-33C-225
ABBOTT, ABAGAIL MOODY                   NY-6-O-128
ABBOTT, CHAUNCY                         NY-6-K-134
ABBOTT, CLARA H.                        NY-6-27-456
ABBOTT, ELVIRA                          NY-6-31C-172
ABBOTT, HENRY R.                        NY-6-H-372
ABBOTT, HORACE                          NY-6-32-405
ABBOTT, LIVIA                           NY-6-R-243
ABBOTT, SAMUEL                          NY-6-C2-112
ABRAMS, CORNELIA                        NY-6-34B-295
ABRAMS, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-N-137
ABRAMS, JAMES H.                        NY-6-C2-331
ABRAMS, SIDNEY                          NY-6-S-510
ACKER, CORNELIUS                        NY-6-35B-445
ACKER, LETTITIA                         NY-6-Y-294
ACKER, NELSON                           NY-6-33A-193
ACKERMAN, JOHN                          NY-6-Y-445
ACKERMAN, JOHN                          NY-6-O-498
ACRE, COONRAD                           NY-6-34A-461
ADAMS, ABIGAIL                          NY-6-C2-452
ADAMS, ELIAS                            NY-6-L-364
ADAMS, HARRIETT A.                      NY-6-37A-89
ADAMS, JACOB                            NY-6-38A-413
ADAMS, JAMES G.                         NY-6-M-17
ADAMS, JANE HANNAH                      NY-6-33C-521
ADAMS, LOAMI                            NY-6-Z-45
ADAMS, MARY                             NY-6-32-593
ADAMS, NETHAN                           NY-6-K-460
ADAMS, PATTY                            NY-6-Z-158
ADAMS, SAMUEL                           NY-6-30-450
ADAMS, SARAH MARIA                      NY-6-31C-336
ADAMS, SILAS                            NY-6-37A-257
ADAMS, SOPHIA                           NY-6-R-331
ADAMS, WILLIAM T.                       NY-6-31B-419
ADEE, JOHN                              NY-6-C1-192
ADOLPHUS, REBECCA                       NY-6-Y-128
ADRIANCE, EMELINE                       NY-6-35A-93
ADRIANCE, GEORGE                        NY-6-32C-223
AGNEW, ROBERT C.                        NY-6-34A-553
AIKEN, DAVID                            NY-6-31B-287
AIKIN, IRA                              NY-6-O-476
AKIN, ISAAC                             NY-6-Z-151
AKIN, JOHN                              NY-6-C1-362
AKIN, JOHN W.                           NY-6-32B-335
AKIN, MARY E.                           NY-6-31B-215
ALBEE, ELEAZER                          NY-6-A1-164
ALBRING, JOSEPH                         NY-6-34B-139
ALEXANDER, JAMES                        NY-6-35B-269
ALEXANDER, MARCIA FENTON                NY-6-35A-489
ALFORD, JANE                            NY-6-33C-609
ALGER, LUCIUS                           NY-6-32C-283
ALGUR, MILTON                           NY-6-31B-231
ALKINBRACK, DAVID                       NY-6-32B-199
ALLEE, GEORGE A.                        NY-6-32-509
ALLEE, JEREMIAH                         NY-6-H-17
ALLEE, MARY ELIZABETH                   NY-6-28-526
ALLEN, BURTON                           NY-6-37A-269
ALLEN, CAROLINE B.                      NY-6-32D-151
ALLEN, DAIVD W.                         NY-6-P-363
ALLEN, DAVID                            NY-6-L-254
ALLEN, EDWARD                           NY-6-P-594
ALLEN, EDWARD M.                        NY-6-X-163
ALLEN, ELECTA STEEL                     NY-6-V-333
ALLEN, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-35C-575
ALLEN, ETHAN                            NY-6-36A-525
ALLEN, GEROTHMAN                        NY-6-M-38
ALLEN, HANNAH P.                        NY-6-32D-493
ALLEN, ISAAC S.                         NY-6-29-179
ALLEN, JOHN G.                          NY-6-31-13
ALLEN, JOHN M.                          NY-6-R-134
ALLEN, RUSSELL                          NY-6-O-45
ALLEN, SARAH                            NY-6-35E-541
ALLEN, SUSAN                            NY-6-30-548
ALLEN, WALTER W.                        NY-6-32D-457
ALLEN, WALTHA ANN L.                    NY-6-31C-39
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          NY-6-28-411
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          NY-6-Y-248
ALLEN, WILLIAM P.                       NY-6-35E-509
ALLEN, WILLIAM S.                       NY-6-31C-167
ALLEN, ZIMRI                            NY-6-T-193
ALLEY, JAMES                            NY-6-32-473
ALLEY, WILLIAM W.                       NY-6-34A-29
ALMY, HENRY                             NY-6-Y-154
ALSOP, JOHN                             NY-6-B2-314
ALWARD, CHARLES G.                      NY-6-35E-421
ALWARD, DENNIS R.                       NY-6-33C-481
ALWARD, JARVIS A.                       NY-6-X-380
ALWARD, MARY                            NY-6-L-269
ALWARD, NATHANIEL                       NY-6-H-490
ALWARD, SALLY                           NY-6-35E-301
AMERMAN, ABRAM                          NY-6-Q-108
AMERMAN, ALBERT                         NY-6-Z-42
AMERMAN, CLEMMA S.                      NY-6-Y-282
AMERMAN, HENRY                          NY-6-U-270
AMERMAN, ISAAC                          NY-6-I-331
AMERMAN, JAMES P.                       NY-6-I-74
AMERMAN, PETER                          NY-6-J-127
AMERMAN, PETER G.                       NY-6-35B-73
AMES, CHESTER C.                        NY-6-28-414
AMES, CLARK                             NY-6-38A-253
AMES, EBENEZER W.                       NY-6-Z-35
AMES, ISABELL C.                        NY-6-29-74
AMES, JEAN                              NY-6-35A-117
AMES, ORIN                              NY-6-Q-269
AMES, PHILO                             NY-6-31-133
AMMERMAN, ANNA                          NY-6-38A-641
AMMON, ANN E.                           NY-6-27-110
ANDELFINGER, EDWARD                     NY-6-33B-113
ANDERSON, CATHERINE                     NY-6-31B-79
ANDERSON, CHARLES                       NY-6-37A-421
ANDERSON, ISABELLA                      NY-6-33C-369
ANDERSON, JERUSHA B.                    NY-6-31-319
ANDERSON, THOMAS                        NY-6-U-79
ANDREAS, SARAH P.                       NY-6-H-382
ANDREWS, CHARLES C.                     NY-6-35A-409
ANDREWS, CHARLES C.                     NY-6-27-240
ANDREWS, DAVID W.                       NY-6-P-54
ANDREWS, ELIZABETH                      NY-6-Q-292
ANDREWS, GEORGE B.                      NY-6-31C-354
ANDREWS, HANNAH                         NY-6-37A-405
ANDREWS, HANNAH M.                      NY-6-35B-61
ANDREWS, MARY A.                        NY-6-35E-513
ANDREWS, OBED                           NY-6-G-301
ANDREWS, ROBERT                         NY-6-Y-171
ANDREWS, ROXALINA                       NY-6-31B-479
ANDREWS, SAMUEL                         NY-6-27-232
ANDREWS, SAMUEL                         NY-6-N-286
ANDREWS, SARAH                          NY-6-X-369
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                        NY-6-G-352
ANGLE, JOHN                             NY-6-B1-27
ANGWINE, PHEBE W.                       NY-6-X-532
ANNABLE, SAMUEL                         NY-6-A1-125
ANNIN, MARY C.                          NY-6-X-26
ANNIN, MARY E.                          NY-6-R-178
ANTHONY, ABIGAIL F.                     NY-6-Q-263
ANTHONY, ANNA W.                        NY-6-M-43
ANTHONY, EDITH                          NY-6-B2-207
ANTHONY, JOHN                           NY-6-Q-554
ANTHONY, MARY                           NY-6-34A-413
ANTHONY, NOBLE                          NY-6-T-310
ANTHONY, SMITH                          NY-6-U-596
ANTHONY, SUSANNAH                       NY-6-U-7
APPLEGATE, CHARLES                      NY-6-28-141
APTHORPE, WILLIAM                       NY-6-35B-189
ARCHER, FRANCIS A.                      NY-6-33B-393
ARLDEN, TIMOTHY                         NY-6-38A-173
ARMISTEAD, DAVID                        NY-6-R-324
ARMISTEAD, SARAH                        NY-6-U-492
ARMITAGE, RICHARD                       NY-6-35E-337
ARMS, LYDIA A.                          NY-6-36B-103
ARMSTRONG, ABNER                        NY-6-E-101
ARMSTRONG, HANNAH                       NY-6-35A-13
ARMSTRONG, JOHN S.                      NY-6-37A-33
ARNE, DAVID                             NY-6-H-288
ARNETH, MARY A.                         NY-6-34A-597
ARNETT, SILAS W.                        NY-6-Z-140
ARNOLD, ALBERT T.                       NY-6-33B-325
ARNOLD, AMOS                            NY-6-R-189
ARNOLD, COMFORT                         NY-6-C1-229
ARNOLD, DAVID P.                        NY-6-35A-513
ARNOLD, DAVID S.                        NY-6-N-362
ARNOLD, DENNIS                          NY-6-Q-85
ARNOLD, EDWIN                           NY-6-31B-355
ARNOLD, ISAAC                           NY-6-I-318
ARNOLD, JANE A.                         NY-6-35E-217
ARNOLD, JESSE                           NY-6-D-329
ARNOLD, JOSEPH H.                       NY-6-B2-270
ARNOLD, LYDIA A.                        NY-6-28-106
ARNOLD, NATHAN                          NY-6-S-236
ARNOLD, SILAS                           NY-6-D-81
ASHBY, CHARLES                          NY-6-Q-533
ASHPOLE, GERTRUDE                       NY-6-33C-549
ATKINSON, HANNAH                        NY-6-35A-305
ATKINSON, WILLIAM C.                    NY-6-R-98
ATWATER, HORACE                         NY-6-I-225
ATWATER, JOHN                           NY-6-D-92
ATWATER, JOHN G.                        NY-6-33B-117
ATWATER, LUCY                           NY-6-Q-276
ATWATER, MARY FRANCIS                   NY-6-38A-489
ATWATER, SARAH                          NY-6-I-261
ATWATER, TAMAR L.                       NY-6-31B-487
ATWATER, WILLIS                         NY-6-I-118
ATWOOD, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-U-124
ATWOOD, FRANCES M.                      NY-6-34B-529
ATWOOD, THOMAS                          NY-6-K-137
ATYEO, CHARLOTTE                        NY-6-33B-557
ATYEO, GEORGE                           NY-6-34B-229
ATYES, LUCRETIA                         NY-6-38A-181
AUCHMOODY, HENRY                        NY-6-U-119
AUSTIN, ELIJAH                          NY-6-H-50
AUSTIN, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-6-P-282
AUSTIN, JANE                            NY-6-35A-565
AUSTIN, JARED                           NY-6-32C-277
AUSTIN, JOHN                            NY-6-32-249
AUSTIN, JOHN M.                         NY-6-28-452
AUSTIN, LUCINDA M.                      NY-6-28-133
AUSTIN, MORTIMER V.                     NY-6-37A-213
AUSTIN, POLLY                           NY-6-L-244
AUSTIN, SEDGWICK                        NY-6-28-244
AUSTIN, SILAS                           NY-6-P-313
AUSTIN, STEPHEN S.                      NY-6-Q-462
AUSTIN, THOMAS                          NY-6-33A-309
AVERILL, ABBIE M.                       NY-6-32D-85
AVERY, ASHBEL                           NY-6-T-386
AVERY, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-Q-545
AVERY, CHARLES                          NY-6-36A-73
AVERY, CYRUS                            NY-6-H-275
AVERY, DANIEL                           NY-6-E-354
AVERY, HENRY                            NY-6-W-489
AVERY, HEZEKIAH                         NY-6-N-50
AVERY, JAMES                            NY-6-P-381
AVERY, MARIETTA                         NY-6-34A-521
AVERY, SIDNEY S.                        NY-6-T-2
AYRES, VIANNA F.                        NY-6-28-147
BABBETT, AVERY                          NY-6-V-263
BABBIT, ELIZABETH F.                    NY-6-34B-397
BABBIT, HANNAH                          NY-6-X-327
BABBIT, NANCY                           NY-6-Y-486
BABBITT, C. JENETTE                     NY-6-35B-397
BABBITT, DAVID                          NY-6-L-391
BABBITT, SEMI                           NY-6-N-315
BABCOCK, GEORGE R.                      NY-6-28-528
BABCOCK, GILBERT                        NY-6-R-363
BABCOCK, JESSE                          NY-6-B1-178
BABCOCK, MARY A.                        NY-6-29-158
BABCOCK, PELEG                          NY-6-V-378
BABCOCK, POLLY                          NY-6-L-370
BABCOCK, S. D.                          NY-6-28-116
BABCOCK, WORDEN                         NY-6-I-440
BABCOX, MARY                            NY-6-P-319
BACKMAN, MARY J.                        NY-6-37A-353
BACKUS, ABSALOM                         NY-6-28-182
BACKUS, CLINTON T.                      NY-6-36A-117
BACKUS, TIMOTHY                         NY-6-J-105
BACON, ELIZABETH P.                     NY-6-Y-210
BACON, GEOGE                            NY-6-31B-59
BACON, GEORGE W.                        NY-6-31B-67
BACON, JACOB                            NY-6-32C-181
BACON, JOEL                             NY-6-A2-162
BACON, JOSEPH                           NY-6-R-174
BACON, MATILDA                          NY-6-37A-173
BACON, THANKFUL                         NY-6-C2-72
BACON, WILLIAM                          NY-6-P-413
BADGLEY, LYDIA LUSENATH                 NY-6-33A-437
BADGLEY, MARIA R.                       NY-6-28-628
BADGLEY, MARIA R.                       NY-6-28-646
BADGLEY, MUNSON                         NY-6-X-545
BADNALL, MARY                           NY-6-31-157
BAIER, JULIUS                           NY-6-35A-461
BAIN, GEORGE                            NY-6-Q-494
BAIRD, DEBORAH M.                       NY-6-37A-25
BAIRD, WILLIAM                          NY-6-V-140
BAIRD, WILLIAM                          NY-6-S-372
BAKER, ABEL                             NY-6-O-381
BAKER, ALLEN                            NY-6-X-467
BAKER, CHARLES A.                       NY-6-33B-421
BAKER, CHARLES O.                       NY-6-36A-77
BAKER, CYRUS A.                         NY-6-29-418
BAKER, DAVID W.                         NY-6-Q-42
BAKER, ELIJAH P.                        NY-6-34A-225
BAKER, ELIZA E.                         NY-6-38A-157
BAKER, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-W-252
BAKER, ELLEN A.                         NY-6-31-499
BAKER, HARRIET E.                       NY-6-35E-469
BAKER, JEREMIAH F.                      NY-6-31-151
BAKER, JOHN                             NY-6-33B-329
BAKER, JOHN H.                          NY-6-38A-389
BAKER, JONAS                            NY-6-32B-15
BAKER, JULIUS OSCAR                     NY-6-37A-338
BAKER, LUTHER                           NY-6-33A-513
BAKER, OLIVIA                           NY-6-Z-184
BAKER, SARAH                            NY-6-Y-490
BAKER, SETH                             NY-6-Q-297
BAKER, WARREN                           NY-6-Y-566
BALCOM, HARRIET                         NY-6-32B-95
BALCOM, ISAAC B.                        NY-6-31-139
BALDIWN, DANIEL                         NY-6-F-248
BALDWIN, BENJAMIN                       NY-6-Y-406
BALDWIN, CORDELIA                       NY-6-I-382
BALDWIN, DAVID                          NY-6-31B-527
BALDWIN, ELIZA                          NY-6-34B-487
BALDWIN, GIDEON                         NY-6-C2-89
BALDWIN, HANNAH S.                      NY-6-34B-91
BALDWIN, HORACE                         NY-6-R-59
BALDWIN, JESSE                          NY-6-33A-545
BALDWIN, JOSHUA                         NY-6-P-43
BALDWIN, JOSIAH                         NY-6-D-431
BALDWIN, LOVEWELL H.                    NY-6-Q-65
BALDWIN, MICHAEL                        NY-6-W-83
BALL, JANNETT                           NY-6-37A-85
BALL, SAMUEL                            NY-6-K-281
BALLOU, JOSEPH B.                       NY-6-33A-393
BANNON, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-37A-133
BARBER, ABBY                            NY-6-T-182
BARBER, DAVID                           NY-6-X-460
BARBER, GEORGE                          NY-6-37A-129
BARBER, HEMAN H.                        NY-6-T-344
BARBER, JAMES                           NY-6-B1-185B
BARBER, JOSIAH                          NY-6-28-168
BARBER, MARY E.                         NY-6-35A-441
BARBER, OLIVE                           NY-6-M-205
BARBER, PHEBE A.                        NY-6-35B-105
BARBER, SARAH B.                        NY-6-35E-137
BARBER, WILLIAM                         NY-6-G-21
BARBER, WILLIAM C.                      NY-6-32-213
BARD, ANN                               NY-6-Y-266
BARD, EMILY R.                          NY-6-32B-215
BARGER, LOUSON G.                       NY-6-33A-41
BARGER, PHILEMON                        NY-6-Q-99
BARHITE, ANTHONY                        NY-6-31B-171
BARKER, JOHN                            NY-6-33C-257
BARKER, JOHN A.                         NY-6-M-262
BARKER, MARY E.                         NY-6-35B-241
BARKER, PLATT S.                        NY-6-31B-407
BARNES, ANN MARIA                       NY-6-32-205
BARNES, AUGUSTUS                        NY-6-28-47
BARNES, CLARISSA                        NY-6-29-637
BARNES, ELISHA                          NY-6-30-97
BARNES, HANNAH                          NY-6-Y-532
BARNES, HARRIET A.                      NY-6-35B-305
BARNES, JOHN                            NY-6-33B-229
BARNES, LUMAN E.                        NY-6-R-377
BARNES, LUTHER                          NY-6-E-371
BARNES, NETTIE M.                       NY-6-32C-115
BARNES, SARAH JANE                      NY-6-33A-297
BARNES, SYLVIA                          NY-6-35A-333
BARNES, ZACHEUS                         NY-6-A1-263
BARNEY, DAVID                           NY-6-M-279
BARNEY, ELIZA                           NY-6-31B-295
BARNEY, SAMUEL                          NY-6-P-406
BARNS, AARO                             NY-6-B1-193A
BARNS, ANSEL H.                         NY-6-E-79
BARNS, GILES C.                         NY-6-Z-408
BARNS, JOSEPH                           NY-6-A2-320
BARNS, THOMAS                           NY-6-E-172
BARR, WILLIAM H.                        NY-6-35B-33
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                       NY-6-F-158
BARRETT, DRUSSILLA                      NY-6-Y-222
BARRETT, JOHN                           NY-6-29-413
BARRON, DAVID H.                        NY-6-33A-589
BARRUS, PHEBE                           NY-6-28-109
BARRY, MARGARET T.                      NY-6-35E-89
BARRY, MARY                             NY-6-36A-29
BARRY, MICHAEL                          NY-6-35B-141
BARRY, MICHAEL                          NY-6-29-143
BARSTOW, HENRIETTA H.                   NY-6-Z-224
BARTH, ANNA MARY                        NY-6-33C-113
BARTLETT, GAMALIEL SMITH                NY-6-Z-170
BARTLEY, MARY                           NY-6-36A-485
BARTON, JOSEPH                          NY-6-29-508
BARTON, JOSIAH                          NY-6-F-77
BARTON, PHEBE                           NY-6-M-426
BASCOM, WILLIAM                         NY-6-30-576
BASS, HENRY                             NY-6-Q-200
BASSETT, ADELBERT A.                    NY-6-33A-85
BASSETT, ADOLPHUS B.                    NY-6-V-445
BASSETT, AMELIA                         NY-6-33B-525
BASSETT, THOMAS                         NY-6-B1-184A
BATEMAN, EZRA W.                        NY-6-U-18
BATES, C. CARROLL                       NY-6-30-522
BATES, JAMES                            NY-6-W-116
BATES, MARY                             NY-6-35B-521
BATHRICK, TILLY                         NY-6-A2-206
BATTEY, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-31-241
BAXTER, ELBEY D.                        NY-6-S-583
BAXTER, JESSE                           NY-6-K-275
BAXTER, THOMAS J.                       NY-6-N-341
BEACH, ALEXANDER                        NY-6-D-353
BEACH, ASA                              NY-6-A2-459
BEACH, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-D-135
BEACH, CLARK                            NY-6-H-499
BEACH, DAVID                            NY-6-B1-199B
BEACH, HARVEY C.                        NY-6-27-382
BEACH, ISAAC A.                         NY-6-C1-33
BEACH, JACOB                            NY-6-J-155
BEACH, JOHN H.                          NY-6-D-344
BEACH, JOSEPH                           NY-6-U-1
BEACH, POLLY                            NY-6-W-468
BEACH, REUBEN C.                        NY-6-31-295
BEACH, ROSALINE                         NY-6-W-531
BEACH, SAMUEL T.                        NY-6-C1-282
BEACH, SARAH A.                         NY-6-Y-69
BEACH, SARAH S.                         NY-6-34A-253
BEACH, SUSANNAH                         NY-6-27-618
BEACHAM, ANNA                           NY-6-30-393
BEACHAM, OLIVER                         NY-6-33A-477
BEAGLE, JAMES                           NY-6-33A-541
BEAM, J. FRANCES                        NY-6-35A-33
BEAM, P. ALANSON                        NY-6-38A-517
BEARD, JOSIAH                           NY-6-B1-132B
BEARDSLEE, JOHN                         NY-6-A1-128
BEARDSLEY, ALBERT                       NY-6-W-516
BEARDSLEY, ALICE                        NY-6-Z-75
BEARDSLEY, JOHN                         NY-6-L-437
BEARDSLEY, MARY C.                      NY-6-32D-175
BEARDSLEY, NELSON                       NY-6-31C-214
BEARDSLEY, ROSWELL                      NY-6-C1-56
BEARDSLEY, SILAS                        NY-6-O-426
BEARDSLEY, WILLIAM C.                   NY-6-36B-199
BEATTY, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-6-38A-289
BEATTY, JAMES                           NY-6-X-134
BEATTY, JOSEPH                          NY-6-L-320
BEAVER, ELIHU                           NY-6-Q-326
BEAVER, HARMON                          NY-6-28-545
BECK, FREDERICK C.                      NY-6-35B-517
BECKER, D. EDGAR                        NY-6-U-512
BECKER, JANE                            NY-6-38A-529
BEDELL, JAMES                           NY-6-36A-273
BEEBE, ISAAC L.                         NY-6-33B-145
BEEBE, LYDIA T.                         NY-6-32-33
BEEBE, MALINDA W.                       NY-6-31C-130
BEEBE, URIAH S.                         NY-6-34B-235
BEEMAN, NOAH                            NY-6-B1-183A
BEERS, EZRA                             NY-6-C2-280
BEERS, HENRY                            NY-6-Z-235
BEGGS, DAVID                            NY-6-31C-327
BELDING, HANNAH                         NY-6-33A-289
BELDING, THOMAS R.                      NY-6-Z-590
BELDING, WILLIAM                        NY-6-H-324
BELL, ADALINE                           NY-6-32D-583
BELL, MARGARET                          NY-6-34A-65
BELL, MARY                              NY-6-33C-509
BELL, ROBERT                            NY-6-32C-577
BELL, WILLIAM                           NY-6-P-332
BELLAMY, SAMUEL                         NY-6-C1-341
BELT, GEORGE S.                         NY-6-38A-397
BEMENT, LUCINA J.                       NY-6-T-56
BEMIS, CHARLES                          NY-6-27-177
BEMIS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-6-34A-557
BENCH, JOHN                             NY-6-29-233
BENCH, WILLIAM                          NY-6-35A-189
BENEDICT, ANDREW                        NY-6-K-9
BENEDICT, ANN E.                        NY-6-35A-373
BENEDICT, JASPER                        NY-6-A1-335
BENEDICT, NATHANIEL M.                  NY-6-K-485
BENEDICT, SMITH                         NY-6-29-49
BENEDICT, URIAH                         NY-6-Z-131
BENHAM, ASA B.                          NY-6-31B-403
BENHAM, ISAAC B.                        NY-6-O-291
BENHAM, MATILDA                         NY-6-27-217
BENJAMIN, AUGUSTA                       NY-6-W-70
BENJAMIN, SAMUEL                        NY-6-Y-609
BENJAMIN, SOPHIA                        NY-6-Z-378
BENNETT, ABBIE B.                       NY-6-32D-355
BENNETT, AMOS                           NY-6-A2-481
BENNETT, ASAHEL P.                      NY-6-D-426
BENNETT, CLARK F.                       NY-6-33A-365
BENNETT, ENOCH D.                       NY-6-I-246
BENNETT, JAMES                          NY-6-M-449
BENNETT, JOSEPH                         NY-6-34A-93
BENNETT, RUTH                           NY-6-H-203
BENNETT, SAMUEL K.                      NY-6-34B-181
BENNETT, SYLVIA S.                      NY-6-M-351
BENNETT, THOMAS S.                      NY-6-P-460
BENNIE, JOHN                            NY-6-27-270
BENTLEY, BARBER                         NY-6-J-412
BENTLEY, FRANKLIN                       NY-6-34B-547
BENTLEY, JOHN B.                        NY-6-P-255
BENTLEY, THOMAS S.                      NY-6-33A-169
BENTON, ALLEN                           NY-6-27-488
BERGEN, SAMUEL B.                       NY-6-T-167
BERGER, GEORGE F.                       NY-6-35B-45
BERRY, HANNAH                           NY-6-33A-113
BERRY, REUBEN                           NY-6-34A-49
BERTRAM, SAMUEL B.                      NY-6-T-78
BETTYS, NANCY STEBBINS                  NY-6-W-304
BEVIER, ABRAHAM                         NY-6-V-75
BEVIER, ANDREW                          NY-6-X-581
BEVIER, MARGARET                        NY-6-35A-629
BEVIER, MARGARET                        NY-6-B1-108A
BEVIER, SAMUEL                          NY-6-A2-308
BEYEA, HANNAH M.                        NY-6-27-174
BEYEA, JONATHAN                         NY-6-36A-229
BIBBENS, EVELINE                        NY-6-33C-65
BIBBEUS, JOHN W.                        NY-6-34B-97
BIBBEUS, SAMUEL                         NY-6-C2-37
BIBBINS, SAMUEL                         NY-6-29-34
BILBY, ABBOTT                           NY-6-O-430
BILLEY, SARAH                           NY-6-34B-553
BILLEY, WILLIAM E.                      NY-6-27-159
BILLIARD, NAOMI                         NY-6-36A-409
BILLINGS, DORCAS                        NY-6-S-335
BILLYARD, CLARENCE S.                   NY-6-35A-221
BIRCH, ALEXANDER                        NY-6-D-385
BIRCH, ALEXANDER                        NY-6-D-394
BIRCH, BARTLETT M.                      NY-6-29-226
BIRCH, HENRY                            NY-6-27-566
BIRCH, JEREMIAH                         NY-6-K-323
BIRCH, JEREMIAH                         NY-6-A2-155
BIRCH, NORMAN                           NY-6-C2-249
BIRD, EBENEZER                          NY-6-L-462
BIRD, ROSETTA                           NY-6-M-376
BIRDSELL, EUNICE                        NY-6-29-473
BISHOP, EDSON                           NY-6-Z-466
BISHOP, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-35C-33
BISHOP, JEREMIAH                        NY-6-A1-16
BISHOP, JOHN P.                         NY-6-Q-145
BISHOP, MARY                            NY-6-31B-87
BLACK, ROBERT                           NY-6-U-163
BLAISDELL, WILLIAM                      NY-6-Z-488
BLAKE, JABEZ G.                         NY-6-M-273
BLAKE, JOHN                             NY-6-30-299
BLAKE, JOHN A.                          NY-6-W-598
BLAKE, MARGARET E.                      NY-6-33C-229
BLAKE, NORMAN                           NY-6-U-30
BLAKE, WARREN                           NY-6-T-35
BLAKEMAN, EBEN                          NY-6-32D-157
BLANCHARD, ALMER C.                     NY-6-Y-162
BLANCHARD, JAMES                        NY-6-36A-413
BLANCHARD, NATHANIEL                    NY-6-32B-223
BLANCHARD, NATHANIEL                    NY-6-E-43
BLANCHARD, REUBEN                       NY-6-W-29
BLASS, SMITH                            NY-6-38A-277
BLAUVELT, LAURA P.                      NY-6-32D-91
BLEWFIELD, JOHN                         NY-6-Z-499
BLINN, JOHN V.                          NY-6-27-310
BLOOM, FRANCES H.                       NY-6-X-574
BLOOM, RICHARD H.                       NY-6-38A-65
BLOOMER, THEODORE                       NY-6-35E-45
BLOOMFIELD, MARION A.                   NY-6-27-574
BLUFF, WILLIAM                          NY-6-31B-447
BOARDMAN, JOSHUA                        NY-6-B1-122B
BOCKES, MORGAN                          NY-6-Y-449
BODINE, ABRAHAM                         NY-6-J-64
BODINE, CATHERINE                       NY-6-33C-129
BODINE, CORNELIUS                       NY-6-B1-142B
BODINE, GILBERT                         NY-6-29-542
BODINE, HANNAH                          NY-6-34A-265
BODINE, OLIVE O.                        NY-6-N-356
BODINE, PETER C.                        NY-6-30-565
BODINE, RACHEL H.                       NY-6-29-612
BOGART, CHARLES S.                      NY-6-Z-265
BOGART, JANE H.                         NY-6-32D-259
BOGART, WILLIAM HENRY                   NY-6-33A-281
BOHN, ELIZABETH                         NY-6-36A-345
BOLENIUS, CONRAD FREDERICK              NY-6-31B-539
BOLTER, ELIZABETH C.                    NY-6-34B-205
BOLTON, THOMAS                          NY-6-B1-191B
BONKER, ARAD                            NY-6-S-177
BONKER, SARAH                           NY-6-30-196
BONTA, PERCIE B.                        NY-6-33C-77
BOOKER, JOHN                            NY-6-36B-91
BOOTH, BETSEY                           NY-6-D-77
BOOTH, HENRY M.                         NY-6-37A-105
BOOTH, LUCINDA                          NY-6-35B-545
BOSTEDER, JOHN D.                       NY-6-A2-383
BOSTWICK, AMANDA                        NY-6-36A-617
BOSTWICK, JULIA M.                      NY-6-35E-417
BOSTWICK, WILLIAM                       NY-6-C1-81
BOTHWELL, JAMES                         NY-6-I-298
BOTSFORD, ACHSAH A.                     NY-6-38A-633
BOTSFORD, BRADLEY S.                    NY-6-32-349
BOTSFORD, HENRY C.                      NY-6-36B-7
BOTSFORD, MARY E.                       NY-6-35C-553
BOTSFORD, SAMUEL A.                     NY-6-Z-117
BOTTOM, JABEZ L.                        NY-6-C2-57
BOUGHTON, ALANSON                       NY-6-Z-554
BOURNE, SARAH B.                        NY-6-35E-525
BOWDEN, JAMES                           NY-6-33A-549
BOWE, JAMES                             NY-6-35B-253
BOWEN, AMELIA P                         NY-6-32D-439
BOWEN, AMY G.                           NY-6-35E-273
BOWEN, ANNY                             NY-6-30-17
BOWEN, BASSET J.                        NY-6-38A-549
BOWEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-K-206
BOWEN, GEORGE W.                        NY-6-Y-113
BOWEN, JOHN SMITH                       NY-6-35B-41
BOWEN, JOSIAH                           NY-6-H-125
BOWEN, MARTIN                           NY-6-N-45
BOWEN, MARY S.                          NY-6-U-228
BOWEN, PAUL S.                          NY-6-J-26
BOWEN, SAMUEL GRIGGS                    NY-6-W-592
BOWEN, WILLIAM                          NY-6-K-115
BOWER, ANDREW                           NY-6-O-196
BOWER, DANIEL                           NY-6-T-538
BOWER, DAVID                            NY-6-34A-77
BOWER, EDWIN                            NY-6-32-65
BOWER, ISAAC                            NY-6-35B-313
BOWER, NICHOLAS                         NY-6-A1-259
BOWER, ROBERT J.                        NY-6-29-100
BOWERING, JOHN                          NY-6-W-604
BOWERMAN, SARAH B.                      NY-6-Y-573
BOWERS, SARAH                           NY-6-27-208
BOWKER, ALFORD                          NY-6-T-521
BOWKER, ARCHIBALD                       NY-6-T-19
BOWKER, ELMER                           NY-6-P-456
BOWKER, MARY J.                         NY-6-29-315
BOWKER, SILAS                           NY-6-Z-63
BOWKER, SILAS                           NY-6-B2-221
BOWMAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-35C-177
BOWMAN, FRANCIS                         NY-6-33A-509
BOWNESS, ROSANNAH                       NY-6-33C-625
BOYCE, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-S-351
BOYER, JACOB                            NY-6-32D-445
BOYLE, BRIDGET                          NY-6-38A-17
BRACKENBURG, WILLIAM                    NY-6-30-417
BRACKENBURY, EDWARD                     NY-6-31B-583
BRACKETT, LAURA A.                      NY-6-Z-641
BRADFORD, MARY ANN                      NY-6-28-272
BRADFORD, MINERVA                       NY-6-31B-563
BRADFORD, MORRIS S.                     NY-6-31B-115
BRADLEY, FANNY                          NY-6-Z-587
BRADLEY, HENRIETTA T.                   NY-6-28-442
BRADLEY, JABEZ                          NY-6-B1-56A
BRADLEY, JANE L.                        NY-6-32B-295
BRADLEY, JOHN M.                        NY-6-S-158
BRADLEY, LEMI                           NY-6-J-436
BRADLEY, MICAH                          NY-6-S-392
BRADLEY, REBECCA L.                     NY-6-34A-337
BRADLEY, RUTH                           NY-6-O-233
BRADLEY, SAMUEL                         NY-6-U-517
BRADLEY, SILAS L.                       NY-6-30-309
BRADLEY, WALTER G.                      NY-6-30-351
BRADLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-6-I-431
BRADLY, SALLY                           NY-6-R-633
BRADT, HENRY                            NY-6-F-426
BRADY, EDWARD                           NY-6-28-62
BRANCH, DEODATUS                        NY-6-28-318
BRANCH, JOHN S.                         NY-6-38A-437
BRANCH, SAMUEL                          NY-6-F-127
BRANCH, SAMUEL C.                       NY-6-32D-517
BRANNACK, EDWARD                        NY-6-X-457
BRANNOCK, LUKE                          NY-6-32-489
BRANNON, ADAM                           NY-6-C2-134
BRANNON, HENRY E.                       NY-6-30-137
BRANNON, PETER                          NY-6-35B-185
BRANNON, SOLOMON C.                     NY-6-31C-159
BRANON, PATRICK                         NY-6-B1-34
BRASTED, HENRY                          NY-6-B1-121A
BRAY, SALLY ANN                         NY-6-32-81
BRAYTON, JOHN                           NY-6-32-441
BRAYTON, STPEHEN                        NY-6-33A-145
BREEN, JOHANNA                          NY-6-38A-57
BREEN, PATRICK                          NY-6-38A-513
BRENNAN, JAMES                          NY-6-W-96
BRENNAN, MICHAEL                        NY-6-U-83
BREWSTER, GILBERT                       NY-6-32D-163
BRICK, AUGUSTA                          NY-6-35A-337
BRICKS, MARTIN                          NY-6-35A-181
BRIGDEN, EDWIN                          NY-6-30-205
BRIGDEN, JOHN                           NY-6-T-552
BRIGDEN, MARTHA                         NY-6-27-541
BRIGDEN, RUSSEL                         NY-6-33A-33
BRIGDEN, TIMOTHY                        NY-6-38A-301
BRIGDEN, WILLIAM                        NY-6-33C-381
BRIGGS, CHARLES G.                      NY-6-32-597
BRIGS, MEHITABLE M.                     NY-6-X-521
BRILL, CLARISSA A.                      NY-6-33C-37
BRILL, ROSETTA A.                       NY-6-35B-417
BRINCKERHOFF, JOHN I.                   NY-6-32-129
BRINK, CATHERINE S.                     NY-6-34A-221
BRINK, JAMES                            NY-6-35A-529
BRINKERHOFF, ABRAM                      NY-6-29-365
BRINKERHOFF, DAVID                      NY-6-B1-154B
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE G.                  NY-6-A1-298
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE H.                  NY-6-33A-305
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE H.                  NY-6-R-643
BRINKERHOFF, GEORGE R.                  NY-6-I-243
BRINKERHOFF, GERTRUDE                   NY-6-V-44
BRINKERHOFF, JACOB                      NY-6-C1-379
BRINKERHOFF, JAMES                      NY-6-A1-304
BRINKERHOFF, JOHN M.                    NY-6-36B-127
BRINKERHOFF, JOSIAH B.                  NY-6-36A-341
BRINKERHOFF, LOUISE                     NY-6-37A-265
BRINKERHOFF, MARIAH                     NY-6-A2-286
BRINKERHOFF, ROELEF                     NY-6-A2-211
BRINKERHOFF, SARAH S.                   NY-6-I-323
BRINKERHOFF, WILLIAM                    NY-6-P-246
BRISTOL, ALMIRA                         NY-6-X-476
BRISTOL, CHARLES                        NY-6-M-217
BRISTOL, HENRIETTA                      NY-6-37A-241
BRISTOL, JOHN                           NY-6-32D-289
BRISTOL, PORTER B.                      NY-6-X-500
BRISTOL, SALOME                         NY-6-35E-185
BRITT, JAMES                            NY-6-33B-125
BRITTON, DANIEL                         NY-6-A1-85
BROAD, SARAH M.                         NY-6-35B-497
BROADWELL, DEBORAH                      NY-6-31C-26
BROCKWAY, GEORGE W.                     NY-6-34A-545
BROCKWAY, WHITMAN                       NY-6-32B-183
BRODERICK, EDWARD                       NY-6-V-163
BRODHEAD, ANN M.                        NY-6-37A-545
BRODHEAD, HARRIET                       NY-6-37A-541
BRODHEAD, JACOB N.                      NY-6-29-358
BROKAW, ABRAHAM                         NY-6-B2-303
BROKAW, ALLEY                           NY-6-30-121
BROKAW, JOHN                            NY-6-D-382
BROKAW, JOHN B.                         NY-6-K-313
BROKAW, JOHN N.                         NY-6-35E-125
BROKAW, ROBERT                          NY-6-36B-373
BROKAW, SARAH M.                        NY-6-34A-97
BROMFIELD, GREEN LEAF                   NY-6-X-289
BRONSON, ELIZA M.                       NY-6-28-12
BRONSON, HENRY G.                       NY-6-T-493
BRONSON, PARLIAMENT                     NY-6-M-1
BROOKS, AMASA                           NY-6-C2-20
BROOKS, AUGUSTUS R.                     NY-6-33B-301
BROOKS, JULIA A.                        NY-6-28-505
BROOKS, WILLIAM C.                      NY-6-H-1
BROSEE, BETSEY ANN                      NY-6-33C-253
BROTHERTON, JOHN                        NY-6-E-308
BROWN, ALANSON                          NY-6-35E-461
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-I-22
BROWN, CHARLES                          NY-6-O-168
BROWN, CHARLES                          NY-6-R-409
BROWN, CHARLES SR.                      NY-6-I-233
BROWN, CHARLOTTE P.                     NY-6-35C-481
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER                      NY-6-36B-43
BROWN, CLARISSA H.                      NY-6-32B-143
BROWN, DANIEL                           NY-6-32D-553
BROWN, DANIEL                           NY-6-N-323
BROWN, DANIEL                           NY-6-Q-132
BROWN, ELIJAH                           NY-6-K-142
BROWN, ELIJAH E.                        NY-6-30-27
BROWN, GEOGE                            NY-6-B1-124A
BROWN, GEORGE H.                        NY-6-36A-193
BROWN, HALSEY                           NY-6-27-184
BROWN, HARRIET L.                       NY-6-R-76
BROWN, HORATIO J.                       NY-6-29-578
BROWN, HUGH                             NY-6-36A-285
BROWN, HULDAH T.                        NY-6-Z-165
BROWN, HULSEY                           NY-6-29-515
BROWN, ISAAC                            NY-6-32C-325
BROWN, JACOB M.                         NY-6-31B-599
BROWN, JAMES                            NY-6-35E-93
BROWN, JANE                             NY-6-32-393
BROWN, JOHN C.                          NY-6-36B-79
BROWN, JOHN S.                          NY-6-K-177
BROWN, JOHN W.                          NY-6-32-177
BROWN, JONATHAN                         NY-6-27-324
BROWN, LIBERTY                          NY-6-H-44
BROWN, MANERVA                          NY-6-32C-85
BROWN, REBECCA                          NY-6-O-220
BROWN, REBECCA H.                       NY-6-38A-601
BROWN, SAMUEL                           NY-6-L-355
BROWN, SAMUEL                           NY-6-F-177
BROWN, STEPHEN                          NY-6-A1-193
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-6-W-322
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-6-J-137
BROWN, THOMAS                           NY-6-A1-95
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-6-B2-73
BROWN, WILLIAM P.                       NY-6-J-452
BROWNE, MORTIMER L.                     NY-6-32-493
BROWNELL, CAROLINE A.                   NY-6-S-550
BROWNELL, EDWARD                        NY-6-28-83
BROWNELL, GILBERT                       NY-6-J-149
BROWNELL, HAMILTON                      NY-6-B2-393
BROWNELL, HORATIO N.                    NY-6-J-337
BROWNELL, JANE                          NY-6-P-151
BROWNELL, RICHARD C.                    NY-6-R-436
BROWNELL, WILLIAM F.                    NY-6-T-652
BRUCE, MARGARET                         NY-6-X-550
BRUCE, WILLIAM                          NY-6-L-43
BRYAN, ABIGAIL                          NY-6-35C-257
BRYANT, WILLIAM C.                      NY-6-35A-421
BRYDEN, JAMES                           NY-6-31-127
BUCK, HULDAH J.                         NY-6-W-419
BUCK, SALLY                             NY-6-J-446
BUCK, WILLIAM S.                        NY-6-35E-377
BUCKHOUT, ANTONETTE                     NY-6-Q-81
BUCKHOUT, JACOB                         NY-6-M-286
BUCKINGHAM, CLARISSA                    NY-6-34A-173
BUCKINGHAM, CLARISSA                    NY-6-31C-210
BUCKINGHAM, CYRUS                       NY-6-W-168
BUCKLEN, ISAAC                          NY-6-Y-232
BUCKLEY, HUGH                           NY-6-A1-276
BUCKLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-6-H-86
BUCKLIN, DANIEL                         NY-6-F-56
BUDLONG, CALISTA                        NY-6-M-419
BULKLER, ANNA E.                        NY-6-35B-53
BULKLEY, ELVIRA                         NY-6-31C-5
BULKLEY, EMILY W.                       NY-6-37A-93
BULL, SAMUEL                            NY-6-Y-178
BULLOCK, NATHAN                         NY-6-C1-22
BULMER, MICHAEL                         NY-6-J-282
BUNCE, MARY H.                          NY-6-32-113
BUNCE, WILLIAM N.                       NY-6-35A-205
BUNDY, ELIZA R.                         NY-6-35A-21
BUNN, EDWIN                             NY-6-34A-633
BUNN, JOHN                              NY-6-30-117
BUNNELL, AMOS A.                        NY-6-34A-369
BUNNELL, ANN                            NY-6-31-457
BUNNELL, JOSEPH                         NY-6-H-377
BURCH, DAVID                            NY-6-B1-45B
BURCH, EZRA F.                          NY-6-Q-165
BURCH, WILLIAM D.                       NY-6-32D-253
BURDGE, MICHAEL                         NY-6-F-12
BURDICK, ORRIN H. SR.                   NY-6-34A-525
BURER, ABRAHAM M.                       NY-6-A1-92
BURGDURF, PHILLIP                       NY-6-V-308
BURGEN, MARY G.                         NY-6-S-483
BURGER, CHARLES H.                      NY-6-35E-321
BURGESS, ANGELINE                       NY-6-S-137
BURGESS, RUSSELL                        NY-6-C2-241
BURGESS, SARAH                          NY-6-38A-377
BURGETT, GORDON W.                      NY-6-35B-225
BURK, WILLIAM                           NY-6-33A-29
BURKE, ELLEN                            NY-6-37A-441
BURKE, MICHAEL                          NY-6-30-141
BURKE, NELSON P.                        NY-6-35A-433
BURKE, THOMAS                           NY-6-35B-221
BURKHAM, ROBERT                         NY-6-32-245
BURKHOUT, PHILIP H.                     NY-6-30-579
BURLEW, ABRAM                           NY-6-P-551
BURLEW, ANN                             NY-6-T-631
BURLEW, CORNELIUS                       NY-6-C2-302
BURLINGHAM, CAROLINE                    NY-6-36A-557
BURLINGHAM, SAMUEL                      NY-6-U-88
BURLINGTON, POLLY                       NY-6-30-633
BURN, MICHAEL                           NY-6-34A-481
BURN, NATHAN                            NY-6-P-63
BURN, WILLIAM                           NY-6-31B-619
BURNELL, BARTLETT                       NY-6-L-98
BURNELL, JOHN                           NY-6-T-197
BURNET, GEORGE                          NY-6-C1-134
BURNETT, GEORGE                         NY-6-35E-261
BURNHAM, ELEAZER                        NY-6-R-421
BURNS, ARCHIBALD                        NY-6-X-404
BURNS, BRIDGET                          NY-6-27-503
BURNS, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-I-35
BURNS, JOHN                             NY-6-33A-373
BURNS, LAWRENCE                         NY-6-R-320
BURNS, LUCY                             NY-6-37A-285
BURNS, PATRICK                          NY-6-31B-543
BURNS, THOMAS                           NY-6-35A-393
BURRIDGE, JOHN                          NY-6-Q-537
BURRITT, CHARLES W.                     NY-6-P-498
BURRITT, LEWIS                          NY-6-V-594
BURRITT, NATHAN                         NY-6-R-613
BURRITT, SARAH E.                       NY-6-33B-185
BURROUGHS, JEREMIAH                     NY-6-A1-337
BURT, JOSHUA                            NY-6-U-338
BURT, MARY A.                           NY-6-U-577
BURTCH, MARY J.                         NY-6-38A-501
BURTCH, SARAH A.                        NY-6-37A-21
BURTIS, PHEBE A.                        NY-6-32D-505
BUSH, ALEXANDER W.                      NY-6-P-374
BUSH, CALVIN M.                         NY-6-36A-97
BUSH, ELIJAH W.                         NY-6-38A-205
BUSH, ISAAC                             NY-6-T-51
BUSH, LOVINA A.                         NY-6-33B-497
BUSHNELL, THERON H.                     NY-6-38A-649
BUTCHER, BENJAMIN                       NY-6-K-255
BUTLER, ANN C.                          NY-6-35A-309
BUTLER, ASENATH                         NY-6-Z-639
BUTLER, JOHN                            NY-6-35A-413
BUTLER, MARY                            NY-6-38A-541
BUTTON, JAMES D.                        NY-6-32-629
BYER, CLARISSA                          NY-6-33A-601
BYER, JAMES                             NY-6-38A-613
BYER, WILLIAM                           NY-6-32-497
BYRNE, JOHN                             NY-6-33C-325
BYRNE, MARY                             NY-6-32-553
BYRNE, MICHAEL                          NY-6-33C-197
BYRNES, JAMES                           NY-6-37A-37

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