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LABAR, WILLIAM                          NY-6-A1-10
LACLARE, DELIA                          NY-6-29-40
LACY, ENOCH                             NY-6-29-215
LADD, BEAUFORT                          NY-6-28-165
LADOW, JOHN                             NY-6-G-272
LADUE, ABRAHAM                          NY-6-W-104
LADUE, JANE ANN                         NY-6-33C-341
LADUE, MARIA L.                         NY-6-35B-593
LAIRD, ALTON B.                         NY-6-27-354
LAIRD, ANDREW                           NY-6-27-295
LAKE, JOEL                              NY-6-A1-283
LAKE, JOHN                              NY-6-C2-157
LALLIET, CHARLES                        NY-6-I-231
LALOR, THOMAS                           NY-6-33B-457
LAMB, WILLIAM                           NY-6-K-329
LAMKIN, HARRY                           NY-6-I-488
LAMONT, JANE                            NY-6-32-485
LAMPHERE, ALLEN                         NY-6-Q-77
LAMPHERE, NANCY                         NY-6-37A-1
LAMPKINS, JOHN                          NY-6-B1-66B
LANE, DEBORAH                           NY-6-S-592
LANE, PETER                             NY-6-Q-14
LANE, SAMUEL                            NY-6-N-386
LANE, WILLIAM                           NY-6-A2-399
LANEHART, JULIA                         NY-6-Z-470
LANEHART, MARIA C.                      NY-6-36A-461
LANGDON, GILES                          NY-6-28-1
LANGRIDGE, LYDIA                        NY-6-V-483
LANSDOWN, ABIGAIL                       NY-6-S-504
LARGE, ISAAC                            NY-6-X-594
LARGE, LEONARD                          NY-6-35C-305
LARGE, WILLIAM                          NY-6-33A-81
LATHROP, GEORGE C.                      NY-6-F-146
LATTIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-28-426
LAURIE, SAMUEL                          NY-6-36A-493
LAWLER, DAVID                           NY-6-O-484
LAWLER, MARTIN                          NY-6-33C-161
LAWRENCE, GROVE H.                      NY-6-32C-505
LAWRENCE, JANE                          NY-6-29-521
LAWRENCE, MARY                          NY-6-34A-609
LAWRENCE, MARY ANN                      NY-6-28-190
LAWRENCE, MORGAN                        NY-6-33B-269
LAWRENCE, RACHEL                        NY-6-31C-259
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL                        NY-6-Z-110
LAWRENE, CORNELIA A.                    NY-6-P-487
LAWTON, NATHAN                          NY-6-32C-451
LAYCOCK, JAMES                          NY-6-32D-619
LAYCOCK, MARY                           NY-6-34A-533
LAZELL, JARED                           NY-6-L-106
LAZELL, JOSEPH                          NY-6-33A-65
LEACH, CALVIN                           NY-6-D-472
LEACH, FRANCES A.                       NY-6-35A-605
LEAVENWORTH, HORACE                     NY-6-31B-435
LEAVENWORTH, MARY E.                    NY-6-W-174
LEDDY, WILLIAM H.                       NY-6-36A-513
LEDYARD, BENJAMIN                       NY-6-A1-77
LEE, DORA A.                            NY-6-34A-177
LEE, JOSIAH                             NY-6-I-423
LEE, MARGARET                           NY-6-33A-221
LEE, THOMAS M.                          NY-6-31-19
LEE, WILLIAM                            NY-6-33C-185
LEE, WILLIAM                            NY-6-33A-121
LEE, WILLIAM                            NY-6-A1-358
LEFFETS, CHARLES                        NY-6-O-141
LEGENE, JOHN C.                         NY-6-30-213
LEGERN, EMMETT                          NY-6-31-523
LEGG, DAVID                             NY-6-34B-169
LEGG, MARY J.                           NY-6-36B-145
LEGHORN, CHARLES                        NY-6-D-455
LEGUIRE, AMOS                           NY-6-C2-198
LEIBER, A.HAMILTON                      NY-6-Z-115
LELAND, PRUDENCE                        NY-6-I-306
LELAND, SALMON                          NY-6-K-201
LELOVER, MAC DONOUGH                    NY-6-38A-125
LEMMON, MARY E.                         NY-6-33A-285
LEMON, GEORGE                           NY-6-W-89
LEONAD, BETSEY W.                       NY-6-30-552
LEONARD, BENJAMIN C.                    NY-6-36B-61
LEONARD, EZRA                           NY-6-M-135
LEONARD, EZRA                           NY-6-I-282
LEONARD, GEORGE W.                      NY-6-V-50
LEONARD, HERMAN                         NY-6-38A-161
LEONARD, JOHN                           NY-6-34A-157
LEONARD, JOHN                           NY-6-N-40
LEONARD, NATHAN                         NY-6-A1-313
LEONARD, STEPHEN C.                     NY-6-29-511
LEROY, WALTER                           NY-6-W-18
LESTER, CHARLES                         NY-6-L-410
LESTER, CYNTHIA                         NY-6-L-315
LESTER, DANIEL                          NY-6-C2-84
LESTER, DAVID                           NY-6-32D-235
LESTER, EDWIN                           NY-6-29-331
LESTER, EMILY                           NY-6-35E-181
LESTER, ERASTUS                         NY-6-Y-344
LESTER, JOHN A.                         NY-6-U-589
LESTER, LUCY A.                         NY-6-38A-1
LESTER, MARY JANE                       NY-6-33C-317
LESTER, ORRIN                           NY-6-35E-529
LESTER, POLLY                           NY-6-38A-37
LESTER, SAMUEL C.                       NY-6-31B-391
LESTER, SOLON                           NY-6-E-342
LESTER, SOLON                           NY-6-P-558
LESTER, WELLINGTON P.                   NY-6-36A-449
LETCHWORTH, JOSIAH                      NY-6-L-406
LEVALLY, PETER                          NY-6-A2-148
LEVERSEE, CORNELIUS                     NY-6-L-203
LEVERT, HIRAM                           NY-6-31B-311
LEWIS, CAROLINE P. B.                   NY-6-37A-193
LEWIS, GEORGE                           NY-6-32-329
LEWIS, HENRY H.                         NY-6-33B-49
LEWIS, LORENZO D.                       NY-6-S-364
LEWIS, MARY                             NY-6-34B-445
LEWIS, THOMAS                           NY-6-D-111
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-6-35C-545
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-6-F-284
LEWIS, WILLIAM JR.                      NY-6-C2-463
LEWIS, ZEBULON                          NY-6-R-181
LIBBIE, MARY                            NY-6-W-265
LIBBY, AMAZIAH                          NY-6-T-578
LICK, ABIGAIL                           NY-6-35A-129
LICK, HENRY                             NY-6-W-382
LICK, MARCENA                           NY-6-Y-546
LIDDLE, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-Z-181
LIDDLE, THOMAS                          NY-6-Y-605
LIDI, MARY                              NY-6-38A-285
LILLEY, HANNAH                          NY-6-32C-613
LILLIE, DANIEL                          NY-6-C1-324
LINCOLN, GILBERT                        NY-6-T-40
LINCOLN, JANE A.                        NY-6-35A-553
LINCOLN, SILAS S.                       NY-6-29-263
LINDSLEY, WILLIAM                       NY-6-30-545
LING, HENRY                             NY-6-35E-37
LINNENBACH, MICHAEL                     NY-6-34B-349
LINTON, JOHN                            NY-6-30-573
LISTER, JOHN                            NY-6-U-614
LITTLE, JAMES                           NY-6-D-435
LITTLE, MOSES                           NY-6-C1-355
LITTLE, THOMAS JR.                      NY-6-R-125
LIVINGSTON, JOHN                        NY-6-30-464
LOCKE, DAVID                            NY-6-X-158
LOCKE, ELEY                             NY-6-29-428
LOCKE, JONATHAN                         NY-6-V-516
LOCKWOOD, GILBERT                       NY-6-X-206
LOCKWOOD, HANNAH                        NY-6-27-326
LOCKWOOD, HENRY J.                      NY-6-31B-559
LOCKWOOD, HOMER                         NY-6-X-514
LOCKWOOD, ICHABOD                       NY-6-J-69
LOCKWOOD, JONATHAN J.                   NY-6-N-171
LOCKWOOD, SALLY M.                      NY-6-33A-109
LOCKWOOD, SAMUEL                        NY-6-X-307
LOCKWOOD, SOPHIA C.                     NY-6-31B-551
LOINES, SIMEON                          NY-6-F-452
LOMBARD, SARAH                          NY-6-35C-329
LOMIS, HANNAH                           NY-6-P-605
LONG, HANNAH                            NY-6-35A-397
LONG, JAMES C.                          NY-6-I-250
LONG, JOHN                              NY-6-34B-535
LONGWARE, DANIEL                        NY-6-A1-23
LOTHROP, WILLYS                         NY-6-H-208
LOUCKS, JOHN                            NY-6-C2-14
LOUW, JAMES                             NY-6-A2-188
LOVE, PHEBE                             NY-6-H-318
LOVE, SAMUEL                            NY-6-A2-298
LOVELAND, BENJAMIN                      NY-6-H-101
LOVELAND, CAROLINE                      NY-6-35B-201
LOVELAND, DIANTHA P.                    NY-6-V-189
LOVELAND, HANNAH                        NY-6-H-422
LOVELAND, MICHAEL                       NY-6-35C-561
LOVELESS, RUAMA                         NY-6-H-347
LOVELESS, SOLOMON                       NY-6-Z-650
LOWE, BARENT A.                         NY-6-36A-125
LOWE, JAMES                             NY-6-32C-301
LOWE, JAMES H.                          NY-6-27-342
LOWE, JAY C.                            NY-6-32-333
LOWE, WILLIAM                           NY-6-W-500
LOWRY, JAMES                            NY-6-A2-422
LOWRY, MARY E.                          NY-6-V-384
LOYSTER, ELIZABETH V.                   NY-6-34A-365
LOYSTER, ISAAC                          NY-6-A1-167
LOYSTER, PETER                          NY-6-E-233
LOYSTER, SALLY ANN                      NY-6-35E-241
LUCE, WILLIAM O.                        NY-6-35B-301
LUCIE, MICHAEL                          NY-6-37A-525
LUCKEY, THOMAS                          NY-6-A1-52
LUDLOW, HENRY SR.                       NY-6-A1-179
LUDLOW, LEWIS                           NY-6-32-309
LUDLOW, SILAS                           NY-6-R-599
LUKINS, SARAH A.                        NY-6-37A-509
LUMBERT, MARY E.                        NY-6-38A-241
LUSE, ISRAEL                            NY-6-A1-218
LYELL, ROBERT                           NY-6-H-152
LYNCH, ANN MARIA                        NY-6-33A-89
LYNCH, JOHN                             NY-6-J-354
LYNES, MARY                             NY-6-V-108
LYON, AARON                             NY-6-B1-91A
LYON, ALFRED                            NY-6-30-241
LYON, AMASA                             NY-6-B1-41
LYON, AMOS                              NY-6-B1-20
LYON, BENJAMIN                          NY-6-R-50
LYON, CHARLES B.                        NY-6-28-500
LYON, CLARRISSA                         NY-6-28-604
LYON, HARRIET                           NY-6-32C-529
LYON, ISRAEL                            NY-6-C1-161
LYON, JAMES                             NY-6-T-107
LYON, JAMES V.                          NY-6-37A-161
LYON, JESSE P.                          NY-6-34A-509
LYON, LUTHER                            NY-6-A2-407
LYON, MARTIN                            NY-6-N-149
LYON, MICHAEL                           NY-6-A1-309
LYON, MOSES                             NY-6-W-535
LYON, NOAH                              NY-6-35A-341
LYON, NOAH                              NY-6-B1-117B
LYON, SALLY                             NY-6-30-416
LYON, THEOPHOLIS                        NY-6-U-35
LYRER, MARY J.                          NY-6-37A-481
MACAO, ADELINE L.                       NY-6-34B-151
MACDOUGALL, ELIAZABETH M.               NY-6-31-121
MACK, AMOS                              NY-6-L-396
MACK MARY E.                            NY-6-33A-133
MACKOON, BELA P.                        NY-6-36B-157
MACKY, JAMES                            NY-6-K-424
MACOMBER, ARCHER                        NY-6-Y-627
MACVICAR, MALCOLM                       NY-6-36B-361
MACY, HENRY S.                          NY-6-33A-573
MACY, ISAIAH                            NY-6-N-391
MADDEN, DAVID                           NY-6-W-241
MADDEN, JAMES                           NY-6-38A-597
MADDEN, MARY                            NY-6-W-235
MADDEN, MICHAEL                         NY-6-34B-541
MAHANEY, MARGARET                       NY-6-33C-449
MAIN, CHARLES                           NY-6-35E-357
MAIN, CLINTON C.                        NY-6-33B-341
MAIN, HARRIET                           NY-6-X-128
MAIN, JOHN                              NY-6-V-490
MAIN, LUCY ANN                          NY-6-36A-565
MAIN, RUFUS                             NY-6-E-129
MAIN, STEPHEN                           NY-6-34B-55
MAIN, WILLIAM                           NY-6-29-346
MAINE, MARY ELLA                        NY-6-35B-9
MAKER, HENRY                            NY-6-F-270
MALLISON, WILLIAM                       NY-6-36A-637
MALLOY, JOHN                            NY-6-28-264
MALONE, JAMES                           NY-6-33C-265
MALONE, MARGARET                        NY-6-35B-217
MALONEY, PATRICK                        NY-6-30-461
MALTBIE, DANIEL                         NY-6-30-55
MANCHESTER, CALEB                       NY-6-S-240
MANCHESTER, ELIAS                       NY-6-T-292
MANCHESTER, WILLIAM W.                  NY-6-28-449
MANDELL, SAMUEL                         NY-6-28-435
MANDEVILLE, JACOB ***                   NY-6-D-238
MANN, LARNARD C.                        NY-6-32D-19
MANN, WILLIAM A.                        NY-6-38A-453
MANNAHAN, HUGH                          NY-6-A1-169
MANNING, WILLIAM                        NY-6-31B-71
MANRO, PHILIP A.                        NY-6-T-433
MANROW, ABRAM                           NY-6-T-201
MANROW, MILO P.                         NY-6-29-604
MANROW, READ                            NY-6-U-501
MANROW, YOUNGLOVE                       NY-6-Q-417
MANROW, YOUNGLOVE                       NY-6-A2-291
MAPES, JAMES N.                         NY-6-29-609
MAPES, JOEL                             NY-6-X-430
MAPES, RACHEL A.                        NY-6-U-473
MARBLE, ADELINE                         NY-6-W-437
MARCELLUS, ISAAC V.                     NY-6-N-110
MARGIESON, JONATHAN                     NY-6-U-279
MARKHAM, ASHER                          NY-6-E-115
MARKHAM, GEORGE                         NY-6-M-258
MARKHAM, LEWIS                          NY-6-I-475
MARKS, DELIA A.                         NY-6-36A-481
MARKS, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-Y-323
MARONEY, PETER                          NY-6-R-264
MARRIOTT, SUSANNAH                      NY-6-M-168
MARSELLUS, CADY                         NY-6-35B-261
MARSH, ALICE                            NY-6-U-298
MARSH, CAROLINE                         NY-6-33A-493
MARSH, NEWTON                           NY-6-I-311
MARSH, WEATY                            NY-6-Q-413
MARSHALL, LAURA A.                      NY-6-34A-469
MARTIN, CORNELIA W.                     NY-6-35C-345
MARTIN, E. T. THROOP                    NY-6-30-505
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-6-35E-365
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-6-34A-129
MARTIN, JOSEPH                          NY-6-O-210
MARTIN, JOSHUA W.                       NY-6-28-483
MARTIN, RICHARD                         NY-6-H-133
MARTIN, SAMUEL                          NY-6-J-193
MARVIN, EDWARD CHARLES                  NY-6-27-247
MASDAM, MARTHA                          NY-6-33A-61
MASON, BENAJAH                          NY-6-X-450
MASON, DANIEL                           NY-6-E-83
MASON, EDY                              NY-6-Q-29
MASON, EMILY                            NY-6-35C-537
MASON, LYDIA                            NY-6-32C-589
MASSICO, ISAAC                          NY-6-A1-67
MASTERS, ELORSEY S.                     NY-6-X-168
MASTERS, ESTHER                         NY-6-G-16
MASTIN, CAROLINE M.                     NY-6-36A-325
MASTIN, JANE J.                         NY-6-32D-121
MATHER, ASAPH                           NY-6-33B-485
MATHER, WILLIAM R.                      NY-6-35A-53
MATISON, ISAAC                          NY-6-30-520
MATSON, SARAH J.                        NY-6-33A-481
MATTESON, ALBERT J.                     NY-6-38A-525
MATTESON, CALVIN O.                     NY-6-35C-137
MATTESON, SCHUYLER                      NY-6-U-215
MATTOON, JAMES W.                       NY-6-V-25
MATTOON, MORGAN L.                      NY-6-29-240
MAURICE, CHLOE J.                       NY-6-33A-381
MAURICE, JAMES J.                       NY-6-35E-9
MAUROW, ALVIRA                          NY-6-36A-153
MAXWELL, JOHN                           NY-6-29-559
MAXWELL, JOHN D.                        NY-6-J-160
MAYCUMBER, JAMES                        NY-6-35B-321
MAYEUR, JUSTIN                          NY-6-28-310
MAYHEW, I. JULIA                        NY-6-V-58
MAYNARD, WALES C.                       NY-6-38A-657
MAYO, ANDREW                            NY-6-M-423
MCARTHUR, ANNA E.                       NY-6-U-620
MCARTHUR, ARTHUR R.                     NY-6-M-103
MCARTHUR, CATHERINE                     NY-6-33C-445
MCBURNEY, WILLIAM                       NY-6-G-305
MCCABE, MICHAEL                         NY-6-35E-485
MCCANN, MYLES                           NY-6-S-539
MCCARDLE, HENRY                         NY-6-32-21
MCCARTHY, CATHERINE                     NY-6-36A-105
MCCARTHY, DENNIS                        NY-6-34B-475
MCCARTHY, JOHN                          NY-6-Y-143
MCCARTHY, MICHAEL                       NY-6-35B-537
MCCARTHY, NELLIE                        NY-6-27-387
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                       NY-6-31-103
MCCAUSEY, NORMAN                        NY-6-D-270
MCCHESNEY, ELIZABETH                    NY-6-34A-445
MCCLEARY, SARAH E.                      NY-6-34B-133
MCCONNELL, THOMAS                       NY-6-38A-569
MCCORMICK, MARY                         NY-6-V-132
MCCREA, ALEXANDER                       NY-6-32B-279
MCCREA, LUCY C.                         NY-6-35A-405
MCCREA, THOMAS                          NY-6-W-459
MCCREADY, JEREMIAH                      NY-6-P-417
MCCREDIE, JOHN                          NY-6-38A-321
MCCRILLES, BETSEY                       NY-6-B2-445
MCDERMOTT, KATE                         NY-6-37A-593
MCDERMOTT, MARY                         NY-6-36A-437
MCDONALD, DANIEL                        NY-6-29-563
MCDONALD, JOHN                          NY-6-33C-189
MCDOUGALL, MARGARET                     NY-6-P-226
MCDOWELL, CLARISSA A.                   NY-6-35C-505
MCDOWELL, HUGH                          NY-6-Y-72
MCENTEE, JOHN                           NY-6-W-123
MCENTEE, PATRICK                        NY-6-31C-125
MCENTEE, PATRICK                        NY-6-32D-145
MCFADDEN, JOHN C.                       NY-6-Z-413
MCFARLAND, DAVID                        NY-6-31B-203
MCFARLAND, DAVID L.                     NY-6-35B-81
MCFARLAND, GEORGE T.                    NY-6-38A-13
MCFARLAND, MARY                         NY-6-Q-509
MCFARLAND, THEDA H.                     NY-6-35A-577
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                      NY-6-Z-100
MCGARR, DANIEL                          NY-6-34B-157
MCGARR, WILLIAM                         NY-6-30-106
MCGARR, WILLIAM L.                      NY-6-33C-205
MCGINGAN, HENRY                         NY-6-27-636
MCGINLEY, THOMAS                        NY-6-32-293
MCGRAIN, CATHARINE                      NY-6-33C-193
MCGRATH, MARGARET                       NY-6-T-110
MCGRAW, MARY                            NY-6-32C-241
MCGRAW, THOMAS                          NY-6-33A-633
MCGUIRE, JOHN                           NY-6-29-453
MCGURK, THOMAS                          NY-6-31B-219
MCIMOY, ROBERT                          NY-6-30-10
MCINTOSH, CATHARINE T.                  NY-6-35C-289
MCINTOSH, ELIZABETH                     NY-6-P-285
MCINTOSH, HANNAH C.                     NY-6-29-488
MCINTOSH, JEANNETTE E.                  NY-6-32-621
MCINTYRE, EZRA                          NY-6-P-608
MCINTYRE, PHILLIP                       NY-6-32-225
MCKAIN, ALLEN                           NY-6-34A-81
MCKEEL, GEORGE                          NY-6-Z-177
MCKEEN, CHARLES                         NY-6-32-53
MCKINNEY, MARY C. B.                    NY-6-32D-313
MCKINNEY, SILAS                         NY-6-33A-153
MCKISSICK, AARON                        NY-6-27-521
MCKISSICK, ALZINA C.                    NY-6-32-641
MCKONE, FRANKLIN                        NY-6-T-516
MCLAREN, MALCOLM N.                     NY-6-32B-191
MCLAREN, SUSAN G. P.                    NY-6-35E-233
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                       NY-6-C2-162
MCLAUGHLIN, MIKE                        NY-6-29-247
MCLEAN, JACOB                           NY-6-D-368
MCLOUD, AARON                           NY-6-U-531
MCLOUD, JAMES                           NY-6-P-216
MCLOUD, JOHN                            NY-6-Q-50
MCLOUD, LEWIS                           NY-6-I-209
MCMAHON, JAMES                          NY-6-31B-119
MCMAHON, MARTIN                         NY-6-34B-7
MCMASTER, SOPHIA M.                     NY-6-31C-149
MCMASTER, SOPHIA M.                     NY-6-32C-541
MCMASTER, ZALMON J.                     NY-6-N-198
MCNANCY, WILLIAM                        NY-6-33B-121
MCNEAL, JAMES                           NY-6-33C-505
MCNEIL, ELLA J.                         NY-6-34B-643
MCNEILL, DAVID B.                       NY-6-36A-1
MCNETT, NANCY L.                        NY-6-33C-13
MCNIEL, LAURA E.                        NY-6-28-596
MCPECK, DAVID                           NY-6-27-262
MCPHERSON, CAROLINE                     NY-6-36A-245
MCQUIGG, ELEANOR                        NY-6-S-34
MCSWEENEY, PATRICK                      NY-6-37A-493
MEAD, ALEXANDER                         NY-6-S-406
MEAD, ALFRED                            NY-6-33B-577
MEAD, DANIEL W.                         NY-6-37A-65
MEAD, EDWARD B.                         NY-6-33C-241
MEAD, FANNY                             NY-6-P-529
MEAD, IRVIN                             NY-6-33B-45
MEAD, ISRAEL                            NY-6-J-307
MEAD, ISRAEL                            NY-6-I-446
MEAD, JAMES                             NY-6-N-60
MEAD, LOCKWOOD                          NY-6-Z-210
MEAD, MARIA L.                          NY-6-Y-481
MEAD, PHILIP                            NY-6-C1-310
MEAD, RUFUS                             NY-6-33B-213
MEAD, SHERMAN B.                        NY-6-N-159
MEAD, STEPHEN                           NY-6-W-48
MEAD, WILLIAM M.                        NY-6-X-51
MEADER, JOSHUA F.                       NY-6-V-269
MEAKER, BETSEY                          NY-6-33C-117
MEECH, AARON P.                         NY-6-32D-199
MEECH, DAVID B.                         NY-6-R-337
MEECH, DEWITT C.                        NY-6-32D-277
MEECH, GEORGE B.                        NY-6-33C-577
MEECH, HENRY                            NY-6-I-30
MEECH, JOSEPH                           NY-6-B2-198
MEEHAN, BRIDGET                         NY-6-35B-581
MEGRAW, SALLY                           NY-6-I-398
MEHAN, DENNIS                           NY-6-30-354
MELLEN, JEREMIAH                        NY-6-29-353
MELLOR, JOSEPH                          NY-6-33C-29
MENZIE, MARGARET J.                     NY-6-W-216
MERCHANT, DAVID                         NY-6-T-558
MERICK, HENRY                           NY-6-B1-78A
MERITHEW, SAMUEL                        NY-6-34A-285
MERNTLINE RACHEL                        NY-6-32-89
MERRILL, NOYES M.                       NY-6-35A-597
MERRIMAN, HARRIET S.                    NY-6-32B-255
MERRIMAN, JULIA                         NY-6-35B-481
MERRIMAN, MATTHEW                       NY-6-32-613
MERRIMAN, MURRY                         NY-6-U-360
MERRITT, DANIEL D.                      NY-6-V-283
MERRITT, EVALON                         NY-6-34A-9
MERRITT, ISAAC R.                       NY-6-32C-565
MERRITT, NEHAMIHA                       NY-6-P-77
MERRITT, RICHARD                        NY-6-32-581
MERRITT, SARAH S.                       NY-6-Z-531
MERROW, JOSEPH M.                       NY-6-N-246
MERRYFIELD, OZUM                        NY-6-J-116
MERSEREAU, WILLIAM                      NY-6-35E-221
METCALF, RICHARD                        NY-6-U-607
MIDDLETON, ISAAC                        NY-6-C1-100
MILES, MONROE                           NY-6-31-55
MILES, MONROE                           NY-6-31B-7
MILES, PATRICK                          NY-6-33C-45
MILES, WILLIAM H.                       NY-6-R-94
MILK, DAVID                             NY-6-W-144
MILK, ROWENA S.                         NY-6-32-549
MILK, WILLIAM                           NY-6-R-211
MILK, WILLIAM W.                        NY-6-U-571
MILLER, ADAM                            NY-6-27-524
MILLER, ADAM                            NY-6-B2-114
MILLER, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-29-288
MILLER, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-D-57
MILLER, BETSY                           NY-6-I-238
MILLER, CATHERINE                       NY-6-35C-593
MILLER, DANIEL                          NY-6-G-212
MILLER, DANIEL                          NY-6-F-311
MILLER, DAVID                           NY-6-W-163
MILLER, DENNIS T.                       NY-6-36A-569
MILLER, EDMUND                          NY-6-27-320
MILLER, ELIAS                           NY-6-R-313
MILLER, ELIJAH                          NY-6-J-38
MILLER, ELIJAH                          NY-6-P-191
MILLER, ENOCH                           NY-6-I-38
MILLER, FREDERICK                       NY-6-Z-207
MILLER, HARRIET                         NY-6-V-452
MILLER, JAMES                           NY-6-O-534
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-6-R-603
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-6-B2-468
MILLER, JOHN P.                         NY-6-38A-405
MILLER, JOHN W.                         NY-6-36A-589
MILLER, JOHN W.                         NY-6-D-22
MILLER, MARTHA                          NY-6-A1-48
MILLER, MARY                            NY-6-T-445
MILLER, NATHAN                          NY-6-J-219
MILLER, POLLY ANN                       NY-6-C1-298
MILLER, SALLY A.                        NY-6-H-137
MILLER, SARAH                           NY-6-I-10
MILLER, SENECA                          NY-6-35C-425
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-6-33C-461
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-6-Y-578
MILLNER, GEORGE D.                      NY-6-X-498
MILLS, ABRAM                            NY-6-L-234
MILLS, CATHARINE                        NY-6-35A-561
MILLS, CHARLES                          NY-6-38A-433
MILLS, DAIVD H.                         NY-6-32C-361
MILLS, EMILY C.                         NY-6-T-371
MILLS, FRANCES L.                       NY-6-38A-293
MILLS, HANNA D.                         NY-6-32C-415
MILLS, HANNAH S.                        NY-6-31-559
MILLS, HARRIET B.                       NY-6-36A-361
MILLS, HENRY                            NY-6-R-390
MILLS, HENRY                            NY-6-E-54
MILLS, JAMES B.                         NY-6-30-482
MILLS, JOHN                             NY-6-J-181
MILLS, JOSEPH                           NY-6-P-240
MILLS, MARIA M.                         NY-6-U-258
MILLS, SAMUEL D.                        NY-6-33B-305
MILLS, WILLIAM                          NY-6-H-441
MILLS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-6-V-619
MILNER, JOHN                            NY-6-Q-217
MILNOR, SARAH                           NY-6-K-294
MINER, AMASA                            NY-6-R-261
MINER, CLARK                            NY-6-31C-90
MINER, ELIZER                           NY-6-31B-235
MINER, WILLIAM                          NY-6-D-406
MINIER, SYLVESTER                       NY-6-27-470
MINTANYE, ARRILLA                       NY-6-34A-373
MINTLINE, DANIEL                        NY-6-D-317
MINTURN, OLIVE C.                       NY-6-33A-569
MITCHELL, DAVID                         NY-6-Z-483
MITCHELL, GEORGIETTE                    NY-6-33C-321
MITCHELL, ISAAC                         NY-6-B2-109
MITCHELL, JOHN                          NY-6-32-29
MITCHELL, MARY H.                       NY-6-Q-58
MITCHELL, PHILIP                        NY-6-32-189
MOE, JAMES                              NY-6-31B-103
MOE, JOHN                               NY-6-X-173
MOE, JOHN                               NY-6-A2-84
MOE, RANA M.                            NY-6-28-577
MOE, RODERICK                           NY-6-29-18
MOFFITT, FELIX                          NY-6-33A-25
MONAGHAN, PATRICK                       NY-6-C2-262
MONAHAN, PATRICK                        NY-6-35E-437
MONROE, ALEXANDER                       NY-6-F-199
MONTANGE, JEPTHA P.                     NY-6-27-317
MONTANYE, JOSEPH B.                     NY-6-35E-353
MONTANYE, WILLIAM E.                    NY-6-N-10
MONTGOMERY, CAROLINE D.                 NY-6-29-556
MONTGOMERY, HENRY JR.                   NY-6-B1-109A
MONTGOMERY, HUGH                        NY-6-F-66
MONTGOMERY, LILLIAN I.                  NY-6-33A-473
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM J.                  NY-6-33B-81
MONTOGMERY, ANSELL                      NY-6-W-474
MOODY, ABAGAIL                          NY-6-O-128
MOON, SILVANUS                          NY-6-Y-44
MOORE, BETSY                            NY-6-28-137
MOORE, DANIEL                           NY-6-32D-325
MOORE, ELECTA                           NY-6-F-183
MOORE, HENRY                            NY-6-C1-351
MOORE, HENRY                            NY-6-B2-5
MOORE, JOSEPH                           NY-6-Y-228
MOORE, SAMUEL                           NY-6-31B-523
MOORE, WALTER                           NY-6-27-629
MOORES, LEWIS                           NY-6-C2-33
MOORES, SAMUEL                          NY-6-C1-19
MOOT, ROBERT                            NY-6-R-70
MORAN, JOHN                             NY-6-38A-609
MOREHOUSE, JANE                         NY-6-V-628
MOREHOUSE, JOHN                         NY-6-K-33
MOREHOUSE, OLIVER                       NY-6-35A-509
MORELAND, OSES                          NY-6-32-125
MOREY, GEORGE W.                        NY-6-P-420
MOREY, SYLINA                           NY-6-Z-476
MOREY, WILLIAM J.                       NY-6-N-27
MORGAN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-6-B2-212
MORGAN, EDWIN B.                        NY-6-29-126
MORGAN, ELIJAH                          NY-6-K-395
MORGAN, EPHRAIM                         NY-6-L-18
MORGAN, HENRY                           NY-6-32-377
MORGAN, JACOB                           NY-6-28-582
MORGAN, JAMES                           NY-6-J-266
MORGAN, JEDEDIAH                        NY-6-C1-178
MORGAN, JOHN                            NY-6-P-278
MORGAN, JOHN                            NY-6-D-338
MORGAN, MARIA M.                        NY-6-35B-409
MORGAN, MARY                            NY-6-31-67
MORGAN, MARY                            NY-6-31B-11
MORGAN, MARY                            NY-6-Y-440
MORGAN, MARY ANN                        NY-6-34A-245
MORGAN, MARY E. P.                      NY-6-34A-477
MORGAN, NELSON                          NY-6-32D-265
MORGAN, RICHARD                         NY-6-33B-385
MORGAN, SETH P.                         NY-6-35A-49
MORGAN, WILLIAM A.                      NY-6-35B-5
MORGAN, WILLIAM A.                      NY-6-W-279
MORGAN, WILLIAM J.                      NY-6-36A-429
MORGAN, WILLIAM LEEDS                   NY-6-A2-6
MORLEY, CHESTER                         NY-6-Z-383
MORLEY, CLARISSA A.                     NY-6-36B-151
MORLEY, IDA A.                          NY-6-29-644
MORLEY, JOHN JR.                        NY-6-B1-153B
MORLEY, LYMAN E.                        NY-6-33C-397
MORLEY, THOMAS C.                       NY-6-A1-294
MORONEY, ANTHONY                        NY-6-36B-356
MORONEY, MARY                           NY-6-33C-345
MORRELL, MARGARET                       NY-6-35E-149
MORRILL, RIPLEY                         NY-6-A2-331
MORRIS, ANN O.                          NY-6-37A-61
MORRIS, JOSEPH                          NY-6-S-608
MORRIS, LAURA                           NY-6-33B-425
MORRIS, LEVI B.                         NY-6-I-363
MORRISSEY, JEREMIAH W.                  NY-6-33C-237
MORSE, ALMEDA                           NY-6-34A-321
MORSE, GERSHEM P.                       NY-6-32-409
MORSE, GERSHOM                          NY-6-H-195
MORSE, HORACE                           NY-6-Q-187
MORSE, IZA OMA                          NY-6-Y-331
MORSE, JOHN                             NY-6-31-85
MORSE, SAMUEL                           NY-6-B2-278
MORSS, SAMUEL                           NY-6-B2-278
MOSEMAN, EZRA                           NY-6-32D-523
MOSES, ABBY A.                          NY-6-36A-469
MOSES, POLLY                            NY-6-S-116
MOSHER, ALLEN                           NY-6-H-226
MOSHER, ALLEN A.                        NY-6-S-68
MOSHER, ARVID                           NY-6-35E-1
MOSHER, ASAEL                           NY-6-P-437
MOSHER, AUGUSTUS                        NY-6-Q-314
MOSHER, CALEB                           NY-6-R-483
MOSHER, CHARLES W.                      NY-6-35A-65
MOSHER, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-A2-340
MOSHER, GEORGE                          NY-6-35A-249
MOSHER, GEORGE S.                       NY-6-P-341
MOSHER, JETHRO                          NY-6-27-127
MOSHER, JOHN                            NY-6-C1-273
MOSHER, JOSEPH                          NY-6-35A-613
MOSHER, MARIA                           NY-6-U-56
MOSHER, MARION J.                       NY-6-38A-429
MOSHER, MARYETTA                        NY-6-27-135
MOSHER, NELSON                          NY-6-Q-282
MOSHER, PHILIP                          NY-6-O-325
MOSHER, SAMUEL C.                       NY-6-N-307
MOSHER, SARAH                           NY-6-32D-607
MOSHER, SARAH                           NY-6-M-399
MOSHER, SMITH                           NY-6-P-113
MOSHER, TAMER                           NY-6-G-317
MOSHER, THOMAS                          NY-6-R-404
MOSHER, URIEL                           NY-6-K-494
MOSHER, WILLIAM                         NY-6-B2-46
MOSHER, WILLIAM H.                      NY-6-35A-365
MOSS, CHARLES T.                        NY-6-38A-369
MOSS, SECKER                            NY-6-O-418
MOSSEY, JANE B.                         NY-6-35E-533
MOTT, FRANCIS A.                        NY-6-35E-349
MOTT, MARY ANN                          NY-6-Z-232
MOTT, SAMUEL S.                         NY-6-33C-165
MOTTE, ABEL                             NY-6-29-491
MOULTON, ELIZABETH                      NY-6-S-246
MOULTON, JOHN                           NY-6-35C-241
MOULVEY, HENRY                          NY-6-33C-109
MOWBRAY, MARTHA                         NY-6-27-425
MOWRY, JARED                            NY-6-D-231
MOWRY, SARAH A.                         NY-6-35E-213
MOWRY, THOMAS                           NY-6-C1-237
MOWRY, THOMAS                           NY-6-F-152
MOYER, JULIA A.                         NY-6-35A-581
MULCAHY, MORRIS                         NY-6-31B-55
MULDOON, ELIZA                          NY-6-36A-457
MULLALY, PATRICK                        NY-6-35A-617
MULLEN, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-S-579
MULLEN, MARY F.                         NY-6-35B-149
MULLEN, MICHAEL                         NY-6-S-146
MULLEN, PATRICK                         NY-6-35E-505
MULVEY, BRIDGET                         NY-6-35B-161
MULVEY, JAMES                           NY-6-33B-61
MULVEY, MARY C.                         NY-6-27-420
MULVEY, THOMAS                          NY-6-28-90
MUNGER, SALLY                           NY-6-38A-29
MUNSON, ISRAEL                          NY-6-G-364
MUNSON, MARY A.                         NY-6-W-197
MURDOCK, ANDREW                         NY-6-36A-41
MURDOCK, ELI H.                         NY-6-U-47
MURDOCK, LYMAN                          NY-6-33A-277
MURDOCK, LYMAN T.                       NY-6-34A-405
MURPHEY, JOHN                           NY-6-J-245
MURPHY, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-6-35B-549
MURPHY, DANIEL                          NY-6-38A-273
MURPHY, DARBY                           NY-6-P-317
MURPHY, JAMES                           NY-6-31B-371
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-6-33A-337
MURPHY, LEVI                            NY-6-31-553
MURPHY, MARY                            NY-6-32D-595
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-6-32-401
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-6-A2-325
MURPHY, RICHARD                         NY-6-36A-185
MURPHY, STEPHEN                         NY-6-35B-533
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                         NY-6-35B-585
MURRAY, JEREMIAH                        NY-6-37A-357
MURRAY, JEREMIAH                        NY-6-Y-497
MURRAY, MARY                            NY-6-36A-161
MURRAY, THOMAS F.                       NY-6-35A-141
MYER, ANDREW                            NY-6-W-555
MYER, THOMAS B.                         NY-6-27-277
MYERS, ABIGAIL                          NY-6-35B-393
MYERS, DAVID                            NY-6-32-297
MYERS, ELIZABETH B.                     NY-6-34B-379
MYERS, ELIZABETH B.                     NY-6-Z-515
MYERS, GEORGE J.                        NY-6-34A-601
MYERS, GEORGE M.                        NY-6-33B-297
MYERS, JOHN                             NY-6-N-96
MYERS, JOHN B.                          NY-6-O-600
MYERS, LAVINA                           NY-6-32-1
MYERS, MARY E.                          NY-6-31-565
MYERS, PETER HAMILTON                   NY-6-27-124
MYRES, HEMAN                            NY-6-32D-403
MYRES, JOHN                             NY-6-V-512
MYRICK, MARY                            NY-6-37A-385

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