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CADIGAN, JOHN                           NY-6-33C-61
CADMUS, DELIA                           NY-6-32-13
CADMUS, JANE ANN B.                     NY-6-Z-13
CADWELL, THOMAS                         NY-6-T-229
CADY, ELIAS                             NY-6-B2-389
CADY, ISAAC                             NY-6-Q-426
CADY, JEREMIAH                          NY-6-B2-360
CADY, SARAH M.                          NY-6-34B-625
CAGER, WILLIAM                          NY-6-32-209
CAHEIL, MICHAEL                         NY-6-35C-617
CAIN, SARAH ANN                         NY-6-33A-161
CAIRD, DAVID                            NY-6-E-15
CAIRNCROSS, ELIZABETH                   NY-6-T-398
CALDWELL, ARABELLA T.                   NY-6-37A-201
CALDWELL, ASA                           NY-6-N-179
CALLAHAN, JOHN                          NY-6-34B-637
CALVERT, MARGARET F.                    NY-6-32-321
CALVERT, MARTHA                         NY-6-K-405
CALVERT, MARY A.                        NY-6-38A-105
CALVERT, MARY A.                        NY-6-36B-241
CAMCROP, WILLIAM                        NY-6-P-127
CAMP, ALICE W.                          NY-6-37A-137
CAMP, PHILO                             NY-6-36B-37
CAMP, TALCOTT                           NY-6-F-211
CAMPBELL, ABRAM A.                      NY-6-31C-46
CAMPBELL, BENJAMIN J.                   NY-6-Y-520
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                       NY-6-T-257
CAMPBELL, EDWIN R.                      NY-6-T-392
CAMPBELL, HELEN E.                      NY-6-33B-549
CAMPBELL, JAMES H.                      NY-6-32-389
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                        NY-6-F-61
CANDEE, LAURA A.                        NY-6-34A-25
CANFIELD, POLLY                         NY-6-V-536
CANNIFF, SARAH J.                       NY-6-37A-141
CANNIFF, SMITH W.                       NY-6-W-484
CANNON, ABIGAIL                         NY-6-J-273
CANNON, AMELIA                          NY-6-36A-129
CANNON, THOMAS JR.                      NY-6-B2-146
CANTINE, DANIEL                         NY-6-27-632
CANTY, MICHAEL                          NY-6-37A-249
CARD, BENJAMIN                          NY-6-G-289
CARD, WILLIAM                           NY-6-A1-105
CARKNER, GEORGE                         NY-6-30-360
CARLIN, MICHAEL                         NY-6-27-150
CARLOCK, HENRY R.                       NY-6-R-368
CARMAN, CHARLES                         NY-6-Z-89
CARMAN, JACOB                           NY-6-E-392
CARMAN, MARY B.                         NY-6-34B-385
CARMAN, RICHARD                         NY-6-Z-29
CARMAN, STEPHEN                         NY-6-33B-545
CARNCROSS, CHARLES M.                   NY-6-U-130
CARNCROSS, WILLIAM H.                   NY-6-Y-379
CARNECROSS, ISAAC                       NY-6-H-82
CARPENTER, AMOS T.                      NY-6-Z-190
CARPENTER, CALVIN                       NY-6-O-407
CARPENTER, CHARLES                      NY-6-33B-373
CARPENTER, CHARLES A.                   NY-6-X-321
CARPENTER, EMILY H.                     NY-6-34A-577
CARPENTER, HENRY                        NY-6-35E-477
CARPENTER, HOSEA                        NY-6-D-131
CARPENTER, ISAAC                        NY-6-34B-631
CARPENTER, JOHN H.                      NY-6-Q-436
CARPENTER, LEWIS E.                     NY-6-35E-197
CARPENTER, WILLIAM H.                   NY-6-31-343
CARR, AMANDA K.                         NY-6-33A-69
CARR, CORNELIA H.                       NY-6-F-241
CARR, ISAAC T.                          NY-6-M-371
CARR, JAY W.                            NY-6-28-294
CARR, SOPHIA M.                         NY-6-M-432
CARR, WILLIAM F.                        NY-6-I-427
CARR, WILLIAM T.                        NY-6-B2-351
CARRIER, AMAZIAH                        NY-6-A1-274
CARRIER, CHAUNCEY                       NY-6-30-144
CARRIER, JONATHAN D.                    NY-6-C1-322
CARRIS, SALLY ANN                       NY-6-30-448
CARROLL, PETER E.                       NY-6-35C-417
CARROLL, STEPHEN                        NY-6-V-148
CARROLL, WILLIAM G.                     NY-6-Z-536
CARSHADDEN, JOHN                        NY-6-B1-197A
CARSKADDEN, SUSANNA                     NY-6-I-88
CARSON, JAMES                           NY-6-29-495
CARSON, MARGARET                        NY-6-33C-525
CARSON, WILLIAM                         NY-6-L-181
CARTER, ASAHEL                          NY-6-Q-135
CARTER, ELEAZER                         NY-6-X-117
CARTER, GEORGE                          NY-6-37A-517
CARTER, GEORGE                          NY-6-P-513
CARTER, HOLMES B.                       NY-6-P-355
CARTER, WOODARD B.                      NY-6-36A-353
CARVER, AMY E.                          NY-6-32B-263
CARVER, JEPTHA                          NY-6-W-127
CARVER, JOSEPH                          NY-6-O-321
CARVILL, EDWARD                         NY-6-Y-151
CASE, ERASTUS                           NY-6-M-80
CASE, HOWARD E.                         NY-6-38A-417
CASE, THEODORE P.                       NY-6-32D-613
CASEY, GEORGE                           NY-6-33B-353
CASEY, JANE                             NY-6-F-140
CASLER, JOHN S.                         NY-6-35B-89
CASTLE, AMOS                            NY-6-C1-106
CASTNER, RICHARD                        NY-6-32D-547
CATLIN, EBENEZER                        NY-6-O-177
CATLIN, LUCINDA M.                      NY-6-35B-385
CAVAN, THOMAS                           NY-6-O-228
CHADWICK, CLARISSA                      NY-6-35A-85
CHAFEE, HORACE                          NY-6-S-125
CHAFEE, JEROME S.                       NY-6-Q-393
CHAFFEE, AZOTUS                         NY-6-B2-439
CHAMBERLAIN, ABNER                      NY-6-A2-417
CHAMBERLAIN, ADDISON N.                 NY-6-31-205
CHAMBERLAIN, JAMES                      NY-6-28-408
CHAMBERLAIN, JEREMIAH                   NY-6-P-148
CHAMBERLAIN, JEREMIAH N.                NY-6-31C-322
CHAMBERLAIN, MARGARET                   NY-6-32C-559
CHAMBERLAIN, MARY                       NY-6-34A-233
CHAMBERLAIN, POLLY                      NY-6-32D-181
CHAMBERLAIN, ROBERT                     NY-6-R-478
CHAMBERLAIN, SAMUEL                     NY-6-Q-479
CHAMBERLIN, JOHN                        NY-6-A1-191
CHAMBERLIN, JULIUS A.                   NY-6-32C-211
CHAMBERS, ADAM                          NY-6-W-446
CHAMPLIN, BYRON G.                      NY-6-37A-577
CHAMPLIN, SARAH E.                      NY-6-W-67
CHANDLER, CHARLES                       NY-6-35C-121
CHANDLER, GEORGE                        NY-6-X-473
CHAPIN, ELIZA                           NY-6-36B-163
CHAPIN, ROBERT J.                       NY-6-32C-187
CHAPLIN, THEODOSIA G.                   NY-6-L-351
CHAPMAN, ANDREW J.                      NY-6-36A-329
CHAPMAN, CHARLES                        NY-6-33A-417
CHAPMAN, FREDERIC B.                    NY-6-31B-451
CHAPMAN, SYDNEY S.                      NY-6-27-301
CHAPPEL, RUSSELL                        NY-6-K-390
CHAPPEL, THADDEUS                       NY-6-33B-41
CHASE, ALICE                            NY-6-Z-372
CHASE, ANN                              NY-6-R-79
CHASE, EMILY                            NY-6-29-132
CHASE, EMILY                            NY-6-M-296
CHASE, GEORGE H.                        NY-6-S-349
CHASE, GEORGE R.                        NY-6-27-485
CHASE, HENRY                            NY-6-28-34
CHASE, HENRY                            NY-6-I-368
CHASE, JAMES B.                         NY-6-35A-425
CHASE, JOHN C.                          NY-6-U-222
CHASE, JOSEPH J.                        NY-6-K-271
CHASE, JOSEPH M.                        NY-6-K-489
CHASE, LAURA A.                         NY-6-35E-57
CHASE, LYDIA R.                         NY-6-M-60
CHASE, MARY ANN                         NY-6-L-155
CHASE, STEPHEN C.                       NY-6-31B-387
CHASE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-6-Z-262
CHATFIELD, AMY                          NY-6-31-259
CHATFIELD, JOSIAH                       NY-6-A2-69
CHATTERTON, ELLA M.                     NY-6-35A-225
CHATTERTON, MARGARET                    NY-6-33A-321
CHEDELL, JOHN H.                        NY-6-Y-14
CHEESMAN, ABRAM G.                      NY-6-38A-409
CHEEVER, EBENEZER                       NY-6-E-207
CHEEVER, JERUSHA                        NY-6-H-450
CHEEVER, MARY T.                        NY-6-32-45
CHENEY, HORATIO N.                      NY-6-35A-1
CHIDESTER, BENJAMIN                     NY-6-L-279
CHIDISTER, DANIEL                       NY-6-B2-29
CHILDS, CHARLOTTE                       NY-6-P-351
CHOATE, RACHEL                          NY-6-35B-245
CHOATE, SARAH                           NY-6-32C-7
CHRISIAN, CARL                          NY-6-T-221
CHRISTIAN, HORACE                       NY-6-35B-473
CHRISTIAN, JOHN                         NY-6-J-347
CHRISTIAN, JOHN JR.                     NY-6-H-404
CHURCH, WILLIAM G.                      NY-6-27-223
CHURCHILL, DANIEL                       NY-6-C1-64
CHURCHILL, WILLIAM F.                   NY-6-R-201
CIFFORD, MARY                           NY-6-R-540
CLACK, GEORGE                           NY-6-30-201
CLAPP, BENJAMIN B.                      NY-6-U-99
CLAPP, EMEROUS D.                       NY-6-33A-557
CLAPP, ISRAEL                           NY-6-K-194
CLARE, DELIA LA                         NY-6-29-40
CLARK, ANDREW                           NY-6-38A-89
CLARK, ANDREW R.                        NY-6-I-188
CLARK, ANN                              NY-6-37A-345
CLARK, BEJAMIN                          NY-6-M-118
CLARK, BENJAMIN H.                      NY-6-Q-529
CLARK, BENONI                           NY-6-E-329
CLARK, CHARLOTTE JANE                   NY-6-37A-361
CLARK, DANIEL                           NY-6-O-423
CLARK, ELIZABETH                        NY-6-U-154
CLARK, HARRIET L.                       NY-6-30-325
CLARK, HARRY                            NY-6-U-558
CLARK, JAMES M.                         NY-6-W-53
CLARK, JEHIEL                           NY-6-G-137
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-6-33A-269
CLARK, JULIA PALMER                     NY-6-34B-583
CLARK, LUCY                             NY-6-W-550
CLARK, MARGARET                         NY-6-37A-521
CLARK, MARIAH L.                        NY-6-33C-601
CLARK, MARY                             NY-6-37A-181
CLARK, MARY ETTE                        NY-6-33A-537
CLARK, NOAH PARSONS                     NY-6-33C-409
CLARK, SAMUEL                           NY-6-B1-61B
CLARK, WILLIAM                          NY-6-30-371
CLARK, WILLIAM C.                       NY-6-33A-465
CLARY, DELIA J.                         NY-6-35E-413
CLARY, JAMES A.                         NY-6-37A-377
CLARY, JOHN S.                          NY-6-33C-141
CLARY, JOSEPH                           NY-6-P-194
CLAUDIUS, WILLIAM A.                    NY-6-V-208
CLEAVLAND, JOHN                         NY-6-T-206
CLEMENCE, CALVIN                        NY-6-30-598
CLIFT, JOAB L.                          NY-6-37A-501
CLIFT, WILLIAM                          NY-6-P-94
CLIGGETT, JOHN                          NY-6-33A-621
CLINE, LENA A.                          NY-6-35E-409
CLINE, PARMELIA E.                      NY-6-35A-477
CLOONIN, JOHN                           NY-6-Z-631
CLOSE, ABEL                             NY-6-I-404
CLOSE, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-C2-65
CLOSE, DAVID                            NY-6-J-169
CLOSE, FAY S.                           NY-6-30-607
CLOSE, JABEZ                            NY-6-C1-264
CLOSE, NANCY                            NY-6-Y-166
CLOSE, NATHANIEL                        NY-6-N-88
CLOSE, RUFUS W.                         NY-6-X-584
CLOSE, STEPHEN                          NY-6-B1-60A
CLOSE, STEPHEN H.                       NY-6-V-425
CLOSE, WILLIAM A.                       NY-6-33C-337
CLOW, ABRAM                             NY-6-V-327
CLOW, CHARLES                           NY-6-27-397
CLOW, CHARLES N.                        NY-6-O-36
CLOW, JAMES                             NY-6-I-275
CLUM, MARY                              NY-6-36A-497
COAPMAN, JOHN W.                        NY-6-35B-285
COAPMAN, WALTER C.                      NY-6-U-73
COATS, CHARLOTTE                        NY-6-35A-493
COBB, EBENEZER B.                       NY-6-V-437
COBURN, LYDIA C.                        NY-6-36B-205
COBURN, MILLARD B.                      NY-6-35A-449
COCHRAN, DAVID                          NY-6-A1-212
COCK, CLARK                             NY-6-31B-375
COCK, DANIEL                            NY-6-34A-153
COCK, ISRAEL                            NY-6-B2-399
CODDINGTON, ELLIS B.                    NY-6-34A-201
COE, CURTIS                             NY-6-U-406
COE, JOE                                NY-6-H-145
COFFIN, CHARLES F.                      NY-6-K-384
COFFIN, FREDERICK                       NY-6-D-334
COFFIN, HARRIET                         NY-6-29-335
COFFIN, LURANA                          NY-6-30-130
COFFIN, SARAH                           NY-6-P-371
COFFIN, WILLIAM H.                      NY-6-S-198
COGAN, THOMAS                           NY-6-Q-550
COGSELL, ISAIAH                         NY-6-B1-54A
COGSWELL, JOB                           NY-6-T-305
COGSWELL, MARIA                         NY-6-30-253
COHN, MARTHA                            NY-6-37A-281
COLBORN, JOHN                           NY-6-B1-50B
COLBY, LUCIUS H.                        NY-6-34A-565
COLBY, MARY J.                          NY-6-33B-181
COLBY, ROZETTE F.                       NY-6-33B-533
COLE, ANN                               NY-6-32B-231
COLE, DARIUS S.                         NY-6-U-537
COLE, JESSE                             NY-6-V-64
COLE, PARKER                            NY-6-E-157
COLEMAN, MICHAEL                        NY-6-35C-265
COLES, WILLIAM                          NY-6-P-338
COLLINS, CHARLES A.                     NY-6-X-548
COLLINS, PHILO                          NY-6-29-312
COLLINS, THOMAS                         NY-6-31-199
COLLONY, THOMAS                         NY-6-F-5
COLONY, ABRAHAM A.                      NY-6-K-86
COLONY, ALEXANDER                       NY-6-30-473
COLONY, DEBORAH A.                      NY-6-Y-524
COLONY, WILSON D.                       NY-6-28-55
COLQUEHOUN, ROBERT                      NY-6-31B-279
COLTON, SETH                            NY-6-B2-156
COLVIN, JOHN                            NY-6-32-345
COLVIN, JOSIAH                          NY-6-Y-613
COLVIN, SARAH                           NY-6-U-285
COMBER, JOSEPH                          NY-6-35A-69
COMSTOCK, HULDAH                        NY-6-J-295
COMSTOCK, JOHN T.                       NY-6-33A-129
COMSTOCK, MARGARET                      NY-6-Q-364
COMSTOCK, MARIA                         NY-6-Z-542
COMSTOCK, MARY                          NY-6-M-311
CONCKLIN, JACOB                         NY-6-W-432
CONCKLIN, JAMES                         NY-6-F-321
CONDET, SARA W.                         NY-6-27-345
CONDIT, JONATHAN B.                     NY-6-Y-185
CONE, HANNAH                            NY-6-Y-279
CONE, HARRIET W.                        NY-6-27-145
CONE, MATILDA P.                        NY-6-36B-97
CONE, SALMON                            NY-6-A2-465
CONE, THEODORE H.                       NY-6-33B-173
CONGDON, ABAGAIL                        NY-6-27-226
CONGDON, JAMES                          NY-6-U-190
CONGDON, SALLY                          NY-6-34A-193
CONGER, CLARISSA                        NY-6-34B-49
CONGER, JOB                             NY-6-K-250
CONGER, LUCRETIA E.                     NY-6-L-221
CONGER, WILLIAM R.                      NY-6-34A-145
CONKLIN, ANN M.                         NY-6-J-432
CONKLIN, ELISHA                         NY-6-35B-525
CONKLIN, JONATHAN D.                    NY-6-33B-73
CONKLIN, MARY ANN                       NY-6-37A-329
CONKLIN, WILLIAM                        NY-6-F-51
CONLEY, ROBERT                          NY-6-28-176
CONLEY, STEPHEN B.                      NY-6-33B-1
CONNELLY, JOHN                          NY-6-Y-368
CONNET, SARAH                           NY-6-H-335
CONNORS, JAMES                          NY-6-38A-113
CONOVER, WILLIAM HENRY                  NY-6-38A-233
CONRAD, HENRY                           NY-6-S-291
CONRAD, MARY                            NY-6-W-423
CONSODINE, THOMAS                       NY-6-T-141
CONVERSE, JOSIAH                        NY-6-S-329
CONWAY, PATRICK                         NY-6-34B-373
COOK, ALICE M.                          NY-6-36A-349
COOK, ANNA L.                           NY-6-38A-225
COOK, BRADFORD                          NY-6-Z-358
COOK, CELESTA M.                        NY-6-33B-137
COOK CLARISSA                           NY-6-K-23
COOK, DAVID                             NY-6-P-252
COOK, GEORGE L.                         NY-6-35A-177
COOK, HENRY M.                          NY-6-T-607
COOK, HORACE T.                         NY-6-35C-201
COOK, MARY G.                           NY-6-31B-151
COOK, NATHAN                            NY-6-32C-637
COOK, SAMUEL                            NY-6-H-301
COOK, SARAH A.                          NY-6-33B-177
COOK, SARAH Y.                          NY-6-35E-169
COOK, TEN BROECK                        NY-6-32-317
COOK, WILLIAM                           NY-6-W-178
COOL, HARVEY J.                         NY-6-37A-261
COOLEY, ANTHONY W.                      NY-6-31B-575
COOLEY, ASAHEL                          NY-6-28-80
COOLEY, SAMUEL W.                       NY-6-H-250
COON, GEORGE                            NY-6-35E-17
COON, J. WARREN                         NY-6-33A-649
COOPE, JOHN W.                          NY-6-S-30
COOPER, ADAM                            NY-6-33C-393
COOPER, ALICE M.                        NY-6-33C-73
COOPER, ANDREW E.                       NY-6-Q-343
COOPER, AZUBAH                          NY-6-W-258
COOPER, CHARLES L.                      NY-6-37A-389
COOPER, ELIAS                           NY-6-35B-317
COOPER, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-35B-233
COOPER, GEORGE                          NY-6-S-121
COOPER, JOSEPH C.                       NY-6-32C-121
COOPER, OBADIAH                         NY-6-G-182
COOPER, SARAH A.                        NY-6-32D-373
COOPER, THOMAS                          NY-6-35B-173
COOPER, WILLIAM D.                      NY-6-35E-521
COOPER, WILLIAM F.                      NY-6-29-1
COOPMAN, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-6-37A-393
COPPERNOLL, ANDREW                      NY-6-K-225
COPPERNOLL, BYRAM                       NY-6-35A-609
CORCORAN, BRIDGET                       NY-6-34A-85
CORCORAN, JOHN                          NY-6-28-103
CORCORAN, THOMAS                        NY-6-33B-221
CORCORAN, WILLIAM                       NY-6-33B-25
COREY, CHARLES H.                       NY-6-38A-617
CORLIE, JOHN                            NY-6-34B-331
CORNELL, ASA                            NY-6-36A-301
CORNELL, ASA                            NY-6-R-257
CORNELL, GEORGE P.                      NY-6-Z-48
CORNELL, HANNAH                         NY-6-33C-221
CORNELL, JOSHUA                         NY-6-P-467
CORNELL, LYDIA A.                       NY-6-33A-565
CORNELL, PHILIP                         NY-6-B2-357
CORNELL, RUTH                           NY-6-30-322
CORNELL, THOMAS                         NY-6-P-205
CORNING, ANNIE E. F.                    NY-6-35C-361
CORNISH, SEYMOUR                        NY-6-34A-537
CORNWELL, DELIA                         NY-6-36A-477
CORNWELL, SELAH                         NY-6-O-539
CORNWELL, THOMAS                        NY-6-U-233
CORNWELL, WILLIAM I.                    NY-6-34B-517
CORR, JOANNA                            NY-6-34B-265
CORTRIGHT, ABRAHAM                      NY-6-Q-222
CORTRIGHT, ABRAHAM D.                   NY-6-B1-126A
CORTRIGHT, CAROLINE M.                  NY-6-30-24
CORTRIGHT, EERT                         NY-6-P-219
CORTRIGHT, HENRIETTA                    NY-6-28-279
CORTRIGHT, ISAIAH                       NY-6-S-532
CORTRIGHT, JACOB                        NY-6-M-65
CORTRIGHT, MOSES                        NY-6-C1-12
CORTRIGHT, SAFFARINE                    NY-6-E-34
CORTRIGHT, SALLY                        NY-6-U-507
CORWIN, CLARISSA                        NY-6-K-67
CORWIN, DANIEL                          NY-6-F-253
CORWIN, NATHAN                          NY-6-I-294
COSMAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-N-250
COSMAN, HANNAH                          NY-6-N-1
COSSUM, SUSANNAH                        NY-6-33C-217
COTTER, GARRETT                         NY-6-33C-273
COTTER, JAMES                           NY-6-37A-365
COTTLE, REBECCA S.                      NY-6-33B-445
COTTLE, SHUBAEL                         NY-6-P-477
COTTON, CHARLES                         NY-6-O-62
COTTRELL, GARRET                        NY-6-E-210
COTTRELL, GEORGE W.                     NY-6-31-397
COUCH, ELECTA                           NY-6-36A-317
COUCH, JOEL                             NY-6-Z-103
COUCH, PHEBE                            NY-6-N-310
COUGHLIN, WILLIAM                       NY-6-32-585
COULLING, JOHN                          NY-6-Z-290
COUNSEL, GEORGE                         NY-6-34B-469
COUNSEL, SOLOMAN                        NY-6-29-587
COURTNEY, THOMAS                        NY-6-V-418
COURTRIGHT, HANNAH J.                   NY-6-32-365
COVE, ELIJAH                            NY-6-N-20
COVENTRY, MARY A.                       NY-6-38A-337
COVENTRY, PETER V. R.                   NY-6-30-496
COVERT, HARRIET F.                      NY-6-N-69
COVEY, DIADAMA                          NY-6-36A-585
COVEY, ELISHA                           NY-6-32D-55
COVEY, WALTER                           NY-6-M-152
COVEY, WALTER                           NY-6-B2-123
COWAN, WILLIAM                          NY-6-V-202
COWELL, AMOS                            NY-6-32C-103
COWELL, BETSEY                          NY-6-32-589
COWELL, SAMUEL                          NY-6-29-386
COWEN, SARAH A.                         NY-6-30-285
COWNOVER, GARRET                        NY-6-C1-87
COX, WILLIAM                            NY-6-32C-517
COYLE, PATRICK                          NY-6-29-518
CRADDOCK, SAMUEL JR.                    NY-6-M-343
CRAIG, ELIZA D.                         NY-6-33A-449
CRAMER, CHAUNCEY                        NY-6-31C-195
CRAMER, JOHN M.                         NY-6-X-182
CRAMER, WILLIAM C.                      NY-6-X-565
CRAMPTON, LEVI                          NY-6-28-155
CRANDAL, JAMES                          NY-6-E-106
CRANDALL, CALEB B.                      NY-6-28-298
CRANE, EZEKIEL                          NY-6-A1-292
CRANE, EZEKIEL                          NY-6-A1-81
CRANE, EZEKIEL                          NY-6-B1-44B
CRANE, HENRY                            NY-6-F-327
CRANE, WELLSLY W.                       NY-6-37A-453
CRAUSON, MARTHA A.                      NY-6-38A-201
CRAW, ISRAEL                            NY-6-R-316
CRAW, MOULTON                           NY-6-E-361
CRAW, SARAH M.                          NY-6-35B-577
CRAWFORD, CHARLES N.                    NY-6-33B-161
CRAY, GEORGE W.                         NY-6-U-171
CRAY, WILLIAM                           NY-6-A1-244
CREW, EBENEZER                          NY-6-B1-84A
CRIM, HENRY                             NY-6-G-401
CRIM, PAUL H.                           NY-6-R-116
CRISE, BARNET                           NY-6-I-15
CRISE, WILLIAM                          NY-6-29-250
CRISSEY, ALEXANDER                      NY-6-E-161
CROCKER, ASA                            NY-6-R-624
CROCKER, CHARLES                        NY-6-33A-345
CROCKER, LEMICA                         NY-6-K-146
CROCKETT, HUGH                          NY-6-32-569
CROCKETT, JOHN B.                       NY-6-31C-204
CROCKETT, MARY                          NY-6-33C-545
CROFOOT, ABIGAIL                        NY-6-J-101
CROFOOT, MARY E.                        NY-6-38A-317
CROFT, JOHN                             NY-6-M-194
CROFUT, STEPHEN L.                      NY-6-Z-202
CROPSEY, ANDREW                         NY-6-O-385
CROPSEY, ELIZABETH                      NY-6-32C-271
CROPSEY, JOSEPH E.                      NY-6-27-613
CROSBIE, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-6-34B-43
CROSBIE, HENRY D.                       NY-6-33A-657
CROSBY, JOHN                            NY-6-33B-17
CROSMAN, ABIGAL                         NY-6-X-407
CROSMAN, PHINEAS                        NY-6-O-152
CROSS, JULIA P.                         NY-6-31B-167
CROSS, MARY A.                          NY-6-33B-57
CROSSMAN, DAVID                         NY-6-Q-55
CROSSMAN, ELIZA R.                      NY-6-35E-201
CROSSMAN, SOPHIA V.                     NY-6-32-385
CROSWELL, JONATHAN                      NY-6-B1-92A
CROUCH, SUSANNA                         NY-6-R-105
CROUL, FREDERICK                        NY-6-E-415
CROUNSE, JOHN P.                        NY-6-J-164
CROWELL, AMOS                           NY-6-O-54
CROWELL, SARAH                          NY-6-33A-341
CROWNSHIELD, SLATE H.                   NY-6-31B-299
CUDDEBACK, MARY                         NY-6-32B-327
CUDDEBECK, PETER G.                     NY-6-Z-503
CULLEY, JOHN                            NY-6-35A-209
CULVER, ANSEL                           NY-6-U-24
CULVER, DANIEL M.                       NY-6-36B-235
CULVER, EDWARD C.                       NY-6-29-461
CULVER, JAMES A.                        NY-6-33C-93
CULVER, JOSEPH                          NY-6-I-184
CULVER, MARY J.                         NY-6-34A-17
CULVER, SYLVESTER                       NY-6-P-628
CUMMINGS, DAVID                         NY-6-29-480
CUMMINGS, EDWARD                        NY-6-34A-437
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET                    NY-6-33C-553
CUNNINGHAM, MARY                        NY-6-33B-97
CUNNINGHAM, THOMAS                      NY-6-38A-33
CUPID, WILLIAM                          NY-6-I-346
CURRIE, DAVID                           NY-6-27-561
CURRY, HONORA                           NY-6-32C-403
CURRY, MICHAEL                          NY-6-R-310
CURRY, WILLIAM                          NY-6-33A-185
CURTICE, COLEMAN                        NY-6-I-205
CURTICE, HOSEA                          NY-6-34A-273
CURTIN, DAVID J.                        NY-6-35E-557
CURTIS, BERIAH                          NY-6-N-145
CURTIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-32-241
CURTIS, FANNY J.                        NY-6-36A-629
CURTIS, FOSTER                          NY-6-29-112
CURTIS, IRA                             NY-6-H-460
CURTIS, JOHN F.                         NY-6-X-70
CURTIS, RHODA                           NY-6-Z-126
CURTIS, ROSWELL                         NY-6-V-586
CURTIS, WILLIAM P.                      NY-6-L-259
CUSHING, FREDERICK O.                   NY-6-33B-593
CUSIC, MARTIN                           NY-6-33A-117
CUTLER, WILLIAM M.                      NY-6-32-521
CUYKENDALL, ALMIA B.                    NY-6-35E-405
CUYKENDALL, CATHERINE                   NY-6-31B-351
CUYKENDALL, CORNELIUS                   NY-6-F-414
CUYKENDALL, EMALINE A.                  NY-6-32-117
CUYKENDALL, EZRA                        NY-6-F-45
CUYKENDALL, JACOB                       NY-6-27-365
CUYKENDALL, JOHN                        NY-6-X-152
CUYKENDALL, JOHN B.                     NY-6-35E-549
CUYKENDALL, MARTIN                      NY-6-R-186
CUYKENDALL, MARTIN                      NY-6-F-440
CUYKENDALL, WILHELMUS                   NY-6-F-431
CUYLER, BENJAMIN LEDYARD                NY-6-C1-156
CUYLER, CORNELIUS                       NY-6-M-6
CUYLER, GLEN                            NY-6-H-476
CUYLER, GLEN                            NY-6-A2-428
CUYLER, JANE MARIA                      NY-6-B2-136
DABOLL, MILTON                          NY-6-30-400
DADMUN, CHARLOTTE M.                    NY-6-38A-229
DADY, CATHERINE C.                      NY-6-34A-637
DADY, JAMES R.                          NY-6-V-581
DADY, MARIA                             NY-6-27-113
DALEY, MARY                             NY-6-31-61
DALLAS, ARCHIBALD                       NY-6-33A-149
DALLAS, CHARLES                         NY-6-G-279
DALTON, ELLEN                           NY-6-36B-271
DALY, ANNA                              NY-6-38A-373
DALY, OWEN                              NY-6-X-591
DALY, PATRICK                           NY-6-35B-97
DALY, WILLIAM D.                        NY-6-31C-363
DANIELS, HARVEY L.                      NY-6-35A-157
DANIELS, JOHN                           NY-6-U-252
DANIELS, SALLY A.                       NY-6-31B-35
DARATT, ISAAC                           NY-6-L-359
DARE, DEANA                             NY-6-31B-367
DATES, ANN ELIZABETH                    NY-6-33B-101
DATES, HENRY                            NY-6-32D-295
DATES, MARIA                            NY-6-Q-245
DATES, SAMUEL W.                        NY-6-35B-121
DAVIE, JOHN T. M.                       NY-6-30-456
DAVIES, JOHN                            NY-6-O-136
DAVIS, EUPHAMA                          NY-6-31C-110
DAVIS, HERMAN C.                        NY-6-33C-457
DAVIS, JESSE                            NY-6-F-88
DAVIS, JOHN                             NY-6-E-142
DAVIS, JOHN I.                          NY-6-Z-330
DAVIS, LISBETH                          NY-6-33A-45
DAVIS, LUELLIN H.                       NY-6-T-275
DAVIS, MARY E.                          NY-6-X-577
DAVIS, REUHAMAH                         NY-6-R-152
DAVIS, SOLOMON                          NY-6-X-386
DAVIS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-6-35A-145
DAVISON, JOHN                           NY-6-M-330
DAVISON, LYMAN                          NY-6-34A-401
DAY, CAROLINE                           NY-6-28-469
DAY, FAYETTE G.                         NY-6-Z-506
DAY, MARY A.                            NY-6-Y-389
DAY, ROWLAND                            NY-6-K-19
DAYTON, CHRISTINA                       NY-6-35A-45
DEAN, EZRA                              NY-6-32-217
DEAN, HORACE N.                         NY-6-29-230
DEAN, ROBERT B.                         NY-6-29-85
DEANS, GEORGE                           NY-6-34B-247
DECAMP, AGNES                           NY-6-31B-27
DECAMP, RALPH                           NY-6-27-496
DECKER, BELINDA                         NY-6-C2-186
DECKER, BENJAMIN                        NY-6-Q-149
DECKER, EMELINE P.                      NY-6-32C-571
DECKER, JOHN B.                         NY-6-32C-19
DECKER, LYDIA                           NY-6-33-281
DECKER, PETER                           NY-6-B2-42
DEE, FREDERICK                          NY-6-35B-137
DEEGAN, HONORA                          NY-6-Y-539
DEEGAN, PATRICK J.                      NY-6-30-164
DEERING, JAMES                          NY-6-32C-427
DEFOREST, CHARITY                       NY-6-Z-221
DEFOREST, JACOB W.                      NY-6-H-358
DEFOREST, JOHN                          NY-6-Q-583
DEFOREST, REUBEN H.                     NY-6-35B-565
DEFOREST, WILLIAM                       NY-6-B2-334
DEFOREST, WILLIAM J.                    NY-6-29-116
DEGRAFF, JOHN                           NY-6-L-216
DEGRAFF, WILLIAM                        NY-6-33B-77
DEGROFF, ABRAHAM                        NY-6-28-113
DEGROFF, ABRAHAM                        NY-6-A1-205
DEGROFF, ELIZABETH                      NY-6-34B-277
DEGROFF, GIDEON                         NY-6-I-350
DEGROFF, JOHN                           NY-6-L-87
DEGROFF, LEVI                           NY-6-32D-511
DEGROFF, URIAH                          NY-6-30-330
DEGROFF, WILLIAM S.                     NY-6-C1-44
DEHART, ABRAM                           NY-6-S-625
DEHART, ELIZA ANN                       NY-6-P-59
DEHART, MARY A.                         NY-6-29-477
DEHART, WILLIAM C.                      NY-6-Z-175
DELAMARTER, ABRAM                       NY-6-32D-229
DELAMATER, CATHERINE L.                 NY-6-Q-485
DELAMATER, ISAAC                        NY-6-30-368
DELAMATER, ISAAC                        NY-6-O-258
DELANO, FREDERICK                       NY-6-C1-77
DELANY, WILLIAM                         NY-6-X-587
DELAP, KELSEY                           NY-6-N-259
DELAP, ROBERT                           NY-6-G-48
DELONG, DAVID J.                        NY-6-B2-458
DEMASE, JASPER                          NY-6-30-109
DEMASS, PETER                           NY-6-C1-141
DEMMON, ASENETH                         NY-6-O-452
DEMMON, CLARISSA                        NY-6-Z-613
DEMOND, JOSEPHINE                       NY-6-34A-213
DEMONT, RICHARD                         NY-6-A1-7
DEMPSEY, BRIGET                         NY-6-37A-469
DENEHART, ELIZABETH                     NY-6-32-49
DENIO, DWIGHT F.                        NY-6-31C-255
DENIO, EZRA W.                          NY-6-31-223
DENIO, ZELOTES                          NY-6-33A-421
DENIS, ACHSAH                           NY-6-K-221
DENISON, CHARLES                        NY-6-J-108
DENNELLE, JOHN                          NY-6-27-115
DENNEY, MICHAEL                         NY-6-38A-481
DENNIS, CAROLINE E.                     NY-6-35E-129
DENNIS, JOHN                            NY-6-34A-209
DENNIS, LEWIS                           NY-6-C2-28
DENNIS, THOMAS                          NY-6-C1-266
DENNISON, ALPHEUS J.                    NY-6-35A-73
DENT, THOMAS                            NY-6-27-370
DENTON, SOLOMON                         NY-6-A1-350
DEPUY, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-A1-146
DEPUY, JAMES                            NY-6-36B-229
DEPUY, MARY M.                          NY-6-Z-121
DEPUY, PETER G.                         NY-6-33B-377
DERBY, ELIAB                            NY-6-P-367
DERBY, LUMAN                            NY-6-L-212
DEREMER, POLLY                          NY-6-35-297
DESHONG, HENRY G.                       NY-6-C2-320
DESHONG, VALENCOURT                     NY-6-34B-19
DESMOND, FRANK H.                       NY-6-29-243
DETSEL, ANDREW                          NY-6-37A-5
DEVEREAUX, MARY                         NY-6-38A-629
DEVINNEY, ISAAC                         NY-6-C2-119
DEVITT, PETER                           NY-6-R-146
DEVOE, ARAHAM                           NY-6-A1-340
DEVOE, DWIGHT                           NY-6-O-589
DEVOE, ELEANOR                          NY-6-35E-545
DEVOE, ELIJAH                           NY-6-L-293
DEVOE, JACOB S.                         NY-6-33B-205
DEVOE, JANE                             NY-6-35E-109
DEWITH, MARY E.                         NY-6-34A-513
DEWITT, CORNELIUS D.                    NY-6-G-324
DEWITT, JOHN                            NY-6-E-291
DEWITT, MARY A.                         NY-6-36B-319
DEWITT, STEPHEN                         NY-6-27-511
DEWITT, TRUMAN                          NY-6-36B-217
DEYO, EMELINE                           NY-6-35B-21
DIBBLE, AMAZIAH                         NY-6-A2-65
DICKENSON, MARY                         NY-6-A1-89
DICKINS, JOHN                           NY-6-I-153
DICKINSON, CHARLES H.                   NY-6-35A-261
DICKINSON, DAVID C.                     NY-6-30-410
DICKINSON, EATHAN A.                    NY-6-33A-73
DICKINSON, MARY A.                      NY-6-36B-49
DICKISON, JAMES                         NY-6-B1-40A
DIDDY, CORNELIUS A.                     NY-6-36A-121
DILLS, ELIZABETH M.                     NY-6-29-457
DILLS, HENRY                            NY-6-W-510
DIMON, DAVID                            NY-6-33B-397
DINEHART, WILLIAM                       NY-6-31-643
DINGS, LYDIA                            NY-6-33C-405
DIXON, CLEMENT                          NY-6-T-279
DIXON, EDWIN J.                         NY-6-33C-333
DIXON, JAMES                            NY-6-T-497
DIXON, JOHN                             NY-6-Y-553
DOAN, LOUISA A.                         NY-6-34A-261
DOANE, ELISHA                           NY-6-C1-198
DODD, SAVILLA                           NY-6-35A-377
DODGE, HARRIET G.                       NY-6-T-46
DODGE, ISAAC                            NY-6-27-442
DOFERTY, ROBERT                         NY-6-O-402
DOLLEY, ELIZABETH                       NY-6-38A-193
DOLSEN, ABIGAIL                         NY-6-M-361
DOLSEN, ISAAC                           NY-6-G-11
DOLSEN, SAMUEL                          NY-6-M-356
DOMINY, SAMUEL                          NY-6-31B-143
DONALD, JONATHAN                        NY-6-29-23
DONALDSON, DAVID                        NY-6-37A-613
DONNEVAN, CORNELIUS                     NY-6-S-168
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY                        NY-6-36A-573
DOOLITTLE, PARTRIDGE                    NY-6-M-108
DOREMUS, HARRY                          NY-6-33A-597
DOREMUS, NELLIE A.                      NY-6-35E-449
DOTY, CLEMENT                           NY-6-R-271
DOTY, DORUS                             NY-6-G-217
DOTY, GEORGE W.                         NY-6-A2-344
DOTY, ISAAC                             NY-6-F-132
DOTY, JAY L.                            NY-6-O-280
DOTY, JAY L.                            NY-6-O-270
DOUGHERTY, EDWARD                       NY-6-A1-345
DOUGHERTY, SAMUEL M.                    NY-6-35C-105
DOUGHTY, JANE E.                        NY-6-36A-145
DOUGHTY, THOMAS E.                      NY-6-P-83
DOUGLAS, AGNES                          NY-6-37A-585
DOUGLAS, JAMES                          NY-6-33A-661
DOUGLASS, DOROTHY                       NY-6-29-594
DOUGLASS, GEORGE F.                     NY-6-27-451
DOUGLASS, HARVEY                        NY-6-V-301
DOUGLASS, MELVIN E.                     NY-6-37A-445
DOUGLASS, RUFUS W.                      NY-6-W-331
DOUGLASS, THOMAS                        NY-6-29-237
DOW, ADAMS                              NY-6-W-620
DOWLING, JOHN                           NY-6-Z-38
DOWLING, PATRICK                        NY-6-X-427
DOWLING, THOMAS                         NY-6-31B-499
DOWNING, BENJAMIN                       NY-6-X-424
DOYLE, BRIDGET                          NY-6-31B-271
DOYLE, DANIEL                           NY-6-31B-163
DOYLE, JAMES                            NY-6-36A-109
DOYLE, JANE                             NY-6-X-489
DOYLE, WILLIAM J.                       NY-6-27-260
DRAKE, BENJAMIN                         NY-6-S-296
DRAKE, ELIJAH L.                        NY-6-33C-493
DRAKE, JAMES H.                         NY-6-37A-49
DRAKE, WILLIAM A.                       NY-6-L-284
DRAKE, WILLIAM MILTON                   NY-6-35B-461
DRAPER, NATHANIEL                       NY-6-C1-47
DRESSER, HARRIET                        NY-6-32-461
DRESSER, JAMES W.                       NY-6-31B-427
DRESSER, JOHN W.                        NY-6-32-237
DRESSER, JOSEPH                         NY-6-33C-413
DRESSER, PHEBE                          NY-6-Z-623
DREW, CATHARINE                         NY-6-R-628
DRISCOL, MICHAEL                        NY-6-X-495
DUBOIS, CAEZAR                          NY-6-M-254
DUBOIS, SARAH                           NY-6-35A-381
DUCK, JOHN                              NY-6-33C-25
DUCKETT, JOSEPH                         NY-6-27-406
DUDLEY, SARDIS                          NY-6-Y-313
DUNBAR, MARTHA J.                       NY-6-33A-605
DUNBAR, THOMAS                          NY-6-U-566
DUNCKEL, AUGUST                         NY-6-34B-415
DUNLAY, PATRICK                         NY-6-Q-431
DUNN, CATHERINE                         NY-6-35C-25
DUNN, MICHAEL                           NY-6-30-248
DUNN, THOMAS                            NY-6-36A-405
DUNN, THOMAS                            NY-6-32D-433
DUNNIGAN, OWEN                          NY-6-32C-29
DUNNING, ABRAHAM                        NY-6-B2-233
DUNNING, ELLEN AUGUSA                   NY-6-33A-609
DUNNING, HENRY S.                       NY-6-U-240
DUNNING, MARY W.                        NY-6-36B-350
DUNNING, RICHARD                        NY-6-O-393
DUNNING, SILAS                          NY-6-A2-101
DUNNING, WILLIAM                        NY-6-J-459
DURFEE, JONATHAN B.                     NY-6-S-561
DURKEE, ELISHA                          NY-6-B1-98B
DURKEE, MC CLOUD                        NY-6-38A-209
DURKEE, RELIEF W.                       NY-6-31C-52
DURKEE, WILHELMINA                      NY-6-Y-421
DURKES, ALMERIN                         NY-6-R-454
DURLING, CATHERINE                      NY-6-K-91
DURLING, MARY                           NY-6-R-163
DURLING, ROBERT                         NY-6-38A-661
DURSTON, CHARLES                        NY-6-Y-37
DURYEA, ISABELLA                        NY-6-T-414
DURYEE, BENJAMIN B.                     NY-6-S-399
DURYEE, FREDERICK                       NY-6-J-14
DURYEE, JAMES                           NY-6-32C-439
DUSENBERRY, ADELE                       NY-6-31C-237
DUTCHER, CLARISSA                       NY-6-31B-307
DUTCHER, WILLIAM J.                     NY-6-32B-247
DUTTON, JOEL                            NY-6-O-193
DUVALL, WILLIAM                         NY-6-H-242
DUVALL, WILLIAM O.                      NY-6-R-214
DWIGHT, CHARLES C.                      NY-6-38A-665
DWIGHT, SARAH A.                        NY-6-34A-237
DWINELL, MARIA                          NY-6-L-338
DWYER, ELLEN                            NY-6-38A-69

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