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SAFFORD, MARTHA E.                      NY-4-31-193
SAGE, GEORGE                            NY-4-8-313
SAGE, LATISA B.                         NY-4-24-265
SAGE, SETH                              NY-4-B-233
SALISBURY, HALE                         NY-4-21-223
SALLY, GEORGE                           NY-4-O-419
SAMPSON, MARY ANN                       NY-4-18-397
SAMSON, ELNATHAN                        NY-4-I-790
SANDERS, JANETTE                        NY-4-27-547
SANFORD, BETSEY                         NY-4-O-170
SANFORD, CHARLES W.                     NY-4-11-427
SANFORD, MARILLA                        NY-4-4-283
SANFORD, SEYMOUR                        NY-4-12-61
SAUNDERS, WILBER L.                     NY-4-26-475
SAVAGE, LAURA                           NY-4-33-55
SAWTELL, JOHN                           NY-4-A-55
SAXTON, ALBERT                          NY-4-10-571
SAXTON, MARGARET                        NY-4-4-67
SAYBY, HENRY                            NY-4-I-661
SCALES, CATHARINE                       NY-4-4-583
SCHAD, KATHARINE                        NY-4-31-325
SCHEMERHORN, EVA                        NY-4-26-379
SCHERMERHORN, SIMON                     NY-4-6-157
SCHILLING, GEORGE J.                    NY-4-19-349
SCHLAGER, CHARLES                       NY-4-17-79
SCHLAGER, JACOB                         NY-4-4-445
SCHLAGER, JULIA A.                      NY-4-24-415
SCHLOSS, AARON                          NY-4-25-595
SCHMITT, ANNA MARY                      NY-4-22-385
SCHOUTEN, HENRY E.                      NY-4-2-313
SCHOUTEN, WILLIAM                       NY-4-5-175
SCHRAPPE, MARY H.                       NY-4-36-19
SCHULTZ, HORACE P.                      NY-4-20-349
SCHWARTZ, MARY                          NY-4-4-529
SCHYNDLER, FRANCES                      NY-4-4-19
SCISM, JAMES W.                         NY-4-36-451
SCOFIELD, IRA A.                        NY-4-5-91
SCOTT, GEORGE                           NY-4-11-175
SCOTT, HENRY R.                         NY-4-32-139
SCOTT, JAMES H.                         NY-4-34-7
SCOTT, JESSIE ELLIS                     NY-4-33-541
SCOTT, RANSLER                          NY-4-O-451
SCOTT, RUTH ANN                         NY-4-17-343
SCOTT, WILEY H.                         NY-4-4-25
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          NY-4-26-367
SCOVILL, WILLIAM H.                     NY-4-18-85
SCUDDER, AHIJAH C.                      NY-4-21-535
SCUDDER, CYRUS F.                       NY-4-19-223
SCULLY, ROSE ANNA                       NY-4-17-37
SCUTT, WILLIAM                          NY-4-15-19
SEABROOK, GRACE LESTER                  NY-4-20-277
SEABURY, JOHN W.                        NY-4-9-115
SEANEY, GEORGE                          NY-4-8-163
SEARLE, DAVIS DIMOCK                    NY-4-35-181
SEARLES, ANDREW                         NY-4-2-553
SEARLES, JOSEPH E.                      NY-4-21-463
SEARLES, JULIA A.                       NY-4-20-181
SEARLES, MARY L.                        NY-4-32-73
SEARS, CHARLES W.                       NY-4-34-241
SEARS, CORYDON B.                       NY-4-37-253
SEARS, LEWIS R.                         NY-4-25-361
SEBASTIAN, JACOB                        NY-4-10-325
SEDGWICK, THOMAS A.                     NY-4-5-505
SEEBER, JAMES D.                        NY-4-34-373
SEELEY, CHARLES H.                      NY-4-29-31
SEELEY, HORACE                          NY-4-3-391
SEGWICK, EMILY E.                       NY-4-9-247
SESSIONS, ELIZA B.                      NY-4-35-397
SESSIONS, GILMAN L.                     NY-4-29-595
SESSIONS, LEONARD                       NY-4-N-33
SEVENS, REUBEN                          NY-4-21-43
SEVERSON, ABIGAIL                       NY-4-3-169
SEVERSON, GEORGE A.                     NY-4-23-109
SEVERSON, JOHN C.                       NY-4-10-1
SEVERSON, MARIA                         NY-4-#1-545
SEVERSON, PETER                         NY-4-#1-508
SEVERSON, RACHEL                        NY-4-7-355
SEWARD, JEDEDIAH                        NY-4-D-655
SEYMOUR, ANSON                          NY-4-24-371
SEYMOUR, CARRIE S.                      NY-4-35-85
SEYMOUR, CHARLES                        NY-4-16-349
SEYMOUR, CHARLES A.                     NY-4-7-289
SEYMOUR, CHESTER                        NY-4-7-433
SEYMOUR, DANIEL E.                      NY-4-27-421
SEYMOUR, EDWARD W.                      NY-4-37-79
SEYMOUR, EMILY                          NY-4-29-79
SEYMOUR, HANNAH                         NY-4-20-463
SEYMOUR, IRA                            NY-4-#1-337
SEYMOUR, JAMES                          NY-4-D-163
SEYMOUR, LEWIS                          NY-4-4-559
SEYMOUR, SAMUEL                         NY-4-B-227
SEYMOUR, SARA                           NY-4-10-499
SHAFER, THOMAS L.                       NY-4-15-121
SHALLUE, DENNIS                         NY-4-23-7
SHANAHAN, JOHN                          NY-4-16-205
SHANDLEY, MICHAEL                       NY-4-8-211
SHANNON, HONORA                         NY-4-24-151
SHANNON, JAMES                          NY-4-17-55
SHAPPEE, ADELAIDE                       NY-4-34-511
SHARP, COONROD                          NY-4-B-308
SHAW, JEROME                            NY-4-22-445
SHEA, ANN                               NY-4-29-241
SHEA, ANN                               NY-4-33-49
SHEA, WILLIAM                           NY-4-4-349
SHEAK, JOHN H.                          NY-4-31-145
SHEAR, ANNIE E.                         NY-4-5-7
SHEAR, HARVEY                           NY-4-19-103
SHEAR, IRA                              NY-4-26-331
SHEAR, MICHAEL A.                       NY-4-21-271
SHEAR, PHEBE M.                         NY-4-32-97
SHEARER, FRANCES E.                     NY-4-34-109
SHEEDY, CATHARINE                       NY-4-5-385
SHEEHAN, DANIEL                         NY-4-5-391
SHELDEN, FRANCES A.                     NY-4-30-91
SHELDON, ABIGAIL                        NY-4-5-469
SHELDON, HENRY A.                       NY-4-30-217
SHELDON, KATHARINE E.                   NY-4-37-271
SHELDON, MARY E.                        NY-4-8-511
SHELDON, SCEBELIA H.                    NY-4-35-133
SHEPARD, CALVIN                         NY-4-16-19
SHEPARD, JOSEPH                         NY-4-4-271
SHEPARD, MARY G.                        NY-4-32-595
SHEPLEY, JANE ELIZA                     NY-4-25-481
SHEPPARD, TIMOTHY                       NY-4-D-156
SHERIDAN, PATRICK                       NY-4-16-421
SHERMAN, HENRIETTA                      NY-4-3-481
SHERMAN, HENRY                          NY-4-20-169
SHERWOOD, BARNEY W.                     NY-4-30-457
SHERWOOD, GEORGE                        NY-4-33-553
SHERWOOD, JERUSHA C.                    NY-4-36-79
SHERWOOD, MILTON                        NY-4-37-331
SHERWOOD, MINERVA                       NY-4-#1-463
SHERWOOD, VILA                          NY-4-21-349
SHERWOOD, WILSON B.                     NY-4-26-229
SHEVALIER, BETSEY                       NY-4-O-210
SHEVALIER, JOHN B.                      NY-4-12-55
SHIFFER, SMITH L.                       NY-4-12-427
SHIPMAN, FREDERICK                      NY-4-O-473
SHIPPEY, JULIA A.                       NY-4-7-121
SHORES, WILLIAM                         NY-4-27-151
SHUART, JOHN A.                         NY-4-#1-433
SHUFELT, CALVIN P.                      NY-4-4-283
SHULTZ, JULIUS P.                       NY-4-29-19
SHUTTS, LEWIS E.                        NY-4-37-325
SIBLEY, HARVEY                          NY-4-4-241
SIGLER, PETER H.                        NY-4-6-433
SIGNOR, JOHN M.                         NY-4-34-193
SILVERNAIL, ALICE M.                    NY-4-23-139
SIMMONS, ISAAC                          NY-4-21-553
SIMMONS, MARGARET S.                    NY-4-13-529
SIMMONS, MARICHA                        NY-4-15-313
SIMMONS, PETER                          NY-4-9-139
SIMONS, ALMINIA                         NY-4-15-97
SIMONS, GEORGE                          NY-4-22-541
SIMONS, PERMELIA                        NY-4-2-289
SIMPSON, CLARISSA                       NY-4-11-73
SIMPSON, DANIEL B.                      NY-4-5-145
SIMPSON, EDWIN D.                       NY-4-2-541
SIMPSON, HANNAH                         NY-4-31-85
SIMPSON, JOSEPH W.                      NY-4-9-211
SIMPSON, JULIA                          NY-4-26-421
SIMPSON, MARY D.                        NY-4-34-469
SISSON, BENJAMIN F.                     NY-4-13-307
SISSON, WILLIAM                         NY-4-6-67
SIVER, HENRY                            NY-4-15-31
SIVER, JANE H.                          NY-4-17-223
SIVERSON, MARY A.                       NY-4-16-241
SKANKS, HARRIET                         NY-4-36-415
SKILLMAN, ELIAS S.                      NY-4-7-361
SKILLMAN, FREDERICK                     NY-4-16-451
SKILLMAN, FREDERICK                     NY-4-#1-581
SKILLMAN, JACOB                         NY-4-D-141
SKILLMAN, JOSHUA M.                     NY-4-4-505
SKILLMAN, MAHALA G.                     NY-4-6-115
SKILLMANMARIA                           NY-4-15-13
SKINNER, STANLEY J.                     NY-4-24-487
SLACK, DELILAH                          NY-4-13-433
SLACK, HIRAM W.                         NY-4-5-565
SLACK, ISAAC                            NY-4-#1-263
SLACK, JACOB R.                         NY-4-3-241
SLADE, CHAUNCEY                         NY-4-4-115
SLATTERY, MARY EMMA                     NY-4-16-463
SLAUSON, SILAS B.                       NY-4-27-25
SLEEPER, ADALINE T.                     NY-4-16-379
SLITER, WILLIAM J.                      NY-4-27-409
SLOSSON, JEHIAL                         NY-4-N-225
SM ITH, CLARK B.                        NY-4-23-391
SMETHURST, JOSEPH                       NY-4-37-85
SMETHURST, SARAH                        NY-4-32-343
SMITH, ALGENA                           NY-4-24-283
SMITH, ANDREW                           NY-4-10-103
SMITH, ANN                              NY-4-6-361
SMITH, ANN E.                           NY-4-26-199
SMITH, ARLETTA E.                       NY-4-4-553
SMITH, BENJAMIN F.                      NY-4-32-199
SMITH, BESSIE R.                        NY-4-19-457
SMITH, CAROLINE W.                      NY-4-22-505
SMITH, CATHARINE A.                     NY-4-2-181
SMITH, CATHERINE                        NY-4-33-409
SMITH, CHARLES E.                       NY-4-31-259
SMITH, CHARLES R.                       NY-4-2-127
SMITH, CLARENCE B.                      NY-4-2-109
SMITH, CLARISSA                         NY-4-32-487
SMITH, CLARK N.                         NY-4-22-199
SMITH, CYNTHIA H.                       NY-4-32-61
SMITH, DAVID                            NY-4-#1-218
SMITH, DEBORAH                          NY-4-12-157
SMITH, DEMES M.                         NY-4-29-583
SMITH, EBENEZER                         NY-4-B-208
SMITH, EDGAR O.                         NY-4-26-397
SMITH, EDWARD P.                        NY-4-37-577
SMITH, EDWIN L.                         NY-4-4-331
SMITH, ELIJAH***                        NY-4-I-449
SMITH, ELIZA                            NY-4-3-79
SMITH, ELIZA J.                         NY-4-20-217
SMITH, EMELINE L.                       NY-4-5-265
SMITH, EMMA                             NY-4-16-517
SMITH, ENOCH A.                         NY-4-3-505
SMITH, ERNEST A.                        NY-4-33-529
SMITH, FIDELIA                          NY-4-30-415
SMITH, FITCH                            NY-4-3-319
SMITH, FRANCIS B.                       NY-4-12-571
SMITH, FREDERICK S.                     NY-4-O-371
SMITH, GEORGE A.                        NY-4-15-253
SMITH, GEORGE D.                        NY-4-24-541
SMITH, GEORGE W.                        NY-4-4-85
SMITH, HARRIET                          NY-4-2-115
SMITH, HARVEY                           NY-4-34-403
SMITH, HENDRICK J.                      NY-4-D-241
SMITH, HENRY                            NY-4-19-361
SMITH, HIRAM                            NY-4-18-535
SMITH, HIRAM J.                         NY-4-24-217
SMITH, IRA                              NY-4-B-126
SMITH, ISAAC                            NY-4-11-217
SMITH, ISAAC J.                         NY-4-4-49
SMITH, JAMES                            NY-4-37-175
SMITH, JANE                             NY-4-36-295
SMITH, JANE A.                          NY-4-4-523
SMITH, JESSE                            NY-4-2-103
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-4-N-80
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-4-N-332
SMITH, JOHN                             NY-4-33-133
SMITH, JOHN B.                          NY-4-32-511
SMITH, JOHN H.                          NY-4-18-247
SMITH, JOHN M.                          NY-4-17-181
SMITH, JOHN WESLEY                      NY-4-24-457
SMITH, JOSEPH M.                        NY-4-I-158
SMITH, JUDSON                           NY-4-11-289
SMITH, KEZIAH                           NY-4-11-457
SMITH, LINUS J.                         NY-4-I-632
SMITH, LOUISE H.                        NY-4-22-391
SMITH, LOVINA S.                        NY-4-35-103
SMITH, LYMAN                            NY-4-#1-73
SMITH, MARGARET                         NY-4-20-157
SMITH, MELISSA C.                       NY-4-16-103
SMITH, MILO                             NY-4-6-61
SMITH, MORRIS P.                        NY-4-2-169
SMITH, OLIVE J.                         NY-4-30-43
SMITH, PHILA G.                         NY-4-22-229
SMITH, RENNY                            NY-4-11-163
SMITH, ROBERT                           NY-4-20-325
SMITH, SARAH                            NY-4-D-127
SMITH, SARAH K.                         NY-4-17-499
SMITH, SEYMOUR E.                       NY-4-17-325
SMITH, WILLIAM S.                       NY-4-17-85
SMITHERS, MICHAEL                       NY-4-18-355
SMMONS, HARVEY R.                       NY-4-23-25
SNEDAKER, NANCY                         NY-4-22-205
SNEDEKER, SANDERS                       NY-4-5-397
SNEEDEN, DANIEL                         NY-4-N-302
SNIDAKER, CHAUNCEY                      NY-4-2-487
SNOOK, CHARLOTTE                        NY-4-23-295
SNOOK, MARY C.                          NY-4-13-361
SNOW, EUNICE                            NY-4-15-331
SNOW, HESTER S.                         NY-4-36-511
SNYDER, JOHN P.                         NY-4-13-487
SNYDER, JOSEPH M.                       NY-4-9-91
SOPER, HIRAM                            NY-4-#1-215
SOPER, SUSAN                            NY-4-21-133
SORNBERGER, SIDNEY                      NY-4-8-391
SOUTHARD, DENNIS O.                     NY-4-32-79
SOUTHARD, HENRY                         NY-4-10-199
SOUTHERLAND, RHODA H.                   NY-4-36-397
SPAFFORD, ANSON                         NY-4-33-127
SPAN, LUCY                              NY-4-21-211
SPARKS, JOHN                            NY-4-2-115
SPARROW, AZUBA                          NY-4-35-517
SPARROW, JOSEPH                         NY-4-29-223
SPARROW, SOLOMON                        NY-4-3-535
SPAULDING, BETSEY                       NY-4-4-61
SPAULDING, ELIZABETH                    NY-4-36-373
SPAULDING, FRANK R.                     NY-4-17-229
SPAULDING, JACOB                        NY-4-B-293
SPAULDING, SALLY C.                     NY-4-30-583
SPEARBECK, HANNAH                       NY-4-35-79
SPEARBECK, SANFORD                      NY-4-12-379
SPENCER, ASA                            NY-4-21-505
SPENCER, ELVIRA C.                      NY-4-33-313
SPENCER, ENOCH                          NY-4-17-505
SPENCER, HOMER                          NY-4-4-223
SPENCER, JIRAH P.                       NY-4-6-319
SPENCER, MORGAN                         NY-4-6-37
SPERRY, AARON C.                        NY-4-22-529
SPET, CHARLES                           NY-4-30-145
SPINNINGS, THEODORE                     NY-4-26-127
SPOOR, WILLIAM M.                       NY-4-#1-46
SPRAGUE, ADALINE L.                     NY-4-2-343
SPRAGUE, ALBERT J.                      NY-4-18-283
SPRAGUE, ALMANDER                       NY-4-35-295
SPRAGUE, EMELINE L.                     NY-4-17-373
SPRAGUE, SARAH                          NY-4-24-331
SPRINGSTEEN, ADELBERT W.                NY-4-11-367
SPRINGSTEEN, GEORGE R.                  NY-4-20-409
SPRINGSTEEN, URIAH                      NY-4-#1-282
SQUIRE, DANIEL W.                       NY-4-10-67
SQUIRE, HARVEY                          NY-4-9-109
SQUIRES, FRANK A.                       NY-4-22-487
SQUIRES, HENRY***                       NY-4-N-377
SQUIRES, JAMES                          NY-4-N-239
SQUIRES, MARGARET A.                    NY-4-33-25
SQUIRES, MARSHALL L.                    NY-4-N-20
SQUIRES, SARAH                          NY-4-12-1
SQUIRES, WILLIAM H.                     NY-4-34-505
STAATS, JOHN V.                         NY-4-12-553
STACKING, MEHETABLE                     NY-4-11-253
STACY, BELLE B.                         NY-4-19-379
STANDLEY, ISAAC                         NY-4-25-205
STANDLEY, JOHN                          NY-4-11-85
STANFORD, FRED B.                       NY-4-35-535
STANFORD, SARAH M.                      NY-4-30-433
STANTON, KATE ANN                       NY-4-29-469
STAPLES, MARY                           NY-4-23-235
STARKWEATHER, ARVILLA H.                NY-4-36-169
STEARNS, ELIZA L.                       NY-4-36-313
STEED, JOHN                             NY-4-2-523
STEED, MARY A.                          NY-4-27-517
STEELE, SUSAN                           NY-4-24-301
STEENBACK, SILAS                        NY-4-2-295
STEPHENS, FRANK H.                      NY-4-2-7
STEPHENS, OBEDIAH                       NY-4-2-121
STETSON, HORACE B.                      NY-4-22-163
STEVENS, CAROLINE W.                    NY-4-30-67
STEVENS, HELEN E.                       NY-4-27-541
STEVENS, HORATIO                        NY-4-12-19
STEVENS, ISAAC                          NY-4-4-319
STEVENS, ISRAEL                         NY-4-6-403
STEVENS, NORMAN D.                      NY-4-I-47
STEVENS, RACHEL H.                      NY-4-17-133
STEVENS, URBANE S.                      NY-4-33-379
STEVENSON, WILLIAM B.                   NY-4-5-103
STEVER, HENRY T.                        NY-4-30-535
STEVER, PHEBE R.                        NY-4-23-55
STEWARD, JOHN J.                        NY-4-30-559
STEWART, JANE A.                        NY-4-13-313
STILES, CYNTHIA                         NY-4-20-301
STILES, MARY L.                         NY-4-18-241
STILLSON, AUSTIN B.                     NY-4-15-79
STILSON, AVERY                          NY-4-26-193
STILSON, HORACE                         NY-4-I-417
STILWELL, SARAH M.                      NY-4-22-409
STILWELL, STEPHEN                       NY-4-8-151
STIWELL, PHILIP T.                      NY-4-4-409
STJOHN, LEWIS                           NY-4-N-237
STJOHN, SALLY                           NY-4-5-487
STJOHN, VINCENT                         NY-4-10-403
STOCKING, DARWIN                        NY-4-18-565
STOCKING, DE LAFAYETTE                  NY-4-3-487
STOCKING, FRANCIS S.                    NY-4-34-13
STOCKWELL, ABEL                         NY-4-O-481
STODDARD, AUGUSTUS                      NY-4-34-517
STODDARD, CHARLES L.                    NY-4-36-487
STODDARD, GEORGE W.                     NY-4-35-31
STODDARD, HARRIET M.                    NY-4-24-397
STODDARD, RHODA H.                      NY-4-11-61
STODDARD, SARAH M.                      NY-4-15-199
STONE, AARON                            NY-4-27-559
STONE, ALVIN                            NY-4-7-427
STONE, ASHBEL F.                        NY-4-5-439
STONE, FREDERICK F.                     NY-4-8-559
STONE, JAMES M.                         NY-4-2-475
STONE, LESTER D.                        NY-4-24-427
STONE, MARGARET A.                      NY-4-31-427
STONE, MARTIN                           NY-4-6-397
STONE, STEPHEN N.                       NY-4-16-211
STONE, WILLIAM R.                       NY-4-20-433
STOORKER, PATRICK                       NY-4-16-25
STORING, ADAM                           NY-4-5-235
STOTT, THOMAS                           NY-4-15-463
STOUGHTON, JOHN                         NY-4-4-493
STOW, BETHIAH                           NY-4-4-397
STOW, CHARLES N.                        NY-4-33-259
STOW, DAVID S.                          NY-4-A-47
STOW, EMILINE G.                        NY-4-2-175
STOW, FLORA V.                          NY-4-35-529
STOW, FRANKLIN                          NY-4-34-49
STOW, IRA                               NY-4-4-241
STOW, JEREMIAH                          NY-4-10-361
STOW, LEVI                              NY-4-8-451
STOW, MERRITT                           NY-4-18-313
STOW, MYRA                              NY-4-15-205
STOW, SAMUEL                            NY-4-D-60
STOW, SAMUEL                            NY-4-3-7
STOW, SARAH                             NY-4-37-217
STOWELL, LIVONIA C.                     NY-4-30-397
STOWELL, SALLY                          NY-4-3-175
STRAHAN, JEREMIAH                       NY-4-16-127
STRATTON, CORNELIUS                     NY-4-6-127
STRATTON, DAVID P.                      NY-4-35-589
STREETER, ELIZABETH G.                  NY-4-26-427
STRICKLAND, JONATHAN                    NY-4-21-175
STRINGHAM, FANNY D.                     NY-4-20-367
STRINGHAM, WALTER                       NY-4-21-283
STRONG, CYRUS                           NY-4-37-457
STRONG, ELEANOR M.                      NY-4-27-121
STRONG, GEORGE                          NY-4-11-415
STUART, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-D-79
STUART, FRANCIS E.                      NY-4-32-421
STUART, MARY W.                         NY-4-22-283
STUART, SARAH A.                        NY-4-19-61
STUART, WILLIAM                         NY-4-D-18
STUART, WILLIAM                         NY-4-8-49
STUART, WILLIAM                         NY-4-5-199
STUDDERT, JOHN B.                       NY-4-27-367
STURDEVANT, LEVI B.                     NY-4-18-469
STURGES, JOHN G.                        NY-4-#1-20
SUITS, FREDERICK D.                     NY-4-7-481
SULIVAN, JOHANNA                        NY-4-22-565
SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH A.                  NY-4-33-169
SULLIVAN, HONORA                        NY-4-24-79
SULLIVAN, JAMES                         NY-4-5-13
SULLIVAN, JANE L.                       NY-4-10-139
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-4-3-97
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          NY-4-20-439
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                       NY-4-26-259
SULLIVAN, PHILIP                        NY-4-22-55
SULLIVAN, THOMAS J.                     NY-4-34-73
SURDAM, CLARK                           NY-4-18-415
SUTLIFF, HORTENSE                       NY-4-37-307
SUYDAM, HENRY                           NY-4-29-151
SWAGART, ADAM                           NY-4-I-794
SWAGART, CAROLINE                       NY-4-20-553
SWAGART, RICHARD C.                     NY-4-10-445
SWAIN, ANTOINETTE DAVISON               NY-4-30-235
SWAN, CHARLES G.                        NY-4-I-706
SWAN, ELMINA W.                         NY-4-2-457
SWAN, GEORGE P.                         NY-4-26-103
SWAN, SAMUEL B.                         NY-4-O-119
SWAN, WILLIAM                           NY-4-7-199
SWARTS, PETER                           NY-4-O-77
SWEENEY, CHARITY                        NY-4-22-181
SWEENEY, CHARLES                        NY-4-6-367
SWEENEY, CHARLES J.                     NY-4-12-133
SWEENEY, DENNIS                         NY-4-5-19
SWEENEY, MARGARET                       NY-4-18-595
SWEENEY, STEPHEN                        NY-4-27-529
SWEENY, THOMAS                          NY-4-16-151
SWEET, AMBROSE                          NY-4-18-427
SWEET, CALVIN                           NY-4-O-333
SWEET, MELISSA                          NY-4-35-229
SWIFT, OLIVER N.                        NY-4-29-511
SWIFT, SOLOMON B.                       NY-4-7-325
SYM, WILLIAM                            NY-4-8-187

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