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CADDEN, PHILIP                          NY-4-11-103
CADWELL, LEVI                           NY-4-N-90
CADY, CORELLI                           NY-4-31-367
CADY, DWIGHT T.                         NY-4-20-115
CADY, ORIN                              NY-4-3-289
CAFFERTY, ENOCH                         NY-4-#1-553
CAFFERTY, ENOCH B.                      NY-4-32-529
CAFFERTY, JOSIAH                        NY-4-2-247
CAFFERTY, JOSIAH                        NY-4-I-134
CAFFERTY, LUCIE M.                      NY-4-30-169
CAFFERTY, WILLIAM W.                    NY-4-23-511
CAHILL, MICHAEL J.                      NY-4-34-331
CAHOON, ANN                             NY-4-D-312
CAIN, LUCY                              NY-4-26-355
CALLAN, CATHARINE                       NY-4-37-349
CALLAN, JAMES                           NY-4-2-25
CAMERON, JOHN W.                        NY-4-11-241
CAMOCHIN, MARY                          NY-4-2-133
CAMP, FANNY                             NY-4-B-193
CAMP, THEODORE A.                       NY-4-25-193
CAMPBELL, BRIDGET                       NY-4-35-469
CAMPBELL, CHARLES A.                    NY-4-27-139
CAMPBELL, HANNAH                        NY-4-24-253
CAMPBELL, HELEN B.                      NY-4-29-49
CANFIELD, ASA                           NY-4-17-193
CANNIHAN, CATHARINE                     NY-4-11-313
CANTWELL, CATHARINE                     NY-4-23-403
CAPRON, CALVIN                          NY-4-19-139
CAPRON, HEPZIBA                         NY-4-19-337
CARD, ALLYDA E.                         NY-4-17-199
CARD, JASON B.                          NY-4-11-499
CARD, MAY                               NY-4-37-157
CARD, WASHINGTON R.                     NY-4-2-253
CARDER, CHESTER W.                      NY-4-7-73
CARDER, SALLY T.                        NY-4-21-247
CARDINIER, NICHOLAS                     NY-4-O-564
CAREY, ABBIE                            NY-4-26-133
CAREY, SARAH ANN                        NY-4-7-397
CAREY, WALTER                           NY-4-15-103
CARHART, GEORGE                         NY-4-4-199
CARHART, ISAAC A.                       NY-4-I-172
CARHART, MARY A.                        NY-4-24-115
CARL, ABRAM W.                          NY-4-16-277
CARL, JAMES F.                          NY-4-22-211
CARLEY, ORRIN                           NY-4-12-49
CARMAN, ELLEN                           NY-4-27-565
CARMAN, JAMES W.                        NY-4-4-547
CARMAN, JOSEPH                          NY-4-13-359
CARMAN, JOSEPH                          NY-4-13-359
CARMAN, STEPHEN                         NY-4-21-343
CARMAN, WILLIAM                         NY-4-34-433
CARMICHAEL, DANIEL                      NY-4-I-433
CARNEGIE, NORRIS                        NY-4-5-247
CARPENTER, SUSAN                        NY-4-7-67
CARR, EDWARD A.                         NY-4-12-409
CARRIER, ELIJAH                         NY-4-4-55
CARRINGTON, LAURA A.                    NY-4-9-199
CARROLL, ADALINE E.                     NY-4-9-475
CARROLL, BRIDGET                        NY-4-34-145
CARROLL, ELIZABETH                      NY-4-36-7
CARROLL, JEREMIAH                       NY-4-13-163
CARROLL, JEREMIAH                       NY-4-13-163
CARROLL, JOHN                           NY-4-31-211
CARROLL, JOHN                           NY-4-32-181
CARROLL, MATTHEW                        NY-4-12-361
CARROLL, THOMAS                         NY-4-2-331
CARROLL, WILLIAM P.                     NY-4-16-259
CARTER, ALIDA M.                        NY-4-9-589
CARTER, JOHN                            NY-4-8-61
CARTWRIGHT, HARRIET                     NY-4-6-73
CARVER, ANGELINE                        NY-4-33-103
CARVER, ELIZABETH S.                    NY-4-30-385
CARVER, LOTTIE B.                       NY-4-12-313
CARY, CALVIN D.                         NY-4-#1-318
CARY, EZEKIEL                           NY-4-25-211
CARY, JOHN                              NY-4-4-415
CARY, MARILDA L.                        NY-4-22-277
CARY, RUTH W.                           NY-4-20-151
CARY, SARAH M.                          NY-4-30-151
CARY, STURGES                           NY-4-7-439
CASE, HANNAH                            NY-4-34-421
CASEY, DANIEL                           NY-4-26-409
CASEY, ELLEN A.                         NY-4-13-409
CASEY, ELLEN A.                         NY-4-13-409
CASEY, JOHN                             NY-4-18-457
CASEY, MARGARET                         NY-4-8-397
CASPER, DANIEL                          NY-4-20-37
CASPER, H. MARGARET                     NY-4-36-493
CASTLE, ELIJAH                          NY-4-25-571
CASTLE, MINERVA                         NY-4-27-379
CASTLE, SAMUEL J.                       NY-4-I-785
CAUL, HIRAM                             NY-4-26-163
CHAFFEE, JAMES A.                       NY-4-23-439
CHALKER, LOUISSANIA                     NY-4-32-247
CHAMBERLAIN, AURILLA                    NY-4-17-7
CHAMBERLAIN, BETHSHEBA                  NY-4-7-211
CHAMBERLAIN, BRIDGET                    NY-4-37-19
CHAMBERLAIN, CHARLOTTE                  NY-4-4-259
CHAMBERLAIN, DANIEL                     NY-4-I-140
CHAMBERLAIN, HARRIET                    NY-4-O-345
CHAMBERLAIN, ISAAC                      NY-4-4-565
CHAMBERLAIN, JULIA                      NY-4-N-329
CHAMBERLAIN, MARIA                      NY-4-30-247
CHAMBERLIN, SAMUEL                      NY-4-21-277
CHAMBERS, BENJAMIN                      NY-4-5-259
CHAMBERS, JOSEPH                        NY-4-4-427
CHAMPLIN, ADELPHIA C.                   NY-4-35-487
CHAMPLIN, PHILIP                        NY-4-33-19
CHANDLER, DANIEL R.                     NY-4-4-169
CHANDLER, EUGENIA M.                    NY-4-30-565
CHANDLER, MANIRE B.                     NY-4-4-553
CHAPEL, EMMA C.                         NY-4-12-259
CHAPMAN, ISAIAH                         NY-4-B-1
CHAPMAN, MARGARET                       NY-4-4-409
CHAPMAN, ORTON W.                       NY-4-18-199
CHAPMAN, SUSAN F.                       NY-4-2-301
CHAPPELL, JANE ANN                      NY-4-16-589
CHASE, DANIEL                           NY-4-O-114
CHASE, REUBEN                           NY-4-I-728
CHAUNCEY, ISRAEL                        NY-4-34-19
CHAUNCEY, JOSEPH W.                     NY-4-3-619
CHEESMAN, GEORGE                        NY-4-21-403
CHEVALIER, FANNIE D.                    NY-4-2-259
CHIDESTER, SAMUEL                       NY-4-3-601
CHILDS, ANN                             NY-4-21-559
CHILDS, NIAL T.                         NY-4-15-187
CHITTENDEN, LOVE L.                     NY-4-3-259
CHITTENDEN, W. GUS                      NY-4-4-211
CHOLLAR, AURILLA B.                     NY-4-17-43
CHRISTIAN, ELIZABETH                    NY-4-27-337
CHRYSLER, JOHN A.                       NY-4-36-289
CHUBBUCK, JOHN                          NY-4-7-385
CHUBBUCK, MARTHA E.                     NY-4-7-175
CHURCH, NATHAN                          NY-4-I-780
CHURCHILL, ELIZABETH M.                 NY-4-35-559
CINNAMOND, HENRY M.                     NY-4-4-139
CLARK, ALESBURY                         NY-4-7-44
CLARK, CYNTHIA                          NY-4-7-163
CLARK, DANIEL                           NY-4-2-535
CLARK, DAVID                            NY-4-I-670
CLARK, DOLLY A.                         NY-4-2-313
CLARK, EGBERT A.                        NY-4-15-73
CLARK, ELECTA                           NY-4-11-391
CLARK, FRANK O.                         NY-4-7-319
CLARK, GATES                            NY-4-O-547
CLARK, GEORGE                           NY-4-17-367
CLARK, HARRIET                          NY-4-5-427
CLARK, JAMES G.                         NY-4-5-43
CLARK, JANE                             NY-4-19-529
CLARK, JEHIAL                           NY-4-O-140
CLARK, JOHN                             NY-4-2-421
CLARK, JOHN Q.                          NY-4-33-367
CLARK, JOSHUA                           NY-4-2-283
CLARK, JUDITH                           NY-4-6-451
CLARK, OSCAR E.                         NY-4-12-445
CLARK, POLLY                            NY-4-18-505
CLARK, REBECCA M.                       NY-4-34-223
CLARK, ROYAL                            NY-4-31-529
CLARK, SIDNEY T.                        NY-4-34-277
CLARK, THOMAS                           NY-4-#1-332
CLARK, TIMOTHY                          NY-4-D-337
CLARK, WILMOT                           NY-4-5-481
CLARKE, JOHN RAY                        NY-4-18-193
CLEARY, CHARLES E.                      NY-4-18-211
CLEARY, MICHAEL                         NY-4-18-127
CLEAVELAND, RODOLPHUS                   NY-4-9-433
CLELAND, JOHN S.                        NY-4-35-379
CLEVES, ELIZABETH J.                    NY-4-26-565
CLIFFORD, WILLIAM                       NY-4-5-379
CLIFT, MARTHA S.                        NY-4-26-265
CLINE, JOHN                             NY-4-31-373
CLINE, WESLEY                           NY-4-10-391
CLOCK, JANE                             NY-4-33-421
CLOCK, JENNIE B.                        NY-4-31-151
CLONNEY, MARGARET                       NY-4-20-235
CLOUGH, SUSAN                           NY-4-27-439
CLOWNEY, JAMES G.                       NY-4-#1-497
CLUNE, CATHARINE                        NY-4-12-13
CLYDE, STEUBEN                          NY-4-6-121
CLYDE, SUSAN                            NY-4-5-109
COATS, PHEBE A.                         NY-4-21-493
COBB, ZIPRON                            NY-4-16-295
COBURN, ADIN W.                         NY-4-7-217
COBURN, HANNAH M.                       NY-4-25-313
COCHRAN, WILLIAM J.                     NY-4-19-445
COFFIN, HENRIETTA C.                    NY-4-3-295
COLE, AMBROSE                           NY-4-35-157
COLE, AMELIA                            NY-4-27-199
COLE, CALVIN                            NY-4-#1-487
COLE, GERTRUDE A.                       NY-4-17-1
COLE, JAMES                             NY-4-5-187
COLE, JESSE                             NY-4-13-319
COLE, JESSE                             NY-4-13-319
COLE, NATHANIEL                         NY-4-D-87
COLE, NATHANIEL                         NY-4-I-79
COLE, SILVANUS                          NY-4-B-369
COLEMAN, BESSIE C.                      NY-4-27-79
COLEMAN, CELESTIA                       NY-4-#1-454
COLEMAN, NELLIE E.                      NY-4-36-331
COLEMAN, OREN                           NY-4-34-127
COLGAN, CHRISTOPHER                     NY-4-32-103
COLLIER, ELIZABETH                      NY-4-20-49
COLLIER, HENRY M.                       NY-4-O-380
COLLIER, ISAAC                          NY-4-B-240
COLLIER, JOHN A.                        NY-4-4-199
COLLIER, NORRIS                         NY-4-31-517
COLLINS, DANIEL                         NY-4-4-91
COLLINS, ESTHER W.                      NY-4-11-271
COLLINS, GRACE                          NY-4-36-499
COLLINS, GRAVES                         NY-4-O-515
COLLINS, HELEN A.                       NY-4-31-163
COLLINS, PHEBE                          NY-4-3-115
COLLINS, RICHARD                        NY-4-7-301
COLLINS, ROBERT                         NY-4-#1-564
COLLINS, RUTH HINDY                     NY-4-5-301
COLSTEN, FREDERICK                      NY-4-35-343
COLWELL, B. ANDRUS                      NY-4-37-103
COLWELL, SAMUEL                         NY-4-5-169
COMSTICK, JAMES C.                      NY-4-36-409
COMSTOCK, HARRIET E.                    NY-4-31-541
COMSTOCK, JAMES R.                      NY-4-8-73
CONERLY, THOMAS                         NY-4-20-97
CONGDON, EDWIN                          NY-4-17-319
CONGDON, EMELINE                        NY-4-19-127
CONGDON, EMELINE A.                     NY-4-30-229
CONGDON, EZRA                           NY-4-9-529
CONGDON, JOB N.                         NY-4-2-133
CONGDON, JOEL G.                        NY-4-19-133
CONGDON, NATHANIEL                      NY-4-13-439
CONGDON, NATHANIEL                      NY-4-13-439
CONKLIN, ALVIN                          NY-4-4-361
CONKLIN, AZARIAH                        NY-4-6-481
CONKLIN, CHARLES M.                     NY-4-24-181
CONKLIN, EGBERT W.                      NY-4-25-319
CONKLIN, EGBERT W.                      NY-4-25-323
CONKLIN, HARRIET E.                     NY-4-30-427
CONKLIN, HORACE                         NY-4-18-235
CONKLIN, JOHN S.                        NY-4-13-391
CONKLIN, JOHN S.                        NY-4-13-391
CONKLIN, RUTH                           NY-4-17-139
CONKLIN, WILLIAM E.                     NY-4-23-181
CONNELLY, JOHN                          NY-4-25-445
CONNELLY, MARGARET                      NY-4-30-463
CONNELLY, MARY                          NY-4-37-361
CONNELLY, THOMAS J.                     NY-4-31-181
CONNELLY, THOMAS S.                     NY-4-35-193
CONNERTON, ROSANNA                      NY-4-30-55
CONNOR, JOHN                            NY-4-21-577
CONNORS, MICHAEL                        NY-4-15-343
CONNORS, REBECCA                        NY-4-25-367
CONROE, ALPHEUS                         NY-4-37-163
CONROW, GILBERT                         NY-4-19-109
CONROY, GEORGE                          NY-4-4-109
CONWAY, BERNARD                         NY-4-N-261
COOK, CALEB M.                          NY-4-4-571
COOK, CHARLES A.                        NY-4-9-499
COOK, EBENEZER                          NY-4-A-64
COOK, EDWARD G.                         NY-4-11-157
COOK, IRA S.                            NY-4-21-199
COOK, JOSEPH                            NY-4-N-109
COOK, LUCY A.                           NY-4-7-277
COOK, LYDIA L.                          NY-4-25-487
COOK, REUBEN                            NY-4-31-475
COOK, SIDNEY H.                         NY-4-17-583
COOK, WILLIAM W.                        NY-4-7-343
COOK, WILLIAM W.                        NY-4-C-82
COOK, ZIPPORAH                          NY-4-35-265
COOKE, JOHN D.                          NY-4-15-337
COOKE, LUCY A. B.                       NY-4-#1-272
COOLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-4-35-187
COON, ABRAM                             NY-4-#1-117
COON, ICHABOD                           NY-4-31-307
COON, JESSE A.                          NY-4-N-63
COON, JOHN                              NY-4-6-1
COON, MARY                              NY-4-29-337
COON, PETER J. S.                       NY-4-25-385
COON, WILLIAM B.                        NY-4-3-397
COONS, LIZZIE A.                        NY-4-32-295
COOPER, CHARLOTTE                       NY-4-32-259
COOPER, CORNELIA                        NY-4-26-535
COOPER, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-5-67
COOPER, GEORGE                          NY-4-27-349
COOPER, JOB                             NY-4-30-289
COOPER, JOHN L.                         NY-4-19-193
COOPER, STEPHEN H.                      NY-4-20-337
COPLEY, CATHARINE J.                    NY-4-21-289
COPPINGER, MARY                         NY-4-35-451
CORBETT, COOPER                         NY-4-6-97
CORBETT, COOPER E.                      NY-4-16-325
CORBETT, IRA                            NY-4-24-61
CORBETT, JULIUS S.                      NY-4-2-205
CORBIERE, ELMER A.                      NY-4-4-487
CORBIN, BETSEY E.                       NY-4-19-409
CORBY, JOSEPH                           NY-4-C-14
CORBY, WHEELOCK                         NY-4-17-217
CORCORAN, ELLEN                         NY-4-9-571
CORKEY, JEREMIAH                        NY-4-2-409
CORNELL, WILLIAM                        NY-4-23-283
CORNELL, WILLIAM E.                     NY-4-5-457
CORNISH, JANE M.                        NY-4-27-211
CORNISH, WILLIAM O.                     NY-4-18-529
CORNWALL, ANN E.                        NY-4-16-559
CORTESY, CARLOS                         NY-4-4-235
CORTESY, DOMINGA                        NY-4-9-337
CORTRIGHT, SARAH A.                     NY-4-30-379
CORWIN, ALFRED                          NY-4-18-391
CORY, LUTHER                            NY-4-7-349
COSSAART, JAMES L.                      NY-4-25-265
COSTELLO, JOHN                          NY-4-25-523
COUGHLIN, OWEN                          NY-4-12-457
COUNCILMAN, CHARLES F.                  NY-4-32-211
COUNCILMAN, ELIZABETH                   NY-4-32-205
COUNCILMAN, JACOB                       NY-4-O-278
COUNCILMAN, MARY A.                     NY-4-35-115
COUNCILMAN, NATHAN J.                   NY-4-4-481
COURTNEY, CHARLES                       NY-4-O-348
COUSE, MOSES W.                         NY-4-29-121
COVEY, JOHN                             NY-4-I-701
COWAN, THOMAS L.                        NY-4-16-427
COWDERY, ALLEN ***                      NY-4-#1-81
COWDRY, JONATHAN                        NY-4-D-4
COX, DAVID H.                           NY-4-3-19
COX, MARY                               NY-4-4-181
COX, SACKVILLE H.                       NY-4-2-439
COX, THOMAS A.                          NY-4-2-163
CRAGAN, ANNA                            NY-4-37-73
CRAIN, MARGARET L.                      NY-4-21-337
CRANDAL, ELIZABETH B.                   NY-4-34-451
CRANDAL, GEORGE L.                      NY-4-25-439
CRANDALL, ELIZA                         NY-4-27-55
CRANDALL, FRANCIS C.                    NY-4-12-385
CRANE, ELIAS W.                         NY-4-24-451
CRANE, LAURA A.                         NY-4-22-337
CRANE, RYERSON, W.                      NY-4-22-475
CRANE, SARAH A.                         NY-4-23-583
CRANER, MARTHA                          NY-4-11-523
CRARY, ALMEDA E.                        NY-4-17-565
CRARY, HORACE H.                        NY-4-27-169
CRARY, NATHAN                           NY-4-20-529
CRARY, POLLY B.                         NY-4-2-439
CRAVER, ALEXANDER                       NY-4-13-139
CRAVER, BETSEY                          NY-4-34-103
CRAVER, CHARLES H.                      NY-4-36-571
CRAVER, GEORGE                          NY-4-23-157
CRAVER, ISAAC                           NY-4-23-559
CRAVER, JACOB                           NY-4-I-829
CRAVER, MELVIN C.                       NY-4-33-439
CRAWFOD, MARTIN F.                      NY-4-21-91
CRAWFORD, EUGENE                        NY-4-36-139
CRAWFORD, SAMUEL S.                     NY-4-24-445
CREEGAN, JOHN                           NY-4-20-61
CRESSON, BETSEY                         NY-4-9-103
CRIMMINS, DANIEL                        NY-4-12-121
CROCKER, CLARISSA                       NY-4-20-523
CROCKER, DAVID                          NY-4-D-575
CROCKER, ELIAS                          NY-4-18-73
CROCKER, JULIA                          NY-4-22-241
CROCKER, LUTHER                         NY-4-19-553
CROCKER, OLIVER A.                      NY-4-18-277
CROFFUT, JOEL B.                        NY-4-6-313
CROFFUT, MABEL JANE                     NY-4-37-595
CROFT, HENRIETTA                        NY-4-2-325
CROFT, OBADIAH                          NY-4-31-337
CRONK, ELIZABETH                        NY-4-#1-574
CRONK, MILES                            NY-4-13-451
CRONK, WILLIAM H.                       NY-4-26-385
CROSBY, PHEBE ANNA                      NY-4-35-409
CROSWELL, CATHARINE                     NY-4-8-139
CROSWELL, HARRIET B.                    NY-4-18-301
CRUSE, HELEN                            NY-4-33-337
CRUSE, MICHAEL                          NY-4-22-175
CRUSE, PATRICK                          NY-4-33-343
CRYGER, SIMON                           NY-4-A-60
CULLI, CATHARINE                        NY-4-26-457
CULVER, DAN                             NY-4-D-121
CULVER, ELI                             NY-4-N-96
CUMBER, ANGELINE                        NY-4-25-511
CUMMING, ALEXANDER                      NY-4-30-307
CUMMING, SIBEL ADELIA                   NY-4-7-169
CUMMING, WILLIAM                        NY-4-N-136
CUMMINGS, ROSANNA H.                    NY-4-4-223
CUNNINGHAM, BRIDGET                     NY-4-6-235
CUNNINGHAM, HANNAH                      NY-4-17-121
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES C.                    NY-4-11-319
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN                        NY-4-4-229
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET                    NY-4-33-403
CUNNINGHAM, MICHAEL G.                  NY-4-30-475
CURLEY, CATHERINE                       NY-4-34-565
CURRAN, DIANTHA J.                      NY-4-17-283
CURRAN, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-8-319
CURRAN, MARY                            NY-4-4-337
CURTIN, MARTIN J.                       NY-4-36-43
CURTIS, JOHN C.                         NY-4-17-589
CURTIS, JULIET D. B.                    NY-4-22-91
CURTIS, ORRILLA S.                      NY-4-26-217
CURTIS, WATSON                          NY-4-32-115
CURTISS, ASA                            NY-4-I-199
CUTLER, DELPHINE E.                     NY-4-25-241
CUTLER, JOHN W.                         NY-4-11-115
CUTLER, JULIA A.                        NY-4-11-379
CUTLER, PHILANDER                       NY-4-2-517
CUTLER, STARR C.                        NY-4-34-397
CUTLER, WILLIAM D.                      NY-4-16-121
DAN, ISAAC                              NY-4-12-517
DAN, JULIA W.                           NY-4-#1-588
DANIELS, AMOS                           NY-4-4-343
DANIELS, AMOS R.                        NY-4-21-331
DARLING, GEORGE                         NY-4-23-463
DARROW, MARY E.                         NY-4-37-289
DART, JOSEPH                            NY-4-7-91
DAVENPORT, FREDERICK                    NY-4-8-121
DAVENPORT, WILLIAM W.                   NY-4-2-403
DAVIDGE, JAMES                          NY-4-27-295
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         NY-4-19-13
DAVIDSON, JAMES A.                      NY-4-21-139
DAVIDSON, SAMUEL                        NY-4-32-337
DAVIS, ABRAM A.                         NY-4-12-7
DAVIS, AMBROSE L.                       NY-4-2-481
DAVIS, ANN                              NY-4-25-565
DAVIS, CAROLINE A.                      NY-4-37-559
DAVIS, CHARLES                          NY-4-24-517
DAVIS, DANIEL D.                        NY-4-35-121
DAVIS, GARTEN                           NY-4-34-187
DAVIS, JAMES                            NY-4-21-193
DAVIS, JENNETT                          NY-4-24-421
DAVIS, JOHN C.                          NY-4-9-421
DAVIS, LEANDER                          NY-4-30-421
DAVIS, LEVI A.                          NY-4-9-205
DAVIS, LEWIS                            NY-4-22-301
DAVIS, LUCY                             NY-4-17-571
DAVIS, LUTHER                           NY-4-19-205
DAVIS, MARY H.                          NY-4-2-367
DAVIS, NATHANIEL                        NY-4-D-332
DAVIS, PERRY P.                         NY-4-22-577
DAVIS, ROWLAND                          NY-4-D-105
DAWLEY, IRA M.                          NY-4-27-595
DAY, AARON                              NY-4-D-226
DAYTON, M ARY                           NY-4-13-115
DAYTON, M ARY                           NY-4-13-115
DEAN, ENOS                              NY-4-N-118
DEAN, ERASTUS R.                        NY-4-33-73
DEAN, FRANK W.                          NY-4-36-253
DEAN, JOHN P.                           NY-4-33-301
DEAN, JONATHAN                          NY-4-26-211
DEAN, LOIS                              NY-4-D-587
DEAN, NATHAN L.                         NY-4-#1-567
DEAN, SARAH JANE                        NY-4-35-457
DEAN, SARAH L.                          NY-4-23-541
DEAN, ZENAS K.                          NY-4-12-115
DEANJON, ANSON W.                       NY-4-35-439
DECKER, BURR N.                         NY-4-27-313
DECKER, CATHARINE A.                    NY-4-6-493
DECKER, ELIJAH P.                       NY-4-18-103
DECKER, EMANUEL                         NY-4-37-193
DECKER, EZRA                            NY-4-16-181
DECKER, IDA L.                          NY-4-24-163
DECKER, RUTH                            NY-4-4-313
DECKER, THOMAS                          NY-4-16-547
DEDRICK, AMANDA                         NY-4-29-271
DEDRICK, JOHN                           NY-4-18-223
DEDRICK, MOSES                          NY-4-31-535
DEFOREST, CAROLINE                      NY-4-18-19
DEGANDOLFO, DOLORES RIVAS               NY-4-O-533
DEGREAT, HIRAM B.                       NY-4-23-595
DEGROAT, AMEDEE D.                      NY-4-30-517
DEGUES, ESTHER                          NY-4-29-319
DEGUES, REUBEN                          NY-4-11-511
DEHART, EDWARD                          NY-4-N-462
DEICHTER, BARBARA                       NY-4-11-25
DELANO, AARON                           NY-4-29-247
DELANO, MARSHAL                         NY-4-17-49
DELATOURETTE, MARY                      NY-4-18-163
DELONG, WILLIAM M.                      NY-4-7-241
DEMING, ADALINE                         NY-4-#1-173
DEMING, CATHERINE W.                    NY-4-O-5
DEMPSEY, MARY                           NY-4-32-499
DENIO, MARY E.                          NY-4-37-409
DENISON, BENJAMIN A.                    NY-4-23-37
DENISON, DILENSERGES                    NY-4-11-187
DENISON, RUTH A.                        NY-4-30-505
DENNISON, WILLIAM                       NY-4-10-127
DEPEW, JAMES H.                         NY-4-#1-127
DERICK, GEORGE W.                       NY-4-37-109
DEROCHE, JOSEPHINE A.                   NY-4-31-247
DESMON, WILLIAM                         NY-4-#1-341
DEUEL, ABNER                            NY-4-19-451
DEVEREAUX, ESTHER E.                    NY-4-26-313
DEVEREAUX, JAMES A.                     NY-4-22-373
DEVEREUX, ALVIN                         NY-4-29-307
DEVOE, JOHN                             NY-4-10-469
DEWELLIGER, HANNAH N.                   NY-4-16-229
DEWEY, ANSON                            NY-4-17-391
DEWEY, MARY C.                          NY-4-15-181
DEWEY, MARY E.                          NY-4-8-157
DEWEY, RUTH HOLMES                      NY-4-19-211
DEWITT, CATHARINE M.                    NY-4-5-229
DEWITT, EVI                             NY-4-33-457
DEYO, RICHARD                           NY-4-16-109
DIBBLE, AMY J.                          NY-4-8-103
DIBLIN, CALPHURNIA B.                   NY-4-29-481
DIBLIN, GEORGE                          NY-4-2-145
DICKINSON, CYRUS                        NY-4-33-13
DICKINSON, DANIEL S.                    NY-4-#1-230
DICKINSON, GILBERT                      NY-4-I-596
DICKINSON, HORACE                       NY-4-D-264
DICKINSON, HORACE B.                    NY-4-#1-577
DICKINSON, OBADIAH                      NY-4-B-132
DICKINSON, SARA E.                      NY-4-36-157
DICKS, ELVIRA                           NY-4-23-535
DICKSON, ALICE A.                       NY-4-3-373
DICKSON, JANET                          NY-4-37-391
DICKSON, MARY                           NY-4-20-421
DICKSON, SUSAN M.                       NY-4-12-235
DIDRICK, DANIEL                         NY-4-2-433
DILLENBECK, SOLOMON                     NY-4-24-481
DILLEY, SUSAN J.                        NY-4-33-349
DILLON, ELLEN                           NY-4-23-205
DIMENT, JOSEPH R.                       NY-4-33-589
DIMMICK, MARVIN                         NY-4-33-493
DIMMICK, SYLVENUS                       NY-4-I-559
DIMORIER, IRVING W.                     NY-4-9-175
DINGS, JOHN A.                          NY-4-32-379
DOBSON, MARGARET                        NY-4-9-223
DODGE, ASA                              NY-4-7-115
DODGE, KATE                             NY-4-24-235
DOLAN, BARNEY                           NY-4-16-139
DONAHUE, CORNELIUS                      NY-4-35-289
DONAHUE, JOHN                           NY-4-19-241
DONAHUE, KATHARINE                      NY-4-22-103
DONAHUE, TIMOTHY C.                     NY-4-4-253
DONAHUE, WILLIAM                        NY-4-29-229
DONAHUE, WILLIAM                        NY-4-34-361
DONALDSON, JAMES                        NY-4-20-373
DONIGAN, PETER                          NY-4-13-151
DONIGAN, PETER                          NY-4-13-151
DONNELLY, PETER                         NY-4-6-331
DONOHOE, JAMES                          NY-4-#1-304
DONOVAN, JAMES                          NY-4-18-91
DONOVAN, MALACHEY                       NY-4-18-445
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY                        NY-4-13-55
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY                        NY-4-13-55
DOOLITTLE, ABEL                         NY-4-I-61
DOOLITTLE, ALANSON                      NY-4-23-523
DOOLITTLE, BETSEY                       NY-4-10-295
DOOLITTLE, DAVID                        NY-4-2-469
DOOLITTLE, DORMAN                       NY-4-11-265
DOOLITTLE, ELIZA                        NY-4-2-199
DOOLITTLE, FERRIS H.                    NY-4-31-31
DOOLITTLE, FLORILLA                     NY-4-19-79
DOOLITTLE, GARRIT                       NY-4-5-421
DOOLITTLE, GERMAN                       NY-4-10-73
DOOLITTLE, HARLEY                       NY-4-10-217
DOOLITTLE, LYDIA ANN                    NY-4-35-235
DOOLITTLE, MARCUS                       NY-4-12-511
DOOLITTLE, MIRON                        NY-4-26-73
DOOLITTLE, PHINEAS                      NY-4-2-361
DOOLITTLE, SARAH H.                     NY-4-31-313
DOOLITTLE, SARAH J.                     NY-4-23-481
DOOLITTLE, STEPHEN G.                   NY-4-21-487
DOOLITTLE, STODDARD S.                  NY-4-35-481
DOOLITTLE, URI                          NY-4-1-352
DORAN, ELLEN                            NY-4-25-283
DORCHESTER, WILLIAM                     NY-4-33-559
DOREMUS, WILLIAM A.                     NY-4-22-85
DORT, ELI                               NY-4-2-7
DOUBLEDAY, AMMI                         NY-4-25-127
DOUBLEDAY, AMMI                         NY-4-#1-439
DOUBLEDAY, JOHN H.                      NY-4-15-451
DOUBLEDAY, JULIA C.                     NY-4-36-121
DOUGHAN, CHARLES E.                     NY-4-19-319
DOUGLASS, ROBERT                        NY-4-21-445
DOWNING, FLORENCE A.                    NY-4-21-475
DOWNS, FRANCIS W.                       NY-4-37-43
DOYLE, JOSEPH                           NY-4-31-199
DRAKE, HENRY W.                         NY-4-22-67
DRAKE, JOHN JR.                         NY-4-B-109
DRAKE, LEONARD                          NY-4-B-172
DRAKE, MORGAN                           NY-4-33-361
DRAKE, TISDALE                          NY-4-3-523
DRASS, SYLVIA M.                        NY-4-2-373
DRISCOLL, CORNELIUS                     NY-4-36-463
DRISCOLL, CORNELIUS O.                  NY-4-17-451
DRISCOLL, MARY                          NY-4-17-331
DRUM, ALEXANDER                         NY-4-11-67
DRUM, SIMON                             NY-4-4-499
DRUMM, HENRY H.                         NY-4-4-181
DUBOIS, ABRAHAM                         NY-4-3-547
DUDLEY, DANIEL                          NY-4-12-91
DUDLEY, JED                             NY-4-2-487
DUDLEY, LEONARD                         NY-4-33-547
DUFFY, HUGH                             NY-4-34-97
DUGGAN, DANIEL                          NY-4-3-109
DUNCAN, TRUMAN JOB                      NY-4-29-493
DUNDON, JOHANNA                         NY-4-24-97
DUNDON, MARY                            NY-4-37-427
DUNDON, PATRICK                         NY-4-21-313
DUNHAM, AMY                             NY-4-4-229
DUNHAM, ESTHER A.                       NY-4-9-55
DUNHAM, GEORGE                          NY-4-8-253
DUNHAM, JNELSON                         NY-4-10-25
DUNHAM, JOHN                            NY-4-I-623
DUNHAM, NANCY                           NY-4-25-373
DUNIVAN, WILLIAM                        NY-4-20-589
DUNK, ALFRED                            NY-4-27-415
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                         NY-4-O-556
DUNN, JAMES H.                          NY-4-34-253
DUNN, JOANNA                            NY-4-32-91
DUNN, JOHN                              NY-4-29-295
DUNNING, J. FRANK                       NY-4-23-409
DUNTON, PHYLINDA A.                     NY-4-35-19
DURFEE, CHAUNCEY J.                     NY-4-33-385
DURFEE, EDWARD                          NY-4-7-109
DUSENBURY, HARPER                       NY-4-22-97
DUSENBURY, RUTH                         NY-4-17-145
DUTCHER, CHARLES                        NY-4-13-175
DUTCHER, LAURA                          NY-4-2-199
DUTCHER, SILAS                          NY-4-#1-493
DUTTON, ABIGAIL S.                      NY-4-2-391
DUYGAN, JOHN                            NY-4-I-733
DWIGHT, ABIGAIL H.                      NY-4-4-451
DWIGHT, ALONZO                          NY-4-#1-473
DWIGHT, HORACE                          NY-4-8-67
DWIGHT, ISRAEL                          NY-4-O-108
DWIGHT, WILLIAM                         NY-4-8-235
DYER, OLIVE S.                          NY-4-#1-215

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