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EARLE, PHEBE C.                         NY-4-31-451
EASTMAN, CHARLES C.                     NY-4-29-397
EATON, CLARK                            NY-4-13-229
EATON, CLARK                            NY-4-13-229
EATON, DAVID                            NY-4-I-55
EATON, SARAH M.                         NY-4-33-205
EDGERTON, HIAL                          NY-4-N-1
EDMINSTER, E. PEIRCE                    NY-4-30-529
EDMISTER, HARRIET                       NY-4-4-463
EDMISTER, LYDIA                         NY-4-4-265
EDMISTER, ORANGE B.                     NY-4-26-463
EDMISTER, PHILOTUS                      NY-4-7-85
EDMISTER, THOMAS                        NY-4-18-259
EDMISTER, WILLIAM                       NY-4-#1-287
EDSALL, JAMES M.                        NY-4-20-541
EDSON, ABEL B.                          NY-4-26-523
EDSON, HIRAM                            NY-4-16-13
EDSON, HIRAM                            NY-4-15-595
EDSON, ISAAC C.                         NY-4-36-163
EDSON, LAVINA                           NY-4-9-325
EDSON, LUTHER                           NY-4-#1-170
EDWARDS, CHARLES                        NY-4-O-324
EDWARDS, CHARLES C.                     NY-4-27-469
EDWARDS, ELECTA                         NY-4-15-523
EDWARDS, FRANKLIN B.                    NY-4-7-313
EDWARDS, HENRY                          NY-4-3-463
EDWARDS, HIRAM P.                       NY-4-15-517
EDWARDS, IDA F.                         NY-4-10-205
EDWARDS, JAMES                          NY-4-D-611
EDWARDS, JASPER                         NY-4-D-117
EDWARDS, JOHN                           NY-4-5-307
EDWARDS, JONATHAN                       NY-4-D-124
EDWARDS, JONATHAN W.                    NY-4-D-43
EDWARDS, JULIUS                         NY-4-10-169
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        NY-4-N-347
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                        NY-4-13-103
EDWARDS, WILLIAM B.                     NY-4-21-583
EDWARDS, WILLIAM E.                     NY-4-19-469
EDY, CHARLES                            NY-4-8-37
EGBERTSON, MARY                         NY-4-17-349
EGGLESTON, HAMILTON L.                  NY-4-O-123
EGGLESTON, JOHN                         NY-4-D-31
EGGLESTON, MERRITT                      NY-4-26-307
EGLESOTN, JOHN                          NY-4-#1-256
EHRESMAN, JOHN                          NY-4-33-433
ELDRED, LYMAN S.                        NY-4-21-169
ELDREDGE, GALUSHA                       NY-4-31-7
ELDREDGE, GEORGE W.                     NY-4-10-463
ELDREDGE, MARGARET                      NY-4-4-151
ELDREDGE, MARY ANN FORKS                NY-4-32-157
ELDREDGE, ZENAS                         NY-4-3-277
ELDRIDGE, LEWIS                         NY-4-21-517
ELDRIDGE, LUCY ANN                      NY-4-2-409
ELDRIDGE, OLIVE                         NY-4-29-163
ELLESON, JOHN                           NY-4-2-205
ELLIOTT, JOSEPH                         NY-4-7-331
ELLIS, ELIAS                            NY-4-4-337
ELLIS, JULIA                            NY-4-12-205
ELLIS, MARION E.                        NY-4-30-547
ELPIN, MICHAEL                          NY-4-27-217
ELWELL, CLARK                           NY-4-26-289
ELY, CHARLES PLATT                      NY-4-24-37
ELY, CLARISSA E.                        NY-4-18-157
ELY, ELIZABETH D. C.                    NY-4-10-349
ELY, EUNICE                             NY-4-I-626
ELY, JOSEPH E.                          NY-4-17-151
ELY, MARIETTA B.                        NY-4-22-121
ELY, WILLIAM M.                         NY-4-3-493
EMENS, ISAAC                            NY-4-7-151
EMMONS, JENNIE P.                       NY-4-21-253
EMMONS, JOHN A.                         NY-4-15-421
ENGLE, DAVID                            NY-4-5-133
ENGLE, PAUL M.                          NY-4-23-211
ENGLISH, ALBERT                         NY-4-12-37
ENGLISH, BENJAMIN                       NY-4-22-397
ENGLISH, CLARK                          NY-4-9-559
ENGLISH, JONATHAN                       NY-4-23-307
ENGLISH, LUKE                           NY-4-2-511
ENSIGN, DATUS W.                        NY-4-16-157
ENSIGN, ELMER E.                        NY-4-36-541
ENSIGN, OZIAS                           NY-4-19-487
ENSON, PHEBE A.                         NY-4-23-469
ERWIN, JOHN                             NY-4-5-163
EVANS, ALFRED J.                        NY-4-21-229
EVANS, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-4-21-541
EVANS, HENRY                            NY-4-#1-483
EVANS, HORATIO                          NY-4-20-517
EVANS, JAMES                            NY-4-O-93
EVANS, JOHN                             NY-4-23-187
EVANS, MARGARET T.                      NY-4-20-361
EVANS, VIRGINIA F.                      NY-4-27-43
EVARTS, WILLIAM                         NY-4-15-295
EVERETT, NEWTON F.                      NY-4-36-259
EVERETT, SARAH M.                       NY-4-31-265
EVERTS, ALONZO                          NY-4-21-547
EVERTS, PERTHENIA                       NY-4-16-247
EWELL, CORNELIA A.                      NY-4-2-175
FAIRBROTHER, CHESTER L.                 NY-4-5-511
FAIRBROTHER, THOMAS                     NY-4-7-379
FAIRBROTHER, WILLIAM                    NY-4-4-475
FAIRCHILD, SALLY ANN                    NY-4-27-223
FAIRCHILD, SUSAN                        NY-4-30-595
FAIRCHILD, WILLIAM                      NY-4-4-145
FANCHER, EDITH H. M.                    NY-4-34-295
FANCHER, JACOB W.                       NY-4-9-241
FANING, JOANNA                          NY-4-A-31
FANNING, ASA                            NY-4-O-459
FARNAM, SARAH M.                        NY-4-37-571
FARRELL, ANN                            NY-4-23-79
FARRELL, EDWARD                         NY-4-11-55
FAY, CHRISTOPHER                        NY-4-8-307
FAY, CHRISTOPHER                        NY-4-19-277
FAY, MARY                               NY-4-3-223
FEE, ELLEN J.                           NY-4-31-157
FELLETT, NATHAN B.                      NY-4-O-258
FELLOWS, SARAH C.                       NY-4-26-187
FELTER, ADAM                            NY-4-18-481
FELTER, DARWIN                          NY-4-30-349
FELTER, MATILDA ANN                     NY-4-22-355
FENN, WILLIAM                           NY-4-13-235
FENNELL, MARY                           NY-4-11-463
FERGUSON, ELONZO                        NY-4-26-25
FERRIS, AARON                           NY-4-16-175
FERRY, GRACE E.                         NY-4-37-247
FEURING, GEORGE                         NY-4-32-1
FILMER, JAMES                           NY-4-21-433
FINCH, DUDLEY T.                        NY-4-17-553
FINCH, EMILY M.                         NY-4-32-397
FINCH, RUFF                             NY-4-2-529
FINCH, THOMAS J.                        NY-4-31-289
FINLEY, PHILIP                          NY-4-5-499
FINN, DAVID H.                          NY-4-21-361
FINNEY, ISAAC A.                        NY-4-8-505
FISH, FANNY S.                          NY-4-25-397
FISH, HENRY                             NY-4-9-31
FISHER, DEBORAH J.                      NY-4-7-181
FISHER, JAMES G.                        NY-4-34-379
FISHER, JAMES S.                        NY-4-3-103
FISHER, JOHN                            NY-4-15-1
FITCH, BULAH                            NY-4-4-97
FITCH, MASON                            NY-4-21-307
FITZGERALD, JOSEPH                      NY-4-22-349
FITZGERALD, MARY                        NY-4-31-577
FITZGERALD, RICHARD                     NY-4-6-55
FITZGERALD, THOMAS                      NY-4-37-547
FLANAGAN, JOHN                          NY-4-2-469
FLANAGAN, NANCY                         NY-4-13-61
FLANIGAN, CATHARINE                     NY-4-15-175
FLANIGAN, JOHN                          NY-4-10-451
FLETCHER, GUSTAVUS                      NY-4-D-711
FLETCHER, JAMES M.                      NY-4-2-193
FLETCHER, RUSSELL B.                    NY-4-25-223
FLINT, ABNER                            NY-4-8-7
FLINT, GILBERT E.                       NY-4-35-583
FLINT, MARY ANN                         NY-4-9-271
FLINT, MARY T.                          NY-4-32-547
FLINT, ZACHEUS                          NY-4-9-307
FLYNN , JAMES                           NY-4-19-217
FLYNN, BERNARD                          NY-4-13-289
FOLEY, PATRICK                          NY-4-33-61
FOLEY, TIMOTHY                          NY-4-2-295
FOOT, ANDREW A.                         NY-4-6-223
FOOT, JOHN C.                           NY-4-6-457
FOOT, LEMUEL                            NY-4-I-194
FOOT, LUCRETIA                          NY-4-11-127
FORD, ADELINE W.                        NY-4-37-373
FORD, DELLA S.                          NY-4-30-259
FORD, MARCUS                            NY-4-#1-406
FORD, OLIVER P.                         NY-4-33-181
FORD, WILLIAM L.                        NY-4-33-229
FORKERS, JOSIAH                         NY-4-21-391
FORTMAN, WILLIAM H.                     NY-4-32-451
FOSS, WILLIAM                           NY-4-D-56
FOSTER, ABIJAH                          NY-4-B-73
FOSTER, CHARLES D.                      NY-4-2-349
FOSTER, GEORGE W.                       NY-4-12-367
FOSTER, GEORGE W.                       NY-4-O-544
FOSTER, IRINA J.                        NY-4-29-427
FOSTER, ISAAC S.                        NY-4-10-547
FOSTER, JAMES                           NY-4-5-409
FOSTER, MARY A.                         NY-4-23-565
FOSTER, MARY J.                         NY-4-2-391
FOUNTAIN, WILLIAM                       NY-4-4-211
FOX, ANN                                NY-4-10-487
FOX, JAMES                              NY-4-13-337
FOX, NICHOLAS                           NY-4-9-121
FOY, JAMES P.                           NY-4-34-337
FRANCIS, ROBERT                         NY-4-2-241
FRANEY, MARTIN                          NY-4-29-283
FRANK, BARBARA                          NY-4-24-439
FRASIER, LIMA                           NY-4-2-355
FREAR, ELLEN E.                         NY-4-6-211
FREAR, MARY R.                          NY-4-9-265
FREAR, NANCY D.                         NY-4-31-499
FREAR, PHEBE ANN                        NY-4-2-319
FREAR, WILLIAM                          NY-4-5-343
FREEMAN, CHARLES W.                     NY-4-5-523
FREEMAN, GEORGE                         NY-4-7-103
FREEMAN, LIZZIE B.                      NY-4-2-55
FREEMAN, LUCY A.                        NY-4-32-427
FREEMAN, SARAH A.                       NY-4-32-277
FREER, MARVIN                           NY-4-16-553
FRENCH, CYNTHIA                         NY-4-21-265
FRENCH, DELIA                           NY-4-29-331
FRENCH, EBENEZER S.                     NY-4-25-271
FRENCH, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-2-349
FRENCH, FRANKLIN                        NY-4-12-355
FRENCH, IRA                             NY-4-20-205
FRENCH, MARY A.                         NY-4-10-505
FRENCH, NELSON                          NY-4-16-493
FRENCH, PHEBE                           NY-4-17-379
FRENCH, ROOT                            NY-4-#1-285
FRENCH, SOPHRONIA H.                    NY-4-7-61
FRENCH, THOMAS                          NY-4-O-184
FRIER, AMADA E.                         NY-4-23-43
FRIER, LORENZO                          NY-4-17-529
FULLER, ABRAM                           NY-4-4-109
FULLER, ISAIAH                          NY-4-#1-326
FULLER, JANE                            NY-4-8-97
FULLER, JOEL                            NY-4-16-523
FULLER, NICHOLAS D.                     NY-4-31-343
FULMER, JOHN                            NY-4-#1-35
FURLOW, H. NELSON                       NY-4-33-271
GAFFENY, MARTIN S.                      NY-4-34-457
GAFFNEY, ROSE                           NY-4-19-481
GAGE, ASA                               NY-4-4-367
GAGE, BENJAMIN S.                       NY-4-11-37
GAGE, ELSIE                             NY-4-23-31
GAGE, SILAS M.                          NY-4-O-485
GAGE, THEODORE H.                       NY-4-11-145
GAGE, WILLIAM H.                        NY-4-28-253
GAHAGAN, ANDREW                         NY-4-35-7
GAHAGAN, THOMAS                         NY-4-21-415
GAIGE, EGBERT M.                        NY-4-30-103
GAIGE, ELIZABETH                        NY-4-35-307
GAIGE, LEONARD                          NY-4-37-127
GAIGE, LEVI M.                          NY-4-3-589
GAIGE, SABRA B.                         NY-4-2-361
GALE, JOHN                              NY-4-36-385
GALER, LUCY                             NY-4-33-1
GALES, LEE C.                           NY-4-24-1
GALIVAN, TIMOTHY                        NY-4-33-43
GALLOWAY, BETSEY                        NY-4-13-517
GALLOWAY, GEORGE W.                     NY-4-13-145
GANDOLFO, DOLORES                       NY-4-16-433
GANDOLFO, JOSEPH M.                     NY-4-#1-322
GANOUNG, CATHARINE                      NY-4-25-415
GARDINER, LAFAYETTE                     NY-4-31-421
GARDNER, CLARINDA                       NY-4-12-139
GARDNER, EDWIN L.                       NY-4-22-511
GARDNER, ISAAC E.                       NY-4-29-463
GARDNER, ROBERT                         NY-4-36-529
GARDNER, ROXANA                         NY-4-33-517
GARLICK, THEODORE H.                    NY-4-37-481
GARNEY, JOHN                            NY-4-5-139
GARNING, ELIZA M.                       NY-4-3-247
GARNSEY, JOSEPH                         NY-4-3-163
GARRISON, NANCY EVELINE                 NY-4-2-217
GARVEY, ELIZABETH T.                    NY-4-23-85
GARVEY, ELLEN                           NY-4-37-379
GARVEY, JAMES                           NY-4-15-373
GARVEY, MARY                            NY-4-15-301
GASKILL, GEORGE                         NY-4-8-289
GASKILL, SILAS                          NY-4-B-153
GATES, ALFRED A.                        NY-4-10-439
GATES, CLARISSA A.                      NY-4-23-223
GATES, ELIJAH                           NY-4-#1-459A
GATES, LOUIS                            NY-4-4-361
GATES, LYDIA M.                         NY-4-24-199
GATES, MARY JANE                        NY-4-4-415
GATES, ROBERT M.                        NY-4-34-481
GATES, RUSSELL                          NY-4-D-318
GATES, SUMNER                           NY-4-4-301
GATES, WILLIAM                          NY-4-10-319
GAVES, ABRAHAM JR.                      NY-4-D-593
GAYLORD, AARON                          NY-4-I-679
GAYLORD, CHARLES                        NY-4-15-7
GAYLORD, HENRY                          NY-4-6-91
GAYLORD, JAMES                          NY-4-4-13
GAYLORD, OSMAN                          NY-4-11-559
GAYLORD, RUTH                           NY-4-29-253
GEBRIG, CHARLES G.                      NY-4-32-217
GENNET, AARON                           NY-4-33-283
GIBBS, EBENEZER                         NY-4-O-128
GIBBS, JONAS C.                         NY-4-19-163
GIBLIN, PATRICK                         NY-4-4-55
GIBSON, ELVIRA A.                       NY-4-2-565
GIBSON, EPHRAIM H.                      NY-4-D-351
GIFFORD, WILLIAM                        NY-4-4-193
GILBERT, ANGELINE M.                    NY-4-8-595
GILMORE, FRANKLIN                       NY-4-10-115
GILMORE, LEMUEL                         NY-4-O-239
GILSON, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-33-121
GINGNET, HARRIET N.                     NY-4-36-391
GLEASON, CYNTHIA M.                     NY-4-27-259
GLEASON, JAMES                          NY-4-D-278
GLEASON, OMER W.                        NY-4-6-301
GLEASON, SALLY                          NY-4-12-433
GLEESON, JAMES J.                       NY-4-2-505
GLEZEN, MARY J.                         NY-4-8-433
GODFREY, DANIEL                         NY-4-12-193
GOETCHENS, JOHN D.                      NY-4-4-205
GOFF, HENRY A.                          NY-4-33-427
GOOD, TIMOTHY                           NY-4-34-289
GOODELL, ANNA                           NY-4-30-163
GOODMAN, LUTHER                         NY-4-29-175
GOODRICH, PERMINA                       NY-4-#1-437
GOODRICH, SARAH M.                      NY-4-21-67
GOODSELL, DAVID B.                      NY-4-24-313
GOODSPEED, PHILARMAN                    NY-4-21-157
GOODWIN, MARGARET MCLARNEY              NY-4-35-565
GORMAN, JOHN                            NY-4-11-493
GORMAN, PATRICK                         NY-4-35-427
GOWIN, NELSON L.                        NY-4-20-319
GRAF, MARY                              NY-4-29-391
GRAHAM, JOHN S.                         NY-4-3-331
GRANGE, PHEBE A.                        NY-4-24-277
GRANGE, WILLIAM                         NY-4-21-235
GRANT, DANIEL                           NY-4-26-1
GRANT, DUNCAN R.                        NY-4-33-97
GRANT, SARAH E.                         NY-4-34-415
GRAVES, ABRAHAM JR.                     NY-4-D-581
GRAVES, ABRAM                           NY-4-N-358
GRAVES, EDWARD                          NY-4-10-55
GRAVES, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-4-15-481
GRAVES, LUCY ANN                        NY-4-10-253
GRAVES, VINCENT                         NY-4-O-136
GRAY, ARTHUR                            NY-4-A-39
GRAY, BETHEL                            NY-4-#1-223
GRAY, HALA                              NY-4-18-205
GRAY, JEREMIAH                          NY-4-27-115
GRAY, LUCRETIA                          NY-4-#1-291
GRAY, RICHARD                           NY-4-11-1
GRAY, WILLIAM                           NY-4-37-415
GREEN, ABRAM H.                         NY-4-11-91
GREEN, ALVA                             NY-4-23-445
GREEN, ANGELINE                         NY-4-4-421
GREEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-4-I-618
GREEN, EMELINE                          NY-4-24-133
GREEN, JOHN                             NY-4-20-199
GREEN, MERCY                            NY-4-8-25
GREEN, PHILO                            NY-4-#1-541
GREEN, ROSANNA                          NY-4-9-583
GREENE, ELIZA A.                        NY-4-26-517
GREENE, JANETTE A.                      NY-4-25-559
GREENE, MARY DEWEY                      NY-4-32-301
GREENE, MARY ELIZABETH                  NY-4-15-211
GREGORY, EMILY B.                       NY-4-16-415
GREGORY, HARVEY                         NY-4-2-493
GREGORY, MARIETTA                       NY-4-34-91
GREGORY, WILLIAM                        NY-4-26-373
GREIF, FRANK J.                         NY-4-21-385
GRIDLEY, FRANK D.                       NY-4-36-367
GRIFFIN, LANSING                        NY-4-23-103
GRIFFIN, SUSAN P.                       NY-4-32-109
GRIFFITH, MARGARET                      NY-4-5-115
GRIGGS, ALVIN                           NY-4-5-331
GRIGGS, FREDERICK S.                    NY-4-6-241
GRIGGS, ISAAC A.                        NY-4-#1-195
GRIGGS, JENNIE C.                       NY-4-29-139
GRIGGS, NOAH H.                         NY-4-O-496
GRIPPEN, NATHAN                         NY-4-25-349
GRISWOLD, HORACE                        NY-4-2-571
GRISWOLD, HORACE S.                     NY-4-3-61
GRISWOLD, WHITING                       NY-4-#1-298
GRISWOLD, WILLIAM L.                    NY-4-30-499
GROAT, HARRIET P.                       NY-4-35-253
GROAT, SIMON J.                         NY-4-34-1
GRUBB, JAMES                            NY-4-D-9
GRUMMOND, FRED W.                       NY-4-32-289
GUERNSEY, BIRNEY                        NY-4-#1-164
GUERNSEY, CHAUNCEY                      NY-4-O-195
GUERNSEY, F. PENELOPE                   NY-4-21-469
GUERNSEY, POLLY P.                      NY-4-24-511
GUERNSEY, ROELNG                        NY-4-2-211
GUILFOYLE, DANIEL                       NY-4-3-499
GUILFOYLE, JOHN                         NY-4-7-463
GUNNISON, CHRISTOPHER B.                NY-4-35-577
GUY, AURELIA ANN                        NY-4-31-127
GUY, HARRY P.                           NY-4-19-559
GWIN , NANCY E.                         NY-4-30-337
HADLEY, DANIEL, TIOGA, NY               NY-4-A-2
HADSELL, CLARISSA                       NY-4-19-523
HAGADORN, WILLIAM A.                    NY-4-32-367
HAGAMAN, MAURICE                        NY-4-18-475
HAGAMAN, ROBERT M.                      NY-4-9-367
HAHER, JAMES                            NY-4-22-523
HAIGHT, LEWIS                           NY-4-8-523
HAINES, WHITNEY                         NY-4-9-451
HAINES, WILLIAM                         NY-4-24-469
HALL, ARCHELAUS T.                      NY-4-2-169
HALL, CHARLES H.                        NY-4-I-709
HALL, CLARISSA S.                       NY-4-22-583
HALL, DANIEL                            NY-4-4-355
HALL, ELIJAH                            NY-4-17-541
HALL, ELLA M.                           NY-4-22-133
HALL, FRANK A.                          NY-4-18-487
HALL, GEORGE W.                         NY-4-5-241
HALL, HENRY                             NY-4-O-318
HALL, HENRY                             NY-4-31-565
HALL, JOHN                              NY-4-3-55
HALL, LEVI                              NY-4-#1-410
HALL, LOVISA M.                         NY-4-30-313
HALL, MARTIN                            NY-4-2-235
HALL, OWEN C.                           NY-4-34-349
HALL, REUBEN                            NY-4-#1-307
HALL, RICHARD H.                        NY-4-4-43
HALL, SAMUEL H. P.                      NY-4-6-463
HALL, SARAH                             NY-4-35-595
HALL, WILLIAM                           NY-4-B-273
HALL, WILLIAM B.                        NY-4-N-178
HALLOCK, GEORGE A.                      NY-4-36-229
HALLORIN, DENNIS                        NY-4-37-115
HALPIN, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-30-73
HALPIN, JOHN                            NY-4-24-583
HALPIN, PATRICK                         NY-4-19-157
HALSTED, HALMINA S.                     NY-4-20-343
HAMMOND, ROBERT                         NY-4-19-307
HAMMOND, STODDARD                       NY-4-19-427
HANCHETT, FRED                          NY-4-24-307
HANCHETT, ISAAC                         NY-4-19-517
HANCOCK, MARY E. P.                     NY-4-18-463
HAND, HOSEA                             NY-4-18-55
HANDERHAN, BRIDGET                      NY-4-23-1
HANDY, CALVIN                           NY-4-2-55
HANDY, JANE                             NY-4-5-277
HANEY, HENRY                            NY-4-17-475
HANFORD, JOHN M.                        NY-4-#1-556
HANFORD, LAURA                          NY-4-19-367
HANLEY, JOHN                            NY-4-21-55
HANLEY, MARIA                           NY-4-23-121
HANNIGAN, CATHARINE                     NY-4-26-97
HANRAHAN, JAMES                         NY-4-13-25
HANRAHAN, JOHN                          NY-4-10-589
HANRAHAN, MARY                          NY-4-15-259
HANSON, ISAAC B.                        NY-4-25-175
HANVER, PETER A.                        NY-4-16-187
HARDENDORF, GEORGE M.                   NY-4-2-43
HARDING, AUGUSTUS L.                    NY-4-4-1
HARDING, ELIZABETH W.                   NY-4-18-133
HARDING, JANE A.                        NY-4-5-97
HARDY, CATHERINE                        NY-4-22-259
HARDY, SAMUEL                           NY-4-11-385
HARFORD, EVA L.                         NY-4-26-343
HARGER, EDWARD                          NY-4-36-433
HARLEY, CORNELL                         NY-4-30-253
HARMAN, PHEBE                           NY-4-10-367
HARMON, LAURA E.                        NY-4-19-115
HARPER, GEORGE                          NY-4-D-224
HARPER, GEORGE                          NY-4-D-235
HARPER, GODFREY                         NY-4-7-271
HARPER, HENRY S.                        NY-4-9-463
HARPER, JOHN W.                         NY-4-N-26
HARPER, MARY ANN                        NY-4-O-160
HARPER, PHENA                           NY-4-7-415
HARPER, ROSWELL                         NY-4-27-319
HARRINGTON, BENJAMIN                    NY-4-#1-277
HARRINGTON, FRANCIS                     NY-4-20-175
HARRINGTON, MARGARET                    NY-4-25-475
HARRINGTON, MARGARET                    NY-4-24-559
HARRINGTON, NATHAN                      NY-4-8-541
HARRINGTON, RICHARD D.                  NY-4-18-307
HARRINGTON, RUSSELL                     NY-4-21-187
HARRIS, JOHN R.                         NY-4-2-463
HARRIS, LYMAN                           NY-4-37-421
HARRIS, MARY E.                         NY-4-31-43
HARROLD, MARY                           NY-4-29-1
HART, BENNETT                           NY-4-4-481
HARTMAN, ELLEN                          NY-4-27-577
HARTWELL, ARCHIBALD                     NY-4-12-307
HARVEY, ANDREW J.                       NY-4-26-469
HARVEY, ELIAS S.                        NY-4-2-37
HARVEY, ELIZA                           NY-4-#1-445
HARVEY, MARY                            NY-4-2-265
HARVEY, MARY R.                         NY-4-35-511
HARVEY, NEWMAN                          NY-4-31-217
HASTINGS, EDMOND                        NY-4-16-457
HATCH, FRANK H.                         NY-4-34-151
HATCH, MOSES                            NY-4-2-367
HATCH, OLIVER W.                        NY-4-13-505
HATHAWAY, ESTHER                        NY-4-8-115
HATHAWAY, EUSTIS                        NY-4-4-7
HATHAWAY, LOIS                          NY-4-9-133
HATTEN, ALBERT                          NY-4-35-139
HAUPTMAN, WILLIAM                       NY-4-22-7
HAUVER, WILLIAM A.                      NY-4-2-331
HAVILAND, JOHN T.                       NY-4-26-85
HAWKES, DEXTER                          NY-4-13-445
HAWKINS, ELIJAH                         NY-4-5-415
HAWLEY, EMILY J.                        NY-4-19-19
HAWLEY, JAMES S.                        NY-4-4-517
HAWLEY, MARTIN                          NY-4-I-804
HAYES, EBENEZER                         NY-4-I-445
HAYES, EDSON                            NY-4-#1-56
HAYES, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-4-21-61
HAYES, HELEN M.                         NY-4-9-67
HAYES, JAMES                            NY-4-7-247
HAYES, LEVI                             NY-4-10-13
HAYES, MARCIA                           NY-4-31-589
HAYES, MARY                             NY-4-27-19
HAYES, MICHAEL                          NY-4-25-493
HAYES, MICHAEL                          NY-4-31-223
HAYES, PATRICK                          NY-4-31-505
HAYES, ROSANNA                          NY-4-24-73
HAYES, TIMOTHY H.                       NY-4-37-199
HAYNES, ADELIA                          NY-4-4-559
HAYNES, CHARLES C.                      NY-4-25-37
HAYNOR, HATTIE                          NY-4-37-511
HAYS, WELTHA B.                         NY-4-29-439
HAZARD, EDMOND                          NY-4-I-587
HAZARD, EDWARD A.                       NY-4-11-259
HAZARD, HIRAM C.                        NY-4-8-361
HAZLEY, JAMES                           NY-4-33-157
HEADLEY, WILLIAM L.                     NY-4-9-361
HEARY, CHARLES                          NY-4-12-397
HEATH, ASA B.                           NY-4-25-577
HEATH, CHARLES A.                       NY-4-29-217
HEATH, DAVID B.                         NY-4-#1-418
HEATH, DAVID B.                         NY-4-#1-404
HEATH, ELLEN                            NY-4-25-391
HEATH, FREDERICK M.                     NY-4-22-139
HEATH, IRVING                           NY-4-37-91
HEATH, JOHN                             NY-4-2-319
HEATH, MERCY                            NY-4-6-289
HECOX, WILLIAM H.                       NY-4-18-523
HEFFERN, ELIZABETH                      NY-4-27-7
HEINSNICKEL, GEORGE F.                  NY-4-32-223
HEMINGWAY, GEORGE C.                    NY-4-21-145
HEMINGWAY, LAVINA B.                    NY-4-27-187
HEMINGWAY, SARAH J.                     NY-4-6-139
HENDRICKSON, PETER                      NY-4-D-212
HENNESSEY, DENNIS J.                    NY-4-34-175
HENNESSEY, MARIA                        NY-4-19-253
HENNING, JOANNA                         NY-4-27-445
HENWOOD, CATHERINE                      NY-4-20-289
HEWITT, HULDAH                          NY-4-35-319
HICKOX, CHARLES T.                      NY-4-30-343
HICKOX, EZRA T.                         NY-4-6-283
HICKOX, HARRIET P.                      NY-4-19-7
HICKS, THOMAS                           NY-4-10-133
HIGBE, ELIJAH                           NY-4-N-15
HIGBEE, CHANCELLOR                      NY-4-32-475
HIGLEY, ISAAC G.                        NY-4-19-415
HIGLEY, ROSWELL                         NY-4-O-560
HILL, ADALINE                           NY-4-36-481
HILL, HANNAH                            NY-4-12-415
HILL, NANCY                             NY-4-B-322
HILLERS, AMELIA M.                      NY-4-17-19
HILLS, E. DELAVAN                       NY-4-17-523
HILSDORF, LIZZIE                        NY-4-24-463
HILTON, WILLIAM P.                      NY-4-#1-519
HINAMAN, MARY C.                        NY-4-26-301
HINDS, JOHN S.                          NY-4-23-397
HINMAN, BALIS                           NY-4-33-397
HIREEN, MARY E.                         NY-4-15-25
HIRSCHMANN, LUDWIG J.                   NY-4-24-589
HITCHCOCK, ANN KEZIA                    NY-4-20-55
HITCHCOCK, EUPHRASIA J.                 NY-4-26-337
HITCHCOCK, SIMON C.                     NY-4-8-217
HOADLEY, ASA A.                         NY-4-4-577
HOADLEY, CHAUNCY E.                     NY-4-2-91
HOADLEY, DAVID                          NY-4-I-611
HOADLEY, HOBERT W.                      NY-4-9-379
HOADLEY, JARED                          NY-4-N-373
HOADLEY, JARED N.                       NY-4-16-301
HOADLEY, RUSSEL B.                      NY-4-O-492
HOADLEY, ULYSSES R.                     NY-4-32-361
HOADLEY, WILLIAM W.                     NY-4-10-433
HOAG, EDWARD A.                         NY-4-#1-113
HOAG, FREDERICK F.                      NY-4-19-397
HOAG, LAURA A.                          NY-4-18-187
HOAG, NELON                             NY-4-27-175
HOARD, MARTHA                           NY-4-24-259
HODGES, BENJAMIN                        NY-4-11-337
HODGES, JOSEPH                          NY-4-34-157
HOGABOOM, EMERETT A.                    NY-4-27-373
HOGAN, MICHAEL                          NY-4-13-367
HOGAN, PATRICK                          NY-4-8-85
HOGELAND, ABRAM                         NY-4-B-159
HOGG, GEORGE E.                         NY-4-34-283
HOGG, ROBERT 3RD                        NY-4-12-343
HOGG, SAMUEL                            NY-4-4-457
HOLCOMB, BARTON ANDREW                  NY-4-35-493
HOLCOMB, CARLOS                         NY-4-N-342
HOLCOMB, IMRI                           NY-4-5-85
HOLCOMB, LEVI                           NY-4-C-27
HOLCOMB, NATHANIEL                      NY-4-O-98
HOLCOMB, ORSWIN                         NY-4-11-325
HOLDEN, CAROLINE E.                     NY-4-25-379
HOLDER, BETSEY P.                       NY-4-2-325
HOLDER, WILLIAM                         NY-4-15-355
HOLLAND, ALMIRA                         NY-4-16-145
HOLLAND, CHARLES A.                     NY-4-24-295
HOLLAND, ELIZA A.                       NY-4-10-265
HOLLAND, HANNAH E.                      NY-4-16-271
HOLLAND, JOHN                           NY-4-35-571
HOLLAND, LAURA                          NY-4-10-289
HOLLAND, MARY                           NY-4-36-325
HOLLAND, ROBERT                         NY-4-6-271
HOLLENBECK, JACOB                       NY-4-2-1
HOLLISTER, LOUISE O.                    NY-4-31-79
HOLMES, FREDERICK A.                    NY-4-5-55
HOLT, JAMES M. JR.                      NY-4-32-349
HOLT, JEREMIAH                          NY-4-N-428
HOLTON, LAWRENCE                        NY-4-17-67
HONAN, JOHN                             NY-4-15-409
HONAN, JULIA                            NY-4-25-469
HOOPER, MARY A.                         NY-4-10-247
HOOPER, PHILANDER                       NY-4-13-481
HOOPER,  ROBERT E.                      NY-4-34-79
HOOTON, WILLIAM                         NY-4-31-235
HOPKINS, HARRIET L.                     NY-4-8-577
HOPKINS, HUGH                           NY-4-37-7
HOPKINS, JOHN W.                        NY-4-26-283
HOPKINS, NELSON J.                      NY-4-#1-186
HOPKINS, PETER W.                       NY-4-8-265
HOPKINS, PHILIP A.                      NY-4-16-217
HOPKINS, RUTH                           NY-4-10-379
HORNE, ELIJAH H.                        NY-4-4-121
HORTON, BENJAMIN D.                     NY-4-4-433
HORTON, CHARLOTTE                       NY-4-9-13
HORTON, CHLOE C.                        NY-4-2-157
HORTON, DEWITT C.                       NY-4-36-13
HORTON, EDGAR P.                        NY-4-20-139
HORTON, HENRY W.                        NY-4-25-409
HORTON, MARY                            NY-4-37-223
HORTON, THOMAS                          NY-4-I-723
HOSFORD, CORNELIA J.                    NY-4-3-67
HOTCHKISS, CHRISTINA                    NY-4-17-433
HOTCHKISS, DAVID                        NY-4-B-356
HOTCHKISS, FREDERICK                    NY-4-I-145
HOTCHKISS, GEORGE                       NY-4-21-163
HOTCHKISS, GILES W.                     NY-4-8-1
HOTCHKISS, JOSEPHINE A.                 NY-4-32-229
HOTCHKISS, KATE E.                      NY-4-35-391
HOUGHTAILING, LEVI N.                   NY-4-3-421
HOUGHTALING, JOHN                       NY-4-9-253
HOUGHTON, HARRIET                       NY-4-29-169
HOUK, AHIMAAZ                           NY-4-7-205
HOURIGAN, JAMES F.                      NY-4-21-325
HOWARD, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-27-13
HOWARD, HENRY                           NY-4-18-433
HOWARD, JANE                            NY-4-31-331
HOWARD, JESSE                           NY-4-N-75
HOWARD, MORGAN R.                       NY-4-2-217
HOWARD, NATHAN                          NY-4-#1-1
HOWARD, SAMUEL B.                       NY-4-10-7
HOWARTH, ANN                            NY-4-36-1
HOWE, ISRAEL                            NY-4-15-55
HOWE, MARY                              NY-4-21-109
HOWE, SAMUEL B.                         NY-4-6-253
HOWELL, HOLLAND S.                      NY-4-10-151
HOWLAND, ABBIE                          NY-4-17-337
HOWLAND, CORRINNE                       NY-4-25-589
HOWLAND, GEORGE S.                      NY-4-12-109
HOWLAND, MINOR                          NY-4-31-403
HOWLAND, STEPHEN B.                     NY-4-9-565
HOYT, AMASA J.                          NY-4-33-247
HOYT, ORIMEL                            NY-4-8-43
HOYT, PHEBE E.                          NY-4-33-325
HOYT, STEPHEN                           NY4-12-217
HOYT, STEPHEN                           NY-4-12-217
HUBBARD, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-4-13-499
HUBBARD, LOVINA E.                      NY-4-27-355
HUBBARD, MORIS E.                       NY-4-16-1
HUBBARD, OTIS C.                        NY-4-6-181
HUBBARD, ZADOCK                         NY-4-B-78
HUBBELL, ALMERIN                        NY-4-9-1
HUBBELL, CHRISTINA                      NY-4-29-127
HUGABOON, ELIZABETH                     NY-4-20-385
HUGGINS, SAMUEL                         NY-4-3-199
HUGNMER, PHEBE JANE                     NY-4-10-37
HUGUNIER, VINCENT                       NY-4-3-517
HULBERT, HENRY                          NY-4-4-13
HULL, EMILY M.                          NY-4-16-223
HULL, JEREMIAH                          NY-4-9-157
HULL, JOHN                              NY-4-26-271
HULL, SOPHIA                            NY-4-30-541
HULTZLANDER, ASA                        NY-4-37-259
HUMASTON, LEWIS                         NY-4-2-121
HUMASTON, RUSSELL                       NY-4-27-391
HUMASTUN, TITUS (LT.)                   NY-4-B-190
HUMISTON, GROVE                         NY-4-6-445
HUMPHREY, JANE                          NY-4-12-187
HUMPHREY, JOSEPH                        NY-4-24-67
HUMPHREY, ROBERT J.                     NY-4-35-547
HUMPHREY, THERON                        NY-4-#1-310
HUNGERFORD, ELIZABETH                   NY-4-29-67
HUNGERFORD, GERSHAM                     NY-4-N-338
HUNT, JAMES D.                          NY-4-27-403
HUNT, JOHN A.                           NY-4-31-229
HUNT, JOHN M.                           NY-4-27-307
HUNTER, MARY E.                         NY-4-18-361
HUNTLEY, HELEN                          NY-4-10-211
HUNTLEY, KATE S.                        NY-4-35-337
HUNTLEY, PHILA M.                       NY-4-25-103
HUNTLEY, WILLIAM                        NY-4-11-211
HUPMAN, JOHN                            NY-4-24-289
HURD, STEPHEN                           NY-4-7-157
HURD, STEPHEN D.                        NY-4-8-295
HURLBURT, BERT R.                       NY-4-13-301
HURLBURT, CHAUNCEY L.                   NY-4-4-157
HURLBURT, ISAAC A.                      NY-4-8-337
HURLBURT, JOHN                          NY-4-13-577
HURLBURT, MARTIN                        NY-4-12-403
HURLBURT, SUSAN                         NY-4-11-19
HURLBURT, THADEUS                       NY-4-O-234
HURLBUT, DAVID                          NY-4-B-213
HURLEY, JOHANNA                         NY-4-19-31
HUYCK, CORDELIA                         NY-4-8-553
HUYCK, LAURA JANE                       NY-4-30-451
HYDE, CAROLINE G.                       NY-4-31-553
HYDE, CHARLES                           NY-4-8-403
HYDE, GEORGE                            NY-4-18-271
HYDE, JERUSHA                           NY-4-2-397

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