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INDERLIED, JULIUS J.                    NY-4-37-283
INGALLS, F.                             NY-4-10-493
INGERSON, JOHN D.                       NY-4-11-529
INGHAM, MARTIN L.                       NY-4-26-205
INGRAHAM, CHARLES                       NY-4-#1-511
IRELAND, PHEBETTA                       NY-4-12-283
ISBELL, MARY L.                         NY-4-21-19
IVES, REUBEN N.                         NY-4-33-565
JACKSON, ABIGAIL R.                     NY-4-22-427
JACKSON, CAROLINE                       NY-4-20-481
JACKSON, CHARLES C.                     NY-4-36-505
JACKSON, DAVID P.                       NY-4-35-199
JACKSON, EBER                           NY-4-4-349
JACKSON, HENRY                          NY-4-2-187
JACKSON, JANET B.                       NY-4-15-415
JACKSON, JOHN H.                        NY-4-10-385
JACKSON, LYDIA M.                       NY-4-4-319
JACKSON, MARY                           NY-4-4-25
JACKSON, MERLIN                         NY-4-3-121
JACOBS, SARAH E.                        NY-4-32-43
JAMES, HENRY                            NY-4-29-43
JAPHET, GOERGE W.                       NY-4-35-301
JAPHET, HANNAH E.                       NY-4-33-511
JARVIS, FREDERICK S.                    NY-4-13-169
JARVIS, JEANNETTE B.                    NY-4-13-193
JARVIS, WILLIAM A.                      NY-4-9-523
JAY, PETER                              NY-4-I-16
JEFFERS, ALVAH                          NY-4-8-355
JEFFERS, JABEZ                          NY-4-O-389
JENISON, LEWIS                          NY-4-29-133
JENISON, LUTHER                         NY-4-4-49
JENKS, CHARLS                           NY-4-7-295
JENNINGS, ALFRED                        NY-4-#1-525
JENNINGS, EDWARD                        NY-4-27-181
JENNINGS, HARRIET                       NY-4-2-379
JENNINGS, REBECCA E.                    NY-4-36-67
JENNINGS, SARAH                         NY-4-12-421
JEWELL, PHEBE                           NY-4-13-7
JEWETT, EDNA E.                         NY-4-37-295
JOBSON, GEORGE C.                       NY-4-31-25
JOHNSON, ALMERIN                        NY-4-33-505
JOHNSON, ANNIE E.                       NY-4-33-319
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE                      NY-4-25-517
JOHNSON, CYRUS                          NY-4-O-10
JOHNSON, ERASTUS                        NY-4-9-487
JOHNSON, EUNICE L.                      NY-4-21-379
JOHNSON, GEORGE                         NY-4-25-181
JOHNSON, HENRY                          NY-4-I-405
JOHNSON, HENRY B.                       NY-4-35-403
JOHNSON, HERMON                         NY-4-12-595
JOHNSON, HIRAM E.                       NY-4-2-403
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          NY-4-2-31
JOHNSON, JAMES W.                       NY-4-O-222
JOHNSON, JANE A.                        NY-4-30-331
JOHNSON, JOHN                           NY-4-O-366
JOHNSON, MAHLON E.                      NY-4-20-379
JOHNSON, MARY A.                        NY-4-20-355
JOHNSON, PETER                          NY-4-13-523
JOHNSON, POLLY M.                       NY-4-33-7
JOHNSON, PRIMROSE S.                    NY-4-26-247
JOHNSON, REUBEN                         NY-4-N-407
JOHNSON, ROBERT CHQARLES                NY-4-A-33
JOHNSON, ROBERT J.                      NY-4-22-589
JOHNSON, THOMAS                         NY-4-22-187
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          NY-4-D-1
JONES, ALFRED                           NY-4-11-481
JONES, DANIEL M.                        NY-4-17-265
JONES, ELIAS                            NY-4-I-100
JONES, GEORGE                           NY-4-O-499
JONES, JAMES M.                         NY-4-21-241
JONES, LEVI                             NY-4-N-272
JONES, LEWIS                            NY-4-30-19
JONES, RICHARD W.                       NY-4-24-505
JONES, SAMUEL                           NY-4-D-273
JONES, SARAH M.                         NY-4-33-175
JOPHET, ALBERT                          NY-4-O-165
JORDAN, ASA                             NY-4-I-675
JOSSLYN, JOSEPH D.                      NY-4-31-355
JUDD, ALBERT A.                         NY-4-33-115
JUDD, ALLEN S.                          NY-4-10-307
JUDD, CHARLES W.                        NY-4-9-37
JUDD, DANIEL B.                         NY-4-25-151
JUDD, LURY                              NY-4-3-577
JUDD, MELICENT                          NY-4-#1-548
JUDSON, EMILY M.                        NY-4-36-175
JUNE, DAVID                             NY-4-7-13
KALES, MARY ANN                         NY-4-22-319
KANALAY, PATRICK                        NY-4-4-535
KANE, JAMES                             NY-4-35-247
KANE, PATRICK                           NY-4-26-595
KANE, SIMON                             NY-4-31-109
KATTELL, ANNA                           NY-4-15-163
KATTELL, ELIAS                          NY-4-#1-386
KEACH, JOHN H.                          NY-4-24-535
KEATOR, THOMAS W.                       NY-4-#1-366
KEAYS, SARAH D. H.                      NY-4-25-235
KEDZIE, ADAM A.                         NY-4-4-343
KEECH, WILLIAM                          NY-4-23-331
KEEGAN, JAMES                           NY-4-25-451
KEELER, HARRIET A.                      NY-4-11-139
KEELER, HIRAM K.                        NY-4-7-259
KEELER, JANE                            NY-4-6-25
KEELER, LEWIS                           NY-4-D-696
KEELER, MARY E.                         NY-4-2-223
KEELER, MERCIA A.                       NY-4-6-259
KEENAN, PATRICK                         NY-4-9-439
KEILY, EDMUND                           NY-4-9-547
KELLEY, BRIDGET                         NY-4-24-19
KELLEY, EDMUND                          NY-4-24-247
KELLEY, JENNIE                          NY-4-27-331
KELLEY, JOHN                            NY-4-#1-382
KELLOGG, MARTIN D.                      NY-4-#1-457
KELLS, MARY ANN                         NY-4-22-319
KELLUM, GILSON                          NY-4-8-331
KELLUM, PHEBE ELIZABETH                 NY-4-20-187
KELLY, JAMES                            NY-4-16-583
KELLY, JOHN                             NY-4-8-283
KELLY, NELLIE                           NY-4-24-193
KELSEY, JONATHAN                        NY-4-B-42
KELSEY, SILAS                           NY-4-O-190
KENDALL, ALFRED                         NY-4-35-355
KENDALL, MARY A.                        NY-4-36-403
KENDALL, THADDEUS R.                    NY-4-11-49
KENEFICK, JAMES                         NY-4-24-85
KENEFICK, JOHN                          NY-4-2-415
KENNEDY, JOHN                           NY-4-31-379
KENT, ACHSA E.                          NY-4-15-367
KENT, ANNA                              NY-4-B-111
KENT, ERI                               NY-4-33-79
KENT, N. JENNIE                         NY-4-17-361
KENT, PHILO                             NY-4-D-253
KENT, UACHE                             NY-4-11-97
KERINS, JAMES                           NY-4-29-7
KERR, HARRIET A.                        NY-4-5-121
KETCHAM, DORCAS M.                      NY-4-3-457
KETCHUM, ALVA K.                        NY-4-2-19
KETCHUM, BENJAMIN F.                    NY-4-24-223
KETCHUM, ELIZA ANN                      NY-4-5-271
KETCHUM, LEWIS                          NY-4-13-127
KETCHUM, MARY A.                        NY-4-32-67
KETCHUM, NANCY M.                       NY-4-33-331
KETCHUM, ROBERT J.                      NY-4-11-589
KETCHUM, SARAH                          NY-4-2-595
KETTELL, EDWARD C.                      NY-4-11-439
KEUREN, BEULAH                          NY-4-23-499
KEYES, ISRAEL                           NY-4-2-397
KEYES, LEVI                             NY-4-26-577
KIERNAN, WINIFRED M.                    NY-4-36-181
KILE, LAFRANCE                          NY-4-33-523
KILEY, FRANCIS                          NY-4-33-265
KILLELA, ELEANOR                        NY-4-34-367
KING, ADOLPHUS                          NY-4-22-367
KING, ELIZA L.                          NY-4-33-277
KING, GEORGE T.                         NY-4-25-85
KING, HIRAM                             NY-4-20-91
KING, HIRAM I.                          NY-4-13-583
KING, MARY E.                           NY-4-31-559
KINGSLEY, ROSA W.                       NY-4-10-182
KINNEY, EUGENE H.                       NY-4-36-589
KINNEY, JULIA A.                        NY-4-3-271
KINNEY, MARY                            NY-4-35-541
KINNEY, MATTHEW C.                      NY-4-13-97
KINNEY, NATHAN C.                       NY-4-4-175
KINSMAN, LYDIA A.                       NY-4-22-73
KINYON, JOHN W.                         NY-4-37-121
KINYON, MARY                            NY-4-37-139
KIPP, CORNELIUS                         NY-4-3-529
KIPP, EPHRAIM                           NY-4-#1-236
KIPP, TUNIS C.                          NY-4-30-49
KIRBY, ABAGAIL B.                       NY-4-24-475
KIRBY, JAMES                            NY-4-#1-329
KLEE, HENRY                             NY-4-32-13
KLEE, MARGARET E.                       NY-4-34-577
KLEE, MARY S.                           NY-4-32-565
KNAPP, ABRAM                            NY-4-O-249
KNAPP, JOSEPH E.                        NY-4-20-577
KNAPP, JULIUS B.                        NY-4-24-139
KNAPP, JUSTUS                           NY-4-#1-535
KNAPP, RACHEL                           NY-4-11-343
KNAPP, RICHARD                          NY-4-6-49
KNAPP, WARREN                           NY-4-16-469
KNAPP, WILLIAM M.                       NY-4-30-85
KNIGHT, ANGELINE L.                     NY-4-26-451
KNIGHT, CYNTHIA J.                      NY-4-20-535
KNIGHT, JOEL                            NY-4-#1-369
KNIGHT, WILLIAM E.                      NY-4-9-331
KNISKERN, JAMES M.                      NY-4-27-523
KNOWLTON, GARDON                        NY-4-5-37
KNOWLTON, HENRY M.                      NY-4-26-139
KNOX, ADELIA E.                         NY-4-20-1
KNOX, ALICE F.                          NY-4-29-505
KNOX, ANNA                              NY-4-12-253
KNOX, HARRIET M.                        NY-4-9-577
KNOX, MERRITT M.                        NY-4-29-457
KNOX, MILTON                            NY-4-18-139
KRESS, MINA                             NY-4-34-499
KRESS, WILLIAM                          NY-4-25-91
LABARORN, HARRIET                       NY-4-12-265
LACEY, NOAH                             NY-4-4-73
LACKEY, GEORGE                          NY-4-2-583
LAGRANGE, JOHN                          NY-4-N-363
LAGRANGE, MOSES                         NY-4-4-457
LAINHART, AARON                         NY-4-36-343
LAKE, EDWARD C.                         NY-4-#1-43
LAKE, MARY                              NY-4-O-572
LAMB, ISAAC                             NY-4-I-130
LAMB, ISAAC T.                          NY-4-25-163
LAMBERT, CLARRISSA M.                   NY-4-27-463
LAMOUREUX, FREDERICK                    NY-4-15-493
LAMSCHA, FEDINAND                       NY-4-2-277
LANAHAN, RICHARD                        NY-4-9-85
LANDERS, EBEN                           NY-4-4-31
LANDERS, JOSEPH                         NY-4-I-119
LANDERS, MARCELLUS                      NY-4-31-433
LANDERS, REBECCA L.                     NY-4-36-199
LANDFIELD, JEROME B.                    NY-4-32-241
LANE, BARTHOLOMEW W.                    NY-4-30-493
LANGDON, CALVIN                         NY-4-8-379
LANGDON, LYDIA A.                       NY-4-18-511
LANGDON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-4-16-85
LANGTON, SARAH A.                       NY-4-18-439
LARABEE, SAMUEL                         NY-4-D-75
LARGE, GEORGE                           NY-4-9-217
LARKIN, MARY                            NY-4-37-301
LARUE, AMOS                             NY-4-23-217
LASHIER, AARON                          NY-4-4-187
LASHIER, DOCTOR F.                      NY-4-36-187
LATHROP, EZEKIEL                        NY-4-11-505
LATOURETTE, HENRY                       NY-4-15-379
LATOURETTE, MARY DE                     NY-4-18-163
LATOURTETTE, PETER                      NY-4-D-25
LAUDER, EMMA                            NY-4-37-583
LAW, CHARLOTTE B.                       NY-4-23-517
LAWRENCE, BETSEY                        NY-4-18-49
LAWRENCE, EDMUND                        NY-4-2-301
LAWSON, JULIA E.                        NY-4-7-373
LAWTON, JOHN G.                         NY-4-8-415
LAWTON, PHEBE E.                        NY-4-29-385
LAWYER, EMILY E.                        NY-4-27-91
LAYTON, BYRON                           NY-4-2-559
LAYTON, DANIEL M.                       NY-4-17-469
LAYTON, JOHN                            NY-4-17-493
LAYTON, ROBERT                          NY-4-25-1
LEACH, CAROLINE W.                      NY-4-23-301
LEACH, JOSEPH                           NY-4-#1-177
LEACH, JULIAETTE                        NY-4-34-217
LEACH, LEANDER                          NY-4-3-607
LEACH, WINSLOW C.                       NY-4-4-433
LEADBETTER, WILLIAM L.                  NY-4-33-187
LEBARRON, SAMUEL                        NY-4-5-373
LEBARRON, SYLVESTER                     NY-4-36-151
LEE, ALONZO S.                          NY-4-8-169
LEE, AMBROSE                            NY-4-13-187
LEE, BETSEY A.                          NY-4-15-505
LEE, RHODA ANN                          NY-4-8-301
LEE, SAMUEL                             NY-4-O-468
LEE, SAMUEL                             NY-4-25-433
LEE, WILLIAM                            NY-4-D-603
LEET, ISAAC N.                          NY-4-17-163
LEIGHTON, JAMES                         NY-4-7-7
LENNON, JOHN                            NY-4-31-493
LEONARD, AMASA                          NY-4-#1-412
LEONARD, CHARLES J.                     NY-4-3-559
LEONARD, ELLEN                          NY-4-8-367
LEONARD, JOSEPH                         NY-4-I-31
LEONARD, LOVISA                         NY-4-I-576
LEONARD, MARY L.                        NY-4-4-277
LEONARD, MILES                          NY-4-33-211
LEONARD, THIRZA                         NY-4-N-418
LEONARD, ZENAS                          NY-4-10-415
LESTER, HORACE N.                       NY-4-10-583
LESTER, HORATIO                         NY-4-11-595
LEWIS, ABIJAH                           NY-4-4-61
LEWIS, ASA                              NY-4-9-187
LEWIS, BETSEY                           NY-4-7-49
LEWIS, CHARLES S.                       NY-4-O-303
LEWIS, ELLIS                            NY-4-8-31
LEWIS, GEORGE F.                        NY-4-29-301
LEWIS, HAZARD                           NY-4-O-426
LEWIS, HENRY W.                         NY-4-35-385
LEWIS, JOHN                             NY-4-O-540
LEWIS, JOHN                             NY-4-3-451
LEWIS, JOHN C.                          NY-4-32-577
LEWIS, JUSTUS                           NY-4-10-313
LEWIS, LEWIS                            NY-4-7-235
LEWIS, LUCY J.                          NY-4-15-109
LEWIS, MARY B.                          NY-4-32-169
LEWIS, NICHOLAS                         NY-4-3-415
LEWIS, PHEBE                            NY-4-19-49
LEWIS, POLLY                            NY-4-23-361
LEWIS, SARAH C.                         NY-4-7-31
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          NY-4-3-427
LIDDELL, CATHERINE                      NY-4-22-235
LILLY, DEBORAH                          NY-4-10-79
LILLY, FOSTER                           NY-4-N-313
LILLY, ORSAMUS                          NY-4-10-157
LINCOLN, BETSEY                         NY-4-37-475
LINCOLN, HENRY                          NY-4-10-559
LINCOLN, WILLIAM                        NY-4-23-379
LINDSLEY, ETTA D.                       NY-4-34-121
LINEHAN, WILLIAM                        NY-4-30-511
LITTLE, ANDREW                          NY-4-31-133
LIVERMORE, GARDNER                      NY-4-#1-253
LIVERMORE, GEORGE B.                    NY-4-3-403
LIVERMORE, GEORGE WARNER                NY-4-35-421
LIVERMORE, ISAAC B.                     NY-4-10-511
LIVERMORE, JULIA E.                     NY-4-11-445
LIVERMORE, RUSSEL                       NY-4-9-481
LIVINGSTON, CHRISTIANA                  NY-4-23-457
LLOYD, JOHN E.                          NY-4-32-469
LLOYD, JOSEPHINE                        NY-4-34-475
LOBDELL, S. MARIA                       NY-4-27-397
LOCKHART, WILLIAM                       NY-4-18-421
LOCKWOOD, EVERLAND                      NY-4-35-259
LOCKWOOD, HANNAH M.                     NY-4-16-43
LOCKWOOD, JOHN                          NY-4-12-583
LOCKWOOD, JORDAN                        NY-4-37-37
LOCKWOOD, LUCINDA                       NY-4-34-55
LOCKWOOD, MATILDA D.                    NY-4-4-217
LOCKWOOD, PETER                         NY-4-11-283
LOCKWOOD, VALENTINE                     NY-4-15-169
LODENGREEN, MARY                        NY-4-21-79
LONERGAN, ANN                           NY-4-29-349
LONERGAN, JOHN JR.                      NY-4-16-319
LONERGAN, THOMAS                        NY-4-5-451
LONG, JOHN                              NY-4-18-553
LOOMIS, BENJAMIN N.                     NY-4-27-193
LOOMIS, CLARISSA                        NY-4-30-283
LOOMIS, CYNTHIA T.                      NY-4-11-361
LOOMIS, DEIDAMIA                        NY-4-7-451
LOOMIS, JANE A.                         NY-4-15-547
LOOMIS, PHILINDA                        NY-4-34-163
LOOMIS, SARAH A.                        NY-4-2-379
LORD, MARY A.                           NY-4-35-415
LOTHE, ANDREAS J.                       NY-4-O-507
LOUN, GEORGE                            NY-4-8-241
LOUNSBERRY, GIDEON                      NY-4-#1-313
LOUNSBERRY, JAMES H.                    NY-4-37-61
LOUNSBERRY, JOSEPH                      NY-4-C-9
LOUNSBERRY, SIMMONS J.                  NY-4-25-145
LOUNSBURY, JOSEPH H.                    NY-4-16-481
LOVE, EMILY                             NY-4-5-205
LOVEJOY, H. FRAKLIN                     NY-4-26-325
LOVEJOY, MARY B.                        NY-4-17-109
LOVEJOY, REUBEN                         NY-4-9-469
LOVEJOY, SARAH JANE                     NY-4-26-37
LOVELAND, JAY                           NY-4-16-73
LOVELAND, WELLS R.                      NY-4-37-499
LOW, MILTON                             NY-4-4-187
LOWN, CATHERINE                         NY-4-17-103
LUCAS, SAMUEL                           NY-4-B-169
LUCE, ASA                               NY-4-5-367
LUCE, KATE                              NY-4-24-91
LUCE, MARY A.                           NY-4-25-139
LUCE, WARREN                            NY-4-4-157
LUCEY, JANE ELIZABETH                   NY-4-37-13
LUDDEN, HIRAM                           NY-4-7-469
LULL, ARIS                              NY-4-37-403
LUM, CORNELIUS                          NY-4-2-67
LUM, MERCY M.                           NY-4-16-61
LUMLEY, DAVID R.                        NY-4-32-235
LUSCOMB, JOHN                           NY-4-5-433
LUSCOMB, WILLIAM                        NY-4-2-433
LUSK, FRANK                             NY-4-21-373
LUSK, WILLIAM                           NY-4-I-10
LYMAN, JOSEPH                           NY-4-20-133
LYNCH, DANIEL                           NY-4-8-259
LYNCH, DANIEL                           NY-4-23-19
LYNCH, DENNIS                           NY-4-37-205
LYNCH, JOHN T.                          NY-4-5-361
LYNCH, MARGARET                         NY-4-25-337
LYNCH, MARGARET                         NY-4-34-385
LYNCH, MARY M.                          NY-4-16-505
LYNCH, SUSAN                            NY-4-21-37
LYNDE, WILLIAM                          NY-4-4-487
LYON , LOUISE T.                        NY-4-25-97
LYON, ADDISON J.                        NY-4-22-361
LYON, HARRY                             NY-4-23-319
LYON, JOHN W.                           NY-4-22-493
LYON, PAMELIA A.                        NY-4-34-229
LYONS, MICHAEL J.                       NY-4-15-565
LYTLE, WILLIAM J.                       NY-4-I-800
MACE, CHRISTOPHER C.                    NY-4-33-199
MACE, WILLIAM L.                        NY-4-26-589
MADDEN, HENRY                           NY-4-9-43
MADDEN, MICHAEL C.                      NY-4-22-61
MAIDMENT, HARRIET                       NY-4-23-355
MAIN, ANDREW                            NY-4-D-704
MAIN, ELLEN                             NY-4-22-145
MAINE, OLIVE                            NY-4-24-499
MALANE, DAVID                           NY-4-23-367
MALEY, MICHAEL                          NY-4-26-511
MALONE, MARGARET                        NY-4-6-373
MALONEY, MICHAEL                        NY-4-19-169
MALOY, MATHEW                           NY-4-5-157
MANDEVILLE, ANNA L.                     NY-4-26-295
MANDEVILLE, DANIEL V.                   NY-4-30-523
MANN, CHARLES E.                        NY-4-13-493
MANNING, ELIAS JULIUS                   NY-4-3-614
MANNING, JOSEPH                         NY-4-I-421
MANNING, LYDIA                          NY-4-I-574
MANNING, MARY J.                        NY-4-21-421
MANNING, SALLIE                         NY-4-9-61
MANNING, SARAH L.                       NY-4-32-85
MANVILLE, ISAAC                         NY-4-15-235
MANVILLE, LYDIA                         NY-4-9-145
MANWARREN, HEPSEY                       NY-4-31-481
MAPLES, ALEXANDER                       NY-4-4-427
MAPLES, LYDIA                           NY-4-7-391
MAREAN, ESTHER                          NY-4-17-289
MAREAU, JASON                           NY-4-23-385
MAREAU, JOSEPH P.                       NY-4-#1-449
MAREAU, JUDY ANN                        NY-4-25-43
MAREAU, RANSOM                          NY-4-36-457
MARONEY, JOHN                           NY-4-30-205
MARSEREAU, JOSHUA 2ND                   NY-4-11-31
MARSH, FRANCIS J.                       NY-4-31-361
MARSH, HANNAH                           NY-4-13-277
MARSH, JESSE                            NY-4-N-215
MARSH, MAURICE O.                       NY-4-27-205
MARSH, NORMAN                           NY-4-I-824
MARSH, OLIVER B.                        NY-4-23-289
MARSH, ORSON                            NY-4-O-477
MARSH, PHILA G.                         NY-4-37-151
MARSH, SARAH M.                         NY-4-12-559
MARSHALL, SARAH A.                      NY-4-29-265
MARTIN, AMELIA                          NY-4-4-7
MARTIN, DAVID                           NY-4-32-145
MARTIN, ELIZA T.                        NY-4-27-133
MARTIN, HARRY                           NY-4-2-307
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-4-13-205
MARTIN, JAMES                           NY-4-9-457
MARTIN, JOSEPH P.                       NY-4-16-253
MARVIN, RUTH ANN BLATCHEY               NY-4-16-367
MASON, EMILY M.                         NY-4-27-385
MASON, JOSEPH H.                        NY-4-18-403
MASON, LEWIS                            NY-4-27-73
MASON, STERN A.                         NY-4-33-193
MASTIN, ADELAIDE R.                     NY-4-23-229
MATHER, ELLEN AUGUSTA                   NY-4-35-43
MATHER, FRANCIS W.                      NY-4-32-505
MATHER, HENRY                           NY-4-3-1
MATHEWS, JOHN                           NY-4-30-97
MATTESON, AMOS K.                       NY-4-13-259
MATTESON, HENRY                         NY-4-26-493
MATTESON, JULIA A.                      NY-4-15-385
MATTHEWS, EPHRAIM F.                    NY-4-4-373
MAYBURY, BETSEY                         NY-4-15-67
MAYBURY, FRANKLIN T.                    NY-4-9-181
MAYHEW, DIANA                           NY-4-6-307
MAYHEW, HENRY W.                        NY-4-10-61
MAYO, NATHAN                            NY-4-9-403
MAYO, RUTH ANN                          NY-4-36-49
MAYO, WALLACE E.                        NY-4-9-517
MAYS, CYRENUS                           NY-4-4-289
MCAVOY, FRANK                           NY-4-13-403
MCBRIDE, FELIX                          NY-4-11-409
MCBRIDE, MICHAEL                        NY-4-25-79
MCCABE, BARTHOLOMEW G.                  NY-4-4-493
MCCABE, RHODA A.                        NY-4-24-325
MCCALL, CHARLES W.                      NY-4-29-541
MCCALL, HIRAM                           NY-4-3-85
MCCARTHY, CATHARINE                     NY-4-19-343
MCCARTHY, JEREMIAH                      NY-4-24-229
MCCARTHY, JOHANNA                       NY-4-27-145
MCCARTHY, SIMON                         NY-4-27-553
MCCARTHY, TIMOTHY                       NY-4-6-175
MCCLURE, GEORGE W.                      NY-4-37-355
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                      NY-4-11-451
MCCORMICK, BRIDGET                      NY-4-7-19
MCCORMICK, MICHAEL                      NY-4-3-37
MCCORMICK, PATRICK                      NY-4-19-325
MCCULLOUGH, CHARLES L.                  NY-4-13-283
MCCULLOUGH, HORACE W.                   NY-4-32-193
MCCULLY, JAMES                          NY-4-8-571
MCDONALD, DORA                          NY-4-33-475
MCDOWELL, ALEXANDER                     NY-4-23-313
MCELROY, JAMES J.                       NY-4-37-265
MCEVOY, MICHAEL                         NY-4-27-49
MCFARLAND, HENRY A.                     NY-4-19-535
MCFARLAND, SOLOMON F.                   NY-4-29-433
MCGAVAN, CLEMENTINE                     NY-4-30-193
MCGEE, ALBERT B.                        NY-4-7-25
MCGEE, RHODA                            NY-4-11-397
MCGILL, HOMAS                           NY-4-30-319
MCGLYNN, ELIZA                          NY-4-35-277
MCGORY, PATRICK                         NY-4-32-325
MCGOWAN, MARIA E.                       NY-4-27-571
MCGOWAN, PETER                          NY-4-9-151
MCGREGOR, JENNETTE                      NY-4-N-161
MCINTYRE, IRA M.                        NY-4-12-475
MCINTYRE, MARSENA H.                    NY-4-#1-201
MCINTYRE, MARY A.                       NY-4-19-499
MCKAIGE, MICHAEL J.                     NY-4-18-451
MCKAY, MARY J.                          NY-4-22-13
MCKEAN, D. ROSA                         NY-4-7-223
MCKEAN, KATHARINE                       NY-4-36-103
MCKEAN, WILLIAM W.                      NY-4-#1-183
MCKEE, ADDISON                          NY-4-#1-192
MCKEE, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-4-20-397
MCKEEBY, DENNIS                         NY-4-3-151
MCKEEBY, SARAH ANN                      NY-4-36-445
MCKELLIGETT, MARGARET                   NY-4-30-571
MCKEON, CATHERINE                       NY-4-20-469
MCKERNAN, MATTHEW                       NY-4-N-189
MCKINNEY, CATHARINE B.                  NY-4-17-91
MCKINNEY, CHARLES                       NY-4-12-289
MCKINNEY, ELIZABETH                     NY-4-37-25
MCKINNEY, SABIN                         NY-4-25-187
MCKOWN, THOMAS                          NY-4-N-367
MCLACHLAN, JOHN                         NY-4-34-205
MCLAUGHLIN, CATHERINE                   NY-4-34-61
MCLOUGHLIN, JAMES                       NY-4-22-559
MCMAHON, DANIEL                         NY-4-16-169
MCMAHON, MARY                           NY-4-33-223
MCMAHON, MARY                           NY-4-32-583
MCMURDY, WILLIAM J.                     NY-4-34-67
MCMURRAY, MARGARET E.                   NY-4-22-295
MCNALL, GEORGE W.                       NY-4-19-187
MCNAMARA, DANIEL C.                     NY-4-23-589
MCNAMARA, JOHN                          NY-4-36-217
MCNAMARA, LIZZIE M. ROGERS              NY-4-2-337
MCNAMARA, MARY                          NY-4-O-521
MCNAMARA, MICHAEL                       NY-4-10-277
MCNEAL, JACOB                           NY-4-37-493
MCNEIL, JULIA A.                        NY-4-18-61
MCTIGUE, JOHN                           NY-4-6-163
MCVEY, MARGARET                         NY-4-4-325
MCWILEY, ANN                            NY-4-4-385
MEACHAM, HANNAH                         NY-4-5-283
MEACHAM, ISAAC D.                       NY-4-26-67
MEACHAM, LUTHER                         NY-4-3-49
MEACHAM, MAHALA                         NY-4-15-529
MEAD, ADALINE S.                        NY-4-20-583
MEAD, RUFUS N.                          NY-4-18-547
MEAGHER, ELLEN                          NY-4-4-595
MEAGHER, JOHN                           NY-4-2-163
MEAGLEY, JOHN A.                        NY-4-19-181
MEAGLEY, ROSELL H.                      NY-4-17-445
MEAKER, NELSON W.                       NY-4-35-373
MEDDAUGH, FRANCIS A.                    NY-4-10-301
MEEHAN, ANN                             NY-4-23-553
MEEK, ALEXANDER                         NY-4-10-595
MELINES, MARIA J.                       NY-4-11-133
MENEY, MARY                             NY-4-5-595
MERCHANT, ADELBERT                      NY-4-3-337
MERCHANT, DELLALAH H.                   NY-4-19-175
MERCHANT, J. WARREN                     NY-4-34-553
MERCHANT, ORLANZO                       NY-4-10-397
MERRILEES, WILLIAM                      NY-4-29-103
MERRILL, JANE E.                        NY-4-13-325
MERRILL, JOHN                           NY-4-9-259
MERRILL, MYRON                          NY-4-4-253
MERRILL, SHUBEL                         NY-4-6-325
MERRIMAN, LEVI                          NY-4-4-469
MERRITT, JOSEPH M.                      NY-4-I-582
MERSEREAU, AARON                        NY-4-16-79
MERSEREAU, CLAIR M.                     NY-4-36-277
MERSEREAU, DANIEL                       NY-4-I-845
MERSEREAU, DAVID                        NY-4-13-199
MERSEREAU, EDWARD C.                    NY-4-22-517
MERSEREAU, GEORGE W.                    NY-4-6-475
MERSEREAU, HENRY                        NY-4-25-343
MERSEREAU, JOB B.                       NY-4-2-427
MERSEREAU, JOHN                         NY-4-D-64
MERSEREAU, JOHN L.                      NY-4-29-259
MERSEREAU, JOHN S.                      NY-4-24-205
MERSEREAU, JOSHUA A.                    NY-4-32-37
MERSEREAU, LAWRENCE                     NY-4-4-127
MERSEREAU, LOCKEY                       NY-4-5-517
MERSEREAU, MARY                         NY-4-32-313
MERSEREAU, MARY J.                      NY-4-26-433
MERSEREAU, PETER                        NY-4-N-113
MERSEREAU, SARAH                        NY-4-23-349
MERSERVEAU, EVA R.                      NY-4-37-31
MESEREAU, THEODORE T.                   NY-4-20-109
MICNARY, JOHN                           NY-4-I-425
MILES, ELIZABETH                        NY-4-25-505
MILES, EMMA                             NY-4-33-85
MILES, WILLIAM D.                       NY-4-23-115
MILLER, ACENITH                         NY-4-#1-78
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER S.                  NY-4-12-175
MILLER, DAVID W.                        NY-4-19-475
MILLER, ELIAS B.                        NY-4-O-338
MILLER, FREDERICK                       NY-4-#1-39
MILLER, HEROD                           NY-4-2-235
MILLER, JAMES H.                        NY-4-31-91
MILLER, LEWIS L.                        NY-4-22-157
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-4-34-589
MILLER, SOPHRONIA                       NY-4-2-193
MILLER, WALLACE A.                      NY-4-12-127
MILLER, WILLIAM                         NY-4-B-165
MILLER, WILLIAM A.                      NY-4-31-409
MILLS, HORACE R.                        NY-4-29-73
MILLS, ISABELLA                         NY-4-6-355
MILLS, SAMUEL                           NY-4-I-410
MILM ORE, MARY                          NY-4-4-163
MIMSELL, ANGELINE                       NY-4-16-97
MINEHAN, MICHAEL                        NY-4-24-127
MINER, OLIVER P.                        NY-4-37-463
MIRTEENES, FANNIE M.                    NY-4-30-7
MITCHEL, JOHN                           NY-4-N-143
MITCHELL, GEORGE W.                     NY-4-9-355
MITCHELL, JOSEPH                        NY-4-N-184
MIX, AUGUSTINE                          NY-4-4-355
MIX, BRADLEY                            NY-4-7-187
MIX, ELI                                NY-4-37-433
MIX, GEORGE                             NY-4-4-379
MIX, JOHN                               NY-4-#1-63
MIX, RANSFORD F.                        NY-4-21-451
MOELLER, MARGARET                       NY-4-2-31
MOLLEN, GERTRUDE E.                     NY-4-32-31
MONFORE, GARRET                         NY-4-I-114
MONK, HARRIS P.                         NY-4-34-115
MONKM AN, WILLIAM A.                    NY-4-16-163
MONKMAN, MARY J.                        NY-4-4-139
MONROE, ERASTUS                         NY-4-16-67
MONROE, GEORGE W.                       NY-4-31-121
MONROE, HENRY S.                        NY-4-23-73
MONROE, KATE M. D.                      NY-4-34-487
MONROE, SAMUEL B.                       NY-4-32-541
MOONEY, MARY                            NY-4-20-307
MOORE, ANTHON Y B.                      NY-4-12-469
MOORE, CHARLES H.                       NY-4-3-313
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-4-O-287
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-4-7-283
MOORE, JOHN C.                          NY-4-#1-66
MOORE, MARGARET H.                      NY-4-32-121
MOORE, SELAH B.                         NY-4-24-433
MOORE, SOLOMON                          NY-4-B-129
MOORE, THOMAS                           NY-4-O-73
MOORE, WILLIAM O.                       NY-4-36-127
MOOT, ADALINE                           NY-4-30-469
MOOT, JOHN M.                           NY-4-20-121
MOOT, THOMAS M.                         NY-4-17-421
MORAN, MOLLIE A.                        NY-4-24-103
MORAN, PATRICK                          NY-4-8-349
MORE, TAYLOR                            NY-4-8-277
MOREHOUSE, ELIZA                        NY-4-13-475
MORENOUS, WILLIAM  WALLACE              NY-4-O-274
MORENUS, JOHN                           NY-4-3-433
MOREY, GILES C.                         NY-4-2-13
MORGAN, AUGUSTUS                        NY-4-2-73
MORGAN, CORNELIA F.                     NY-4-2-49
MORGAN, GAIUS                           NY-4-I-564
MORGAN, MARCY C.                        NY-4-9-445
MORGAN, MOSES T.                        NY-4-8-535
MORGAN, NATHAN S.                       NY-4-15-361
MORGAN ROSWELL                          NY-4-18-115
MORIARTY, MARGARET                      NY-4-31-511
MORLEY, JAMES H.                        NY-4-17-355
MORP, ELIZABETH                         NY-4-D-290
MORP, ELIZABETH                         NY-4-D-595
MORRIS, CAROLINE A.                     NY-4-35-61
MORRIS, CORNELIA                        NY-4-5-589
MORRIS, JACOB                           NY-4-N-297
MORRIS, JULIA C.                        NY-4-5-151
MORRIS, RUTH                            NY-4-33-415
MORRISSEY, JAMES                        NY-4-9-73
MORRISSEY, JOHN F.                      NY-4-27-457
MORRISSEY, LYDIA                        NY-4-27-325
MORRISSEY, MARGARET                     NY-4-17-271
MORSE, AMOS                             NY-4-17-385
MORSE, ELIAS                            NY-4-#1-156
MORSE, ELZIA M.                         NY-4-16-31
MORSE, FRANKLIN                         NY-4-15-571
MORSE, HANAH A.                         NY-4-19-43
MORSE, JOHN S.                          NY-4-4-541
MORSE, MARIA C.                         NY-4-19-313
MORSE, OLIVER G.                        NY-4-12-331
MORSE, SUSAN                            NY-4-2-211
MORSE, URI                              NY-4-N-221
MORSE, WILLIAM H.                       NY-4-33-583
MORTON, MARIA                           NY-4-20-79
MOSHER, ADA H.                          NY-4-35-271
MOSHER, ALFRED S.                       NY-4-8-385
MOSHER, BENJAMIN J.                     NY-4-12-529
MOSHER, HIRAM A.                        NY-4-10-259
MOSHER, ROBERT W.                       NY-4-20-229
MOULTER, MICHAEL                        NY-4-5-193
MOULTON, ALEXIS A.                      NY-4-18-265
MOULTON, EVELINE                        NY-4-34-355
MOWRY, JOSEPH                           NY-4-O-503
MOXLEY, HARRIET E. T.                   NY-4-19-331
MOYLAN, JAMES                           NY-4-37-445
MUDGE, ESTHER E.                        NY-4-24-361
MUDGE, MARY E.                          NY-4-21-511
MUDGE, MILON A.                         NY-4-36-469
MUDGE, WILLIAM L.                       NY-4-19-439
MUIR, PHEBE                             NY-4-31-19
MULFORD, DEWITT G.                      NY-4-31-1
MULHAREN, MARY                          NY-4-30-211
MULLANE, ELLEN                          NY-4-36-133
MULLANE, MICHAEL                        NY-4-24-571
MULLHERON, EDWARD                       NY-4-29-451
MUMFORD, ORVILLE                        NY-4-24-211
MUNDY, LYDIA ANN                        NY-4-#1-49
MUNGER, JOHN                            NY-4-9-229
MUNN, JAMES T.                          NY-4-8-271
MUNSEL, JOHN                            NY-4-5-223
MUNSELL, GEORGE                         NY-4-O-400
MUNSELL, JAMES                          NY-4-4-523
MUNSELL, MARIA S.                       NY-4-8-463
MUNYAN, MARY E.                         NY-4-24-13
MURDOCK, SAMUEL                         NY-4-4-145
MURPHY, DANIEL                          NY-4-11-307
MURPHY, EDWARD                          NY-4-26-241
MURPHY, JOHN F.                         NY-4-36-37
MURPHY, MARY ANN                        NY-4-34-31
MURPHY, MICHAEL J.                      NY-4-37-397
MURPHY, MICHAEL L.                      NY-4-17-247
MURPHY, ORLANDO                         NY-4-23-415
MURRAY, CHARLES                         NY-4-18-325
MURRAY, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-22-127
MURRAY, MICHAEL                         NY-4-4-37
MURRAY, MORGAN                          NY-4-27-37
MYER, MARY C.                           NY-4-32-403
MYRICK, JOHN                            NY-4-9-193

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