Broome County, New York
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ABBOTT, BETSEY                          NY-4-2-145, 157
ABBOTT, ELIZA M.                        NY-4-35-91
ABBOTT, HANNAH                          NY-4-D-174
ABBOTT, JAMES A.                        NY-4-#1-16
ABBOTT, JOSEPH B.                       NY-4-12-217
ABBOTT, WILLIAM                         NY-4-I-203
ABBOTT, WILLIAM E.                      NY-4-13-271
ACLA, SYLVESTER R.                      NY-4-30-109
ADAMS, ABRAM                            NY-4-D-294
ADAMS, AMOS                             NY-4-7-55
ADAMS, ASA K.                           NY-4-9-505
ADAMS, CLARINDA                         NY-4-O-263
ADAMS, DELILAH                          NY-4-27-343
ADAMS, DOMINGA                          NY-4-27-97
ADAMS, EDWARD                           NY-4-11-475
ADAMS, ELIZA E.                         NY-4-29-61
ADAMS, FRANKLIN                         NY-4-25-199
ADAMS, HORACE                           NY-4-7-493
ADAMS, JOSHUA                           NY-4-2-223
ADAMS, THOMAS                           NY-4-26-553
ADDISON, EDGAR W.                       NY-4-10-517
ADKINS, POMEROY H.                      NY-4-23-373
ADRIANCE, SAMANTHA                      NY-4-30-403
ADRIANCE, STPEHEN H.                    NY-4-25-31
AEXANDER, PHILIP                        NY-4-22-415
AHEARN, BRIDGET BUCKLEY                 NY-4-33-373
AHEARN, JOHANNA                         NY-4-2-139
AITCHISON, JAMES                        NY-4-20-265
AITCHISON, WILLIAM                      NY-4-I-739
AKER, ORILINE                           NY-4-31-139
AKINS, DANIEL M.                        NY-4-#1-52
ALBERTI, ERNESTINE                      NY-4-4-439
ALDEN, ABNER                            NY-4-3-91
ALDEN, ALANSON                          NY-4-15-445
ALDEN, BENJAMIN                         NY-4-I-636
ALDEN, HENRY P.                         NY-4-27-61
ALDEN, LUCY M.                          NY-4-23-97
ALDEN, MOSES                            NY-4-D-150
ALDEN, TIRZAH A.                        NY-4-33-451
ALDERMAN, TALCOTT                       NY-4-34-583
ALDRICH, AMAMDA M.                      NY-4-23-127
ALDRICH, SARAH F.                       NY-4-30-175
ALELN, BENNETT B.                       NY-4-34-265
ALEXANDER, CLARK                        NY-4-3-349
ALLEN, ADA L.                           NY-4-32-271
ALLEN, ELIZABETH L.                     NY-4-10-223
ALLEN, FRANCIS B.                       NY-4-33-355
ALLEN, HORACE E.                        NY-4-20-487
ALLEN, JOSIAH                           NY-4-9-535
ALLEN, LAWRENCE                         NY-4-2-79
ALLEN, LERA L.                          NY-4-29-415
ALLEN, LETTIE A.                        NY-4-27-427
ALLEN, MARIA                            NY-4-12-325
ALLEN, MARY E.                          NY-4-12-577
ALLEN, MATTHEW                          NY-4-8-589
ALLEN, MATTHEW                          NY-4-N-194
ALLEN, NATHANIEL R.                     NY-4-#1-208
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           NY-4-D-108
ALLEN, SOLOMON P.                       NY-4-35-25
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          NY-4-17-115
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          NY-4-3-583
AMES, JAMES                             NY-4-37-439
AMES, MARY ANN                          NY-4-36-307
AMES, MARY ANN                          NY-4-37-553
AMMOCK, WILLIAM C.                      NY-4-34-247
AMONY, JENNETTE M.                      NY-4-9-511
AMORY, RUFUS K.                         NY-4-7-133
AMSBRY, JAMES H.                        NY-4-37-337
ANDERSON, ELIZA H.                      NY-4-24-595
ANDERSON, JOHN                          NY-4-6-43
ANDERSON, JOHN                          NY-4-37-565
ANDERSON, MARY R.                       NY-4-33-295
ANDREWS, ALLEN                          NY-4-I-591
ANDREWS, BROOKS                         NY-4-7-229
ANDREWS, DANIEL C.                      NY-4-20-223
ANDREWS, EDWARD                         NY-4-#1-347
ANDREWS, ELIZABETH A.                   NY-4-4-133
ANDREWS, FREDERICK C.                   NY-4-9-7
ANDREWS, HARVEY P.                      NY-4-N-173
ANDREWS, JULIA C.                       NY-4-33-445
ANDREWS, JULIA E. WILMOT                NY-4-8-109
ANDREWS, MARY D.                        NY-4-36-271
ANDREWS, MILES A.                       NY-4-19-199
ANDREWS, MILES C.                       NY-4-4-511
ANDRUS, CHARLES G.                      NY-4-15-439
ANDRUS, ERASTUS                         NY-4-17-409
ANDRUS, JOHN H.                         NY-4-22-109
ANDRUS, JOSEPH                          NY-4-9-25
ANDRUS, PHILO                           NY-4-2-457
ANGELL, AZARIAH C.                      NY-4-13-457
ANGELL, AZARIAH C.                      NY-4-13-457
ANGELL, CLARISSA H.                     NY-4-9-289
ANGELL, E. BELLE                        NY-4-2-289
ANGELL, ELIZA                           NY-4-35-175
ANGELL, JAMES                           NY-4-24-565
ANGELL, MARY                            NY-4-7-253
APSEY, WILLIAM                          NY-4-2-13
ARMS, ADA FORD                          NY-4-2-229
ARMS, CLIFFORD S.                       NY-4-25-289
ARMSTRONG, THEODORE S.                  NY-4-19-463
ARNOLD, CALVIN V.                       NY-4-30-13
ARNOLD, ELMAN J.                        NY-4-17-25
ARNOLD, JACKSON                         NY-4-15-151
ARNOLD, TRESSA M.                       NY-4-17-559
ARUTS, DANIEL                           NY-4-30-589
ASHLEY, HARRY                           NY-4-16-499
ATTLES, MASON                           NY-4-B-180
ATTRIDGE, ARTHUR                        NY-4-18-1
ATTRIDGE, ELLEN MCCARTHY                NY-4-32-7
ATWATER, GARRET S.                      NY-4-13-85
ATWATER, GARRET S.                      NY-4-13-85
ATWATER, JESSE                          NY-4-C-62
ATWELL, ISAAC                           NY-4-6-79
ATWELL, PAUL                            NY-4-I-763
ATWOOD, JOHNSON                         NY-4-4-379
AUSTIN, BENJAMIN                        NY-4-3-367
AUSTIN, HENRY W.                        NY-4-D-300
AUSTIN, MARY D.                         NY-4-3-355
AUSTIN, RACHEL M.                       NY-4-15-229
AUSTIN, STEPHEN                         NY-4-N-148
AVERY, SAMUEL W.                        NY-4-C-45
AYERS, GEORGE E.                        NY-4-36-355
BABCOCK, BURTON M.                      NY-4-2-247
BABCOCK, GARDNER J.                     NY-4-27-301
BABCOCK, HELEN E.                       NY-4-15-247
BABCOCK, LYDIA A.                       NY-4-33-595
BABCOCK, RACHEL A.                      NY-4-31-241
BABCOX, ELIZABETH                       NY-4-12-523
BABCOX, ISAAC                           NY-4-3-13
BABER, ASENITH S.                       NY-4-8-127
BACON, CYRUS                            NY-4-15-307
BACON, ELIZABETH                        NY-4-19-85
BACON, EMILY                            NY-4-29-475
BACON, FLAVIA L.                        NY-4-34-523
BACON, HARRIET E.                       NY-4-2-589
BACON, JONATHAN J.                      NY-4-11-121
BACON, LASA E.                          NY-4-36-379
BACON, SARAH                            NY-4-11-403
BADER, ELENOR                           NY-4-15-223
BADGER, FREDERICK P.                    NY-4-29-571
BADGER, LEMUEL                          NY-4-D-363
BADGER, LEMUEL W.                       NY-4-9-97
BADGER, PETER M.                        NY-4-21-115
BAGLEY, ALFRED                          NY-4-27-157
BAGLEY, JOHN                            NY-4-20-595
BAHAN, THOMAS                           NY-4-17-439
BAILEY, ELIZABETH A.                    NY-4-2-67
BAILEY, JAMES W.                        NY-4-18-517
BAILEY, JOHN BORRADILL                  NY-4-18-367
BAILEY, LORENTHA G.                     NY-4-16-361
BAILEY, OLIVER                          NY-4-32-319
BAIRD, BENJAMIN                         NY-4-10-337
BAIRD, S. JANE                          NY-4-8-565
BAKER, ALBERT D.                        NY-4-34-493
BAKER, ANNA                             NY-4-N-86
BAKER, ANNA P.                          NY-4-12-169
BAKER, AUGUSTUS                         NY-4-29-91
BAKER, BENONI                           NY-4-B-355
BAKER, CALVIN                           NY-4-2-43
BAKER, CHARLES M.                       NY-4-4-97
BAKER, CYRUS                            NY-4-4-607
BAKER, ELIZABETH A.                     NY-4-17-481
BAKER, EMILY M.                         NY-4-29-235
BAKER, GIDEON                           NY-4-10-121
BAKER, JOSHUA                           NY-4-N-245
BAKER, MARY A.                          NY-4-26-439
BAKER, MARY ANN                         NY-4-4-373
BAKER, MERCY S.                         NY-4-36-247
BAKER, RUSSEL                           NY-4-8-475
BAKER, RUTH A.                          NY-4-N-255
BAKER, SMITH                            NY-4-8-583
BALCH, AUSTIN                           NY-4-24-547
BALCH, BENJAMIN                         NY-4-22-535
BALCOM, RANSOM                          NY-4-8-247
BALDWIN, ALLEN B.                       NY-4-O-537
BALDWIN, DANIEL S.                      NY-4-20-19
BALDWIN, JANE E.                        NY-4-6-109
BALDWIN, LYMAN E.                       NY-4-13-49
BALDWIN, LYMAN E.                       NY-4-13-49
BALDWIN, THEODOCIA D.                   NY-4-13-43
BALDWIN, THEODOCIA D.                   NY-4-13-43
BALL, JOHN                              NY-4-32-409
BALL, SUSAN E.                          NY-4-31-295
BALY, RANSOM                            NY-4-21-49
BANCROFT, ELIJAH N.                     NY-4-8-343
BANCROFT, JOHN D.                       NY-4-3-541
BANTA, JACOB                            NY-4-30-487
BARBOUR, MARY E.                        NY-4-30-265
BARD, GEORGE                            NY-4-D-585
BARHYDT, JOHN                           NY-4-I-183
BARKER, HARRIET T.                      NY-4-9-235
BARKMAN, MENZO                          NY-4-32-589
BARLOW, CATHARINE M.                    NY-4-15-43
BARLOW, JACOB                           NY-4-13-589
BARLOW, JACOB                           NY-4-13-589
BARLOW, LORANDA                         NY-4-23-277
BARLOW, MOSES                           NY-4-D-136
BARLOW, ROSWELL                         NY-4-4-301
BARNARD, MARGARET H.                    NY-4-29-325
BARNER, DANIEL B.                       NY-4-36-517
BARNES, EUNICE E.                       NY-4-#1-28
BARNES, FANNY                           NY-4-15-391
BARNES, GERMAN                          NY-4-#1-494
BARNES, JACOB C.                        NY-4-6-229
BARNES, JANE A.                         NY-4-31-49
BARNES, JEREMIAH                        NY-4-31-55
BARNES, JERUSHA M.                      NY-4-12-493
BARNES, JOSEPH                          NY-4-32-265
BARNES, KATE A.                         NY-4-35-205
BARNES, LOUISE                          NY-4-22-151
BARNES, MARIA T.                        NY-4-18-571
BARNES, MARY                            NY-4-11-295
BARNES, MORGAN L.                       NY-4-24-337
BARNES, N. ROUNDS                       NY-4-30-373
BARNES, SARAH                           NY-4-3-283
BARNES, SIMON H.                        NY-4-37-589
BARNES, SYLVESTER                       NY-4-6-217
BARNES, WILLIAM W.                      NY-4-34-181
BARNES, WOODRUFF                        NY-4-#1-152
BARNETT, JACOB                          NY-4-17-235
BARNEY, EMELINE                         NY-4-8-517
BARNEY, PAUL                            NY-4-24-175
BARNUM, ESHTER                          NY-4-2-385
BARNUM, ZENAS                           NY-4-6-295
BARNWEL, MARK S.                        NY-4-32-517
BARNWELL, ELIZA                         NY-4-27-499
BARNY, MARY                             NY-4-11-7
BARRETT, LUTHER L.                      NY-4-33-391
BARRETT, VOLNEY B.                      NY-4-24-109
BARROWS, SETH                           NY-4-10-457
BARTHOLOMEW, ARCHIBALD                  NY-4-15-193
BARTHOLOMEW, NANCY                      NY-4-25-61
BARTLE, PHILIP L.                       NY-4-22-343
BARTLETT, CHARLES J.                    NY-4-4-247
BARTLETT, DORCAS M.                     NY-4-13-353
BARTLETT, ELAM                          NY-4-O-245
BARTLETT, EMILY B.                      NY-4-37-1
BARTLETT, GEORGE                        NY-4-3-43
BARTLETT, ISAAC L.                      NY-4-16-385
BARTON, BRADFORD                        NY-4-12-319
BARTON, CORNELIA J.                     NY-4-34-313
BARTON, DAVID                           NY-4-O-267
BARTON, GERRAD                          NY-4-18-343
BARTON, KATIE E.                        NY-4-31-175
BARTON, MARY                            NY-4-O-384
BARTOO, HENRIETTA                       NY-4-30-361
BASSETT, ELIZA                          NY-4-15-349
BATCHER, CATHARINE                      NY-4-25-73
BATCHER, EDITH B.                       NY-4-35-163
BATCHER, HENRY V.                       NY-4-36-577
BATES, CORDELIA                         NY-4-36-265
BATES, EMILY M.                         NY-4-35-361
BATES, HENRY M.                         NY-4-34-37
BATES, JOHN AUGUSTUS                    NY-4-12-391
BATES, LUKE   , TIOGA, NY               NY-4-A-13
BATHRICK, JOHN                          NY-4-N-283
BAUDER, MARYETTE                        NY-4-6-349
BAXTER, EDGAR                           NY-4-34-439
BAY, JOHN W.                            NY-4-7-307
BAYER, JEANNETTE ROGERS                 NY-4-33-253
BAYLESS, JOHN                           NY-4-4-391
BEACH, ANNER                            NY-4-#1-531
BEACH, AURELIA                          NY-4-N-436
BEACH, DAVID                            NY-4-11-349
BEACH, HELEN M.                         NY-4-10-49
BEACH, JOHN                             NY-4-O-207
BEACH, WASHINGTON                       NY-4-24-145
BEACH, WILLIAM                          NY-4-2-427
BEADLE, SARAH E.                        NY-4-37-181
BEAHER, THOMAS                          NY-4-15-325
BEALS, HENRY W.                         NY-4-24-43
BEALS, WILLIAM H.                       NY-4-10-475
BEALS, WILLIAM S.                       NY-4-27-451
BEAN, ABRAM                             NY-4-#1-24
BEAN, FREDERICK                         NY-4-9-295
BEAN, JEREMIAH                          NY-4-11-553
BEAN, STEPHEN                           NY-4-9-313
BEARAN, THOMAS                          NY-4-19-67
BEARDSLEE, CLERISSA A.                  NY-4-4-259
BEARDSLEY, CHARLOTTE C.                 NY-4-16-511
BEARDSLEY, EMELINE                      NY-4-12-85
BEARDSLEY, REBECCA JANE                 NY-4-17-241
BECKWITH, ELIAS W.                      NY-4-37-385
BECKWITH, GEORGE                        NY-4-D-100
BECKWITH, MARY C.                       NY-4-9-283
BECKWITH, NATHAN B.                     NY-4-9-49
BECKWITH, SAMANTHA L.                   NY-4-24-7
BEDELL, BETSEY ANN                      NY-4-23-475
BEDELL, MATILDA                         NY-4-21-523
BEEBE, EDMUND O.                        NY-4-26-175
BEEBE, FANNIE F.                        NY-4-30-133
BEEBE, JAMESE.                          NY-4-33-307
BEEBE, LYMAN                            NY-4-4-451
BEEBEE, JAMES L.                        NY-4-26-415
BEECHER, ALICE C.                       NY-4-20-565
BEECHER, MALINDA                        NY-4-20-43
BEECHER, SCHYLER                        NY-4-I-164
BEEMAN, ABIGAIL E.                      NY-4-31-97
BEERS, NELSON G.                        NY-4-24-349
BELCHER, DANIEL                         NY-4-21-355
BELCHER, YELLES                         NY-4-20-493
BELDEN, DELIA M.                        NY-4-29-13
BELDEN, JAMES R.                        NY-4-9-343
BELDEN, JULIA ANN                       NY-4-8-13
BEMAN, HARRIET                          NY-4-37-535
BEMIS, SAMUEL                           NY-4-B-57
BENEDICT, MOSES M.                      NY-4-O-144
BENEDICT, NATHAN O.                     NY-4-18-499
BENEDICT, SILAS                         NY-4-3-205
BENEDICT, WILLIAM S.                    NY-4-12-103
BENJAMIN, ALLEN                         NY-4-34-133
BENJAMIN, HORATIO N.                    NY-4-3-553
BENJAMIN, LUCY A.                       NY-4-5-325
BENJAMIN, NAT                           NY-4-33-163
BENJAMIN, NATHANIEL                     NY-4-O-488
BENNET, HENRY                           NY-4-B-162
BENNET, LEWIS                           NY-4-O-104
BENNET, LEWIS JR.                       NY-4-I-428
BENNETT, ABEL                           NY-4-17-61
BENNETT, FRED                           NY-4-29-487
BENNETT, JOSEPH                         NY-4-3-385
BENNETT, SARAH A.                       NY-4-29-547
BENSON, MICHAEL                         NY-4-16-235
BENSON, WILLIAM                         NY-4-22-403
BENTON, JAMES                           NY-4-7-97
BENTON, JAMES D.                        NY-4-10-193
BENTON, WILLIAM                         NY-4-B-82
BENTON, WILSON                          NY-4-36-241
BERCHER, BRIDGET                        NY-4-36-73
BERGHOEFER, FRED H.                     NY-4-36-475
BERKALEW, ABRAHAM                       NY-4-D-184
BERKALEW, ANNA                          NY-4-7-403
BERKALEW, MARY A.                       NY-4-7-409
BERKLEY, PETER H.                       NY-4-9-541
BERNAN, REUBEN                          NY-4-O-283
BERRAY, ADDIS E.                        NY-4-23-253
BERTHOLF, LYDIA HOWARD                  NY-4-2-355
BESHKIEWICZ, VICTORIA                   NY-4-26-541
BEST, WILLIAM                           NY-4-20-427
BESTIN, EDWARD                          NY-4-6-427
BEVIER, ABRAHAM A.                      NY-4-D-35
BEVIER, ABRAM                           NY-4-3-235
BEVIER, BARBARY E.                      NY-4-36-235
BEVIER, ELIAS                           NY-4-D-268
BEVIER, JAMES                           NY-4-B-69
BEVIER, PETER                           NY-4-B-8
BEVIER, SUSAN                           NY-4-#1-560
BEVIER, WILLIAM                         NY-4-21-301
BIDWELL, CLARISSA F.                    NY-4-24-553
BINGHAM, THEODORE                       NY-4-O-394
BIRCH, FRANCES A.                       NY-4-25-7
BIRCH, JOHN C.                          NY-4-4-151
BIRDSALL, HERMAN                        NY-4-29-565
BIRDSALL, MARY L.                       NY-4-8-325
BIRDSALL, SARAH D.                      NY-4-I-110
BISHOP, CATHARINE                       NY-4-12-223
BISHOP, GEORGE                          NY-4-27-247
BISHOP, HARVEY                          NY-4-O-15
BISHOP, JULIA A.                        NY-4-3-73
BISHOP, LYMAN                           NY-4-O-203
BISHOP, ORVILLE S.                      NY-4-25-49
BISSELL, AUGUSTUS H.                    NY-4-24-271
BIXBY, BETSEY D.                        NY-4-6-31
BLACK, GEORGE W.                        NY-4-N-71
BLAIR, AFFA W.                          NY-4-23-427
BLAIR, ARTHUR E.                        NY-4-18-7
BLAIR, ASA                              NY-4-2-229
BLAIR, CAROLINE E.                      NY-4-24-31
BLAIR, ELI                              NY-4-15-289
BLAIR, FARLEY                           NY-4-#1-189
BLAIR, LORENZO                          NY-4-20-295
BLAKE, JANE C.                          NY-4-32-439
BLAKESLEE, ARTHUR L.                    NY-4-19-565
BLAKESLEE, JOHN W.                      NY-4-N-432
BLAKESLEE, SARAH C.                     NY-4-20-391
BLAKSLEE, CHAUNCY                       NY-4-N-413
BLAKSLEE, MARY                          NY-4-7-421
BLANCHARD, CHARLES                      NY-4-10-97
BLANCHARD, JOHN                         NY-4-#1-344
BLANCHARD, JOSEPH A.                    NY-4-22-49
BLANCHARD, JULIA ANN                    NY-4-15-457
BLANDING, JOHN                          NY-4-10-565
BLATCHLEY, AMBROSE                      NY-4-23-571
BLISS, CALVIN J.                        NY-4-26-505
BLISS, CHARLES E.                       NY-4-19-547
BLISS, CHARLES EMORY                    NY-4-30-325
BLISS, FRANCIS                          NY-4-8-91
BLISS, JEROME                           NY-4-20-253
BLISS, MARGARET                         NY-4-11-421
BLISS, PERRY                            NY-4-30-391
BLOMERS, ISAAC                          NY-4-#1-241
BLOOM, HERMAN                           NY-4-12-97
BLOOMER, ELIZABETH R.                   NY-4-29-529
BLOOMER, JAMES F.                       NY-4-29-409
BLOOMER, MARY F.                        NY-4-11-577
BOARDMAN, ELI                           NY-4-29-403
BOARDMAN, HARRIET N.                    NY-4-37-211
BODFISH, SOLOMON                        NY-4-B-330
BOHEN, DENNIS                           NY-4-21-367
BOLAN, DAVID                            NY-4-20-163
BOLAND, MICHAEL                         NY-4-20-415
BOLLES, ABIGAIL                         NY-4-13-295
BOLLES, ABIGAIL                         NY-4-13-295
BOLLES, FREEMAN                         NY-4-N-103
BOLLES, SYLVIA A.                       NY-4-25-331
BOLLEY, HENRY M.                        NY-4-4-175
BOLTON, BRIDGET E.                      NY-4-29-205
BOLTON, PATRICK                         NY-4-16-391
BOND, JOHN G.                           NY-4-19-25
BONE, MARIAN                            NY-4-25-217
BONNELL, CHARITY                        NY-4-20-259
BONNELL, LEWIS                          NY-4-12-145
BOOTH, JOHN                             NY-4-5-253
BOOTH, WILLIAM B.                       NY-4-18-97
BOSTWICK, JOHN F.                       NY-4-12-211
BOSTWICK, JOSEPH                        NY-4-O-218
BOSTWICK, LAWRENCE M.                   NY-4-#1-180
BOSTWICK, MARY V.                       NY-4-15-589
BOSTWICK, ROXANNA                       NY-4-35-463
BOSTWICK, SAMUEL A.                     NY-4-31-457
BOSTWICK, SARAH S.                      NY-4-8-499
BOSWELL, DANIEL                         NY-4-N-468
BOSWORTH, NATHANIEL                     NY-4-N-130
BOUND, ISAAC                            NY-4-30-367
BOUND, JAMES                            NY-4-19-229
BOUREN, ANDREW                          NY-4-18-253
BOUTON, HATTIE E.                       NY-4-27-241
BOVER, IRA                              NY-4-16-337
BOWEN, JOHN B.                          NY-4-27-535
BOWERS, ASENATH                         NY-4-6-391
BOWERS, GARDNER S.                      NY-4-10-541
BOWERS, J. MILTON                       NY-4-29-361
BOWERS, NANCY                           NY-4-3-409
BOWERS, POLLY                           NY-4-6-337
BOWKER, ELIZABETH L. W.                 NY-4-17-547
BOYD, HARRIET T.                        NY-4-16-571
BOYD, LUCINDA C.                        NY-4-20-85
BOYDEN, GEORGE H.                       NY-4-37-49
BOYES, PHILINDA K.                      NY-4-29-85
BOYNTON, ELIZA                          NY-4-13-397
BOYNTON, ELIZA                          NY-4-13-397
BRADLEY, HENRY W.                       NY-4-13-241
BRADLEY, HENRY W.                       NY-4-13-241
BRADLEY, JOHN                           NY-4-20-451
BRADLEY, JULIAN A.                      NY-4-18-151
BRADLEY, MARY                           NY-4-22-37
BRADT, ELIZABETH S.                     NY-4-10-241
BRADY, JAMES                            NY-4-5-349
BRADY, PETER J.                         NY-4-32-391
BRADY, POLLY                            NY-4-16-289
BRAILSFORD, JOHN                        NY-4-19-391
BRANDAY, MARK D.                        NY-4-21-151
BRANDT, J. G. FREDERICK                 NY-4-30-241
BRANLEY, CATHARINE                      NY-4-37-133
BRANT, AMES M.                          NY-4-11-109
BRANT, AMOS                             NY-4-D-153
BRANT, JONAS                            NY-4-6-7
BRASHER, JACOB                          NY-4-7-337
BRAYNARD, MARY L.                       NY-4-30-577
BREWER, MILTON                          NY-4-11-247
BRIEPE, WILLIAM                         NY-4-#1-429
BRIGGS, A. D.                           NY-4-10-110
BRIGGS, CALVIN R.                       NY-4-#1-121
BRIGGS, CELIA A.                        NY-4-36-337
BRIGHAM, ELMER W.                       NY-4-23-337
BRIGHAM, SAMUEL                         NY-4-8-529
BRIMMER, DANIEL HARRISON                NY-4-21-481
BRIMMER, PERRY W.                       NY-4-19-403
BRINK, CHARLES P.                       NY-4-18-331
BRINK, JAMES                            NY-4-2-1
BRINK, NICHOLAS                         NY-4-D-12
BRINK, WILLIAM                          NY-4-D-48
BRINTNALL, PHINEAS L.                   NY-4-23-577
BRISSETT, NATHAN                        NY-4-22-379
BRISSIE, WILLIAM                        NY-4-33-139
BRITTON, SAMUEL                         NY-4-#1-147
BROADS, MARIA A.                        NY-4-33-487
BROAS, ISAAC V. W.                      NY-4-4-403
BROAS, PHEBE                            NY-4-35-55
BROCKWAY, HENRY                         NY-4-13-535
BROCKWAY, HENRY                         NY-4-13-535
BROCKWAY, MARGARET A.                   NY-4-17-427
BROCKWAY, REED                          NY-4-D-131
BROFIELD, JOHN F.                       NY-4-25-253
BRONSON, ANNE E.                        NY-4-34-409
BROOKS, ALFRED W.                       NY-4-33-499
BROOKS, CORDELIA                        NY-4-30-79
BROOKS, ELLEN                           NY-4-9-169
BROOKS, JAMES                           NY-4-5-49
BROOKS, LUCINA                          NY-4-25-259
BROOKS, PELATIAH B.                     NY-4-4-511
BROOKS, WESLEY                          NY-4-17-13
BROOME, STEPHEN L.                      NY-4-4-73
BROUGHAM, AARON                         NY-4-2-481
BROUGHAM, ANNA L.                       NY-4-2-463
BROUGHAM, CAROLINE                      NY-4-26-277
BROWN, ALFRED N.                        NY-4-15-577
BROWN, AUSTIN R.                        NY-4-13-37
BROWN, AUSTIN R.                        NY-4-13-37
BROWN, CATHERINE M.                     NY-4-36-565
BROWN, DANIEL R.                        NY-4-I-753
BROWN, DAVID                            NY-4-O-293
BROWN, EDWIN D.                         NY-4-11-571
BROWN, GURDON H.                        NY-4-4-421
BROWN, HARRIET                          NY-4-#1-59
BROWN, HARRIET L.                       NY-4-17-211
BROWN, HELEN S.                         NY-4-30-115
BROWN, HENRY                            NY-4-N-267
BROWN, JAMES Y.                         NY-4-O-85
BROWN, JANE M.                          NY-4-16-7
BROWN, JESSE                            NY-4-3-343
BROWN, JOHN                             NY-4-B-34
BROWN, JOHN JR.                         NY-4-O-57
BROWN, LOTT                             NY-4-20-127
BROWN, LURA L.                          NY-4-23-175
BROWN, MARGARET M.                      NY-4-26-7
BROWN, MARTHA J.                        NY-4-2-577
BROWN, MARY A.                          NY-4-19-73
BROWN, MINERVA                          NY-4-21-397
BROWN, OBADIAH Z.                       NY-4-2-499
BROWN, SANFORD                          NY-4-4-37
BROWN, SARAH J.                         NY-4-36-193
BROWN, WILLIAM                          NY-4-26-79
BROWNE, EDMUND                          NY-4-35-217
BROWNELL, CHARLES W.                    NY-4-18-175
BROWNELL, MARGARET                      NY-4-26-169
BROWNELL, ROBERT C.                     NY-4-8-199
BROWNSON, DAVID L.                      NY-4-27-283
BRUNNER, CONRAD                         NY-4-13-385
BRUNNER, CONRAD                         NY-4-13-385
BRUSH, HENRY P.                         NY-4-13-331
BRUSH, HENRY P.                         NY-4-13-331
BUCHANAN, JOHN W.                       NY-4-#1-124
BUCK, GEORGE H.                         NY-4-36-421
BUCK, LESTER W.                         NY-4-21-127
BUCKINGHAM, HORACE                      NY-4-N-122
BUDD, EMMA J.                           NY-4-21-571
BUEL, SIMON                             NY-4-D-648
BUFFINGTON, EMERY GUERNSEY              NY-4-29-517
BULFINCH, WARREN                        NY-4-36-439
BULL, ELEANOR                           NY-4-15-553
BULLOCK, BARNET                         NY-4-9-349
BULLOCK, JACOB                          NY-4-31-61
BUMP, ANGELINE M.                       NY-4-25-115
BUMP, SARAH M.                          NY-4-17-463
BUNKER, STEPHEN S.                      NY-4-25-529
BUNN, MARGARET P.                       NY-4-29-157
BUNNELL, JIMME                          NY-4-N-251
BUNZY, JACOB                            NY-4-34-445
BURBANK, GEORGE W.                      NY-4-35-553
BURCH, LODOISKA                         NY-4-21-595
BURDETT, AMELIA                         NY-4-19-511
BURDETT, THOMAS                         NY-4-9-397
BURDICK, WILLIAM                        NY-4-35-169
BURGETT, CHARLES H.                     NY-4-33-217
BURGETT, ISAIAH                         NY-4-22-193
BURGHARD, CAROLINE M.                   NY-4-13-541
BURGHARD, CAROLINE M.                   NY-4-13-541
BURGHARDT, JOSEPHINE H.                 NY-4-26-181
BURGHARDT, RICHARD M.                   NY-4-36-535
BURHAM, NORMAN                          NY-4-#1-490
BURHANS, PETER K.                       NY-4-24-577
BURKE, MARTIN                           NY-4-17-595
BURKE, WILLIAM                          NY-4-10-31
BURLINGAME, PARDON T.                   NY-4-15-433
BURNETT, CATHERINE                      NY-4-18-373
BURNS, BRIDGET                          NY-4-19-1
BURNS, CATHARINE                        NY-4-23-169
BURNS, DANIEL                           NY-4-4-295
BURNS, HONORA                           NY-4-35-445
BURNS, JAMES                            NY-4-16-37
BURNS, JAMES                            NY-4-36-583
BURNS, ROSANNA                          NY-4-20-211
BURR, ALMOND                            NY-4-5-182
BURR, NELSON G.                         NY-4-32-415
BURRILL, ISAAC                          NY-4-I-571
BURROWS, CHARLES D.                     NY-4-35-283
BURROWS, LYDIA FRENCH                   NY-4-37-241
BURROWS, SARAH E.                       NY-4-24-493
BURROWS, WILLIAM F.                     NY-4-22-481
BURT, BATHSHEBA                         NY-4-15-271
BURT, HENRY                             NY-4-11-331
BURT, JOHN                              NY-4-15-265
BURTIS, JOHN L.                         NY-4-15-511
BURTON, WILLIAM                         NY-4-6-145
BUSH, BETSY W.                          NY-4-31-547
BUSH, GEORGE W.                         NY-4-11-223
BUSH, JANE                              NY-4-23-343
BUSH, RILEY                             NY-4-18-121
BUSTON, GEORGE                          NY-4-4-31
BUTLER, ALEXANDER                       NY-4-#1-355
BUTLER, JANE J.                         NY-4-4-127
BUTLER, JOEL                            NY-4-24-49
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         NY-4-19-433
BUTTERFIELD, JAMES                      NY-4-12-271
BUTTERFIELD, SAMUEL                     NY-4-2-445
BUTTON, ETTA L.                         NY-4-4-265
BUTTON, VICTORIA                        NY-4-25-541
BUTTON, WILL M.                         NY-4-36-85
BUTTS, PELEG                            NY-4-18-379
BUTTS, TRESSO .                         NY-4-18-559
BYRNE, MAURICE                          NY-4-18-169
BYRNES, PATRICK                         NY-4-O-132

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