US District Court, Boston, Massachusetts
Naturalization Petitions (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court - Boston Massachusetts, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page #
"see:" - alternative name listed

SIBULKIN, JACOB                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-51
SIBULKIN, JACOB S.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-149
SIBULKIN, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-172
SICILIANO, FRANK                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-31
SICKINGER, ADOLF                  GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-73
SIDDELEY, THOMAS HENRY            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-82
SIDELL, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-6
SIDIS, BORIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-118
SIDLAUSKAS, KAZIMIR JOSEPH        LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-231
SIDLEVICZ, DOMINIK MICHAEL        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-27
SIDMAN, SAM                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-209
SIDMNA, SOLOMON                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-91
SIEGEL, ALEXANDER JOSEPH          RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-86
SIEGEL, DAVID                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-239
SIEGEL, DAVID                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-248
SIEGEL, ELI                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-133
SIEGEL, GEORGE                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-134
SIEGEL, ISIDOR                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-193
SIEGEL, MAX                       ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-104
SIEGEL, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-244
SIEGEL, NATHAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-4
SIEGEL, PHILIP                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-39
SIEGELOVITSH, ABRAHAM             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-173
SIELICKI, FELIX                   POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-209
SIEVE, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-157
SIEVE, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-216
SIEVE, LEO JULIUS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-42
SIEVE, WILLIAM MORRICE            GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-11
SIEVERS, WILHELM                  HANOVER                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-193
SIEW, WILLIAM LEONARD             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-173
SIGGELIN, HERMAN                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-63
SIGTING, ANDERS THEODORE          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-73
SIIPOLA, ANDER ARTHUR             FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-146
SIIRI, MATTI                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-20
SILAISGAIL, REIN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-1
SILBERMAN, BENNIE                 ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-81
SILBOVITZ, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-18
SILFVENIUS, IVAR WILHELM          FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-63
SILIN, ARNOLD                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-121
SILL, RICHARD BERTRAM             WALES                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-83
SILLARI, JOHN                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-181
SILLIN, CHARLES DIDRICH           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-230
SILLIN, JOHAN                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-229
SILLS, WILLIAM CLORENCE           ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-57
SILVA, HENRY LUIS                 PORTUGAL                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-201
SILVA, JAMES AUGUSTO DE MEDEIRAS  PORTUGAL                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-64
SILVA, JOHN CABRAL                AZORES                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-67
SILVA, LOUIZ FERNURA DA           AZORES ISLANDS                               US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-63
SILVA, MANUEL AUGUSTO             AZORES                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-220
SILVEIRA, JOHN JOSEPH             AZORES                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-137
SILVER, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-21
SILVER, MORRIS                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-120
SILVERIO, JOSEPH                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-249
SILVERMAN, BENJAMIN               SEE: SILBERMAN, BENNIE                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-81
SILVERMAN, DAVID                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-116
SILVERMAN, HARRY                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-69
SILVERMAN, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-113
SILVERMAN, JAMES                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-243
SILVERMAN, JULIUS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-108
SILVERMAN, MAX                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-107
SILVERMAN, MYRON                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-235
SILVERMAN, SAMUEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-164
SILVERMAN, WILLIAM                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-125
SILVERSTEIN, JACOB                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-28
SILVERSTEIN, LOUIS                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-46
SILVERSTEIN, PHILIP               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-5
SILVERSTONE, JOSEPH               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-71
SIMEONE, NICHOLAS                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-125
SIMEONE, SALVATORE                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-26
SIMMONDS, FREDERICK SMITH         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-45
SIMMONDS, PERCY ALLEN             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-155
SIMMONS, FREDERICK H              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-113
SIMON, BARNETT RUBIN              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-105
SIMON, JACOB                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-211
SIMON, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-8
SIMON, JOSEPH LOUIS               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-100
SIMON, LOUIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-209
SIMON, MORRIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-98
SIMONE, PRISCO                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-150
SIMONIAN, KAZAR                   TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-18
SIMONIAN, SARKIS                  TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-71
SIMONS, HIRAM BURT                CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-55
SIMONSEN, KNUD VALDEMAR           DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-89
SIMONSON, SIMEON                  ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-83
SIMPKINS, BENJAMIN                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-152
SIMPSON, ADOLPH ARON JOHANSON     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-104
SIMPSON, ALBERT EDWARD            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-39
SIMPSON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN        PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-166
SIMPSON, CHARLES GLENNIE          SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-191
SIMPSON, CHARLES GLENNIE          SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-191
SIMPSON, INGWALD                  NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-68
SIMPSON, JOHN T.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-117
SIMPSON, THOMAS H.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-32
SIMS, FREDERICK ROBERTSON         ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-33
SIMS, THOMAS                      ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-34
SINCLAIR, JOHN                    SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-18
SINGER, HAIM                      ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-170
SINGER, LEO                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-126
SINGER, LOUIS                     AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-2
SINGER, SAMUEL                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-202
SINGER, SAMUEL ABRAHAM            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-20
SINOPOLI, GIUSEPPE                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-55
SIOLANDER, SARAH DEBORA CHARLOTTA SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-164
SIOMAN, CHARLES                   FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-40
SIOMAN, CHARLES                   FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-40
SIOURIS, DIONYSIOS CHARALAMBOS    GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-103
SIRKIN, ZEILICK                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-205
SIRO, BIANCHI                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-177
SIROONION, SOTAOS                 TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-136
SIROTIN, LEON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-37
SISLIAN, HOOHANNES BOGOS          TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-20
SISLOVITZ, ISADOR H.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-170
SISONSKY, JACOB                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-61
SISSA, SILVIO                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-6
SISSON, JEAN                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-61
SIWOLONE, DOMENICO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-118
SJOBLAD, KARL SAMUEL              FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-11
SJOBLOM, IVAR J.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-85
SJOBLOM, WILLIAM                  FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-87
SJOGREN, ADOLF EDWARD             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-125
SJOGREN, OTTO GOTTHARD            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-139
SJOHM, WILHELM FERDINAND          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-37
SJOLANDER, AXEL SAMUEL            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-134
SJOQVIST, JOHN LINUS              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-137
SJOSTEDT, GUSTAF ADOLF            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-130
SJOSTEDT, OSCAR MANFRIED          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-61
SJOSTRAND, AUGUST JOHAN ADOLF     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-24
SKABE, LAPIN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-102
SKAKOWSKI, WLADAS                 LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-201
SKANDE, DEMETRI NICOLA            MACEDONIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-168
SKELTON, JOHN                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-14
SKELTON, LAWRENCE DANIEL ALFRED   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-82
SKELTON, WALTER JAMES             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-16
SKENE, JOHN                       SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-163
SKEPPEN, GEORGE                   GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-60
SKEVAKIS, POLINIKIS               GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-198
SKINDER, VICTOR GEORGIE           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-103
SKINNER, DAVID LYALL              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-43
SKIR, BERIL                       TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-227
SKLAR, CHARLES                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-32
SKLAR, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-195
SKLIARSKY, LOUIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-22
SKOGSTROM, IDION                  SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-58
SKOLD, CARL REINHOLD NAPOLEON     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-43
SKOLD, LEONARD                    FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-45
SKOLNICK, BENJAMIN                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-166
SKUDLARCK, STANISLAW              POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-213
SKUKOVSKY, MICHAEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-195
SKVOG, JOHAN EDWIN                SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-145
SLACK, JOHN                       ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-26
SLADE, WILLIAM                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-12
SLADE, WILLIAM                    NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-163
SLADEN, LEWIS P.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-133
SLAGER, WILLIAM EDWARD            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-57
SLATNICK, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-119
SLATTERY, MICHAEL JOHN            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-71
SLATTERY, MICHAEL JOHN            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-71
SLATTERY, TIMOTHY DANIEL          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-56
SLATTERY, WALTE RFRANCIS          PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-142
SLAVIN, CORNELIUS                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-126
SLAVIN, JOSEPH WILLIAM            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-68
SLAVIN, THOMAS FRANCIS            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-187
SLAVINSKY, JOHN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-67
SLAVINSKY, JOSEPH                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-13
SLEET, THOMAS FILLINGHAM          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-113
SLETTERINK, HENRY JOHN            HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-163
SLETTERINK, HENRY JOHN            HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-163
SLINEY, JEREMIAH                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-132
SLISHMAN, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-40
SLOBINS, HARRY LOBE               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-97
SLOBODKIN, ABRAHAM SAMUEL         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-24
SLOCOMB, HOWARD HORATIO           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-125
SLOET, JACOB                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-138
SLOTNICK, JACOB                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-85
SLOTNICK, SCHOLEM                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-156
SLOVINSKY, DAVIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-38
SLOWE, PATRICK                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-157
SLYVA, JOHN                       TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-197
SMALL, HYMAN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-190
SMALL, MAX                        AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-70
SMALL, THEODORE ARTHUR            NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-79
SMALNITSKY, HARRY                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-237
SMALNITSKY, SAMUEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-121
SMASKY, FRANK                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-89
SMEDBERG, SVEN JOHAN              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-66
SMET, GERARD                      BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-243
SMIDDY, DANIEL                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-54
SMILLIE, ROBERT SHAWHUTTON        SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-83
SMITH, ABRAM ELLIS                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-23
SMITH, ALEXANDER                  JAMACIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-157
SMITH, ALFRED ELMO                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-6
SMITH, ALVIN                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-164
SMITH, ANGUS NELSON               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-83
SMITH, AUSTIN ROBERT              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-20
SMITH, BARNEY                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-227
SMITH, BENJAMIN HARRY             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-234
SMITH, CARL                       GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-34
SMITH, CHARLES                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-87
SMITH, CHARLES                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-242
SMITH, CHARLES W.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-48
SMITH, CHARLES WILLIAM            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-31
SMITH, CHIPMAN H.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-212
SMITH, DANIEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-10
SMITH, DAVID                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-24
SMITH, DUNCAN ALFRED              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-209
SMITH, EDITH ALMINA               BERMUDA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-228
SMITH, FRANK J.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-120
SMITH, GEORGE                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-238
SMITH, GEORGE                     SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-29
SMITH, GEORGE KEAN                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-26
SMITH, HARRY                      SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-116
SMITH, HENRY EDWIN                PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-123
SMITH, HERMAN                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-77
SMITH, HOWARD CROWELL             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-234
SMITH, HYMAN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-9
SMITH, ISAAC L.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-163
SMITH, JACOB LEOB                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-32
SMITH, JAMES DAVIS                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-76
SMITH, JAMES JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-56
SMITH, JOHN                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-80
SMITH, JOHN                       CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-8
SMITH, JOHN ARTHUR                ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-75
SMITH, JOHN D.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-64
SMITH, JOHN H.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-77
SMITH, JOHN HALL                  NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-136
SMITH, JOHN JAMES                 SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-69
SMITH, JUDAH CROWELL              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-44
SMITH, LOUIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-77
SMITH, LOUIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-172
SMITH, LOUIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-216
SMITH, LOUIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-216
SMITH, LOUIS ABRAHAM              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-235
SMITH, MICHAEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-248
SMITH, RALPH JAKE                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-72
SMITH, ROBERT DONALD              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-144
SMITH, ROBERT PATTERSON           PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-28
SMITH, ROBERT WILLIAM             WALES                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-94
SMITH, RODERICK                   CAPE BRETON                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-170
SMITH, SAM                        TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-42
SMITH, SAMUEL JAMES               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-180
SMITH, SAMUEL R.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-231
SMITH, STEPHEN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-23
SMITH, THOMAS                     SOUTH WALES                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-16
SMITH, THOMAS PATON               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-211
SMITH, WILLIAM ADAM               NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-56
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-14
SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-158
SMITH, WILLIAM HENRY              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-22
SMITH, WILLIAM WALKER             NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-78
SMITHKIN, FRANK                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-249
SMOKLER, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-176
SMOLENSKY, WILLIAM                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-222
SMOLIK, EMILIE MARIE              AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-209
SMOLIUS, ISREAL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-76
SMUCKLER, JULIUS JACOB            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-212
SMUKKI, EDWARD                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-223
SMYTH, CHARLES                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-222
SMYTH, DAVID                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-201
SMYTH, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-218
SMYTH, MICHAEL JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-186
SNEE, BARTHOLOEMW                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-93
SNEIDER, HARRY                    POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-82
SNEIDER, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-203
SNEIDEROVITZ, MENDEL              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-246
SNELL, SOLMON                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-119
SNELLARS, ROBERT FREEMAN          NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-30
SNOW, DAVID                       ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-77
SNOW, ISIDOR CHARLES              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-11
SNOW, PHILEMON                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-164
SNOWDEN, SAMUEL                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-78
SNYDER, PETER                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-191
SOAR, WILLIAM HENRY               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-72
SOBELL, BARNET                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-1
SOBERG, OLE                       NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-43
SOBERG, PETER                     NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-167
SOCOLOVSKY, SAMUEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-77
SODDECK, CHARLES                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-57
SODERBERG, ADOLF HENRY            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-176
SODERBERG, CARL G.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-140
SODERHOLM, EMIL EVERT             FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-62
SODERLUND, AXEL FREDERICK         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-44
SODERLUND, EDWIN JOHAN            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-8
SODERMAN, ALIX JOHANNES           FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-20
SODERMAN, JOHAN OSCAR             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-20
SODERQUIST, CARL ADOLF            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-11
SODERQUIST, CARL ARTHUR           SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-202
SOKOL, HYMAN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-119
SOKOL, MAX                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-49
SOKOLOFF, NIKOLAI                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-30
SOKOLORI, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-52
SOKOLSKI, ANDRZEJ                 POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-126
SOKOLSKY, HARRY                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-42
SOKOLVSKY, JACOB MAX              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-166
SOLAR, CHARLES                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-135
SOLBERG, JOHN JOHNSON             NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-168
SOLDANI, MICHELE                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-99
SOLDARRI, LODOVICO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-137
SOLHEIM, JAMES                    NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-229
SOLLOGUB, JAKE                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-160
SOLOMON, ASSAD                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-110
SOLOMON, JOSEPH EDWARD            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-19
SOLOMON, SAMUEL                   ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-3
SOLOMONSON, JOHN                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-217
SOMERS, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-236
SOMERSET, EDWARD                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-114
SOMERVILLE, JAMES                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-250
SOMPPI, JOHN                      FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-38
SON, ANTHONY JOSEPH               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-175
SON, ISAAC                        HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-25
SONNENBERG, FRANK THOMAS          GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-192
SONNERFELDT, HERMAN               SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-2
SORDILLO, FORTUNATO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-20
SORDILLO, GIUSEPPE                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-12
SORENSEN, EDWARD HEINRICH         DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-223
SORENSEN, EDWIN H.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-64
SORENSEN, EINAR CHRISTIAN         DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-56
SORENSEN, PETER KRISTIAN          DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-102
SORENSEN, RAMSUS CHRISTIAN        DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-194
SORENSEN, SAMUEL                  NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-140
SORENSEN, SOREN PETER             DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-111
SORITZ, MORDUCK                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-98
SORKIN, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-238
SOROCKA, ABRAHAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-151
SOROKA, ABRAHAM ZIVELL            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-104
SOSNO, FRANK                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-33
SOSNOWSKI, ALEXANDER              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-9
SOSTEK, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-125
SOUDEN, ROBERT EWEN               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-154
SOUKIKIAN, MISSAK KALOUSD         TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-8
SOUSLIDES, NESTOR                 TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-74
SOUTHALL, JOSEPH ALBERT           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-154
SOUTHWELL, BERNARD                NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-125
SOZIO, BENEDETTO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-233
SPACK, MORRIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-22
SPADARO, ANDREAS                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-109
SPADEA, VINCENZO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-66
SPAIN, FREDERICK                  NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-16
SPANIERMAN, HARRY                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-186
SPANOS, PETER                     GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-243
SPARKS, DAVID                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-113
SPARKS, DOUGLAS                   NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-148
SPARKS, HARRY PENNEY              NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-44
SPARKS, NEWMAN                    NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-227
SPEAR, ELLWOOD BARKER             ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-88
SPECTOR, MORRIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-42
SPECTOR, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-105
SPEDIANI, ROBERTO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-124
SPELLM AN, THOMAS                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-4
SPELLMAN, JOHN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-189
SPELLMAN, PATRICK                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-27
SPENCE, ANDREW                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-224
SPENCE, CHARLES JOHN              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-202
SPENCE, GEORGE C.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-94
SPENCE, JOHN WILSON               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-107
SPENCE, MARSHALL                  NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-82
SPENCER, JOHNE DWIN               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-61
SPEYER, ELEAZER JOSEPH            HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-35
SPEYER, ISAAC JOSEPH              NETHERLANDS                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-29
SPIEGAL, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-29
SPIEGEL, NATHAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-106
SPIEL, HARRY                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-220
SPIEL, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-190
SPIERS, HUGH                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-189
SPIERS, ROBERT                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-211
SPIESERT, PAUL                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-244
SPIESERT, PAUL                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-244
SPIKE, GEORGE VROOM               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-100
SPIKE, JAMES E.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-116
SPILIOTOPULOS, ATHANS EPAMINONDA  GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-133
SPILIOTOPULOS, DIMOSTHENES EPAMINONELAS                                        GREECE   US-MA-BOSTON-PETS   33-42
SPILIOTOPULOS, DIMOSTHENES EPAMMONDA                                           GREECE   US-MA-BOSTON-PETS   27-42
SPILLANE, JOHN CHRISTOPHER        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-53
SPILLANE, TIMOTHY JAMES           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-204
SPINA, GUISEPPE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-223
SPINALE, CARMELO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-18
SPINDEL, JACOB                    AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-177
SPINNEY, GILBERT STACY            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-130
SPIRTT, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-10
SPITZ, CHARLES SALOMON            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-166
SPIVACK, COLEMAN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-50
SPIVACK, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-51
SPLAINE, JAMES CORNELIUS          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-221
SPOTNIZ, ISRAEL                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-136
SPRING, WILLIAM ARCHIBALD         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-54
SPRINGER, SIMON HARRY             AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-141
SPRINSKY, BARNEY                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-226
SPROZIS, WILLIAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-215
SPRUDE, HERMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-204
SPRUDE, HERMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-204
SPRY, WILLIAM MARTIN              ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-31
SPURR, FREDERICH ERNEST           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-177
SPURR, HUBERT SYDA                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-244
SPURRELL, ADAM JOHN               NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-102
SQUAGLIA, GIOVANNI                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-128
SQUILLACIOTI, SALVATORE           ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-87
SQUILLACIOTI, SALVATORE           ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-205
SQUIRES, BEATON HALL              NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-23
SQUIRES, JAMES                    NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-107
SRECK, DAVID                      FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-142
STACK, JAMES MAURICE              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-132
STACK, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-62
STADELMAN, AUGUST                 SWITZERLAND                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-123
STAEGER, ALFRED FREDERICK         FRANCE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-156
STAFFIERE, ANTONIO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-191
STAHLER, WILLIAM                  GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-53
STAHLER, WILLIAM                  GEMRANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-53
STAHRE, AMALIA                    SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-20
STAIN, JOE                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-57
STAINEN, ABRAHAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-150
STAIRS, CHESTER JOHNSON           NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-40
STAKWILOVIC, JOHN                 LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-69
STALIAROFF, MICHAEL               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-75
STAMATELLO, STAMATIOS             TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-70
STAMELL, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-50
STAMEN, ABRAHAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-150
STAMERIS, ARTHUR                  GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-196
STANDEVEN, CROSSLEY               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-156
STANDEVEN, HUBERT                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-38
STANFORD, THOMAS                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-30
STANGER, NATHAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-52
STANIKONIS, ANTHONY               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-211
STANKUS, HERONIMAS                LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-79
STANKUS, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-30
STANLEY, PATRICK JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-146
STANLEY, WILLIAM                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-9
STANTON, CHRIST                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-20
STANTON, WILLIAM                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-92
STANWOOD, CHARLES TOOKER          CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-134
STAPLETON, PETER JOSEPH           CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-98
STAR, ERICK                       FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-91
STAR, LOUIS CHAIKEL               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-121
STARASELSKY, DAVID                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-244
STARINSKY, FRANK                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-183
STARKIE, JUSTIN                   CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-54
STARNOW, NICHOLAS LEMONI          GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-228
STARR, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-81
STARRATT, JOSEPH ABNER            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-235
STARRATT, MARGARET B. R.          TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-10
STARSIAK, MICHAEL                 AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-154
STARSTROM, FRANK OSCAR            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-165
STASINOPOULOS, DEMETRIOS STARINOS GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-214
STASYS, FRANCIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-84
STATKUS, LEON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-83
STATLAND, HARRY                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-9
STAULO, NICOLA                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-128
STAVISKY, FRANK                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-148
STAVISKY, LOUIS EDWARD            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-176
STAVRIDES, ALEXANDER              GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-16
STAVRIDES, ALEXANDER              GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-16
STEARNS, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-107
STEEL, JAMES HERBERT              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-237
STEELE, COLIN ALEXANDER           PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-44
STEELE, DANIE                     CAPE BRETON                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-136
STEELE, FRANCIS ROBERT CARNEGIE   CEYLON                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-1
STEELE, JAMES                     PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-40
STEELE, PHILIP                    PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-38
STEELE, WILLIAM                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-33
STEELE, WILLIAM STANISLAUS        NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-245
STEELE, WILLIAM STANISLAUS        NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-245
STEEN, AUGUST WILLIAM             NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-203
STEEN, THOMAS OTTY                NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-100
STEENBERG, OLAF                   NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-145
STEENS, FRANK FREDERICK           QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-88
STEER, THOMAS BENJAMIN            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-231
STEERES, HARVEY WITEFIELD         NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-48
STEERMAN, ABE                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-17
STEEVE, CONSTANCE A.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-196
STEEVES, ABEL LINCOLN             NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-14
STEFANOVICH, JOSEPH               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-245
STEFANOWICZ, STANISLAW FRENK      POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-142
STEIN, GUSTAF                     FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-190
STEIN, ISRAELL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-145
STEIN, LOUIS                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-192
STEIN, PHILIP                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-234
STEINBERG, ISAAC                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-250
STEINBERG, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-17
STEINBERG, SAMUEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-135
STEINBERG, SAMUEL                 ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-59
STEINMAN, ADOLPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-159
STELLA, FRANK                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-168
STELLAR, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-180
STELLATO, LUIGI                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-169
STENBERG, EMMA CHRISTINA          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-103
STENSLAND, IVAR BAKKEN            NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-67
STEPANSKY, OSCAR                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-205
STEPANSKY, SAM                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-134
STEPHEN, JAMES C.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-36
STEPHEN, YAVNAN                   TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-165
STEPHENS, ELIZABETH JEANNETTE     NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-38
STEPHENS, FREDERICK N.            TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-154
STEPHENS, GEORGE HENRY            TRINIDAD                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-76
STEPHENSON, HARRY                 ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-83
STEPNER, ISRAEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-150
STERITI, CARMINE                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-158
STERMAN, BARNET                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-25
STERMAN,ABRAHAM                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-17
STERN, HYMAN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-144
STERN, IKE                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-98
STERN, ISRAEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-143
STERN, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-80
STERN, JOSEPH                     AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-73
STERN, LOUIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-96
STERNBERG, ABRAM                  ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-143
STERNBERG, JOSEPH                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-28
STERNIK, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-58
STEUER, ERNEST                    FRANCE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-230
STEVENS, CHARLES WILLIAM          QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-87
STEVENS, ERNEST CHARLES EDGAR     QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-89
STEVENS, HARRY LORIMER            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-36
STEVENS, VICTOR ALIXIS            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-61
STEVENS, WILLIAM HENRY            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-248
STEVENSON, ALLAN                  SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-92
STEVENSON, HARRY AMBROSE JOHN     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-151
STEVENSON, HUGH                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-112
STEVENSON, JAMES ALEXANDER        SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-87
STEVES, ZEBULON MILLER            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-154
STEWART, CHARLES                  SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-110
STEWART, DAVID WATT               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-87
STEWART, DUNCAN A.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-152
STEWART, EDWARD                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-132
STEWART, JAMES                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-235
STEWART, JAMES                    SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-86
STEWART, JOHN                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-201
STEWART, JOHN ALEXANDER           PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-158
STEWART, JOHN KERR                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-55
STEWART, JOHN PAUL                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-154
STEWART, WILLIAM ADAM CRUICKSHANK SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-52
STGEORGE, PETER PAUL              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-105
STGEORGE, PETER PAUL              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-105
STIAN, JAKE                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-181
STICKELLS, THOMAS GEORGE          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-91
STICKLER, SAMUEL                  AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-67
STIMSON, THOMAS EWART             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-6
STIRBLIS, ANTONAS ROKUS           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-77
STIRZAKER, ALBERT JOHN            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-52
STOBIAR, MENDEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-238
STOCKWLEL, GEORGE                 SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-75
STODDARD, CLARK M.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-156
STOFFMAN, OSCAR                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-186
STOFINSKY, MORRIS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-77
STOKES, WILLIAM S.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-177
STOKEY, ANTHONY                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-211
STOLARSKY, LABE                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-66
STOLKEN, GUIDO AUGUST             GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-125
STOLOFF, ALBERT                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-159
STONE, ABRAHAM                    QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-77
STONE, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-95
STONE, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-69
STONE, ISADORE MAX                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-30
STONE, JOHN BEYAR                 FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-48
STONE, JULIUS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-40
STONE, MAURICE A.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-138
STONE, SIMON                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-151
STONE, SOLOMON                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-128
STONEHOUSE, CHARLES               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-109
STONEMAN, WILLIAM GEORGE          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-68
STOPSKI, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-166
STORCK, FREDERICK WILLIAM         GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-67
STORGARD, KARL AUGUST             FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-190
STORK, SAMUEL                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-1
STORMOEN, ERLING                  NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-106
STORNANTI, FRANCESCO              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-239
STOTT, JAMES                      ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-168
STOTT, JOSHUA PYRAH               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-163
STOTT, WILLIAM GEORGE             SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-161
STOWE, FRANK OSCAR (NAME CHANGE)  SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-165
STRACHAN, HARRY LEITCH            SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-25
STRAND, AUGUST ANSHELM            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-71
STRANDBERG, AXEL HJALMAR          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-89
STRANDBERG, LUDVIG EMANUEL        NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-40
STRANDMAN, AXEL GIDEON            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-198
STRANSON, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-42
STRASSER, EMIL                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-23
STRATFORD, JAMES                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-52
STRATIGAKIS, ZAPHIRIOS            TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-127
STRAUSS, ABRAHAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-179
STRAUSS, NATHAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-180
STRAUTMAN, JOHN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-99
STREIMUSH, ABRAHAM                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-247
STREMHOUN, ELIAS                  SYRIA                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-26
STRESCINO, GIUSEPPE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-98
STREVER, FENWICK HOWARD           NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-13
STRICKLAND, CLYDE EDWARD          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-44
STROMBECK, THURE LEONARD          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-19
STROMBERG, THURE E.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-21
STROMER, NATHAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-20
STROMER, NATHAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-20
STROMERS, HYMAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-204
STROMMER, LARS JOHANSON           NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-42
STRONACH, ALBERT WOODRUFF         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-7
STRONG, HERBERT A.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-185
STROUSBERG, SAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-210
STROWMAN, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-250
STRUM, CLARENCE EDWARD            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-214
STRZESAK, FRANK                   AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-239
STUART, GERALD JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-145
STUBREDA, BEN                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-207
STUDLEY, GEORGE BURTON            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-166
STUKAS, GEORGE CHARLES            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-105
STUKAS, JOSEPH DOMENIK            LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-40
STULTZ, GUILFORD WILLIAM          NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-245
STURGESS, ALFRED WILLIAM          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-111
STURKS, JOSEPH EVEN               NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-106
STUTHOPOULOS, PETER A.            TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-116
SUBER, BETTY                      SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-170
SUBER, BETTY                      SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-170
SUGARMAN, HYMAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-101
SUGARMAN, HYMAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-111
SUGARMAN, JOE                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-104
SUGARMAN, LOUIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-244
SUGARMAN, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-103
SUGHRUE, DENIS                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-14
SUGHRUE, JOHN J.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-151
SULFAOR, FRANCIS                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-55
SULIS, AVERY KUESTIS              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-153
SULKALA, ERIK                     FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-118
SULKES, RALPH                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-51
SULLIVAN, AUGUSTUS                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-206
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-156
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-43
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS HUMPHREY      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-178
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS JOSEPH        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-240
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS JOSEPH        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-58
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS JOSEPH        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-54
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-31
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-44
SULLIVAN, DANIEL D.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-99
SULLIVAN, DANIEL JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-92
SULLIVAN, DANIEL JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-225
SULLIVAN, DENIS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-30
SULLIVAN, DENIS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-244
SULLIVAN, DENIS J.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-207
SULLIVAN, DENIS MICHAEL           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-85
SULLIVAN, DENIS PATRICK           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-151
SULLIVAN, EUGENE FRANCIS          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-221
SULLIVAN, GILBERT                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-223
SULLIVAN, HUMPHRY                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-33
SULLIVAN, JAMES                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-163
SULLIVAN, JAMES                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-120
SULLIVAN, JAMES                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-172
SULLIVAN, JAMES                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-66
SULLIVAN, JAMES HENRY             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-88
SULLIVAN, JAMES PAUL              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-71
SULLIVAN, JEREMIAH                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-174
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-178
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-130
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-235
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-48
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-209
SULLIVAN, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-104
SULLIVAN, JOHN D.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-36
SULLIVAN, JOHN J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-171
SULLIVAN, JOHN JAMES              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-124
SULLIVAN, JOHN JAMES              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-151
SULLIVAN, JOHN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-100
SULLIVAN, JOHN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-97
SULLIVAN, JOHN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-147
SULLIVAN, JOHN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-187
SULLIVAN, LAURENCE J.             TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-15
SULLIVAN, LAWRENCE FRANCIS        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-40
SULLIVAN, MARTIN JOSEPH ALFRED    NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-131
SULLIVAN, MATTHEW JEREMIAH        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-42
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-132
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-201
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-10
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL J.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-4
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL JAMES           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-34
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL JOHN            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-18
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL JOSEPH          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-31
SULLIVAN, MICHEAL                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-190
SULLIVAN, NORA                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-76
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-67
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-147
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-89
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-158
SULLIVAN, PATRICK                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-186
SULLIVAN, PATRICK F.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-179
SULLIVAN, PATRICK J.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-172
SULLIVAN, PATRICK JAMES           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-70
SULLIVAN, PATRICK JAMES           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-89
SULLIVAN, PATRICK JOHN            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-214
SULLIVAN, PATRICK JOSEPH          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-140
SULLIVAN, PATRICK JOSEPH          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-53
SULLIVAN, PETER JOHN              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-159
SULLIVAN, PETER JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-44
SULLIVAN, RICHARD                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-173
SULLIVAN, ROBERT KILLEY           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-107
SULLIVAN, SILVESTER               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-80
SULLIVAN, THOMAS PATRICK          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-225
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-173
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-148
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY DANIEL          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-185
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY FRANCIS         IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-124
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY JOHN            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-48
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY JOHN            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-185
SUMMERS, GEORGE SMITH             PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-7
SUMMERS, WILLIAM HORACE           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-204
SUNDBACH, CARL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-47
SUNDBERG, EMANUEL WILLIAM         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-46
SUNDBERG, OSCAR CARL AUGUST       SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-9
SUNDIN, DAVID ENOCK               SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-170
SUNDQUIST, CARL JOHN              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-243
SUNDQUIST, FREDRIK EMMERIK        FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-66
SUNTER, JOHN EDWARD               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-142
SUNUNU, SALEH                     TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-156
SUORSA, PAAVO                     FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-128
SUPERIOR, SOLOMON                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-195
SUPPLE, CHRISTOPHER JOHN          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-62
SUPPLE, JAMES                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-71
SURI, MATTI                       SEE: SIIRI, MATTI                            US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-20
SURMAN, OSCAR                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-97
SUROVSKY, LOUIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-121
SUSI, VALENTINO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-53
SUTCLIFFE, JOHN A.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-50
SUTHERLAND, LORNE ROBERT          ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-15
SUTHERLAND, PETER BROWN           SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-119
SUTTIE, JAMES HOVELL              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-142
SUVJANEN, KALLE WILLIAM           FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-120
SVANGREN, OSCAR WILHELM           SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-43
SVAVERSEN, ALFRED                 NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-10
SVENDSEN, CARL JOHAN              NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-63
SVENDSEN, FREDRIK CARL CHRISTIAN MARTIN                                        DENMARK  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS   31-85
SVENSON, CARL AUGUST              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-248
SVENSON, CARL AXEL NORD           SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-136
SVENSON, CARL EMIL                SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-163
SVENSON, EMMA CRISTINA AUGUSTA    SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-22
SVENSON, JOHAN ALFRED             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-87
SVENSON, KNUT SVEN                SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-166
SVENSON, LAS PETER                SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-34
SVENSON, MATTIS                   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-223
SVENSON, MATTIS                   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-223
SVENSON, NILS                     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-76
SVENSON, OSCAR AMANDUS            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-47
SVENSON, SVEN                     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-250
SVENSSON, ALEXANDER               SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-237
SVENSSON, ARTHUR OSCAR            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-141
SVENSSON, CARL S.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-200
SVENSSON, ERIC HILMER FRITHIOF    SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-34
SVENSSON, KARL ADOLF              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-90
SVENSSON, OSCAR GUNNAR            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-59
SWAIN, CHARLES EVERETT            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-27
SWAIN, WILBUR                     NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-226
SWALLOW, ROBERT CLINTON           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-116
SWAN, AUGUST WILHELM              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-138
SWAN, ROBERT ROY                  NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-164
SWANSON, AUGUST                   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-176
SWANSON, AXEL HERMAN              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-31
SWANSON, CARL RICHARD             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-87
SWANSON, CARL S.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-200
SWANSON, HERMAN                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-95
SWANSON, HUGO REINHOLD            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-215
SWANSON, JOHN                     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-58
SWANSON, JOHN EMIL                SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-142
SWANSON, KNUT                     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-204
SWANSON, LARS A.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-118
SWANSON, LARS EDVARD              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-111
SWANSON, OTTO RUDOLF              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-71
SWANSON, SVANTE E.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-125
SWANSSON, SVANTE                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-125
SWANSSON, SVEN JULIUS             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-102
SWARD, WILLEHARD KONSTANTIN       FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-35
SWART, MOSS                       HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-154
SWARTZ, BARNET                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-213
SWARTZ, DAVID                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-240
SWARTZ, DAVID JOSHIO              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-97
SWARTZ, MEYER                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-129
SWARTZ, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-96
SWARTZ, RALPH                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-93
SWARTZ, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-85
SWARZ, SIMON ABRAHAM              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-157
SWEDMARK, WERNER JOHNSON          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-70
SWEEN, JOHAN                      NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-14
SWEENEY, JOHN                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-8
SWEENEY, JOHN                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-155
SWEENEY, JOHN CHARLES             SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-26
SWEENEY, JOHN FRANCIS             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-189
SWEENEY, JOHN JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-241
SWEENEY, JOHN JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-243
SWEENEY, JOHN MARTIN              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-2
SWEENEY, MICHAEL JAMES            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-64
SWEENEY, PETER P.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-71
SWEENY, PATRIC                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-179
SWEETMAN, WILLIAM                 ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-37
SWEETNAM, HARRY                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-245
SWEETNAM, JAMES                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-39
SWEETNAN, SAMUEL HENRY            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-27
SWEEZEY, ADOLPHUS CECIL           NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-213
SWEINSEN, PETER                   NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-81
SWENSEN, ALEXANDER EPAQUEL        SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-210
SWENSEN, HENRY MARINUS            DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-187
SWENSON, ALF                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-191
SWENSON, DAVID                    SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-228
SWENSON, GEORGE                   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-24
SWENSON, HILDING JULIUS           SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-28
SWENSON, JOHN PETER               SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-88
SWERDLIN, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-225
SWERLING, SAM                     AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-246
SWERLING, SOLOMON                 AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-85
SWETZOFF, BARNETT                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-130
SWIFT, JOHN S.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-160
SWIFT, THOMAS JOSEPH              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-36
SWINIMER, BENNETT HARVEY          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-124
SWYMAN, THEODORE                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-222
SYJATZ, JOHANN E.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-213
SYKES, CLEMENT BUTTES             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-119
SYKORA, RUDOLF                    SWITZERLAND                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-13
SYLVANEN, ALEXANDER               FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-228
SYLVESTER, GAETANO LORENZO        ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-140
SYMONDS, WILLIAM WILLIAMS         ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-126
SYPHER, MILFORD GUY               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-220
SYRJALA, VICTOR                   FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-65
SYVORTSEN, THOR MEYER             NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-245
SYX, ANTON                        BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-137
SZALONTAY, FRANK                  HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-66
SZARAKOWSKAS, WACLAW              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-107
SZATHMARY, JOSEPH                 HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-195
SZEPINSKI, GEORGE                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-160
SZWAGZDIS, KAZIMER                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-165

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