US District Court, Boston, Massachusetts
Naturalization Petitions (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court - Boston Massachusetts, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page #
"see:" - alternative name listed

GABELE, FRIDOLIN                  GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-34
GABENIUS, EDWARD ALEXANDER        FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-32
GABER, ABRAHAM                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-92
GABILLARD, EUGENE                 FRANCE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-207
GABLER, JOSEPH                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-184
GABRIEL, CHARLES FREDERICK        ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-204
GABRUNAS, JOSEPH                  LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-61
GAETZ, GEORGE THOMAS              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-53
GAFFNEY, BERNARD MCCAREY          PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-52
GAFFNEY, THOMAS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-29
GAFUERT, ERNEST                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-122
GAGE, ALFRED                      ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-213
GAGLIOLO, ALFONSE                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-92
GAHM, FRED                        GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-86
GAILIS, OSCAR                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-225
GAKIDIS, ALEXANDER NICHOLAS       TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-91
GALASSO, OTTAVIO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-97
GALBO, LORENZO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-74
GALCHNISKY, SMAUEL                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-214
GALDI, ALFRED CAMILLO             ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-79
GALEOTALIOSE, LUISE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-186
GALER, HANNIBAL LINCOUS           CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-70
GALGANO, GUISEPPE                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-54
GALINIS, VINCENT                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-44
GALL, BERYLEIB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-35
GALLAGHER, DENNIS                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-249
GALLAGHER, EDWARD                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-228
GALLAGHER, JAMES                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-130
GALLAGHER, JOHN ETHRIDGE          TRINIDAD                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-171
GALLAGHER, MARY                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-92
GALLAGHER, MICHAEL                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-100
GALLAGHER, ROBERT                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-145
GALLAGHER, THOMAS                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-242
GALLANT, LOUIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-61
GALLATI, RUDOLPH                  SWITZERLAND                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-84
GALLAUT, ISIDORE                  PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-76
GALLENE, VICTOR JOSEPH            ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-60
GALLERANI, GIUSEPPE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-82
GALLI, GUIDO                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-103
GALLIVAN, JOHN                    PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-165
GALLIVAN, STEPHEN                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-28
GALLO, PASQUALE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-2
GALLOPS, JAMES A.                 BARBADOES                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-233
GALVIN, DANIEL JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-224
GALVIN, MICHAEL                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-136
GALVIN, PATRICK JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-23
GALVIN, TIMOTHY                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-78
GALVIN, WILLIAM                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-118
GAMARNECK, IKE                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-208
GAMBALE, GENNARO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-158
GANAK, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-250
GANDELMAN, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-206
GANGI, GAETANO JAMES              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-37
GANLEY, JAMES JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-9
GANNAM, NICOLAS                   TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-108
GANNON, JAMES                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-204
GANNON, JAMES JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-96
GANNON, JOHN JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-64
GANNON, MICHAEL                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-72
GANNON, MICHAEL                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-161
GANNON, THOMAS J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-244
GANONG, ELDON A.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-69
GAQUIN, MICHAEL JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-38
GAQUIN, PATRICK JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-88
GARABEDIAN, CHARLES AGUSH         TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-190
GARABEDIAN, ELIAS                 TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-5
GARABEDIAN, PAUL                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-196
GARBARINO, PETER                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-2
GARBER, ABRAHAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-165
GARBER, LOUIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-189
GARD, THOMAS                      NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-203
GARDEN, JAMES                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-146
GARDINER, ERNEST RAY              NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-85
GARDNER, STEVENS THOMAS           CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-111
GARDNER, WILLIAM G.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-207
GARELIS, STEPHAN                  LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-246
GARFINKEL, EZAK                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-22
GARFINKEL, ISADORE                SEE: GARFINKEL, EZAK                         US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-22
GARFINKEL, RUBIN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-182
GARFINKLE, HARRY                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-131
GARFINKLE, SAMUEL                 POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-33
GARGANO, SABETO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-163
GARGILIS, APOSTOLOS               TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-141
GARLAND, NELSON                   NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-29
GARLAND, NELSON                   NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-29
GAROBIGIAN, MAGERDICH             TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-192A
GAROFALO, PASQUALE ANTONIO        ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-77
GAROFOLO, FRANCESCO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-126
GARRETS, JOSEPH                   HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-29
GARVEY, JOHN EDWARD               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-145
GASPAR, MICHALY                   HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-129
GASSON, JOHN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-189
GASTANIAN, MARGOS JAMES           TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-28
GATELY, EDWARD                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-96
GATELY, JOHN JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-232
GATELY, PATRICK JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-153
GATELY, PATRICK JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-7
GATELY, PATRICK JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-153
GATES, EDGAR HANSON               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-127
GATES, EMERICK PAUL               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-117
GATTORNA, ANGELA                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-141
GAUDET, DALEY                     NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-99
GAUDET, PETER BENEDICT            PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-41
GAUGHAN, EDWARD JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-107
GAUNITZ, EMIL JULIUS              GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-160
GAVIN, EDWARD JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-79
GAVIN, MICHAEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-248
GAVIN, MICHAEL PHILIP             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-35
GAVIN, PATRICK JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-199
GAVIN, PATRICK JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-24
GAVRIEL, THEODORE                 TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-13
GAW, JOHN                         IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-133
GAYTON, BERTNEY ELLSWORTH         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-126
GEANY, MICHAEL JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-194
GEARY, MARTIN J.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-225
GEARY, THOMAS                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-32
GEBHARDT, GUSTAV H.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-223
GEBHART, MARTIN THOMAS            BAVARIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-132
GEDART, ANTON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-227
GEEHAN, JAMES JOSEPH              NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-62
GEER, HOMER WALLACE               QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-95
GEERWICZ, JONAS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-73
GEKOFF, WILLIAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-224
GEKOFF, WILLIAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-224
GELARA, ADAMA                     AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-4
GELCHINSKY, BARNET                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-238
GELCHINSKY, SAMUEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-209
GELFAND, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-57
GELIB, MORRIS LOUIS               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-220
GELLAR, PHILLIP FRANCIS           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-161
GELLATLY, GEORGE WALLACE          SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-213
GELLATLY, THOMAS BAIRD            SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-247
GELLER, WOLF                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-151
GELLERMAN, ISRAEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-204
GELLERSTEDT, ERIK EDWARD JUSTUS   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-65
GELLERSTEDT, ERIK EDWARD JUSTUS   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-65
GELLIS, HARRY                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-202
GELMAN, JOSEPH                    RUSISA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-32
GELMAN, LOUIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-101
GELMAN, LOUIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-101
GELPE, MYER JULIUS                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-114
GELZINIS, JOHN                    LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-87
GENDLER, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-61
GENDROLIUS, ANTHONY               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-55
GENNARO, DI FRANCO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-228
GENTIL, RALPH                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-159
GENTLE, NORMAN                    SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-178
GEORGE, MANUEL HOMEM              AZORES                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-191
GEORGE, SIMON                     SYRIA                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-109
GERAGOTELIS, GREGORI GEORGE       TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-89
GERARD, GEORGE ADOLPH             FRANCE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-165
GERBASI, JOSEPH                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-88
GERBER, MARIE VON                 SEE: VONGERBER, MARIE                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-98
GERGLUND, CARL GUSTAVE            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-64
GERMAIN, THOMAS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-50
GERONINI, DEODATO                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-11
GERRIOR, BENJAMEN SIMON           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-131
GERRIOR, HUBERT                   NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-9
GERRISH, BARNEY                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-167
GERSINOVITCH, ISRAEL E.           TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-193
GERSON, BENJAMIN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-51
GERSON, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-246
GERSTEIN, ISRAEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-161
GERSTEIN, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-244
GERSTEIN, NATHAN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-106
GERTZ, ERWIN AUGUST               GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-104
GERVAIS, ALEXANDRE                QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-40
GERVAIS, HENRY                    QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-39
GESMER, NATHAN SOLOMON            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-30
GESNALDO, LEONARDO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-166
GESNER, LEWIS D.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-41
GEUS, ABRAHAM LOUIS               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-117
GEWERTZMAN, JANKEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-16
GEYIKIAN, ARTHUR STEPHAN          TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-43
GHAZARIAN, GARABED S.             TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-249
GHELLI, ENRICO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-83
GHERAZE, KOUSTA GEORGE            ALBANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-98
GHIKAS, GEORGE                    GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-78
GHILAIN, HENRY                    BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-157
GHILONI, GIOVANNI                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-64
GHIRARDANI, AUGUSTO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-181
GHOREYEB, ALBERT ALPHONSO WOOD    TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-178
GIACOBBE, FRANCESCO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-6
GIACOPPO, GIUSEPPE                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-80
GIALANELLA, ERNESTO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-223
GIANASCOLI, DOMENICO              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-227
GIANGREGORIO, DANTE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-234
GIANGREGORIO, DANTE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-234
GIANINO, GAETANO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-212
GIANMETTA, ROMANO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-40
GIANNANTONIO, SEBASTIANO          TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-234
GIANNASCO, WILLIAM                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-192
GIANNELLI, ANTONIO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-105
GIANNOCCERI, GIOVANNI B.          TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-145
GIANNOPOULOS, WILLIAM             GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-221
GIAQUINTA, ANTHONY                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-54
GIARDINA, JOHN                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-82
GIBB, FREDERICK MOIR              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-188
GIBBONS, ANTHONY JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-210
GIBBONS, BERNARD JOSEPH           GALWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-157
GIBBONS, JAMES JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-16
GIBBONS, MICHAEL LUKE             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-116
GIBBONS, PATRICK MICHAEL          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-138
GIBBONS, THOMAS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-162
GIBBONS, WILLIAM HANCOCK          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-220
GIBLIN, MARTIN J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-153
GIBSON, ARCHIBALD LEVERET         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-37
GIBSON, CYRUS JAMES               NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-175
GIERNIGAN, EUGENE HUGO            GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-65
GIETZEN, ALFRED                   BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-74
GIGLIOTTI, VINCENZO               ITALU                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-103
GILBERT, FREDERICK                ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-3
GILBERT, HYMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-86
GILBERT, ISRAEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-239
GILBERT, MEYER                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-38
GILES, EDWIN JAMES                NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-77
GILES, GILBERT                    SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-53
GILES, HENRY                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-100
GILES, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-99
GILGOFF, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-80
GILHOOLY, HENRY                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-141
GILIELLO, GIUSEPPE NICOLA         ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-126
GILINSKY, ABRAHAM ISAK            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-86
GILL, ARTHUR ROBERT               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-108
GILL, COLMAN                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-90
GILL, JOSEPH DILLON               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-189
GILL, MICHAEL                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-248
GILL, PETER                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-57
GILLER, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-38
GILLESPIE, JOHN                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-24
GILLESPIE, NEHEMIAH               NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-11
GILLESPIE, NOBLE JOHN             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-48
GILLIG, HENRY                     GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-39
GILLIG, JOHN                      GEMRANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-200
GILLIGAN, BERNARD                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-12
GILLIS, ALEXANDER JOSEPH          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-79
GILLIS, ALFRED TRUEMAN            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-211
GILLIS, CLARENCE PRIMROSE         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-165
GILLIS, DUNCAN ANGUS              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-83
GILLIS, HUGH ANGUS                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-70
GILLIS, JOHN DONALD               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-227
GILLIS, JOHN EWEN                 PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-105
GILLIS, JOHN MALCOM               PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-112
GILLIS, WILLIAM GREGORY           CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-128
GILLMAN, ISIDOR                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-137
GILLMAN, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-136
GILMAN, MATTHEW HENRY             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-204
GILMAN, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-77
GILMAN, NEIMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-75
GILMARTIN, MARK                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-146
GILMARTIN, MILES                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-224
GILMORE, DANIEL                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-121
GILMORE, GEORGE                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-36
GILMORE, JOHN                     SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-67
GILMORE, MARTIN                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-42
GILMORE, MICHAEL JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-164
GIMENSKY, JACOB HYMAN             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-250
GINNETTO, LIBERAFORE              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-172
GINSBERG, BERNARD                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-168
GINSBERG, CHARLES                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-10
GINSBERG, WILLIAM                 SEE: COCHENICK, WOLF                         US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-64
GINSBURG, BENJAMIN                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-219
GINSBURG, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-146
GINSBURG,MICHAEL                  ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-214
GINTY, ANTHONY                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-168
GIORDANO, ANTONIO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-136
GIORDANO, PASQUALE                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-179
GIORGIO, ANDREW                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-103
GIOVANNINI, PIETRO FRANCESCO      ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-163
GIRNIUS, JOHN                     LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-213
GIRONNA, SALVATORE                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-209
GIRRIN, JOHN FRANCIS              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-69
GITELSON, HAMAN                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-198
GITTER, SIMON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-14
GITTES, JACOB BEROVICH            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-16
GITTLEMAN, HERSHEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-231
GIULIANI, FRANK                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-136
GIULIANO, NICOLA                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-32
GIURLEO, GIOVANNI                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-44
GIUSTI, LUIGI                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-158
GIVOGRE, ANGELINA                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-52
GJERDE, JOHANNES NILSON           NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-13
GLAESER, FRITZ H.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-40
GLAHN, OTTO M.`                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-131
GLANDT, AXEL                      SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-178
GLASGOW, THOMAS JAMES             QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-167
GLASS, ASHER                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-137
GLASS, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-231
GLASS, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-228
GLASSER, JULIUS                   POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-33
GLASSMAN, HARRY M.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-148
GLASSMAN, JACOB                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-48
GLASSMAN, JULIUS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-249
GLASSMAN, NATHAN BERNARD          RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-105
GLAWSON, JAMES P.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-198
GLAZEBROOK, CHARLES WILLIAM       CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-59
GLAZER, FRIEDEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-162
GLAZER, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-225
GLAZER, ISRIL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-46
GLAZER, NATHAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-155
GLEASON, PERCY ELHANAN            QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-90
GLEESON, PATRICK                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-189
GLEESON, PATRICK                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-189
GLEN, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-234
GLENDON, WILLIAM JOSEPH           NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-82
GLETSTAIN, JOSSIA                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-38
GLICENSTEIN, DAVID                POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-88
GLICK, PHILIP                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-58
GLICK, SAMUEL HERMAN              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-78
GLICKMAN, NATHAN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-103
GLOCKSTEIN, HARRY                 POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-100
GLODT, JOHN THEODORE              LUXEMBOURG                                   US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-178
GLOSS, HARRY MAURICE              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-70
GLOSSBAND, JULIUS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-243
GLUGETH, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-21
GLUNTS, PETER                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-208
GLYNN, DERMOTT                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-119
GLYNN, JAMES                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-152
GLYNN, JAMES                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-71
GLYNN, JAMES                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-152
GLYNN, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-169
GLYNN, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-170
GLYNN, JOHN FRANCIS               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-103
GLYNN, PATRICK                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-120
GLYNN, PATRICK HENRY              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-171
GLYNN, PETER                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-118
GLYNN, THOMAS                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-239
GLYNN, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-113
GNECCO, JOHN BATISTA              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-222
GOBENICK, ISADOR                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-179
GODDARD, CAREY EVERTON            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-243
GODEFROI, HARTOG JOSEF            NETHERLANDS                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-246
GODES, DAVID                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-246
GODES, HYMAN                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-181
GODES, SIMON                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-3
GODSOE, GEORGE ANDREW             NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-92
GOETHE, BERTHA MARIE              GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-208
GOETKINT, HENRI                   BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-156
GOETZE, CONRAD                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-108
GOFF, RICHARD MICHAEL             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-73
GOGGIN, CORNELIUS JEREMIAH        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-3
GOLD, HARRY                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-172
GOLD, ISRAEL                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-100
GOLD, SIMON                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-245
GOLDBARG, ALEXANDER               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-173
GOLDBERG, ABRAHAM                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-138
GOLDBERG, BARNET                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-65
GOLDBERG, BENJAMIN                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-201
GOLDBERG, EPHRAIM                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-48
GOLDBERG, FRITZ                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-112
GOLDBERG, HYMAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-230
GOLDBERG, ISAAC                   POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-79
GOLDBERG, ISAAC                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-25
GOLDBERG, ISRAEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-180
GOLDBERG, ISRAEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-226
GOLDBERG, ISRAEL JOSEPH           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-188
GOLDBERG, JACOB                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-6
GOLDBERG, LOUIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-172
GOLDBERG, LOUIS H.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-166
GOLDBERG, LOUIS MAYER             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-150
GOLDBERG, MAX                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-114
GOLDBERG, MAX                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-211
GOLDBERG, MAX MORRIS              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-48
GOLDBERG, MORRIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-111
GOLDBERG, NATHAN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-13
GOLDBERG, SAM                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-242
GOLDBERG, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-244
GOLDBERG, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-182
GOLDBERG, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-94
GOLDBERG, SAMUEL E.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-40
GOLDBERG, WILLIAM                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-8
GOLDBLATT, NATHAN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-88
GOLDEN, ALEXANDER LOUIS           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-206
GOLDEN, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-33
GOLDEN, ISAAC                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-227
GOLDEN, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-195
GOLDENBERG, DAVID                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-62
GOLDENBERG, ISIDORE               ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-99
GOLDENBERG, JACOB                 ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-46
GOLDENBERG, JOSEPH                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-87
GOLDENBERG, JOSEPH                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-20
GOLDER, ABRAM                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-228
GOLDFARB, FRANK                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-140
GOLDFARB, SAMUEL SOLOMON          RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-242
GOLDFINE, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-226
GOLDHEIMER, ADOLF                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-119
GOLDIN, LEOPOLD HARRY             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-210
GOLDING, GEORGE NELSON            CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-56
GOLDING, LEVI HYLDRETH            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-239
GOLDING, NEWTON PERLEY            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-42
GOLDING, RICHARD                  ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-340
GOLDKRAND, ELIK                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-63
GOLDMAN, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-157
GOLDMAN, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-157
GOLDMAN, HYMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-172
GOLDMAN, ISRAEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-217
GOLDMAN, ISRAEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-32
GOLDMAN, ISRAL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-116
GOLDMAN, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-101
GOLDMAN, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-111
GOLDMAN, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-31
GOLDMAN, JOSEPH SAMUEL            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-5
GOLDMAN, LOUIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-127
GOLDMAN, MORRIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-60
GOLDMAN, NATHAN                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-241
GOLDMAN, NATHAN N.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-147
GOLDMAN, PHILI                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-18
GOLDMAN, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-115
GOLDMAN, SAMUEL                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-196
GOLDMAN, SAMUEL NATHAN            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-168
GOLDMAN, WOLF                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-16
GOLDMAN,MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-205
GOLDRICK, SUSAN                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-105
GOLDSMITH, EDGAR HANSON           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-33
GOLDSMITH, ISRIEL JACOB           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-209
GOLDSTEIN, ABRAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-56
GOLDSTEIN, BARNET                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-125
GOLDSTEIN, ESAK                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-164
GOLDSTEIN, HARRY                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-135
GOLDSTEIN, HENRY                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-38
GOLDSTEIN, HYMAN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-199
GOLDSTEIN, ISAAC                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-164
GOLDSTEIN, ISRAEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-88
GOLDSTEIN, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-124
GOLDSTEIN, JACOB                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-68
GOLDSTEIN, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-138
GOLDSTEIN, JAKE                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-57
GOLDSTEIN, JOSEPH                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-247
GOLDSTEIN, KIALMAN                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-119
GOLDSTEIN, MAX                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-141
GOLDSTEIN, MAX                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-190
GOLDSTEIN, PHILIP                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-150
GOLDSTEIN, RUBIN                  ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-47
GOLDSTEIN, SAMUEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-84
GOLDSTEIN, SAMULE                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-94
GOLDSTEIN, SRAEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-88
GOLDSTEIN, WILLIAM                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-244
GOLDSTEIN, WILLIAM                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-83
GOLDSTIEN, ABRAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-244
GOLINSKY, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-20
GOLLER, ABRAHAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-78
GOLLOW, LEVI                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-81
GOLMACHER, SOLOMON                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-32
GOLOB, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-244
GOLOMB, ALEXANDER                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-3
GOLOSOVSKY, LEO                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-126
GOLOV, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-69
GOLUB, DAVID                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-20
GOLUB, EOSHEA                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-7
GOMBERG, NATHAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-123
GONIPROWSKI, ALEXANDER            LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-51
GONONIAN, YESAHI HOHANNES         TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-184
GONOYAN, KHORAN HOHANNES          TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-194
GOOBER, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-239
GOOD, JOSEPH                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-94
GOODE, WILLIS ARCHIBALD           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-19
GOODING, ROBERT THOMPSON          SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-95
GOODMAN, DAVID DANIEL             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-120
GOODMAN, DAVID HARRIS             POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-66
GOODMAN, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-82
GOODMAN, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-117
GOODMAN, HARRY                    ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-168
GOODMAN, HYMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-134
GOODMAN, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-70
GOODMAN, JACOB                    POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-217
GOODMAN, JOSEPH                   POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-140
GOODMAN, LEWIS                    POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-139
GOODMAN, LOUIS SAUL               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-121
GOODMAN, MORRIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-108
GOODMAN, NATHAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-187
GOODMAN, SAMUEL                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-214
GOODMAN, SIMON                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-10
GOODMANSON, MIKAL OLAI            NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-200
GOODSTEIN, ISAAC                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-219
GOODWIN, DANIEL ARTHUR            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-27
GOODWIN, JOHN WILDER              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-92
GOODWIN, LOCKE DEARMOUNT          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-79
GOODWIN, MILFORD WATSON           NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-143
GOOLBIS, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-4
GOORNO, SILIG                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-159
GOOSE, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-137
GOOTKIN, CHAIM                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-96
GOOTKIN, CHASKEL                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-186
GORANSON, EDWARD GOTTFRID         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-32
GORANSON, OTTO                    SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-35
GORBAN, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-33
GORDAN, MAURICE                   SEE: GORDON, MORRIS                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-50
GORDON, ABRAHAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-12
GORDON, ABRAHAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-239
GORDON, BARNET                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-46
GORDON, BENGIAMEN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-249
GORDON, BERRIL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-56
GORDON, EDWARD                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-187
GORDON, GEORGE ELMER              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-140
GORDON, GEORGE STANLEY            PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-249
GORDON, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-95
GORDON, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-248
GORDON, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-233
GORDON, HENRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-167
GORDON, HYMAN                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-128
GORDON, ISADORE                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-14
GORDON, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-48
GORDON, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-43
GORDON, JACOB S.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-48
GORDON, JAMES                     CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-82
GORDON, JOHN                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-12
GORDON, JOSEPH ARON               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-48
GORDON, JOSEPH ARON               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-48
GORDON, LOUE                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-35
GORDON, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-93
GORDON, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-52
GORDON, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-228
GORDON, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-50
GORDON, MORRIS                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-63
GORDON, PETER                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-145
GORDON, ROBERT                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-66
GORDON, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-35
GORDON, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-99
GORDON, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-235
GORDON, SAUL MEYER                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-156
GORDON, SIMON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-116
GORDON, WILLIAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-54
GORDYJUZUK, MICHAEL               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-240
GOREN, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-172
GORETSKY, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-189
GORFINE, JACK                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-120
GORFINKLE, SAMUEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-23
GORIN, HARRY LEWIS                ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-62
GORIN, LOUIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-241
GORIN, NEHEMIAS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-168
GORKY, AARON                      SEE: GURSKY, AARON                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-35
GORMAN, ISAAC                     POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-242
GORMAN, JACOB                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-7
GORMAN, JAMES                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-71
GORMAN, JEREMIAH JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-162
GORMLEY, FRANK LESLIE             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-102
GORNER, OTTO ADOLF                GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-32
GORNEY, ELIJAH SIMON              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-201
GORNSTEIN, ISIDORE                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-77
GOROVITZ, BENJAMIN                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-195
GORSHEL, ADOLPH                   GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-58
GOSDANIAN, NISHAN                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-218
GOSLING, WILLIAM HENRY            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-21
GOSNELL, THOMAS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-194
GOTFRIED, ABRAHAM                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-28
GOTLOB, MORRIS GEORGE             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-8
GOTTLER, MORRIS ABRAHAM           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-48
GOUDEY, GILBERT ORMSBY            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-31
GOUDEY, HERBERT AARON             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-29
GOUDEY, WILLIAM HENRY RUSSELL     NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-15
GOUDIE, ALEXANDER                 NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-161
GOULART, JOSEPH FRANCIS           AZORES                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-132
GOULD, CHARLES                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-7
GOULD, GEORGE ANDERSON            SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-231
GOULD, JAMES MCKENZIE             SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-135
GOULD, SAM                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-216
GOUTHRO, JOHN CHARLES             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-94
GOVENAR, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-82
GOVONI, GAETANO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-178
GOXEM, TOBIAS                     NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-128
GOYETTE, ALEXANDER EDWARD         CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-36
GOZZALDI, SILVIS MARIA            AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-42
GRABLI, HIRSCH                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-94
GRABOWSKY, HARRY                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-218
GRACE, MICHEAL                    NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-80
GRACE, THOMAS FRANCIS             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-64
GRACE, THOMAS JOSEPH              NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-59
GRADY, MICHAEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-9
GRADY, PATRICK                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-123
GRAFF, ISRAEL                     AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-58
GRAFTON, WILLIAM HENRY            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-150
GRAHAM, ALEXANDER                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-107
GRAHAM, ANDREW ANDRESON           SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-27
GRAHAM, HARRY SCOTT               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-16
GRAHAM, JOHN                      PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-143
GRAHAM, JOHN T.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-183
GRAHAM, JOSEPH                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-38
GRAHAM, JOSEPH MARTIN             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-233
GRAHAM, OSWALD                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-33
GRAHAM, THOMAS JAMES              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-38
GRAINGER, JAMES                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-8
GRAIVER, WILLIAM GRAIVEVSKY       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-219
GRAMSTORFF, HERMAN FRIEDRICH      GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-101
GRANA, VINCENZO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-225
GRANA, VINCENZO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-225
GRANDELL, OTTO ALEXANDER          FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-26
GRANDI, JOHN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-94
GRANLAND, PER WAFFRID             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-69
GRANLUND, LAS WILLIAM             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-124
GRANT, ALEXANDER                  SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-175
GRANT, ELIZABETH FRANCES          PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-150
GRANT, HARRY JOSEPH               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-194
GRANT, HERBERT HORACE             NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-100
GRANT, HUGH                       NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-147
GRANT, JAMES BROWN                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-210
GRANT, JOHN J.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-60
GRANT, MINNIE CHARLETON           PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-15
GRANT, ROBERT MOIR                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-23
GRANT, WILLIAM HENRY              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-6
GRANT, WILLIAM THOMAS             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-56
GRANVILLE, MICHAEL THOMAS         NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-14
GRANVILLE, NORMAN GARFIELD        NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-235
GRASSIDONIA, LUIGI                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-113
GRASSO, ANIELLO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-241
GRAVES, CARLTON PENN              QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-57
GRAVES, GEORGE WALLACE            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-133
GRAVES, HARTLEY ANDREW            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-21
GRAVES, JOSEPH PETER              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-186
GRAY, ALEXANDER FRASER            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-67
GRAY, ANDREW WELLS                PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-29
GRAY, DAVID                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-52
GRAY, JOHN                        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-238
GRAY, MICHAEL                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-145
GRAY, SIMON                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-53
GRAY, ZUNDELL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-52
GRAZIANO, EMILIO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-50
GRAZIANO, JOSEPH                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-200
GREATREX, FREDERICK WILLIAM       ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-134
GREAVES, FRED LINDSEY             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-225
GREAVES, HARLAN MILLER            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-79
GREAVES, WILLIAM A.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-46
GRECO, AMATO                      ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-98
GRECO, SAVERIO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-8
GREELEY, JAMES FRANCIS            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-60
GREELEY, MICHAEL JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-47
GREELEY, PATRICK FRANCIS          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-73
GREELISH, THOMAS                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-155
GREEN, BARNET                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-215
GREEN, BENJAMIN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-218
GREEN, CHANDLER RANSOM            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-92
GREEN, HANS LEWIS                 GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-15
GREEN, HARRY                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-147
GREEN, ISAAC                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-248
GREEN, ISAAC                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-5
GREEN, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-149
GREEN, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-240
GREEN, JAMES FRANCIS              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-41
GREEN, JOSEPH                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-7
GREEN, LOUIS                      AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-199
GREEN, LOUIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-2
GREEN, MICHAEL                    AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-219
GREEN, NORRIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-216
GREEN, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-94
GREEN, THOMAS FRANCIS             ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-77
GREEN, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-226
GREENALL, FREDERIC ISAAC          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-106
GREENBERG, ADOLPH                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-21
GREENBERG, ERIC                   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-97
GREENBERG, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-149
GREENBERG, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-123
GREENBERG, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-26
GREENBERG, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-54
GREENBERG, JOHN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-5
GREENBERG, JOHN ISIDOR            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-20
GREENBERG, JOSEF                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-168
GREENBERG, LOUIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-62
GREENBERG, MORRIS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-189
GREENBERG, PHILIP                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-22
GREENBERG, WILLIAM NATHANIEL      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-155
GREENBLAT, LOUIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-28
GREENBLATT, GEORGE                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-8
GREENBLATT, HYMAN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-13
GREENE, BERNARD JOSEPH            NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-156
GREENE, CARL FREDERICK            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-120
GREENE, GEORGE PATRICK            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-85
GREENE, HARRY BABBITT             CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-148
GREENE, JAMES ABNER               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-201
GREENE, JOSEPH                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-78
GREENE, MICHAEL JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-244
GREENE, PATRICK JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-47
GREENE, WILLIAM JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-89
GREENFIELD, ABE                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-118
GREENFIELD, LOUIS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-157
GREENHATCH, JOHN SAMUEL           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-12
GREENLAND, AUGUST                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-109
GREENSEID, ABRAHAM                AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-11
GREENSPAN, MORRIS                 HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-66
GREENSPOHN, HARRIS M.             TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-165
GREENSTEIN, BARNET                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-102
GREENSTEIN, JACOB                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-116
GREENSTEIN, MAX                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-38
GREENWALD, ADOLPH                 HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-118
GREENWAY, THOMAS                  ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-8
GREENWOOD, GEORG JOHN             GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-47
GREENWOOD, JAMES HENRY            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-40
GREENWOOD, RICHARD                ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-164
GREER, ROBERT                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-141
GREER, WILLIAM THOMAS             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-161
GREEZ, ISADORE                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-216
GREGAN, JAMES THOMPSON            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-3
GREGORI, VITTORIO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-122
GREGORY, FRANK                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-226
GREGORY, JOHN DANIEL              PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-63
GREISDOFF, GERSHON                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-98
GRENHAM, THOMAS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-166
GRENHAM, THOMAS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-166
GRENON, ARTHUR JOSEPH             CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-131
GREVE, SOLVI                      NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-62
GREVISKIS, PETRIS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-21
GRIBBLE, FRANCIS JOHN             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-20
GRICUS, LEON                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-140
GRIENECKI, JOHN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-43
GRIFFIN, ANDREW                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-171
GRIFFIN, BARTHOLOMEW JOSEPH       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-233
GRIFFIN, DANIEL JOHN              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-188
GRIFFIN, DANIEL JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-42
GRIFFIN, JOHN                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-102
GRIFFIN, JOHN FRANCIS             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-16
GRIFFIN, MICHAEL JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-18
GRIFFIN, PATRICK                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-122
GRIFFIN, PATRICK JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-126
GRIFFIN, PATRICK WILLIAM          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-14
GRIFFIN, STEPHEN                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-58
GRIFFIN, THOMAS JOHN              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-27
GRIFFITH, JAMES BURTON            CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-183
GRIFFITH, ROBERT                  WALES                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-249
GRIFFITHS, ARTHUR                 SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-178
GRILLI, JOSEPH                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-95
GRILLO, CHARLES                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-226
GRILLO, CHRISTOPHER               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-205
GRIMALIS, JOHN                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-170
GRIMBLESTON, JOHN                 ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-12
GRIMES, PATRICK                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-225
GRINDAHL, OLE                     NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-43
GRISZKUS, SIMON                   LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-25
GRISZKUS, SIMON                   LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-25
GRMLEY, FRANK LESIE               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-102
GROB, BARNET                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-12
GRODEN, JOHN JOSEPH               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-10
GRODEN, PATRICK                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-171
GRODSKY, SAM                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-198
GRODZINSKI, YANCEL                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-86
GROENLUND, WILHO ARVID            FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-103
GROGAN, MICHAEL JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-146
GRONDAHL, OSCAR FREDRICK          FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-129
GRONSON, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-174
GRONWALL, ERIC J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-75
GROPMAN, JACOB PHILIP             POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-28
GROPMANN, ASHER                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-9
GROPPER, MORRIS HERSEN            ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-32
GROSBERG, JULIUS                  AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-108
GROSS, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-20
GROSS, MANUEL                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-180
GROSS, MAYER                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-62
GROSS, MYER                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-1
GROSS, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-40
GROSSBLATT, ISADORE               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-8
GROSSMAN, ABRAHAM                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-201
GROSSMAN, ABRAHAM                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-29
GROSSMAN, ABRAHAM                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-56
GROSSMAN, BENJIMAN                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-52
GROSSMAN, DAVID                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-205
GROSSMAN, HARRY                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-145
GROSSMAN, JACOB                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-165
GROSSMAN, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-166
GROSSMAN, MORRIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-208
GRUBISS, ANTON MISAR              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-92
GRUBLIAUSKAS, STANISLOVAS         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-94
GRUDINSKI, WITOLD                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-23
GRUEN, WILLIAM                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-110
GRUHBE, NIKOLAI                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-2
GRUNDY, JOHN                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-117
GRUSIN, AARON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-1
GRZETICH, WILLIAM                 AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-35
GRZYBALA, STANISLAW               AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-145
GSIKSTAS, LEONAS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-96
GTSCH, MATTIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-135
GUARALDI, RALPH MATTEO            ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-102
GUARINO, BATTISTO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-226
GUARINO, PELLEGRINO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-31
GUARNACCIA, SALVATORE             ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-23
GUARNACCIA, SEBASTIAN             ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-223
GUAZZALOCA, LUIGI                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-246
GUBER, MOSES                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-61
GUBERMAN, HYMAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-14
GUDBRANDSON, PETER CHRISTIAN      NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-56
GUDEWILL, FREDERICK WILLIAM       GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-194
GUDINAS, JOHN                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-44
GUDLEWSKI, JOHN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-91
GUDOUNE, DIAB F.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-74
GUERRA, FRANK                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-67
GUERRESCHI, PAUL                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-219
GUGGENTI, SEBASTIAN               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-210
GUGLIELMO, ROCCO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-11
GUIFFRE, JOSEPH                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-173
GUIGNON, EMILE                    FRANCE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-47
GUILFOYLE, NICHOLAS FRANCIS       NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-238
GUILINO, GAETANO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-208
GUIMOND, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH       NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-243
GUISTI, JOSEPH F.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-220
GULBEN, ANTHONY                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-115
GULBENKIAN, BADRIG ABRAHAM        TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-80
GULDENBAUM, CARL JOHAN WILHELM    DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-143
GULESIAN, BELDEN JOHN             TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-133
GULESIAN, JOHN                    TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-182
GULESIAN, LEION                   TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-46
GULLAGE, EDGAR                    NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-59
GULLIKSEN, AKSEL FUTJOF           NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-176
GUMNITZ, ARON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-60
GUNCALVAS, JOAQUIN LOPES          WESTERN ISLANDS                              US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-199
GUNDERSON, GUSTAV MARTIN          NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-72
GUNN, CHARLES                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-188
GUNNING, BERNARD JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-248
GUNNING, EDWARD JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-73
GUNNING, THOMAS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-121
GUNNING, THOMAS JOSEPH            SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-33
GUNNISON, NANNIE                  SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-33
GURALNICK, RUBIN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-182
GURNEY, JAMES                     PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-98
GURSKY, AARON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-35
GURWITZ, RUBEN MENDEL             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-60
GUSAFSON, GEORGE GIDIAN           SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-114
GUSTAFSON, ADOLF FREDRICK         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-47
GUSTAFSON, CARL EUGEN             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-175
GUSTAFSON, CARL WILHELM           SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-246
GUSTAFSON, JOSEPH                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-110
GUSTAFSON, MALVINA ANTOINETTA     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-111
GUSTAFSON, SAMUEL A.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-160
GUSTAVSEN, GUSAV HENRIK           NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-78
GUSTAVSON, CARL                   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-107
GUTERMAN, JACOB                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-170
GUTOWSKI, ALEXANDER               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-45
GUTTEIL, ISIDOR                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-160
GUTTMAN, SOLOMON                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-67
GVENTER, RAFAEL                   POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-50
GYLLENBERG, FRANS JULIUS REINHOLD SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-86

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