US District Court, Boston, Massachusetts
Naturalization Petitions (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court - Boston Massachusetts, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page #
"see:" - alternative name listed

FABBIANO, FILIPP                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-169
FABER, MICHAEL CHARLES            HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-8
FABIANO, CARLO ANTONY             ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-66
FABRICANT, LOUIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-32
FABRICANT, LOUIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-53
FACTOR, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-80
FACTOR, SOLLIE                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-2
FADDOUL, RATHY HUNDOR             SYRIA                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-153
FADER, ALEXANDER G.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-17
FADER, MENDEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-50
FAFLON, CHARLES AUGUSTINE         CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-139
FAGAN, GARRETT                    NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-177
FAGAN, JAMES JOSEPH               NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-180
FAGERLUND, KUSTAA WAINO           FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-100
FAGERSTEN, EMIL NICKOLAUS         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-148
FAGERSTEN, LAMBERT V.             TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-182
FAHEY, BERNARD FRANCIS            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-153
FAHEY, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-44
FAHEY, JOSEPH                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-153
FAHEY, MICHAEL ALOYIOUS           NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-143
FAHEY, MICHAEL J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-77
FAHEY, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-120
FAIIO, RAFFAELE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-217
FAIR, MYER                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-214
FALABELLA, GAETANO PETER          ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-245
FALCO, ERNEST                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-59
FALDETTA, ANGELO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-223
FALES, JOEL ROBERT                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-168
FALK, ABRAHAM                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-82
FALK, MAX                         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-249
FALKOFF, MORRIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-126
FALKSON, HARRY                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-24
FALLGREN, FREDERICK               SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-60
FALLON, BERNARD JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-93
FALLON, MICHAEL                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-145
FALLON, PETER GEORGE              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-244
FALVO, FRANK                      ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-118
FALZONE, ALFONSO PECORA           ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-10
FAMIGLIETTI, VINCENZO             ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-40
FAMLAUT, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-70
FANCEY, ENOS ALLEN                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-43
FANCI, CHARLES MICHAEL            ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-232
FANCY, GASPAR                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-145
FANJOY, ERNEST FRANCIS            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-197
FANT, CHARLES                     BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-122
FANTONY, CARLO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-213
FARACON, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-25
FARBER, DAVID                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-167
FARBER, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-55
FARETRA, VERGINIO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-234
FARINA, LUIGI LEONARDO            ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-108
FARINELLI, JOSEPH                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-237
FARLEY, ALBERT WALDEN             QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-83
FARQUHAR, NORMAN                  SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-232
FARR, FREDERICK JAMES             CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-128
FARRELL, GEORGE H.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-86
FARRELL, JAMES JOSEPH             QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-54
FARRELL, JOHN                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-73
FARRELL, MICHAEL                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-243
FARRELL, MICHAEL D.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-249
FARRELL, MICHAEL JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-49
FARRELL, PATRICK JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-185
FARRELL, PATRICK T.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-217
FARRELL, PETER JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-101
FARRELL, PHLIP L.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-158
FARRELL, THOMAS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-90
FARRELL, WILLIAM                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-75
FARREN, HENRY                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-78
FARREN, JOHN                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-31
FARREN, JOHN                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-31
FARREN, PATRICK                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-225
FARREN, PATRICK                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-246
FARROW, CHARLES E.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-95
FARUMALORO, JOSEPH                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-39
FASANELLO, JOSEPH VINCENT         ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-199
FASYLAS, APOSTOLAS                GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-31
FAULDS, THOMAS ALBERT             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-27
FAULKNER, HUBERT                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-161
FAULKNER, HUGH                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-75
FAULKNER, JAMES                   NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-79
FAULKNER, JOHN ADDINGTON          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-95
FAUST, RUDOLPH                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-229
FAUSTINI, LUIGI                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-38
FAVALORO, GIUSEPPE                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-169
FAWCETT, HENRY D.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-72
FAWCETT, WILLIAM JOHN             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-224
FAWSON, SAMUEL                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-197
FAY, JOHN                         TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-79
FAY, MICHAEL JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-38
FAY, TIMOTHY                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-15
FAZIO, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-248
FAZIOLI, MICHELE                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-188
FAZIOLI, ROCCO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-113
FEARER, ABRAHAM MOSES             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-96
FEARER, BENJAMIN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-92
FEARER, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-97
FEATHER, JOHN                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-72
FEATHERMAN, MARKS                 ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-249
FEATHERSTONE, GERVASE             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-216
FEDARAURCZIUS, WLADISLOWAS        LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-51
FEDEL, ALESSANDRO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-90
FEDERMAN, CHARLES                 ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-77
FEELY, JOHN TERENCE               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-97
FEENEY, BERNARD                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-37
FEENEY, COLEMAN                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-167
FEENEY, MARK                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-238
FEENEY, THOMAS ROBERT             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-75
FEER, MAX                         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-216
FEHIN, MICHAEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-188
FEHRM, HUGO BENJAMIN              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-51
FEIERABEND, ALBERT                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-215
FEIGELSON, HARRY                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-125
FEIGENBAUM, ABE LEIB              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-150
FEILER, HERMANN                   SAXONY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-137
FEIN, HARRY                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-20
FEIN, ISRAEL                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-53
FEINBAUM, ELIAS                   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-95
FEINBERG, ARTHUR JACOB            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-10
FEINBERG, DAVID                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-5
FEINBERG, VICTOR                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-60
FEINDLE, GEORGE CHIPMAN           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-216
FEINDLE, ROBERT O.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-215
FEINGOLD, JACOB                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-247
FEINGOLD, LOUIS SAMEN             GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-85
FEINGOLD, MORRIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-182
FEINGOLD, PETER                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-196
FEINGOLD, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-187
FEINK, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-180
FEINS, SAMUEL                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-6
FEINZIG, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-201
FELBERBAUM, DAVID                 AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-70
FELDHOFF, LOUIS HARRY AUGUST      GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-119
FELDMAN, ABRAHAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-72
FELDMAN, BARNET                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-171
FELDMAN, BENJAMIN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-71
FELDMAN, BERNARD                  ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-95
FELDMAN, FRED TEODOR              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-100
FELDMAN, HYMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-240
FELDMAN, IKE                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-225
FELDMAN, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-211
FELDMAN, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-105
FELDMAN, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-4
FELDMAN, MICHAEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-37
FELDMAN, MORRIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-38
FELDMAN, NATHAN                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-119
FELDMAN, PHILIP                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-250
FELDMAN, SALMAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-133
FELDMAN, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-114
FELDMAN, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-67
FELDMAN, SAMUEL KALMAN            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-202
FELDMAN, SOLOMON JOSEPH           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-148
FELDMAN, WILLIAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-25
FELDMAN, WOLF                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-94
FELEGIAN, VAHRAN                  TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-88
FELSCH, ROBERT                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-55
FELTUS, JOHN REUBEN               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-240
FEMSTEIN, MAX                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-79
FEMYNO, RAYMOND                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-25
FENKLSTEIN, MORRAS                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-21
FENLON, PATRICK                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-96
FENNELL, JOSEPH MICHAEL           CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-129
FENNELL, JOSEPH MICHAEL           CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-129
FENNER, DAVID THOMAS FRANCES      NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-93
FERGUSON, ARTHUR EDWARD           PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-215
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                 SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-152
FERGUSON, WILLIAM B.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-9
FERGUSON, WILLIAM JOSEPH          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-238
FERNANDEZ, JOSEPH                 SPAIN                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-179
FERNSTROM, GUSTAF E.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-25
FEROLA, FRANCESCO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-14
FEROLETO, THOMAS                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-18
FERRAIOLI, LUIGI                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-42
FERRAND, JOHN JOSEPH              GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-147
FERRARA, FILIPPO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-243
FERRARI, ANNIBAL                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-14
FERRARI, ANTONIO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-78
FERRARI, JOHN                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-162
FERRARINO, PIETRO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-76
FERRARONE, AMILCARE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-196
FERREIRA, ALBANO A.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-161
FERRETTI, ARDUINO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-213
FERRI, VICTOR                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-194
FERRIS, HUGH                      SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-10
FERRIS, RICHARD SAAD              SYRIA                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-77
FERRIS, TIMOTHY                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-122
FERRO, PASQUALE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-64
FERROLITO, THOMAS                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-18
FERRY, OLEN                       AZORES                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-22
FETRIDGE, JAMES MURPHY            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-106
FETTIG, JAKOB                     GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-27
FETTIG, KASPAR                    BADEN                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-10
FIELDING, JOHN PATRICK            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-128
FIELDING, JOSEPH WALTER           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-76
FIENBERG, MAX                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-20
FIENSTEIN, ELICK                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-12
FIENSTEIN, MICHAEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-10
FIERMAN, DAVID                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-223
FIERRIMONTE, GAETANO              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-202
FIGG, WILLIAM HENRY               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-165
FIGOFF, JOSEPH                    POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-16
FIKO, BENEDETTO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-115
FILIPPONE, ERNESTO                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-75
FILLEDES, ROSE                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-209
FILLEDES, THOMAS                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-209
FILLER, ZELMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-8
FILLION, MAXINE WILFRED           QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-54
FILLMORE, WILLARD PEARSON         NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-3
FIMIANI, MONILLO                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-155
FIN, ISRAEL                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-51
FINA, FLAMMIO                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-10
FINAMORE, LEONARDO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-224
FINAN, WILLIAM FRANCIS            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-247
FINAN, WILLIAM FRANCIS            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-120
FINBERG, DANIEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-7
FINBERG, JOSEPH BENJAMIN          RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-8
FINDLAY, WILLIAM JAMES WALTER     NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-53
FINE, ABRAHAM                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-239
FINE, DAVID                       AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-35
FINE, HARRY                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-73
FINE, HARRY                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-239
FINE, MAX                         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-190
FINE, PHILP                       TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-23
FINEGOLD, MORRIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-109
FINELLI, JOHN                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-105
FINER, LOUIS                      POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-133
FINGER, SAMUEL                    AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-46
FINGERMAN, SOLOMON                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-100
FINGOLD, ISRAEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-155
FINK, FRANK                       AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-125
FINKELSTEIN, ABRAHAM              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-18
FINKELSTEIN, ABRAHAM              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-18
FINKELSTEIN, ISADORE A.           TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-47
FINKELSTEIN, JACOB                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-37
FINKELSTEIN, JOSEPH               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-61
FINKELSTEIN, MORES                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-133
FINKELSTEIN, SAMUEL               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-11
FINKELSTEIN, SAMUEL               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-41
FINKELSTEIN, SAMUEL               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-250
FINKELSTEIN, SAMUEL               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-182
FINLAY, LILLIAN BORG              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-250
FINLAY, MARTIN BERNARD            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-174
FINLAY, WILLIAM                   SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-19
FINN, ABRAHAM                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-91
FINN, ABRAHAM                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-224
FINN, HARRY                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-150
FINN, JAMES EDWARD                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-22
FINN, JOHN JOSEPH                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-217
FINN, KATHARINE                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-107
FINN, MICHAEL                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-79
FINN, MORRIS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-173
FINN, PATRICK                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-243
FINN, RICHARD                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-78
FINN, SAMUEL                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-93
FINN, THOMAS                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-186
FINNEGAN, MICHAEL THOMAS          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-96
FINNEGAN, THOMAS                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-204
FINNERAN, BERNARD                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-51
FINNERAN, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-91
FINNERAN, THOMAS PATRICK          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-92
FINNERAN, WILLIAM MARTIN          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-202
FINO, GAETANA                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-168
FIORE, GIANNETTO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-111
FIORENTINO,NICOLA                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-53
FIORI, SALVATORE                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-6
FIORINI, VITALIANO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-171
FIORINO, FORTUNATO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-102
FIRENZE, GAETAN                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-147
FIRGER, ISAAC                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-71
FIRGER, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-64
FISCHER, FRIEDRICH ALBERT         GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-121
FISCHER, KARL                     GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-55
FISH, HYMAN                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-61
FISHBEIN, FRANK                   AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-113
FISHER, ALEXANDER HENRY           PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-97
FISHER, EDWARD                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-47
FISHER, GEORGE                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-130
FISHER, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-2
FISHER, HENRY WILLIAM             SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-119
FISHER, JOSEPH                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-210
FISHER, MASK PETER                CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-206
FISHER, SAMUEL                    HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-246
FISHER, VICENZO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-208
FISHLIN, HYMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-45
FISHMAN, ABRAM                    ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-61
FISHMAN, HARRY                    ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-190
FISHMAN, HENRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-194
FISHMAN, ISAAC                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-240
FISHMAN, ISADORE                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-109
FISHMAN, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-183
FISHMAN, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-193
FISHMAN, NATHAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-116
FISHMAN, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-120
FISHTINE, JACOB                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-12
FISHTINE, KALLMAN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-234
FITELBAUM, JULIUS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-240
FITT, ARTHUR W.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-22
FITZGERALD, BARTHOLOMEW           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-185
FITZGERALD, BARTHOLOMEW           TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-121
FITZGERALD, BARTHOLOMEW           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-185
FITZGERALD, CHRISTOPHER P.        TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-233
FITZGERALD, DAVID                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-229
FITZGERALD, EUGENE                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-217
FITZGERALD, HERBERT ARTHUR        NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-212
FITZGERALD, HUGH                  INDIA                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-81
FITZGERALD, LAURENCE              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-212
FITZGERALD, MAURICE               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-71
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-117
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL FRANCIS       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-147
FITZGERALD, MORTIMER FRANCIS      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-98
FITZGERALD, PATRICK CROHANE       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-200
FITZGERALD, PATRICK CROHANE       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-200
FITZGERALD, PATRICK JOSEPH        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-132
FITZGERALD, RICHARD               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-76
FITZGERALD, TIMOTHY               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-92
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-38
FITZGERALD, WILLIAM JOSEPH        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-138
FITZHENRY, JOHN JOSEPH            NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-127
FITZMAURICE, JOHN P.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-40
FITZMAURICE, WILLIAM              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-64
FITZPATRICK, PATRICK WILLIAM      NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-34
FITZPATRICK, PETER BARRY          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-250
FITZPATRICK, WILLIAM JOSEPH       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-92
FITZSIMMONS, BERNARD              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-81
FITZSIMMONS, BERNARD              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-81
FITZSIMMONS, JAMES JOSEPH         IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-147
FLADAAS, ARTHUR WILLIAM           NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-114
FLAHERTY, BARTHOLOMEW HERBERT     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-145
FLAHERTY, BARTLY                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-72
FLAHERTY, DELIA M.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-181
FLAHERTY, DOMINICK JOSEPH         IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-48
FLAHERTY, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-101
FLAHERTY, JOHN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-202
FLAHERTY, MICHAEL                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-71
FLAHERTY, MICHAEL                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-67
FLAHERTY, MICHAEL FRANCIS         IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-198
FLAHERTY, OWEN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-82
FLAHERTY, PATRICK                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-5
FLAHIVE, JAMES THOMAS             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-118
FLANAGAN, CHARLES                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-61
FLANAGAN, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-250
FLANAGAN, JOHN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-30
FLANAGAN, PATRICK JOSEPH          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-237
FLANAGAN, PETER J.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-6
FLANAGAN, WILLIAM                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-60
FLANAGAN, WILLIAM JAMES           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-67
FLANNERY, CHARLES THOMAS          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-250
FLANNERY, WILLIAM                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-1
FLANNERY, WILLIAM                 ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-137
FLASCHNER, ALTER                  AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-226
FLASCHNER, MAX                    AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-41
FLASCHNER, MAX                    AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-41
FLASHMAN, REUBEN HARRY            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-83
FLASHNER, ISADORE                 AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-179
FLASHNER, JACOB                   AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-133
FLATTO, ABE                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-140
FLAX, HENRY                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-40
FLAXSMAN, LOUIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-17
FLEBBE, GEORG HEINRICH            GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-230
FLECCA, FRANK                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-102
FLECCA, GUGLIELMO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-35
FLEIGE, FRANK                     GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-30
FLEISCHER, ABRAHAM                AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-98
FLEISHER, JACK                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-127
FLEMING, JAMES HENRY              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-178
FLEMING, PATRICK JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-82
FLEMING, THOMAS FRANCIS           NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-112
FLEMING, THOMAS JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-128
FLEMING, WILLIAMINA PATON         SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-218
FLEMINGS, JOHN PATRICK            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-182
FLENTJE, WILLIAM CARL             HANOVER                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-198
FLETCHER, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-135
FLETCHER, THOMAS                  ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-138
FLETT, WILLIAM J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-179
FLINCK, GUSTAF                    SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-158
FLINK, AARON H. N.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-102
FLINK, ANDES GUSTAV               SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-113
FLINK, CARL SEVERINE              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-52
FLINK, JOHN HENRY                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-202
FLINK, OLOF HENRY                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-29
FLINKENBERG, BARTOL               FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-210
FLIONE, JOSEPH                    TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-153
FLOBERG, CARL                     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-3
FLOCKHART, PETER MITCHELL         ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-61
FLODSTROM, AXEL FERDINAND         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-3
FLOERKE, CARL EMIL                GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-25
FLOOD, GERALD                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-48
FLOOD, JOSEPH WALTER              NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-192
FLORIN, JOHAN HERMAN OLESON       SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-137
FLOYD, FRANK HAURI                QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-20
FLYMAN, NILS                      SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-85
FLYNN, CALEB                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-89
FLYNN, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH         IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-240
FLYNN, DANIEL                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-115
FLYNN, DENNIS FRANCIS             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-13
FLYNN, EDMUND POWER               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-36
FLYNN, ELLEN MARY                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-23
FLYNN, JAMES                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-106
FLYNN, JAMES                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-145
FLYNN, JAMES AUGUSTINE            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-11
FLYNN, JAMES JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-53
FLYNN, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-73
FLYNN, JOHN C.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-220
FLYNN, JOHN J.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-127
FLYNN, JOHN JOSEPH                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-87
FLYNN, LAWRENCE JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-46
FLYNN, MATTHEW                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-148
FLYNN, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-22
FLYNN, MICHAEL JOHN               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-117
FLYNN, MICHAEL S.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-27
FLYNN, PATRICK JOHN               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-77
FLYNN, PATRICK  JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-124
FLYNN, PETER                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-26
FLYNN, PETER LUKE                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-61
FOBER, JOHN                       AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-117
FOGEL, ABRAHAM                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-240
FOGLIANI, VINCENZO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-21
FOLBERG, SOLOMON HARRY            POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-18
FOLBERG, SOLOMON HARRY            POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-103
FOLDO, GIOVANNI                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-152
FOLEY, EDWARD WILLIAM             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-202
FOLEY, FRANCIS MARTIN             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-248
FOLEY, JAMES                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-161
FOLEY, JEREMIAH JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-8
FOLEY, JEREMIAH JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-76
FOLEY, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-58
FOLEY, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-31
FOLEY, JOHN FRANCIS               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-16
FOLEY, JOHN JOSEPH                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-66
FOLEY, JOHN JOSEPH                CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-161
FOLEY, MAURICE JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-150
FOLEY, MICHAEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-120
FOLEY, MICHAEL ALLEN              PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-74
FOLEY, RICHARD                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-71
FOLEY, TIMOTHY                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-150
FOLEY, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-97
FOLLETT, GEORGE JOSEPH            NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-120
FONDACARO, VINCENZO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-168
FONSELL, OTTO FREDRIG             FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-150
FONTI, FRANCESCO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-164
FORBES, DANIEL                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-162
FORBES, WILLIAM                   SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-38
FORD, BENJAMIN J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-108
FORD, BERNARD                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-131
FORD, JAMES                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-146
FORD, JAMES                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-234
FORD, JAMES EDWARD                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-63
FORD, JAMES JERRY                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-64
FORD, JEREMIAH JOHN               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-29
FORD, JOHN J.                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-144
FORD, JOHN JOSEPH                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-5
FORD, MARTIN JOHN                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-12
FORD, PATRICK ANDREW              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-1
FORD, PATRICK JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-88
FORD, PETER PAUL                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-233
FORD, SAMUEL                      ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-13
FORD, THOMAS A.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-81
FORD, WILLIAM                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-197
FORD, WILLIAM JAMES               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-68
FORDE, MICHAEL JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-166
FORDE, SIMON JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-93
FORGE, JOSEPH MICHAEL             ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-115
FORGE, MICHELE                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-215
FORGIE, GRAHAM                    CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-166
FORGIONE, ALFONSO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-45
FORGIONE, JOHN JOSEPH             ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-134
FORGIONE, JOSEPH                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-135
FORMAN, JOHN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-226
FORNARO, PLACIDO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-131
FORNELL, CARL HERNFRED            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-50
FORNI, VINCENZO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-71
FORREST, GORDON RUSSELL           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-174
FORREST, PATRICK JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-116
FORREST, SIMON JAMES              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-169
FORRESTER, PATRICK JOSEPH         SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-41
FORSBERG, ERNEST ALBIN GEORG      SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-75
FORSMARK, LOUISA MARGARITA        SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-54
FORSTED, THORN MARIUS KRISTIANSON NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-60
FORSTER, WALDEMAR HUGO OTTO       NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-95
FORSTER, WALDEMAR HUGO OTTO       NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-159
FORSYTHE, WILLIAM MCLENNAN        SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-249
FORT, ROBERT                      ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-141
FORTADO, MANUEL                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-146
FORTE, CESIDIO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-146
FORTE, DOMINICK JOHN              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-218
FORTE, PASQUALE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-79
FORTI, LIBERATO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-223
FORTORELLA, ANTONIO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-23
FORWARD, HENRY ORMOND             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-27
FORYS, SIMON                      AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-81
FOSS, ISADORE                     POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-16
FOSS, OLE BORCH ACHE              ST. CROIX                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-173
FOSTER, CHARLES EDWARD            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-43
FOSTER, CHRISTOPHER               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-44
FOSTER, FRANK                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-160
FOSTER, JULIUS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-13
FOSTER, LYONEL T.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-150
FOTINO, CESARE                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-210
FOUGERE, FREDRICK                 NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-130
FOUGSTEDT, LOUIS FREDRIKSSON      SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-97
FOULKES, GEORGE                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-44
FOUNDAS, JOHN G.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-216
FOURNIER, SALUS ERNEST            QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-31
FOURNON, LOUIS RENE LUCIEN        FRANCE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-203
FOWKE, SAMUEL                     CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-171
FOWLER, FRED MILES                NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-104
FOWLER, HALL ROBERT               NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-97
FOWLER, JAMES BOSTWICK            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-28
FOWLER, ROBERT ARTHUR             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-242
FOWLEY, JAMES ALEXANDER           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-37
FOX, DAVID S.                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-244
FOX, GOTTLOB WILHELM              GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-121
FOX, HARRY                        TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-28
FOX, JAMES J.                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-43
FOX, MORRIS                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-188
FOX, SOLOMON ISADOR               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-63
FOY, WILLIAM                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-74
FRADESTEFANO, VINCENZO            ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-8
FRADNA, CRISTOBOL                 SPAIN                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-226
FRAGOPULOS, CLEOMENIS ANASTASIOS  GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-77
FRAHER, JAMES FRANCIS             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-136
FRAHER, MICHAEL                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-34
FRAHER, PATRICK                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-130
FRANCESCHINI, AUGUSTO             ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-18
FRANCHINA, GIUSEPPE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-24
FRANCHINI, GIULIO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-222
FRANCINI, LODOVICO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-112
FRANCIS, AGAT RUFIN               MARTINIQUE                                   US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-168
FRANCIS, JAMES CECIL              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-214
FRANCIS, JOHN                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-68
FRANCIS, PATRICK                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-85
FRANCK, LOUIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-203
FRANCKE, ELSA                     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-193
FRANCKE, JULIA                    GEMRANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-143
FRANEER, BARNETT                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-205
FRANENFELDER, JOSEPH BARRAJA      ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-179
FRANEY, JAMES                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-84
FRANGILLO, FREDERIC               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-79
FRANGIONI, FRANCISCO              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-204
FRANK, HERMAN                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-247
FRANKEL, FRANK MORRIS             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-7
FRANKEL, KAHMAN                   AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-68
FRANKELL, NILS                    SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-107
FRANKFORD, JOHN                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-202
FRANKFORD, SOLOMON                ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-154
FRANKIL, MAX EPHRAIM              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-45
FRANKLAND, WILLIAM ISAAC          CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-214
FRANKLIN, ELIAS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-118
FRANKLIN, JACOB                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-209
FRANKS, HENRY B.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-96
FRANSON, CARL JOHAN               SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-230
FRANSON, ERIK HUGO                SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-62
FRANSON, JOHN THEODORE            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-103
FRANZEN, CARL ADAM GUSTAF         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-48
FRANZOSA, SALVATORE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-49
FRASER, ANGUS                     NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-15
FRASER, CHARLES CAMERON           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-104
FRASER, FREDERIC LAWSON           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-45
FRASER, GEORGE                    SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-36
FRASER, GEORGE                    SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-124
FRASER, JAMES                     SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-39
FRASER, JAMES ROBERT              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-138
FRASER, JOHN                      SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-20
FRASER, NATHANIEL JAMES           SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-122
FRASER, SAMUEL                    SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-125
FRASER, THOMAS MACKAY             SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-105
FRASER, WILBURN LAURIE            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-246
FRATI, GIACOMO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-3
FRATTO, GIOVANNI                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-36
FRAUMENI, ONOFRIO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-138
FRAZEE, HERMON HAVELOCK           NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-98
FRAZEE, LESLIE HUDSON             NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-74
FRAZER, HUBERT ALEXANDER          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-239
FRAZIER, WILLIAM LEWIS            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-53
FREANY, JAMES JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-145
FRECHETTE, ALFRED THIMOTHY        QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-142
FREDA, FIORE GAETANO              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-57
FREDENBERG, SAMUEL                POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-36
FREDERICKSON, OSCAR FREDING       SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-72
FREDMAN, ABRAHAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-240
FREDRICKSON, CARL                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-66
FREDRICKSON, CARL GUSTAF          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-50
FREDRICKSON, DAVID WILLIAM        SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-163
FREDRICKSON, EMMA AUGUSTA         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-207
FREDRICKSON, JOHN                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-190
FREDRICKSON, JOHN EVERT           FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-183
FREDRICKSON, JOHN FERDINAND       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-232
FREDRICKSON, JOHN FERDINAND       FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-232
FREEBERG, WOLF                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-140
FREEDLAND, GREGOREY               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-52
FREEDMAN, ABRAHAM                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-224
FREEDMAN, ALTER                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-61
FREEDMAN, ALTER                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-61
FREEDMAN, BARNET                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-20
FREEDMAN, BARNETT                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-214
FREEDMAN, BENJAMIN                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-5
FREEDMAN, CHARLES LOUIS           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-141
FREEDMAN, LOUIS RUBIN             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-141
FREEDMAN, MAURICE                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-228
FREEDMAN, MAX                     TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-55
FREEDMAN, MORRIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-222
FREEDMAN, PESACH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-32
FREEDMAN, THOMAS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-17
FREELEY, MES JOSEPH               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-25
FREELEY, THOMAS FRANCIS           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-202
FREEMAN, ABRAHAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-33
FREEMAN, ABRAHAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-33
FREEMAN, ALFRED SIDNEY            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-158
FREEMAN, DEAN GIFFEN              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-100
FREEMAN, DESSIECHMUN GEORGE       ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-166
FREEMAN, ELBERN                   NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-224
FREEMAN, FRANK OSCAR              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-133
FREEMAN, JOE                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-184
FREEMAN, JOSEPH                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-136
FREEMAN, KENNETH LONGLEY          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-223
FREEMAN, MORIS WILIAN             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-7
FREEMAN, PETER                    SEE: FREEDMAN, PESACH                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-32
FREEMAN, ROY SCOTT                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-130
FREEMAN, SIMON WALTER             SEE: ROLNICK, SHACHNA                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-10
FREEMAN, VERNER ANDERS            FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-12
FREETHY, WILLIAM RALPH            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-178
FREEZER, MORRIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-132
FREIDMAN, CHARLES                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-176
FREIDMAN, MORRIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-159
FREIDSON, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-188
FREMER, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-239
FRENZEL, LUDWIG                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-31
FRENZEL, LUIS                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-31
FRESE, OTTO FREDERICK             GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-232
FREUND, JOHANN PHILIPP            GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-180
FREUNDLICH, JOSEPH                AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-221
FREUNDLICH, JOSEPH                AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-221
FREY, AUGUST REINHOLD             GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-114
FREYMANN, WILHELM                 GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-70
FRIBERG, CARL                     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-41
FRIBERG, FRITZ WALDEMAR           SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-45
FRIDFELT, JOEL                    SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-51
FRIED, ADOLF                      SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-130
FRIEDBERG, LOUIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-44
FRIEDBERG, NATHAN SOLOMON         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-63
FRIEDLAND, HARRY ABRAHAM          RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-40
FRIEDMAN, ALFRED                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-42
FRIEDMAN, BENJAMIN                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-136
FRIEDMAN, ELI                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-137
FRIEDMAN, IRVING                  HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-105
FRIEDMAN, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-135
FRIEDMAN, MAX                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-186
FRIEDMAN, NACHEM MAURICE          RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-243
FRIEDMAN, SAMUEL BODJAN           AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-92
FRIEDRICH, WILLIAM JOHN           GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-143
FRIEDRICK, CHRISTOPHER            BAYERN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-33
FRIEDSTEIN, JACOB                 POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-129
FRIEL, JOHN J.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-127
FRIELDAND, GEORGE                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-202
FRIM, SAMUEL                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-247
FRISCH, ALEX                      HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-118
FRISONE, GIOVANNI                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-184
FRITZ, CHARLES                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-85
FRITZ, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-10
FRIZZELL, WILLIAM THOMAS          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-82
FROMANT, CHARLES ARTHUR           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-29
FRONDA, LUDOVICO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-104
FROOMER, BENJAMIN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-110
FROST, SOLOMON JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-68
FROST, SOLOMON JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-68
FROUDA, CARLO                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-181
FRUTMAN, ZAVEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-168
FRUTRAN, HARRIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-43
FRYE, THOMAS                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-213
FRYMAN, HANS                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-61
FUCCI, PASQUALE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-93
FUCCI, SALVATORE                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-85
FUCILLO, JOHN                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-17
FUDGE, WILLIAM HENRY              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-58
FUIL, GEORGE                      NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-94
FUKKEN, HENDRIKUS                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-176
FULLO, JOHN                       ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-15
FUNDER, ADRIAN MICHAEL FORSMANN   DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-20
FURIL, GEORGE ABRAHAM             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-184
FURLONG, MICHAEL PETER            NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-43
FURLONG, THOMAS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-247
FURMAN, SAMUEL VICKERS            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-248
FURSE, JAMES                      ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-162
FURSTENBURG, ISRAEL MARCUS        SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-141
FURTADO, CHARLES MANUEL           AZORES                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-8
FUTTER, JAMES ALBERT              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-208
FYHR, CARL DAVID                  SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-109

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