US District Court, Boston, Massachusetts
Naturalization Petitions (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court - Boston Massachusetts, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page #
"see:" - alternative name listed

RAAB, JOHN                        GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-3
RABASCO, PASQUALE                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-78
RABBETT, MURTY                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-115
RABENOVITZ, SOLOMON               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-88
RABINOVITCH, JACOB                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-215
RABINOVITZ, CHARLES               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-207
RABINOVITZ, ISIDOR                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-189
RABINOVITZ, JULIUS                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-7
RABINOVITZ, LOUIS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-208
RABINOVITZ, LOUIS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-96
RABINOVITZ, MAX                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-28
RABINOVITZ, MORRIS                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-88
RABINOW, JONES                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-140
RABINOWITSCH, ABRAHAM             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-201
RABINSKY, ITZSHAK                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-249
RACHKOWSKY, MAX LOUIS             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-122
RACHKOWSKY, SELIG                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-55
RACHKOWSKY, SOLOMON MANUEL        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-121
RADIN, OSCAR                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-40
RADLO, LAZARUS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-16
RADLO, MARK                       POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-43
RADOCCHIA, ANTONIO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-32
RADOSLOVICH, ALEXANDRO CHRISTOFOLO  AUSTRIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-218
RADVILAVICZE, VINCENT             TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-11
RAE, ARTHUR BURRELL               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-78
RAE, FREDERICK NORMAN             ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-89
RAE, JOHN                         SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-43
RAFFERTY, MICHAEL JOSEPH          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-99
RAFFETY, JOSEPH                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-193
RAFTERY, MARTIN FRANCIS           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-154
RAFTERY, MICHAEL JAMES            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-136
RAHAL, MICHAEL                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-8
RAHANIS, PAUL CONSTANTINE         TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-250
RAHILLY, JAMES                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-94
RAHKONEN, SANFRED                 FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-151
RAIMONDO, DOMINICO BRUNO          ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-77
RAIN, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-100
RAIN, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-100
RAIN, SAM                         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-75
RAINSFORD, MAURICE JOSEPH         IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-19
RAISON, NORMAN JESSE              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-5
RAITCHEL, JACOB                   AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-92
RAKISKY, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-4
RALEIGH, MICHAEL JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-165
RALPH, OSWALD                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-173
RAMANAUSKAS, FRANK NAPOLEON       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-144
RAMEY, FRED AUSTIN                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-67
RAMM, PETER                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-37
RAMMER, WOLF                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-93
RAMMER, WOOLF                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-149
RAMSAY, ADAM REGINALD             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-88
RAMSAY, DAVID ALEXANDER           NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-143
RAMSAY, JOHN H.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-181
RAMSAY, PETER REID                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-13
RAMSEY, WALLACE                   NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-213
RAMSLAND, SIGVALL NILSEN          NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-125
RANDALL, FRANK                    NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-85
RANDALL, HENRY SIMEON             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-245
RANDALL, LOUIS                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-247
RANDAZZO, JOHN                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-248
RANDO, EMANUEL                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-127
RANDO, NICOLO                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-51
RANDOLPH, FELIX                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-98
RANNQUIST, ANNA B.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-39
RANTA, EMIL                       FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-63
RANTANEN, ANTON SIGFRID           FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-218
RAO, NUNZIO                       ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-78
RAPHAELIAN, ALEXANDER             TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-82
RAPKIN, SAM DAVID                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-160
RAPOPORT, ELY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-185
RAPPAPORT, BENJAMIN               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-29
RAPSON, EDUARD RICHARD            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-141
RAPSON, JAMES DONNITHORNE         ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-238
RASA, PAUL                        ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-159
RASK, HENRY                       FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-97
RASKA, ANTONIO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-113
RASKIN, MORRIS ARON               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-160
RASLIN, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-206
RASQUIN, THEOPHILE LUCIEN         BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-243
RASZKAUCKAS, JOHN JOSEPH          RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-164
RATCHFORD, NICHOLAS JOSEPH        NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-17
RATCHKOLSKY, LOUIS                POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-98
RATHYGEBER, GUSTAV H.             TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-237
RATICK, HARRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-93
RATSEY, LAMBI                     TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-156
RATTET, JOSEPH JACOB              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-197
RATTRAY, JAMES B.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-30
RAU, JOSEPH FRIEDREICH            GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-51
RAUCH, HARRY                      AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-64
RAULINAITIS, ZIGMAS               LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-131
RAVIDA, JOSEPH                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-148
RAVITZ, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-72
RAVVEN, HYMAN SIMCHA              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-32
RAWLINSON, JOE                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-34
RAY, JAMES JOHNSTON               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-200
RAYEL, THOMAS EDWARD              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-181
RAYMAN, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-144
RAYMER, ABRAHAM                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-195
RAYMONDI, FRANK                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-10
RAYNER, JOHN MILLER               NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-44
RDLEY, ABRAHAM NATHANIEL          AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-189
RE, ABRAMO                        ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-123
REA, BENEDITTO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-194
READY, ALPHONSUS                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-170
READY, FREDERICK A.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-170
REAMER, DAVID                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-10
REAMER, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-221
REARDON, DENNIS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-158
REARDON, JAMES                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-95
REARDON, LEO P.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-244
REARDON, MORRIS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-159
REARDON, STEPHEN JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-24
REBELLO, JOSEPH                   AZORES                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-228
RECKA, ANTHONY WALTER             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-211
RECKE, FRITZ                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-75
REDDY, JAMES                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-54
REDDY, JOHN DENIS                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-118
REDDY, MARY ANN                   NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-121
REDLITZ, HUGO HENRY               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-3
REDMOND, THOMAS                   NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-106
REECE, KARL WALLACE PINDER        BARBADOES                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-62
REED, RICHARD                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-141
REED, WILLIS JOHN                 NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-146
REES, BENJAMIN OWEN               NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-3
REGALIO, PETER                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-217
REGAN, ARTHUR E.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-56
REGAN, CHARLES JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-213
REGAN, CHARLES JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-213
REGAN, DANIEL CHARLES             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-21
REGAN, DENNIS                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-215
REGAN, JAMES DANIEL               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-54
REGAN, MAURICE                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-155
REGAN, MICHAEL JOHN               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-190
REGAN, TIMOTHY JOHN               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-150
REGO, FRANK                       TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-248
REGOL, GEORGE GUY                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-21
REHNBERG, PAUL WALTER BERNHARD GEORG  SWEDEN                                   US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-28
REHWALDT, EDWARD HANS             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-94
REICHSON, FRANK                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-121
REID, CHARLES ARTHUR              NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-180
REID, DAVID                       SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-177
REID, JAMES FARQUHARSON           SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-28
REID, JOHN FARQUHAR               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-12
REID, RICHARD HUGGIN              JAMAICA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-79
REID, STANLEY EDMOND              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-2
REIDY, PATRICK                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-101
REIDY, PATRICK                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-42
REIFF, FLORENZ EMIL WILHELM       GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-19
REILLY, ALBERT EDWARD             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-184
REILLY, DANIEL TIMOTHY            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-123
REILLY, JOHN                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-161
REILLY, MICHAEL JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-54
REILLY, PATRICK                   SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-140
REILLY, THOMAS                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-218
REIMAN, ERNEST T.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-31
REINGOLD, RUBIN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-84
REINHERZ, ELLIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-51
REINHOLTZ, JOSEPH                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-166
REINTGES, HARRY                   GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-205
REIS, AUGUST                      GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-136
REISER, ALLEN FOSTER              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-199
REISER, MYER JOSEPH               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-196
REISNER, ELI                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-245
REMEIKIS, FRANK JOSEPH            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-88
REMER, EDWARD                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-41
REMIS, SAM                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-194
RENDON, PETER JAMES               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-241
RENZULLI, SALVATORE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-64
REPICI, NATALE                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-221
RESEGARI, GEORGE                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-170
RESNIC, BARNARD                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-6
RESNICK, GERSHON                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-34
RESNICK, ROBERT                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-108
RESTONE, EDWARD HARRY             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-95
REUSCHEL, GEORGE                  GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-18
REVETT, GEORGE                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-20
REVMAN, GEORGE                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-17
REVMAN, HARRY HYMAN               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-104
REXFORD, GEORGE A.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-109
REYNOLDS, ALFRED OSCAR            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-191
REYNOLDS, ANTHONY JOSEPH          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-14
REYNOLDS, FRANK ALBERT            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-108
REYNOLDS, HARRY LOUIS             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-180
REYNOLDS, MICHAEL JOSEPH          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-120
RHIND, ALEXANDER                  NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-144
RHODENIZER, WILLIAM KENNETH       NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-129
RHODES, CHARLES HAROLD            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-15
RIBARSCH, ALEXANDER               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-154
RIBNER, JOHN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-42
RICCI, ANGELO C.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-238
RICCI, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-88
RICCIO, FELICE                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-208
RICCIO, HARRY E.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-25
RICE, CHARLES                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-248
RICE, CLIFTON L.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-63
RICE, DAVID FRANCIS               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-243
RICE, JOHN                        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-111
RICE, JOSEPH                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-69
RICE, MATHIAS L.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-178
RICE, MICHAEL                     POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-86
RICE, PATRICK                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-232
RICERCATO, SEBASTIAN              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-148
RICERCATO, SEBASTIAN              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-148
RICH, JOHN LEBBORIO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-112
RICHARD, DORITHE JOHN             NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-9
RICHARD, LOUIS ASZADE             PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-60
RICHARDS, CYRIL GODFREY           BARBADOES                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-141
RICHARDS, GEORGE THOMAS           PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-62
RICHARDSON, JAMES KELSO           SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-192
RICHARDSON, JOHN ARTHUR           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-126
RICHARDSON, MICHAEL FRANCIS       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-207
RICHARDSON, THOMAS HERVEY         ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-17
RICHMAN, ISRAEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-201
RICHMAN, SAM                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-40
RICHMOND, ALEXANDER               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-145
RICHMOND, LOUIS DANIEL            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-135
RICHTER, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-203
RICINIELLO, GAETANO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-68
RICKER, FRANK                     NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-139
RICKERT, CLAUS HEINRICH WILHELM   GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-84
RICKLESS, DAVID                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-69
RIDDELL, ALEXANDER                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-167
RIDDELL, ALEXANDER SMITH          SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-226
RIEDLY, PETER                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-26
RIELLY, DANIEL JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-168
RIELLY, TIMOTHY                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-167
RIELLY, TIMOTHY                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-47
RIENDEAN, JOSEPH LEVI             CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-156
RIESER, SIMON                     GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-32
RIESER, WILLIAM ST. CLARENCE      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-6
RIGALI, HUMBERT JOHN              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-165
RIGGS, WILLIAM ALLAN              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-43
RIGOLIZZO, MICHIELE               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-171
RIIHELA, IDA MARY                 FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-220
RIIHIMAKI, HEMMINO                FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-20
RIIHIMAKI, THOMAS EMIL            FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-14
RILEIGH, RICHARD WARREN           NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-84
RILEY, JAMES                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-214
RILEY, THOMAS JOSEPH              NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-217
RINAUD, EMILIANO                  CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-50
RING, DANIEL                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-3
RING, TIMOTHY JOHN                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-164
RINGER, ROBERT ROCK               ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-164
RINGER, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-225
RIORDAN, BARTHOLOMEW DENNIS       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-96
RIORDAN, DAVID O.                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-102
RIORDAN, JOHN DANIEL              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-148
RIORDAN, MICHAEL CLANCY           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-1
RIORDAN, PATRICK JEREMIAH         IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-71
RIORDAN, PATRICK JOHN             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-44
RIPLEY, ROBERT WILLIAM            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-36
RISCHAWY, HENRY                   AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-77
RISICATO, FRANK PAUL              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-54
RISKIN, JACOB SOLOMON             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-40
RISKU, HERMAN                     FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-187
RISSALA, HENRY                    FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-175
RISSER, JOSEPH STANLEY            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-160
RISTALLO, PASQUALE                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-156
RISTUCCIA, ANTONINO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-26
RISTUCCIA, GIOVANNI               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-25
RISTUCCIA, GIUSEPPE               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-71
RITCHIE, JAMES                    SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-16
RITCHIE, JAMES ARTHUR             QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-206
RITCHIE, JOHN CURRIE              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-219
RITCHIE, ROBERT                   SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-110
RITCHIE, WILLIAM C.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-121
RITTENBERG, DAVID                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-27
RITTENBERG, DAVID                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-27
RITTENBURG, DAVID                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-14
RITTER, BERNHARD HERMAN WALDEMAR  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-86
RITVO, ALBERT                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-160
RIVERS, FRANK LEONARD OSTERSTROM  SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-219
RIVETT, ALBERT GEORGE             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-165
RIVKIN, ISAAC                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-88
RIZIO, ANTONIO                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-137
RIZK, JOHN S.                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-220
RIZZA, SALVATORE                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-32
RIZZO, FRANK                      ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-223
RIZZO, TEODORO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-141
ROABICEK, WILLIAM                 AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-22
ROACH, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-221
ROACH, MICHAEL THOMAS             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-223
ROACHE, THOMAS                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-237
ROACHE, THOMAS                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-237
ROBARTS, FREDERICK C.             TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-248
ROBB, ALEXANDER                   SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-163
ROBBINS, CLAIR CLYDE              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-169
ROBBINS, FREDERICK LEADBITTER     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-76
ROBBINS, HENRY HARRY              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-4
ROBBINS, JOHN ENOS                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-210
ROBBINS, THOMAS ALBERT            NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-18
ROBERT, FRAK SILVIA               PORTGUAL                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-31
ROBERT, JOSEPH EMAUEL             BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-89
ROBERTI, LEONARDO                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-88
ROBERTIS, ANTHONY N.              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-61
ROBERTO, COSTANTINO               ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-34
ROBERTS, ARTHUR HENRY             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-34
ROBERTS, DENIS EDWARD             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-159
ROBERTS, DENNIS JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-111
ROBERTS, FITZ GERALD              BARBADOES                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-37
ROBERTS, GEORGE                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-239
ROBERTS, JAMES ALFRED JR.         NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-152
ROBERTS, JOHN ALEXANDER           NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-35
ROBERTS, MAURICE                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-136
ROBERTS, OMER P.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-29
ROBERTS, ROBERT LEVI              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-241
ROBERTS, SAMUEL                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-138
ROBERTS, THOMAS                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-5
ROBERTS, THOMAS ARTHUR            PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-228
ROBERTS, WILLIAM JORDAN           NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-94
ROBERTSON, AGNES                  SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-37
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-130
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-29
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER WILLIAM      NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-194
ROBERTSON, ANDREW LECKIE          SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-90
ROBERTSON, ARTEMUS                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-37
ROBERTSON, DOUGLAS                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-66
ROBERTSON, JOHN NEWTON            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-92
ROBICHEAU, DANIEL ALEXANDER       NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-133
ROBICHEAU, JOSEPH ALBERT          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-2
ROBINSON, DAVID                   NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-62
ROBINSON, EDARD MARSHALL          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-32
ROBINSON, EDWARD MARSHALL         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-32
ROBINSON, ELIAH                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-119
ROBINSON, ELIE                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-119
ROBINSON, FREDERICK ALISON        CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-115
ROBINSON, GEORGE                  ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-83
ROBINSON, JAMES                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-73
ROBINSON, JOHN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-244
ROBINSON, JOHN QUINTON            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-250
ROBINSON, PATRICK HENRY           EAST INDIA                                   US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-143
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-70
ROBINSON, THOMAS JAMES            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-15
ROBINSON, THOMAS W. R.            TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-5
ROBINSON, WILBERT PAGE            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-19
ROBINSON, WILLIAM T.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-175
ROCCIOLO, GIUSEPPE                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-86
ROCCO, ANTONIO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-60
ROCCO, FRANCESCO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-94
ROCHE, LOUIS JULES                SWITZERLAND                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-127
ROCHE, PATRICK SARSFIELD          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-65
ROCHE, RICHARD                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-3
ROCHE, THOMAS J.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-207
ROCHE, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-40
ROCHFORD, JOHN J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-12
ROCK, JOHN                        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-115
ROCK, WILLIAM THOMAS              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-231
ROCKMAN, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-46
ROCKSTROM, CARL JULIUS            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-177
ROCKWELL, LESLIE ROSS             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-100
RODBERG, ELI                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-23
RODDEN, JAMES JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-33
RODEN, LENA                       TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-20
RODERICK, MANUEL F.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-159
RODERICK, RUFINO                  CAPE VERDE ISLAND                            US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-106
RODES, LOUIS HARRIS               GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-147
RODGER, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-168
RODMAN, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-157
RODOLFO, VITTORI                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-8
RODOPOULOS, ANTONEOS CHARABABOS   GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-20
ROEDEL, AUGUST G.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-230
ROELANTS, LOUIS                   BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-50
ROETZER, ALOIS                    AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-250
ROGAN, HENRY JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-19
ROGAN, JAMES                      ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-190
ROGERS, ANDREW KNOX               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-66
ROGERS, GEORGE                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-166
ROGERS, JAMES                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-162
ROGERS, JONATHAN VERNUM           PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-77
ROGERS, MANUEL J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-139
ROGERS, PATRICK                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-118
ROGERS, THOMAS                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-117
ROGERS, WILLIAM BURTON            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-64
ROGERS, WILLIAM HAMILTON          IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-155
ROGIER, EMIEL                     BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-44
ROGOSA, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-158
ROGOSIN, ABRAHAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-170
ROGOSIN, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-171
ROGUSKI, STANISLAW                POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-160
ROGUSKI, STANISLAW                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-160
ROHDIN, ROBERT CARL HUGO          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-99
ROHLINS, HAROLD                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-195
ROISBORD, HYMEN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-27
ROITER, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-27
ROLAND, JOHN MUNRO                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-124
ROLNICK, SHACHNA                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-10
ROMAN, GUSTAF                     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-62
ROMANO, FRANK                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-23
ROMANO, GIOVANNI                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-71
ROMANO, MICHELE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-65
ROMANO, THOMAS                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-113
ROMANOS, BARNIE                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-14
ROMANOS, BARNIE                   TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-24
ROMANOWSKI, KAZIMERZ              POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-64
ROME, PAUL RODRICK                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-33
ROMERI, LUIGI                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-226
ROMKEY, LEWIS EDWARD              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-35
ROMM, ABRAHAM                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-1
ROMM, PHILIP                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-3
ROMMELFANGER, NICOLAUS            GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-125
ROMMER, ABRAHAM ICAAK             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-192
RONALD, JAMES NOBLE               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-83
RONAN, WILLIAM J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-41
ROONEY, DANIEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-155
ROOS, SIMON                       HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-190
ROOSSLENDER, MAX HARRIS           POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-4
ROPER, WILLIAM                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-75
ROSA, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-23
ROSANIO, ANTHONY                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-250
ROSANSKY, HYMAN                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-67
ROSATTO, GIUSEPPE                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-73
ROSCOE, FOLKER LEWIE              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-44
ROSE, ELI                         NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-244
ROSE, ISAAC                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-40
ROSE, SOLOMON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-146
ROSEMAN, BENJAMIN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-176
ROSEMAN, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-146
ROSEMAN, MORRIS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-31
ROSEN, AARON                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-217
ROSEN, AXEL                       TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-131
ROSEN, CHARLES                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-177
ROSEN, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-5
ROSEN, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-21
ROSEN, HARRY ELIJAH               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-178
ROSEN, IVEN ALFRED                SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-48
ROSEN, JACOB ELIE                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-243
ROSEN, JOSEPH NATHAN              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-161
ROSEN, MAX                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-118
ROSEN, MORRIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-27
ROSEN, MORRIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-114
ROSEN, SAM                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-9
ROSEN, WILLIAM                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-223
ROSENBAUM, HARRY                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-25
ROSENBAUM, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-73
ROSENBERG, ALBERT                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-144
ROSENBERG, EMIL                   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-233
ROSENBERG, ISAAC A.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-193
ROSENBERG, MYER                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-4
ROSENBERG, MYER                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-85
ROSENBERG, NATHAN                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-236
ROSENBLAD, ADOLF GOTTFRID         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-134
ROSENBLATT, JOSEPH                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-216
ROSENBLATT, SAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-47
ROSENBLATT, SAMUEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-203
ROSENBLOOM, JOSEPH                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-217
ROSENBLUM, ELY                    AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-199
ROSENBLUM, HERMAN ISAAC           POSEN                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-119
ROSENBLUM, JOSEPH                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-199
ROSENBLUM, MORRIS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-20
ROSENDALE, AUGUST                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-146
ROSENFELD, OSCAR                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-186
ROSENFIELD, HYMAN                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-203
ROSENFIELD, JACOB                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-147
ROSENFIELD, JAMES CHARLES         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-42
ROSENFIELD, MAX AARON             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-231
ROSENFIELD, SAMUEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-175
ROSENGART, LOUIS                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-170
ROSENGREN, ADOLPH JULIUS          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-66
ROSENGREN, OLOF WALDEMAR          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-234
ROSENQUIST, CHRISTIAN LEONARD     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-225
ROSENQUIST, FRANS AUGUST          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-29
ROSENTHAL, ISRAEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-144
ROSENTHAL, MAX                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-65
ROSENTHAL, PHILIP                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-87
ROSENTHAL, SAUL LOUIS             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-165
ROSENTHAL, VICTOR                 SEE: NIMAN, VICTOR                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-37
ROSENTHAL,D AVID                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-187
ROSEPKA, MORRIS                   POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-107
ROSEVEARE, THOMAS EDWARD          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-156
ROSEWASSER, MAURICE               HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-55
ROSIE, THOMAS DEARNESS            SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-96
ROSMITALSKY, FRANK FARZL          AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-201
ROSNITSKY, SAMUEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-40
ROSOFF, BENJAMIN                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-87
ROSOFF, FRANK                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-109
ROSOFF, WILLIAM                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-111
ROSS, ALEXANDER MORRIS            CAPE BRETON                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-117
ROSS, DANIEL                      NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-18
ROSS, DAVID                       NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-78
ROSS, DAVID L.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-231
ROSS, GEORGE POSNER               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-72
ROSS, HARRY KENNETH               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-43
ROSS, HUGH JOHN                   CAPE BRETON                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-75
ROSS, HUGH TUPPER                 NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-57
ROSS, JACOB                       AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-92
ROSS, JOHN JAMES                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-49
ROSS, JOHN MCGREGOR               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-3
ROSS, LOUIS                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-151
ROSS, NATHAN DAVID                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-101
ROSS, WILLIAM                     SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-202
ROSS, WILLIAM COBBAN              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-19
ROSSI, GIOVANNI                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-182
ROSSI, LUDOVICO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-27
ROSSI, ROCHI                      ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-105
ROSSI, VITO                       ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-94
ROSSITER, MICHAEL                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-73
ROSSO, MICHELE                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-11
ROST, GEORGE FREDRICK             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-67
ROSTAD, ANTON                     NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-241
ROTHBARD, MAX JACOB               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-207
ROTHBARD, SAMUEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-68
ROTHBART, SAM                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-169
ROTHERHAM, JAMES ALFRED           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-76
ROTHSCHILD, JOSEPH                SYRIA                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-38
ROTHSTEIN, ABRAHAM                AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-68
ROTHSTEIN, DAVID                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-6
ROTHSTEIN, MORRIS                 POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-129
ROTHWELL, CHARLES                 ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-18
ROTMAN, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-215
ROTMAN, NELSON                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-85
ROTONDI, GUGLIELMO                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-199
ROTONDI, MICHELE                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-172
ROTONDO, FRANK                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-96
ROTTENBERG, ISIDORE               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-184
ROTTENBERG, NATHAN                AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-147
ROTTENBERG, SAMUEL                AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-91
ROUGEAN, ARTHUR JOSEPH            QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-247
ROUSAY, PETER M.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-191
ROUSE, FREDERICK                  ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-185
ROUSSAT, JACQUES                  FRANCE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-123
ROUZANO, CORRADO MARIO            ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-234
ROVAI, ERNEST                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-194
ROVEGNO, MARY L.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-97
ROVOS, MICHAEL PETER              TURKEY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-57
ROWE, ARTHUR                      NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-229
ROWE, ARTHUR                      NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-229
ROWE, ROBERT JAMES                NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-48
ROWSELL, EDGAR WILLIAM            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-72
ROWSELL, HENRY JOHN               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-202
ROZ, SAM                          RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-233
ROZEN, CHARLES                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-186
ROZEN, MAX                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-65
RSSING, KNUT ESKIL TAGE           SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-8
RUANE, MARTIN                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-4
RUANE, MICAHEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-174
RUBBICCO, PASQUALE                ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-171
RUBENSTEIN, ABRAHAM               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-225
RUBENSTEIN, JOSEPH                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-65
RUBENSTEIN, MAX                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-84
RUBERTO, ANGELO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-30
RUBIN, DAVID                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-93
RUBIN, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-75
RUBIN, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-24
RUBIN, ISRAEL GEORGE              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-184
RUBIN, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-147
RUBIN, JACOB                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-86
RUBIN, JULIUS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-93
RUBIN, JULIUS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-214
RUBIN, LOUE                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-121
RUBIN, LOUE                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-121
RUBIN, LOUIS                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-32
RUBIN, LOUIS JACOB                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-87
RUBIN, MAURICE SOLOMON            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-19
RUBIN, MAX                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-48
RUBIN, MORRIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-239
RUBIN, PHILIP                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-183
RUBIN, SAM                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-158
RUBINOVITZ, SAMUEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-135
RUBINSTEIN, SAMUEL                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-14
RUBY, SAMUEL STANBURY             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-86
RUBYCK, JOHN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-110
RUCCI, DOMENICO                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-46
RUDD, SOLOMON                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-57
RUDKIN, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-199
RUDKIN, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-199
RUDMICK, MOTTEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-32
RUDNICK, BENJAMIN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-205
RUDNITSKY, NIKOLAS                AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-120
RUDNITSKY, PEER                   AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-42
RUDOF, HARRY                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-153
RUDOLPH, GERSON                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-236
RUDSIT, TORGE                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-102
RUDZINSKI, JOHN THEODOR           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-141
RUGGERIO, ANDREA                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-145
RUGGIERIS, LUIGI                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-182
RUGGLES, ST. CLAIR                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-189
RUGIERO, PASQUALE                 ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-82
RUGO, LORENZO                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-61
RUITER, JAMES REUBEN              QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-87
RUM, MORRIS                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-165
RUMPE, KARL                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-45
RUNNALLS, GEORG EHENRY            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-151
RUNNELLS, JOHN EDMONDS            QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-116
RUOTOLO, JOSEPH                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-83
RUOTSALA, ANDREW                  FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-88
RUPPELL, ERNST                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-146
RUSHE, BARTLEY                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-62
RUSHE, BERNARD                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-45
RUSSELL, DAVID JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-71
RUSSELL, FRANK                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-190
RUSSELL, FRANK ADRIAN             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-149
RUSSELL, SAMUEL LAWSON            PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-210
RUSSELL, SAMUEL LAWSON            PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-210
RUSSELL, WILLIAM EDWARD           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-187
RUSSELL, WILLIAM NATHANIEL        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-21
RUSSO, ANTONIO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-50
RUSSO, CARMINO                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-224
RUSSO, FRANCESCO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-163
RUSSO, FRANCESCO                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-23
RUSSO, GAETANO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-63
RUSSO, GAETANO                    ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-63
RUSSO, JOSEPH                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-151
RUSSO, JOSEPH                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-76
RUSSO, JOSEPH                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-125
RUSSO, MICHELE DELLO              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-40
RUSSO, NICOLA                     ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-225
RUSSO, PASQUALE                   ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-211
RUSSO, PETER                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-88
RUSSO, SALVATORE                  ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-62
RUSSO, SALVATORE DELLO            ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-17
RUSTARD, OLE PETERSEN             NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-181
RUTIGLIANO, VINCENZO              ITALY                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-142
RUTKELIS, FRANK                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-190
RUTKOWSKI, JOSEPH                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-123
RUTSKY, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-204
RUTSKY, MORRIS                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-203
RUTSTEIN, BARNET                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-55
RUTSTEIN, FRANK PHILLIP           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-67
RUTTKAY, ARPOD                    HUNGARY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-233
RYAN, ANDREW J.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-129
RYAN, BARTHOLOMEW MICHAEL         ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-132
RYAN, CORNELIUS                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-62
RYAN, DANIEL                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-228
RYAN, DANIEL MAHER                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-55
RYAN, DAVID                       NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-98
RYAN, EDWARD JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-218
RYAN, FRANCIS                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-176
RYAN, GEORGE HENRY                BOSTON                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-98
RYAN, JAMES                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-46
RYAN, JAMES MICHAEL               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-26
RYAN, JAMES WILEY                 NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-183
RYAN, JAMES WILEY                 NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-183
RYAN, JOHN                        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-64
RYAN, JOHN FRANCIS                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-219
RYAN, JOHN FRANCIS                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-58
RYAN, JOHN PATRICK                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-227
RYAN, LAWRENCE                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-35
RYAN, MARTIN A.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-215
RYAN, MARTIN PATRICK              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-6
RYAN, MARY MARGARET JOSEPHINE     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-66
RYAN, MICHAEL                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-66
RYAN, MICHAEL                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-90
RYAN, MICHAEL FRANCIS             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-76
RYAN, PATRICK                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-27
RYAN, PATRICK ALFRED              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-97
RYAN, PATRICK JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-156
RYAN, PATRICK JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-203
RYAN, PETER SAMUEL                NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-41
RYAN, STEPHEN                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-222
RYAN, THOMAS FRANCIS              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-101
RYAN, THOMAS J.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-148
RYAN, TIMOTHY WILLIAM             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-237
RYAN, WILLIAM J.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-229
RYBERG, EMIL A.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-199
RYBERG, JOEL AXEL WALDEMAR        SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-209
RYD, ELNA STROMBLAD               SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-135
RYDEARD, JAMES                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-10
RYDER, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-242
RYDER, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-242
RYDER, WALTER WILKENS             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-134
RYDMAN, ELIS A.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-226
RYDSTROM, CARL AUGUST EMIL        SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-119
RYER, FRED F.                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-8
RYNNE, PATRICK                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-239
RYRHOLM, RICHARD SANDFRED         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-14
RYSSEY, MIKKO                     FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-144
RYTTERAGER, GEORGE ODLEIF         NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-8

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