US District Court, Boston, Massachusetts
Naturalization Petitions (1906 and after)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - US District Court - Boston Massachusetts, type of record
Column 4: Volume # and page #
"see:" - alternative name listed

WAALER, EINAR                     NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-116
WADE, DAVID INNES                 NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-60
WADE, GUY M.                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-236
WAGENKNECHT, AUGUST WILLIAM       GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-55
WAGNER, BYRON BORDEN              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-7
WAIHKONEN, JOHN                   FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-191
WAISANEN FREDRIK                  FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-162
WAKIAS, EFSHIM DEMETREOS          GREECE                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-161
WAKS, DAVID                       TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-66
WALCHOK, LOIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-110
WALDEN, ALBIN                     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-95
WALDFOGEL, DAVID                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-80
WALDMAN, CLARENCE HYMAN           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-97
WALDMAN, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-63
WALDMAN, ISRAEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-77
WALDRON, MICHAEL                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-72
WALDRON, PHILIP                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-2
WALDRON, PHILIP                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-2
WALDSTEIN, JULIUS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-81
WALERSTEIN, LOUIS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-103
WALEYKO, ANTHONY                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-208
WALK, DAVID ELIAS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-244
WALKER, BOYD RAE UTLEY            CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-66
WALKER, HENRY ROSS                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-168
WALKER, JAMES                     SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-57
WALKER, JOHN ALEXANDER            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-193
WALKER, JOSEPH                    MASSACHUSETTS                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-90
WALKER, LESTER T.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-92
WALKER, ROBERT                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-2
WALKER, THOMAS KINNELL            SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-34
WALKER, THOMAS WILLIAM            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-167
WALKER, WILLIAM                   AUSTRALIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-140
WALKER, WILLIAM                   SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-1
WALL, DANIEL                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-159
WALL, JOHN HENRY DIFFORD          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-134
WALL, JOHN JOSEPH                 NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-49
WALL, JOHN JOSEPH                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-151
WALL, PATRICK JAMES               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-181
WALL, WILLIAM                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-245
WALLACE, JOSEPH                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-153
WALLACE, PATRICK JOSEPH           IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-58
WALLACE, ROBERT GIBB              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-61
WALLACE, THOMAS PETER             NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-13
WALLACK, ABRAHAM DAVID            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-53
WALLBERG, JOHN                    SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-174
WALLIN, CARL OTTO                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-197
WALLIN, KARL ADOLF FREDRIK        SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-154
WALLIN, PER HERIK                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-46
WALLINS, JOHN                     FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-156
WALLMAN, CARL B.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-19
WALLS, NELSON CAMERON             SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-150
WALMSLEY, JOHN REGINALD           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-190
WALSH, DANIEL P.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-12
WALSH, DAVID JOHN                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-74
WALSH, EDWARD                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-101
WALSH, FRANK J.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-20
WALSH, HUBERT                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-21
WALSH, JAMES                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-144
WALSH, JAMES CHARLES              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-10
WALSH, JAMES EDWARD               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-162
WALSH, JAMES JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-55
WALSH, JAMES PATRICK              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-29
WALSH, JOHN                       IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-188
WALSH, JOHN ANDREW                ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-232
WALSH, JOHN JOSEPH                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-47
WALSH, JOHN JOSEPH                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-87
WALSH, JOHN JOSEPH                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-83
WALSH, JOHN ROBERT                ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-9
WALSH, MARGARET MARY              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-229
WALSH, MATHEW                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-24
WALSH, MICHAEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-127
WALSH, MICHAEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-127
WALSH, PATRICK                    NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-239
WALSH, PETER                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-53
WALSH, PETER EDWARD               PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-150
WALSH, PETER ROLAND               PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-57
WALSH, STEPHEN                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-239
WALSH, STEPHEN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-185
WALSH, THOMAS                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-122
WALSH, THOMAS                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-74
WALSH, THOMAS FRANCIS             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-238
WALSH, THOMAS JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-31
WALSH, THOMAS JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-128
WALSH, THOMAS JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-22
WALSH, THOMAS WILLIAM             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-215
WALSH, WILLIAM                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-236
WALSH, WILLIAM                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-27
WALSH, WILLIAM H.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-229
WALSH, WILLIAM JOHN               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-31
WALSH, WILLIAM JOHN               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-223
WALSH, WILLIAM JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-186
WALTON, JAMES CHARLES             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-109
WALTON, JAMES WILLIAM HENRY       ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-76
WALTZER, JOSEPH                   GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-49
WALULIS, MEMARTE                  LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-160
WALZ, WILHELM                     AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-5
WAMBOLDT, JOSEPH LEVERETT         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-5
WANCLIK, BOLESLAW                 POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-56
WANNBERG, OLOF W.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-232
WARAKOIS, JOHN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-171
WARD, BENJAMIN                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-70
WARD, EDMUND FRANCIS              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-12
WARD, JOHN RILY                   NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-126
WARD, MICHEAL                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-17
WARD, SAMUEL JAMES                ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-10
WARMAN, NORVAL EARLSCOURT         NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-28
WARMINGTON, EDWARD JAMES          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-143
WARN, SAMUEL                      SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-31
WARNER, CHARLES LINUS             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-209
WARNER, EDWARD CHARLES            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-18
WARREN, HAROLD                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-235
WARREN, JAMES EDWARD              CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-54
WARREN, JAMES JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-235
WARREN, JAMES WILLARD             NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-86
WARREN, MICHAEL                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-206
WARREN, PETER THOMSON             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-85
WARSHEWSKI, HIPPOLIT              GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-57
WARSHOVSKY, LEON                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-55
WARZECHA, LUDWIK                  AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-177
WASSARMAN, DAVID ARON             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-30
WASSERMAN, BARNARD EDWARD         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-72
WASSERMAN, NATHAN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-143
WASSERMAN, SAMUEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-9
WASSON, ERNEST LUDLOW             NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-217
WATERS, JOHN                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-81
WATERS, MICHAEL                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-80
WATERS, MICHAEL                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-98
WATERS, SYLVESTER                 IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-242
WATERSON, TYSON                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-232
WATKINS, HOWARD                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-177
WATKOWSKI, MICHA                  POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-51
WATLING, HENRY GRANT              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-39
WATSON, ARCHIE SAMUEL             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-33
WATSON, ARTHUR JOHN               INDIA                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-229
WATSON, JOHN                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-96
WATSON, MICHAEL                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-28
WATSON, PETER JAMES               SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-66
WATSON, RICHARD JOHN              CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-235
WATSON, WILLIAM                   SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-72
WATSON, WILLIAM                   SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-116
WATT, ARTHUR PERCY                CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-57
WATT, JAMES                       SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-31
WATT, JOHN                        SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-84
WATTERS, ALFRED                   ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-36
WATTERS, JOHN JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-36
WATTS, EDWIN PRYOR                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-222
WAX, EPHRAIM                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-141
WAX, SAMUEL                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-135
WAXMAN, HYMAN                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-174
WAXMAN, HYMAN                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-134
WAXMAN, SOLOMON                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-203
WAYLAND, NOBLE FRED               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-89
WEATHERBY, HAROLD E.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-225
WEBBER, HENRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-74
WEBSTER, ALEXANDER SYLVESTER      NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-69
WEBSTER, FRANK AUSTIN             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-64
WEBSTER, FREDERICK H. SR.         TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-62
WEBSTER, JACOB BARTLETT           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-120
WEBSTER, MARK RIVKIND             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-8
WECHSLER, ISAAC                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-42
WECKSTROM, CARL FERDINAND         FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-49
WECKSTROM, HJALMAR                FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-92
WEDDERBURN, JOHN                  SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-142
WEEGAR, JAMES ALEXANDER           ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-176
WEEKS, GEORGE ALFRED              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-16
WEICHEL, VICTOR JOSEPH            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-45
WEICKERS, GUSTAV BRUNO            GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-146
WEIDHORN, LEO                     AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-134
WEIDUL, ERNEST                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-119
WEINBAUM, MEIR                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-121
WEINBERG, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-40
WEINBERG, MAX                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-135
WEINBERG, PHILIP                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-223
WEINER, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-38
WEINER, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-38
WEINER, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-243
WEINGRAD, ABRAHAM                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-12
WEINOGRAD, ABRAHAM                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-44
WEINREBE, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-91
WEINREBE, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-91
WEINSTEIN, ABRAHAM                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-213
WEINSTEIN, ABRAHAM                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-123
WEINSTEIN, HYMAN BARNEY           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-30
WEINSTEIN, JOSEPH                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-217
WEINSTEIN, MORRIS                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-105
WEINSTEIN, WILLIAM                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-172
WEINSTEN, JOE                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-100
WEINSTOCK, ABRAHAM                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-16
WEINTRAUB, MORRIS                 AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-116
WEISBERG, CHARLES                 ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-245
WEISBERG, SAM                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-58
WEISBERG, WOLF                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-181
WEISMAN, ALFRED MAYER             SWITZERLAND                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-15
WEISMAN, JUDA                     AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-244
WEISS, AARON                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-191
WEISS, DAVE                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-9
WEISS, MAX                        AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-166
WEISSBUCH, SAMUEL DAVID           ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-123
WEITKANAK, AQUASIE EMILE          HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-98
WEITZNER, GEORGE                  ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-187
WELAISH, STANLEY                  SEE: WILEISZIS, STANISLAW                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-148
WELANS, SAMUEL ISRAEL             SEE: WELANSKY, SAMUEL ISRAEL                 23-247
WELANSKY, SAMUEL ISRAEL           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-247
WELCH, BARTLEY FRANCIS            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-188
WELCH, BARTLEY FRANCIS            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-188
WELCH, JOHN JOSEPH                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-202
WELCH, PATRICK JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-7
WELCH, RACY                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-30
WELFORD, GEORGE WILLIAM           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-138
WELLS, WILLIAM                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-157
WELT, JOHN                        FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-182
WENCEL, JOE                       BOHEMIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-89
WENDELL, JACOB                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-162
WENETSKY, SOLOMON DAVID           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-226
WENHAM, ALFRED                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-103
WENHAM, THOMAS                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-164
WENNER, CARL BERNARD              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-25
WENNERS, ALBERT FELIX             GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-99
WENTZELL, ELIAS WILLIAM HENRY     NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-39
WERLIN, CHARLES                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-104
WERLINSKY, SAMUEL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-226
WERMAN, ABE                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-1
WERMONT, RUDOLPH                  ROMANIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-161
WERNBERG, PHILIP                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-8
WERNER, ADOLPH RUDOLPH            AUSTRIA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-171
WERNER, JOHN SOLOMAN              SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-128
WERNER, JULIUS ROBERT             DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    11-82
WERNER, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-240
WERNING, FRANK                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-58
WERSHBOWITZ, NATHAN               RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-68
WERSIOCKY, MIKE JOSEPH            LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-84
WERSTED, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-33
WERSTROM, OTTO FREDRIK            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-34
WERTHAMMER, ERWIN JULIUS          GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-175
WESNER, ABRAM                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-213
WESSELL, JAMES EDWARD             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-53
WESSMAN, EDWIN                    FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-15
WEST, ARTHUR CRESSWELL            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-115
WEST, THOMAS HORATIO              MONTERRAT                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-119
WESTALL, JAMES                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-213
WESTBY, OLAF                      NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-45
WESTERBERG, ARVID                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-27
WESTERBERG, GUSTAV FREDRICK       SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-22
WESTERGREN, CARL EFRAIM           SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-27
WESTERMAN, JACOB                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-50
WESTFELDT, ERNEST VICTOR          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-84
WESTHAVER, ALPHEUS HERMAN         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-28
WESTLING, WALTER                  FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-192
WESTON, FRED HATFIELD             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-82
WESTON, NATHAN LLOYD              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-83
WESTOVER, MARCUS IREAN            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-39
WETMORE, FRANK FREEMAN            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-162
WEXLER, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-136
WEYAND, MARTIN CHRISTIAN          GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-35
WEYE, PETER WALDEMAR EMIL         DENMARK                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-56
WHEALEN, JOHN                     NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-79
WHEELER, ABRAHAM                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    19-98
WHEELER, EDWARD JOHN              SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-205
WHEELER, MORRIS DAVID             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-106
WHEELER, WILLIAM DAVIDSON         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-80
WHELAN, CHARLES JOSEPH            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-104
WHELAN, JOHN HENRY                PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-114
WHELAN, PETER JOSEPH              NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-248
WHELAN, STEPHEN                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-52
WHELAN, STEPHEN PATRICK           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-8
WHELAN, THOMAS                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-36
WHELEN, MICHAEL DANIEL            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-68
WHELPLEY, GEORGE HENRY            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-30
WHIGHAM, JOHN                     SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-38
WHILTON, FREDERICK WILLIAM        ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-108
WHITE, ALFRED JAMES               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-228
WHITE, CHARLES JOSEPH             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-33
WHITE, CHARLES JOSEPH             NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-49
WHITE, EMANUEL                    POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-48
WHITE, FRANK DUNSTER              NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-73
WHITE, HARRY ERNEST               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-37
WHITE, HENDRY                     SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    55-243
WHITE, HENRY                      IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-121
WHITE, HENRY A.                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-46
WHITE, HYACINTH CHARLES           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-26
WHITE, HYMAN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-175
WHITE, IRA PATTERSON              NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-177
WHITE, ISAAC MITCHELL             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-45
WHITE, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-141
WHITE, JACOB                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-56
WHITE, JAMES FRANCIS              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-152
WHITE, JOHN                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-20
WHITE, JOHN J.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-4
WHITE, JOHN J.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-151
WHITE, JOHN PATRICK               NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-219
WHITE, JOSEPH                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-91
WHITE, JOSEPH                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-30
WHITE, JULIUS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-199
WHITE, NATHANIEL                  CAPE BRETON                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-73
WHITE, PATRICK JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    7-90
WHITE, RICHARD                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-165
WHITE, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-101
WHITE, THOMAS                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-99
WHITE, WILFRID OSBORNE            AUSTRALIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-38
WHITE, WILLIAM J.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-48
WHITEHEAD, FREDERICK DAVID        QUEBEC                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-226
WHITEHEAD, HOWARTH                ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-82
WHITEWOOD, JOHN G.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-159
WHITMAN, EDWARD P.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-197
WHITMAN, SAMUEL EBER              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-54
WHYNOT, GEORGE AMOSE              NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-196
WHYTE, ALEXANDER JR.              TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-249
WHYTE, DANIEL                     SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-76
WHYTE, PATRICK JOHN               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-219
WICKENS, DELBERT CHARLES          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-62
WICKENS, DELBERT CHARLES          NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-46
WICKMAN, WILLIAM THEODOR          SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-22
WICKS, FREDERICK GEORGE           ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-95
WICKS, GEORGE                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-114
WICKS, WALTER                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-121
WICKSTROM, CARL GUSTAF            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-154
WIDDER, OSCAR RUDOLF              GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-134
WIDDER, PAUL RUDOLF               GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-135
WIDELL, ANDERS HILMER             SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-165
WIDESTROM, NILS GUSTAF            SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-161
WIDETSKY, PHILIP                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-237
WIDETZKY, PHILIP                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-90
WIENER, BENGAMIN                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-133
WIENER, LOUIS                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-249
WIGDEROVITZ, DAVID                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-182
WIGHT, NORMAN                     NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-157
WIGOOSHIN, MORRIS                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-98
WIINIKKA, ILMARI GABRIEL          FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-246
WIKSTROM, JOHN NIKOLAI            FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-11
WIKSTROM, OSKAR WILHELM           RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-91
WILAISZIS, KAZIMERAS              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-228
WILCKE, JOHN HENRY                GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-20
WILCZEWSKI, WLADYSLAW             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-17
WILDERMUTH, MAX                   GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-196
WILDON, GEORGE ALBERT             ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-56
WILEISZIS, STANISLAW              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-148
WILK, HANS                        SEE: KUKELSKI, JOHN                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-139
WILKER, MOISHE                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-1
WILKINS, EDWARD BATCHELOR         ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    8-15
WILKINSON, ANDREW JAMES           SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-24
WILKINSON, SAMUEL JOHN            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-193
WILKINSON, SAMUEL JOHN            IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-193
WILKOMIRSKY, HENRY                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-103
WILKOMIRSKY, HENRY                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-103
WILKON, MAX                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-229
WILLCOX, SAMUEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-25
WILLE, PAUL HERMAN                RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-125
WILLETT, GEORGE LOUIS             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-3
WILLGOOSE, THOMAS                 ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    14-33
WILLI, DORAN                      NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-45
WILLIAMS, ANDREW                  NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-27
WILLIAMS, BERTIE OWIN             ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-145
WILLIAMS, FREDERICK JOHN CHARLES  ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-204
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-5
WILLIAMS, JAMES J.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-55
WILLIAMS, JOHN JOSEPH             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3A-28
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-45
WILLIAMS, MORRIS                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-11
WILLIAMS, RICHARD STEPHEN         ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-147
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM ROEBRT          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-144
WILLIAMSON, ANTON                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-50
WILLIAMSON, DONALD RANELL         ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    5-3
WILLIAMSON, ERNEST                SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-7
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-124
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                  SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-81
WILLIAMSON, LESLIE IRVINE         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-38
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM JAMES         IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-166
WILLISTON, WILLIAM WRIGHT         NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-7
WILLOTH, GERMAN                   BADEN                                        US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-40
WILMOT, EDWIN FREEZE              NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-84
WILNER, GUSTAF W.                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-21
WILSON, ALLEN                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4A-99
WILSON, BERTUL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-80
WILSON, CHARLES E. J.             TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-177
WILSON, CHARLES JAMES ALFRED      SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-95
WILSON, DAVID ANDERSON            SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-40
WILSON, GEORGE                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-14
WILSON, HUGH ROBERT               NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-246
WILSON, JAMES                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-76
WILSON, JAMES                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    4B-18
WILSON, JAMES                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-100
WILSON, JOHN                      SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-127
WILSON, JOHN                      ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-178
WILSON, JOHN JAMES                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-131
WILSON, JOHN JOSEPH               IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-154
WILSON, JOHN WERNER               SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-176
WILSON, JULIUS                    POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-78
WILSON, NATHAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-72
WILSON, NORMAN MC KINNON          SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-62
WILSON, RICHARD LOWDEN            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    27-115
WILSON, RICHARD LOWDEN            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    33-115
WILSON, ROBERT                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    37-170
WILSON, ROBERT                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-210
WILSON, SAMUEL                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-18
WILSON, THOMAS MYLES              NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-168
WILSON, WILLIAM AENEIS            PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    59-130
WILSON, WILLIAM J.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-18
WINEBERG, HARRY                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-202
WINER, CHONE                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    12-61
WINER, PHILIP                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-3
WINER, SAMUEL                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    31-208
WINETZKY, JOSEPH                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-108
WINISKY, MAX                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-132
WINITSKY, FRANK                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-91
WINJE, EDWARD ELLINGSEN           NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-96
WINKVIST, CARL JULIUS VILHELM     SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-21
WINN, JOHN                        IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-60
WINN, JOHN HAROLD                 ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    48-28
WINNEFRED, LAURA MARGUERITE       CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-80
WINQUIST, ARTHUR JALMAR           FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-23
WINQUIST, OTTO JULIUS             FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    40-24
WINROTH, ALBERT RICKARD LARSSON   SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    3B-130
WINSHIP, ROBERT HALLIDAY          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-169
WINSOR, WILLIAM THOMAS            NEWFOUNDLAND                                 US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-1
WINSTEIN, MAX                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    54-120
WINTER, CHRISTOPHER ST. CLAIR     ANTIGUA                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-179
WINTERS, CHARLES                  IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-108
WINTERS, GEORGE BRANDON           CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-137
WINTERSON, JOHN                   IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-222
WINTHER, OLAF HERMAN              NORWAY                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-53
WINZER, RUDOLF                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-187
WIREN, CARL OSCAR                 SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-165
WIRIN, BARNETT                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-244
WIRKA, MOTIUS O.                  LITHUANIA                                    US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-166
WIRSZULSKI, JOSEPH JOSEPH         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-78
WIRTH, JOHN                       GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-130
WISE, ISADOR                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-80
WISMAN, ABRAHAM IZEK              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-120
WISNIEWSKAS, KAZIMIR J.           TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-204
WISTA, OTTO JULIUS                FINLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-188
WISTUBA, FRANK                    GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    41-82
WISZNIASKAS, KAZIMIERAS           TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    63-204
WITHYCOMBE, KEITH DALSTON         CANADA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-189
WITKIN, JACOB                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-198
WITKIN, SAMUEL                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-98
WITKOFSKY, MYER                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-149
WITKOWSKI, NATHAN                 GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-114
WITOL, FRED                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-182
WITTEN, LAZARUS                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    43-135
WITTENBERG, HARRY                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    32-167
WITTENS, HENRY                    BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-10
WLODKOSKI, STEPHEN JOSEPH         RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-103
WOHLANDER, DAVID TIMOTIUS         SWEDEN                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    29-4
WOHRGREN, WAINO                   TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-179
WOJCIK, BOLESLAW                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-232
WOJCIK, PAUL                      POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-242
WOLBARST, MAX                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-226
WOLERSTEIN, JACOB ARON            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-1
WOLF, ABRAHAM                     POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-25
WOLF, HERMAN                      RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    45-117
WOLF, ISAAC                       TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-220
WOLF, JACOB                       HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-38
WOLF, JACOB                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    57-1
WOLFE, FREDERICK A.               TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-98
WOLFE, RAPHAEL                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-137
WOLFE, WALTER GEORGE              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-115
WOLFER, PAUL CARL                 GERMANY                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-132
WOLFF, ISAAC                      POLAND                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    13-45
WOLFF, MAX                        RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-147
WOLFSDORF, JOSEPH                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-215
WOLFSON, BENJAMIN                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    35-149
WOLFSON, HYMAN                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    2-134
WOLFSON, MORRIS HENRY             RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-88
WOLK, DAVID S.                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-223
WOLK, JACOB                       RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-70
WOLLMAN, HARRY                    RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-153
WOLODSKY, MORRIS HARRY            RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    21-128
WOLOZIN, MENDEL                   RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-33
WOLPER, HARRY                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    53-239
WOLPER, MORRIS MEYER              RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    10-56
WOLSKI, ADAM                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    66-84
WOOD, CHARLES ROBSON              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    38-2
WOOD, DAVID                       SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-121
WOOD, ERNEST ALBERT               NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    42-248
WOOD, GEORGE ALEXANDER GRANT      SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    30-42
WOOD, GEORGE WALLACE              PRINCE EDWARD ISLE                           US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    50-170
WOOD, JOHN GILBERT                NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-216
WOODAMAN, WALTER SUTHERLAND       NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-25
WOODHOUSE, WILLIAM JAMES          ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    34-250
WOODS, EDWARD                     IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-60
WOODS, JOHN                       TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-175
WOODS, JOHN PHILIP                NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-122
WOODS, MICHAEL                    IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    44-59
WOODS, THOMAS F.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-23
WOODS, WILLIAM EDWARD             IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-249
WOODWARD, ALISTER WINFORD         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    15-96
WOODWORTH, CHARLES ALBION         NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-55
WOODWORTH, ELVIN MOSES            NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    22-216
WOOLFSON, ISRAEL                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    36-164
WOOLFSON, MAX                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-41
WOOLSON, JAMES MACK               ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-208
WORMS, ISAAC                      HOLLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    39-31
WORMS, ISREAL                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    47-156
WORONOFF, PHILIP                  RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    6-216
WORTH, CHARLES ALFRED             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-225
WORTINGTON, THOMAS                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-184
WORTMAN, SAMUEL MARTIN            NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-176
WOSKOBOINIK, CARL                 RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    26-1
WOUTERS, FERDENAND CONSTANT       BELGIUM                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-101
WRATHALL, LEWIS EDWARD DRACUP     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    52-34
WRAY, FRANCIS ARTHUR STEWART      SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    60-171
WRIGHT, ADOLPHUS STANFORD         ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    24-117
WRIGHT, ALEXANDER                 SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    17-9
WRIGHT, GEORGE ALBERT             NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    56-48
WRIGHT, GEORGE BARTRAUX           NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    18-66
WRIGHT, HENRY SUGDEN              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    46-57
WRIGHT, JAMES MCALLISTER          NEW BRUNSWICK                                US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    1-29
WRIGHT, JAMES WILLIAM HARRIS      NOVA SCOTIA                                  US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-173
WRIGHT, JOHN BATCHELOR            ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    9-91
WRIGHT, JOHN WILLIAM              ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    23-197
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                    ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    25-112
WRIGHT, LEWIS                     ENGLAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    20-45
WRIGHT, PETER JONES               ONTARIO                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    28-90
WRIGHT, WALLACE                   SCOTLAND                                     US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    58-149
WRIGHT, WATER C.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-100
WRIGHTSON, JOSEPH                 TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    62-241
WRIGLEY, FRANK                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    61-230
WURF, SIGMUND                     TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-42
WYKE, MARTIN                      TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-7
WYLIE, WILLIAM                    TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    64-106
WYNER, EDWARD                     RUSSIA                                       US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    51-30
WYNNE, JOHN JOSEPH                IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    16-52
WYSE, MICHAEL JOSEPH              IRELAND                                      US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    49-239
WYSE, THOMAS M. R.                TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-74
WYSE, TIMOTHY J.                  TBL                                          US-MA-BOSTON-PETS    65-40

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