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SABIN, STEPHEN               ONTARIO                       NY-59-3-289
SALISBURY, AMBROSE           PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-243
SAMPSON, THOMAS              GALEN                         NY-59-L1-440
SAMSON, JAMES                PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-253
SANDERS, MARY J.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-6-169
SANFORD, ABEL                MARION                        NY-59-C-311
SANFORD, ELIZABETH           MARION                        NY-59-G-363
SANFORD, EMELINE P.          MARION                        NY-59-3-225
SANFORD, GEORGE W.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-76
SANFORD, HIRAM               MARION                        NY-59-4-505
SANFORD, JAMES R.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-107
SANFORD, LEMAN               MARION                        NY-59-S-81
SANFORD, LUTHER              PALMYRA                       NY-59-D-172
SANFORD, ORPHA               LYONS                         NY-59-9-393
SANFORD, PAUL                ONTARIO                       NY-59-G-171
SANFORD, PELEG               MARION                        NY-59-4-445
SANFORD, RESCOM              MARION                        NY-59-10-465
SANFORD, SAMUEL              PALMYRA                       NY-59-F-377
SANFORD, STEPHEN             MARION                        NY-59-L2-10
SANFORD, WAIT                MARION                        NY-59-F-291
SANSBURY, MARGARET T.        PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-41
SAUER, ANNA                  ONTARIO                       NY-59-P-282
SAULSBURY, CORNELIUS ***     LYONS                         NY-59-N-395
SAUMBY, THOMAS S.            WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-489
SAUNDES, ORLANDO             PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-329
SAYLES, ATKINSON             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-4-273
SAYLES, CHARLES J.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-309
SAYLES, EVA                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-109
SCHAAP, JOHN                 SODUS                         NY-59-S-235
SCHAAP, VINCEN               SODUS                         NY-59-R-317
SCHAUB, GEORGE               ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-61
SCHAUB, JACOB                LYONS                         NY-59-4-397
SCHEETZ, ELIZABETH           LYONS                         NY-59-4-9
SCHINDLER, URSULA            ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-461
SCHMIDT, PHILIP              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-381
SCHMITT, HENRY               LYONS                         NY-59-M-205
SCHNEIDER, BARBARA           LYONS                         NY-59-U-565
SCHUYLER, JOHN F.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-H-375
SCHWAB, MICHAEL              ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-295
SCHWAB, SALOMA               ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-265
SCOFIELD, STEPHEN            MARION                        NY-59-A-155
SCOTT, ABRAM C.              BUTLER                        NY-59-3-197
SCOTT, CHARLOTTE A.          GALEN                         NY-59-S-285
SCOTT, EZEKIEL               BUTLER                        NY-59-D-438
SCOTT, FELINA                BUTLER                        NY-59-M-477
SCOTT, IRA                   BUTLER                        NY-59-F-101
SCOTT, MARIA                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-437
SCOTT, MARY                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-151
SCOTT, MARY ANN              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-81
SCOTT, ROBERT                SODUS                         NY-59-6-217
SCOTT, SAMUEL                LYONS                         NY-59-I-22
SCOTT, WILLIAM               ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-126
SCRIBNER, CONKLIN            ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-253
SCUTT, CALEB                 MARION                        NY-59-6-517
SCUTT, STEPHEN               MARION                        NY-59-I-126
SEAMAN, BENJAMIN B.          SODUS                         NY-59-10-237
SEAMAN, HANNAH               SODUS                         NY-59-2-129
SEAMAN, JOHN                 MACEDON                       NY-59-4-149
SEARS, ELIZA H.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-209
SEARS, JOHN                  WOLCOTT                       NY-59-H-133
SEARS, LURANA                ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-517
SEARS, REUBEN                ROSE                          NY-59-E-187
SEBRING, JACOB               LYONS                         NY-59-K-294
SEDGWICK, ALLEN G.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-S-37
SEDGWICK, EDWIN C.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-517
SEE, ABRAM                   MARION                        NY-59-S-421
SEE, JOHN                    ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-297
SEEBER, ELVIRA               HURON                         NY-59-11-77
SEEBER, SMITH                HURON                         NY-59-K-459
SEELEY, DELOS                ROSE                          NY-59-M-350
SEELEY, DEROSTUS             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-521
SEELEY, ELIZA M.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-173
SEELEY, JOSEPH               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-19
SEELEY, JOSEPH               ROSE                          NY-59-G-63
SEELEY, MUNSON               PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-294
SEELEY, SAMUEL               ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-303
SEELY, ALBERT                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-4-133
SEELY, CHARLES               ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-452
SEELY, ELIZA M.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-185
SEELYE, BENJAMIN             ROSE                          NY-59-G-81
SEELYE, ERASTUS              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-S-441
SEELYE, FRANCIS E.           ROSE                          NY-59-11-497
SEELYE, JESSE                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-7-17
SEES, ELIZABETH E.           LYONS                         NY-59-2-557
SEES, JACOB                  LYONS                         NY-59-6-305
SEIDER, JOHN                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-221
SELBY, GEORGE                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-377
SELBY, SARAH A.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-549
SENTELL, SARAH ELLEN         SODUS                         NY-59-C-428
SEYMOUR, ORSON               SODUS                         NY-59-7-309
SEYMOUR, URIAH               SODUS                         NY-59-S-309
SHANNON, GEORGE M.           ROSE                          NY-59-L2-300
SHATTUCK, MERRICK            LYONS                         NY-59-F-178
SHATTUCK, SPENCER            LYONS                         NY-59-I-74
SHAVER, GEORGE               ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-273
SHAVER, HANNAH               SODUS                         NY-59-8-253
SHAVER, HENRY J.             SEE: SHAVER, JANE             NY-59-#1-61
SHAVER, JANE                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-61
SHAVER, S. ANNIE             LYONS                         NY-59-7-29
SHAW, ANTHONY                PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-489
SHAW, EBENEZER               LYONS                         NY-59-D-390
SHAW, ELLERY                 MARION                        NY-59-9-437
SHAW, HENRY W.               ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-568
SHEARMAN, EBENEZER           NTL                           NY-59-A-212
SHEFFIELD, JAMES             ROSE                          NY-59-I-143
SHEFFIELD, TABITHA           MACEDON                       NY-59-M-622
SHEIBLY, JACOB               LYONS                         NY-59-D-92
SHELDON, JONATHAN            ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-573
SHELDON, NORMAN              HURON                         NY-59-I-534
SHELDON, RALPH               WALCOTT                       NY-59-M-590
SHELDON, ROGER               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-A-36
SHELLEY, MARY A.             LYONS                         NY-59-T-409
SHEPHARD, SILAS              GALEN                         NY-59-B-191
SHEPHERD, JOHN J.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-188
SHEPHERD, SILAS              GALEN                         NY-59-B-181
SHEPPERD, HENRY              LYONS                         NY-59-S-249
SHERBURN, WILLIAM            ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-489
SHERBURN, WILLIAM            ONTARIO                       NY-59-I-1
SHERMAN, ALEXANDER           PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-12
SHERMAN, AMY                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-2
SHERMAN, ANDREW              ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-17
SHERMAN, ANGELINE            ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-421
SHERMAN, BENJAMIN            LYONS                         NY-59-4-153
SHERMAN, BYRAM G.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-F-299
SHERMAN, CHARLES B.          ROSE                          NY-59-U-346
SHERMAN, DAVID               MARION                        NY-59-K-386
SHERMAN, FANNY               ONTARIO                       NY-59-K-170
SHERMAN, GIDEON              PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-60
SHERMAN, HENRY V.            ROSE                          NY-59-K-631
SHERMAN, JANE A.             HURON                         NY-59-6-105
SHERMAN, JEFFERSON           MARION                        NY-59-6-413
SHERMAN, JOHN                HURON                         NY-59-H-145A
SHERMAN, LEVI                ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-469
SHERMAN, LUCIUS              BUTLER                        NY-59-11-221
SHERMAN, MARIETTA            ARCADIA                       NY-59-Q-1
SHERMAN, MARY A.             LYONS                         NY-59-#1-149
SHERMAN, SAMUEL              PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-181
SHERMAN, SARAH               PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-466
SHERMAN, STEPHEN             PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-48
SHERMAN, STEPHEN             PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-198
SHERMAN, STEPHEN D.          LYONS                         NY-59-6-141
SHERMAN, WILSON O.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-179
SHERMAN,SUSANNAH H.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-103
SHERWOOD, ALVAH              MARION                        NY-59-L1-3
SHERWOOD, SADELIA            PALMYRA                       NY-59-D-74
SHILLING, ELIZABETH E.       PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-177
SHIPLEY, HANNAH              LYONS                         NY-59-6-553
SHIPLEY, JAMES               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-53
SHIPP, ALMON                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-301
SHIRLEY, MARIA               ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-237
SHIRTLIFF, SUSAN             PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-309
SHOTWELL, BENJAMIN           GALEN                         NY-59-D-414
SHOTWELL, THOMAS             GALEN                         NY-59-H-149
SHOTWELL, ZACHARIAH          MACEDON                       NY-59-H-230
SHRENS, ELIZA E.             LYONS                         NY-59-9-193
SHUFELT, JANE E.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-301
SHULT, LUTHER                WALWORTH                      NY-59-7-529
SIEGRIST, CHARLES W.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-41
SILL, WILLIAM E.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-413
SIMMONS, ADALINE             GALEN                         NY-59-2-437
SIMMONS, ANDREW J.           WALWORTH                      NY-59-K-7
SIMMONS, HIRAM               MACEDON                       NY-59-I-318
SIMON, ANTON                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-229
SIMPSON, JANE A.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-O-196
SIPPERLY, WILLIAM V.         ROSE                          NY-59-#1-58
SISSON, CAROLINE C.          LYONS                         NY-59-4-565
SISSON, GEORG EE.            LYONS                         NY-59-U-189
SISSON, LOUISA               LYONS                         NY-59-S-405
SISSON, WILLIAM              LYONS                         NY-59-K-130
SKELLINGER, SAMUEL JENING    MARION                        NY-59-D-112
SKINNER, ALFRED W.           MARION                        NY-59-U-233
SKINNER, CORNELIUS           WALWORTH                      NY-59-#1-257
SKINNER, ELIZA               WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-107
SKINNER, GIDEON              MARION                        NY-59-K-581
SKINNER, JULIA A.            MARION                        NY-59-11-145
SKINNER, PHEBE J.            MARION                        NY-59-3-529
SKINNER, WILLIAM             ONTARIO                       NY-59-L2-105
SKUSA, LYDIA                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-Q-25
SLAGHT, JAMES                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-L1-6
SLATER, AMOS                 SODUS                         NY-59-G-231
SLEIGHT, JOHN B.             GALEN                         NY-59-Q-134
SLEIGHT, PETER               GALEN                         NY-59-I-241
SLOAN, LIFE                  GALEN                         NY-59-P-71
SLOAN, LUCY                  SEE: SLOAN, LEFI              NY-59-P-71
SLOAN, PROSPER S.            GALEN                         NY-59-4-13
SLOAN, WILLIAM O.            GALEN                         NY-59-G-261
SLOCUM, JAMES W.             LYONS                         NY-59-M-87
SMITH, ALEXANDER             PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-313
SMITH, AMANDA M.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-273
SMITH, ANN                   GALEN                         NY-59-7-21
SMITH, ANNANIAS              GALEN                         NY-59-N-1
SMITH, ASA                   MACEDON                       NY-59-H-280
SMITH, BARZILLA              PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-299
SMITH, BARZILLAI             PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-509
SMITH, BRIDGET               MARION                        NY-59-2-473
SMITH, CHAUNCEY              BUTLER                        NY-59-F-392
SMITH, CONWAY                SCHODACK                      NY-59-C-276
SMITH, DEBORAH               GALEN                         NY-59-E-264
SMITH, DWIGHT                MARION                        NY-59-11-493
SMITH, EBENEZER              ACADIA                        NY-59-C-334
SMITH, ELIZABETH G.          MARION                        NY-59-9-141
SMITH, ELSINA M.             SODUS                         NY-59-11-157
SMITH, EZRA                  WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-225
SMITH, GABRIEL               SODUS                         NY-59-B-354
SMITH, GIDEON C.             MARION                        NY-59-11-245
SMITH, GURDON T.             MACEDON                       NY-59-9-385
SMITH, HARRIET               MARION                        NY-59-6-521
SMITH, HARRIET B.            SODUS                         NY-59-2-117
SMITH, HARRY                 SODUS                         NY-59-R-269
SMITH, JAMES G.              MARION                        NY-59-I-538
SMITH, JEREMIAH              ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-61
SMITH, JESSE                 LYONS                         NY-59-I-416
SMITH, JOHN                  MARION                        NY-59-B-284
SMITH, JOHN                  LYONS                         NY-59-I-321
SMITH, JOHN                  MARION                        NY-59-R-449
SMITH, JULIA                 SODUS                         NY-59-L2-274
SMITH, LEVI D.               SODUS                         NY-59-R-341
SMITH, LOIS                  LYONS                         NY-59-N-16
SMITH, LUCENA                PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-101
SMITH, LUCY A.               SODUS                         NY-59-M-221
SMITH, LYCERGUS D.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-113
SMITH, LYDIA C.              MACEDON                       NY-59-2-277
SMITH, MARY C.               GALEN                         NY-59-K-500
SMITH, MARY E.               ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-369
SMITH, MARY W.               PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-393
SMITH, MATILDAS O.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-205
SMITH, MOSES B.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-110
SMITH, MOSES H.              GALEN                         NY-59-H-303
SMITH, NEWELL                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-9-381
SMITH, P. V. N.              GALEN                         NY-59-O-94
SMITH, ROBERT A.             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-4
SMITH, ROBERT W.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-D-305
SMITH, RUFUS                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-5
SMITH, RUSSELL               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-P-323
SMITH, SALLY                 MARION                        NY-59-2-461
SMITH, TAMAR                 GALEN                         NY-59-E-146
SMITH, THOMAS                ONTARIO                       NY-59-H-258
SMITH, THOMAS                GALEN                         NY-59-3-33
SMITH, THOMAS                ROSE                          NY-59-R-345
SMITH, TUNIUS J.             GALEN                         NY-59-F-49
SMITH, VIOLETTA L.           MACEDON                       NY-59-11-305
SMITH, WILLIAM J.            MARION                        NY-59-R-405
SMITH, WINFIELD S.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-481
SMITH,MARY S.                MACEDON                       NY-59-8-577
SNHDER, CHRISTOPHER C.       SODUS                         NY-59-11-453
SNOW, ALONZO N.              ROSE                          NY-59-T-469
SNOW, MARY S.                ROSE                          NY-59-11-209
SNYDER, AMOS                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-O-179
SNYDER, GEORGE W.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-#1-157
SNYDER, GEORGE W.            MARION                        NY-59-7-53
SNYDER, JACOB                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-B-402
SNYDER, JOHN                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-A-115
SNYDER, LYDIA                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-F-395
SNYDER, MARGARETT ANN        SAVANNAH                      NY-59-P-428
SNYDER, MARTIN               HURON                         NY-59-3-177
SNYDER, NOAH                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-B-179
SNYDER, PETER                PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-361
SNYDER, PETER                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-O-128
SNYDER, PETER                MARION                        NY-59-O-232
SNYDER, PHILLIP              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-M-409
SNYDER, REBECCA              LYONS                         NY-59-9-557
SNYDER, SARAH JANE           SAVANNAH                      NY-59-2-81
SNYDER, STEPHEN              LYONS                         NY-59-E-41
SNYDER, THOMAS               WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-177
SNYDER, ZERVIAH              LYONS                         NY-59-4-157
SONES, HANNAH                ROSE                          NY-59-L1-431
SOPER, BETSEY                ROSE                          NY-59-3-437
SOPER, JEREMIAH              MACEDON                       NY-59-H-157
SOPER, SILVESTER             MARION                        NY-59-S-377
SORA, MARY A.                ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-201
SOULE, ELLA S.               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-11-106
SOULE, HENRY M.              WALWORTH                      NY-59-6-133
SOULE, SODEMA                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-T-321
SOURS, HENRY                 HURON                         NY-59-10-565
SOURS, PHILIP                HURON                         NY-59-P-43
SOUTHWICK, SIMON             BUTLER                        NY-59-O-344
SOVERHILL, HIRAM             ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-35
SOVERHILL, JAMES             ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-108
SOVERHILL, JOEL              ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-73
SOVERHILL, MARIA             ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-153
SOVERHILL, SAMUEL            ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-553
SOVERHILL, SAMUEL            ARCADIA                       NY-59-E-95
SOVERHILL, SARAH             ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-32
SPARKS, HESTER M.            LYONS                         NY-59-10-65
SPARKS, JEFFERSON            LYONS                         NY-59-T-317
SPARKS, MERRITT S.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-189
SPAULDING, GEORGE R. G.      GALEN                         NY-59-11-201
SPEAR, STEPHEN               MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-397
SPEAR, WILLIAM               PHELPS                        NY-59-A-55
SPED, DAVID                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-336
SPEED, SARAH                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-157
SPENCER, ALFRED              MARION                        NY-59-N-574
SPENCER, AMBROSE             LYONS                         NY-59-D-342
SPENCER, GEORGE W.           WALWORTH                      NY-59-H-380
SPENCER, HIRAM E.            MARION                        NY-59-G-357
SPENCER, JONATHAN            WALWORTH                      NY-59-4-137
SPENCER, LYDIA C.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-217
SPENCER, WEALTHY             CLYDE                         NY-59-10-73
SPIER, E. BRISTOL            PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-145
SPOOR, ABIJAH                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-11-193
SPRAGUE, JOHN A.             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-345
SPRAGUE, LATHROPE S.         WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-9-53
SPRAGUE, STEPHEN             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-H-127
SPRAGUE, VIOLETTA            BUTLER                        NY-59-7-1
SPRINGER, SAMUEL             MARION                        NY-59-O-339
SQUIRES, EDWIN               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-B-185
STAATS, JOHN                 KINDERHOOK, COLUMBIA, NY      NY-59-C-112
STACY, ANN                   ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-85
STANLEY, MELLA               HURTON                        NY-59-#1-213
STANSELL, WILLIAM            ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-209
STANTON, DANIEL              BUTLER                        NY-59-L2-91
STANTON, THOMAS F.           LYONS                         NY-59-9-273
STARK, JOHN C.               ONTARIO                       NY-59-7-509
STARR, JANE                  LYONS                         NY-59-I-445
STEARNS, MADISON             SODUS                         NY-59-M-7
STEBBINS, WILLIAM H. H.      ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-281
STEELE, HALSEY L.            SODUS                         NY-59-P-329
STELL, AMELIA                ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-473
STELL, MARTIN                ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-261
STELL, PHILIP                LYONS                         NY-59-10-389
STEUER, JAMES M.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-69
STEVENS, HARRIET             ROSE                          NY-59-6-421
STEVENS, HARRIET             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-D-268
STEVENS, HENRY H.            GALEN                         NY-59-L1-38
STEVENS, JUDD                GALEN                         NY-59-#1-373
STEVENS, MARTHA C.           WALWORTH                      NY-59-6-117
STEVENS, NATHAN              MARION                        NY-59-D-250
STEVENS, SIDNEY A.           GALEN                         NY-59-11-205
STEVENSON, ESTHER M.         SODUS                         NY-59-8-313
STEVER, JEREMIAH             SODUS                         NY-59-T-393
STEWART, EDWARD              ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-472
STEWART, EDWARD S.           LYONS                         NY-59-A-6
STEWART, EZRA P.             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-9-81
STEWART, JOHN                ROSE                          NY-59-B-377
STEWART, MARY E.             GALEN                         NY-59-S-273
STEWART, MATHEW A.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-371
STICKNEY, BENJAMIN M.        SODUS                         NY-59-3-185
STILES, EDWARD W.            GALEN                         NY-59-M-375
STILES, SARAH                BUTLER                        NY-59-S-257
STILES, WILLIAM P.           BUTLER                        NY-59-9-185
STILL, EBENEZER              WALWORTH                      NY-59-D-327
STILL, SUSANNA               MACEDON                       NY-59-E-255
STJOHN, VIENNA               NTL                           NY-59-11-401
STODDAD, DAVID               GALEN                         NY-59-I-91
STODDARD, BATHSHEBA          ARCADIA                       NY-59-G-1
STODDARD, M. HANNAH          PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-462
STODDARD, SILAS              MACEDON                       NY-59-E-189
STONE, EBENEZER O.           GALEN                         NY-59-8-265
STONE, EMANEWELL             SODUS                         NY-59-N-211
STONE, WILLIAM               ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-324
STONE, WILLIAM (REV.)        SODUS                         NY-59-B-417
STOPFEL, PHILIP              ROSE                          NY-59-7-117
STORMS, GEORG W.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-368
STOUT, JOHN                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-540
STOUT, MARIS                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-643
STOUT, PHILEMON              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-473
STOUT, PHILIP                HURON                         NY-59-I-562
STOUTENBURG, CHARLOTTE       PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-448
STOUTENBURG, GEORGE          PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-81
STOW, MARIA A.               GALEN                         NY-59-P-308
STRAIGHT, NEHEMIAH           WALWORTH                      NY-59-C-9
STRANG, GEORGE C.            LYONS                         NY-59-11-533
STRATTON, HENRY E.           GALEN                         NY-59-8-161
STRATTON, JOHN               LYONS                         NY-59-4-249
STRATTON, JULIA              LYONS                         NY-59-9-57
STRATTON, LOUISA M.          MARION                        NY-59-9-562
STRAUGHAN, KITTY             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-440
STRAUSS, JACOB               GALEN                         NY-59-9-337
STRICKLAND, JOSEPH           WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-135
STRICKLAND, M. LODEMA        WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-25
STRICKLAND, SAMUEL           WALWORTH                      NY-59-S-277
STRONG, ISAAC                BUTLER                        NY-59-R-133
STROVER, JAMES H.            LYONS                         NY-59-O-390
STUDER, GEORGE               LYONS                         NY-59-T-305
STULTS, SARAH E.             GRANBY, CT                    NY-59-10-497
STUMM, LEWIS                 GALEN                         NY-59-N-464
STUMM, MARY                  GALEN                         NY-59-U-53
SUMMERS, EDWARD              SODUS                         NY-59-O-106
SUMNER, JACOB                WALCOTT                       NY-59-F-295
SUTHERLAND, LAURA            ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-241
SUTTON, EMMA J.              LYONS                         NY-59-U-313
SUTTON, WILLIAM R.           LYONS                         NY-59-S-329
SWAILS, ELIZABETH            SODUS                         NY-59-S-109
SWAILS, WILLIAM              SODUS                         NY-59-G-384
SWALES, EMMA                 SODUS                         NY-59-9-201
SWAN, EDWARD                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-D-331
SWART, ALEXANDER             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-F-256
SWEAZY, STEPHEN              PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-380
SWEENEY, JOHN H.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-L2-125
SWEET, OSCAR E.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-U-129
SWEETING, VOLNEY H.          LYONS                         NY-59-8-67
SWEEZEY, ISAAC               PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-52
SWIFT, NATHAN R.             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-3-466
SYLVESTER, E. WARE           LYONS                         NY-59-Q-32
SYRON, M. BARTON             GALEN                         NY-59-10-449
TABER, AGUSTUS               MARION                        NY-59-H-193
TABER, ISAAC F.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-155
TABER, SILAS                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-362
TABER, STEPHEN               PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-1
TABOR, MARY                  MACEDON                       NY-59-H-525
TABOR, PAMELA                PALMYRA                       NY-59-D-207
TACK, FRANCIS                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-315
TAFT, NEWELL                 LYONS                         NY-59-O-45
TALLMAN, JEDUTHAN            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-10-413
TALMADGE, JOHN S.            LYONS                         NY-59-A-80
TANNER, FRANCES N.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-145
TAPPENDEN, ELIZABETH         PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-557
TAPPENDEN, WILLIAM           PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-51
TASKETT, HARVEY              PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-281
TASSELL, LEWIS               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-Q-55
TATOR, MARY C.               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-11-197
TAUGHE, JOHN                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-7-457
TAYLOR, ELIJAH               LYONS                         NY-59-S-213
TAYLOR, ELISHA               BUTLER                        NY-59-L1-214
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH            ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-117
TAYLOR, HENRY                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-6-125
TAYLOR, HORACE W.            ARACDIA                       NY-59-M-256
TAYLOR, JACOB                CANADEA                       NY-59-#1-233
TAYLOR, JULIET               GALEN                         NY-59-R-229
TAYLOR, LOUISA R.            SODUS                         NY-59-L1-14
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-190
TAYLOR, ZADOCK R.            ROSE                          NY-59-S-161
TEAL, LAWRENCE C.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-205
TEATS, EMMET                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-201
TELLER, ARTHUR D.            LYONS                         NY-59-8-393
TELLER, MARY P.              LYONS                         NY-59-7-249
TELLER, SARAH A.             LYONS                         NY-59-N-509
TELLER, WILLIAM H.           LYONS                         NY-59-M-272
TERBUSH, WILLIAM             HURON                         NY-59-3-134
TERRY, ALFRED F.             GALEN                         NY-59-8-131
TERRY, JOSHUA                PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-136
TETOR, EPHRAIM               SODUS                         NY-59-Q-63
THACKER, WILLIAM H.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-9-409
THATCHER, CHARLES            WALWORTH                      NY-59-F-74
THATCHER, CHARLES            MARION                        NY-59-I-50
THATCHER, THOMAS F.          ONTARIO                       NY-59-F-116
THAYER, ALDRICH              ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-395
THAYER, ELIAB                WALWORTH                      NY-59-D-490
THAYER, JAMES B.             NEWARK                        NY-59-B-336
THAYER, MARY S.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-11-61
THAYER, PRUDENCE E.          PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-401
THIRKELL, WILLIAM G.         SODUS                         NY-59-11-521
THOMAS, CORNELIA H.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-285
THOMAS, ELIZABETH            LYONS                         NY-59-2-337
THOMAS, HOSEN                MARION                        NY-59-P-188
THOMAS, JOHN                 GALEN                         NY-59-H-307
THOMAS, RACHAEL M.           SODUS                         NY-59-4-197
THOMAS, RODMAN               ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-47
THOMAS, WILLIAM              LYONS                         NY-59-L1-1
THOMAS, WILLIAM H.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-309
THOMPSON, ADONIJAH J.        PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-257
THOMPSON, BENJAMIN           ONTARIO                       NY-59-D-161
THOMPSON, CHRISTIAN          GALEN                         NY-59-H-121
THOMPSON, HATTIE H.          NEWARK                        NY-59-#1-285
THOMPSON, MARVIN P.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-510
THOMPSON, SAMUEL             BUTLER                        NY-59-F-221
THOMPSON, SAMUEL R.          WALWORTH                      NY-59-H-101
THOMSON, MARIA Q.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-N-548
THORN, WEBSTER               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-N-530
THORNE, ABBIE                ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-369
THORNE, LUCINDA              ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-33
THORNTON, CLARISSA           PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-17
THORNTON, ELISHA             SODUS                         NY-59-G-117
THORNTON, MERRITT            SODUS                         NY-59-P-486
THORP, JOSEPH SR.            HURON                         NY-59-6-138
THROOP, BENJAMIN             PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-85
THROOP, JOHN S.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-400
THROOP, MARY L.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-2-105
THROOP, WASHINGTON S.        WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-341
THURBER, THOMAS              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-3-73
THURSOTN, ISAAC              MACEDON                       NY-59-C-197
TIBBETTS, ALFRED             PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-41
TIBBETTS, ELIZABETH          PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-33
TIBBITS, CALEB               LYONS                         NY-59-A-166
TIBBITS, TUNICE D.           ROSE                          NY-59-10-225
TIBBITTS, CALEB P.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-362
TICKNOR, LUANA               GALEN                         NY-59-L1-97
TIFFANY, CATHERINE           MARION                        NY-59-N-196
TIFFANY, EDWIN               WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-60
TIFFANY, GADNER              WALWORTH                      NY-59-H-51
TIFFANY, MARY ANN            WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-191
TILLON, HENRY                MACEDON                       NY-59-3-489
TILLOTTSON, RANDOLPH         ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-128
TILLOW, ELIZABETH B.         MACEDON                       NY-59-3-309
TIMMERMAN, JACOB             PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-397
TINDALE, JOHN SMITH          NTL                           NY-59-C-191
TINDALL, ALONZO H.           SODUS                         NY-59-M-264
TINDALL, CHARLES             GALEN                         NY-59-G-57
TINDALL, CHARLES H.          ROSE                          NY-59-T-273
TINDALL, DANIEL              LYONS                         NY-59-M-1
TINDALL, FRANK               GALEN                         NY-59-K-18
TINDALL, GEORGE W.           GALEN                         NY-59-4-277
TINKLEPAUGH, WILLIAM H.      SODUS                         NY-59-9-245
TINNEY, GEORGE M.            SODUS                         NY-59-10-149
TINSLEY, EMMA G.             LYONS                         NY-59-S-373
TIPLING, THOMAS              GALEN                         NY-59-O-252
TITUS, WILLIAM               BUTLER                        NY-59-8-63
TOBEY, HENRY R.              MARION                        NY-59-8-445
TOBIN, ELLEN                 GALEN                         NY-59-6-401
TODD, ASAHEL                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-342
TODD, BETHEL                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-K-150
TOLES, EZRA V.               ROSE                          NY-59-2-45
TOMPKINS, CALVIN D.          GALEN                         NY-59-B-409
TOMPKINS, GILBERT H.         BUTLER                        NY-59-I-627
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL W.       BUTLER                        NY-59-T-277
TOMPKINSON, JOHN B.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-89
TOMPKINSON, JOSEPH           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-B-153
TOOKER, SARAH F.             GALEN                         NY-59-O-92
TOOLEY, JOHN                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-9
TOOLEY, JOHN                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-34
TOWN, JOHN M.                ROSE                          NY-59-S-353
TOWN, SILAS                  ROSE                          NY-59-S-393
TOWNSEND, DAVID              HURON                         NY-59-T-149
TOWNSEND, JOSIAH             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-I-257
TOWS, JOHN                   WOLCOTT                       NY-59-P-22
TRASK, AUGUSTUS              ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-527
TRAUTMAN, FREDERICK          ROSE                          NY-59-2-497
TRAVIS, JOBE                 GALEN                         NY-59-S-189
TRIMBLE, CHARLES             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-9-21
TRIPP, EPHRIAM R.            MARION                        NY-59-9-365
TRIPP, GILBERT               SODUS                         NY-59-4-185
TRIPP, JOHN T.               PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-36
TRIPP, PHEBE                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-329
TROBRIDGE, MARTHA A.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-473
TROBRIDGE, ORRIN             ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-77
TROWBRIDGE, ELIZA            ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-460
TROWBRIDGE, MINER            ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-482
TROWBRIDGE, NOBLE P.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-285
TROWBRIDGE, THEODORE B.L     SODUS                         NY-59-8-459
TRUAX, JAMES J.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-397
TRUAX, MARY JANE             PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-349
TRUMBLE, GEORGE W.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-43
TRUMBULL, CHARLES H.         MARION                        NY-59-N-313
TRUMBULL, CHARLES W.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-N-383
TRUMBULL, IDA C.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-289
TRUMBULL, MINDWELL           MARION (CON'T)                NY-59-10-49
TRUMBULL, MINDWELL           MARION                        NY-59-10-25
TRUMBULL, ROBERT             ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-165
TUCK, LETITIA                GALEN                         NY-59-Q-126
TUCKER, ALVAH W.             BUTLER                        NY-59-L2-369
TUCKER, BENJAMIN             BUTLER                        NY-59-B-57
TUCKER, DANIEL               ROSE                          NY-59-O-469
TUCKER, ELIZABETH L.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-331
TUCKER, SOPHIA               PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-385
TUCKER, WILLIAM S.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-85
TUMMONDS, GEORGE             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-445
TUMMONDS, JOHN               WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-417
TUNLEY, JOSEPH               SODUS                         NY-59-2-121
TUPP, AMASA C.               PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-75
TURK, JONATHAN               GALEN                         NY-59-K-479
TURNER, ADDISON              ONTARIO                       NY-59-N-153
TURNER, AMOS                 MARION                        NY-59-P-221
TURNER, ISAAC                WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-89
TURNER, JAMES                MARION                        NY-59-7-281
TURNER, WILLIAM              ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-413
TUTTLE, DANIEL               SODUS                         NY-59-P-340
TUTTLE, DAVID A.             GALEN                         NY-59-6-497
TUTTLE, LUCUS S.             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-S-153
TUTTLE, MARY N.              SODUS                         NY-59-11-313
TUTTLE, SALIE S.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-485
TUTTLE, W. B.                GALEN                         NY-59-M-633
TWADDELL, TRUMAN             SODUS                         NY-59-S-65
TWADELL, DANIEL              MARION                        NY-59-E-102
TWAMLEY, WILLIAM             LYONS                         NY-59-8-149
TWANLEY, GEORGE              LYONS                         NY-59-I-542
ULRICH, CATHERINE            ROSE                          NY-59-7-261
UNDERHILL, HENRY W.          MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-105
UNDERHILL, JULIA ANN         MACEDON                       NY-59-2-457
UNDERHILL, MARY A.           LYONS                         NY-59-L1-85
UNDERHILL, WILLIAM           BUTLER                        NY-59-I-80
UNDERWOOD, JOSEPH            MACEDON                       NY-59-N-325
UNDERWOOD, JOSEPH            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-192
UPSON, ALINDA                HURON                         NY-59-M-583
UPSON, JOSIAH                HURON                         NY-59-N-319
UPTON, SOLOMON               HURON                         NY-59-K-541
VADEMARK, AMELIA             GALEN                         NY-59-S-1
VAIL, ADELIA D.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-425
VALENTINE, HENRY             GALEN                         NY-59-A-209
VALENTINE, JACKSON           ROSE                          NY-59-9-77
VALENTINE, RICHARD S.        ROSE                          NY-59-H-59
VANALEN, ELBERTIA            PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-39
VANALLEN, LAVINIA C.         LYONS                         NY-59-8-579
VANANKEN, JAMES              ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-319
VANANTWERP, ELIZABETH        ROSE                          NY-59-K-522
VANANTWERP, JOHN             ROSE                          NY-59-K-518
VANANTWERP, SIMON J.         ROSE                          NY-59-K-72
VANAUKEN, EZRA               ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-7
VANAUKEN, HARRISON           ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-241
VANAUKEN, HENRY              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-S-113
VANAUKEN, JAMES              ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-361
VANAUKEN, NATHAN             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-K-514
VANBRONT, ELIZABETH          ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-607
VANBUREN, MINDUS             BUTLER                        NY-59-Q-39
VANDEBARG, PETER             LYONS                         NY-59-R-457
VANDEBURG, JAMES J.          GALEN                         NY-59-M-126
VANDEBURG, PETER             LYONS                         NY-59-R-469
VANDEBURGH, WILLIAM S.       ROSE                          NY-59-#1-9
VANDELYSTEEW, KINNIER        WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-79
VANDENHEMEL, LEWIS           ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-421
VANDERBILL, JACOB            ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-143
VANDERBILT, DENNIS           GALEN                         NY-59-A-71
VANDERBILT, GEORGE           ARCADIA                       NY-59-Q-129
VANDERBILT, ISAAC F.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-69
VANDERBILT, JULIA A.         LYONS                         NY-59-N-115
VANDERBILT, MICHAEL          LYONS                         NY-59-O-265
VANDERBILT, PETER            GALEN                         NY-59-7-137
VANDERCOOK, MICHAEL C.       ROSE                          NY-59-I-469
VANDERCOOK, SARAH            ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-233
VANDERHOOF, JANE H.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-140
VANDERVELDEN, JOHANNIS       MARION                        NY-59-2-9
VANDINE, JANE                ARCADIA                       NY-59-A-86
VANDUSEN, ELIZABETH          SODUS                         NY-59-#1-33
VANDUSEN, HARVEY             ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-381
VANDUSEN, MARY               MAEDON                        NY-59-2-85
VANDUSER, ELECTA A.          SODUS                         NY-59-11-349
VANDYCK  SODUS               NTL                           NY-59-O-450
VANENAWAGEN, CORNELIUS       PHELPS                        NY-59-A-122
VANENWYCK, HENDRICK          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-278
VANEPPS, JAMES               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-#1-357
VANETTEN, JACOB              SODUS                         NY-59-H-161
VANETTEN, JANE               LYONS                         NY-59-K-455
VANETTEN, JOHN               SODUS                         NY-59-O-69
VANETTEN, SARAH M.           SODUS                         NY-59-O-499
VANFLEET, GEORGE J.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-209
VANGORDEN, LAURA             ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-310
VANHEE, CORNELIUS L.         WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-29
VANHOUSEN, ELIZABETH         GALEN                         NY-59-3-89
VANHOUTEN, ISAAC             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-4-57
VANINWAGEN, CORNELIUS        WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-113
VANINWAGEN, ELIZA A.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-473
VANINWAGEN, LEVI             ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-173
VANINWAGEN, SARAH L.         LYONS                         NY-59-7-569
VANLARE, JACOB               MARION                        NY-59-4-441
VANLEUVEN, REBECCA A.        GALEN                         NY-59-O-425
VANMARTER, CLARISSA          LYONS                         NY-59-#1-493
VANMARTER, ELIZABETH J.      ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-213
VANMARTER, GILBERT           LYONS                         NY-59-K-31
VANMARTER, JOHN C.           SODUS                         NY-59-#1-449
VANNORTWICK, CHRISTINE       SAVANNAH                      NY-59-#1-29
VANOSTRAND, CHARLES          MARION                        NY-59-N-569
VANPAYNE, CHRISTINA          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-9-249
VANPUTTEN, WILLIAM           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-237
VANSLYCK, PETER T.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-217
VANSLYCK, SARAH              ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-233
VANTASSEL, AMY               MACEDON                       NY-59-T-461
VANTASSEL, BARNABAS          MACEDON                       NY-59-N-334
VANVLECK, LAWRENCE           BUTLER                        NY-59-9-473
VANWICKLE, MARGARET A.       LYONS                         NY-59-4-217
VANWICKLE, SIMON             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-6-205
VANWINKLE, JOHN              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-R-149
VANWOERT, JOHN               ROSE                          NY-59-D-79
VARNEY, JEDEDIAH             MARION                        NY-59-C-283
VAUGHT, MARHA C.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-101
VEILE, ALATHEOR              BUTLER                        NY-59-R-69
VELEY, JACOB                 HURON                         NY-59-U-337
VELEY, LOUIS                 ROSE                          NY-59-S-45
VERBRUGGE, ISAAC             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-347
VERSPRILL, FRANK             HURON                         NY-59-10-185
VICKERY, AMELIA              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-11-449
VICKERY, LORAINE             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-#1-481
VIELE, CHARLES J.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-9-293
VIELE, JACOB S.              BUTLER                        NY-59-A-282
VIELE, STEPHEN J.            BUTLER                        NY-59-A-141
VIELIE, DANIEL               BUTLER                        NY-59-N-63
VINCENT, JONATHAN            ROSE                          NY-59-F-106
VISSER, JACOB                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-372
VOELKEL, FREDERICK           LYONS                         NY-59-8-13
VOLENTINE, JOHN              ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-210
VOORHEIS, AMARILLA           LYONS                         NY-59-K-333
VOSBURG, HANNAH              WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-21
VOSBURGH, CHRISTINA          GALEN                         NY-59-11-569
VOSBURGH, ELIZABETH A.       ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-523
VOSBURGH, JOHN               GALEN                         NY-59-4-259
VOSBURGH, LAWRENCE           SODUS                         NY-59-C-210
VOSBURGH, RUTH E.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-R-265
VOSS, HENRY                  LYONS                         NY-59-U-385
VOUGHT, DAVID                HURON                         NY-59-6-261
VRENHUIZEN, ALBERT B.        WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-293
WABEKE, CORNELIUS            MARION                        NY-59-R-225
WACKMAN, JAMES               SODUS                         NY-59-O-229
WADDELL, JOHN                LYONS                         NY-59-F-324
WADE, JULIETTE C.            GALEN                         NY-59-H-425
WADE, RICHARD                ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-381
WADE, WILLIS G.              ROSE                          NY-59-G-141
WADEWORTH, WILLIAM           BUTLER                        NY-59-O-476
WADLEY, ELLEN                GALEN                         NY-59-N-48
WADSWORTH, JOHN M.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-8-443
WADSWORTH, JOHN O.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-D-275
WADSWORTH, SARAH M.          BUTLER                        NY-59-#1-405
WAGER, DAVID                 ROSE                          NY-59-P-457
WAIT, WINFIELD S.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-125
WAKE, ANTHONY                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L1-174
WAKE, JONATHAN               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-9-523
WAKE, WILLIAM                SODUS                         NY-59-P-326
WALDRON, HIRAM               HURON                         NY-59-4-121
WALDRUFF, JOHN               GALEN                         NY-59-D-335
WALDRUN, ISAAC               HURON                         NY-59-G-177
WALDURFF, JOHN               GALEN                         NY-59-D-298
WALKER, CATHERINE            SODUS                         NY-59-O-60
WALKER, HESTER P.            FERNANDINA, NASSAU, FL        NY-59-8-274
WALKER, PETER                LYONS                         NY-59-D-126
WALKER, THOMAS               BUTLER                        NY-59-S-21
WALLACE, JAMES               SODUS                         NY-59-R-289
WALLACE, MARY                LYONS                         NY-59-K-116
WALLHEIZER, PETER SR.        GALEN                         NY-59-S-437
WALLING, WILLIAM             SODUS                         NY-59-E-36
WALLING, WILLIAM             SODUS                         NY-59-E-185
WALRATH, ARCHBALD            LYONS                         NY-59-3-325
WALRATH, HANNAH              MACEDON                       NY-59-4-281
WALRATH, RACHEL              LYONS                         NY-59-7-369
WALSH, FRANCIS               SODUS                         NY-59-11-81
WALTER, MARTIN               LYONS                         NY-59-R-417
WALTER, PHILIP L.            LYONS                         NY-59-7-153
WALTERS, JAMES               LYONS                         NY-59-D-433
WALTERS, SARAH               LYONS                         NY-59-I-547
WALTON, JAMES                PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-12
WALTON, JOHN                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-349
WALTON, SUSAN T.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-225
WALWORTH, NATHAN C.          MACEDON                       NY-59-11-377
WAMMSFELDER, DANIEL          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L1-55
WAMSLEY, EMANUEL             ROSE                          NY-59-6-565
WANNER, SAMUEL               ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-95
WARD, ARTEMAS                MACEDON                       NY-59-B-241
WARD, MARY                   WOLCOTT                       NY-59-H-55
WARD, MARY ANN               SODUS                         NY-59-I-385
WARES, JOHN                  GALEN                         NY-59-C-281
WARES, SILAS H.              SODUS                         NY-59-10-517
WARFIELD, BYRON F.           LYONS                         NY-59-3-205
WARNER, DAVID                MACEDON                       NY-59-B-422
WARNER, DAVID C.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-A-322
WARNER, DAVID C.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-A-289
WARNER, JOHN                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-Q-73
WARNER, NAHUM                MACEDON                       NY-59-S-261
WARNER, OREN                 MACEDON                       NY-59-K-81
WARNER, RUTH                 SODUS                         NY-59-O-116
WARNER, SALLY ANN            MACEDON                       NY-59-#1-85
WARREN, GARDNER              SODUS                         NY-59-G-267
WARREN, GARDNER D.           SODUS                         NY-59-7-145
WARREN, ISAAC                ROSE                          NY-59-T-345
WARREN, SAMUEL               SODUS                         NY-59-F-217
WASSON, ELISHA               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-C-102
WATERBURY, HIEL A.           CLYDE                         NY-59-9-157
WATERBURY, JOHN              GALEN                         NY-59-F-259
WATERMAN, POLLY              WALWORTH                      NY-59-R-37
WATERS, ALICE                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-125
WATERS, JOHN W.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-201
WATOSN, ABIGAIL              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-4-237
WATSON, DUDLEY               LYONS                         NY-59-D-471
WATSON, ELIZABETH            PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-45
WATSON, JOSEPH M.            BUTLER                        NY-59-10-69
WATSON, RUTH                 GALEN                         NY-59-R-241
WATSON, SAAH                 HURON                         NY-59-U-254
WATSON, STEPHEN Y.           GALEN                         NY-59-U-485
WAY, HURLEY                  ROSE                          NY-59-R-33
WEAVER, JACOB                ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-373
WEBB, LOOMIS                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-2-57
WEBSTER, JOHN                SODUS                         NY-59-4-5
WECKMAN, JOHN                ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-374
WEDEN, THEODORE              ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-333
WEED, LUTHER                 SAVANNAH                      NY-59-O-99
WEED, MAHALA                 GALEN                         NY-59-R-425
WEED, RHODA                  GALEN                         NY-59-3-29
WEED, SAMUEL                 GALEN                         NY-59-P-441
WEED, SARAH                  GALEN                         NY-59-F-121
WEEKS, ABSALOM               PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-125
WEEKS, CALEB                 LYONS                         NY-59-B-307
WEEKS, CALEB                 ROSE                          NY-59-11-85
WEEKS, MICHAEL               ROSE                          NY-59-11-149
WEEKS, NATHANIEL             ARCADIA                       NY-59-L2-140
WELBURN, ELIZABETH           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-T-293
WELCH, DAVID                 SODUS                         NY-59-N-28
WELCH, EDWARD                MACEDON                       NY-59-Q-90
WELCH, JAMES                 MACEDON                       NY-59-6-417
WELCH, MARY                  SODUS                         NY-59-U-305
WELCHER, HIRAM               ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-237
WELCHER, JESSE               GALEN                         NY-59-G-45
WELCHER, LOUISA              ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-41
WELKER, CHARLES              WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-121
WELLS, ANNANIAS              GALEN                         NY-59-E-20
WELLS, JOHN                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-441
WELLS, JOHN A.               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-L1-359
WELLS, NELSON                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-437
WELLS, WILIAM                WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-17
WENDOVER, PETER              BUTLER                        NY-59-E-50
WESCOTT, HEMAN               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-6-289
WESCOTT, JOHN F.             BUTLER                        NY-59-10-105
WEST, JAMES                  MARION                        NY-59-B-399
WEST, RICHARD                SODUS                         NY-59-H-213
WESTBROOK, DANIEL E.         SODUS                         NY-59-P-417
WESTBROOK, ELEANOR           SODUS                         NY-59-B-364
WESTFALL, CATHERINE          ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-583
WESTFALL, DANIEL B.          PHELPS                        NY-59-A-45
WESTFALL, HESTER             HURON                         NY-59-C-307
WESTFALL, JACOB              LYONS                         NY-59-2-365
WESTFALL, SAMUEL D.          LYONS                         NY-59-K-548
WESTON, SARAH                ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-297
WETMORE, SAMUEL              WALWORTH                      NY-59-C-187
WHALEN, CATHERINE            CLYDE                         NY-59-8-189
WHALEN, THOMAS               BUTLER                        NY-59-8-531
WHEELER, CATHARINE A.        PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-457
WHEELER, CORDELIA M.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-49
WHEELER, CYRUS               MARION                        NY-59-F-136
WHEELER, ELI                 BUTLER                        NY-59-D-262
WHEELER, GEORGE W.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-161
WHEELER, MARGARET M.         BUTLER                        NY-59-K-557
WHEELER, SAMUEL M.           MARION                        NY-59-K-361
WHEELER, WILLIAM             SODUS                         NY-59-I-400
WHIPPLE, DANIEL              HURON                         NY-59-E-32
WHITBECK, ANDRIES            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-3-301
WHITBECK, JOHN H.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-525
WHITBECK, LEONARD J.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-153
WHITBEEK, MARY E.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-R-261
WHITBOURNE, CATHERINE W.     WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-121
WHITE, ALMIRA                GALEN                         NY-59-S-281
WHITE, AMOS                  WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-83
WHITE, ASA K.                PALMYRA                       NY-59-N-328
WHITE, CHARLES               MARION                        NY-59-M-573
WHITE, CHARLES A.            GALEN                         NY-59-7-345
WHITE, EDWIN F.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-409
WHITE, FREDERICK             SODUS                         NY-59-7-209
WHITE, JANE E.               MARION                        NY-59-N-294
WHITE, JENNIE H.             ROSE                          NY-59-T-341
WHITE, JOHN                  SODUS                         NY-59-B-5
WHITE, JOHN T.               WALWORTH                      NY-59-7-405
WHITE, MARIA                 NEWARK                        NY-59-K-507
WHITE, MARTIN                GALEN                         NY-59-I-67
WHITE, MARY E.               MARION                        NY-59-N-367
WHITE, S. RICHARD            PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-229
WHITING, CHARLES M.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-150
WHITING, CORNELIA            ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-169
WHITING, JONAS               SODUS                         NY-59-O-34
WHITING, THOMAS J.           GALEN                         NY-59-R-365
WHITING, WILLIAM             ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-513
WHITING, WILLIAM G.          SODUS                         NY-59-6-181
WHITLOCK, BENJAMIN           LYONS                         NY-59-U-505
WHITLOCK, DAVID              WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-229
WHITLOCK, GRACE L.           LYONS                         NY-59-10-21
WHITNEY, CORNELIUS           ONTARIO                       NY-59-O-249
WHITNEY, ELECTA              ONTARIO                       NY-59-I-408
WHITNEY, LOREN               ONTARIO                       NY-59-H-268
WHITNEY, SIDNEY              ONTARIO                       NY-59-O-57
WHITNEY, WILLIAM             ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-361
WHITTLESEY, CLARINDA         GALEN                         NY-59-K-560
WHITTLETON, JAMES            WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-45
WIBIRT, JOHN K.              GALEN                         NY-59-6-501
WICKHAM, THOMAS              SODUS                         NY-59-T-89
WICKWIRE, JARIT L.           ROSE                          NY-59-8-319
WIDRIG, RUSSEL C.            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-10-325
WIGGLESWORTH, MATHEW         MACEDON                       NY-59-N-593
WILBER, ESEK                 MILO, YATES, NY               NY-59-B-15
WILBERT, JULIA A.            GALEN                         NY-59-8-519
WILBUR, HALSEY               MACEDON                       NY-59-6-425
WILBUR, HENRY                MACEDON                       NY-59-I-434
WILBUR,C HARLOTTE            MACEDON                       NY-59-9-505
WILCOX, EARL                 MARION                        NY-59-O-30
WILCOX, GEORGE               PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-287
WILCOX, GIDEON               PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-387
WILCOX, HIRAM                PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-105
WILCOX, RUTH D.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-320
WILCOXEN, ALFRED             NEWARK                        NY-59-R-167
WILCOXEN, SYLVIA             ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-153
WILDER, JEDEDIAH             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-M-536
WILES, PHINEAS H.            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-10-381
WILEY, ISAAC                 GALEN                         NY-59-2-357
WILEY, THEODORE B.           SAVANNAH                      NY-59-4-313
WILLAIMSON, WILLIAM H.       PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-323
WILLARD, GEORGE              ONTARIO                       NY-59-3-485
WILLCOX, DANIEL              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-143
WILLCOX, DAVID               PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-202
WILLCOX, ORRIN               MARION                        NY-59-2-25
WILLETT, DEBORAH ANN         ONTARIO                       NY-59-K-629
WILLETTS, MARIA              MACEDON                       NY-59-I-576
WILLIAMS, CHARLES ROSE       DEURS, LIBERTY, TX            NY-59-6-221
WILLIAMS, FLETCHER           ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-357
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH             SODUS                         NY-59-H-440
WILLIAMS, MARY H.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-19
WILLIAMS, SUSAN M.           GALEN                         NY-59-2-397
WILLIAMS, URI O.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-168
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM B.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-25
WILLIAMSON, JOHN             PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-573
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH           PALMYRA                       NY-59-R-9
WILLIS, LOUIS A.             GALEN                         NY-59-#1-181
WILLIS, SARAH H.             GALEN                         NY-59-G-273
WILLITS, WILLIAM W.          MACEDON                       NY-59-B-427
WILLOUGHBY, MAPLET           GALEN                         NY-59-M-413
WILSEY, ELI                  SAVANNAH                      NY-59-6-113
WILSON, DUNCAN               MACEDON                       NY-59-P-88
WILSON, M. L.                ROSE                          NY-59-10-113
WILSON, REBECCA              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-303
WILSON, THOMAS               MACEDON                       NY-59-L2-217
WINANS, AARON                GALEN                         NY-59-K-621
WINANS, DAVID Z.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-57
WINCHELL, JOHN D.            ROSE                          NY-59-D-357
WINEGAR, GERRITT R.          ROSE                          NY-59-K-66
WINEGAR, HOWARD S.           BUTLER                        NY-59-6-449
WINEGAR, LYDIA M.            BUTLER                        NY-59-3-361
WINEGAR, MANSFIELD B.        SAVANNAH                      NY-59-4-561
WINSLOW, HANNAH J.           MACEDON                       NY-59-M-62
WINSLOW, JOHN                WALWORTH                      NY-59-D-376
WINSLOW, PHILANDER           MARION                        NY-59-K-369
WINSLOW, WILLIAM             PALMYRA                       NY-59-F-27
WINSTON, GEORGE              PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-33
WINTERS, SOPHIA              LYONS                         NY-59-U-9
WISE, AMANZO M.              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-493
WITHERDEN, THOMAS            MARION                        NY-59-S-157
WITTYDE, ARTEMAS             ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-345
WOLF, THEOBALD               LYONS                         NY-59-2-217
WOLFROM, PHILIP              ARCADIA                       NY-59-A-326
WOLLMAN, ELIZA ANN           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-301
WOLVEN, WILLIAM R.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-122
WOLVIN, GILBERT              MACEDON                       NY-59-P-445
WOOD, ALVIN                  BUTLER                        NY-59-O-22
WOOD, ARSENITH               BUTLER                        NY-59-R-401
WOOD, HARRIET                GALEN                         NY-59-L2-270
WOOD, HENRY                  BUTLER                        NY-59-S-477
WOOD, JOHN                   SAVANNAH                      NY-59-I-497
WOOD, LEVI                   MACEDON                       NY-59-B-43
WOOD, LEVI                   MEDON                         NY-59-B-197
WOOD, WILLAM B.              GALEN                         NY-59-10-333
WOOD, WILLIAM                BUTLER                        NY-59-O-1
WOOD, WILLIAM O.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-P-478
WOODAMS, OWEN                ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-419
WOODARD, LEVI B.             ROSE                          NY-59-H-284
WOODHAMS, HENRY              ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-193
WOODHAMS, MARTHA             MARION                        NY-59-10-229
WOODHAMS, WALTER             ONTARIO                       NY-59-P-409
WOODRUFF, CHARLES            BUTLER                        NY-59-B-344
WOODRUFF, ISAAC              LYONS                         NY-59-H-537
WOODRUFF, ISAAC              MACEDON                       NY-59-I-591
WOODRUFF, JESSE              ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-302
WOODRUFF, LAMBERT            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-C-294
WOODWARD, MARY ANN           PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-61
WOODWARD, MARY B.            MACEDON                       NY-59-N-142
WOODWARD, ORLANDO            ONTARIO                       NY-59-3-105
WOOLSEY, DANIEL M.           WALWORTH                      NY-59-S-93
WOORTER, FREDERICK H.        ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-393
WORTH, COLEMAN               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-N-4
WORTHY, WILLIAM              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-P-47
WRAY, ALMIRA                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-N-248
WRIGHT, ALBERT H.            ROSE                          NY-59-Q-155
WRIGHT, CHARLES A.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-565
WRIGHT, CHARLES H.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-381
WRIGHT, CHARLES H.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-329
WRIGHT, ELISHA R.            MARION                        NY-59-O-43
WRIGHT, HELEN M.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-133
WRIGHT, JAMES                SODUS                         NY-59-L1-108
WRIGHT, JAMES                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-3-381
WRIGHT, SOPHRONIA            MARION                        NY-59-10-201
WRIGHT, THOMAS               ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-457
WRIGHT, THOMAS               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-2-169
WRIGHT,HENRY W.              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-505
WRIGHTSON, JOHN              SODUS                         NY-59-#1-109
WURTS, MATHUSALEM            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-#1-205
WYLIE, WILLIAM               WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-97
WYMAN, ABEL                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-230
YALE, ASHAEL                 SODUS                         NY-59-O-368
YALE, DIANA                  WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-P-55
YEOMANS, GEORGE              SODUS                         NY-59-3-473
YEOMANS, GILBERT             WALWORTH                      NY-59-D-500
YEOMANS, THERON G.           WALWORTH                      NY-59-11-529
YEOMANS, VARRIAH             WALWORTH                      NY-59-C-162
YOUNG, ANDREW                LYONS                         NY-59-O-63
YOUNG, CONRAD                LYONS                         NY-59-9-73
YOUNG, JANE                  MACEDON                       NY-59-7-245
YOUNG, THOMAS                GALEN                         NY-59-L1-299
YOUNG, WILLIAM               ONTARIO                       NY-59-K-591
YOUNGMAN, WILLIAM            WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-297
YOUNGS, BETSY ANN            LYONS                         NY-59-O-453
YOUNGS, THOMAS               MARION                        NY-59-M-395
YOUNGS, WILLIAM              ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-301
ZEIGLER, WILLIAM             PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-333
ZELUFF, ELIZA A.             GALEN                         NY-59-6-369
ZITTER, GEORGE               LYONS                         NY-59-2-33

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