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MABYE, ISAAC                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-4-533
MACCAGG, HARRIET             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-57
MACDOWELL, THOMAS            MARION                        NY-59-H-197
MACK, BENJAMIN               ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-73
MACK, HENRY                  WOLCOTT                       NY-59-H-334
MACK, JOHN                   WOLCOTT                       NY-59-E-91
MACKIE, THOMAS               GALEN                         NY-59-K-266
MAGRAW, EUGENE               GALEN                         NY-59-P-223
MAGRAW, GEORGE               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-8-211
MAGUIRE, ALMA D.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-293
MAGUIRE, FRANCIS             BUTLER                        NY-59-#1-165
MAGUIRE, JAMES               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-I-558
MAGUIRE, JOHN C.             WALSONVILLE                   NY-59-L1-146
MAGUIRE, PATRICK L.          WALWORTH                      NY-59-N-222
MAIER, FRANK                 GALEN                         NY-59-2-77
MAINE, CHRALES               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-503
MAINES, GEORGE B.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-Q-103
MALCOMB, HARRIET M.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-481
MALCOMB, R. ALICE            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-507
MALE, ANN E.                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-510
MALLERY, ALMOND H.           LYONS                         NY-59-6-549
MALLERY, MARY                LYONS                         NY-59-3-549
MALONE, JOHN                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-7-25
MALOY, JOHN                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-71
MANDEVILLE, DAVID            ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-46
MANLY, ISAAC                 MARION                        NY-59-H-219
MANN, HIRAM                  LYONS                         NY-59-K-595
MANN, ROYAL                  MARION                        NY-59-O-335
MANN, SOPHIA B.              LYONS                         NY-59-M-569
MARCELLUS, CAREY ***         BUTLER                        NY-59-K-404
MARK, SAMUEL                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-88
MARQUETT, DANIEL             ROSE                          NY-59-P-120
MARQUETT, PARMELIA           SODUS                         NY-59-U-553
MARQUOT, HENRY               HURON                         NY-59-#1-313
MARSH, ALVAN WARD            PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-429
MARSH, BENJAMIN F.           SAVANNAH                      NY-59-O-15
MARSH, PRISCILLA S.          GALEN                         NY-59-6-37
MARSH, THOMAS J.             GALEN                         NY-59-#1-365
MARSHALL, CHARLES            LYONS                         NY-59-3-481
MARSHALL, ELIZABETH          MARSHALL                      NY-59-T-189
MARSHALL, JOHN C.            MACEDON                       NY-59-T-169
MARSHALL, STEPHEN            LYONS                         NY-59-T-233
MARSTEINER, MICHAEL          LYONS                         NY-59-9-521
MARTIN, ABRAM                PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-608
MARTIN, ANNA MARIA           LYONS                         NY-59-#1-69
MARTIN, DANIEL               ROSE                          NY-59-7-161
MARTIN, GEORGE               LYONS                         NY-59-P-61
MARTIN, HENRY                GALEN                         NY-59-11-325
MARTIN, JOHN H.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-345
MARTIN, SARAH M.             SODUS                         NY-59-#1-13
MASON, ANDREW J.             MARION                        NY-59-3-417
MASON, DAVID                 MARION                        NY-59-A-317
MASON, HARVEY D.             ROSE                          NY-59-3-77
MASON, JULIA A.              ROSE                          NY-59-9-149
MASON, LUKE                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-62
MASON, ORIN                  SODUS                         NY-59-11-169
MASON, ORMOND O.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-323
MATHEWSON, GEORGE            WALWORTH                      NY-59-D-28
MATHORP, ROBERT W.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-165
MAYES, HENRY F. C.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-169
MAYNARD, HANNAH              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-H-529
MCALPINE, GEORGE W.          SODUS                         NY-59-3-229
MCALPINE, HENRY              SODUS                         NY-59-#1-309
MCALPINE, WILLIAM            SODUS                         NY-59-L1-269
MCCALL, HARRIET              WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-387
MCCALL, JOHN                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-309
MCCARN, JOHN                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-130
MCCARN, JOHN JR.             LYONS                         NY-59-B-277
MCCARTHY, CATHERINE          ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-401
MCCLOSKEY, CATHERINE         SAVANNAH                      NY-59-4-517
MCCLUSKEY, THOMAS            ROSE                          NY-59-U-289
MCCLUSKY, JAMES              CLYDE                         NY-59-K-182
MCCOMBER, CALEB              MACEDON                       NY-59-E-214
MCCOMBER, ESTHER             MACEDON                       NY-59-I-228
MCCONNELL, DAVID             ONTARIO                       NY-59-11-317
MCCORMICK, JOHN              MACEDON                       NY-59-6-409
MCCREERY, JOHN               ONTARIO                       NY-59-A-247
MCCULLEN, PATRICK            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-N-492
MCDONALD, CATHERINE H.       LYONS                         NY-59-N-499
MCDONALD, DENNIS             LYONS                         NY-59-P-305
MCDONELL, ROBERT             SODUS                         NY-59-2-109
MCELVIN, ANN                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-238
MCGOLDRICK, HUGH             LYONS                         NY-59-#1-185
MCGOVERN, JOHN               BUTLER                        NY-59-#1-509
MCGOWEN, JOHN                WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-437
MCGRATH, THOMAS              GALEN                         NY-59-N-208
MCGRAW, ELIJAH               GALEN                         NY-59-G-147
MCINERHENY, PETER            PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-205
MCINTYRE, ALEXANDER          PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-506
MCINTYRE, ALMYRA F.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-191
MCINTYRE, ELIZABETH          GALEN                         NY-59-L2-80
MCINTYRE, JOHN               SODUS                         NY-59-11-353
MCKEON, RACHEL B.            BUTLER                        NY-59-M-529
MCKEOWN, JOHN                PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-407
MCKOON, MERRITT G.           ROSE                          NY-59-8-255
MCKOON, WILLIAM              BUTLER                        NY-59-M-170
MCLAUGHLIN, KATHERINE        MACEDON                       NY-59-11-113
MCLAUGHLIN, OWEN             ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-73
MCLONTH, JOHN                WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-55
MCLOUTH, LEWIS               MARION                        NY-59-N-156
MCLOUTH, LUCY                MARION                        NY-59-O-17
MCMILLAN, BENJAMIN           GALEN                         NY-59-8-203
MCMURTY, WILLIAM             WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-181
MCMUTH, ELIZABETH            LYONS                         NY-59-Q-83
MCNEILL, CATHARINE           LYONS                         NY-59-10-61
MCNIEL, AARON B.             GALEN                         NY-59-I-396
MCRORIE, AUGUSTA             LYONS                         NY-59-N-245
MCRORIE, ISABELLA            LYONS                         NY-59-T-349
MCRORIE, JOHN                GALEN                         NY-59-L2-94
MCROSIE, JOHN                GALEN                         NY-59-E-105
MCTURK, JAMES                GALEN                         NY-59-S-401
MEAD, DANIEL                 GALEN                         NY-59-M-286
MEAD, JOHN                   GALEN                         NY-59-L1-354
MEAD, LEVI                   GALEN                         NY-59-C-214
MEAD, PELEG                  GALEN                         NY-59-U-465
MEADE, CHARLES W.            GALEN                         NY-59-11-525
MEADE, MARTHA P.             GALNE                         NY-59-11-257
MEAKER, NROMAN               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-S-77
MEAKER, REUBEN E.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-477
MEEHAM, DENNIS               BUTLER                        NY-59-2-381
MEEKER, BENJAMIN S.          HURON                         NY-59-M-639
MEEKER, JOHN A.              HURON                         NY-59-F-146
MEEKER, SAMANTHA             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-209
MELVIN, EMELINE M.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-213
MERCHANT, JOHN               LYONS                         NY-59-L1-166
MERCHANT, JOHN               LYONS                         NY-59-9-509
MERICK, THOMAS M.            ROSE                          NY-59-C-134
MERRIGAN, THOMAS             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-S-397
MERRILL, CHARLOTTE A.        BUTLER                        NY-59-6-465
MERRILL, ELIZABETH W.        WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-278
MERRILL, HARLOW C.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-9-301
MERRILL, SIMEON              BUTLER                        NY-59-D-151
MERRILL, SIMEON              BUTLER                        NY-59-E-311
MERRILL, TAPPIN              WALWORTH                      NY-59-Q-79
MERRIMAN, CHARLOTTE          GALEN                         NY-59-Q-111
MERRIMAN, ELISHA             GALEN                         NY-59-L2-241
MERRITT, MARY H.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-K-69
MERRITT, WILLIAM             BUTLER                        NY-59-N-558
MERRITT, WILLIS              BUTLER                        NY-59-N-603
MERRY, LEONARD               LYONS                         NY-59-D-283
MERZ, ANTON                  ONTARIO                       NY-59-3-285
MESICK, JOHN W.              SODUS                         NY-59-3-313
MESSENGER, EDWARD            SODUS                         NY-59-10-102
MESSENGER, JOHN W.           SODUS                         NY-59-H-432
MESSENGER, POLLY             SODUS                         NY-59-N-200
MESSENGER, RICHARD           SODUS                         NY-59-M-361
MESSENGER, WALTER            ROSE                          NY-59-3-209
MESSMER, DANIEL              LYONS                         NY-59-Q-164
MESTLER, NICHOLAS            ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-321
MICKLE, WILLIAM              LYONS                         NY-59-C-1
MIERS, JOHN                  SODUS                         NY-59-7-501
MILES, ASA                   SODUS                         NY-59-L1-111
MILES, ISABELLA              LYONS                         NY-59-6-441
MILES, WILLIAM               LYONS                         NY-59-7-497
MILHAN, DAVID R.             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-9-241
MILHAN, MARIA                MARION                        NY-59-4-437
MILLARD, ASAHEL              PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-161
MILLER, ASA                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-302
MILLER, CORNELIUS            ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-36
MILLER, CORNELIUS            ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-168
MILLER, ELEANOR              ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-18
MILLER, HARVEY               WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-493
MILLER, HENRY                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-L1-422
MILLER, HEZEKIAH             PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-140
MILLER, JAMES                ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-193
MILLER, JANE AMELIA          LYONS                         NY-59-U-413
MILLER, JOHN                 GALEN                         NY-59-A-189
MILLER, JOHN EBEN            SODUS                         NY-59-K-612
MILLER, JOSEPH               NEWARK                        NY-59-A-261
MILLER, MARY                 LYONS                         NY-59-4-429
MILLER, MATHAAS              WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-29
MILLER, PHILIP               SODUS                         NY-59-L1-393
MILLER, PHILIP H.            ROSE                          NY-59-N-477
MILLER, SAMUEL               BUTLER                        NY-59-S-133
MILLER, SARAH A.             BUTLER                        NY-59-7-301
MILLER, SUSAN                ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-537
MILLER, SYLVESTE RL.         WALWORTH                      NY-59-P-351
MILLER, WILLIAM              MACEDON                       NY-59-K-466
MILLETT, CAROLINE V.         ONTARIO                       NY-59-7-173
MILLETT, CLARK               ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-361
MILLIARD, WANTON F.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-R-85
MILLIMAN, ALBERT             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-173
MILLIMAN, DAVID              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-516
MILLIMAN, REBECA             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-144
MILLINGOTN, LNA              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-M-380
MILLS, JAMES                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-405
MILLS, WILLIAM C.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-556
MIMFORD, ORISSA B. ***       MACEDON                       NY-59-Q-186
MINK, MARY                   SODUS                         NY-59-Q-65
MINK, PHILIP H. ***          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-83
MINKLER, SAMUEL              LYONS                         NY-59-D-226
MINNICK, MARY                GALEN                         NY-59-#1-141
MIRICK, EMELIA E.            LYONS                         NY-59-9-449
MIRICK, HIRAM                LYONS                         NY-59-R-41
MIRICK, IRA                  LYONS                         NY-59-4-69
MIRICK, MARY B.              LYONS                         NY-59-7-157
MITCHELL, CLAIVN             HURON                         NY-59-4-409
MITCHELL, HENRY              PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-425
MITCHELL, JEREMIAH           ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-361
MITCHELL, JOHN               GALEN                         NY-59-G-225
MITCHELL, JOSEPH             WALWORTH                      NY-59-F-320
MITCHELL, THOMAS J.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-N-580
MIX, LYDIA                   WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-151
MONNS, CORNELIUS             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-T-65
MONROE, REBECCA              GALEN                         NY-59-2-17
MOODY, CEPHAS                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-393
MOON, HARVEY                 GALEN                         NY-59-7-141
MOON, MAY JANE               BUTLER                        NY-59-Q-49
MOORE, ABIJAH                BUTLER                        NY-59-H-422
MOORE, ANN                   LYONS                         NY-59-O-245
MOORE, BRIDGET               PALMYRA                       NY-59-L2-165
MOORE, FRANKLIN H.           BUTLER                        NY-59-3-201
MOORE, FRED C.               MACEDON                       NY-59-10-469
MOORE, JAMES G.              BUTLER                        NY-59-M-600
MOORE, PHILIP H.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-493
MOORE, RICHARD               PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-185
MOORE, RUTH                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-134
MOORE, SAMUEL                LYONS                         NY-59-G-380
MOORE, WEALTHY ANN           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-F-401
MOORE, ZEDEKIAH              BUTLER                        NY-59-E-167
MOORS, PHINEAS               MACEDON                       NY-59-K-50
MOREY,M ARY C.               MACEDON                       NY-59-R-445
MORGAN, BELA                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-301
MORGAN, CHARLOTTE A.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-340
MORGAN, OLIVE JACKSON        PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-509
MORLEY, LUKE                 GALEN                         NY-59-D-496
MOROTN, UROTUS               HURON                         NY-59-O-226
MORRIS, ROBERT M.            FOREST CITY, MASON, IL        NY-59-10-366
MORRISON, COONRAD            LYONS                         NY-59-I-305
MORRISON, LYDIA              MARION                        NY-59-K-463
MORSE, AMOS                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-329
MORSE, HULDAH                MARION                        NY-59-I-137
MORSE, JEDEDIAH              MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-249
MORSE, MARY                  NTL                           NY-59-R-82
MORSE, R. JANE               LYONS                         NY-59-9-289
MORSE, SAMUEL L.             SODUS                         NY-59-E-46
MOSELEY, LOIS                ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-143
MOSHER, ISRAEL               MACEDON                       NY-59-O-479
MOSHER, RUTH                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-412
MOSS, MAHALA                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-G-345
MOTT, SIMEON                 ROSE                          NY-59-A-195
MOUNT, MARY C.               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-K-377
MOUNT, RICHARD R.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-K-364
MUELLER, JOHN                LYONS                         NY-59-I-393
MULHERON, JOHN               ONTARIO                       NY-59-10-301
MULLIE, PETER                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-#1-221
MULLIGAN, THOMAS             GALLEN                        NY-59-U-373
MULLIS, ISAAC                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-T-333
MUMFORD, ANN                 MACEDON                       NY-59-#1-361
MUMFORD, HENRY               SODUS                         NY-59-R-129
MUMFORD, LUCY                PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-553
MUMFORD, RALPH               MACEDON                       NY-59-O-169
MUNN, FANNY                  LYONS                         NY-59-8-399
MUNN, JOHN                   LYONS                         NY-59-L1-264
MUNSEL, DORMAN               ROSE                          NY-59-F-90
MUNSON, GLOVER S.            SODUS                         NY-59-T-417
MUNSON, NICHOLAS             SODUS                         NY-59-D-247
MURPHY, BERNARD              LYONS                         NY-59-I-218
MURPHY, DBORAH               HURON                         NY-59-G-315
MURPHY, HENRY                LYONS                         NY-59-L2-199
MURPHY, JAMES G.             GALEN                         NY-59-9-265
MURRAY, EDWARD               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-#1-549
MYERS, SAMUEL                SODUS                         NY-59-P-203
NAGLE, ERNST                 CLYDE                         NY-59-K-198
NASH, JOSIAH E.              WALWORTH                      NY-59-K-482
NASH, REUBEN                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-473
NASKOW, ROSA                 LYONS                         NY-59-4-225
NATT, MARGARET               MARION                        NY-59-R-181
NAUGHTON, BARTHOLOMEW        WALWORTH                      NY-59-4-1
NEAR, ELIZABETH              GALEN                         NY-59-8-163
NEGUS, CATHARINE             ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-193
NEVELEZER, ISAAC             ONTARIO                       NY-59-9-205
NEWELL, ROGER H.             HURON                         NY-59-6-13
NEWHALL, MILA J.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-65
NEWMAN, WILLIAM              GALEN                         NY-59-O-118
NEWSON, GEORGE               GALEN                         NY-59-P-142
NEWSON, WILLIAM              LYONS                         NY-59-L2-108
NEWTON, WRIGHT               LYONS                         NY-59-I-87
NICHOLOY, JACOB              ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-485
NICHOLS, CONRAD              GALEN                         NY-59-U-445
NICHOLS, ELIJAH              WALWORTH                      NY-59-I-420
NICHOLS, EUGENE              PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-157
NICHOLS, JAMES M.            GALEN                         NY-59-#1-321
NICHOLS, MYRTA M.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-3-433
NICHOLS, PETER J.            GALEN                         NY-59-K-633
NICHOLS, SARAH               HURON                         NY-59-8-135
NICHOLS, STEPHEN             BUTLER                        NY-59-N-130
NICHOLS, THOMAS              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-R-209
NICHOLS, WILLIAM             LYONS                         NY-59-8-105
NILES, JAMES                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-311
NILES, ORCY                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-305
NILES, SOLOMON               ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-385
NORLEY, ELIZA                LYONS                         NY-59-3-57
NORRIS, JACOB                MARION                        NY-59-6-89
NORRIS, JOB B.               SODUS                         NY-59-K-203
NORRIS, SAMUEL H.            SODUS                         NY-59-7-5
NORTON, DAVID H.             SODUS                         NY-59-F-52
NORTON, WILLIAM              HURON                         NY-59-O-332
NOTTINGHAM, ABIAL F.         MACEDON                       NY-59-2-517
NOTTINGHAM, WILLIAM P.       PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-231
NUFGLES, JOHN                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-161
NUSBICKEL, FREDERICK         LYONS                         NY-59-8-387
NUTT, MIENDIA                WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-221
NUTTEN, DAVID                NEWARK                        NY-59-#1-37
NYE, BONINA                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-L1-341
NYE, LEWIS                   SODUS                         NY-59-3-5
OAKLEY, LAVANTIA H.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-9-113
OAKS, CHARLES G.             ROSE                          NY-59-T-197
OBRIAN, JOHN                 SODUS                         NY-59-G-27
OCONNERS, PATRICK            PALMYRA                       NY-59-N-277
OCONNOR, WILLIAM F.          MACEDON                       NY-59-G-327
ODELL, EBENEZER              GALEN                         NY-59-2-572
ODELL, JOHN S.               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-K-476
ODELL, MERRETT F.            MARION                        NY-59-3-181
ODELL, NATHANIEL             GALEN                         NY-59-A-68
ODELL, ROBERT                MACEDON                       NY-59-T-113
ODLE, ROBERT                 MACEDON                       NY-59-T-77
OESTREICH, JOHN              WALWORTH                      NY-59-4-425
OFFINGER, MARY               LYONS                         NY-59-4-401
OLCOTT, NELSON               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-273
OLDS, MARY ANN               GALEN                         NY-59-I-9
OLIN, SOLOMON                SODUS                         NY-59-K-489
OLIVITT, LA RUA A.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-157
OLMSTED, JOHN H.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-393
OLMSTED, LAUREN              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-8-205
OLMSTED, MILLARD             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-H-339
OMAN, EDWARD                 SODUS                         NY-59-P-237
OMEAL, JOHN                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-505
ONDERDONK, ABRAM             SODUS                         NY-59-O-431
ONDERDONK, DANIEL S.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-232
ONEAL, CATHARINE             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-D-476
ONEIL, MICHAEL               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-T-173
ORBEKER, JACOB               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-69
ORCHARD, DIANA M.            WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-533
ORR, SARAH                   BUTLER                        NY-59-8-215
OSBAND, ALMIRA D.            MACEDON                       NY-59-Q-7
OSBAND, GIDEON               MACEDON                       NY-59-H-79
OSBAND, MARY ANN             MACEDON                       NY-59-I-267
OSBAND, NORMAN S.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-218
OSBAND, SUSAN                ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-69
OSBOND, WILSON               ARCADIA                       NY-59-G-309
OSBORN, EZRA B.              MARION                        NY-59-H-39
OSBORN, JAMES C.             ROSE                          NY-59-10-205
OSBORNE, ABNER               GALEN                         NY-59-H-250
OSGOOD, ARTEMAS              ROSE                          NY-59-#1-189
OSTRANDER, WILLIAM           ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-1
OSTROM, HENRY H.             SODUS                         NY-59-10-5
OTIS, JAMES                  WOLCOTT                       NY-59-A-181
OUDERKERK, VALENTINE         WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-265
OVERSLAUGH, JOHN             SODUS                         NY-59-7-461
OWENS, JOSEPH                GALEN                         NY-59-S-294
PACKARD, MINERVA             MACEDON                       NY-59-S-433
PACKER, JAMES SR.            GALEN                         NY-59-B-54
PADDOCK, JOHN A.             SODUS                         NY-59-S-217
PADDOCK, WILLIAM             HURON                         NY-59-N-480
PAGE, MARY Y.                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-O-410
PAINE, THOMAS                LYONS                         NY-59-O-48
PAINTER, GEORGE              LYONS                         NY-59-7-449
PALLISTER, JOHN              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-3-145
PALLISTER, WILLIAM           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-I-13
PALLISTER, WILLIAM           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-R-361
PALMER, ADONIRAM J.          MACEDON                       NY-59-8-143
PALMER, ANNA                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-L2-28
PALMER, BETSEY               MACEDON                       NY-59-K-407
PALMER, CATHERINE            LYONS                         NY-59-N-146
PALMER, FENNER               ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-407
PALMER, JONATHAN             ARCADIA                       NY-59-L2-250
PALMER, LOUISE M.            GALEN                         NY-59-7-169
PALMER, NATHAN               WALWORTH                      NY-59-D-57
PALMER, NATHANIEL            WALWORTH                      NY-59-B-437
PALMER, NOAH                 MACEDON                       NY-59-P-200
PALMER, OLIVER H.            ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-389
PALMER, PELEG                MACEDON                       NY-59-H-177
PALMER, RALPH S.             SODUS                         NY-59-O-55
PARATT, MARY A.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-45
PARK, ERASTUS                WALWORTH                      NY-59-I-370
PARK, RACHAEL                YATES                         NY-59-U-341
PARK, SAMUEL                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-F-87
PARK, SARAH                  WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-333
PARKER, GEORGE A.            HURON                         NY-59-L2-291
PARKER, HANNAH               GALEN                         NY-59-T-281
PARKER, JAMES A.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-496
PARKER, JAMES W.             HURTON                        NY-59-S-453
PARKER, JOHN M.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-341
PARKER, PRESTON R.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-410
PARKER, RHOBA E.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-133
PARKER, SETH                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-71
PARKER, WILLIAM              WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-501
PARKER, WILLIAM H.           MACEDON                       NY-59-10-17
PARKHILL, MARY A.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-P-40
PARKHURST, WILLIAM R.        ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-297
PARKS, B. REUBEN             MARION                        NY-59-M-495
PARKS, BENJAMIN F.           MARION                        NY-59-K-98
PARKS, HENRY                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-174
PARKS, HENRY C.              MARION                        NY-59-L2-13
PARKS, JAMES H.              LYONS                         NY-59-K-538
PARSHALL, DEWITT             LYONS                         NY-59-R-101
PARSHALL, ELIZA              PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-317
PARSHALL, JAMES              PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-106
PARSHALL, JOHN B.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-529
PARSHALL, MARY               PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-489
PARSONS, CHARLES F. O.       GALEN                         NY-59-#1-457
PARSONS, E. BLOSS            SODUS                         NY-59-8-413
PARSOS, ORRIN                SODUS                         NY-59-N-36
PATON, WILLIAM               LYONS                         NY-59-G-255
PATRICK, JOHN                ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-89
PATRIDGE, CATHARINE ANN      MACEDON                       NY-59-#1-473
PATTEN, JULIA                LYONS                         NY-59-A-310
PATTEN, SILAS                LYONS                         NY-59-T-157
PATTERSON, DANIEL            ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-319
PATTERSON, DANIEL            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-P-378
PAUL, JAMES                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-365
PAUL, RUTH                   SODUS                         NY-59-G-243
PAYNE, HENRIETTA             ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-317
PEACOCK, JAMES               WALWORTH                      NY-59-N-111
PEACOCK, JOSEPH              WALWORTH                      NY-59-7-273
PEARCE, WILLIAM              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L1-415
PEARSALL, HANNAH JANE        WOLCOTT                       NY-59-3-521
PEARSALL, JACOB D.           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-3-553
PEASE, ABRAHAM               LYONS                         NY-59-O-375
PEASE, ALANSON               ROSE                          NY-59-D-323
PEASE, LEMUEL                MARION                        NY-59-B-259
PECK, BENJAMIN F.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-4-509
PECK, EUNICE L.              LYONS                         NY-59-P-219
PECK, HORACE                 BUTLER                        NY-59-K-562
PECK, NELSON                 LYONS                         NY-59-K-639
PECKHAM, JESSE W.            GALEN                         NY-59-H-561
PEER, FRANCES E.             NEWARK                        NY-59-7-542
PEER, THOMAS J.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-123
PEIRSON, HENRY R.            NEWARK                        NY-59-11-65
PEIRSON, SALLY               ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-133
PELL, JAMES H.               LYONS                         NY-59-10-533
PEMBROKE, JACOB              WALWORTH                      NY-59-#1-409
PENINE, ANN                  LYONS                         NY-59-I-32
PENNIE, PETER                LYONS                         NY-59-D-70
PENNYFATHER, JAMES           GALEN                         NY-59-6-265
PENOYAR, OLIVER              LYONS                         NY-59-R-357
PENOYER, LAVINIA L.          SODUS                         NY-59-L1-184
PENTHNER, LEWIS              ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-321
PERCEY, ALBERT G.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-25
PERCY, THOMAS                SODUS                         NY-59-6-189
PERKINS, GEORGE              SODUS                         NY-59-10-481
PERKINS, RUSH                GALEN                         NY-59-4-113
PERLMAN, EDARD               SODUS                         NY-59-C-365
PERRIN, WILLIAM              WALWORTH                      NY-59-I-608
PERRINE, LUCINDA S.          LYONS                         NY-59-U-89
PERRY, ABIGAIL               MACEDON                       NY-59-P-75
PERRY, ISRAEL                PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-151
PERRY, VALENTINE             MACEDON                       NY-59-Q-150
PERSONS, CYNTHIA             HURON                         NY-59-6-93
PETERS, BARNET               MACEDON                       NY-59-B-311
PETTEYS, DAVID E.            GALEN                         NY-59-F-280
PETTIT, JANE A.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-269
PETTIT, WILLIAM              PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-428
PETTYS, CHARLES              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-H-498
PETTYS, JESSE                GALEN                         NY-59-L1-149
PFIEFFER, CHARLES            SODUS                         NY-59-E-251
PFLUG, ADAM                  LYONS                         NY-59-N-555
PHELPS, ANN M.               GALEN                         NY-59-T-37
PHELPS, DREYTON              BUTLER                        NY-59-L2-254
PHELPS, EZRA                 MARION                        NY-59-D-8
PHELPS, JULIUS               ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-89
PHELPS, LUCY ANN             SODUS                         NY-59-2-165
PHELPS, MINERVA              MARION                        NY-59-9-269
PHILBRICK, STEPHEN           HURON                         NY-59-C-4
PHILLIP, DAVID               WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-493
PHILLIPS, DANIEL             ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-405
PHILLIPS, ISAAC A.           WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-49
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH             ROSE                          NY-59-7-469
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-2-249
PICKARD, NICHOLAS N.         MARION                        NY-59-M-31
PICKERING, SARAH A.          PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-489
PIERCE, ANNA                 HURON                         NY-59-H-549
PIERCE, ANNA                 BUTLER                        NY-59-L1-317
PIERCE, JANE                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-269
PIERCE, JEREMIAH B.          LYONS                         NY-59-I-501
PIERCE, MATILDSA B.          HURON                         NY-59-Q-10
PIERSON, SILAS               ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-145
PITCHER, BETSY               SODUS                         NY-59-#1-237
PITCHER, JACOB               SODUS                         NY-59-P-252
PITCHER, JOHN                SODUS                         NY-59-E-342
PITCHER, JONAS               SODUS                         NY-59-M-55
PITCHER, MARY                SODUS                         NY-59-2-5
PITCHER, WILLIAM             SODUS                         NY-59-I-623
PITT, JOHN W.                ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-550
PLASS, GEORGE                ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-245
PLASS, MARY E.               ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-57
PLATNER, ELIZABETH           GALEN                         NY-59-T-365
PLATNER, SOLOMON             GALEN                         NY-59-F-284
PLEYTE, ISAAC                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-217
PLIMPTON, SALEM A.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-Q-141
PLUMB, A. HIRAM              WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-205
PLUMB, DANIEL                HURON                         NY-59-T-337
PLUMTREE, ELIZABETH          GALEN                         NY-59-3-253
PLUMTREE, THOMAS             WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-329
PLYTIE, WILLIAM              NTL                           NY-59-M-486
POLAND, PETER                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-O-294
POLLOCK, ESTHER              ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-25
POLLOCK, JAMES               LYONS                         NY-59-N-280
POLLOCK, JAMES               ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-372
POLLOCK, JAMES W.            SODUS                         NY-59-L1-94
POLLOCK, JOSEPH F.           LYONS                         NY-59-G-369
POMEROY, CHARLS G.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-349
POMEROY, FRANCIS (REV.)      PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-188
POMEROY, MARY                HURON                         NY-59-6-313
PONCHER, HANNAH A.           SODUS                         NY-59-9-69
POND, RUTH                   MARION                        NY-59-N-9
POOL, WILLIAM                BUTLER                        NY-59-8-269
POOLEY, MARGARET             MARION                        NY-59-B-245
POPE, MORRIS                 LYONS                         NY-59-G-411
POPINO, SAMUEL S.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-P-149
POPPINS, DANIEL              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-C-95
PORTER, SAMUEL               BUTLER                        NY-59-L1-321
PORTEUS, FRANKLIN M.         ROSE                          NY-59-K-367
POSSEE, MARY ANN             PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-245
POST, HENRY                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-165
POST, HEZEKIAH C.            MACEDON                       NY-59-N-502
POST, HOWELL                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-221
POST, HOWELL                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-94
POST, JOTHAM H.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-337
POTTER, ELIAS                WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-221
POTTER, EMERY                MARION                        NY-59-Q-17
POTTER, EMORY                MARION                        NY-59-L1-73
POTTER, SALLY                LYONS                         NY-59-A-315
POTTER, STUKELY S.           SAVANNAH                      NY-59-I-490
POUCHER, LUCY M.             SODUS                         NY-59-7-341
POUND, ELIJAH                MACEDON                       NY-59-E-162
POUND, HARVEY H.             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-349
POUND, MARY H.               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L1-224
POWELL, DANIEL               WALWORTH                      NY-59-E-351
POWELL, DSAVID               WALWORTH                      NY-59-P-175
POWELL, JESSIE               WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-161
POWELL, PETER J.             LYONS                         NY-59-#1-513
POWERS, BRIDGET              ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-193
POWERS, CHARLES              GALEN                         NY-59-11-417
POWERS, JOHN MORTIMER        ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-241
POWERS, MARY A.              CLYDE                         NY-59-8-437
PRATT, ALANSON               MARION                        NY-59-A-244
PRATT, JAMES                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-257
PRATT, JAMES A.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-293
PRATT, JERUSHA               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-C-194
PRATT, JOHN                  SAVANNAH                      NY-59-C-87
PRATT, JONATHAN              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-E-278
PRAY, EMORY                  BUTLER                        NY-59-T-141
PRAY, LARNED                 BUTLER                        NY-59-8-421
PREST, JANE                  ONTARIO                       NY-59-L2-243
PRESTON, ANDREW              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-H-311
PRESTON, ELIZA               ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-545
PRICE, AARON                 ELK                           NY-59-A-328
PRICE, EPHRAIM B.            LYONS                         NY-59-U-501
PRICE, EZEKIEL               LYONS                         NY-59-D-54
PRICE, PERRY G.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-393
PRIOR, MARY                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-34
PRITCHARD, WILLIAM           BUTLER                        NY-59-U-237
PROCEUS, JOHN                SODUS                         NY-59-C-205
PROSENS, MATILDA             SODUS                         NY-59-11-297
PROSEUS, EDWARD              SODUS                         NY-59-6-149
PROSEUS, PETER D.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-595
PROVOST, MARGARET            SODUS                         NY-59-T-1
PROVOST, ROBERT              SODUS                         NY-59-9-125
PULLEN, MATTHEW              SODUS                         NY-59-H-243
PULLEY, JOHN                 LYONS                         NY-59-2-149
PULLMAN, HARVEY              ONTARIO                       NY-59-I-333
PULMAN, DARIUS               PALMYRA                       NY-59-N-263
PULS, JOHN                   LYONS                         NY-59-3-541
PULTZ, JULIA A.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-193
PULVER, ANSON                SODUS                         NY-59-10-317
PULVER, C. BETSEY            PALMYRA                       NY-59-Q-144
PULVER, CALVIN               ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-109
PULVER, CATHARINE            ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-502
PULVER, DAVID                SODUS                         NY-59-N-134
PULVER, HARRY                SODUS                         NY-59-U-293
PULVER, HENRY                SODUS                         NY-59-U-246
PULVER, HENRY M.             SODUS                         NY-59-K-576
PULVER, JAMES                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-8-545
PULVER, JOHN                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-282
PULVER, JOHN M.              SODUS                         NY-59-H-569
PULVER, LUCINDA S.           SODUS                         NY-59-8-347
PULVER, WANDALL              SODUS                         NY-59-N-484
PULVER, WILLIAM              SODUS                         NY-59-P-215
PURDY, ALEXANDER             MACEDON                       NY-59-N-339
PURDY, CHARLOTTE             LYONS                         NY-59-#1-461
PURDY, ELIZABETH             MARION                        NY-59-K-303
PURDY, ISAAC                 MARION                        NY-59-I-494
PUTNAM, CORNELIUS            MARION                        NY-59-E-241
PUTNEY, HUBBARD W.           LYONS                         NY-59-8-373
QUAYLE, WILLIAM              MACEDON                       NY-59-M-365
QUIMBY, CORNELIA             ONTARIO                       NY-59-O-407
QUINCY, BARNABAS             HURON                         NY-59-R-393
QUINLIN, ESTHER M.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-553
QUINLIN, SIMON               PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-393
QUINN, MICHAEL               ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-84
QUINN, PATRICK               ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-133
QUIVEY, ISRAEL B.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-K-584
RADDER, CORA                 LYONS                         NY-59-3-421
RADDER, FERDINAND C.         LYONS                         NY-59-10-53
RADDER, SARAH M.             MARION                        NY-59-R-169
RALPH, JAMES                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-11-129
RALPH, THOMAS                PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-205
RAMSDELL, EMMA G.            MACEDON                       NY-59-10-77
RAMSDELL, LYDIA              MACEDON                       NY-59-R-53
RANCKERT, DOROTHY            LYONS                         NY-59-10-257
RANDALL, MARY HELEN          LYONS                         NY-59-4-545
RANDALL, PELEG               LYONS                         NY-59-8-221
RANDLE, JAMES                MARION                        NY-59-S-321
RANDOLPH, BENJAMIN           WALWORTH                      NY-59-B-298
RANDOLPH, GEORGE             WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-13
RAPP, PETER                  LYONS                         NY-59-3-113
RAWLING, JOHN                PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-336
RAY, CHARLES H.              LYONS                         NY-59-7-357
RAYMOR, JOHN                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-Q-36
RAYNER, EDWARD               MARION                        NY-59-#1-337
RAYNER, WILLIAM              SODUS                         NY-59-6-353
RAYNOR, AZUR                 BUTLER                        NY-59-D-509
REA, AARON                   ELK, WARREN, PA               NY-59-B-11
REAMER, MARY E.              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-11-133
REDGRAVE, SAMUEL C.          LYONS                         NY-59-11-142
REDNER, MARY H.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-9-61
REDNER, PETER                ONTARIO                       NY-59-9-105
REED, AARON                  MACEDON                       NY-59-O-456
REED, DAVID B.               ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-453
REED, HENRY                  MACEDON                       NY-59-D-213
REED, JOHN                   MACEDON                       NY-59-F-1
REED, LUCY                   ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-586
REED, OSCAR                  ONTARIO                       NY-59-7-165
REED, RUFUS                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-513
REES, JAMES R.               GALEN                         NY-59-L2-54
REEVES, ABIGAL               PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-535
REEVES, FRANKLIN             PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-205
REEVES, HANNAH A.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-537
REEVES, JAMES                PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-381
REEVES, JAMES H.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-385
REEVES, LYMAN                PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-521
REEVES, NAHANIEL             GALEN                         NY-59-2-477
REHKUGLER, SOPHIA            ROSE                          NY-59-3-441
REICHART, ELIZABETH          WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-217
REINER, CALESTA S.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-433
REMSEN, AARON                LYONS                         NY-59-R-17
REMSEN, JOHN                 LYONS                         NY-59-H-153
RENCKERT, MICHAEL            ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-213
RENKERT, MICHAEL             ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-77
RERIF, MARY                  LYONS                         NY-59-7-61
REW, FREDERICK A.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-145
REW, LYDIA D.                ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-141
REYNOLDS, AARON S.           GALEN                         NY-59-6-225
REYNOLDS, BETSEY J.          LYONS                         NY-59-M-158
REYNOLDS, CLARK              LYONS                         NY-59-11-165
REYNOLDS, DOLPHEUS           ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-137
REYNOLDS, JACOB              HURON                         NY-59-10-81
REYNOLDS, JOHN               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-I-603
REYNOLDS, MARY               HURON                         NY-59-P-208
REYNOLDS, NORMAN             ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-273
REYNOLDS, SUSAN              HURON                         NY-59-M-27
REYNOLSD, THOMAS             SODUS                         NY-59-7-537
RHEA, ARNOLD K.              ROSE                          NY-59-F-241
RHEA, JOHN                   ROSE                          NY-59-D-230
RHEIN, JOHN                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-377
RHINEWALT, MICHAEL           WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-533
RICE, AARON                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-B-33
RICE, ALLEN                  WOLCOTT                       NY-59-F-276
RICE, AUSTIN                 SODUS                         NY-59-M-593
RICE, BAHAMA                 GALEN                         NY-59-D-294
RICE, CHARLES                LYONS                         NY-59-H-109
RICE, ELIZA A. B.            LYONS                         NY-59-4-25
RICE, HENRY C.               ROSE                          NY-59-O-356
RICE, JAMES                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-327
RICE, MARY G.                LYONS                         NY-59-10-1
RICE, PHILIP                 MARION                        NY-59-H-553
RICE, STEPHEN DECATUR        HURON                         NY-59-10-217
RICE, WILLIAM                MARION                        NY-59-B-162
RICHARDS, A. ELIZABETH       WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-3-53
RICHARDS, CHARLES G.         WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-469
RICHARDS, ELIAS              LYONS                         NY-59-N-522
RICHARDS, ISAAC              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-L2-226
RICHARDS, JAMES H.           SAVANNAH                      NY-59-Q-76
RICHARDSON, LEWIS S.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-469
RICHARDSON, MARY A.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-4-233
RICHARDSON, STEPHEN          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-I-461
RICHARDSON, SYLVIA B.        PALMYRA                       NY-59-Q-22
RICHARDSON, THOMAS           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L1-100
RICHMOND, RICHARD            ONTARIO                       NY-59-N-485
RICHMOND, RUSSELL            ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-525
RICHMOND, SILAS              MACEDON                       NY-59-P-299
RICHMOND, VAN R.             LYONS                         NY-59-U-113
RIDLEY, AMANDA               ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-297
RIDLEY, BETSEY               ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-141
RIDLEY, ELIHU                ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-10
RIFENBURGH, FRANCIS C.       PALMYRA                       NY-59-6-17
RIGGS, JOHN                  SODUS                         NY-59-G-351
RIGGS, JOHN                  LYONS                         NY-59-G-135
RIGGS, JOSEPH                LYONS                         NY-59-H-35
RIGGS, MILES BRADLEY         MACEDON                       NY-59-2-453
RIGGS, WILLIAM D.            LYONS                         NY-59-F-264
RISE, CHARLES                SODUS                         NY-59-P-95
RISLEY, HARRIS               ONTARIO                       NY-59-9-453
RISLEY, OBED                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-L2-195
RISMER, JOSIAS               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-119
ROBBINS, LEICESTER           WALWORTH                      NY-59-G-9
ROBBINS, MARY A.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-10-173
ROBERTS, JOHN                ROSE                          NY-59-G-321
ROBERTS, MARGARET            MARION                        NY-59-P-162
ROBINSON, BALTES             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-H-215
ROBINSON, CALEB              ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-309
ROBINSON, CLARA              PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-259
ROBINSON, ESTHER             ONTARIO                       NY-59-A-239
ROBINSON, F. LYDIA           MACEDON                       NY-59-M-470
ROBINSON, ISAAC              ONTARIO                       NY-59-A-186
ROBINSON, JOHN W.            LYONS                         NY-59-11-213
ROBINSON, NANCY              ARCADIA                       NY-59-G-303
ROBINSON, NOAH               WALWORTH                      NY-59-I-583
ROBINSON, SAMUEL             ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-146
ROBINSON, THOMAS             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-#1-201
ROBINSON, THOMAS             SODUS                         NY-59-M-246
ROBINSON, WILLIAM J.         WALWORTH                      NY-59-Q-52
ROBISON, ANDREW J.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-241
ROBISON, ROBERT              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-Q-98
ROCHE, JAMES                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-241
RODENBACH, JACOB             LYONS                         NY-59-7-37
RODGERS, RICHARD             GALEN                         NY-59-B-72
RODMAN, ISAAC                MACEDON                       NY-59-P-303
ROE, AUSTIN                  BUTLER                        NY-59-L1-82
ROE, AUSTIN                  BUTLER                        NY-59-L1-66
ROE, AUSTIN                  ROSE                          NY-59-K-330
ROE, CHARLES A.              BUTLER                        NY-59-H-541
ROE, DANIEL                  BUTLER                        NY-59-U-425
ROE, ELIZABETH W.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-U-277
ROE, JOHN                    BUTLER                        NY-59-O-418
ROE, JOHN S.                 BUTLER                        NY-59-6-73
ROE, VICEY H.                BUTLER                        NY-59-7-46
ROE, WILLIS W.               BUTLER                        NY-59-M-420
ROGERS, ADELIA ISABELLA      LYONS                         NY-59-9-101
ROGERS, CARLTON H.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-365
ROGERS, DANIEL               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-569
ROGERS, DAVID                PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-381
ROGERS, DENISON              WALWORTH                      NY-59-F-139
ROGERS, EDWARD P.            LYONS                         NY-59-9-513
ROGERS, EMMA S.              WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-193
ROGERS, HARRY                ARCADIA                       NY-59-E-227
ROGERS, JACOB D.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-L2-63
ROGERS, JOHN C.              LYONS                         NY-59-#1-117
ROGERS, JOHN G.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-S-145
ROGERS, JOSEPH J.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-501
ROGERS, LUCINDA              MACEDON                       NY-59-U-545
ROGERS, MARY C.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-537
ROGERS, THOMAS               PALMYRA                       NY-59-G-195
ROHRBACKER, MAGDALENA        LYONS                         NY-59-3-109
ROHRBOCKER, FREDRICK         SODUS                         NY-59-O-365
ROLLER, JOHN G.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-189
ROOD, ASHER B.               WALWORTH                      NY-59-G-207
ROOD, EZEKIEL                ONTARIO                       NY-59-P-217
ROOK, JOHN                   GALEN                         NY-59-K-62
ROOKE, DELIA                 LYONS                         NY-59-L1-187
ROOKE, WILLIAM R.            GALEN                         NY-59-O-36
ROOKER, CHRISTOPHER          LYONS                         NY-59-#1-97
ROOKER, JOHN                 LYONS                         NY-59-P-31
ROSE, CHARLS A.              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-O-80
ROSE, JOHN                   GALEN                         NY-59-6-433
ROSE, MARY                   SODUS                         NY-59-4-477
ROSE, PHILANDER              SODUS                         NY-59-U-125
ROSEKRANS, JACOB             WALWORTH                      NY-59-7-225
ROSS, PHINEAS T.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-O-25
ROUCH, MAX                   ONTARIO                       NY-59-2-329
ROWE, FREDERICK              ARCADIA                       NY-59-Q-101
ROWE, JACOB C.               ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-309
ROWE, JOHN                   ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-441
ROWE, SARAH                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-39
ROWE, WILHELMUS              ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-117
ROWLEY, WILLIAM              PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-283
ROWLEY, WILLIAM              PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-304
ROY, COLL                    LYONS                         NY-59-A-100
ROY, ISRAEL                  GALEN                         NY-59-4-405
ROYCE, ISAAC T.              ROSE                          NY-59-O-167
ROYS, LEVI                   WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-I-554
ROZELL, ALBERT               LYONS                         NY-59-9-5
ROZELL, DANIEL R.            LYONS                         NY-59-L2-23
RUFFLE, JAMES                ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-229
RUNYON, REBECCA              ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-122
RUPPERT, JOHN H.             ROSE                          NY-59-S-413
RUSH, GEORGE                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-E-117
RUSH, HANNAH                 SODUS                         NY-59-11-13
RUSH, JAMES A.               SODUS                         NY-59-11-17
RUSH, LEWIS                  SODUS                         NY-59-11-469
RUSH, MARIUM                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-305
RUSSEL, DANIEL               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-E-72
RUSSEL, RICHARD              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-307
RUSSELL, CATHERINE L.        MARION                        NY-59-M-290
RUSSELL, DANIEL W.           MARION                        NY-59-L1-102
RUSSELL, GEORGE T.           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-481
RUSSELL, LUCY                MARION                        NY-59-H-17
RUSSELL, NATHANIEL           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-511
RUSSELL, S. MARIA            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-2-469
RUTHERFORD, WILLIAM          PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-113
RUTHLUFF, JOHN               LYONS                         NY-59-7-65

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