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HACK, JOHN                   WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-453
HADDEN, JOHN W.              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-T-289
HADSALL, JAMES               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-15
HAGAMAN, HENRY               WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-387
HAGAMAN, REBECCA JANE        WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-25
HAGERMAN, JOHN               WALWORTH                      NY-59-H-352
HAIGHT, CARLISLE M.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-265
HAIGHT, EUPHAMY              MACEDON                       NY-59-3-13
HAIGHT, JAMES                MACEDON                       NY-59-I-477
HAIGHT, SARAH                ONTARIO                       NY-59-11-505
HAK, CHARLES                 GALEN                         NY-59-6-373
HAKABUS, ISAAC               SODUS                         NY-59-U-229
HALE, THOMAS                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-A-22
HALL, AMASA                  MARION                        NY-59-F-134
HALL, AMBROSE                PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-157
HALL, AMOS                   WALWORTH                      NY-59-K-603
HALL, BRYANT                 GALEN                         NY-59-#1-317
HALL, EDWIN C.               PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-537
HALL, ELIZABETH              WALWORTH                      NY-59-N-235
HALL, JACOB                  LYONS                         NY-59-I-632
HALL, JACOB                  GALEN                         NY-59-C-57
HALL, JAMES                  MACEDON                       NY-59-C-120
HALL, JAMES M.               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-7-549
HALL, JOHN                   SODUS                         NY-59-7-229
HALL, MARGARET               BUTLER                        NY-59-G-153
HALL, MARTHA                 BUTLER                        NY-59-E-171
HALL, MARY ANN               ONTARIO                       NY-59-7-465
HALL, RACHAEL                ONTARIO                       NY-59-H-5
HALL, SARAH                  LYONS                         NY-59-8-1
HALL, SARAH ***              GALEN                         NY-59-L2-304
HALL, SUSAN                  GALEN                         NY-59-8-335
HALL, WILLIAM                ACADIA                        NY-59-B-157
HALLERAN, PATRICK            GALEN                         NY-59-U-513
HALSTEAD, HICKS              WALWORTH                      NY-59-7-381
HALSTRUM, FERNANDO           SODUS                         NY-59-3-189
HAM, CATHERINE               SODUS                         NY-59-P-250
HAMILTON, HARRIET H.         SAVANNAH                      NY-59-11-50
HAMILTON, WILLIAM            BUTLER                        NY-59-#1-137
HAMLIN, SOLOMON H.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-437
HAMM, CATHARINE              MACEDON                       NY-59-#1-453
HAMMOND, ALFRED E.           PALMRYA                       NY-59-2-181
HAMMOND, BURTON              LYONS                         NY-59-9-377
HAMMOND, ISAAC               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-3-93
HAMMOND, SALLY ADELIA        PALMYRA                       NY-59-R-189
HAMMOND, SOPHIE A.           LYONS                         NY-59-9-85
HANBY, HANNAH                ONTARIO                       NY-59-U-149
HANBY, PETER                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-H-366
HANCE, ISABELLA S.           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-U-405
HANCE, SAMUEL                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-218
HANCOX, JOHN                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-117
HANER, JONAS                 MARION                        NY-59-D-156
HANKENSON, JAMES W.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-189
HANKS, WATERMAN              MARION                        NY-59-H-261
HANO, JOHN                   LYONS                         NY-59-3-357
HANO, MARY                   LYONS                         NY-59-8-147
HANSON, GULIELMA W.          PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-325
HAPEMAN, ROBERT              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-457
HARDEN, JOSEPH               MACEDON                       NY-59-4-553
HARDENBURGH, HARRIET         LYONS                         NY-59-I-481
HARDENBURGH, JOHN L.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-308
HARDING, WILLIAM             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-63
HARDT, HENRY                 SODUS                         NY-59-8-571
HARKLEY, JAMES               WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-217
HARKNESS, JOHN               MARION                        NY-59-F-305
HARKNESS, OLIVE A.           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-559
HARKNESS, ROSWELL B.         WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-2-257
HARKNESS, SETH E.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-433
HARMON, JOHN                 SODUS                         NY-59-E-320
HARPER, ALBERT               ROSE                          NY-59-#1-41
HARPER, ALEXANDER H.         GALEN                         NY-59-M-437
HARPER, BUEL                 GALEN                         NY-59-H-31
HARPER, CATHARINE A.         ROSE                          NY-59-9-481
HARRIGAN, ELLEN              GALEN                         NY-59-6-285
HARRINGTON, AMOS             LYONS                         NY-59-N-494
HARRINGTON, CLEMENTIA        LYONS                         NY-59-T-225
HARRINGTON, DANIEL           SAVANNAH                      NY-59-U-13
HARRINGTON, ELLEN            GALEN                         NY-59-S-301
HARRINGTON, IRA              HURON                         NY-59-7-477
HARRINGTON, LUCY L.          LYONS                         NY-59-9-321
HARRINGTON, THOMSON          LYONS                         NY-59-O-13
HARRIS, CHARLES R.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-2-389
HARRIS, JAMES                SODUS                         NY-59-U-217
HARRIS, JOHN                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-466
HARRIS, PETER                PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-125
HARRISON, HURUM              ONTARIO                       NY-59-#1-477
HARRISON, LUMAN              PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-296
HARRISON, SUSAN              PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-171
HART, FREDERICK              SODUS                         NY-59-U-213
HART, MARION D.              ROSE                          NY-59-2-133
HART, SAMUEL C.              ROSE                          NY-59-7-109
HARTMAN, CONRAD              LYONS                         NY-59-A-275
HARTMAN, DOROTHEA            LYONS                         NY-59-9-229
HARTMAN, ISAAC V.            LYONS                         NY-59-10-537
HARTMAN, JAMES B.            LYONS                         NY-59-8-35
HARTMAN, JOHN                LYONS                         NY-59-M-113
HARTMAN, MARY                LYONS                         NY-59-N-564
HARTMAN, PARMELIA            LYONS                         NY-59-H-372
HARTNAGEL, FREDERICK         ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-121
HARTNAGEL, GEORGE            LYONS                         NY-59-11-137
HARTNAGEL, LEONARD           ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-411
HARVEY, CATHARINE            SODUS                         NY-59-T-449
HARVEY, GEORGE               SODUS                         NY-59-O-255
HARWOOD, CORNELIA A.         MACEDON                       NY-59-O-50
HARWOOD, SABRINA             BUTLER                        NY-59-R-465
HARWOOD, WEBB                NTL                           NY-59-A-128
HASKELL, WILLIAM T.          PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-437
HATCH, ELAM                  ONTARIO                       NY-59-L1-232
HATHAWAY, ALBERT G.          PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-359
HATHAWAY, GILBERT            SODUS                         NY-59-L1-114
HATHAWAY, SALMON             PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-116
HATHAWAY, SALMON             PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-123
HATHAWAY, WILLIAM            MARION                        NY-59-H-117
HATTLES, GEORGE M.           LYONS                         NY-59-#1-465
HAUGH, PHILIP                GALEN                         NY-59-I-345
HAUSE, BENJAMIN J.           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-297
HAUSER, FREDERICK            ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-357
HAUSER, FREDERICK            ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-184
HAWLEY, ASAHEL               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-F-213
HAWLEY, CHARLES              SODUS                         NY-59-#1-293
HAWLEY, WILLIAM              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-8-433
HAWVER, ABRAHAM              MARION                        NY-59-#1-305
HAY, ANDREW                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-241
HAYGREEN, ELIZA              MACEDON                       NY-59-#1-1
HAYNES, CORNELIUS C.         LYONS                         NY-59-L1-245
HAYNES, HERSHELL R.          MACEDON                       NY-59-2-289
HEATH, DANIEL F.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-318
HEATH, DAVID W.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-126
HEATH, MARIA                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-245
HEBBARD, BENJAMIN            PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-285
HECOX, ELI                   LYONS                         NY-59-I-271
HEDDEN, SAMUEL               PHELPS                        NY-59-A-40
HEDGES, SAMUEL               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-D-257
HEFTY, ELIZABETH             PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-513
HEFTY, SAMUEL                PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-509
HEGEMAN, REM J.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-381
HEGERMAN, GEORGE             MARION                        NY-59-G-129
HEIDENREICH, JACOB           LYONS                         NY-59-11-241
HEIT, HENRY                  GALEN                         NY-59-10-245
HELMER, EVA                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-181
HELNER, HENRY F.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-23
HEMMINGS, GEORGE             WALWORTH                      NY-59-7-377
HENDEE, ROSETTA              LYONS                         NY-59-U-537
HENDERSON, GIDEON            ROSE                          NY-59-L2-282
HENDERSON, MORGAN            BUTLER                        NY-59-10-213
HENDERSON, SOPHIA J.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-345
HENDRICK, CORNELIA           WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-249
HENDRICK, LEVI               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-H-418
HENDRICK, WILLIAM            GALEN                         NY-59-I-191
HENDRIX, ABRAHAM             GALEN                         NY-59-L1-325
HENKEL, ANTON                LYONS                         NY-59-6-5
HENNESSY, BRIDGET            PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-117
HENNESSY, MINNIE L.          PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-377
HENSON, JOHN                 SODUS                         NY-59-O-447
HERBERT, CHRISTIAN           LYONS                         NY-59-M-321
HERBST, LOUISE               LYONS                         NY-59-U-321
HERGETT, MARGARET            ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-169
HERMAN, HENRY                SODUS                         NY-59-3-141
HERMAN, JOHN J.              WALWORTH                      NY-59-#1-145
HERMANS, RACHEL              LYONS                         NY-59-L2-121
HERN, CONRAD                 SODUS                         NY-59-T-21
HERNON, MARGARET             ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-61
HERSEY, BETSEY               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-533
HESLOR, ALANSON              MARION                        NY-59-10-97
HESLOR, MARION M.            MARION                        NY-59-#1-569
HEWITT, SARAH E. H.          MACEDON                       NY-59-2-321
HEWSON, LYDIA A.             SODUS                         NY-59-8-513
HEWSON, THOMAS               SODUS                         NY-59-#1-253
HEWSON, WILLIAM              SODUS                         NY-59-P-68
HEYWOOD, JOHN                BUTLER                        NY-59-M-533
HIBBARD, HAMILTON            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-361
HIBBARD, LUCIUS              BUTLER                        NY-59-H-141
HIBBARD, PLINY V.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-6-281
HICKOCK, SOPHIA              ROSE                          NY-59-T-5
HICKOK, WILLIAM              ROSE                          NY-59-M-518
HICKS, GARDNER               PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-352
HICKS, LEVI J.               WALWORTH                      NY-59-I-579
HICKS, MARY                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-316
HICKS, ORRIN                 MARION                        NY-59-6-153
HICKS, SIMEON                WALWORTH                      NY-59-C-157
HIGGINS, HENRY G.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-H-349
HIGGINS, LEMUEL              NTL                           NY-59-A-25
HILL, AARON                  SODUS                         NY-59-E-135
HILL, ABRAHAM                HURON                         NY-59-6-573
HILL, ELIJAH                 MACEDON                       NY-59-H-392
HILL, HORACE                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-249
HILL, JAMES H.               HURON                         NY-59-N-271
HILL, JAMES W.               HURON                         NY-59-I-104
HILL, JOHN P.                ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-301
HILL, WELCOME                MACEDON                       NY-59-F-157
HILLER, DOROTHEA             LYONS                         NY-59-4-173
HILLMAN, JOHN                PALMYRA                       NY-59-L1-121
HILLMAN, ROSINA              GALEN                         NY-59-O-90
HIMES, CHARLES               ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-117
HINDILL, MILTON              ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-481
HISE, WALTER                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-S-449
HOAG, BENJAMIN JR.           MACEDON                       NY-59-C-91
HOAG, BENJAMIN JR.           MACEDON                       NY-59-B-226
HOAG, DANIEL B.              MACEDON                       NY-59-U-353
HOAG, HUMPHREY H.            MACEDON                       NY-59-10-553
HOAG, JACOB                  MACEDON                       NY-59-I-283
HOCKENBERGER, JACOB          ONTARIO                       NY-59-#1-17
HODGES, JOHN W.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-K-503
HODGES, ZEBIDEE              ONTARIO                       NY-59-U-77
HODGSON, ANNIE KENNELLY      PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-49
HOFF, ISAAC                  WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-137
HOLCOMB, MILES               MARION                        NY-59-#1-517
HOLDRIDGE, ANDREW J.         SAVANNAH                      NY-59-9-89
HOLDRIDGE, POLLY             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-7-413
HOLDROF, FREDERICH           PENFIELD, MONROE, NY          NY-59-11-465
HOLLAND, JOHN                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-4
HOLLENBECK, CHARLES          SODUS                         NY-59-10-305
HOLLENBECK, MICHAEL M.       SODUS                         NY-59-I-29
HOLLING, ANDREW              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-473
HOLLING, RACHEL B.           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-321
HOLMES, DAVID                PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-469
HOLMES, IRA S.               MARION                        NY-59-#1-398
HOLMES, JAMES                ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-388
HOMEWOOD, JOHN               LYONS                         NY-59-2-37
HOMEWOOD, MARY A.            LYONS (CONTESTED)             NY-59-3-501
HONCROFT, ROBERT             SODUS                         NY-59-O-192
HOOKER, WILLIAM              ONTARIO                       NY-59-7-353
HOOKER, ZINA                 GALEN                         NY-59-L1-171
HOOPER, NICHOLAS             LYONS                         NY-59-E-62
HOPE, THOMAS                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-165
HOPE, THOMAS S.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-596
HOPE, WILLIAM                MARION                        NY-59-#1-433
HOPKINS, BENJAMIN            PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-57
HOPKINS, BETSEY              PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-186
HOPKINS, ELI H.              SODUS                         NY-59-9-197
HOPKINS, HARRIET A.          ONTARIO                       NY-59-Q-119
HOPKINS, JAMES               SODUS                         NY-59-M-154
HOPKINS, JOHN W.             GALEN                         NY-59-O-486
HOPKINS, JONAH               PALMYRA                       NY-59-F-56
HOPKINS, LODUSCA             SODUS                         NY-59-#1-297
HOPKINS, MARTHA H.           LYONS                         NY-59-O-148
HOPP, GEORGE                 SODUS                         NY-59-T-33
HORN, DANIEL                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-425
HORN, HENRY                  LYONS                         NY-59-9-225
HORN, MATHEW F.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-461
HORRIG, ELMER K.             MACEDON                       NY-59-4-245
HORTMAN, BENJAMIN            LYONS                         NY-59-B-161
HORTON, CARLTON S.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-L1-116
HORTON, EDNA D.              ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-109
HORTON, JAMES P.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-525
HORTON, JOHN                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-I-485
HORTON, JOSEPH               ONTARIO                       NY-59-G-51
HORTON, JOSEPH J.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-12
HORTON, MICHAEL              GALEN                         NY-59-N-337
HORTON, WILLIAM V.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-K-101
HORTON, WILSON               GALEN                         NY-59-#1-441
HOSAN, ASHLEY                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-L1-125
HOUGHTON, GORDIONS           MACEDON                       NY-59-B-295
HOUSE, CAROLINE              ONTARIO                       NY-59-11-261
HOW, BARTHOLOMEW             MACEDON                       NY-59-N-350
HOWARD, WILLIAM W.           MARION                        NY-59-11-517
HOWE, FREEMAN                WALWORTH                      NY-59-U-169
HOWEL, JAMES H.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-20
HOWELL, ANNA                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-G-333
HOWELL, ELIAS P.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-341
HOWELL, HANNAH               ARCADIA                       NY-59-E-12
HOWELL, HANNAH               PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-262
HOWELL, ISAAC                PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-147
HOWELL, JONAH                PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-17
HOWELL, JOSHUA               MARION                        NY-59-L1-329
HOWELL, VERNON R.            LYONS                         NY-59-8-499
HOWELL, WILLIAM N.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-466
HOWELL, ZEPHENIAH            MARION                        NY-59-C-105
HOWLAND, GEORGE              ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-288
HOWLAND, JOSEPH M.           MACEDON                       NY-59-Q-179
HOWLAND, SOLOMON A.          MACEDON                       NY-59-U-473
HOWORTH, WILLIAM             SODUS                         NY-59-P-193
HOXIE, BETSEY                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-D-368
HOXIE, STEPHEN               MACEDON                       NY-59-B-41
HOYT, ASAHEL                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-H-299
HOYT, ASAHEL                 MARION                        NY-59-F-252
HOYT, DAVID D.               PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-201
HOYT, ESTHER G.              WALWORTH                      NY-59-7-257
HOYT, GEORGE H.              CLYDE                         NY-59-10-153
HOYT, LEWIS                  MARION                        NY-59-K-587
HOYT, MYRON                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-K-359
HUBBARD, ORESTES             BUTLER                        NY-59-K-469
HUDSON, PATTY                ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-122
HUENNESSY, MARY              PALMYRA                       NY-59-#1-6
HUFFMAN, HENRY               MACEDON                       NY-59-M-250
HUGGINS, ZADOK               MARION                        NY-59-F-7
HUGHES, CAROLINE L.          PALMYRA                       NY-59-L1-285
HUGHES, EDWARD               GALEN                         NY-59-T-389
HUGHSON, HORACE              LYONS                         NY-59-O-263
HUGHSON, JACOB D.            SODUS                         NY-59-F-4
HUGHSON, JOHN                SAVANNAH                      NY-59-L2-221
HUMBERT, GEORGE              ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-389
HUME, SALLY                  ROSE                          NY-59-P-184
HUMMISTON, IRA               ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-161
HUMPHRY, FRANKLIN            GALEN                         NY-59-P-127
HUNER, PHILIP                ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-153
HUNN, HARRISON K.            ROSE                          NY-59-Q-46
HUNN, JAMES O.               ROSE                          NY-59-I-365
HUNT, ALONZO                 LYONS                         NY-59-O-145
HUNT, WILLIAM S.             GALEN                         NY-59-9-309
HUNTER, HARRIET C.           LYONS                         NY-59-10-409
HUNTER, THOMAS               LYONS                         NY-59-10-405
HUNTLEY, TIMOTHY B.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-101
HURLBURT, CAROLINE           PALMYRA                       NY-59-R-305
HURLBURT, JOHN               MACEDON                       NY-59-7-429
HURLERMAN, JACOB             LYONS                         NY-59-O-32
HURLEY, GEORGE               WALWORTH                      NY-59-P-112
HURLEY, JESSE                ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-43
HURLEY, NELSON               ONTARIO                       NY-59-S-201
HUSTON, ARCHIBALD            ONTARIO                       NY-59-L2-208
HUTCHINS, HENRY              MARION                        NY-59-I-40
HUTCHINS, THOMAS             MARION                        NY-59-B-384
HUTCHINSON, LEONARD P.       ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-176
HYDE, CHARLES H.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-3-129
HYDE, HENRY                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-A-164
HYDE, STEPHEN                PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-557
HYSER, EVELINE               ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-49
INGERSOLL, GEORGE            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-E-295
INGERSOLL, THOMAS            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-G-21
INGLESON, ADIAN DON          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-365
INSLER, MARY ANN             LYONS                         NY-59-L2-374
IRELAND, JAMES               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-119
IRELAND, JAMES               MARION                        NY-59-N-578
IRISH, AMOS                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-445
IRISH, CHESTER S.            BUTLER                        NY-59-N-482
IRWIN, WILLIAM P.            SODUS                         NY-59-K-21
JACKSON, AARON M.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-G-201
JACKSON, CYRUS               LYONS                         NY-59-K-599
JACKSON, GEORGE W.           LYONS                         NY-59-U-417
JACKSON, STILLMAN            PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-4
JACOBY, LEVI L.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-233
JAGGER, CYRENUS              PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-325
JAGGER, JOHN                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-449
JAMESON, HUGH                LYONS                         NY-59-3-101
JARVIS, WILLIAM T.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-197
JAYNE, JOSEPH                ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-378
JEFFERS, NATHAN              ROSE                          NY-59-G-105
JEFFERS, ROBERT              ROSE                          NY-59-D-86
JENKINS, JAMES M.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-Q-42
JENKINS, THEODORE            BUTLER                        NY-59-7-253
JENNINGS, DANIEL             ONTARIO                       NY-59-L2-101
JEROME, ELIZA E.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-97
JESSUP, ALBERT               PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-54
JEWELL, BARNEY               ROSE                          NY-59-4-37
JEWETT, HANNAH               MACEDON                       NY-59-P-335
JEWETT, WILLIAM D.           HURON                         NY-59-H-27
JOHNSON, APPOLLOS            SODUS                         NY-59-11-21
JOHNSON, CORNELIUS           SODUS                         NY-59-7-445
JOHNSON, DAVID               ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-530
JOHNSON, DEBORAH             ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-329
JOHNSON, ELI                 LYONS                         NY-59-F-195
JOHNSON, FLETCHER S.         WOLCOTT                       NY-59-11-333
JOHNSON, GERTRUDE            ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-270
JOHNSON, JAMES H.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-449
JOHNSON, JOSEPH              PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-64
JOHNSON, RUSSELL             ONTARIO                       NY-59-10-313
JOHNSON, THOMAS              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-3-149
JOHNSON, THOMAS WATSON       WALCOTT                       NY-59-#1-49
JOHNSTON, JOHN               PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-229
JOHNSTON, THOMAS             PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-125
JOINER, DOROUS B.            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-2-505
JOLLY, MERCY                 SODUS                         NY-59-6-25
JONES, EDWARD                GALEN                         NY-59-M-630
JONES, FRANCES E.            PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-461
JONES, JACOB                 MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-198
JONES, JAMES M.              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-233
JONES, LURA                  HURON                         NY-59-M-91
JONES, LUTHER                HURON                         NY-59-L2-41
JONES, MARIA                 BUTLER                        NY-59-7-349
JONES, PARDON                ROSE                          NY-59-2-233
JONES, RICHARD J.            GALEN                         NY-59-B-64
JONES, ROBERT H.             MACEDON                       NY-59-4-501
JORDAN, DANIEL               MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-79
JORDAN, DANIEL               MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-42
JORDAN, EDGAR A.             MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-281
JORDAN, JOHN                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-137
JORDAN, WILLIAM H.           MACEDON                       NY-59-9-397
JOSSE, PETER                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-2-29
JOUDAN, LOUISA               PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-181
JUDD, BETHEL                 ROCHESTER, MONROE, NY         NY-59-G-402
JUDSON, JOSEPH               LYONS                         NY-59-D-130
JUNE, ALVIN                  LYONS                         NY-59-S-469
KAISER, JOHN                 NEWARK                        NY-59-11-341
KANOUSE, WYAN                GALEN                         NY-59-4-305
KEARIN, ELIZA                GALEN                         NY-59-3-353
KEELER, JOHN                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-N-150
KEELEY,MICHAEL               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-7-533
KEENAN, PATRICK              GALEN                         NY-59-O-421
KEESLAR, ADAM                HURON                         NY-59-2-541
KELLER, DWIGHT               LYONS                         NY-59-11-561
KELLER, JACOB                ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-357
KELLERHOUSE, CONRADE         ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-101
KELLEY, CHARLES H.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-101
KELLEY, EBENEZER H.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-343
KELLEY, GEORGE               SODUS                         NY-59-2-153
KELLOGG, CHARLOTTE E.        LYONS                         NY-59-S-341
KELLOGG, EZEKIEL             MARION                        NY-59-A-152
KELLOGG, ISRAEL H.           MACEDON                       NY-59-11-361
KELLOGG, JOHN                BUTLER                        NY-59-P-144
KELLOGG, NATHANIEL           SODUS                         NY-59-F-39
KELLY, ELIZABETH             ONTARIO                       NY-59-#1-501
KELLY, JAMES                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-541
KELLY, JOHN G.               SODUS                         NY-59-T-9
KELLY, MARY M.               MACEDON                       NY-59-N-567
KELLY, WILLIS                MACEDON                       NY-59-A-98
KELMER, SARAH                SODUS                         NY-59-7-97
KELSEY, DAVID                GALEN                         NY-59-P-403
KEMPER, SUSAN                ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-513
KEMPF, PHILIP                PERINTON                      NY-59-7-106
KENNEDY, EDWARD              MACEDON                       NY-59-P-421
KENNELLY, PATRICK            PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-413
KENT, ELIJAH                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-E-231
KENT, JAMES                  MACEDON                       NY-59-S-149
KENT, JAMES B.               PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-493
KENT, SARAH MARIA            NTL                           NY-59-#1-325
KENYON, FRIEND               MARION                        NY-59-U-145
KEOUGH, JAMES                MACEDON                       NY-59-N-365
KERN, DAVID                  LYONS                         NY-59-8-175
KETCHAM, TIMOTHY             FORT BAY                      NY-59-B-117
KETCHUM, ALVAH               GALEN                         NY-59-L1-156
KETCHUM, CHRISITNA           GALEN                         NY-59-2-441
KETCHUM, LEANDER S.          GALEN                         NY-59-M-79
KING, DION                   LYONS                         NY-59-P-285
KING, ELISHA                 SODUS                         NY-59-L1-152
KING, MILES                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-113
KINGSBURY, JOHN C.           LYONS                         NY-59-E-1
KINGSLAND, NATHANIEL B.      SAVANNAH                      NY-59-3-281
KINGSLEY, ELIJAH             MARION                        NY-59-T-57
KINNEY, MARGARET             ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-165
KINSELLA, JOHN               GALEN                         NY-59-9-137
KINSELLA, MICHAEL            MARION                        NY-59-2-553
KIP, PETER                   ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-453
KIP, WILLIAM J.              MACEDON                       NY-59-L2-45
KIPP, ALONZO                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-Q-176
KIPP, EMILY T.               WALWORTH                      NY-59-11-557
KISE, ADAM N.                GALEN                         NY-59-P-157
KISE, JALORIA A.             GALEN                         NY-59-11-249
KITCHEN, MATHEW              SODUS                         NY-59-L1-228
KITCHEN, WILLIAM             SODUS                         NY-59-N-535
KLIPPEL, JOHN                LYONS                         NY-59-11-365
KLIPPLE, FREDRICK            WALWORTH                      NY-59-R-353
KNAPP, ALEXANDER             SODUS                         NY-59-M-226
KNAPP, ALVIN M.              HURON                         NY-59-L2-73
KNAPP, CALEB                 MARION                        NY-59-H-43
KNAPP, CALISTA E.            MARION                        NY-59-8-333
KNAPP, CHARLES               WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-304
KNAPP, ELIAS                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-H-533
KNAPP, ELIZABETH A.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-268
KNAPP, GEORGE M.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-11-281
KNAPP, HAM                   ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-126
KNAPP, HENRY                 MARION                        NY-59-C-126
KNAPP, LYNDON A.             SODUS                         NY-59-N-214
KNAPP, MINERVA R.            BUTLER                        NY-59-6-337
KNAPP, PHINEAS               SODUS                         NY-59-C-77
KNAPP, WALTER                SODUS                         NY-59-E-205
KNIGHT, THOMAS               PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-269
KNOBLOCH, JACOB              LYONS                         NY-59-6-157
KNOWLES, EVELYN S.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-501
KOESTER, JOHN                MACEDON                       NY-59-9-529
KOOLE, JACOB                 MACEDON                       NY-59-9-545
KORTS, ANNA                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-541
KREISS, JACOB                LYONS                         NY-59-N-242
KREISS, SALOMA               LYONS                         NY-59-4-301
KRETZ, SIMEON                ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-101
LABERTEAUX, PETER            BUTLER                        NY-59-M-299
LACNER, ABRAM                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-139
LADU, OLIVER                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-L2-230
LAIRD, JEMIMA                WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-377
LAKE, GEORGE                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-386
LAKE, JOSEPH                 HURON                         NY-59-6-97
LAKEY, CAROLINE              PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-37
LAMB, CHAUNCEY B.            GALEN                         NY-59-8-369
LAMB, HAYDEN                 HURON                         NY-59-U-209
LAMB, JANE                   LYONS                         NY-59-U-121
LAMB, JOHN                   ROSE                          NY-59-8-565
LAMB, JOSEPH                 GALEN                         NY-59-K-397
LAMB, REUBEN PALMER          PALMYRA                       NY-59-L2-258
LAMB, WILLIAM                HURON                         NY-59-K-214
LAMB, WILLIAM E.             GALEN                         NY-59-Q-167
LAMBERT, THOMAS              ROSE                          NY-59-U-333
LAMBET, ELIZABETH            ROSE                          NY-59-11-373
LAMBRIX, FREDERICK           LYONS                         NY-59-3-497
LAMOREAUX, DAVID W.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-19
LAMOREAUX, JABEZ S.          GALEN                         NY-59-O-258
LAMOREAUX, JOHN              BUTLER                        NY-59-I-249
LAMOREAUX, MARY              ARCADIA                       NY-59-#1-77
LAMOREAUX, PETER             ROSE                          NY-59-E-361
LAMSON, ALBERT G.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-5
LAMSON, CORDELIA             BUTLER                        NY-59-T-205
LAMSON, JONATHAN             LYONS                         NY-59-P-190
LAMSON, LUCY                 SODUS                         NY-59-#1-101
LAMSON, THOMAS J.            BUTLER                        NY-59-O-275
LANDON, HARRIET A.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-521
LANDON, MILES L.             SODUS                         NY-59-O-96
LANE, FRANCIS BOWMAN         LYONS                         NY-59-11-345
LANE, LEVI                   LYONS                         NY-59-6-277
LANE, SALLY                  LYONS                         NY-59-4-141
LANE, ZIBA                   LYONS                         NY-59-L1-208
LANG, PHILIP                 GALEN                         NY-59-7-85
LANGDON, DANIEL              MACEDON                       NY-59-S-33
LANGDON, EBEN D.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-305
LANGDON, ELIAS               GALEN                         NY-59-E-268
LANGDON, JOHN W.             GALEN                         NY-59-S-209
LANGDON, MARGARET H.         MACEDON                       NY-59-K-389
LANGDON, MARY                PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-401
LANGLEY, BETHANY             ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-19
LANGLEY, MYRON A.            HURON                         NY-59-M-559
LANGWORTHY, FRANCES E.       PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-329
LAPE, ANNIS                  GALEN                         NY-59-4-125
LAPHAM, ALBERT H.            MACEDON                       NY-59-U-1
LAPHAM, AMANDA EVERETT       PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-213
LAPHAM, GEORGE               GALEN                         NY-59-E-69
LAPHAM, HUMPHREY S.          MACEDON                       NY-59-K-13
LAPHAM, JOHN                 MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-236
LAPHAM, LUCY                 MACEDON                       NY-59-P-331
LAPHAM, SARAH                GALEN                         NY-59-N-291
LAPHAM, SOLOME               MACEDON                       NY-59-U-457
LAPHAM, STEPHEN              GALEN                         NY-59-Q-161
LAPHAM, WILLIAM S.           MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-29
LARKING, CHARLES             MARION                        NY-59-M-451
LARUE, JAMES ***             LYONS                         NY-59-I-146
LARUE, JOSEPH                LYONS                         NY-59-6-77
LASHER, CONRAD               WALWORTH                      NY-59-R-5
LASHER, JEREMIAH             WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-349
LATTIMORE, ROBERT N.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-125
LAURENCE, ISAAC J.           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-221
LAUSTER, GEORGE              LYONS                         NY-59-3-445
LAWRENCE, ELIZABETH          SAVANNAH                      NY-59-8-503
LAWRENCE, PHILIP             WALWORTH                      NY-59-6-65
LAWRENCE, SAMUEL             PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-293
LAWTON, CAHRLES D.           GALEN                         NY-59-P-166
LAY, ROBERT P.               MARION                        NY-59-N-204
LAY, WILLIAM                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-168
LAYTON, JOHN                 LYONS                         NY-59-M-23
LEACH, ALMIRA S.             LYONS                         NY-59-4-129
LEACH, CHRISTINA             LYONS                         NY-59-#1-485
LEACH, ELIZABETH W.          LYONS                         NY-59-P-317
LEADLEY, JAMES               SODUS                         NY-59-9-13
LEADLEY, JOSEPH              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-M-34
LEADLEY, MARY E.             SODUS                         NY-59-4-177
LEAM, JOHN                   GALEN                         NY-59-K-254
LEARN, ADAM                  GALEN                         NY-59-I-245
LEAVENS, JAMES               ONTARIO                       NY-59-H-75
LEAVENWORTH, ELISHA L.       WOOLCOTT                      NY-59-I-212
LECHNER, CHARLES W.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-413
LEE, IRA WILLIAMSON          NY-59-A-50
LEE, POLLY                   LYONS                         NY-59-L2-176
LEFARGRY, DENNIS             SODUS                         NY-59-L1-434
LEFAVOR, ALFRED              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-7-233
LEFORIS, JOSEPH              ONTARIO                       NY-59-4-337
LEGGETT, JOHN                GALEN                         NY-59-H-83
LEGGETT, JOHN T.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-197
LEHN, MICHAEL                ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-417
LEIGHTON, BENJAMIN           SODUS                         NY-59-S-385
LEMBKE, JOHN                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-525
LEMEN, NANCY C.              WALWORTH                      NY-59-7-201
LEMMON, ELIJAH               SODUS                         NY-59-Q-170
LEMUNYON, EMMA MARIA         NEWARK                        NY-59-S-317
LENT, JAMES                  MACEDON                       NY-59-K-349
LEONARD, SOLOMON             MARION                        NY-59-D-5
LEPPER, ELIZABETH            SODUS                         NY-59-8-363
LEROY, HENDRICK              MARION                        NY-59-S-41
LEROY, JOHN                  BUTLER                        NY-59-L2-278
LEVANWAY, CYNTHIA D.         ROSE                          NY-59-7-121
LEWIS, ALONZO                ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-53
LEWIS, ANTOINE               LYONS                         NY-59-P-91
LEWIS, CAROLINE              PALMYRA                       NY-59-11-45
LEWIS, ELISHA S.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-513
LEWIS, FREDERICK F.          WALWORTH                      NY-59-10-541
LEWIS, JOSEPH                LYONS                         NY-59-#1-341
LEWIS, JOSEPH                WALCOTT                       NY-59-S-125
LEWIS, MARY                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-43
LEWIS, PHILANDER T.          ROSE                          NY-59-4-21
LIENHART, SAMUEL             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-I-615
LILLY, ASA                   PALMYRA                       NY-59-C-373
LINAAR, JACOB                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-553
LINCOLN, EDWARD              MACEDON                       NY-59-O-443
LINCOLN, THERON L.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-261
LINDLEY, WILLIAM H. LYON     ROSE                          NY-59-#1-401
LIVINGSTON, ADAM             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-7-237
LIVINGSTON, JACOB            WOLCOTT                       NY-59-7-433
LOBDELL, ELIZABETH           PALMYRA                       NY-59-L2-83
LOBDELL, WILLIAM             PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-95
LOCK, SAMUEL                 GALEN                         NY-59-4-485
LOCKWOOD, BETSEY             WALWORTH                      NY-59-P-195
LOCKWOOD, GEORGE B.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-465
LOCKWOOD, SETH               WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-82
LOFTHOUSE, ALVARA            ONTARIO                       NY-59-L1-419
LOFTHOUSE, THOMAS            ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-537
LOGAN, SIMEON F.             CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-59-4-81
LOHMEYER, FRIDERICH          LYONS                         NY-59-11-329
LOKE, EDWARD                 GALEN                         NY-59-S-325
LOLLEY, GEORGE               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-E-283
LOOKUP, WILLIAM              MARION                        NY-59-8-261
LOOMIS, BENJAMIN             SODUS                         NY-59-S-473
LOOMIS, OSCAR                WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-297
LOOS, FRANK                  LYONS                         NY-59-T-17
LORSZ, CATHARINE             LYONS                         NY-59-10-577
LOVE, HARRIET                WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-21
LOVEJOY, DANIEL              ROSE                          NY-59-I-279
LOVEJOY, NORMAN              ROSE                          NY-59-8-47
LOVEJOY, WILLIAM             ROSE                          NY-59-K-531
LOVEJOY, WILLIAM C.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-A-265
LOVELAND, MAGGIE B.          ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-125
LOVELESS, JOSIAH             BUTLER                        NY-59-#1-429
LOVELESS, RANSOM             BUTLER                        NY-59-K-274
LUCAS, SAMUEL                ARCADIA                       NY-59-I-4
LUCE, DANIEL F.              MARION                        NY-59-3-545
LUCE, WILLIAM                PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-101
LUDINGTON, SALLY ANN         WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-265
LUMMIS, WILLIAM N.           SODUS                         NY-59-B-169
LUMMIS, WILLIAM W.           SODUS                         NY-59-B-35
LUNDY, JULIA E.              GALEN                         NY-59-I-587
LUNDY, LEVI                  GALEN                         NY-59-11-357
LUSK, DANIEL H.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-G-87
LUSK, ELIZABETH              WALWORTH                      NY-59-B-195
LUSK, JACOB P.               ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-63
LUSK, JEREMIAH               ONTARIO                       NY-59-A-168
LUSK, JEREMIAH               ONTARIO                       NY-59-B-201
LUSK, JOHN                   WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-9
LUSK, NATHAN J.              MARION                        NY-59-T-121
LUX, CATHERINE D.            GALEN                         NY-59-P-438
LUX, ERNST                   GALEN                         NY-59-4-297
LUX, JOHN G.                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-108
LYMAN, CATHERINE             LYONS                         NY-59-7-185
LYMAN, HENRY G.              ROSE                          NY-59-E-219
LYMAN, JESSE                 ROSE                          NY-59-K-57
LYON, ABEL                   ROSE                          NY-59-3-269
LYON, PHILO                  MACEDON                       NY-59-8-121
LYONS, ROXANNA               ROSE                          NY-59-R-297
LYONS, WALTER                ROSE                          NY-59-O-20
LYTLE, POLLY                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-4-369
LYTLE, SAMUEL                BUTLER                        NY-59-U-73

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