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DAILEY, EMMA M.              SODUS                         NY-59-8-305
DANFORD, ORIN E.             SODUS                         NY-59-8-227
DANFORTH, ROSANNA M.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-249
DANFORTH, WILLIAM            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-K-286
DANIELS, AMOS                ARCADIA                       NY-59-B-369
DANIELS, BARNEY M.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-E-287
DARLING, JOHN                BUTLER                        NY-59-4-241
DARLING, PETER               HURON                         NY-59-3-533
DARMODY, JOHN                MARION                        NY-59-#1-389
DARROW, ROYAL                LYONS                         NY-59-K-218
DAVENPORT, EDWARD C.         MACEDON                       NY-59-10-477
DAVENPORT, JOHN K.           HURON                         NY-59-C-319
DAVIS, BENJAMIN              SODUS                         NY-59-G-39
DAVIS, CHARLOTTE             MARION                        NY-59-R-253
DAVIS, DANIEL D.             HOPEWELL                      NY-59-7-113
DAVIS, EBENEZER M.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-10-525
DAVIS, ISAAC                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-373
DAVIS, JAHAEL                MARION                        NY-59-#1-265
DAVIS, JAMES                 BUTLER                        NY-59-P-123
DAVIS, LYDIA                 SAVANNAH                      NY-59-R-97
DAVIS, PAUL H.               BUTLER                        NY-59-D-189
DAVIS, PHEBE A.              SAVANNAH                      NY-59-Q-158
DAVIS, SARAH                 HURON                         NY-59-R-277
DAY, JAMES                   ONTARIO                       NY-59-R-377
DAY, MARIA                   GALEN                         NY-59-7-373
DEADY, JOHN Q.               ROSE                          NY-59-H-292
DEAN, BENJAMIN               MARION                        NY-59-D-425
DEAN, CHARLES                MACEDON                       NY-59-6-109
DEAN, DANIEL                 MARION                        NY-59-T-85
DEAN, ELIPHALET              MARION                        NY-59-F-237
DEAN, JOHN S.                MACEDON                       NY-59-4-97
DEAN, JOSIAH                 MACEDON                       NY-59-D-265
DEAN, REUBEN                 MACEDON                       NY-59-R-301
DEANS, JOSEPH                BUTLER                        NY-59-C-153
DEARSTYNE, SAMUEL            ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-149
DEBARK, ISAAC                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-T-41
DEBEGHT, MADELINE            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-51
DEBORFER, CONSTANT           SODUS                         NY-59-10-385
DEBOTT, ADRIAN               ARCADIA                       NY-59-4-293
DECAN, JOHN                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-565
DECKER, PHILIP               ARCADIA                       NY-59-O-288
DEGELLEKE, MARY              SODUS                         NY-59-9-181
DEGOLYER, JOSEPH T.          LYONS                         NY-59-8-561
DEGOLYER, MELISSA B.         LYONS                         NY-59-I-465
DEKKERS, DANIEL              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-469
DELANEY, ELIZABETH           GALEN                         NY-59-3-429
DELANG, GEORGE G.            GALEN                         NY-59-P-354
DELANO, ISRAEL               MACEDON                       NY-59-G-418
DELIEGER, ABRAM              PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-239
DELOLYS, ISAAC               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L1-23
DELONG, EGBERT               HURON                         NY-59-O-310
DELONG, FRANCES L.           HURON                         NY-59-K-104
DELONG, IRA O.               MACEDON                       NY-59-L2-1
DELONG, JOSHUA               MACEDON                       NY-59-O-493
DEMAREST, PHILIP             SODUS                         NY-59-D-108
DEMING, HARRIET              SODUS                         NY-59-F-15
DEMMING, SARAH L.            GALEN                         NY-59-6-293
DEMMON, JOSEPH               LYONS                         NY-59-D-280
DEMULLER, JAKOBUS            SODUS                         NY-59-8-351
DENISE, ELEANOR V.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-S-13
DENISE, GARRETT              WALWORTH                      NY-59-G-291
DENISE, JANE                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-3-493
DENISE, JOHN                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-O-236
DENISON, BEBEE               SODUS                         NY-59-K-626
DENNINGTON, LOUISA           GALEN                         NY-59-R-293
DENNIS, JOSEPH D.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-272
DENNIS, MOSES                ROSE                          NY-59-M-515
DENNLER, PHILIP H.           LYONS                         NY-59-L1-403
DEPEW, JOHN                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-Q-131
DEPEW, THOMAS                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-M-325
DEPUY, ABRAHAM               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-557
DEPUY, NANCY ANN             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-11-441
DERBY, ERVIN                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-3-513
DEREGT, HERMAN               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-148
DERIGHT, ADRIAN              MARION                        NY-59-4-329
DERIGHT, JESSE               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-2-445
DERRICKSON, JACOB            LYONS                         NY-59-A-134
DESMOND, JOHN                GALEN                         NY-59-H-521
DEVENPORT, EBENEZER          MACEDON                       NY-59-F-191
DEVOE, MARY E.               GALEN                         NY-59-7-389
DEVOS, ABRAM                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-515
DEWEY, ELLEN C.              LYONS                         NY-59-3-161
DEWEY, SMITH                 LYONS                         NY-59-O-242
DEWINNE, JACOB               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-Q-105
DEWINNE, MATTYEA             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-6-197
DICKIE, JAMES                GALEN                         NY-59-10-545
DICKIE, WILLIAM              LYONS                         NY-59-7-409
DICKINSON, JOSEPH T.         MARION                        NY-59-4-29
DICKSON, GEORGE              GALEN                         NY-59-#1-229
DICKSON, JOHN I.             ROSE                          NY-59-N-489
DIEGEL, JACOB                ARCADIA                       NY-59-Q-59
DIETZ, MARTHA JANE           LYONS                         NY-59-3-261
DIETZ, SARAH M.              LYONS                         NY-59-6-145
DILLON, HELEN A.             MACEDON                       NY-59-9-497
DINGMAN, EBENEZER P.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-288
DIXON, ABEL                  ROSE                          NY-59-N-119
DIXON, ALICE                 ROSE                          NY-59-4-317
DIXON, MARY ANN              PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-291
DOAN, DANIEL                 GALEN                         NY-59-L2-188
DOAN, SARAH                  GALEN                         NY-59-L2-192
DOBELOW, JOHN                SODUS                         NY-59-K-357
DODD, WILLIAM                SODUS                         NY-59-R-461
DODDS, DAVID                 SODUS                         NY-59-#1-289
DODDS, JOHN                  SODUS                         NY-59-K-75
DODGE, ISAAC                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-#1-381
DOOLITTLE, STEPHEN           BUTLER                        NY-59-D-137
DOOLITTLE, WAIT              HURON                         NY-59-#1-281
DORR, FRANCES A.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-561
DORSEY, DANIEL               LYONS                         NY-59-A-1
DORSEY, ELEANOR              LYONS                         NY-59-B-103
DORSEY, THOMAS E.            LYONS                         NY-59-M-336
DOSLAGER, JOHN               SEE: OVERSLAUGH, JOHN         NY-59-7-461
DOTY, DANIEL D.              BUTLER                        NY-59-#1-209
DOTY, EMILINE                HURON                         NY-59-T-401
DOTY, JOHN                   HURON                         NY-59-S-193
DOTY, PETER                  BUTLER                        NY-59-L2-153
DOUGLASS, HERMAN             ARCADIA                       NY-59-A-230
DOUGLASS, IMSLEY             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-P-8
DOW, JOHN                    WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-253
DOW, SOLOMON                 GALEN                         NY-59-K-310
DOWD, ASENITH B.             HURON                         NY-59-M-643
DOWD, DANIEL                 HURON                         NY-59-I-473
DOWD, HARRIET A.             HURON                         NY-59-R-349
DOWD, HIRAM J.               HURON                         NY-59-8-243
DOWD, JOSEPH                 HURON                         NY-59-K-615
DOWD, MARY E.                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-61
DOWD, PHEBE                  HURON                         NY-59-U-61
DOWD, PHEBE L.               HURON                         NY-59-L1-76
DOWD, STEPHEN P.             HURON                         NY-59-4-53
DOWD, WATSON                 HURON                         NY-59-N-487
DOWNING, GEORGE              MACEDON                       NY-59-D-51
DRAKE, ANN                   ARCADIA                       NY-59-K-486
DRAKE, CORNELIUS             PALMYRA                       NY-59-M-50
DRAKE, JAMES                 LYONS                         NY-59-B-83
DRAKE, JOAB H.               PALMYRA                       NY-59-F-288
DRAKE, JOSIAH                PALMYRA                       NY-59-S-229
DRAKE, MARY ANN              ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-17
DRAKE, PHILEMON              LYONS                         NY-59-F-169
DRAKE, REBECCA               ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-347
DRAPER, AMOS P.              WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-257
DRAPER, EDWIN H.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-11-93
DRATT, LYMAN H.              SOUTH BUTLER                  NY-59-6-81
DRISCOLL, TIMOTHY            PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-45
DRURY, ALVIN                 HURON                         NY-59-10-269
DRURY, ANSON                 WALCOTT                       NY-59-R-433
DRURY, MARY M.               BUTLER                        NY-59-8-129
DUBOIS, ABRAHAM              ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-87
DUBOIS, ELIZABETH            ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-221
DUBYNE, JOSIAH               SODUS                         NY-59-H-129
DUDLEY, OLIVE M.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-N-543
DUEL, EZRA                   ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-373
DUEL, PHEBE                  MARION                        NY-59-P-146
DUELL, JOHN                  MARION                        NY-59-M-142
DUMOND, JOHN                 MARION                        NY-59-D-484
DUMOND, MARY                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-93
DUMUN, HANNAH                WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-390
DUNK, HENRY                  MARION                        NY-59-L2-77
DUNLAP, GEORGE               MACEDON                       NY-59-S-141
DUNLAP, SARAH                MACEDON                       NY-59-2-69
DUNMORE, WILLIAM             MACEDON                       NY-59-N-519
DUNN, ALMIRA                 LYONS                         NY-59-6-129
DUNN, FANNY                  LYONS                         NY-59-8-99
DUNN, HIRAM                  ROSE                          NY-59-4-493
DUNN, JAMES                  WOLCOTT                       NY-59-P-115
DUNN, MARY                   PALMYRA                       NY-59-8-209
DUNN, MEHITABEL              LYONS                         NY-59-S-361
DUNNING, MARY ANN            LYONS                         NY-59-P-315
DURFEE, AMANDA M.            MACEDON                       NY-59-M-390
DURFEE, EDWARD               PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-19
DURFEE, ELIAS                MARION                        NY-59-K-233
DURFEE, JUSTIN               PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-397
DURFEE, LEMUEL               MACEDON                       NY-59-N-589
DURFEE, LEMUEL               MACEDON                       NY-59-M-441
DURFEE, LEMUEL               PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-252
DURFEE, LUCY                 MARION                        NY-59-M-209
DURFEE, OLIVER               PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-195
DURFEE, PARDON               PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-174
DURFEE, PRUDENCE             PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-16
DURFEE, SAMUEL               PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-221
DURFEE, SIDNEY F.            MARION                        NY-59-9-37
DURFEE, STEPHEN              PALMYRA                       NY-59-G-99
DURFEE, SUSANNA              PALMYRA                       NY-59-G-339
DURFEE, SUSANNAH             PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-361
DURKIN, LAKEY                WALWORTH                      NY-59-R-21
DURKIN, WILLIAM              WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-273
DUSENBURY, WILLIAM           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-F-380
DUTCHER, DANIEL              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-K-10
DUTCHER, JANE                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-93
DUTTON, WILLIAM              HURON                         NY-59-I-518
DWINE, CATHARINE             PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-449
DWYER, EDWARD J.             LYONS                         NY-59-7-289
EAMES, JOHN C.               LYONS                         NY-59-K-552
EARLS, CALVIN                GALEN                         NY-59-3-385
EASON, HORACE                PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-201
EASTERLY, HANNAH             PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-397
EASTERLY, MARTIN             ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-267
EASTERLY, SOLOMON H.         LYONS                         NY-59-R-173
EASTON, ISAAC                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-A-113
EATON, ALONZO L.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-481
EATON, GEORGE                PALMYRA                       NY-59-6-273
EATON, JACOB                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-185
EATON, JAMES                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-253
EATON, MARY                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-525
EATON, PHINEAS D.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-S-305
EBERT, LOUIS                 GALEN                         NY-59-#1-541
ECKERT, JACOB                ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-457
EDDY, DAVID                  MARION                        NY-59-B-429
EDDY, EBENEZER               ONTARIO                       NY-59-N-362
EDDY, JESSE                  PALMYRA                       NY-59-G-297
EDDY, JOSEPH                 NTL                           NY-59-B-187
EDDY, NORMAN S.              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-S-313
EDGERTON, WILLIAM W.         PALMYRA                       NY-59-7-333
EDGETT, EZRA A.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-349
EDSON, JAMES L.              ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-345
EDWARDS, MARY C.             ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-397
EDWARDS, WILLIAM             SODUS                         NY-59-L1-307
EERS, EDWARD                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-260
EGGLESTON, BETSEY            ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-277
EGGLESTON, JOEL              ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-263
EGGLESTON, MARGARET          PALMYRA                       NY-59-6-45
EHRHARDT, DEDRICK            ARCADIA                       NY-59-L2-66
EHRHARDT, HELEN              LYONS                         NY-59-8-495
EICH, PHILIP                 LYONS                         NY-59-11-413
EISENTRAGER, ADOLPHUS        ONTARIO                       NY-59-7-305
EISENTRAGER, LUDWIG          WALWORTH                      NY-59-K-53
ELDRED, CLARK                ROSE                          NY-59-3-85
ELLENWOOD, JANE              ROSE                          NY-59-R-369
ELLENWOOD, LUCIUS            GALEN                         NY-59-U-185
ELLENWOOD, ORLANDO           ROSE                          NY-59-6-249
ELLENWOOD, SARAH J E.        LYONS                         NY-59-9-461
ELLENWOOD, WILLIAM           ROSE                          NY-59-C-343
ELLIOTT, CHARLES             WALWORTH                      NY-59-11-269
ELLIOTT, ELLEN               CLYDE                         NY-59-8-233
ELLIOTT, MARTIN A.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-6-257
ELLIS, WILLIAM               ROSE                          NY-59-#1-170
ELLIS, WILLIAM A.            GALEN                         NY-59-U-577
ELLSWORTH, MICHAEL           ONTARIO                       NY-59-2-333
ELMER, HANNAH G.             LYONS                         NY-59-6-541
ELMER, JAMES                 LYONS                         NY-59-4-253
ELOE, JOHN                   WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-11-421
ELTON, NOAH                  WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-291
ELY, LINUS                   GALEN                         NY-59-K-191
EMERSON, B. H. B.            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-G-15
EMERY, WALTER                SODUS                         NY-59-8-327
EMIGH, PETER                 GALEN                         NY-59-#1-445
ENGEL, DANIEL                LYONS                         NY-59-2-429
ENGERT, MAGDALIN             WALWORTH                      NY-59-10-341
ENGLE, JOHN                  MARION                        NY-59-L2-16
ESPENSCHEID, BARBARA         SODUS                         NY-59-10-141
ESPERESCHEID, JOHN           LYONS                         NY-59-2-285
ETHERINGTON, JOHN            SODUS                         NY-59-8-359
EVANS, MARY                  LYONS                         NY-59-B-189
EVANS, WILLIAM               PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-189
EVERETT, EPHRAIM             MARION                        NY-59-R-437
EVERETT, GEORGE C.           PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-389
EVERETT, JOHN                WALWORTH                      NY-59-N-107
EVERETT, SAMUEL              MACEDON                       NY-59-M-166
EVERHART, MARTHA             GALEN                         NY-59-7-572
EVERT, FREDERICK             ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-339
EVERTS, JOHN                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-371
EWALD, PETER                 LYONS                         NY-59-7-277
EWING, JOANNA                SODUS                         NY-59-4-33
EYRE, PHILIP                 LYONS                         NY-59-E-156
FAILING, ANDREW              ARCADIA                       NY-59-A-234
FAILING, DANIEL              LYONS                         NY-59-K-290
FAILING, GEORGE R.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-376
FAILING, SARAH A.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-37
FAIRBROTHER, JOHN W.         ONTARIO                       NY-59-I-208
FAIRCHILD, ABRAHAM           ARCADIA                       NY-59-G-183
FAIRCHILD, SAMUEL            NTL                           NY-59-A-171
FANNING, SAMUEL P.           WOLCOTT                       NY-59-8-41
FARRAND, BYRON C.            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-6-329
FARWELL, CHARLES P.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-I-25
FAULSTICK, GEORGE F.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-137
FAULSTICK, JOHN G.           LYONS                         NY-59-I-43
FEATHERBY, CHARLES W.        SODUS                         NY-59-D-387
FEATHERLY, NANCY ANN         SODUS                         NY-59-I-611
FEATHERLY, SOLOMON C.        SODUS                         NY-59-6-349
FELBUR, FRANKLIN             LYONS                         NY-59-U-421
FELLER, HARMON               PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-277
FELLER, JOHN D.              PALMYRA                       NY-59-F-161
FELLER, MARY H. C.           WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-K-384
FELLER, PETER D.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-388
FELLERS, ANDREW W.           FAIRVILLE                     NY-59-#1-421
FELLERS, JACOB P.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-L1-133
FELLERS, JNAS                LYONS                         NY-59-I-506
FELLOWS, JOSEPH              GENEVA, ONTARIO, NY           NY-59-B-164
FELLOWS, LAURA D.            LYONS                         NY-59-9-353
FENN, BETSEY ANN             SODUS                         NY-59-4-497
FENN, NELSON                 BUTLER                        NY-59-F-83
FENNER, FREDERIC             BUTLER                        NY-59-O-182
FERGUYSON, DAVID             GALEN                         NY-59-L1-296
FERRIN, REMUS                PALMYRA                       NY-59-G-285
FERRIS, ALICE                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-N-605
FERRIS, CALEB H.             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-K-135
FERRIS, HENRY H.             SAVANNAH                      NY-59-M-636
FERRIS, JAMES                SODUS                         NY-59-D-22
FERRIS, JOSEPH               SAVANNAH                      NY-59-U-261
FIELD, AMBROSE S.            GALEN                         NY-59-8-51
FIELD, BYRON                 GALEN                         NY-59-9-41
FIELD, CHARLES               SODUS                         NY-59-R-65
FIELD, DAVID                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-6-57
FIELD, GEORGE J.             MACEDON                       NY-59-#1-45
FIELD, MARIA A.              GALEN                         NY-59-8-111
FIELD, SILAS                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-L2-38
FIELDS, EPHRAIM              ARCADIA                       NY-59-A-183
FILKINS, ELIZABETH M.        ARCADIA                       NY-59-11-285
FILKINS, JACOB               SODUS                         NY-59-F-31
FILKINS, WILLIAM J.          SODUS                         NY-59-8-83
FINCH, DAVID S.              GALEN                         NY-59-9-165
FINCH, EBENEZER              WALWORTH                      NY-59-2-221
FINCH, ELIZABETH             ROSE                          NY-59-8-379
FINCH, JAMES                 LYONS                         NY-59-7-561
FINCH, JOHN                  ROSE                          NY-59-N-512
FINCKLEPAUGH, MICHAEL        SODUS                         NY-59-F-11
FINDLEY, JOHN                WALWORTH                      NY-59-L1-256
FINEGAN, JOHN                PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-570
FINGLETON, CATHERINE         PALMYRA                       NY-59-6-185
FINKLEPAUGH, JACOB           SODUS                         NY-59-F-232
FINLEY, JAY R.               WALWORTH                      NY-59-R-221
FINLEY, LEWIS R.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-315
FINLEY, MARY E.              WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-9
FINLEY, REUBEN               WALWORTH                      NY-59-P-107
FISH, HARRY S.               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-477
FISH, JOHN                   MARION                        NY-59-N-331
FISH, MARY                   MARION                        NY-59-P-131
FISHER, ADRIAN               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-O-392
FISHER, ANTHONY              MARION                        NY-59-8-463
FISHER, JAMES                LYONS                         NY-59-B-288
FISHER, JAMES                SODUS                         NY-59-11-473
FISHER, PETER                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-9-333
FISHER, ROBERT               PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-63
FISHER, WILLIAM              ROSE                          NY-59-8-257
FISK, BENJAMIN               ARCADIA                       NY-59-G-421
FISK, ESRA                   PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-314
FISK, ISAAC                  WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L1-20
FITCH, ALLEN H.              BUTLER                        NY-59-S-225
FITCH, CHARLES H.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-170
FITCH, EBENEZER              BUTLER                        NY-59-A-279
FITCH, ELIZABETH J.          WOLCOTT                       NY-59-2-481
FITCH, GILES                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-K-88
FITCH, MARIA                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-181
FITCH, PERLINA               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-N-377
FITZHUGH, ELISABETH C.       SODUS                         NY-59-G-159
FLEMING, GILBERT             BUTLER                        NY-59-11-385
FLEMING, RALSAMON            SAVANNAH                      NY-59-D-117
FLEMMING, CATHERINE M.       ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-185
FLINT, DANIEL                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-4-365
FLYNN, JOHN                  NEWARK                        NY-59-#1-217
FOIST, JOHN                  GALEN                         NY-59-I-358
FOIST, JOHN                  GALEN                         NY-59-E-175
FOLEY, JOHN                  SAVANNAH                      NY-59-10-529
FOOT, MATHIAS                SODUS                         NY-59-K-162
FORBES, HANNAH               LYONS                         NY-59-D-39
FORBES, RACHAEL              GALEN                         NY-59-8-71
FORBES, THOMAS               SODUS                         NY-59-E-201
FORBES, TOBIAS               GALEN                         NY-59-3-509
FORD, ALONZO N.              SODUS                         NY-59-N-298
FORD, DANIEL                 LYONS                         NY-59-I-77
FORD, MARY                   PALMYRA                       NY-59-L1-427
FORD, RICHARD H.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-49
FORMAN, DEWITT               WOLCOTT                       NY-59-U-105
FORTH, JOSEPH                MACEDON                       NY-59-10-457
FOSDICK, MARTIN W.           ONTARIO                       NY-59-U-573
FOSDICK, MORGAN              WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-499
FOSKELT, JOHN                MACEDON                       NY-59-L1-143
FOSKETT, MARIA               PALMYRA                       NY-59-10-321
FOSTER, AMANDA               PALMYRA                       NY-59-L1-140
FOSTER, BAILEY D.            ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-477
FOSTER, CHARLES D.           ARCADIA                       NY-59-F-248
FOSTER, CYRUS                PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-173
FOSTER, EDWIN J.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-T-53
FOSTER, ELIZABETH            LYONS                         NY-59-N-286
FOSTER, ELIZABETH            PALMYRA                       NY-59-O-142
FOSTER, HENRY                PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-424
FOSTER, HENRY J.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-T-241
FOSTER, HIRAM                PALMYRA                       NY-59-R-113
FOSTER, JEDEDIAH             PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-97
FOSTER, JOEL                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-A-204
FOSTER, JOEL                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-Q-173
FOSTER, JOHN                 SAVANNAH                      NY-59-U-141
FOSTER, LEWIS                PALMYRA                       NY-59-D-447
FOSTER, LOREN                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-E-365
FOSTER, PLINY                ARCADIA                       NY-59-C-375
FOSTER, RUSSELL              WALWORTH                      NY-59-P-164
FOSTER, WILLIAM              SODUS                         NY-59-I-130
FOSTER, ZENOS                PALMYRA                       NY-59-K-159
FOWLER, DAVID                GALEN                         NY-59-K-306
FOWLER, SARAH                SODUS                         NY-59-#1-277
FOWLER, SARAH J.             MARION                        NY-59-M-137
FOX, JOHN                    GALEN                         NY-59-N-360
FOX, LOUIS PHILIP            ROSE                          NY-59-P-240
FOX, MAGDALINA               ROSE                          NY-59-R-109
FRANK, CHARLOTTE             ARCADIA                       NY-59-10-557
FRANK, CHRISTIAN             LYONS                         NY-59-3-365
FRANK, PHILIPP               (IN GERMAN)                   NY-59-T-131
FRANKE, ABRAHAM              ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-325
FRANKENBERGHER, MARY A.      MARION                        NY-59-G-111
FRANKS, ROBERT               WALWORTH                      NY-59-4-169
FRASER, JESSIE               ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-429
FREAR, ISAAC                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-M-146
FRECH, GEORGE                ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-317
FREEMAN, ALANSON             PALMYRA                       NY-59-3-221
FREEMAN, AMY                 MACEDON                       NY-59-P-173
FREEMAN, MARGARET            WALWORTH                      NY-59-H-168
FREEMAN, THOMAS              WALWORTH                      NY-59-F-187
FRENCH, LEWIS M.             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-69
FREY, GEORGE                 LYONS                         NY-59-M-358
FRICK, FREDERICK             LYONS                         NY-59-P-179
FRIDENBURGH, MARTIN          ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-407
FRIES, ANDREW                ONTARIO                       NY-59-M-200
FRIES, DAVID                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-T-245
FRISBIE, ALBERT R.           GALEN                         NY-59-H-13
FRISBIE, PHILEMON            GALEN                         NY-59-D-11
FRITTS, PETER                ARCADIA                       NY-59-L2-116
FRITTS, THOMAS               MACEDON                       NY-59-H-346
FRITZ, CHRISTIAN             ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-322
FROST, EDWARD                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-#1-497
FRUER, JACOB                 MACEDON                       NY-59-B-442
FRY, RICHARD                 BUTLER                        NY-59-11-25
FULLER, ARTEMAS              GALEN                         NY-59-D-364
FULLER, CHAUNCEY             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-7-545
FULLER, ELIAS                ARCADIA                       NY-59-R-325
FULLER, HENRY W.             PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-409
FULTON, FANNY                SODUS                         NY-59-4-569
FURLONG, JOHN                GALEN                         NY-59-H-396
FURMAN, WILLIAM              MACEDON                       NY-59-N-466
GAFFIELD, GEORGE             SODUS                         NY-59-4-469
GAGE, ABIEL D.               MACEDON                       NY-59-K-373
GAGE, CHARLES S.             WOLCOTT                       NY-59-11-277
GAGE, SARAH                  ONTARIO                       NY-59-6-385
GALIE, DAVID E.              GALEN                         NY-59-U-317
GALLOWAY, CATHARINE W.       MARION                        NY-59-3-62
GALLOWAY, JAMES              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-A-31
GALLOWAY, JAMES              PALMYRA                       NY-59-B-445
GALLOWAY, JAMES D.           MACEDON                       NY-59-2-385
GALLOWAY, NANCY              PALMYRA                       NY-59-P-460
GAMBLE, ELIZA                PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-173
GAMBLE, JOSEPH               PALMYRA                       NY-59-9-153
GANNET, ENOCH                MACEDON                       NY-59-B-388
GANNON, ANNA                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-2-345
GARDNER, BENJAMIN J.         SODUS                         NY-59-A-259
GARDNER, BETSEY J.           NEWARK                        NY-59-8-449
GARDNER, CHARLES B.          WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-P-368
GARDNER, MARY A.             WALWORTH                      NY-59-11-289
GARDNER, MATILDA             WALWORTH                      NY-59-3-97
GARDNER, WILLIAM             LYONS                         NY-59-O-11
GARDNER, WILLIAM             ONTARIO                       NY-59-T-369
GARDNER, WILLIAM W.          WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-175
GARLACH, JACOB P.            MARION                        NY-59-C-290
GARLOCK, JACOB               GALEN                         NY-59-P-168
GARLOCK, MARY                SODUS                         NY-59-11-397
GARNER, JAMES F.             HURON                         NY-59-L2-49
GARRETT, AMASA               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L2-168
GARRISON, MARTIN             SODUS                         NY-59-M-313
GATCHELL, ELISHA             HURON                         NY-59-L2-57
GATCHELL, JEREMIAH           HURON                         NY-59-H-490
GATES, AMANDA                WOLCOTT                       NY-59-U-57
GATES, JOSEPH W.             ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-353
GATES, THERON R.             ONTARIO                       NY-59-7-517
GAUNDY, DORUS                MARION                        NY-59-U-401
GAY, REBECCA O.              LYONS                         NY-59-R-93
GAZLAY, JOSEPH               WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-8-237
GAZLAY, PHEBE ANN            WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-10-169
GEE, JOSEPHUS                ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-337
GEER, GEORGE                 MARION                        NY-59-#1-73
GEER, LEVI                   LYONS                         NY-59-G-375
GEER, NATHAN W.              LYONS                         NY-59-L1-69
GEIDER, GEORGE M.            SODUS                         NY-59-9-97
GERMOND, PHEBE               WALWORTH                      NY-59-P-244
GETMAN, GEORGE W.            LYONS                         NY-59-6-357
GIBBS, AMASA                 WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-C-419
GIBBS, EUNICE                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-F-245
GIBBS, HIRAM B.              MARION                        NY-59-6-69
GIBBS, RACHEL                WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-L1-70
GIBBS, WILLIAM               LYONS                         NY-59-A-216
GIBBS, WILLIAM               MARION                        NY-59-L1-46
GIBERSON, ENOCH              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-D-64
GIBSON, GEORGE               SODUS                         NY-59-#1-273
GIBSON, MARY                 SODUS                         NY-59-#1-393
GIFFORD, ISAAC               PALMYRA                       NY-59-I-428
GILBERT, DANIEL              WALWORTH                      NY-59-O-74
GILBERT, JOHN                MARION                        NY-59-8-569
GILBERT, LUCEBA              SODUS                         NY-59-K-492
GILBERT, MARY D.             LYONS                         NY-59-2-237
GILBERT, NATHAN B.           GALEN                         NY-59-P-58
GILBET, RUSSELL              PALMYRA                       NY-59-4-357
GILDERSLEEVE, JOHN           MACEDON                       NY-59-U-433
GILES, ALVIRA                ARCADIA                       NY-59-P-311
GILLETT, ALMIRA              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-11-446
GILLETT, CELESTIA E.         WOLCOTT                       NY-59-8-73
GILLETT, ELIZABETH           HURON                         NY-59-O-71
GILLETT, JOHN                ROSE                          NY-59-K-618
GILLETT, MARY                ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-256
GILLETTE, AUGUSTUS F.        LYONS                         NY-59-R-281
GLANCY, PATRICK              MACEDON                       NY-59-7-13
GLEN, SAMUEL S.              ROSE                          NY-59-11-537
GLIDDEN, DAVID               LYONS                         NY-59-C-287
GLOVER, ELIZA                MACEDON                       NY-59-S-297
GLOVER, GEORGE               MACEDON                       NY-59-4-181
GLOVER, REBECCA S.           MACEDON                       NY-59-O-281
GLOVER, SAMUEL               GALEN                         NY-59-F-199
GLOVER, THOMAS               MACEDON                       NY-59-G-165
GOAS, JACOB                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-#1-533
GOETZMAN, FREDERICK          LYONS                         NY-59-11-97
GOETZMAN, PHILIP             LYONS                         NY-59-R-185
GOLDSMITH, MARGARET          GALEN                         NY-59-N-342
GOLDSMITH, PAUL              PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-181
GOLDSMITH, THOMAS            PALMYRA                       NY-59-E-369
GOODELL, HULDAH              PALMYRA                       NY-59-H-185
GOODHUE, JONATHAN E.         ARCADIA                       NY-59-7-93
GOODSELL, SHELDON            SODUS                         NY-59-#1-261
GOODWIN, BERNARD             ONTARIO                       NY-59-9-145
GOODWIN, JANE                ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-361
GOODWIN, JOHN                ARCADIA                       NY-59-H-356
GOODWIN, SARAH               PALMYRA                       NY-59-U-5
GORDON, DAVID                GALEN                         NY-59-B-406
GORDON, GILBERT              ARCADIA                       NY-59-D-48
GORDON, HIRAM                ROSE                          NY-59-11-265
GORDON, WILLIAM              ROSE                          NY-59-#1-225
GORHAM, JOHN                 SAVANNAH                      NY-59-K-221
GORING, AMOS                 MAIRON                        NY-59-U-85
GORTZMAN, GEORGE             GALEN                         NY-59-T-45
GOULD, AMOS                  WALWORTH                      NY-59-R-473
GOULD, R. D.                 WALWORTH                      NY-59-8-455
GOULD, SANFORD B.            WALWORTH                      NY-59-R-217
GRAHAM, ABRAHAM              GALEN                         NY-59-M-66
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH            ONTARIO                       NY-59-#1-565
GRAHAM, HENRY                GALEN                         NY-59-P-453
GRAHAM, LANA                 SODUS                         NY-59-L1-58
GRAHAM, REBECCA              SODUS                         NY-59-D-139
GRAHAM, SIMON                SODUS                         NY-59-D-146
GRAHAM, WILLIAM              GALEN                         NY-59-H-71
GRAMBEE, ANN                 HURON                         NY-59-P-235
GRANDIN, DANIEL              WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-N-357
GRANGER, ELISHA              SODUS                         NY-59-D-218
GRANGER, ENOCH               SODUS                         NY-59-T-29
GRANGER, JOSEPH              ONTARIO                       NY-59-S-177
GRANGER, THOMAS              SODUS                         NY-59-S-197
GRANGER, WILLIAM             WILLIAMSON                    NY-59-I-291
GRASS, ALEXANDER             GALEN                         NY-59-M-611
GRAVE, ALMIRA                GALEN                         NY-59-2-13
GRAVES, EDWARD N.            GALEN                         NY-59-3-9
GRAVES, HENRY K.             BUTLER                        NY-59-P-413
GRAVES, JOHN                 PALMYRA                       NY-59-C-72
GRAVES, JOHN B.              WILLAIMSON                    NY-59-M-579
GRAY, ESTHER J.              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-9-421
GREEN, BRADFORD B.           WALCOTT                       NY-59-M-619
GREEN, BYRAM                 SODUS                         NY-59-K-573
GREEN, HUGH                  WOLCOTT                       NY-59-10-193
GREEN, ISAAC R.              SODUS                         NY-59-M-213
GREEN, JAMES                 HURON                         NY-59-8-37
GREEN, MASON                 HURON                         NY-59-P-343
GREEN, NATHAN                HURON                         NY-59-M-329
GREEN, PARMELIA              PALMYRA                       NY-59-2-409
GREEN, PHEBE D.              MARION                        NY-59-P-138
GREENBERG, DANIEL            LYONS                         NY-59-6-49
GREENWOOD, IRA               ARCADIA                       NY-59-U-481
GREENWOOD, SARAH             PALMYRA                       NY-59-R-313
GREENWOOD, WILLIAM E.        WALWORTH                      NY-59-9-349
GREGG, ROBERT                ONTARIO                       NY-59-D-254
GREY, JENNET S.              WOLCOTT                       NY-59-O-158
GRIDLEY, BETSEY M.           GALEN                         NY-59-#1-21
GRIFFIN, HELEN               ARCADIA                       NY-59-9-94
GRIFFITH, DAVID              LYONS                         NY-59-Q-92
GRIGGS, JOHN                 WOLCOTT                       NY-59-#1-545
GRIMES, MARY M.              MARION                        NY-59-6-365
GRIMES, MYRON H.             MARION                        NY-59-3-193
GRIMSHA, PHILP               GALEN                         NY-59-O-138
GRIMSHAW, MARTHA             ARCADIA                       NY-59-N-600
GRINER, BARNEY               GALEN                         NY-59-4-557
GRIPPEN, REUBEN              ARCADIA                       NY-59-L2-344
GRISWOLD, AARON              GALEN                         NY-59-T-213
GRISWOLD, ALFRED             GALEN                         NY-59-E-28
GRISWOLD, NELSON             ROSE                          NY-59-H-494
GROESBECK, HIRAM G.          GALEN                         NY-59-I-134
GROSEN, JAMES SR.            MARION                        NY-59-8-177
GROSSCUPP, MARY              GALEN                         NY-59-T-425
GROTE, AMY                   SAVANNAH                      NY-59-2-525
GROVE, NANCY                 ARCADIA                       NY-59-3-233
GROVE,ORRIN                  ARCADIA                       NY-59-8-97
GUENTHNER, FREDERICK         LYONS                         NY-59-8-183
GULICK, JESSE S.             SODUS                         NY-59-3-173
GUMAGH, FREDERICK            ARCADIA                       NY-59-M-268
GUNNER, DOROTHY              SODUS                         NY-59-H-235
GURNEE, GARRET               SODUS                         NY-59-N-386
GURNEE, SAMUEL               SODUS                         NY-59-2-61
GURNER, MARVIN               ONTARIO                       NY-59-M-182
GURNSEY, GENNET T.           MACEDON                       NY-59-10-329
GUY, WILLIAM                 ONTARIO                       NY-59-8-337

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