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SACY, SARAH                  ALBION                        NY-37-21-439
SAFFORD, ELIAS               MEDINA                        NY-37-4-413
SAGER, MARY A.               BARRE                         NY-37-14-49
SAGER, PHILIP                BARRE                         NY-37-9-487
SALISBURY, AMANDA            CLARENDON                     NY-37-26-521
SALISBURY, GEORGE S.         CLARENDON                     NY-37-15-417
SALISBURY, JAMES             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-283
SALISBURY, SAMUEL            MURRAY                        NY-37-21-55
SANBORN, ISRAEL G.           SHELBY                        NY-37-22-271
SANDERSON, AMANDA            SHELBY                        NY-37-25-604
SANDERSON, EDWARD            GAINES                        NY-37-25-13
SANDERSON, HARRIET           SHELBY                        NY-37-26-357
SANDERSON, SALLY             BARRE                         NY-37-24-565
SANDERSON, STUART            SHELBY                        NY-37-26-353
SANFORD, ASA                 BARRE                         NY-37-8-343
SANFORD, CATHERINE V. S.     KENDALL                       NY-37-27-566
SANFORD, HARVEY              KENDALL                       NY-37-5-59
SANFORD, LUCIUS A.           GAINES                        NY-37-25-17
SANFORD, SUSAN               ALBION                        NY-37-14-481
SARGENT, ALFRED              CARLTON                       NY-37-28-526
SARGENT, PARKER              CARLTON                       NY-37-23-501
SARGENT, REUBEN              CARLTON                       NY-37-3-239
SAULES, SUSAN M.             CLARENDON                     NY-37-24-461
SAUNDERS, ISAAC V.           GAINES                        NY-37-10-61
SAVERBIER, FREDRICK          GAINES                        NY-37-27-125
SAWYER, BERNARD              KENDALL                       NY-37-22-25
SAWYER, CONTANT              ALBION                        NY-37-23-13
SAWYER, ELISHA P.            YATES                         NY-37-16-37
SAWYER, ELIZA A.             ALBION                        NY-37-27-93
SAWYER, ELIZABETH F.         ALBION                        NY-37-18-451
SAWYER, JOHN F.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-9-337
SAWYER, JOHN G.              ALBION                        NY-37-27-49
SCANLON, PATRICK             BARRE                         NY-37-5-385
SCARBOROUGH, JOHN            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-475
SCHARPING, CHRISTIAN         CARLTON                       NY-37-24-389
SCHOONOVER ADALINE           CARLTON                       NY-37-22-163
SCHUYLER, JEREMIAH J. V.     RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-19-65
SCOVILL, NANCY               GAINES                        NY-37-10-337
SCOVILL, ORRIN               SHELBY                        NY-37-16-261
SEARS, HENRY                 ALBION                        NY-37-24-297
SEARS, OGDEN                 BARRE                         NY-37-16-93
SEARS, SABRINA B.            ALBION                        NY-37-21-331
SECOR, OLIVER G.             CARLTON                       NY-37-4-497
SECOR, REBECCA               CARLTON                       NY-37-7-55
SEDORE, NICHOLAS             BARRE                         NY-37-19-233
SEELEY, ELIZA S.             MURRAY                        NY-37-24-245
SEELEY, GEORGE W.            SHELBY                        NY-37-23-77
SELLECK, HENRY               BARRE                         NY-37-7-421
SELLECK, SAMUEL              BARRE                         NY-37-2-10
SERVOSS, CATHARINE           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-361
SERVOSS, CHRISTOPHER         RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-225
SEXTON, MICHAEL              ALBION                        NY-37-24-429
SHAFFER, FREDERICK           GAINES                        NY-37-3-311
SHATTUCK, NELSON             CARLTON                       NY-37-11-259
SHAW, ANN                    BARRE                         NY-37-7-7
SHAW, DANA                   BARRE                         NY-37-3-352
SHAW, ELIJAH                 BARRE                         NY-37-9-25
SHAW, JESSE                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-79
SHAW, LYDIA H.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-401
SHAW, RUFUS                  KENDALL                       NY-37-3-401
SHAW, TRUEMAN S.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-421
SHAW, WILSON                 KENDALL                       NY-37-7-265
SHELDEN, PTOLEMY             GAINES                        NY-37-A-14
SHELDON, ABNER               ALBION                        NY-37-4-457
SHELDON, ALBERT              BARRE                         NY-37-17-177
SHELDON, GEORGE              YATES                         NY-37-16-197
SHELDON, ISAAC T.            BARRE                         NY-37-14-393
SHELDON, JONATHAN            BARRE                         NY-37-3-34
SHELDON, JONATHAN D.         ALBION                        NY-37-14-465
SHELDON, MARION              BARRE                         NY-37-26-177
SHELDON, STEPHEN             BARRE                         NY-37-3-308
SHELDON, ZELOTUS             BARRE                         NY-37-2-236
SHELLEY, A. WILSON           GAINES                        NY-37-27-197
SHELLEY, AARON               GAINES                        NY-37-A-87
SHELP, MARY A.               SHELBY                        NY-37-10-421
SHELP, SOPHIA S.             SHELBY                        NY-37-25-489
SHELP, WILLIAM               SHELBY                        NY-37-20-427
SHEPARD, ANNA                SHELBY                        NY-37-28-505
SHEPARD, RUFUS O.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-67
SHEPARDSON, OTIS             YATES                         NY-37-20-319
SHERMAN, EDWARD              ALBION                        NY-37-10-175
SHERWOOD, ELIZA              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-17-377
SHERWOOD, GUY                SHELBY                        NY-37-27-53
SHERWOOD, HENRY C.           GAINES                        NY-37-28-257
SHERWOOD, HOMER              SHELBY                        NY-37-23-273
SHERWOOD, MYRON              SHELBY                        NY-37-13-249
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM            SHELBY                        NY-37-2-294
SHIPP, BENJAMIN F.           MURRAY                        NY-37-27-101
SHIPP, RUTH S.               MURRAY                        NY-37-27-465
SHIPPEN, JACOB               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-1-223
SHIPPEN, JEROME              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-381
SHOEMAKER, HENRY             CARLTON                       NY-37-25-285
SHOREY, JOEL L.              BARRE                         NY-37-27-405
SHULER, ADAM                 BARRE                         NY-37-17-41
SIBLEY, ATHILLIA             BARRE                         NY-37-6-269
SIBLEY, EDWARD C.            BARRE                         NY-37-9-175
SIBLEY, ELBE                 BARRE                         NY-37-9-1
SICKELS, GEORGE H.           ALBION                        NY-37-25-618
SILL, ANDREW J.              ALBION                        NY-37-28-285
SILL, RUSSELL                YATES                         NY-37-12-313
SILL, SARAH                  MURRAY                        NY-37-6-41
SIMKINS, JESSE L.            MURRAY                        NY-37-3-256
SIMONDS, ARVILLA L.          SHELBY                        NY-37-26-517
SIMPKINS, SILAS              KENDALL                       NY-37-4-107
SIMPSON, ANNA B.             CARLTON                       NY-37-21-151
SINCHER, ELECTO              CLARENDON                     NY-37-25-341
SINCLAIR, SAMUEL C.          YATES                         NY-37-8-409
SISSON, PELEG                MURRAY                        NY-37-1-118
SKELLENGER, JOHN W.          YATES                         NY-37-2-56
SKELLINGER, SILAS            YATES                         NY-37-1-143
SKELLINGER, SILAS            YATES                         NY-37-1-87
SKINNER, JARVIS M.           ALBION                        NY-37-15-17
SKINNER, SAMUEL              CLARENDON                     NY-37-20-217
SKINNER, WILLIAM             CARLTON                       NY-37-8-415
SLACK, BRYAN                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-13-49
SLATER, ELEAZER T.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-229
SLAUSON, WARREN D.           ALBION                        NY-37-10-475
SLAWSON, MAHETABLE           ALBION                        NY-37-21-169
SLEIGH, EVERT B.             SHELBY                        NY-37-13-305
SLEIGHT, EMILY               SHELBY                        NY-37-20-445
SMEAD, SAIRUS                MURRAY                        NY-37-A-104
SMITH, ALMA C.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-185
SMITH, ANGELINE M.           BARRE                         NY-37-6-141
SMITH, ANN                   RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-15-273
SMITH, BENJAMIN              SHELBY                        NY-37-4-537
SMITH, BRIDGET               MEDINA                        NY-37-20-7
SMITH, CAROLINE              GAINES                        NY-37-27-409
SMITH, CHARLES EDWIN         ALBION                        NY-37-25-157
SMITH, CHAUNCEY P.           YATES                         NY-37-21-445
SMITH, CLARISSA E.           MURRAY                        NY-37-25-269
SMITH, ELIZABETH             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-229
SMITH, GEORGE W.             BARRE                         NY-37-17-473
SMITH, HANNAH                ALBION                        NY-37-23-73
SMITH, HARVEY WARD           ALBION                        NY-37-28-576
SMITH, HATTIE V.             ALBION                        NY-37-13-225
SMITH, HIRAM D.              RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-261
SMITH, ISAAC                 RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-313
SMITH, JANE                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-4-68
SMITH, JOSEPH                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-175
SMITH, JULIA A.              ALBION                        NY-37-23-511
SMITH, LEVI S.               HUDSON, LENAWEE, MI           NY-37-22-439
SMITH, LYDIA W.              GAINES                        NY-37-25-557
SMITH, MAJOR                 MURRAY                        NY-37-26-369
SMITH, MOSES                 BARRE                         NY-37-7-139
SMITH, NANCY                 MURRAY                        NY-37-7-121
SMITH, NANCY                 ALBION                        NY-37-24-373
SMITH, NICHOLAS              SHELBY                        NY-37-25-537
SMITH, NOAH                  GAINES                        NY-37-4-236
SMITH, RICHARD               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-15-409
SMITH, SAMUEL W.             SHELBY                        NY-37-13-177
SMITH, SILAS                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-13-241
SMITH, THOMAS                KENDALL                       NY-37-14-409
SMITH, WILLIAM               SHELBY                        NY-37-8-31
SMITH, WILLIAM M.            SHELBY                        NY-37-25-481
SMITH, WILLIAM R.            ALBION                        NY-37-24-241
SNELL, BENJAMIN              SHELBY                        NY-37-18-171
SNELL, ELLEN E.              SHELBY                        NY-37-24-81
SNELL, JOHN F.               MURRAY                        NY-37-15-249
SNELL, NANCY                 MURRAY                        NY-37-25-465
SNELL, NANCY ELVIRA          SHELBY                        NY-37-19-393
SNELL, RICHARD W.            GAINES                        NY-37-7-223
SNYDER, HENRY P.             BARRE                         NY-37-3-179
SNYDER, MICHAEL              BARRE                         NY-37-27-265
SNYDER, ROBERT               BARRE                         NY-37-26-189
SNYDER, SARAH                MURRAY                        NY-37-28-429
SNYDER, SARAH M.             MURRAY                        NY-37-28-333
SNYDER, SIMON T.             MURRAY                        NY-37-28-109
SNYDER, WILLIAM              MURRAY                        NY-37-21-463
SOPER, LEWIS                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-516
SOUTHWORTH, AUGUSTUS         MURRAY                        NY-37-12-241
SOUTHWORTH, ELIZA A.         SHELBY                        NY-37-28-489
SPALDING, AMASA              YATES                         NY-37-1-263
SPALDING, EPHRAIM            MURRAY                        NY-37-4-525
SPAULDING, HENRY             YATES                         NY-37-23-341
SPAULDING, JANE              GAINES                        NY-37-27-517
SPAULDING, ORANGE            YATES                         NY-37-7-43
SPAULDING, WILLIAM A.        YATES                         NY-37-23-469
SPEARS, WILLIAM              GAINES                        NY-37-6-405
SPENCE, KATE ELIZA           ALBION                        NY-37-26-393
SPENCER, ALANSON             CARLTON                       NY-37-28-205
SPENCER, ALBAN               BARRE                         NY-37-4-421
SPENCER, GEORGE W.           MURAY                         NY-37-10-481
SPENCER, HARRIET L.          MURRAY                        NY-37-22-229
SPENCER, MARTIN B.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-391
SPENCER, MARY L.             ALBION                        NY-37-25-45
SPENCER, NANCY M.            ALBION                        NY-37-28-477
SPENCER, PHEBE G.            ALBION                        NY-37-24-313
SPENCER, SARAH               CARLTON                       NY-37-11-133
SPENCER, ZACKARIAH           ALBION                        NY-37-4-365
SPERRY, SALLY                CARLTON                       NY-37-4-140
SPICER, EZRA                 KENDALL                       NY-37-7-109
SPICER, HESTER P.            KENDALL                       NY-37-14-329
SPICER, JAMES E.             KENDALL                       NY-37-24-165
SPICER, LOVINA               KENDALL                       NY-37-10-433
SPILLAN, MARGARET            YATES                         NY-37-11-139
SPOOR, ROXANA                SHELBY                        NY-37-22-1
SPRAGUE, ASA                 MURRAY                        NY-37-3-85
SPRAGUE, DARIUS              MURRAY                        NY-37-6-377
SPRING, ANSON                RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-357
SPRINGALL, GEORGE            GAINES                        NY-37-23-181
SPRINGLE, PHILIP             MURRAY                        NY-37-10-463
SQUIRES, NATHANIEL           CARLTON                       NY-37-23-373
STACEY, GEORGE A.            BARRE                         NY-37-24-45
STACKHOUSE, WILLIAM          CLARENDON                     NY-37-26-333
STACY, WILLIAM               GAINES                        NY-37-13-425
STAHL, MICHAEL JR.           SHELBY                        NY-37-19-449
STAINES, WILLIAM             BARRE                         NY-37-4-521
STANDISH, MARTHA A.          BARRE                         NY-37-22-463
STANLEY, ANDREW              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-4-53
STANLEY, FANNA               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-12-169
STANNARD, POLLY              MURRAY                        NY-37-6-429
STANTON, GEORGE A.           SHELBY                        NY-37-5-173
STARKWEATHER, AMERICA        GAINES                        NY-37-22-277
STARKWEATHER, HARRIET E.     GAINES                        NY-37-12-57
STARKWEATHER, JOEL B.        GAINES                        NY-37-11-205
STARKWEATHER, MARIE          GAINES                        NY-37-24-97
STARKWEATHER, SETH           GAINES                        NY-37-4-198
STARR, NANCY                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-149
STCLAIR, CHARLES N.          ALBION                        NY-37-28-185
STCLAIR, JAMES JULIUS        ALBION                        NY-37-28-169
STEBBINS, BERCELE            ALBION                        NY-37-15-433
STEBBINS, MARTHA G.          ALBION                        NY-37-25-582
STEBBINS, WILLIAM            CLARLTON                      NY-37-4-151
STEELE, ALLEN                BARRE                         NY-37-8-445
STERLING, ALPHONSO           GAINES                        NY-37-19-313
STETSON, GEORGE W.           SHELBY                        NY-37-11-193
STEVENS, ANDREW              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-7
STEVENS, CHARLES L           .RIDGEWAY                     NY-37-24-209
STEVENS, SHUBAEL             CLARENDON                     NY-37-9-115
STEVENSON, ALEXANDER         RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-22-7
STEWART, ARIETTA A.          CARLTON                       NY-37-8-469
STEWART, DANIEL              KENDALL                       NY-37-6-337
STEWART, HARLEY D.           BARRE                         NY-37-22-247
STEWART, MARY ELIZABETH      ALBION                        NY-37-20-295
STICKNEY, ALONZO             SHELBY                        NY-37-28-117
STIENHEBER, JACOB            YATES                         NY-37-4-130
STILES, AMELIA               MURRAY                        NY-37-17-465
STILES, HANNAH               MURRAY                        NY-37-16-157
STILES, ISRAEL I.            ALBION                        NY-37-14-41
STILES, VIENNA H.            ALBION                        NY-37-20-475
STILLWELL, SARAH ANN         RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-145
STILWELL, CALEB              SHELBY                        NY-37-14-17
STIMERS, EMELINE             SHELBY                        NY-37-26-313
STIMUS, ISAAC B.             KENDALL                       NY-37-21-259
STIRK, THOMAS                ALBION                        NY-37-26-69
STISSER, MARGARET            YATES                         NY-37-27-213
STJOHN, EDWIN                YATES                         NY-37-24-1
STOCKING, POLLY              ALBION                        NY-37-19-217
STOCKTON, THOMAS             CARLTON                       NY-37-25-529
STOCKWELL, DANIEL            YATES                         NY-37-2-180
STOCKWELL, SALLY M.          YATES                         NY-37-27-541
STOCKWELL, SAMUEL F.         YATES                         NY-37-3-167
STOKES, ELIZABETH B.         YATES                         NY-37-23-193
STONE, GEORGE H.             ALBION                        NY-37-3-208
STONE, METHODONE             CLARENDON                     NY-37-4-389
STONE, SENNO                 MURRAY                        NY-37-22-355
STORK, GODFREY               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-173
STORMS, DENCEY               BARRE                         NY-37-9-271
STORMS, GEORGE W.            CLARENDON                     NY-37-27-253
STORMS, JAMES                BARRE                         NY-37-5-25
STOWELL, LUCIAN S.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-249
STREET, HORACE               BARRE                         NY-37-10-103
STREET, LUCIUS               BARRE                         NY-37-14-417
STRICKLAND, SUSAN F.         RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-13
STRICKLAND, WILLIAM          CARLTON                       NY-37-21-301
STROGAN, ALEXANDER           YATES                         NY-37-22-451
STROGAN, WILLIAM             YATES                         NY-37-4-324
STROGEN, THOMAS              MURRAY                        NY-37-5-203
STUART, CYRUS                BARRE                         NY-37-4-178
STUCKEY, WILLIAM             CLARENDON                     NY-37-20-37
STURGES, HANNAH              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-4-216
STURGIS, DAVID               CLARENDON                     NY-37-2-87
SULLESTAD, CLAUS C. W.       KENDALL                       NY-37-25-623
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE          ALBION                        NY-37-16-9
SULLIVAN, KATE               MURRAY                        NY-37-22-325
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY            ALBION                        NY-37-21-211
SUMMERJOY, WILLIAM           YATES                         NY-37-4-57
SUMNER, HORACE               BARRE                         NY-37-25-117
SUMNER, JAMES                SHELBY                        NY-37-19-377
SUNDERLAND, ANN              GAINES                        NY-37-24-401
SWAN, DAVID                  GAINES                        NY-37-4-212
SWAN, DAVID JR.              GAINES                        NY-37-1-283
SWAN, WILLIAM G.             ALBION                        NY-37-26-566
SWEET, CYRIL F.              ALBION                        NY-37-28-317
SWIFT, STEPHEN               YATES                         NY-37-13-169
SWINERTON, JOHN M.           CARLTON                       NY-37-24-345
SWOBE, WILLIAM R.            SHELBY                        NY-37-24-189
TABER, MARY                  BARRE                         NY-37-5-197
TABOR, NANCY S.              GAINES                        NY-37-11-229
TANNER, JOSIAS               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-10-67
TANNER, WILLIAM A.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-397
TANNER, WILLIAM C.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-205
TAPPAN, ELLEN P.             YATES                         NY-37-19-425
TAPPAN, SAMUEL               YATES                         NY-37-6-413
TAYLOR, GEORGE               BARRE                         NY-37-5-137
TAYLOR, LUKE                 ALBION                        NY-37-16-365
TAYLOR, MAXIMILLA            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-15-169
TAYLOR, MORTIMER A.          CLARENDON                     NY-37-20-433
TAYLOR, SAMUEL               YATES                         NY-37-4-232
TAYLOR, STEPHEN V. R.        ALBION                        NY-37-12-81
TECUMSEH, WILLIAM            CARLTON                       NY-37-20-373
TEMPLE, LYMAN                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-9-97
TEMPLETON, THOMAS            CLARENDON                     NY-37-7-175
TENT, SAMUEL                 BARRE                         NY-37-28-586
THATCHER, HENRY              KENDALL                       NY-37-3-330
THOMAS, ARAD                 ALBION                        NY-37-22-169
THOMAS, DAVID W.             SHELBY                        NY-37-21-415
THOMAS, HULDAH               KENDALL                       NY-37-18-299
THOMAS, MORRIS               CARLTON                       NY-37-13-217
THOMAS, NANCY                ALBION                        NY-37-15-457
THOMAS, WILLIAM              GAINES                        NY-37-6-53
THOMAS, WILLIAM 2ND          KENDALL                       NY-37-14-97
THOMAS, WILLIAM EDGAR        CLARLTON                      NY-37-20-451
THOMPSON, ROBERT             BARRE                         NY-37-4-164
THOMSON, DENIS               MURRAY                        NY-37-12-473
THORN, JAMES                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-5-13
THORP, MOREHOUSE B.          RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-137
THUM, JACOB                  NTL                           NY-37-1-24
THURSTON, JOEL               BARRE                         NY-37-2-112
THURSTON, WILLIAM S. B.      ALBION                        NY-37-17-113
TILDEN, SYLVESTER            GAINES                        NY-37-26-277
TILLMAN, SARAH               MURRAY                        NY-37-20-379
TIMERMAN, DANIEL             SHELBY                        NY-37-3-161
TIMMERMAN, CHRISTOPHER       SHELBY                        NY-37-10-31
TIMMERMAN, GEORGE R.         RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-109
TIMMERMAN, GEORGE W.         SHELBY                        NY-37-7-343
TIMMERMAN, HERMAN            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-16-325
TIMMERMAN, JOHN              SHELBY                        NY-37-11-181
TIMMERMAN, JOSEPH            SHELBY                        NY-37-11-1
TIMMERMAN, LOIS A.           SHELBY                        NY-37-25-105
TIMMERMAN, MARY              SHELBY                        NY-37-19-33
TIMMERMAN, MARY J.           SHELBY                        NY-37-23-169
TIMMERMAN, ZENO              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-409
TINKHAM, ALANSON             SHELBY                        NY-37-8-114
TINKHAM, RELLY M.            BARRE                         NY-37-28-461
TIPPETS, SARAH               BARRE                         NY-37-6-245
TIPPETTS, JAMES              BARRE                         NY-37-8-421
TOBIN, JOHN                  MURRAY                        NY-37-19-185
TODD, SUSAN M.               GAINES                        NY-37-25-33
TODKILL, JOHN                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-4-493
TOLFORD, THOMAS              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-109
TOMBLIN, IRA B.              CARLTON                       NY-37-7-163
TOMLINSON, DAVID             GAINES                        NY-37-24-301
TOMPKINS, CLARA M.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-11-277
TOMPKINS, DANIEL D.          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-389
TONSLEY, ORSON               BARRE                         NY-37-3-450
TOOLEY, MARGARET A.          MURRAY                        NY-37-23-457
TOOLEY, SAMUEL               KENDALL                       NY-37-22-187
TORREY, SAMUEL H.            MURRAY                        NY-37-3-276
TOWER, GEORGE B. R. S.       RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-13-193
TOWNLEY, THOMAS              MURRAY                        NY-37-24-493
TOWNSEND, LUTHER             YATES                         NY-37-18-251
TREADWELL, RICHARD           BARRE                         NY-37-6-145
TREAT, OLIVER J. H.          GAINES                        NY-37-24-365
TRIPP, ALMERON               ALBION                        NY-37-25-638
TRIPP, ANTHONY               BARRE                         NY-37-2-228
TRIPP, DANIEL                YATES                         NY-37-14-201
TRIPP, ELIZABETH C.          SHELBY                        NY-37-22-31
TRIPP, MARY                  BARRE                         NY-37-5-41
TUCKER, BENJAMIN             SHELBY                        NY-37-6-201
TULLEY, WILLIAM              ALBION                        NY-37-26-117
TURNBULL, EZEKIEL            ALBION                        NY-37-24-205
TURNER, ABBIE E.             CLARENDON                     NY-37-27-469
TURNER, ALBERT D.            CLARENDON                     NY-37-11-223
TURNER, GEORGE H.            CLARENDON                     NY-37-23-41
TURNER, LUKE                 CLARENDON                     NY-37-10-181
TURNER, SAMUEL               YATES                         NY-37-28-309
TURNER, SARAH A.             CLARENDON                     NY-37-18-163
TURNER, WILLIAM              YATES                         NY-37-11-295
TUSK, JAMES                  CLARENDON                     NY-37-16-117
TUTHILL, NATHAN              MURRAY                        NY-37-20-115
TUTTLE, HENRY                ALBION                        NY-37-25-345
TUTTLE, JOSEPH               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-427
TUTTLE, MARY B.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-487
TUTTLE, SILAS B.             BARRE                         NY-37-3-91
TUTTLE, SUSAN                AMELIA,, IA                   NY-37-17-313
TUTTLE, WILSON               YATES                         NY-37-22-241
TYLER, DATUS E.              BARRE                         NY-37-7-397
TYLER, JOHN H.               YATES                         NY-37-3-422
UNDERHILL, BARBARA A. C.     MEDINA                        NY-37-28-409
UNDERHILL, THOMAS            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-2-299
UNDERHILL, WILLIAM           MURRAY                        NY-37-16-125
VAILE, ELIZABETH             KENDALL                       NY-37-11-445
VAILE, ELIZABETH J.          BARRE                         NY-37-9-103
VAILE, HARVEY                KENDALL                       NY-37-9-13
VALLANCE, CLARA A.           MURRAY                        NY-37-27-333
VALLETT, JOHN                MURRAY                        NY-37-9-247
VANAERNUM, GEORGE            YATES                         NY-37-10-85
VANANTWERP, CHARLOTTE        ALBION                        NY-37-18-347
VANBUREN, SAMUEL             BARRE                         NY-37-6-105
VANCAMP, JOSEPH              CARLTON                       NY-37-6-341
VANDAKE, BENJAMIN F.         MURRAY                        NY-37-5-1
VANDAKE, HARRIET M.          MURRAY                        NY-37-27-337
VANDERCAR, DAN               CARLTON                       NY-37-4-25
VANDERPOOL, ALLEN            YATES                         NY-37-21-91
VANDYKE, PETER               BARRE                         NY-37-9-505
VANEPPS, BENJAMIN F.         CARLTON                       NY-37-11-217
VANNESS, ISAAC               MENDON                        NY-37-1-204
VANSANTVOORD, ADRIAN         KENDALL                       NY-37-7-409
VANWINKLE, JESSE             CLARENDON                     NY-37-3-103
VEEDER, CLARISSA             WILLIAMSTON, , MI             NY-37-18-403
VERMILYEA, DANIEL            BARRE                         NY-37-12-441
VERMILYEA, MILLICENT         BARRE                         NY-37-12-273
VOORHEES, RULIFF             NTL                           NY-37-27-345
VREELAND, WILLIAM            SHELBY                        NY-37-3-302
VROOMAN, PETER D.            SHELBY                        NY-37-4-477
WADE, GEORGE M.              ALBION                        NY-37-15-33
WADSWORTH, HARMON            CLARENDON                     NY-37-24-489
WADSWORTH, SILAS             CLARENDON                     NY-37-2-401
WAGE, HELEN M.               ALBION                        NY-37-28-591
WAIT, ABIGAL                 MURRAY                        NY-37-10-247
WAIT, ELI                    MURRAY                        NY-37-6-369
WAIT, HELEN M.               CLARENDON                     NY-37-20-91
WALBRIDGE, JOHN J.           GAINES                        NY-37-2-5
WALDRON, WILLIAM H.          SHELBY                        NY-37-22-289
WALKER, ELIZABETH            ALBION                        NY-37-15-369
WALKER, GEORGE C.            CARLTON                       NY-37-15-289
WALKER, MARY                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-9-475
WALKER, WILLIAM              BARRE                         NY-37-10-1
WALLIS, NABBY                KENDALL                       NY-37-4-280
WALLIS, NABBY                KENDALL                       NY-37-4-312
WALSH, DANIEL                ALBION                        NY-37-23-526
WALSH, WILLIAM               MEDINA                        NY-37-3-55
WALTERS, WILLIAM             GAINES                        NY-37-27-89
WARD, ALEXIS                 ALBION                        NY-37-3-385
WARD, CORNELIUS              GAINES                        NY-37-6-33
WARD, GUILFORD D.            GAINES                        NY-37-27-173
WARD, JOHN C.                GAINES                        NY-37-26-85
WARING, CLARK                CARLTON                       NY-37-4-138
WARING, ENOCH C.             GAINES                        NY-37-26-213
WARNER, CHARLES              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-11-79
WARNER, DEWITT C.            BARRE                         NY-37-6-349
WARNER, JOSEPH D.            SHELBY                        NY-37-24-509
WARNER, JUSTIN               BARRE                         NY-37-27-513
WARNER, LEWIS                ALBION                        NY-37-20-109
WARNER, MARVIN               ALBION                        NY-37-27-249
WARNER, RICE                 ALBION                        NY-37-18-435
WARNER, STEPHEN              GAINES                        NY-37-1-46
WARREN, ALFRED               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-265
WARREN, AMELIA L.            MURRAY                        NY-37-25-1
WARREN, CHARLIE J.           GAINES                        NY-37-23-241
WARREN, ELIZUR               CLARENDON                     NY-37-4-429
WARREN, JAMES K.             CLARENDON                     NY-37-12-89
WARREN, WILLARD F.           ALBION                        NY-37-22-133
WASHBURN, ADELIA             ALBION                        NY-37-26-501
WASHBURN, IRA                GAINES                        NY-37-20-223
WASHBURN, LOVISA             BARRE                         NY-37-27-361
WASHBURN, MALANCY            GAINES                        NY-37-23-173
WATERBURY, AARON V.          YATES                         NY-37-6-169
WATERBURY, WILLIAM H.        YATES                         NY-37-11-385
WATERMAN, CHARLES            BARRE                         NY-37-12-193
WATERMAN, JOHN H.            ALBION                        NY-37-27-169
WATERSON, SAMUEL             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-61
WATSON, CHARLES J.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-22-121
WATSON, WILLIAM H.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-31
WATTS, ROBERT L.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-307
WEAVER, HARRIS               CARLTON                       NY-37-24-121
WEAVER, JANE T.              SHELBY                        NY-37-27-190
WEAVER, STEPHEN              CARLTON                       NY-37-24-561
WEBB, PETER                  SHELBY                        NY-37-3-195
WEBSTER, CHARLES             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-97
WEBSTER, ELI                 GAINES                        NY-37-25-37
WEBSTER, GEORGE              MURRAY                        NY-37-24-141
WEBSTER, MARTIN              KENDALL                       NY-37-5-299
WEBSTER, MARY                MURRAY                        NY-37-11-403
WEBSTER, NORTON L.           MURRAY                        NY-37-8-475
WEBSTER, SALLY               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-19-209
WEBSTER, SHERMAN             CLARENDON                     NY-37-9-109
WEBSTER, THOMAS              CARLTON                       NY-37-1-62
WEBSTER, WARREN              MURRAY                        NY-37-4-509
WELCH, JOHN                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-385
WELCH, JOHN                  MURRAY                        NY-37-13-97
WELCH, JOHN R.               CARLTON                       NY-37-28-501
WELCH, STEPHEN               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-1-105
WELD, ANDREW                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-253
WELD, ELIAS                  SHELBY                        NY-37-9-259
WELD, PRUDENCE               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-18-211
WELLER, SHEPARD              CLARENDON                     NY-37-4-136
WELLS, HARRIET               YATES                         NY-37-21-109
WELLS, HORATIO               YATES                         NY-37-10-457
WELLS, IA                    SHELBY                        NY-37-21-97
WELLS, MARIA                 SHELBY                        NY-37-21-121
WELSH, MARGARET              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-261
WELTON, NARICSSA             GAINES                        NY-37-23-97
WENTWORTH, CHAUNCEY          MURRAY                        NY-37-23-157
WENTWORTH, ELIZA A.          MURRAY                        NY-37-28-37
WESCOTT, CALVIN B.           ALBION                        NY-37-16-53
WESCOTT, HARVEY A.           ALBION                        NY-37-24-25
WESCOTT, JULIA A.            ALBION                        NY-37-27-425
WEST, CHARLES A.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-17-121
WEST, DANIEL R.              CARLTON                       NY-37-9-241
WEST, MARY W.                NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-37-23-337
WEST, SARAH EMILY            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-17-369
WEST, WILLIAM                KENDALL                       NY-37-10-265
WESWTON, JOHN                GAINES                        NY-37-8-139
WETHERBEE, ALBERT            BARRE                         NY-37-7-193
WETHERBEE, ANSEL             BARRE                         NY-37-28-329
WETHERBEE, JOHN M.           CLARENDON                     NY-37-9-547
WETHERBEE, SAMUEL            CLARENDON                     NY-37-12-409
WETMORE, CORNELIA            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-381
WETMORE, JESSE               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-209
WHALEN, ELISHA S.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-22-211
WHALING, DAVID               CARLTON                       NY-37-11-355
WHEELER, ABRAM               SHELBY                        NY-37-9-391
WHEELER, ALICE C.            SHELBY                        NY-37-25-185
WHEELER, ANGELINE            SHELBY                        NY-37-18-1
WHIPPLE, SAMUEL              GAINES                        NY-37-3-197
WHIPPLE, WILLIAM             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-449
WHITAKER, HANNAH             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-297
WHITE, ALBERT                GAINES                        NY-37-27-153
WHITE, BRYANT                BARRE                         NY-37-6-113
WHITE, DANIEL H.             SHELBY                        NY-37-6-93
WHITE, FRANKLIN B.           KENDALL                       NY-37-6-305
WHITE, GEORGE                MURRAY                        NY-37-14-113
WHITE, JOHN                  KENDALL                       NY-37-7-295
WHITE, JOHN H.               ALBION                        NY-37-28-485
WHITE, JOSEPH P.             GAINES                        NY-37-7-355
WHITE, JULIA ANN             GAINES                        NY-37-28-493
WHITE, MARY E.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-1
WHITE, MILTON                CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-37-24-237
WHITE, NANCY S.              RUTLAND, RUTLAND, VT          NY-37-27-663
WHITE, SEMANTHA              BARRE                         NY-37-4-517
WHITED, ASAHEL               MURRAY                        NY-37-3-380
WHITING, HORTON H.           BARRE                         NY-37-13-57
WHITMASH, ABIATHA            BARRE                         NY-37-2-104
WHITMORE, SAMUEL S.          SHLEBY                        NY-37-16-317
WHITNEY, AMELIA C.           SHELBY                        NY-37-21-133
WHITNEY, JEREMIAH            CALENDON                      NY-37-10-13
WHITTAKER, ANN C.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-553
WHITTAKER, SAMUEL            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-3-411
WHITTLETON, GEORGE           CARLTON                       NY-37-25-21
WICKHAM, DYER F.             GAINES                        NY-37-4-162
WICKHAM, JOANNA              BARRE                         NY-37-6-85
WICKHAM, ZILPHA P.           ALBION                        NY-37-10-211
WICKWIRE, ROSWELL            SHELBY                        NY-37-6-417
WICKWIRE, TAMAR              SHELBY                        NY-37-8-85
WIEDRICH, GEORGE J.          SHELBY                        NY-37-26-233
WILBUR, EDWARD               BARRE                         NY-37-5-361
WILCOX, DAVID P.             CLARENDON                     NY-37-24-341
WILCOX, ELNATHAN             MURRAY                        NY-37-13-25
WILCOX, RODMAN               KENDALL                       NY-37-19-145
WILD, MAGGIE                 SHELBY                        NY-37-24-361
WILDER, KEYES                GAINES                        NY-37-2-154
WILDEY, THOMAS M.            KENDALL                       NY-37-11-397
WILKINS, ELIZA               ALBION                        NY-37-26-329
WILKINS, ROBERT O.           ALBION                        NY-37-28-277
WILLCOX, JONATHAN            MURRAY                        NY-37-4-186
WILLETT, ZENOBIA             SHELBY                        NY-37-15-377
WILLIAMS, ALFRED G.          YATES                         NY-37-2-145
WILLIAMS, ARABELLA           CARLTON                       NY-37-28-369
WILLIAMS, B. F.              SHELBY                        NY-37-10-217
WILLIAMS, BENJAMIN           CARLTON                       NY-37-4-13
WILLIAMS, CHESTER            CARLTON                       NY-37-22-331
WILLIAMS, ELIJAH L.          CLARENDON                     NY-37-13-449
WILLIAMS, GEORGE R.          ALBION                        NY-37-27-329
WILLIAMS, LEONARD            GAINES                        NY-37-4-352
WILLIAMS, MARY FRANCES       ALBION                        NY-37-24-437
WILLIAMS, PATIENCE           CLARENDON                     NY-37-22-19
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL             BARRE                         NY-37-3-332
WILLIAMS, STEPHEN B.         CLARENDON                     NY-37-2-84
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             BARRE                         NY-37-3-15
WILLSEA, JASPER SR.          KENDALL                       NY-37-8-397
WILLSON, JAMES G.            MURRAY                        NY-37-14-441
WILSON, BENJAMIN S.          CARLTON                       NY-37-25-141
WILSON, CATHERINE ANN        CARLTON                       NY-37-18-51
WILSON, CYRIL                BARRE                         NY-37-3-288
WILSON, EDSON                KENDALL                       NY-37-15-449
WILSON, GEORGE               YATES                         NY-37-23-221
WILSON, GEORGE H.            CARLTON                       NY-37-11-109
WILSON, GEORGE W.            ALBION                        NY-37-13-65
WILSON, HARRIET              MURRAY                        NY-37-25-205
WILSON, JERE                 KENDALL                       NY-37-17-57
WILSON, JOHN                 SHELBY                        NY-37-18-267
WILSON, JOHN                 SHELBY                        NY-37-10-229
WILSON, LEONARD              CARLTON                       NY-37-6-213
WILSON, LEONARD P.           GAINES                        NY-37-24-113
WILSON, MARTHA               KENDALL                       NY-37-7-103
WILSON, RACHEL               ALBION                        NY-37-15-73
WILSON, SABRINA              MURRAY                        NY-37-24-545
WILSON, WILLIAM U.           KENDALL                       NY-37-17-305
WILSON, WILLIAM V.           RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-131
WILTSE, BETSEY               GAINES                        NY-37-28-93
WILTSE, MARIAL               SHELBY                        NY-37-24-221
WINCH, MARIA L.              GAINES                        NY-37-28-105
WINEGAR, AZARIAH             YATES                         NY-37-3-293
WINEGAR, HENRY               YATES                         NY-37-6-177
WIRT, ELIZABETH J.           ALBION                        NY-37-12-321
WIRT, HENRY J.               GAINES                        NY-37-18-219
WOLCOTT, ADALINE A.          SHELBY                        NY-37-11-301
WOOD, ELIJAH W.              MURRAY                        NY-37-9-325
WOOD, ERI                    MURRAY                        NY-37-4-308
WOOD, GODFREY                BARRE                         NY-37-6-149
WOOD, JOHNATHAN I. S.        GAINES                        NY-37-26-137
WOOD, NATHAN SPRAGUE         BARRE                         NY-37-1-260
WOOD, WILLIAM                GAINES                        NY-37-25-565
WOODBRIDGE, RUSSELL H.       CANDOR, TIOGA, NY             NY-37-5-221
WOODWARD, CYRUS              YATES                         NY-37-3-94
WOODWARD, EDMOND B.          ALBION                        NY-37-28-373
WOODWORTH, CHAUNCEY          GAINES                        NY-37-2-273
WORMOTH, MOYER               MURRAY                        NY-37-16-461
WORMUTH, LUCY                SHELBY                        NY-37-19-417
WORTHERING, DANIEL           SHELBY                        NY-37-16-421
WORTHRING, WILLIAM           SHELBY                        NY-37-3-47
WRIGHT, ANNA MARIA           CLARENDON                     NY-37-25-5
WRIGHT, ELISHA               BARRE                         NY-37-10-121
WRIGHT, EMILY                MURRAY                        NY-37-11-175
WRIGHT, EMMARILLA S.         ALBION                        NY-37-26-596
WRIGHT, JACOB                ALBION                        NY-37-11-91
WRIGHT, JANE                 YATES                         NY-37-28-233
WRIGHT, SOLOMON G.           ALBION                        NY-37-24-369
WRIGHT, SUEL                 YATES                         NY-37-25-213
WYBROW, MARY ANN             BARRE                         NY-37-16-293
WYMAN, ANNA M.               SHELBY                        NY-37-28-61
WYMAN, SAMUEL                SHELBY                        NY-37-3-382
WYMAN, STEPHEN               CARLENDON                     NY-37-4-336
WYMAN, STEPHEN               CLARENDON                     NY-37-2-465
YATES, CHARLES L.            ALBION                        NY-37-24-517
YEOMAN, JAMES                YATES                         NY-37-1-76
YOUNG, DAVID                 MURRAY                        NY-37-27-112
YOUNG, JAMES H.              ALBION                        NY-37-28-381
YOUNG, JOHN                  GAINES                        NY-37-13-9
YOUNG, JOHN C.               BARRE                         NY-37-4-200
YOUNG, MARY ANN              GAINES                        NY-37-23-153
YOUNGS, JOHN                 MURRAY                        NY-37-23-489
ZIEGLER, KASPER              ALBION                        NY-37-27-25
ZIMMERMAN, GILBERT           SHELBY                        NY-37-28-73
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB A.          SHELBY                        NY-37-5-245

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