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ABBEY, RAWSON                          NY-37-5-269
ABELL, NANCY A.                        NY-37-25-578
ABER, JABISH                           NY-37-2-218
ACER, JULIA A.                         NY-37-28-141
ACKER, GEORGE                          NY-37-4-174
ACKERSON, BETSEY J.                    NY-37-18-115
ADAMS, LYELL T.                        NY-37-24-145
ALDERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-37-24-521
ALDRICH, TIMOTHY                       NY-37-1-52
ALEXANDER, OLIVE                       NY-37-8-121
ALFORD, BENEDICT H.                    NY-37-8-433
ALLEN, ABNER                           NY-37-5-227
ALLEN, DANIEL B.                       NY-37-1-14
ALLEN, EDNA                            NY-37-28-189
ALLEN, EDWARD                          NY-37-27-433
ALLEN, FREEMAN A.                      NY-37-8-193
ALLEN, GENEVIEVE M.                    NY-37-23-5
ALLEN, ISAAC                           NY-37-2-201
ALLEN, ISAAC                           NY-37-10-151
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-37-21-409
ALLEN, JOHN                            NY-37-5-293
ALLEN, LAURA A.                        NY-37-19-169
ALLEN, LEVI                            NY-37-1-101
ALLEN, MARTHA C.                       NY-37-15-89
ALLEN, MOSES                           NY-37-22-97
ALLEN, NATHAN                          NY-37-8-265
ALLEN, ROBERT                          NY-37-5-95
ALLEN, RUSSELL                         NY-37-8-367
ALLEN, SARAH                           NY-37-27-421
ALLEN, STEPHEN                         NY-37-8-487
ALLIS, ALMA                            NY-37-27-586
ALLIS, ELIZABETH                       NY-37-10-259
ALLIS, FLORA B.                        NY-37-28-249
ALLIS, JAMES C.                        NY-37-21-139
ALLIS, LUCIUS                          NY-37-10-331
ALLIS, MYRON G.                        NY-37-24-537
ALLIS, NATHAN B.                       NY-37-4-1
ALLIS, OLIVER G.                       NY-37-3-73
ALLISON, JANE                          NY-37-16-301
AMES, ANTHONY                          NY-37-10-367
AMES, SYLVANUS                         NY-37-3-217
AMESS, THOMAS                          NY-37-9-31
AMOS, JOHN                             NY-37-24-525
ANDERSEN, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-37-25-513
ANDERSON, HANNAH                       NY-37-26-77
ANDERSON, MARY                         NY-37-26-149
ANDERSON, NAHUM                        NY-37-24-583
ANDERSON, THOMA A.                     NY-37-A-214
ANDREWS, ANNA                          NY-37-17-97
ANDREWS, AVERY V.                      NY-37-11-169
ANDREWS, HANNAH                        NY-37-13-473
ANDREWS, NATHAN                        NY-37-11-439
ANDRUS, ENOCH                          NY-37-19-257
ANGEVINE, STEPHEN                      NY-37-4-373
ANNIS, J. RATHBURN                     NY-37-23-361
ANNIS, JACOB                           NY-37-12-417
ANNIS, THOMAS                          NY-37-3-443
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                       NY-37-14-89
ARMSTRONG, JAMES M.                    NY-37-5-263
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        NY-37-3-5
ARMSTRONG, LAUREL B.                   NY-37-26-556
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      NY-37-27-571
ARMSTRONG, WAITY                       NY-37-8-163
ARNOLD, CHARLES J.                     NY-37-26-261
ARNOLD, DAVID                          NY-37-11-373
ASHBY, CHARLES                         NY-37-24-533
ASHBY, GEORGE H.                       NY-37-23-477
ASHBY, LUCY                            NY-37-9-427
ASHBY, RICHARD                         NY-37-8-55
ASHBY, SAMUEL                          NY-37-17-449
ASHBY, SAMUEL                          NY-37-18-27
ATHERTON, ALONZO D.                    NY-37-13-345
ATHERTON, SARAH                        NY-37-22-469
ATWELL, LEVI                           NY-37-2-393
ATWELL, MARY A.                        NY-37-6-49
AUCHENPAUGH, JOHN                      NY-37-13-113
AUSTIN, GEORGE                         NY-37-26-61
AUSTIN, JAMES                          NY-37-16-173
AUSTIN, WILLIAM                        NY-37-25-401
AVERY, ELIZABETH                       NY-37-4-481
AVERY, ELIZABETH B.                    NY-37-15-57
AVERY, LYDIA                           NY-37-3-219
AVERY, THOMAS                          NY-37-4-381
AXTELL, HARRISON A.                    NY-37-7-199
AXTELL, SYLVESTER T.                   NY-37-6-401
AYER, ANN                              NY-37-25-225
BABBITT, LYMAN H.                      NY-37-4-208
BABCOCK, SILVANUS                      NY-37-9-199
BABCOCK, WORDEN                        NY-37-28-561
BACKUS, ALBERT M.                      NY-37-27-349
BACON, ALLEN                           NY-37-10-115
BACON, ELIAS                           NY-37-11-37
BACON, HARLOW                          NY-37-6-253
BACON, JOHN H.                         NY-37-9-343
BACON, PHILENA                         NY-37-19-297
BACON, SARAH D.                        NY-37-11-241
BAILEY, ABNER B.                       NY-37-13-73
BAILEY, FANNY B.                       NY-37-23-313
BAILEY, JAMES                          NY-37-27-317
BAILEY, JAMES                          NY-37-5-179
BAILEY, JANE                           NY-37-10-163
BAILEY, LANSING                        NY-37-6-217
BAIRD, DAID                            NY-37-2-52
BAKER, ANTHONY                         NY-37-1-211
BAKER, CALVIN                          NY-37-22-61
BAKER, DANIEL                          NY-37-4-320
BAKER, ELIZA A.                        NY-37-27-493
BAKER, EUNICE B.                       NY-37-13-337
BAKER, GEORGE L.                       NY-37-27-245
BAKER, GEORGE S.                       NY-37-4-332
BAKER, HARRIET                         NY-37-19-129
BAKER, JAMES P.                        NY-37-26-317
BAKER, JOHN H.                         NY-37-28-566
BAKER, LUCINDA                         NY-37-24-9
BAKER, NEHEMIAH D.                     NY-37-9-451
BAKER, OTIS SR.                        NY-37-13-1
BAKER, RENSALAER                       NY-37-1-70
BAKER, ROSWELL                         NY-37-27-417
BAKER, SAMUEL                          NY-37-4-155
BAKER, SHELDON H. (REV.)               NY-37-4-529
BALCAM, GURDEN                         NY-37-2-205
BALCOM, ABNER                          NY-37-9-205
BALCOM, ASEL                           NY-37-1-189
BALCOM, CONSTANT                       NY-37-3-361
BALCOM, HORACE                         NY-37-4-348
BALCOM, MAHLON                         NY-37-26-457
BALDWIN, GEORGE W.                     NY-37-14-281
BALDWIN, SARAH B.                      NY-37-27-401
BALL, HARVEY                           NY-37-21-457
BANCROFT, CHAUNCEY                     NY-37-3-205
BANCROFT, NATHAN                       NY-37-20-49
BANCROFT, SPENCER F.                   NY-37-4-103
BANKER, JOHN W.                        NY-37-11-31
BANNISTER, JOHN                        NY-37-4-72
BARBER, ROXANA                         NY-37-5-305
BARBER, THURSOTN                       NY-37-13-89
BARKER, JAMES M.                       NY-37-11-271
BARKER, NATHAN                         NY-37-4-80
BARKER, WILLIAM R.                     NY-37-2-117
BARNES, IRA                            NY-37-8-271
BARRETT, AMOS                          NY-37-4-276
BARRETT, CHARLES                       NY-37-24-177
BARRETT, ELIZA S.                      NY-37-24-257
BARRETT, GEORGE                        NY-37-3-328
BARRETT, HARRIET                       NY-37-24-269
BARROWS, MARY                          NY-37-23-393
BARRY, BENJAMIN R.                     NY-37-27-561
BARRY, FRANCIS                         NY-37-12-113
BARRY, NATHANIEL                       NY-37-27-413
BARTLETT, OLIVE                        NY-37-2-303
BARUSDAL, JOSEPH                       NY-37-22-427
BASS, ELIJAH                           NY-37-8-319
BASSETT, WILLIAM R.                    NY-37-22-205
BATCHELLER, ANSON                      NY-37-3-317
BATES, ELIZA J.                        NY-37-17-481
BATHGATE, SIMEON                       NY-37-5-359
BATHGATE, SIMEON                       NY-37-6-17
BAUBIE, JAMES J.                       NY-37-17-393
BAYLES, SARAH                          NY-37-1-34
BAYNE, GEORGE                          NY-37-5-19
BAYNE, JONAS                           NY-37-23-217
BAYNE, THOMAS                          NY-37-1-184
BAYNS, NANCY J. L.                     NY-37-12-1
BEACH, CALVIN G.                       NY-37-6-461
BEACH, ELIAS                           NY-37-10-169
BEACH, JULIETTE H.                     NY-37-27-596
BEADLE, RUFUS F.                       NY-37-21-325
BEALS, CHARLOTTE A.                    NY-37-23-113
BEALS, DANIEL                          NY-37-19-353
BEARCROFT, JAMES                       NY-37-20-499
BEARDSLEY, ANN ELIZA                   NY-37-22-145
BEARDSLEY, HARMAN                      NY-37-8-169
BEARDSLEY, W. HENRY                    NY-37-25-81
BECK, HARRIET                          NY-37-20-157
BECK, RICHARD                          NY-37-25-253
BECK, RICHARD                          NY-37-19-241
BECKWITH, CHARLES G.                   NY-37-27-201
BECKWITH, JAMES F.                     NY-37-12-385
BECKWITH, SARAH                        NY-37-12-369
BEEBE, JULIA A.                        NY-37-26-441
BEEBE, PAPHIRUS                        NY-37-3-42
BEEBEE, PHILO T.                       NY-37-1-292
BEECH, JESSE                           NY-37-A-184
BEECHER, CHLOE S.                      NY-37-13-153
BEECHER, LYMAN                         NY-37-3-392
BEECHER, MINER                         NY-37-2-141
BEECHER, SUSAN                         NY-37-12-121
BEECKLEY, DAVID                        NY-37-3-181
BELDEN, CAROLINE E.                    NY-37-15-129
BELSON, MARY ANN                       NY-37-20-145
BENJAMIN, ANNA                         NY-37-14-369
BENJAMIN, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-37-3-89
BENJAMIN, HANNAH LOUISA                NY-37-17-25
BENJAMIN, HENRY D.                     NY-37-4-182
BENNETT, ADA C.                        NY-37-28-89
BENNETT, ALBERT L.                     NY-37-25-593
BENNETT, BENONI                        NY-37-3-214
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                     NY-37-23-105
BENNETT, ELIZABETH                     NY-37-27-313
BENNETT, ELLEN                         NY-37-14-457
BENNETT, FRANKLIN                      NY-37-10-235
BENNETT, FRANKLIN                      NY-37-2-133
BENNETT, ISAAC S.                      NY-37-26-13
BENNETT, LUCAS                         NY-37-4-127
BENNETT, MICHAEL                       NY-37-17-137
BENNETT, ONEY                          NY-37-1-49
BENNETT, THOMAS                        NY-37-2-460
BENNS, ROBERT J.                       NY-37-24-173
BENSON, MARY J.                        NY-37-25-181
BENT, DON C.                           NY-37-10-133
BENT, ELIJAH                           NY-37-2-427
BENT, HANNAH M.                        NY-37-26-477
BENTHIN, CHRISTIAN                     NY-37-19-497
BENTLEY, AMANDA E.                     NY-37-24-225
BENTLEY, CATHRINE                      NY-37-16-501
BENTLEY, EPHRAIM C.                    NY-37-11-187
BENTLEY, FRANCIS O.                    NY-37-15-113
BENTLEY, HIRAM                         NY-37-18-43
BENTLEY, PETER                         NY-37-12-289
BENTLY, JOHN                           NY-37-8-91
BENTON, MARY JANE                      NY-37-24-21
BENTON, THOMAS                         NY-37-20-127
BERRY, CLARK                           NY-37-7-25
BERRY, GARDNER                         NY-37-8-145
BERRY, HARRIET                         NY-37-17-145
BERRY, JOHN                            NY-37-24-213
BERRY, JOHN G.                         NY-37-23-249
BESSAC, B. L.                          NY-37-8-199
BEST, JOHN M.                          NY-37-25-533
BICKFORD, DENNIS                       NY-37-19-161
BICKFORD, HELEN O.                     NY-37-6-473
BICKLE, FRANK C.                       NY-37-26-225
BIDDLECORN, GEORGE                     NY-37-4-393
BIDDLEMAN, WILLIAM                     NY-37-4-195
BIDELMAN, ABRAM                        NY-37-6-437
BIDELMAN, CHARLES                      NY-37-7-469
BIDELMAN, EDWIN S.                     NY-37-17-337
BIDELMAN, ELLEN C.                     NY-37-11-337
BIDELMAN, HENRY P.                     NY-37-11-289
BIDELMAN, SAMUEL                       NY-37-12-41
BIDWELL, ALFRED                        NY-37-6-205
BIDWELL, ASHER C.                      NY-37-23-345
BIDWELL, CHESTER W.                    NY-37-15-177
BIDWELL, CYRUS                         NY-37-25-261
BIDWELL, ELIPHAS SR.                   NY-37-23-537
BIDWELL, HENRY                         NY-37-26-425
BIDWELL, LORANY                        NY-37-9-145
BIDWELL, SARAH R.                      NY-37-24-133
BIEKLE, THOMAS                         NY-37-26-81
BILLINGS, JOSEPH                       NY-37-6-233
BILLINGS, LAUREN                       NY-37-20-409
BILLINGS, LUTHER                       NY-37-7-445
BILTON, WILLIAM                        NY-37-27-33
BIRDSEYE, NATHAN                       NY-37-8-427
BISHOP, ASHBEL W.                      NY-37-11-367
BIXBY, ERASTUS                         NY-37-16-69
BLAIN, JOSEPH                          NY-37-3-18
BLAIR, AMMON                           NY-37-12-185
BLAKE, ANTHONY                         NY-37-24-449
BLAKE, HIRAM M.                        NY-37-17-289
BLAKE, SUSAN N.                        NY-37-11-67
BLAKELY, HORACE H.                     NY-37-28-25
BLAND, JOHN                            NY-37-17-417
BLANDON, LEMUEL                        NY-37-17-297
BLISS, CLEMENT                         NY-37-23-93
BLISS, EDWIN                           NY-37-28-209
BLISS, WILLIAM C.                      NY-37-5-155
BLODGETT, HIRAM C.                     NY-37-12-297
BLOOD, ELLA W.                         NY-37-15-345
BLOOD, HERVEY                          NY-37-6-21
BLOTT, JONATHAN                        NY-37-8-463
BODINE, ABRAHAM L.                     NY-37-10-445
BODINE, AMY A.                         NY-37-15-201
BOND, ADONIJAH                         NY-37-4-160
BOND, MARY JANE                        NY-37-22-307
BONNETT, MARTHA                        NY-37-3-127
BOOTH, ABRAHAM                         NY-37-24-277
BOOTT, HELEN R.                        NY-37-20-253
BOSTWICK, ALMON B.                     NY-37-26-73
BOTSFORD, BARNABAS H.                  NY-37-28-457
BOTTSFORD, JOSEPHINE                   NY-37-21-271
BOWEN, ADNA                            NY-37-16-229
BOWEN, ERWIN A.                        NY-37-22-13
BOWEN, HARRIET D.                      NY-37-27-277
BOWMAN, GEORGE N.                      NY-37-27-97
BOYD, JANE                             NY-37-7-67
BOYLE, JERRY                           NY-37-26-405
BRACE, ALMANZA                         NY-37-18-443
BRACE, NORMAN                          NY-37-22-103
BRACKETT, DANIEL                       NY-37-6-9
BRACKETT, LUCINDA                      NY-37-25-209
BRADLEY, WALTER                        NY-37-9-319
BRADNER, JOHN                          NY-37-6-465
BRADSHAW, THOMAS                       NY-37-8-493
BRAGG, JOHN W.                         NY-37-26-221
BRAGG, NATHAN                          NY-37-14-361
BRAGG, OLIVE M.                        NY-37-28-273
BRAGG, SARAH                           NY-37-17-33
BRAZEE, ELIZABETH                      NY-37-10-361
BRECKONS, GEORGE                       NY-37-25-473
BREED, ALBERT                          NY-37-7-37
BRENNAN, DANIEL H.                     NY-37-26-101
BRIDGEMAN, GEORGE                      NY-37-16-133
BRIDGEMAN, OLIVER H.                   NY-37-26-157
BRIDGEMAN, SARAH J.                    NY-37-7-19
BRIDGMAN, GUY                          NY-37-3-290
BRIGGS, HENRY                          NY-37-1-227
BRIGGS, MARY JANE                      NY-37-6-493
BRIGGS, NELSON G.                      NY-37-5-215
BRIGGS, SETH G.                        NY-37-6-185
BRINSMAID, CHAUNCEY                    NY-37-16-141
BRITT, CURTICE                         NY-37-26-337
BRITT, SERGEANT                        NY-37-24-41
BROOKS, EMMANUEL                       NY-37-24-289
BROOKS, LUCY J.                        NY-37-19-265
BROOKS, MARIA                          NY-37-11-331
BROWN, DANIEL C.                       NY-37-9-529
BROWN, ELIZABETH                       NY-37-15-81
BROWN, ESTHER                          NY-37-11-433
BROWN, FRANKLN                         NY-37-27-445
BROWN, GEORGE                          NY-37-22-235
BROWN, JABEZ                           NY-37-17-409
BROWN, JANE                            NY-37-6-173
BROWN, JOHNSON                         NY-37-23-305
BROWN, JONATHAN                        NY-37-5-251
BROWN, LOVINIA                         NY-37-24-65
BROWN, MATTHIAS                        NY-37-3-436
BROWN, NATHANIEL                       NY-37-6-73
BROWN, OLIVER                          NY-37-4-505
BROWN, RACHAEL                         NY-37-17-321
BROWN, REBECCA                         NY-37-22-259
BROWN, ROBART M.                       NY-37-2-224
BROWNELL, KATE                         NY-37-17-73
BROWNELL, LYDIA POPE                   NY-37-25-453
BRUIN, ABBY A.                         NY-37-18-259
BRUNER, DAVID G.                       NY-37-6-445
BUCHER, MARK H. (U.S.N.)               NY-37-15-185
BUCK, AMY                              NY-37-2-64
BUCK, DANIEL                           NY-37-3-425
BUCK, SUSAN                            NY-37-23-21
BUCKLAND, JOHN A.                      NY-37-3-23
BUCKLAND, JOHN D.                      NY-37-17-217
BUCKLAND, MATILDA                      NY-37-21-25
BUELL, HIRAM A.                        NY-37-9-517
BULL, ALCOTT                           NY-37-6-189
BULLAD, FRANK                          NY-37-28-337
BULLARD, ANSON                         NY-37-27-133
BULLARD, JENNETTE                      NY-37-27-453
BULLOCK, VOLKERT V.                    NY-37-16-1
BUMPUS, POLLY                          NY-37-21-73
BURBECK, EBENEZER L.                   NY-37-15-441
BURCHARD, LOIS C.                      NY-37-10-391
BURCHARD, WALTER E.                    NY-37-18-203
BURGER, SARAH                          NY-37-20-469
BURGESS, HARRIET M.                    NY-37-28-149
BURGESS, JENNIE E.                     NY-37-20-199
BURGESS, NOAH ***                      NY-37-2-308
BURKE, MARTIN                          NY-37-28-85
BURLEY, LYMAN                          NY-37-5-29
BURLINGAME, WILLIAM                    NY-37-A-233
BURNHAM, ELIAS S.                      NY-37-3-300
BURNHAM, WILLIAM                       NY-37-3-65
BURNS, CHARLES                         NY-37-22-337
BURNS, MATTHEW                         NY-37-25-129
BURNS, SQUIRE                          NY-37-24-618
BURROUGHS, CURTIS                      NY-37-6-457
BURROUGHS, ISAAC K.                    NY-37-16-285
BURROUGHS, LAURA ADELINE               NY-37-4-240
BURROUGHS, SILAS M.                    NY-37-4-244
BURROWS, LORENZO                       NY-37-17-457
BURROWS, LOUISE C.                     NY-37-25-321
BURROWS, ROSWELL                       NY-37-3-438
BURROWS, ROSWELL S.                    NY-37-12-249
BURROWS, WILLIAM R.                    NY-37-25-445
BURT, HANNAH                           NY-37-3-458
BURTON, ROSWELL                        NY-37-4-144
BUSH, ABSALOM F.                       NY-37-24-29
BUSH, CATHARINE A. COON                NY-37-13-481
BUSH, EBENEZER M.                      NY-37-1-207
BUTCHER, SAMUEL T.                     NY-37-25-281
BUTCHER, THOMAS                        NY-37-27-297
BUTLER, JOHN                           NY-37-21-487
BUTTERFIELD, JULIA E.                  NY-37-21-493
BUTTERFIELD, LYDIA                     NY-37-20-265
BUTTERFIELD, WILFORD                   NY-37-6-353
BUTTS, ALDERMAN                        NY-37-1-233
BUTTS, HIRAM L.                        NY-37-6-449
BUTTS, LOCKWOOD                        NY-37-4-95
BYINGTON, ASAHEL                       NY-37-9-265
BYINGTON, ASAHEL                       NY-37-3-278
CAADY, JOHN JR.                        NY-37-24-457
CADY, CALISTA L.                       NY-37-6-117
CADY, CHARLES H.                       NY-37-25-329
CADY, GERSHOM R.                       NY-37-4-417
CADY, ISAAC                            NY-37-9-169
CADY, JOSEPH                           NY-37-3-227
CADY, PALMER                           NY-37-4-88
CAIN, CHARLES                          NY-37-7-379
CAIN, JOHN                             NY-37-27-501
CALDWELL, JOSEPH                       NY-37-7-301
CALDWELL, WILLIAM J.                   NY-37-17-273
CALKINS, EDWARD                        NY-37-9-217
CALKINS, ELEANOR                       NY-37-28-77
CALKINS, SARAH                         NY-37-9-223
CALLARD, GEORGE                        NY-37-27-73
CALVERT, MARGARET P.                   NY-37-26-253
CAMBERS, ANN                           NY-37-2-71
CAMPBELL, JOSEPHINE                    NY-37-15-265
CANTINE, WARREN                        NY-37-2-167
CARD, AMANDA                           NY-37-18-235
CARPENTER, CYRUS                       NY-37-A-56
CARPENTER, DANIEL                      NY-37-7-385
CARPENTER, DAVID                       NY-37-27-353
CARR, CHAUNCEY                         NY-37-25-505
CARR, DAVID L.                         NY-37-24-125
CARR, GILBERT                          NY-37-10-325
CARR, HARRIET M.                       NY-37-21-49
CARR, JEMIMA                           NY-37-26-193
CARR, LORRINDA                         NY-37-19-89
CARVER, SHUBAEL                        NY-37-25-257
CASE, MARIA                            NY-37-27-269
CASE, WANTON                           NY-37-23-561
CASE, WANTON                           NY-37-23-545
CASEY, PATRICK                         NY-37-28-517
CASTALDI, JOHN                         NY-37-25-229
CASWELL, ISAAC                         NY-37-8-385
CASWELL, WILLIAM                       NY-37-1-166
CAY, SAMUEL M.                         NY-37-24-265
CHADBOURNE, ELIZABETH                  NY-37-10-253
CHADBOURNE, SAMUEL                     NY-37-13-353
CHADWICK, WILLIAM W.                   NY-37-26-445
CHAFFEE, DANIEL                        NY-37-6-69
CHAMBERLAIN, LAURA                     NY-37-28-229
CHAMBERLAIN, WILLIAM                   NY-37-17-257
CHAPIN, CAMMILLUS M.                   NY-37-21-127
CHAPIN, RACHEL M.                      NY-37-24-185
CHAPMAN, ISAAC                         NY-37-19-121
CHAPMAN, JAMES                         NY-37-28-145
CHASE, AMANDA                          NY-37-24-441
CHASE, BENJAMIN                        NY-37-3-347
CHASE, HANNAH H.                       NY-37-12-137
CHEESMAN, ORPHANY                      NY-37-10-199
CHILD, CATHARINE                       NY-37-25-441
CHILDS, BETSEY E.                      NY-37-22-319
CHRISTIE, JAMES                        NY-37-9-289
CHUBB, MELONE                          NY-37-11-13
CHUBB, STEPHEN N.                      NY-37-8-97
CHUBBUCK, ELIJAH                       NY-37-15-1
CHURCH, ANN                            NY-37-16-277
CHURCH, GEORGE D.                      NY-37-9-397
CHURCH, GROSVENOR D.                   NY-37-9-67
CHURCH, JOHN                           NY-37-24-337
CHURCH, LOUISA                         NY-37-25-65
CHURCH, MARY                           NY-37-25-89
CHURCH, SAMUEL                         NY-37-8-37
CHURCH, SARAH J.                       NY-37-25-389
CHURCH, WILLIAM                        NY-37-24-413
CHURCHILL, JONAS                       NY-37-9-469
CLAPP, BENJAMIN                        NY-37-14-289
CLAPP, SYLVIA                          NY-37-10-397
CLARK, ABRAM V.                        NY-37-18-67
CLARK, ALONZO                          NY-37-25-397
CLARK, AMELIA L. B.                    NY-37-16-61
CLARK, ANN                             NY-37-6-489
CLARK, CHARLES M.                      NY-37-26-469
CLARK, CYRUS                           NY-37-23-89
CLARK, DIANA G.                        NY-37-24-465
CLARK, ELIZA                           NY-37-10-109
CLARK, GEORGE F.                       NY-37-27-341
CLARK, HARRIET A.                      NY-37-18-83
CLARK, HARVEY                          NY-37-15-361
CLARK, HENRY                           NY-37-3-62
CLARK, HERBERT                         NY-37-20-169
CLARK, JAMES E.                        NY-37-4-533
CLARK, JEREMIAH                        NY-37-3-175
CLARK, JOHN                            NY-37-24-485
CLARK, JONATHAN                        NY-37-6-193
CLARK, JOSIAH M.                       NY-37-18-243
CLARK, LORENZO D.                      NY-37-23-413
CLARK, LUCINDA                         NY-37-3-430
CLARK, LURA                            NY-37-27-581
CLARK, MARY A.                         NY-37-20-421
CLARK, NELSON                          NY-37-11-247
CLARK, OLIVER                          NY-37-28-1
CLARK, ORRA                            NY-37-11-475
CLARK, RODWAY                          NY-37-15-49
CLARK, SAMUEL                          NY-37-2-160
CLARK, SAMUEL                          NY-37-21-145
CLARK, SAMUEL                          NY-37-2-137
CLARK, SARAH                           NY-37-12-201
CLARK, SOPHIA A.                       NY-37-19-489
CLARK, SUSANNA                         NY-37-13-417
CLARK, WILLIAM                         NY-37-25-197
CLARK, WILLIAM B.                      NY-37-4-220
CLARK, ZEPHANIAH                       NY-37-21-343
CLAYPOLE, JOSEPH                       NY-37-17-329
CLEMENT, JOHN                          NY-37-2-406
CLEMENT, PHILO N.                      NY-37-26-237
CLIFT, HEZEKIAH                        NY-37-5-161
CLOSE, GILBERT                         NY-37-15-257
CLOSE, MARY                  ny-37-19-59
CLOSS, RACHEL                          NY-37-8-109
CLUM, LEONARD                          NY-37-2-398
CLUNE, JACOB                           NY-37-27-181
CLUTE, HARVEY                          NY-37-16-181
CLUTE, MARTHA                          NY-37-25-561
COAN, FANNY M.                         NY-37-15-153
COAN, GEORGE W.                        NY-37-13-41
COANN, EZRA T.                         NY-37-28-531
COBB, J. COLLIER                       NY-37-14-353
COBB, JOHN                             NY-37-9-331
COBB, SUSAN P.                         NY-37-20-1
COBB, WILLIAM                          NY-37-3-394
COBURN, MARY                           NY-37-18-179
COCHRAN, ISAAC                         NY-37-9-187
COCHRANE, JANE                         NY-37-23-389
COCHRANE, SAMUEL R.                    NY-37-28-513
COE, NELSON                            NY-37-22-253
COE, STEPHEN                           NY-37-1-175
COE, TUNIS H.                          NY-37-23-197
COFFEY, JERRY                          NY-37-13-385
COFFEY, JOHANNAH                       NY-37-24-17
COG, MARTHA                            NY-37-17-65
COILE, LOUSON                          NY-37-11-265
COLBURN, CAROLINE                      NY-37-27-489
COLBY, JESSE                           NY-37-17-401
COLBY, SARAH                           NY-37-7-229
COLDON, KATE                           NY-37-24-161
COLE, CORNELIUS                        NY-37-22-127
COLE, LEONARD                          NY-37-2-128
COLE, MARY J.                          NY-37-28-193
COLE, NATHANIEL                        NY-37-25-57
COLE, SANDS                            NY-37-20-181
COLE, VIOLETTA                         NY-37-21-103
COLE, WILLIAM                          NY-37-7-451
COLEMAN, GEORGE                        NY-37-19-97
COLEMAN, IDA E.                        NY-37-26-121
COLEMAN, SARAH J.                      NY-37-19-49
COLEY, REBECCA                         NY-37-20-187
COLLAR, AMANDA                         NY-37-2-197
COLLINS, HARRIET M.                    NY-37-9-433
COLLINS, TYRANUS                       NY-37-8-247
COLONEY, WILLIAM                       NY-37-28-401
COMERFORD, ELLEN                       NY-37-14-473
COMMINS, DELIA                         NY-37-14-297
COMSTOCK, ARNOLD                       NY-37-12-305
CONKEY, JAMES                          NY-37-16-397
CONKLIN, ROBERT L.                     NY-37-5-47
CONKLIN, SOPHIA                        NY-37-7-145
CONLEY, FRANK E.                       NY-37-26-173
COOK, CURTIS                           NY-37-15-337
COOK, GEORGE C.                        NY-37-27-531
COOK, GEORGE H.                        NY-37-24-181
COOK, JOHN                             NY-37-25-133
COOK, LEMUEL JR.                       NY-37-4-84
COOK, LYDIA                            NY-37-21-451
COOK, MARY ANN                         NY-37-18-227
COOK, OLIVE                            NY-37-15-25
COOK, THEOPHILUS                       NY-37-5-77
COOK, WILLIAM E.                       NY-37-1-170
COOK, WILLIAM H.                       NY-37-5-65
COOLEY, HANNAH M.                      NY-37-7-277
COON, ALEXANDER                        NY-37-9-295
COON, BETSEY                           NY-37-19-177
COON, DAIVD                            NY-37-2-16
COON, STPEHEN P.                       NY-37-5-239
COOPER, WILLIAM                        NY-37-6-317
COOPER, WILLIAM                        NY-37-6-425
COOPER, WILLIAM                        NY-37-24-49
COPP, JAMES                            NY-37-26-97
CORBIN, JEREMIAH                       NY-37-5-185
CORBIN, JOSEPH SR.                     NY-37-21-469
CORCORAN, PETER                        NY-37-26-217
COREY, HENRY                           NY-37-27-145
CORNELL, JANE M.                       NY-37-28-413
CORNELL, JOSEPH M.                     NY-37-23-101
CORNELL, KATHERINE CLARKE              NY-37-28-9
CORNELL, MARY JANE                     NY-37-6-165
CORNELL, THOMAS T.                     NY-37-7-457
CORR, DAVID                            NY-37-17-201
COTTOM, MARY                           NY-37-27-233
COURTMAN, BENJAMIN                     NY-37-20-463
COVELL, SYLVESTER                      NY-37-6-25
COWLES, CHARLES H. T.                  NY-37-18-331
COWLES, MARION                         NY-37-20-19
COX, ROBERT                            NY-37-26-145
COY, CYRUS                             NY-37-3-51
COY, HORACE                            NY-37-28-177
COY, SAMUEL                            NY-37-4-123
CRANDALL, CHRISTOPHER                  NY-37-26-381
CRANDALL, JOHN L.                      NY-37-3-232
CRANDALL, JOHN W.                      NY-37-5-167
CRANE, ALEXIS                          NY-37-8-49
CRANE, EPHRIAM J.                      NY-37-28-289
CRANE, JARRA                           NY-37-12-153
CRANE, JEREMY F.                       NY-37-9-361
CRANE, JOHN                            NY-37-4-252
CRANE, MARY W.                         NY-37-9-139
CRANE, ORRIN D.                        NY-37-12-233
CRAWFORD, ROSWELL                      NY-37-23-129
CREGO, HIRAM                           NY-37-27-5
CRITTENDEN, OSEE                       NY-37-27-21
CROSS, C. JANE                         NY-37-13-265
CROXTON, MARILLA                       NY-37-27-57
CULVER, CALEB                          NY-37-3-250
CULVER, CLARA S.                       NY-37-28-5
CULVER, OLIVER P.                      NY-37-28-365
CULVER, ORANGE                         NY-37-3-109
CULVER, SARAH W.                       NY-37-9-349
CULVER, SILAS                          NY-37-20-55
CULVER, SYLVANUS                       NY-37-10-493
CURRIER, JOHN H.                       NY-37-4-268
CURRY, BETSEY M.                       NY-37-24-381
CURTIS, ALPHEUS                        NY-37-4-147
CURTIS, HARRIET E.                     NY-37-10-241
CURTIS, JOHN                           NY-37-18-91
CURTIS, MARIETTE                       NY-37-27-449
CURTIS, SOLOMON                        NY-37-10-43
CURTISS, PHILO                         NY-37-6-333
CUSHING, THOMAS                        NY-37-27-69
CUTTON, THOMAS                         NY-37-24-477

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