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DAILY, DENNIS                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-10-349
DALE, THOMAS CHRISTOPHER     RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-49
DALRYMPLE, NANCY             MURRAY                        NY-37-15-281
DALTON, JAMES                MURRAY                        NY-37-28-69
DALTON, MARGARET             MURRAY                        NY-37-11-121
DANA, ELIJAH                 BARRE                         NY-37-2-469
DANIELS, FLORINDA            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-12-9
DARROW, ELIJAH               BANE                          NY-37-1-81
DARROW, NICHOLAS E.          CLARENDON                     NY-37-25-521
DARROW, REUBEN               BARRE                         NY-37-A-191
DATES, WILLIAM               YATES                         NY-37-22-49
DAVEY, EDWARD H.             SHELBY                        NY-37-27-161
DAVIDSON, CATHARINE H. J.    RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-19-289
DAVIS, CHARLOTTE             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-556
DAVIS, GEORGE                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-5-311
DAVIS, GRINDOL               YATES                         NY-37-7-115
DAVIS, JOSEPH                YATES                         NY-37-3-183
DAVIS, JOSEPH C.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-205
DAVIS, MARY C.               BARRE                         NY-37-8-499
DAVIS, SAAH S. T.            GAINES                        NY-37-3-434
DAVIS, SIMON V.              CARLTON                       NY-37-25-365
DAVIS, WILLIAM               BARRE                         NY-37-4-449
DAVISON, HENRY               GATES                         NY-37-12-161
DAVISSON, ALFRED W.          CLARENDON                     NY-37-25-325
DAY, AUSTIN                  MURRAY                        NY-37-9-73
DAY, C. JUDSON               ALBION                        NY-37-25-245
DAY, EPHRAIM                 MURRAY                        NY-37-1-4
DAY, FERDINAND A.            ALBION                        NY-37-28-546
DAY, FREDERICK               MURRAY                        NY-37-17-161
DAY, JOHN W.                 YATES                         NY-37-27-81
DAY, MARY                    GAINES                        NY-37-6-97
DAY, SILAS                   MURRAY                        NY-37-3-76
DEAN, ABIJAH                 MURRAY                        NY-37-13-281
DEAN, SUSANNA                MURRAY                        NY-37-8-355
DEBOW, ELEANOR               BARRE                         NY-37-4-357
DECKER, MARY                 BARRE                         NY-37-7-247
DECKER, TUNIS                YATES                         NY-37-10-55
DELANO, LYDIA                BARRE                         NY-37-4-340
DELANO, MILTON B.            BARRE                         NY-37-22-409
DELANO, RUTH                 BARRE                         NY-37-6-221
DELFENDORF, SUSIE D.         KENDALL                       NY-37-24-73
DELINE, JOHN                 YATES                         NY-37-2-79
DEMMON, MORRIS               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-5-83
DEMOTT, THOMAS               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-4-441
DENIO, JOHN                  BARRE                         NY-37-4-224
DENNIS, FANNY                MURRAY                        NY-37-25-357
DENNIS, JAMES                MURRAY                        NY-37-9-301
DENSMORE, ANNETTE O.         ALBION                        NY-37-20-25
DENSMORE, ARTEMAS            KENDALL                       NY-37-4-119
DENSMORE, CHRISTINA G.       ALBION                        NY-37-26-113
DENSMORE, DENNIS             GAINES                        NY-37-23-213
DERRICK, JULIETTE C.         ALBION                        NY-37-17-385
DEWEY, ELAM                  GAINES                        NY-37-5-209
DEWEY, MORRIS                CLARENDON                     NY-37-8-349
DEYBALL, TIMOTHY             YATES                         NY-37-18-19
DIBBLE, SALMON               BARRE                         NY-37-3-116
DIBBLE, SHERMAN              JAINES                        NY-37-6-289
DIBBLE, THOMAS P.            MURRAY                        NY-37-13-33
DIENE, CHARLES               ALBION                        NY-37-21-421
DINSMORE, BETTEY             BARRE                         NY-37-3-97
DISBROW, JANE                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-17-49
DISBROW, MOSES               SHELBY                        NY-37-7-463
DIX, JOHN                    BARRE                         NY-37-12-209
DIX, REBECCA                 BARRE                         NY-37-13-17
DOCKERY, BRIDGET             SHELBY                        NY-37-28-17
DOLLY, JOHN                  GAINES                        NY-37-3-106
DONNELLY, JAMES              MURRAY                        NY-37-28-581
DOODY, JERRY C.              SHELBY                        NY-37-27-137
DOUGLASS, BERMAN             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-385
DOWD, ANN                    MURRAY                        NY-37-13-457
DOWNEY, CHARLES L.           MURRAY                        NY-37-23-449
DOWNEY, SPENCER              MURRAY                        NY-37-13-81
DOWNS, JOHN                  HOLLEY                        NY-37-28-213
DOYLE, PHOEBE E.             ALBION                        NY-37-21-19
DRAKE, CHRISTOPHER C.        CARLTON                       NY-37-8-133
DRAKE, FRANCIS T.            MURRAY                        NY-37-6-389
DREW, JOHN                   SHELBY                        NY-37-5-329
DREW, WILLIAM                KENDALL                       NY-37-4-169
DRISCOLL, MARY               ALBION                        NY-37-17-209
DUBOIS, JOHN E.              MURRAY                        NY-37-5-347
DUBOIS, JOHN J.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-229
DUDLEY, NELSON S.            CARLTON                       NY-37-28-65
DUEN, JAMES                  SHELBY                        NY-37-22-157
DUNCAN, CYRUS W.             KENDALL                       NY-37-26-497
DUNHAM, JOSEPH               CARLTON                       NY-37-4-29
DUNLAP, BENJAMIN             SHELBY                        NY-37-17-105
DUNLAP, MARTHA               SHELBY                        NY-37-19-153
DUNLAP, WILLIAM              SHELBY                        NY-37-9-403
DUNN, BENJAMIN               RIDGWAY                       NY-37-1-18
DUSETT, JOHN                 MURRAY                        NY-37-9-457
DUTCHER, STEPHEN             YATES                         NY-37-6-237
DUTCHER, WILLIAM             BARRE                         NY-37-4-433
DUTTON, JUSTIN H.            CLARENDON                     NY-37-8-103
DYE, WILLIAM                 SHELBY                        NY-37-14-433
DYE, WILLIAM                 CARLTON                       NY-37-6-285
DYGERT, ABRAHAM L.           SHELBY                        NY-37-5-275
EASTMAN, ENOCH               MURRAY                        NY-37-3-343
EASTON, GEORGE W.            SHELBY                        NY-37-16-221
ECCLESTON, FRANKLIN H.       CARLTON                       NY-37-23-57
ECKERSON, CAROLINE           SHELBY                        NY-37-28-473
ECKERSON, MARIA              SHELBY                        NY-37-10-223
ECKERT, JULIA B.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-10-439
ECKLER, THOMAS               CARLTON                       NY-37-23-541
EDDY, DAVID                  BARRE                         NY-37-7-391
EDDY, ORANGE A.              MURRAY                        NY-37-17-153
EDDY, SAMUEL                 BARRE                         NY-37-4-171
EDDY, SARAH A.               ALBION                        NY-37-27-325
EDDY, SUSAN                  ALBION                        NY-37-20-241
EDMONDS, EDWARD              YATES                         NY-37-3-140
EDMUNDS, JOHN S.             YATES                         NY-37-18-339
EDWARDS, EDWARD              SHELBY                        NY-37-20-139
EELLS, EDWARD                MIDDLEBURY, ADDISON, VT       NY-37-1-29
EGELSTON, BENJAMIN           KENDALL                       NY-37-10-307
EGELSTON, NATHAN             KENDALL                       NY-37-10-469
ELEY, RUTH                   CLARENDON                     NY-37-2-67
ELLICOTT, SARAH              SHELBY                        NY-37-3-153
ELWELL, NOAH                 KENDALL                       NY-37-17-193
ELY, BENJAMIN                MURRAY                        NY-37-27-225
ELY, MARCUS J.               MURRAY                        NY-37-25-25
EMERY, CLARK P.              CLARENDON                     NY-37-26-281
ENGLISH, MYRON J.            BARRE                         NY-37-8-331
ENSIGN, CHANCELLOR           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-281
ENSIGN, LAURA                MURRAY                        NY-37-15-121
ERWIN, WILLIAM C.            BARRE                         NY-37-6-381
EVANS, ALONZO                SHELBY                        NY-37-14-129
EVARTS, LOUISA               CLARENDON                     NY-37-15-241
EVARTS, MARTIN               CLARENDON                     NY-37-9-61
EVARTS, OMAN                 BARRE                         NY-37-27-321
EVARTS, SUSAN C.             MADISON,, CT                  NY-37-18-123
EVARTS, SUSANNA              CLARENDON                     NY-37-16-77
FACE, DANIEL G.              CARLTON                       NY-37-23-461
FAILING, JACOB               YATES                         NY-37-5-335
FAIRFIELD, CHAUNCY H.        GAINES                        NY-37-17-433
FAIRFIELD, WALTER            GAINES                        NY-37-5-287
FALCONER, HANNAH             MURRAY                        NY-37-28-161
FANNING, LUCY                BARRE                         NY-37-2-32
FARGO, HIRAM                 BARRE                         NY-37-7-49
FARNHAM, DAVID               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-19-441
FARNHAM, DAVID A.            GAINES                        NY-37-5-257
FARNHAM, OLIVE               SHELBY                        NY-37-23-25
FARNSWORHT, JOHN             KENDALL                       NY-37-9-79
FARNSWORTH, ERASTUS J.       KENDALL                       NY-37-6-481
FARR, BARNUEL                BARRE                         NY-37-4-445
FARR, SALMON L.              ALBION                        NY-37-28-393
FARRELL, PATRICK             GAINES                        NY-37-25-49
FARWELL, CYRUS               ALBION                        NY-37-14-193
FARWELL, ELDRIDGE            CLARENDON                     NY-37-2-99
FARWELL, GERTRUDE A.         MURRAY                        NY-37-27-591
FARWELL, HARRY               YATES                         NY-37-5-341
FARWELL, SARAI ANN           CLARENDON                     NY-37-23-425
FAUCHER, CATHARINE           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-10-91
FAUCHER, RICHARD             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-73
FAUGHNAN, MARGARET           ALBION                        NY-37-26-229
FEATHERS, JOHN               KENDALL                       NY-37-6-433
FEDUN, SAMUEL W.             CARLTON                       NY-37-22-199
FERGUSON, GEORGE W.          GAINES                        NY-37-25-608
FERGUSON, JOHN               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-421
FERGUSON, SMITH              YATES                         NY-37-4-425
FERRIS, CHARLES E.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-373
FERRIS, HENRY                BARRE                         NY-37-9-55
FERRIS, JONATHAN             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-4-264
FERRIS, JOSHUA               BARRE                         NY-37-7-1
FERRIS, LESTER L.            BARRE                         NY-37-10-25
FERRIS, NICHOLAS             BARRE                         NY-37-3-273
FERRIS, PETER                BARRE                         NY-37-9-313
FERRIS, PHEBE                GAINES                        NY-37-28-509
FERRIS, RICHARD              SHELBY                        NY-37-4-344
FERRY, JANE F.               MURRAY                        NY-37-19-249
FERRY, JONATHAN              MURRAY                        NY-37-6-261
FERRY, LEWIS D.              MURRAY                        NY-37-19-1
FERRY, MEDAD                 MURRAY                        NY-37-4-204
FERSTER, GEORGE              CALRTON                       NY-37-1-121
FIELD, JOHN                  BARRE                         NY-37-2-195
FIELD, NORMAN S.             ALBION                        NY-37-25-145
FIELD, SARAH                 BARRE                         NY-37-9-559
FIELD, SPAFFORD              BARRE                         NY-37-7-313
FIELDS, JOHN                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-105
FILKINS, HESTER              BARRE                         NY-37-15-321
FINCH, JACOB                 BARRE                         NY-37-21-157
FINN, JAMES                  ALBION                        NY-37-25-73
FINNCANE, JOHN               MURRAY                        NY-37-21-7
FIRTH, JOHN                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-133
FISH, JOHN N.                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-16-341
FISH, NAHUM W.               ALBION                        NY-37-20-391
FISHER, JOHN                 YATES                         NY-37-11-7
FISHER, WILLIAM              BARRE                         NY-37-3-368
FISK, BENJAMIN               YATES                         NY-37-28-341
FITCH, SAMUEL                BARRE                         NY-37-2-412
FITZGERALD, HANNAH           MURRAY                        NY-37-26-321
FITZGERALD, JOHN J.          MURRAY                        NY-37-28-497
FITZGERALD, MARY             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-11-145
FLAGLER, HENRY               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-5-191
FLAGLER, MARIA               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-177
FLANDERS, ELIZABETH          KENDALL                       NY-37-24-541
FLANDERS, SARAH              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-237
FLANNERY, CATHERINE          CLARENDON                     NY-37-27-301
FLANNERY, JAMES              MURRAY                        NY-37-18-371
FLANNIGAN, ANNA              MURRAY                        NY-37-25-405
FLINN, MARY                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-19-137
FLINT, WILLIAM G.            BARRE                         NY-37-7-241
FLUHRER, CHARLES             ALBION                        NY-37-28-385
FOLEY, JOHN                  SHELBY                        NY-37-20-439
FOOTMAN, JOHN                CLARENDON                     NY-37-28-265
FORBES, GILBERT SR.          KENDALL                       NY-37-5-7
FORBES, JAMES H.             KENDALL                       NY-37-22-385
FORD, DAVID                  MEDINA                        NY-37-1-137
FORD, GEORGE N.              MURRAY                        NY-37-17-241
FORD, ISAAC                  MURRAY                        NY-37-3-415
FORD, SARAH M.               MURRAY                        NY-37-17-345
FOREMAN, ELIZABETH           GAINES                        NY-37-23-69
FORTUNE, LAWRENCE            CARLTON                       NY-37-26-373
FOSBINDER, CHARLES           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-285
FOSTER, ADEN                 BANE                          NY-37-1-147
FOSTER, ALPHEUS              BARRE                         NY-37-2-282
FOSTER, ANNA M.              BARRE                         NY-37-16-333
FOSTER, HENRY                CLARENDON                     NY-37-12-17
FOSTER, LEONARD              CLARENDON                     NY-37-3-320
FOUNTAIN, JESSE              KENDALL                       NY-37-9-481
FOUNTAIN, SARAH ANN          KENDALL                       NY-37-23-177
FOWLER, LUCY                 ALBION                        NY-37-15-353
FOWLER, RICHARD R.           MURRAY                        NY-37-19-321
FOX, ANNA WILSON             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-345
FRARY, ALBERT                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-541
FRARY, ELEAZER               SHELBY                        NY-37-3-58
FRARY, GEORGE W.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-41
FRAZER, ANN JAMES            SHELBY                        NY-37-13-233
FREDRICK, ABRAHAM G.         BARRY                         NY-37-1-1
FREELOVE, FRED               CLARENDON                     NY-37-28-269
FREEMAN, CHESTER             ALBION                        NY-37-22-301
FREEMAN, HARRIET G.          SHELBY                        NY-37-25-77
FREEMAN, ISAAC               SHELBY                        NY-37-23-1
FREEMAN, JAMES               SHELBY                        NY-37-20-31
FREEMAN, JEREMIAH            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-1
FREEMAN, SARAH               SHELBY                        NY-37-28-481
FREER, ELIZA J.              CLARENDON                     NY-37-13-209
FREER, JACOB E.              CLARENDON                     NY-37-12-25
FRENCH, JOSEPH A.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-13-137
FRENCH, NATHAN N.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-169
FRIESMAN, ALIDA              KENDALL                       NY-37-4-401
FRISBIE, HIRAM               MURRAY                        NY-37-9-421
FROST, CHESTER               YATES                         NY-37-2-176
FROST, FRANKLIN              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-187
FROST, NEHEMIAH              SHELBY                        NY-37-3-149
FULLER, BETSEY               YATES                         NY-37-25-53
FULLER, DANIEL G.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-12-345
FULLER, GEORGE W.            BARRE                         NY-37-27-37
FULLER, HORACE C.            CARLTON                       NY-37-24-253
FULLER, JERUSHA              CARLTON                       NY-37-4-437
FULLER, JOEL                 YATES                         NY-37-4-288
FULLER, JOHN                 YATES                         NY-37-8-259
FULLER, LEE SELDON           CARLTON                       NY-37-3-123
FULLER, MARGARET             MURRAY                        NY-37-3-305
FULLER, MARGARET             MURRAY                        NY-37-3-297
FULLER, REUBEN               CARLTON                       NY-37-23-325
FULLER, SARAH                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-385
FURGUSON, MARGARET           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-257
FURMAN, AGRIPPA M.           GAINES                        NY-37-1-108
FURMAN, EDWIN S.             RIDEWAY                       NY-37-28-301
GAGE, ELISHA H.              ALBION                        NY-37-25-525
GALE, DAVID H.               GAINES                        NY-37-3-242
GALE, ELIZABETH              ALBION                        NY-37-14-25
GALLAGHER, PATRICK           SHELBY                        NY-37-24-101
GARRAHTY, JOHN B.            YATES                         NY-37-24-109
GARRETT, GARRISON            CARLTON                       NY-37-23-493
GARRICK, JAMES               CARLTON                       NY-37-24-397
GARRISON, DANIEL             MURRAY                        NY-37-4-304
GARRISON, JOHN B.            MURRAY                        NY-37-24-603
GATES, ANNA B.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-17
GATES, BENJAMIN F.           ALBION                        NY-37-14-233
GATES, DANIEL                CARLTON                       NY-37-4-142
GATES, ISRAEL                MURRAY                        NY-37-26-57
GATES, JOHN                  CARLTON                       NY-37-22-313
GATTS, GEORGE                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-497
GATTS, JAMES                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-37
GAY, JOHN F.                 ALBION                        NY-37-28-441
GAYLORD, MANLY               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-293
GAZE, CLARISSA               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-473
GAZE, EDWARD                 CARLTON                       NY-37-24-77
GEEN, MARY                   ALBION                        NY-37-22-475
GERE, ISAAC                  BARRE                         NY-37-6-153
GERE, WILLIARD               BARRE                         NY-37-6-5
GETTY, ANNA K.               BARRE                         NY-37-9-373
GIBBS, ARTIMUS               GAINES                        NY-37-28-313
GIBBS, ROXANA                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-546
GIBSON, EMILY                ALBION                        NY-37-14-145
GIBSON, GUY                  MURRAY                        NY-37-18-139
GIBSON, HENRY M.             BARRE                         NY-37-22-457
GIBSON, HOSEA W.             ALBION                        NY-37-24-53
GIBSON, NEWELL               ALBION                        NY-37-10-313
GIBSON, WILLIAM              CLARENDON                     NY-37-4-284
GIFFORD, STEPHEN             SHELBY                        NY-37-6-249
GILBERT, ELIHU P.            YATES                         NY-37-15-473
GILBERT, HARRIET             SHELBY                        NY-37-18-155
GILBERT, LEVI                SHELBY                        NY-37-10-379
GILBERT, SIMEON              YATES                         NY-37-1-66
GILBERT, THOMAS J.           YATES                         NY-37-25-309
GILBERT, WEALTHY J.          CARLTON                       NY-37-26-33
GILLETT, ELIJAH              BARRE                         NY-37-5-323
GLENN, PATRICK               BARRE                         NY-37-9-151
GLIDDEN, ASA                 CLARENDON                     NY-37-24-117
GLIDDEN, HENRY A.            ALBION                        NY-37-25-9
GLIDDEN, IRENE D.            MURRAY                        NY-37-27-229
GLIDDEN, SIMEON              CLARENDON                     NY-37-6-13
GLIDDEN, SMITH               CLARENDON                     NY-37-8-13
GLIDDEN, THOMAS              CLARENDON                     NY-37-21-385
GLIDDEN, WILLIAM S.          MURRAY                        NY-37-28-237
GOFF, ALBERT C.              BLUFF SPRINGS, ESCAMBIA, FL   NY-37-28-654
GOFF, HIRAM S.               ALBION                        NY-37-24-309
GOFF, STILLMAN               ALBION                        NY-37-18-291
GOODELL, BENJAMIN F.         RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-15-145
GOODENOW, BARNABAS W.        CLARENDON                     NY-37-20-61
GOODMAN, ABRAHAM H.          ALBION                        NY-37-23-233
GOODMAN, JONAS H.            ALBION                        NY-37-10-355
GOODMAN, SALOMON H.          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-237
GOODRICH, HARVEY             BARRE                         NY-37-5-35
GOODWIN, ELIAS M.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-273
GOODWIN, JAMES               BARRE                         NY-37-26-141
GOODWIN, RACHEL              MURRAY                        NY-37-1-43
GOOLD, HORACE O.             YATES                         NY-37-6-57
GOOSE, ANN                   RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-41
GOOSE, HENRY                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-247
GORANGE, GEORGE              BARRE                         NY-37-27-551
GORMAN, MARGARET A .         RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-325
GORS, SAMUEL                 MEDINA                        NY-37-1-250
GOTTS, GEORGE W.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-97
GOULD, FREDRICK B.           CARLTON                       NY-37-26-413
GRAFF, HIRAM                 ALBION                        NY-37-25-169
GRAFF, SARAH J.              ALBION                        NY-37-25-41
GRANT, MARIAH                BARRE                         NY-37-3-113
GRANT, THOMAS                BARRE                         NY-37-2-124
GRAVENALL, SARAH             SHELBY                        NY-37-24-285
GRAVES, GEORGE W.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-33
GRAVES, SARAH E.             SHELBY                        NY-37-26-409
GRAY, EVERETT                CARLTON                       NY-37-25-153
GRAY, WALTER                 YATES                         NY-37-17-425
GREEN, ABRAM C.              YATES                         NY-37-8-481
GREEN, ISAAC N.              SHELBY                        NY-37-12-49
GREEN, LAURA W.              SHELBY                        NY-37-24-513
GREEN, LYDIA                 BARRE                         NY-37-6-61
GREEN, RHODES                ALBION                        NY-37-20-289
GREEN, SUSANNAH              SHELBY                        NY-37-28-253
GREENGRASS, ANN              GAINES                        NY-37-11-457
GREENMAN, JOSEPH B.          YATES                         NY-37-6-101
GREENMAN, SILAS              YATES                         NY-37-3-78
GREENMAN, STEPHEN            YATES                         NY-37-28-217
GREENMAN, WILLIAM G.         YATES                         NY-37-1-216
GREGORY, ALMIRA              SHELBY                        NY-37-22-343
GREGORY, ELIZA A.            SHELBY                        NY-37-26-181
GREGORY, IRA                 SHELBY                        NY-37-9-181
GREGORY, LINSLEY M.          SHELBY                        NY-37-24-193
GREGORY, MILES R.            SHELBY                        NY-37-25-429
GREGORY, MILO R.             SHELBY                        NY-37-23-289
GREGORY, NORMAN              SHELBY                        NY-37-16-493
GREGORY, STEPHEN             MEDINA                        NY-37-3-366
GREGORY, SYLVESTER           SHELBY                        NY-37-27-285
GREGORY, TRUMAN S.           SHELBY                        NY-37-24-433
GRIBBEN, CHARLES             YATES                         NY-37-8-67
GRICE, SAMUEL                SHELBY                        NY-37-8-229
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM F.         ALBION                        NY-37-26-437
GRIGGS, DANIEL               CLARENDON                     NY-37-22-85
GRIN, SAMUEL                 SHELBY                        NY-37-4-21
GRINNELL, AMOS               BARRE                         NY-37-22-79
GRINNELL, BETSEY ANN         SHELBY                        NY-37-10-343
GRINNELL, DELILAH            BARRE                         NY-37-26-453
GRINNELL, EMILY A.           BARRE                         NY-37-25-177
GRINNELL, EZRA               SHELBY                        NY-37-4-473
GRINNELL, JOHN               SHELBY                        NY-37-21-199
GRINNELL, JULIA ANN          SHELBY                        NY-37-22-379
GRINNELL, PAUL               SHELBY                        NY-37-26-1
GRINNELL, SAVILLA            BARRE                         NY-37-25-485
GRISWOLD, JOSEPH             CARLTON                       NY-37-9-409
GROAT, MARY ANN              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-157
GROVER, LYSANDER C.          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-277
GROW, MALTBY C.              CARLTON                       NY-37-12-361
GROYNNE, RICHARD             MURRAY                        NY-37-17-361
GTTS, FRANCES A.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-29
GUNN, SOPHIA                 BARRE                         NY-37-7-235
GUS, SAMUEL                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-1-95
GWYNNE, CHARLES F.           MURRAY                        NY-37-27-373
HAGAMAN, JANE                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-313
HAGARTH, MICHAEL             ALBION                        NY-37-23-465
HAGEDORN, SAMUEL             YATES                         NY-37-3-283
HAIGHT, NORICE CLARK         BARRE                         NY-37-26-125
HAKES, PEREZ                 ALBION                        NY-37-26-586
HALE, BENJAMIN B.            CARLTON                       NY-37-8-295
HALL, BENONI                 YATES                         NY-37-9-379
HALL, HANNAH                 ALBION                        NY-37-20-355
HALL, JANE                   GAINES                        NY-37-16-17
HALL, JOHN                   CARLTON                       NY-37-16-101
HALL, NELSON F.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-365
HALL, RANSOM                 YATES                         NY-37-26-241
HALLENBAKE, JACOB H.         ALBION                        NY-37-11-283
HALSEY, BARTLETT H.          YATES                         NY-37-6-309
HALSTEAD, JOHN               CARLTON                       NY-37-23-161
HAMPTON, JOHN                CLARENDON                     NY-37-1-37
HANCHETT, DANIEL M.          KENDALL                       NY-37-21-223
HAND, MARY                   ALBION                        NY-37-21-61
HANDY, CHARITY               YATES                         NY-37-6-293
HANDY, JAMES M.              YATES                         NY-37-6-121
HANK, CAROLINE               CLARENDON                     NY-37-10-373
HANLEY, BRIDGET              BARRE                         NY-37-7-433
HANNA, ANDREW J.             BATTLE CREEK, CALHOUN, MI     NY-37-26-473
HANNINGTON, MARY MATTINSON   ALBION                        NY-37-27-505
HARD, JOSEPH                 MURRAY                        NY-37-13-161
HARD, LEVI                   KENDALL                       NY-37-15-233
HARDICK, DANIEL V.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-209
HARDICK, HARRY R.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-18-107
HARDIE, CATHERINE E.         BARRE                         NY-37-8-361
HARDIE, DAVID                ALBION                        NY-37-25-493
HARDY, DELIA                 ALBION                        NY-37-26-365
HARDY, ORLANDO               ALBION                        NY-37-26-305
HARLEY, IDA M.               ALBION                        NY-37-28-349
HARLOW, HELEN M.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-433
HARMER, WILLIAM              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-65
HARRADINE, ABSALOM           KENDALL                       NY-37-26-25
HARRICK, HENRY               MURRAY                        NY-37-16-245
HARRINGTON, ADALINE          ALBION                        NY-37-27-217
HARRINGTON, CHARLES A.       ALBION                        NY-37-12-73
HARRINGTON, GUSTAVUS A.      YATES                         NY-37-7-157
HARRIS, ARTHUR               MURRAY                        NY-37-5-408
HARRIS, JOHN H.              CARLTON                       NY-37-22-55
HARRIS, JONATHAN W.          ALBION                        NY-37-15-313
HARRIS, LEVI                 KENDALL                       NY-37-4-132
HARRIS, LYDIA ANN            ALBION                        NY-37-27-485
HARRIS, MARNIE               KENDALL                       NY-37-26-133
HARRISON, BENJAMIN F.        GAINES                        NY-37-15-481
HARRISON, JOEL               MURRAY                        NY-37-4-260
HART, E. KIRKE               ALBION                        NY-37-24-281
HART, ELIZUR                 BARRE                         NY-37-7-367
HART, JOSEPH                 BARRE                         NY-37-6-129
HARTWELL, OTIS               ALBION                        NY-37-12-129
HARWICK, ANDREW              BARRE                         NY-37-6-77
HARWOOD, SAMUEL M.           MURRAY                        NY-37-16-45
HASENOHR, JOHANNA            SHELBY                        NY-37-19-41
HATCH, DAVID R.              MURRAY                        NY-37-23-309
HATCH, EPHRAIM               CARLTON                       NY-37-11-361
HATCH, ISAAC                 MURRAY                        NY-37-5-394
HATCH, SOLOMON               BARRE                         NY-37-3-364
HATHAWAY, ARTHUR             BARRE                         NY-37-11-427
HATHAWAY, AUSTIN A.          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-129
HATNES, MARY A.              ALBION                        NY-37-26-37
HAUGHTON, DEMICK             BARRE                         NY-37-13-321
HAUSEL, MATHIAS              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-433
HAUSEL, WILLIAM S.           CLARENDON                     NY-37-25-369
HAWKINS, SARAH ANN           SHELBY                        NY-37-19-465
HAWKS, LUCINDA               YATES                         NY-37-2-1
HAYDEN, PERRY D.             GAINES                        NY-37-8-283
HAYDEN, WILLIAM              BARRE                         NY-37-8-19
HAYES, BENJAMIN              SHELBY                        NY-37-24-293
HAYLETT, MARIA               ALBION                        NY-37-23-473
HAYLETT, SAMUEL              BARRE                         NY-37-9-493
HAYNES, ELIZABETH            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-9-307
HAYNES, ELMIRA E.            CLARENDON                     NY-37-22-349
HAYNES, JOSEPH E.            NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ             NY-37-27-660
HAYNES, SYLVANUS             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-9-121
HAZLEY, JAMES                CARLTON                       NY-37-19-473
HAZZARD, WILLIAM             GAINES                        NY-37-28-421
HEALEY, MARIA T.             SHELBY                        NY-37-22-487
HEALY, EDWIN P.              SHELBY                        NY-37-8-457
HEATH, ORIN                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-22-391
HEDLEY, HARTUS               SHELBY                        NY-37-4-37
HEDLEY, WILLIAM              SHELBY                        NY-37-15-385
HENDERSON, WILLIAM           SHELBY                        NY-37-25-265
HENDRICK, DAVID              HOLLEY                        NY-37-4-405
HENION, TUNIS J.             YATES                         NY-37-2-46
HENRY, ESTHER M.             CARLTON                       NY-37-28-571
HENRY, HARRISON              CARLTON                       NY-37-24-249
HENRY, LOOMIA                CARLTON                       NY-37-20-337
HENRY, WILLIAM T.            CARLTON                       NY-37-15-393
HERRICK, ELI                 BARRE                         NY-37-9-535
HERRICK, NORMAN              CARLTON                       NY-37-19-481
HERRICK, RACHAEL A.          BARRE                         NY-37-19-337
HERRICK, RICHARD J.          BARRE                         NY-37-10-19
HERRION, ELIZABETH P.        SHELBY                        NY-37-27-117
HESS, JOSEPH T.              CLARENDON                     NY-37-24-425
HETSLER, FREDERICK G.        RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-453
HEWES, DANIEL T.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-9-439
HEWES, HORATIO N.            MEDINA                        NY-37-4-465
HEWES, SARAH B.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-185
HEWITT, ALONZO D.            GAINES                        NY-37-14-153
HEWITT, ELIZA                GAINES                        NY-37-14-161
HEY, JAMES A.                BARRE                         NY-37-6-453
HEY, MARY                    BARRE                         NY-37-24-325
HIBBARD, MARY                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-149
HICKEY, PATRICK              MURRAY                        NY-37-21-193
HICKS, WILLIAM               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-259
HIESROTT, MARTIN             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-91
HIGGINS, HENRY               KENDALL                       NY-37-7-307
HIGGINS, MARY ANN            ALBION                        NY-37-24-273
HIGH, BENJAMIN               KENDALL                       NY-37-26-41
HIGLEY, JORDAN L.            CARLTON                       NY-37-27-497
HIGLEY, LEVI                 KENDALL                       NY-37-16-149
HIGLEY, LEVI N.              ALBION                        NY-37-28-13
HILL, DARIUS                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-469
HILL, ELIZABETH              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-175
HILL, ELIZABETH C.           BARRE                         NY-37-27-185
HILL, GUY C.                 GAINES                        NY-37-4-45
HILL, HENRY J.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-377
HILL, ISRAEL W.              YATES                         NY-37-19-81
HILL, JACOB B.               BARRE                         NY-37-6-313
HILL, LOYAL C.               GAINES                        NY-37-11-451
HILL, LUCIUS                 SHELBY                        NY-37-9-355
HILL, MOSES                  YATES                         NY-37-13-289
HILL, RACHEL                 SHELBY                        NY-37-26-21
HILL, SAMUEL                 GAINES                        NY-37-15-161
HILL, SAMUEL A.              BARRE                         NY-37-6-277
HILL, STEPHEN                SHELBY                        NY-37-2-42
HILLS, JOHN D.               GAINES                        NY-37-27-461
HILLS, RHODA                 ALBION                        NY-37-11-127
HINDS, DARIUS                MURRAY                        NY-37-3-267
HINDS, MINERVA A.            MURRAY                        NY-37-22-415
HINMAN, CHAUNCEY             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-233
HISCOCK, GEORGE              CARLTON                       NY-37-4-328
HISCOCK, JANE                CARLTON                       NY-37-5-233
HOAG, BERRY C.               ALBION                        NY-37-25-421
HOAG, GETTIE M.              CARLTON                       NY-37-26-493
HOAG, PARIS                  CARLTON                       NY-37-10-403
HOAG, PETER                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-11-19
HOAG, RANSOM                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-353
HOAG, SAMUEL                 RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-210
HOAG, SAMUEL                 ALBION                        NY-37-11-325
HOAG, SAMUEL L.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-4-489
HOBBIE, JAMES S.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-417
HOBBS, DANIEL                CARLTON                       NY-37-4-228
HOBBS, MADALINE              ALBION                        NY-37-13-433
HOGGAD, MARGARET             ALBION                        NY-37-28-197
HOGLE, ROBERT                GAINES                        NY-37-9-463
HOLCOMB, ALANSON             ALBION                        NY-37-12-329
HOLCOMB, ANN                 ALBION                        NY-37-14-177
HOLLAND, JOHN WILKS          BANE                          NY-37-1-239
HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM            YATES                         NY-37-12-401
HOLLISTER, BENJAMIN          BARRE                         NY-37-4-41
HOLLISTER, ZERNIAH JANE      RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-283
HOLLNGWORTH, WILLIAM         MURRAY                        NY-37-26-421
HOLLOWAY, ERASTUS            BARRE                         NY-37-3-201
HOLLOWAY, JOHN               MURRAY                        NY-37-4-361
HOLT, ANDREW A.              BARRE                         NY-37-9-49
HOLT, CHARLOTTE E.           BARRE                         NY-37-24-557
HOLT, CYRUS D.               BARRE                         NY-37-24-93
HOLT, JOTHAM                 BARRE                         NY-37-1-180
HOLT, TIRZAH                 GAINES                        NY-37-4-461
HOLZENBURGH, WILLIAM A.      GAINES                        NY-37-13-361
HOOD, CHARLES J.             CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-37-3-147
HOOD, DAVID                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-9-163
HOOD, ESTHER                 CLARENDON                     NY-37-23-9
HOOD, HARLEY                 CLARENDON                     NY-37-14-65
HOOD, HENRY                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-497
HOOD, HENRY B.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-2-435
HOOD, JOSEPH M.              SHELBY                        NY-37-4-501
HOOD, JOSEPHUS               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-12-337
HOOD, JOSIAH                 RIDGWAY                       NY-37-1-113
HOOD, MARY                   SHELBY                        NY-37-6-65
HOPKINS, ABNER               CLARENDON                     NY-37-2-171
HOPKINS, CATHERINE E.        RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-109
HOPKINS, JOSEPH W.           BARRE                         NY-37-3-143
HOPKINS, MYRON P.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-12-97
HORACE, SARAH J.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-225
HORNING, JEREMIAH            SHELBY                        NY-37-14-321
HORNSBY, JAMES               KENDALL                       NY-37-16-469
HORSLEY, WILLIAM             MURRAY                        NY-37-2-456
HORTON, JOHN                 KENDALL                       NY-37-27-141
HOSBURY, FRANK               MURRAY                        NY-37-22-367
HOSBURY, JAMES               MURRAY                        NY-37-22-361
HOTALING, DAVID M.           CARLTON                       NY-37-4-65
HOUGHTALING, ELISHA S.       ALBION                        NY-37-13-409
HOUGHTALING, MARY E.         ALBION                        NY-37-23-125
HOUSEMAN, DANIEL             YATES                         NY-37-23-397
HOUSEMAN, NETTIE J.          CARLTON                       NY-37-27-385
HOUSMAN, PETER C.            YATES                         NY-37-26-293
HOWARD, ALMIRA               ALBION                        NY-37-23-117
HOWARD, GEORGE               CLARENDON                     NY-37-17-441
HOWARD, WILLIAM A.           ALBION                        NY-37-28-551
HOWE, DANIEL                 CARLTON                       NY-37-16-389
HOWE, JOHN                   RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-248
HOWE, MIRANDA                ALBION                        NY-37-24-137
HOWELL, HENRY B.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-481
HOWLAND, HENRY H.            ALBION                        NY-37-28-165
HOY, SUSAN ULYETTE           ALBION                        NY-37-28-293
HOYT, LEWIS                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-277
HUBBARD, JAMES               BARRE                         NY-37-10-187
HUBBARD, JOHN                ALBION                        NY-37-16-373
HUBBARD, MARIA               SHELBY                        NY-37-24-409
HUDSON, PLINY                MURRAY                        NY-37-20-13
HUFF, HIRAM                  CARLTON                       NY-37-5-317
HUFF, RICHARD                CALRTON                       NY-37-3-354
HUFF, STEPHEN                CARLTON                       NY-37-16-269
HUGHES, LAWRENCE             GAINES                        NY-37-26-289
HUGHES, MARY                 GAINES                        NY-37-28-157
HULBERT, ALMIRA              MURRAY                        NY-37-23-441
HULLINGER, ABRAHAM           SHELBY                        NY-37-1-230
HUMMEL, POLLY                CARLTON                       NY-37-23-437
HUMPHREY, ANSON              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-16-349
HUNINGTON, WILLIAM J.        ALBION                        NY-37-23-269
HUNT, CLARISSA A.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-293
HUNT, DANIEL F.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-253
HUNT, DAVID                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-17-353
HUNT, EDMUND L.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-513
HUNT, JEREMIAH               KENDALL                       NY-37-26-257
HUNT, LEONARD C.             CARLTON                       NY-37-23-253
HUNT, LUCY W.                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-576
HUNT, MARY                   ALBION                        NY-37-16-309
HUNT, MILO B.                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-417
HUNT, RUSSELL                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-16-165
HURD, LUTHER D.              MURRAY                        NY-37-23-349
HUSTED, AMOS                 MURRAY                        NY-37-15-465
HUSTED, MARY E.              MURRAY                        NY-37-27-193
HUTCHINSON, ALMANZO          GAINES                        NY-37-24-357
HUTCHINSON, AMOS             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-393
HUTCHISON, WILLIAM           YATES                         NY-37-21-187
HUTTON, ABBIE S.             MEDINA                        NY-37-22-109
HUYCK, GILBERT M.            CLARENDON                     NY-37-26-489
HUYKE, AURILLA               SHELBY                        NY-37-15-65
HUYKE, PETER                 SHELBY                        NY-37-22-493
HYDE, JOHN                   GAINES                        NY-37-5-119
IDE, ELIZA                   SHELBY                        NY-37-25-349
IDE, ISAAC                   SHELBY                        NY-37-25-109
IDE, LUCY                    SHELBY                        NY-37-22-283
IDE, NATHAN SR.              SHELBY                        NY-37-8-313
IDE, TIMOTHY                 SHELBY                        NY-37-7-97
IDEN, JACOB                  ALBION                        NY-37-13-377
INGALLS, ABIGAIL             MURRAY                        NY-37-4-316
INGERSOLL, ELIZABETH C.      LEE, ONEIDA, NY               NY-37-7-187
IRWIN, JOHN                  KENDALL                       NY-37-20-277
IVES, AMANDA F.              JACKSON, MI                   NY-37-22-373
IVES, MERRITT S.             ALBION                        NY-37-25-437
JACKSON, BENJAMIN            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-205
JACKSON, BETSEY              CLARENDON                     NY-37-9-235
JACKSON, EMILY D.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-121
JACKSON, IDA L.              SHELBY                        NY-37-25-297
JACKSON, JOHN                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-305
JACKSON, PHILIP B.           SHELBY                        NY-37-18-195
JACKSON, RALPH H.            BARR                          NY-37-4-248
JACKSON, STEPHEN             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-2-152
JACKSON, WILLIAM             MURRAY                        NY-37-23-245
JACKSON, WINTER              CARLTON                       NY-37-14-249
JACOBS, SAMUEL               CARLTON                       NY-37-4-193
JAMES, CHARLES ED            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-273
JAMES, ROBERT                YATES                         NY-37-1-55
JAQUITH, CYRUS               BARRE                         NY-37-6-157
JEFFERSON, ISABELLA          BARRE                         NY-37-28-305
JENCKS, ELIZA                GAINES                        NY-37-28-397
JENKINS, EDWARD              KENDALL                       NY-37-25-241
JENKINS, WILLIAM             KENDALL                       NY-37-3-404
JENKINSON, JAMES             YATES                         NY-37-6-1
JENKS, STEPHEN               KENDALL                       NY-37-8-301
JENNINGS, EVI                MURRAY                        NY-37-1-126
JENNINGS, MARGARET T.        RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-433
JENNINGS, STEPHEN S.         KENDALL                       NY-37-22-91
JENNINGS, WILLIAM            MURRAY                        NY-37-2-38
JEROME, ELVIRA               CARLTON                       NY-37-16-405
JEROME NORMAN                CARLTON                       NY-37-10-49
JEWELL, JOHN                 MURRAY                        NY-37-25-237
JEWELL, JONATHAN             MURRY                         NY-37-4-134
JEWELL, RICHARD S.           MURRAY                        NY-37-4-115
JEWELL, SARAH A.             MURRAY                        NY-37-23-485
JEWETT, LOVINIA              BARRE                         NY-37-19-273
JEWETT, STEPHEN              KENDALL                       NY-37-6-301
JEWETT, THOMAS               YATES                         NY-37-8-337
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM             BARRE                         NY-37-28-49
JOHNSON, ANTHONY T.          BARRE                         NY-37-9-445
JOHNSON, CORNELIUS           YATES                         NY-37-19-25
JOHNSON, HARRIET             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-15-9
JOHNSON, HELEN B.            CARLTON                       NY-37-28-45
JOHNSON, HENRY               SHELBY                        NY-37-2-20
JOHNSON, JOHN                SHELBY                        NY-37-13-313
JOHNSON, LUMAN               YATES                         NY-37-6-37
JOHNSON, OSCAR K.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-161
JOHNSON, PETER               CARLTON                       NY-37-17-82
JOHNSON, REBECCA C.          BARRE                         NY-37-13-401
JOHNSON, STEPHEN B.          YATES                         NY-37-3-397
JOHNSTON, ALICE              BARRE                         NY-37-4-292
JOINER, ERASTUS B.           BARRE                         NY-37-28-97
JOINER, POLLY                BARRE                         NY-37-27-9
JOINER, SQUIRE               BARRE                         NY-37-5-143
JONES, DAVID                 KENDALL                       NY-37-7-61
JOSLYN, ALBERN               CLARENDON                     NY-37-6-477
JOSLYN, EMMA C.              ALBION                        NY-37-21-67
JOSLYN, HIRAM                CLARENDON                     NY-37-27-61
JOSLYN, WALDO                ALBION                        NY-37-11-349
JOY, HENRY L.                ALBION                        NY-37-25-113
JOY, SUSAN R.                ALBION                        NY-37-16-357
JOYCE, MAURICE               YATES                         NY-37-24-377

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