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KAPPLE, JAMES H.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-10-127
KEARNEY, CATHARINE           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-499
KEARNEY, JAMES               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-181
KEELER, JOHN                 ALBION                        NY-37-23-581
KELLEY, JOHN                 GAINES                        NY-37-9-277
KELLEY, PATRICK              BARRE                         NY-37-14-273
KELLEY, THOMAS               CARLTON                       NY-37-10-319
KELLOGG, ANGELINE            BARRE                         NY-37-9-85
KELLOGG, JEPTHA              CLARENDON                     NY-37-14-241
KELLY, PATRICK               CARLTON                       NY-37-7-151
KELLY, SARAH R.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-209
KELSEY, AMOS                 GAINES                        NY-37-14-313
KELSEY, SALLY                GAINES                        NY-37-20-349
KELSEY, URIAH                BARRE                         NY-37-24-33
KELSON, ADASON               ALBION                        NY-37-24-201
KENDALL, LUCINDA             MURRAY                        NY-37-3-418
KENNEDY, JAMES               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-317
KENNEY, ELIZA J.             CLARENDON                     NY-37-23-85
KENNEY, THOMAS               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-509
KENYON, BENJAMIN             YATES                         NY-37-7-31
KENYON, FRANCES              SHELBY                        NY-37-26-201
KENYON, MARIA                ALBION                        NY-37-24-445
KENYON, MINERVA S.           ALBION                        NY-37-24-197
KERBY, MAURICE               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-9-43
KERRANE, MARY                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-153
KEYS, EZRA H.                MURRAY                        NY-37-5-131
KEYS, HORATIO N.             MURRAY                        NY-37-20-121
KIEBLING, JANE               MURRAY                        NY-37-11-463
KIERBY, JOHN                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-11-319
KILNER, JOHN F.              SHELBY                        NY-37-22-181
KILNER, WILLIAM              SHELBY                        NY-37-6-241
KILNER, WILLIAM F.           SHELBY                        NY-37-28-201
KING, ANDREW                 BARRE                         NY-37-9-499
KING, CHARLES A.             ALBION                        NY-37-18-11
KING, HENRY A.               ALBION                        NY-37-23-571
KING, JOHN                   BARRE                         NY-37-24-505
KING, MINERVA                CLARENDON                     NY-37-23-453
KING, SETH L.                ALBION                        NY-37-15-425
KING, SYLVESTER              MURRAY                        NY-37-7-217
KING, WILLIAM                GAINES                        NY-37-4-5
KINGMAN, DELINDA             ALBION                        NY-37-19-409
KINGMAN, JOHN                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-2-451
KINNEY, JAMES W.             GAINES                        NY-37-23-445
KIPP, JACOB A.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-45
KIRBY, DENNIS                GAINES                        NY-37-23-285
KITTREDGE, FRANK E.          ALBION                        NY-37-28-521
KNAPP, EPHRIAM               GAINES                        NY-37-22-265
KNEELAND, SYLVESTER W.       GAINES                        NY-37-10-97
KNIGHT, MARYETTA L.          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-57
KNOWLES, JESSE               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-5-107
KNOWLES, SAMUEL              CLARENDON                     NY-37-8-223
KNOWLES, SYLVESTER           CLARENDON                     NY-37-9-7
KNOWLES, WILLIAM             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-157
KUCK, GEORGE                 CARLTON                       NY-37-6-397
KUCK, REUBEN E.              CARLTON                       NY-37-4-256
LACY, MARY E.                BARRE                         NY-37-8-127
LAKE, CHAUNCEY G.            ALBION                        NY-37-23-189
LAKE, CHRISTOPHER            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-61
LAKE, JOHN                   MURRAY                        NY-37-8-205
LAKE, NATHANIEL B. ****      BARRE (450+ PAGES LONG!)      NY-37-8A-41
LAKE, ORANGE                 MURRAY                        NY-37-11-97
LAKEY, RICHARD               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-29
LALLY, JOHN                  ALBION                        NY-37-10-487
LAMONT, JOSIAS               GAINES                        NY-37-4-76
LAMONT, PLATT T.             GAINES                        NY-37-19-385
LAMONT, POLLY                GAINES                        NY-37-18-419
LAMPMAN, ALEXANDER P.        SHELBY                        NY-37-15-305
LANE, JOYCE                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-16-205
LANE, SAMUEL                 SHELBY                        NY-37-27-105
LANE, WILLIAM                ALBION                        NY-37-28-125
LASHER, CORNELIUS O.         SHELBY                        NY-37-26-265
LATTIMER, HENRY M.           MURRAY                        NY-37-25-217
LATTIN, BARTLETT M.          GAINES                        NY-37-27-457
LATTIN, HELEN M.             CARLTON                       NY-37-25-93
LATTIN, JOSEPH WOOD          GAINES                        NY-37-7-415
LATTIN, WILLIAM              GAINES                        NY-37-4-513
LATTIN, WILLIAM H.           ALBION                        NY-37-27-129
LATTIN, WILLIAM R.           GAINES                        NY-37-10-139
LAWLER, ELLEN                CLARENDON                     NY-37-6-325
LAWRENCE, THOMAS             SHELBY                        NY-37-4-190
LAWS, SPIZIANNA              GAINES                        NY-37-16-237
LEARY, WILLIAM J.            YATES                         NY-37-17-129
LEE, DANIEL                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-4-9
LEE, HARLOW W.               ALBION                        NY-37-14-73
LEE, LYDIA T.                ALBION                        NY-37-18-275
LEE, OLIVE M.                GAINES                        NY-37-27-441
LEE, ORA SR.                 BARRE                         NY-37-8-451
LEE, SARAH J.                KENDALL                       NY-37-26-526
LEIGHBODY, WILLIAM           SHELBY                        NY-37-18-363
LENARD, PHILIP               BARRE                         NY-37-7-211
LEOFFLER, GEORGE             ALBION                        NY-37-26-401
LEONARD, LORENZO D.          ALBION                        NY-37-24-13
LEONARD, MALORA              MURRAY                        NY-37-22-73
LEONARD, PHILIP              ALBION                        NY-37-21-427
LEONARD, ROSINE              ALBON                         NY-37-26-341
LESHER, GEORGE W.            ALBION                        NY-37-28-113
LESHER, MARIA F.             ALBION                        NY-37-27-509
LETTS, JOHN                  SHELBY                        NY-37-12-353
LEVALLEY, ARA                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-33
LEVALLEY, HANNAH             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-433
LEWIS, ELIPHALET             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-181
LEWIS, HIRAM W.              GAINES                        NY-37-20-193
LEWIS, JOHN                  GAINES                        NY-37-23-257
LEWIS, JULIA A.              YATES                         NY-37-20-43
LEWIS, SAMUEL C.             GAINES                        NY-37-11-199
LEWIS, SHUBAEL               CLARENDON                     NY-37-4-409
LHOMADUR, CARRIE             CARLTON                       NY-37-7-85
LICKELS, HENRY J.            ALBION                        NY-37-10-499
LIDDLE, ADAM                 SHELBY                        NY-37-11-379
LILKENDIE, GEORGE            MURRAY                        NY-37-18-411
LINSLEY, ELECTA G.           SHELBY                        NY-37-20-457
LINSLEY, GILBERT P.          BARRE                         NY-37-9-385
LINSLEY, HORACE SR.          BARRE                         NY-37-10-289
LINSLEY, JANE M.             BARRE                         NY-37-27-257
LINSLEY, SOPHRONIA           BARRE                         NY-37-12-425
LIVINGSTON, ROBERT           SHELBY                        NY-37-13-441
LOOMIS, AUSTIN               GAINES                        NY-37-27-657
LOOMIS, AUSTIN               GAINES                        NY-37-27-398
LOOMIS, GEORGE               SHELBY                        NY-37-2-60
LOOMIS, JOHN F.              GAINES                        NY-37-12-265
LOOMIS, LEWIS H.             YATES                         NY-37-28-321
LOOMIS, MARGARET             GAINES                        NY-37-25-333
LOOMIS, MARTIN               MURRAY                        NY-37-1-275
LORD, CHARLES H.             ALBION                        NY-37-20-211
LORD, WILLIAM R.             BARRE                         NY-37-11-211
LOTTIN, ELIJAH B.            GAINES                        NY-37-25-149
LOUCKS, CORNELIUS            SHELBY                        NY-37-23-377
LOUCKS, HELEN M.             SHELBY                        NY-37-28-437
LOVE, GEORGE A.              GAINES                        NY-37-19-73
LOVE, JEROME R.              MURRAY                        NY-37-25-497
LOVE, JOHN                   MEDINA                        NY-37-3-230
LOVELAND, CELESTIN           BARRE                         NY-37-6-361
LOVEWELL, LYMAN B.           GAINES                        NY-37-25-461
LOVEWELL, SAMUEL             GAINES                        NY-37-23-369
LOVREY, JOHN T.              BARRE                         NY-37-28-353
LOWERY, JAMES R.             ALBION                        NY-37-23-165
LOWERY, JANE                 ALBION                        NY-37-24-85
LOZIER, WILLIAM              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-297
LUCE, OBADIAH                BARRE                         NY-37-4-469
LUDINGTON, SALLY A.          MURRAY                        NY-37-16-27
LUM, CHARLES                 YATES                         NY-37-7-439
LUM, CHAUNCEY H.             YATES                         NY-37-28-445
LUM, DAVID                   YATES                         NY-37-16-413
LUM, DEFOREST                YATES                         NY-37-14-57
LUM, ISAAC B.                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-353
LUM, MARTHA                  YATES                         NY-37-23-33
LURVEY, HENRY S.             GAINES                        NY-37-26-153
LUSE, HENRY D.               GAINES                        NY-37-A-61
LUSK, SAMUEL                 CLARENDON                     NY-37-1-91
LUTHER, IRA M.               ALBION                        NY-37-23-37
LUTHER, JANE E.              ALBION                        NY-37-25-517
LUTHER, MARTIN               BARRE                         NY-37-11-157
LUTTENTON, TRUMAN            CARLTON                       NY-37-21-367
LYSITT, JAMES                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-53
LYSTER, BERNARD              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-137
MACK, ALFRED W.              BARRE                         NY-37-17-249
MACK, ELIZABETH J.           BARRE                         NY-37-28-181
MACK, MINA                   MURRAY                        NY-37-25-545
MACK, WILLIAM G.             GAINES                        NY-37-28-377
MACKEY, JULIA                SHELBY                        NY-37-26-29
MAGNER, JOHN                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-101
MAGOR, WILLIAM W.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-79
MAHER, ANN                   ALBION                        NY-37-22-433
MAILEY, JOHN                 CLARENDON                     NY-37-11-55
MAIN, THEODORE               CLARENDON                     NY-37-3-259
MALIN, SARAH STOCKWELL       YATES                         NY-37-22-175
MANDEVILLE, JAMES            GAINES                        NY-37-19-9
MANN, ABNER                  KENDALL                       NY-37-8-373
MANN, HARVEY                 CARLTON                       NY-37-11-163
MANROW, SYLVESTER            YATES                         NY-37-27-289
MANSFIELD, ALANSON           MURRAY                        NY-37-3-164
MANSFIELD, MUNSON            KENDALL                       NY-37-20-151
MANSFIELD, WILLIAM           KENDALL                       NY-37-20-259
MAPSTED, WILLIAM             CLARENDON                     NY-37-11-469
MARCELLUS, GEORGE W.         ALBION                        NY-37-27-157
MARLATT, ENOCH               YATES                         NY-37-1-59
MARSH, WILLIAM H.            BARRE                         NY-37-3-287
MARSHALL, ISABELLA           SHELBY                        NY-37-6-385
MARSHALL, JEDEDIAH           SHELBY                        NY-37-7-271
MARSHALL, JOHN L.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-45
MARSHALL, WILLIAM            YATES                         NY-37-4-453
MARTIN, ELIZABETH            BARRE                         NY-37-11-313
MARTIN, EMILY J.             BARRE                         NY-37-14-305
MARTIN, GEORGE W.            YATES                         NY-37-15-41
MARTIN, JAMES                SHELBY                        NY-37-24-405
MARTIN, JAMES                ALBION                        NY-37-25-121
MARTIN, LAUREN               YATES                         NY-37-14-81
MARTIN, WILLIAM              SHELBY                        NY-37-24-421
MARTIN, WILLIAM              BARRE                         NY-37-3-271
MARTYN, DAVID                CARLTON                       NY-37-12-225
MASON, DANIEL M.             MURRAY                        NY-37-22-445
MASON, FORDYCE H.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-385
MATHER, DAVID H.             ALBION                        NY-37-24-317
MATHER, JOHN S.              ALBION                        NY-37-17-233
MATHES, EVA                  BARRE                         NY-37-25-477
MATHES, WENDELL              BARRE                         NY-37-22-193
MATSON, DAVID                CLARENDON                     NY-37-23-551
MATTINSON, FLORENCE A. B.    ALBION                        NY-37-27-17
MATTINSON, HANNAH            BARRE                         NY-37-8-181
MATTINSON, JOHN              BARRE                         NY-37-4-17
MATTISON, ALVAH              BARRE                         NY-37-24-261
MATTISON, BENJAMIN           BARRE                         NY-37-10-385
MATTISON, RACHAEL M.         BARRE                         NY-37-23-109
MAUSSNER, JENNIE C.          ALBION                        NY-37-15-329
MAXON, ELIJAH                CARLTON                       NY-37-20-283
MAYNARD, JESSE               RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-387
MAYNE, CATHARINE             SHELBY                        NY-37-14-137
MCCAFFERY, MARY              ALBION                        NY-37-13-129
MCCARGAR, BETSEY             SHELBY                        NY-37-13-121
MCCARGAR, JOHN R.            SHELBY                        NY-37-25-137
MCCARTHY, DAN                BARRE                         NY-37-21-115
MCCARTHY, PATRICK            BARRE                         NY-37-23-417
MCCARTY, MORTY               MURRAY                        NY-37-14-345
MCCLEW, JAMES                YATES                         NY-37-17-281
MCCLEW, MARIE J.             YATES                         NY-37-23-365
MCCONNELL, JOHN              KENDALL                       NY-37-26-389
MCCORMICK, ELIZABETH         GAINES                        NY-37-24-69
MCCORMICK, JAMES S.          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-526
MCCORMICK, SOLOMON J.        RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-85
MCCRELLIS, BOWDOIN           MURRAY                        NY-37-11-85
MCCULLIS, JOHN               MURRAY                        NY-37-20-85
MCDANIEL, REUBEN             KENDALL                       NY-37-19-433
MCDERMOTT, HENRY             BARRE                         NY-37-7-73
MCDOWELL, ELIZA              YATES                         NY-37-25-313
MCGOVERN, THOMAS             MURRAY                        NY-37-19-193
MCGOWAN, ELIZABETH           ALBION                        NY-37-25-301
MCGUIRE, JOHN                YATES                         NY-37-27-281
MCGUIRE, MARY                ALBION                        NY-37-24-569
MCGURN, MARY                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-349
MCHARG, WILLIAM              BARRE                         NY-37-5-281
MCINTYRE, JOSEPH W.          ALBION                        NY-37-19-281
MCKEE, LUCY                  KENDALL                       NY-37-6-321
MCKEENNAN, WILLIAM           ALBION                        NY-37-12-433
MCKENNAN, EFFIE              ALBION                        NY-37-15-401
MCKENNAN, EZEKIEL            CARLTON                       NY-37-20-481
MCKINNEY, NANCY J.           SHELBY                        NY-37-10-79
MCLEAN, LUCY B.              BARRE                         NY-37-28-596
MCMASTER, JAMES              MURRAY                        NY-37-4-272
MCNEAL, HENRY                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-241
MCONNELL, HANNAH             ALBION                        NY-37-12-33
MCVAY, SIMON                 MURRAY                        NY-37-24-57
MEAD, ABEL                   RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-349
MEAD, CAROLINE               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-12-377
MEAD, CORDELIA A.            ALBION                        NY-37-19-345
MEAD, ELIZABETH              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-11-151
MEAD, PHEBE                  ALBION                        NY-37-12-281
MEAD, PHEBE B.               CLARENDON                     NY-37-11-103
MEAD, WILLIAM L. M.          KENDALL                       NY-37-12-177
MEAD, WORTHY L.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-15-225
MEARS, MARIA L.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-261
MELLEW, JENNIE               YATES                         NY-37-26-505
MEPSTEAD, ANN                CLARENDON                     NY-37-18-187
MERCHANT, MARY               CARLTON                       NY-37-26-105
MERRILL, ARY P.              CARLTON                       NY-37-9-415
MERRILL, RICHARD G.          CARLTON                       NY-37-24-469
MERRITT, ELSIE               MEDINA                        NY-37-25-648
MERRITT, LEE W.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-361
MILEHAN, HANNAH O.           ALBION                        NY-37-28-425
MILES, ANTHONY               CARLTON                       NY-37-16-381
MILES, JOHN                  KENDALL                       NY-37-26-429
MILES, WARD W.               CARLTON                       NY-37-24-501
MILLARD, ALFRED              MURRAY                        NY-37-27-149
MILLARD, JASON T.            ALBION                        NY-37-22-397
MILLARD, JOHN                MURRAY                        NY-37-5-101
MILLER, ABIJAH               BARRE                         NY-37-4-377
MILLER, ADAM                 YATES                         NY-37-27-309
MILLER, CATHARINE A.         BARRE                         NY-37-11-343
MILLER, EUNICE               ALBION                        NY-37-19-105
MILLER, GEORGE               BARRE                         NY-37-10-415
MILLER, HARRIET              ALBION                        NY-37-4-385
MILLER, HEZEKIAH M.          GAINES                        NY-37-2-214
MILLER, ISABELLE             ALBION                        NY-37-23-409
MILLER, JACOB                BARRE                         NY-37-6-365
MILLER, JAMES                MURRAY                        NY-37-8-25
MILLER, MICHAEL              KENDALL                       NY-37-26-17
MILLER, MOSES                CARLTON                       NY-37-19-57
MILLER, OGDEN S.             MURRAY                        NY-37-24-349
MILLER, POLLY                BARRE                         NY-37-8-289
MILLER, TIMOTHY              CARLTON                       NY-37-3-359
MILLIKEN, ALEXANDER          CLARENDON                     NY-37-3-315
MILLIKEN, MORTIMER D.        CLARENDON                     NY-37-27-477
MILLS, GEORGE                BARRE                         NY-37-4-296
MILLS, MARVIN R.             CLARENDON                     NY-37-11-73
MILLS, ROBERT W.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-13-393
MINCKLEY, FREDERICK          ALBION                        NY-37-25-469
MITCHELL, EDWARD L.          MURRAY                        NY-37-26-165
MIX, ABIATHAR                BARRE                         NY-37-9-229
MIX, MARY E.                 ALBION                        NY-37-20-403
MONFORT, JOHN                GAINES                        NY-37-7-403
MONTFORT, JEREMIAH V. K.     GAINES                        NY-37-13-297
MONTROSS, ABRAHAM            GAINES                        NY-37-2-267
MONTROSS, ABRAHAM A.         GAINES                        NY-37-3-264
MONTROSS, MARY               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-2-422
MOORE, ASA B.                BUFFALO, ERIE, NY             NY-37-27-655
MOORE, ASA B.                SHELBY                        NY-37-27-165
MOORE, CHARLES H.            ALBION                        NY-37-24-573
MOORE, FRANCES L.            MURRAY                        NY-37-27-305
MOORE, HANNAH .              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-181
MOORE, HERBERT E.            YATES                         NY-37-16-477
MOORE, MORRIS                GAINES                        NY-37-6-329
MOORE, SAMUEL                BARRE                         NY-37-3-295
MOREHOUSE, A. G.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-10-205
MOREHOUSE, ISAAC P.          YATES                         NY-37-20-175
MOREHOUSE, STEPHEN P.        ALBION                        NY-37-15-297
MORGAN, BYRON B.             MURRAY                        NY-37-25-573
MORGAN, WILLIAM P. SR.       GAINES                        NY-37-14-121
MORRISEY, PATRICK            ALBION                        NY-37-23-81
MORROW, THOMAS               SHELBY                        NY-37-25-69
MORSE, BENJAMIN              KENDALL                       NY-37-13-465
MORSE, BENJAMIN B.           KENDALL                       NY-37-23-29
MORSE, JOSEPH                BARRE                         NY-37-14-425
MORSE, JOTHAM                SHELBY                        NY-37-12-145
MORSE, SIDELIA               KENDALL                       NY-37-25-457
MOSES, NANCY C.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-417
MOSHER, ASA                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-379
MOSHER, JAMES                CARLTON                       NY-37-12-465
MOSHER, WILLIAM              ALBION                        NY-37-25-29
MOSIER, EDWARD               MEDINA                        NY-37-27-85
MOSIER, REBECCA B.           GAINES                        NY-37-22-139
MOSIER, SARAH G.             ALBION                        NY-37-21-241
MOWER, SARAH ANN             CLARENDON                     NY-37-27-293
MUDGETT, MOSES B.            YATES                         NY-37-1-131
MULLIGAN, ROSA               MURRAY                        NY-37-16-253
MUNDERBACK, MARY A.          ALBION                        NY-37-25-305
MURDOCH, ELIZA ANN           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-18-315
MURDOCK, HIRAM               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-18-355
MURDOCK, MARTHA              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-18-387
MURDOCK, MARY ANN            MEDINA                        NY-37-25-629
MURDOCK, SEYMOUR             RIDGWAY                       NY-37-1-40
MURDOCK, SEYMOUR B.          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-11-415
MURDOCK, WILLIAM             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-401
MURPHY, MICHAEL              CLARENDON                     NY-37-27-429
MURRAY, AUGUSTUS             CARLTON                       NY-37-3-390
MURRAY, WILLIAM              GAINES                        NY-37-20-325
MURWIN, HORACE               GAINES                        NY-37-25-189
MYERS, ANGELINE              CARLTON                       NY-37-27-77
NASH, EBENEZER G.            GAINES                        NY-37-4-92
NASH, WILLIAM R.             BARRE                         NY-37-4-33
NELLIGAN, MICHAEL            MURRAY                        NY-37-20-397
NELSON, JOHN S.              CLARENDON                     NY-37-23-225
NELSON, RICHARD              MURRAY                        NY-37-26-209
NEUREMBURG, HIRAM A.         SHELBY                        NY-37-27-113
NEWMAN, JOHN                 BARRE                         NY-37-18-35
NEWTON, JOHN                 YATES                         NY-37-28-241
NEWTON, JOHN                 SHELBY                        NY-37-5-371
NICHOLS, BENJAMIN            KENDALL                       NY-37-9-553
NICHOLS, HANNAH C.           SHELBY                        NY-37-10-409
NICHOLS, JENETTE             GAINES                        NY-37-2-257
NICHOLS, SARAH Z.            ALBION                        NY-37-22-67
NICHOLSON, WILLIAM S.        BARRE                         NY-37-23-65
NICHOSON, CAROLINE A.        ALBION                        NY-37-25-413
NICHOSON, ORSON              BARRE                         NY-37-7-331
NOBLE, SYLVESTER             SHELBY                        NY-37-7-289
NOBLE, WILLIAM               ALBION                        NY-37-11-391
NOOLE, PHEBE C.              ALBION                        NY-37-23-265
NORRIS, JOHN                 YATES                         NY-37-2-108
NORTHROP, BOOTH              MEDINA                        NY-37-1-193
NORTHROP, JAMES L.           ALBION                        NY-37-28-357
NORTHWAY, ELECTA             CLARENDON                     NY-37-17-17
NORTHWAY, ELIZABETH          CLARENDON                     NY-37-9-283
NOSBURGH, ROBERT             SHELBY                        NY-37-2-253
OATMAN, LOUISE               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-73
OBRIEN, CORNELIUS            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-24-417
OBRIEN, DENNIS               ALBION                        NY-37-27-273
OBRIEN, MARY                 MURRAY                        NY-37-28-133
OBRINE, DANIEL               ALBION                        NY-37-11-307
OCONNELL, CATHERINE          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-325
OGRADY, FRANCIS M.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-241
OLDS, MARTIN                 RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-361
OLMSTAD, ELIZABETH           CLARENDON                     NY-37-6-485
OMALLEY, WINIFRED            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-361
ONDERDONK, ABRAM             ALBION                        NY-37-22-115
ONDERDONK, HANNAH B.         MURRAY                        NY-37-20-343
ONDERDONK, HENRY B.          ALBION                        NY-37-24-481
ONDERDONK, JOHN              MURRAY                        NY-37-7-253
OPP, EDMUND J.               MURRAY                        NY-37-5-353
ORCUTT, GILES H.             CLARENDON                     NY-37-12-217
ORR, ELSIE                   MURRAY                        NY-37-25-549
ORR, JAMES                   MURRAY                        NY-37-10-157
ORSBURN, LAURA ANN           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-19-225
ORTON, CHESTER               BARRE                         NY-37-11-421
OSBORN, ABBEY                MURRAY                        NY-37-10-277
OSGOOD, LEONARD H.           SHELBY                        NY-37-24-169
OSHAUGHNESSY, CATHERINE      SHELBY                        NY-37-27-357
OSTERHOUT, HENRY             CLARENDON                     NY-37-3-177
OSTRANDER, CHRISTOPHE RR.    RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-10-7
OSTRANDER, GEORGE E.         MURRAY                        NY-37-23-317
OWEN, GEORGE H.              ALBION                        NY-37-10-283
OWEN, OLIVER P.              KENDALL                       NY-37-18-379
PACKARD, CHRISTOPHER B.      CLARENDON                     NY-37-24-321
PACKARD, MANNING             CLARENDON                     NY-37-21-403
PAGE, LUCY L.                BARRE                         NY-37-28-221
PAGER, LEVI                  CONWAY, FRANKLIN, MA          NY-37-24-153
PAINE, ANGELL                BARRE                         NY-37-25-233
PAINE, CARLTON A.            BARRE                         NY-37-28-173
PAINE, CORYDON D.            BARRE                         NY-37-28-21
PAINE, ELI                   BARRE                         NY-37-9-511
PAINE, JEDEDIAH              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-415
PAINE, LAURAETTA             MURRAY                        NY-37-25-553
PAINE, LEMUEL C.             BARRE                         NY-37-8-439
PAINE, LORENZO               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-11-61
PALDI, MICHAEL ANGELO        ALBION                        NY-37-11-409
PALMER, EDMUND               SHELBY                        NY-37-3-341
PALMER, ELISABETH            BARRE                         NY-37-6-345
PALMER, EMMA E.              GAINES                        NY-37-26-9
PALMER, HANNAH               YATES                         NY-37-3-31
PALMER, MESSENGER            GAINES                        NY-37-A-236
PALMER, PHELIA M.            CLARENDON                     NY-37-25-165
PALMER, REBECCA              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-405
PALMER, SUSANNAH             SHELBY                        NY-37-6-197
PARISH, LAVINIA M.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-546
PARK, LUCIUS R.              ALBION                        NY-37-25-289
PARKER, JOHN                 KENDALL                       NY-37-19-113
PARKER, JOHN P.              KENDALL                       NY-37-28-281
PARKER, LIVONIA              YATES                         NY-37-10-301
PARKER, MANDANA S.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-12-65
PARKER, RICHARD B.           ALBION                        NY-37-24-608
PARKER, SOPHRONIA            YATES                         NY-37-19-457
PARKMAN, ALANSON E.          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-85
PARMELEE, CYNTHIA C.         YATES                         NY-37-9-541
PARMELEE, EDWIN              BARRE                         NY-37-5-113
PARSONS, CATHERINE M.        ALBION                        NY-37-25-249
PARSONS, J. CLARK            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-89
PARSONS, JOEL C.             YATES                         NY-37-18-147
PARSONS, JOHN                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-377
PARSONS, JONATHAN R.         SHELBY                        NY-37-23-137
PARSONS, WILLIAM             SHELBY                        NY-37-4-155
PASONS, MALVINA              SHELBY                        NY-37-10-271
PASSMORE, JOHN W.            ALBION                        NY-37-11-115
PASSMORE, JUSTIN W.          ALBION                        NY-37-26-301
PATTERSON, LYMAN O.          BARRE                         NY-37-9-19
PAYNE, ANN                   RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-197
PAYNE, LUCY B.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-29
PEARL, JAMES                 MURRAY                        NY-37-28-53
PEASLEE, ORRA                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-14-449
PEASLEY, MARIA A.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-16-85
PECK, HORACE                 CLARENDON                     NY-37-20-271
PEGG, WILLIAM                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-16-437
PELLETT, LOVINA              MURRAY                        NY-37-22-421
PERIRGO, B. J.               MURRAY                        NY-37-9-253
PERKINS, ESTHER              CLARENDON                     NY-37-25-61
PERKINS, HORACE B.           RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-406
PERRIGO, ZIMRI               MURRAY                        NY-37-9-211
PERRY, DANIEL                ALBION                        NY-37-13-105
PERRY, EZRA S.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-28-345
PERRY, HORACE B.             MURRAY                        NY-37-4-369
PETRIE, KATE B.              YATES                         NY-37-23-133
PETRIE, SIMEON               YATES                         NY-37-27-205
PETTENGILL, AMOS D.          CLARENDON                     NY-37-21-295
PETTENGILL, BENJAMIN         CLARENDON                     NY-37-2-184
PETTENGILL, BENJAMIN G.      CLARENDON                     NY-37-7-337
PETTENGILL, CARRIE A.        ALBION                        NY-37-22-403
PETTENGILL, DAVID N.         CLARENDON                     NY-37-19-201
PETTIBONE, SAMUEL            KENDALL                       NY-37-4-485
PETTIT, HARVEY               SHELBY                        NY-37-27-45
PETTIT, JONATHAN T.          CARLTON                       NY-37-8-41
PETTIT, REUBEN               YATES                         NY-37-2-248
PETTIT, ROBERT               CARLTON                       NY-37-25-221
PETTITT, CLARK               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-18-427
PHELAN, JOHN                 SHELBY                        NY-37-23-301
PHELPS, CALVIN C.            BARRE                         NY-37-8-151
PHELPS, CASTLE               BARRE                         NY-37-6-265
PHELPS, GILES                SHELBY                        NY-37-25-201
PHELPS, JEDADIAH             BARRE                         NY-37-3-81
PHELPS, JOHN                 BARRE                         NY-37-6-209
PHELPS, OMAR LUND            CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-37-25-425
PHELPS, RACHEL H.            SHELBY                        NY-37-9-523
PHELPS, TIMOTHY B.           GAINES                        NY-37-7-319
PHELPS, TRUMAN S.            CLARNEDON                     NY-37-3-170
PHILLIPS, ANN                CLARENDON                     NY-37-3-1
PHILLIPS, EDWARD             ALBION                        NY-37-3-427
PHILLIPS, FRANCES            BARRE                         NY-37-6-281
PHILLIPS, ISAAC              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-133
PHILLIPS, JOHN C.            GAINES                        NY-37-28-389
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH A.          MURRAY                        NY-37-24-217
PHILLIPS, ROANA              CLARENDON                     NY-37-26-449
PHILLIPSON, JOHN             MURRAY                        NY-37-3-334
PHIPPS, AARON                GAINES                        NY-37-14-217
PIERCE, ARETAS               MURRAY                        NY-37-8-235
PIERCE, MARY                 MURRAY                        NY-37-6-137
PIERCE, PHEBE                MURRAY                        NY-37-20-313
PIERSON, JOHN                ALBION                        NY-37-22-481
PIKE, ABIGAIL H.             MURRAY                        NY-37-18-99
PIPANY, HORACE               YATES                         NY-37-3-159
PITCHER, HARMON J.           GAINES                        NY-37-3-281
PITTS, EDMUND L.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-521
PIXLEY, EBENEZER             SHELBY                        NY-37-A-47
PLATTEN, JOHN                YATES                         NY-37-26-481
PLATTEN, THOMAS L.           YATES                         NY-37-28-449
PLATTEN, WILLIAM             YATES                         NY-37-24-61
PLUMB, ZILPHA R.             MURRAY                        NY-37-24-329
PLUMBLEY, PHOEBE .           GAINES                        NY-37-20-163
PLUMLEY, MARY                MURRAY                        NY-37-10-37
PLUMMER, ABEL                CARLTON                       NY-37-18-467
PLUMMER, SOPHIA              CARLTON                       NY-37-20-247
POLER, SIMON                 SHELBY                        NY-37-6-357
POLER, SIMON A.              SHELBY                        NY-37-23-121
POLLARD, MARY                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-13-369
POLLY, DAN                   CLARENDON                     NY-37-4-99
POMEROY, JUDITH              SHELBY                        NY-37-16-109
POPE, NATHAN                 SHELBY                        NY-37-6-273
PORTER, ALLEN                ALBION                        NY-37-16-445
PORTER, AMOS                 BARRE                         NY-37-6-161
PORTER, CARLOS D.            ALBION                        NY-37-28-433
PORTER, ELKANAH              ALBION                        NY-37-10-295
PORTER, LEWIS                GAINES                        NY-37-24-529
PORTER, LUTHER               ALBION                        NY-37-11-49
PORTER, MARY                 BARRE                         NY-37-6-441
PORTER, NANCY                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-481
PORTER, SIMEON               BARRE                         NY-37-23-333
PORTER, THOMAS               YATES                         NY-37-3-285
PORTER, WILLIAM              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-23-521
PORTER, WILLIAM H.           ALBION                        NY-37-27-536
POSEL, GEORGE                BARRE                         NY-37-28-81
POSSON, CORNELIUS V.         SHELBY                        NY-37-27-1
POTTER, ALBERT               MURRAY                        NY-37-26-185
POTTER, ALBERT J.            CLARENDON                     NY-37-27-369
POTTER, ASAPH L. L.          ALBION                        NY-37-25-373
POTTER, HENRY W.             GAINES                        NY-37-2-120
POTTER, JERUSHA S.           ALBION                        NY-37-14-169
POTTER, PHEBE                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-9-157
POTTER, SARAH                ALBION                        NY-37-28-245
POTTER, WILLIAM C.           SHELBY                        NY-37-4-61
POTTER, WILLIAM W.           RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-373
POWELL, JAMES                KENDALL                       NY-37-2-293
POWELL, JANE                 KENDALL                       NY-37-13-257
POWELL, WILLIAM              YATES                         NY-37-3-120
POWERS LAWRENCE              MURRAY                        NY-37-23-201
PRATT, CHLOE                 CLARENDON                     NY-37-27-473
PRATT, CURTIS                GAINES                        NY-37-11-235
PRATT, DANIEL                GAINES                        NY-37-2-208
PRATT, DOLLY                 SHELBY                        NY-37-17-169
PRATT, ELIZABETH H.          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-211
PRATT, EMILY T.              SHELBY                        NY-37-20-79
PRATT, FRANCES O.            MEDINA                        NY-37-3-223
PRATT, GEORGE L.             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-13
PRATT, IRENA                 GAINES                        NY-37-10-451
PRATT, JAMES B.              MURRAY                        NY-37-26-169
PRATT, JOHN                  CARLTON                       NY-37-28-536
PRATT, JOSEPH                CLARENDON                     NY-37-14-225
PRATT, MARY ANN              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-20-493
PRATT, NEHEMIAH              GAINES                        NY-37-3-408
PRATT, WINSLOW               GAINES                        NY-37-11-253
PRESCOTT, JEREMIAH           SHELBY                        NY-37-15-137
PRESOTN, ALFRED              MURRAY                        NY-37-23-141
PRESTON, HIRAM W.            ALBION                        NY-37-21-361
PRESTON, JOHNS .             CLARENDON                     NY-37-13-201
PRESTON, LEMUEL              CLARENDON                     NY-37-11-25
PRESTON, LEVI                CLARENDON                     NY-37-4-300
PRESTON, PERSIS T.           MEDINA                        NY-37-2-191
PRESTON, WILLIAM NELSON      RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-2-25
PRESTON, WILLISTON           RIDGWAY                       NY-37-3-253
PRICKETT, JOHN               BARRE                         NY-37-23-229
PROCTOR, CYNTHIA             RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-18-283
PROCTOR, JOHN                GAINES                        NY-37-6-409
PROCTOR, JOHN N.             ALBION                        NY-37-22-43
PROCTOR, ORCELIA F.          ALBION                        NY-37-21-163
PROESER, PHILO F.            KENDALL                       NY-37-15-217
PROUTY, JAMES L.             ALBION                        NY-37-14-9
PROUTY, SUBMIT               ALBION                        NY-37-13-273
PRUSSIA, RACHEL C.           GAINES                        NY-37-26-245
PRUYN, RICHARD               MURRAY                        NY-37-3-27
PULIS, ABRAM                 MURRAY                        NY-37-22-295
PURDY, JAMES                 BARRE                         NY-37-2-187
PUZEY, ALICE J.              BARRE                         NY-37-8-1
PYCOCK, PHEBE                BARRE                         NY-37-25-125
QUACKENBUSH, ROBERT          RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-11-43
QUALE, MELISSA               CARLTON                       NY-37-26-65
QUINLAN, ELIZABETH           MURRAY                        NY-37-24-5
RACKHAM, FANNY               CARLTON                       NY-37-26-269
RALPH, WILLIAM F.            ALBION                        NY-37-27-381
RAMSDALE, MARY A. C.         GAINES                        NY-37-9-193
RAMSDALE, WILLIAM            GAINES                        NY-37-25-393
RANDALL, ADELINE L. ***      ALBION                        NY-37-26-531
RANDALL, GIDEON T.           KENDALL                       NY-37-28-469
RANDALL, JAMES W.            ALBION                        NY-37-16-509
RANDALL, RACHEL ANN          BARRE                         NY-37-6-229
RANDALL, WILLIAM             BARRE                         NY-37-A-42
RANSOME, ANN MARIA           BARRE                         NY-37-4-397
RAWLEY, JOHN L.              CARLTON                       NY-37-24-333
RAY, ABNER                   MURRAY                        NY-37-14-337
RAYMOND, A. JANE             ALBION                        NY-37-23-405
RAYMOND, ALFRED              BARRE                         NY-37-26-509
RAYMOND, HARRIET L.          BARRE                         NY-37-23-429
RAYMOND, JAMES M.            KENDALL                       NY-37-9-91
RAYMOND, JOHN                BARRE                         NY-37-5-53
RAYMOUR, EDWARD              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-257
RAYMOUR, SARAH               BARRE                         NY-37-3-306
READ, HENRY W.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-6-89
REED, ABIJAH                 MURRAY                        NY-37-6-125
REED, DANIEL                 MURRAY                        NY-37-5-125
REED, EMILY M.               ALBION                        NY-37-26-297
REED, MAHLON B.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-27-437
REED, ORSON V.               YATES                         NY-37-19-401
REED, POLLY                  GAINES                        NY-37-7-13
REED, REUBEN                 CARLTON                       NY-37-13-145
REED, REUBEN R.              ALBION                        NY-37-23-205
REED, SARAH                  BARRE                         NY-37-2-418
REED, THOMAS J.              CARLTON                       NY-37-26-461
REED, WILLIAM                CARLTON                       NY-37-3-100
REED, WILLIAM                CARLTON                       NY-37-3-173
REED, WILLIAM W.             GAINES                        NY-37-25-161
REED, WILSON K.              RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-26-5
REEDE, LUCINDA               ALBION                        NY-37-26-485
REILLEY, JAMES               CHICAGO, COOK, IL             NY-37-28-665
REMINGTON, LUTHER F.         SHELBY                        NY-37-24-393
REQUA, DANIEL                KENDALL                       NY-37-2-441
RESSEGNIE, GEORGE            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-22-217
RHODES, DANIEL               GAINES                        NY-37-9-367
RICE, ABEL                   ALBION                        NY-37-25-337
RICE, ALFRED F.              BARRE                         NY-37-1-269
RICE, HUBBARD                MURRAY                        NY-37-21-373
RICE, MICHAEL                KENDALL                       NY-37-12-105
RICE, ZEBULON                KENDALL                       NY-37-17-185
RICEBROOK, ELIZABETH         MURRAY                        NY-37-8-307
RICH, ALBERT                 CARLTON                       NY-37-18-459
RICH, HANNAH L.              CARLTON                       NY-37-24-453
RICHARDS, JOHN               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-25-193
RICHARDS, LUCY A.            ALBION                        NY-37-28-129
RICHARDSON, CYRUS N.         MURRAY                        NY-37-22-37
RICHARDSON, ELIZABETH C.     RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-21-307
RICHARDSON, JAMES S.         GAINES                        NY-37-23-481
RICHARDSON, SYLVIA           GAINES                        NY-37-16-189
RICHENS, GEORGE              CARLTON                       NY-37-22-151
RICHEY, JOHN                 MURRAY                        NY-37-28-261
RIDER, JOB                   MURRAY                        NY-37-12-457
RIDER, MARY                  MURRAY                        NY-37-12-449
RIGGS, AMOS C.               BARRE                         NY-37-10-145
ROBERTS, JAMES               ALBION                        NY-37-21-397
ROBERTS, PRISCILLA           ALBION                        NY-37-27-393
ROBERTSON, ELVIRA M.         GAINES                        NY-37-20-367
ROBERTSON, PETER             GAINES                        NY-37-10-73
ROBINSON, ALEXANDER          CARLTON                       NY-37-16-429
ROBINSON, CHAUNCEY           MURRAY                        NY-37-6-133
ROBINSON, GRACE E.           SHELBY                        NY-37-26-129
ROBLEE, REUBEN               KENDALL                       NY-37-10-427
ROBSON, JAMES                PANE                          NY-37-1-27
ROCHE, GARRETT               SHELBY                        NY-37-26-385
ROCKWELL, JONAH              PROVIDENCE, SARATOGA, NY      NY-37-1-161
ROGERS, ALBERT N.            ALBION                        NY-37-18-307
ROGERS, BENJAMIN W.          MURRAY                        NY-37-9-133
ROGERS, DENCIE R.            ALBION                        NY-37-15-105
ROGERS, EDSON B.             GAINES                        NY-37-13-329
ROGERS, ELI S.               RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-4-49
ROGERS, MARGARET M.          MURRAY                        NY-37-9-127
ROGERS, ORLANDO              GAINES                        NY-37-13-185
RONAN, MARY                  ALBION                        NY-37-23-321
ROOT, ABIGAIL                CARLTON                       NY-37-18-395
ROOT, AURELIA A.             MILAN, MONROE, MI             NY-37-7-127
ROOT, DANIEL                 CARLTON                       NY-37-19-369
ROOT, EZIEL                  BARRE                         NY-37-3-191
ROOT, ISRAEL                 BARRE                         NY-37-3-9
ROOT, JONATHAN L.            BARRE                         NY-37-18-131
ROOT, JOSEPH                 BARRE                         NY-37-2-261
ROOT, NANCY F.               BARRE                         NY-37-23-45
ROOT, PHEBE ANN              CARLTON                       NY-37-19-361
ROOT, REUBEN                 YATES                         NY-37-10-193
ROOT, WILLIAM C.             CLARENDON                     NY-37-12-257
RORABACK, ELIZABETH P.       ALBION                        NY-37-23-357
ROSE, ALPHA OMEGA            MURRAY                        NY-37-2-149
ROSENBROOK, HENRY            BARRE                         NY-37-19-17
ROSS, CAROLINE W.            RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-8-217
ROSS, DANIEL                 SHELBY                        NY-37-6-81
ROSS, ELIZABETH              SHELBY                        NY-37-27-221
ROSS, MOSES                  SHELBY                        NY-37-20-385
ROSS, OLIVIA                 SHELBY                        NY-37-9-37
ROSS, PHEBE V.               GAINES                        NY-37-26-53
ROSS, WILLIAM H.             ALBION                        NY-37-14-377
ROWLEY, AMOS M.              MURRAY                        NY-37-8-403
ROWLEY, ANDREW J.            GAINES                        NY-37-27-556
ROWLEY, ANN                  YATES                         NY-37-8-325
ROWLEY, CLARISSA             MURRAY                        NY-37-18-323
ROWLEY, EUNICE               CARLTON                       NY-37-16-213
ROWLEY, JOHN A.              GAINES                        NY-37-15-209
ROWLEY, LEVI                 BATTLE CREEK, CALHOUN, MI     NY-37-17-225
ROWLEY, PAULINE R.           GAINES                        NY-37-13-489
ROWLEY, STEPHEN B.           CARLTON                       NY-37-20-331
ROYCE, HARRIET W.            ALBION                        NY-37-23-277
ROYCE, JULIUS H.             ALBION                        NY-37-21-289
RUGGLES, CHARLES             GAINES                        NY-37-3-337
RUGGLES, HUMPHREY            MURRAY                        NY-37-16-453
RUGGLES, JOSIAH H.           HOLLEY                        NY-37-26-465
RUMBLE, JOHN                 SHELBY                        NY-37-24-89
RUNCIMAN, THOMAS J.          BARRE                         NY-37-19-305
RUPP, ADAM                   BARRE                         NY-37-24-598
RUSSELL, HANNAH L.           ALBION                        NY-37-17-265
RYAN, CHARLES                RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-5-89
RYAN, ELIZA                  SHELBY                        NY-37-5-149
RYAN, HENRY                  RIDGEWAY                      NY-37-7-325
RYAN, MATHEW                 BARRE                         NY-37-12-393
RYCKMAN, ALBERT C.           GAINES                        NY-37-25-377

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