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TAFT, MARY ANN               LEROY                         NY-19-24-49
TAFT, MARY G.                OAKFIELD                      NY-19-25-563
TAGGART, BENJAMIN F.         BYRON                         NY-19-21-141
TAGGART, JOHN                BYRON                         NY-19-15-61
TAGGART, LUCY                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-421
TAGGART, MOSES               BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-346
TAGGART, WILLIAM C.          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-341
TALLMAN, RESCOM              CASTILE                       NY-19-2-235
TAROX, THOMAS                DARIEN                        NY-19-3-493
TAYLOR, DENNIS R.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-213
TAYLOR, ELIJAH               ELBA                          NY-19-4-217
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH            DARIEN                        NY-19-10-249
TAYLOR, EMILY                BETHANY                       NY-19-24-189
TAYLOR, MARY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-451
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              DARIEN                        NY-19-5-381
TAYOR, WILLIAM P.            BETHANY                       NY-19-21-609
TEAR, PHILIP                 BERGEN                        NY-19-9-149
TEBOW, JOHN                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-1-255
TEBOW, JOHN                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-2-245
TERRILL, EZRA                PAVILION                      NY-19-13-273
TERRILL ROXY                 PAVILION                      NY-19-18-281
TERRY, ADDISON               BYRON                         NY-19-22-389
TERRY, ADDISON R.            BYRON                         NY-19-9-377
TERRY, GEORGE W.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-37
TERRY, HATTIE L.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-281
TERRY, JAMES Z.              BYRON                         NY-19-26-389
TERRY, JONAS                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-337
TERRY, LEWIS                 DARIEN                        NY-19-22-253
TERRY, ZENO                  BYRON                         NY-19-8-25
TERRY, ZENO S.               BYRON                         NY-19-9-281
THAYER, HORACE E.            OAKFIELD                      NY-19-20-147
THAYER, MARY H.              LEROY                         NY-19-20-619
THAYER, NELSON               LEROY                         NY-19-16-57
THAYER, REBECCA A.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-241
THOMAS, ABIEL                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-3-475
THOMAS, ABRAM                DARIEN                        NY-19-26-241
THOMAS, CHARLES              BERGEN                        NY-19-26-237
THOMAS, ELVIRA J.            DARIEN                        NY-19-19-13
THOMAS, GEORGE               BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-13
THOMAS, JOHN                 DARIEN                        NY-19-5-169
THOMAS, JOHN                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-23-136
THOMAS, NORMAN S.            BETHANY                       NY-19-15-561
THOMAS, SUSAN                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-97
THOMPSON, AMANDA             BETHANY                       NY-19-7-476
THOMPSON, ANDREW             BERGEN                        NY-19-18-149
THOMPSON, ANN E.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-199
THOMPSON, DAVID              BETHANY                       NY-19-16-1
THOMPSON, ELIJAH             ELBA                          NY-19-2-22
THOMPSON, FRANCES            ALABAMA                       NY-19-4-458
THOMPSON, HENRY              BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-169
THOMPSON, HENRY M.           DARIEN                        NY-19-7-84
THOMPSON, JOHN               STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-433
THOMPSON, MARIA              BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-89
THOMPSON, MARY A.            BERGEN                        NY-19-20-179
THOMPSON, MARY ANN W.        BERGEN                        NY-19-18-81
THOMPSON, MORINDA            BYRON                         NY-19-24-635
THOMPSON, RHODA J.           LEROY                         NY-19-21-177
THOMPSON, RODERICK F.        BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-309
THOMPSON, SPENCER            BYRON                         NY-19-16-269
THOMPSON, WILLIAM            ALABAMA                       NY-19-4-427
THOMSON, ASA                 BETHANY                       NY-19-5-354
THOMSON, CHARLES BATTELL     LEROY                         NY-19-20-33
THORP, ADELPHIA              BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-5
THORP, JOHN                  ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-297
THORP, MINERVA               BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-69
THORP, RUSSELL               BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-269
THROOP, ORANGE               BEGEN                         NY-19-1-238
THURSTON, JOSIAH H.          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-25-507
THWING, JOHN                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-1
TIBBALS, DAVID T.            GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY          NY-19-1-180
TIBBALS, PETER               NTL                           NY-19-1-198
TICE, JOSEPH                 ELBA                          NY-19-4-448
TICE, NICHOLAS               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-4-468
TIERNEY, PATRICK             BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-405
TILLEY, JOHN                 OAKFIELD                      NY-19-5-243
TILLON, ADNEY                PAVILION                      NY-19-18-201
TILLOTSON, ANNA              STAFFORD                      NY-19-22-173
TILLOTSON, CHAUNCEY          PAVILION                      NY-19-12-125
TILLOTSON, CHAUNCEY E.       PAVILION                      NY-19-25-155
TILNEY, JAMES                ELBA                          NY-19-17-17
TILNEY, MARY                 ELBA                          NY-19-20-595
TIMBY, HARRIET J.            DARIEN                        NY-19-18-421
TIMMONS, LAWRENCE            BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-272
TOBIN, MARGARET              BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-345
TOMLINSON, DANIEL W.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-517
TOMLINSON, JOHN              LEROY                         NY-19-11-5
TOMLINSON, SUSAN E.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-449
TOMPKINS, OSMOND             LEROY                         NY-19-16-221
TOMPKINS, SARAH              BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-401
TOMPKINS, SETH               DARIEN                        NY-19-5-192
TOMPKINS, WARREN             PAVILION                      NY-19-17-521
TOPLIFF, CALVIN              DARIEN                        NY-19-9-97
TOPLIFF, DELPHIA W.          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-134
TORPY, ASENETH               BYRON                         NY-19-21-513
TORREY, CHARLOTTE            BETHANY                       NY-19-15-321
TORREY, DANIEL               BETHANY                       NY-19-13-137
TORRY, SARAH D.              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-20-9
TOTTEN, DAVID                ERIE                          NY-19-1-1
TOUB, JAMES                  BYRON                         NY-19-15-17
TOURTELOT, MAHALA            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-155
TOWN, CHARLES H.             ELBA                          NY-19-7-227
TOWN, NORMAN                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-284
TOWN, SARAH G.               BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-483
TOWNSEND, ASHLEY             PAVILION                      NY-19-6-203
TOWNSEND, IRA                PAVILION                      NY-19-21-441
TRABERT, IGNATZ              LEROY                         NY-19-15-37
TRACY, HARRIET LAY           BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-39
TRACY, PHINEAS L.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-190
TRAINOR, JAMES               LEROY                         NY-19-18-17
TRAINOR, MARY                LEROY                         NY-19-18-21
TRIETLEY, JACOB              BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-505
TRIPP, AMASA                 LEROY                         NY-19-1-195
TRUE, MOSES                  OAKFIELD                      NY-19-8-151
TRUESDELL, JOHN              WARSAW                        NY-19-3-307
TRUMBULL, GEORGE             BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-213
TRYON, MARY C.               LEROY                         NY-19-13-265
TRYON, SARAH                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-621
TUBBS, JESSE                 PEMROKE                       NY-19-9-177
TUBBS, LEWIS                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-8-115
TUCKER, HARRIET              STAFFORD                      NY-19-21-197
TUCKER, JOHN THOMAS          STAFFORD                      NY-19-24-305
TUFTS, AARON                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-16-553
TULLY, MICHAEL               PAVILION                      NY-19-18-393
TUPPER, SHELDON C.           PEMBROKE                      NY-19-26-365
TURNER, THOMAS               ELBA                          NY-19-3-221
TUTTLE, EDWARD               ALABAMA                       NY-19-23-100
TUTTLE, HARRIET              WINDSOR, ASHTABULA, OH        NY-19-7-367
TUTTLE, HARVEY               LEROY                         NY-19-3-505
TUTTLE, HIRAM                BYRON                         NY-19-18-585
TUTTLE, LUCINA M.            BYRON                         NY-19-20-251
TUTTLE, MILO                 DARIEN                        NY-19-11-397
TUTTLE, SAMANTHA             DARIEN                        NY-19-21-449
TUTTLE, WAITY                BYRON                         NY-19-20-367
TYLER, MARY                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-9-321
TYLER, SALLY A.              STAFFORD                      NY-19-22-53
TYRRELL, JOHN                DARIEN                        NY-19-24-273
UNDERHILL, ELEAZER           ALABAMA                       NY-19-22-165
UNDERHILL, JULIA A. WARNER   ELBA                          NY-19-25-103
UPTON, DANIEL                BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-562
UPTON, EMORY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-294
USINGER, CASPAR              BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-105
USINGER, MARY ANNA           BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-377
VAGG, GEORGE                 ELBA                          NY-19-26-217
VALENTINE, FRANCIS A.        LEROY                         NY-19-18-269
VALENTINE, NEHEMIAH          ALABAMA                       NY-19-4-441
VALLETT, JOSEPH              STAFFORD                      NY-19-20-107
VANALLEN, WILLIAM            NTL                           NY-19-4-96
VANBUREN, MARTIN             PAVILION                      NY-19-5-11
VANCUREN, SALLY              DARIEN                        NY-19-10-325
VANDEBOGART, CHARLES W.      ALEXANDER                     NY-19-20-79
VANDEBOGART, JOSEPH E.       ALEXANDER                     NY-19-24-249
VANDERHEYDEN, ELMIRA         PAVILION                      NY-19-18-345
VANDERLIP, MARY              BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-381
VANDERVORT, ANNAH M.         DARIEN                        NY-19-19-369
VANDUSEN, CHRISTOPHER D.     ELBA                          NY-19-5-293
VANDYKE, CHRISTIANA          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-25-311
VANEPS, JOHN A.              BETHANY                       NY-19-1-122
VANHEUSEN, DOROTHY           LEROY                         NY-19-17-537
VANHORN, TEUNIS              BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-557
VANVRADENBURG, GEORGE H.     PAVILION                      NY-19-21-545
VARLEY, PATRICK              LEROY                         NY-19-14-706
VAUGHN, CLARRISSA            ALABAMA                       NY-19-23-46
VAUGHN, JONAS P.             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-373
VAUGHN, NELSON               ALABAMA                       NY-19-21-621
VAUGHN, SUSAN                LEROY                         NY-19-17-329
VICARY, CHARLOTTE C.         STAFFORD                      NY-19-26-173
VICARY, WILLIAM N.           STAFFORD                      NY-19-20-483
VICKERY, BENJAMIN            DARIEN                        NY-19-16-345
VICKERY, JONATHAN            DARIEN                        NY-19-6-410
VOELKER, FREDERICK           ALEXANDER                     NY-19-26-73
VOLZ, ALBERT                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-421
VOLZ, MARY A.                BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-329
VOLZ, THEKLA                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-607
VOORHEES, ABRAHAM            PERRY                         NY-19-4-60
VOTRY, JOSEPH                BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-259
WADE, MARY A.                BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-109
WADSWORTH, DAVID             GAINSVILLE                    NY-19-3-397
WADSWORTH, ROWENA            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-15-273
WAGNER, MARY ANN             DARIEN                        NY-19-11-9
WAIT, ALMIRA                 DARIEN                        NY-19-26-89
WAIT, CYRUS                  PEMBROKE                      NY-19-22-265
WAIT, HORACE                 DARIEN                        NY-19-21-77
WAIT, IRA                    BETHANY                       NY-19-24-153
WAIT, MALDENETTE M.          BETHANY                       NY-19-23-140
WAIT, OBED                   ALEANDER                      NY-19-9-129
WAIT, RUSSEL                 DARIEN                        NY-19-5-297
WAIT, THOMSON                ELBA                          NY-19-20-115
WAITE, ELMA A.               BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-127
WAITE, RICHARD               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-513
WAITE, RICHARD L.            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-25-91
WAKEFIELD, HEZEKIAH          WARSAW                        NY-19-2-149
WAKEMAN, GEORGE W.           ALABAMA                       NY-19-21-489
WAKEMAN, JOSEPH A.           ELBA                          NY-19-4-191
WAKEMAN, SETH                BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-193
WALDEN, NATHAN               OGDEN, MONROE, NY             NY-19-5-391
WALDO, EBER                  OAKFIELD                      NY-19-9-381
WALDO, NATHAN                ELBA                          NY-19-4-20
WALDRON, SAMUEL              BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-65
WALKER, AMASA                BYRON                         NY-19-10-9
WALKER, AMASA                BYRON                         NY-19-2-12
WALKER, ASAHEL A.            BYRON                         NY-19-10-473
WALKER, CARRIE C.            BYRON                         NY-19-20-475
WALKER, CYRENIUS             BYRON                         NY-19-15-165
WALKER, CYRUS                BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-433
WALKER, EDWARD               DARIEN                        NY-19-17-377
WALKER, EDWARD C. JR.        BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-581
WALKER, HARRIS O.            BETHANY                       NY-19-9-385
WALKER, HORACEE.             LEROY                         NY-19-19-317
WALKER, ISAAC                PAVILION                      NY-19-13-325
WALKER, JESSE B.             LEROY                         NY-19-26-493
WALKER, JOSEPH C.            BYRON                         NY-19-23-23
WALKER, LEVI                 SHELDON                       NY-19-3-114
WALKER, OBADIAH              BETHANY                       NY-19-2-294
WALKER, OBADIAH              BETHANY                       NY-19-19-89
WALKER, SHUBEL               PAVILION                      NY-19-24-341
WALKER, VESTA E.             LEROY                         NY-19-24-109
WALKINSHAW, ISABELLA         BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-129
WALKINSHAW, MARHTHA          BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-117
WALKLEY, ANDREW              LEROY                         NY-19-7-242
WALKLEY, ASAHEL              LEROY                         NY-19-22-505
WALKLEY, RICHARD             LEROY                         NY-19-19-409
WALKLEY, STEPHEN             LEROY                         NY-19-8-181
WALLACE, JENNET              BETHANY                       NY-19-3-164
WALLER, ASHBEL               ELBA                          NY-19-6-190
WALLER, HANNAH               ELBA                          NY-19-4-363
WALLER, MARY A.              ELBA                          NY-19-18-449
WALTON, MARIA                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-17-37
WALTON, PETER                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-15-417
WALTON, THOMAS H.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-13-129
WANSEY, HENRY                PARMA                         NY-19-1-168
WARD, CALVIN T.              LEROY                         NY-19-9-405
WARD, DANIEL                 PAVILION                      NY-19-10-257
WARD, DANIEL                 PAVILION                      NY-19-5-425
WARD, DANIEL                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-81
WARD, EMMALINE A.            BERGEN                        NY-19-22-577
WARD, JOHN                   BERGEN                        NY-19-6-146
WARD, JOHN C.                BERGEN                        NY-19-10-121
WARD, MARTIN C.              BERGEN                        NY-19-7-431
WARD, SHERMAN                LEROY                         NY-19-25-459
WARD, TABOR                  DARIEN                        NY-19-5-402
WARD, WASHINGTON             LEROY                         NY-19-19-189
WARE, ELIZA B.               BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-41
WARE, JOHN F.                BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-53
WARE, WILLIAM                BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-265
WARE, WILLIAM H.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-229
WARN, EPHRAIM C.             BERGEN                        NY-19-7-26
WARN, WARREN                 BERGEN                        NY-19-6-27
WARNER, ALVAN                BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-221
WARNER, CHRISTOPHER          BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-565
WARNER, CONSIDER             LEROY                         NY-19-11-89
WARNER, JANE                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-21-353
WARNER, LUCY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-57
WARNER, MARY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-257
WARNER, NATHAN               BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-189
WARNER, SUSANNAH             BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-9
WARNER, SYLVIA LOUISA        DARIEN                        NY-19-24-617
WARREN, AUGUSTUS             ALABAMA                       NY-19-15-153
WARREN, EUNICE               SHELDON                       NY-19-2-146
WARREN, HENRY                OAKFIELD                      NY-19-17-477
WARREN, HENRY                BYRON                         NY-19-22-321
WARREN, JAMES                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-1-248
WARREN, JAMES                OAKFIELD                      NY-19-15-65
WARREN, JOHN                 LEROY                         NY-19-11-457
WARREN, THOMAS               BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-163
WARREN, WILLIAM              STAFFORD                      NY-19-5-52
WARRINER, JULIA              BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-49
WASHBURN, JOHN               BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-37
WATERMAN, GORDON D.          STAFFORD                      NY-19-18-565
WATERMAN, HANNAH             BYRON                         NY-19-23-5
WATERMAN, OSCAR F.           STAFFORD                      NY-19-21-53
WATERMAN, TRUMAN C.          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-151
WATESTREET, HENRY            ALABAMA                       NY-19-23-85
WATKINS, THOMAS W.           BYRON                         NY-19-22-385
WATSON, IRA                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-15-97
WATSON, JOHN                 BERGEN                        NY-19-3-487
WATSON, NATHANIEL            STAFFORD                      NY-19-5-473
WEARE, SAMUEL                BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-1
WEARE, SAMUEL                BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-473
WEAVER, SOPHRONIA            ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-643
WEBB, ALEXANDER              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-409
WEBB, BENJAMIN               DARIEN                        NY-19-6-465
WEBB, JOHN                   PEMBROKE                      NY-19-5-130
WEBB, LESTER                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-63
WEBB, LUCY B.                LEROY                         NY-19-24-233
WEBBER, JOHN                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-16-473
WEBBER, JOHN                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-15-557
WEBBER, MARY ANN             STAFFORD                      NY-19-21-617
WEBSTER, JOSEPH              ALABAMA                       NY-19-20-123
WEBSTER, LEONARD             ALABAMA                       NY-19-3-281
WEBSTER, MALVINA             BYRON                         NY-19-10-509
WEBSTER, MARY E. L.          BETHANY                       NY-19-22-145
WEBSTER, PORTER              ALABAMA                       NY-19-19-477
WEBSTER, SAMUEL              DARIEN                        NY-19-3-521
WEBSTER, SAMUEL              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-19-1-191
WEBSTER, STEPEN              PARMA                         NY-19-1-74
WEBSTER, WALDO               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-19-1-283
WEBSTER, WILLIAM H.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-4-77
WEDGE, JOHN                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-1-29
WEED, HARVEY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-45
WEEKS, WILLIAM H.            ELBA                          NY-19-16-581
WEISS, GEORGE J.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-5
WEISS, HENRIETTA L.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-377
WELCH, CHRISTINE             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-24-113
WELCH, PETER                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-469
WELCH, WILLIAM               BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-99
WELD, ELIZABETH              LEROY                         NY-19-5-464
WELD, SAMUEL P.              LEROY                         NY-19-20-175
WELKER, ANNA                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-417
WELKER, ELIZABETH            BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-125
WELLMAN, MANLY               NTL                           NY-19-1-201
WELLMORE, JOHN               STAFFORD                      NY-19-10-69
WELLS, AURELIA NORTH         ALEXANDER                     NY-19-26-361
WELLS, BETSEY                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-16-593
WELLS, CHARLES H.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-11
WELLS, EBENEZER              BETHANY                       NY-19-5-190
WELLS, GEORGE                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-9-373
WELLS, JOSIAH                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-408
WELLS, JOSIAH                DARIEN                        NY-19-3-431
WELLS, WILLIAM H.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-262
WEMPLE, ANDREW               ELBA                          NY-19-6-347
WENTWORTH, FRANCES M.        ALABAMA                       NY-19-15-429
WENTWORTH, LEVI B.           PAVILION                      NY-19-26-409
WENTWORTH, LUCY              BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-73
WENZINGER, BERNHARDT         DARIEN                        NY-19-16-393
WERNER, PETER                BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-229
WERTMAN, NOA                 DARIEN                        NY-19-23-102
WEST, MARY                   DARIEN                        NY-19-6-293
WEST, WARREN                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-69
WESTACOTT, JANE              BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-104
WESTACOTT, MARY              STAFFORD                      NY-19-21-357
WESTBROOK, FREDERICK         BYRON                         NY-19-23-64
WESTBROOK, LUCRETIA          BYRON                         NY-19-25-111
WESTON, HENRY J.             DARIEN                        NY-19-14-518
WETHERWAX, JACOB             SHELBY                        NY-19-1-251
WHEAT, ELIAS A.              ELBA                          NY-19-23-130
WHEAT, HANNAH M.             ELBA                          NY-19-26-619
WHEELER, DANIEL              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-1-333
WHEELER, SIMON               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-5-333
WHEELER, SIMON D.            ALABAMA                       NY-19-3-446
WHIPPLE, SAMUEL              RIGA                          NY-19-1-207
WHITE, ARTHUR P.             ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-533
WHITE, BENJAMIN              STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-87
WHITE, CHESTER               BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-113
WHITE, DANIEL                LEROY                         NY-19-16-485
WHITE, DANIEL                ELBA                          NY-19-17-61
WHITE, EEKIEL                STAFFORD                      NY-19-3-17
WHITE, HANNAH                ELBA                          NY-19-10-205
WHITE, JAMES                 ELBA                          NY-19-26-505
WHITE, JOHN                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-4-411
WHITE, MARY                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-465
WHITE, MILES G.              BYRON                         NY-19-20-411
WHITE, NATHAN                LEROY                         NY-19-4-456
WHITE, PEREGRINE K.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-25
WHITE, SAMANTHA              LEROY                         NY-19-6-444
WHITE, STEVEN D.             PAVILION                      NY-19-25-119
WHITE, SUSAN                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-111
WHITEMAN, CORNELIUS          PAVILION                      NY-19-18-349
WHITESIDE, ROBERT            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-24-261
WHITNEY, ALONZO              BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-289
WHITNEY, ALVIN               PAVILION                      NY-19-17-481
WHITNEY, ANSON S.            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-21-485
WHITNEY, EVERETT             BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-525
WHITNEY, MARY J.             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-25-53
WHITNEY, SILVESTER           BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-373
WIBORN, JUDITH               PAVILION                      NY-19-7-296
WICKER, MINERVA C.           DARIEN                        NY-19-8-13
WICKS, JOHN G.               BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-127
WICKWIRE, ISAAC              DARIEN                        NY-19-6-20
WIGHT, GEORGE                ALABAMA                       NY-19-25-407
WIGHT, NATHAN                ATTICA                        NY-19-3-13
WIGTON, MELVIN               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-21-137
WILBER, DAVID                ELBA                          NY-19-6-98
WILBER, M.CLEVELAND          BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-243
WILBER, SANFORD              BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-581
WILCOX, AARON Y.             PAVILION                      NY-19-17-449
WILCOX, ABEL E.              BERGEN                        NY-19-12-261
WILCOX, ANNA P.              BERGEN                        NY-19-20-543
WILCOX, AUSTIN               BERGEN                        NY-19-5-449
WILCOX, EDMOND               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-6-330
WILCOX, ELIJAH               BERGEN                        NY-19-13-25
WILCOX, HARMON               BERGEN                        NY-19-17-297
WILCOX, JARED E.             LEROY                         NY-19-18-237
WILCOX, JASON                BERGEN                        NY-19-6-436
WILCOX, JULIA A.             ELBA                          NY-19-18-285
WILDER, ELIZABETH            DARIEN                        NY-19-26-225
WILDER, JOHN                 ELBA                          NY-19-5-6
WILDER, JOHN                 ELBA                          NY-19-18-241
WILDER, JOHN                 DARIEN                        NY-19-21-497
WILDER, LUCY                 ELBA                          NY-19-25-75
WILDER, SUMNER               BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-365
WILES, WILLIAM               PERRY                         NY-19-2-257
WILFORD, JOHN C.             ELBA                          NY-19-5-146
WILFORD, JOSEPH              ELBA                          NY-19-2-326
WILKEY, MARY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-43
WILKINSON, AMON              BETHANY                       NY-19-15-69
WILKINSON, ANNA              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-11-269
WILKINSON, HENRY             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-22-541
WILKINSON, JOHN              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-7-1
WILKINSON, PAULINA H.        PAVILION                      NY-19-6-297
WILKINSON, WILLIAM           LEROY                         NY-19-4-342
WILLCOX, OLIVER              BATAVIA                       NY-19-2-193
WILLEN, GEORGE               BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-153
WILLET, SAMUEL               BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-341
WILLETT, REUBEN              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-14-453
WILLETT, SARAH M.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-17-553
WILLEY, BENAJAH              OGDEN                         NY-19-1-183
WILLIAMS, CAROLINE A.        BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-575
WILLIAMS, CASEY              LEROY                         NY-19-25-609
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE A.       STAFFORD                      NY-19-15-489
WILLIAMS, CHARLES            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-100
WILLIAMS, FRANCES CAROLINE   BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-165
WILLIAMS, HOMER M.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-327
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH P.          DARIEN                        NY-19-10-181
WILLIAMS, JULIUS             DARIEN                        NY-19-5-79
WILLIAMS, LIZZIE FRANCIS     BERGEN                        NY-19-26-357
WILLIAMS, MARY               DARIEN                        NY-19-12-153
WILLIAMS, ROBERT             BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-21
WILLIAMS, THORP              DARIEN                        NY-19-10-253
WILLIS, BENJAMIN             DARIEN                        NY-19-4-272
WILLIS, JOHN P.              ALABAMA                       NY-19-19-389
WILSON, EBENEZER             MIDDLEBURY                    NY-19-2-98
WILSON, GEORGE               PAVILION                      NY-19-17-373
WILSON, JAMES                LEROY                         NY-19-25-367
WILSON, JAMES P.             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-22-269
WILSON, JOSEPH C.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-355
WILSON, LOCKLIN M.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-457
WILSON, STEWART              ELBA                          NY-19-6-36
WINANS, ELISHA               BERGEN                        NY-19-5-510
WINANS, GEORGE H.            LEROY                         NY-19-17-177
WING, ANNA                   ALEXANDER                     NY-19-15-569
WINN, ELIZA                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-171
WINN, RICHARD                BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-141
WINSLOW, CHARLES R.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-521
WINSLOW, NORMAN H.           ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-129
WITTER, EBENEZER             PERRY                         NY-19-3-295
WITTMAN, CHRISTIAN           DARIEN                        NY-19-13-149
WOLCOTT, AGNES C.            BERGEN                        NY-19-20-379
WOLCOTT, LOIS                LEROY                         NY-19-10-41
WOLCOTT, THOMAS R.           ALABAMA                       NY-19-19-577
WOLCOTT, TITUS               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-18-129
WOOD, BERNARD                STAFFORD                      NY-19-5-133
WOOD, BETSEY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-109
WOOD, EDWARD F.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-6
WOOD, ERASTUS                BETHANY                       NY-19-23-101
WOOD, ISAAC                  PEMBROKE                      NY-19-5-128
WOOD, JOHN                   BETHANY                       NY-19-3-466
WOOD, MARY A. D.             LEROY                         NY-19-21-397
WOOD, MARY J.                BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-627
WOOD, NATHANIEL S.           BERGEN                        NY-19-19-533
WOOD, PHEBE                  PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-349
WOOD, POLLY                  ELBA                          NY-19-3-250
WOOD, WASHINGTON             BYRON                         NY-19-17-145
WOOD, WILLIAM                STAFFORD                      NY-19-18-277
WOODARD, DANIEL              LEROY                         NY-19-7-96
WOODARD, ORISON              LEROY                         NY-19-15-265
WOODARD, SARAH               LEROY                         NY-19-11-193
WOODBINE, JOHN               ELBA                          NY-19-26-325
WOODBINE, WILLIAM            BYRON                         NY-19-23-68
WOODING, FRANK E.            LEROY                         NY-19-26-655
WOODRUFF, ISAAC H.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-247
WOODRUFF, RACHEL B.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-297
WOODS, EMERETTA              BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-577
WOODS, JAMES S.              BERGEN                        NY-19-25-283
WOODWARD, NATHAN A.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-229
WOODWARD, VICTOR F.          LEROY                         NY-19-14-665
WOOSTER, RUTH C.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-465
WORDEN, NATHANIEL E.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-401
WORTENDYKE, JOHN             BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-221
WORTENDYKE, PETER            BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-69
WORTH, GORHAM                ALABAMA                       NY-19-20-199
WORTHINGTON, ABIGAIL         BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-121
WORTHINGTON, EMELINE         BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-133
WORTHINGTON, GAD B.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-185
WRIGHT, ABEL                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-213
WRIGHT, ALFRED               BERGEN                        NY-19-16-281
WRIGHT, CARTER               ELBA, DODGE, WI               NY-19-5-440
WRIGHT, GEORGE               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-20-571
WRIGHT, JAMES M.             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-11-105
WRIGHT, MORRIS               DARIEN                        NY-19-24-481
WRIGHT, SAMUEL               BERGEN                        NY-19-1-81
WRIGLEY, JOSEPH              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-21-377
WYMAN, ALBERT                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-22-413
WYMAN, BION                  BETHANY                       NY-19-16-289
YATES, EUGENE                DARIEN                        NY-19-19-81
YATES, JOHN H.               BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-417
YEO, JOSEPH H.               LEROY                         NY-19-20-315
YOUNG, BRANAN                BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-159
YOUNG, ERNST JACOB           DARIEN                        NY-19-22-257
YOUNG, JOHN                  ELBA                          NY-19-3-130
YOUNG, ROBERT                BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-52
YOUNG, SARAH                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-577
YOUNGERS, DEM                BERGEN                        NY-19-11-369
ZIMMERMAN, ANNA              BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-309
ZIMMERMAN, DANIEL F.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-3
ZWETSCH, FRANK               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-24-365
ZWETSCH, FRED A.             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-25-411

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