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EAGAN, MARY ELIZABETH        PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-601
EAGER, JOHN                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-8-199
EARL, WILLIAM L. M. EU       LEROY                         NY-19-20-303
EASTLAND, JOHN               BETHANY                       NY-19-5-312
EASTLAND, LYDIA              DARIEN                        NY-19-19-509
EATON, MORRIS B.             LEROY                         NY-19-24-57
EDDY, DANIEL U.              BERGEN                        NY-19-18-529
EDDY, HELEN M.               DARIEN                        NY-19-14-699
EDDY, HULDAH                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-18-497
EDGERTON, HENRY              ELBA                          NY-19-13-5
EDSON, LINA                  PAVILION                      NY-19-18-509
EDWADS, LENA                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-457
EDWARDS, FRANK H.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-16-177
EDWARDS, GEORGE              BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-389
EDWARDS, GEORGE B.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-60
EDWARDS, WILLIAM H.          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-5-496
EIGHMY, ELMIRA CAROLINE      OAKFIELD                      NY-19-17-49
ELDERKIN, EUNICE             LEROY                         NY-19-11-553
ELDERKIN, JEDEDIAH           LEROY                         NY-19-10-245
ELLICOTT, HELEN G.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-249
ELLICOTT, JOHN               BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-33
ELLICOTT, JOHN BROWN         BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-70
ELLICOTT, JOSEPH             BATAVIA                       NY-19-1-309
ELLIOTT, AMANDA M.           PAVILION                      NY-19-21-245
ELLIOTT, GEORGE A.           PEMBROKE                      NY-19-22-325
ELLIOTT, JESSE               BETHANY                       NY-19-16-321
ELLIS, JONAS B.              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-21-465
ELLIS, STEPHEN               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-18-65
ELLIS, THOMAS                ATTICA                        NY-19-3-403
ELMORE, ELIZA                LEROY                         NY-19-10-361
ELMORE, JONATHAN             BERGEN                        NY-19-22-149
ELMS, WILLIAM                BERGEN                        NY-19-6-194
ELSTON, WILLIAM              LEROY                         NY-19-22-189
ELY, ENOCH J.                LEROY                         NY-19-22-333
EMMONS, WILLIAM              ELBA                          NY-19-9-241
ENGLE, MARGERY               BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-487
ENGLEHARDT, EMMA S.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-17
ENGLEHARDT, JACOBINA         BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-509
ENGLISH, MARIUM M.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-193
ENSIGN, ELIZABETH            GAINESVILLE                   NY-19-3-150
ENSIGN, HENRY J.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-181
ERNEST, ISRAEL               BETHANY                       NY-19-2-207
ERWIN, DAVID                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-213
ERWIN, WILLIAM               BERGEN                        NY-19-21-17
EUEARL, WILLIAM L. M.        SEE: EARL, WILLIAM L. M. EU   NY-19-20-303
EVANS, HENRY                 LEROY                         NY-19-25-363
EVANS, RACHEL                BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-92
EVELETTE, SARAH L.           ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-357
EVERETT, ROCKSENA            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-20-403
EWELL, EMERSON               LEROY                         NY-19-23-135
EWELL, FANNY B.              PAVILION                      NY-19-22-493
EWELL, HENRY B.              PAVILION                      NY-19-18-225
EXTINE, JOHN                 DARIEN                        NY-19-11-361
FALKER, DANIEL               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-565
FALKNER, REBECCA W. C.       LEROY                         NY-19-24-81
FARGO, ISAAC                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-62
FARGO, MARVIN                LEROY                         NY-19-9-89
FARGO, ROBERT                NTL                           NY-19-5-14
FARGO, SARAH L.              STAFFORD                      NY-19-19-61
FARNHAM, EBER                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-445
FARNHAM, HARMAN H.           BERGEN                        NY-19-13-249
FARNHAM, LATHROP             BERGEN                        NY-19-17-101
FARNHAM, MARGARET J.         LEROY                         NY-19-25-423
FARNHAM, NATHANIEL           LEROY                         NY-19-5-341
FARNSWORTH, ABIGAIL E.       BETHANY                       NY-19-24-611
FARNSWORTH, HARRIET          OAKFIELD                      NY-19-23-72
FARRELL, BRIDGET             BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-131
FARRELL, MICHAEL             BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-409
FARRINGTON, PHILITUS         BYRON                         NY-19-10-85
FARROW, BETSEY               DARIEN                        NY-19-10-237
FARROW, JOHN                 DARIEN                        NY-19-9-425
FARROW, OLIVE                DARIEN                        NY-19-6-380
FAUCHER, DAVID               BERGEN                        NY-19-3-95
FAVOR, SAMUEL                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-17-193
FAY, ISRAEL                  BETHANY                       NY-19-18-161
FAY, JESSE                   ALEXANDER                     NY-19-7-4
FAY, MARY M.                 LEROY                         NY-19-23-128
FAY, WARREN                  PAVILION                      NY-19-13-353
FELLER, JOHN                 ELBA                          NY-19-17-405
FELLOWS, EPHRIAM W.          LEROY                         NY-19-16-301
FELLOWS, ORLANDO             BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-57
FELLOWS, WILLIAM             BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-325
FELTER, WILLIAM              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-16-381
FENNER, MARIA                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-85
FENNER, WILLIAM              ALABAMA                       NY-19-6-364
FERRIS, JOHN D.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-229
FERRY, EMILY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-313
FIELD, AMANDA F.             BERGEN                        NY-19-25-263
FIELD, CHARLES               BERGEN                        NY-19-21-349
FIELD, HARRIET M.            BERGEN                        NY-19-15-449
FIELD, JOSHUA                BERGEN                        NY-19-12-17
FIELD, TIMOTHY               BERGEN                        NY-19-19-173
FIELD, WICKHAM               BERGEN                        NY-19-18-109
FILKINS, DAVID               BETHANY                       NY-19-17-33
FILKINS, PHILANDER           ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-77
FINCH, SEELEY                CALEDONIA                     NY-19-1-24
FINLEY, JAMES                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-20-255
FINNEY, ELIZABETH            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-353
FISH, ELI H.                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-145
FISHEL, JOSEPH               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-149
FISHELL, AMELIA              CLIMAX, KALAMAZOO, MI         NY-19-20-347
FISHER, AGNES                BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-81
FISHER, ALANSON              DARIEN                        NY-19-19-109
FISHER, CATHERINE W.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-117
FISHER, CHARLES              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-21-605
FISHER, ELIZABETH J.         STAFFORD                      NY-19-22-369
FISHER, JOHN                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-233
FISHER, NANCY                BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-501
FISHER, ROSWELL S.           STAFFORD                      NY-19-19-549
FISHER, SOPHIA M.            DARIEN                        NY-19-25-63
FISK, ABIGAIL                STAFFORD                      NY-19-22-281
FISK, ALFRED W.              STAFFORD                      NY-19-19-301
FISK, HOSEA                  WARSAW                        NY-19-4-1
FISK, JOHN S.                BYRON                         NY-19-23-65
FISK, LEVI                   BYRON                         NY-19-15-541
FISK, THOMAS J.              LEROY                         NY-19-10-485
FITZGERALD, ANN ELIZA        LEROY                         NY-19-5-139
FITZPATRICK, MICHAEL         BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-160
FITZPATRICK, WILLIAM         BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-246
FITZSIMMONS, JOHN            BERGEN                        NY-19-20-223
FIX, JOHN                    BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-405
FLAACKE, CARL S.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-419
FLETCHER, LEVI               BENNINGTON                    NY-19-3-530
FLETCHER, LYMAN              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-17-517
FOBES, CLARISA G.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-417
FOLLETT, CALVIN              ELBA                          NY-19-5-501
FOOT, ELIZABETH              BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-226
FOOTE, CAROLINE M.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-567
FOOTE, GEORGIANA             BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-36
FORD, ANN                    STAFFORD                      NY-19-24-409
FORD, GEORGE                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-23-76
FORD, GEORGE W.              LEROY                         NY-19-21-225
FORD, LAURA                  ELBA                          NY-19-16-573
FORD, NATHANIEL              ELBA                          NY-19-11-145
FORD, PHINEHAS               BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-393
FORD, WILLIAM                ELBA                          NY-19-15-497
FORDHAM, FRANCIS             LEROY                         NY-19-19-529
FOREMAN, HARRIET M.          LEROY                         NY-19-26-557
FOREMAN, JOHN B.             LEROY                         NY-19-16-265
FOREMAN, JONATHAN M.         LEROY                         NY-19-7-571
FOREMAN, MARY C.             LEROY                         NY-19-16-13
FORPY, ANSON                 ELBA                          NY-19-21-65
FORSTER, WILLIAM             DARIEN                        NY-19-20-343
FORSTER, WILLIAM             DARIEN                        NY-19-26-385
FORWARD, HARRY               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-17-429
FORWARD, MINDWELL            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-11-461
FOSDICK, ELIJAH              BETHANY                       NY-19-5-287
FOSDICK, NATHAN              BETHANY                       NY-19-5-77
FOSTER, ANDREW               LEROY                         NY-19-4-243
FOSTER, CHARLES              PAVILION                      NY-19-6-69
FOSTER, EDEN                 ELBA                          NY-19-6-136
FOSTER, ELIZABETH            BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-389
FOSTER, MILO L. L.           ELBA                          NY-19-13-253
FOSTER, SAAH M.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-141
FOSTER, SAMUEL               BATAVIA                       NY-19-3-400
FOWLER, WILLIAM              LEROY                         NY-19-18-53
FOX, CHRISTIAN               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-18-549
FOX, CYRILL B.               BYRON                         NY-19-6-427
FOX, JABESH                  LEROY                         NY-19-1-89
FRANCIS, CHESTER             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-9-285
FRANCIS, MATILDA             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-61
FRANK, JOHN                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-273
FRANKLIN, DAVID              GATES                         NY-19-1-7
FRANKLIN, SHUBEL             ALABAMA                       NY-19-16-5
FRARY, ROSWELL               BETHANY                       NY-19-5-44
FRASER, JOHN                 LEROY                         NY-19-18-261
FREEMAN, ELKANA              BETHANY                       NY-19-5-141
FREEMAN, WILLIAM             BETHANY                       NY-19-4-403
FRENCH, JABEZ P.             ELBA                          NY-19-4-316
FRENCH, RICHARD B.           BETHANY                       NY-19-5-201
FRENCH, W. CARY              BETHANY                       NY-19-26-189
FRIEDLEY, JOHN               BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-453
FRIGHEIT, BRIDGET            LEROY                         NY-19-25-211
FRINK, ISRAEL                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-9-329
FRISBEE, THOMAS T.           ALEXANDER                     NY-19-3-72
FUGE, CHARLES                LEROY                         NY-19-6-283
FUHRER, JOHN J.              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-20-191
FULLER, ANN W.               ELBA                          NY-19-19-237
FULLER, DANIEL D.            ELBA                          NY-19-18-169
FULLER, DAVID W.             BERGEN                        NY-19-10-429
FULLER, GEORGE D.            OAKFIELD                      NY-19-23-153
FULLER, JOHN                 GOING                         NY-19-1-126
FULLER, SARAH J.             BERGEN                        NY-19-10-493
GAGE, ADIN G.                BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-91
GAGE, ROLLIN K.              LEROY                         NY-19-5-478
GALLAGHER, JOHN              BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-473
GALLOWAY, FRANK              BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-21
GANSON, HOLTON               BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-441
GARDNER, ABIAL               STAFFORD                      NY-19-16-173
GARDNER, ALEXANDER           BYRON                         NY-19-7-196
GARDNER, BENJAMIN            PERRY                         NY-19-3-28
GARDNER, BETSEY              ALABAMA                       NY-19-10-409
GARDNER, ENOS J.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-501
GARDNER, GEORGE W.           ELBA                          NY-19-5-23
GARDNER, ISABELLA            BYRON                         NY-19-16-585
GARDNER, JEFFREY W.          ELBA                          NY-19-5-233
GARDNER, JOHN C.             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-23-34
GARDNER, LYDIA M.            LEROY                         NY-19-19-181
GARNIER, LOUISE              BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-37
GARRETT, ABIGAIL             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-21-521
GARRETT, REBECCA S.          ALEXANDER                     NY-19-20-183
GARWOOD, JOHN                BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-353
GAST, CATHARINE              BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-271
GATES, ELIJAH                BATAVIA                       NY-19-4-148
GATES, ISAAC P.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-121
GATES, JOSEPH                BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-573
GAUGEL, GEORGE               PAVILION                      NY-19-18-593
GAY, ABNER                   BERGEN                        NY-19-7-363
GAYTON, JAMES                PAVILION                      NY-19-26-337
GAYTON, JOHN                 PAVILION                      NY-19-17-385
GEARY, MARY                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-89
GECKLER, PETER F. L.         OAKFIELD                      NY-19-10-129
GEIGER, JOHN                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-25-547
GEISE, BERNHARD              DARIEN                        NY-19-13-301
GERE, ZAXIE C.               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-21-597
GETMAN, ALZINA               DARIEN                        NY-19-15-277
GETTEN, THOMAS               STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-265
GETTON, ALICE                STAFFORD                      NY-19-16-509
GIBSON, AZUBAH               LEROY                         NY-19-13-317
GIBSON, HARVEY               WARSAW                        NY-19-2-92
GIBSON, HUGH                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-117
GIBSON, JOHN                 OAKFIELD                      NY-19-24-217
GIBSON, MARGARET             LEROY                         NY-19-24-201
GIBSON, ROBERT S.            DARIEN                        NY-19-6-489
GIBSON, WILLIAM              BERGEN                        NY-19-1-222
GIBSON, WILLIAM              ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-437
GIFFORD, AARON               BERGEN                        NY-19-10-505
GIFFORD, CALEB T.            BETHANY                       NY-19-24-149
GIFFORD, HENRY D.            BERGEN                        NY-19-5-149
GIFFORD, ISAAC               BYRON                         NY-19-15-205
GILBERT, BAXTER              DARIEN                        NY-19-9-257
GILBERT, IRA                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-2-4
GILBERT, SAMUEL              LEROY                         NY-19-4-179
GILBERT, THOMAS              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-194
GILES, MARY                  LEROY                         NY-19-15-425
GILL, DANIEL J.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-577
GILL, STARNEY JAMES          ELBA                          NY-19-6-185
GILLAM, CHANDLER B.          BYRON                         NY-19-26-281
GILLAM, MOSES                BYRON                         NY-19-17-213
GILLET, MOSES                BYRON                         NY-19-6-276
GILLET, NOAH H.              PAVILION                      NY-19-18-133
GILLETT, ISAAC               STAFFORD                      NY-19-11-33
GILLETT, MILES               BERGEN                        NY-19-21-333
GILLETT, SYLVESTER           BERGEN                        NY-19-20-433
GILLUM, BENJAMIN             BYRON                         NY-19-4-400
GILMORE, WILLIAM             PAVILION                      NY-19-16-481
GILSON, HIRAM                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-11-429
GLASS, SEYMOUR               PAVILION                      NY-19-11-501
GLEASON, DAVID               BYRON                         NY-19-18-545
GLEASON, DAVID               BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-143
GLEASON, MICHAEL             LEROY                         NY-19-11-281
GLEATON, ABISHAI             BERGEN                        NY-19-9-169
GOBLE, NATHANIEL             LEROY                         NY-19-6-126
GODFREY, ELI N.              ELBA                          NY-19-24-381
GODFREY, LIBEUS              BYRON                         NY-19-4-319
GODFREY, NATHAN S.           ELBA                          NY-19-21-553
GOFF, SAMUEL                 FARMINGTON, FRANKLIN, ME      NY-19-6-429
GOODRICH, ALPHA              ATTICA                        NY-19-5-167
GORDLIFF, GEORGE             BYRON                         NY-19-20-71
GORHAM, DAMON H.             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-15-261
GORTON, ANNA                 BYRON                         NY-19-18-433
GORTON, GEORGE F.            ALABAMA                       NY-19-9-65
GORTON, JOHN                 BERGEN                        NY-19-10-137
GORTON, LANCASTER            ALABAMA                       NY-19-13-269
GORTON, THOMAS               ALABAMA                       NY-19-18-329
GORTON, WILLIAM              BERGEN                        NY-19-23-86
GOTHAM, SUSAN E.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-473
GOULD, AURILLA               ELBA                          NY-19-20-627
GOULD, CHARLES               BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-227
GOULD, DOROTHY               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-11-417
GOULD, JEDEDIAH              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-281
GOULD, JOSIAH                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-23-56
GOULD, LUISSA A.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-461
GOULD, OTIS                  PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-469
GOULD, THERESA               BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-93
GOULD, URIEL B.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-97
GOULD, WILLIAM W.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-45
GOWING, JOSEPH M.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-497
GRAHAM, DONALD               NTL                           NY-19-2-87
GRAHAM, HENRY W.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-149
GRAHAM, ROSWELL              BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-422
GRANGER, JOHN                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-26-5
GRANT, AMELIA                LEROY                         NY-19-26-137
GRATRICK, THOMAS             ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-637
GRAVES, CLEMENTINE           LEROY                         NY-19-24-209
GRAVES, HORACE D.            LEROY                         NY-19-13-1
GRAVES, SAMUEL               LEROY                         NY-19-5-251
GRAY, ELIJAH                 LEROY                         NY-19-5-20
GREEN, AARON                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-26-341
GREEN, AMANDA                ALABAMA                       NY-19-16-133
GREEN, ANDREW                BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-409
GREEN, J.NEWTON              BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-501
GREEN, LESTER                ALABAMA                       NY-19-17-249
GREEN, MOSES                 MURRAY                        NY-19-1-259
GREEN, NEWTON H.             BYRON                         NY-19-26-1
GREEN, SHUBAEL               BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-185
GREEN, THOMAS                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-15-21
GREEN, WILLIAM               BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-73
GREEN, WILLIAM WARREN        BYRON                         NY-19-22-453
GREEN, ZALMON                BERGEN                        NY-19-19-261
GREENE, EDWIN                STAFFORD                      NY-19-17-425
GREENE, EDWIN R.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-297
GREENE, JANE                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-18-249
GREENE, JOHN                 BYRON                         NY-19-18-229
GREENE, JONATHAN             BATAIA                        NY-19-22-313
GREENHAM, FREDERICK          LEROY                         NY-19-22-129
GREENMAN, PRESERVED          DARIEN                        NY-19-4-227
GREGORY, JAMES D.            OAKFIELD                      NY-19-26-545
GREGORY, JAMES T.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-173
GREGORY, ROBERT J.           OAKFIELD                      NY-19-13-293
GRICE, RICHARD               BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-17
GRIFFIN, ABIGAIL PAGE        OAKFIELD                      NY-19-21-193
GRIFFIN, DANIEL T.           OAKFIELD                      NY-19-21-417
GRIFFIN, MARY C.             BERGEN                        NY-19-18-381
GRIFFIN, NATHAN B.           BERGEN                        NY-19-16-81
GRIFFIN, THOMAS              ELBA                          NY-19-22-37
GRIFFITH, LUCRETIA           PEMBROKE                      NY-19-15-81
GRISEWOOD, THOMAS            CASTILE                       NY-19-2-251
GRISWELL, BENAJAH            ELBA                          NY-19-5-388
GRISWOLD, BENAJAH            DARIEN                        NY-19-24-141
GRISWOLD, BENJAMIN           BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-365
GRISWOLD, HENRY              BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-173
GRISWOLD, JOHN               DARIEN                        NY-19-25-255
GRISWOLD, OCTAVIA J.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-115
GROAT, DELANY                DARIEN                        NY-19-23-52
GROGAN, THOMAS               LEROY                         NY-19-26-613
GROSBECK, CATHARINE          BETHANY                       NY-19-4-416
GROVER, SCYNTHIA             BETHANY                       NY-19-22-13
GRUNER, CHRISTIAN AUGUST     DARIEN                        NY-19-25-239
GRUNER, WILHELMINA           DARIEN                        NY-19-26-317
GUARD, WILLIAM               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-26-393
GUDRIDGE, ISAAC              BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-425
GUILE, WALTER                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-17-305
GUITEAU, LORING M.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-193
GUITEAU, SARA M.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-121
GUITEAU, SARAH               BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-53
GUNN, GEORGE A.              BYRON                         NY-19-11-333
GUNNS, DANIEL                LEROY                         NY-19-12-94
GUSTIN, WALTER G.            LEROY                         NY-19-24-197
GUTHRIE, JOSIAH              BERGEN                        NY-19-6-419
GUTHRIE, MARY B.             BERGEN                        NY-19-6-424
HAASZE, OLIVE                LEROY                         NY-19-12-304
HAAZE, MICHAEL               LEROY                         NY-19-11-277
HAGELBERGER, CATHERINE       BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-29
HAGER, MARY E.               LEROY                         NY-19-25-303
HAIGHT, JAMES                BYRON                         NY-19-5-13
HAIGHT, JANE                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-77
HAIGHT, JOHN                 OAKFIELD                      NY-19-6-85
HAIGHT, MARY                 OAKFIELD                      NY-19-18-85
HAIGHT, WILLIAM              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-19-249
HAIR, JOHN                   PEMBROKE                      NY-19-14-459
HAIR, WILLIAM                DARIEN                        NY-19-10-265
HALBERT, ELLEN E.            LEROY                         NY-19-22-473
HALBERT, LUCRETIA            PAVILION                      NY-19-17-533
HALBET, AMOS                 PAVILION                      NY-19-6-441
HALE, ELIZABETH AURELIA      LEROY                         NY-19-9-5
HALE, MARY ANN               ALABAMA                       NY-19-19-153
HALE, WILLIAM                OAKFIELD                      NY-19-19-157
HALEY, PATRICK               BERGEN                        NY-19-17-221
HALL, CHAPIN                 BERGEN                        NY-19-10-1
HALL, EZRA                   BERGEN                        NY-19-4-114
HALL, HUBBARD                BYRON                         NY-19-11-365
HALL, JONATHAN               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-178
HALL, REBEKAH                BERGEN                        NY-19-4-368
HALL, THOMAS JR.             COVINGTON                     NY-19-3-196
HALLOCK, LUCIUS E.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-313
HALSEY, EDWARD               ALABAMA                       NY-19-23-109
HALSTED, EUNICE T.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-158
HALSTED, JOHN B.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-529
HAMILTON, ELVIRA             BYRON                         NY-19-16-41
HAMILTON, ISAAC              READING, FAIRFIELD, CT        NY-19-2-132
HAMILTON, JOSEPH             BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-26
HAMILTON, MARTIN             DARIEN                        NY-19-6-75
HAMILTON, WILLIAM            PAVILION                      NY-19-21-81
HAMILTON, WILLIAM L.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-253
HAMLIN, AUGUSUS C.           BERGEN                        NY-19-11-341
HAMLIN, FLORENCE M.          BERGEN                        NY-19-15-133
HAMMOND, AMANDA              LEROY                         NY-19-22-285
HAMMOND, ERASTUS             BYRON                         NY-19-11-69
HAMMOND, ISAAC               LEROY                         NY-19-9-217
HAMMOND, JACOB               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-14-158
HANCOCK, SAMUEL              BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-357
HANECK, MARIA C.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-5
HANNUM, CHESTER              PAVILION                      NY-19-12-52
HANNUM, SOPHIA               PAVILION                      NY-19-11-533
HARDEE, CATHERINE H.         PAVILION                      NY-19-19-209
HARDING, ALFRED              BETHANY                       NY-19-10-113
HARDING, ERASTUS D.          BETHANY                       NY-19-24-587
HARKNESS, PETER              BERGEN                        NY-19-5-212
HARLOFF, FRED                ALABAMA                       NY-19-20-507
HARMON, PHOEBE               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-18-445
HARMON, SHADRACK             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-11-237
HARPER, GEORGE               BETHANY                       NY-19-3-277
HARPER, HARVEY               ALABAMA                       NY-19-3-199
HARPER, NELSON P.            DARIEN                        NY-19-13-9
HARRINGTON, ALLEN T.         ALEXANDER                     NY-19-12-158
HARRINGTON, EZEKIEL          BETHANY                       NY-19-4-378
HARRINGTON, MARY             BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-389
HARRINGTON, MARY             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-24-553
HARRINGTON, PETER Y.         PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-553
HARRIS, DANIEL               LEROY                         NY-19-17-273
HARRIS, JAMES W.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-77
HARRIS, JEDEDIAH             BYRON                         NY-19-16-453
HARRIS, JONATHAN             ELBA                          NY-19-3-547
HARRIS, MARY J.              LEROY                         NY-19-15-473
HARRIS, SAMUEL B.            ATTICA                        NY-19-1-325
HARRIS, STEPHEN T.           STAFFORD                      NY-19-18-45
HARROUN, JAMES A.            DARIEN                        NY-19-22-593
HARROUN, JONATHAN A.         BETHANY                       NY-19-13-209
HART, ROXA                   OAKFIELD                      NY-19-8-175
HARTFEIL, FERDINAND          BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-329
HARTSHORN, CAROLINE E.       BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-309
HARTSHORN, URI               DARIEN                        NY-19-9-161
HASCALL, AUGUSTUS P.         LEROY                         NY-19-11-357
HASCALL, HIRAM W.            LEROY                         NY-19-25-359
HASKINS, JOHN                LEROY                         NY-19-9-253
HASKINS, OBED J.             LEROY                         NY-19-11-13
HASTINGS, CHARLES            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-345
HATCH, REUBEN B.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-625
HATCH, TIMOTHY               LEROY                         NY-19-4-231
HATCH, WILLIAM               BATAVIA                       NY-19-8-193
HATCH, WILLIAM C.            WARSAW                        NY-19-2-175
HAUN, CAROLINE               BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-41
HAUN, HANNAH E.              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-50
HAWES, ANNA                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-629
HAWKINS, HARRIET             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-200
HAWKINS, HENRY               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-290
HAWKINS, JESSE               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-186
HAWKINS, JOHN                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-347
HAWKINS, RODOLPHUS           ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-395
HAWKINS, TIMOTHY             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-289
HAWKINS, VAN RENSSELAER      ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-406
HAXTON, SAMUEL               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-11-549
HAYDEN, WILLIAM              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-3-108
HAYS, EDGAR                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-205
HAYSE, TRUMAN                DARIEN                        NY-19-13-165
HAYWOOD, LOUISA M.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-549
HAYWOOD, MARY ANN            LEROY                         NY-19-21-557
HAZELL, HELEN E.             BERGEN                        NY-19-19-449
HAZLETON, SIDNEY S.          PAVILION                      NY-19-15-593
HEADDON, WILLIAM             BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-141
HEAL, FREDERICK              BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-445
HEAL, WILLIAM                OAKFIELD                      NY-19-11-349
HEALE, JAMES                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-18-573
HEATH, SAMUEL                PAVILION                      NY-19-12-134
HEDDON, THOMAS               STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-432
HEDDON, THOMAS               STAFFORD                      NY-19-3-471
HEDDON, WILLIAM              STAFFORD                      NY-19-24-221
HEDGES, EDWARD               SHELDON                       NY-19-3-56
HEIGHT, JOHN                 BYRON                         NY-19-3-208
HEIMLICH, JACOB              LEROY                         NY-19-24-105
HEINTZ, JOHN                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-559
HEINTZ, REINHART             BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-108
HENDEE, JOHN                 LEROY                         NY-19-15-93
HENDEE, NANCY                LEROY                         NY-19-16-309
HENDRIX, ANDREW              BERGEN                        NY-19-7-259
HENNESSEY, CATHARINE         BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-424
HENNESSEY, PATRICK           STAFFORD                      NY-19-25-399
HENRY, ELIZABETH             PAVILION                      NY-19-11-21
HENRY, WILLIAM               PAVILION                      NY-19-6-77
HENSHAW, SUSAN M.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-337
HEPRNER, FRED                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-24-245
HERBERT, JOHN                BRIDGEWATER, SOMERET, NJ      NY-19-7-271
HESCOCK, EDWIN E.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-20-603
HESTON, JOSEPH               BATAVIA                       NY-19-8-55
HESTON, LETITIA E.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-457
HESTON, SAMUEL               BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-57
HEWES, IRA                   LEROY                         NY-19-6-1
HEWETT, ACHAS                BETHANY                       NY-19-2-118
HEWETT, JARED                DARIEN                        NY-19-22-565
HEWITT, ALBERT HENRY         BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-377
HEWITT, JANE E.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-385
HEWITT, M. WELLS             BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-293
HEYWOOD, JOHN                STAFFORD                      NY-19-22-437
HIBBARD, CHARLES             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-12
HICKEY, PATRICK              BERGEN                        NY-19-18-373
HICKOX, JOHN                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-207
HICKOX, LORENZO D.           PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-313
HIGGINS, ASAHEL              PAVILION                      NY-19-22-297
HIGGINS, HATTIE E.           PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-437
HIGGINS, ISRAEL              LEROY                         NY-19-21-405
HIGGINS, LYDIA L.            LEROY                         NY-19-22-553
HIGGINS, SAMUEL C.           DARIEN                        NY-19-24-513
HIGLEY, ANSON                BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-38
HIGLEY, EBER                 ONONDAGA, ONONDAGA, NY        NY-19-1-20
HIGLEY, ISAAC                ELBA                          NY-19-2-298
HILDEBRANDT, HENRY W.        STAFFORD                      NY-19-19-29
HILDEBRANDT, SARAH B.        STAFFORD                      NY-19-19-165
HILL, ALBERT                 LEROY                         NY-19-14-472
HILL, BENJAMIN               LEROY                         NY-19-5-26
HILL, BENJAMIN E.            PAVILION                      NY-19-6-207
HILL, CHARLES                PAVILION                      NY-19-12-169
HILL, GILBERT                BETHANY                       NY-19-4-235
HILL, ISRAEL                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-11-325
HILL, JAMES                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-13-369
HILL, JOSEPH                 ATTICA                        NY-19-2-312
HILL, MARY                   PEMBROKE                      NY-19-9-17
HILL, ORPHANA                LEROY                         NY-19-22-625
HILL, TIMOTHY                MURRAY                        NY-19-1-65
HILLS, JAMES                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-309
HINCHER, WILLIAM             NORTHAMPTON                   NY-19-1-130
HINSDALE, ELIZUR             LEROY                         NY-19-6-213
HINSHAW, CHARLES             BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-513
HIRSCH, CARL                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-215
HITCHCOCK, ABNER             BERGEN                        NY-19-5-410
HITCHCOCK, ALVIN             ALABAMA                       NY-19-6-165
HITCHCOCK, EBENEZER          WARSAW                        NY-19-3-215
HITCHCOCK, HENRY J.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-53
HITCHCOCK, ISAAC M.          BERGEN                        NY-19-15-233
HOAR, EDMUND                 BETHANY                       NY-19-4-353
HOCHSTRASSER, PAUL           PERRY                         NY-19-3-185
HODGES, JOHN                 BEGEN                         NY-19-2-274
HODGES, LORIN                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-477
HOFFMAN, HANNAH              PAVILION                      NY-19-16-241
HOFFMAN, JOHN                PAVILION                      NY-19-15-369
HOFFMAN, MARGARET            BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-152
HOFFMAN, ROBERT              ELBA                          NY-19-25-151
HOIT, LEVI                   ELBA                          NY-19-10-21
HOLBROOK, ALFRED             BYRON                         NY-19-4-23
HOLBROOK, ARTEMAN            BERGEN                        NY-19-6-64
HOLBROOK, AURA               LEROY                         NY-19-7-299
HOLBROOK, EMELINE C.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-293
HOLBROOK, LEVI               BYRON                         NY-19-5-71
HOLBROOK, LEVI               BYRON                         NY-19-9-121
HOLBROOK, SOPHRONIA          BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-457
HOLBROOK, WILLIAM            LEROY                         NY-19-9-309
HOLDEN, HINMAN               BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-185
HOLDEN, PHILBROOK            BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-113
HOLDEN, RICHARD O.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-489
HOLDEN, SAMUEL C.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-477
HOLDREDGE, BILLINGS          BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-89
HOLLAND, JOHN                LEROY                         NY-19-18-173
HOLLAND, MARGARET            LEROY                         NY-19-14-485
HOLLAND, THOMAS              LEROY                         NY-19-15-161
HOLLISTER, MARGARETTA        BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-317
HOLLISTER, MILO              LEROY                         NY-19-21-289
HOLLISTER, NATHAN E.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-545
HOLLISTER, SAAH O.           LEROY                         NY-19-24-461
HOLLISTER, SILAS             BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-108
HOLLISTER, SILAS E.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-245
HOLMES, SUSAN                LEROY                         NY-19-18-101
HOLMES, WSTLEY G.            ELBA                          NY-19-19-177
HOLT, HARRIET L.             BYRON                         NY-19-9-345
HOLT, MINERVA B.             BERGEN                        NY-19-25-159
HOLT, NATHAN                 BYRON                         NY-19-9-393
HOLT, NATHAN                 BYRON                         NY-19-10-309
HOLTON, CHARLES              BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-529
HOLTON, MARY A.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-415
HOOD, GEORGE JR.             NTL                           NY-19-1-178
HOOKER, MARIUM M.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-427
HOOPER, HANNAH               BERGEN                        NY-19-11-65
HOOPER, JOHN                 BERGEN                        NY-19-5-492
HOOPER, SARAH                LEROY                         NY-19-18-29
HOPKINS, SAMUEL              LEICESTER                     NY-19-1-151
HOPKINS, SMITH               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-10-213
HOREN, BRIDGET               BERGEN                        NY-19-13-333
HORNING, MARY ELIZABETH      ALABAMA                       NY-19-18-429
HORNING, NELSON              ALABAMA                       NY-19-16-441
HORSFORD, JOSIAH             PERRY                         NY-19-3-513
HOSMER, ACHSAH               STAFFORD                      NY-19-11-405
HOSMER, HARRIET              BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-35
HOSMER, MARY                 BYRON                         NY-19-5-42
HOSMER, SIMEON               ELBA                          NY-19-2-197
HOSMER, SIMEON W.            ELBA                          NY-19-23-30
HOTCHKISS, HIRAM             ALABAMA                       NY-19-4-422
HOTCHKISS, STERLING          ALABAMA                       NY-19-17-245
HOUGHTON, ESTHER A.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-67
HOUGHTON, HORACE B.          ALEXANDER                     NY-19-9-185
HOUGHTON, POLLY              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-233
HOUSE, ELIZABETH G.          LEROY                         NY-19-22-209
HOVEY, EBENEZER              ALABAMA                       NY-19-5-344
HOW, JABEZ                   BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-114
HOWARD, GEORGE               LEROY                         NY-19-7-447
HOWARD, HAYDEN N.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-85
HOWARD, SAMUEL               PRRY                          NY-19-1-172
HOWE, DAVID                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-505
HOWE, IRA                    ELBA                          NY-19-9-401
HOWE, PHINEAS                BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-569
HOWELL, DAVID W.             BERGEN                        NY-19-15-241
HOWELL, ELEANOR E. C.        BERGEN                        NY-19-11-73
HOWELL, ISAAC                BETHANY                       NY-19-3-200
HOWELL, JOSIAH               BETHANY                       NY-19-3-134
HOWELL, MARIA                BETHANY                       NY-19-19-145
HOWLAND, DAVID               ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-105
HOWLAND, RHOBA               ELBA                          NY-19-20-299
HOYT, CHARLES M.             STAFFORD                      NY-19-20-491
HOYT, LAMONT H.              ELBA                          NY-19-15-177
HOYT, NELLIE F.              ELBA                          NY-19-24-185
HUBBARD, EZRA F.             BERGEN                        NY-19-21-393
HUBBARD, HENRY               WARSAW                        NY-19-1-187
HUBBARD, LEWIS               PAVILION                      NY-19-19-401
HUBBELL, HULDAH              LEROY                         NY-19-24-37
HUBBELL, JAMES               LEROY                         NY-19-13-465
HUDSON, FANNY F.             BERGEN                        NY-19-18-469
HUDSON, JOHN                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-15-505
HUDSON, MATTHEW B.           PAVILION                      NY-19-16-33
HUDSON, WILLIAM R.           ELBA                          NY-19-17-113
HULBERT, ALVIN               LEROY                         NY-19-4-452
HULBERT, UNNI                LEROY                         NY-19-11-45
HULETT, ANSON                STAFFORD                      NY-19-11-169
HULETT, OLIVER               BYRON                         NY-19-5-228
HULL, EUGENE D.              BEGEN                         NY-19-26-285
HULSE, SMITH                 BERGEN                        NY-19-19-33
HUMPHREY, AMOS               DARIEN                        NY-19-3-330
HUMPHREY, ELKANAH            STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-138
HUMPHREY, ERASTUS            BYRON                         NY-19-22-433
HUMPHREY, GEORGE G.          BYRON                         NY-19-5-56
HUMPHREY, MARGARET           BYRON                         NY-19-13-29
HUMPHREY, MARY               BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-371
HUMPHREY, SYLVANUS           DARIEN                        NY-19-23-31
HUMPHREY, WALLACE W.         DARIEN                        NY-19-26-253
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM            DARIEN                        NY-19-3-425
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM            DARIEN                        NY-19-20-51
HUNDREDMARK, LEWIS C.        OAKFIELD                      NY-19-15-509
HUNN, NANCY EUNICE           BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-273
HUNN, RUFUS J.               ELBA                          NY-19-17-97
HUNN, SAMUEL                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-11-165
HUNT, ELNATHAN               BETHANY                       NY-19-3-167
HUNT, EMELINE E.             BETHANY                       NY-19-20-591
HUNT, JAMES                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-16-501
HUNT, SOPHIA                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-23-114
HUNTINGTON, ABNER            PERRY                         NY-19-1-164
HUNTINGTON, ABNER            BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-176
HUNTINGTON, BETSEY           BETHANY                       NY-19-6-279
HUNTINGTON, DAN              BETHANY                       NY-19-6-155
HUNTLEY, ANDREW              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-19-2-62
HUNTSKEAR, MAGGIE            BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-247
HURD, CHARLES B.             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-21-25
HURD, CHESTER P.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-569
HURLBURT, HARRIET E.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-275
HURLBURT, SARAH J.           DARIEN                        NY-19-24-177
HURLBURT, TRUMAN             BATAVIA                       NY-19-3-459
HUSTED, ARABELLA             PAVILION                      NY-19-20-623
HUSTED, HARRIET A.           LEROY                         NY-19-26-601
HUSTED, HIRAM S.             PAVILION                      NY-19-16-465
HUSTED, NATHANIEL            PAVILION                      NY-19-4-466
HUTCHINS, HARVEY             BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-209
HUTCHINSON, ARON             DARIEN                        NY-19-3-226
HUTCHINSON, ELIJAH W.        PAVILION                      NY-19-11-285
HUTCHINSON, MYRON            LEROY                         NY-19-5-241
HUTCHINSON, NOAH             PAVILION                      NY-19-6-45
HUTTON, THOMAS               PAVILION                      NY-19-7-293
HUXFORD, WILLIAM             BERGEN                        NY-19-18-401
HUYCK, JOHN M.               BYRON                         NY-19-24-521
HUYCK, WILLIAM               LEROY                         NY-19-24-257
HYDE, DAVID                  BETHANY                       NY-19-4-388
HYDE, JAMES                  DARIEN                        NY-19-4-74
INGALSBE, ELIJAH B. JR.      ALABAMA                       NY-19-17-13
INGALSBE, ELIJAH B.          ALABAMA                       NY-19-19-485
INGALSBE, SAMUEL             ALABAMA                       NY-19-4-445
INGHAM, MARIETTA             LEROY                         NY-19-9-389
INGRAM, LUCINDA              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-185
INSLEE, LOUISA F. BLAKE      BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-83
IRISON, MARIA                BYRON                         NY-19-25-83
IRVING, RUBEN                BERGEN                        NY-19-1-306
IRWIN, ROBERT                ELBA                          NY-19-13-41
ISAAC, JOHN                  OAKFIELD                      NY-19-11-313
ISAAC, WILLIAM               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-10-273
IVERS, THOMAS                BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-93
IVES, LORINDA                DARIEN                        NY-19-6-386
IVES, MARY A.                LEROY                         NY-19-24-477
IVES, STEPHEN                BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-257
IVISON, CHARLES              ELBA                          NY-19-23-25
IVISON, THOMAS               BYRON                         NY-19-21-425
JACK, SAMUEL                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-8-139
JACKSON, ABRAHAM             CHINA                         NY-19-3-157
JACKSON, DAVID               LEROY                         NY-19-17-341
JACKSON, HARRIET             BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-253
JACKSON, JOHN                LEROY                         NY-19-4-263
JACKSON, MARY E.             LEROY                         NY-19-17-585
JAMESON, FRANK M.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-551
JANES, EZRA                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-10-241
JANES, NOAH                  LEROY                         NY-19-5-294
JAQUITH, COLLINS H.          OAKFIELD                      NY-19-12-242
JAQUITTE, MIRIAM             OAKFIELD                      NY-19-16-389
JEARY, ABBY L.               PAVILION                      NY-19-23-127
JENKINS, JANE                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-16-353
JENKINS, JOSEPH              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-289
JENNE, HARRIET E.            BETHANY                       NY-19-16-225
JENNE, JOHN                  BETHANY                       NY-19-11-521
JERRY, RACHAEL               STAFFORD                      NY-19-18-317
JOCE, JOHN                   BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-441
JOHNS, GRIFFIN               DARIEN                        NY-19-20-219
JOHNSON, ABRHAAM             BATAVIA                       NY-19-1-15
JOHNSON, AMASA               ALABAMA                       NY-19-9-229
JOHNSON, AMOS                BETHANY                       NY-19-5-324
JOHNSON, DAVID F.            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-8-73
JOHNSON, GILCHRIST           BETHANY                       NY-19-7-42
JOHNSON, GOOLD B.            BATAIA                        NY-19-24-577
JOHNSON, IRA                 SWEDEN                        NY-19-1-102
JOHNSON, JACOB               ELBA                          NY-19-23-89
JOHNSON, JAMES               BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-92
JOHNSON, JULIA N.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-483
JOHNSON, LUCY F.             DARIEN                        NY-19-21-285
JOHNSON, MOSES               MURRAY                        NY-19-1-42
JOHNSON, RHODA               LEROY                         NY-19-18-537
JOHNSON, STEPHEN             SHELDON                       NY-19-3-48
JOHNSON, STEPHEN             ELBA                          NY-19-22-329
JOHNSON, WILLIAM             BETHANY                       NY-19-5-326
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER          PAVILION                      NY-19-18-193
JOLLS, BETSEY                BETHANY                       NY-19-18-221
JOLLS, MERCY                 BETHANY                       NY-19-11-249
JOLLS, SIMEON                BETHANY                       NY-19-16-513
JONES, ALVAH                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-13-237
JONES, AMELIA C.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-475
JONES, CHARLES               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-148
JONES, DANIEL S.             DARIEN                        NY-19-7-324
JONES, ELI M.                ELBA                          NY-19-17-321
JONES, HENRY L.              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-17-501
JONES, JAMES                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-633
JONES, LEVI                  PEMBROKE                      NY-19-1-51
JONES, LOUISA A.             BETHANY                       NY-19-15-77
JONES, MARIETT T.            DARIEN                        NY-19-24-337
JONES, MARY ANN              DARIEN                        NY-19-18-477
JONES, MORIS                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-122
JOSLIN, SQUIRE A.            DARIEN                        NY-19-17-25
JUDD, CHARLES B.             BYRON                         NY-19-15-381
JUDD, MARVIN                 PAVILION                      NY-19-4-294
JUDD, SELAH                  DARIEN                        NY-19-17-105
JUDD, TIMOTHY                STAFFORD                      NY-19-3-39
KACHLER, ADAM                LEROY                         NY-19-6-67
KARCHNER, JOHN B.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-69
KASHBHORN, MARY              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-18-361
KAVANAUGH, CATHERINE         LEROY                         NY-19-21-221
KEATING, MICHAEL             BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-137
KEENAN, JOHN                 LEROY                         NY-19-26-401
KEENEY, ALLEN                LEROY                         NY-19-14-555
KEENEY, ALLEN                LEROY                         NY-19-25-299
KEENEY, JULIA                LEROY                         NY-19-25-443
KEIL, GEORGE                 ELBA                          NY-19-7-403
KELLER, HENRY                STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-34
KELLEY, EDWARD               STAFFORD                      NY-19-26-529
KELLOGG, ANNA                ELBA                          NY-19-15-229
KELLOGG, DANIEL              GAINESVILLE                   NY-19-2-265
KELLOGG, RUSSELL             STAFFORD                      NY-19-7-78
KELLOGG, SMITH               LEROY                         NY-19-12-332
KELLOGG, WALTER              ELBA                          NY-19-9-273
KELLY, JAMES                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-6-270
KELSEY, DANIEL               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-351
KELSEY, ELIZABETH S.         ALABAMA                       NY-19-21-453
KELSEY, LEWIS A.             LEROY                         NY-19-21-421
KELSEY, LYDIA L.             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-361
KELSEY, MARTIN               LEROY                         NY-19-10-497
KELSEY, MOSES                BERGEN                        NY-19-1-134
KELSEY, NOAH W.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-217
KELSEY, SAMUEL C.            LEROY                         NY-19-15-413
KELSEY, SARAH                BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-37
KELSEY, THEODORE             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-21-121
KENDALL, AZRO                LEROY                         NY-19-9-77
KENDALL, CHARLES             BETHANY                       NY-19-6-240
KENDALL, ELMINA H.           LEROY                         NY-19-25-135
KENDALL, ORATOR H.           LEROY                         NY-19-15-213
KENDALL, PENELOPE            BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-217
KENDALL, PETER               BETHANY                       NY-19-10-221
KENDALL, SALMON B.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-4
KENDALL, SAMUEL              BETHANY                       NY-19-6-129
KENNEDY, JOHN M.             COEYMANS, ALBANY, NY          NY-19-1-98
KENNEDY, WILLIAM             BATAVIA                       NY-19-3-393
KENNY, ADELAIDE R.***        BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-634
KENNY, MARTHA J.             LEROY                         NY-19-23-78
KENNY, SARAH H.              LEROY                         NY-19-21-541
KENYON, AMELIA               BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-406
KENYON, JOHN                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-277
KENYON, STANTON              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-15-525
KERN, ELIZABETH              ELBA                          NY-19-24-93
KEYES, CHAUNCEY              BATAVIA                       NY-19-4-168
KEYES, WILLIAM               BATAVIA                       NY-19-2-303
KIDDER, EPHRAIM              BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-455
KIDDER, OEL S.               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-26-197
KIDDER, WILLIAM              DARIEN                        NY-19-11-157
KIES, JOHN                   ELBA                          NY-19-25-307
KIMBALL, SARAH A.            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-18-353
KIMBERLY, CHARLOTTE H.       BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-386
KIMBERLY, CHARLOTTE P.       BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-29
KIMBERLY, HOMER              BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-101
KING, ALMON W.               GONZALES, GONZALES, TX        NY-19-7-381
KING, AMANDA                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-15-301
KING, BETSEY                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-15-421
KING, CALEB                  BENNINGTON                    NY-19-3-536
KING, GEORGE                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-9-209
KING, JONATHAN               DARIEN                        NY-19-11-445
KING, LEONARD                STAFFORD                      NY-19-7-340
KING, MARIETTA               STAFFORD                      NY-19-18-437
KING, MELVIN N.              LEROY                         NY-19-25-383
KING, ORRA                   LEROY                         NY-19-18-301
KING, STEPHEN                DARIEN                        NY-19-6-383
KING, THOMAS S.              STAFFORD                      NY-19-10-25
KING, WILLARD W.             BALTIMORE, BALTIMORE, MD      NY-19-7-377
KING, WILLIAM H.             BYRON                         NY-19-11-381
KINGDON, ANN                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-24-469
KINGDON, JOHN                STAFFORD                      NY-19-23-144
KINGMAN, FRANKLIN D.         BERGEN                        NY-19-9-101
KINGSLAND, ELIZABETH         LEROY                         NY-19-6-471
KINNE, CHARLES               LEROY                         NY-19-21-209
KINNE, JACOB                 LEROY                         NY-19-21-269
KINNE, ROYAL W.              CORFU                         NY-19-26-569
KINNER, JAMES                STAFFORD                      NY-19-3-363
KINNEY, LAWRENCE             BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-525
KINNEY, MARTIN               BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-189
KINSEY, STEPHEN              DARIEN                        NY-19-22-177
KIRK, PATRICK                BERGEN                        NY-19-26-305
KIRKHAM, CHAUNCEY            BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-490
KIRTLAND, BENJAMIN C.        PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-113
KLOTZBACH, CASPER            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-9
KNAPP, ANNIS                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-19-141
KNAPP, JARED                 BERGEN                        NY-19-5-280
KNAPP, JENNIE A.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-207
KNAPP, LEONARD               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-25-41
KNAPP, MASON                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-22-481
KNAPP, VOLNEY G.             ALABAMA                       NY-19-15-337
KNAULK, JOHN                 ELBA                          NY-19-21-433
KNEELAND, DAVID P.           LEROY                         NY-19-5-236
KNICKERBACKER, ANDRIS        OAKFIELD                      NY-19-11-517
KNICKERBOCKER, GEORGE M.     ELBA                          NY-19-21-305
KNICKERBOCKER, HIRAM         ELBA                          NY-19-23-58
KNICKERBOCKER, MARY A.       BERGEN                        NY-19-17-285
KNICKERBOCKER, PETER H.      ELBA                          NY-19-13-213
KNIGHT, ELIZA                OAKFIELD                      NY-19-6-144
KNIGHT, EMILY E.             GRAND RAPIDS, KENT, MI        NY-19-22-429
KNOWLTON, DAIVD B.           BETHANY                       NY-19-20-631
KNOWLTON, ELBRIDGE G.        BETHANY                       NY-19-11-409
KNOWLTON, HARRIET L.         BETHANY                       NY-19-21-625
KNOWLTON, THADDEUS J.        BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-289
KOPKE, MINNA                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-24-269
KOPP, ELIZA MEIR             DARIEN                        NY-19-7-223
KOSBHORN, JOHN               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-15-441
KUHN, JOHN                   BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-425

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