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LADD, THOMAS C.              LEROY                         NY-19-19-357
LADUE, MARGARET MARIA        BERGEN                        NY-19-22-485
LADUE, THOMAS S.             BERGEN                        NY-19-15-513
LAIRD, DAVID                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-214
LAKE, BETSEY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-513
LAMB, ELIJAH                 DARIEN                        NY-19-10-417
LAMBERT, JOHN                ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-425
LAMBERTON, JOHN              ELBA                          NY-19-5-361
LAMBERTON, JOHN              BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-109
LAMBERTON, SOPHIA            BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-5
LAMKIN, JOHN                 BETHANY                       NY-19-11-389
LAMPHEAR, WILLIAM            ELBA                          NY-19-3-266
LAMPSON, JAMES G.            LEROY                         NY-19-17-565
LAMPSON, MILES P.            LEROY                         NY-19-7-281
LAMPSON, MILES P.            LEROY                         NY-19-25-479
LAMPSON, WILLIAM             LEROY                         NY-19-25-579
LAMSON, AMOS                 BYRON                         NY-19-2-137
LANCTON, MARY ANN            ALABAMA                       NY-19-25-99
LANDER, FRANCIS              STAFFORD                      NY-19-9-69
LANGDON, HORACE              BERGEN                        NY-19-5-282
LANGHAM, WILLIAM             BERGEN                        NY-19-15-585
LAPHAM, ANNA                 LEROY                         NY-19-24-605
LAPP, DAVID                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-561
LAPP, MARY                   ALEXANDER                     NY-19-25-495
LAPP, MINARD                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-17-209
LARAMY, GEORGE               LEROY                         NY-19-6-250
LARAMY, JOHN                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-351
LARKIN, LIBEUS               DARIEN                        NY-19-4-306
LARKIN, RICHAMOR             ELBA                          NY-19-23-155
LATHROP, ELISHA H.           DARIEN                        NY-19-16-93
LATHROP, LUCY                BERGEN                        NY-19-21-429
LATHROP, SAMUEL              DARIEN                        NY-19-5-467
LAUCKTON, AARON S.           ALABAMA                       NY-19-21-261
LAW, WILLIAM JAMES           BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-353
LAWRENCE, BENJAMIN           PEMBROKE                      NY-19-8-163
LAWRENCE, EBENEZER           LEROY                         NY-19-9-133
LAWRENCE, PRESCOTT           LEROY                         NY-19-3-181
LAWRENCE, SILAS              LEROY                         NY-19-14-230
LAWRENCE, SUMNER M.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-357
LAWTON, MINGO E.             OAKFIELD                      NY-19-22-545
LAWYER, SARAH F.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-511
LAY, FRANK H.                BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-9
LAY, PAULINE                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-581
LEACH, HORACE                LEROY                         NY-19-5-433
LEAHY, CORNELIUS             LEROY                         NY-19-22-305
LEBARRON, DANIEL             LEROY                         NY-19-4-258
LEE, AURELIA                 DARIEN                        NY-19-26-561
LEE, DAVID J.                DARIEN                        NY-19-9-237
LEE, NATHAN                  GAINSVILLE                    NY-19-1-225
LEE, OLIVE                   ALABAMA                       NY-19-17-277
LEE, QUARTUS                 DARIEN                        NY-19-3-237
LEE, WILLIAM                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-17-21
LEITZ, FREDERICK             BETHANY                       NY-19-23-80
LENT, HENRY                  PAVILION                      NY-19-4-254
LENT, JOHN                   LEROY                         NY-19-6-304
LENT, JOHN H.                LEROY                         NY-19-7-51
LENT, RUTH J.                BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-421
LEONARD, ALONZO              BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-359
LEONARD, BETSEY              BYRON                         NY-19-22-617
LEONARD, MARY                BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-413
LEONE, CALOGERO              LEROY                         NY-19-24-345
LEWIS, ALEXANDER             BETHANY                       NY-19-16-401
LEWIS, EZEKIEL P.            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-24-373
LEWIS, FLORA E.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-177
LEWIS, FRANKLIN S.           PAVILION                      NY-19-26-497
LEWIS, JAMES                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-8-211
LEWIS, MARY                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-5-122
LEWIS, MARY A.               PAVILION                      NY-19-25-323
LEWIS, SARAH                 BYRON                         NY-19-17-361
LEWIS, STILLMAN              PAVILION                      NY-19-15-345
LIENHART, HENRY              ALABAMA                       NY-19-9-337
LINCOLN, CHARLES F.          BETHANY                       NY-19-19-201
LINCOLN, EMORY F.            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-18-157
LINCOLN, HARRY J.            BETHANY                       NY-19-15-385
LINCOLN, JERUSHA F.          BETHANY                       NY-19-13-97
LINCOLN, JULIA               BETHANY                       NY-19-16-233
LINCOLN, LEMUEL F.           BETHANY                       NY-19-11-149
LINCOLN, MILTON W.           DARIEN                        NY-19-24-369
LINDSAY, JOHN                BYRON                         NY-19-23-47
LINDSLEY, MARY E.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-457
LIPE, ELIZA ANN              BERGEN                        NY-19-11-205
LOCK, DAVID                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-409
LOCK, HENRY                  LEROY                         NY-19-23-61
LOGAN, JAMES                 PAVILION                      NY-19-11-557
LONG, DAVID                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-95
LONG, DAVID T.               BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-149
LONG, EDWARD                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-389
LONG, OREN                   PEMBROKE                      NY-19-7-216
LONG, SHEPHARD               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-13-85
LOOMIS, ALLEN S.             ELBA                          NY-19-24-309
LOOMIS, APPHIA               SHELDON                       NY-19-1-143
LOOMIS, CHAUNCEY             NTL                           NY-19-1-114
LOOMIS, EFFIE A.             BERGEN                        NY-19-24-529
LOOMIS, ELIJAH               BERGEN                        NY-19-20-67
LOOMIS, HARVEY S.            ELBA                          NY-19-17-73
LOOMIS, MARTHA               ELBA                          NY-19-18-145
LOOMIS, ROSWELL              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-29
LOOMIS, SYLVESTER            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-9-293
LORD, JARED S.               BETHANY                       NY-19-19-49
LORD, JOSEPH                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-9-197
LORD, LAURA M.               BETHANY                       NY-19-7-538
LORD, MARY E.                BERGEN                        NY-19-23-120
LORD, MILTON D.              LEROY                         NY-19-11-433
LORD, RHODA                  ALEXANDER                     NY-19-10-33
LORD, TIMOTHY P.             ELBA                          NY-19-13-405
LORING, BARNS                BERGEN                        NY-19-2-56
LORING, BRIDGET              BERGEN                        NY-19-22-105
LOUNSBURY, ABIGAIL           BETHANY                       NY-19-19-425
LOUNSBURY, HAMILTON          BENNINGTON                    NY-19-3-246
LOUNSBURY, RODOLPHUS         BETHANY                       NY-19-17-85
LOVE, LEONARD                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-15-89
LOVELACE, CHAUNCEY           ALEXANDER                     NY-19-12-60
LOWERY, MARGARET             BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-101
LOWN, ANDREW                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-11-109
LOWN, SARAH                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-469
LUCKEL, CHARLES W.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-231
LUMLEY, REES                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-19-573
LUND, FRANKLIN F.            ALABAMA                       NY-19-23-20
LUSK, SALMON B.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-437
LYMAN, HELEN M.              STAFFORD                      NY-19-26-333
LYNCH, DANIEL                BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-1
LYNCH, JAMES                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-121
MACKENROTH, HENRY            DARIEN                        NY-19-5-266
MACOMBER, NATHAN             OAKFIELD                      NY-19-20-611
MACOMBER, WILLIAM            ALABAMA                       NY-19-6-360
MACY, LOUISA J.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-75
MADDOCK, HUMPHREY P.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-461
MAHAN, SAMUEL                ORANGEVILLE                   NY-19-3-526
MAHR, MARGARET               LEROY                         NY-19-24-623
MAIDMENT, JOHN               STAFFORD                      NY-19-23-111
MAIN, ALMIRA K.              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-21-213
MAIN, SIDNEY U.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-561
MAINS, JOHN                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-77
MALLISON, TIMOTHY            MIDDLEBURY                    NY-19-1-93
MALLORY, DAVID               BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-213
MALLORY, WILLIAM S.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-485
MALTBEY, STEPHEN C.          ELBA                          NY-19-5-136
MANCHESTER, ROBERT           ELBA                          NY-19-21-249
MANN, HELEN F.               BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-59
MANN, WILLIAM                SHELDON                       NY-19-4-44
MANNING, REDMOND             BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-461
MANNING, ZORADA              BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-361
MANSFIELD, LUCRETIA          BERGEN                        NY-19-13-257
MANWARRING, ANNA H.          LEROY                         NY-19-21-189
MAPES, JOHN T.               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-17-433
MARBLE, BAILEY               BYRON                         NY-19-6-173
MARBLE, CALEB                ALABAMA                       NY-19-14-438
MARION, PATRICK              LEROY                         NY-19-25-375
MARK, JOSEPH J.              ELBA                          NY-19-18-297
MARKLEY, JONAH               BETHANY                       NY-19-11-541
MARLEY, AUGUSTUS             BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-29
MARONEY, TIMOTHY             BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-138
MARRION, OWEN                LEROY                         NY-19-13-473
MARSH, ALFRED                DARIEN                        NY-19-23-24
MARSH, AMOS N.               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-9-105
MARSH, EDWIN W.              DARIEN                        NY-19-15-193
MARSH, ISAAC                 LEROY                         NY-19-1-279
MARSH, ISAAC P.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-117
MARSH, JONATHAN              PAVILION                      NY-19-4-90
MARSH, LEWIS J.              BETHANY                       NY-19-20-531
MARSH, LUCY                  ALEXANDER                     NY-19-13-349
MARSH, MARY                  ALEXANDER                     NY-19-26-161
MARSH, SEWELL B.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-57
MARSHALL, ADELINE            BYRON                         NY-19-25-107
MARSHALL, JOHN B.            BYRON                         NY-19-20-375
MARTIN, EDWARD H.            LEROY                         NY-19-25-219
MARTIN, ELIJAH W.            ALABAMA                       NY-19-10-449
MARTIN, HANNAH B.            ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-477
MARTIN, HENRY                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-9-37
MARTIN, HIRAM N.             BYRON                         NY-19-24-173
MARTIN, JACOB                ALABAMA                       NY-19-23-96
MARTIN, JOHN                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-18-409
MARTIN, SAMUEL               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-11-121
MARTIN, SARAH E.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-135
MARTZ, DAVID                 CALEDONIA                     NY-19-1-138
MARVIN, CASSIUS S.           LEROY                         NY-19-17-389
MARVIN, LYDIA                LEROY                         NY-19-21-365
MARY, CHARLES L.             DARIEN                        NY-19-11-437
MASON, COLLINS T.            ALABAMA                       NY-19-22-237
MASON, ELIJAH                PAVILION                      NY-19-5-117
MATLOCK, PETER               LEROY                         NY-19-11-425
MATTESON, NORMAN             DARIEN                        NY-19-22-489
MATTESON, SARAH ANN          DARIEN                        NY-19-24-229
MATTESON, WORDEN             DELEVAN, WALWORTH, WI         NY-19-5-143
MATTHEWS, MARIA SUSANNA      LEROY                         NY-19-14-496
MATTICE, PETER               BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-61
MATTISON, ALMIRA             STAFFORD                      NY-19-19-137
MATTISON, CLARK              PERRY                         NY-19-2-276
MATTISON, DANIEL W.          PAVILION                      NY-19-19-453
MATTISON, HIRAM              DARIEN                        NY-19-17-401
MATTISON, MARY               LEROY                         NY-19-10-185
MAXWELL, JAMES               CALEDONIA                     NY-19-1-85
MCARTHUR, DANIEL M.          LEROY                         NY-19-5-499
MCARTHUR, MALCOM             LEROY                         NY-19-5-414
MCARTHUR, WILLIAM            LEROY                         NY-19-19-581
MCAVOY, NICHOLAS             DARIEN                        NY-19-8-7
MCBEAN, FRANCIS              CALEDONIA                     NY-19-1-38
MCBRIDE, LEVI JR.            STAFFORD                      NY-19-2-8
MCCABE, MARY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-543
MCCALL, DUGALD D.            BERGEN                        NY-19-18-89
MCCALLUM, MOSES              LEROY                         NY-19-1-276
MCCANN, ROBERT               BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-191
MCCARTHY, JANE               BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-21
MCCARTHY, MARY E.            LEROY                         NY-19-23-36
MCCLELLAND, CHRISTOPHER      PAVILION                      NY-19-10-105
MCCONNELL, JOSEPH L.         BERGEN                        NY-19-23-69
MCCORMICK, EBENEZER M.       BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-391
MCCORMICK, ELIZABETH C.      BYRON                         NY-19-17-241
MCCORMICK, JAMES             DETROIT, WAYNE, MI            NY-19-3-126
MCCORMICK, JAMES             LEROY                         NY-19-20-155
MCCRORY, JOHN                ELBA                          NY-19-22-405
MCCULLANT, JOSEPH            BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-404
MCCULLEY, JAMES              BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-682
MCCULLY, THOMAS              BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-193
MCDERMID, MARGARETTE         ELBA                          NY-19-4-142
MCDIARMID, EPHARIAH          BERGEN                        NY-19-5-395
MCDONALD, ROBERT             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-18-121
MCDONALD, WILLIAM            LEROY                         NY-19-5-484
MCDONNELL, KATHERINE E.      BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-631
MCDOWELL, ROBERT             PAVILION                      NY-19-25-331
MCDOWELL, THOMAS             BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-409
MCENTYRE, ELLEN              BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-715
MCEWEN, ARCHIBALD            PAVILION                      NY-19-18-33
MCFARLAND, ALEXANDER         LEROY                         NY-19-11-113
MCFARLAND, JOHN              LEROY                         NY-19-14-750
MCGILLET, HULDAH             PAVILION                      NY-19-19-461
MCGILVERY, DOUGAL            BATAVIA                       NY-19-3-288
MCGOWN, PHILIP               ALABAMA                       NY-19-5-49
MCGREGOR, HATTIE L.          SEE: SUMNER, HATTIE L.        NY-19-23-37
MCGUIRE, JAMES               BERGEN                        NY-19-26-145
MCGURCH, PHILIP              BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-117
MCINTYRE, AMOS               ELBA                          NY-19-11-485
MCINTYRE, CLARISSA A.        DARIEN                        NY-19-5-369
MCINTYRE, LEVANT C.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-195
MCINTYRE, MICHAEL            BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-629
MCKAY, JOHN                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-8-157
MCKEON, ANN                  LEROY                         NY-19-21-501
MCLACHLAN, ELIZABETH M.      LEROY                         NY-19-21-229
MCLAREN, FINLEY              LEROY                         NY-19-5-89
MCLEAN, CALISTA              BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-149
MCLEAN, DANIEL               PAVILION                      NY-19-13-261
MCLEAN, ELIZABETH            PAVILION                      NY-19-18-217
MCLEAN, JENNETTE             PAVILION                      NY-19-22-613
MCLEAN, JOHN L.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-117
MCLEAN, MALCOM               PAVILION                      NY-19-7-458
MCLEAN, MARGARET             PAVILION                      NY-19-16-9
MCLOSKEY, JAMES              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-43
MCMAHON, ANNIE               BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-109
MCMAHON, CATHARINE           BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-293
MCMAHON, SIMON               BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-297
MCMARTIN, MALCOM             LEROY                         NY-19-8-145
MCMASTER, REYNOLDS           BERGEN                        NY-19-10-457
MCMILLAN, ALEXANDER          BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-529
MCMILLAN, DUNCAN             PAVILION                      NY-19-11-257
MCMILLAN, MEHITABLE          BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-521
MCNAUGHTON, MARGARET         PAVILION                      NY-19-17-261
MCPARTLIN, JULIA             BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-413
MCPHAIL, LIVONIA             BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-301
MCPHERSON, ALEXANDER         LEROY                         NY-19-24-181
MCPHERSON, DANIEL J.         LEROY                         NY-19-5-515
MCPHERSON, DONOLD            BERGEN                        NY-19-24-145
MCPHERSON, JAMES             LEROY                         NY-19-5-494
MCPHERSON, JANE              LEROY                         NY-19-22-621
MCPHERSON, JOHN              LEROY                         NY-19-5-238
MCPHERSON, JOHN JR.          LEROY                         NY-19-6-325
MCPHERSON, MALCOL            LEROY                         NY-19-5-420
MCPHERSON, MARGARET          LEROY                         NY-19-14-469
MCPHERSON, MARGARET          LEROY                         NY-19-11-293
MCPHERSON, PETER J.          LEROY                         NY-19-13-33
MCPHILIPS, PATRICK           LEROY                         NY-19-6-13
MCSWENEY, ANNE               PAVILION                      NY-19-11-125
MCVEAN, MARGARET             BERGEN                        NY-19-24-317
MCVEAN, PETER R.             LEROY                         NY-19-5-397
MCVEAU, DANIEL               LEROY                         NY-19-15-5
MCVEAU, JOHN                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-18-205
MCVEAU, ROBERT               LEROY                         NY-19-18-633
MCWITHEY, LEVI               PAVILION                      NY-19-10-37
MCWORTHY, MARY B.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-519
MEADE, CHARLES               STAFFORD                      NY-19-18-185
MEINWEISER, ANDREW           DARIEN                        NY-19-26-329
MENZIE, ANN                  BERGEN                        NY-19-19-197
MENZIE, CHRISTY              BERGEN                        NY-19-22-261
MERCER, ALEXANDER            BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-33
MEREDITH, STEPHEN M.         BETHANY                       NY-19-4-323
MERRILL, JOHN P.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-97
MERRILL, MARY                BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-117
MERRILL, NATHANIEL           BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-381
MERRILS, ASA                 BYRON                         NY-19-12-115
MERRIMAN, HANNAH             BYRON                         NY-19-12-36
MERRIMAN, LYDIA              BYRON                         NY-19-4-195
MERRIMAN, MARY A.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-529
MERRITT, ELISHA              BETHANY                       NY-19-13-225
MERRITT, GEORGE T.           BETHANY                       NY-19-22-273
MERRYFIELD, RICHARD          ATTICA                        NY-19-1-61
MERRYFIELD, SILAS            ATTICA                        NY-19-1-57
MEST, PRISCILLA              STAFFORD                      NY-19-18-405
METCALF, JOHN                BETHANY                       NY-19-23-143
METZLER, GEORGE              BETHANY                       NY-19-8-85
MICHELS, JOSEPH              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-22-421
MILL, JANE                   STAFFORD                      NY-19-15-13
MILLER, ALBERT               BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-349
MILLER, AUGUSTUS E.          LEROY                         NY-19-22-341
MILLER, ELISH                BYRON                         NY-19-4-110
MILLER, GEORGE W.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-291
MILLER, GUSTAVUS             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-23-82
MILLER, HAMILTON             BYRON                         NY-19-19-69
MILLER, JACOB                BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-118
MILLER, JAMES                BERGEN                        NY-19-22-89
MILLER, JOHN H.              LEROY                         NY-19-16-53
MILLER, LEWIS                LEROY                         NY-19-5-75
MILLER, MARY ANN             BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-325
MILLER, NATHAN               COVINGTON                     NY-19-4-35
MILLER, WHEATON S.           BYRON                         NY-19-8-43
MILLER, WILLIAM              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-17-121
MILLS, EDMUND                LEROY                         NY-19-1-328
MILLS, GEORGE                ELBA                          NY-19-1-233
MILLS, HARRIET               LEROY                         NY-19-26-481
MILLS, JOEL                  ELBA                          NY-19-6-288
MILLS, MILLER                LEROY                         NY-19-9-141
MILLS, SETH                  PAVILION                      NY-19-4-266
MILLS, WILLIAM               OAKFIELD                      NY-19-14-483
MINER, CHARLOTTE M.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-99
MINER, GEORGE W.             BERGEN                        NY-19-5-417
MINER, GILES                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-17-505
MINER, JOEL                  LEROY                         NY-19-6-9
MINER, JOEL W.               BETHANY                       NY-19-5-268
MIRL, DAVID P.               LEROY                         NY-19-14-455
MIRL, SALLY MARIA            LEROY                         NY-19-19-37
MITCHELL, JAMES R.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-9
MITCHELL, JOHN P.            LEROY                         NY-19-19-517
MITCHELL, NANCY              ORANGEVILLE                   NY-19-4-41
MOFFETT, PHINEAS S.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-21
MONELL, JAMES M.             PAVILION                      NY-19-23-142
MONROE, URIAH P. B.          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-6-344
MONTGOMERY, TRUMAN           DARIEN                        NY-19-5-462
MOOK, VIENNA                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-26-257
MOORE, ARAD P.               DARIEN                        NY-19-14-724
MOORE, BRIDGET               BYRON                         NY-19-26-313
MOORE, DANIEL DE LACY (REV.) LEROY                         NY-19-11-129
MOORE, ELIZABETH             STAFFORD                      NY-19-17-485
MOORE, JAMES                 BENNINGTON                    NY-19-2-210
MOORE, JOHN                  DARIEN                        NY-19-22-465
MOORE, JOHN                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-209
MOORE, RICHARD               STAFFORD                      NY-19-16-17
MOORS, TIMOTHY               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-2-180
MOREHOUSE, AARON             ELBA                          NY-19-6-229
MOREHOUSE, SALLY B.          ELBA                          NY-19-6-94
MORGAN, CHARLES              LEROY                         NY-19-23-28
MORGAN, EBENEZER B.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-441
MORGAN, EMILY                LEROY                         NY-19-23-27
MORGAN, ENDELL               DARIEN                        NY-19-7-349
MORGAN, JULIA F.             DARIEN                        NY-19-23-70
MORGAN, SARAH B.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-73
MORRIS, JAMES P.             ELBA                          NY-19-24-225
MORRIS, SOLOMON JR.          WARSAW                        NY-19-3-453
MORSE, DANIEL                BYRON                         NY-19-5-460
MORSE, ENOS                  ELBA                          NY-19-3-370
MORSE, HENRY S.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-523
MORSE, JOSEPH                LEROY                         NY-19-21-169
MOSES, ABIGAIL S.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-301
MOSES, JAMES                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-9-353
MOSHER, MARGARET             STAFFORD                      NY-19-19-413
MOSIER, AYDEN A.             BYRON                         NY-19-25-267
MOTT, HARRIET                PEMBROEK                      NY-19-15-553
MOTZ, MICHAEL                DARIEN                        NY-19-20-355
MOULSON, POLLY               BERGEN                        NY-19-10-201
MOULSON, ROBERT W.           BERGEN                        NY-19-12-173
MOULTON, LEWIS               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-17-577
MOULTON, MARY                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-26-49
MOULTON, MATTIE K.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-233
MOULTON, ROYAL               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-9-201
MOVERS, ALONZO T.            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-25
MOYNIHAN, JOHN               BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-133
MOYNIHAN, JULIA              BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-129
MOYNIHAN, PATRICK            BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-565
MUCHMORE, MATTIE M.          DARIEN                        NY-19-26-269
MUELLER, JOHN                BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-517
MULES, JOHN                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-150
MULLANEY, JAMES              BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-307
MULLEN, HARVEY               BERGEN                        NY-19-19-281
MULLER, JOHN D.              LEROY                         NY-19-25-171
MUNGER, CHESTER              ATTICA                        NY-19-3-334
MUNGER, ELBERT               BEGEN                         NY-19-20-421
MUNGER, JESSE                BERGEN                        NY-19-2-285
MUNGER, MARTIN D.            BYRON                         34-353
MUNGER, SAMUEL               WARSAW                        NY-19-3-298
MUNGER, WILLIAM P.           BERGEN                        NY-19-25-567
MUNSON, ERASTUS              LEROY                         NY-19-10-165
MURDOCK, ELIPHALET           BERGEN                        NY-19-10-373
MURDOCK, JOHN                LEROY                         NY-19-13-281
MURNAN, MARY                 LEROY                         NY-19-22-537
MURPHY, AMARILLA             LEROY                         NY-19-7-492
MURPHY, BARNABAS             LEROY                         NY-19-6-414
MURPHY, MARY                 LEROY                         NY-19-14-580
MURPHY, SARAH M.             LEROY                         NY-19-18-561
MURPHY, STEPHEN              LEROY                         NY-19-13-181
MURRAY, ELWOOD D.            BERGEN                        NY-19-21-413
MURRAY, GEORGE               PAVILION                      NY-19-11-373
MURRAY, HELEN                PAVILION                      NY-19-18-141
MURRAY, MARGARET             PAVILION                      NY-19-19-297
MURRAY, MARY                 PAVILION                      NY-19-20-267
MURRAY, WILLIAM G.           PAVILION                      NY-19-20-83
MYER, ALEXANDER              ALABAMA                       NY-19-25-585
MYERS, MARY                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-69
NASH, DAVID                  ALEXANDER                     NY-19-3-104
NEAL, JAMES W.               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-11-545
NEAR, HENRY G.               PAVILION                      NY-19-17-561
NEILL, GREENHALL             YORK, LIVINGSTON, NY          NY-19-4-14
NELSON, WILLIAM              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-1-337
NEVILLE, DANIEL              BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-541
NEVILLE, JOHN A.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-287
NEWKIRK, PAMELIA             ELBA                          NY-19-7-34
NEWMAN, JACOB                LEROY                         NY-19-5-206
NEWTON, IRA                  ALEXANDER                     NY-19-15-285
NEWTON, ISAAC                BATAVIA                       NY-19-1-47
NEWTON, JOSIAH               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-356
NEY, LEANDER                 DARIEN                        NY-19-20-75
NICHOL, WILLIAM              ALABAMA                       NY-19-10-453
NICHOLS, WILLARD             BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-149
NOBLE, WILLIAM               PAVILION                      NY-19-26-141
NOBLES, JOHN                 PAVILION                      NY-19-17-1
NOBLES, MARY C.              PAVILION                      NY-19-23-62
NOBLES, WILLIAM              PAVILION                      NY-19-13-205
NOLAN, PETER                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-19-493
NOLTON, JOSIAH               BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-105
NOONEN, NORMAN               BETHANY                       NY-19-15-477
NORTH, EBEN                  ALEXANDER                     NY-19-9-269
NORTH, LESTER                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-497
NORTON, ALMOUR S.            BETHANY                       NY-19-19-225
NORTON, AMBROSE              BETHANY                       NY-19-5-429
NORTON, ANN                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-217
NORTON, BENJAMIN F.          BETHANY                       NY-19-19-521
NORTON, CAROLINE             OAKFIELD                      NY-19-26-577
NORTON, CHARLES A.           BYRON                         NY-19-24-401
NORTON, ELIZABETH E.         BETHANY                       NY-19-24-193
NORTON, HEMAN                ALABAMA                       NY-19-20-607
NORTON, IRA                  BETHANY                       NY-19-9-313
NORTON, IRA                  BETHANY                       NY-19-15-397
NORTON, LOCKLIN              ELBA                          NY-19-6-176
NORTON, LORENZO              OAKFIELD                      NY-19-16-461
NORTON, MEDAD                ALABAMA                       NY-19-5-46
NORTON, RODRICK              ELBA                          NY-19-11-569
NORTON, SARAH                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-13-417
NORTON, TICHENOR P.          BETHANY                       NY-19-14-451
NORTON, URI                  ELBA                          NY-19-19-265
NOTT, JOHN W.                BETHANY                       NY-19-20-587
NUGENT, JAMES                BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-351
NUTTING, GIDEON C.           ALEXANDER                     NY-19-1-156
OBRIEN, DANIEL               LEROY                         NY-19-19-229
OCONNOR, DENNIS              PAVILION                      NY-19-12-49
OCONNOR, ELLEN               BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-153
OCONNOR, JAMES               BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-125
OCONNOR, MARGARET            PAVILION                      NY-19-21-297
OKEEFE, WILLIAM              BYRON                         NY-19-26-265
OLCOTT, LORENZO H.           ALABAMA                       NY-19-15-361
OLIVER, ORLANDO              ALABAMA                       NY-19-5-176
OLMSTED, CHAUNCEY L.         LEROY                         NY-19-12-81
OLMSTED, HORACE B.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-557
OLMSTED, ROXANNA             LEROY                         NY-19-23-147
OLMSTED, THEO S.             OAKFIELD                      NY-19-24-77
OMALLEY, CATHERINE           BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-361
ORCUTT, CHESTER E.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-18
OREILLEY, MILES              LEROY                         NY-19-25-615
ORRIN, ALANSON               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-18-637
OSBORN, FARAND               BYRON                         NY-19-11-133
OSBORN, RUTH ANN             BYRON                         NY-19-24-465
OSBORNE, ERASMUS             BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-453
OSBORNE, JOSEPH              BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-197
OSBORNE, MARY JANE           LEROY                         NY-19-20-535
OSBORNE, SYLVESTER           LEROY                         NY-19-24-33
OSTERTAG, SEBASTIAN          DARIEN                        NY-19-25-139
OTIS, DANIEL                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-15-9
OTIS, NANCY                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-101
OTIS, NATHANIEL              PERRY                         NY-19-2-31
OTTO, JACOB S.               BATAVIA                       NY-19-1-339
PAGE, ABEL W.                BETHANY                       NY-19-9-41
PAGE, ALBERT                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-22-245
PAGE, BETSEY                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-22-513
PAGE, ERASTUS                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-8-19
PAGE, HENRY                  STAFFORD                      NY-19-16-385
PAGE, IRENA M.               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-13-61
PAGE, JACOB                  BETHANY                       NY-19-5-110
PAGE, JOSHUA T.              ELBA                          NY-19-12-90
PAGE, LANSFORD               ELBA                          NY-19-19-337
PAGE, WILLIAM                STAFFORD                      NY-19-13-53
PAIGE, JOEL S.               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-385
PAINE, WILLIAM               STAFFORD                      NY-19-17-253
PALMER, ELISHA               LEROY                         NY-19-22-85
PALMER, EUGENE B.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-541
PALMER, MARY FRANCES         BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-525
PALMER, SAMUEL P.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-572
PARDEE, CAROLINE M.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-393
PARDEE, ISAAC                ELBA                          NY-19-6-300
PARDEE, ROYAL D.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-413
PARDEE, TRACY                BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-9
PARISH, AMANDA M.            BERGEN                        NY-19-19-133
PARISH, CYNTHIA W.           BERGEN                        NY-19-14-690
PARISH, ELIPHALET            BERGEN                        NY-19-7-186
PARISH, ELISHA H.            BEGEN                         NY-19-20-383
PARK, ELIJAH                 ATTICA                        NY-19-3-66
PARK, SARAH M.               PAVILION                      NY-19-24-533
PARKER, ABBY H.              ELBA                          NY-19-20-339
PARKER, ALBERT               ELBA                          NY-19-19-1
PARKER, EDWIN                ELBA                          NY-19-26-205
PARKER, ELIAS                CHINA                         NY-19-2-114
PARKER, ELIPHALET            WARSAW                        NY-19-1-33
PARKER, ELIZA                BYRON                         NY-19-26-649
PARKER, GEORGE A.            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-17-201
PARKER, HARRY J.             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-525
PARKER, JOHN W.              STAFFORD                      NY-19-3-352
PARKER, NELSON               ELBA                          NY-19-16-73
PARKER, SHERMAN S.           ALABAMA                       NY-19-15-73
PARKER, SHERRED              ELBA                          NY-19-13-401
PARKHOUSE, THOMAS            PAVILION                      NY-19-17-349
PARKHURST, ELIZABETH         PEMBROKE                      NY-19-26-321
PARKHURST, GEORGE F.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-293
PARLTON, LUKE                PAVILION                      NY-19-15-257
PARMELEE, ALMA               LEROY                         NY-19-20-1
PARMELEE, DAVID WILLYS       LEROY                         NY-19-8-133
PARMELEE, ELIAS              LEROY                         NY-19-2-46
PARMELEE, LOUISE A.          LEROY                         NY-19-17-525
PARMELEE, MARIA A.           LEROY                         NY-19-24-549
PARMELEE, SARAH              BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-397
PARMELEE, WILLIAM GRISWOLD   LEROY                         NY-19-25-115
PARMER, DAVID                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-19-1-147
PARMINTER, JAMES             STAFFORD                      NY-19-8-109
PARRISH, JULIA E.            ALEXANDE                      NY-19-25-597
PARRISH, WILLIAM             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-383
PARSONS, SYBEL               BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-485
PARSONS, WILLIAM L.          LEROY                         NY-19-15-389
PASSMORE, JOHN               STAFFORD                      NY-19-26-29
PASSMORE, RICHARD            STAFFORD                      NY-19-13-289
PASSMORE, THOMAS             BYRON                         NY-19-25-179
PASSMORE, THOMAS G.          STAFFORD                      NY-19-8-97
PATCHEN, DAVID               PERRY                         NY-19-3-160
PATTERSON, ALFRED S.         DARIEN                        NY-19-18-77
PATTERSON, DUANE             BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-197
PATTERSON, HARRIET           ALABAMA                       NY-19-11-25
PATTERSON, JANE              BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-465
PATTERSON, JEROME            ELBA                          NY-19-6-485
PATTESON, LAURA W.           ALABAMA                       NY-19-20-59
PAUL, SARAH B.               LEROY                         NY-19-18-389
PEACHY, SARAH                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-89
PEARCE, RICHARD              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-7-546
PEARD, HENRY                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-337
PEARSE, ANN                  OAKFIELD                      NY-19-23-74
PEARSONS, RICHARD            BETHANY                       NY-19-5-253
PEASE, ABRAHAM               BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-15
PEATTIE, ANDREW              ELBA                          NY-19-16-209
PECK, ANNA M.                BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-395
PECK, ASAHEL                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-11-509
PECK, BENJAMIN F.            BETHANY                       NY-19-26-125
PECK, ELI                    ALEXANDER                     NY-19-13-177
PECK, ELIPHALET              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-119
PECK, HARVEY                 LEROY                         NY-19-16-21
PECK, HORACE M.              LEROY                         NY-19-23-110
PECK, JEREMIAH               ATTICA                        NY-19-1-265
PECK, MARIA                  BETHANY                       NY-19-23-156
PECK, MATHER                 BETHANY                       NY-19-12-45
PECK, NATHAN                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-105
PECK, RICHARD                BETHANY                       NY-19-5-522
PECK, SETH M.                BETHANY                       NY-19-10-53
PECK, WILLIAM                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-5
PECK, WILLIAM H.             LEROY                         NY-19-19-361
PECKHAM, GEORGE W.           BYRON                         NY-19-13-285
PECKHAM, HENRY S.            BYRON                         NY-19-21-593
PECKHAM, WILLIAM             BYRON                         NY-19-7-71
PEMBER, CATHARINE            BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-41
PEMBER, LEANDER U.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-489
PERFIELD, JAMES              PAVILION                      NY-19-15-237
PERFIELD, NICHOLAS           LEROY                         NY-19-17-541
PERKINS, HARLAND             BYRON                         NY-19-5-350
PERKINS, MAHALA              BYRON                         NY-19-23-108
PERRY, ALEXANDER G.          LINDEN                        NY-19-23-7
PERRY, ALICE G.              BETHANY                       NY-19-26-509
PERRY, DANIEL DUANE          ELBA                          NY-19-18-457
PERRY, DANIEL DUANE          ELBA                          NY-19-23-116
PERRY, DEBORAH               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-185
PERRY, EDWARD                MURRAY                        NY-19-1-262
PERRY, GILBERT               ELBA                          NY-19-5-102
PERRY, ISAAC                 LEROY                         NY-19-4-251
PERRY, JOHN                  WARSAW                        NY-19-1-269
PERRY, ROWLAND               PAVILION                      NY-19-10-481
PERRY, WILLIAM               STAFFORD                      NY-19-22-381
PETERS, LYDIA                BERGEN                        NY-19-10-501
PETHERBRIDGE, SAMUEL         STAFFORD                      NY-19-11-377
PETRIE, CONRAD J.            DARIEN                        NY-19-11-497
PETTIBONE, DANIEL            PERRY                         NY-19-4-135
PETTIBONE, ELIAS J.          ELBA                          NY-19-21-45
PETTIBONE, GILES             DARIEN                        NY-19-20-195
PETTIS, RUTH                 GAINESVILLE                   NY-19-3-118
PETTIT, ROBERT               BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-365
PHELPS, CHESTER              ELBA                          NY-19-7-312
PHELPS, ELIZABETH T.         BEGEN                         NY-19-18-553
PHELPS, GEORGE               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-17-109
PHELPS, JENNETT              BYRON                         NY-19-6-131
PHELPS, MARY                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-263
PHELPS, MARY ANN             STAFFORD                      NY-19-7-454
PHELPS, MYRON A.             PAVILION                      NY-19-24-525
PHILIPIN, PATRICK            LEROY                         NY-19-19-445
PHILIPS, IRA E.              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-20-323
PHILLEO, HENRY S.            BYRON                         NY-19-26-261
PHILLIPS, JOHN B.            BERGEN                        NY-19-6-321
PIERBORO, MARGARET B.        LEROY                         NY-19-9-189
PIERCE, RANSOM D.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-13-429
PIERSON, EBBE H.             BERGEN                        NY-19-4-158
PIERSON, EDWIN               LEROY                         NY-19-10-49
PIERSON, HAMILTON W.         BERGEN                        NY-19-20-243
PIERSON, HANNAH              PAVILION                      NY-19-6-224
PIERSON, MIRANDA             PAVILION                      NY-19-24-501
PITHER, MARY                 LEROY                         NY-19-26-177
PIXLEY, CHESTER              BETHANY                       NY-19-18-209
PIXLEY, ELISHU               BETHANY                       NY-19-5-365
PIXLEY, ROSETA B.            BETHANY                       NY-19-17-557
PLATNER, HENRY J.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-57
PLATO, ALBERT H.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-39
PLATO, JOHN F.               BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-81
PLATT, ELIJAH                LEROY                         NY-19-10-329
PLATT, EZRA                  CALEDONIA                     NY-19-1-11
PLATTS, HENRY                LEROY                         NY-19-24-133
POLHEMUS, CORNELIUS C.       DARIEN                        NY-19-4-79
POLTRIDGE, GEORGE            BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-343
PONCE, HUBERT                LEROY                         NY-19-23-48
POND, DARIUS                 ALABAMA                       NY-19-5-487
POND, MARY                   BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-131
POPE, HANNAH                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-9-205
PORSCHET, AMELIA             BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-429
PORTER, GEORGE H.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-461
PORTER, HENRY P.             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-14-529
POST, ABRAHAM                BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-352
POST, NAOMI                  PEMBROKE                      NY-19-21-61
POST, WILLIAM H. G.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-154
POTTER, BENJAMIN             ELBA                          NY-19-6-373
POTTER, DAVID                BERGEN                        NY-19-3-190
POTTER, JOHN A.              ORANGEVILLE                   NY-19-1-241
POTTER, MARTHA ANN           BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-589
POTTER, ROWLAND              GAINSVILLE                    NY-19-2-36
POTTER, ROWLAND              GAINESVILLE                   NY-19-2-122
POTTER, WILLIAM H.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-47
POTWINE, AURELIA             LEROY                         NY-19-12-314
POTWINE, WILLIAM             LEROY                         NY-19-12-220
POWELL, SARAH                OAKFIELD                      NY-19-21-153
POWERS, EDWARD               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-9-33
POWERS, ELIZA J.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-313
POWERS, WEBSTER              BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-81
PRATT, CHRISTINA             BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-359
PRATT, EBENEZER              MIDDLEBURY                    NY-19-2-72
PRATT, ELLEN M.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-71
PRATT, HARRIET E.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-101
PRATT, HENRY                 ELBA                          NY-19-20-291
PRATT, HOSEA                 DARIEN                        NY-19-6-83
PRATT, MARY ANN              LEROY                         NY-19-25-57
PRATT, ORRIN S.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-501
PRATT, OTIS                  LEROY                         NY-19-15-253
PRATT, SAMUEL                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-2-228
PRATT, THOMAS D.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-369
PRENTICE, CYRUS              BYRON                         NY-19-22-633
PRENTICE, DANIEL             STAFFORD                      NY-19-13-313
PRICE, HELMOR                ALABAMA                       NY-19-17-413
PRIDMORE, THOMAS             BERGEN                        NY-19-21-277
PRILL, NICHOLAS              BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-457
PRINDLE, DANIEL R.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-397
PRINDLE, LYMAN D.            BETHANY                       NY-19-5-230
PROLE, ALEXANDER             STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-107
PROLE, FREDERICK             STAFFORD                      NY-19-23-98
PROLE, WILLIAM HENRY         STAFFORD                      NY-19-26-469
PROUDMAN, ELLEN B.           LEROY                         NY-19-19-169
PUGSLEY, SUSANNA             STAFFORD                      NY-19-3-99
PUTNAM, CHARLES              BYRON                         NY-19-15-545
PUTNAM, FRANKLIN             BETHANY                       NY-19-1-342
PUTNAM, JOSIAH               BETHANY                       NY-19-11-493
PUTNAM, LEWIS                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-16-369
QUACKENBUSH, NELSON          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-129
QUANCE, ISRAEL               BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-541
QUARTLEY, JAMES              STAFFORD                      NY-19-26-233
QUARTLEY, JOHN               STAFFORD                      NY-19-25-391
QUIGLEY, TIMOTHY H.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-487

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