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RACHFORD, THOMAS             BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-53
RADLEY, JAMES S.             STAFFORD                      NY-19-22-521
RADLEY, MARY JANE            STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-259
RADLEY, RICHARD              STAFFORD                      NY-19-16-97
RADLEY, RICHARD SR.          STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-400
RADLEY, WILLIAM              STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-461
RADLEY, WILLIAM S.           STAFFORD                      NY-19-21-345
RAGAN, ELHANAN L.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-1
RAND, ANGELINE S.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-337
RAND, ISAIAH                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-16-349
RANDALL, NANCY               STAFFORD                      NY-19-22-185
RAPP, FIDEL                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-629
RAPPLEY, PETER               ALABAMA                       NY-19-19-253
RATCHFORD, MARY              BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-377
RATH, HENRY                  ELBA                          NY-19-20-447
RATHBONE, LAWRIN             OAKFIELD                      NY-19-22-81
RATT, HOLLIS                 LEROY                         NY-19-8-127
RAWSON, SAFFORD              LEROY                         NY-19-22-117
RAYMOND, WILLIAM             BETHANY                       NY-19-3-32
RAYMOND, WILLIAM C.          ELBA                          NY-19-11-505
RAYNOR, JOHN                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-492
REA, ALEXANDER               BATAVIA                       NY-19-1-78
REBSTOCK, CONRAD             BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-211
REDFIELD, HEMAN J.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-334
REDFIELD, SARAH H.           LEROY                         NY-19-26-549
REED, ABIHU                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-17
REED, AMANDA                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-22-449
REED, DANIEL                 PAVILION                      NY-19-6-118
REED, HORATIO                BERGEN                        NY-19-20-335
REED, JOEL P.                STAFFORD                      NY-19-15-581
REED, LUCINA BATEMAN         LEROY                         NY-19-22-101
REED, PHOEBE                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-137
REED, SARAH A.               BERGEN                        NY-19-22-569
REID, PATRICK                BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-445
REID, WILLIAM                ELBA                          NY-19-5-299
REISON, JOSIAH               BERGEN                        NY-19-4-312
REUSCH, FRED                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-26-345
REYNOLDS, HIRAM              BETHANY                       NY-19-5-315
REYNOLDS, MARTIN             ELBA                          NY-19-24-493
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM H.         LEROY                         NY-19-18-493
RICE, ELIZABETH L.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-425
RICE, LAURA                  DARIEN                        NY-19-15-169
RICE, MARY                   DARIEN                        NY-19-14-525
RICH, CAROLINE S. D.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-561
RICHARDS, EDMUND             DARIEN                        NY-19-18-265
RICHARDS, EDWARD             PERRY                         NY-19-4-7
RICHARDS, PAUL               ORANGEVILLE, WYOMING, NY      NY-19-10-465
RICHARDS, ZULYMA             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-25-515
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM          PAVILION                      NY-19-16-541
RICHMOND, CYNTHIA S.         BERGEN                        NY-19-14-543
RICHMOND, DEAN               BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-305
RICHMOND, MARY ELIZABETH     BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-1
RICHMOND, ROBERT             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-7-200
RICHMOND, SAMUEL             BERGEN                        NY-19-9-245
RICHMOND, SHURMOND           ALEXANDER                     NY-19-19-21
RICKEY, ELIZA                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-14-345
RIDD, JOHN                   STAFFORD                      NY-19-11-289
RIDDLE, ELOISE A.            DARIEN                        NY-19-23-92
RIDDLE, POLLY                BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-539
RIDDLE, THOMAS               DARIEN                        NY-19-21-21
RIDER, EBENEZER              LEROY                         NY-19-16-557
RIDOUT, JOHN                 BERGEN                        NY-19-4-326
RIES, CHARLES                ELBA                          NY-19-20-87
RIESE, PHILIP                BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-477
RITTER, WILLIAM              ELBA                          NY-19-20-443
ROBARDS, KINECUM             OGDEN                         NY-19-1-205
ROBB, THOMAS                 LEROY                         NY-19-16-45
ROBBINS, AMELIA              LEROY                         NY-19-24-497
ROBBINS, LEVI A.             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-25
ROBE, MARY ELLEN             ELBA                          NY-19-11-181
ROBERTS, MARGARET            PAVILION                      NY-19-19-429
ROBERTSON, ABIAL             LEROY                         NY-19-18-117
ROBERTSON, RUFUS             BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-177
ROBINS, ROBERT               BERGEN                        NY-19-21-573
ROBINSON, ESTHER ANN         PAVILION                      NY-19-24-161
ROBINSON, HENRY B.           DARIEN                        NY-19-25-395
ROCKWOOD, ALVAN              BETHANY                       NY-19-21-157
ROGERS, ABIGAIL              ELBA                          NY-19-7-171
ROGERS, ALBERT S.            PAVILION                      NY-19-24-573
ROGERS, DANIEL V.            DARIEN                        NY-19-12-77
ROGERS, ELISHA               PAVILION                      NY-19-15-185
ROGERS, EZEKIEL              BETHANY                       NY-19-11-421
ROGERS, JOHN D.              LEROY                         NY-19-16-505
ROGERS, MARGARET E.          ELBA                          NY-19-7-87
ROGERS, PHEBE                BETHANY                       NY-19-15-373
ROGERS, REUBEN               LEROY                         NY-19-7-255
ROGES, AARON                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-497
ROGES, WILLIAM E.            BETHANY                       NY-19-26-65
ROLFE, MARY                  BETHANY                       NY-19-16-293
ROLFE, WALTER P.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-44
ROLLIN, DE MARQUIS L.        BYRON                         NY-19-23-126
ROOD, DAVID                  WETHERSFIELD                  NY-19-2-127
ROOT, SARAH                  PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-197
ROSE, ALEXANDER              LEROY                         NY-19-9-421
ROSE, JANNET                 LEROY                         NY-19-11-561
ROSE, SARAH ANN              BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-22
ROSECRANCE, DANIEL           ELBA                          NY-19-13-109
ROSECRANCE, JOHN             ELBA                          NY-19-5-86
ROSECRANCE, MARTHA P.        BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-233
ROSS, JAMES                  COVINGTON                     NY-19-3-77
ROSZELL, ELISHA              ALABAMA                       NY-19-3-204
ROTH, ADAM                   ALEXANDER                     NY-19-26-449
ROWAN, CORNELIA M.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-591
ROWAN, JAMES                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-15-521
ROWE, THADEUS                BETHANY                       NY-19-4-429
ROWLEY, ROGER                BENNINGTON                    NY-19-4-11
ROYCE, FRANCIS               PAVILION                      NY-19-4-391
ROYCE, JAMES M.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-90
RUGG, WILLIAM L.             ELBA                          NY-19-17-581
RUMSEY, CHARLES W.           LEROY                         NY-19-22-605
RUMSEY, EVELINE A.           LEROY                         NY-19-21-637
RUMSEY, POLLY G              BETHANY                       NY-19-20-555
RUNDELL, WATSON W.           PEMBROKE                      NY-19-9-125
RUNK, HENRY                  ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-313
RUPP, GEORGE MARTIN          BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-309
RUPPRECHT, FREDERICK         BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-399
RUSS, SULLIVAN               DARIEN                        NY-19-4-193
RUSSELL, ELIZA               LEROY                         NY-19-16-157
RUSSELL, ELIZA               LEROY                         NY-19-25-79
RUSSELL, FELICIA H.          LEROY                         NY-19-26-553
RUSSELL, JOHN                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-9-61
RUSSELL, JOHN G.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-313
RUSSELL, PAGE                LEROY                         NY-19-11-253
RUSSELL, SAMUEL P.           PEMBROKE                      NY-19-18-73
RUSSELL, SARAH M.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-193
RUTTY, DANIEL A.             BYRON                         NY-19-20-319
RUTTY, LYDIA                 DARIEN                        NY-19-5-203
RUTTY, SAMUEL L.             LEROY                         NY-19-7-9
RYAN, CORNELIUS              LEROY                         NY-19-23-51
RYAN, MICHAEL                ELBA                          NY-19-15-517
SACKETT, ALONZO              BERGEN                        NY-19-21-473
SACKETT, ANN                 BERGEN                        NY-19-19-345
SACKETT, EDMUND              BERGEN                        NY-19-24-509
SAFFORD, CHELLUS             OAKFIELD                      NY-19-19-557
SAFFORD, DARIUS              ELBA                          NY-19-9-45
SAFFORD, ELISHA              DARIEN                        NY-19-26-153
SAFFORD, ELIZA               ELBA                          NY-19-16-565
SAFFORD, JOHN D.             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-15-217
SAGE, FRANCES A. D.          BERGEN                        NY-19-26-53
SAGE, NOAH                   ATTICA                        NY-19-1-299
SAGE, ORRIN D.               BERGEN                        NY-19-11-61
SAILER, BARBARA              LEROY                         NY-19-18-105
SALISBURY, EDWARD S.         ATTICA                        NY-19-2-222
SALISBURY, JOHN              DARIEN                        NY-19-24-429
SAMMIS, DAVID                BETHANY                       NY-19-19-125
SAMSON, RUSSELL L.           LEROY                         NY-19-20-515
SANDERSON, ANGELINE          BYRON                         NY-19-13-145
SANDS, THOMAS                BERGEN                        NY-19-20-151
SANDS, WILLIAM               BERGEN                        NY-19-26-625
SANFORD, DAVID               MURRAY                        NY-19-1-107
SANFORD, MERCY               BYRON                         NY-19-4-51
SAPP, SARAH M.               PAVILION                      NY-19-26-453
SAPRLING, CHARLES            ALABAMA                       NY-19-21-173
SAULSBERRY, PHOEBE A.        DARIEN                        NY-19-18-125
SAUNDERS, ELISHA C.          DARIEN                        NY-19-7-39
SAVAGE, NATHANIEL            LEROY                         NY-19-7-526
SAWENS, ARUNAH               DARIEN                        NY-19-3-8
SAWTELL, ESTHER T.           ELBA                          NY-19-19-57
SAYLES, THOMAS               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-20-187
SAYRE, HEZEKIAH              WARREN                        NY-19-2-65
SCHARLOW, CHARLES GOTFRIED   ALABAMA                       NY-19-25-319
SCHEISS, MARGARET            DARIEN                        NY-19-21-9
SCHOTT, PHILIP               LEROY                         NY-19-5-338
SCHULTZ, CHRISTIAN           OAKFIELD                      NY-19-24-157
SCHURZ, SEBASTIAN            OAKFIELD                      NY-19-26-117
SCHWARTZ, CARL               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-25-227
SCOFIELD, EBENEZER           BERGEN                        NY-19-15-309
SCOFIELD, LAURA E.           ELBA                          NY-19-26-595
SCOFIELD, SAMUEL             ELBA                          NY-19-15-533
SCOOVELL, WILLIAM            LEROY                         NY-19-1-70
SCOTT, CATHERINE P.          PAVILION                      NY-19-20-327
SCOTT, CHESTER               BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-277
SCOTT, ELIZABETH             BATAVIA                       NY-19-14-461
SCOTT, ETHEL                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-218
SCOTT, JOSEPH E.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-17-589
SCOTT, WILLIAM               BERGEN                        NY-19-23-125
SEAMANS, GEORGE B.           PEMBROKE                      NY-19-22-637
SEARL, JONATHAN              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-10-209
SEARLS, CLARISSA J.          BYRON                         NY-19-25-471
SEARLS, JOHN                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-145
SEAVER, JAMES W.             BYRON                         NY-19-22-461
SEAVER, JOHN                 BYRON                         NY-19-17-545
SEELEY, EUGENE L.            BERGEN                        NY-19-17-457
SEIZ, FRANK                  LEROY                         NY-19-25-355
SEWAD, LEVERETT              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-15-181
SEWARD, CALVIN               LEROY                         NY-19-19-273
SEWARD, WELLINGTON           LEROY                         NY-19-25-251
SEWARD, WINFIELD S.          ALEXANDER                     NY-19-22-529
SEXTON, JAMES M.             BETHANY                       NY-19-9-361
SEYFFER, GOTTLOB             LEROY                         NY-19-25-371
SEYMOUR, HENRY W.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-103
SEYMOUR, JOHN                BYRON                         NY-19-22-57
SHADBOLT, CLARK              BATAVIA                       NY-19-11-477
SHADBOLT, ELIZABETH          ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-302
SHADBOLT, ROBERT             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-15-129
SHADER, HOWARD               BERGEN                        NY-19-15-45
SHAPLAND, GEORGE             STAFFORD                      NY-19-7-333
SHAW, ANTHONY                BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-563
SHAW, GUY                    DARIEN                        NY-19-10-5
SHAW, HARRIET                BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-157
SHAW, HORACE W.              DARIEN                        NY-19-13-437
SHAW, SUSAN                  LEROY                         NY-19-25-403
SHEA, WILLIAM                BERGEN                        NY-19-16-113
SHEAVER, PETER               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-3-230
SHED, GEORGE                 ELBA                          NY-19-9-325
SHED, RUBY T.                ELBA                          NY-19-18-461
SHEDD, HARRY                 ELBA                          NY-19-9-181
SHEDD, JOHN W.               LEROY                         NY-19-16-533
SHEFFIELD, FRANCIS C.        BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-233
SHELDON, CLARA P.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-473
SHELDON, GARDNER             BETHANY                       NY-19-6-124
SHELL, JACOB                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-3-319
SHELT, WILLIAM               BYRON                         NY-19-9-301
SHEPARD, ASAHEL              BETHANY                       NY-19-21-165
SHEPARD, BENJAMIN            LEROY                         NY-19-10-441
SHEPARD, EZRA S.             BERGEN                        NY-19-18-581
SHEPARD, HENRY               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-26-381
SHEPARD, ISAAC               PAVILION                      NY-19-6-355
SHEPARD, JAMES               BETHANY                       NY-19-15-341
SHEPARD, JANE E.             ELBA                          NY-19-23-97
SHEPARD, JOHN                BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-73
SHEPARD, THOMAS B.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-16
SHERICK, ISAAC S.            DARIEN                        NY-19-24-253
SHERWIN, AMELIA              BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-533
SHERWIN, EDGAR L.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-349
SHERWIN, ELBRIDGE T.         BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-204
SHERWIN, HARRIET B.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-161
SHERWIN, MINERVA H.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-413
SHERWOOD, JAMES H.           BYRON                         NY-19-17-185
SHERWOOD, JULIA              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-1-293
SHIRLEY, JOHN                PAVILION                      NY-19-24-537
SHOEMAKER, NATHANIEL         OAKFIELD                      NY-19-19-377
SHOTWELL, ISAAC M.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-25-467
SHOULTERS, SOLOMON           BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-117
SHOWERMAN, ANDREW            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-10-393
SHOWERMAN, ELVIRA            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-17-289
SHOWERMAN, HEMAN             BETHANY                       NY-19-4-300
SHOWERMAN, JAMES M.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-193
SHOWERMAN, JOHN              BETHANY                       NY-19-7-89
SHOWERMAN, LYDIA F.          OAKFIELD                      NY-19-25-575
SHOWERMAN, PETER             BETHANY                       NY-19-17-301
SHULZ, DORETHA               ALABAMA                       NY-19-22-121
SHUMWAY, GEORGE              PAVILION                      NY-19-25-147
SHUMWAY, HARRISON            PAVILION                      NY-19-24-101
SHUMWAY, QUIN                PAVILION                      NY-19-16-377
SIBLEY, JANE                 LEROY                         NY-19-15-269
SILBERT, JOHN                ALABAMA                       NY-19-21-373
SILER, NANCY                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-85
SIMMONS, BRIDGET             BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-416
SIMONDS, SALMON              BYRON                         NY-19-7-81
SIMPSON, CHRISTINA A.        BATAVIA                       NY-19-26-297
SIMPSON, HIRAM               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-9-397
SIMPSON, JANE                LEROY                         NY-19-11-137
SIMPSON, RICHARD H.          LEROY                         NY-19-17-137
SIMPSON, WILLIAM C.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-361
SISSON, GILES                LEROY                         NY-19-17-217
SISSON, SUSAN                PEMBROKE                      NY-19-20-635
SKAATS, JOHN E.              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-290
SKINNER, SAMUEL              LEROY                         NY-19-5-181
SLATER, ALVA W.              ELBA                          NY-19-24-329
SLAYTON, DAVID               BETHANY                       NY-19-3-303
SLEEPER, JOHN M.             ELBA                          NY-19-11-221
SMEAD, JEDEDIAH L.           PAVILION                      NY-19-9-137
SMEAD, MARSHALL              LEROY                         NY-19-5-217
SMEAD, REUBEN                ALABAMA                       NY-19-7-310
SMEAD, SAMUEL J.             LEROY                         NY-19-4-165
SMEAD, WILLIAM C.            PAVILION                      NY-19-20-139
SMILEY, AGNES                PAVILION                      NY-19-13-393
SMILEY, FRANCIS              ELBA                          NY-19-4-359
SMILEY, JAMES                PAVILION                      NY-19-9-13
SMILEY, ROBINSON             ELBA                          NY-19-7-17
SMITH, ALVA                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-8-205
SMITH, CELIA A.              BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-94
SMITH, CHARLES L.            LEROY                         NY-19-24-313
SMITH, CHAUNCY M.            LEROY                         NY-19-7-212
SMITH, DANIEL                ALABAMA                       NY-19-6-392
SMITH, DAVID                 BETHANY                       NY-19-4-66
SMITH, EDWARD F.             OAKFIELD                      NY-19-13-189
SMITH, ELISHA S.             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-9-297
SMITH, ELIZABETH C.          LEROY                         NY-19-21-321
SMITH, EMILY G.              LEROY                         NY-19-18-513
SMITH, EVE                   LEROY                         NY-19-4-26
SMITH, HENRY J.              PEMBROKE                      NY-19-10-357
SMITH, J. CRAIG              DARIEN                        NY-19-25-235
SMITH, JAMES JONES           BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-269
SMITH, JOHN                  LEROY                         NY-19-6-368
SMITH, JOHN                  BATAVIA                       NY-19-4-450
SMITH, JOHN G.               LEROY                         NY-19-15-433
SMITH, JUNIUS A.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-8-79
SMITH, LORENZO R.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-265
SMITH, LYMAN W.              LEROY                         NY-19-5-120
SMITH, MASON                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-21-97
SMITH, MOSES                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-277
SMITH, NATHAN                BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-365
SMITH, NEWTON                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-19-3-311
SMITH, OLIVER                WARSAW                        NY-19-3-258
SMITH, OLIVER                MIDDLEBURY                    NY-19-3-389
SMITH, PHILANDER H.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-13-413
SMITH, PHINEHAS              BETHANY                       NY-19-2-171
SMITH, PHINEHAS              BETHANY                       NY-19-2-188
SMITH, RACHEL A.             STAFFORD                      NY-19-16-589
SMITH, TUNIS                 LEROY                         NY-19-3-85
SMITH, WILBUR                BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-601
SMITH, WILLIAM S.            OAKFIELD                      NY-19-5-481
SNELL, CHARLES               BETHANY                       NY-19-13-385
SNELL, PETER                 LEROY                         NY-19-4-199
SNELL, RICHARD               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-304
SOMER, PETER                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-366
SOMERISKI, MAHALATH          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-20-95
SOPER, HORACE A.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-15-377
SOULE, THOMAS                ALABAMA                       NY-19-7-179
SOUTHWELL, SILAS             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-4-436
SOUTHWORTH, ELEAZOR          ELBA                          NY-19-7-191
SOUTHWORTH, ELIZA ANN        BERGEN                        NY-19-18-613
SOUTHWORTH, GARDNER T.       BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-325
SOUTHWORTH, HORACE           BERGEN                        NY-19-23-103
SOUTHWORTH, ISAAC            BERGEN                        NY-19-13-457
SPAFFORD, BURTON J.          BYRON                         NY-19-13-469
SPAFFORD, DELIA              BERGEN                        NY-19-18-97
SPAFFORD, NAT                BYRON                         NY-19-13-297
SPALDING, JABEZ              BETHANY                       NY-19-4-374
SPARLING, SOPHIA             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-25-431
SPAULDING, JOHN L.           ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-89
SPAULDING, PHILIP            PERRY                         NY-19-2-70
SPENCER, AMANDA TULLER       BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-40
SPENCER, CHRISTOPHER         BATAVIA                       NY-19-19-353
SPERRY, CYRUS                LEROY                         NY-19-23-149
SPERRY, PLATT T.             PAVILION                      NY-19-20-351
SPEYER, CONRAD               BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-125
SPRAGUE, DAN                 PAVILION                      NY-19-6-113
SPRAGUE, EUNICE              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-26-293
SPRAGUE, JOEL                STAFFORD                      NY-19-20-279
SPRAGUE, JOHN                BATAVIA                       NY-19-9-81
SPRAGUE, MARY W.             BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-359
SPRAGUE, MERCY               BATAVIA                       NY-19-18-533
SPRAGUE, SUSAN T.            LEROY                         NY-19-15-209
SPRING, ALPHEUS              BATAVIA                       NY-19-24-385
SPRINGER, WILLARD            ALEXANDER                     NY-19-18-113
SPURR, CORNELIUS             ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-69
SQUIRES, GEORGE              BETHANY                       NY-19-26-413
SQUIRES, SAMUEL              CASTILE                       NY-19-3-551
SQUIRES, THOMAS              STAFFORD                      NY-19-25-347
STACEY, SAMPSON              BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-60
STACY, ELAM                  PAVILION                      NY-19-17-93
STAGE, HIRAM                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-25-419
STAGE, JERRY                 PEMBROKE                      NY-19-26-485
STAGE, MARIA BARBARA         LEROY                         NY-19-15-173
STAGE, PETER                 STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-175
STAIR, FRANCIS               BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-231
STANDISH, THOMAS             BERGEN                        NY-19-6-246
STANHOPE, LUTHER             ATTICA                        NY-19-3-153
STANLEY, ELISHA              LEROY                         NY-19-15-225
STANLEY, ELLIOTT L.          LEROY                         NY-19-26-169
STANLEY, ELVIRA              LEROY                         NY-19-24-489
STANNAFORD, MINERVA          DARIEN                        NY-19-6-163
STANNARD, ELDRIDGE           PAVILION                      NY-19-19-237
STANNARD, JOHN               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-5-504
STANTON, BENJAMIN W.         BYRON                         NY-19-23-107
STANTON, EMILY E. INGHAM     LEROY                         NY-19-21-129
STANTON, ROBERT B.           BYRON                         NY-19-17-257
STAPLES, LYMAN               ELBA                          NY-19-5-367
STARKWEATHER, AMOS           ALABAMA                       NY-19-4-241
STARKWEATHER, EZRA           BETHANY                       NY-19-13-73
STARKWEATHER, SCHUYLER       ALABAMA                       NY-19-16-141
STARR, NOAH                  PAVILION                      NY-19-9-165
STARR, SAMUEL                PAVILION                      NY-19-8-169
STAUNTON, PHINEAS            LEROY                         NY-19-9-437
STEDMAN, JOHN                OAKFIELD                      NY-19-6-32
STEIN, PHILIPENA             BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-439
STERNS, MILES                ALABAMA                       NY-19-4-261
STEVENS, ABIAL               BETHANY                       NY-19-16-517
STEVENS, ALVAH               BERGEN                        NY-19-24-21
STEVENS, BACKUS E.           LEROY                         NY-19-10-293
STEVENS, ELIZABETH           BATAVIA                       NY-19-6-4
STEVENS, JAMES W.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-4-39
STEVENS, LORING H.           BERGEN                        NY-19-6-497
STEVENS, LUMAN               BETHANY                       NY-19-11-469
STEVENS, NELSON              BATAVIA                       NY-19-10-489
STEVENS, RACHEL              BATAVIA                       NY-19-16-417
STEVENS, RICHARD             OAKFIELD                      NY-19-20-503
STEVENS, SABRA F.            PAVILION                      NY-19-24-45
STEVENS, SARAH K.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-139
STEVENS, SARAH P.            BATAVIA                       NY-19-22-221
STEVENS, SILVESTER           BETHANY                       NY-19-16-433
STEWART, DANIEL              PAVILION                      NY-19-26-573
STEWART, DAVID               BETHANY                       NY-19-2-321
STEWART, JAMES               BETHANY                       NY-19-2-201
STEWART, JAMES               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-21-445
STEWART, JOHN                PAVILION                      NY-19-24-485
STEWART, REUBEN N.           BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-91
STEWART, ROBERT              ELBA                          NY-19-22-585
STICKNEY, JONAS              CORFU                         NY-19-25-13
STICKNEY, LEONARD            DARIEN                        NY-19-26-445
STICKNEY, LORAINE M.         LEROY                         NY-19-24-137
STILES, WARREN               DARIEN                        NY-19-13-373
STILWELL, HALLOCK            ELBA                          NY-19-18-621
STIMERS, GEORGE              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-7-321
STIMERS, JOHN                ALEXANDER                     NY-19-18-289
STODDARD, DANIEL C.          PEMBROKE                      NY-19-15-465
STODDARD, ROSINA             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-18-473
STODDARD, SQUIRE             ELBA                          NY-19-7-46
STONE, ELI                   ALEXANDER                     NY-19-16-261
STONE, ELIZABETH A.          BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-49
STONE, JAMES P.              ALEXANDER                     NY-19-20-103
STONE, JOSEPH                WETHERSFIELD                  NY-19-2-290
STONE, JULIA A.              BYRON                         NY-19-24-25
STONE, SARAH                 BATAVIA                       NY-19-23-55
STORMS, ISAAC                BATAVIA                       NY-19-21-281
STOTENBURGH, CATHARINE V.    STAFFORD                      NY-19-6-286
STOVER, DANFORD              BERGEN                        NY-19-22-109
STRINGHAM, DANIEL            OAKFIELD                      NY-19-16-489
STRONG, DANIEL               ALEXANDER                     NY-19-6-215
STRONG, DELOS                BATAVIA                       NY-19-7-22
STRONG, ELIZA S.             LEROY                         NY-19-24-53
STRONG, HIRAM                BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-356
STRONG, MINER                DARIEN                        NY-19-20-231
STRONG, OTHNIEL W.           BETHANY                       NY-19-23-95
STUDLEY, CHESTER             ELBA                          NY-19-20-527
STUFFINGS, JOHN              ALABAMA                       NY-19-16-109
STURDEVANT, HANNAH M.        PEMBROKE                      NY-19-22-373
STUTTERD, JOSEPH             STAFFORD                      NY-19-11-141
SUGRIST, LEWIS F.            BYRON                         NY-19-9-25
SULLINGS, TEMPERANCE         BATAVIA                       NY-19-20-63
SULLINGS, WILLIAM            BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-145
SULLINGS, WILLIAM            BATAVIA                       NY-19-12-106
SUMNER, DANIEL               DARIEN                        NY-19-14-431
SUMNER, EMMETT E.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-25-223
SUMNER, HATTIE L.            PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-37
SUMNER, JEROME               PEMBROKE                      NY-19-19-473
SUMNER, JOHN                 ALEXANDER                     NY-19-21-469
SUMNER, SETH                 DARIEN                        NY-19-17-205
SUMNER, WINSLOW              DARIEN                        NY-19-25-203
SUTHERLAND, ISAAC            BATAVIA                       NY-19-3-374
SUTHERLAND, JOEL             PEMBROKE                      NY-19-23-21
SUTHERLAND, JOSHUA           BATAVIA                       NY-19-4-438
SUTHERLAND, LAURA            BATAVIA                       NY-19-5-54
SUTHERLAND, LUCY             DARIEN                        NY-19-15-353
SWARTZ, JOHN A.              ELBA                          NY-19-19-481
SWEETLAND, HARVEY            STAFFORD                      NY-19-4-475
SWIFT, ICHABOD               LEROY                         NY-19-13-329
SWIFT, MARTIN L.             LEROY                         NY-19-8-61

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