Cayuga County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Cayuga County New York, Supreme Court type of record
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"see:" - alternative name listed

TABACZYK, JOSEPH                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-40
TABACZYK, ROZALIA                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2774
TABBONE, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-17
TABONE, CATARINA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3316
TABONE, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2619
TABONE, NICOLETTA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3534
TAFURI, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4425
TAGGART, FELIX J.                      IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2722
TALBOT, CHRISTA                        GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4221
TAMA, VICTORIA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2795
TAMBURO, JOSEPHINE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2314
TAMBURO, MICHELE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2236
TAMPAGLIA, GIOVANNI                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-77
TANCHAK, ANNA                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3715
TANCHAK, NICHOLAS                      AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-84
TANGEN, AUDUN MAGNUS                   NORWAY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4120
TANOUS, JOHN                           TURKEY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-5
TANZI, PIETRO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-53
TARAGLIO, ANGELO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-39
TARALA, FRANCISZKA                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-11
TARALA, WALTER FRANCIS                 POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-44
TARBAJ, JOZEF                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-54
TARBAJ, PETRONELA                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4426
TARBY, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2817
TARDIBUONO, MARIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2789
TATA, GIOVANNI                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-97
TATA, PASQUALE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-8
TATA, PETER                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-42
TATAR, FRANK                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-78
TATHAM, CYRIL                          CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3110
TATHAM, ROSE                           ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3682
TAWREL, WLADYSLAW ADAM                 POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-131
TAYLOR, ERNEST ROBERT                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-97
TAYLOR, ISABELLA DELIA                 ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3522
TAYLOR, NELSON EDWARD                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-37
TAYLOR, RICHARD BENJAMIN               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2900
TAYLOR, WILLIAM JOHN                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-38
TECHMAN, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-62
TECLER, MOLLIE                         ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3443
TELVOCK, STEVE                         CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3989
TEODORO, LOUIS                         SEE: DONOFRIO, LUIGI
TERINO, ANGELINA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2808
TERMINI, GAETANO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-56
TERRANOVA, BASILE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-64
TESORO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4376
TESORO, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4089
TESTA, ANTONIO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2391
TESTA, FILOMENA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3204
TESTA, GAETANO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4448
TESTA, LUISA                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3511
TESTA, MICHELE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-81
TESTA, TONY                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-64
TETLEY, RUTH MOTT                      NY/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-36
TEZYK, JOSEPH                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-17
TEZZI, CARMINE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-7
THAYER, HENRY AUGUSTUS                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-90
THILLMAN, ALMA (ESSLINGER)             ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4083
THILLMAN, ARNOLD                       ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4084
THILLMAN, TRAUGOTT                     ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4213
THILLMANN, DANIEL JR.                  ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4123
THILLMANN, HELMUT                      ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4124
THOMAS, ALFRED CHARLES                 CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3265
THOMAS, ETHELBERT                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-86
THOMAS, GISELA ERNA                    BREMEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4348
THOMAS, HERMAN                         GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-31
THOMAS, JOHN                           ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-59
THOMAS, SADIE                          TURKEY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3750
THOMPSON, AGNES                        SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3424
THOMPSON, ELEANOR WALKER               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2623
THOMPSON, ISABELLA                     SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2393
THOMPSON, WILLIAM JOHN                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2392
THORNTON, MARTHA HARVEY                ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2394
THORNTON, WILLIAM THOMAS               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2395
THRIPPLETON, ALBERT                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-42
THRIPPLETON, MARY                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-77
TICHANICZ, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-97
TIERSON, ABRAHAM                       HOLLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3162
TIGANI, ANTONINO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-59
TIGANI, CARMINE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-50
TIGANI, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-46
TIJOU, ADRIAN JOHN                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4248
TINCKNELL, HERBERT JOHN                ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-45
TINCKNELL, MILFORD HENRY               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-46
TINCKNELL, SILVESTER                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-27
TINCKNELL, THOMAS                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-52
TINCKNELL, WILLIAM                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-2
TINCKNELL, WILLIAM                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-7
TINCKWELL, HENRY                       ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-137
TINDALL, MELANIE                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4417
TINTI, ALFREDO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3357
TINTI, DOMENICO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-42
TIRINO, CLEMENTE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-25
TISCI, CONSTANTINO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-72
TOBIS, FRANK                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3452
TOBIS, JOSEPH STANLEY                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2396
TOKARZ, AGNES                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3268
TOKARZ, ANTONI                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3699
TOKARZ, STANISLAW                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2622
TOKARZ, WALENTY                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-23
TOLLEY, CHARLES                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-79
TOLLEY, NELLIE MAY                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3038
TOMSKI, ALBERT                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-97
TOOLE, JOHN                            IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-63
TORORICI, LEOPOLDO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-28
TOROTORELLO, ROSE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3395
TOROUS, IVAN                           UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4350
TOROUS, MARIA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4565
TORTORA, VINCENZO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3796
TORTORELLO, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-49
TOSQUES, LUIGI                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-22
TOUTANT, AIME JOSEPH                   CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-4
TOVATO, ROSARIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2485
TOWN, ELMA GERTRUDE                    CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3703
TOZZI, ANGELO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-41
TRAETTA, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4481
TRAIANI, DONATO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-38
TRAMA, ANTONIETTE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-23
TRAMA, LUIGI                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-33
TRAMA, MARIA                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3549
TRAMA, SANTO                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-70
TRANOWICZ, JOSEPH                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2546
TREGLIA, CRESTE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-12
TREMANTE, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-95
TRILLO, LORENZO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-39
TRIM, ANN VERONICA                     GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4464
TRINAGLE, ROSARIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-55
TRINCA, FRANCESCA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2901
TRINCA, GIUSEPPE GUCCIARDO             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-56
TRINCA, SAVERIO GUCCIARDO              ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-55
TRINCA, SERAFINA GUCCIARDO             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3330
TRINCA, VINCENZO GUCCIARDO             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2150
TRINGALI, ROSARIA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3727
TRINYALE, MARGHERITA                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-100
TRIOLO, CHARLES                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2457
TRIPICIANO, GAETANO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3588
TRIPICIANO, MONICA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3695
TRIPICIANO, TONY                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-64
TRIPODI, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-28
TRIPOLI, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-29
TRIPP, FLORENCE                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4304
TRIPP, MARK                            ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-28
TRIZIO, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-56
TRIZIO, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-78
TROCIUK, ANNA (KOSIAK)                 UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4129
TROCIUK, WASYL                         UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4128
TROEMEL, FRIEDRICH KARL                AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3118
TROEMEL, FRIEDRICH KARL                AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2941
TROJNAR, FRANK                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-3
TROJNAR, IGNACY                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2887
TROJNAR, LUDWIG                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-34
TROJNAR, WIKTORJA                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3058
TROVATO, DOMENICO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-1
TROVATO, ROSARIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-10
TROYKO, GEORGE                         HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2205
TROYNAR, IGNATZ                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-2
TRTRINCA, SALVATORE GUCCADO            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-17
TRUMPETER, WILLIAM FRED                ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-31
TRUPIANO, EPIFANIO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4349
TRUSSO, CARMELO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2521
TRYAKOWSKI, CHESTER                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3945
TSELEKIS, DEMOSTHENIS                  GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3797
TSOULIS, JOHN                          GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2254
TUFFNELL, JOHN WILLIAM                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-97
TUFO, DOMENICK                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-21
TUFTS, GENERAL ASEPH                   NOVA SCOTIA         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3827
TUMBER, ERNEST                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-24
TUMBIOLO, FRANCISCO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-75
TUMMINELLI, EMANUELE                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-78
TUROSZ, JAN                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-46
TUTCHER, FRANK                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-98
TUTCHER, FREDERICK JAMES               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-53
TUTINO, MATTEO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-57
TUZINKIEWICZ, APOLINARY                POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-25
TWAMLEY, CELESTINE JOHN                IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4412
TYCHANYCZ, LOUIS                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-71
TYLENDA, ALEXANDER PETER               POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3111
TYLENDA, FRANK                         RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-58
TYLER, ANNA VINCENZA                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4116
TYLER, WILFRED                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-9
TYRAKOWSKI, ANNA HAWRYLAK              POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3944
TYRALA, ANTONI                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3758
UKOLOWICZ, WILADYSLAW                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-128
ULANYTZKY, VLADIMIRA                   AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-28
UNTERSCHUTZ, ROMAN                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-116
URBANIK, LAWRENCE                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-59
URBON, MARCIEN                         SEE: TROJNAR, FRANK
USOWSKI, JAN                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-50
VACCA, JOSEPH                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3374
VACCARINO, ANGELO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2790
VACCHIO, FELICIANO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2296
VACHNA, JAN                            CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3668
VACHNA, JOHN                           CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2898
VAGENAS, THEODOR                       GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-18
VALENT, FRANK                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-98
VALENTI, NICOLA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-68
VALENTINO, EMILIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2686
VALERIO, ESTHER                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3400
VALERIO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2497
VALERIO, MARIA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2907
VALK, GESA MARIANNE                    GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4453
VALZO, PASQUALE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-19
VANACORE, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-42
VANACORE, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-66
VANACORE, JAMES                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-22
VANACORE, VINCENZO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2302
VANALSTYNE, IRENE LILIAN               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3937
VANDEPOEL, JOZEPHUS                    NETHERLANDS         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4392
VANDERSTOUW, CORA                      HOLLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2530
VANDERWERFF, LEBERTUS                  NETHERLANDS         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4487
VANDETTO, ALEXANDER EMILE              ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-48
VANSPEYBROECK, CERIEL                  BELGIUM             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-63
VANSPEYBROECK, MARIE                   BELGIUM             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-29
VANTAFIDO, FRANCESCO                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-90
VARI, GAETANO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-7
VARONA, GLADYS MARTIN                  CUBA                NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4563
VARRIN, PHILIPPE LOUIS                 SWITZERLAND         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4134
VASCHI, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-80
VASCO, IGNAZIO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2499
VASCO, IGNAZIO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3633
VASILE, ALFONSO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-19
VASILE, LUIGI                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-76
VASILE, SALVATORE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2348
VASSALLO, PASQUALE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4560
VELARDI, DAMIANO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2350
VELARDI, ROSALIA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2831
VELLA, ALFONSO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2728
VELLA, FILIPPO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-74
VELLA, GIUSEPPINA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2672
VELLA, LOUIS                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3621
VELLA, RAIMONDA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3550
VELLA, THERESA BURGIO                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3333
VENDITTI, MARIA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3398
VENEZIANO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-86
VENTO, LEO                             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-89
VENTRA, CARMELO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-91
VENTURA, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-79
VENTURO, ANGELO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-16
VERCRUYSSE, ELLEN INGEBORG             GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4336
VERRILLO, MARGARET                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3277
VERRILLO, PASQUALE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2649
VERRILLO, PASQUALE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2810
VESOSKY, ALEKSANDRA MARIA              POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3982
VEVONE, VINCENZO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2452
VICARDI, MICHAEL                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-52
VIGGIANI, GIOVANNI                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-96
VIGGIANO, FLAVIA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4215
VIGGIANO, MILDRED                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3212
VILA, SILVIA MARIA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4314
VILLANO, MARIA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3248
VILLANO, ROBERTO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3593
VINCENTY, JOHN                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2398
VINCIGHUERRA, SALVATORE                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2859
VINCIGUERRA, ANGELINA                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3373
VINCIGUERRA, ELIZABETH                 POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3165
VINCIGUERRO, MATTIO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-75
VINIERO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-6
VISNOWSKI, ANTHONY                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-83
VISSER, AUGUST                         HOLLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-61
VISSER, PETER                          HOLLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-90
VISTOCCO, FRANK                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-17
VITALE, BENEDETTO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-64
VITALE, GIOVANNA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3712
VITALE, GIUSEPPA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3711
VITALE, GIUSEPPE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-84
VITALE, JAMES                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-68
VITALE, JASPER FRANK PAUL              ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-48
VITALE, JENNIE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4272
VITALE, ONORATO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-39
VITALE, SALVATORE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4340
VITALE, VINCENZA MARIA                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3393
VITO, ROSE DON                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2711
VIVENZIO, AGOSTINO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-82
VLIETINCH, FRANK                       BELGIUM             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-15
VLIETINCK, EMIEL                       BELGIUM             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-25
VOLPACCHIO, JOHN                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-37
VOLPE, PETER                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-89
VOLPETTI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2428
VOTTO, MICHELE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-44
VOWLES, EDWARD                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-33
WACHNA, MARY                           CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3777
WACKENHUT, GEORGE JOHAN                GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2498
WACKENHUT, LINA                        GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2349
WAELZ, WINFRIED                        GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4463
WAGNER, JOSEF                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-44
WAJDA, STEFAN                          UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4018
WALA, FRANK                            SEE: WALAWYNDER, FRANCISZEK
WALAWENDER, HELENA                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2255
WALAWENDER, IGANCY                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-4
WALAWENDER, JOSEPH                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-3
WALAWENDER, MARY                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3166
WALAWENDER, SOPHIA                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3428
WALAWENDER, STANISLAW                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-15
WALAWYNDER, FRANCISZEK                 POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-91
WALCZEK, JOSEPH                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-16
WALCZYK, ANTONI                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-18
WALCZYK, FRANK                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2317
WALCZYK, HONORATA                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-20
WALCZYK, JULIANE                       BADEN               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3887
WALCZYK, MARY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3559
WALCZYK, WERONIKA                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2529
WALCZYK, ZOFIA                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2776
WALEWSKI, PETER                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3275
WALKER, AGNES                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-52
WALKER, ALFRED                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-80
WALLACE, FRANK WILLIAM                 CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-83
WALLACE, WILLIAM WALTER                ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-43
WALSH, DOROTHY MARY                    IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3024
WALSH, MARY CATHERINE                  IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3478
WALSH, MATTHEW                         IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-1
WALSH, NIVES MILENA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4324
WALTERS, LEVI JOHN                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-70
WALTERS, NELLIE                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3417
WALTS, MOK HWA                         KOREA               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4406
WALWAENDER, FRANK                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-4
WARD, PETER                            IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2461
WARD, PHEOBE EDITH                     SASKATCHEWAN        NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3872
WASILENKO, MICHAEL                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-26
WASYLKO, MARIA                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4418
WASYLKO, STEPHAN                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4432
WATKINS, WILLIAM JOHN                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-25
WATSON, HIDEKO DEGUCHI                 JAPAN               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4411
WAWRO, BERNARDINE                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2861
WAWRO, FRANCIZEK                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-60
WAWRO, FRANK                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3641
WAWRO, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2419
WAWRO, JOSEF                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-14
WAWRO, ROSE                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2295
WAWRO, ROSE                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2152
WAWRO, STANISLAW                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2397
WAWRO, STELLA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2892
WAWRO, VALERIA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3288
WAWRZASZCH, JOSEPHINE                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2705
WAWRZASZCK, ANDREW                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-28
WAWRZASZEK, ANNA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-12
WAWRZASZEK, AUGUSTYN                   AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-54
WAWRZASZEK, CECYLJA                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-90
WAWRZASZEK, FRANK                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-2
WAWRZASZEK, IGNACY                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-25
WAWRZASZEK, JOSEF                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-36
WAWRZASZEK, TONY                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-27
WAWRZASZEK, VICTORIA                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2602
WAWZAZSEK, JAMES                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-48
WEAVER, FLORRIE                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3544
WEAVER, FRANK ALEXANDER                ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-11
WEAVER, REGINALD EDWIN                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3245
WEAVER, WILLIAM ERNEST                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3246
WEBBER, CHARLES                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-83
WEBBER, FREDERICK JOSEPH               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-96
WEBER, FRANK                           GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-54
WEBER, RENATE KATHARINE                GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4265
WEBSTER, JOHN                          SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2217
WEBSTER, MARGARET                      NY/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2216
WEEKS, ARTHUR                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-82
WEEKS, GLADYS LOUISE                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-42
WEEKS, WALLACE MACDONALD               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-83
WEGRZYN, JOHN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-67
WEGRZYN, NELLIE                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2197
WEILER, HEINZ                          GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4540
WEINER, SAMUEL BENSON                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-65
WEINERT, RUDOLPH                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-17
WEJKO, ELIAS ILKO                      UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4126
WEJKO, MARY                            GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4391
WELCH, ALEX                            SEE: WOLCHKO, ALEX
WELGS, TILLIE                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2358
WELLARD, LOUIA BELLA                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3756
WELLARD, THOMAS WILLIAM                SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3757
WELLER, ALBERT WILLIAM                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2896
WELLER, MARGARET ELLEN                 NY/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2745
WENTSCHER, OTTO HERMAN                 GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-34
WESILACL, ALMA MARIE                   NY/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-100
WHEELER, KAP NE PARK                   KOREA               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4370
WHITE, EDWIN GEORGE                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-85
WHITE, GEORGE                          SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-94
WHITE, JOHN                            IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-9
WHITEHEAD, ROSE WEBBER                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-82
WHITMAN, ERIKA                         WEST GERMANY        NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4403
WIGGINS, JEAN BONAR                    SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3813
WIGHT, ALBERT                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2214
WILCZEK, ANTONI                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3061
WILCZEK, FRANCISZEK                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-3
WILCZEK, FRANK                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-8
WILCZEK, HELEN                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3477
WILCZEK, JULIUS                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2955
WILCZEK, STELLA                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-94
WILCZINSKI, MICHAEL                    AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-92
WILCZYNSKI, ANNA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3169
WILCZYNSKI, TONY                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-89
WILDNER, LUCETTE EUGENIE               FRANCE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3839
WILEMAN, THOMAS                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-59
WILKINSON, ELLIS                       ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2655
WILKINSON, HANNAH MCHUGH               IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4284
WILKINSON, MARTHA                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3524
WILLIAMS, SIMON                        CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-68
WILSON, ELSIE MAY                      ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2757
WILSON, GEORGE HENRY                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3597
WILSON, JOHN                           SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3761
WILZINSKA, HELEN                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3856
WINARCHIK, JULIA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3557
WINARCHIK, TYMKO                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3449
WINKWORTH, GEORGE HENRY                ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-6
WINTER, CHARLES                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-73
WINTER, LOUIS                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-55
WINTER, WILLIAM HENRY                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-59
WITHERS, JAMES                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-18
WITHERS, ROWLAND                       ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2989
WLAD, FRANCIS MARIAN                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4262
WLAD, JANINA                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4261
WOJCIAK, STANLEY                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2673
WOJEICHAWSKI, ANTONI                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-134
WOJNER, WOJCIEH                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-25
WOJTOWICZ, FELIKSA (MICHALSA)          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4090
WOJTOWICZ, JACOB                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-49
WOLCHKO, ALEX                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-69
WOLCZEK, ALEKSANDRA                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4353
WOLCZEK, WLODZIMIERZ                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4352
WOLCZYK, FRANK                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-12
WOLFHAGEN, JOHN LEO                    HOLLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4494
WOLFSON, HENRY                         ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2196
WOLNIAK, GEORGE                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-33
WOLNIAK, JULIA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3167
WOLOSKOWSKI, JOSEPH                    AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-38
WOOD, JAMES WILLIAM                    ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-53
WOODS, JOAN PEARCE                     BERMUDA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4520A
WOOLERY, MITSUKO                       JAPAN               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4366
WOROBIEC, PETER                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3269
WOROZBYT, DMYTRO                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-29
WORZBYT, ANNA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3331
WRIGHT, ALEXANDER F.                   ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-8
WRIGHT, OLIVE                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2215
WROBEL, AGATA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3540
WYANT, HENRY GEORGE                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-32
WYNNE, WILLIAM                         IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-73
WYSOWSKI, ANTONI                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2545
YABLONSKY, JOHN                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-120
YAKELEY, HANNAH                        WALES               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4051
YAMELSKI, EVA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3070
YAREM, MICHAEL                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2988
YAREM, PARASKA "POLLY"                 POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3120
YAREMA, BORIS JOHN                     SEE: JAREMA, BORYS  NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4396
YAWORSKY, JOSEPH                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2361
YAWORSKY, JULIA                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3172
YELLS, MARGARET LITTLE                 SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4088
YOUNG, ALICE KATHERINE                 CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2443
YOUNG, BENJAMIN                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4228
YOUNG, CHARLES                         SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2315
YOUNG, CHRISTIANE                      FRANCE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4038
YOUNG, EDWIN ROBERT                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3022
YOUNG, EVA                             AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4227
YOUNG, GISELA ELSBETH (HUTH)           GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4095
YOUNG, ITA MARGARET                    IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3289
YURDYGA, ELECK                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-48
YUSZKIEWICZ, DOMINICK                  RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-34
YUTICANE, DOMENICO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-35
ZABA, JOZEF                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3765
ZABINSKI, MATTHEW                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2648
ZACCARIA, DOMENICO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2318
ZADOROZNAK, DARATZ                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-22
ZAGOROLI, BENITO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4437
ZAHLER, JOHN                           SWITZERLAND         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-36
ZAMBITO, ASSUNTA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2354
ZAMBITO, EMANUEL                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4098
ZAMBITO, FRANK                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2102
ZAMBITO, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-9
ZAMBITO, JAMES                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2563
ZAMBITO, JENNIE                        BRAZIL              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2117
ZAMBITO, JOE                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2581
ZAMBITO, LILIANNA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2874
ZAMBITO, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-17
ZAMBITO, VITO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-54
ZAMBUTO, CARMELO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-19
ZANCHE, LUIGI                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4075
ZANOWIAK, MARY                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-30
ZANOWICK, SAMUEL                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-81
ZAPPULLARO, JOSEPH GALBATO             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3845
ZARBIS, NICHOLAS                       GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-34
ZARBO, PAUL                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2576
ZARELLA, MELCHIORE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-88
ZAWITKOWSKA, STANISLAWA                POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4480
ZAWITKOWSKI, WALTER                    POALND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4110
ZDAN, FEDKO                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-73
ZDAN, FRANK                            SEE: ZDAN, FEDKO
ZDAN, MALANKA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-41
ZEMBACK, MARJA                         SEE: GANA, MARY
ZENTNER, ADOLF                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-34
ZEREBNY, ANDREW                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-80
ZICHETTELLA, NICOLA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2520
ZICHITELLA, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-64
ZICHITTELLI, LEONARDO                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-66
ZIGADLO, PETER                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2758
ZIZZA, ANNA                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4295
ZIZZA, ANTOINETTE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4333
ZIZZA, AUGUSTINE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4293
ZIZZA, COSIMA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4175
ZIZZA, EUPREMIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4264
ZIZZA, FRANCESCO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4171
ZIZZA, IMMACOLATA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4294
ZIZZA, PIETRINA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4332
ZIZZA, TERESA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4334
ZLAMANIEC, JOHN                        SEE: MACH, MICHAL
ZLOTOROWICZ, MIKOLOJ                   AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-27
ZOBKIW, ANNA                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3290
ZOBKIW, KLEMENTYNA                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-32
ZOBKIW, LEO                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-47
ZOBKIW, PETER                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2448
ZUCCHERO, JOSEPHINE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3509
ZUCCHERO, LOUIS                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-64
ZUCCHERO, LUIGI                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2615
ZUPPARDO, GIROLAMO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2518
ZURCHER, FREDERIC                      FRANCE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4473
ZUZOLA, TONY                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-6
ZUZOLO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3168
ZYMNIK, HARRY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2120

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