Cayuga County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Cayuga County New York, Supreme Court type of record
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"see:" - alternative name listed

AALTONEN, HENRY ERIK                   FINLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4050
AARONS, MEYER GERSON                   RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-69
ABATE, BALDASSARE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2751
ABATE, TERESA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3215
ABRAHAMSON, OLAF                       SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2488
ACTON, CATHERINE                       IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4490
ADAMCZUK, EMMA                         UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4099
ADAMCZUK, STEPHEN                      UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3968
ADAMOWSKY, MICHAEL                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-8
ADAMS, GEORGE ALEXANDER                CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2857
ADAMS, GERTRUDE ELLEN                  ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3525
ADAMS, JOHN                            ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2856
ADAMS, JOHN IRVING                     CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2692
ADANTI, ARNOLFE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-22
ADDABO, FILIPPO ANTONIO                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-53
ADLER, ANNE MARIE                      SACHSEN             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4182
ADOLPH, FRED                           PRUSSIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-50
ADOLPH, FREDERICK                      PRUSSIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-50
ADSIT, NORA                            ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3812
AED, GEORGE                            SYRIA               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-12
AED, TOFE S.                           TURKEY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-84
AED, WADIE SALAMON                     TURKEY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-69
AFIERI, DONATO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-88
AGATI, MARY                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-43
AGATI, ROCCO                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-59
AGATI, ROSA                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4189
AGOSTA, SYLVESTER                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2462
AGOSTO, CARMELO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-79
AIGHT, JOEL                            ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-28
AITKEN, JOHN                           SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3412
AITKEN, MARY                           SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3542
AKELEWICZ, FRANK                       RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-73
AKELEWICZ, JOSEPH                      RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-6
AKELEWICZ, JOZEFA                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2220
ALACCE, LOUIS                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-43
ALANO, ANTONIO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-76
ALBERICI, GIACONDA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3137
ALBERICI, GINO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-79
ALCOCK, GEORGE HENRY                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-41
ALEXANDER, FRANK                       ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-37
ALIOTTA, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-98
ALLAN, JOHN                            SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-14
ALLAN, MARGARET                        SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-9
ALLESSANDELLO, GIUSEPPE                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-19
ALMERTO, COSIMO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-83
ALNUTT, WILLIAM JOHN                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-24
ALONGI, ALFONSINA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3313
ALONZI, FRANK                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-32
ALTE, ERICH                            GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-55
ALTO, SAIMA MATILDA                    FINLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4211
ALVARO, ANGELO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-83
AMADEO, ANGELLO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-61
AMBERGE, HERMAN                        GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-69
AMODEI, ANGELO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4519
AMODEI, GASPARE ANTONIO                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4153
AMODEI, GIOVANNA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4529
AMODEI, GIUSEPPE FRANCESCO             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4156
AMODEI, MARIA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4427
AMODEI, MARIA                          SCIILY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4435
AMORE, LEONARDO MODICA                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3710
AMORE, ROSORIA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-93
AMORE, SAM                             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-65
ANASTASIO, RAFFAELLA                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3591
ANDERSEN, CARIN INGEBORG               SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-64
ANDERSON, ALMA SOPHIA                  SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2326
ANDERSON, MAUD ELVIRA (OLSSON)         SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2322
ANDERSON, OLIVER                       SEE: ANDERSON, OLOV
ANDERSON, OLOV                         SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-67
ANDERSSON, ARON                        SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-35
ANDERSSON, EMIL SAMUEL                 SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-7
ANDREANI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-47
ANDREWS, ERNEST                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2328
ANDREWS, MINNIE                        NY/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2327
ANDREWS, ROLAND                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3027
ANDREWS, WILMER JOHN                   QUEBEC              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4419
ANDREWS,RITA ALMA                      ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4420
ANDROSKO, STEVEN                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-5
ANGELLO, AMEDIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2660
ANGELLO, CARMELA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2128
ANGELLO, CARMELA (TUMMARELLO)          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2730
ANGELLO, CHARLES                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-7
ANGELLO, GERLANDO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-44
ANGYAL, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-8
ANHORN, ADELINE                        BESSARABIA          NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4374
ANHORN, ADELINE                        ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4388
ANHORN, ADELINE                        ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4387
ANHORN, ARTUR                          ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4386
ANNAN, CATHERINE                       SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3826
ANNAN, JAMES MCKECHNIE                 SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3486
ANSELMI, CARMELINA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3992
ANSELMI, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3649
ANTONACCI, ALFRED                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-72
ANTONACCI, ALFRED                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-69
ANTONUCCIO, ANGELO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-56
ANTOSZ, SIMON                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-85
APONE, GERMANO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3841
APPLEBY, MARK                          ENLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-38
AQUARO, COSIMO DOMIONO                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-39
AQUARO, IMMACOLATA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2674
ARCIDIACONO, NUNZIO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-53
ARCIDIACONO, SALVATORE                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-16
ARDUISSO, GRANETTO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-40
AREGANO, NICOLA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-50
AREZZO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3387
AREZZO, CONCETTINA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3911
AREZZO, MARY                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2833
AREZZO, MICHELE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2659
ARMENIA, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-78
ARMENIO, PIETRO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-89
ARMSTRONG, ARTHUR KITCHING             ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2783
ARMSTRONG, FRANCES MARTHA              ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3071
ARNTS, HENRY JOSEPH                    NETHERLANDS         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3786
ARNTS, RIEKA CORNELIA                  HOLLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3802
AROLA, PIETRO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-63
ARPINO, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-29
ASARE, DOMENIO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2990
ASARO, DOMENICO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-94
ASHBARRY, THOMAS EDWIN                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4365
ASHBURY, THOMAS ARNOLD                 CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-25
ASPLUND, ALLAN ARTHUR AXEL             SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3209
ASPLUND, AXEL AUGUST                   SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-84
ASTOLFI, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-20
ATHARIDES, THOMAS                      TURKEY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2720
ATKINSON, FREDERICK                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2526
ATKINSON, IRETTA LOUISE                NY/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2525
ATKINSON, JAMES MACKENZIE              QUEBEC              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3850
AUBIN, BENJAMIN                        CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-75
AUCHMAN, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2329
AUDET, ALDEA                           QUEBEC              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-8
AUGELLO, CHARLES                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-35
AUGELLO, CHARLES JOSEPH                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2489
AUGUSCIK, JANINE                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4551
AUGUSCIK, ZYGMUNT                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4550
AVACONE, FILIPPIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-87
AVERSA, LUCIA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2991
AVOCONE, MADDALENA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-68
AVOLA, ANITA                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4184
AVOLA, ANITA                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3973
AVOLA, JOHN                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2792
AVOLA, NANCY                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3327
AVOLA, SALVATORE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2330
AVVEDUTI, ANGELO ADRIANO               ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2560
AWAZIAN, HAIGONNI A.                   TURKEY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-39
AXELROD, MAX                           RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-36
AYERS, UTE                             GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4410
BAADEN, NOREEN EDDINGTON               ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4158
BABIARZ, AGATA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-83
BABIARZ, ANNA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3028
BABIARZ, FRANCIS                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-38
BABIARZ, JAMES                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2845
BABIARZ, JAMES                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3556
BABIARZ, JAMES                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2585
BABIARZ, JOHN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-64
BABIARZ, JOHN STAINSLAW                POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2624
BABIARZ, SOPHIE                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3561
BABIAZ, FRANK                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-65
BACHMAN, JOHN JOSEPH                   BAVARIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-10
BACHMAN, SAAH TOLLEY                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-29
BACHRACH, ISAAC JOSEPH                 RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-33
BACHTA, BERNARD                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-1
BACHTA, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-35
BACHTA, JOZEF                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-33
BACHTA, VICTORIA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2975
BADALAMENTI, BENEDETTO                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2456
BADALAMENTI, BRIGIDA                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3325
BADALAMENTI, GIUSEPPA                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4532
BADALAMENTI, VICENZO                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2239
BADALMENT, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-50
BADRAN, FRANK                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-48
BAGAN, PETER                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-49
BAIATA, GUGLIELMO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-67
BAILEY, WILLIAM HENRY                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-56
BAKAISA, MICHAEL                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-68
BAKALIK, FRANK                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2555
BAKALIK, MARY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2877
BAKAYSA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-1
BAKER, ARTHUR CHARLES                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-73
BAKER, BERTRAM WALTER                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-76
BAKER, GEORGE                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-94
BALCH, ERNEST FRANCIS                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2922
BALIVA, DOROTHY FORBES                 GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2417
BALIVA, PASQUALE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2364
BALLONI, ERSILLIA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2346
BALYSZAK, HARRY                        UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4527
BALYSZAK, MICHAEL                      URAKINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3935
BALYSZAK, STEFAN                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3947
BALYSZAK, WASYL                        UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4161
BANDAS, WILLIAM                        CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3537
BANFIELD, RICHARD JOHN                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-89
BANKS, ELIZABETH                       IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3485
BANNISTER, WINIFRED PARK               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3087
BANTUVANIS, IRENE JOHN                 GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4200
BARAB, WASYL                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-15
BARAN, ANIELA                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3910
BARAN, JAN                             AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-75
BARAN, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-95
BARAN, KRYSTYNA                        SEE: NEROSKA, MYRI
BARAN, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-45
BARAN, ONUFER                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-98
BARANDI, EDE                           HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4310
BARANDI, ROSA                          HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4311
BARANICH, ANNA                         CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2731
BARANICH, JOHN                         SLOVAKIA            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2365
BARANSKI, ZYGMUNT                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-41
BARBAGALLO, GRACE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3958
BARBAGALLO, JOSEPH                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2992
BARBARO, ANTONIO                       BRAZIL              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-23
BARBARO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-100
BARBARO, MARY                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2710
BARBER, RALPH DODDS                    ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-93
BARI, DOMENICO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-64
BARNETT, MARTIN ROLAND                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-15
BARNSTONE, ELLI PHAEDRA                TURKEY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3951
BARRACO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-12
BARRACO, MARIA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2263
BARRERA, CARMELO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-88
BARRERA, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-16
BARRERA, GIOVANNINA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2319
BARRERA, MARIA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3506
BARRERA, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-88
BARRERA, SAVLATORE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-94
BARRY, MICHAEL JOSEPH                  IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-44
BARSKI, FESKA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3584
BARSKI, STIF                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-71
BARTLETT, CHARLES HENRY                ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-16
BARTNIK, URSULA                        HANNOVER            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4242
BARTOSIK, JAN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-20
BARWINCZCK, ANNA                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3934
BASHTA, MARY                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2463
BASILE, ANNE                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3195
BASILE, GIUSEPPA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3135
BASILE, SAVERIO                        BRAZIL              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2221
BASILE, SEBASTIANO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-68
BASILE, STEPHEN                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2132
BATES, HERBERT                         CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3069
BATES, WILLIAM HENRY                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-5
BATKO, STEFAN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-35
BATTAGLIO, SALVATORE                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-30
BATTISTI, LEA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4232
BAUDER, ARLEY EDWIN                    ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4378
BAUDER, ETHEL MAY                      ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4379
BAUDER, MANUELA GONSALEZ               SPAIN               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4377
BAULE, NICOLA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-45
BAUM, ADAM                             SCHLESIEN           NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3884
BAUM, MIRA                             GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3883
BAUSO, CARMIN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-31
BAUSO, CARMINE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-63
BAUSO, GRAZIA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3535
BAUSO, PHILIP                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-30
BAUSO, THOMAS                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-32
BAVUSO, SALVATORE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2431
BAYUS, AFTAN                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-93
BAZAR, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-81
BAZAR, MICHAEL                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-73
BAZAR, MICHAEL                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2222
BAZARNIK, ANNA                         UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4049
BAZARNIK, PETER                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3889
BAZARNIK, TEODOR                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3855
BAZARNYK, ANTHONY                      AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-52
BAZARNYK, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-94
BAZARNYK, WASYL                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-54
BAZYAK, CONSTANTINE                    AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-21
BEATTIE, DAVID                         SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-59
BEAUDIN, ALBERT                        ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3953
BEAUDIN, MARY EVA                      ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3954
BECKER, EMIL JULIUS                    SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-10
BEER, CHARLES                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-71
BEERE, HELGA WALDRANT                  GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3825
BEHUNICK, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-15
BEK, JOSEPH                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-21
BELL, PERCY AYLSWORTH                  CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2258
BELLARDINO, PAUL                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3775
BELLE, ROSARIO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4233
BELLERDINE, ANGELO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2976
BELLOMO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2262
BELLOMO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4290
BELLOMO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4308
BELLOMO, LOUIS                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4269
BELLOMO, MARIE-NICOLA                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4291
BELLUSO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-73
BELLUSO, PETER                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-92
BELLUSO, VENSENA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3320
BELSITO, ELENA MARIE                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4081
BELZ, IGNAC                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2886
BELZ, JULIAN                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3044
BELZ, KATHARINE                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3219
BENDA, MARTIN                          HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-81
BENIAMINO, GIOVANNA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4347
BENNETT, ALICE EMILY ASHBY             ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3701
BENNETT, FLORENCE                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3892
BENNETT, HENRY ERNEST                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-75
BENNETT, ISABELLA                      SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3809
BENNETT, THOMAS ERNEST                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-99
BERARDICORTI, ANTONIO                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2701
BERARDICURTI, ANTONIO                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3763
BERESIWSKYJ, ANTONIA                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3956
BERESIWSKYJ, VLADIMIR                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3955
BEREZIUK, THOMAS                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3085
BERG, KARIN HENRIETTA                  SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2491
BERGREN, FRANK                         SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-55
BERKELEY, VALM AIRIS ONERVA            FINLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4394
BERNACKI, JOHN                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2723
BERNARDIN, STANISLAS                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-66
BERRENA, PETER                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-15
BERRY, ELIZABETH                       IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2676
BERRY, SIDNEY THOMAS                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3917
BERTOLINO, ANGELO GIOVANNI             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2240
BERTONICO, GERLANDA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3548
BERTONICO, JOHN                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3828
BESZLEY, JOSEPH                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-28
BETTLY, EVA                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3499
BETURA, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-64
BETZLER, STEFANIJA                     YUGOSLAVIA          NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4556
BEUTLER, ILSE JUTTA MARTHA             GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4238
BEZKOROWAYNY, EUGENIA                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3350
BIALASZEWSKI, FRANK                    RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-71
BIANCO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3764
BIANCO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3062
BIANCONI, GRAZIA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3233
BIANCONI, THOMAS                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-30
BIANCONI, THOMAS                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-35
BICHOFSKY, BENJAMIN                    RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-61
BIELOWICZ, LUDWIKA                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-7
BIELOWICZ, WOJCIECH                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-26
BILAK, ANDREW                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-63
BILEK, KARL JOSEPF                     BOHEMIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-45
BILINSKI, AUGUST                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2638
BILINSKI, TOMASZ                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2828
BILY, TONIA                            RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3924
BILYJ, NYKOLA                          UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3867
BINKOWSKI, CONCETTA DE SOCIO           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2879
BIONDO, LOUIS                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-43
BIRD, HERBERT CHARLES                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-75
BIRMINGHAM, EFFIE MARGARET             ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2129
BISHOP, ANDREW                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2464
BISOGNANO, CATENA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3074
BISOGNANO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-11
BISSI, GIOVANNI                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-78
BISSI, STEFANO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-39
BIZZARI, LUIGI                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-7
BIZZONI, MARIA PRIGLMEIR               ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3258
BLAKE, EDWIN                           ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-34
BLIXT, EDWARD                          SEE: BLIXT, EINAR
BLIXT, EINAR                           SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-91
BLOCK, KATE                            GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3658
BLOCK, WALTHER ERNST                   GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3206
BLOKE, HARRY GEORGE                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-20
BLOOMFIELD, PEGGY MARY                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3784
BLUMER, HERMANN                        SWITZERLAND         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3435
BNELL, LORREN ALSWORTH                 IL/CANADA           NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2596
BOCHENEK, ANTONI                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-36
BOCHENEK, ANTONI JR.                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2923
BOCHENEK, KAROL                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-93
BOCHENEK, KATARZYNA                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-94
BOCHENEK, WIKTORYA                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2873
BOCON, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3842
BODY, ARTHUR JOHN                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-47
BOGLIONE, ANDREA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-84
BOGNER, LEONIA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2439
BOHAJEC, ROMAN TEOFIL                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3877
BOJECZKO, STEPHEN                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3843
BOLAK, KATHERINE                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3570
BOLENIUS, JESSIE ANN                   ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3194
BOLIVA, PASQUALE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-93
BOMMERSBACH, PETER                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-30
BOMMERSBACK, FRANK                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-42
BONA, VINCEN                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3632
BONACCI, GELARDO NICOLAS               ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4231
BONADOMMA, GIACOMA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-80
BONCARAGLIO, JOHN                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-26
BONCEROWSKY, JOSEPH                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4053
BONCORAGLIO, JOHN                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-3
BOND, HUBERT HENRY                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2490
BONI, ROSE EMILIA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3253
BONO, GIACOMO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2680
BOOMER, ALICE ANN                      NOVA SCOTIA         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3941
BOONE, ARNOLD SHELDON                  NEW BRUNSWICK       NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2924
BOONZHA, HELEN                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2993
BOONZHA, JOHN                          CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2679
BOOTHROYD, ANNE EMMA                   NY/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-60
BORACZOK, THEODOSIA                    AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2995
BORACZOK, WASYL                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2261
BORCHERT, WALTER ERICH                 GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3236
BORRELLI, SEBASTIANO                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-68
BORYSLAWSKI, ANGIESZKA EMMA            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4429
BORYSLAWSKI, JOSEPH                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4438
BORYSLAWSKI, STEFAN                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4430
BORZA, FRANK                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-98
BORZEGGINO, DOMENICO                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-23
BOSKOVICH, ELI                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-85
BOTINDARI, CARMELLA MARIA              ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3237
BOTTINE, MICHAEL                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-79
BOUSLACK, ELIZABETH LOUISE             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3377
BOVE, ALFONSO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2451
BOVE, MARY                             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3653
BOVI, FRANK                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3096
BOWER, GEORGE CHARLES                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-58
BOYED, JOHN ALEXANDER                  SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-61
BOZEK, ANDREW                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3700
BOZEK, MARY                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3575
BRACKINE, FRANCIS RITA                 ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3922
BRANSE, MORRIS                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-29
BRANZETTI, JOSEPH                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-51
BRATEK, ANTONI                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-60
BRATEK, HELGA ADELHEID                 GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3854
BRATEK, JOSEF                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-26
BRATEK, ZOFIA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3307
BRATEK, ZOFIA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2994
BRAY, ETHEL                            ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3899
BRAY, JOHN                             ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3900
BRAZO, ANNA ELIZABETH                  HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3508
BREANIK, ANNA                          CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2957
BREANIK, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-98
BREESE, ELISAEBTH                      GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4193
BREESE, ROSE MARY                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3230
BRENNAN, ANNA MARY                     IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3045
BRENNAN, JAMES EDWARD                  IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-70
BRENNAN, JOHANNA                       IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2561
BRENNAN, MARTIN                        IRLEAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2133
BRENNAN, MARY                          IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3823
BRENNAN, PETER                         IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2406
BRENNAN, THOMAS JOSEPH                 IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-74
BRETT, NORA JOSEPHINE                  IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4159
BRETTNER, JOHANNA                      SWITZERLAND         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4552
BRICE, WILLIAM                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-93
BRIGGS, CAROLE ANN (ROBERTS)           WALES               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4091
BRIMLEY, ALBERT GEORGE                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2589
BRINDAK, MARY                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3572
BRISSETTE, CYRIC                       ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-40
BROKAW, ALEX                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3704
BROKAW, ELIZABETH EDNA                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4167
BROKAW, MARYA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3702
BROWN, EDITH SYBIL                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2764
BROWN, GEORGE                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-69
BROWN, GEORGE SAMUEL                   ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3738
BROWN, HERBERT                         LATVIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2796
BROWN, IRIS ELLEN                      ONTARO              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3759
BROWN, JOHN                            SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3426
BROWN, JULIUS                          HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-11
BROWN, MARY O'CONNELL                  IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2611
BROWN, WALTER SPOONER                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2765
BROWN, WILLIAM                         SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2131
BROWNE, JOHN WALTERS                   CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3026
BRRY, JOHN CHARLES                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2195
BRUGAN, PAUL                           LATVIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-14
BRYAN, ARCHIBALD                       SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-97
BRYANT, EDWARD JOHN                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-79
BRYANT, JAMES BENJAMIN                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-29
BRYLA, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-42
BRYNDAK, ANTON                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3259
BUCKLEY, BEATRICE ELIZA                ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3099
BULAY, HALUK SABAHATTIN                TURKEY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4470
BULAY, HALUK SEBASTIAN                 TURKEY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4498
BUNN, FREDERICK                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-41
BUNN, WILLIAM                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-40
BUONCORAGLIO, GEORGIO                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-83
BUONOCORE, ELKE                        GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4407
BURDA, MARY                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-57
BURGESS, HELEN MARY                    NEWFOUNDLAND        NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4382
BURGIO, CARMELO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2264
BURGOS, ANTOLIN MANUEL                 SPAIN               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4283
BURKE, ROSE ANN                        SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3822
BURT, CECIL FRANK                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-61
BURTNIAK, PETER                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3436
BUSA, ANNA                             CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2996
BUSA, WASIL                            CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-20
BUSCO, JOSEPH                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-37
BUSHNELL, IMMACOLATA                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3808
BUSHNELL, IMMACOLATA                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3932
BUSHNELL, IMMACOLATA                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4478
BUTA, SANTA                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2838
BUTERA, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-37
BUTT, MUSHTAQ AHMED                    PAKISTAN            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4545
BUTTARO, ANTHONY                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2134
BUTTON, JOSEPH                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-81
BUTZ, LOUISE AGNES                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3138
BYRNE, ANNE                            IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2533
BYRNE, CATHERINE                       IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3600
BYSKOSZ, ANTONI                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2830

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