Cayuga County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Cayuga County New York, Supreme Court type of record
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NABOKOFF, NICHOLAS                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2882
NACHOLNYK, MARY                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2899
NAMESIAK, DAMIAN                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-99
NAMISNAK, EVA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3677
NAMISNAK, GEORGE                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3241
NAMISNIAK, GEORGE                      AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-11
NAMISNIAK, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-33
NAMISNIAK, KATERZYNA                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2777
NAMISNIAK, PARASKEWA                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3228
NAMISNIAK, WASYL                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-13
NANNA, DOMENICO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4363
NAPIERACZ, JOHN                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-18
NARDELLA, MARIA FILIPPA                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2715
NARDELLO, GAETANO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2840
NARNDELLI, FRANK                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-61
NARWINCZAK, ANNA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3587
NASH, ANNIE M.                         IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-93
NASILLE, MICHELE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-2
NASKIEWICZ, ANTONINA                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-11
NASKIEWICZ, LUDWIK                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-29
NASTRI, GIACINTO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-29
NATAONE, MARY                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3010
NATONI, ALMERINDO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-95
NAVARRA, ANTONINO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-42
NAVARRA, BANY                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-47
NAVARRA, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2986
NAVARRA, MARIA CARMELA                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4309
NAVARRO, GIUSEPPA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3182
NAVARRO, PAOLO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2664
NAWOJ, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3092
NAWOJ, NELLIE                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3582
NAZARUK, MICHAEL                       ROMANIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-36
NAZURUK, CAROLINA                      AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2945
NEESE, RUTH NADIA (TKACZENKO)          BELGIUM             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3836
NEILD, ETHEL                           ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3885
NEILD, JAMES                           ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3886
NELSON, OSCAR                          SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-67
NEMEC, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-87
NEMEC, SUSANNA                         CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3405
NERI, ROSALIA LICATA                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2820
NERONSKY, PITER                        RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-91
NEROSKA, MYRI                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-13
NEROWSKI, PETER                        RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-3
NESTOPOOLOS, CONSTANTINE               GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-65
NETI, DONATO                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3620
NETTI, DOMINIC                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2113
NETTI, MARCO                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-100
NETTI, MARY ANGELA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3689
NETTI, VINCENZO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2338
NETTI, VITO NICOLA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3754
NETTIM ANTONIA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3688
NEUHAUSER, ANTON                       BOHEMIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-51
NEUMANN, ADOLF                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-65
NEUMANN, BENNI                         GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2412
NEWTON, BRIGITTE GISELA                GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4330
NICHOLAS, ELIAS                        SYRIA               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-9
NICOLA, ELIAS                          SYRIA               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-6
NICOLETTI, SANTINA FLORINDA            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4067
NICOSIA, ANNA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2914
NICOSIA, SEBASTIANO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-67
NICPAN, MARYA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-4
NIEMIEC, MARCELA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2694
NIMITS, JOSEPH                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2537
NISBET, PHEBE HOOKER                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3739
NISBET, WILLIAM ALEXANDER              IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3737
NISPAN, FRANK                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-24
NOBILE, MARIO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-49
NOBILE, RAFFAELE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-99
NOBLE, WILLIAM                         IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2570
NOCILLI, LUIGI                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-56
NODZO, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-58
NODZO, PAUL                            GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3068
NODZO, PAUL                            HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-49
NODZO, TONY                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-51
NOGA, JOHN                             POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-6
NOGA, JOHN                             AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-87
NOGA, JOZEF                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-9
NOGA, JULIA                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2601
NOGA, KAROL                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-82
NOGA, MACIEJ                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-58
NOGA, STANLEY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-51
NOLLER, ADOLF                          SACHSEN             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-19
NOMUSNIAK, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-68
NORDENSON, KNUT KONSTANTIN             SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-56
NORDLUND, ELSA WILHELMINA              SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3407
NORZOW, ANNA                           RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4020
NORZOW, IWAN                           RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4019
NOTT, DAN                              ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-2
NOVAK, CHRISTINA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3835
NOVOCILSKY, IWAN ANDREJ                UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3866
NOWACK, ANDREW                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-52
NOWAK, ANDREW                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2415
NOWAK, KATARZYNA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2974
NOWAK, MARTIN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-63
NOWAK, MIKE                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3454
NOWAKOWSKI, SOPHIE JULIA               POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4176
NOWOCIENSKI, JOHN PAUL                 POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3687
NOWSKOWSKI, FRANCISZEK                 POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4009
NOWSKOWSKI, JOHN                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4177
NUCHESI, PASQUALE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2916
NUGENT, CORNELIOUS                     IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-47
NUGENT, FRANKLIN LEO                   CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2276
NUGENT, LOTTIE                         CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3429
NUGENT, MARY ANNE                      IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-3
NUGENT, WILLIAM BERNARD                NY/CANADA           NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2277
NUGENT, WILLIAM JOHN                   IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2414
NUMARI, TONY                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-36
NUSE, WILLIAM                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-84
NUZZI, GABRIELE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-82
NUZZI, PHILOMENA                       CT/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2847
OBRIEN, BARBARA SMITH                  SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3179
OBRIEN, JOSEPH                         BRAZIL              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4465
OBRIEN, MAURICE                        IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-53
OBUCH, THOMAS                          HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-64
OCCHIONERO, SAVERIO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-49
OCKENDEN, WILLIAM ARTHUR               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-25
OCONNELL, MICHAEL JOHN                 IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-14
OCONNOR, JULIA MARY                    IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-66
OCONOR, FLORENCE HILDA                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3852
ODRZYWOLSKI, FRANCIS                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2324
ODZYWOLSKA, MARY                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3174
ODZYWOLSKI, ANTONI                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2390
ODZYWOLSKI, JAN                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2477
ODZYWOLSKI, JOSEF                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2320
ODZYWOLSKI, MARY                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2880
OGDEN, JONATHAN                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-78
OGDEN, ROBERT                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-34
OGILVIE, ELLEN                         SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3488
OGILVIE, ROBERT BRANDER                SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3605
OGRADY, ANNA MARIE                     IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-91
OHORA, JULIANA                         GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4360
OKEEFE, MICHAEL JOSEPH                 IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-8
OLEJNYK, OLEKS                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-56
OLEKSA, HARRY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-58
OLIVO, FRANK                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3098
OLIYNAK, THEODORE                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-66
OLIYNYK, KATHERYN                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2173
OLSON, BIRGER                          SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2321
ONORAT, JOSEPH                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-6
ONORI, CHRISTINA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3112
ONORI, EMILIO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-61
ONORI, SERAFINO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-94
OPALKA, ANTONI                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-28
OPRYSZKA, JOHN                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-71
ORAZI, MARIO                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2753
ORIOLI, EMILIA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3315
ORLANDO, ALEXANDER                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-70
ORLANDO, ALFONSO SAPIA                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3798
ORLANDO, ALFONSO SAPIA                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3706
OROFINO, MICHEL                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3262
OROPALLO, AMELIA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2943
OROPALLO, CARLO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-90
OROPALLO, LUIGI                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-72
OROPALLO, MICHAEL                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-42
OROPOLLO, FILIPPO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-63
ORYSCHEZYN, HARRY                      AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-72
OSTASZ, BASIL                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3697
OSTROMSKY JOSEPH                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2486
OSULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                     IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-9
OTTAVIANO, ASSUNTA SPINA               ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3663
OTTOMANO, GIUSEPPE NICOLE              ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2507
OUTHOUSE, DARRELL DELANCY              CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2725
OVI, MICHELINA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3136
PACANA, MARY ROSALIE                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3888
PACANA, SOFIA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3528
PACE, GERARDE                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-12
PACELLI, DEBORA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3940
PACELLI, RAFFAELE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-35
PACHOLYK, MARY                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4058
PACHOLYK, WILLIAM                      AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4059
PACHOWSKY, NATAIA                      UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4148
PACIOREK, ANNA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2422
PACIOREK, MICHAEL                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-74
PACKARD, THOMAS                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-32
PACZKOWSKI, FRANK                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3568
PACZKOWSKI, MARY                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3869
PADULA, ANNA                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3301
PAGANO, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-95
PAGANO, CARMEN                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-48
PAGANO, MICHAEL                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-47
PAGE, CHARLES STANLEY                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-54
PAGE, FRNCES LUCIA                     NY/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-3
PAINTER, ALFRED THOMAS                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-30
PALADEAU, JOHN EDWARD                  CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-133
PALAGIANO, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-76
PALAZZOLO, LUISA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4543
PALAZZOLO, VINCENZO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4542
PALEGA, FRANCES                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2768
PALEGA, FRANK                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-84
PALERMITI, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-95
PALLADINI, ARNALDO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4361
PALLADINI, ENZO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4450
PALMER, FREDERICK                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-60
PALMER, GEORGE                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-24
PALMERI, ANNELIESE                     GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4485
PALMERI, COSTANTINO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2756
PALMERI, MICHAEL JOHN                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2399
PALMIERI, DOMENICO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4163
PALMIERI, FRANCESCO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2653
PALMIERI, FRANK                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2151
PALMIERI, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2177
PALMIERI, ROSE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4501
PALUMBO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2754
PALUMBO, MARY CHRISTINE                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3378
PALUMBO, VINCENZO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-22
PANAISI, MATTIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-83
PANARISI, ANNA PAXHIA                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2904
PANARISI, GERLANDO                     TALY                NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2180
PANARISI, SEBASTIANO                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-23
PANEK, JOZEF FRANK                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3743
PANEK, MICHAEL                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-30
PANES, WILLIAM JOHN                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-87
PANFILI, AGOSTINO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2836
PANKO, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-17
PANKO, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-16
PANKO, MARY                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2554
PANKO, MIKE                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-86
PANNA, JOSEF                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-71
PANNA, JUSTYNA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-6
PANNUCCIO, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2284
PANTALOPOULOS, GEORGEOS                GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2573
PANTALOS, MARY                         GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2755
PANZIERI, ALDO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-26
PAOLINI, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-14
PAPALEO, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2114
PAPALIA, GAETANO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-6
PAPALIO, PAUL                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-83
PARADISO, ANTHONY                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3369
PARASILITI, CARMELO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-90
PARCERO, DAPHNE PATRICIA               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4217
PARDI, LORENZO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-79
PARDOE, SIDNEY                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3714
PARENTE, FILIPPO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2854
PARGALITO, COSIMO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-38
PARK, ANNIE LOUISA CAMPBELL            ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2667
PARK, JOHN CAMPBELL                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2666
PARKER, ARCHIBALD BERTIE               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-29
PARRINO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-10
PARRINO, NICOLA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-66
PARRISH, CATHERINE CALDWELL            CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3180
PARTELLO, CLARA JEANETTE               ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3431
PASIK, ANDREW                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2872
PASIK, ROSE                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3220
PASNIKOWSKI, STANLEY                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4209
PASSARELLO, GERLANDO                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-3
PASSARELLO, SALVATGORE                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2505
PASTORE, PIETRO ANTONIO                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2283
PASTUSHAN, MARY                        UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3036
PASTUSHAN, NICHOLAS                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2230
PATELLA, ARCANGELA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2807
PATELLA, FRANK                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-99
PATERNOSTER, GIUSEPPE                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-14
PATERSON, HENRIETTA                    SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2835
PATERSON, JOHN                         SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2684
PATERSON, JOHN MACGREGOR               CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3274
PATERSON, ROBINA                       SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3487
PATTISON, THOMAS                       ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-85
PAUL, JOSEPH                           ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3067
PAVEY, JOHN                            ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2579
PAVIA, MARIA LUISA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4241
PAVLYAK, MICHAEL                       HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-18
PAWLYK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-91
PAXHIA, PETER                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-97
PAXHIA, PETER                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-67
PAYNE, GEORGE                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-1
PAYNE, JANETTE FLORENCE                ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2416
PEARCY, HERBERT                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-65
PECHER, HANS-PETER                     GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4275
PECK, GEORGE ARTHUR                    ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-11
PECK, GEORGE ARTHUR                    CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-68
PEDERSEN, ELISA HELENE                 DENMARK             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4072
PELC, FRANK                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3618
PELC, FRANK                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-95
PELC, MARY D.                          SLOVAKIA            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-56
PELC, STANLEY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-12
PELE, PETER                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-42
PELO, DOMICELA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-87
PELUSO, NICOLA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-81
PEMBERTON, EMMA                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3183
PEMBERTON, WILLIAM                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2542
PENNA, ANTONIO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2987
PENNA, GIUSEPPE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2229
PENNA, JAMES                           SEE: PENNA, VINCENZO
PENNA, VINCENZO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-97
PENNACCHIO, ANTONIO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4458
PENNACCHIO, TERESA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4488
PENNINGTON, HERBERT                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-94
PENSONE, ELENA NATALIE                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3981
PENTECOST, WILLIAM HENRY               ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-15
PEPPER, ANDREW                         IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2437
PEPPER, JAMES HENRY                    IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-43
PEPPER, MARTH AFLORENCE                IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2432
PERCYLIAK, MAKSYM                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2773
PERKINS, MARIAN HASTINGS               MANITOBA            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3957
PERKINS, NICHOLAS                      IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-3
PERKOWSKA, ZOFIA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3678
PERLMAN, JOSEPH                        RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-70
PERLMAN, LEAH                          RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3707
PERNA, ROSARIO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-51
PERONE, ANTONINA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3657
PERONE, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3676
PERRIELLO, ALESSANDRO                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-95
PERRIELLO, ANNA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2286
PERRIELLO, ROCCO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-78
PERRY, FRANK EDWIN                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-28
PERRY, WALLACE WILLIAM                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-4
PERUN, ANDREW                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3847
PERUN, CHRISTINE                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2918
PERUN, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2540
PERUN, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4537
PERUN, PAUL                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-92
PERUN, STELLA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4538
PESTELL, ARTHUR EBEN                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-48
PESTIK, JOHN                           AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-21
PETERSON, JOHN PETER                   SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-25
PETRI, SIGRID KLARA                    GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4433
PETRICSKO, JOHN                        HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-71
PETROSINE, PIETRO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-90
PETROSINO, CARLO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2460
PETROSINO, GIUSEPPINA                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3226
PETRUCELLI, ANTONIO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-86
PETRUZZI, GAETANO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-62
PETRUZZI, VITO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3039
PETTIGRASS, THEODORE                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-20
PEWINSKA, ANIELA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-46
PFOHE, ERNESTINE                       FRANCE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2759
PFOHE, JOHAN JOSEPH                    GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2582
PHILIPPS, HENRY FRANK                  WALES               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-11
PHILLIPS, CATHEIRNE                    NOVA SCOTIA         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2947
PHILLIPS, ELLEN                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-45
PHILLIPS, FANNY JANE                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-41
PHILLIPS, HENRY CAROL                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2476
PHILLIPS, JAMES DUDLEY                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2668
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM HENRY                ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-42
PHIPPS, EMILY                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3234
PHIPPS, JESSIE ZELLAH                  NY/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-67
PIALUSZCZAK, AGNES                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2800
PICCARO, ANNA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3898
PICCARO, CHARLES                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-53
PICCIANO, CARMELA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3390
PICCIANO, CONCETTA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2948
PICCIANO, COSIMO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-51
PICCIANO, MICHELANGELO                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-46
PICCIANO, NICOLA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-48
PICCIONE, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2514
PICCIOTTI, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-4
PICCIRILLO, LECISTA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2832
PICIONI, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-62
PIDLYCZAK, JACKO                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-29
PIECHUTA, FRANK STANILEY               AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-7
PIELUSZCZAK, JAN                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2478
PIELUSZCZAK, MARIA                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2727
PIELUSZCZAK, TOMASZ                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-2
PIERCE, MONICA HYACINTH                PANAMA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4358
PIERMONT, FRINK                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-40
PIESTRAK, CAROL                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3086
PIESTRAK, JULIAN                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3257
PIETRASZ, FRANK                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3567
PIETRO, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-92
PIETRO, MARIE                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3054
PIETROSIMONE, FILOMENA                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3912
PIETROSIMONE, MICHELE                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3055
PILAT, MARTIN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-96
PILAT, MARTIN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-65
PILCZ, ANNA                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3573
PILIPCZAK, JOSEPH                      AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-70
PILIPCZAK, STEFAN                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2178
PILKINGTON, JOSEPH                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-51
PILLA, ANGELO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-4
PILLA, EUBALDO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-46
PILLA, JOHN                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-58
PILZ, JOHN                             POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3612
PINCHAK, STEPHEN                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3642
PINCZAK, MICHAEL                       UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4139
PINDERA, ADOLPH                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-70
PINSONE, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3355
PIORUN, MARTIN                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-98
PIRO, PASQUALE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2363
PIRO, PASQUALE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2208
PISANO, MARIA ROSINA GIEHL             GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4337
PISANO, ROCCO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-5
PISANO, ROSARIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3250
PISANO, ROSARIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3012
PISCIOTTI, GIOVANNINA                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4199
PISETTA, ADRIAN PETER                  HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-10
PISKAROWA, EUGENIE                     RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4270
PISKUR, JOHN                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3959
PISKUR, TEODOSIA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3960
PISTOLESI, GIUSEPPE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-54
PITTARELLI, MICHELE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-53
PIWINSKA, VIKTORIA                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-78
PIWINSKI, ALEK                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-4
PIWINSKI, AMELIA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3114
PIWINSKI, ANNA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3457
PIWINSKI, JAN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-71
PIWINSKI, JOZEF                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-84
PIZZAIDI, ANGELO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-42
PIZZARDI, SALVATORE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2126
PIZZOLEO, SAVERIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2184
PLACE, WALTRAUD                        HESSEN-NASSAU       NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3987
PLIS, HELEN                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4252
PLIS, JAKOB                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3752
PLIS, JAN                              AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-1
PLIS, JOSEPH                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3950
PLIS, JOSEPH                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2858
PLIS, JULIA                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3013
PLOSZAJ, JOZEF                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-61
PLOUFFE, OVILA                         CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-14
PLURETTI, ADRIANNE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4469
PLURETTI, OTTORINO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4447
PLYTA, JOHN                            UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3942
PODFIGURNY, STANLEY                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2866
PODOLAK, FRANK GEORGE                  RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-86
POHLE, ADOLF GUSTAV                    GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-14
POHLIG, CHRISTINE RUTH                 SAXONY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4174
POHLIG, GUSTAV-ADOLF                   RHEINLAND           NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4173
POLANSKI, ANDREW                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-65
POLANSKI, DANIEL                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-4
POLI, DOMENICO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2109
POLI, DOMENICO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-63
POLICZER, EDITH HENRIETTA              GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3693
POLICZER, GEZA                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3718
POLLA, ELIZABETH                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2949
POLLA, JOSEPH                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-100
POLLA, LORENZO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-69
POLLAK, ANTONI MARTIN                  AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-23
POLLARD, GEORGE                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-80
POLLICK, ANNA                          PA/ACT OF 1922      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2798
POPE, OLIVER GEORGE                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3116
POPEK, KAROL                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2183
PORRETTA, GINO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4280
PORTELLI, CONCETTA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4218
PORTER, FRANCES YOUTZ                  DENMARK             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-44
PORTER, GEORGE LEWIS                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-27
POSA, ANNA                             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2919
POSA, STEVE                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2760
POSO, VITO                             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-60
POSO, VITO                             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-43
POTEGA, URBAN                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-57
POTENZIANI, LUIGI                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-65
POTREPKA, ALEX                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3467
POTUCHEK, JOHN                         HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-18
PRATT, SALLY AYAKO                     JAPAN               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3868
PRAVE, ANTHONY                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3338
PRAWAK, DMYTRO                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2181
PREBRACHA, MARTIN                      HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-60
PREIBISCH, ALFRED KARL                 GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2185
PREUSS, BERTHA WANDA                   GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-41
PREVI, PIETRO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-78
PREVO, PIETRO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-127
PRGYSTAL, JOZEF                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-18
PRICE, BESSIE                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3214
PRICE, EDITH EMILY                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2480
PRICE, JAMES                           ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2630
PRICE, NELLIE PARK                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2552
PRICE, REGINALD EDWIN                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2479
PRINCE, ELIZABETH                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-54
PROCACCINI, JOHN                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3385
PROVENZANO, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2100
PRYGA, GEORGE                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-19
PRZYCHODZEN, STANLEY                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4022
PRZYSTAL, KATARZYNA                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3455
PTASZEK, ANIELA                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-95
PTASZEK, WALENTY                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-96
PUCCIO, STEFANO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2341
PUCINO, LUIGI                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-93
PUCINO, SALVATORE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3015
PUDLO, JOSEPH                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2285
PULCINI, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-60
PURSER, THOMAS HENRY                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-41
PYNCHUS, KONSTANTYN                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-51
PYNDUS, MALANIA                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2891
PYROBANYCH, PAUL                       UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4168
PYROCHANYCH, MARIA                     UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4222
PYROHANYCH, ANNA MARIA                 UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4198
PYROHANYCH, GEORGE PAUL                UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4197
PYSARCZIK, HARRY                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-76
PYSHNIAK, PAUL                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-41

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