Cayuga County, New York
Naturalization Petitions (Post 1906)

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Column 1: Name of Petitioner
Column 2: Place of Birthplace
Column 3: Location of Court - Cayuga County New York, Supreme Court type of record
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"see:" - alternative name listed

LABONI, JOHN                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-34
LABRECK, JOSEPH                        QUEBEC              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-52
LACASTRO, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-15
LACKEY, HERBERT LAWRENCE               CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2895
LAFRATTA, JUSTINA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2969
LAFRATTA, VINCENZO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-25
LAGAMBINA, ANGELO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-47
LAGRAVINESE, STEFANO                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2411
LAMA, JOHN                             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-67
LAMARSH, CLARA JANE                    ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3529
LAMB, ROBERT RALPH                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4087
LANG, BLUMA RENEEE                     RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3684
LANGELLOTTI, MARY CARMELA              ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2171
LANIA, CATERINA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3391
LANIA, ROCCO                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3089
LANIA, ROCCO                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-81
LAPAJ, MIKE                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3592
LAPAJ, STEFAN                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-36
LAPARTA, ALFONSO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-77
LAPIRA, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-60
LAPORTA, GERLANDO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2169
LAPORTA, VINCENZO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-62
LAPYCZAK, NICKOLAS                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-90
LARGE, ANNIE                           ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2308
LARGE, JAMES                           ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2309
LARKIN, ANNA EMMA                      GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3901
LARSEN, MIGUEL FOLKMAR                 VENEZUELA           NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4557
LARSON, JAMES CRISTIAN                 NORWAY              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-30
LASAGNA, FELICE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-89
LATANYSZYN, KATERYNA                   UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4101
LATANYSZYN, MYCHAJLO                   URAKINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4102
LATERZA, VITANTONIO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-5
LATIMER, JEANNE EMILY                  ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3834
LATIMER, KENNETH KARL                  ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3833
LATITO, AUGUSTO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-50
LAUBLE, EMIL                           SWITZERLAND         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-80
LAUREN, MARY ELLEN                     ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2429
LAW, CYNTHIA MARGARET                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4133
LAWLER, JUNE ANNE                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4147
LAWLER, THOMAS                         IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-87
LEACH, ISABEL ROBINSON                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4162
LEACH, MARTHA                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3523
LEADBEATER, ERNEST                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-58
LEATHER, HENRY                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3009
LEATHER, ILGA                          LATVIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3811
LEATHER, JAMES                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-39
LEATHER, JAMES                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-90
LEATHER, MARGARET                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3444
LEBOVSKY, EMMET LIONEL                 SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-50
LEBOVSKY, MARCUS                       SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3147
LECOTA, COLOGERO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-25
LEGG, EDWIN GEORGE                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-5
LEGGETT, HARRY                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-51
LEGGIERI, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-21
LEIDI, MARIA                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3630
LEJA, ADAM                             POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-85
LEJA, JAN                              POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-73
LEJA, JAN                              AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-16
LEJA, JOHN                             POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-74
LEJA, KATARZYNA                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-49
LEJA, MATTHEW STEPHEN                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-74
LEJA, STANISLAW                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-3
LEJA, STEFANIA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-4
LEJA, WLADYSLAW                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-130
LEMCZAK, ANNA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4046
LEMCZAK, ROMAN                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4045
LEMKO, NICHOLAS                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-36
LENAHAN, PATRICK DANIEL                IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-6
LENORT, ANNA DOROTHEA                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-94
LENTINI, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2746
LENTINI, ROSE                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3051
LEONE, GAETANO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-77
LEONE, MARIA PIA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4321
LEONE, ROCCA                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4249
LEONE, THOMAS                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4185
LEONELLO, ANDREA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2248
LEONELLO, ANGELO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-41
LEONTI, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-58
LEOTTA, ALFIO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2272
LEOTTA, CARMELA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2339
LEOTTA, ROSE                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2980
LEPAK, EVA                             POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4097
LEPAK, JOHN                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2273
LEPAK, MATRONA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3501
LEPAK, PETER                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-45
LEPAK, RUTH                            GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4187
LEPAK, STEFAN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3409
LEPAK, STEPHEN                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3034
LEPAK, STEVAN                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-67
LEPAK, WASYL                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4096
LEPAK, WASYL                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-81
LESSMANN, GEORG                        GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4240
LESYK, NASTA                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3465
LESYK, PETER                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3035
LESZCHAK, TEKLA                        SEE: WELGS, TILLIE
LESZCZAK, IGNATY                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-82
LETCHWORTH, RUTH BLACK                 SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2311
LETITE, PIETRO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-38
LEVAN, WILBERT VINCENT                 ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-52
LEVI, ELIEZER ASHER                    CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2707
LEVI, EVA LUNENFELD                    CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3088
LEVINE, SIMON                          RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-132
LEWCZAK, MARIA                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3648
LEWCZAK, TOMASZ                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3493
LEWICKI, MARY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4479
LEWICKI, MITCHELL                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3858
LEWICKI, WALTER                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4477
LEWIN, ISAAC                           RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2934
LEWIS, NICOLA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-56
LICATA, CATERINA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2791
LICATA, ONOFRIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-47
LICATA, ONOFRIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-83
LICATA, ROSE                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3817
LINTINI, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2279
LIONTE, ROSALIA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2881
LIONTI, FILIPPO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2970
LIS, FRANK                             AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-92
LIS, JAN AUSTRIA                       NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-12
LISANO, INGEBORG                       GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3804
LISZCZAK, ANDRZEJ                      AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3926
LJUNGSTROM, ARNOLD GERHARD             SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2556
LOADER, FRANCIS GEORGE                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2893
LOBELLO, CARMELO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-78
LOBELLO, CARMEN                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-71
LOCASTRO, BENEDETTO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-48
LOCASTRO, CARMELLA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3366
LOCASTRO, ONOFIRO DIEGO                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-56
LOCASTRO, SANTA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2643
LOCASTRO, VINCENZO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-31
LOCKHART, RENATE HILDEGARD             SACHSEN             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4201
LOCKWOOD, ERMELINA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4364
LOGAN, ELIZABETH                       SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3569
LOGAN, HUGH                            SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2806
LOGAN, HUGH SYDESERF                   SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3616
LOIACONO, DOMINICK                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-13
LOIACONO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-95
LOIACONO, PAUL                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3546
LOIACONO, STEFANO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-50
LOMBADO, NICOLO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-84
LOMBARDI, GEORGE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-49
LOMBARDI, JOHN                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-80
LOMBARDI, LUIGI RICCI                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-50
LOMBARDO, BRIGIDA IDA                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3198
LOMBARDO, PELLEGRINO                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-54
LOPEZ, EMANUEL                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2116
LOPEZ, LORETA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2166
LOPEZ, SALVATORE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2167
LOPICCOLO, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-12
LOPORTO, ROSARIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-63
LOPRESTI, ROSINA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2535
LOPRESTI, SANTO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2749
LORENC, AUGUSTYN                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2359
LORENC, MARYA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2568
LORENZ, ANTHONY                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-82
LORENZETTI, GIUSEPPE                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4534
LORENZETTI, MARIA SILVIA               ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4219
LORIMER, WILLIAM HENRY                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-69
LOSITO, SAM                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-97
LOTITO, FRANK                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2298
LOTITO, PASQUA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2971
LOUIS, SALOMON JACOB                   SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-25
LOVECCHIO, GIOVANNI                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-93
LOW, ALFRED                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3666
LOW, ROSA                              POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3665
LUBER, JOHN                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-56
LUCAS, JULIA                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3217
LUCAS, MIKEL                           CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2982
LUCCITTI, FRANCO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-17
LUCIANO, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-88
LUCIANO, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-59
LUCY, FELIX                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-7
LUCZKA, WASYL                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2438
LUIGI, RONDINE                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-22
LUISI, DOMENICO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-91
LUKOWSKI, DOMINICK                     RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-16
LUKSA, NIKOLAY                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2656
LUMB, FRANCIS                          ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-2
LUMB, FRANCIS JORDAN                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-62
LUNDGREN, AUGUST HERMAN                SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-14
LUNDGREN, HILDUR MATILDA               SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-49
LUPKOWSKI, JOHN                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2532
LUPO, CATERINA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3273
LUPO, MICHELE                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-38
LUPO, VINCENZO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-98
LUSK, JAMES                            ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-71
LUSK, JAMES JR.                        ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-27
LUSK, JOSEPH WILLIAM                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2719
LUZIANI, CARMELA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3078
LUZIANI, PAOLO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-97
LYON, MARY ANNE                        KOREA               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4518
LYON, WILLIAM HENRY                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-32
LYONS, MILDRED BRSULA                  CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2453
LYSIAK, MICHAEL                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3082
MACCHIA, LOUIS                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-39
MACGREGOR, JANE STEPHEN                SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3721
MACGREGOR, ROBERT MCQUEEN              SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2274
MACH, ANNA                             POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-19
MACH, JOHN                             POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-50
MACH, KATIE                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-69
MACH, MARY                             POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3646
MACH, MICHAL                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-49
MACINI, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-76
MACINTOSH, GEORGE                      SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-44
MACINTOSH, HELEN                       SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2571
MACKAY, KATHARINE                      ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2702
MACKENDRICK, SARAH ANN                 IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2983
MACKENZIE, ELLEN JANE                  NOVA SCOTIA         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3601
MACLEAN, WILLIAM HALMER                CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2635
MACMILLAN, KERR DUNCAN                 ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-14
MACNEIL, DONALD                        SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2471
MACYCZKO, MARIA                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3995
MACYCZKO, MIKE                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3060
MACYCZKO, THEODOR                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3943
MACZKO, ANDREW                         CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-18
MACZKO, SUSAN                          CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3223
MAFALE, MARY                           BRAZIL              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3267
MAGANUCO, SALVATORE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3243
MAGGIO, ANDREA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-40
MAGGIO, GASPARE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2541
MAGNUCO, GIOVANNINA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3402
MAGNUSON, SVEN JOHAN                   SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-9
MAGRINO, FRANK                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-65
MAGRINO, MARIA LORETTA                 ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3042
MAHUNIK, CAROLINE                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3427
MAIELLANO, NICK                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-6
MAIELLARO, ANGELO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2446
MAIELLARO, ROCCA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2973
MAIOLA, DOMENICO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-62
MAIORANO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2504
MAIORANO, MARIA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3264
MAITLAND, REGINALD                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3413
MAJ, ANTONINA                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2628
MAJCHER, WALENTY                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-59
MAJKOWICZ, PARASKA                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3497
MAJKOWICZ, STEVE                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3347
MAJOWSKY, WASYL                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3994
MAKSYMIW, ANIELA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4034
MAKSYMIW, MICHAEL                      UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4035
MALANDRUCCOLO, LUIGI                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2172
MALANDRUCCOLO, VINCENZO                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-84
MALEC, ANNA                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3476
MALEK, MARY                            AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3317
MALENICH, GEORGE                       CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3480
MALTESE, PAOLINA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3397
MALTESE, SALVATORE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2475
MALTESE, VINCENZO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2657
MALTESE, VINCENZO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-95
MALVASO, MARIA ROSA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3279
MALYSA, JOHN                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3104
MAMUSCIA, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-100
MAMUSCIA, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-9
MANCINI, ADELIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3793
MANCINI, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2174
MANERI, CARMELA                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2474
MANGIARDI, BRUNO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-43
MANGINI, FEDERICO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2388
MANGINO, LEONARDO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-22
MANGIONE, ANNA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3659
MANIACALCO, MATTISTA                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2347
MANISCALCO, MATTEO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2278
MANISCALCO, NELLIE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3149
MANNER, AKE EUGEN                      FINLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4525
MANROW, ANNA                           HOLLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4048
MANZARI, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4204
MANZARI, JUDITH                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3394
MANZARI, LORENZO VITO                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2598
MANZARI, MARIA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4206
MANZARI, MARIA                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4205
MANZARI, ONOFRIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4246
MANZARI, RAFFALE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-37
MANZARI, VINCENZO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-27
MANZARI, VITTORIO EMANUELE             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4226
MANZARO, JOSEPH                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2424
MANZONE, JOSEPH                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2651
MAPHAM, ANNI RITA                      DENMARK             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4318
MAPHAM, NEVILLE WYNNE                  SOUTH AFRICA        NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4317
MARAVENTANO, DOMENICO                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-5
MARAVENTANO, PIETRO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-9
MARCHETTA, VINCENZO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-53
MARCHETTI, ANTONIO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-88
MARCHETTI, FRANK                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-5
MARCINIEC, MARY                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3774
MARCON, ANTONIO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3794
MAREK, JANINA MARY                     UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4546
MARGINSKI, STEPHEN                     AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-95
MARGINSKY, JOHN                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2427
MARGINSKY, TANAKA                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3472
MARGINSKY, TEODOR                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3498
MARIANETTI, STEFANO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-62
MARIANI, FERDINANDO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-63
MARIANI, IRMA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3037
MARINELLI, ANDREA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2353
MARINELLI, CANDELARO                   ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    24-2389
MARINELLI, DIONISIO                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2984
MARINELLI, VITO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-81
MARINI, BENARDO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-74
MARINI, GENNARO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2827
MARINO, CARMINE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-48
MARKARIAN, DANIEL                      ARMENIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-45
MARKO, ANNA                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2905
MARKO, JOHN                            HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-16
MARKO, MICHAEL                         HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-34
MARKO, WILLIAM                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-71
MARKS, THOMAS                          IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-79
MARONETTE, CARL ALFRED                 RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3603
MARONRAZDO, RAFFALE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-7
MARR, BRIDGET                          SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3106
MARR, JOHN PATRICK                     SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-55
MARR, MITSUE AKABA                     JAPAN               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4245
MARSDEN, GEORGE SYDNEY                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3923
MARSH, CLARA MARY HANNAH               CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2683
MARSHALL, HARRY                        SEE: MARSHALL, HERMAN
MARSHALL, HERMAN                       RUSSIA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-50
MARSHALL, MARIE YVONNE                 ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3779
MARTELLO, ANGELO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-18
MARTELLO, VITO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-49
MARTHAKIS, GEORGE SPIRO                GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2890
MARTIN, CHARLES EDWARD                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-5
MARTIN, NELLIE MAY                     CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2614
MARTINO, ANGELINA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3383
MARTINO, CARMINE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2985
MARTINO, CONCETTA ROMANO               ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3660
MARTINO, DONATO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-6
MARTINO, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-98
MARTINO, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-92
MARTINO, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-36
MARTINO, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-16
MARTINO, NICK                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-91
MARTINO, PATSY ORESTE                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-78
MARTINO, ROSE                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3053
MARTINO, SALVATORE VICNEZO             ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-37
MARTINO, TONY                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-8
MARULLI, LUIGI                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-8
MARZ, GEORGE                           GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-81
MASCORD, JOHN THOMAS                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-100
MASLONA, JOHN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2629
MASLY, METRO                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-10
MASOTTO, CARMELA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3276
MASOTTO, PAOLO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-66
MASSARO, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-38
MASSARO, GIUSEPPINA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2644
MASSIMIANO, ROCCO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-44
MASSON, CHARLES                        SEE: MESSANA, CHARLES
MASSON, GIOVANNA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-33
MASSON, JOHN                           SEE: MESSANA, GIOVANNI
MASSON, ROSE                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2597
MASSONRIDIS, ERNEST                    GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-93
MASSOURIDIS, PAULINE                   GREECE              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3148
MASTRILLI, PASQUALE                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2175
MASTROIANNI, LUIGI                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-82
MASTROIANNI, MARIA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3832
MASTROIANNI, MARIA LAURETANA           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2839
MASTROIANNI, NICOLA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-85
MASTROPIETRO, MICHAEL                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-1
MATIJCZYN, STEPHANIE                   GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4397
MATIOYIO, EWDOKIA                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3255
MATOLCSY, HELENE                       HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4320
MATOLCSY, THOMAS                       HUNGARY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4319
MATTES, FRANCES MARY                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3505
MATTHEWS, BRANDER CHARLES              CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2604
MATTHEWS, CHARLES                      ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-62
MATTHEWS, ERIC MORLEY                  ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2599
MATTIOLI, JOSEPH                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-8
MATVYAK, ADAM                          CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3599
MATWIJAK, ADAM                         GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-6
MATZEN, ERIKA ADELHEID                 GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4508
MAURO, WILLIAM                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2682
MAY, PETER                             POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-28
MAYE, ELLEN                            IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4040
MAYE, HELENA                           IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4039
MAYE, JOHN                             IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3903
MAYE, MARTIN                           IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2511
MAYE, PATRICK ANTHONY                  IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-97
MAYE, THOMAS CHRISTOPHER               IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4322
MAYKOVICH, TONY                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-72
MAYKOVITCH, JOHN                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-77
MAYKOVITCH, MARY                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3151
MAYO, THOMAS                           IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2249
MAZDA, ANNA                            POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-31
MAZZEO, GIOVANNI                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-13
MAZZEO, GUSEPPE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-92
MAZZEO, LUIGI                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-89
MAZZEO, ROCCO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-96
MAZZOTTO, SERAFINO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-17
MCCADDEN, ETHEL BLANCHE                ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4151
MCCADDEN, WILLIAM EMMETT               ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3799
MCCALL, MARGARET ANN                   IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-23
MCCALL, WILLIAM CARSON                 IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-34
MCCARTHY, DANIEL                       IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-59
MCCARTHY, DENNIS                       IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-18
MCCARTIN, PETER                        IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-15
MCDERMOTT, DELIA                       IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-97
MCDIVITT, ELIZABETH                    ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2280
MCDIVITT, GEORGE                       SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2282
MCGEE, TERRENCE                        IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-45
MCGEE, TERRENCE                        IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-143
MCGLYNN, CANICE CARMEL                 IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-18748
MCGRATH, SUSAN ANN                     SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2472
MCGRAW, KARIN LENNEA                   SWEDEN              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3311
MCGUINESS, AGNES                       ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3410
MCISAAC, ROBERT SCOTT                  SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2235
MCLACHLAN, JOHN PAUL                   SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-6
MCLANE, ANDREW FRANCIS                 IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2418
MCLANE, ANDREW FRANCIS                 IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2600
MCLANE, PATRICK JOSEPH                 IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-11
MCLAUGHLIN, BRIDGET                    IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2935
MCLEARIE, JOHN                         SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-84
MCMANUS, JOSEPHINE FRANCHINA           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3628
MCMICHAEL, EARL EDWARD                 NOVA SCOTIA         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3948
MCMILLAN, HUGH GRAHAM                  SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2606
MCPHERSON, ALEXANDER                   SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-60
MCQUEENEY, WINIFRED                    QUEBEC              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2801
MCVEIGH, DANIEL P.                     IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-48
MEAD, FLORNECE MARY LAWFORD            ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2434
MEAHR, RUFUS                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-76
MEAHR, RUFUS                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-92
MEAR, FREDRICK                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-87
MEHALOSKI, PAUL                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-47
MEIER, EMILIE                          GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3080
MEIER, KARL                            GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    27-2605
MEIROSE, MARY WINIFRED                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3785
MEISSNER, JOHN FRANZ                   AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-45
MELDRUM, JOSEPH                        SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-14
MELLAS, MICHAEL                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-86
MELLEN, ARNOLD                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-99
MELNICK, TILLIE                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3403
MELSKI, JOSEPH                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-65
MENDILLO, PACIFIC                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-21
MENTILLO, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-114
MENTILLO, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-64
MENTILLO, JENNIE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-3077
MENTONE, ANTONIO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-45
MENTONE, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-19
MERIKANTO, KAARLE HENRIK               FINLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3011
MERIZZI, MICHAEL DAVID JOHN            CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4526
MEROLA, GAETANO                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2250
MEROLA, IRENE                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2750
MEROLA, VINCENZO                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    10-25
MESSANA, CHARLES                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2204
MESSANA, GIOVANNI                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-99
MESSENA, GIUSEPPE                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-20
MESSINA, ANTONINO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-43
MESSINA, JOHN                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4281
MESSINA, MICHELE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4186
METRICK, ANNA                          CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3586
METRICK, STEFAN                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3459
MEYERS, MARY                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3627
MEYERS, MARY                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2850
MEYLAN, JULES                          SWITZERLAND         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-88
MEYLAN, JULES                          SWITZERLAND         NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-57
MEYLER, RICHARD HILLARY                IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2867
MICHAELECZKO, STEVE                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3211
MICHALOW, GWENDOLINE IRENE             ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4074
MICHALOWSKI, JOSEPH                    POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3555
MICHALOWSKI, VICTORIA                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3551
MICKLOSKI, ADAM                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-73
MICRZWA, ALOJZY                        AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-96
MICUCCI, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-36
MIERZWA, JOHN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-59
MIERZWA, MARY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-60
MIERZWA, MARY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3225
MIGLIORE, EMANUELE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-37
MIGLIORE, JOHN                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2107
MIHULKO, GEORGE                        AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-76
MILANO, CLEMENTE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-88
MILCZAKOWSKI, ALEK                     POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-33
MILCZAKOWSKI, PATAKA                   AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-91
MILCZAKOWSKYJ, GABRIEL                 UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3969
MILCZSKOWSKYJ, FRANKA                  UKRAINE             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4195
MILES, CHARLS A.                       ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-5
MILES, JOHN MENDELSSOHN                ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-2
MILILLO, VITO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-74
MILINOWSKI, JOHN                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3554
MILLAR, JOHN GARDNER                   SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2852
MILLAR, WILLIAM SHEARER                SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2851
MILLER, GEORGE                         AUSTRIA-HUNGARY     NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-33
MILLER, JULIA                          CZECHOSLOVAKIA      NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3479
MILLER, WILLIAM                        SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    22-2201
MILLILLO, STEPHEN                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-57
MILLS, ALBERT ARTHUR                   ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-24
MILONE, ANGELO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    13-99
MILONE, ROSA                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3692
MINGES, GUNTER                         BAVARIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4342
MINICOLLA, ANGELO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-28
MINSON, WILLIAM HARVEY                 ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-96
MIRUCKI, JOHN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2752
MIRUSKI, SADIE                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    30-2940
MISKELLY, LINDA MARIE                  GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4357
MISKIAL, ANTONY                        POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-23
MISURACA, FRANCESCO PAOLO              ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4093
MITCHELL, MARIAN ELIZABETH             CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4383
MITCHELL, THOMAS                       SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-32
MITEK, JULIA                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3150
MITEK, WLADYSLAW                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-31
MITROKA, JOHN                          AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-82
MLYNEK, JOSEPH                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3469
MLYNEK, MARY                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3416
MOCK, BETTY DOREEN                     ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-3946
MOFFATT, NORMAN WILLIAM                CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3103
MOIA, IDA MADELENA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-80
MOIA, MARIA FRANCESCA                  ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    17-79
MOIA, PETER                            ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-85
MOLLER, ADOLF                          GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-42
MOMOT, PETER                           AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-71
MONACHINO, GIOVANNA                    ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3153
MONACHINO, PATSY                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    31-3033
MONACHINO, SAVERIO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-54
MONTONE, COSTABILE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-41
MONTONE, FILOMENA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3503
MONTONE, FRANCESCO                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-10
MONTONE, NICK                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-68
MONTONE, VITO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-66
MONTONO, CARMELA RUCCIO                ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-78
MORABETO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-73
MORABITO, ANTONIO                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3816
MORABITO, CARMEN                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2805
MORABITO, FRANK                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-100
MORABITO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-29
MORABITO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-2
MORABITO, PASQUALE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2876
MORABITO, TONY                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    4-84
MORFEI, ANGELINA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    34-3384
MORIN, CYRIL                           CANADA              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    29-2825
MOROZ, ANASTASIA                       POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4326
MOROZ, MICHAEL                         POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4325
MORRIS, GERTRUD EMMA ELISE             GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    42-4354
MORRIS, LENA ELSIE                     ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3420
MORRISON, WILLIAM JAMES                SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-36
MORRISSEY, JOHN                        IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-4
MORRISSEY, PATRICK JOSEPH              IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3562
MOSCATO, LEONARD                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    5-36
MOSCHETTI, JOHN                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-70
MOSCHETTI, MARIA                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3154
MOSCHETTI, VITO LEONARDO               ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-80
MOSS, HELEN EARLEEN                    ONTARIO             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    38-3782
MOWATT, RAMSAY HUNTER                  SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    25-2449
MOWCHAN, STEPHEN                       AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-78
MOX, JOHN                              POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    37-3696
MOYSON, JOSEPH                         BELGIUM             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4287
MOYSON, KATHLEEN                       ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4286
MOZOLA, ROMAN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-99
MOZOLEWSKI, GRZEGORZ                   POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4013
MOZOLEWSKI, WALENTYNA                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4014
MRYGLAT, SAM                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-61
MRYGLOT, KATHERINE SKRABA              AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-87
MUCEDOLA, ADRIANA                      ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    39-3807
MUCEDOLA, ANGELINA                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    33-3292
MUCEDOLA, FELICE                       ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    26-2531
MUCIA, PIETRO                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    23-2231
MUELLER, CHRISTINA                     GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-83
MUELLER, KATHARINA                     GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    15-82
MULEK, HRYNKO                          SEE: MULYK, HARRY
MULEK, MATHUS                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    16-75
MULLALLY, ANNE VERONICA                IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    40-4031
MULLALLY, PETER PUAL                   IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-25
MULLALLY, ROSANNA CROSBIE              IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    14-54
MULYK, ANNA (GERLOWKA)                 POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    21-16
MULYK, HARRY                           POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    19-12
MUNCH, WILHELM                         GERMANY             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-20
MUNSO, ALPHONSE                        ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-33
MURABITO, GIUSEPPE                     ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    1-29
MURDOCK, ISAAC                         SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-93
MURDOCK, JOHN SORBIE                   SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    7-13
MURDOCK, WILLIAM                       SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-95
MURFIN, ARTHUR                         ENGLAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    8-18
MURINKA, JOHN                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    36-3581
MURINKA, LESKO                         AUSTRIA             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-91
MURINKA, MARY                          POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    35-3463
MURLEY, PATRICK JOHN                   IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    2-118
MURLEY, WILLIAM                        IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-49
MURPHY, MICHAEL                        IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    3-39
MURPHY, PHILOMENA                      IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    41-4122
MURPHY, STEPHEN T.                     IRELAND             NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    11-52
MURRAY, JOHN                           SCOTLAND            NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    6-40
MUSICAO, PAUL                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    9-61
MUSOLINO, TONY                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    32-3107
MUSSO, ANTONIO                         ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    12-34
MUSSO, MARIO                           ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    18-69
MUSSO, TERESA                          ITALY               NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2748
MYSILWCZYK, WASYL                      POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    20-56
MYSLIWCZYK, KATARZYNA                  POLAND              NY-CAYUGA-SC-PET    28-2714

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