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Column One: Name of Testator
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SAAM, ADAM                             PA-65-2-323
SAAM, JACOB                            PA-65-6-344
SAAM, MARY                             PA-65-1-366
SAAM, WILLIAM H.                       PA-65-3-207
SADLER, MICHAEL                        PA-65-7-345
SALTSMAN, GEORGE                       PA-65-6-146
SALTSMAN, MARY                         PA-65-4-48
SAMPLE, ISABELLA                       PA-65-3-217
SAMPLE, JOHNB.                         PA-65-3-189
SAMPSON, JAMES                         PA-65-2-253
SAMPSON, JOHN                          PA-65-5-146
SAMPSON, JOHN                          PA-65-1-154
SAMPSON, JOHN                          PA-65-4-208
SAMPSON, JOHN                          PA-65-1-273
SAMPSON, WILLIAM                       PA-65-1-234
SANDELS, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-65-4-111
SANDELS, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-65-7-325
SANDS, JAMES                           PA-65-4-233
SANON, GEORGE                          PA-65-3-314
SANSOM, JAMES G. (REV.)                PA-65-4-364
SARVEN, SARAH A.                       PA-65-5-608
SARVER, JONATHAN                       PA-65-3-336
SAUL, JACOB                            PA-65-5-437
SAUL, MICHAEL                          PA-65-5-206
SAUL, SOLOMON                          PA-65-5-35
SAYERS, CHARLES                        PA-65-7-637
SCHAEFFER, FREDERICK                   PA-65-3-186
SCHAFFER, HENRY                        PA-65-5-256
SCHAFFER, SIMON                        PA-65-5-330
SCHEIBALER, SUSANNA                    PA-65-6-412
SCHEIBLER, JACOB                       PA-65-7-282
SCHEIBLER, JOHN                        PA-65-7-558
SCHICK, JOHNA .                        PA-65-7-40
SCHLATER, SAMUEL                       PA-65-6-591
SCHNEDER, HENRY                        PA-65-1-281
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                       PA-65-2-51
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                       PA-65-1-45
SCHOLL, JOHN S.                        PA-65-4-111
SCHRIBLER, FREDERICK                   PA-65-3-72
SCHROYER, NANCY J.                     PA-65-6-472
SCHUCK, JONAS                          PA-65-6-359
SCOTT, ARCHIBALD                       PA-65-1-252
SCOTT, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-5-310
SCOTT, JAMES                           PA-65-5-157
SCOTT, JOHN                            PA-65-1-188
SCOTT, KNIGHT                          PA-65-1-227
SCOTT, PRUDENCE                        PA-65-5-513
SCOTT, SAMUEL                          PA-65-3-3
SCOTT, THOMAS                          PA-65-3-57
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         PA-65-3-271
SCOTT, WILLIAM L.                      PA-65-4-215
SCROGGS, JOSEPH                        PA-65-5-551
SCULL, MARY                            PA-65-3-67
SEABURG, JOHN                          PA-65-4-363
SEANO, JACOB                           PA-65-4-478
SEANON, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-7-15
SEANOR, ADAM                           PA-65-4-469
SEANOR, MICHAEL                        PA-65-5-382
SEASE, MARTIN                          PA-65-3-118
SEATON, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-2-59
SEATON, JAMES                          PA-65-3-248
SEATON, ROBERT                         PA-65-7-89
SECHRIST, GEORGE                       PA-65-3-236
SEESE, WILLIAM                         PA-65-4-105
SEPTER, ADAM                           PA-65-2-385
SERENA, GEORGE                         PA-65-6-141
SETTEN, GEORGE                         PA-65-2-157
SEULL, JOHN                            PA-65-2-178
SEVENA, MARY                           PA-65-7-452
SEYBOTH, TOBIAS                        PA-65-2-1
SHACKE, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-65-1-15
SHADRON, WILLIAM                       PA-65-6-601
SHAEFFER, FREDERICK                    PA-65-2-220
SHAEFFER, MARY M.                      PA-65-6-66
SHAFER, NANCY                          PA-65-5-380
SHAFF, FREDERICK                       PA-65-6-623
SHAFFER, JACOB                         PA-65-2-221
SHALE, JOHN                            PA-65-4-189
SHANEFELD, JOHN                        PA-65-5-540
SHANER, DANIEL                         PA-65-2-406
SHANER, FREDERICK                      PA-65-4-431
SHANER, HENRY                          PA-65-6-558
SHANER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-6-62
SHANNON, JOHN                          PA-65-2-217
SHANNON, SAMUEL                        PA-65-1-309
SHANNON, SAMUEL                        PA-65-1-212
SHANNON, WILLIAM                       PA-65-3-20
SHAREY, PHILIP                         PA-65-3-38
SHAW, ANNA                             PA-65-5-523
SHAW, DANIEL                           PA-65-4-118
SHAW, DAVID                            PA-65-3-86
SHAW, DAVID                            PA-65-6-198
SHAW, JAMES                            PA-65-6-527
SHAW, JOHN                             PA-65-7-333
SHAW, MOSES                            PA-65-1-248
SHAW, PATRICK                          PA-65-3-80
SHAW, SAMUEL                           PA-65-3-319
SHAW, WILLIAM                          PA-65-1-129
SHAWL, JOHN                            PA-65-5-255
SHAWLY,MARY                            PA-65-4-350
SHEAFFER, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-6-97
SHEAFFER, GEORGE                       PA-65-2-121
SHEAFFER, JACOB                        PA-65-3-90
SHEALEY, MARTIN                        PA-65-6-587
SHEARER, BARBARA                       PA-65-5-510
SHEARER, JACOB                         PA-65-3-322
SHEARER, JAMES                         PA-65-2-98
SHEARER, JOHN                          PA-65-7-549
SHEARER, PETER                         PA-65-7-534
SHEELY, MICHAEL                        PA-65-1-20
SHELHAMER, PETER                       PA-65-2-207
SHELLEY, CATHARINE                     PA-65-6-236
SHEPLER, DAVIS                         PA-65-7-62
SHEPLER, ISAAC                         PA-65-2-385
SHEPLER, LEWIS                         PA-65-6-564
SHEPLER, PHILIP                        PA-65-2-204
SHEPLER, SAMUEL                        PA-65-6-80
SHERBONDY, JOHN                        PA-65-1-147
SHERER, ROBERT                         PA-65-4-468
SHEROR, JOHN                           PA-65-2-136
SHERRER, WILLIAM                       PA-65-1-302
SHERRICK, ABRAHAM                      PA-65-5-411
SHERRICK, CATHARINE                    PA-65-7-553
SHERRICK, JOSEPH                       PA-65-4-542
SHETBER, JACOB                         PA-65-4-365
SHETLER, LYDIA                         PA-65-7-308
SHIBELAR, JACOB                        PA-65-4-383
SHICK, JACOB                           PA-65-7-484
SHIELDS, DAVID                         PA-65-1-2
SHIELDS, JAMES                         PA-65-1-341
SHIELDS, JOHN                          PA-65-2-56
SHIELDS, MATHEW                        PA-65-1-406
SHIELDS, ROBERT                        PA-65-3-330
SHIELDS, ROBERT                        PA-65-1-373
SHIPLER, MATHIAS                       PA-65-2-91
SHIREY, DANIEL                         PA-65-7-324
SHIREY, DAVID                          PA-65-3-374
SHIREY, JOSEPH SR.                     PA-65-7-129
SHIVELY, JOHN J.                       PA-65-6-440
SHIVLER, BUEN VISTA                    PA-65-7-168
SHLATER, ISAAC                         PA-65-2-401
SHOAF, HENRY                           PA-65-3-265
SHOCKEY, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-65-1-363
SHOEMAKER, GEORGE                      PA-65-5-137
SHOEMAKER, JACOB                       PA-65-6-523
SHOEMAKER, JOSEPH                      PA-65-5-551
SHOEMAKER, TOBIAS                      PA-65-6-322
SHORT, JOHN                            PA-65-7-249
SHORT, MARY A.                         PA-65-7-453
SHOTTS, ESTHER                         PA-65-7-533
SHOTTS, HENRY                          PA-65-7-337
SHOUP, WILILAM                         PA-65-7-420
SHRADER, DANIEL                        PA-65-5-348
SHRADER, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-7-575
SHRADER, WILLIAM                       PA-65-6-592
SHRETTER, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-136
SHREVELER, JACOB                       PA-65-1-334
SHROYER, J. MILTON                     PA-65-6-224
SHRUM, GEORGE                          PA-65-4-297
SHRUM, SARAH                           PA-65-6-544
SHRYOCK, DAVID                         PA-65-4-131
SHRYOCK, JOHN                          PA-65-2-255
SHUCK, ANNA M.                         PA-65-7-21
SHUEY, JOHN S.                         PA-65-5-357
SHULTZ, CHRISTENA                      PA-65-6-585
SHULTZ, GEORGE                         PA-65-4-433
SHUPE, HENRY                           PA-65-6-486
SHUPE, JACOB                           PA-65-1-253
SHUPE, JACOB                           PA-65-5-328
SHUPE, JOHN                            PA-65-2-341
SHUPE, JOHN                            PA-65-6-116
SHUPE, LAWRENCE                        PA-65-2-290
SHUPE, MARY                            PA-65-5-637
SHUPE, SUSAN                           PA-65-7-337
SHUSTER, GERRETT                       PA-65-1-319
SHUTLER, MARTIN                        PA-65-1-400
SIBEL, MICHAEL                         PA-65-7-167
SIEFREND, MICHAEL                      PA-65-3-423
SIGFREIT, MARGARET                     PA-65-4-379
SILL, ALEXANDER B.                     PA-65-5-268
SILSBLY, GEORGE                        PA-65-5-632
SILVINO, NICHOLAS                      PA-65-1-173
SILVIS, JOHN                           PA-65-6-448
SILVIS, SALOME                         PA-65-3-238
SIMPSON, THOMAS                        PA-65-1-34
SIMPSON, THOMAS                        PA-65-5-331
SIMRIL, MARGARET                       PA-65-1-14
SINDORF, GEORGE                        PA-65-5-474
SINDORF, JACOB                         PA-65-5-499
SINDORF, JACOB                         PA-65-5-500
SINDORF, MARY ANN                      PA-65-4-23
SINGER, JULIA                          PA-65-5-341
SINGER, SIMON                          PA-65-2-201
SINSELBAUGH, DANIEL                    PA-65-1-173
SKALLEY, JOHN                          PA-65-3-65
SKEAN, JAMES                           PA-65-2-188
SKILES, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-256
SKILLEN, DAVID                         PA-65-4-562
SKILLEN, JOHN                          PA-65-6-619
SKILLEN, NANCY                         PA-65-3-179
SKILLEN, SAMUEL                        PA-65-3-37
SKIN, WILLIAM                          PA-65-3-339
SKUPS, SUSAN                           PA-65-5-132
SLEIGH, WILLIAM                        PA-65-7-493
SLICK, JENNIE                          PA-65-7-618
SLIVE, FREDERICK                       PA-65-1-397
SLOAN, DAVID                           PA-65-6-138
SLOAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-3-155
SLOAN, HARDY H.                        PA-65-6-532
SLOAN, JAMES                           PA-65-4-34
SLOAN, JAMES                           PA-65-7-377
SLOAN, JOHN                            PA-65-2-346
SLOAN, JOHN                            PA-65-3-6
SLOAN, JOHN                            PA-65-3-366
SLOAN, ROBERT                          PA-65-1-50
SLOAN, SAMUEL                          PA-65-4-133
SLOAN, SAMUEL                          PA-65-1-271
SLOAN, WILLIAM                         PA-65-5-639
SLOAN, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-222
SLOTTERBECK, HENRY                     PA-65-4-14
SLUTTERBACK, JOHN                      PA-65-2-243
SMAIL, PETER                           PA-65-3-152
SMELSER, JACOB                         PA-65-2-326
SMELSER, SUSAN                         PA-65-5-377
SMELTZER, JACOB                        PA-65-6-503
SMILEY, JOHN                           PA-65-1-110
SMITH, A. R.                           PA-65-7-104
SMITH, ADAM                            PA-65-5-214
SMITH, AGNES                           PA-65-1-157
SMITH, ANDREW                          PA-65-6-274
SMITH, ANNA M.                         PA-65-6-628
SMITH, ANTHONY                         PA-65-5-123
SMITH, BELA (DR.)                      PA-65-3-40
SMITH, BELA B.                         PA-65-4-263
SMITH, CATHARINE                       PA-65-4-234
SMITH, CORDELIA                        PA-65-4-69
SMITH, EBEN G.                         PA-65-4-472
SMITH, ELIZA JANE                      PA-65-5-541
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-3-113
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-6-50
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-7-490
SMITH, GEORGE                          PA-65-2-417
SMITH, GEORGE D                        PA-65-5-150
SMITH, GEORGE L.                       PA-65-5-2
SMITH, HENRY                           PA-65-5-525
SMITH, HENRY                           PA-65-6-154
SMITH, HENRY                           PA-65-7-213
SMITH, HENRY                           PA-65-7-451
SMITH, HENRY                           PA-65-7-414
SMITH, HENRY E.                        PA-65-7-601
SMITH, JACOB                           PA-65-6-348
SMITH, JACOB                           PA-65-1-246
SMITH, JACOB                           PA-65-1-305
SMITH, JACOB A.                        PA-65-5-166
SMITH, JACOB SR.                       PA-65-5-114
SMITH, JAMES                           PA-65-1-165
SMITH, JAMES B.                        PA-65-6-606
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-65-3-235
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-65-4-405
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-65-2-279
SMITH, JOHN                            PA-65-5-183
SMITH, JOSEPH                          PA-65-2-231
SMITH, JOSEPH                          PA-65-3-378
SMITH, JOSEPH (D.D.)                   PA-65-5-222
SMITH, MAGDALENE                       PA-65-4-283
SMITH, MARGARET                        PA-65-7-44
SMITH, MARY                            PA-65-4-158
SMITH, MARY A.                         PA-65-7-298
SMITH, MATTIE D.                       PA-65-7-216
SMITH, NANCY                           PA-65-6-455
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       PA-65-3-267
SMITH, PETER                           PA-65-1-114
SMITH, PHILIP                          PA-65-2-109
SMITH, PHILIP                          PA-65-1-275
SMITH, R. H.                           PA-65-4-271
SMITH, RICHARD                         PA-65-3-31
SMITH, ROBERT                          PA-65-2-258
SMITH, ROBERT                          PA-65-5-180
SMITH, SAMUEL                          PA-65-1-149
SMITH, SAMUEL                          PA-65-1-410
SMITH, SAMUEL                          PA-65-1-37
SMITH, SAMUEL                          PA-65-7-145
SMITH, SARAH M.                        PA-65-4-105
SMITH, SIMON                           PA-65-2-401
SMITH, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-335
SMITH, WILLIAM                         PA-65-3-378
SMITH, WILLIAM                         PA-65-6-219
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                      PA-65-4-424
SMITH, WILLIAM T.                      PA-65-7-192
SMITHY, NICHOLAS                       PA-65-1-219
SMITLEY, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-65-4-433
SMITTEN, LAURA A.                      PA-65-7-544
SMOCK, CHARLES                         PA-65-1-105
SMOCK, EMILINE                         PA-65-7-332
SMOCK, PHILIP                          PA-65-6-349
SMULL, JOHN                            PA-65-6-533
SNEDER, PETER                          PA-65-5-445
SNEFFEN, REBECCA                       PA-65-2-132
SNIDER, CHRISTIENA                     PA-65-3-196
SNODGRASS, JOHN                        PA-65-2-311
SNODGRASS, JOHN                        PA-65-6-2=313
SNYDER, ABRAHAM                        PA-65-1-390
SNYDER, ADAM                           PA-65-2-112
SNYDER, ADAM                           PA-65-4-247
SNYDER, ADAM                           PA-65-6-127
SNYDER, ANN                            PA-65-5-609
SNYDER, CATHARINE                      PA-65-4-285
SNYDER, CATHARINE                      PA-65-6-98
SNYDER, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-65-2-324
SNYDER, EVE                            PA-65-5-390
SNYDER, FREDERICK                      PA-65-1-390
SNYDER, GASPER                         PA-65-4-375
SNYDER, HANNAH                         PA-65-3-360
SNYDER, JACOB                          PA-65-5-330
SNYDER, JACOB                          PA-65-5-52
SNYDER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-78
SNYDER, JOHN L.                        PA-65-6-578
SNYDER, JOHN SR.                       PA-65-4-274
SNYDER, NICHOLAS                       PA-65-2-197
SNYDER, NICHOLAS                       PA-65-4-275
SNYDER, PETER                          PA-65-5-282
SNYDER, ROBERT                         S-641
SOBER, DANIEL                          PA-65-7-80
SOLLINGER, WOLFGANG                    PA-65-5-248
SOMMER, SIMON                          PA-65-6-282
SOMRELL, THOMAS                        PA-65-1-1
SOOK, YOEST                            PA-65-1-304
SORMAN, MATHIAS                        PA-65-4-101
SORRELS, SAMUEL                        PA-65-1-156
SOWASH, CATHARINE                      PA-65-7-215
SOWASH, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-4-35
SOWASH, HENRY                          PA-65-1-151
SOWASH, JOHN                           PA-65-2-175
SOWASH, MARGARET                       PA-65-2-80
SOWERWINE, LEONARD                     PA-65-3-299
SOXMAN, ABRAHAM                        PA-65-2-172
SOXMAN, JOHN                           PA-65-5-635
SOXMAN, PETER                          PA-65-5-466
SPANGLER, JOSEPH                       PA-65-3-279
SPARBER, HERMAN                        PA-65-7-476
SPEAR, JOHN                            PA-65-3-47
SPEARS, HENRY                          PA-65-1-10
SPECK, MICHAEL                         PA-65-7-440
SPEELMAN, CATHARINE                    PA-65-2-419
SPEER, NANCY                           PA-65-2-296
SPEER, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-199
SPEERS, NOAH                           PA-65-2-267
SPEILMAN, JOHN                         PA-65-1-274
SPEISS, LEWIS                          PA-65-7-133
SPILLMAN, GEORGE                       PA-65-3-195
SPRINGER, JAMES H.                     PA-65-6-113
SPRINGER, JOHN P.                      PA-65-6-604
SPROUL, MARY                           PA-65-3-286
SPROULL, AELXANDER                     PA-65-5-27
SPROULL, ROBERT                        PA-65-3-91
ST4EART, JAMES SR.                     PA-65-3-167
STADER, FRANCIS                        PA-65-7-60
STAHL, JACOB                           PA-65-4-20
STAHL, JOHN SR.                        PA-65-4-250
STAHL, LEONARD                         PA-65-2-214
STAHL, LEWIS                           PA-65-6-65
STAHLMAN, FREDERICK                    PA-65-5-257
STAIR, JOHN                            PA-65-5-515
STAIRS, JACOB P.                       PA-65-7-587
STAIRS, JOHN                           PA-65-6-165
STARK, ADAM                            PA-65-5-592
STARK, GOTTLEIB                        PA-65-6-372
STARRET, MOSES                         PA-65-3-5
STATES, MATHIAS                        PA-65-2-294
STAUFFER, JOHN                         PA-65-7-138
STAUFFER, MARY                         PA-65-5-271
STAYMATES, WILLIAM                     PA-65-7-469
STCLAIR, ANDREW                        PA-65-2-331
STEARLEY, JACOB                        PA-65-5-556
STEART, JAMES                          PA-65-1-318
STEEL, ANDREW                          PA-65-5-317
STEEL, JAMES                           PA-65-4-384
STEEL, JAMES                           PA-65-5-245
STEEL, JAMES                           PA-65-5-303
STEEL, MATHEW                          PA-65-6-58
STEEL, PRUDENCE                        PA-65-5-472
STEEL, SAMUEL                          PA-65-5-10
STEEL, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-135
STEELE, DAVID                          PA-65-6-469
STEELE, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-3-385
STEELE, GEORGE                         PA-65-1-391
STEELE, JAMES                          PA-65-2-100
STEELE, JOHN                           PA-65-3-209
STEELE, JOHN                           PA-65-4-310
STEELE, JOSEPH                         PA-65-2-376
STEELE, SARAH                          PA-65-7-363
STEELE, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-204
STEELSMITH, JACOB                      PA-65-5-1
STEER, JACOB                           PA-65-1-378
STEINBERGER, SUSANNA                   PA-65-4-294
STEINER, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-6-391
STEINER, FREDERICK                     PA-65-5-175
STEINER, JAMES G.                      PA-65-7-137
STEINER, JOHN                          PA-65-5-5
STEINER, JOHN                          PA-65-4-360
STEINMETZ, PHILIP                      PA-65-1-225
STEINMETZ, PHILIP                      PA-65-5-277
STEL, MARY                             PA-65-5-378
STEPHAN, JSOEPH                        PA-65-1-118
STEPHENS, REYNOLDS                     PA-65-3-191
STERLING, JOSEPH                       PA-65-1-314
STERNER, ADAM                          PA-65-5-175
STERRITT, JAMES                        PA-65-2-212
STERWART, THOMAS M.                    PA-65-3-139
STETTER, JOSEPH                        PA-65-6-450
STEVENS, HETTIE C.                     PA-65-5-611
STEVENSON, JOHN                        PA-65-3-26
STEVENSON, JOHN                        PA-65-6-53
STEVENSON, ROBERT                      PA-65-2-241
STEVENSON, SAMUEL                      PA-65-1-344
STEWARD, JOHN                          PA-65-1-196
STEWART, ALEXANDER                     PA-65-2-408
STEWART, ANDEW R.                      PA-65-5-233
STEWART, BENJAMIN                      PA-65-3-269
STEWART, BENJAMIN                      PA-65-5-116
STEWART, CHARLES                       PA-65-5-566
STEWART, GEORGE                        PA-65-3-82
STEWART, HENRY                         PA-65-6-48
STEWART, JACOB                         PA-65-2-336
STEWART, JAMES                         PA-65-5-130
STEWART, JAMES                         PA-65-6-485
STEWART, JAMES                         PA-65-4-408
STEWART, JAMES                         PA-65-3-349
STEWART, JAMES                         PA-65-7-297
STEWART, JOHN                          PA-65-2-49
STEWART, JOHN                          PA-65-1-270
STEWART, JOHN                          PA-65-2-30
STEWART, JOHN SR.                      PA-65-5-440
STEWART, JOSEPH                        PA-65-1-29
STEWART, NANCY                         PA-65-4-400
STEWART, PHOEBE A.                     PA-65-6-287
STEWART, REBECCA                       PA-65-5-565
STEWART, ROBERT                        PA-65-2-382
STEWART, ROSANNA                       PA-65-3-362
STEWART, S. F.                         PA-65-6-526
STEWART, SAMUEL                        PA-65-5-125
STEWART, SAMUEL                        PA-65-3-169
STEWART, SAMUEL                        PA-65-4-461
STEWART, SAMUEL M.                     PA-65-7-332
STEWART, THOMAS W.                     PA-65-5-389
STEWART, WILLIAM                       PA-65-6-108
STEWART, WILLIAM                       PA-65-7-435
STILLERICH, JOHN (REV.)                PA-65-7-149
STILWELL, SAMUEL                       PA-65-1-27
STIMMEL, JOHN                          PA-65-4-490
STOCKBERGER, ABRAHAM                   PA-65-4-64
STOCKBERGER, JACOB                     PA-65-6-233
STOCKBERGER, MAGDALENA                 PA-65-6-179
STOCKBERGER, MICHAEL                   PA-65-1-157
STOCKUM, PHILIP                        PA-65-3-215
STOFFER, JOHN                          PA-65-5-434
STONEMAN, BENJAMIN                     PA-65-6-169
STONEMAN, JESSE                        PA-65-7-170
STONER, BARBARA                        PA-65-1-389
STONER, CHRISTAIN                      PA-65-1-361
STONER, GEORGE                         PA-65-5-144
STONER, JOHN                           PA-65-5-202
STONER, JOHN                           PA-65-6-339
STONER, SUSAN                          PA-65-7-4
STONY, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-3-312
STONY, JOHN                            PA-65-6-377
STOOPS, ALLEN                          PA-65-4-198
STOOPS, DAVID                          PA-65-4-208
STOREY, ROBERT                         PA-65-3-28
STORIMIT, SARAH A.                     PA-65-5-364
STORLIN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-4-255
STOTLAR, DAVID                         PA-65-4-28
STOUFFER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-65-7-390
STOUFFER, CHRISTOPHER                  PA-65-2-132
STOUFFER, JOHN                         PA-65-2-357
STOUFFER, MARIA                        PA-65-6-228
STOUGH, JOHN                           PA-65-2-347
STOUGH, JOHN SR.                       PA-65-5-426
STOUT, CATHARINE                       PA-65-7-164
STOUT, HENRY                           PA-65-5-73
STOUT, MAGDALENA                       PA-65-7-431
STRAW, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-3-337
STRAW, JACOB                           PA-65-1-44
STRAW, JOHN PETER                      PA-65-2-23
STRAW, MICHAEL                         PA-65-3-24
STREK, M. J. (REV.)                    PA-65-3-214
STRICKLER, GEORGE                      PA-65-7-293
STRODER, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-65
STROHM, JACOB                          PA-65-3-212
STRUBLE, ISRAEL                        PA-65-7-254
STRUBLE, JOHN G.                       PA-65-3-348
STUMP, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-5-432
STUMP, JOHN                            PA-65-6-423
STUMP, SARAH                           PA-65-5-431
SUMAN, POLLY                           PA-65-5-25
SUMMERS, BARBARA                       PA-65-4-368
SUMMONEY, FANNY                        PA-65-1-423
SUMRALL, JHN                           PA-65-1-119
SUTER, JEREMIAH A. E.                  PA-65-6-84
SUTER, JULIA A.                        PA-65-7-396
SUTER, SOLOMON                         PA-65-4-475
SWAIN, BENJAMIN                        PA-65-1-385
SWAINEY, ROBERT                        PA-65-2-371
SWAN, WILLIAM (REV.)                   PA-65-2-173
SWANK, DANIEL                          PA-65-2-400
SWARTZ, JOHN                           PA-65-3-92
SWEM, JOHN                             PA-65-7-489
SWENEY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-5-501
SWIGART, PHILIP                        PA-65-1-403
SYKES, ELIZA                           PA-65-6-429
SYKES, WILLIAM                         PA-65-6-395
SYLVIS, ISAAC                          PA-65-4-27
SYPHRET, SEBASTIAN                     PA-65-2-163
TALBOT, HARRY                          PA-65-1-433
TARR, DANIEL                           PA-65-3-343
TARR, HENRY                            PA-65-4-549
TARR, JAMES R.                         PA-65-4-555
TARR, JOHN B.                          PA-65-1-110
TARR, JOHN B.                          PA-65-7-17
TASH, PETER                            PA-65-4-293
TAUBLER, JOHN J.                       PA-65-7-541
TAWNEY, JOHN                           PA-65-6-135
TAYLON, DANIEL                         PA-65-4-408
TAYLOR, ARTHUR                         PA-65-2-360
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-5-406
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-5-154
TAYLOR, G. W. (M.D.)                   PA-65-4-389
TAYLOR, GEORGE                         PA-65-1-395
TAYLOR, JANE                           PA-65-2-81
TAYLOR, JEHU                           PA-65-3-403
TAYLOR, JOHN                           PA-65-1-441
TAYLOR, JOHN                           PA-65-5-25
TAYLOR, JOHN                           PA-65-2-224
TAYLOR, MARY A.                        PA-65-6-77
TAYLOR, RICHARD                        PA-65-1-189
TAYLOR, ROBERT                         PA-65-2-115
TAYLOR, ROBERT                         PA-65-1-384
TAYLOR, SARAH                          PA-65-5-152
TAYLOR, SIMON                          PA-65-2-247
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        PA-65-5-21
TAYLOR, WILLIAM M.                     PA-65-3-147
TEATER, MARY A.                        PA-65-5-152
TEEGARDEN, AARON                       PA-65-2-168
TEMPLE, SAMUEL W.                      PA-65-4-322
THARP, MARGARET J.                     PA-65-7-416
THEOBALD, PRIOR                        PA-65-1-7
THMPSON, SAMUEL                        PA-65-1-49
THOMAS, A. A.                          PA-65-5-418
THOMAS, ANENRIN                        PA-65-6-491
THOMAS, BENJAMIN                       PA-65-4-169
THOMAS, GARRET                         PA-65-1-159
THOMAS, GEORGE                         PA-65-4-480
THOMAS, ISAAC                          PA-65-1-128
THOMAS, JOHN                           PA-65-6-577
THOMAS, MARY                           PA-65-4-261
THOMAS, MARY A.                        PA-65-6-491
THOMAS, THOMAS                         PA-65-3-9
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-65-4-427
THOMPSON, ANDREW F.                    PA-65-2-135
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-3-431
THOMPSON, GEORGE                       PA-65-3-277
THOMPSON, GEORGE                       PA-65-6-338
THOMPSON, J. G.                        PA-65-6-57
THOMPSON, JAMES                        PA-65-2-124
THOMPSON, JAMES                        PA-65-2-245
THOMPSON, JAMES                        PA-65-4-278
THOMPSON, JOHN                         PA-65-1-446
THOMPSON, LUCINDA                      PA-65-5-159
THOMPSON, MARGARET A.                  PA-65-6-612
THOMPSON, MARTHA                       PA-65-3-307
THOMPSON, MARY                         PA-65-3-137
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       PA-65-2-417
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       PA-65-5-558
THOMPSON, SARAH                        PA-65-6-530
THOMPSON, SARAH A.                     PA-65-7-424
THOMPSON, WILILAM                      PA-65-5-335
THOMPSON, WILLAM                       PA-65-7-173
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-4-287
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-249
THOMPSON,W ILLIAM                      PA-65-7-561
THREW, DAVID                           PA-65-2-379
TILBROOK, JOHN                         PA-65-4-50
TIMMS, SAMUEL                          PA-65-7-408
TINSTMAN, ABRAHAM                      PA-65-3-51
TINSTMAN, NANCY                        PA-65-3-211
TITLE, ANN                             PA-65-3-284
TITTLE, JOHN                           PA-65-7-103
TITTLE, JOSIAH                         PA-65-7-227
TITTLE, PETER                          PA-65-2-307
TITTLE, REBECCA                        PA-65-5-496
TODD, ANN                              PA-65-1-428
TODD, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-7-434
TODD, JAMES (HON.)                     PA-65-4-464
TODD, SAMUEL                           PA-65-6-326
TORRANCE, ARON                         PA-65-2-342
TORRANCE, FINTON                       PA-65-7-143
TORRENCE, HUGH                         PA-65-2-237
TORRENCE, HUGH                         PA-65-5-162
TOTAN, ISAAC                           PA-65-1-213
TOTEM, JOHN                            PA-65-2-320
TOWNSEND, JOHN H.                      PA-65-7-244
TRAUGER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-65-7-102
TRAUGER, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-4-404
TRAUGER, FRANK D.                      PA-65-7-603
TRAUGER, LEWIS P.                      PA-65-7-75
TRAUGER, W. O.                         PA-65-7-576
TRICE, ADAM                            PA-65-6-233
TRIMBLE, ESTHER                        PA-65-7-124
TRIMBLE, JAMES                         PA-65-1-453
TRIMBLE, JANE                          PA-65-6-40
TRIMBLE, JJAMES                        PA-65-5-398
TRIMBLE, THOMAS                        PA-65-3-394
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM                       PA-65-4-406
TROUT, CATHARINE                       PA-65-2-288
TROUT, DANIEL                          PA-65-4-391
TROUT, HENRY                           PA-65-1-300
TROUT, ISAAC                           PA-65-5-559
TROUT, JACOB                           PA-65-5-278
TROUT, PHILIP                          PA-65-3-345
TROUT, RACHEL                          PA-65-6-455
TROXAL, JOHN                           PA-65-3-285
TROXALL, JOHN                          PA-65-5-286
TRUXAL, JACOB                          PA-65-2-361
TURNER, MARY                           PA-65-1-367
TURNEY, DANIEL                         PA-65-1-173
TURRY, HETTIE                          PA-65-6-623
TWEEDY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-4-184
TWIGGER, WILLIAM                       PA-65-7-50
UNTER, BARBARA                         PA-65-7-632
VANCE, JACOB                           PA-65-7-116
VANCE, JAMES                           PA-65-1-302
VANCE, JOHN                            PA-65-3-136
VANDYKE, ADAM                          PA-65-7-268
VANE, ELEANOR                          PA-65-5-109
VANESDALL, ISAAC                       PA-65-3-140
VANKIRK, ISAAC                         PA-65-5-30
VANKIRK, JAMES M.                      PA-65-5-303
VANKIRK, WILLIAM                       PA-65-5-327
VANTINE, HANNAH M.                     PA-65-5-429
VANTINE, HEZEKIAH                      PA-65-2-395
VANTINE, WILLIAM                       PA-65-5-296
VENABEL, JOHN                          PA-65-7-630
VOGEL, AUGUSTUS                        PA-65-4-107
VOGHT, ANDREW                          PA-65-5-261
VOIGHT, H. E. F. (REV.)                PA-65-6-32
WADDEL, FRANCIS                        PA-65-1-5
WADDEL, JAMES                          PA-65-1-106
WADDEL, PETER                          PA-65-1-92
WADDLE, WILILAM SR.                    PA-65-7-497
WADSWORTH, CATHARINE                   PA-65-6-595
WAGLE, ABRAHAM SR.                     PA-65-3-162
WAGLE, JOHN                            PA-65-1-175
WAGLEY, ABRAHAM                        PA-65-5-251
WAGNER, JOHN G.                        PA-65-6-183
WAGNER, JOHN R.                        PA-65-4-510
WAGNER, MARY J.                        PA-65-6-473
WAGNER, SOLOMON                        PA-65-4-188
WAHN, JOHN                             PA-65-6-202
WAKEFIELD, M. E.                       PA-65-7-295
WALDHOUR, CASPER                       PA-65-2-66
WALDHOUR, GEORGE                       PA-65-1-119
WALDHOUR, JOSEPH                       PA-65-1-338
WALKER, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-3-99
WALKER, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-6-214
WALKER, EBENEZER                       PA-65-1-346
WALKER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-5-141
WALKER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-5-517
WALKER, JAMES                          PA-65-3-229
WALKER, JAMES                          PA-65-1-216
WALKER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-43
WALKER, JOHN                           PA-65-1-275
WALKER, LEAH                           PA-65-4-552
WALKER, MARY                           PA-65-2-16
WALKER, MARY                           PA-65-7-348
WALKER, ROBERT                         PA-65-3-382
WALKER, THOMAS                         PA-65-1-132
WALKER, THOMAS                         PA-65-3-143
WALKER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-5-173
WALKINSHAW, JAMES                      PA-65-7-479
WALLACE, ANN                           PA-65-7-500
WALLACE, CHARLES                       PA-65-6-29
WALLACE, DAVID                         PA-65-5-363
WALLACE, HUGH                          PA-65-3-232
WALLACE, JAMES                         PA-65-7-159
WALLACE, JOHN                          PA-65-6-607
WALLACE, PETER                         PA-65-2-422
WALLACE, ROBERT                        PA-65-3-157
WALLAS, SARAH                          PA-65-4-505
WALP, ANDREW                           PA-65-6-369
WALP, CONRAD                           PA-65-5-407
WALTER, ANTHONY                        PA-65-1-94
WALTER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-65-6-270
WALTER, GEORGE                         PA-65-2-37
WALTER, HENRY                          PA-65-5-380
WALTER, ISAAC                          PA-65-3-335
WALTER, JACOB                          PA-65-5-489
WALTER, JOHN                           PA-65-2-110
WALTER, SARAH                          PA-65-4-18
WALTERS, DANIEL                        PA-65-7-563
WALTERS, JACOB                         PA-65-2-181
WALTERS, JOHN                          PA-65-7-203
WALTERS, JOSEPH S.                     PA-65-7-128
WALTERS, PETER                         PA-65-5-263
WALTERS, PHILIP                        PA-65-3-249
WALTHOUR, BARBARA                      PA-65-4-33
WALTHOUR, CHRISTIAN                    PA-65-3-69
WALTHOUR, CHRISTIAN                    PA-65-4-53
WALTHOUR, CHRISTOPHER                  PA-65-3-277
WALTHOUR, CONRAD                       PA-65-6-501
WALTHOUR, DONRATHA                     PA-65-3-103
WALTHOUR, JOSEPH                       PA-65-5-82
WALTHOUR, SARAH                        PA-65-3-127
WALTHOUR, STOPHEL                      PA-65-1-47
WALTON, JESSE                          PA-65-4-251
WALTON, SAMUEL                         PA-65-4-194
WALTS, DANIEL                          PA-65-2-57
WALTZ, JOHN                            PA-65-5-58
WARD, BOYD                             PA-65-4-241
WARD, MARY                             PA-65-7-394
WARD, PATRICK                          PA-65-6-93
WARDEN, PAUL                           PA-65-4-76
WARDEN, ROBERT (CAPT.)                 PA-65-4-411
WARDEN, SAMUEL                         PA-65-1-362
WARNER, JOSEPH                         PA-65-4-118
WARREN, MARY                           PA-65-2-247
WARREN, PERRY D.                       PA-65-5-492
WARRICK, GEORGE                        PA-65-6-475
WATSON, ROBERT                         PA-65-5-309
WATT, DAVID                            PA-65-3-16
WATT, GEORGE                           PA-65-3-47
WATT, GEORGE                           PA-65-1-164
WATT, JOHN                             PA-65-4-312
WATT, WILLIAM                          PA-65-5-62
WATTERS, SAMUEL                        PA-65-2-404
WATTERSON, JAMES                       PA-65-5-272
WAUGAMAN, PETER                        PA-65-5-170
WAUGHAMAN, PHILIP                      PA-65-4-288
WEAVER, ANNA M.                        PA-65-7-468
WEAVER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-7-360
WEAVER, JOHN                           PA-65-2-61
WEAVER, JOHN B.                        PA-65-7-45
WEAVER, LEWIS                          PA-65-3-101
WEAVER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-376
WEDDLE, JOSEPH P.                      PA-65-5-395
WEGLEY, ABRAHAM                        PA-65-6-462
WEGLEY, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-7-450
WEGLEY, JACOB                          PA-65-5-350
WEGLEY, MARY                           PA-65-6-136
WEIDINGER, F. RICHARD                  PA-65-4-299
WEILAND, GERHARDT                      PA-65-4-457
WEIMER, DAVID                          PA-65-3-61
WEIMER, JACOB                          PA-65-1-320
WEIMER, MARY                           PA-65-3-239
WEIMER, MICHAEL                        PA-65-3-297
WEIMER, S. B.                          PA-65-6-543
WEINEL, WILLIAM (REV)                  PA-65-5-46
WEIS, MICHAEL                          PA-65-7-395
WEISTER, JOHN                          PA-65-4-196
WELKER, JACOB                          PA-65-2-300
WELKER, JOHN                           PA-65-6-576
WELLER, FREDERICK                      PA-65-2-213
WELLER, FREDERICK                      PA-65-3-315
WELLS, JOHN                            PA-65-2-362
WELSH, JOHN                            PA-65-4-203
WELSH, JOHN                            PA-65-1-171
WELSHANCE, HENRY                       PA-65-2-397
WELTY, DANIEL                          PA-65-6-13
WELTY, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-6-422
WELTY, HENRY                           PA-65-3-37
WELTY, HENRY                           PA-65-7-300
WELTY, JANE                            PA-65-5-581
WENER, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-376
WENTLING, ADAM                         PA-65-2-76
WENTLING, DEWALT                       PA-65-3-41
WENTSEL, PHILIP                        PA-65-1-440
WENTZ, MOSES                           PA-65-5-439
WENTZLER, JOHN M.                      PA-65-4-94
WERNER, MICHAEL                        PA-65-3-172
WERTS, JOHNS R.                        PA-65-2-393
WERTZ, NANCY                           PA-65-6-476
WEST, ADAM                             PA-65-3-103
WEST, ALEXANDER                        PA-65-6-556
WEST, JACOB                            PA-65-4-31
WEST, MARTIN                           PA-65-2-181
WEST, ROBERT                           PA-65-4-117
WESTON, WILLAM                         PA-65-5-316
WET, THOMAS                            PA-65-7-352
WETHERTON, GEORGE                      PA-65-6-22
WEVER, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-5-15
WEYAND, DANIEL                         PA-65-5-514
WEYMAN, JACOB                          PA-65-5-66
WHITE, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-6-330
WHITE, HANNAH                          PA-65-5-302
WHITE, J. D.                           PA-65-7-250
WHITE, JAMES                           PA-65-2-143
WHITE, JOHN                            PA-65-3-389
WHITE, JOSEPH                          PA-65-1-322
WHITE, MARTHA                          PA-65-6-16
WHITE, W. F.                           PA-65-6-333
WHITE, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-162
WHITEHEAD, CATHARINE                   PA-65-5-306
WHITEHEAD, DAM                         PA-65-5-480
WHITEHEAD, JOHN A.                     PA-65-7-335
WHITEHEAD, VALENTINE                   PA-65-2-196
WHITESEL, JOHN                         PA-65-5-493
WHITMAN, PHILIP                        PA-65-1-320
WHITZAL, PHILIP                        PA-65-1-24
WIBBE, STEPHEN                         PA-65-2-101
WIBLE, JOSEPH                          PA-65-4-197
WIGGINS, CUTBORT                       PA-65-5-34
WILEY, JAMES                           PA-65-4-371
WILEY, SAMPSON                         PA-65-2-262
WILEY,E LIZABETH                       PA-65-5-556
WILIE, KATE S.                         PA-65-7-556
WILKINS, JOHN                          PA-65-1-155
WILKINS, SAMUEL                        PA-65-5-553
WILKINS, THOMAS                        PA-65-1-163
WILLIAMS, ADAM                         PA-65-4-402
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                       PA-65-5-308
WILLIAMS, DANIEL R.                    PA-65-7-378
WILLIAMS, DAVID                        PA-65-7-69
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-3-48
WILLIAMS, JANE A.                      PA-65-6-424
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                       PA-65-6-181
WILLIAMS, MARY                         PA-65-7-517
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                       PA-65-2-167
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       PA-65-5-447
WILLIAMS, W. H.                        PA-65-7-602
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                       PA-65-2-97
WILLIAMSON, MARGARET                   PA-65-5-3
WILLIARD, FREDERICK                    PA-65-4-109
WILLIARD, JOHN                         PA-65-7-66
WILLIARD, JOHN                         PA-65-7-44
WILSON, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-2-199
WILSON, CHARLES                        PA-65-1-166
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-4-182
WILSON, GEORGE                         PA-65-3-219
WILSON, HUGH                           PA-65-5-259
WILSON, JAMES                          PA-65-2-38
WILSON, JAMES A.                       PA-65-6-325
WILSON, JAMES H.                       PA-65-4-470
WILSON, JOHN                           PA-65-1-43
WILSON, MARY                           PA-65-2-242
WILSON, MARY EMMA                      PA-65-7-522
WILSON, NANCY                          PA-65-4-409
WILSON, SAMUEL                         PA-65-2-39
WILSON, SILAS W.                       PA-65-6-491
WILSON, THOMAS                         PA-65-3-115
WILSON, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-131
WILSON, WILLIAM                        PA-65-3-213
WILSON, WILLIAM                        PA-65-7-163
WILYARD, DANIEL                        PA-65-5-297
WILYARD, ESTHER                        PA-65-6-175
WIMMER, BONIFACE                       PA-65-7-629
WINDLAND, CHRISTIAN                    PA-65-2-2
WINDLAND, CHRISTOPHER                  PA-65-7-350
WINELAND, BENJAMIN                     PA-65-7-354
WINELAND, MARY L.                      PA-65-7-519
WINEMAN, JOHNG .                       PA-65-7-142
WINNETT, HIRAM                         PA-65-7-590
WINTERS, JACOB                         PA-65-5-213
WISE, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-6-2
WISE, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-6-217
WISSINGER, CHRISTENA                   PA-65-7-362
WITEICK, JOHN                          PA-65-6-42
WITHROW, JAMES                         PA-65-6-301
WOLF, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-7-463
WOLF, PRISCILLA                        PA-65-7-59
WOLF, SADIE R.                         PA-65-7-427
WOLF, SOLOMON                          PA-65-5-42
WOLFE, ANDREW                          PA-65-1-184
WOLFE, SEBASTIAN                       PA-65-1-187
WOLFEHART, JOHN                        PA-65-2-375
WOLFORD, JACOB                         PA-65-6-584
WOLGAMUTH, MARY                        PA-65-3-239
WOLKAMOTH, HENRY                       PA-65-2-334
WONMAN, DANIEL                         PA-65-4-415
WOOD, TIMOTHY                          PA-65-1-142
WOODROW, JOHN                          PA-65-1-174
WOODS, JAMES                           PA-65-2-282
WOODS, JOHN                            PA-65-2-165
WOODS, JOHN                            PA-65-4-267
WOODS, MATHEW                          PA-65-2-219
WOOLSEY, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-319
WORKMAN, MARGERY                       PA-65-2-202
WORTHINGTON, ROBERT                    PA-65-1-8
WRAY, BOYD                             PA-65-6-381
WRAY, WILLIAM                          PA-65-5-360
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-5-500
WRIGHT, HUGH                           PA-65-2-159
WRIGHT, JOHN                           PA-65-2-289
WRIGHT, REBECCA                        PA-65-2-352
WRIGHT, SARAH                          PA-65-1-251
WYANDT, DAVID                          PA-65-6-85
WYANT, JOSEPH                          PA-65-6-395
WYLIE, HUGH                            PA-65-1-168
WYLIE, JOHN                            PA-65-4-472
WYLIE, JOHN                            PA-65-1-112
WYNE, JOHN                             PA-65-2-258
WYNN, JONATHAN                         PA-65-2-426
YEALY, HENRY                           PA-65-3-32
YETTERS, JACOB                         PA-65-3-165
YOCKEY, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-65-4-568
YOCKEY, JOHN                           PA-65-7-392
YOKEY, PETER                           PA-65-1-255
YOTER, DANIEL                          PA-65-4-17
YOTTER, DAVID                          PA-65-5-323
YOTTER, JAMES M.                       PA-65-5-203
YOUNG, DAVID                           PA-65-6-203
YOUNG, GILBERT                         PA-65-1-206
YOUNG, JAMES                           PA-65-2-288
YOUNG, JANE                            PA-65-6-180
YOUNG, JOHN                            PA-65-2-44
YOUNG, JOHN                            PA-65-2-192
YOUNG, JOHN                            PA-65-4-442
YOUNG, JOHN (HON.)                     PA-65-3-322
YOUNG, JOHN W.                         PA-65-5-562
YOUNG, JOHNL.                          PA-65-4-451
YOUNG, JOSEPH                          PA-65-4-449
YOUNG, LINN                            PA-65-4-235
YOUNG, MARGARET                        PA-65-6-394
YOUNG, MARGARET                        PA-65-7-93
YOUNG, MARGARET L.                     PA-65-7-443
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-370
YOUTHER, JACOB                         PA-65-7-615
YOUTTER, HANNAH                        PA-65-3-71
ZEANOR, GEORGE                         PA-65-2-146
ZELLERS, ALVEAS                        PA-65-5-41
ZIMMERMAN, CATHARINE                   PA-65-4-25
ZIMMERMAN, DANIEL                      PA-65-6-96
ZIMMERMAN, GEORGE                      PA-65-4-204
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                       PA-65-3-100
ZIMMERMAN, JONATHAN                    PA-65-7-189
ZIMMERMAN, PETER                       PA-65-3-247
ZIMMERMAN, SAMUEL                      PA-65-3-220
ZIMMERMAN, SARAH J.                    PA-65-6-567
ZINCK, FREDIRICIA                      PA-65-7-22
ZINDORFF, GEORGE                       PA-65-1-219
ZUCK, JACOB                            PA-65-7-219
ZUCK, SUSAN F.                         PA-65-7-560
ZUMBRO, HENRY                          PA-65-6-304
ZUMBRO, JOSEPH                         PA-65-3-161

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