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Column One: Name of Testator
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FAILLS, JOHN                           PA-65-1-12
FARMER, GEORGE                         PA-65-1-121
FARREL, WILLIAM                        PA-65-2-198
FAUSHOLD, CASPER                       PA-65-3-159
FAUSOLD, JOHN                          PA-65-7-245
FEGAN, DANIEL                          PA-65-6-159
FEIGHTNER, JOHN                        PA-65-4-252
FEITNER, HENRY                         PA-65-2-92
FELGAR, JACOB                          PA-65-3-425
FELGAR, LUDWICK                        PA-65-3-429
FELGER, HENRY                          PA-65-1-316
FELGER, JACOB SR.                      PA-65-5-408
FELGER, SARAH                          PA-65-5-288
FELL, BENJAMIN                         PA-65-1-261
FELL, BENJAMIN                         PA-65-2-414
FELL, BENJAMIN                         PA-65-7-146
FELL, FRANCIS A.                       PA-65-7-179
FELL, JESSE                            PA-65-2-290
FENNEL, CATHARINE                      PA-65-5-135
FENNEL, MICHAEL                        PA-65-6-25
FERGUSON, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-7-636
FERGUSON, JAMES                        PA-65-1-312
FERGUSON, JAMES                        PA-65-3-310
FERGUSON, JANE                         PA-65-4-463
FERGUSON, JOHN                         PA-65-1-117
FERGUSON, RUBEN                        PA-65-6-60
FERGUSON, RUTH                         PA-65-7-269
FHREW, DAVID                           PA-65-2-379
FIFE, JAMES H. (REV.)                  PA-65-4-373
FILLOON, JOHN                          PA-65-2-126
FINDLEY, CLEMENT                       PA-65-1-6
FINDLEY, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-6-634
FINDLEY, JAMES                         PA-65-4-488
FINDLEY, JANE                          PA-65-3-192
FINDLEY, JOHN                          PA-65-1-325
FINDLEY, MARY                          PA-65-2-138
FINDLEY, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-41
FINK, MICHAEL                          PA-65-4-147
FINLEY, ANDREW                         PA-65-2-209
FINLEY, JAMES (REV.)                   PA-65-1-120
FINLEY, JOHN                           PA-65-2-277
FINLEY, JOHN E.                        PA-65-5-370
FINLEY, MICHAEL                        PA-65-3-276
FINLEY, POLLY                          PA-65-5-397
FINLEY, ROBERT                         PA-65-5-422
FINLEY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-4-178
FISCOS, GERHART                        PA-65-1-141
FISCUS, DAVID                          PA-65-5-364
FISHEL, HENRY                          PA-65-6-379
FISHEL, JACOB                          PA-65-3-109
FISHER, ABEL                           PA-65-2-403
FISHER, ABEL                           PA-65-6-99
FISHER, ADAM                           PA-65-2-32
FISHER, ADAM                           PA-65-4-75
FISHER, CATHARINE                      PA-65-2-319
FISHER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-65-6-438
FISHER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-7-283
FISHER, GEORGE                         PA-65-4-156
FISHER, JACOB                          PA-65-3-158
FISHER, JACOB                          PA-65-5-188
FISHER, MATHIAS                        PA-65-2-303
FISHER, PHILIP                         PA-65-4-159
FISHER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-2-406
FISHER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-5-243
FITCHMAN, DAVID                        PA-65-5-258
FITZGERALD, JAMES                      PA-65-3-231
FLACK, JAMES                           PA-65-3-112
FLACK, SAMUEL                          PA-65-3-71
FLANAGAN, PATRICK                      PA-65-5-60
FLECK, JOHN                            PA-65-1-229
FLEEGER, EMILY                         PA-65-7-13
FLEMING, DANIEL                        PA-65-2-2
FLEMING, JOHN                          PA-65-3-60
FLEMING, WILLIAM                       PA-65-1-146
FLEMMING, JANE                         PA-65-4-87
FLEMMING, MARGARET                     PA-65-4-88
FLEMMING, THOMAS                       PA-65-6-252
FLETCHER, ARCHIBALD                    PA-65-7-540
FLICKINGER, JOHN                       PA-65-6-294
FLIGER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-7-611
FLOWERS, JACOB                         PA-65-5-154
FLOWERS, VALENTINE                     PA-65-5-436
FOIGHT, JOHNG.                         PA-65-5-521
FOOT, JOHN S.                          PA-65-6-316
FOOT, ROBERT F.                        PA-65-6-186
FORBES, THOMAS                         PA-65-5-311
FORD, JOSEPH                           PA-65-3-189
FORD, WILILAM                          PA-65-5-71
FOREMAN, CHARLES                       PA-65-1-208
FORREST, JOHN                          PA-65-1-33
FOSS, JOHN                             PA-65-6-376
FOSTER, JAMES                          PA-65-1-131
FOSTER, JAMES                          PA-65-6-280
FOSTER, MARY                           PA-65-7-7
FOSTER, MARY J.                        PA-65-5-513
FOSTER, ROBERT                         PA-65-4-8
FOSTER, ROBERT                         PA-65-7-230
FOSTER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-7-68
FOULK, PHILIP                          PA-65-5-567
FOWLER, JAMES                          PA-65-3-156
FOX, HENRY                             PA-65-2-116
FOX, JACOB                             PA-65-1-402
FOX, JOHN                              PA-65-6-7
FOX, JOHN                              PA-65-5-54
FOX, JOHN                              PA-65-6-10
FOX, PETER                             PA-65-2-26
FRABLE, MOSES                          PA-65-5-365
FRANCE, JANE                           PA-65-7-126
FRANCE, JOSEPH S.                      PA-65-5-636
FRANCE, MICHAEL                        PA-65-4-268
FRANCIS, GEORGE                        PA-65-7-88
FRANCIS, MICHAEL                       PA-65-5-471
FRANCIS, ROBERT                        PA-65-6-528
FRANKLIN, CHARLOTTE                    PA-65-7-524
FRANKS, MARGARET                       PA-65-5-360
FRANTZ, DANIEL                         PA-65-3-256
FRATS, DANIEL                          PA-65-5-561
FRATS, HANNAH                          PA-65-5-476
FRAYAR, JOSEPH                         PA-65-4-401
FREAM, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-237
FREELAND, ELIZABETH M.                 PA-65-6-168
FREELAND, MYANDART                     PA-65-3-240
FREEMAN, CATHARINE                     PA-65-6-47
FREEMAN, GEORGE                        PA-65-5-247
FRENCH, THOMAS                         PA-65-1-15
FRETTS, ADAM                           PA-65-6-119
FRETZ, CHRISTIAN                       PA-65-3-227
FRICK, JACOB                           PA-65-3-204
FRICK, JOHN                            PA-65-4-457
FRICKMAN, ADAM                         PA-65-2-45
FRIED, JOHN                            PA-65-3-382
FRIER, PETER                           PA-65-5-3
FRITCHMAN, ADAM                        PA-65-1-93
FROELIG, MARTIN                        PA-65-1-254
FROMM, FRANCIS ROGATUS                 PA-65-1-48
FRY, ANDREW                            PA-65-4-291
FRY, DOMINICK                          PA-65-7-315
FRY, GEORGE                            PA-65-7-37
FRY, JACOB                             PA-65-5-520
FRY, JACOB                             PA-65-6-103
FRY, JOHN                              PA-65-2-4
FRY, JONATHAN                          PA-65-6-9
FRY, MICHAEL                           PA-65-2-275
FRY, MICHAEL                           PA-65-3-311
FRY, REGINA                            PA-65-6-152
FRY, REGNIA                            PA-65-5-PA-65-5-97
FRY, SAMUEL                            PA-65-5-304
FRY, SARAH                             PA-65-7-407
FRYE, ADAM                             PA-65-2-264
FULLERTON, HUMPHRY                     PA-65-2-333
FULLERTON, SAMUEL                      PA-65-6-205
FULLMER, HENRY                         PA-65-5-619
FULLWOOD, C.                           PA-65-3-214
FULMER, SARAH                          PA-65-6-244
FULTON, ABRAHAM                        PA-65-1-27
FULTON, ABRAM                          PA-65-2-338
FULTON, ANDREW                         PA-65-6-492
FULTON, ELEANOR                        PA-65-6-460
FULTON, HANNAH                         PA-65-6-260
FULTON, ISAAC                          PA-65-6-20
FULTON, JAMES                          PA-65-2-129
FULTON, JAMES SR.                      PA-65-7-121
FULTON, JOHN                           PA-65-3-235
FULTON, JOHN                           PA-65-1-96
FULTON, MARGARET                       PA-65-5-44
FULTON, MARY R.                        PA-65-6-502
FULTON, ROBERT                         PA-65-2-11
FULTON, ROBERT SR.                     PA-65-3-237
FULTON, SARAH                          PA-65-2-342
FULTZ, GEORGE                          PA-65-2-166
FUNK, ABRAHAM                          PA-65-6-408
FUNK, CHRISTIAN                        PA-65-2-329
FUNK CHRISTIAN                         PA-65-4-398
FUNK, CHRISTIAN                        PA-65-7-243
FUNK, DANIEL                           PA-65-4-565
FUNK, JOHN S.                          PA-65-5-209
FUNK, MARIETTA                         PA-65-6-426
FURINER, DAVID                         PA-65-1-227
FURNIER, MATILDA C.                    PA-65-5-600
FURRY, GARRETT                         PA-65-6-452
FURRY, HETTIE                          PA-65-6-623
FURRY, JOHN                            PA-65-5-474
GAGNE, FRANK                           PA-65-7-478
GALAWAY, WILLIAM                       PA-65-5-289
GALBRAITER, JOHN                       PA-65-1-238
GALBRAITH, NANCY                       PA-65-6-237
GALBREATH, MARY                        PA-65-4-297
GALEATINE, DANIEL                      PA-65-4-155
GALLAGHER, BARNABAS                    PA-65-1-41
GALLAGHER, JOHN                        PA-65-5-98
GALLAGHER, THOMAS                      PA-65-3-106
GALLAGHER, THOMAS F.                   PA-65-7-113
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM                     PA-65-1-134
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM                     PA-65-6-518
GALLAGHER,JAMES                        PA-65-6-573
GALLOWAY, JOHN                         PA-65-7-110
GALLOWAY, NANCY                        PA-65-6-133
GALVIN, JEREMIAH                       PA-65-6-509
GAMBLE, JAMES                          PA-65-1-210
GAMBLE, SAMUEL                         PA-65-1-100
GANT, ROBERT                           PA-65-4-243
GARDNER, ABRAHAM                       PA-65-7-279
GAREY, JOHN A.                         PA-65-7-576
GARGAN, JOHN                           PA-65-6-204
GARRETT, JOHN                          PA-65-7-393
GARTLEY, ANDREW                        PA-65-6-302
GARTLEY, SAMUEL                        PA-65-4-424A
GARTLY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-3-234
GARVAN, MARIN                          PA-65-1-111
GARVEN, JOHN                           PA-65-1-40
GARVER, CONRAD                         PA-65-4-444
GARVEY, ANN                            PA-65-5-167
GAUT, JOHN                             PA-65-4-1
GAUT, JOHN                             PA-65-5-463
GAUT, JOHN                             PA-65-7-601
GAUT, WILLIAM                          PA-65-4-563
GAY, WILLIAM B.                        PA-65-5-58
GEARY, JOHN                            PA-65-5-573
GEIGER, HENRY                          PA-65-2-281
GEIGER, JOSEPH                         PA-65-4-78
GEIGER, WENDEL                         PA-65-2-255
GEIS, CONRAD                           PA-65-6-175
GEISEY, JOHN                           PA-65-4-381
GEITING, JOHN                          PA-65-2-74
GEORGE, AGNES                          PA-65-3-383
GEORGE, CONRAD                         PA-65-2-405
GEORGE, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-7-16
GEORGE, HENRY                          PA-65-4-395
GEORGE, HENRY                          PA-65-4-462
GEORGE, JAMES                          PA-65-4-6
GEORGE, JOHN                           PA-65-7-401
GEORGE, JOHN SR.                       PA-65-4-462
GEORGE, JOHN SR.                       PA-65-5-477
GEORGE, JOSEPH                         PA-65-5-287
GEORGE, MARY                           PA-65-6-237
GEORGE, NATHANIEL                      PA-65-1-198
GEORGE, PETER                          PA-65-4-90
GEORGE, PETER                          PA-65-4-108
GEORGE, WILLIAM                        PA-65-4-369
GETTEMY, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-352
GETTY, JAMES                           PA-65-5-386
GEYER, CASPER                          PA-65-1-205
GIBBS, ROBERT                          PA-65-1-10
GIBSON, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-5-523
GIBSON, JOHN                           PA-65-5-524
GIBSON, MARY                           PA-65-7-546
GIBSON, REBECCA                        PA-65-5-382
GIFFEN, ELENORE                        PA-65-3-380
GIFFEN, HENRY                          PA-65-1-282
GIFFEN, JOHN                           PA-65-4-40
GIFFEN, JOHN                           PA-65-1-243
GILBERT, ABNER                         PA-65-2-248
GILBERT, BENJAMIN                      PA-65-1-263
GILBERT, MARGARET                      PA-65-2-283
GILCHRIST, JAMES                       PA-65-7-564
GILCHRIST, JOHN                        PA-65-3-203
GILCHRIST, JOHN                        PA-65-4-541
GILCHRIST, REBECCA                     PA-65-2-340
GILESPIE, CHARLES                      PA-65-1-365
GILL, ANNA M.                          PA-65-6-98
GILL, CORNELIUS                        PA-65-6-147
GILL, JAMES M. H.                      PA-65-5-77
GILL, JOHN                             PA-65-4-128
GILL, JONATHAN J. M.                   4=21
GILL, MARY                             PA-65-3-240
GILLASPIE, WILLIAM                     PA-65-2-371
GILLELAND, JAMES                       PA-65-6-78
GILLESPY, JAMES                        PA-65-2-99
GILLESPY, MOSES                        PA-65-4-130
GILLETT, N. H. (REV.)                  PA-65-5-228
GILLGRECE, ROBERT                      PA-65-1-189
GILL,S AMUEL                           PA-65-6-68
GILMORE, ALEXANDER                     PA-65-6-256
GILMORE, AMBROSE                       PA-65-6-15
GILMORE, JAMES                         PA-65-2-304
GILMORE, JOHN                          PA-65-4-121
GILMORE, MARY                          PA-65-7-370
GILPATRICK, M. F.                      PA-65-5-275
GILSON, ROBERT                         PA-65-7-425
GILSON, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-351
GILSON, WILLIAM                        PA-65-4-265
GIRTS, F. HERMON                       PA-65-1-104
GIVEN, ROBERT                          PA-65-6-629
GLASS, JOHN                            PA-65-5-507
GLASS, JOHNSTON                        PA-65-7-413
GLESSNER, A.                           PA-65-6-563
GLUNT, JACOB                           PA-65-3-236
GOEHRING, CHARLES W.                   PA-65-6-407
GOEHRING, WILLIAM H.                   PA-65-7-102
GOFT, JACOB                            PA-65-5-631
GOLDEN, WILLIAM                        PA-65-3-57
GOLDINGER, ANTHONY                     PA-65-2-407
GONAWARE, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-4-477
GONAWARE, MICHAEL                      PA-65-2-156
GONGARVARE, CHRISTENA                  PA-65-7-394
GONGARVARE, ELLEN M.                   PA-65-7-272
GONGARVARE, JACOB                      PA-65-7-98
GONGAWARE, JONAS                       PA-65-6-442
GONGAWARE, PETER                       PA-65-6-350
GOOD, ISAAC                            PA-65-7-514
GOODMAN, JACOB                         PA-65-1-212
GOODMAN, JACOB                         PA-65-6-160
GOODMAN, JOHN                          PA-65-4-324
GORDON, MATHEW                         PA-65-1-226
GORMLEY, THOMAS                        PA-65-4-29
GORMLY, THOMAS S.                      PA-65-3-417
GOSSLIN, JOHN                          PA-65-1-28
GOURDY, MARY                           PA-65-2-157
GOURLEY, ANN                           PA-65-2-260
GOURLEY, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-5-519
GOURLEY, JOHN                          PA-65-1-412
GOURLEY, MARGARET                      PA-65-7-471
GOURLEY, MARTHA                        PA-65-4-395
GOURLEY, REBECCA                       PA-65-6-229
GRAFF, JOHN                            PA-65-2-113
GRAFF, WILLIAM                         PA-65-7-27
GRAHAM, ANDREW                         PA-65-1-340
GRAHAM, ANDREW                         PA-65-4-252
GRAHAM, BARNARD                        PA-65-1-443
GRAHAM, GILBERT                        PA-65-3-174
GRAHAM, HANNAH                         PA-65-6-542
GRAHAM, HUMPHREY                       PA-65-3-65
GRAHAM, JAMES                          PA-65-6-437
GRAHAM, JANE                           PA-65-5-207
GRAHAM, JOHN                           PA-65-4-218
GRAHAM, JOHN                           PA-65-1-443
GRAHAM, NANCY                          PA-65-5-442
GRAHAM, ROBERT                         PA-65-3-144
GRAHAM, ROBERT                         PA-65-3-217
GRAHAM, SARAH                          PA-65-5-542
GRAHAM, WILLIAM                        PA-65-6-114
GRASSMAN, MARY                         PA-65-6-107
GRAY, JAMES                            PA-65-4-343
GRAY, THOMAS                           PA-65-2-93
GREENAWALT, CHRISTIAN                  PA-65-4-5
GREENAWALT, JACOB                      PA-65-3-69
GREENAWALT, JACOB                      PA-65-6-250
GREENLEE, JOHN                         PA-65-3-320
GREER, JOSEPH                          PA-65-6-545
GREER, WILLIAM                         PA-65-5-496
GREESINGER, ANDREW                     PA-65-2-119
GREGG, NIMROD A.                       PA-65-4-328
GRESS, ADAM                            PA-65-7-409
GRESS, JACOB                           PA-65-7-46
GRESS, REBECCA                         PA-65-6-279
GRESSLY, WILILAM SR.                   PA-65-7-474
GREZE, PETER                           PA-65-1-301
GRIER, JOHN U.                         PA-65-2-206
GRIER, MARTHA                          PA-65-1-313
GRIER, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-266
GRIFFIN, JOHN G.                       PA-65-5-186
GRIFFIN, MARY ANN                      PA-65-3-387
GRIFFITH, JERRY W.                     PA-65-6-317
GRIFFITH, JESSE                        PA-65-5-23
GRIFFITH, JOHN                         PA-65-7-316
GRIFFITH, MARGARET A.                  PA-65-6-126
GRIM, JACOB                            PA-65-3-248
GRIM, JACOB                            PA-65-6-54
GRIMES, MATHEW                         PA-65-1-21
GRINDER, ANDREW                        PA-65-5-642
GROFF, GEORGE                          PA-65-6-84
GROSS, CHRIST                          PA-65-5-488
GROSS, JOSEPH                          PA-65-7-264
GROVE, ISABELAL                        PA-65-7-69
GROVE, JACOB                           PA-65-5-132
GROVE, JACOB                           PA-65-5-67
GRUBBS, JOHN                           PA-65-7-277
GUFFEY, HANNAH                         PA-65-6-267
GUFFEY, JAMES                          PA-65-1-209
GUFFEY, JAMES                          PA-65-3-30
GUFFEY, JOHN                           PA-65-3-130
GUFFEY, JOSEPH                         PA-65-4-430
GUFFEY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-3-23
GUFFY, ROBERT                          PA-65-5-585
GUMBERT, CHRISTIAN                     PA-65-3-156
GUNNELL, JONATHAN                      PA-65-3-190
GUTHRIE, JAMES                         PA-65-1-283
GUTHRIE, ROBERT                        PA-65-2-144
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-213
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM                       PA-65-4-571
GUY, JAMES                             PA-65-4-341
GUY, R. D.                             PA-65-5-563
GUY, SARAH                             PA-65-7-273
GWINN, HANNAH                          PA-65-3-163
GWINN, JOHN                            PA-65-5-375
HACKE, NICHOLAS P. (REV.)              PA-65-6-311
HAHN, JOHN                             PA-65-7-13
HAINES, URSYLLA                        PA-65-6-337
HAINS, FREDERICK                       PA-65-4-214
HALFERTY, EDWARD SR.                   PA-65-6-79
HALFERTY, MARGARET                     PA-65-2-317
HALL, JAMES                            PA-65-2-179
HALL, SUSANNA                          PA-65-2-426
HALL, WILLIAM                          PA-65-5-236
HALL, WILLIAM                          PA-65-1-224
HAMILL, ANNIE                          PA-65-6-210
HAMILL, DAVID B.                       PA-65-6-193
HAMILL, HUGH                           PA-65-2-356
HAMILL, JAMES                          PA-65-5-113
HAMILL, JOHN                           PA-65-1-122
HAMILL, PETER                          PA-65-6-531
HAMILTON, CATHARINE M.                 PA-65-6-575
HAMILTON, JAMES                        PA-65-1-356
HAMILTON, MARY                         PA-65-7-209
HAMILTON, ROBERT                       PA-65-1-284
HAMILTON, ROBERT                       PA-65-4-321
HAMILTON, THOMAS                       PA-65-7-416
HAMMER, GEORGE                         PA-65-4-15
HAMMOND, DANIEL                        PA-65-1-422
HAMMOND, MARIA C.                      PA-65-5-588
HANAY, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-199
HANES, ISRAEL                          PA-65-6-126
HANEY, CONROD                          PA-65-5-518
HANEY, JOHN                            PA-65-1-432
HANKEY, MICHAEL                        PA-65-7-28
HANLIN, JAMES                          PA-65-1-330
HANNA, ARCHIBALD                       PA-65-1-112
HANNA, JAMES                           PA-65-5-94
HANNA, JOHN                            PA-65-2-266
HANNA, ROBERT                          PA-65-1-19
HANNA, THOMAS                          PA-65-4-96
HANNAH, JEMIMA                         PA-65-5-532
HANNAH, JOHN                           PA-65-2-229
HARBESON, JOHN                         PA-65-3-177
HARE, WILLIAM                          PA-65-2-238
HARGNETT, DAVID                        PA-65-7-480
HARGNETT, FREDERICK                    PA-65-3-138
HARKINS, BRIDGET                       PA-65-3-206
HARKINS, DENNIS                        PA-65-5-543
HARKINS, NEAL                          PA-65-2-296
HARKINS, WILLIAM JR.                   PA-65-5-552
HARKLESS, CHARLES                      PA-65-3-140
HARKNESS, JOHN                         PA-65-7-302
HAROLD, PETER                          PA-65-2-331
HARR, CHRISTIAN                        PA-65-1-278
HARR, JACOB                            PA-65-2-169
HARR, JOHN                             PA-65-4-126
HARR, MARTHA M.                        PA-65-3-68
HARRIS, MARY                           PA-65-2-369
HARROLD, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-5-625
HARROLD, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-7-54
HARROLD, JACOB                         PA-65-7-265
HARROLD, JOSEPH                        PA-65-7-528
HARROLD, MARY                          PA-65-6-386
HARROLD, WILLIAM                       PA-65-3-414
HARSHEY, JOSEPH                        PA-65-5-188
HART, JACOB                            PA-65-5-452
HART, JOHN                             PA-65-1-410
HART, MARY                             PA-65-5-420
HART, NAPPY                            PA-65-3-98
HART, ROGER                            PA-65-1-45
HARTMAN, JOHN                          PA-65-1-172
HARTMAN, MOSES                         PA-65-6-419
HARTMAN, SAMUEL H.                     PA-65-7-362
HARTZEL, ADAM                          PA-65-2-106
HARTZEL, GEORGE                        PA-65-7-465
HARTZEL, JACOB                         PA-65-1-438
HARTZER, GEORGE                        PA-65-6-12
HARVEY, CHARLES                        PA-65-5-102
HARVEY, JAMES                          PA-65-3-68
HARVEY, JOHN                           PA-65-6-46
HARVEY, JOHN                           PA-65-7-424
HARVEY, JOSIAH                         PA-65-1-427
HARVEY, SUSANNA                        PA-65-3-3
HARVEY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-148
HARVK, GEORGE                          PA-65-1-152
HASE, JAMES                            PA-65-3-216
HASLET, JOHN                           PA-65-1-185
HASSELER, JOHN                         PA-65-3-316
HASSINGER, FRANCIS                     PA-65-6-136
HASSON, JOHN (DR)                      PA-65-5-487
HAVIS, EDWARD                          PA-65-6-163
HAWK, CORNAD                           PA-65-6-633
HAWK, DANIEL                           PA-65-4-42
HAWK, J. W.                            PA-65-7-433
HAWK, JACOB                            PA-65-6-551
HAWK, JOSEPH                           PA-65-6-520
HAWKE, GEORGE                          PA-65-2-353
HAWKINS, JAMES                         PA-65-5-597
HAWKINS, MARTIN L.                     PA-65-4-531
HAWKINS, MATHEW                        PA-65-5-550
HAWTHORN, SARAH                        PA-65-2-208
HAY, DANIEL                            PA-65-5-514
HAYDEN, NATHANIEL                      PA-65-3-147
HAYDEN, THOMAS                         PA-65-5-617
HAYES, MICHAEL                         PA-65-3-53
HAYMAKER, GEORGE R.                    PA-65-6-8
HAYMAKER, JOHN                         PA-65-6-636
HAYMAKER, MICHAEL R.                   PA-65-6-470
HAYS, JAMES                            PA-65-2-208
HAYS, JOHN                             PA-65-1-95
HAYS, JOHN L.                          PA-65-5-355
HAZLETT, ROBERT                        PA-65-5-240
HEASLET, ANDREW                        PA-65-2-311
HEASLEY, ANN MARY                      PA-65-2-113
HEASLEY, JACOB                         PA-65-6-257
HEASLEY, JOHN C.                       PA-65-6-489
HEBRANK, JOSEPH                        PA-65-3-420
HECK, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-3-74
HECK, PHILIP                           PA-65-2-148
HECK, PHILIP                           PA-65-3-184
HECKLER, JOHN A.                       PA-65-6-626
HEITH, DUNCAN                          PA-65-4-497
HELLMAN, JANE                          PA-65-5-444
HELLY, CATHARINE                       PA-65-7-136
HELMAN, DANIEL                         PA-65-4-30
HENDERSON, ADAM                        PA-65-2-340
HENDERSON, ANDREW                      PA-65-2-56
HENDERSON, CHARLES                     PA-65-4-354
HENDERSON, CHARLES                     PA-65-2-180
HENDERSON, CHARLES                     PA-65-2-262
HENDERSON, DANIEL                      PA-65-2-392
HENDERSON, ENSIGN                      PA-65-7-494
HENDERSON, HUGH                        PA-65-3-210
HENDERSON, JAMES                       PA-65-3-224
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                      PA-65-3-205
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                      PA-65-2-206
HENDRY, ROBERT                         PA-65-1-258
HENERY, MARY                           PA-65-4-269
HENERY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-388
HENRY, CONRAD                          PA-65-5-86
HENRY, DANIEL                          PA-65-5-411
HENRY, DAVID                           PA-65-2-377
HENRY, EDWWARD                         PA-65-4-142
HENRY, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-3-54
HENRY, ELLENORE                        PA-65-3-175
HENRY, JAMES                           PA-65-3-27
HENRY, JAMES                           PA-65-7-287
HENRY, JOHN                            PA-65-2-349
HENRY, JOHN D.                         PA-65-7-388
HENRY, SAMUEL                          PA-65-2-313
HEPLER, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-65-4-280
HEPLER, DAVID                          PA-65-3-417
HEPLER, JACOB                          PA-65-6-27
HERR, JOHN                             PA-65-6-146
HERRING, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-5-599
HERROLD, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-5-161
HERRON, ANN                            PA-65-1-453
HERSHY, JACOB SR.                      PA-65-5-481
HESLEY, LENARD                         PA-65-1-383
HESS, BARBARA                          PA-65-5-106
HESS, HENRY                            PA-65-4-119
HESS, HENRY                            PA-65-6-271
HESS, JACOB                            PA-65-1-164
HESS, MARY                             PA-65-2-215
HESS, PETER                            PA-65-7-53
HESS, SUSANNA                          PA-65-5-95
HETRICK, MARY M.                       PA-65-7-633
HETZ, NELCHER                          PA-65-3-225
HEWET, JAMES                           PA-65-4-249
HICE, HENRY                            PA-65-1-123
HICKENBOTTOM, RALPH                    PA-65-1-25
HICKENLOOPER, GEORGE                   PA-65-5-374
HICKENLOPER, CATHARINE                 PA-65-5-39
HICKINLOPER, ADAM                      PA-65-2-272
HICKMAN, EZEKIAL                       PA-65-1-16
HICKS, ALEXANDER W.                    PA-65-4-175
HIGBERGER, MARY J.                     PA-65-6-125
HIGHBERGER, BENJAMIN                   PA-65-6-347
HIGHBERGER, JACOB                      PA-65-6-554
HIGHBERGER, MARGARET                   PA-65-5-594
HILBORN, HANNAH                        PA-65-6-272
HILL, AARON                            PA-65-3-180
HILL, BENJAMIN                         PA-65-4-325
HILL, CASPER                           PA-65-2-287
HILL, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-65-7-33
HILL, DANIEL                           PA-65-1-113
HILL, DANIEL                           PA-65-7-38
HILL, DAVID P.                         PA-65-6-54
HILL, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-2-274
HILL, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-4-92
HILL, GEORGE (REV.)                    PA-65-2-70
HILL, ISAAC                            PA-65-2-336
HILL, ISAAC C.                         PA-65-7-205
HILL, JACOB                            PA-65-2-396
HILL, JAMES                            PA-65-1-217
HILL, JOHN                             PA-65-6-509
HILL, JOHN (HON.)                      PA-65-4-127
HILL, JOHN SR.                         PA-65-7-400
HILL, JOSEPH                           PA-65-1-370
HILL, JOSEPH                           PA-65-1-224
HILL, JOSEPH                           PA-65-1-139
HILL, JOSEPH                           PA-65-3-254
HILL, JOSEPH                           PA-65-3-123
HILL, LAVENIA                          PA-65-7-545
HILL, NANCY                            PA-65-6-217
HILL, PETER                            PA-65-1-217
HILL, PETER                            PA-65-6-410
HILL, PHOEBE                           PA-65-2-335
HILL, ROBERT                           PA-65-4-347
HILL, SARAH                            PA-65-4-200
HILL, WILLIAM                          PA-65-1-414
HILL, WILLIAM JR.                      PA-65-1-414
HILLIS, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-341
HILLS, ROBERT                          PA-65-2-1
HILTY, GEORGE                          PA-65-7-548
HINDMAN, DAVID                         PA-65-1-169
HINDMAN, JOHN                          PA-65-1-250
HINDMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-1-152
HINDMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-3-370
HINE, NICHOLAS                         PA-65-4-504
HINE, SIMON                            PA-65-2-415
HINE, SIMON                            PA-65-3-87
HINES, PETER                           PA-65-2-104
HISAM, JOSEPH A.                       PA-65-3-342
HISE, SAMUEL                           PA-65-4-539
HISSEM, ADA                            PA-65-5-644
HISSEM, MARTHA                         PA-65-3-409
HISSEM, SAMUEL                         PA-65-6-588
HITCHMAN, ROBERT                       PA-65-5-458
HIXON, ABRAHAM                         PA-65-4-532
HIXON, CATHARINE                       PA-65-3-252
HOBING, HERMAN                         PA-65-7-383
HODGEKIN, MICHAEL                      PA-65-5-150
HOETZER, FREDERICK                     PA-65-4-180
HOFFER, ANREW                          PA-65-4-289
HOFFMAN, JACOB                         PA-65-2-203
HOFFMAN, LARY                          PA-65-2-19
HOFFMAN, PHILIP W.                     PA-65-6-305
HOHENSHELL, JOHN                       PA-65-4-295
HOKE, JOHN                             PA-65-5-100
HOKE, NANCY                            PA-65-7-92
HOLIDAY, JAMES                         PA-65-5-280
HOLLAND, JAMES                         PA-65-2-378
HOLLOW, JANE                           PA-65-6-598
HOLMES, JACOB                          PA-65-1-368
HOLTZER, JOHN                          PA-65-4-496
HOLTZER, MARY                          PA-65-7-447
HONBAUGH, MARY A.                      PA-65-6-497
HONOE, DANIEL                          PA-65-6-286
HONTER, JOHN W.                        PA-65-7-211
HOOD, JOHN                             PA-65-7-26
HOOD, WILILAM                          PA-65-7-140
HOOVER, GEORGE                         PA-65-7-554
HOOVER, PETER                          PA-65-1-238
HOPE, JAMES                            PA-65-2-187
HORBACH, ABRAM                         PA-65-6-192
HORN, ADAM                             PA-65-1-406
HORN, ADAM SR.                         PA-65-4-352
HORNELL, JAMES                         PA-65-4-99
HORNER, ADAM                           PA-65-5-601
HORNER, DAVID                          PA-65-6-72
HORNER, ELEANOR                        PA-65-7-2
HORNER, JACOB                          PA-65-3-116
HORNER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-7-328
HORNER, SOLOMON                        PA-65-4-199
HORRELL, JOHN (COL.)                   PA-65-4-230
HOSACK, JOHN                           PA-65-5-6
HOSEY, SARAH A.                        PA-65-4-344
HOSTETTER, JOSEPH                      PA-65-1-426
HOTHAM, WILLIAM                        PA-65-6-381
HOUCK, GEORGE M.                       PA-65-4-561
HOUCK, MAGDALENA                       PA-65-7-431
HOUGH, CATHARINA E.                    PA-65-4-444
HOUGH, CATHARINE                       PA-65-7-542
HOUGH, JACOB                           PA-65-1-176
HOUGH, PAUL                            PA-65-6-430
HOUGHMAN, HANNAH                       PA-65-5-172
HOUK, ESTHER                           PA-65-2-196
HOUSEHOLD, GEORGE                      PA-65-5-158
HOUSEHOLDER, CATHARINE                 PA-65-5-304
HOUSEMAN, CHRISTOPHER                  PA-65-1-354
HOUSEMAN, JACOB                        PA-65-1-349
HOUSER, CHRISTIAN                      PA-65-4-227
HOUSER, JOHN                           PA-65-1-191
HOWARD, CATHARINE                      PA-65-7-619
HOWARD, JOHN                           PA-65-7-527
HOWELL, AARON                          PA-65-6-540
HOWELL, CHRISTENA                      PA-65-4-249
HOWELL, OLIVER W.                      PA-65-7-332
HOY, JAMES                             PA-65-2-205
HOY, SAMUEL                            PA-65-1-346
HUCK, PAUL                             PA-65-6-221
HUFF, GEORGE                           PA-65-6-106
HUFFMAN, ADAM SR.                      PA-65-5-51
HUFFMAN, CHRISTIAN                     PA-65-5-627
HUFFMAN, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-5-581
HUFFMAN, HENRY                         PA-65-1-170
HUFFMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-3-237
HUFNAGLE, CATHARINE                    PA-65-3-154
HUGH, BERNARD M.                       PA-65-6-107
HUGHES, FRANCIS                        PA-65-6-464
HUGHES, ISAAS                          PA-65-3-150
HUGHES, MARY                           PA-65-5-147
HUGHES, WILLIAM                        PA-65-2-337
HUGUS, CHRISTIAN                       PA-65-4-26
HUGUS, ISAAC                           PA-65-3-379
HUGUS, JACOB                           PA-65-2-328
HUGUS, JOHN                            PA-65-3-100
HUGUS, JOHN                            PA-65-2-303
HUGUS, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-337
HUGUS, WILLIAM                         PA-65-4-113
HULL, GEORGE D.                        PA-65-6-488
HULL, JOHN                             PA-65-6-390
HULL, SARAH J.                         PA-65-4-339
HULL, TOBIAS SR.                       PA-65-7-598
HUMBLE, URIAH                          PA-65-1-1
HUMES, JOHN                            PA-65-2-316
HUMES, MARY E.                         PA-65-7-487
HUMES, THOMAS                          PA-65-7-446
HUMES, WILLIAM T.                      PA-65-7-418
HUNE, CHRISTINA                        PA-65-7-287
HUNNEL, DAVID                          PA-65-5-136
HUNSBARGER, ELIAS                      PA-65-7-496
HUNSBERGER, MARIA                      PA-65-6-1
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-2-95
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-3-363
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-2-210
HUNTER, CHARLES                        PA-65-2-256
HUNTER, DAVID                          PA-65-2-187
HUNTER, DAVID                          PA-65-2-800
HUNTER, DAVID                          PA-65-1-439
HUNTER, EASY                           PA-65-5-49
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-3-205
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-4-249A
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-1-242
HUNTER, ISABELLA                       PA-65-5-145
HUNTER, JAMES                          PA-65-4-370
HUNTER, JAMES                          PA-65-1-232
HUNTER, JAMES                          PA-65-7-544
HUNTER, JOHN                           PA-65-2-95
HUNTER, JOHN                           PA-65-4-63
HUNTER, JOHN                           PA-65-2-291
HUNTER, JOHN                           PA-65-6-238
HUNTER, JOHN J.                        PA-65-7-599
HUNTER, JOSEPH                         PA-65-2-190
HUNTER, MARY                           PA-65-7-314
HUNTER, NANCY                          PA-65-3-71
HUNTER, REBECCA                        PA-65-4-560
HUNTER, ROBERT                         PA-65-1-249
HUNTER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-3-145
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-6-45
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-262
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-5-571
HUNTER, WILLIAM S.                     PA-65-3-35
HURST, JAMES B.                        PA-65-6-320
HURST, NANCY                           PA-65-5-248
HURST, NATHANIEL                       PA-65-3-411
HURST, NATHANIEL                       PA-65-4-392
HURST, NATHANIEL                       PA-65-1-220
HURST, SARAH                           PA-65-4-65
HURST, THOMAS                          PA-65-3-174
HURTMAN, JOHN                          PA-65-2-161
HUSBAND, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-4-145
HUSBAND, JACOB                         PA-65-4-45
HUSBAND, REBECCA                       PA-65-5-639
HUSH, PETER                            PA-65-2-322
HUSTON, ARCHIBALD                      PA-65-2-232
HUSTON, ARCHIBALD                      PA-65-7-67
HUSTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-5-568
HUSTON, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-7-241
HUSTON, JAMES                          PA-65-2-230
HUSTON, JAMES                          PA-65-6-552
HUSTON, JOHN SR.                       PA-65-5-600
HUSTON, JOSEPH                         PA-65-1-17
HUSTON, MARY                           PA-65-4-382
HUSTON, MARY                           PA-65-4-273
HUSTON, PRUDENCE                       PA-65-2-359
HUSTON, ROBERT                         PA-65-3-231
HUSTON, SAMUEL                         PA-65-5-415
HUSTON, SARAH                          PA-65-1-323
HUTCHESON, JOHN                        PA-65-1-215
HUTCHESON, JOHN                        PA-65-6-241
HUTCHESON, ROBERT                      PA-65-1-16
HUTCHINSON, RACHEL                     PA-65-7-557
HUTCHISON, JAMES                       PA-65-1-347
HUTTON, MICHAEL                        PA-65-6-4
HYLE, JONATHAN                         PA-65-2-279
HYS, JACOB L.                          PA-65-5-29
IDDINGS, WILLIAM                       PA-65-5-455
IDDINGS, WILLIAM                       PA-65-5-440
IGO, DANIEL                            PA-65-7-160
IMMEL, HENRY                           PA-65-7-177
IOTON, ISAAC                           PA-65-1-213
IRVIN, JOSEPH                          PA-65-3-422
IRWEN, JOHN                            PA-65-4-417
IRWIN, DAVID                           PA-65-1-105
IRWIN, ELIAS S.                        PA-65-7-191
IRWIN, HENRY                           PA-65-2-21
IRWIN, JANE                            PA-65-2-352
IRWIN, JOHN                            PA-65-2-62
IRWIN, JOHN                            PA-65-6-120
IRWIN, MARGARET                        PA-65-7-31
IRWIN, SAMUEL                          PA-65-2-36
IRWIN, SAMUEL                          PA-65-3-349
ISAMAN, JACOB                          PA-65-7-9
ISETT, FRANCIS                         PA-65-2-427
ISETT, HENRY                           PA-65-1-446
JACK, HENRY                            PA-65-2-366
JACK, JOHN                             PA-65-1-46
JACK, MATHEW                           PA-65-5-433
JACK, MATHEW                           PA-65-2-363
JACK, MATHEW                           PA-65-3-93
JACK, SAMUEL                           PA-65-4-157
JACK, THOMAS                           PA-65-1-339
JACK, WILLIAM                          PA-65-3-357
JACK, WILLIAM                          PA-65-2-4
JACK, WILSON                           PA-65-3-384
JACKSON, GEORGE                        PA-65-7-153
JACKSON, JAMES C.                      PA-65-7-430
JACKSON, JANE                          PA-65-6-94
JACKSON, JOHN                          PA-65-4-211
JACKSON, RICHARD                       PA-65-2-151
JACKSON, RICHARD                       PA-65-6-245
JAMISON, HANNAH                        PA-65-4-361
JAMISON, JOHN                          PA-65-1-454
JAMISON, JOHN                          PA-65-2-399
JAMISON, MARGARET                      PA-65-3-410
JAMISON, ROBERT                        PA-65-2-135
JAMISON, ROBERT                        PA-65-7-474
JAMISON, THOMAS                        PA-65-1-3
JAYNES, TIMOTHY                        PA-65-3-303
JELISON, SARAH                         PA-65-7-82
JELLISON, ROBERT                       PA-65-4-481
JENKINS, THOMAS                        PA-65-1-166
JOAB, JOHN J.                          PA-65-3-229
JOB, ROBERT                            PA-65-6-451
JOBB, MARGARET                         PA-65-5-81
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                        PA-65-1-179
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-29
JOHNSOTN, JAMES H.                     PA-65-4-182
JOHNSOTN, JOHN                         PA-65-3-253
JOHNSOTN, SUSANNA                      PA-65-6-235
JOHNSTON, ALEX (CAPT.)                 PA-65-3-200
JOHNSTON, ALEXANDER                    PA-65-5-498
JOHNSTON, ANDREW                       PA-65-6-353
JOHNSTON, BARBARA                      PA-65-6-298
JOHNSTON, BENJAMIN                     PA-65-2-414
JOHNSTON, CONSTANTINE                  PA-65-3-415
JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-4-458
JOHNSTON, EPHRAIM                      PA-65-7-406
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        PA-65-4-149
JOHNSTON, JAMES                        PA-65-6-535
JOHNSTON, JAMES B.                     PA-65-6-89
JOHNSTON, JAMES R.                     PA-65-5-602
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         PA-65-3-75
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH                       PA-65-3-211
JOHNSTON, MARGARET                     PA-65-6-47
JOHNSTON, MARY                         PA-65-4-454
JOHNSTON, NANCY                        PA-65-5-387
JOHNSTON, RANDALL                      PA-65-5-607
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                       PA-65-5-539
JOHNSTON, SARAH                        PA-65-4-35
JOHNSTON, SOLOMON                      PA-65-5-614
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                       PA-65-4-143
JOHNSTON, THOMAS                       PA-65-6-363
JOHNSTON, W. R.                        PA-65-5-418
JOHNSTON, W. T.                        PA-65-5-251
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-2-31
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-5-578
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-6-290
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM K.                   PA-65-7-428
JOHNSTON,C ATHARINE                    PA-65-2-315
JOHNSTON,E LIZA M.                     PA-65-5-21
JOICE, THOMAS SR.                      PA-65-7-25
JONES, JAMES                           PA-65-7-153
JONES, JOHN                            PA-65-5-485
JONES, MARGARET W.                     PA-65-6-50
JONES, MARTHA                          PA-65-6-140
JONES, OWEN                            PA-65-2-409
JONES, SARAH                           PA-65-7-152
JONES, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-121
JORDAN, DAVID                          PA-65-1-130
JORDAN, EDWARD                         PA-65-7-88
JORDAN, SAMUEL                         PA-65-4-43
JOTAN, ISAAC                           PA-65-1-213
JOYCE, WILILAM                         PA-65-1-146
KAIN, JAMES                            PA-65-1-355
KAINS, JAMES                           PA-65-1-32
KAINS, SAMUEL                          PA-65-5-171
KANEY, SERAPHIN                        PA-65-6-212
KARNS, JACOB                           PA-65-6-207
KARNS, SAMUEL                          PA-65-5-171
KARY, JOHN                             PA-65-5-305
KASTLER, SAMUEL                        PA-65-7-161
KAUFMAN, DAVID                         PA-65-7-239
KAYLON, JOHN                           PA-65-3-151
KEAN, JAMES                            PA-65-2-246
KEAN, WILLIAM                          PA-65-3-14
KECK, GEORGE                           PA-65-4-346
KECK, PHILIP                           PA-65-2-148
KECK, SARAH                            PA-65-7-605
KEEFER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-7-584
KEENAN, ISABELLA A.                    PA-65-6-169
KEENAN, JAMES                          PA-65-3-331
KEENER, MICHAEL                        PA-65-4-280
KEENER, SUSANNA                        PA-65-7-10
KEES, ROBERT                           PA-65-2-153
KEFER, JACOB                           PA-65-7-356
KEIFER, HENRY                          PA-65-6-327
KEIHL, JOHN R.                         PA-65-5-538
KEIL, MELCHOIR                         PA-65-1-49
KEISTER, JOHN                          PA-65-6-517
KEISTER, MARY                          PA-65-7-535
KEITH, DUNCAN                          PA-65-4-497
KELAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-6-231
KELLER, MARGARET                       PA-65-6-277
KELLEY, JAMES                          PA-65-3-30
KELLEY, MARGARET                       PA-65-3-280
KELLS, REYNOLDS                        PA-65-4-443
KELLY, AGNES                           PA-65-2-19
KELLY, DANIEL                          PA-65-2-52
KELLY, ELLEN                           PA-65-5-534
KELLY, GEORGE                          PA-65-4-262
KELLY, GEORGE                          PA-65-5-365
KELLY, HENRY V.                        PA-65-5-486
KELLY, JAMES                           PA-65-1-420
KELLY, JAMES                           PA-65-1-182
KELLY, JAMES                           PA-65-1-194
KELLY, JAMES                           PA-65-5-324
KELLY, JOHN C.                         PA-65-7-589
KELLY, MARY                            PA-65-7-453
KELLY, MATHEW                          PA-65-2-156
KELLY, MATHEW                          PA-65-2-114
KELLY, REBECCA                         PA-65-5-65
KELTZ, GEORGE                          PA-65-1-13
KELTZ, GEORGE                          PA-65-2-376
KELTZ, REBECCA                         PA-65-6-586
KEMERER, CATHARINE                     PA-65-5-16
KEMERER, JACOB                         PA-65-7-622
KEMERER, JOHN                          PA-65-2-279
KEMERER, MARGARET                      PA-65-3-27
KEMP, BENJAMIN                         PA-65-6-380
KEMP, MARY                             PA-65-6-332
KEMP, MARY                             PA-65-6-172
KEMP, MATHIAS                          PA-65-2-27
KEMPF, ANTHONY                         PA-65-5-223
KEMPF, GARRETT                         PA-65-2-372
KENADY, ARCHIBALD                      PA-65-3-37
KENADY, JOHN                           PA-65-6-17
KENLY, JANE                            PA-65-3-197
KENNAN, JOHN                           PA-65-7-511
KENNEDY, HUGH                          PA-65-5-103
KENNEDY, JAMES                         PA-65-1-128
KENNEDY, JANE                          PA-65-4-222
KENNEDY, SAMUEL SR.                    PA-65-4-120
KENNEDY, THOMAS D.                     PA-65-3-56
KENNEDY, WILLIAM SR.                   PA-65-3-356
KEPHART,HENRY                          PA-65-1-217
KEPPLE, ANDREW                         PA-65-2-5
KEPPLE, GEORGE                         PA-65-4-98
KEPPLE, JACOB                          A-65-1-22
KEPPLE, JACOB                          PA-65-4-186
KEPPLE, JACOB                          PA-65-4-100
KEPPLE, JOHN                           PA-65-3-194
KEPPLE, LUDWICK                        PA-65-4-138
KERBACH, MARTIN                        PA-65-3-45
KERBERT, HENRY                         PA-65-6-213
KERN, JOHN                             PA-65-4-396
KERN, JOSEPH                           PA-65-3-163
KERN, MATHIAS                          PA-65-1-158
KERNAN, ELIZABETH B.                   PA-65-4-554
KERNS, FRANCIS                         PA-65-3-128
KERNS, JANE                            PA-65-6-232
KERR, JAMES                            PA-65-1-335
KERR, JAMES                            PA-65-1-404
KERR, JAMES                            PA-65-4-33
KERR, JOHN                             PA-65-3-195
KERR, MARY                             PA-65-6-177
KERR, MARY                             PA-65-7-90
KERR, REBECCA                          PA-65-7-16
KERR, ROSANNA                          PA-65-6-604
KERR, THOMAS                           PA-65-1-221
KERR, THOMAS                           PA-65-4-370
KESSLER, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-6-515
KESSLER, PETER                         PA-65-4-320
KEYS, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-5-174
KEYS, SOLOMON                          PA-65-4-442
KEYSER, JACOB                          PA-65-5-121
KIEBEL, JOHN SR.                       PA-65-5-273
KIEHL, DANIEL                          PA-65-4-30
KIEHL, DANIEL                          PA-65-4-520
KIEHL, JACOB                           PA-65-4-245
KIERNS, BARNABAS                       PA-65-5-187
KIESTER, SUSAN                         PA-65-4-562
KIFER, CATHARINE                       PA-65-6-112
KILGORE, DANIEL                        PA-65-3-268
KILGORE, DAVID                         PA-65-1-352
KILGORE, DAVID                         PA-65-3-325
KILGORE, JAMES                         PA-65-6-310
KILGORE, JESSE                         PA-65-3-380
KILGORE, JOHN                          PA-65-3-200
KILGORE, RACHEL                        PA-65-3-412
KILGORE, SARAH                         PA-65-6-71
KIMMUEL, EPHRAIM                       PA-65-6-341
KINCAID, ANDREW                        PA-65-2-36
KINCAID, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-2-55
KINCAID, JOHN                          PA-65-2-59
KING, ALFRED T.                        PA-65-7-183
KING, ENOS                             PA-65-3-145
KING, JACOB                            PA-65-1-307
KING, JOHN                             PA-65-2-89
KING, JOHN W.                          PA-65-6-385
KING, MISMORE                          PA-65-7-278
KING, SELDON                           PA-65-3-429
KING, WILLIAM                          PA-65-3-409
KING, WILLIAM H.                       PA-65-3-376
KINGSWORTH, JESSE                      PA-65-7-228
KINLEY, SAMUEL                         PA-65-1-277
KINLEY, SAMUEL                         PA-65-1-402
KINNAN, JONATHAN                       PA-65-7-617
KINNAN, JOSEPH                         PA-65-2-298
KINNAN, MARY J.                        PA-65-5-596
KINTIGH, JOHN R.                       PA-65-7-456
KINTS, FREDERICK                       PA-65-4-124
KINTZ, ANNA MARY                       PA-65-7-358
KINTZ, GEORGE                          PA-65-4-185
KIRKER, AGNES                          PA-65-4-72
KIRKER, GILBERT                        PA-65-3-133
KIRKER, JAMES                          PA-65-1-331
KIRKER, JOHN                           PA-65-4-32
KIRKLAND, JOSEPH                       PA-65-5-12
KIRKPATRICK, ALEXANDER                 PA-65-6-157
KIRKPATRICK, BENJAMIN                  PA-65-2-154
KIRKPATRICK, DAVID                     PA-65-2-284
KIRKPATRICK, DAVID (REV)               PA-65-5-227
KIRKPATRICK, JANE                      PA-65-2-365
KIRKWOOD, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-2-112
KIRKWOOD, JAMES                        PA-65-4-87
KIRKWOOD, MARY                         PA-65-4-559
KIRKWOOD, NANCY                        PA-65-4-507
KIRKWOOD, THOMAS                       PA-65-1-421
KISER, CATHARINE                       PA-65-3-199
KISER, JOHN                            PA-65-5-629
KISKADEN, PATRICK                      PA-65-1-324
KISNER, FREDERICK                      PA-65-6-356
KISTER, JACOB                          PA-65-3-369
KISTER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-95
KISTER, SUSANNA                        PA-65-2-162
KISTLER, CHRISTENA                     PA-65-7-221
KISTLER, DANIEL                        PA-65-4-424A
KISTLER, DANIEL                        PA-65-5-366
KISTLER, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-5-169
KISTLER, SARAH A.                      PA-65-4-525
KISTNER, WILLIAM B.                    PA-65-7-49
KLENER, MATHEW                         PA-65-5-306
KLINE, ADAM                            PA-65-1-359
KLINE, DANIEL                          PA-65-4-545
KLINE, JACOB                           PA-65-2-139
KLINE, JOHN                            PA-65-4-95
KLINE, JOHN                            PA-65-5-56
KLINE, PHILIP                          PA-65-3-129
KLINE, SUSANNAH                        PA-65-6-547
KLINGENSMITH, DAVID                    PA-65-4-282
KLINGENSMITH, DAVID                    PA-65-5-369
KLINGENSMITH, JOHN (HON.)              PA-65-4-12
KLINGENSMITH, JOHN PHILIP              PA-65-2-275
KLINGENSMITH, MARIA                    PA-65-6-402
KLINGENSMITH, PHILIP                   PA-65-4-68
KLINGENSMITH, PHILIP                   PA-65-7-531
KLINGENSMITH, PRISICLLA                PA-65-6-392
KLINGENSMITH, S. P.                    PA-65-5-587
KLINGESMITH, GASPER                    PA-65-5-210
KLOSEN, ENGEL CORNELIA                 PA-65-1-415
KNAPPENBERGER, JOHN                    PA-65-4-488
KNAPPENBERGER, JOSEPH                  PA-65-7-157
KNAPPENBERGER, SUSAN                   PA-65-5-388
KNICELY, JOHN                          PA-65-6-620
KNOX, AGNES                            PA-65-2-285
KNOX, ROBERT                           PA-65-2-126
KNUPP, JACOB                           PA-65-5-495
KOENIG, MATHIAS                        PA-65-1-252
KONELE, MARY                           PA-65-1-433
KONELE,JOHN                            PA-65-7-322
KOOKEN, SAMUEL                         PA-65-4-70
KREIDER, S. N.                         PA-65-3-264
KREPPS, JACOB                          PA-65-4-114
KROCK, CONROD                          PA-65-2-343
KUHN, ANDREW                           PA-65-6-333
KUHN, HANNAH                           PA-65-5-593
KUHN, HENRY                            PA-65-5-93
KUHN, JACOB                            PA-65-4-533
KUHN, JANE E.                          PA-65-7-620
KUHN, JOHN                             PA-65-7-77
KUHN, LEAH                             PA-65-5-593
KUHN, SOLOMON                          PA-65-7-217
KUHNO, PHILIP                          PA-65-3-201
KUHNS, CHRISTENA                       PA-65-7-516
KUHNS, DANIEL SR.                      PA-65-5-107
KUHNS, HARRIET                         PA-65-6-324
KUHNS, JOHN                            PA-65-7-366
KUHNS, JOHN SR.                        PA-65-5-193
KUHNS, MARY                            PA-65-4-193
KUHNS, PHILIP                          PA-65-2-71
KUHNS, PHILIP                          PA-65-6-525
KUHNS, PHILIP                          PA-65-7-169
KUHNS, SUSAN                           PA-65-4-244
KUNKLE, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-2-250
KUNKLE, JACOB F.                       PA-65-4-167
KUNKLE, JOHN L.                        PA-65-5-625
KUNKLE, JOHN S.                        PA-65-4-109
KUNKLE, JOHN S.                        PA-65-4-557
KUNKLE, JOSEPH                         PA-65-6-329
KUNKLE, JOSEPH R.                      PA-65-7-48
KUNKLE, MICHAEL                        PA-65-5-533
KUNKLE, MICHAEL                        PA-65-1-137
KUNKLE, MICHAEL                        PA-65-3-386
KUNKLE, MICHAEL W.                     PA-65-6-471
KUNKLE, PETER                          PA-65-2-215
KURNES, HENRY                          PA-65-5-522
KYLE, MARGARET                         PA-65-3-47

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