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Column One: Name of Testator
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ABBOTT, MICHAEL                        PA-65-7-280
ABER, SAMUEL                           PA-65-7-57
ABERS, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-6-292
ACKERMAN, CHRISTOPHER                  PA-65-3-143
ACKERMAN, PHILIP                       PA-65-2-266
ACKERMAN, WILLIAM                      PA-65-6-201
ADAIR, ARCHIBALD                       PA-65-7-184
ADAIR, GEORGE                          PA-65-6-140
ADAIR, JOHN S.                         PA-65-4-197
ADAIR, THOMAS                          PA-65-7-323
ADAMS, EPHRAIM                         PA-65-1-451
ADAMS, JOHN                            PA-65-1-156
ADAMS, THOMAS                          PA-65-1-50
AKIN, MARY A.                          PA-65-6-404
ALBRIGHT, JOHN                         PA-65-5-345
ALBRIGHT, MICHAEL                      PA-65-7-125
ALCORIN, GEORGE                        PA-65-2-223
ALCORN, GEORGE                         PA-65-5-145
ALCORN, JOHN                           PA-65-6-300
ALCORN, MICHAEL                        PA-65-6-38
ALEXANDER, FANNIE                      PA-65-5-387
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        PA-65-2-105
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        PA-65-7-419
ALEXANDER, JOHN B.                     PA-65-3-17
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH                      PA-65-4-377
ALEXANDER, NANCY                       PA-65-6-117
ALEXANDER, SARAH                       PA-65-1-289
ALEXANDER, SIDNEY                      PA-65-3-24
ALLEN, D. B. H.                        PA-65-6-504
ALLENDER, EDWARD                       PA-65-2-245
ALLIMANG, NICHOLAS                     PA-65-1-188
ALLISON, ROBERT                        PA-65-1-206
ALLSWORTH, ISAAC                       PA-65-5-455
ALMIS, ANDREW                          PA-65-2-145
ALMS, DANIEL                           PA-65-6-582
ALSHOUSE, SAMUEL                       PA-65-7-459
ALSWORTH, BENJAMINE                    PA-65-2-123
ALSWORTH, MARGARET                     PA-65-5-419
ALTER, JOHN                            PA-65-2-295
ALTERS, JACOB                          PA-65-4-479
ALTMAN, ANTHONY                        PA-65-1-236
ALTMAN, CAVILL                         PA-65-2-119
ALTMAN, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-6-593
ALTMAN, JACOB                          PA-65-4-551
ALTMAN, JOHN                           PA-65-4-228
ALTMAN, JOHN PETER                     PA-65-1-161
ALTMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-65-3-423
ALTMAN, MARGARET                       PA-65-3-354
ALTMAN, WILLIAM J.                     PA-65-6-225
ALWINE, JOHN                           PA-65-7-198
AMBROSE, GEORGE                        PA-65-3-298
AMBROSE, GEORGE                        PA-65-7-56
AMBROSE, HENRY                         PA-65-2-276
AMBROSE, JOHN                          PA-65-2-418
AMBROSE, WILLIAM                       PA-65-5-168
AMENT, ANTHONY                         PA-65-3-275
AMENT, FREDERICK                       PA-65-3-193
AMENT, GEORGE                          PA-65-5-126
AMENT, PHILIP                          PA-65-4-374
AMILONG, CHRISTOPHER                   PA-65-1-208
AMILONG, GEORGE C.                     PA-65-7-286
AMILONG, JACOB                         PA-65-5-453
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    PA-65-2-265
ANDERSON, ANN JANE                     PA-65-4-68
ANDERSON, CATHARINE                    PA-65-5-348
ANDERSON, DAVID                        PA-65-1-43
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-1-114
ANDERSON, JAMES                        PA-65-3-132
ANDERSON, JAMES                        PA-65-3-308
ANDERSON, JAMES                        PA-65-2-226
ANDERSON, JOHN                         PA-65-2-84
ANDERSON, JOHN                         PA-65-2-167
ANDERSON, JOHN                         PA-65-3-187
ANDERSON, JOSHUA                       PA-65-1-154
ANDERSON, MARY                         PA-65-7-141
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       PA-65-3-161
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       PA-65-5-577
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       PA-65-7-285
ANDERSON, SARAH                        PA-65-1-375
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       PA-65-2-271
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       PA-65-4-16
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-3-95
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-3-260
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-2-234
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-343
ANDREWS, ALEXANDER                     PA-65-5-63
ANDREWS, ALEXANDER                     PA-65-7-617
ANDREWS, FRANCIS                       PA-65-4-191
ANDREWS, WILLIAM                       PA-65-7-422
ANKENEY, JACOB                         PA-65-1-143
ANKENY, CHRISTIAN                      PA-65-4-527
ANKENY, GEORGE W.                      PA-65-6-557
ANKENY, MARY                           PA-65-4-441
ARBAUGH, LOUISA                        PA-65-3-421
ARCHIBALD, PATRICK                     PA-65-1-176
ARMEL, CATHARINE                       PA-65-6-263
ARMEL, DANIEL                          PA-65-3-204
ARMEL, GEORGE                          PA-65-2-292
ARMEL, HENRY                           PA-65-7-607
ARMEL, MARY                            PA-65-7-513
ARMEL, PHILIP                          PA-65-6-447
ARMOR, JOHN G.                         PA-65-6-270
ARMOUR, ANN                            PA-65-1-312
ARMSTRONG, ANDREW                      PA-65-6-309
ARMSTRONG, ISABELLA                    PA-65-6-432
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        PA-65-3-59
ARMSTRONG, MARY                        PA-65-2-243
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      PA-65-3-64
ARMSTRONG, SARAH ANN                   PA-65-2-185
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      PA-65-2-15
ARNOLD, ANDREW ESQ                     PA-65-4-304
ARONFREEDT, GEORGE                     PA-65-2-13
ARTER, SIMON                           PA-65-7-58
ARTMAN, JOHN                           PA-65-5-129
ASHBAUGH, ADAM                         PA-65-3-53
ASHBAUGH, MARTIN                       PA-65-2-403
ASHBAUGH, MARY                         PA-65-3-199
ASHBAUGH, MARY E.                      PA-65-6-534
ASHLIN, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-3-334
ASPEY, JACOB                           PA-65-1-47
ASPEY, JOHN                            PA-65-4-7
ASPEY, PHILIP                          PA-65-7-140
ASPEY, WILLIAM                         PA-65-4-281
ASSUER, HENRY                          PA-65-1-372
AUBLE, GEORGE                          PA-65-2-105
AUKERMAN, LEWIS                        PA-65-4-439
AUSTIN, ELIJAH                         PA-65-2-248
AUSTIN, PHILIP                         PA-65-2-194
AUSTRAW, GEORGE                        PA-65-3-255
AUSTRAW, JOSEPH P.                     PA-65-5-530
AYERS, JAMES                           PA-65-5-84
BAILEY, DAVID                          PA-65-7-555
BAILEY, JAMES                          PA-65-1-357
BAIR, ADAM                             PA-65-4-421
BAIR, ADAM                             PA-65-6-456
BAIR, ALEXANDER                        PA-65-3-188
BAIR, MARGARET                         PA-65-7-267
BAIR, NANCY                            PA-65-6-220
BAIRD, CHARLES                         PA-65-2-73
BAIRD, JAMES B.                        PA-65-3-388
BAIRD, JOHN                            PA-65-1-200
BAIRD, MARY                            PA-65-1-381
BAIRD, MARY                            PA-65-4-96
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         PA-65-3-273
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-379
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-379
BAKE, GILBERT SR.                      PA-65-3-242
BAKER, CATHARINE                       PA-65-2-15
BAKER, DANIEL                          PA-65-7-491
BAKER, DAVID M.                        PA-65-7-267
BAKER, ELI A.                          PA-65-6-378
BAKER, EVE                             PA-65-5-502
BAKER, HENRY                           PA-65-5-32
BAKER, JACOB                           PA-65-3-27
BAKER, JACOB                           PA-65-6-201
BAKER, JOHN                            PA-65-6-230
BAKER, JOHN                            PA-65-7-14
BAKER, MARGARET                        PA-65-6-19
BAKER, MARTHA                          PA-65-6-223
BAKER, MARY                            PA-65-6-495
BAKER, MILTON F.                       PA-65-7-243
BAKER, NICHOLAS                        PA-65-5-217
BALDRIDGE, JOSEPH                      PA-65-2-428
BALDRIDGE, JOSEPH                      PA-65-2-428
BALDRIDGE, JOSEPH                      PA-65-5-177
BALDRIDGE, MARTHA                      PA-65-4-537
BALDRIDGE, MARTHA E                    PA-65-4-115
BALDRIDGE, MARY                        PA-65-4-502
BALE, JAMES                            PA-65-3-259
BARBER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-94
BARBER, THOMAS                         PA-65-4-569
BARBER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-135
BARCLAY, GEORGE                        PA-65-1-20
BARCLAY, ISABELLA                      PA-65-3-32
BARE, PHILIP                           PA-65-1-375
BARE, SAMUEL                           PA-65-4-166
BARE,CHRISTIAN                         PA-65-7-634
BARGER, GEORGE                         PA-65-5-68
BARKHAMMER, JOHN                       PA-65-2-150
BARKHAMMER, NATHANIEL                  PA-65-3-9
BARKLEY, JOSEPH                        PA-65-4-247
BARKLY, JACOB                          PA-65-5-229
BARNDOLLAR, MARY                       PA-65-5-335
BARNES, WILLIAM                        PA-65-4-242
BARNES, WILLIAM                        PA-65-2-93
BARNETT, JOHN                          PA-65-2-132
BARNETT, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-342
BARNETT, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-342
BARNETT, WILLIAM                       PA-65-1-143
BARNHART, ABRAHAM                      PA-65-5-394
BARNHART, DAVID                        PA-65-5-313
BARNHART, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-7-171
BARNHART, J. A.                        PA-65-6-595
BARNHART, JOHN                         PA-65-4-445
BARNHART, MARY                         PA-65-5-363
BARNHART, SOLOMON                      PA-65-7-225
BARNHART, WILILAM                      PA-65-2-85
BARR, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-6-307
BARR, JOHN                             PA-65-3-120
BARR, JOHN                             PA-65-6-14
BARR, MARY                             PA-65-2-10
BARR, MARY                             PA-65-5-322
BARR, ROBERT                           PA-65-6-345
BARR, ROBERT                           PA-65-2-78
BARR, ROBERT                           PA-65-3-287
BARREN, WILLIAM                        PA-65-3-147
BARTLETT, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-120
BASH, HENRY                            PA-65-4-546
BASH, JOHN                             PA-65-3-257
BASH, MATTA                            PA-65-5-235
BASH, MICHAEL                          PA-65-7-185
BAUDERS, WILLIAM                       PA-65-7-454
BAUGHMAN, ADAM                         PA-65-3-18
BAUGHMAN, ADAM                         PA-65-3-96
BAUGHMAN, DANIEL                       PA-65-7-157
BAUGHMAN, HENRY                        PA-65-1-396
BAUGHMAN, HENRY                        PA-65-2-398
BAUGHMAN, HENRY                        PA-65-2-398
BAUGHMAN, JACOB                        PA-65-7-200
BAUGHMAN, JOHN                         PA-65-2-250
BAUGHMAN, JOHN                         PA-65-2-250
BAUGHMAN, JOHN                         PA-65-7-288
BAUGHMAN, MICHAEL                      PA-65-6-156
BAUGHMAN, PETER                        PA-65-2-229
BAUGHMAN, PETER                        PA-65-2-229
BAUGHMAN, SARAH S.                     PA-65-7-162
BAUM, MARY                             PA-65-4-106
BAXTER, ANDREW                         PA-65-6-506
BAXTER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-5-422
BAXTER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-7-338
BAXTER, JANE                           PA-65-3-432
BAXTER, JANE                           PA-65-4-359
BAXTER, ROBERT                         PA-65-1-430
BAXTER, ROBERT                         PA-65-3-178
BAXTER, ROBERT                         PA-65-3-396
BAXTER, ROBERT R.                      PA-65-5-265
BAXTER, ROBERT SR.                     PA-65-4-422
BAXTER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-3-225
BAYERS, PHILIP                         PA-65-1-184
BEACOM, JEREMIAH                       PA-65-5-320
BEACOM, JOHN                           PA-65-3-180
BEACOM, JOHN                           PA-65-6-95
BEAL, JOHN                             PA-65-3-233
BEALS, THOMAS                          PA-65-4-404
BEAMER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-20
BEAMER, MICHAEL                        PA-65-7-289
BEAMER, PHILIP                         PA-65-6-52
BEANERS, SAMUEL                        PA-65-1-37
BEAR, ADAM                             PA-65-2-332
BEAR, ADAM                             PA-65-2-332
BEAR, CATHARINE                        PA-65-5-428
BEAR, DAVID                            PA-65-2-261
BEAR, DAVID                            PA-65-2-261
BEAR, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-4-426
BEAR, JOHN                             PA-65-6-260
BEAR, JOHN SR.                         PA-65-5-343
BEAR, JOHN SR.                         PA-65-5-339
BEAR, PETER                            PA-65-6-57
BEARD, WILLIMINA                       PA-65-5-634
BEARE, GEORGE                          PA-65-4-515
BEATTY, DAVID                          PA-65-7-204
BEATTY, HAMILTON                       PA-65-5-403
BEATTY, JOHN                           PA-65-6-494
BEATTY, ROBERT                         PA-65-4-5
BEATTY, SARAH                          PA-65-6-368
BEATTY, THOMAS                         PA-65-2-96
BEATTY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-6-450
BEATY, JAMES                           PA-65-2-9
BEAZEL, LUKE                           PA-65-4-162
BEAZEL, MATHEW                         PA-65-1-152
BEAZEL, MATHEW                         PA-65-7-260
BEAZELL, BENJAMIN F.                   PA-65-7-461
BEAZELL, JAMES                         PA-65-5-172
BEAZELL, MARTHA                        PA-65-5-281
BECHTOLE, EGEIDICH                     PA-65-3-295
BECK, GEORGE                           PA-65-5-192
BECK, HENRY                            PA-65-6-62
BECK, SARAH                            PA-65-7-249
BECKETT, JOHN                          PA-65-1-405
BECKETT, JOHN                          PA-65-3-166
BECKETT, SAMUEL                        PA-65-1-126
BEEMER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-122
BEER, GIDEON G.                        PA-65-4-74
BEER, JOHN                             PA-65-1-127
BEHAM, P. A.                           PA-65-6-361
BEIGHLEY, CONRAD                       PA-65-2-120
BEIGHLEY, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-5-427
BELFORD, RUTH                          PA-65-3-176
BELL, ANNA                             PA-65-4-512
BELL, DAVID                            PA-65-3-384
BELL, JAMES                            PA-65-3-394
BELL, JOHN                             PA-65-5-195
BELL, JOHN                             PA-65-3-26
BELL, JOHN                             PA-65-1-364
BELL, MARY                             PA-65-5-105
BELL, WILLIAM                          PA-65-2-191
BELL, WILLIAM T.                       PA-65-4-454
BENNET, GERSHOM                        PA-65-2-177
BENNET, GERSHOM                        PA-65-2-179
BENNETT, ABRAHAM                       PA-65-4-543
BENNETT, DAVID                         PA-65-4-351
BENNETT, JOHN                          PA-65-2-158
BENNETT, JOHN                          PA-65-4-246
BENNETT, JOHN                          PA-65-7-297
BENNETT, MARY                          PA-65-6-421
BENNETT, REBECCA                       PA-65-5-26
BENNETT, WILLIAM                       PA-65-7-357
BENNINGER, MARTHA                      PA-65-3-364
BENNINGER, WILLIAM SR.                 PA-65-7-502
BERGER, GEORGE G. E.                   PA-65-4-362
BERKHAMER, KEZIA                       PA-65-3-430
BERLIN, ANNE                           PA-65-7-583
BERLIN, GEORGE                         PA-65-7-522
BERLIN, JOHN                           PA-65-6-115
BERLIN, MARTHA                         PA-65-7-304
BERRINGER, ELIZABETH                   PA-65-5-10
BERRY, JAMES                           PA-65-1-122
BEST, JAMES                            PA-65-2-247
BEST, JAMES                            PA-65-2-247
BEST, JAMES                            PA-65-1-426
BETHUNE, JACOB H.                      PA-65-7-51
BEVERLY, JAMES                         PA-65-1-370
BEYERER, CASPER                        PA-65-2-4
BICE, WILLIAM                          PA-65-1-216
BIDAL, HENRY                           PA-65-2-345
BIDAL, HENRY                           PA-65-2-345
BIERER, AMOS                           PA-65-4-519
BIERER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-300
BIEVER, JOHN M.                        PA-65-5-633
BIGGER, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-2-303
BIGGER, JAMES                          PA-65-1-236
BIGGES, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-2-303
BIGGS, ANDREW                          PA-65-3-391
BIGGS, ANDREW                          PA-65-7-210
BIGGS, LEWELLYN                        PA-65-7-329
BIGGS, MARTHA                          PA-65-7-539
BILLS, LATHROP                         PA-65-5-88
BINGHAM, WILLIAM                       PA-65-3-127
BINNINGER, JOHN                        PA-65-3-222
BIRCHBILL, SAMUEL                      PA-65-3-177
BISEL, GEORGE W.                       PA-65-5-430
BISTLE, ANDREW                         PA-65-2-164
BITTALL, MAGDALENA                     PA-65-3-62
BITZ, HATTIE                           PA-65-5-353
BLACK, JOHN (REV.)                     PA-65-1-169
BLACK, MARY                            PA-65-2-343
BLACK, MARY                            PA-65-2-342
BLACK, MARY                            PA-65-7-151
BLACK, MARY                            PA-65-7-411
BLACK, SAMUEL                          PA-65-5-356
BLACKBURN, ANTHONY                     PA-65-1-169
BLACKBURN, ANTHONY                     PA-65-5-17
BLACKBURN, JOHN                        PA-65-7-222
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH                      PA-65-2-254
BLACKBURN, THOMAS                      PA-65-2-321
BLACKBURN, THOMAS                      PA-65-2-321
BLACKBURN, WILLIAM                     PA-65-3-18
BLACKBURN,JOSEPH                       PA-65-2-254
BLAIR, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-7-418
BLAIR, ANDREW                          PA-65-5-252
BLAIR, ELENOR                          PA-65-2-252
BLAIR, ELENOR                          PA-65-2-252
BLAIR, JAMES                           PA-65-3-72
BLAIR, JAMES C.                        PA-65-7-314
BLAIR, JAMES H.                        PA-65-7-487
BLAIR, JOHN                            PA-65-4-10
BLAIR, JOHN P.                         PA-65-5-151
BLAIR, M. J.                           PA-65-6-243
BLAIR, MARGARET                        PA-65-7-619
BLAIR, WILLIAM                         PA-65-4-37
BLAIR, WILLIAM                         PA-65-5-185
BLANK, GEORGE A.                       PA-65-5-19
BLEAKNEY, HANNAH                       PA-65-7-428
BLEAKNEY, HUGH                         PA-65-1-326
BLEAKNEY, ROBERT                       PA-65-5-379
BLEAKNEY, SAMUEL T.                    PA-65-5-69
BLEGHLY, SAMUEL                        PA-65-3-192
BLIND, SARAH                           PA-65-5-182
BLYSTONE, ABRAHAM                      PA-65-1-21
BLYSTONE, ABRAHAM                      PA-65-3-383
BLYSTONE, ANN                          PA-65-2-383
BLYSTONE, ANN                          PA-65-2-383
BLYSTONE, CATHARINE                    PA-65-4-517
BLYSTONE, HENRY                        PA-65-5-519
BLYSTONE, PETER                        PA-65-2-114
BOAL, SAMUEL                           PA-65-5-557
BOAL, THOMAS M.                        PA-65-5-48
BOARTS, SOLOMON                        PA-65-6-625
BOARTZ, MARGARET                       PA-65-6-587
BOBBS, NANCY                           PA-65-3-49
BOIER, E. R.                           PA-65-7-327
BOIL, ALICE                            PA-65-6-599
BOLLINGER, FREDRICK                    PA-65-4-356
BOLLMAN, AMOS                          PA-65-1-359
BOLLMAN, JOSEPH H.                     PA-65-7-224
BOLLMAN, NATHAN                        PA-65-4-415
BONBRIGHT, DANIEL                      PA-65-3-50
BONBRIGHT, MARY                        PA-65-3-149
BONER, ANN                             PA-65-2-120
BONER, MANES                           PA-65-5-451
BONNALL, SARAH                         PA-65-7-269
BONNER, JOHN                           PA-65-7-364
BONNET, JOHN                           PA-65-3-16
BONTO, HENRY                           PA-65-6-362
BONTS, PETER                           PA-65-7-180
BOON, WILLIAM                          PA-65-1-280
BORLAND, JAMES                         PA-65-5-405
BORLAND, JOHN                          PA-65-2-238
BORLAND, JOHN                          PA-65-5-45
BORLAND, JOHN                          PA-65-2-238
BORLAND, JOHN                          PA-65-4-102
BORLAND, LYDIA                         PA-65-1-423
BORLAND, MARGARET                      PA-65-4-390
BORLAND, MARY ANN                      PA-65-5-576
BORLAND, THOMAS L.                     PA-65-6-479
BORLAND, WILLIAM                       PA-65-3-234
BORTZ, ISAAC                           PA-65-4-466
BOSSERT, VALENTINE                     PA-65-6-439
BOTZEN, LEWIS                          PA-65-6-11
BOUCHER, DAVID                         PA-65-5-196
BOUGHER, CATHARINE                     PA-65-6-287
BOVARD, CHARLES                        PA-65-3-375
BOVARD, JOHN                           PA-65-5-484
BOVEARD, JAMES                         PA-65-2-102
BOVEARD, JOHN                          PA-65-1-425
BOWMAN, ABRAHAM                        PA-65-3-272
BOWMAN, JACOB                          PA-65-6-498
BOYCE, DAVID                           PA-65-5-257
BOYD, ARCHIBALD                        PA-65-5-284
BOYD, BENJAMIN                         PA-65-2-112
BOYD, DAVID                            PA-65-5-190
BOYD, FRANCIS                          PA-65-2-41
BOYD, HENRY SR.                        PA-65-3-308
BOYD, JOHN                             PA-65-5-219
BOYD, JOHN                             PA-65-5-163
BOYD, JOHN                             PA-65-7-529
BOYD, NANCY                            PA-65-3-29
BOYD, RACHEL                           PA-65-3-218
BOYD, RUTH                             PA-65-3-138
BOYD, WILLIAM                          PA-65-3-164
BOYER, ANDREW                          PA-65-3-61
BOYER, CONRAD                          PA-65-1-230
BOYER, JOHN                            PA-65-2-386
BOYER, JOHN                            PA-65-2-386
BRACKEN, JOHN                          PA-65-1-151
BRACKEN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-1-111
BRADEN, DAVID                          PA-65-6-396
BRADEN, EDWARD                         PA-65-4-438
BRADEN, JOHN                           PA-65-2-87
BRADEN, WILLIAM                        PA-65-2-134
BRADLEY, JOHN                          PA-65-2-320
BRADLEY, JOHN                          PA-65-2-320
BRADY, EBENEZER                        PA-65-1-195
BRADY, HUGH Y.                         PA-65-5-211
BRADY, JAMES                           PA-65-2-356
BRADY, JAMES                           PA-65-3-1
BRADY, JAMS                            PA-65-2-356
BRADY, JOHN                            PA-65-2-423
BRADY, JOHN                            PA-65-2-423
BRADY, JOSEPH                          PA-65-5-91
BRADY, WILLIAM                         PA-65-3-290
BRAND, SABASTIAN                       PA-65-6-416
BRANNICK, JAMES                        PA-65-5-376
BRANNOCK, HENRY                        PA-65-7-627
BRANNON, JOHN                          PA-65-2-155
BRANNON, SUSANNA                       PA-65-7-12
BRANT, ABRAHAM                         PA-65-4-301
BRANT, ADAM                            PA-65-7-259
BRANT, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-3-395
BRANT, HENRY                           PA-65-7-96
BRANT, JOHN                            PA-65-1-116
BRANT, MARGARET                        PA-65-5-527
BRANTHOOVER, JOHN                      PA-65-4-357
BRAUCHLER, JOHN                        PA-65-5-612
BRAWDY, AARON M.                       PA-65-5-240
BRAWDY, JANE W.                        PA-65-6-184
BRAWDY, JOHN W.                        PA-65-5-99
BRAWDY, JOSIAH M.                      PA-65-4-217
BREACHBILL, HENRY                      PA-65-1-44
BREADON, EDWARD                        PA-65-1-385
BRECHBILL, CHRISTIAN                   PA-65-5-547
BRENNEMAN, ELIZABETH                   PA-65-7-492
BRICKER, CATHARINE                     PA-65-3-190
BRICKER, DAVID                         PA-65-1-126
BRIDENTHALL, HENRY                     PA-65-5-142
BRIDGE, HENRY                          PA-65-2-170
BRIDGE, MAGGIE E. M.                   PA-65-6-188
BRIDGE, MARY ANN                       PA-65-2-378
BRIDGE, MARY ANN                       PA-65-2-378
BRIDGE, PETER                          PA-65-4-97
BRIGGS, ANN M.                         PA-65-5-322
BRIGGS, JOHN                           PA-65-1-156
BRIGHT, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-6-110
BRIGHT, WILLIAM                        PA-65-6-166
BRINDLE, JOHN SR.                      PA-65-5-87
BRINDLE, LAWRENCE                      PA-65-1-244
BRINDLE, VEROICA                       PA-65-2-230
BRINDLE, VERONICA                      PA-65-2-230
BRINKER, ABRAHAM                       PA-65-7-174
BRINKER, ANNIE                         PA-65-6-467
BRINKER, GEORGE                        PA-65-5-604
BRINKER, GEORGE                        PA-65-2-301
BRINKER, GEORGE SR.                    PA-65-2-301
BRINKER, HENRY                         PA-65-3-322
BRINKER, JACOB                         PA-65-3-173
BRINKER, JACOB                         PA-65-1-147
BRINKER, JACOB                         PA-65-7-505
BRINKER, PAUL                          PA-65-7-183
BRISBIN, ARTHUR                        PA-65-3-176
BRISBIN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-363
BRISBIN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-363
BRISBINE, JOHN                         PA-65-4-418
BRISBINE, NANCY                        PA-65-6-41
BRLAND, SAMUEL                         PA-65-1-273
BROADSWORD, MATHIAS                    PA-65-1-133
BROSSKIOSKI, JOHN                      PA-65-6-207
BROUGH, JACOB                          PA-65-4-55
BROUGHER, PETER                        PA-65-5-338
BROWERS, THEODORAS                     PA-65-1-31
BROWN, ANDREW                          PA-65-3-152
BROWN, CLARK                           PA-65-4-302
BROWN, DAVID                           PA-65-2-223
BROWN, DAVID                           PA-65-2-131
BROWN, DAVID                           PA-65-2-223
BROWN, DAVID                           PA-65-3-38
BROWN, DAVID                           PA-65-1-457
BROWN, DAVID                           PA-65-6-398
BROWN, GEORGE                          PA-65-3-286
BROWN, JAMES                           PA-65-2-329
BROWN, JAMES                           PA-65-1-349
BROWN, JAMES                           PA-65-2-329
BROWN, JAMES                           PA-65-4-173
BROWN, JAMES E.                        PA-65-6-480
BROWN, JANE                            PA-65-6-162
BROWN, JOHN                            PA-65-1-186
BROWN, JOHN                            PA-65-7-555
BROWN, JOHN J.                         PA-65-6-103
BROWN, JOHN M.                         PA-65-6-132
BROWN, JOSEPH                          PA-65-6-22
BROWN, MARGARET                        PA-65-4-39
BROWN, MARGARET                        PA-65-6-173
BROWN, MARY E.                         PA-65-7-280
BROWN, MARY J.                         PA-65-6-253
BROWN, MARY JANE                       PA-65-4-521
BROWN, MATHEW                          PA-65-2-269
BROWN, MATHEW                          PA-65-2-269
BROWN, OTHO                            PA-65-4-326
BROWN, ROBERT                          PA-65-3-390
BROWN, ROBERT                          PA-65-3-139
BROWN, THOMAS J.                       PA-65-6-488
BROWN, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-28
BROWN, WILLIAM                         PA-65-4-39
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      PA-65-4-460
BROWN, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-65-5-623
BRUCK, MATHIAS                         PA-65-1-351
BRUGH, GEORGE W.                       PA-65-7-211
BRUGH, JACOB                           PA-65-6-331
BRUNDAGE, CAROLINE                     PA-65-6-90
BRYAN, DAVID                           PA-65-6-522
BUCHANAN, DAVID                        PA-65-1-431
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                      PA-65-3-297
BUCHMAN, GEORGE                        PA-65-2-282
BUCHMAN, GEORGE                        PA-65-2-282
BUCK, JOHN                             PA-65-5-580
BUDD, JOSEPH                           PA-65-2-151
BUDD, JOSEPH                           PA-65-7-9
BUDD, NANCY H.                         PA-65-5-270
BUERGY, JACOB                          PA-65-3-125
BURD, ALBERT C.                        PA-65-4-569
BURD, JOHN A.                          PA-65-7-470
BURGOON, JACOB                         PA-65-2-399
BURGOON, JCAOB                         PA-65-2-399
BURK, JOHN                             PA-65-4-489
BURKHART, JACOB                        PA-65-6-143
BURKHART, MICHAEL                      PA-65-7-538
BURKHOLDER, HENRY                      PA-65-3-290
BURKHOLDER, JOSEPH                     PA-65-5-294
BURKHOLDER, JOSEPH                     PA-65-6-469
BURKHOLDER, MARY                       PA-65-4-73
BURKHOLDER, MARY                       PA-65-6-566
BURLEIGH, CLEMENTS                     PA-65-2-60
BURNS, JAMES                           PA-65-1-42
BURNS, SAMUEL                          PA-65-1-207
BURNS, THOMAS                          PA-65-5-597
BURR, NATHAN G.                        PA-65-4-355
BURRELL, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-7-248
BURRELL, JOHN                          PA-65-4-185
BURRKLE, JACOB                         PA-65-3-315
BUSH, CATHARINE                        PA-65-5-218
BUSH, CHARLES L.                       PA-65-4-358
BUSH, DANIEL                           PA-65-2-351
BUSH, DANIEL                           PA-65-2-351
BUSH, ISAAC                            PA-65-4-525
BUSH, JACOB                            PA-65-5-65
BUSH, JACOB L.                         PA-65-7-592
BUSH, JOSEPH                           PA-65-5-333
BUSH, LEWIS                            PA-65-7-445
BUSH, MICHAEL                          PA-65-4-416
BUSH, PETER                            PA-65-4-36
BUSHYAGER, GEORGE                      PA-65-5-138
BUSSARD, CONRAD                        PA-65-3-289
BUSSARD, JACOB                         PA-65-5-480
BUTLER, WILILAM L.                     PA-65-2-355
BUTLER, WILLIAM L.                     PA-65-2-174
BUTLER, WILLIAM L.                     PA-65-2-355
BUTT, CATHARINE                        PA-65-2-202
BUTT, JACOB                            PA-65-2-203
BUTTERWORTH, LYDIA                     PA-65-7-498
BUZZARD, JACOB                         PA-65-5-584
BYERLEY, ANDREW SR.                    PA-65-3-304
BYERLEY, JOSEPH                        PA-65-4-339
BYERLEY, MICHAEL                       PA-65-2-209
BYERLY, ADAM                           PA-65-3-11
BYERLY, ANDREW J.                      PA-65-6-441
BYERLY, BENJAMIN                       PA-65-4-494
BYERLY, JOHN                           PA-65-5-535
BYERLY, JOSEPH                         PA-65-1-161
BYERLY, PETER                          PA-65-4-112
BYERS, SUSANNA                         PA-65-6-4
CABE, BARNEY                           PA-65-4-298
CAHILL, EDMUND                         PA-65-1-30
CAIRNS, REBECCA                        PA-65-7-83
CALDWELL, ELIZA                        PA-65-7-497
CALDWELL, ELLA N.                      PA-65-7-542
CALDWELL, JAMES                        PA-65-3-193
CALDWELL, JAMES                        PA-65-6-155
CALDWELL, JOSEPH                       PA-65-1-167
CALDWELL, MARIA C.                     PA-65-7-471
CALDWELL, MARTHA A.                    PA-65-7-272
CALDWELL, ROBERT                       PA-65-4-176
CALDWELL, SAMUEL                       PA-65-3-95
CALDWELL, SAMUEL H.                    PA-65-4-453
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                      PA-65-6-244
CALHOON, EMILY                         PA-65-6-454
CALHOON, SAMUEL                        PA-65-4-114
CALHOUN, GEORGE W.                     PA-65-5-156
CALLEN, ELMIRA                         PA-65-7-612
CALLEN, ROBERT M.                      PA-65-7-274
CALLEN, SAMUEL                         PA-65-3-253
CALLLIAN, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-98
CAMMERER, ADAM                         PA-65-3-168
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                    PA-65-6-128
CAMPBELL, ALICE (BOIL)                 PA-65-6-599
CAMPBELL, CATHARINE                    PA-65-7-626
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                      PA-65-1-337
CAMPBELL, FLORENCE                     PA-65-2-241
CAMPBELL, GEORE                        PA-65-5-40
CAMPBELL, HANNAH                       PA-65-3-95
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        PA-65-2-388
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        PA-65-1-456
CAMPBELL, JAMES B.                     PA-65-7-536
CAMPBELL, JAMES R.                     PA-65-7-604
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         PA-65-2-423
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         PA-65-3-406
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         PA-65-4-85
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         PA-65-7-422
CAMPBELL, JOHN SR.                     PA-65-4-161
CAMPBELL, MARY                         PA-65-7-61
CAMPBELL, NANCY B.                     PA-65-5-517
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                       PA-65-2-214
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-35
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-25
CAMPBLE, THOMAS B.                     PA-65-4-209
CAMPF, GARRETT                         PA-65-2-372
CAMRON, FINDLEY                        PA-65-1-204
CANNON, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-3-56
CANNON, JOHN                           PA-65-2-419
CANNON, JOHN (REV.)                    PA-65-2-350
CANPBELL, CORNELIUS                    PA-65-4-138
CAPLES, JACOB                          PA-65-6-153
CARNAHAN, DAVID                        PA-65-2-141
CARNAHAN, JANE                         PA-65-3-23
CARNAHAN, JOHN                         PA-65-2-152
CARNAHAN, JOHN                         PA-65-7-506
CARNES, NATHANIEL                      PA-65-2-52
CARNS, JOHN                            PA-65-4-181
CARNS, ROSEANNA                        PA-65-6-303
CAROTHERS, JANE                        PA-65-6-250
CAROTHERS, JOHN                        PA-65-4-236
CAROTHERS, SAMUEL                      PA-65-3-223
CAROTHERS, WILLIAM                     PA-65-3-275
CAROTHERS, WILLIAM                     PA-65-7-220
CARPENTER, BENJAMINE                   PA-65-4-225
CARPENTER, CHARLES                     PA-65-6-318
CARPENTER, JANE                        PA-65-5-38
CARPENTER, KEZIA                       PA-65-7-132
CARPENTER, SAMUEL L.                   PA-65-6-150
CARR, MATHEW                           PA-65-2-50
CARRY, JOHN                            PA-65-3-226
CARSON, JOHN SR.                       PA-65-3-224
CARSON, JULIA A.                       PA-65-6-75
CARSON, MARGARET                       PA-65-7-530
CARSON, POLLY                          PA-65-5-168
CASE, PETER                            PA-65-6-185
CASHDOLLAR, ELIAS                      PA-65-6-453
CASNER, FREDERICK                      PA-65-6-458
CASOLIE, CORNELIUS                     PA-65-1-435
CASTERWIBER, ANDREW                    PA-65-2-222
CATHCART, JAMES SR.                    PA-65-5-250
CAVEN, WILLIAM                         PA-65-4-3
CAVENDER, SARAH                        PA-65-5-473
CAVEN,JOHN                             PA-65-6-382
CAVET, JOHN                            PA-65-1-288
CAVETT, MARY J.                        PA-65-4-510
CAVETT, ROBERT M.                      PA-65-7-344
CEAS, CATHARINE                        PA-65-7-34
CEASAR, AGUSTUS                        PA-65-5-108
CHAMBERS, CHARLES                      PA-65-1-211
CHAMBERS, FANNY                        PA-65-4-403
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                      PA-65-4-270
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                      PA-65-3-337
CHAMBES, JOHN                          PA-65-3-346
CHANNELL, CHARLES                      PA-65-7-67
CHAPMAN, NICHOLAS                      PA-65-2-24
CHAPMAN, NICHOLAS                      PA-65-2-33
CHEEPHER, CAHASPER                     PA-65-2-94
CHRISSINGER, GEORGE                    PA-65-7-331
CHRISTMAN, JACOB                       PA-65-3-278
CHRISTMAN, JACOB                       PA-65-2-262
CHRISTY, ANDREW                        PA-65-1-439
CHRISTY, ANDREW                        PA-65-4-566
CHRISTY, DAVID                         PA-65-5-160
CHRISTY, JAMES                         PA-65-2-349
CHRISTY, JAMES                         PA-65-2-297
CHRISTY, JOSEPH                        PA-65-3-272
CHRISTY, LETTIE                        PA-65-5-438
CHROW, DANIEL F.                       PA-65-5-617
CLARK, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-1-97
CLARK, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-1-99
CLARK, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-3-324
CLARK, ELIZA                           PA-65-7-410
CLARK, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-5-323
CLARK, ISABELLA                        PA-65-5-484
CLARK, JAMES                           PA-65-2-142
CLARK, JAMES                           PA-65-3-54
CLARK, JAMES                           PA-65-2-118
CLARK, JOHN                            PA-65-3-63
CLARK, JOHN                            PA-65-2-103
CLARK, JOHN W.                         PA-65-7-322
CLARK, MARGARET                        PA-65-4-25
CLARK, MASTERSON                       PA-65-1-30
CLARK, RACHEL                          PA-65-3-42
CLARK, SARAH                           PA-65-6-161
CLARK, SUSAN                           PA-65-6-387
CLARK, THOMAS                          PA-65-5-368
CLARK, WILLIAM                         PA-65-4-54
CLARK, WILLIAM C.                      PA-65-4-149
CLASE, RUDOLF                          PA-65-6-163
CLAWSON, PETER                         PA-65-1-255
CLAYTON, WILILAM                       PA-65-1-360
CLEMENT,S JAMES                        PA-65-7-436
CLEMENTS, JESSE                        PA-65-3-399
CLENDENEN, DAVID                       PA-65-4-492
CLIFFORD, CHARLES                      PA-65-1-393
CLIFFORD, JAMES                        PA-65-1-160
CLIFFORD, THOMAS                       PA-65-3-43
CLINE, JOHN                            PA-65-6-248
CLINE, JOSEPH                          PA-65-7-542
CLINE, LEWIS E.                        PA-65-6-478
CLINE, MARGARET                        PA-65-4-411
CLOPPER, HETTIE B.                     PA-65-6-131
CLOSSON, PETER                         PA-65-1-255
CLOW, JAMES L.                         PA-65-7-485
CLUGSTON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-222
COCHARAN, JOHN W.                      PA-65-7-527
COCHRAN, ANDREW                        PA-65-1-14
COCHRAN, JOHN                          PA-65-1-182
COCHRAN, JOHN                          PA-65-4-456
COCHRAN, JOHN                          PA-65-1-419
COCHRAN, JOHN M.                       PA-65-6-444
COCHRAN, ROBERT                        PA-65-5-101
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                        PA-65-2-381
COCHRAN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-5-200
COCHRAN, WILLIAM S.                    PA-65-3-66
COCHRANE, JOHN                         PA-65-4-429
CODER, CONROD                          PA-65-1-428
COFFMAN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-7-130
COLEMAN, ISABELLA J.                   PA-65-6-122
COLEMAN, WILLIAM C.                    PA-65-6-435
COLGLAZAR, JOHN                        PA-65-1-101
COLGLAZER, JOHN                        PA-65-3-259
COLLIER, MARTIN                        PA-65-7-65
COLLINS, BRIDGET                       PA-65-4-535
COLLINS, WILLIAM S.                    PA-65-3-94
CONNER, CHARLES B.                     PA-65-6-64
CONNER, JOHN                           PA-65-4-378
CONNER, TIMOTHY                        PA-65-1-379
CONNOR, JOHN                           PA-65-7-547
CONRIGAN, HUGH                         PA-65-4-134
CONWAY, JOHN                           PA-65-6-366
CONWELL, MARGARET                      PA-65-4-436
CONWELL, SAMUEL                        PA-65-1-26
COOK, JOHN                             PA-65-4-397
COOK, JOSEPH                           PA-65-5-241
COON, HENRY                            PA-65-1-46
COOPER, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-3-338
COOPER, WILLIAM (REV.)                 PA-65-5-232
COPE, ANNA M.                          PA-65-6-142
COPE, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-7-76
COPE, JOHN W.                          PA-65-3-287
COPE, NATHANIEL                        PA-65-4-125
COPELAN, JOSEPH                        PA-65-3-30
COPELAND, THOMAS                       PA-65-5-155
COPPERSTONE, THOMAS                    PA-65-4-71
CORT, SARAH E.                         PA-65-5-325
CORTH, JOHN YOST                       PA-65-2-176
COSTELLO, FRANCIS                      PA-65-7-579
COUGH, JOHN                            PA-65-2-263
COUGH, JOHN PETER                      PA-65-2-274
COULTER, JAMES                         PA-65-1-349
COULTER, JOSEPH                        PA-65-3-85
COULTER, MARGARET                      PA-65-5-215
COULTER, RICHARD SR.                   PA-65-3-362
COULTER, SARAH W.                      PA-65-6-315
COULTER, WILILAM B.                    PA-65-5-124
COURT, DANIEL                          PA-65-4-266
COVODE, GARRETT                        PA-65-2-162
COVODE, JACOB                          PA-65-4-359
COWAN, APTRICK                         PA-65-2-22
COWAN, JAMES                           PA-65-2-116
COWAN, MARY                            PA-65-3-5
COWAN, MATHIAS                         PA-65-2-152
COWAN, RACHEL                          PA-65-4-558
COWAN, SARAH                           PA-65-4-206
COWAN, SARAH                           PA-65-4-558
COY, DANIEL                            PA-65-7-76
COY, ELIZBETH                          PA-65-6-528
COYLE, DANIEL                          PA-65-4-166
CRAIG, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-2-273
CRAIG, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-5-279
CRAIG, BARBARA                         PA-65-6-425
CRAIG, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-3-88
CRAIG, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-6-289
CRAIG, ESTHER                          PA-65-1-160
CRAIG, JAMES                           PA-65-2-358
CRAIG, JOHN                            PA-65-4-309
CRAIG, JOHN                            PA-65-3-212
CRAIG, JOSEPH                          PA-65-3-49
CRAIG, MARIA                           PA-65-4-84
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-126
CRAMER, JOHN                           PA-65-7-373
CRAMER, JOSEPH                         PA-65-5-417
CRAMER, JULIAN                         PA-65-7-63
CRAMER, PHILIP                         PA-65-2-387
CRATON, JULIA ANN                      PA-65-6-195
CRAVEN, JOHN                           PA-65-3-12
CRAWFORD, ESTHER                       PA-65-7-292
CRAWFORD, FREDERICK                    PA-65-6-499
CRAWFORD, GEORGE                       PA-65-2-11
CRAWFORD, GEORGE F.                    PA-65-3-8
CRAWFORD, JAMES                        PA-65-2-80
CRAWFORD, JOHN                         PA-65-1-194
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                       PA-65-3-80
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                       PA-65-2-245
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                      PA-65-5-117
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM (COL.)               PA-65-1-9
CREE, JOHN                             PA-65-1-214
CREIGHTON, RICHARD                     PA-65-7-240
CRESS, VALENTINE                       PA-65-1-134
CRIBBS, CHRISTOPHER                    PA-65-3-281
CRIBBS, JANE                           PA-65-4-530
CRIBBS, SAMUEL                         PA-65-4-425
CRIBBS, WILLIAM                        PA-65-4-424
CRISE, ANDREW                          PA-65-3-413
CRISMAN, MARIA                         PA-65-4-287
CRITCHLOW, JOHN                        PA-65-1-135
CROOKS, JOHN                           PA-65-1-374
CROOKS, JOHN                           PA-65-7-483
CROOKSHANKS, DAVID                     PA-65-2-24
CROOKSHANKS, JOHN                      PA-65-1-205
CROOKSTON, AGNES J.                    PA-65-7-581
CROSBY, JANE                           PA-65-4-172
CROSBY, JOHN                           PA-65-6-161
CROSBY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-4-79
CROTHERS, JAMES P.                     PA-65-6-342
CROUSHOUR, HENRY                       PA-65-2-418
CROW, JOHN                             PA-65-1-162
CRUSAN, JOSEPH                         PA-65-5-393
CRUSAN, MARTHA                         PA-65-7-55
CULBERTSON, ALEXANDER                  PA-65-3-342
CULBERTSON, ELIZABETH                  PA-65-3-326
CULBERTSON, FRANKLIN                   PA-65-3-419
CULBERTSON, LAVINIA                    PA-65-3-368
CULBERTSON, LAVINIA                    PA-65-5-308
CULBERTSON, MARGARET                   PA-65-4-104
CULBERTSON, MARY                       PA-65-2-177
CULBERTSON, OLIVER                     PA-65-1-35
CULBERTSON, SAMUEL                     PA-65-1-340
CULBERTSON, THOMAS                     PA-65-2-98
CULBERTSON, THOMAS                     PA-65-2-405
CULLER, NANCY                          PA-65-6-189
CUMMINGS, JAMES                        PA-65-7-608
CUMMINGS, JOHN                         PA-65-1-436
CUMMINS, JOHNH.                        PA-65-6-438
CUNNING, SAMUEL                        PA-65-1-228
CUNNINGHAM, ARCHIBALD                  PA-65-5-127
CUNNINGHAM, ELIZABETH                  PA-65-5-483
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      PA-65-6-404
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      PA-65-3-61
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      PA-65-5-618
CUNNINGHAM, JOHN B.                    PA-65-7-387
CUNNINGHAM, MARGARET                   PA-65-5-565
CUNNINGHAM, R.                         PA-65-5-569
CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD                    PA-65-1-39
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                    PA-65-1-26
CUST, JOHN                             PA-65-2-90
DAILY, JAMES F.                        PA-65-7-397
DAILY, JOHN                            PA-65-2-18
DALY, JOHN                             PA-65-7-260
DANDO, JONAH                           PA-65-7-309
DANE, WILLIAM                          PA-65-1-129
DARR, ADAM                             PA-65-6-390
DARR, GEORGE                           PA-65-3-402
DARR, ISAAC                            PA-65-1-97
DAUGHERTY, LOBINGIER L.                PA-65-5-11
DAVIDSON, JOHN                         PA-65-1-328
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        PA-65-2-390
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        PA-65-1-190
DAVIS, CALEB                           PA-65-4-135
DAVIS, CATHARINE                       PA-65-5-502
DAVIS, DANIEL J.                       PA-65-7-638
DAVIS, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-4-318
DAVIS, G. W.                           PA-65-7-442
DAVIS, ISAIAH                          PA-65-2-318
DAVIS, ISAIAH                          PA-65-1-407
DAVIS, JACOB                           PA-65-7-475
DAVIS, MARGARET                        PA-65-3-321
DAVIS, MARY                            PA-65-3-240
DAVIS, NANCY J.                        PA-65-5-621
DAVIS, PRISCILLA                       PA-65-6-571
DAVIS, SALLY J. R.                     PA-65-3-146
DAVIS, SARAH                           PA-65-4-160
DAVIS, THOMAS                          PA-65-3-213
DAVIS, WILLIAM                         PA-65-7-391
DAWSON, GEORGE                         PA-65-1-18
DAWSON, RALPH                          PA-65-2-134
DEAN, JOHN                             PA-65-1-218
DEATER, HENRY                          PA-65-3-160
DECKER, DANIEL                         PA-65-3-14
DECKER, DANIEL                         PA-65-7-566
DECKER, ISAAC                          PA-65-4-153
DECKER, JAMES W.                       PA-65-5-83
DECKER, JOHN                           PA-65-4-44
DEEDS, JACOB                           PA-65-6-523
DEEDS, JOHN                            PA-65-4-192
DEEDS, MARY                            PA-65-3-251
DEERING, ANTHON                        PA-65-7-504
DEETAR, SIMON                          PA-65-7-384
DEGRAFF, MICHAEL                       PA-65-2-233
DELBY, SAMUEL                          PA-65-2-396
DENMSORE, WILILAM                      PA-65-7-433
DENNISTON, NANCY                       PA-65-2-256
DENNISTON, WILLIAM                     PA-65-1-163
DERNIN, MARY                           PA-65-7-100
DETAR, GEORGE                          PA-65-7-342
DETAR, JACOB                           PA-65-1-434
DEVERS, WILLIAM                        PA-65-7-313
DEVOUR, DAVID                          PA-65-1-92
DEWALT, THOMAS                         PA-65-6-477
DEXTER, SMITH                          PA-65-2-269
DIBBE, JACOB                           PA-65-5-469
DIBBE, JOHN                            PA-65-5-105
DICE, PETER                            PA-65-7-223
DICE, WILLIAM                          PA-65-3-258
DICK, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-6-102
DICKEY, JAMES                          PA-65-1-283
DICKEY, JOHN                           PA-65-5-424
DICKEY, JOHN M.                        PA-65-7-372
DICKEY, MARGARET                       PA-65-2-25
DICKEY, MARGARET                       PA-65-1-125
DICKIE, ANN                            PA-65-1-245
DICKIE, JAMES                          PA-65-6-269
DILLON, JOHN                           PA-65-2-390
DILWORTH, BENJAMIN                     PA-65-1-140
DIMIT, ROBERT                          PA-65-6-375
DINSMORE, ROBERT                       PA-65-7-277
DIVER, EDWARD                          PA-65-5-231
DIXON, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-7-409
DIXON, JANE                            PA-65-5-208
DIXON, JOHN                            PA-65-3-87
DIXON, JOSEPH                          PA-65-2-207
DOBBIN, JAMES                          PA-65-2-370
DODDS, JOSEPH                          PA-65-2-308
DODO, ARCHIBALD                        PA-65-4-570
DOERING, JOSEPH                        PA-65-7-593
DOLAN, THOMAS                          PA-65-6-197
DONALD, PHOEBE                         PA-65-3-344
DONALDSON, JAMES                       PA-65-2-271
DONELLSON, WILLIAM                     PA-65-1-142
DONELLY, SIMON                         PA-65-2-3
DONN, GEORGE                           PA-65-7-318
DONNELL, MARY                          PA-65-5-366
DONNELL, MATHEW                        PA-65-5-589
DONNELL, MOSES                         PA-65-1-107
DONNELL, UNITY                         PA-65-7-482
DONNELLY, JAMES                        PA-65-6-111
DONNELLY, JOHN                         PA-65-2-160
DONNELLY, JOHN                         PA-65-3-284
DONNELLY, MICHAEL                      PA-65-5-136
DONOVAN, MICHAEL                       PA-65-7-294
DORN, PETER                            PA-65-1-171
DOSTER, JOHN G.                        PA-65-7-605
DOTY, NATHANIEL                        PA-65-3-104
DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM                     PA-65-7-495
DOUGLASS, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-2-240
DOUGLASS, JOHN                         PA-65-2-28
DOUGLASS, JOSEPH                       PA-65-1-36
DOUGLASS, MARGARET                     PA-65-4-435
DOUGLASS, SAMUEL                       PA-65-7-635
DOWNNY, JOHN                           PA-65-1-104
DOWNS, THOMAS                          PA-65-1-7
DOYLE, ELLEN                           PA-65-7-84
DRACKSEL, ABRAHAM                      PA-65-2-127
DRAFT, RACHEL                          PA-65-1-306
DRENNEN, DAVID                         PA-65-2-231
DRENNEN, JOHN R.                       PA-65-5-113
DRUM, AUGUSTUS                         PA-65-4-229
DRUM, SIMON                            PA-65-2-83
DRUM, SIMON H. (CAPT.0                 PA-65-3-371
DRY, ELIZABETH                         PA-65-4-375
DRY, JACOB S.                          PA-65-4-107
DUFF, ALBERT J.                        PA-65-7-624
DUFF, ALEXANDER                        PA-65-3-2
DUFF, JAMES H.                         PA-65-7-623
DUFF, JOHN                             PA-65-1-167
DUFF, JOHN                             PA-65-3-347
DUFF, JOHN                             PA-65-6-213
DUFF, MARY                             PA-65-4-546
DUFF, ROBERT                           PA-65-4-498
DUFF, THOMAS                           PA-65-2-244
DUFFIE, ELIZA                          PA-65-7-217
DUGAN, CATHARINE                       PA-65-5-161
DUGAN, GEORGE                          PA-65-5-537
DUGAN, JOHN                            PA-65-2-217
DUGAN, SARAH                           PA-65-4-363
DUKE, WILLIAM                          PA-65-6-264
DUMBOLD, FREDERICK                     PA-65-1-33
DUNBAR, ALEXADNER                      PA-65-1-270
DUNCAN, ROBERT                         PA-65-2-148
DUNFORD, CATHARINE                     PA-65-6-179
DUNLAOP, MARY                          PA-65-3-223
DUNLAP, JOHN                           PA-65-2-199
DUNLAP, JOHN                           PA-65-1-113
DUNLAP, MARGARET                       PA-65-2-144
DUNLAP, ROBERT                         PA-65-3-42
DUNLAP, THOMAS                         PA-65-3-55
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                        PA-65-4-169
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                        PA-65-2-311
DUNLEVY, MORRIS                        PA-65-1-426
DUNN, JAMES B.                         PA-65-5-450
DURSTINE, HENRY                        PA-65-7-579
DUSHANE, JOSHUA                        PA-65-6-185
DUSTINE, JACOB                         PA-65-2-134
EADER, CONRAD                          PA-65-2-125
EAKERT, GEORGE                         PA-65-2-9
EAKIN, ROBERT                          PA-65-1-427
EALY, ANDREW                           PA-65-7-49
EARNEST, ALBERT                        PA-65-7-147
EARNEST, FRANCIS M.                    PA-65-7-354
EARNEST, JACOB                         PA-65-7-155
EARNEST, JOHN                          PA-65-6-431
EARNEST, PETER                         PA-65-4-128
EARNEST, SIMON P.                      PA-65-6-418
EASTER, LUCINDA                        PA-65-4-523
EBERSOBE, ABRAHAM                      PA-65-3-355
EBERSOLE, CATHARINE                    PA-65-7-515
EBERSOLE, CHRISTIAN                    PA-65-5-293
EBERSOLE, JACOB                        PA-65-4-103
EBERTS, JOHN                           PA-65-6-240
ECKELS, CHARLES                        PA-65-2-235
ECKLES, ROSANAH                        PA-65-1-149
EDWARDS, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-5-644
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-278
EGGERT, JOHN                           PA-65-5-574
EGGERT, JOHN                           PA-65-3-129
EICHAR, NANCY                          PA-65-2-251
EICKERT, PETER                         PA-65-1-450
EISAMAN, CATHARINE                     PA-65-5-173
EISAMAN, CYRUS                         PA-65-5-133
EISAMAN, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-7-94
EISAMAN, JACOB                         PA-65-5-526
EISAMAN, JOSEPH                        PA-65-4-325
EISAMAN, PETER J.                      PA-65-4-146
EISAMAN, SUSAN                         PA-65-6-222
EISILIE, JACOB                         PA-65-5-276
EISLE, HENRY                           PA-65-7-242
EKIN, JOHN                             PA-65-5-329
EKIN, MATHIAS C.                       PA-65-7-4
EKIN, NANCY P.                         PA-65-7-627
EKIN, ROBERT                           PA-65-7-261
ELDER, JAMES M.                        PA-65-4-144
ELDER, JOHN                            PA-65-1-158
ELDER, JOHN                            PA-65-4-367
ELDER, JOHN                            PA-65-1-197
ELDER, JOSEPH                          PA-65-5-200
ELDER, JOSEPH                          PA-65-6-37
ELDER, ROBERT                          PA-65-2-384
ELDER, SAMUEL                          PA-65-2-299
ELDER, THOMAS                          PA-65-4-66
ELDER, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-223
ELLIOT, BENJAMIN                       PA-65-4-198
ELWOOD, ROBERT                         PA-65-4-301
ELWOOD, ROBERT                         PA-65-5-24
ELWOOD, WILLIAM                        PA-65-2-257
ERB, PETER                             PA-65-3-74
ERFLE, CONROD                          PA-65-2-410
ERMEL, DANIEL                          PA-65-1-214
ERRET, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-2-380
ERRET, JAMES                           PA-65-4-431
ERRETT, ADAM                           PA-65-4-300
ERRETT, ADAM                           PA-65-5-555
ERRETT, CHRISTIAN                      PA-65-7-321
ERRETT, ISAAC                          PA-65-5-265
ERVETT, GEORGE                         PA-65-6-357
ERWIN, JAMES                           PA-65-6-399
ERWIN, JOHN                            PA-65-2-225
EVANS, ABNER                           PA-65-5-404
EVANS, JOSHUA                          PA-65-5-421
EVANS, WALTER                          PA-65-2-55
EVANS, WILLIAM                         PA-65-5-92
EVERET, JACOB                          PA-65-3-246
EVERETT, PETER                         PA-65-6-507
EVERHARD, CHRISTIAN                    PA-65-2-424
EWING, ROBERT                          PA-65-4-11
EWING, SAMUEL                          PA-65-5-264
EWING, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-414
EWING, WILLIAM                         PA-65-4-467
EYLER, HENRY                           PA-65-4-174

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