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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator (NTL = no township listed)
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1774-1819 | 2=1819-1838 | 3=1838-1853 | 4-19=?? |
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ACKERMAN, CHRISTOPHER                  MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-143
ACKERMAN, PHILIP                       UNITY                                   PA-65-2-266
ADAMS, EPHRAIM                         UNITY                                   PA-65-1-451
ADAMS, JOHN                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-156
ADAMS, THOMAS                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-50
ALCORIN, GEORGE                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-223
ALEXANDER, JOHN                        NTL                                     PA-65-2-105
ALEXANDER, JOHN B.                     HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-17
ALEXANDER, SARAH                       NTL, BALTIMORE, MD                      PA-65-1-289
ALEXANDER, SIDNEY                      GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-24
ALLENDER, EDWARD                       NTL                                     PA-65-2-245
ALLIMANG, NICHOLAS                     BUFFALO, ARMSTRONG, PA                  PA-65-1-188
ALLISON, ROBERT                        ARMSTRONG, INDIANA, PA                  PA-65-1-206
ALMIS, ANDREW                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-145
ALSWORTH, BENJAMINE                    HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-123
ALTER, JOHN                            ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-295
ALTMAN, ANTHONY                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-236
ALTMAN, CAVILL                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-119
ALTMAN, JOHN PETER                     HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-161
ALTMAN, JOSEPH                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-423
ALTMAN, MARGARET                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-354
AMBROSE, GEORGE                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-298
AMBROSE, HENRY                         LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-276
AMBROSE, JOHN                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-418
AMENT, ANTHONY                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-275
AMENT, FREDERICK                       SALEM                                   PA-65-3-193
AMILONG, CHRISTOPHER                   FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-208
ANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-265
ANDERSON, DAVID                        DERRY                                   PA-65-1-43
ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                    HUNTINGDON                              PA-65-1-114
ANDERSON, JAMES                        UNITY                                   PA-65-3-308
ANDERSON, JAMES                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-226
ANDERSON, JAMES                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-132
ANDERSON, JOHN                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-84
ANDERSON, JOHN                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-167
ANDERSON, JOHN                         LOYALHANNA                              PA-65-3-187
ANDERSON, JOSHUA                       DERRY                                   PA-65-1-154
ANDERSON, ROBERT                       LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-161
ANDERSON, SARAH                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-375
ANDERSON, THOMAS                       DERRY                                   PA-65-2-271
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      UNITY                                   PA-65-1-343
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      UNITY                                   PA-65-2-234
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-95
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                      FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-260
ANKENEY, JACOB                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-143
ARBAUGH, LOUISA                        LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-421
ARCHIBALD, PATRICK                     DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-176
ARMEL, DANIEL                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-204
ARMEL, GEORGE                          UNITY                                   PA-65-2-292
ARMOUR, ANN                            GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-312
ARMSTRONG, JOHN                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-59
ARMSTRONG, MARY                        SALEM                                   PA-65-2-243
ARMSTRONG, ROBERT                      NTL                                     PA-65-3-64
ARMSTRONG, SARAH ANN                   UNITY                                   PA-65-2-185
ARMSTRONG, THOMAS                      SALEM                                   PA-65-2-15
ARONFREEDT, GEORGE                     MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-13
ASHBAUGH, ADAM                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-53
ASHBAUGH, MARTIN                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-403
ASHBAUGH, MARY                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-199
ASHLIN, ELIZABETH                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-334
ASPEY, JACOB                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-47
ASSUER, HENRY                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-372
AUBLE, GEORGE                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-105
AUSTIN, ELIJAH                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-248
AUSTIN, PHILIP                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-194
AUSTRAW, GEORGE                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-255
BAILEY, JAMES                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-357
BAIR, ALEXANDER                        NTL                                     PA-65-3-188
BAIRD, CHARLES                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-73
BAIRD, JAMES B.                        DERRY                                   PA-65-3-388
BAIRD, JOHN                            UNITY                                   PA-65-1-200
BAIRD, MARY                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-381
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         DERRY                                   PA-65-3-273
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         SALEM                                   PA-65-2-379
BAIRD, WILLIAM                         SALEM                                   PA-65-2-379
BAKE, GILBERT SR.                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-242
BAKER, CATHARINE                       DERRY                                   PA-65-2-15
BAKER, JACOB                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-27
BALDRIDGE, JOSEPH                      YOUNGSTOWN                              PA-65-2-428
BALDRIDGE, JOSEPH                      YUNGSTOWN                               PA-65-2-428
BALE, JAMES                            NTL                                     PA-65-3-259
BARBER, JOHN                           WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-94
BARBER, WILLIAM                        DERRY                                   PA-65-1-135
BARCLAY, GEORGE                        NTL, MONONGAHELA, PA                    PA-65-1-20
BARCLAY, ISABELLA                      GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-32
BARE, PHILIP                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-375
BARKHAMMER, JOHN                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-150
BARKHAMMER, NATHANIEL                  ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-9
BARNES, WILLIAM                        UNITY                                   PA-65-2-93
BARNETT, JOHN                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-132
BARNETT, WILLIAM                       SALEM                                   PA-65-2-342
BARNETT, WILLIAM                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-143
BARNETT, WILLIAM                       SALE                                    PA-65-2-342
BARNHART, WILILAM                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-85
BARR, JOHN                             SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-120
BARR, MARY                             DERRY                                   PA-65-2-10
BARR, ROBERT                           DERRY                                   PA-65-2-78
BARR, ROBERT                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-287
BARREN, WILLIAM                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-147
BARTLETT, WILLIAM                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-120
BASH, JOHN                             LOYALHANNA                              PA-65-3-257
BAUGHMAN, ADAM                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-96
BAUGHMAN, ADAM                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-18
BAUGHMAN, HENRY                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-398
BAUGHMAN, HENRY                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-398
BAUGHMAN, HENRY                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-396
BAUGHMAN, JOHN                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-250
BAUGHMAN, JOHN                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-250
BAUGHMAN, PETER                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-229
BAUGHMAN, PETER                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-229
BAXTER, JANE                           NTL                                     PA-65-3-432
BAXTER, ROBERT                         SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-178
BAXTER, ROBERT                         UNITY                                   PA-65-3-396
BAXTER, ROBERT                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-430
BAXTER, SAMUEL                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-225
BAYERS, PHILIP                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-184
BEACOM, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-180
BEAL, JOHN                             NTL                                     PA-65-3-233
BEAMER, JOHN                           DERRY                                   PA-65-3-20
BEANERS, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-37
BEAR, ADAM                             MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-332
BEAR, ADAM                             MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-332
BEAR, DAVID                            HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-261
BEAR, DAVID                            HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-261
BEATTY, THOMAS                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-96
BEATY, JAMES                           WEST NEWTON                             PA-65-2-9
BEAZEL, MATHEW                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-152
BECHTOLE, EGEIDICH                     NTL                                     PA-65-3-295
BECKETT, JOHN                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-166
BECKETT, JOHN                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-405
BECKETT, SAMUEL                        NTL, AUGUSTA, VA                        PA-65-1-126
BEEMER, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-122
BEER, JOHN                             NTL                                     PA-65-1-127
BEIGHLEY, CONRAD                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-120
BELFORD, RUTH                          SALEM                                   PA-65-3-176
BELL, DAVID                            NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-384
BELL, JAMES                            DERRY                                   PA-65-3-394
BELL, JOHN                             DERRY                                   PA-65-3-26
BELL, JOHN                             DERRY                                   PA-65-1-364
BELL, WILLIAM                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-191
BENNET, GERSHOM                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-179
BENNET, GERSHOM                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-177
BENNETT, JOHN                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-158
BENNINGER, MARTHA                      NTL                                     PA-65-3-364
BERKHAMER, KEZIA                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-430
BERRY, JAMES                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-122
BEST, JAMES                            DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-247
BEST, JAMES                            DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-247
BEST, JAMES                            (ADMIN)                                 PA-65-1-426
BEVERLY, JAMES                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-370
BEYERER, CASPER                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-4
BICE, WILLIAM                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-216
BIDAL, HENRY                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-345
BIDAL, HENRY                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-345
BIERER, JOHN                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-300
BIGGER, ELIZABETH                      UNITY                                   PA-65-2-303
BIGGER, JAMES                          UNITY                                   PA-65-1-236
BIGGES, ELIZABETH                      UNITY                                   PA-65-2-303
BIGGS, ANDREW                          SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-391
BINGHAM, WILLIAM                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-127
BINNINGER, JOHN                        NTL                                     PA-65-3-222
BIRCHBILL, SAMUEL                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-177
BISTLE, ANDREW                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-164
BITTALL, MAGDALENA                     SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-62
BLACK, JOHN (REV.)                     UNITY                                   PA-65-1-169
BLACK, MARY                            GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-342
BLACK, MARY                            GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-343
BLACKBURN, ANTHONY                     SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-169
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH                      DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-254
BLACKBURN, THOMAS                      NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-321
BLACKBURN, THOMAS                      NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-321
BLACKBURN, WILLIAM                     SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-18
BLACKBURN,JOSEPH                       DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-254
BLAIR, ELENOR                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-252
BLAIR, ELENOR                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-252
BLAIR, JAMES                           DERRY                                   PA-65-3-72
BLEAKNEY, HUGH                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-326
BLEGHLY, SAMUEL                        LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-192
BLYSTONE, ABRAHAM                      EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-383
BLYSTONE, ABRAHAM                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-21
BLYSTONE, ANN                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-383
BLYSTONE, ANN                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-383
BLYSTONE, PETER                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-114
BOBBS, NANCY                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-49
BOLLMAN, AMOS                          LEXINGTON, KY                           PA-65-1-359
BONBRIGHT, DANIEL                      YOUNGSTOWN                              PA-65-3-50
BONBRIGHT, MARY                        DERRY                                   PA-65-3-149
BONER, ANN                             ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-120
BONNET, JOHN                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-16
BOON, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-280
BORLAND, JOHN                          FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-238
BORLAND, JOHN                          FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-238
BORLAND, LYDIA                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-423
BORLAND, WILLIAM                       SALEM                                   PA-65-3-234
BOVARD, CHARLES                        LOYALHANNA                              PA-65-3-375
BOVEARD, JAMES                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-102
BOVEARD, JOHN                          SALEM                                   PA-65-1-425
BOWMAN, ABRAHAM                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-272
BOYD, BENJAMIN                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-112
BOYD, FRANCIS                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-41
BOYD, HENRY SR.                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-308
BOYD, NANCY                            E. HUNTINGDON                           PA-65-3-29
BOYD, RACHEL                           NTL                                     PA-65-3-218
BOYD, RUTH                             SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-138
BOYD, WILLIAM                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-164
BOYER, ANDREW                          NTL                                     PA-65-3-61
BOYER, CONRAD                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-230
BOYER, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-386
BOYER, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-386
BRACKEN, JOHN                          WHEATFIELD                              PA-65-1-151
BRACKEN, WILLIAM                       WHEATFIELD                              PA-65-1-111
BRADEN, JOHN                           DERRY                                   PA-65-2-87
BRADEN, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     PA-65-2-134
BRADLEY, JOHN                          BAIRDSTOWN                              PA-65-2-320
BRADLEY, JOHN                          BAIRDSTOWN                              PA-65-2-320
BRADY, EBENEZER                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-195
BRADY, JAMES                           GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-1
BRADY, JAMES                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-356
BRADY, JAMS                            LIGONR                                  PA-65-2-356
BRADY, JOHN                            FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-423
BRADY, JOHN                            FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-423
BRADY, WILLIAM                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-290
BRANNON, JOHN                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-155
BRANT, ELIZABETH                       LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-395
BRANT, JOHN                            DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-116
BREACHBILL, HENRY                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-44
BREADON, EDWARD                        DERRY                                   PA-65-1-385
BRICKER, CATHARINE                     KISKIMINETAS, ARMSTRONG, PA             PA-65-3-190
BRICKER, DAVID                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-126
BRIDGE, HENRY                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-170
BRIDGE, MARY ANN                       DERRY                                   PA-65-2-378
BRIDGE, MARY ANN                       DERRY                                   PA-65-2-378
BRIGGS, JOHN                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-156
BRINDLE, LAWRENCE                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-244
BRINDLE, VEROICA                       NTL                                     PA-65-2-230
BRINDLE, VERONICA                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-230
BRINKER, GEORGE                        UNITY                                   PA-65-2-301
BRINKER, GEORGE SR.                    UNITY                                   PA-65-2-301
BRINKER, HENRY                         UNITY                                   PA-65-3-322
BRINKER, JACOB                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-173
BRINKER, JACOB                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-147
BRISBIN, ARTHUR                        NTL                                     PA-65-3-176
BRISBIN, WILLIAM                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-363
BRISBIN, WILLIAM                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-363
BRLAND, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-273
BROADSWORD, MATHIAS                    SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-133
BROWERS, THEODORAS                     SPORTSMAN HALL                          PA-65-1-31
BROWN, ANDREW                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-152
BROWN, DAVID                           SALEM                                   PA-65-3-38
BROWN, DAVID                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-457
BROWN, DAVID                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-223
BROWN, DAVID                           SALEM                                   PA-65-2-131
BROWN, DAVID                           IGONIER                                 PA-65-2-223
BROWN, GEORGE                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-286
BROWN, JAMES                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-329
BROWN, JAMES                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-329
BROWN, JAMES                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-349
BROWN, JOHN                            ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-186
BROWN, MATHEW                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-269
BROWN, MATHEW                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-269
BROWN, ROBERT                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-139
BROWN, ROBERT                          GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-390
BROWN, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-28
BRUCK, MATHIAS                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-351
BUCHANAN, DAVID                        SALEM                                   PA-65-1-431
BUCHANAN, WILLIAM                      LOYALHANNA                              PA-65-3-297
BUCHMAN, GEORGE                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-282
BUCHMAN, GEORGE                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-282
BUDD, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-151
BUERGY, JACOB                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-125
BURGOON, JACOB                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-399
BURGOON, JCAOB                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-399
BURKHOLDER, HENRY                      DERRY                                   PA-65-3-290
BURLEIGH, CLEMENTS                     MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-60
BURNS, JAMES                           DERRY                                   PA-65-1-42
BURNS, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-207
BURRKLE, JACOB                         DERRY                                   PA-65-3-315
BUSH, DANIEL                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-351
BUSH, DANIEL                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-351
BUSSARD, CONRAD                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-289
BUTLER, WILILAM L.                     LOYALHANNA                              PA-65-2-355
BUTLER, WILLIAM L.                     LOYALHANNA                              PA-65-2-355
BUTLER, WILLIAM L.                     WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-174
BUTT, CATHARINE                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-202
BUTT, JACOB                            DERRY                                   PA-65-2-203
BYERLEY, ANDREW SR.                    NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-304
BYERLEY, MICHAEL                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-209
BYERLY, ADAM                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-11
BYERLY, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-161
CAHILL, EDMUND                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-30
CALDWELL, JAMES                        DEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-193
CALDWELL, JOSEPH                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-167
CALDWELL, SAMUEL                       SALEM                                   PA-65-3-95
CALLEN, SAMUEL                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-253
CALLLIAN, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-98
CAMMERER, ADAM                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-168
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                      NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-337
CAMPBELL, FLORENCE                     DERRY                                   PA-65-2-241
CAMPBELL, HANNAH                       DERRY                                   PA-65-3-95
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-388
CAMPBELL, JAMES                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-456
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         DERRY                                   PA-65-3-406
CAMPBELL, JOHN                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-423
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL                       SALEM                                   PA-65-2-214
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      DERRY                                   PA-65-1-35
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-25
CAMPF, GARRETT                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-372
CAMRON, FINDLEY                        WHEATFIELD                              PA-65-1-204
CANNON, ALEXANDER                      DERRY                                   PA-65-3-56
CANNON, JOHN                           UNITY                                   PA-65-2-419
CANNON, JOHN (REV.)                    SALEM                                   PA-65-2-350
CARNAHAN, DAVID                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-141
CARNAHAN, JANE                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-23
CARNAHAN, JOHN                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-152
CARNES, NATHANIEL                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-52
CAROTHERS, SAMUEL                      SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-223
CAROTHERS, WILLIAM                     SALEM                                   PA-65-3-275
CARR, MATHEW                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-50
CARRY, JOHN                            FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-226
CARSON, JOHN SR.                       LOYALHANNA                              PA-65-3-224
CASOLIE, CORNELIUS                     SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-435
CASTERWIBER, ANDREW                    NTL                                     PA-65-2-222
CAVET, JOHN                            NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-288
CHAMBERS, CHARLES                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-211
CHAMBERS, WILLIAM                      UNITY                                   PA-65-3-337
CHAMBES, JOHN                          PLEASANT UNITY                          PA-65-3-346
CHAPMAN, NICHOLAS                      DERRY                                   PA-65-2-33
CHAPMAN, NICHOLAS                      FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-24
CHEEPHER, CAHASPER                     NTL                                     PA-65-2-94
CHRISTMAN, JACOB                       NTL                                     PA-65-3-278
CHRISTMAN, JACOB                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-262
CHRISTY, ANDREW                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-439
CHRISTY, JAMES                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-349
CHRISTY, JAMES                         SALEM                                   PA-65-2-297
CHRISTY, JOSEPH                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-272
CLARK, ALEXANDER                       GRRENSBURG                              PA-65-3-324
CLARK, ALEXANDER                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-97
CLARK, ALEXANDER                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-99
CLARK, JAMES                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-54
CLARK, JAMES                           PLUM CREEK, ARMSTRONG, PA               PA-65-2-118
CLARK, JAMES                           FAIFIELD                                PA-65-2-142
CLARK, JOHN                            GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-63
CLARK, JOHN                            HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-103
CLARK, MASTERSON                       REDSTONE                                PA-65-1-30
CLARK, RACHEL                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-42
CLAWSON, PETER                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-255
CLAYTON, WILILAM                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-360
CLEMENTS, JESSE                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-399
CLIFFORD, CHARLES                      FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-393
CLIFFORD, JAMES                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-160
CLIFFORD, THOMAS                       LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-43
CLOSSON, PETER                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-255
CLUGSTON, WILLIAM                      SALEM                                   PA-65-1-222
COCHRAN, ANDREW                        HUNTINGDON                              PA-65-1-14
COCHRAN, JOHN                          SALEM                                   PA-65-1-182
COCHRAN, JOHN                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-419
COCHRAN, SAMUEL                        SALEM                                   PA-65-2-381
COCHRAN, WILLIAM S.                    SALEM                                   PA-65-3-66
CODER, CONROD                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-428
COLGLAZAR, JOHN                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-101
COLGLAZER, JOHN                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-259
COLLINS, WILLIAM S.                    FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-94
CONNER, TIMOTHY                        DERRY                                   PA-65-1-379
CONWELL, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-26
COON, HENRY                            UNITY                                   PA-65-1-46
COOPER, ALEXANDER                      SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-338
COPE, JOHN W.                          WEST NEWTON                             PA-65-3-287
COPELAN, JOSEPH                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-30
CORTH, JOHN YOST                       NTL                                     PA-65-2-176
COUGH, JOHN                            HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-263
COUGH, JOHN PETER                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-274
COULTER, JAMES                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-349
COULTER, JOSEPH                        YOUNGSTOWN                              PA-65-3-85
COULTER, RICHARD SR.                   GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-362
COVODE, GARRETT                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-162
COWAN, APTRICK                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-22
COWAN, JAMES                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-116
COWAN, MARY                            SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-5
COWAN, MATHIAS                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-152
CRAIG, ALEXANDER                       SALEM                                   PA-65-2-273
CRAIG, ELIZABETH                       NEW ALEXANDRIA                          PA-65-3-88
CRAIG, ESTHER                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-160
CRAIG, JAMES                           DERRY                                   PA-65-2-358
CRAIG, JOHN                            WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-212
CRAIG, JOSEPH                          DERRY                                   PA-65-3-49
CRAIG, WILLIAM                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-126
CRAMER, PHILIP                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-387
CRAVEN, JOHN                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-12
CRAWFORD, GEORGE                       WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-11
CRAWFORD, GEORGE F.                    ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-8
CRAWFORD, JAMES                        UNITY                                   PA-65-2-80
CRAWFORD, JOHN                         UNITY                                   PA-65-1-194
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                       FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-80
CRAWFORD, ROBERT                       DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-245
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM (COL.)               NTL                                     PA-65-1-9
CREE, JOHN                             DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-214
CRESS, VALENTINE                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-134
CRIBBS, CHRISTOPHER                    HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-281
CRISE, ANDREW                          SOUTH HUNTINGTON                        PA-65-3-413
CRITCHLOW, JOHN                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-135
CROOKS, JOHN                           WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-374
CROOKSHANKS, DAVID                     FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-24
CROOKSHANKS, JOHN                      WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-205
CROUSHOUR, HENRY                       NTL                                     PA-65-2-418
CROW, JOHN                             DERRY                                   PA-65-1-162
CULBERTSON, ALEXANDER                  UNITY                                   PA-65-3-342
CULBERTSON, ELIZABETH                  DERRY                                   PA-65-3-326
CULBERTSON, FRANKLIN                   DERRY                                   PA-65-3-419
CULBERTSON, LAVINIA                    UNITY                                   PA-65-3-368
CULBERTSON, MARY                       DERRY                                   PA-65-2-177
CULBERTSON, OLIVER                     ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-35
CULBERTSON, SAMUEL                     DERRY                                   PA-65-1-340
CULBERTSON, THOMAS                     DERRY                                   PA-65-2-405
CULBERTSON, THOMAS                     DERRY                                   PA-65-2-98
CUMMINGS, JOHN                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-436
CUNNING, SAMUEL                        EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-228
CUNNINGHAM, JAMES                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-61
CUNNINGHAM, RICHARD                    FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-39
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                    NTL                                     PA-65-1-26
CUST, JOHN                             GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-90
DAILY, JOHN                            ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-18
DANE, WILLIAM                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-129
DARR, GEORGE                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-402
DARR, ISAAC                            DERRY                                   PA-65-1-97
DAVIDSON, JOHN                         NORTH HUNTINDON                         PA-65-1-328
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-390
DAVIS, BENJAMIN                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-190
DAVIS, ISAIAH                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-407
DAVIS, ISAIAH                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-318
DAVIS, MARGARET                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-321
DAVIS, MARY                            NTL                                     PA-65-3-240
DAVIS, SALLY J. R.                     DERRY                                   PA-65-3-146
DAVIS, THOMAS                          DERRY                                   PA-65-3-213
DAWSON, GEORGE                         NTL, YOUGHAGHENA, VA                    PA-65-1-18
DAWSON, RALPH                          NTL                                     PA-65-2-134
DEAN, JOHN                             CENTRE, INDIANA, PA                     PA-65-1-218
DEATER, HENRY                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-160
DECKER, DANIEL                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-14
DEEDS, MARY                            SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-251
DEGRAFF, MICHAEL                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-233
DELBY, SAMUEL                          LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-396
DENNISTON, NANCY                       DERRY                                   PA-65-2-256
DENNISTON, WILLIAM                     NTL                                     PA-65-1-163
DETAR, JACOB                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-434
DEVOUR, DAVID                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-92
DEXTER, SMITH                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-269
DICE, WILLIAM                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-258
DICKEY, JAMES                          SALEM                                   PA-65-1-283
DICKEY, MARGARET                       WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-25
DICKEY, MARGARET                       SALEM                                   PA-65-1-125
DICKIE, ANN                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-245
DILLON, JOHN                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-390
DILWORTH, BENJAMIN                     NTL                                     PA-65-1-140
DIXON, JOHN                            DERRY                                   PA-65-3-87
DIXON, JOSEPH                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-207
DOBBIN, JAMES                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-370
DODDS, JOSEPH                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-308
DONALD, PHOEBE                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-344
DONALDSON, JAMES                       FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-271
DONELLSON, WILLIAM                     NTL                                     PA-65-1-142
DONELLY, SIMON                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-3
DONNELL, MOSES                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-107
DONNELLY, JOHN                         DERRY                                   PA-65-3-284
DONNELLY, JOHN                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-160
DORN, PETER                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-171
DOTY, NATHANIEL                        PA-65-3-104
DOUGLASS, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     PA-65-2-240
DOUGLASS, JOHN                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-28
DOUGLASS, JOSEPH                       GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-36
DOWNNY, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-104
DOWNS, THOMAS                          REDSTONE SETTLEMENT                     PA-65-1-7
DRACKSEL, ABRAHAM                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-127
DRAFT, RACHEL                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-306
DRENNEN, DAVID                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-231
DRUM, SIMON                            GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-83
DRUM, SIMON H. (CAPT.0                 NTL                                     PA-65-3-371
DUFF, ALEXANDER                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-2
DUFF, JOHN                             NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-347
DUFF, JOHN                             FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-167
DUFF, THOMAS                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-244
DUGAN, JOHN                            ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-217
DUMBOLD, FREDERICK                     MILFORD, BEDFORD, PA                    PA-65-1-33
DUNBAR, ALEXADNER                      SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-270
DUNCAN, ROBERT                         UNITY                                   PA-65-2-148
DUNLAOP, MARY                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-223
DUNLAP, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-199
DUNLAP, JOHN                           NTL, BEDFORD, PA                        PA-65-1-113
DUNLAP, MARGARET                       UNITY                                   PA-65-2-144
DUNLAP, ROBERT                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-42
DUNLAP, THOMAS                         DERRY                                   PA-65-3-55
DUNLAP, WILLIAM                        DERRY                                   PA-65-2-311
DUNLEVY, MORRIS                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-426
DUSTINE, JACOB                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-134
EADER, CONRAD                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-125
EAKERT, GEORGE                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-9
EAKIN, ROBERT                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-427
EBERSOBE, ABRAHAM                      UNITY                                   PA-65-3-355
ECKELS, CHARLES                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-235
ECKLES, ROSANAH                        ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-149
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-278
EGGERT, JOHN                           UNITY                                   PA-65-3-129
EICHAR, NANCY                          NTL                                     PA-65-2-251
EICKERT, PETER                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-450
ELDER, JOHN                            ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-158
ELDER, JOHN                            FAUNET, FRANKLIN, PA                    PA-65-1-197
ELDER, ROBERT                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-384
ELDER, SAMUEL                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-299
ELDER, WILLIAM                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-223
ELWOOD, WILLIAM                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-257
ERB, PETER                             NTL                                     PA-65-3-74
ERFLE, CONROD                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-410
ERMEL, DANIEL                          UNITY                                   PA-65-1-214
ERRET, ELIZABETH                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-380
ERWIN, JOHN                            WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-225
EVANS, WALTER                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-55
EVERET, JACOB                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-246
EVERHARD, CHRISTIAN                    FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-424
EWING, WILLIAM                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-414
FAILLS, JOHN                           PEETERS                                 PA-65-1-12
FARMER, GEORGE                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-121
FARREL, WILLIAM                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-198
FAUSHOLD, CASPER                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-159
FEITNER, HENRY                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-92
FELGAR, JACOB                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-425
FELGAR, LUDWICK                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-429
FELGER, HENRY                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-316
FELL, BENJAMIN                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-261
FELL, BENJAMIN                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-414
FELL, JESSE                            NTL                                     PA-65-2-290
FERGUSON, JAMES                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-310
FERGUSON, JAMES                        DERRY                                   PA-65-1-312
FERGUSON, JOHN                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-117
FHREW, DAVID                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-379
FILLOON, JOHN                          LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-126
FINDLEY, CLEMENT                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-6
FINDLEY, JANE                          LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-192
FINDLEY, JOHN                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-325
FINDLEY, MARY                          UNITY                                   PA-65-2-138
FINDLEY, WILLIAM                       UNITY                                   PA-65-2-41
FINLEY, ANDREW                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-209
FINLEY, JAMES (REV.)                   NTL                                     PA-65-1-120
FINLEY, JOHN                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-277
FINLEY, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     PA-65-3-276
FISCOS, GERHART                        UNITY                                   PA-65-1-141
FISHEL, JACOB                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-109
FISHER, ABEL                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-403
FISHER, ADAM                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-32
FISHER, CATHARINE                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-319
FISHER, JACOB                          SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-158
FISHER, MATHIAS                        LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-303
FISHER, SAMUEL                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-406
FITZGERALD, JAMES                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-231
FLACK, JAMES                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-112
FLACK, SAMUEL                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-71
FLECK, JOHN                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-229
FLEMING, DANIEL                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-2
FLEMING, JOHN                          SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-60
FLEMING, WILLIAM                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-146
FORD, JOSEPH                           NTL                                     PA-65-3-189
FOREMAN, CHARLES                       SALEM                                   PA-65-1-208
FORREST, JOHN                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-33
FOSTER, JAMES                          SALEM                                   PA-65-1-131
FOWLER, JAMES                          LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-156
FOX, HENRY                             EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-116
FOX, JACOB                             HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-402
FOX, PETER                             HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-26
FRANTZ, DANIEL                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-256
FREAM, WILLIAM                         SALEM                                   PA-65-1-237
FREELAND, MYANDART                     LIVERMORE                               PA-65-3-240
FRENCH, THOMAS                         PITT                                    PA-65-1-15
FRETZ, CHRISTIAN                       EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-227
FRICK, JACOB                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-204
FRICKMAN, ADAM                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-45
FRIED, JOHN                            SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-382
FRITCHMAN, ADAM                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-93
FROELIG, MARTIN                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-254
FROMM, FRANCIS ROGATUS                 SPORTSMAN HALL                          PA-65-1-48
FRY, JOHN                              SALEM                                   PA-65-2-4
FRY, MICHAEL                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-311
FRY, MICHAEL                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-275
FRYE, ADAM                             HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-264
FULLERTON, HUMPHRY                     NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-333
FULLWOOD, C.                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-214
FULTON, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-27
FULTON, ABRAM                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-338
FULTON, JAMES                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-129
FULTON, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-3-235
FULTON, JOHN                           HUNTINGDON                              PA-65-1-96
FULTON, ROBERT                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-11
FULTON, ROBERT SR.                     SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-237
FULTON, SARAH                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-342
FULTZ, GEORGE                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-166
FUNK, CHRISTIAN                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-329
FURINER, DAVID                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-227
GALBRAITER, JOHN                       DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-238
GALLAGHER, BARNABAS                    NTL                                     PA-65-1-41
GALLAGHER, THOMAS                      UNITY                                   PA-65-3-106
GALLAGHER, WILLIAM                     DERRY                                   PA-65-1-134
GAMBLE, JAMES                          ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-210
GAMBLE, SAMUEL                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-100
GARTLY, WILLIAM                        UNITY                                   PA-65-3-234
GARVAN, MARIN                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-111
GARVEN, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-40
GEIGER, HENRY                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-281
GEIGER, WENDEL                         UNITY                                   PA-65-2-255
GEITING, JOHN                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-74
GEORGE, AGNES                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-383
GEORGE, CONRAD                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-405
GEORGE, NATHANIEL                      GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-198
GETTEMY, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     PA-65-2-352
GEYER, CASPER                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-205
GIBBS, ROBERT                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-10
GIFFEN, ELENORE                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-380
GIFFEN, HENRY                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-282
GIFFEN, JOHN                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-243
GILBERT, ABNER                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-248
GILBERT, BENJAMIN                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-263
GILBERT, MARGARET                      NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-283
GILCHRIST, JOHN                        ADAMSBURG                               PA-65-3-203
GILCHRIST, REBECCA                     SALEM                                   PA-65-2-340
GILESPIE, CHARLES                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-365
GILL, MARY                             ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-240
GILLASPIE, WILLIAM                     FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-371
GILLESPY, JAMES                        DERRY                                   PA-65-2-99
GILLGRECE, ROBERT                      ARMSTRONG, INDIANA, PA                  PA-65-1-189
GILMORE, JAMES                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-304
GILSON, WILLIAM                        DERRY                                   PA-65-1-351
GIRTS, F. HERMON                       DERRY                                   PA-65-1-104
GLUNT, JACOB                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-236
GOLDEN, WILLIAM                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-57
GOLDINGER, ANTHONY                     ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-407
GONAWARE, MICHAEL                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-156
GOODMAN, JACOB                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-212
GORDON, MATHEW                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-226
GORMLY, THOMAS S.                      DERRY                                   PA-65-3-417
GOSSLIN, JOHN                          PITT                                    PA-65-1-28
GOURDY, MARY                           EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-157
GOURLEY, ANN                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-260
GOURLEY, JOHN                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-412
GRAFF, JOHN                            UNITY                                   PA-65-2-113
GRAHAM, ANDREW                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-340
GRAHAM, BARNARD                        UNITY                                   PA-65-1-443
GRAHAM, GILBERT                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-174
GRAHAM, HUMPHREY                       DERRY                                   PA-65-3-65
GRAHAM, JOHN                           EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-443
GRAHAM, ROBERT                         UNITY                                   PA-65-3-144
GRAHAM, ROBERT                         UNITY                                   PA-65-3-217
GRAY, THOMAS                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-93
GREENAWALT, JACOB                      NTL                                     PA-65-3-69
GREENLEE, JOHN                         NTL                                     PA-65-3-320
GREESINGER, ANDREW                     HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-119
GREZE, PETER                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-301
GRIER, JOHN U.                         UNITY                                   PA-65-2-206
GRIER, MARTHA                          UNITY                                   PA-65-1-313
GRIER, WILLIAM                         UNITY                                   PA-65-1-266
GRIFFIN, MARY ANN                      FREEPORT, ARMSTRONG, PA                 PA-65-3-387
GRIM, JACOB                            WAHSINGTON                              PA-65-3-248
GRIMES, MATHEW                         HUNTINGDON, CUMBERLAND, PA              PA-65-1-21
GUFFEY, JAMES                          SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-30
GUFFEY, JAMES                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-209
GUFFEY, JOHN                           SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-130
GUFFEY, WILLIAM                        SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-23
GUMBERT, CHRISTIAN                     ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-156
GUNNELL, JONATHAN                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-190
GUTHRIE, JAMES                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-283
GUTHRIE, ROBERT                        NTL                                     PA-65-2-144
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM                       WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-213
GWINN, HANNAH                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-163
HALFERTY, MARGARET                     FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-317
HALL, JAMES                            WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-179
HALL, SUSANNA                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-426
HALL, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-224
HAMILL, HUGH                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-356
HAMILL, JOHN                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-122
HAMILTON, JAMES                        CONEMAUGH                               PA-65-1-356
HAMILTON, ROBERT                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-284
HAMMOND, DANIEL                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-422
HANAY, WILLIAM                         GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-199
HANEY, JOHN                            DERRY                                   PA-65-1-432
HANLIN, JAMES                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-330
HANNA, ARCHIBALD                       FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-112
HANNA, JOHN                            SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-266
HANNA, ROBERT                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-19
HANNAH, JOHN                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-229
HARBESON, JOHN                         NTL                                     PA-65-3-177
HARE, WILLIAM                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-238
HARGNETT, FREDERICK                    LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-138
HARKINS, BRIDGET                       UNITY                                   PA-65-3-206
HARKINS, NEAL                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-296
HARKLESS, CHARLES                      WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-140
HAROLD, PETER                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-331
HARR, CHRISTIAN                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-278
HARR, JACOB                            NTL                                     PA-65-2-169
HARR, MARTHA M.                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-68
HARRIS, MARY                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-369
HARROLD, WILLIAM                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-414
HART, JOHN                             SALEM                                   PA-65-1-410
HART, NAPPY                            DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-98
HART, ROGER                            SALEM                                   PA-65-1-45
HARTMAN, JOHN                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-172
HARTZEL, ADAM                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-106
HARTZEL, JACOB                         UNITY                                   PA-65-1-438
HARVEY, JAMES                          GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-68
HARVEY, JOSIAH                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-427
HARVEY, SUSANNA                        SALEM                                   PA-65-3-3
HARVEY, WILLIAM                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-148
HARVK, GEORGE                          FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-152
HASE, JAMES                            NTL                                     PA-65-3-216
HASLET, JOHN                           CONEMAUGH                               PA-65-1-185
HASSELER, JOHN                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-316
HAWKE, GEORGE                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-353
HAWTHORN, SARAH                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-208
HAYDEN, NATHANIEL                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-147
HAYES, MICHAEL                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-53
HAYS, JAMES                            HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-208
HAYS, JOHN                             SALEM                                   PA-65-1-95
HEASLET, ANDREW                        NTL                                     PA-65-2-311
HEASLEY, ANN MARY                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-113
HEBRANK, JOSEPH                        ADAMSBURG                               PA-65-3-420
HECK, ELIZABETH                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-74
HECK, PHILIP                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-184
HECK, PHILIP                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-148
HENDERSON, ADAM                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-340
HENDERSON, ANDREW                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-56
HENDERSON, CHARLES                     FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-262
HENDERSON, CHARLES                     FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-180
HENDERSON, DANIEL                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-392
HENDERSON, HUGH                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-210
HENDERSON, JAMES                       DERRY                                   PA-65-3-224
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                      FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-205
HENDERSON, SAMUEL                      FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-206
HENDRY, ROBERT                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-258
HENERY, WILLIAM                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-388
HENRY, DAVID                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-377
HENRY, ELIZABETH                       SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-54
HENRY, ELLENORE                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-175
HENRY, JAMES                           DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-27
HENRY, JOHN                            UNITY                                   PA-65-2-349
HENRY, SAMUEL                          SALEM                                   PA-65-2-313
HEPLER, DAVID                          SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-417
HERRON, ANN                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-453
HESLEY, LENARD                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-383
HESS, JACOB                            DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-164
HESS, MARY                             HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-215
HETZ, NELCHER                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-225
HICE, HENRY                            WHEATFIELD                              PA-65-1-123
HICKENBOTTOM, RALPH                    NTL                                     PA-65-1-25
HICKINLOPER, ADAM                      SALEM                                   PA-65-2-272
HICKMAN, EZEKIAL                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-16
HILL, AARON                            UNITY                                   PA-65-3-180
HILL, CASPER                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-287
HILL, DANIEL                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-113
HILL, ELIZABETH                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-274
HILL, GEORGE (REV.)                    FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-70
HILL, ISAAC                            FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-336
HILL, JACOB                            FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-396
HILL, JAMES                            WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-217
HILL, JOSEPH                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-254
HILL, JOSEPH                           SALEM                                   PA-65-3-123
HILL, JOSEPH                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-370
HILL, JOSEPH                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-224
HILL, JOSEPH                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-139
HILL, PETER                            FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-217
HILL, PHOEBE                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-335
HILL, WILLIAM                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-414
HILL, WILLIAM JR.                      WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-414
HILLIS, WILLIAM                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-341
HILLS, ROBERT                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-1
HINDMAN, DAVID                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-1-169
HINDMAN, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-250
HINDMAN, WILLIAM                       JACKSONVILLE                            PA-65-3-370
HINDMAN, WILLIAM                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-1-152
HINE, SIMON                            WAHSINGTON                              PA-65-3-87
HINE, SIMON                            WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-415
HINES, PETER                           DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-104
HISAM, JOSEPH A.                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-342
HISSEM, MARTHA                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-409
HIXON, CATHARINE                       SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-252
HOFFMAN, JACOB                         UNITY                                   PA-65-2-203
HOFFMAN, LARY                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-19
HOLLAND, JAMES                         UNITY                                   PA-65-2-378
HOLMES, JACOB                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-368
HOOVER, PETER                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-238
HOPE, JAMES                            NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-187
HORN, ADAM                             HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-406
HORNER, JACOB                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-116
HOSTETTER, JOSEPH                      GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-426
HOUGH, JACOB                           EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-176
HOUK, ESTHER                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-196
HOUSEMAN, CHRISTOPHER                  ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-354
HOUSEMAN, JACOB                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-349
HOUSER, JOHN                           GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-191
HOY, JAMES                             FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-205
HOY, SAMUEL                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-346
HUFFMAN, HENRY                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-170
HUFFMAN, WILLIAM                       UNITY                                   PA-65-3-237
HUFNAGLE, CATHARINE                    NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-154
HUGHES, ISAAS                          DERRY                                   PA-65-3-150
HUGHES, WILLIAM                        DERRY                                   PA-65-2-337
HUGUS, ISAAC                           SALEM                                   PA-65-3-379
HUGUS, JACOB                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-328
HUGUS, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-100
HUGUS, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-303
HUGUS, WILLIAM                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-337
HUMBLE, URIAH                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-1
HUMES, JOHN                            FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-316
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                      DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-363
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-210
HUNTER, ALEXANDER                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-95
HUNTER, CHARLES                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-256
HUNTER, DAVID                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-187
HUNTER, DAVID                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-800
HUNTER, DAVID                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-439
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                      SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-205
HUNTER, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-242
HUNTER, JAMES                          UNITY                                   PA-65-1-232
HUNTER, JOHN                           DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-291
HUNTER, JOHN                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-95
HUNTER, JOSEPH                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-190
HUNTER, NANCY                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-71
HUNTER, ROBERT                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-249
HUNTER, SAMUEL                         UNITY                                   PA-65-3-145
HUNTER, WILLIAM                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-262
HUNTER, WILLIAM S.                     MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-35
HURST, NATHANIEL                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-411
HURST, NATHANIEL                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-220
HURST, THOMAS                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-174
HURTMAN, JOHN                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-161
HUSH, PETER                            ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-322
HUSTON, ARCHIBALD                      FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-232
HUSTON, JAMES                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-230
HUSTON, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-17
HUSTON, PRUDENCE                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-359
HUSTON, ROBERT                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-231
HUSTON, SARAH                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-323
HUTCHESON, JOHN                        CONEMAUGH                               PA-65-1-215
HUTCHESON, ROBERT                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-16
HUTCHISON, JAMES                       FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-347
HYLE, JONATHAN                         UNITY                                   PA-65-2-279
IOTON, ISAAC                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-213
IRVIN, JOSEPH                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-422
IRWIN, DAVID                           SALEM                                   PA-65-1-105
IRWIN, HENRY                           EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-21
IRWIN, JANE                            JACKSONVILLE                            PA-65-2-352
IRWIN, JOHN                            BUSH HILL                               PA-65-2-62
IRWIN, SAMUEL                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-349
IRWIN, SAMUEL                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-36
ISETT, FRANCIS                         GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-427
ISETT, HENRY                           GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-446
JACK, HENRY                            KITTANNING, ARMSTRONG, PA               PA-65-2-366
JACK, JOHN                             SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-46
JACK, MATHEW                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-93
JACK, MATHEW                           SALEM                                   PA-65-2-363
JACK, THOMAS                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-339
JACK, WILLIAM                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-357
JACK, WILLIAM                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-4
JACK, WILSON                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-384
JACKSON, RICHARD                       UNITY                                   PA-65-2-151
JAMISON, JOHN                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-399
JAMISON, JOHN                          UNITY                                   PA-65-1-454
JAMISON, MARGARET                      UNITY                                   PA-65-3-410
JAMISON, ROBERT                        NTL                                     PA-65-2-135
JAMISON, THOMAS                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-3
JAYNES, TIMOTHY                        DERRY                                   PA-65-3-303
JENKINS, THOMAS                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-166
JOAB, JOHN J.                          NTL                                     PA-65-3-229
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                        WHEATFIELD                              PA-65-1-179
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       DERRY                                   PA-65-2-29
JOHNSOTN, JOHN                         SALEM                                   PA-65-3-253
JOHNSTON, ALEX (CAPT.)                 NTL                                     PA-65-3-200
JOHNSTON, BENJAMIN                     LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-414
JOHNSTON, CONSTANTINE                  DERRY                                   PA-65-3-415
JOHNSTON, JOHN                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-75
JOHNSTON, JOSEPH                       LOYAHANNA                               PA-65-3-211
JOHNSTON, WILLIAM                      DERRY                                   PA-65-2-31
JOHNSTON,C ATHARINE                    LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-315
JONES, OWEN                            EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-409
JONES, WILLIAM                         SALEM                                   PA-65-2-121
JORDAN, DAVID                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-130
JOTAN, ISAAC                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-213
JOYCE, WILILAM                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-146
KAIN, JAMES                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-355
KAINS, JAMES                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-32
KAYLON, JOHN                           UNITY                                   PA-65-3-151
KEAN, JAMES                            SALEM                                   PA-65-2-246
KEAN, WILLIAM                          SALEM                                   PA-65-3-14
KECK, PHILIP                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-148
KEENAN, JAMES                          YOUNGSTOWN                              PA-65-3-331
KEES, ROBERT                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-153
KEIL, MELCHOIR                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-49
KELLEY, JAMES                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-30
KELLEY, MARGARET                       EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-280
KELLY, AGNES                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-19
KELLY, DANIEL                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-52
KELLY, JAMES                           SALEM                                   PA-65-1-182
KELLY, JAMES                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-194
KELLY, JAMES                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-420
KELLY, MATHEW                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-156
KELLY, MATHEW                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-114
KELTZ, GEORGE                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-13
KELTZ, GEORGE                          LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-376
KEMERER, JOHN                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-279
KEMERER, MARGARET                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-27
KEMP, MATHIAS                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-27
KEMPF, GARRETT                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-372
KENADY, ARCHIBALD                      FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-37
KENLY, JANE                            WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-197
KENNEDY, JAMES                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-128
KENNEDY, THOMAS D.                     ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-56
KENNEDY, WILLIAM SR.                   ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-356
KEPHART,HENRY                          NTL, INDIANA, PA                        PA-65-1-217
KEPPLE, ANDREW                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-5
KEPPLE, JACOB                          SOUTH HEMPFIELD                         PA-65-1-22
KEPPLE, JOHN                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-194
KERBACH, MARTIN                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-45
KERN, JOSEPH                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-163
KERN, MATHIAS                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-158
KERNS, FRANCIS                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-128
KERR, JAMES                            SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-404
KERR, JAMES                            EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-335
KERR, JOHN                             SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-195
KERR, THOMAS                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-221
KILGORE, DANIEL                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-268
KILGORE, DAVID                         NTL                                     PA-65-3-325
KILGORE, DAVID                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-352
KILGORE, JESSE                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-380
KILGORE, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-3-200
KILGORE, RACHEL                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-412
KINCAID, ANDREW                        DERRY                                   PA-65-2-36
KINCAID, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     PA-65-2-55
KINCAID, JOHN                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-59
KING, ENOS                             DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-145
KING, JACOB                            WAHSINGTON                              PA-65-1-307
KING, JOHN                             NTL                                     PA-65-2-89
KING, SELDON                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-429
KING, WILLIAM                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-409
KING, WILLIAM H.                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-376
KINLEY, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-402
KINLEY, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-277
KINNAN, JOSEPH                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-298
KIRKER, GILBERT                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-133
KIRKER, JAMES                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-331
KIRKPATRICK, BENJAMIN                  HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-154
KIRKPATRICK, DAVID                     SALEM MILLS                             PA-65-2-284
KIRKPATRICK, JANE                      UNITY                                   PA-65-2-365
KIRKWOOD, ELIZABETH                    WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-112
KIRKWOOD, THOMAS                       WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-421
KISER, CATHARINE                       SHIPPENSBURG, CUMBERLAND, PA            PA-65-3-199
KISKADEN, PATRICK                      NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-324
KISTER, JACOB                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-369
KISTER, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-95
KISTER, SUSANNA                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-162
KLINE, ADAM                            SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-359
KLINE, JACOB                           FRANKILN                                PA-65-2-139
KLINE, PHILIP                          LOYAHANNA                               PA-65-3-129
KLINGENSMITH, JOHN PHILIP              HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-275
KLOSEN, ENGEL CORNELIA                 WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-415
KNOX, AGNES                            FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-285
KNOX, ROBERT                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-126
KOENIG, MATHIAS                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-252
KONELE, MARY                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-433
KREIDER, S. N.                         ADAMSBURG                               PA-65-3-264
KROCK, CONROD                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-343
KUHNO, PHILIP                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-201
KUHNS, PHILIP                          GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-71
KUNKLE, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-250
KUNKLE, MICHAEL                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-386
KUNKLE, MICHAEL                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-137
KUNKLE, PETER                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-215
KYLE, MARGARET                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-47
LAFERTY, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-130
LAFFER, HENRY                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-161
LAFFER, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-292
LAFFER, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-294
LAIRD, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-17
LAMBERT, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-34
LAMOND, JOHN                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-286
LANNES, JAMES                          FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-283
LAREMORE, ANDREW                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-350
LARIMER, ANNE                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-420
LARIMER, HUGH                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-184
LARIMER, JOHN                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-443
LARIMER, ROBERT                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-166
LARIMER, THOMAS                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-202
LARIMER, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     PA-65-3-132
LARIMER, WILLIAM                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-407
LASURE, ABRAM                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-427
LATIMER, GEORGE                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-108
LATTA, ELIZABETH                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-39
LATTA, EPHRAIM                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-190
LATTA, EPHRAIM                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-252
LAUGHLIN, M. Y.                        DERRY                                   PA-65-2-149
LAUGHLIN, ROBERT                       DERRY                                   PA-65-1-244
LAUGHNER, RUDY                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-292
LAWSON, JAMES                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-128
LAX, JOHN                              HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-417
LEACHMER, WILLIAM                      UNITY                                   PA-65-2-249
LEADER, MICHAEL                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-106
LEAR, MAGDALINE                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-429
LEASE, MARTIN                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-118
LEASURE, ABRAM                         UNITY                                   PA-65-1-177
LEASURE, DANIEL                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-242
LEASURE, ELIZABETH                     UNITY                                   PA-65-3-21
LEASURE, GEORGE                        DERRY                                   PA-65-1-231
LEASURE, JOHN                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-128
LEIBENGOOD, HENRY                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-419
LEICHTEBURGER, CHANEY F.               MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-371
LEIGHTY, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-2-314
LEIGHTY, PETER                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-395
LEMMON, JAMES                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-121
LEMON, ALEXANDER                       DERRY                                   PA-65-2-839
LEMON, WILLIAM                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-197
LENHART, CHRISTIAN                     NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-121
LEONARD, JAMES                         HUNTINGDON                              PA-65-1-38
LESLIE, GEORGE                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-276
LESLIE, JOHN                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-1-150
LESSICH, JOHN                          SALEM                                   PA-65-2-421
LEWIS, ISAIAH                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-67
LIGHTCAP, SAMUEL                       DERRY                                   PA-65-3-19
LIGHTCAP, SOLOMON                      UNITY                                   PA-65-2-353
LIGHTCAP, WILLIAM                      UNITY                                   PA-65-3-328
LILLEY, SARAH                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-274
LILLY, DAVID                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-272
LILLY, DAVID                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-272
LINGLE, NICHOLAS                       UNITY                                   PA-65-2-40
LINN, ANDREW                           DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-261
LITHTABERGER, JACOB                    DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-193
LITLE, FRANCIS                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-180
LITTLE, JANE                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-195
LITTLE, PETER                          UNITY                                   PA-65-2-307
LITTLE, SARAH                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-314
LIVINGSTONE, JAMES                     WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-260
LLOYD, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-129
LOBINGIER, CHRISTOPHER                 MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-255
LOBINGIER, ELIZABETH                   MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-309
LOBINQUIER, CHRISTOPHER                MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-144
LOCHRY, ARCHIBALD                      HANNASTOWN                              PA-65-1-31
LOGAN, ALEXANDER                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-368
LOGAN, DAVID                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-386
LOGAN, JAMES R.                        NEW SALEM                               PA-65-3-254
LOGAN, REBECCA                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-43
LONG, ELIZABETH                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-250
LONG, JACOB                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-46
LONG, JACOB                            HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-98
LONG, JOHN                             HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-267
LONG, JOHN                             LIGONIER                                PA-65-1-240
LONG, JOHN                             DERRY                                   PA-65-1-316
LONG, NICHOLAS                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-264
LONG,JACOB                             SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-360
LONTZ, ANDREW                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-48
LORD, BENJAMIN                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-107
LOSE, GEORGE                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-306
LOUTHER, JAMES                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-345
LOUTS, SAMUEL                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-320
LOUTZENHIZER, HENRY                    NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-310
LOWE, HENRY                            EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-108
LOWERS, ROBERT                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-191
LOWERY, STEPHEN                        ROSTRVER                                PA-65-2-171
LOWERY, WILLIAM                        ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-176
LOWEY, HENRY                           NTL                                     PA-65-3-400
LOYD, HUGH                             HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-265
LOZIER, NICHOLAS                       DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-46
LUCAS, THOMAS                          ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-167
LUDICK, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-183
LUDWICK, CONRAD                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-87
LUKINS, JESSE                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-449
LUTE, NICHOLAS                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-167
LYON, JAMES                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-416
MABON, GEORGE                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-268
MACKLIN, DEWALT                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-39
MACKLING, JACOB                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-117
MACKLING, PHILIP J.                    HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-197
MAINES, JAMES                          SEWICKLY                                PA-65-3-186
MAINS, ROBERT                          HUNTINGDON                              PA-65-1-136
MAN, JOHN                              NTL                                     PA-65-1-117
MAN, SAMUEL                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-180
MANN, JOSEPH                           DERRY                                   PA-65-1-40
MANN, THOMAS                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-285
MANSFIELD, JEEMIAH                     SALEM                                   PA-65-3-137
MANSFIELD, JOHN                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-456
MARCH, COOPER                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-382
MARCHAND, DAVID                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-239
MARCHAND, ELIZABETH                    NTL                                     PA-65-1-416
MARKER, MATHIAS                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-17
MARKLE, CASPER                         HUNTINGDON                              PA-65-2-7
MARKLE, MARY                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-270
MARSH, WILLIAM                         SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-416
MARSHALL, JAMES                        UNITY                                   PA-65-2-77
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-11
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                      WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-35
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                      DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-229
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                      NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-115
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                      ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-134
MARTIN, HUGH                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-95
MARTIN, JOHN                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-211
MARTIN, ROBERT                         LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-226
MARTINS, EDMUNDS                       TYRONE                                  PA-65-1-10
MARY, DAVID                            NTL                                     PA-65-2-141
MASON, THOMAS                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-192
MASSEY, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-28
MASTER, WILLIAM                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-392
MASTERSON, JOHN                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-24
MATHEWS, ELIZABETH                     ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-193
MATHEWS, ELIZABETH                     DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-15
MATHEWS, GEORGE                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-315
MATHEWS, JAMES                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-169
MATHEWS, JOHN                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-310
MATHIAS, GEORGE                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-34
MAWHIRTER, JAMES                       DERRY                                   PA-65-3-326
MAWHIRTER, WILLIAM                     UNITY                                   PA-65-3-327
MAXWELL, ROBERT                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-288
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                       UNITY                                   PA-65-1-387
MAY, JOHN                              MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-142
MAYES, ALEXANDER                       SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-2-355
MAYGINNIS, SAMUEL                      DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-49
MAYS, SAMUEL                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-362
MCALISTER, ARCHIBALD                   UNITY                                   PA-65-2-122
MCAVEY, NANCY                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-363
MCBRAYER, DAVID                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-400
MCBRIDE, JAMES                         SALEM                                   PA-65-1-285
MCBRIER, NATHANIEL                     WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-327
MCCALEB, JAMES                         SALEM                                   PA-65-1-141
MCCALL, BARNABAS                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-250
MCCALL, JOHN                           UNITY                                   PA-65-2-111
MCCALL, SARAH                          NEW ALEXANDRIA                          PA-65-2-300
MCCALL, THOMAS                         UNITY                                   PA-65-2-253
MCCARTNEY, GEORGE                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-119
MCCARTNEY, THOMAS                      WEST NOTTINGHAM, CHESTER, PA            PA-65-1-39
MCCAULEY, PATRICK                      WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-176
MCCLAIN, ALEXANDER                     DERRY                                   PA-65-1-203
MCCLANAHAN, THOMAS                     MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-213
MCCLARREN, MATHEW                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-165
MCCLELLAND, DAVID                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-145
MCCLELLAND, DAVID                      SALEM                                   PA-65-1-142
MCCLELLAND, JAMES                      SALEM                                   PA-65-2-264
MCCLELLAND, MARY                       NTL                                     PA-65-2-9
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM                    DERRY                                   PA-65-2-302
MCCLENEHAN,JAMES                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-36
MCCLEOD, WILLIAM                       WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-409
MCCLOSKEY, MANES                       FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-371
MCCLURE, GEORGE                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-14
MCCLURE, JOHN                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-127
MCCLURGH, JAMES                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-45
MCCONAUGHEY, ROBERT                    DERRY                                   PA-65-1-445
MCCONNELL, JOHN                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-170
MCCORMICK, ELIZABETH                   HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-43
MCCORMICK, JOSEPH                      NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-46
MCCOY, DANIEL                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-408
MCCOY, SARAH                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-222
MCCOY, THOMAS                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-210
MCCOY, WILLIAM                         WAYNE, MIFFIN, PA                       PA-65-1-148
MCCRAWLEY, JOHN                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-429
MCCREA, THOMAS                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-195
MCCREERY, JOHN                         UNITY                                   PA-65-1-165
MCCULLEY, ANDREW                       GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-209
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-354
MCCULLOUGH,JAMES                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-252
MCCURDY, JAMES                         LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-345
MCCURDY, JAMES                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-179
MCCURDY, JOHN                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-130
MCCURDY, SAMUEL                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-295
MCCUTCHEON, JAMES                      WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-357
MCCUTCHEON, JAMES                      GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-70
MCCUTCHEON, JOHN                       SALEM                                   PA-65-1-430
MCDERMITT, PATRICK                     DERRY                                   PA-65-2-305
MCDERMOT, BRIDGET                      UNITY                                   PA-65-2-172
MCDOWEL, JAMES                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-198
MCDOWEL, ROBERT                        LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-218
MCDOWELL, MATHEW                       FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-177
MCDOWELL, THOMAS                       DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-27
MCDUFF, ALEXANDER                      FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-36
MCELDUFF, JOHN                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-399
MCELWAIN,ANDREW                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-229
MCFADDEN, JAMES                        TOBY, ARMSTRONG, PA                     PA-65-1-181
MCFARLING, THOMAS                      UNITY                                   PA-65-1-344
MCFATRIDGE, WILLIAM                    NTL                                     PA-65-1-32
MCFETROY, CORNELIUS                    ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-26
MCGEARY, CLEMENS                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-18
MCGRAIL, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-355
MCGREW, FINLEY                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-280
MCGREW, JACOB                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-267
MCGREW, JAMES B.                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-437
MCGREW, JAMES H.                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-199
MCGREW, NATHAN                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-190
MCGREW, SIMON                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-279
MCGREW, THOMAS                         HUNTINGDON                              PA-65-1-26
MCGREW, WILLIAM                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-339
MCGUFFEY, ROBERT                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-378
MCGUFFEY, SARAH                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-140
MCGUIRE, JANE                          NEW DERRY                               PA-65-2-339
MCGUIRE, MARTHA                        DERRY                                   PA-65-2-155
MCGUIRE, PATRICK                       GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-421
MCGUIRE, PATRICK                       GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-33
MCGUIRE, ROBERT                        NTL, ALLEGHENY, PA                      PA-65-1-327
MCHARG, PETER                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-187
MCILVAIN, MOSES                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-206
MCKASKEY, JAMES                        GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-168
MCKASKEY, JOHN                         GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-235
MCKEAN, HUGH                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-159
MCKEAN, JAMES                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-393
MCKEAN, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-329
MCKEE, ROBERT                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-333
MCKELVEY, JOHN                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-235
MCKINEY, ALEXANDER                     MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-380
MCKINLEY, JOHN                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-117
MCKINNEY, ALEXANDER                    NTL                                     PA-65-2-173
MCKINNEY, BARBARA J.                   GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-354
MCKISSICK, JAMES                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-411
MCKISSOCK, ROBERT                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-47
MCKISSOK, JOHN                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-307
MCLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL                    WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-205
MCLEAN, ALLAN                          LAUGHLINSTOWN                           PA-65-1-354
MCLEAN, ANDREW                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-327
MCLEAN, CORNELIUS                      DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-213
MCLEAN, JOSEPH                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-184
MCLEAN, ROBERT                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-100
MCLEAN, THOMAS                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-391
MCLINTOCK, HENRY                       SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-147
MCMASTERS, CATHARINE                   EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-239
MCMASTERS, GILBERT                     EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-130
MCMASTERS, JAMES                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-202
MCMECHAN, HUGH                         COUNTY DOWN, IRELAND                    PA-65-2-291
MCMILLEN, JAMES                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-447
MCMILLEN, JOHN                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-22
MCMILLON, JOHN                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-29
MCMURRY, ALEXANDER                     DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-412
MCMURRY, JOHN                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-222
MCNUT, MATHEW                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-260
MCNUTT, ROBERT                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-259
MCPHERRIN, SAMUEL                      DERRY                                   PA-65-1-180
MCQUAID, PATRICK                       FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-20
MCQUESTIN, WILLIAM                     DERRY                                   PA-65-2-282
MCQUISTON, THOMAS                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-12
MCVEY, EDWARD                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-77
MCVEY, PATRICK                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-345
MCWILLIAMS, MATEHW                     MURRYSVILLE                             PA-65-2-168
MEANES, JOSEPH                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-140
MEANS, FINLEY                          SEWICKLY                                PA-65-3-110
MEANS, JOHN                            DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-311
MEANS, PATTERSON                       PLUM, ALLEGHENY, PA                     PA-65-3-208
MEASON, JOHN                           HOPEWELL, CUMBERLAND, PA                PA-65-1-32
MEASON, THOMAS                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-17
MECHESNEY, JAMES                       UNITY                                   PA-65-3-407
MECHLING, CATHARINE                    MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-277
MECHLING, JOHN                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-262
MEHAFFEY, MOSES                        SALEM                                   PA-65-1-156
MEHAFFY, SAMUEL                        SALEM                                   PA-65-3-201
MELLINGER, JOHN                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-49
MENOHER, CHARLES                       LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-305
MENOHER, SAMUEL                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-5
MERICLE, BARBARA                       UNITY                                   PA-65-3-387
MILES, THOMAS                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-161
MILLER, GEORGE                         DERRY                                   PA-65-3-418
MILLER, GIDEON                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-13
MILLER, ISAAC                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-150
MILLER, JESSE                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-428
MILLER, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-142
MILLER, JOHN PETER                     NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-68
MILLER, JOSEPH                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-348
MILLER, MARTIN                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-124
MILLER, MARY                           EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-53
MILLER, MICHAEL                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-63
MILLER, PETER                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-25
MILLERSON, ANN CHRISTENA               NTL                                     PA-65-1-40
MILLIGAN, JOHN                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-373
MILLIRON, ELIZABETH                    HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-24
MILLIRON, JACOB                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-20
MILLIRON, PHILIP                       FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-380
MITCHEL, JOHN                          SEWICKLY                                PA-65-3-117
MITCHEL, JOHN                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-23
MITCHEL, WILLIAM                       DERRY                                   PA-65-1-29
MITCHELL, ANDREW                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-392
MITCHELL, HUGH                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-303
MITCHELL, JAMES                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-222
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                       SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-110
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-159
MONROE, THOMAS                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-183
MONTGOMERY, DAVID                      TYRONE, FAYETTE, PA                     PA-65-1-441
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      EAST HU8NTINGDON                        PA-65-1-323
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      UNITY                                   PA-65-2-108
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-400
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    NTL                                     PA-65-3-135
MONUTT, SARAH                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-41
MOORE, ELEANOR                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-448
MOORE, GILBERT                         UNITY                                   PA-65-1-171
MOORE, JAMES                           SALEM                                   PA-65-3-179
MOORE, JHN                             NTL                                     PA-65-1-19
MOORE, JOHN                            SALEM                                   PA-65-1-257
MOORE, WILLIAM                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-158
MOORHEAD, EUPHAN                       SALEM                                   PA-65-1-444
MOORHEAD, SAMUEL                       DERRY                                   PA-65-3-400
MOREHEAD, MARGARET                     NTL                                     PA-65-1-143
MORRIS, DANIEL C.                      GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-321
MORRIS, JAMES L.                       WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-13
MORRIS, JAMES L.                       FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-233
MORRIS, SUSANNA                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-155
MORRISON, DANIEL                       SALEM                                   PA-65-2-225
MORRISON, DANIEL                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-122
MORRISON, JOHN                         GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-29
MORRISON, MARTHA                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-271
MORRISON, ROBERT                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-16
MORRISON, WILLIAM                      ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-385
MORROW, JOHN                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-196
MORROW, SAMUEL                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-449
MORTON, DAVID                          WEST NEWTON                             PA-65-2-90
MOSSHOLDER, JONATHAN                   DERRY                                   PA-65-3-407
MOWRY, MICHAEL                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-425
MOYERS, GEORGE                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-82
MUFFEY, JOHN                           WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-329
MUMAW, GEORGE                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-337
MURDOGH, ROBERT                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-11
MURPHY, JOHN                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-183
MYERS, CHRISTIAN                       LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-84
NEELY, ADAM                            LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-374
NEELY,PHILIP                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-310
NEFF, ANN MARY                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-6
NEIBEIGH, PAUL                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-89
NEIL, JOHN                             EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-48
NEIL, JOHN                             MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-455
NEIL, WILLIAM                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-54
NELEICH, ANNA M.                       FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-394
NELEIGH, MARTIN                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-230
NELSON, GEORGE                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-197
NELSON, JAMES                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-366
NELSON, JOHN                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-33
NESBITT, JAMES                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-74
NEUFF, CHRISTIAN                       SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-133
NEWEL, STEPHEN                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-160
NEWELL, JOHN                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-412
NEWELL, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-79
NEWELL, JOSHUA SR.                     MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-241
NEWELL, SARAH                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-409
NEWELL, STEPHEN                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-389
NEWELL, THOMAS                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-191
NEWELL, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-12
NEWILL, JAMES                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-109
NEWILL, ROBERT                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-124
NEWILL, SUSANNA                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-414
NEWLIN,E LIJAH                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-94
NEWLON, ELIZABETH                      SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-25
NEWLON, KEZIAH                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-367
NICCOLLS, ALEXANDER                    UNITY                                   PA-65-2-397
NICELY, ANTHONY                        LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-154
NICHOLLS, JAMES                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-133
NICHOLS, MICHAEL H.                    DERRY                                   PA-65-2-108
NICKELS, ROBERT                        UNITY                                   PA-65-2-312
NICOLLS, WILLIAM                       UNITY                                   PA-65-1-37
NICOLLS, WILLIAM T.                    MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-191
NIXON, GEORGE                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-227
NIXON, ROBERT                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-289
NORCROSS, CHARLES                      FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-122
NULTON, JACOB                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-126
NUNEMAKER, GEORGE                      SALEM                                   PA-65-3-258
NYHOFF, GERARDUS                       GREENSBURG                              PA-65-1-161
OERY, EVE                              SALEM                                   PA-65-3-220
OGDEN, JOHN                            LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-398
OGDON, JOSEPH                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-369
OGDON, SUSANNAH                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-201
OOFNER, SIMON                          UNITY                                   PA-65-2-11
ORR, DAVID                             ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-340
ORR, JOHN                              ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-95
ORR, WILLIAM                           ELIZABETH, ALLEGHENY, PA                PA-65-1-352
OSBURN, ARCHIBALD                      NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-107
OTTERMAN, LUDWICK                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-138
OVERHOLT, JACOB                        EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-188
OVERHOLT, JOHN                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-182
OVERHOLT, MARTIN                       EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-257
PAINTER, GEORGE                        WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-418
PAINTER, JACOB                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-89
PAINTER, PETER                         UNITY                                   PA-65-3-76
PAINTER, TOBIAS                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-106
PALMER, ADAM                           UNITY                                   PA-65-2-402
PARK, HUGH                             FRANKLI                                 NPA-65-3-85
PARK, HUGH                             HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-110
PARK, JOHN                             FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-315
PARK, WILLIAM                          FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-33
PARKS, CHARLOTTE                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-160
PARKS, JULIA                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-305
PARKS, WILLIAM                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-383
PARR, ISAAC                            DERRY                                   PA-65-3-34
PARR, ISAAC                            DERRY                                   PA-65-1-97
PARR, SAMUEL                           DERRY                                   PA-65-1-289
PATRICK, JOHN                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-338
PATRICK, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     PA-65-3-419
PATTERSON, GARRET                      NTL                                     PA-65-1-24
PATTERSON, ROBERT                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-244
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      DERRY                                   PA-65-2-240
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      DERRY                                   PA-65-1-184
PATTERSON, THOMAS                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-313
PATTERSON, THOMAS                      DERRY                                   PA-65-2-316
PATTON, JOHN                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-247
PATTON, WILLIAM                        DERRY                                   PA-65-1-185
PATTY, GEORGE                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-345
PAUL, GEORGE                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-19
PAUL, JANE                             NTL                                     PA-65-3-4
PAUL, SAMUEL                           WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-4
PEBBLE, JOSEPH                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-269
PEEBLES, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-141
PENNY, DAVID                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-104
PERSHIN, CHRISTIAN                     UNITY                                   PA-65-2-137
PERSHIN, DANIEL                        DERRY                                   PA-65-2-410
PERSHING, CONRAD                       UNITY                                   PA-65-3-77
PERSHING, MARGARET                     DERRY                                   PA-65-3-22
PERVIS, ROBERT                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-413
PETERSON, GARRET                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-24
PETTIT, ELIAS                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-103
PETTIT, ELIJAH                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-152
PETTY, JOSHUA                          NTL                                     PA-65-3-171
PFOUTZ, JACOB                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-206
PHILLIPPI, MARTIN                      LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-374
PILE, JOHN                             UNITY                                   PA-65-1-205
PIPER, GEORGE                          DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-321
PLATT, RICHARD                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-448
PLUMER, GEORGE SR.                     SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-83
POINTS, JOHN                           DERRY                                   PA-65-3-434
PONTZER, CHRISTIAN                     SALEM                                   PA-65-3-124
POORMAN, PETER SR.                     UNITY                                   PA-65-2-23
PORCH, JACOB                           NTL                                     PA-65-3-405
PORTER, CALEB                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-73
PORTER, SAMUEL (REV.)                  CONGRUITY                               PA-65-2-136
POSTLETHWAITE, JAMES (DR.)             GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-66
POTTER, SAMUEL                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-262
POTTS, MICHAEL                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-369
POUNDS, JOSEPH                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-317
POWELL, JONATHAN                       WAHSINGTON                              PA-65-3-222
POWER, JAMES (REV.)                    MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-236
POWERS, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-203
PRICE, JOHN                            DERRY                                   PA-65-3-123
PUMROY, JOHN                           DERRY                                   PA-65-1-241
QUIN, JOHN                             WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-69
RAINEY, JOHN                           NEW ALEXANDRIA                          PA-65-2-428
RAINEY, SARAH H.                       SALEM                                   PA-65-3-369
RALSTON, ALLEN                         SALEM                                   PA-65-1-449
RALSTON, DAVID                         NEWTON, CUMBERLAND, PA                  PA-65-1-259
RALSTON, JOHN                          SALEM                                   PA-65-1-432
RALSTON, MARGARET                      SALEM                                   PA-65-3-183
RALSTON, MATHEW                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-10
RALSTON, ROBERT                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-42
RALSTON, ROBERT                        SALEM                                   PA-65-2-212
RALSTON, ROBERT                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-46
RALSTON, WILLIAM                       SALEM                                   PA-65-3-288
RAMSEY, JANE                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-252
RAMSEY, JOHN                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-77
RAMSEY, ROBERT                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-257
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                        SALEM                                   PA-65-1-397
RAMSEY, WILLIAM M.                     FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-81
RANKIN, DAVID                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-101
RAY, JAMES                             ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-58
RAYMER, HENRY                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-86
RAYOT, GEORGE                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-249
READ, JOHN                             UNITY                                   PA-65-1-186
REAGAN, PHILIP                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-221
REED, CHRISTENA                        UNITY                                   PA-65-1-202
REED, CHRISTOPHER                      UNITY                                   PA-65-1-193
REED, JAMES                            DERRY                                   PA-65-2-6
REED, JAMES                            WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-74
REED, JOHN                             WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-380
REED, MARY                             FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-185
REED, MERIDETH                         DERRY                                   PA-65-3-118
REED, PETER                            ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-141
REED, ROBERT                           LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-241
REED, ROBERT                           NTL                                     PA-65-3-318
REED, ROBERT                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-136
REED, WILLIAM                          DERRY                                   PA-65-3-29
REED, WILLIAM                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-14
REEGER, JOHN                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-381
REEVES, ABNER                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-186
REEVES, JESSE                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-67
REEVES, MANASSEH                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-111
REEVES, SAMUEL                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-424
REICHHART, JOHN                        UNITY                                   PA-65-2-286
REILEY, CORNELIUS                      DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-437
REMALEY, HENRY                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-365
REMELEY, JOHN                          FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-336
REMELIGH, MICHAEL                      FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-45
REYNOLDS, GEORGE                       NEW ALEXANDRIA                          PA-65-2-194
REYNOLDS, JOHN                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-122
REYNOLDS, JOSHUA                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-207
REYNOLDS, MARY                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-170
REYNOLDS, SAMUEL                       DERRY                                   PA-65-3-404
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-351
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-318
RHEES, JACOB                           MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-288
RHEES, MARY                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-424
RHOADS, WILLIAM                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-187
RICHEY, WILLIAM                        LOYALHANNA                              PA-65-3-185
RIDDLE, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-99
RIDDLE, WILLIAM                        SALEM                                   PA-65-1-158
RIDENHOUR, WILLIAM                     WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-412
RINEHART, JOHN                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-257
RING, MICHAEL                          UNITY                                   PA-65-1-366
RINGLE, MATHIAS                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-268
ROADMAN, JOHN                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-67
ROBB, JAMES                            SANDY CREEK, CRAWFORD, PA               PA-65-1-377
ROBBINS, BRINTNEL                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-358
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER                   NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-364
ROBERTSON, ANDREW                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-251
ROBERTSON, JAMES                       SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-175
ROBERTSON, JOHNJ.                      MISSISSINEWA                            PA-65-3-261
ROBERTSON, THOMAS                      SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-125
ROBESON, JAMES                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-323
ROBINSON, JOH                          FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-20
ROBINSON, JOHN                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-278
ROBINSON, JOHN                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-267
ROBINSON, THOMAS P.                    ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-39
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                      ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-153
ROBISON, MATHEW                        NTL                                     PA-65-2-285
ROBISON, WILLIAM S.                    NTL                                     PA-65-3-344
RODABAUGH, ADAM                        NTL, MONTGOMERY, OH                     PA-65-2-227
RODACKER, FREDERICK                    ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-159
RODGERS, JOHN                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-150
RODGERS, ROSEANA                       FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-112
RODIBAUGH, JOHN                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-185
ROGERS, PETER                          NTL                                     PA-65-3-35
ROGERS, SARAH                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-114
ROHRER, FREDERICK                      GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-102
ROSS, AGNES                            DERRY                                   PA-65-1-116
ROSS, JAMES                            DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-319
ROSS, JOHN                             ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-163
ROSS, JOHN                             DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-202
ROSS, RANDEL SR                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-181
ROSS, SAMUEL                           DERRY                                   PA-65-1-117
ROSS, WILLIAM                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-244
ROW, ANDREW                            HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-51
ROWAN, JOHN                            ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-70
ROWAN, MATHEW                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-433
RUFF, ANTHONY                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-260
RUFFNER, PETER                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-365
RUIFFNER, CHRISTIAN                    HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-152
RUMBAUGH, JOHN                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-189
RUNGER, MICHAEL                        SALEM                                   PA-65-3-119
RUPERD, JACOB                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-270
RUSSEL, JAMES                          DERRY                                   PA-65-3-131
RUSSEL, JAMES                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-13
RUSSEL, JOHN                           DERRY                                   PA-65-1-218
RUSSEL, MARTHA                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-50
RUSSEL, SAMUEL                         DERRY                                   PA-65-3-283
RUSSELL, DORCAS                        GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-299
RUSSELL, JAMES                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-308
RUTAN, JOHN                            NTL                                     PA-65-2-348
RUTHERFORD, JOHN                       ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-181
RYALL, DAVID                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-134
SAAM, ADAM                             NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-323
SAAM, MARY                             NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-366
SAAM, WILLIAM H.                       SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-207
SAMPLE, ISABELLA                       SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-217
SAMPLE, JOHNB.                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-189
SAMPSON, JAMES                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-253
SAMPSON, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-154
SAMPSON, JOHN                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-273
SAMPSON, WILLIAM                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-234
SANON, GEORGE                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-314
SARVER, JONATHAN                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-336
SCHAEFFER, FREDERICK                   HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-186
SCHNEDER, HENRY                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-281
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                       DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-51
SCHNEIDER, JACOB                       DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-45
SCHRIBLER, FREDERICK                   HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-72
SCOTT, ARCHIBALD                       SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-252
SCOTT, JOHN                            NORTH HUNTINGTON                        PA-65-1-188
SCOTT, KNIGHT                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-227
SCOTT, SAMUEL                          BAIRDSTOWN                              PA-65-3-3
SCOTT, THOMAS                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-57
SCOTT, WILLIAM                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-271
SCULL, MARY                            NTL                                     PA-65-3-67
SEASE, MARTIN                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-118
SEATON, ALEXANDER                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-59
SEATON, JAMES                          LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-248
SECHRIST, GEORGE                       NTL                                     PA-65-3-236
SEPTER, ADAM                           DERRY                                   PA-65-2-385
SETTEN, GEORGE                         LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-157
SEULL, JOHN                            NTL                                     PA-65-2-178
SEYBOTH, TOBIAS                        GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-1
SHACKE, CHRISTOPHER                    NTL, FREDERICK, MD                      PA-65-1-15
SHAEFFER, FREDERICK                    HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-220
SHAFFER, JACOB                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-221
SHANER, DANIEL                         WEST NEWETON                            PA-65-2-406
SHANNON, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-2-217
SHANNON, SAMUEL                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-309
SHANNON, SAMUEL                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-212
SHANNON, WILLIAM                       FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-20
SHAREY, PHILIP                         UNITY                                   PA-65-3-38
SHAW, DAVID                            SALEM                                   PA-65-3-86
SHAW, MOSES                            SALEM                                   PA-65-1-248
SHAW, PATRICK                          NTL                                     PA-65-3-80
SHAW, SAMUEL                           SALEM                                   PA-65-3-319
SHAW, WILLIAM                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-129
SHEAFFER, GEORGE                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-121
SHEAFFER, JACOB                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-90
SHEARER, JACOB                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-322
SHEARER, JAMES                         SALEM                                   PA-65-2-98
SHEELY, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-20
SHELHAMER, PETER                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-207
SHEPLER, ISAAC                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-385
SHEPLER, PHILIP                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-204
SHERBONDY, JOHN                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-147
SHEROR, JOHN                           UNITY                                   PA-65-2-136
SHERRER, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-302
SHIELDS, DAVID                         LETTERKENNY, CUMBERLAND, PA             PA-65-1-2
SHIELDS, JAMES                         GTREENSBURG                             PA-65-1-341
SHIELDS, JOHN                          SLAEM                                   PA-65-2-56
SHIELDS, MATHEW                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-406
SHIELDS, ROBERT                        SLAEM                                   PA-65-3-330
SHIELDS, ROBERT                        DERRY                                   PA-65-1-373
SHIPLER, MATHIAS                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-91
SHIREY, DAVID                          UNITY                                   PA-65-3-374
SHLATER, ISAAC                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-401
SHOAF, HENRY                           SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-265
SHOCKEY, CHRISTOPHER                   NTL, FREDERICK, MD                      PA-65-1-363
SHRETTER, WILLIAM                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-136
SHREVELER, JACOB                       EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-334
SHRYOCK, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-2-255
SHUPE, JACOB                           UNITY                                   PA-65-1-253
SHUPE, JOHN                            MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-341
SHUPE, LAWRENCE                        EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-290
SHUSTER, GERRETT                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-319
SHUTLER, MARTIN                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-400
SIEFREND, MICHAEL                      UNITY                                   PA-65-3-423
SILVINO, NICHOLAS                      SALEM                                   PA-65-1-173
SILVIS, SALOME                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-238
SIMPSON, THOMAS                        ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-34
SIMRIL, MARGARET                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-14
SINGER, SIMON                          GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-201
SINSELBAUGH, DANIEL                    NTL                                     PA-65-1-173
SKALLEY, JOHN                          DERRY                                   PA-65-3-65
SKEAN, JAMES                           DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-188
SKILES, WILLIAM                        UNITY                                   PA-65-1-256
SKILLEN, NANCY                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-179
SKILLEN, SAMUEL                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-37
SKIN, WILLIAM                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-339
SLIVE, FREDERICK                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-397
SLOAN, ELIZABETH                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-155
SLOAN, JOHN                            UNITY                                   PA-65-3-6
SLOAN, JOHN                            SALEM                                   PA-65-3-366
SLOAN, JOHN                            DERRY                                   PA-65-2-346
SLOAN, ROBERT                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-50
SLOAN, SAMUEL                          UNITY                                   PA-65-1-271
SLOAN, WILLIAM                         UNITY                                   PA-65-1-222
SLUTTERBACK, JOHN                      SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-243
SMAIL, PETER                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-152
SMELSER, JACOB                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-326
SMILEY, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-110
SMITH, AGNES                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-157
SMITH, BELA (DR.)                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-40
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-113
SMITH, GEORGE                          UNITY                                   PA-65-2-417
SMITH, JACOB                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-246
SMITH, JACOB                           UNITY                                   PA-65-1-305
SMITH, JAMES                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-165
SMITH, JOHN                            LOYALHANNA                              PA-65-3-235
SMITH, JOHN                            GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-279
SMITH, JOSEPH                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-378
SMITH, JOSEPH                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-231
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-267
SMITH, PETER                           HUNTINGDON                              PA-65-1-114
SMITH, PHILIP                          UNITY                                   PA-65-1-275
SMITH, PHILIP                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-109
SMITH, RICHARD                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-31
SMITH, ROBERT                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-258
SMITH, SAMUEL                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-410
SMITH, SAMUEL                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-37
SMITH, SAMUEL                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-149
SMITH, SIMON                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-401
SMITH, WILLIAM                         DERRY                                   PA-65-3-378
SMITH, WILLIAM                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-335
SMITHY, NICHOLAS                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-219
SMOCK, CHARLES                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-105
SNEFFEN, REBECCA                       NTL                                     PA-65-2-132
SNIDER, CHRISTIENA                     FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-196
SNODGRASS, JOHN                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-311
SNYDER, ABRAHAM                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-390
SNYDER, ADAM                           FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-112
SNYDER, CHRISTOPHER                    HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-324
SNYDER, FREDERICK                      DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-390
SNYDER, HANNAH                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-360
SNYDER, JOHN                           EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-78
SNYDER, NICHOLAS                       FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-197
SOMRELL, THOMAS                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-1
SOOK, YOEST                            SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-304
SORRELS, SAMUEL                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-156
SOWASH, HENRY                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-151
SOWASH, JOHN                           NORTH HUNTINDON                         PA-65-2-175
SOWASH, MARGARET                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-80
SOWERWINE, LEONARD                     SALEM                                   PA-65-3-299
SOXMAN, ABRAHAM                        DERRY                                   PA-65-2-172
SPANGLER, JOSEPH                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-279
SPEAR, JOHN                            WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-47
SPEARS, HENRY                          NEW PURCHASE                            PA-65-1-10
SPEELMAN, CATHARINE                    MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-419
SPEER, NANCY                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-296
SPEER, WILLIAM                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-199
SPEERS, NOAH                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-267
SPEILMAN, JOHN                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-274
SPILLMAN, GEORGE                       MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-195
SPROUL, MARY                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-286
SPROULL, ROBERT                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-91
ST4EART, JAMES SR.                     SALEM                                   PA-65-3-167
STAHL, LEONARD                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-214
STARRET, MOSES                         EAST HUNINGDON                          PA-65-3-5
STATES, MATHIAS                        NTL                                     PA-65-2-294
STCLAIR, ANDREW                        LIGONIER                                PA-65-2-331
STEART, JAMES                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-318
STEEL, WILLIAM                         WHEATFIELD                              PA-65-1-135
STEELE, ELIZABETH                      FAIFIELD                                PA-65-3-385
STEELE, GEORGE                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-391
STEELE, JAMES                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-100
STEELE, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-209
STEELE, JOSEPH                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-376
STEELE, WILLIAM                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-204
STEER, JACOB                           DONEGAL                                 PA-65-1-378
STEINMETZ, PHILIP                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-225
STEPHAN, JSOEPH                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-118
STEPHENS, REYNOLDS                     FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-191
STERLING, JOSEPH                       DERRY                                   PA-65-1-314
STERRITT, JAMES                        ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-212
STERWART, THOMAS M.                    ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-139
STEVENSON, JOHN                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-26
STEVENSON, ROBERT                      SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-241
STEVENSON, SAMUEL                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-344
STEWARD, JOHN                          NTL, INDIANA, PA                        PA-65-1-196
STEWART, ALEXANDER                     ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-2-408
STEWART, BENJAMIN                      ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-269
STEWART, GEORGE                        SALEM                                   PA-65-3-82
STEWART, JACOB                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-336
STEWART, JAMES                         SALEM                                   PA-65-3-349
STEWART, JOHN                          EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-270
STEWART, JOHN                          NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-30
STEWART, JOHN                          WASHINGTON                              PA-65-2-49
STEWART, JOSEPH                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-29
STEWART, ROBERT                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-382
STEWART, ROSANNA                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-362
STEWART, SAMUEL                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-169
STILWELL, SAMUEL                       NTL, MONONGAHELA, VA                    PA-65-1-27
STOCKBERGER, MICHAEL                   UNITY                                   PA-65-1-157
STOCKUM, PHILIP                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-215
STONER, BARBARA                        EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-389
STONER, CHRISTAIN                      EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-361
STONY, ALEXANDER                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-312
STOREY, ROBERT                         WASINGTON                               PA-65-3-28
STOUFFER, CHRISTOPHER                  MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-132
STOUFFER, JOHN                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-357
STOUGH, JOHN                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-347
STRAW, ELIZABETH                       GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-337
STRAW, JACOB                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-44
STRAW, JOHN PETER                      HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-23
STRAW, MICHAEL                         GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-24
STREK, M. J. (REV.)                    GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-214
STRODER, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     PA-65-2-65
STROHM, JACOB                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-212
STRUBLE, JOHN G.                       SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-348
SUMMONEY, FANNY                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-423
SUMRALL, JHN                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-119
SWAIN, BENJAMIN                        UNITY                                   PA-65-1-385
SWAINEY, ROBERT                        HANNAH                                  PA-65-2-371
SWAN, WILLIAM (REV.)                   NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-173
SWANK, DANIEL                          NTL                                     PA-65-2-400
SWARTZ, JOHN                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-92
SWIGART, PHILIP                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-403
SYPHRET, SEBASTIAN                     UNITY                                   PA-65-2-163
TALBOT, HARRY                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-433
TARR, DANIEL                           SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-343
TARR, JOHN B.                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-110
TAYLOR, ARTHUR                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-360
TAYLOR, GEORGE                         FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-1-395
TAYLOR, JANE                           HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-81
TAYLOR, JEHU                           GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-403
TAYLOR, JOHN                           ROBBSTOWN                               PA-65-2-224
TAYLOR, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-441
TAYLOR, RICHARD                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-1-189
TAYLOR, ROBERT                         DERRY                                   PA-65-1-384
TAYLOR, ROBERT                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-115
TAYLOR, SIMON                          SHIELDSBURG                             PA-65-2-247
TAYLOR, WILLIAM M.                     FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-147
TEEGARDEN, AARON                       NTL, PICKAWAY, OH                       PA-65-2-168
THEOBALD, PRIOR                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-7
THMPSON, SAMUEL                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-49
THOMAS, GARRET                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-159
THOMAS, ISAAC                          NTL, NEW CASTLE, DE                     PA-65-1-128
THOMAS, THOMAS                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-9
THOMPSON, ANDREW F.                    NTL, MASON, KY                          PA-65-2-135
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH                    ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-431
THOMPSON, GEORGE                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-277
THOMPSON, JAMES                        MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-124
THOMPSON, JAMES                        GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-245
THOMPSON, JOHN                         NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-446
THOMPSON, MARTHA                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-307
THOMPSON, MARY                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-137
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-417
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-249
THREW, DAVID                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-379
TINSTMAN, ABRAHAM                      EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-51
TINSTMAN, NANCY                        EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-211
TITLE, ANN                             SALME                                   PA-65-3-284
TITTLE, PETER                          UNITY                                   PA-65-2-307
TODD, ANN                              DERRY                                   PA-65-1-428
TORRANCE, ARON                         MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-2-342
TORRENCE, HUGH                         FRANKLIN                                PA-65-2-237
TOTAN, ISAAC                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-213
TOTEM, JOHN                            NTL                                     PA-65-2-320
TRIMBLE, JAMES                         NTL                                     PA-65-1-453
TRIMBLE, THOMAS                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-394
TROUT, CATHARINE                       EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-288
TROUT, HENRY                           EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-300
TROUT, PHILIP                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-3-345
TROXAL, JOHN                           EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-285
TRUXAL, JACOB                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-361
TURNER, MARY                           DERRY                                   PA-65-1-367
TURNEY, DANIEL                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-173
VANCE, JAMES                           EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-302
VANCE, JOHN                            EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-3-136
VANESDALL, ISAAC                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-140
VANTINE, HEZEKIAH                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-395
WADDEL, FRANCIS                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-5
WADDEL, JAMES                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-106
WADDEL, PETER                          ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-92
WAGLE, ABRAHAM SR.                     HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-162
WAGLE, JOHN                            HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-175
WALDHOUR, CASPER                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-66
WALDHOUR, GEORGE                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-119
WALDHOUR, JOSEPH                       NTL                                     PA-65-1-338
WALKER, ALEXANDER                      WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-99
WALKER, EBENEZER                       ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-1-346
WALKER, JAMES                          ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-229
WALKER, JAMES                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-216
WALKER, JOHN                           FRANKLIN                                PA-65-3-43
WALKER, JOHN                           WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-275
WALKER, MARY                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-16
WALKER, ROBERT                         WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-382
WALKER, THOMAS                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-143
WALKER, THOMAS                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-1-132
WALLACE, HUGH                          FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-232
WALLACE, PETER                         DERRY                                   PA-65-2-422
WALLACE, ROBERT                        FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-3-157
WALTER, ANTHONY                        SALEM                                   PA-65-1-94
WALTER, GEORGE                         UNITY                                   PA-65-2-37
WALTER, ISAAC                          NTL                                     PA-65-3-335
WALTER, JOHN                           UNITY                                   PA-65-2-110
WALTERS, JACOB                         ALEGHENY                                PA-65-2-181
WALTERS, PHILIP                        SALEM                                   PA-65-3-249
WALTHOUR, CHRISTIAN                    NTL                                     PA-65-3-69
WALTHOUR, CHRISTOPHER                  NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-277
WALTHOUR, DONRATHA                     NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-103
WALTHOUR, SARAH                        NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-127
WALTHOUR, STOPHEL                      FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-47
WALTS, DANIEL                          SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-57
WARDEN, SAMUEL                         EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-1-362
WARREN, MARY                           ROBBSTOWN                               PA-65-2-247
WATT, DAVID                            ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-16
WATT, GEORGE                           ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-47
WATT, GEORGE                           WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-164
WATTERS, SAMUEL                        NTL                                     PA-65-2-404
WEAVER, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-61
WEAVER, LEWIS                          SEWICKLY                                PA-65-3-101
WEAVER, WILLIAM                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-376
WEIMER, DAVID                          DONEGALL                                PA-65-3-61
WEIMER, JACOB                          MOUNT PLEASANT                          PA-65-1-320
WEIMER, MARY                           DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-239
WEIMER, MICHAEL                        DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-297
WELKER, JACOB                          HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-300
WELLER, FREDERICK                      DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-315
WELLER, FREDERICK                      DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-213
WELLS, JOHN                            GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-362
WELSH, JOHN                            HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-171
WELSHANCE, HENRY                       FAIRFIELD                               PA-65-2-397
WELTY, HENRY                           GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-37
WENER, WILLIAM                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-376
WENTLING, ADAM                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-76
WENTLING, DEWALT                       NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-41
WENTSEL, PHILIP                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-440
WERNER, MICHAEL                        SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-172
WERTS, JOHNS R.                        EAST HUNTINGDON                         PA-65-2-393
WEST, ADAM                             WASHINGTON                              PA-65-3-103
WEST, MARTIN                           UITY                                    PA-65-2-181
WHITE, JAMES                           UNITY                                   PA-65-2-143
WHITE, JOHN                            DERRY                                   PA-65-3-389
WHITE, JOSEPH                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-322
WHITE, WILLIAM                         ARMSTRONG                               PA-65-1-162
WHITEHEAD, VALENTINE                   NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-196
WHITMAN, PHILIP                        LIGONIER                                PA-65-1-320
WHITZAL, PHILIP                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-24
WIBBE, STEPHEN                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-101
WILEY, SAMPSON                         NTL                                     PA-65-2-262
WILKINS, JOHN                          DERRY                                   PA-65-1-155
WILKINS, THOMAS                        NTL                                     PA-65-1-163
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH                    GREENSBURG                              PA-65-3-48
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                       GREENSBURG                              PA-65-2-167
WILLIAMSON, JOHN                       SALEM                                   PA-65-2-97
WILSON, ALEXANDER                      NTL                                     PA-65-2-199
WILSON, CHARLES                        FRANKLIN                                PA-65-1-166
WILSON, GEORGE                         ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-3-219
WILSON, JAMES                          DERRY                                   PA-65-2-38
WILSON, JOHN                           NTL                                     PA-65-1-43
WILSON, MARY                           NTL                                     PA-65-2-242
WILSON, SAMUEL                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-39
WILSON, THOMAS                         LIGONIER                                PA-65-3-115
WILSON, WILLIAM                        SEWICKLEY                               PA-65-3-213
WILSON, WILLIAM                        SALEM                                   PA-65-1-131
WINDLAND, CHRISTIAN                    DERRY                                   PA-65-2-2
WOLFE, ANDREW                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-184
WOLFE, SEBASTIAN                       ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-1-187
WOLFEHART, JOHN                        LOYALHANN                               PA-65-2-375
WOLGAMUTH, MARY                        HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-239
WOLKAMOTH, HENRY                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-334
WOOD, TIMOTHY                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-142
WOODROW, JOHN                          NTL                                     PA-65-1-174
WOODS, JAMES                           NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-2-282
WOODS, JOHN                            SALEM                                   PA-65-2-165
WOODS, MATHEW                          NTL                                     PA-65-2-219
WOOLSEY, WILLIAM                       ROSRAVER                                PA-65-2-319
WORKMAN, MARGERY                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-202
WORTHINGTON, ROBERT                    NEW PURCHASE                            PA-65-1-8
WRIGHT, HUGH                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-159
WRIGHT, JOHN                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-289
WRIGHT, REBECCA                        UNITY                                   PA-65-2-352
WRIGHT, SARAH                          BALTIMORE                               PA-65-1-251
WYLIE, HUGH                            SALEM                                   PA-65-1-168
WYLIE, JOHN                            NTL                                     PA-65-1-112
WYNE, JOHN                             DERRY                                   PA-65-2-258
WYNN, JONATHAN                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-426
YEALY, HENRY                           DONEGAL                                 PA-65-3-32
YETTERS, JACOB                         ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-165
YOKEY, PETER                           WASHINGTON                              PA-65-1-255
YOUNG, GILBERT                         SALEM                                   PA-65-1-206
YOUNG, JAMES                           ROSTRAVER                               PA-65-2-288
YOUNG, JOHN                            DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-44
YOUNG, JOHN                            DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-192
YOUNG, JOHN (HON.)                     NTL                                     PA-65-3-322
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         DONEGAL                                 PA-65-2-370
YOUTTER, HANNAH                        ALLEGHENY                               PA-65-3-71
ZEANOR, GEORGE                         HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-2-146
ZIMMERMAN, JACOB                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-100
ZIMMERMAN, PETER                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-3-247
ZIMMERMAN, SAMUEL                      NORTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-220
ZINDORFF, GEORGE                       HEMPFIELD                               PA-65-1-219
ZUMBRO, JOSEPH                         SOUTH HUNTINGDON                        PA-65-3-161

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