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Column One: Name of Testator
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LAFERTY, JOHN                          PA-65-1-130
LAFFER, HENRY                          PA-65-2-161
LAFFER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-294
LAFFER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-292
LAIRD, FRANCIS (REV.)                  PA-65-4-19
LAIRD, JOHN M.                         PA-65-7-481
LAIRD, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-17
LAMBERT, JOHN                          PA-65-1-34
LAMOND, JOHN                           PA-65-1-286
LANDIES, SOLOMON                       PA-65-6-134
LANDSPERGER, GODFREIT                  PA-65-6-181
LANE, JACOB                            PA-65-6-256
LANE, MARY                             PA-65-7-398
LANEHART, JOHILIP                      PA-65-7-340
LANNES, JAMES                          PA-65-3-283
LAREMORE, ANDREW                       PA-65-1-350
LARIMER, ANNE                          PA-65-3-420
LARIMER, GEORGE                        PA-65-4-514
LARIMER, HAMILTON                      PA-65-7-367
LARIMER, HUGH                          PA-65-2-184
LARIMER, JANE                          PA-65-5-531
LARIMER, JOHN                          PA-65-1-443
LARIMER, JOHN                          PA-65-5-583
LARIMER, JOHN                          PA-65-6-406
LARIMER, MARY                          PA-65-5-198
LARIMER, ROBERT                        PA-65-1-166
LARIMER, THOMAS                        PA-65-3-202
LARIMER, WILLIAM                       PA-65-3-132
LARIMER, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-407
LASH, JOSEPH                           PA-65-4-156
LASURE, ABRAM                          PA-65-2-427
LATIMER, GEORGE                        PA-65-1-108
LATIMORE, JOHN                         PA-65-4-448
LATTA, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-5-546
LATTA, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-4-548
LATTA, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-3-39
LATTA, EPHRAIM                         PA-65-1-190
LATTA, EPHRAIM                         PA-65-2-252
LATTA, JOHN                            PA-65-5-511
LATTA, MARGARET                        PA-65-6-171
LATTA, MOSES                           PA-65-5-401
LATTA, NANCY                           PA-65-7-305
LAUFFER, HENRY                         PA-65-5-545
LAUFFER, JOHN                          PA-65-5-528
LAUFFER, SIMON                         PA-65-6-73
LAUGHERY, MARGARET                     PA-65-6-41
LAUGHLIN, M. Y.                        PA-65-2-149
LAUGHLIN, ROBERT                       PA-65-1-244
LAUGHNER, RUDY                         PA-65-2-292
LAUNTS, SARAH A.                       PA-65-7-127
LAW, MARGARET                          PA-65-7-144
LAWSON, JAMES                          PA-65-2-128
LAWSON, R. J.                          PA-65-6-554
LAX, JOHN                              PA-65-1-417
LAYTON, EDWARD                         PA-65-7-594
LAYTON, JAMES                          PA-65-6-100
LAYTON, MARGARET                       PA-65-6-123
LEACHMER, WILLIAM                      PA-65-2-249
LEADER, MICHAEL                        PA-65-3-106
LEAR, MAGDALINE                        PA-65-1-429
LEARN, ANDREW                          PA-65-6-164
LEASE, MARTIN                          PA-65-3-118
LEASURE, ABRAM                         PA-65-1-177
LEASURE, DANIEL                        PA-65-2-242
LEASURE, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-3-21
LEASURE, GEORGE                        PA-65-1-231
LEASURE, JOHN                          PA-65-3-128
LEASURE, MARK G.                       PA-65-5-398
LEE, PETER H.                          PA-65-5-307
LEEPER, HIRAM                          PA-65-6-342
LEIBENGOOD, HENRY                      PA-65-2-419
LEICHTEBURGER, CHANEY F.               PA-65-3-371
LEIGHTY, JOHN                          PA-65-2-314
LEIGHTY, JOHN                          PA-65-5-529
LEIGHTY, MARKS                         PA-65-5-508
LEIGHTY, PETER                         PA-65-2-395
LEMMON, JAMES                          PA-65-3-121
LEMMON, RHODA                          PA-65-5-346
LEMON, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-2-839
LEMON, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-197
LEMON, WILLIAM                         PA-65-7-303
LENHART, CHRISTIAN                     PA-65-3-121
LENHART, JOHN                          PA-65-7-119
LENHART, JONATHAN                      PA-65-6-351
LENHART, PETER                         PA-65-5-584
LEONARD, JAMES                         PA-65-1-38
LESLIE, GEORGE                         PA-65-2-276
LESLIE, JOHN                           PA-65-1-150
LESSICH, JOHN                          PA-65-2-421
LEWIS, ISAIAH                          PA-65-2-67
LEWIS, JANE                            PA-65-7-134
LEWIS, KEZIA                           PA-65-6-91
LIGHTCAP, JOHN                         PA-65-5-510
LIGHTCAP, MARY                         PA-65-6-574
LIGHTCAP, SAMUEL                       PA-65-3-19
LIGHTCAP, SAMUEL                       PA-65-6-571
LIGHTCAP, SOLOMON                      PA-65-2-353
LIGHTCAP, WILLIAM                      PA-65-3-328
LILLEY, SARAH                          PA-65-3-274
LILLY, DAVID                           PA-65-1-272
LILLY, DAVID                           PA-65-1-272
LIMEGROVER, JOHN                       PA-65-7-284
LINDER, HANNAH                         PA-65-6-620
LINGLE, NICHOLAS                       PA-65-2-40
LINK, FREDIRICA                        PA-65-7-22
LINN, ANDREW                           PA-65-1-261
LINN, WILLIAM                          PA-65-4-221
LINSDAY, HUGH                          PA-65-6-367
LINSIBIGLER, JACOB                     PA-65-6-206
LINTNER, WILLIAM                       PA-65-6-30
LISINGER, JACOB                        PA-65-7-613
LITHTABERGER, JACOB                    PA-65-2-193
LITLE, FRANCIS                         PA-65-1-180
LITTLE, JANE                           PA-65-2-195
LITTLE, JOHN                           PA-65-7-103
LITTLE, PETER                          PA-65-2-307
LITTLE, SARAH                          PA-65-2-314
LITTLE, WILLIAM                        PA-65-5-48
LIVINGSTONE, JAMES                     PA-65-2-260
LLOYD, JOHN                            PA-65-2-129
LLOYD, MARY                            PA-65-6-373
LOAS, WILLIAM                          PA-65-5-246
LOBENGIER, HENRY SCHELL                PA-65-7-502
LOBENGIER, JOHN JR.                    PA-65-7-305
LOBINGER, F. B.                        PA-65-4-164
LOBINGIER, CHRISTOPHER                 PA-65-3-255
LOBINGIER, ELIZABETH                   PA-65-2-309
LOBINGIER, JACOB                       PA-65-7-535
LOBINGIER, JOHN                        PA-65-4-256
LOBINQUIER, CHRISTOPHER                PA-65-1-144
LOBOUGH, PETER                         PA-65-6-388
LOCHRY, ARCHIBALD                      PA-65-1-31
LOGAN, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-2-368
LOGAN, DAVID                           PA-65-1-386
LOGAN, DAVID G.                        PA-65-4-264
LOGAN, ELIZABETH W.                    PA-65-4-206
LOGAN, JAMES R.                        PA-65-3-254
LOGAN, REBECCA                         PA-65-2-43
LOGAN, SAMUEL (DR)                     PA-65-5-461
LONG, ANNE                             PA-65-5-197
LONG, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-3-250
LONG, GEORGE S.                        PA-65-6-76
LONG, HENRY                            PA-65-4-410
LONG, JACOB                            PA-65-3-98
LONG, JACOB                            PA-65-3-46
LONG, JAMES                            PA-65-4-493
LONG, JOHN                             PA-65-1-240
LONG, JOHN                             PA-65-6-278
LONG, JOHN                             PA-65-1-316
LONG, JOHN                             PA-65-3-267
LONG, LEWIS                            PA-65-7-513
LONG, MARY                             PA-65-7-448
LONG, NICHOLAS                         PA-65-1-264
LONG, PHILIP                           PA-65-4-313
LONG, SARAH                            PA-65-7-2
LONG, SIMON                            PA-65-6-393
LONG, WILLIAM                          PA-65-5-606
LONG, WILLIAM                          PA-65-4-526
LONGENECKER, ANNA M.                   PA-65-7-74
LONGENECKER, DAVID                     PA-65-5-458
LONG,JACOB                             PA-65-2-360
LONGREVE, ISAAC Z. (DR.)               PA-65-4-482
LONTZ, ANDREW                          PA-65-3-48
LOOMIS, JUSTIN                         PA-65-4-332
LOPES, MARY                            PA-65-6-187
LORD, BENJAMIN                         PA-65-1-107
LOSE, GEORGE                           PA-65-2-306
LOUCKS, CATHERINE                      PA-65-7-593
LOUCKS, JACOB                          PA-65-6-463
LOUCKS, JOHN M.                        PA-65-4-435
LOUCKS, MARTIN                         PA-65-5-292
LOUGHERY, CAROLINE                     PA-65-7-97
LOUGHERY, JOHN                         PA-65-5-195
LOUGHNER, ADAM                         PA-65-6-291
LOUGHNER, GEORGE                       PA-65-7-343
LOUGHREY, JAMES                        PA-65-4-338
LOUGHRY, JANE                          PA-65-7-408
LOUTHER, JAMES                         PA-65-2-345
LOUTHER, JONATHAN                      PA-65-4-522
LOUTHER, WILLIAM                       PA-65-5-32
LOUTS, SAMUEL                          PA-65-3-320
LOUTZ, JACOB                           PA-65-4-495
LOUTZENHIZER, HENRY                    PA-65-2-310
LOVE, JOHN                             PA-65-5-475
LOVE, ROBERT                           PA-65-5-184
LOVE, SAMUEL                           PA-65-6-242
LOWDEN, THOMAS                         PA-65-4-378
LOWE, DAVID                            PA-65-4-331
LOWE, GEROGE                           PA-65-6-602
LOWE, HENRY                            PA-65-3-108
LOWERS, ROBERT                         PA-65-1-191
LOWERY, STEPHEN                        PA-65-2-171
LOWERY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-176
LOWEY, HENRY                           PA-65-3-400
LOY, HENRY                             PA-65-5-277
LOY, PETER                             PA-65-7-95
LOYD, HUGH                             PA-65-1-265
LOY,JACOB                              PA-65-6-274
LOZIER, NICHOLAS                       PA-65-3-46
LUCAS, THOMAS                          PA-65-1-167
LUDICK, JOHN                           PA-65-1-183
LUDWICK, CONRAD                        PA-65-2-87
LUKINS, JESSE                          PA-65-1-449
LUTE, NICHOLAS                         PA-65-1-167
LYNCH, FRANCIS                         PA-65-7-181
LYON, JAMES                            PA-65-1-416
MABON, GEORGE                          PA-65-2-268
MACKLIN, DEWALT                        PA-65-1-39
MACKLING, JACOB                        PA-65-2-117
MACKLING, PHILIP J.                    PA-65-3-197
MADIGAN, WILLIAM                       PA-65-6-105
MAFFET, JAMES                          PA-65-4-367
MAFFET, SARAH                          PA-65-5-138
MAGILL, JAMES                          PA-65-4-165
MAINES, JAMES                          PA-65-3-186
MAINS, JACOB                           PA-65-7-166
MAINS, ROBERT                          PA-65-1-136
MALONE, ELIAS                          PA-65-6-426
MALONE, JOHN                           PA-65-6-627
MALONE, SYLPHA                         PA-65-7-262
MAN, JOHN                              PA-65-1-117
MAN, SAMUEL                            PA-65-1-180
MANES, JANE                            PA-65-5-610
MANN, JOSEPH                           PA-65-1-40
MANN, THOMAS                           PA-65-1-285
MANSFIELD, JEEMIAH                     PA-65-3-137
MANSFIELD, JOHN                        PA-65-1-456
MARCH, COOPER                          PA-65-1-382
MARCHAND, B. R. (DR.)                  PA-65-4-500
MARCHAND, DAVID                        PA-65-1-239
MARCHAND, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-1-416
MARCHAND, H. C.                        PA-65-6-586
MARCHAND, SAMUEL S.                    PA-65-4-441
MAREHAND, ABRAM                        PA-65-6-176
MAREHAND, NANCY                        PA-65-6-249
MARKER, MATHIAS                        PA-65-3-17
MARKLE, ANN E.                         PA-65-4-286
MARKLE, CASPER                         PA-65-2-7
MARKLE, CONRAD                         PA-65-6-160
MARKLE, CYRUS P.                       PA-65-7-22
MARKLE, GASPER                         PA-65-6-465
MARKLE, JOHN L.                        PA-65-6-215
MARKLE, JOSEPH SR.                     PA-65-5-118
MARKLE, MARY                           PA-65-2-270
MARSH, ABNER G.                        PA-65-4-412
MARSH, COOPER                          PA-65-4-285
MARSH, WILLIAM                         PA-65-3-416
MARSHALL, JAMES                        PA-65-2-77
MARSHALL, JOSEPH                       PA-65-1-11
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-229
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-115
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-134
MARSHALL, WILLIAM                      PA-65-3-35
MARTIN, ANDREW G.                      PA-65-6-546
MARTIN, CHARLES                        PA-65-5-135
MARTIN, ELIZA                          PA-65-5-591
MARTIN, HUGH                           PA-65-2-95
MARTIN, JOHN                           PA-65-2-211
MARTIN, MARGARET                       PA-65-6-194
MARTIN, ROBERT                         PA-65-3-226
MARTIN, ROBERT H.                      PA-65-6-479
MARTIN, ROSE ANN                       PA-65-5-620
MARTIN, THOMAS                         PA-65-5-595
MARTIN, WILLIAM                        PA-65-4-452
MARTINS, EDMUNDS                       PA-65-1-10
MARTS, GEORGE                          PA-65-7-309
MARTS, JOSIAH B.                       PA-65-6-253
MARTS, WILLIAM SR.                     PA-65-7-463
MARTZ, AMY                             PA-65-6-23
MARTZ, WILLIAM                         PA-65-5-43
MARY, DAVID                            PA-65-2-141
MASON, MARY                            PA-65-6-360
MASON, THOMAS                          PA-65-1-192
MASSEY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-28
MASTER, WILLIAM                        PA-65-3-392
MASTERSON, JOHN                        PA-65-1-24
MATHEWS, CATHARINE                     PA-65-7-610
MATHEWS, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-1-193
MATHEWS, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-2-15
MATHEWS, GEORGE                        PA-65-1-315
MATHEWS, JAMES                         PA-65-3-169
MATHEWS, JAMES                         PA-65-5-23
MATHEWS, JOHN                          PA-65-1-310
MATHEWS, JOSEPH                        PA-65-5-319
MATHIAS, ADAM                          PA-65-4-460
MATHIAS, GEORGE                        PA-65-1-34
MATHIAS, MICHAEL                       PA-65-4-499
MATHIAT, JACOB D.                      PA-65-5-44
MATTHEWS, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-4-163
MATZGAR, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-7-317
MAWHERTER, ESTHER                      PA-65-7-339
MAWHERTER, MARY                        PA-65-5-85
MAWHIRTER, JAMES                       PA-65-3-326
MAWHIRTER, WILLIAM                     PA-65-3-327
MAXWELL                                PA-65-7-247
MAXWELL, ROBERT                        PA-65-2-288
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                       PA-65-1-387
MAY, DANIEL H.                         PA-65-6-496
MAY, JACOB                             PA-65-5-205
MAY, JOHN                              PA-65-3-142
MAYES, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-2-355
MAYGINNIS, SAMUEL                      PA-65-2-49
MAYS, SAMUEL                           PA-65-2-362
MCALISTER, ARCHIBALD                   PA-65-2-122
MCALISTER, JOHN                        PA-65-5-8
MCATREE, JAMES                         PA-65-7-43
MCAVEY, NANCY                          PA-65-1-363
MCAYEAL, JAMES                         PA-65-4-450
MCBETH,NANCY                           PA-65-5-14
MCBRAYER, DAVID                        PA-65-1-400
MCBRIDE, HENRY                         PA-65-6-24
MCBRIDE, JAMES                         PA-65-1-285
MCBRIER, NATHANIEL                     PA-65-2-327
MCCADDON, JOHN                         PA-65-4-22
MCCALEB, JAMES                         PA-65-1-141
MCCALL, BARNABAS                       PA-65-1-250
MCCALL, JOHN                           PA-65-2-111
MCCALL, SARAH                          PA-65-2-300
MCCALL, THOMAS                         PA-65-2-253
MCCARTNEY, GEORGE                      PA-65-1-119
MCCARTNEY, THOMAS                      PA-65-1-39
MCCARTY, WILLIAM                       PA-65-6-425
MCCAULEY, JOHN                         PA-65-7-172
MCCAULEY, PATRICK                      PA-65-2-176
MCCLAIN, ALEXANDER                     PA-65-1-203
MCCLANAHAN, JOHN C.                    PA-65-5-46
MCCLANAHAN, THOMAS                     PA-65-1-213
MCCLARREN, MATHEW                      PA-65-2-165
MCCLEESTER, JAMES                      PA-65-7-334
MCCLELLAND, CATHARINE                  PA-65-5-537
MCCLELLAND, DAVID                      PA-65-1-142
MCCLELLAND, DAVID                      PA-65-2-145
MCCLELLAND, DAVID W.                   PA-65-5-144
MCCLELLAND, JAMES                      PA-65-2-264
MCCLELLAND, JAMES                      PA-65-4-46
MCCLELLAND, MARY                       PA-65-2-9
MCCLELLAND, REBECCA                    PA-65-7-448
MCCLELLAND, ROBERT                     PA-65-5-179
MCCLELLAND, STUART                     PA-65-6-474
MCCLELLAND, STUART                     PA-65-7-301
MCCLELLAND, SUSANNA                    PA-65-5-606
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM                    PA-65-2-302
MCCLENEHAN,JAMES                       PA-65-1-36
MCCLEOD, WILLIAM                       PA-65-2-409
MCCLINTOCK, ADAM                       PA-65-5-18
MCCLINTOCK, JOHN                       PA-65-5-13
MCCLINTOCK, MARGARET                   PA-65-5-153
MCCLINTOCK, NANCY                      PA-65-6-142
MCCLOSKEY, MANES                       PA-65-1-371
MCCLOY, SAMUEL                         PA-65-4-453
MCCLURE, GEORGE                        PA-65-2-14
MCCLURE, GEORGE                        PA-65-4-502
MCCLURE, JAMES                         PA-65-5-443
MCCLURE, JOHN                          PA-65-1-127
MCCLURE, JOHN                          PA-65-6-149
MCCLURE, MARIA L.                      PA-65-5-254
MCCLURE, RICHARD                       PA-65-4-210
MCCLURG, MARGARET                      PA-65-5-24
MCCLURGH, JAMES                        PA-65-2-45
MCCLURKEN, S. B.                       PA-65-7-80
MCCOLLIGAN, LESTIE                     PA-65-6-637
MCCOLLY, ROBERT                        PA-65-7-585
MCCONAUGHEY, ROBERT                    PA-65-1-445
MCCONNAUGHEY, FRANK                    PA-65-4-426
MCCONNAUGHY, ROBERT                    PA-65-4-336
MCCONNELL, DANIEL                      PA-65-4-567
MCCONNELL, DAVID                       PA-65-5-218
MCCONNELL, HANNAH                      PA-65-7-162
MCCONNELL, JOHN                        PA-65-1-170
MCCONNELL, SARAH                       PA-65-6-617
MCCORMICK, ELIZABETH                   PA-65-2-43
MCCORMICK, JAMES                       PA-65-6-539
MCCORMICK, JOSEPH                      PA-65-2-46
MCCOY, DANIEL                          PA-65-1-408
MCCOY, SARAH                           PA-65-2-222
MCCOY, THOMAS                          PA-65-1-210
MCCOY, WILLIAM                         PA-65-1-148
MCCOY, WILLIAM                         PA-65-7-520
MCCRAWLEY, JOHN                        PA-65-2-429
MCCRCKEN, ANN                          PA-65-7-91
MCCREA, THOMAS                         PA-65-1-195
MCCREADY, JAMES                        PA-65-5-399
MCCREARY, MARGARET                     PA-65-4-327
MCCREERY, CHARLES                      PA-65-5-50
MCCREERY, JOHN                         PA-65-1-165
MCCRUM, SAMUEL                         PA-65-6-500
MCCULLEY, ANDREW                       PA-65-1-209
MCCULLEY, JOHN                         PA-65-6-460
MCCULLOCH, J. F.                       PA-65-7-208
MCCULLOUGH, JOHN                       PA-65-2-354
MCCULLOUGH,JAMES                       PA-65-2-252
MCCUNE, DANIEL                         PA-65-7-455
MCCUNE, DAVID                          PA-65-5-430
MCCUNE, JAMES                          PA-65-4-232
MCCURDY, JAMES                         PA-65-2-345
MCCURDY, JAMES                         PA-65-1-179
MCCURDY, JOHN                          PA-65-2-130
MCCURDY, MARTHA                        PA-65-5-332
MCCURDY, SAMUEL                        PA-65-2-295
MCCURDY, SAMUEL                        PA-65-5-31
MCCUTCHEON, ANDREW                     PA-65-7-120
MCCUTCHEON, JAMES                      PA-65-1-357
MCCUTCHEON, JAMES                      PA-65-2-70
MCCUTCHEON, JANE                       PA-65-7-351
MCCUTCHEON, JOHN                       PA-65-1-430
MCCUTCHEON, ROBERT                     PA-65-6-388
MCCUTHEON, ALEXANDER                   PA-65-4-553
MCDANOLD, BRIDGET                      PA-65-6-582
MCDERMITT, PATRICK                     PA-65-2-305
MCDERMOT, BRIDGET                      PA-65-2-172
MCDERMOTT, JAMES F.                    PA-65-5-321
MCDERMOTT, RODERICK                    PA-65-7-595
MCDIVITT, DAVID                        PA-65-6-346
MCDIVITT, GEORGE                       PA-65-4-254
MCDIVITT, HUGH                         PA-65-5-482
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER                    PA-65-6-553
MCDONALD, EVE                          PA-65-6-178
MCDONALD, FORBUS                       PA-65-6-634
MCDONALD, MARY                         PA-65-7-136
MCDONNELL, JOHN                        PA-65-4-74
MCDOWEL, JAMES                         PA-65-2-198
MCDOWEL, ROBERT                        PA-65-2-218
MCDOWELL, HENRY                        PA-65-4-23
MCDOWELL, JACOB                        PA-65-5-468
MCDOWELL, JAMES                        PA-65-4-348
MCDOWELL, JOHN                         PA-65-5-177
MCDOWELL, MATHEW                       PA-65-1-177
MCDOWELL, THOMAS                       PA-65-1-27
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                      PA-65-4-130
MCDUFF, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-1-36
MCELDUFF, JOHN                         PA-65-1-399
MCELHENY, MARY                         PA-65-6-226
MCELROY, JOHN                          PA-65-5-399
MCELWAIN,ANDREW                        PA-65-2-229
MCFADDEN, ANN                          PA-65-7-375
MCFADDEN, JAMES                        PA-65-1-181
MCFADDEN, JOHN                         PA-65-6-452
MCFALRAND, STEWART                     PA-65-7-330
MCFARLAND, JOHN                        PA-65-7-439
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                     PA-65-5-290
MCFARLING, THOMAS                      PA-65-1-344
MCFATRIDGE, WILLIAM                    PA-65-1-32
MCFETROY, CORNELIUS                    PA-65-1-26
MCGAREY, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-7-359
MCGEARY, CLEMENS                       PA-65-1-18
MCGEARY, JOSEPH                        PA-65-4-342
MCGEARY, MARTHA                        PA-65-4-133
MCGEARY, WILLIAM SR.                   PA-65-6-261
MCGINITY, ANN                          PA-65-7-316
MCGINNIS, GEORGE                       PA-65-6-76
MCGONGAL, JOHN R.                      PA-65-6-502
MCGOWAN, JOHN T.                       PA-65-5-465
MCGOWAN, MARGARET                      PA-65-7-263
MCGOWAN, R. E.                         PA-65-4-518
MCGRAIL, JOHN                          PA-65-1-355
MCGREW, A. B.                          PA-65-7-562
MCGREW, BREWSTER                       PA-65-5-549
MCGREW, ELIABETH                       PA-65-7-290
MCGREW, ELIJAH                         PA-65-6-306
MCGREW, FINLEY                         PA-65-1-280
MCGREW, JACOB                          PA-65-4-412
MCGREW, JACOB                          PA-65-2-267
MCGREW, JAMES A.                       PA-65-4-344
MCGREW, JAMES B.                       PA-65-1-437
MCGREW, JAMES E.                       PA-65-4-474
MCGREW, JAMES H.                       PA-65-1-199
MCGREW, MARTHA                         PA-65-4-380
MCGREW, NATHAN                         PA-65-2-190
MCGREW, NATHAN                         PA-65-7-412
MCGREW, SAMUEL                         PA-65-4-516
MCGREW, SIMON                          PA-65-1-279
MCGREW, SIMON B.                       PA-65-4-38
MCGREW, THOMAS                         PA-65-1-26
MCGREW, WILLIAM                        PA-65-5-267
MCGREW, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-339
MCGUFFEY, ROBERT                       PA-65-1-378
MCGUFFEY, SARAH                        PA-65-2-140
MCGUIRE, FRANCIS                       PA-65-7-71
MCGUIRE, JAMES                         PA-65-5-27
MCGUIRE, JANE                          PA-65-2-339
MCGUIRE, JANE                          PA-65-7-343
MCGUIRE, MARTHA                        PA-65-2-155
MCGUIRE, PATRICK                       PA-65-2-33
MCGUIRE, PATRICK                       PA-65-1-421
MCGUIRE, ROBERT                        PA-65-1-327
MCGUIRE, SAMUEL                        PA-65-6-383
MCGURIE, JAMES                         PA-65-4-506
MCHARG, PETER                          PA-65-1-187
MCHENRY, ELLEN                         PA-65-7-87
MCHLING, SOPHIA                        PA-65-5-125
MCHUGH, BERNARD                        PA-65-6-107
MCILVAIN, MOSES                        PA-65-1-206
MCINTYRE, ELIZABETH W.                 PA-65-5-566
MCINTYRE, JAMES                        PA-65-5-136
MCINTYRE, SOLOMON                      PA-65-5-413
MCKALLIP, JAMES                        PA-65-4-279
MCKASKEY, JAMES                        PA-65-1-168
MCKASKEY, JOHN                         PA-65-1-235
MCKEAN, HUGH                           PA-65-2-159
MCKEAN, JAMES                          PA-65-1-393
MCKEAN, JOHN                           PA-65-1-329
MCKEAN, JOHN S.                        PA-65-4-357
MCKEE, ANN                             PA-65-7-3
MCKEE, JOSEPH                          PA-65-4-276
MCKEE, ROBERT                          PA-65-1-333
MCKEE, ROBERT                          PA-65-7-19
MCKEE, SARAH                           PA-65-5-337
MCKEEVER, HENRY SR.                    PA-65-5-352
MCKEEVER, HUGH                         PA-65-7-238
MCKEEVER, THOMAS                       PA-65-6-67
MCKELVEY, BARBARA                      PA-65-5-624
MCKELVEY, JOHN                         PA-65-2-235
MCKILLIP, JAMES                        PA-65-5-78
MCKIMANS, WILLIAM                      PA-65-6-67
MCKIMINS, MARGARET                     PA-65-6-516
MCKINEY, ALEXANDER                     PA-65-1-380
MCKINLEY, JOHN                         PA-65-2-117
MCKINLEY, JOHN                         PA-65-7-327
MCKINNEY, ALEXANDER                    PA-65-2-173
MCKINNEY, BARBARA J.                   PA-65-2-354
MCKINSTRY, JANE                        PA-65-7-519
MCKINSTRY, MATEHW                      PA-65-5-544
MCKISSICK, JAMES                       PA-65-1-411
MCKISSOCK, ROBERT                      PA-65-2-47
MCKISSOK, JOHN                         PA-65-1-307
MCKNIGHT, JOSEPH                       PA-65-6-401
MCKNIGHT, THOMAS                       PA-65-7-574
MCKOWN, SARAH                          PA-65-6-35
MCLAIN, W. W. (REV.)                   PA-65-4-89
MCLAUGHLIN, CHARLES                    PA-65-5-291
MCLAUGHLIN, GEORGE                     PA-65-7-196
MCLAUGHLIN, ISAAC                      PA-65-4-187
MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES                      PA-65-4-76
MCLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL                    PA-65-2-205
MCLAUGHLIN, SARAH                      PA-65-5-404
MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS                     PA-65-6-158
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                    PA-65-5-128
MCLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM                    PA-65-4-511
MCLEAN, ALLAN                          PA-65-1-354
MCLEAN, ANDREW                         PA-65-1-327
MCLEAN, CORNELIUS                      PA-65-2-213
MCLEAN, JOSEPH                         PA-65-2-184
MCLEAN, ROBERT                         PA-65-2-100
MCLEAN, THOMAS                         PA-65-2-391
MCLINTOCK, HENRY                       PA-65-2-147
MCLOY, GEORGE                          PA-65-6-275
MCLOY, MARY                            PA-65-4-524
MCMASTERS, CATHARINE                   PA-65-2-239
MCMASTERS, GILBERT                     PA-65-2-130
MCMASTERS, JAMES                       PA-65-1-202
MCMASTERS, WILLIAM                     PA-65-5-464
MCMECHAN, HUGH                         PA-65-2-291
MCMILLEN, JAMES                        PA-65-1-447
MCMILLEN, JOHN                         PA-65-1-22
MCMILLIAN, MARY E. C.                  PA-65-7-560
MCMILLON, JOHN                         PA-65-1-29
MCMINNIS,ROBERT                        PA-65-6-431
MCMURRY, ALEXANDER                     PA-65-2-412
MCMURRY, JOHN                          PA-65-2-222
MCNUT, MATHEW                          PA-65-1-260
MCNUTT, ROBERT                         PA-65-2-259
MCPHERRIN, SAMUEL                      PA-65-1-180
MCQUAAIDE, THOMAS                      PA-65-4-407
MCQUAID, CATHARINE                     PA-65-6-384
MCQUAID, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-6-290
MCQUAID, ISABELLA                      PA-65-7-399
MCQUAID, JOHN                          PA-65-6-296
MCQUAID, PATRICK                       PA-65-2-20
MCQUAIDE, ELIZA J.                     PA-65-6-492
MCQUAIDE, ISABELLA                     PA-65-5-77
MCQUAIDE, WILLIAM SR.                  PA-65-4-216
MCQUESTIN, WILLIAM                     PA-65-2-282
MCQUILKIN, JOSEPH                      PA-65-6-561
MCQUILTEEN, ANN                        PA-65-7-438
MCQUISTON, ELIZA M.                    PA-65-7-374
MCQUISTON, THOMAS                      PA-65-1-12
MCVEY, EDWARD                          PA-65-2-77
MCVEY, NANCY                           PA-65-4-486
MCVEY, PATRICK                         PA-65-1-345
MCWHIRTER, JOHN                        PA-65-6-617
MCWILLIAMS, A. J.                      PA-65-6-346
MCWILLIAMS, ANDREW                     PA-65-5-298
MCWILLIAMS, JAMES                      PA-65-7-491
MCWILLIAMS, MARGARET A.                PA-65-6-80
MCWILLIAMS, MATEHW                     PA-65-2-168
MCWILLIAMS, NANCY                      PA-65-7-445
MCYEAL, JOHN                           PA-65-6-428
MEANES, JOSEPH                         PA-65-1-140
MEANOR, WILLIAM                        PA-65-5-585
MEANS, ANNA                            PA-65-6-51
MEANS, FINLEY                          PA-65-3-110
MEANS, JOHN                            PA-65-1-311
MEANS, PATTERSON                       PA-65-3-208
MEARNS, J. A. (REV.)                   PA-65-4-26
MEARSE, AMELIA J.                      PA-65-7-507
MEASON, JOHN                           PA-65-1-32
MEASON, THOMAS                         PA-65-1-17
MECHESNEY, ANDREW SR.                  PA-65-4-540
MECHESNEY, JAMES                       PA-65-3-407
MECHESNEY, JOHN                        PA-65-5-554
MECHESNEY, WILLIAM                     PA-65-5-367
MECHESNY, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-6-139
MECHLING, BENJAMIN F.                  PA-65-7-608
MECHLING, CATHARINE                    PA-65-2-277
MECHLING, DAVID                        PA-65-7-197
MECHLING, GEORGE                       PA-65-5-491
MECHLING, JOHN                         PA-65-3-262
MECHLING, JONAS (REV)                  PA-65-5-181
MEEHESNEY, MARY                        PA-65-5-165
MEHAFFEY, MOSES                        PA-65-1-156
MEHAFFY, SAMUEL                        PA-65-3-201
MELLENDER, JOHN                        PA-65-7-380
MELLINGER, HENRY                       PA-65-5-535
MELLINGER, JOHN                        PA-65-1-49
MELLINGER, SAMUEL                      PA-65-5-385
MELLON, ARCHIBALD                      PA-65-7-117
MELLON, ARMOR                          PA-65-4-56
MELVILLE, DANIEL M.                    PA-65-7-614
MELVILLE, JOHN                         PA-65-5-275
MENCH, ALEXANDER                       PA-65-5-605
MENCH, MARY E.                         PA-65-5-166
MENOHER, CHARLES                       PA-65-3-305
MENOHER, JAMES                         PA-65-6-352
MENOHER, M. J.                         PA-65-6-18
MENOHER, SAMUEL                        PA-65-3-5
MERICLE, BARBARA                       PA-65-3-387
MERRITT, J. C.                         PA-65-5-375
MERRITT, MARY                          PA-65-7-85
MERTZ, CATHARINE                       PA-65-6-236
METZGER, GEORGE                        PA-65-5-635
MEWHIRTER, JOHN                        PA-65-6-622
MEYER, JOSEPH                          PA-65-7-444
MEYER, MICHAEL                         PA-65-4-61
MEYERS, CATHARINE                      PA-65-7-575
MILES, THOMAS                          PA-65-1-161
MILLEGAN, JOHN                         PA-65-6-409
MILLER, ABRAHAM                        PA-65-6-43
MILLER, ALEXANDER                      PA-65-4-455
MILLER, ANNA                           PA-65-7-473
MILLER, ANNA B.                        PA-65-7-344
MILLER, CATHARINE                      PA-65-4-538
MILLER, DANIEL C.                      PA-65-6-154
MILLER, DANIEL M.                      PA-65-4-432
MILLER, GEORGE                         PA-65-3-418
MILLER, GEORGE M.                      PA-65-7-369
MILLER, GIDEON                         PA-65-3-13
MILLER, ISAAC                          PA-65-1-150
MILLER, JACOB                          PA-65-6-319
MILLER, JAMES                          PA-65-6-490
MILLER, JESSE                          PA-65-3-428
MILLER, JOHN                           PA-65-5-122
MILLER, JOHN                           PA-65-6-6
MILLER, JOHN                           PA-65-2-142
MILLER, JOHN                           PA-65-4-241
MILLER, JOHN B.                        PA-65-6-617
MILLER, JOHN PETER                     PA-65-2-68
MILLER, JOHN S.                        PA-65-7-631
MILLER, JOSEPH                         PA-65-1-348
MILLER, JOSEPH                         PA-65-4-420
MILLER, MARGARET K.                    PA-65-5-507
MILLER, MARTHA                         PA-65-5-286
MILLER, MARTHA G.                      PA-65-7-351
MILLER, MARTIN                         PA-65-1-124
MILLER, MARY                           PA-65-2-53
MILLER, MARY                           PA-65-5-413
MILLER, MARY                           PA-65-6-31
MILLER, MARY                           PA-65-6-434
MILLER, MATHEW                         PA-65-7-441
MILLER, MICHAEL                        PA-65-4-334
MILLER, MICHAEL                        PA-65-3-63
MILLER, NICHOLAS                       PA-65-4-561
MILLER, PETER                          PA-65-3-25
MILLER, PETER                          PA-65-5-89
MILLER, PETER M.                       PA-65-5-253
MILLER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-6-335
MILLER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-6-127
MILLER, SARAH                          PA-65-5-59
MILLERSON, ANN CHRISTENA               PA-65-1-40
MILLIGAN, JAMES C.                     PA-65-7-365
MILLIGAN, JOHN                         PA-65-2-373
MILLIGAN, JOHN                         PA-65-5-503
MILLIKEN, ISAAC                        PA-65-6-283
MILLIRON, DAVID                        PA-65-5-541
MILLIRON, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-3-24
MILLIRON, JACOB                        PA-65-1-20
MILLIRON, PHILIP                       PA-65-2-380
MITCHEL, JOHN                          PA-65-3-117
MITCHEL, JOHN                          PA-65-1-23
MITCHEL, WILLIAM                       PA-65-1-29
MITCHELL, ANDREW                       PA-65-1-392
MITCHELL, DAVID                        PA-65-5-628
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-6-307
MITCHELL, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-6-402
MITCHELL, HUGH                         PA-65-1-303
MITCHELL, JAMES                        PA-65-3-222
MITCHELL, JOHN                         PA-65-6-87
MITCHELL, JOHN                         PA-65-7-500
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                       PA-65-1-159
MITCHELL, SAMUEL                       PA-65-3-110
MITCHELTREE, JAMES                     PA-65-4-307
MITCHELTREE, WILLIAM                   PA-65-4-551
MOLTZ, GEORGE                          PA-65-7-319
MOMYER, GEORGE                         PA-65-7-510
MONAHAN, GERTRUDE                      PA-65-6-593
MONROE, THOMAS                         PA-65-2-183
MONROW, JOHN SR.                       PA-65-5-494
MONTGOMERY, BETSY J.                   PA-65-6-536
MONTGOMERY, DAVID                      PA-65-1-441
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      PA-65-2-108
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      PA-65-2-400
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      PA-65-1-323
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                      PA-65-4-376
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                    PA-65-3-135
MONUTT, SARAH                          PA-65-1-41
MOONHEAD, MARTHA                       PA-65-6-174
MOORE, CATHARINE                       PA-65-5-333
MOORE, EBENEZER F.                     PA-65-5-409
MOORE, ELEANOR                         PA-65-1-448
MOORE, GILBERT                         PA-65-1-171
MOORE, HAMILTON                        PA-65-6-598
MOORE, JAMES                           PA-65-3-179
MOORE, JHN                             PA-65-1-19
MOORE, JOHN                            PA-65-1-257
MOORE, WILLIAM                         PA-65-3-158
MOORE, WILLIAM                         PA-65-5-79
MOORHEAD, EUPHAN                       PA-65-1-444
MOORHEAD, JOHN                         PA-65-4-237
MOORHEAD, MARTHA J.                    PA-65-7-539
MOORHEAD, SAMUEL                       PA-65-3-400
MOREHEAD, MARGARET                     PA-65-1-143
MORGAN, JOHN                           PA-65-5-230
MORGAN, WILLIAM                        PA-65-6-92
MORRIS, DANIEL C.                      PA-65-2-321
MORRIS, JAMES L.                       PA-65-3-233
MORRIS, JAMES L.                       PA-65-3-13
MORRIS, LAFAYETTE                      PA-65-4-213
MORRIS, SUSANNA                        PA-65-3-155
MORRISON, DANIEL                       PA-65-2-225
MORRISON, DANIEL                       PA-65-1-122
MORRISON, JAMES                        PA-65-5-354
MORRISON, JOHN                         PA-65-5-638
MORRISON, JOHN                         PA-65-2-29
MORRISON, JOHN (DR)                    PA-65-5-274
MORRISON, MARTHA                       PA-65-3-271
MORRISON, ROBERT                       PA-65-1-16
MORRISON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-3-385
MORROW, GEORGE                         PA-65-6-432
MORROW, JOHN                           PA-65-1-196
MORROW, R. F.                          PA-65-7-472
MORROW, SAMUEL                         PA-65-1-449
MORTON, DAVID                          PA-65-2-90
MOSSHOLDER, JACOB                      PA-65-7-613
MOSSHOLDER, JONATHAN                   PA-65-3-407
MOSSHOLDER, JULIEN                     PA-65-5-460
MOWRY, MICHAEL                         PA-65-2-425
MOYER, MAHLON                          PA-65-5-503
MOYER, MICHAEL                         PA-65-4-272
MOYER, MICHAEL                         PA-65-4-234
MOYERS, CATHARINE                      PA-65-5-82
MOYERS, CHRISTENA                      PA-65-5-338
MOYERS, GEORGE                         PA-65-2-82
MUDHERTER, WILLIAM                     PA-65-7-311
MUFFEY, JOHN                           PA-65-1-329
MUFFLEY, ISRAEL                        PA-65-5-83
MULL, DANIEL                           PA-65-7-398
MULLEN, RICHARD                        PA-65-5-598
MULONE                                 PA-65-7-199
MUMA, GEORGE                           PA-65-4-240
MUMA, SUSANNA                          PA-65-4-292
MUMAW, DAVID                           PA-65-5-138
MUMAW, GEORGE                          PA-65-2-337
MUNNEL, WILLIAM                        PA-65-7-572
MUNSON, LOUISA                         PA-65-7-72
MUNSON, WILLIAM                        PA-65-5-532
MURDOGH, ROBERT                        PA-65-1-11
MURPHY, FRANCIS                        PA-65-6-572
MURPHY, JOHN                           PA-65-2-183
MURPHY, JOSEPH                         PA-65-6-262
MURPHY, SAMUEL                         PA-65-5-368
MURRAY, ROBERT                         PA-65-5-576
MURRY, JAMES (GEN.)                    PA-65-4-218
MUSE, FAUTH                            PA-65-4-539
MUSE, JOSEPH                           PA-65-7-455
MUSGROVE, D. S.                        PA-65-6-279
MYERS, ABRAHAM                         PA-65-4-204
MYERS, CHRISTIAN                       PA-65-3-84
MYERS, GEORGE                          PA-65-4-58
MYERS, GEORGE                          PA-65-6-124
MYERS, GERTRUDE                        PA-65-6-295
MYERS, JOHN                            PA-65-5-432
MYERS, JOSEPH                          PA-65-6-58
MYERS, JOSEPH                          PA-65-7-361
MYERS, MARGARET                        PA-65-5-410
MYERS, MARY                            PA-65-6-288
MYERS, MICHAEL                         PA-65-5-353
MYERS, WILLIAM H.                      PA-65-6-365
NALEIGH, NICHOLAS                      PA-65-6-468
NALY, LEVI                             PA-65-7-101
NAUGLE, JOSEPH                         PA-65-6-199
NAULTY, CATHARINE T.                   PA-65-7-37
NEEL, ANN                              PA-65-6-106
NEEL, JOHN                             PA-65-4-265
NEEL, SAMUEL                           PA-65-4-427
NEEL, SAMUEL                           PA-65-7-107
NEELY, ADAM                            PA-65-2-374
NEELY,PHILIP                           PA-65-2-310
NEFF, ANN MARY                         PA-65-2-6
NEFF, CHRISTIAN                        PA-65-6-209
NEGHLEY, CATHARINE                     PA-65-4-387
NEIBEIGH, PAUL                         PA-65-3-89
NEIBERT, ROSA                          PA-65-6-418
NEIGHLY, JOSEPH                        PA-65-5-249
NEIL, JOHN                             PA-65-1-455
NEIL, JOHN                             PA-65-2-48
NEIL, WILLIAM                          PA-65-2-54
NELEICH, ANNA M.                       PA-65-1-394
NELEIGH, ISAAC                         PA-65-5-237
NELEIGH, MARTIN                        PA-65-3-230
NELEIGH, MARTIN                        PA-65-6-400
NELSON, GEORGE                         PA-65-2-197
NELSON, JAMES                          PA-65-3-366
NELSON, JANE                           PA-65-4-365
NELSON, JOHN                           PA-65-3-33
NESBITT, JAMES                         PA-65-3-74
NETH, JOHN G.                          PA-65-6-130
NEUFF, CHRISTIAN                       PA-65-2-133
NEWCOMER, HETTIE                       PA-65-7-449
NEWEL, MARY                            PA-65-4-223
NEWEL, STEPHEN                         PA-65-1-160
NEWELL, JOHN                           PA-65-2-412
NEWELL, JOHN                           PA-65-2-79
NEWELL, JOSHUA SR.                     PA-65-1-241
NEWELL, SARAH                          PA-65-1-409
NEWELL, STEPHEN                        PA-65-2-389
NEWELL, THOMAS                         PA-65-2-191
NEWELL, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-12
NEWHOUSE, SAMUEL                       PA-65-4-534
NEWILL, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-4-303
NEWILL, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-5-16
NEWILL, JAMES                          PA-65-1-109
NEWILL, ROBERT                         PA-65-1-124
NEWILL, SUSANNA                        PA-65-3-414
NEWLIN, SIMON                          PA-65-4-211
NEWLIN,E LIJAH                         PA-65-2-94
NEWLON, ELIJAH                         PA-65-4-314
NEWLON, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-3-25
NEWLON, KEZIAH                         PA-65-2-367
NEWMYER, JONATHAN                      PA-65-6-364
NEWSWANGER, PETER                      PA-65-6-182
NICCOLLS, ALEXANDER                    PA-65-2-397
NICELY, ANTHONY                        PA-65-3-154
NICELY, GEORGE                         PA-65-5-133
NICEWANGER, JOSEPH                     PA-65-5-283
NICHOLLS, JAMES                        PA-65-1-133
NICHOLS, FRANCIS                       PA-65-6-476
NICHOLS, MICHAEL H.                    PA-65-2-108
NICHOLS, RUTH ANN                      PA-65-6-129
NICKELS, JOHN                          PA-65-7-387
NICKELS, ROBERT                        PA-65-2-312
NICKERSON, ROBERT D.                   PA-65-4-59
NICOLLS, WILLIAM                       PA-65-1-37
NICOLLS, WILLIAM T.                    PA-65-3-191
NIPPLE, CONRAD                         PA-65-6-549
NIXON, GEORGE                          PA-65-1-227
NIXON, ROBERT                          PA-65-2-289
NOEL, BLASIUS                          PA-65-6-234
NOLAN, ANN E.                          PA-65-7-99
NORCROSS, CHARLES                      PA-65-3-122
NORRIS, JOHN                           PA-65-6-515
NORTH, JANET                           PA-65-7-30
NORTH, SAMUEL                          PA-65-4-391
NULTON, JACOB                          PA-65-3-126
NUNEMAKER, GEORGE                      PA-65-3-258
NYHOFF, GERARDUS                       PA-65-1-161
OBLEY, FREDERICK                       PA-65-6-514
OBRIAN, THOMAS                         PA-65-4-123
OERY, EVE                              PA-65-3-220
OGDEN, AMOS                            PA-65-5-120
OGDEN, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-7-148
OGDEN, HANNAH                          PA-65-4-258
OGDEN, JOHN                            PA-65-3-398
OGDON, JAMES                           PA-65-4-148
OGDON, JOSEPH                          PA-65-1-369
OGDON, SUSANNAH                        PA-65-2-201
OLIVER, J. B.                          PA-65-5-616
OLIVER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-4-83
OOFNER, SIMON                          PA-65-2-11
OPLINGER, AARON                        PA-65-5-354
ORR, DAVID                             PA-65-3-340
ORR, JOHN                              PA-65-3-95
ORR, ROBERT                            PA-65-7-135
ORR, SAMUEL                            PA-65-4-80
ORR, WILLIAM                           PA-65-1-352
OSBORN, MATHEW                         PA-65-5-392
OSBURN, ARCHIBALD                      PA-65-3-107
OSBURN, JAMES                          PA-65-4-423
OTT, FREDERICK                         PA-65-7-499
OTTERMAN, LUDWICK                      PA-65-1-138
OVERCASH,MICHAEL                       PA-65-5-527
OVERHOLT, ABRAHAM                      PA-65-5-300
OVERHOLT, JACOB                        PA-65-3-188
OVERHOLT, JOHN                         PA-65-3-182
OVERHOLT, JOHN D.                      PA-65-6-285
OVERHOLT, MARTIN                       PA-65-1-257
OVERLY, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-7-368
OVERLY, SARAH                          PA-65-7-149
OWENS, HUGH                            PA-65-4-51
PADDOCK, FRANCIS A.                    PA-65-5-148
PAGE, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-5-288
PAGE, JOHN H.                          PA-65-7-569
PAGE, SIDNEY                           PA-65-7-567
PAINTER, ESTHER                        PA-65-5-7
PAINTER, GEORGE                        PA-65-1-418
PAINTER, GEORGE W.                     PA-65-4-249
PAINTER, ISRAEL                        PA-65-6-449
PAINTER, JACOB                         PA-65-2-89
PAINTER, LEBBEUS                       PA-65-6-621
PAINTER, MICHAEL                       PA-65-7-52
PAINTER, PETER                         PA-65-3-76
PAINTER, SAMUEL                        PA-65-5-9
PAINTER, TOBIAS                        PA-65-2-106
PAINTER, TOBIAS W.                     PA-65-5-315
PALMER, ADAM                           PA-65-2-402
PALMER, GEORGE                         PA-65-4-508
PANTALL, P. R.                         PA-65-7-566
PARK, HUGH                             NPA-65-3-85
PARK, HUGH                             PA-65-1-110
PARK, JOHN                             PA-65-4-317
PARK, JOHN                             PA-65-2-315
PARK, MARY                             PA-65-6-421
PARK, ROBERT                           PA-65-4-399
PARK, WILLIAM                          PA-65-3-33
PARKE, JAMES                           PA-65-4-153
PARKER, JOHN D.                        PA-65-4-177
PARKS, CHARLOTTE                       PA-65-3-160
PARKS, JANE                            PA-65-4-440
PARKS, JULIA                           PA-65-2-305
PARKS, SARAH                           PA-65-6-305
PARKS, WILLIAM                         PA-65-2-383
PARR, ISAAC                            PA-65-1-97
PARR, ISAAC                            PA-65-3-34
PARR, SAMUEL                           PA-65-1-289
PARRY, SAMUEL                          PA-65-7-271
PARRY, THOMAS M.                       PA-65-6-503
PATRICK, JOANNA                        PA-65-4-529
PATRICK, JOHN                          PA-65-1-338
PATRICK, WILLIAM                       PA-65-3-419
PATTERSON, ELIJAH                      PA-65-6-70
PATTERSON, ELIJAH                      PA-65-7-55
PATTERSON, GARRET                      PA-65-1-24
PATTERSON, GEORGE                      PA-65-4-486
PATTERSON, JAMES                       PA-65-5-361
PATTERSON, JAMES                       PA-65-6-461
PATTERSON, JAMES R.                    PA-65-7-586
PATTERSON, JOHN                        PA-65-6-420
PATTERSON, JOHN                        PA-65-7-527
PATTERSON, MARY                        PA-65-4-447
PATTERSON, MARY                        PA-65-6-410
PATTERSON, MARY                        PA-65-7-312
PATTERSON, NANCY                       PA-65-4-337
PATTERSON, ROBERT                      PA-65-2-244
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      PA-65-1-184
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      PA-65-6-446
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      PA-65-4-216
PATTERSON, SAMUEL                      PA-65-2-240
PATTERSON, THOMAS                      PA-65-2-316
PATTERSON, THOMAS                      PA-65-1-313
PATTERSON, THOMAS                      PA-65-5-110
PATTESON, MARTIN                       PA-65-4-432
PATTON, JOHN                           PA-65-1-247
PATTON, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-185
PATTY, GEORGE                          PA-65-1-345
PAUL, ELIZABETH                        PA-65-7-537
PAUL, GEORGE                           PA-65-1-19
PAUL, JANE                             PA-65-3-4
PAUL, MARY                             PA-65-4-521
PAUL, ROBERT                           PA-65-6-28
PAUL, SAMUEL                           PA-65-3-4
PAUL, SAMUEL                           PA-65-6-190
PAUL, SARAH                            PA-65-7-182
PEAL, JONATHAN                         PA-65-4-195
PEARS, MARTHA H.                       PA-65-7-570
PEARSON, MARY                          PA-65-6-258
PEBBLE, JOSEPH                         PA-65-1-269
PEDEN, SAMUEL L.                       PA-65-6-441
PEEBLES, JOHN                          PA-65-1-141
PENNY, DAVID                           PA-65-3-104
PENROD, ABRAHAM                        PA-65-6-459
PEOPLES, HUGH                          PA-65-4-151
PEOPLES, MARGARET J.                   PA-65-4-45
PEOPLES, REBECCA                       PA-65-5-187
PERSHIN, CHRISTIAN                     PA-65-2-137
PERSHIN, DANIEL                        PA-65-2-410
PERSHING, CHRISTINA                    PA-65-4-437
PERSHING, CONRAD                       PA-65-3-77
PERSHING, FRANCES                      PA-65-7-437
PERSHING, ISAAC                        PA-65-7-437
PERSHING, MARGARET                     PA-65-3-22
PERSHING, NANCY                        PA-65-7-380
PERVIS, ROBERT                         PA-65-2-413
PETERSON, CALEB                        PA-65-4-14
PETERSON, ELIAS                        PA-65-4-93
PETERSON, GARRET                       PA-65-1-24
PETERSON, MARIA T.                     PA-65-5-347
PETES, JOHN                            PA-65-7-85
PETTINGER, ELIZABETH                   PA-65-6-504
PETTIT, ELIAS                          PA-65-1-103
PETTIT, ELIJAH                         PA-65-1-152
PETTY, JOSHUA                          PA-65-3-171
PFFRIENDER, JACOB                      PA-65-5-140
PFOUTZ, JACOB                          PA-65-3-206
PHEONIX, JOHN                          PA-65-6-542
PHILIPS, JOHN                          PA-65-5-509
PHILLABAUM, SUSAN                      PA-65-7-36
PHILLIPPI, GEORGE                      PA-65-7-376
PHILLIPPI, JOSEPH                      PA-65-5-558
PHILLIPPI, MARTIN                      PA-65-3-374
PHILLIPPI, PETER                       PA-65-7-32
PHILLIPPI, RCHEL                       PA-65-5-99
PHILLIPS, ENOCH P.                     PA-65-7-308
PHIPPS, REBECCA                        PA-65-5-416
PHOENIX, JOHN                          PA-65-6-542
PICKET, THOMAS                         PA-65-7-582
PIERCE, AQUILLA J.                     PA-65-7-621
PIERCE, WILLIAM                        PA-65-6-596
PIFER, GEORGE                          PA-65-4-329
PILE, JOHN                             PA-65-1-205
PINKERTON, ANN                         PA-65-6-384
PINKERTON, ELIZABETH                   PA-65-5-206
PINKERTON, JAMES                       PA-65-4-386
PINKERTON, JOHN                        PA-65-6-191
PINKERTON, MARY                        PA-65-7-628
PINKERTON, ROBERT                      PA-65-4-437
PINKERTON, WILLIAM                     PA-65-6-196
PIPER, GEORGE                          PA-65-1-321
PIPER, JOHN                            PA-65-6-167
PIPER, JOHN L.                         PA-65-6-293
PIPER, LUCY                            PA-65-5-505
PIPER, MICHAEL                         PA-65-6-276
PIPER, ROBERT                          PA-65-4-152
PITMAN, JOSEPH                         PA-65-6-427
PLATT, JOHN SR.                        PA-65-5-468
PLATT, RICHARD                         PA-65-1-448
PLUMER, GEORGE SR.                     PA-65-3-83
PLUMMER, ELEANOR                       PA-65-5-204
PLUMMER, J. C.                         PA-65-5-563
POINTS, JOHN                           PA-65-3-434
POLLOCK, JOHN                          PA-65-4-401
POLLOCK, JOSEPH                        PA-65-6-33
POLLOCK, MARTHA J.                     PA-65-7-581
POLLOCK, THOMAS C.                     PA-65-7-382
PONE, CHRSISTOPHER                     PA-65-5-199
PONE, ROSANNA E.                       PA-65-5-520
PONTER, JAMES                          PA-65-5-11
PONTZER, CHRISTIAN                     PA-65-3-124
PONTZER, JOSIAH                        PA-65-5-622
POOL, ALEXANDER                        PA-65-4-277
POOL, JACOB                            PA-65-6-309
POOL, MARY                             PA-65-4-330
POOL, ROSANNA                          PA-65-5-362
POOL, ZACHARIAH                        PA-65-6-227
POORE, ADAM                            PA-65-6-632
POORMAN, CATHARINE                     PA-65-6-540
POORMAN, ELIZABETH                     PA-65-5-613
POORMAN, JACOB                         PA-65-6-493
POORMAN, MICHAEL                       PA-65-4-465
POORMAN, MICHAEL                       PA-65-7-20
POORMAN, PETER                         PA-65-5-261
POORMAN, PETER SR.                     PA-65-2-23
PORCH, FREDERICK                       PA-65-6-433
PORCH, JACOB                           PA-65-3-405
PORCH, REBECCA                         PA-65-6-86
PORE, ADAM                             PA-65-4-385
PORE, GEORGE                           PA-65-4-293
PORE, NANCY                            PA-65-4-260
PORTER, CALEB                          PA-65-3-73
PORTER, MARGARET P.                    PA-65-7-310
PORTER, SAMUEL (REV.)                  PA-65-2-136
PORTZER, JACOB                         PA-65-4-119
POSTLETHWAITE, JAMES (DR.)             PA-65-3-66
POTSER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-5-90
POTTER, CHARLOTTE                      PA-65-6-218
POTTER, ELLEN                          PA-65-5-489
POTTER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-1-262
POTTER, SAMUEL                         PA-65-5-75
POTTS, CATHARINE                       PA-65-7-427
POTTS, CHRISTIAN                       PA-65-6-370
POTTS, DANIEL                          PA-65-7-193
POTTS, DAVID SR.                       PA-65-4-190
POTTS, JOSEPH                          PA-65-7-588
POTTS, LEVI                            PA-65-7-123
POTTS, MICHAEL                         PA-65-2-369
POTZER, MARGARET                       PA-65-6-533
POUNDS, JOSEPH                         PA-65-1-317
POUNDS, JOSEPH                         PA-65-6-548
POUNDS, STEPHEN                        PA-65-4-202
POWELL, JONATHAN                       PA-65-3-222
POWER, HARRIET                         PA-65-5-225
POWER, JAMES (REV.)                    PA-65-2-236
POWER, NANCY                           PA-65-4-177
POWER, SAMUEL                          PA-65-7-381
POWERS, CATHARINE                      PA-65-5-595
POWERS, HARRIET                        PA-65-7-294
POWERS, JOHN                           PA-65-1-203
PRICE, FRANCIS                         PA-65-6-508
PRICE, ISAAC                           PA-65-6-195
PRICE, JOHN                            PA-65-3-123
PUMROY, JOHN                           PA-65-1-241
QUEEN, JAMES                           PA-65-5-201
QUIN, JOHN                             PA-65-2-69
QUIRK, SAMUEL                          PA-65-7-165
RAINEY, JOHN                           PA-65-2-428
RAINEY, ROBERT                         PA-65-4-80
RAINEY, SARAH H.                       PA-65-3-369
RALSTON, ALLEN                         PA-65-1-449
RALSTON, DAVID                         PA-65-1-259
RALSTON, JOHN                          PA-65-1-432
RALSTON, JOHN                          PA-65-7-112
RALSTON, MARGARET                      PA-65-3-183
RALSTON, MATHEW                        PA-65-3-10
RALSTON, ROBERT                        PA-65-2-212
RALSTON, ROBERT                        PA-65-2-46
RALSTON, ROBERT                        PA-65-1-42
RALSTON, WILLIAM                       PA-65-3-288
RAMSEY, CHARLES                        PA-65-6-281
RAMSEY, CHARLES                        PA-65-7-559
RAMSEY, ELIZAZBETH                     PA-65-6-220
RAMSEY, GEORGE                         PA-65-6-284
RAMSEY, J. H.                          PA-65-7-609
RAMSEY, JANE                           PA-65-3-252
RAMSEY, JOHN                           PA-65-3-77
RAMSEY, REBECCA                        PA-65-6-595
RAMSEY, ROBERT                         PA-65-2-257
RAMSEY, ROBERT S.R                     PA-65-5-505
RAMSEY, SUSANNA K.                     PA-65-6-605
RAMSEY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-397
RAMSEY, WILLIAM M.                     PA-65-3-81
RANKIN, D. J.                          PA-65-6-294
RANKIN, DAVID                          PA-65-1-101
RANKIN, DAVID                          PA-65-5-96
RANKIN, ELIZABETH                      PA-65-6-242
RANSALL, HENRY                         PA-65-6-190
RAY, JAMES                             PA-65-3-58
RAYMER, HENRY                          PA-65-2-86
RAYOT, GEORGE                          PA-65-1-249
READ, JOHN                             PA-65-1-186
REAGAN, PHILIP                         PA-65-3-221
REAGER, GEORGE                         PA-65-7-82
REAMER, CATHARINE                      PA-65-6-283
REAMER, JACOB                          PA-65-4-388
REAMER, JOHN                           PA-65-7-385
RECTOR, LEWIS                          PA-65-5-80
REED, CHRISTENA                        PA-65-1-202
REED, CHRISTOPHER                      PA-65-1-193
REED, JAMES                            PA-65-2-74
REED, JAMES                            PA-65-2-6
REED, JOHN                             PA-65-5-314
REED, JOHN                             PA-65-5-614
REED, JOHN                             PA-65-1-380
REED, JOSEPH                           PA-65-7-73
REED, MARY                             PA-65-1-185
REED, MERIDETH                         PA-65-3-118
REED, PETER                            PA-65-3-141
REED, ROBERT                           PA-65-3-318
REED, ROBERT                           PA-65-6-34
REED, ROBERT                           PA-65-1-136
REED, ROBERT                           PA-65-3-241
REED, ROBERT                           PA-65-7-464
REED, THOMAS C.                        PA-65-6-299
REED, WILLIAM                          PA-65-3-29
REED, WILLIAM                          PA-65-1-14
REEGER, JOHN                           PA-65-3-381
REEGER, JOHN                           PA-65-6-200
REEGER, MARY                           PA-65-5-429
REEGER, PHOEBE                         PA-65-7-42
REEGER, THOMAS                         PA-65-5-299
REEVES, ABNER                          PA-65-2-186
REEVES, JESSE                          PA-65-3-67
REEVES, MANASSEH                       PA-65-3-111
REEVES, SAMUEL                         PA-65-2-424
REICHHART, JOHN                        PA-65-2-286
REILEY, CORNELIUS                      PA-65-1-437
REIMER, AARON                          PA-65-7-550
REMALEY, ADAM                          PA-65-5-226
REMALEY, HENRY                         PA-65-1-365
REMALEY, MICHAEL                       PA-65-5-359
REMELEY, DANIEL                        PA-65-4-8
REMELEY, JOHN                          PA-65-1-336
REMELIGH, MICHAEL                      PA-65-3-45
RETON, HENRY                           PA-65-4-53
REYNOLDS, CHRISTOPHER                  PA-65-5-295
REYNOLDS, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-4-335
REYNOLDS, GEORGE                       PA-65-2-194
REYNOLDS, HENRY                        PA-65-6-549
REYNOLDS, JOHN                         PA-65-2-122
REYNOLDS, JOSHUA                       PA-65-1-207
REYNOLDS, MARY                         PA-65-2-170
REYNOLDS, SAMUEL                       PA-65-3-404
REYNOLDS, WILILAM                      PA-65-7-504
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      PA-65-2-318
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM                      PA-65-3-351
RHEES, JACOB                           PA-65-1-288
RHEES, MARY                            PA-65-1-424
RHINEHART, SUSAN                       PA-65-7-616
RHOADES, HENRY                         PA-65-4-259
RHOADS, WILLIAM                        PA-65-3-187
RICE, JOHN                             PA-65-5-533
RICHEY, JOHN                           PA-65-6-265
RICHEY, WILLIAM                        PA-65-3-185
RICHIE, GEORGE                         PA-65-6-82
RIDDLE, JOHN                           PA-65-1-99
RIDDLE, WILLIAM                        PA-65-1-158
RIDENHOUR, WILLIAM                     PA-65-1-412
RIDENOUR, W. B.                        PA-65-7-222
RIGON, DAVID                           PA-65-7-186
RILEY, EDWARD                          PA-65-6-36
RINEHART, JOHN                         PA-65-2-257
RING, MICHAEL                          PA-65-1-366
RINGLE, MATHIAS                        PA-65-1-268
RINGLER, EDWARD                        PA-65-5-246
ROADMAN, DANIEL W.                     PA-65-7-87
ROADMAN, HARRIET                       PA-65-6-334
ROADMAN, JOHN                          PA-65-2-67
ROADMAN, SAMUEL                        PA-65-4-528
ROBB, JAMES                            PA-65-1-377
ROBB, JOHNN.                           PA-65-7-552
ROBBINS, BRINTNEL                      PA-65-2-358
ROBBINS, MARY                          PA-65-4-547
ROBERTSON, ALEXANDER                   PA-65-2-364
ROBERTSON, ANDREW                      PA-65-2-251
ROBERTSON, ANDREW                      PA-65-7-516
ROBERTSON, JAMES                       PA-65-1-175
ROBERTSON, JAMES                       PA-65-6-447
ROBERTSON, JOHNJ.                      PA-65-3-261
ROBERTSON, MATILDA                     PA-65-5-234
ROBERTSON, ROBERT                      PA-65-6-82
ROBERTSON, THOMAS                      PA-65-2-125
ROBESON, JAMES                         PA-65-1-323
ROBINS, THOMAS W.                      PA-65-5-536
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-6-208
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH B.                 PA-65-6-208
ROBINSON, GEORGE                       PA-65-5-285
ROBINSON, JOH                          PA-65-2-20
ROBINSON, JOHN                         PA-65-2-278
ROBINSON, JOHN                         PA-65-1-267
ROBINSON, MARY E.                      PA-65-5-321
ROBINSON, NANCY P.                     PA-65-5-192
ROBINSON, SARAH                        PA-65-5-242
ROBINSON, SUSANNA                      PA-65-7-573
ROBINSON, THOMAS P.                    PA-65-3-39
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                      PA-65-1-153
ROBISNON, MARGARET                     PA-65-5-72
ROBISON, MATHEW                        PA-65-2-285
ROBISON, WILLIAM S.                    PA-65-3-344
RODABAUGH, ADAM                        PA-65-2-227
RODABAUGH, JOHN                        PA-65-5-239
RODACKER, FREDERICK                    PA-65-2-159
RODGERS, JOHN                          PA-65-3-150
RODGERS, ROSEANA                       PA-65-3-112
RODIBAUGH, JOHN                        PA-65-2-185
ROGERS, CHARLES                        PA-65-7-630
ROGERS, PETER                          PA-65-3-35
ROGERS, SARAH                          PA-65-3-114
ROHLAND, JOHN A.                       PA-65-7-213
ROHRER, FREDERICK                      PA-65-2-102
ROHRER, FREDERICK A.                   PA-65-6-583
ROMBACH, MARY                          PA-65-7-507
ROOSE, SARAH                           PA-65-7-489
ROS, MARGARET                          PA-65-7-286
ROSE, ALLEN                            PA-65-4-62
ROSE, HENRY W.                         PA-65-7-600
ROSE, JOHN                             PA-65-7-508
ROSE, SOLOMON                          PA-65-4-410
ROSENSTEEL, JONATHAN                   PA-65-4-284
ROSS, AGNES                            PA-65-1-116
ROSS, EMMA J.                          PA-65-6-216
ROSS, ESTHER                           PA-65-4-16
ROSS, JAMES                            PA-65-3-319
ROSS, JANE                             PA-65-5-112
ROSS, JOHN                             PA-65-2-163
ROSS, JOHN                             PA-65-2-202
ROSS, MARY                             PA-65-4-49
ROSS, RANDEL SR                        PA-65-3-181
ROSS, REBECCA                          PA-65-6-562
ROSS, SAMUEL                           PA-65-1-117
ROSS, WILLIAM                          PA-65-6-521
ROSS, WILLIAM                          PA-65-3-244
ROSS, WILLIAM                          PA-65-4-413
ROUGH, CHRISTENA                       PA-65-5-13
ROW, ANDREW                            PA-65-2-51
ROW, JOSIAH                            PA-65-7-467
ROW, MILTON A.                         PA-65-7-258
ROW, PETER                             PA-65-5-70
ROWAN, ELIZABETH                       PA-65-6-104
ROWAN, JOHN                            PA-65-3-70
ROWAN, JOHN                            PA-65-4-195
ROWAN, MATHEW                          PA-65-3-433
ROWAN, MATHEW JR.                      PA-65-5-36
ROWAN, ROBERT                          PA-65-6-273
ROWAN, THOAMS                          PA-65-5-185
ROWE, GEORGE                           PA-65-4-172
ROWE, SARAH L.                         PA-65-7-12
RUFF, ANTHONY                          PA-65-4-140
RUFF, ANTHONY                          PA-65-1-260
RUFF, REBECCA                          PA-65-5-567
RUFFNER, JAMES                         PA-65-5-414
RUFFNER, PETER                         PA-65-3-365
RUGH, JACOB                            PA-65-7-628
RUGH, JACOB SR.                        PA-65-5-325
RUGH, JOHN SR.                         PA-65-4-224
RUGH, POLLY                            PA-65-4-57
RUIFFNER, CHRISTIAN                    PA-65-2-152
RUMBAUGH, ABRAHAM                      PA-65-4-315
RUMBAUGH, ELIZABETH                    PA-65-5-373
RUMBAUGH, GEORGE J.                    PA-65-7-432
RUMBAUGH, HENRY                        PA-65-5-74
RUMBAUGH, JOHN                         PA-65-2-189
RUMBAUGH, JOHN                         PA-65-6-569
RUMBAUGH, PETER                        PA-65-7-346
RUMBOUGH, JACOB                        PA-65-6-211
RUMMEL, SARAH                          PA-65-7-625
RUMNEL, PETER                          PA-65-5-216
RUNGER, MICHAEL                        PA-65-3-119
RUPERD, JACOB                          PA-65-2-270
RUSSEL, JAMES                          PA-65-2-13
RUSSEL, JAMES                          PA-65-3-131
RUSSEL, JOHN                           PA-65-1-218
RUSSEL, MARTHA                         PA-65-1-50
RUSSEL, SAMUEL                         PA-65-3-283
RUSSELL, DORCAS                        PA-65-3-299
RUSSELL, JAMES                         PA-65-5-311
RUSSELL, JAMES                         PA-65-1-308
RUTAN, JOHN                            PA-65-2-348
RUTH, HENRY                            PA-65-5-645
RUTH, JOSEPH                           PA-65-5-224
RUTHERFORD, JOHN                       PA-65-1-181
RUTLEDGE, JOHN                         PA-65-4-110
RYAL, THOMAS                           PA-65-4-450
RYALL, ABIGAIL                         PA-65-7-64
RYALL, DAVID                           PA-65-3-134

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