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SABIN, AMANDA                DANBY                         NY-55-W-134
SABIN, ELIZABETH M.          DANBY                         NY-55-P-602
SABIN, JEFFERSON L.          DANBY                         NY-55-R-249
SAGE, HENRY W.               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-618
SAINTJOHN, THOMAS P.         ITHACA                        NY-55-P-258
SALES, DOLLY                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-410
SANDERLIN, JAMES W.          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-174
SANDERS, ALFRED              ITHACA                        NY-55-P-538
SANDERSON, ELENOR            DANBY                         NY-55-N-177
SANDERSON, JOHN              DANBY                         NY-55-L-217
SANFORD, BURTON              GROTON                        NY-55-G-323
SANFORD, CHARLES J.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-196
SANFORD, EZEKIEL             DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-46
SANFORD, LYMAN               DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-546
SANFORD, PETER               DRYDEN                        NY-55-E-233
SARLES, DEBORAH              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-452
SARLES, JOHN                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-E-249
SARLLS, JOHN                 LANSING                       NY-55-A-163
SARLLS, SOLOMON              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-245
SAVAGE, MARY                 ITHACA                        NY-55-S-390
SAVERCOOL, GEORGE            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-X-538
SAWYER, HENRY                CAROLINE                      NY-55-Q-442
SAXTON, ELIZABETH A.         ITHACA                        NY-55-X-58
SAXTON, GEORGE W.            ITHACA                        NY-55-I-249
SAYLER, HENRY                HECTOR                        NY-55-A-77
SAYLOR, LYDIA                ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-598
SCANLON, JAMES               ITHACA                        NY-55-S-478
SCHOOLCRAFT, CHRISTIAN       NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-149
SCHOONMAKER, CATHERINE       CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-365
SCHOONMAKER, WILLIAM D.      ITHACA                        NY-55-N-77
SCHUTT, AARON B.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-438
SCHUTT, DELIGHT              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-10
SCHUYLER, GEORGE W.          ITHACA                        NY-55-T-226
SCHUYLER, MATILDA S.         ITHACA                        NY-55-W-290
SCHUYLER, REBECCA S. M.      ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-330
SCHWEINFURTH, ALBERT C.      DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-602
SCOFIELD, ANANIAS            DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-1
SCOFIELD, MARY               DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-514
SCOTT, CHRISTINA             ENFIELD                       NY-55-M-461
SCOTT, JANET                 HECTOR                        NY-55-E-131
SCOTT, JOSEPH                DRYDEN                        NY-55-B-63
SCOTT, RUTH S.               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-210
SCOTT, STEPHEN N.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-26
SCRIBNER, ELIZABETH GERTRUDE ITHACA                        NY-55-N-221
SEABRING, SAMUEL A.          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-316
SEAGER, ERASTUS M.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-570
SEAGER, GEORGE               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-450
SEAGER, HENRY                DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-45
SEAGER, PHILIP               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-606
SEAGER, ROBERT               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-278
SEAMAN, DANIEL J.            ITHACA                        NY-55-S-626
SEAMAN, JANE                 ITHACA                        NY-55-U-450
SEAMAN, MARY                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-478
SEARLES, JAMES B.            LANSING                       NY-55-P-342
SEARLES, WALTER              LANSING                       NY-55-P-270
SEARLS, NANCY                LANSING                       NY-55-Q-466
SEARS, CATHARINE             ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-165
SEARS, HIRAM                 GROTON                        NY-55-G-438
SEARS, MARCUS H.             GROTON                        NY-55-Z-546
SEARS, WILLIAM               DANBY                         NY-55-U-482
SEBRING, CORNELIUS           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-E-200
SEBRING, DAVID A.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-438
SEBRING, RICHARD             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-149
SEELY, ZADOK                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-E-337
SELLEN, JOHN                 GROTON                        NY-55-W-382
SELLEN, JOHN                 LANSING                       NY-55-G-432
SELLON, SAMUEL               GROTON                        NY-55-I-69
SELOVEE, IASIC               ULYSSES                       NY-55-B-147
SELOVER, PETER               ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-28
SEVERN, EDWIN                ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-293
SEVERN, JOEL W.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-153
SEVERSN, JOSEPH              ITHACA                        NY-55-I-453
SEXTON, LEDIA P.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-178
SEYMOUR, HARRIET M.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-386
SHARP, GODFREY               DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-325
SHARP, MATTHEW               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-358
SHARTS, JOHN                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-469
SHAVER, JOHN C.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-249
SHAW, ANNA                   LANSING                       NY-55-T-566
SHAW, ANNING O.              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-238
SHAW, BENJAMIN               GROTON                        NY-55-L-181
SHAW, ERASTUS D.             GROTON                        NY-55-Q-250
SHAW, JOHN                   ITHACA                        NY-55-H-20
SHAW, MARY                   GROTON                        NY-55-Z-274
SHEARER, EDWIN               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-482
SHEFFIELD, JONATHAN          ENFIELD                       NY-55-Q-222
SHELDON, ABIGAIL             ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-129
SHEPARD, EUGENE F.           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-148
SHEPARD, JULIA E.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-506
SHEPARD, RACHEL              ITHACA                        NY-55-J-313
SHERIDAN, CATHERINE          ITHACA                        NY-55-R-294
SHERMAN, CYNTHIA             GROTON                        NY-55-S-134
SHERMAN, DAVID R.            GROTON                        NY-55-P-422
SHERMAN, NEHEMIAH J.         DRYDEN                        NY-55-R-281
SHERRILL, AUGUSTUS           ITHACA                        NY-55-G-249
SHERWOOD, AMY                GROTON                        NY-55-T-394
SHERWOOD, AUGUSTUS M.        ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-258
SHERWOOD, CATHARINE          DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-50
SHERWOOD, ELLY R.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-190
SHERWOOD, EMMA E.            LANSING                       NY-55-V-86
SHERWOOD, JOHN               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-50
SHERWOOD, LOVIN              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-598
SHERWOOD, SABRINA            ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-454
SHERWOOD, WILLIAM            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-422
SHIRLEY, NANCY A.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-596
SHUELBURG, CHRISTINA M.      CAROLINE                      NY-55-W-54
SHURTER, IDA M.              CAROLINE                      NY-55-Z-462
SHURTER, MARTIN              CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-582
SICKMORE, SANFORD            GROTON                        NY-55-Y-582
SIGLER, MARIA                ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-46
SIGNER, PETER                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-N-309
SILVERNAIL, MARGARET         HECTOR                        NY-55-A-238
SIMONDS, AMARIAH D.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-610
SIMONS, ADAM                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-90
SIMONS, BENJAMIN             DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-102
SIMONS, JOHN                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-61
SIMONS, LYDIA                ITHACA                        NY-55-S-178
SIMONS, WILLIAM A.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-150
SIMPSON, ADA AUGUSTA         ITHACA                        NY-55-T-306
SIMPSON, CHARLES             CAROLINE                      NY-55-R-143
SINCEBAUGH, CLARISSA         NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-422
SINCEBAUGH, HANNAH           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-484
SINCEPAUGH, JONAH            ITHACA                        NY-55-P-246
SKUTT, HUGH                  LANSING                       NY-55-A-89
SLAGHT, HANNAH               ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-198
SLATER, SARAH E.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-O-137
SLAUGHTER, JOHN              ITHACA                        NY-55-X-314
SLOAN, ESTHER                DRYDEN                        NY-55-C-233
SLOAT, IDA                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-234
SLOAT, MARY V.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-230
SLOAT, PETER J.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-578
SLOCUM, CHRISTOPHER          DANBY                         NY-55-E-275
SLOCUM, HULDAH               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-286
SMILEY, ANGELINE A.          DANBY                         NY-55-U-180
SMILEY, EVERETT              GROTON                        NY-55-V-632
SMILEY, JOSEPH               DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-30
SMILEY, OLIVIA R.            DANBY                         NY-55-Q-102
SMILEY, WILLIAM              DANBY                         NY-55-T-34
SMITH, ABEL                  GROTON                        NY-55-H-309
SMITH, ALVAH N.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-Z-206
SMITH, ANN H.                DRYDEN                        NY-55-R-136
SMITH, BETSEY                ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-278
SMITH, CHRISTOPHER           ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-134
SMITH, CORNELIA H.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-287
SMITH, DAVID                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-165
SMITH, DELIA                 TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-U-434
SMITH, EARL V.               ENFIELD                       NY-55-X-138
SMITH, EDWIN S.              NTL                           NY-55-V-174
SMITH, EDWIN S.              LANSING                       NY-55-R-106
SMITH, ELIAS                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-237
SMITH, ELIJAH                GROTON                        NY-55-H-166
SMITH, EPHRAIM               DANBY                         NY-55-C-316
SMITH, FANNIE L.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-Y-102
SMITH, FLORETTA B.           GROTON                        NY-55-U-24
SMITH, FRANKLIN              ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-110
SMITH, GEORGE                ITHACA                        NY-55-J-125
SMITH, GROVE                 HECTOR                        NY-55-D-175
SMITH, HANFORD               LANSING                       NY-55-O-293
SMITH, HARRIET B.            LANSING                       NY-55-X-554
SMITH, HARRY                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-248
SMITH, HENRY                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-610
SMITH, HENRY C.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-590
SMITH, HORACE J.             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-162
SMITH, HUGH H.               ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-454
SMITH, IRA                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-414
SMITH, IRA                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-288
SMITH, ISAAC                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-57
SMITH, ISAAC H.              ITHACA                        NY-55-V-428
SMITH, ISAAC S.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-C-113
SMITH, JACOB V.              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-470
SMITH, JAMES Y.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-566
SMITH, JARED M.              LANSING                       NY-55-U-614
SMITH, JOHN B.               DANBY                         NY-55-T-614
SMITH, JOHN H.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-8
SMITH, JOHN H.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-2
SMITH, JOHN M.               DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-274
SMITH, JOSEPH                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-I-245
SMITH, LEROY H.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-74
SMITH, LEVI                  ITHACA                        NY-55-M-337
SMITH, LIBBIE                LANSING                       NY-55-Z-406
SMITH, LUCY B.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-438
SMITH, LYDIA                 ITHACA                        NY-55-J-493
SMITH, MARIA                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-93
SMITH, MINOR T.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-326
SMITH, OREN                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-397
SMITH, PERSIS M.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-226
SMITH, PETER                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-183
SMITH, PETER H.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-345
SMITH, PHILEMON L.           LANSING                       NY-55-U-588
SMITH, REUBEN S.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-358
SMITH, ROBERT P.             TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-K-380
SMITH, SALLY                 ULSSYES                       NY-55-H-75
SMITH, SAMUEL                LANSING                       NY-55-C-131
SMITH, SAMUEL                ULYSSES                       NY-55-D-288
SMITH, SAMUEL H.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-438
SMITH, SARAH                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-318
SMITH, THEODORIC             ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-60
SMITH, TOMPKINS              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-598
SMITH, TRACY                 DANBY                         NY-55-H-84
SMITH, WILLIAM H.            HECTOR                        NY-55-A-65
SMITH, WILLIAM O.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-398
SMITH, WILLIAM R.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-506
SMITH, WILLIAM R.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-49
SMOKE, JOHN                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-202
SNOW, ARUBA A.               ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-138
SNOW, HARRIET E.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-578
SNOW, LUCINDA S.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-Z-26
SNOW, PHEBE E.               ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-174
SNOW, ROSWELL                CAROLINE                      NY-55-C-264
SNYDER, EFFIE A.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-608
SNYDER, HARRY A.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-262
SNYDER, HENRY                DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-565
SNYDER, HILIP R.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-106
SNYDER, IRA                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-R-165
SNYDER, JAMES                DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-10
SNYDER, JEREMIAH             DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-95
SNYDER, LUCINDA              ITHACA                        NY-55-V-108
SNYDER, MINNIE               DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-498
SNYDER, NELSON               DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-270
SNYDER, PETER                DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-321
SNYDER, PETER                DRYDEN                        NY-55-C-1
SNYDER, PETER T.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-253
SNYDER, SYLVESTER            LANSING                       NY-55-U-414
SNYDER, WALTER               DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-257
SNYDER, WILLIAM              DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-521
SOMMERS, HENRY B.            ITHACA                        NY-55-F-488
SOULE, LAMBERT               ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-170
SOULES, LAURA                DANBY                         NY-55-U-516
SOUTHWORTH, JOHN             DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-333
SOUTHWORTH, THOMAS           DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-329
SPAULDING, ESTHER            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-290
SPAULDING, NATHANIEL         NEWFIELD                      NY-55-M-221
SPAULDING, WILLIAM           CAROLINE                      NY-55-O-297
SPEED, FRANCES H.            CAROLINE                      NY-55-W-498
SPEED, HENRY                 *, TIOGA, NY                  NY-55-A2-29
SPEED, JOSEPH                CAROLINE                      NY-55-F-91
SPEED, JOSEPH J.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-101
SPEER, SAMUEL                DANBY                         NY-55-T-270
SPEER, TUNIS                 DANBY                         NY-55-C-284
SPEES, ABRAM                 DEANBY                        NY-55-P-386
SPENCER, ANSON               ITHACA                        NY-55-O-89
SPENCER, DAVID B.            ITHACA                        NY-55-G-406
SPENCER, JAMES C. A.         ITHACA                        NY-55-U-106
SPENCER, SARAH A.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-214
SPENCER, THOMAS N.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-278
SPERRY, ALVAH J.             LANSING                       NY-55-Q-486
SPERRY, FERDINAND C.         LANSING                       NY-55-Y-234
SPERRY, LEMUEL               GROTON                        NY-55-I-473
SPRAGUE, JOSEPH B.           ITHACA                        NY-55-O-509
SQUIRES, HENRY B.            ITHACA                        NY-55-G-177
SQUIRES, ORRIN               ITHACA                        NY-55-J-25
STAMP, BENJAMIN              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-N-265
STAMP, GEORGE                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-X-430
STANLEY, MARTHA              ITHACA                        NY-55-L-343
STANTON, JOHN                DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-126
STARK, MARY A.               NEWARK, ESSEX, NJ             NY-55-V-356
STARKS, DANIEL               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-C-311
STARKS, HUROM                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-472
STARKS, MARY F.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-182
STARR, MARY                  ITHACA                        NY-55-H-208
STARR, MINA T.               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-C-206
STARR, PORTEUS P.            GROTON                        NY-55-E-354
STATES, SALLY                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-H-261
STEADMAN, LEVI W.            GROTON                        NY-55-V-612
STEARNS, ALVIN S.            GROTON                        NY-55-U-500
STEARNS, JOHN                CAROLINE                      NY-55-O-569
STEBBINS, ALFRED             ITHACA                        NY-55-T-82
STEBBINS, ESTHER             ITHACA                        NY-55-J-221
STEBBINS, LEWIS              ITHACA                        NY-55-L-25
STEBBINS, LUCILLA W.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-414
STEBBINS, MARY A.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-210
STEBBINS, SARAH              ITHACA                        NY-55-P-590
STEELE, NATHANIEL            DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-258
STEELE, WILLIAM M.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-488
STEENBURGH, HOFFMAN          ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-154
STEPHENS, JOHN L.            ITHACA                        NY-55-P-98
STEPHENS, SARAH J.           ITHACA                        NY-55-X-22
STEPHENS, THOMAS             ITHACA                        NY-55-L-265
STEPHENSON, JANE             ITHACA                        NY-55-O-261
STEPHENSON, SARAH            GROTON                        NY-55-L-577
STERRELL, JOHN               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-F-413
STEVENS, HENRY               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-558
STEVENS, JOHN                ITHACA                        NY-55-J-129
STEVENS, JOHN                GROTON                        NY-55-O-189
STEVENS, NICHOLAS H.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-594
STEVENS, ROBERT HENRY        ITHACA                        NY-55-T-398
STEVENS, SANFORD JR.         CAROLINE                      NY-55-I-77
STEVENS, SMITH D.            CAROLINE                      NY-55-W-58
STEVENSON, WILLIAM G.        ITHACA                        NY-55-L-31
STEWART, HENRY B.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-426
STEWART, MARGARET            GROTON                        NY-55-U-630
STEWART, SALLY ANN           DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-26
STICKLE, ANSON B.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-170
STICKLES, MAUD               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-118
STIETTENROTH, ADELLA C.      ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-474
STILWELL, JAMES              HECTOR                        NY-55-C-159
STILWELL, THOMAS             HECTOR                        NY-55-A-206
STJOHN, MARY A.              ITHACA                        NY-55-V-442
STODDART, GEORGE             ITHACA                        NY-55-H-228
STONE, ANN ELIZA             ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-150
STONE, JOEL                  ITHACA                        NY-55-P-306
STONE, WILLIAM               HECTOR                        NY-55-G-252
STONE, WILLIAM JARVIS        ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-173
STORM, ABEL                  LANSING                       NY-55-O-13
STORMS, HANNAH LOIUSE        ITHACA                        NY-55-V-114
STORMS, OLIVE                LANSING                       NY-55-F-137
STOWELL, CALVIN              GROTON                        NY-55-C-335
STOWELL, JOHN C.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-86
STOWELL, SARAH               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-136
STRATTON, ALICE              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-N-97
STRATTON, WILLIAM            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-M-173
STRINGER, JAMES              ENFIELD                       NY-55-E-127
STRONG, BENAJAH 3RD          DRYDEN                        NY-55-E-374
STRONG, CHAPMAN L.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-466
STRONG, MARY A.              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-410
STRONG, SAMUEL               LANSING                       NY-55-J-205
STUART, EMELINE C.           LANSING                       NY-55-T-326
STUBBS, JOHN W.              DANBY                         NY-55-P-370
SULIVAN, MARY JENNET         CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-437
SULLIVAN, DANIEL             ITHACA                        NY-55-U-524
SULLIVAN, JOHN               CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-153
SULLIVAN, PATRICK SR.        ITHACA                        NY-55-W-206
SULLIVAN, SARAH M.           CAROLINE                      NY-55-Q-118
SULLIVAN, WILLIAM            CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-386
SUTFIN, JAMES                DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-346
SUTFIN, WILLIAM H.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-352
SUTPHEN, EDWIN               ENFIELD                       NY-55-X-518
SUTPHEN, ELIZABETH A.        ENFIELD                       NY-55-R-102
SWANBROUGH, WILLIAM          DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-323
SWANSBROUGH, MARY ANN        ITHACA                        NY-55-X-54
SWART, GEORGE                DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-234
SWARTOUT, CAROLINE           DANBY                         NY-55-S-218
SWARTOUT, HIRAM              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-554
SWARTOUT, LEROY              LANSING                       NY-55-V-88
SWARTOUT, LUTHER             DANBY                         NY-55-K-476
SWARTOUT, LUTHER             DANBY                         NY-55-M-309
SWARTOUT, MARIA              ENFIELD                       NY-55-L-19
SWARTOUT, SAMUEL             DANBY                         NY-55-W-246
SWARTOUT, WILLIAM            DANBY                         NY-55-T-366
SWARTWOUT, HANNAH            HECTOR                        NY-55-F-286
SWEAZEY, CALEB               GROTON                        NY-55-F-243
SWEAZEY, CALEB B.            PHILADELPHIA, PA              NY-55-H-441
SWEAZEY, CHARLES H.          ITHACA                        NY-55-U-342
SWEAZEY, JAMES               GROTON                        NY-55-N-13
SWEAZEY, THOMAS J.           LANSING                       NY-55-W-42
SWEET, ALBERT                ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-512
SWEETLAND, BOWEN             DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-253
SWEETLAND, JAMES             DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-169
SWEETLAND, LAFAYETTE         DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-2
SWICK, JOHN                  ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-145
SYKES, ANN F.                GROTON                        NY-55-W-378
SYKES, WARREN G.             GROTON                        NY-55-W-422
ABER, BENJAMIN               ITHACA                        NY-55-J-433
TABER, HUMPHREY              ENFIELD                       NY-55-F-215
TABER, LOUISA A.             TIOGA, TIOGA, NY              NY-55-M-141
TABER, SARAH                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-170
TAFT, HENRY E.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-213
TAFT, MARCY S.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-Q-538
TAILBY, EDWARD               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-266
TALLMADGE, RACHEL            ENFIELD                       NY-55-Q-62
TALLMADGE, RUFUS             ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-286
TALMAGE, MARY A.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-622
TANNAHILL, MATHEW            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-70
TANNER, SARAH                DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-368
TARBELL, MARY L. C.          ITHACA                        NY-55-W-590
TAYLOR, ANDREW               DANBY                         NY-55-Q-122
TAYLOR, CHARLES C.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-33
TAYLOR, FRED                 ITHACA                        NY-55-V-216
TAYLOR, JUDA                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-296
TEELER, HARRIETT M.          GROTON                        NY-55-U-446
TEELER, VINCENT              LANSING                       NY-55-U-484
TEETER, ABRAM                GROTON                        NY-55-V-184
TEETER, ANDREW               ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-38
TEETER, EDWIN                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-514
TEETER, HENRY                LANSING                       NY-55-C-302
TEETER, ISAAC                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-418
TEETER, JACOB                LANSING                       NY-55-F-65
TEETER, LAFAYETTE            LANSING                       NY-55-V-452
TEETER, MARY A.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-152
TEETER, PETER                LANSING                       NY-55-B-294
TEETER, RICHARD              LANSING                       NY-55-N-233
TEETER, SLY                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-189
TEMPLE, ALEXANDER            NTL                           NY-55-B-83
TEMPLETON, JAMES             LANSING                       NY-55-G-382
TERPENNIG, HANNAH            GROTON                        NY-55-W-86
TERPENNIG, HENRY             LANSING                       NY-55-J-173
TERRY, CLARISSA              ITHACA                        NY-55-R-44
TERRY, ELAM                  ITHACA                        NY-55-H-238
TERRY, ELIZABETH             ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-449
TERRY, JACOB                 ITHACA                        NY-55-M-37
TERRY, JAMES                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-326
TERRY, JOSEPH                ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-34
TERRY, OCTAVIA               ITHACA                        NY-55-W-70
TESS, WILLIAM N.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-150
TETER, JACOB P.              LANSING                       NY-55-G-292
THATCHER, DANIEL             ENFIELD                       NY-55-L-535
THATCHER, ELIZABETH          DANBY                         NY-55-W-254
THATCHER, EUNICE             ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-337
THAYER, RICHARD              DANBY                         NY-55-I-229
THEALL, SARAH F.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-Y-598
THOMAS, ALVAH S.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-452
THOMAS, BENJAMIN             GROTON                        NY-55-E-136
THOMAS, EDWARD               GROTON                        NY-55-Q-550
THOMAS, HIRAM                ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-80
THOMAS, JOEL                 GROTON                        NY-55-B-313
THOMAS, JOHN W.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-126
THOMAS, MARTHA A.            GROTON                        NY-55-S-330
THOMAS, NANCY S.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-586
THOMAS, STEPHEN              GROTON                        NY-55-J-277
THOMAS, WEALTHY D.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-46
THOMAS, WILLIAM N.           ITHACA                        NY-55-O-125
THOMPSON, ARCHIBALD          HECTOR                        NY-55-G-101
THOMPSON, ELIZA J.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-546
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH DALRYMPLE   ITHACA                     NY-55-V-448
THOMPSON, ELIZABETH N.       ITHACA                        NY-55-T-46
THOMPSON, HARRIET S.         NTL                           NY-55-V-636
THOMPSON, HARRIET W.         ITHACA                        NY-55-W-402
THOMPSON, HUGH               DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-375
THOMPSON, JAMES              HECTOR                        NY-55-D-277
THOMPSON, JAMES D.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-E-304
THOMPSON, JOHN L.            DANBY                         NY-55-V-576
THOMPSON, ROYAL              ITHACA                        NY-55-S-318
THORN, ELIZA                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-O-65
THORNTON, ELIJAH             DANBY                         NY-55-P-38
THRALL, JOHN H.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-Y-198
THURSTON, ROBERT H.          ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-554
TICHENOR, ALBERT S.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-X-406
TICHENOR, CLARISSA           ITHACA                        NY-55-W-126
TICHENOR, ELIZA              ITHACA                        NY-55-J-461
TICHENOR, EPHRAIM S.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-150
TICHENOR, PHEBE S.           ITHACA                        NY-55-T-154
TICHENOR, SHERMAN            ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-78
TICHENOR, ZENAS              LANSING                       NY-55-C-338
TIFFANY, WILLIAM D.          GROTON                        NY-55-J-289
TIFFANY, WILLIAM O.          GROTON                        NY-55-S-2
TILLOTSON, JANE ANN          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-230
TILLOTSON, MARY G.           ITHACA                        NY-55-M-265
TOBER, MARY A.               ITHACA                        NY-55-U-300
TOBIAS, HENRY                HECTOR                        NY-55-C-11
TODD, ELEAZER                DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-391
TODD, GARVIN A.              DANBY                         NY-55-U-66
TODD, HARRIET A.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-K-219
TODD, HARRIET C.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-414
TODD, HENRY G.               ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-566
TODD, HORACE A.              DANBY                         NY-55-S-42
TODD, JAMES                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-123
TODD, JOSIAH                 LANSING                       NY-55-J-57
TODD, SIDNEY S.              LANSING                       NY-55-T-526
TOLFREE, HELEN M.            ITHACA                        NY-55-J-93
TOLLES, CHAUNCEY C.          ITHACA                        NY-55-P-314
TOMPKINS, ABBIE E.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-598
TOMPKINS, BRADFORD R.        NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-338
TOMPKINS, JAMES              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-405
TOMPKINS, LAURENCE           NTL                           NY-55-A-220
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-H-415
TOMPKINS, STEPHEN            LANSING                       NY-55-D-47
TOMPKINS, WILLIAM            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-388
TOMPSON, HARRIET S.          LANSING                       NY-55-R-123
TOOKER, JONAS                LANSING                       NY-55-A-159
TORREY, DAVID B.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-28
TOURTELLOT, JEREMIAH         ITHACA                        NY-55-G-280
TOURTELLOTT, MARY            ITHACA                        NY-55-N-385
TOWNLEY, CHARLES             LANSING                       NY-55-A-10
TOWNLEY, EFFINGHAM           GROTON                        NY-55-J-409
TOWNLEY, ELIZABETH           LANSING                       NY-55-V-552
TOWNLEY, FANNY               GROTON                        NY-55-O-141
TOWNLEY, JOHN A.             LANSING                       NY-55-U-424
TOWNLEY, JOHN N.             LANSING                       NY-55-O-493
TOWNLEY, JOSEPH B.           LANSING                       NY-55-R-215
TOWNLEY, LEWIS               LANSING                       NY-55-G-299
TOWNLEY, OLIVER P.           LANSING                       NY-55-V-236
TOWNLEY, PHEBE J.            ITHACA                        NY-55-W-530
TOWNLEY, RICHARD             LANSING                       NY-55-D-22
TOWNLEY, RICHARD             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-358
TOWNLEY, SMITH               GROTON                        NY-55-J-449
TOWNLY, JEROME B.            GROTON                        NY-55-Q-510
TOWNSEND, ANIETTA            ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-218
TOWNSEND, ANN                ITHACA                        NY-55-J-417
TOWNSEND, ISAAC              ITHACA                        NY-55-G-18
TRACY, SMITH                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-242
TRAVER, HELEN C.             DANBY                         NY-55-U-548
TREMAN, ALMIRA               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-574
TREMAN, ELIAS                ITHAC                         NY-55-W-362
TREMAN, ERASTUS R.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-482
TREMAN, LAFAYETTE L.         ITHACA                        NY-55-X-442
TREMBLE, MOSES A.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-122
TREMBLEY, MERCY B.           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-512
TRENCH, JAMES                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-386
TRENCH, JANE                 ITHACA                        NY-55-P-286
TRENCH, MARIA                ITHACA                        NY-55-T-338
TRENCH, RUTH E.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-198
TRIPP, DANIEL                DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-5
TRIPP, JAMES                 ITHACA                        NY-55-K-533
TRIPP, JAMES S.              DANBY                         NY-55-V-388
TROTTER, ABRAM M.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-198
TROTTER, ROBERT              ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-425
TROWBRIDGE, ELISHA           ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-357
TRUE, MARTHA                 ITHACA                        NY-55-R-148
TRUESDELL, JOHN              ITHACA                        NY-55-I-17
TRUMAN, LEONARD              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-330
TRUMBALL, CHARLES M.         ENFIELD                       NY-55-Z-302
TRUMBLE, ISAAC P.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-X-330
TRUMBLE, MARTHA              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-113
TRUMBLE, SARAH J.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-258
TUBBS, ALBERT E.             DANBY                         NY-55-Y-258
TUBBS, ANDREW B.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-L-433
TUCKER, AMOS L.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-37
TUCKER, AMY B.               ITHACA                        NY-55-S-110
TUCKER, BENJAMIN             DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-403
TUCKER, FREDERICK D.         ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-454
TUCKER, MARTHA               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-257
TUCKER, MARY ANN             CAROLINE                      NY-55-P-46
TUCKER, NEHEMIAH             DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-51
TUILBY, MARYETTE             ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-90
TURK, ISAAC                  CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-200
TUTHILL, CHARLES G.          ITHACA                        NY-55-N-433
TUTHILL, DAVID               LANSING                       NY-55-X-474
TUTHILL, GEORGE              DANBY                         NY-55-T-194
TUTHILL, HELEN M.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-274
TWIST, HARRIET E.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-510
TYLER, J. M.                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-432
TYLER, JOHN                  DETROIT, WAYNE, MICHIGAN      NY-55-R-87
TYLER, MOSES COIT            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-66
TYLER, SIMEON                DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-306
UNDERDOWN, JOHN              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-T-238
UNDERWOOD, ISAAC             GROTON                        NY-55-S-270
UNDERWOOD, ISRAEL            GENOA, CAYUGA, NY             NY-55-A2-7
UPDIKE, ABRAM G.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-398
UPDIKE, DAVID                ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-18
UPDIKE, ELIZA ANN            ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-202
UPDIKE, IDA                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-290
UPDIKE, JACOB                DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-177
UPDIKE, JESSE                GROTON                        NY-55-B-55
UPDIKE, LAURANCE             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-194
UPDIKE, LAWRENCE             GROTON                        NY-55-L-235
UPDIKE, MARIA                ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-93
UPDIKE, OLIVE                GROTON                        NY-55-S-94
UPDIKE, RALPH                ULYSSES                       NY-55-R-38
UTTER, HORACE                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-160
VALENTINE, LEVI              ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-299
VALENTINE, MARY              ULYSSES                       NY-55-L-115
VALENTINE, MARY D.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-170
VANAUKEN, ABIGAIL            LANSING                       NY-55-T-350
VANBURGER, JOHN              GROTON                        NY-55-E-390
VANBUSKIRK, AARON            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-230
VANBUSKIRK, JANE             ITHACA                        NY-55-U-252
VANBUSKIRK, MARIA            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-254
VANCAMPEN, JOHN              ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-123
VANDEMARK, DINAH E.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-N-193
VANDERBELT, JOHN C.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-574
VANDERBILT, JACOB            ITHACA                        NY-55-O-537
VANDERBILT, SARAH            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-6
VANDERHOOF, ELIJAH           DRYDEN                        NY-55-C-245
VANDERMARK, JAMES            CAROLINE                      NY-55-L-85
VANDERVEER, PETER S.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-455
VANDERVERE, WILLIAM P.       ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-58
VANDUSEN, MARY A.            DANBY                         NY-55-V-68
VANDUYN, HARRIET H.          TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-P-354
VANETTEN, ROBERT C.          DANBY                         NY-55-Q-6
VANGELDEN, WILLIAM           DANBY                         NY-55-J-353
VANGELDER, TOBIAS R.         DANBY                         NY-55-Z-370
VANHORN, ORSEMUS J.          HECTOR                        NY-55-H-225
VANHOUTEN, CHARLES F.        ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-366
VANHOUTRE, AARON             ITHACA                        NY-55-C-127
VANIDERSTEIN, JAMES          CAROLINE                      NY-55-W-506
VANKIRK, CHARLES C.          ITHACA                        NY-55-U-534
VANKIRK, ENOCH               ITHACA                        NY-55-S-26
VANKIRK, FRANCIS C.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-444
VANKIRK, LEWIS H.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-M-329
VANLIEW, PETER               ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-422
VANMASTER, ISAAC             GROTON                        NY-55-H-147
VANMATER, JOHN               DRYDEN                        NY-55-A-44
VANN, SAMUEL                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-393
VANN, THOMAS                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-468
VANNATTA, ANNA M.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-286
VANNATTA, JOHN B.            ITHACA                        NY-55-N-237
VANNESS, BARNARD             HECTOR                        NY-55-F-301
VANNORMAN, WILLIAM           ITHACA                        NY-55-B-298
VANNORTWICH, SIMEON          DRYDEN                        NY-55-D-214
VANNOSTWICK, ELIZABETH       DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-617
VANORDER, ABRAM              ITHACA                        NY-55-V-394
VANORDER, HARRISON           DANBY                         NY-55-Y-434
VANORDER, HATTIE E.          DANBY                         NY-55-X-290
VANORDER, JAMES              ITHACA                        NY-55-C-326
VANORDER, MARIA              ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-578
VANORDER, SARAH              ITHACA                        NY-55-L-1
VANORMAN, HENRIETTA          ITHACA                        NY-55-S-634
VANORMAN, ISAAC              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-298
VANORMAN, WILLIAM            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-120
VANORMON, JOSEPH             ITHACA                        NY-55-R-94
VANORMON, JOSEPH             ITHACA                        NY-55-R-83
VANPELT, LORENZO D.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-W-278
VANSICKLE, ELIZA ANN         DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-514
VANSICKLE, WILLIAM           DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-317
VANVALKENBURG, MILLS         ITHACA                        NY-55-M-413
VERNOOY, SARAH MARIA         ITHACA                        NY-55-W-50
VICKERY, BENJAMIN            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-F-380
VISCHER, DEBORAH             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-218
VISSCHER, GAZENA             ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-366
VOAKES, ESTHER               LANSING                       NY-55-I-301
VOORHIS, DANIEL              CAROLINE                      NY-55-E-367
VORHIS, ANDREW C.            CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-98
VORHIS, CHESTER L.           DANBY                         NY-55-W-366
VORHIS, JOHN                 DANBY                         NY-55-I-161
VORHIS, JOTHAM               ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-594
WADAMS, BIRDSEY              DANBY                         NY-55-L-331
WADE, BENJAMIN C.            CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-294
WADE, EDWIN R.               DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-606
WADHAMS, ADALINE E.          DANBY                         NY-55-G-329
WADHAMS, WILBERT E.          DANBY                         NY-55-Q-582
WAFER, JAMES S.              DANBY                         NY-55-S-98
WAFER, MOSES                 ITHACA                        NY-55-J-109
WAGER, BENJAMIN              LANSING                       NY-55-J-293
WAGNER, MAHALA               ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-157
WAGONER, WILLIAM O.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-92
WAIT, GEORGE D.              GROTON                        NY-55-V-368
WAKEMAN, HENRY               ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-214
WAKEMAN, MARY JANE           ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-601
WALDRON, JOHN                DRYDEN                        NY-55-B-153
WALLACE, JONAS S.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-14
WALLACE, WILLAM R.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-482
WALLINBACK, THOMAS           ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-310
WALLING, CONSTANT L.         DANBY                         NY-55-M-473
WALLINGBACK, SOLOMON         ENFIELD                       NY-55-M-433
WALPOLE, BRIDGET             GROTON                        NY-55-O-349
WALWORTH, RACHEL             ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-193
WANZER, EMELINE              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-434
WARD, WILLIAM T.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-140
WARDWELL, ALICE J.           ITHACA                        NY-55-P-330
WARFIELD, WILLIAM LYMAN      GROTON                        NY-55-O-73
WARINER, LAURENCE            GROTON                        NY-55-N-37
WARREN, HORACE               ITHACA                        NY-55-N-25
WATERS, JOHN                 GROTON                        NY-55-B-159
WATKINS, EDMUND H.           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-104
WATSON, GEORGE E.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-370
WATTELS, LATHROP             CAROLINE                      NY-55-L-571
WATTLES, CARLETON S.         ITHACA                        NY-55-U-348
WATTLES, WILLIAM H.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-202
WEAVER, CHLOE                GROTON                        NY-55-N-105
WEAVER, DENISON R.           GROTON                        NY-55-M-409
WEAVER, EZRA                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-62
WEAVER, LUCINE               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-162
WEBB, CAHRLOTTE              ITHACA                        NY-55-S-30
WEBSTER, HENRY K.            ITHACA                        NY-55-H-80
WEBSTER, ISAAC               GROTON                        NY-55-V-522
WEED, JOHN D.                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-40
WEED, MUNSON                 DANBY                         NY-55-Q-438
WEED, RICE                   DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-377
WEEKS, TIMOTHY M.            GROTON                        NY-55-X-382
WELCH, EDWARD                DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-204
WELCH, JOHN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-B-169
WELCH, MARY                  ITHACA                        NY-55-F-236
WELCH, WARNER H.             ITHACA                        NY-55-M-417
WELCH, WILLIAM               ITHACA                        NY-55-C-223
WELCH, WILLIAM M.            DANBY                         NY-55-W-38
WELLES, PHEBE A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-U-206
WELLS, ALFRED                ITHACA                        NY-55-J-389
WESCOTT, JOHN                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-186
WEST, ALPHEUS                GROTON                        NY-55-I-433
WEST, WILLIAM                DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-490
WESTERVELT, JOHN C.          ITHACA                        NY-55-T-378
WESTERVELT, RALPH J.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-J-33
WESTON, PHILA                CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-426
WHALEY, THOMAS H.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-329
WHEELER, EMERY A.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-78
WHEELER, ENOS                DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-314
WHEELER, SETH                DRYDEN                        NY-55-B-78
WHEELOCK, LYDIA A.           ITHACA                        NY-55-X-558
WHIPPLE, DAVID               GROTON                        NY-55-Q-258
WHITBECK, JOHN               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-458
WHITE, AMANDA                ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-230
WHITE, CHARLES H.            ITHACA                        NY-55-X-202
WHITE, CYNTHIA               ITHACA                        NY-55-N-409
WHITE, DAVID C.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-446
WHITE, E. BATES              LANSING                       NY-55-W-466
WHITE, ESTHER                HOMESDALE, WAYNE, PA          NY-55-H-450
WHITE, GEORGE G.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-62
WHITE, HENRY                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-421
WHITE, ROLAND C.             GROTON                        NY-55-S-146
WHITE, WALTER W.             GROTON                        NY-55-U-404
WHITLOCK, CONRAD T.          ITHACA                        NY-55-U-448
WHITLOCK, FRED               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-504
WHITLOCK, HARRIET H.         ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-190
WHITLOCK, LUCY ANN           ITHACA                        NY-55-L-79
WHITMORE, ADALINE N.         ITHACA                        NY-55-U-282
WHITNEY, BELDEN              ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-470
WHITNEY, GEORGE C.           CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-326
WHITNEY, JOEL N.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-S-102
WHITON, GEORGE               ITHACA                        NY-55-O-497
WHITON, JOHN L.              ITHACA                        NY-55-S-402
WHITON, MARY S.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-42
WHITON, NANCY                ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-38
WICK, JANE E.                ITHACA                        NY-55-W-578
WIGHTMAN, JOHN               HECTOR                        NY-55-A-32
WILCOX, CLARK                GROTON                        NY-55-G-41
WILCOX, ELISHA               ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-277
WILCOX, IRA                  DANBY                         NY-55-U-528
WILCOX, MARGARET A.          ITHACA                        NY-55-S-530
WILCOX, SALLY                ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-74
WILCOX, TIMOTHY D.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-494
WILDRICH, PATIENCE           LANSING                       NY-55-L-133
WILKIN, DAVID A.             NTL                           NY-55-R-194
WILLARD, CAROLINE E.         ITHACA                        NY-55-O-201
WILLETS, SAMUEL H.           ITHACA                        NY-55-S-558
WILLETTS, MARY C.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-408
WILLETTS, MARY C.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-412
WILLEY, RICHARD              CAROLINE                      NY-55-L-175
WILLIAMS, ANNIS              LANSING                       NY-55-H-456
WILLIAMS, BARNUM R.          GROTON                        NY-55-Z-586
WILLIAMS, CHARITY            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-122
WILLIAMS, CHARLES M.         ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-38
WILLIAMS, CHRISTINA          ITHACA                        NY-55-S-46
WILLIAMS, DANIEL             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-C-75
WILLIAMS, EGBERT             LANSING                       NY-55-U-50
WILLIAMS, EUNICE M.          GROTON                        NY-55-O-437
WILLIAMS, GEORGE             LANSING                       NY-55-Q-618
WILLIAMS, GEORGE GRANT       GROTON                        NY-55-X-98
WILLIAMS, GEORGE H.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-582
WILLIAMS, ISAAC H.           LANSING                       NY-55-L-337
WILLIAMS, JOHN               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-634
WILLIAMS, JOHN G.            ITHACA                        NY-55-I-373
WILLIAMS, KEZIAH             ITHACA                        NY-55-N-29
WILLIAMS, LEVI               ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-462
WILLIAMS, LINA               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-58
WILLIAMS, LORINDA            LANSING                       NY-55-O-489
WILLIAMS, MANWELL            ITHACA                        NY-55-D-39
WILLIAMS, MARY E.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-30
WILLIAMS, OBADIAH            ULYSSES                       NY-55-F-197
WILLIAMS, PARVIS A.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-319
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL G.          ITHACA                        NY-55-X-450
WILLIAMS, SARAH L.           ITHACA                        NY-55-W-10
WILLIAMS, THANKFUL           DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-213
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             ITHACA                        NY-55-A2-18
WILLIAMS, THOMAS             ITHACA                        NY-55-B-6
WILLIAMS, WALTER P.          ITHACA                        NY-55-N-185
WILLIS, JOHN                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-E-379
WILLSON, SUSAN               ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-328
WILSON, ANDREW               ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-353
WILSON, ANNA T.              PHILADELPHIA, PHILA., PA      NY-55-Z-246
WILSON, GILBERT A.           GROTON                        NY-55-U-166
WILSON, HENRY                ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-46
WILSON, JOSEPH H.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-130
WILSON, LAURA                DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-589
WILSON, MARY L. PETTIT       ITHACA                        NY-55-V-502
WILSON, ROBERT H.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-54
WILSON, SAMUEL               GROTON                        NY-55-L-463
WILSON, SARAH E.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-97
WILSON, STEPHEN H.           GROTON                        NY-55-W-358
WINCHELL, ABRAHAM            DRYDEN                        NY-55-D-336
WINTERS, MARY                ITHACA                        NY-55-W-18
WINTERS, PHILIP              ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-404
WINTON, SAMUEL H.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-578
WIRE, DUDLEY W.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-C-146
WISNER, ASA                  ELMIRA, TIOGA, NY             NY-55-B-240
WISNER, WILLIAM              CEDAR RAPIDS, LINN, IA        NY-55-M-273
WOLCOTT, JOHN                CAROLINE                      NY-55-W-114
WOLPIN, CORNELIUS            DRYDEN                        NY-55-A-71
WOOD, AMASA                  LANSING                       NY-55-V-272
WOOD, AMELIA                 LANSING                       NY-55-O-121
WOOD, ANNA S.                ITHACA                        NY-55-O-157
WOOD, CATHARINE A.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-506
WOOD, CHARLES                ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-110
WOOD, DANIEL T.              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-393
WOOD, DEBBIE A.              ITHACA                        NY-55-X-482
WOOD, GEORGE                 ITHACA                        NY-55-S-538
WOOD, JACOB                  ITHACA                        NY-55-D-192
WOOD, MARY                   ITHACA                        NY-55-O-401
WOOD, MATILDA                ENFIELD                       NY-55-L-43
WOOD, MERCY J.               ITHACA                        NY-55-J-488
WOOD, MILTON                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-64
WOODBURY, LOUISA R.          ITHACA                        NY-55-P-518
WOODBURY, WILLIAM            GROTON                        NY-55-O-485
WOODEN, JARVIS               ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-349
WOODMAN, JOHN                HECTOR                        NY-55-C-279
WOODRUFF, CHARLES F.         ITHACA                        NY-55-F-273
WOODRUFF, MINERVA J.         ITHACA                        NY-55-U-546
WOODRUFF, SARAH J.           ITHACA                        NY-55-I-381
WOODWARD, ALBERT R.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-522
WOODWARD, CHARLES            ENFIELD                       NY-55-F-165
WOODWARD, GEORGE DR.         HECTOR                        NY-55-A2-16
WOODWARD, GEORGE DR.         NTL                           NY-55-B-1
WOODWARD, JOHN               HECTOR                        NY-55-F-144
WOODWARD, RICHARD G. B.      ITHACA                        NY-55-M-125
WOODWORTH, ABBY              ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-44
WOODWORTH, BETSEY J.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-60
WOODWORTH, DAVID             ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-391
WOODWORTH, ELIZABETH S.      ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-460
WOODWORTH, JANE              ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-414
WOOL, ROBERT                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-493
WOOLEVER, SAMUEL             DRYDEN                        NY-55-R-27
WOOLLEY, ELI                 LANSING                       NY-55-W-522
WORDEN, MAHALA               ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-158
WORDEN, ORRIN                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-340
WORDEN, PETER                DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-213
WORTMAN, GABRIEL             ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-620
WORTMAN, GABRIEL             ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-15
WORTMAN, JOHN G.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-158
WORTMAN, LEWIS H.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-326
WORTMAN, WILLIAM             ULYSSES                       NY-55-J-41
WRIGHT, AMASA M.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-137
WRIGHT, CHARLES L.           DANBY                         NY-55-X-106
WRIGHT, HORACE C.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-450
WRIGHT, LEVI                 GROTON                        NY-55-P-94
WRIGHT, MARY B.              DANBY                         NY-55-H-205
WYCKOFF, MARGARET C.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-102
YAPLE, LUCETTA               DANBY                         NY-55-U-362
YAPLE, PETER                 DANBY                         NY-55-I-153
YAPLE, ROSANNA               DANBY                         NY-55-L-121
YAPLES, GEORGE W.            DANBY                         NY-55-J-381
YATES, FRANCIS               CAROLINE                      NY-55-Q-358
YATES, JANE                  CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-276
YOHE, JOHN                   ITHACA                        NY-55-W-486
YOUNG, ADELIA ADELAID        DANBY                         NY-55-U-492
YOUNG, JERUSHA R.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-O-417
YOUNG, JESSE                 ITHACA                        NY-55-G-166
YOUNG, JULIA                 ITHACA                        NY-55-O-353
YOUNG, WILLIAM E.            DANBY                         NY-55-X-346
ZINCK, THEODORE              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-566

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