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DAGGETT, CLARK               TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-Z-2
DAKIN, SARAH                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-69
DALE, HATTIE A.              ITHACA                        NY-55-R-205
DAMONS, SARAH                DRYDEN                        NY-55-A-80
DANA, AMASA                  ITHACA                        NY-55-J-441
DANA, AMASA B.               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-186
DANA, MARY H.                ITHACA                        NY-55-M-333
DANIELS, ERASTUS             ITHACA                        NY-55-S-482
DARLING, REUBEN              DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-469
DASSANCE, ABNER              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-133
DATES, JOHN D.               LANSING                       NY-55-S-190
DAVENPORT, ANTHONY           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-498
DAVENPORT, BENUJAMIN         DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-74
DAVENPORT, BETSEY            ITHACA                        NY-55-P-338
DAVENPORT, CHARLES A.        ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-318
DAVENPORT, EDWIN             ITHACA                        NY-55-R-258
DAVENPORT, ELIZA             ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-300
DAVENPORT, ELIZABETH         DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-128
DAVENPORT, ILA ANN           ITHACA                        NY-55-T-362
DAVENPORT, MARTHA            ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-197
DAVENPORT, NANCY A.          ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-486
DAVENPORT, SYLVANUS          DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-393
DAVENPORT, THERON            ITHACA                        NY-55-M-65
DAVEY, GEORGE W.             GROTON                        NY-55-Z-570
DAVIS, CALEB                 ITHACA                        NY-55-S-206
DAVIS, CALEB                 ITHACA                        NY-55-I-449
DAVIS, FIDELIA               GROTON                        NY-55-I-425
DAVIS, HELEN M.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-530
DAVIS, ISAAC                 LANSING                       NY-55-V-378
DAVIS, JOHN                  LANSING                       NY-55-E-330
DAVIS, LYDIA B.              LANSING                       NY-55-U-236
DAVIS, MARANDA               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-42
DAVIS, MARGARET              LANSING                       NY-55-F-474
DAVIS, SALLY                 LANSING                       NY-55-R-18
DAVIS, SAMUEL                LANSING                       NY-55-A-179
DAVIS, SAMUEL L.             LANSING                       NY-55-Y-394
DAVIS, SHELDON               DANBY                         NY-55-Z-110
DAVIS, WILLIAM               LANSING                       NY-55-O-193
DAWSON, ABRAHAM              *NTL                          NY-55-K-401
DAWSON, ABRAHAM              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-113
DAY, BETSEY                  ITHACA                        NY-55-M-33
DAY, LORIN                   ITHACA                        NY-55-X-598
DAY, MARY A.                 ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-194
DEAN, CYNTHIA ANN            ITHACA                        NY-55-O-409
DEAN, JOSEPHINE              LANSING                       NY-55-V-98
DEAN, MARY A.                DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-6
DEAN, SARAH A.               LANSING                       NY-55-N-429
DEAN, WILLIAM C.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-101
DECAMP, DANIEL               LANSING                       NY-55-S-566
DECKER, GEORGE E.            ITHACA                        NY-55-N-361
DeCONDUS, MARY               DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-73
DEDEVER, JOSEPH              CAROLINE                      NY-55-L-91
DEFOREST, GEORGE             ITHACA                        NY-55-T-146
DEGARMO, ANNA MALINTHA       CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-402
DEHART, MARY A.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-R-197
DELAHAUT, SUSAN              ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-416
DELANE, MARIA C.             ITHAC                         NY-55-P-510
DELANO, DANIEL S.            GROTON                        NY-55-I-257
DELANO, SYLVANUS             GROTON                        NY-55-J-265
DEMING, FREDERICK            ITHACA                        NY-55-O-241
DEMING, SARAH                ITHACA                        NY-55-X-142
DEMISTON, DOROTHY T.         DANBY                         NY-55-U-352
DEMURE, PETER                HECTOR                        NY-55-F-256
DENMAN, MOSES T.             DANBY                         NY-55-U-540
DENNIS, HELEN                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-28
DENNIS, HUMPHREY             ENFIELD                       NY-55-C-6
DENNIS, SQUIRE B.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-D-82
DENNISON, MATTHIAS           HECTOR                        NY-55-E-267
DENNISON, ROXCENA            LANSING                       NY-55-U-474
DENTON, JOHN                 DANBY                         NY-55-F-184
DEPUTRON, JOEL               DANBY                         NY-55-H-178
DePUY, SARAH CAROLINE        CAROLINE                      NY-55-R-24
DEREMIRE, JOHN               ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-254
DEVENECE, ABRAHAM            ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-106
DEVENPORT, STEPHEN           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-402
DEVOE, HANNAH                DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-78
DEVOE, MOSES                 GROTON                        NY-55-O-549
DEWEY, MARY E.               GROTON                        NY-55-W-574
DEWITT, MARY LINN            ITHACA                        NY-55-M-9
DEWITT, NOAH S.              DANBY                         NY-55-S-562
DEWITT, SIMEON               ITHACA                        NY-55-C-101
DEWITT, WILLIAM L.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-562
DICKENS, AMASA               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-557
DICKENS, ISAIAH              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-150
DICKENS, JANE A.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-418
DICKERSON, LEWIS             LANSING                       NY-55-B-222
DICKERSON, THOMAS            DANBY                         NY-55-Y-58
DICKINSON, ABRAM B.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-586
DICKINSON, ELIZABETH         ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-242
DICKINSON, SUSAN             ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-566
DICKISON, ELISHA             ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-184
DICKISON, JOSEPH             ULYSSES                       NY-55-B-290
DIFFIN, PATRICK              ITHACA                        NY-55-R-189
DIMMICK, ELIAS               DANBY                         NY-55-V-508
DIMON, ABRAHAM *NTL          GROTON                        NY-55-E-49
DIMON, MERCY                 GROTON                        NY-55-O-545
DIMOND, BETSEY               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-390
DODD, ELLEN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-W-154
DODGE, ANTOINETTE            DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-313
DODGE, SETH                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-49
DOLPH, SARAH                 ITHACA                        NY-55-S-118
DONNELLY, MICHAEL            DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-445
DONOVAN, JEREMIAH            ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-605
DONOVAN, JOHN H.             WASHINGTON, D.C.              NY-55-Q-194
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY             ITHACA                        NY-55-T-298
DOOLITTLE, ANSON             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-350
DOOLITTLE, BENJAMIN J.       ITHACA                        NY-55-V-124
DORMAN, JABEZ                CAROLINE                      NY-55-G-467
DORN, ALEXANDER              DANBY                         NY-55-O-29
DORN, BROWNELL               DANBY                         NY-55-V-362
DORN, BROWNELL               DANBY                         NY-55-R-110
DORN, WESLEY                 DANBY                         NY-55-Y-34
DORSEY, NANCY                ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-302
DOTY, ISAAC                  ENFIELD                       NY-55-O-365
DOTY, MAHITABEL              ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-538
DOTY, VAN RENSSELAER         ITHACA                        NY-55-O-385
DOUGLASS, JAMES S.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-238
DOUGLASS, WILLIAM C.         NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-106
DOUR, FRANCIS CARR           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-262
DOUR, PAUL                   ITHACA                        NY-55-F-330
DOWNING, THOMAS              ITHACA                        NY-55-F-290
DRAKE, ADA P.                CINCINNATI, HAMILTON, OH      NY-55-V-242
DRAKE, GEORGE F.             LANSING                       NY-55-U-266
DRAKE, JOHN R.               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-E-334
DRAKE, LEWIS T.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-225
DRAKE, OGDEN                 LANSING                       NY-55-I-57
DRAKE, SAMUEL                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-634
DRAKE, SIDNEY                LANSING                       NY-55-E-21
DRAKE, WILLIAM               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-A-198
DREMER, IRVING               ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-580
DRPAER, THOMAS W.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-81
DuBOIS, PETER                ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-146
DUBOIS, CORTLAND T.          ITHACA                        NY-55-D-50
DuCONDUS, THOMAS             DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-17
DUDLEY, GRACE                GROTON                        NY-55-M-369
DUDLY, GEORGE                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-D-195
DUMOND, JOHN                 DANBY                         NY-55-C-249
DUMONT, FREDERICK S.         ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-237
DUNLAVEY, DENNIS             ITHACA                        NY-55-O-373
DUNLAVY, ANN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-V-400
DUNNING, BENJAMIN            TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-V-592
DUNNING, NATHANIEL B.        NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-602
DUPLEX, GEORGE               DANBY                         NY-55-H-356
DURAND, ANNA PERRY           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-530
DURFEE, MARY                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-194
DURFEE, WILLIAM              DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-198
DURLAND, MATILDA             HECTOR                        NY-55-G-214
DURLING, AARON               ITHACA                        NY-55-S-470
DURLING, CATHARINE           ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-348
DURLING, JOHN                NTL                           NY-55-U-604
DUSENBERRY, FRANCISCO        ITHACA                        NY-55-T-198
DUSENBERRY, LOIS             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-542
DUSENBERY, WILLIAM           DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-366
DUSENBURY, HENRY G.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-359
DUSENBURY, HENRY L.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-114
DUSENBURY, LAFAYETTE         DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-446
DUTCHER, THOMAS              DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-37
DWIGHT, JEREMIAH W.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-338
DWYER, JOHN S.               ITHACA                        NY-55-X-6
EARL, CALEB                  ITHACA                        NY-55-U-422
EARL, JOHN                   ULSSYES                       NY-55-N-229
EASLING, ELIAS               ULYSSES                       NY-55-I-397
EASLING, EMELINE             ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-181
EASLING, GARRET              ULYSSES                       NY-55-E-143
EASLING, GEORGE W.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-369
EASTMAN, CHARLES C.          DANBY                         NY-55-U-210
EASTMAN, HANNAH V.           CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-466
EATON, CHARLES               DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-15
EDDY, HARRIET                ITHACA                        NY-55-O-281
EDGCOMB, ERASTUS             GROTON                        NY-55-J-89
EDICK, DAVID                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-L-361
EDICK, PHEBE A.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-L-367
EDSALL, JANE                 LANSING                       NY-55-X-526
EDSON, THOMAS                DANBY                         NY-55-I-409
EDWARDS, DAVID               ITHACA                        NY-55-U-430
EDWARDS, IVY JANE            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-90
EGGLESTON, JOSEPH W.         DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-604
EIGHMEY, ANN C.              CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-636
ELLICK, ISAAC                ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-553
ELLICK, RHOENA               ULYSSES                       NY-55-R-21
ELLIOTT, CHARLES             DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-529
ELLIOTT, ELEANORA Y.         ITHACA                        NY-55-V-494
ELLIOTT, FRED C.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-105
ELLIOTT, MARY                ITHACA                        NY-55-X-562
ELLIS, EMMA                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-14
ELLIS, JOHN                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-498
ELLIS, OLIVER                DANBY                         NY-55-V-66
ELLISON, JANE A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-582
ELLISON, MERRITT P.          ITHACA                        NY-55-X-490
ELLSWORTH, PERRY G.          ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-222
ELMORE, DANIEL               ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-414
ELSTON, CATY W.              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-193
ELSTON, JOSEPH W.            ITHACA                        NY-55-L-385
ELY, RICHARD                 HECTOR                        NY-55-D-53
ELYEA, JOHN                  DANBY                         NY-55-I-261
EMBODY, BETSEY E.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-X-90
EMERICK, MARY A.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-376
EMERY, CHARLES N.            DANBY                         NY-55-V-30
EMERY, ELIZA A.              DANBY                         NY-55-U-216
EMERY, JAMES R.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-310
EMILY, ANN                   ENFIELD                       NY-55-E-271
EMLEY, JAMES S.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-477
EMLEY, MARGARET              ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-206
EMMONS, ABRAHAM              ITHACA                        NY-55-J-141
EMMONS, ISAAC N.             LANSING                       NY-55-I-365
EMMONS, JOSIAH               LANSING                       NY-55-X-222
EMMONS, RICHARD              ITHACA                        NY-55-W-334
ENGLISH, ANNA MARIA          ITHACA                        NY-55-U-332
ENGLISH, CHARLES C.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-L-541
ENGLISH, HEZEKIAH            DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-408
ENGLISH, HEZEKIAH            DRYDEN                        NY-55-R-200
ENGLISH, JESSE               DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-238
ENLGISH, LUTHER J.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-458
ENGLISH, MARY                DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-214
ERIQUE, JOHN                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-J-273
ERNEST, ORREN                CAROLINE                      NY-55-P-382
ESTABROOK, ELSIE ADALINE     ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-350
ESTABROOK, ROBERT C.         NEWFIELD                      NY-55-X-82
ESTY, EDWARD S.              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-220
ESTY, JOSEPH                 ITHACA                        NY-55-P-562
ESTY, WILLIAM W.             ITHACA                        NY-55-S-574
EVALT, ELIZABETH             ITHACA                        NY-55-J-309
EVANS, EVAN W.               ITHACA                        NY-55-N-241
EVANS, SLUMAN W.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-294
EVERHARD, GEORGE P.          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-96
EVERHARD, JOHN C.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-598
EWERS, PAUL                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-566
EYHLE, DAVID                 HECTOR                        NY-55-A-176
FAIRBROTHER, ANTOINETTE      NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-498
FAIRBROTHER, FRED A.         DANBY                         NY-55-W-250
FAIRBROTHER, REVO            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-146
FARMER, FREDERICK R.         NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-174
FARRINGTON, ISAAC            ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-325
FARRINGTON, LAURENCE         ITHACA                        NY-55-W-14
FARRINGTON, WILLIAM          ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-308
FAULKNER, JOSEPH             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-469
FAULKNER, THOMAS             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-446
FAXON, MARIA D.              ITHACA                        NY-55-P-594
FENNER, ANDREW M.            LANSING                       NY-55-W-298
FENNER, CASPER               LANSING                       NY-55-C-343
FENNER, GEORGE               LANSING                       NY-55-H-351
FERGERSON, WILLIAM A.        DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-285
FERGUSON, A. B.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-390
FERGUSON, CAROLINE S.        ITHACA                        NY-55-U-74
FERGUSON, ISAAC              DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-553
FERGUSON, ISAAC P.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-396
FERGUSON, NANCY A.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-78
FERRIS, CARRIE               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-310
FERRIS, CHARLES M.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-222
FERRIS, CORNELIA W.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-76
FERRIS, JOSHUA               ITHACA                        NY-55-F-147
FERRIS, THRESSA D.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-T-370
FIELD, SAMUEL B.             LANSING                       NY-55-U-592
FINCH, ALVAH                 ITHACA                        NY-55-I-65
FINCH, HELLEN M.             ITHACA                        NY-55-S-250
FINCH, MILES                 ITHACA                        NY-55-P-434
FISH, ALLEN                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-D-189
FISH, CATHARINE              LANSING                       NY-55-X-14
FISH, DANIEL T.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-210
FISH, EDWIN                  GROTON                        NY-55-Y-354
FISH, ELIZABETH              ENFIELD                       NY-55-O-381
FISH, ELIZABETH              ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-380
FISH, GEORGE                 GROTON                        NY-55-Q-82
FISH, JOHN D.                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-574
FISH, SAMUEL                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-M-25
FISH, SIMEON B.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-I-465
FISH, SUSIE A.               DANBY                         NY-55-Z-70
FISHER, ABEL S.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-326
FISHER, CHARLES W.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-488
FISHER, GILBERT H.           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-380
FISHER, HANNAH               GROTON                        NY-55-P-578
FISHER, JAMES                DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-217
FISHER, JOHN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-T-294
FISHER, MARIA J.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-158
FISHER, SABELLA B.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-Q-310
FISHER, WILLIAM M.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-Y-130
FISKE, HARRIET               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-312
FISKE, JENNIE MCGRAW         ITHACA                        NY-55-P-494
FISKE, SUSAN E.              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-486
FITCH, WILLIAM               DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-56
FITCH, WILLIAM H.            GROTON                        NY-55-V-546
FITCH, WILLIAM R.            LANSING                       NY-55-N-333
FITTS, FANNY C.              GROTON                        NY-55-I-193
FITTS, LEONARD               DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-542
FLEMING, HANNAH              ITHACA                        NY-55-P-606
FLEMING, LOUISA              ITHACA                        NY-55-V-414
FLEMING, THOMAS              ITHACA                        NY-55-O-345
FLETCHER, ABEL               LANSING                       NY-55-T-518
FLETCHER, ALLEN              LANSING                       NY-55-S-474
FLETCHER, JOSEPH W.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-178
FLETCHER, MARY T.            LANSING                       NY-55-U-264
FLISHER, ORRILLA             GROTON                        NY-55-N-469
FOGARTY, ROSANNA             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-526
FOLLETT, HENRIETTE S.        ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-114
FOOKS, WILLIAM W.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-501
FOOT, JAMES                  GROTON                        NY-55-G-399
FOOT, PHILO                  TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-G-147
FOOTE, ARSINOE               GROTON                        NY-55-M-321
FOOTE, PAMELA                GROTON                        NY-55-Q-534
FOOTE, SOPHIA                ITHACA                        NY-55-W-430
FORD, CLARA A.               GROTON                        NY-55-V-288
FORD, JOSEPH                 DANBY                         NY-55-D-108
FORD, LYDIA                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-241
FORD, MAJOR                  GROTON                        NY-55-P-490
FORD, MARY A.                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-112
FORTNER, ANDREW K.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-457
FORTNER, LEWIS               DANBY                         NY-55-L-199
FOSDICK, CHARLES             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-165
FOSTER, AARON                DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-361
FOSTER, ELIAS                ITHACA                        NY-55-G-289
FOSTER, ICHABOD              DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-310
FOSTER, LUTHER C.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-266
FOSTER, SIDNEY               DANBY                         NY-55-T-130
FOWLER, ALONZO H.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-418
FOWLER, JANE ANN             ITHACA                        NY-55-U-184
FOWLES, GEORGE               ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-314
FOX, ELIJAH                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-E-157
FOX, JULIA M.                DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-278
FOX, MERRITT B.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-354
FRANCIS, RICHARD             GROTON                        NY-55-F-434
FRAZIER, ISAAC J.            DANBY                         NY-55-W-270
FREAR, BALTUS                ITHACA                        NY-55-P-426
FREEMAN, LYMAN               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-182
FREES, ANDREW J.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-554
FREMAN, JOHNATHAN            ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-263
FRENCH, CYRUS                DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-214
FRENCH, JAMES                ITHACA                        NY-55-G-88
FRENCH, MARTHA J.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-440
FRENCH, NANCY                DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-564
FRISBEE, JOHN MANLY          ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-353
FRITTS, ROBERT H.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-76
FROST, MARY A.               ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-162
FUERTES, ESTEVAN ANTONIO     ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-258
FULFORD, BETSEY              ITHACA                        NY-55-H-371
FULKERSON, BENJAMIN          DRYDEN                        NY-55-D-105
FULKERSON, HENRY S.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-141
FULKERSON, PARINTHA          DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-580
FULKERSON, STEPHEN B.        DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-518
FULLER, ANDREW J.            GROTON                        NY-55-U-154
FULLER, GERSHOM H.           GROTON                        NY-55-V-318
FUNDIS, JOHN                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-118
FURNISS, GEORGE              DANBY                         NY-55-D-62
GANNOUNG, TAMER              ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-57
GANONG, EZRA                 ITHACA                        NY-55-J-185
GANOUNG, JAMES               ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-302
GARDINER, HENRY D.           GROTON                        NY-55-O-389
GARDNER, ABRAM               DANBY                         NY-55-H-409
GARDNER, AMANDA              ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-205
GARDNER, EBENEZER            ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-38
GARDNER, HANNAH V.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-254
GARDNER, IRA M.              ITHACA                        NY-55-W-546
GARDNER, LUCY C.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-82
GARDNER, ST. JOHN            ITHACA                        NY-55-H-235
GARDNER, WILLIAM             DANBY                         NY-55-P-378
GAREY, BENJAMIN              HECTOR                        NY-55-C-110
GAREY, MICAH                 HECTOR                        NY-55-D-274
GARFIELD, SCEVY S.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-350
GARLICK, MILO                GROTON                        NY-55-M-373
GARRISON, JOSEPH             HECTOR                        NY-55-B-49
GASTON, ADELAID              DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-252
GASTON, EDWIN R.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-330
GAUNTLET, JOHN P.            ITHACA                        NY-55-E-31
GAUNTLETT, JANE              ITHACA                        NY-55-H-50
GAUNTLETT, JOHN              ITHAC                         NY-55-N-249
GAY, WARREN B.               ITHACA                        NY-55-L-325
GEE, HIRAM                   ITHACA                        NY-55-V-484
GEE, MAGGIE E.               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-594
GELLEN, JAMES                DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-261
GENOUNG, SAMUEL              ULYSSES                       NY-55-F-478
GENUNG, LUTHER G.            DANBY                         NY-55-V-454
GENUNG, MOSES                DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-57
GENUNG, REBECCA              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-354
GENUNG, WILLIAM              ULYSSES                       NY-55-F-75
GEORGE, DAVID                DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-22
GEORGIA, NTHAN S.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-330
GEORGIA, SOPHRONIA           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-182
GEORGIA, WILLIAM             ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-269
GIBB, JAMES                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-63
GIBBS, BARNABAS              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-F-469
GIBBS, CECILIA S. B.         LANSING                       NY-55-U-12
GIBBS, GEORGE                ITHACA                        NY-55-M-85
GIBBS, JAMES                 GROTON                        NY-55-I-253
GIBBS, JOHN W.               LANSING                       NY-55-Q-326
GIBBS, JOHN W.               ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-113
GIBBS, LYDIA A.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-460
GIBBS, MARTHA J.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-T-162
GIBBS, SAMUEL                LANSING                       NY-55-F-309
GIBBS, WILLIAM G.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-418
GIFFORD, ALVAH               GROTON                        NY-55-W-66
GILBERT, ALMIRA L.           ITHACA                        NY-55-W-454
GILBERT, ROBERT              ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-202
GILBERT, SARAH               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-H-259
GILES, ELIZABETH             ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-630
GILES, JOHN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-I-269
GILES, JOSEPH                ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-1
GILES, MARY A.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-386
GILES, NANCY                 ITHACA                        NY-55-U-378
GILES, SAMUEL                ITHACA                        NY-55-M-49
GILLEN, MILO E.              GROTON                        NY-55-X-418
GILLETT, HOMER               ITHACA                        NY-55-N-101
GILLETT, SARAH ANN           ITHACA                        NY-55-N-369
GILLETTE, FLROA S.           ITHACA                        NY-55-X-130
GILLOW, WILLIAM              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-F-124
GILTNER, RICHARD             ITHACA                        NY-55-M-313
GIVENS, DARIUS               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-550
GIVENS, DETTE                DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-320
GIVENS, NANCY                DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-294
GIVENS, SAMUEL               DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-481
GIVENS, WILLIAM R.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-180
GLEASON, ANNA                DANBY                         NY-55-U-182
GLENNY, WILLIAM              ITHACA                        NY-55-X-258
GLOVER, ROSWELL              GROTON                        NY-55-P-250
GODDARD, NATHAN              DRYDEN                        NY-55-E-9
GODDARD, SAMUEL O.           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-142
GODDARD, SCHUYLER            DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-250
GOODING, SETH C.             GROTON                        NY-55-D-102
GOODMAN, SOPHIA G.           ITHACA                        NY-55-W-6
GOODRICH, ELIZAR             CAROLINE                      NY-55-L-379
GOODRICH, ELIZUR E.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-I-385
GOODRICH, EUNICE A.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-194
GOODRICH, JAMES              ENFIELD                       NY-55-M-77
GOODRICH, SARAH A.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-265
GOODSPEED, CHAUNCEY          ITHACA                        NY-55-M-17
GOODWIN, BENJAMIN            ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-99
GOODWIN, BENJAMIN            ULYSSES                       NY-55-A2-5
GOODWIN, BENJAMIN            ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-107
GOODWIN, GEORGE              ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-209
GOODWIN, MARY B.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-574
GOODWIN, WILLIAM             LANSING                       NY-55-A-223
GOODYEAR, COLLINS            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-268
GOODYEAR, ELIZABETH J.       PULLMAN, , IL                 NY-55-U-82
GOODYEAR, JOHN               GROTON                        NY-55-U-32
GOODYEAR, POLLMER            CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-301
GORE, MOSES                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-M-129
GOTT, JOHN W.                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-169
GOULD, AZUBAH ANN            CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-456
GOULD, BENJAMIN              ITHACA                        NY-55-S-526
GOULD, BETHUEL V.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-186
GRAHAM, ANN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-J-73
GRAHAM, SAMUEL V.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-306
GRANGER, JAMES WHEAT         ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-114
GRANT, ALLEN J.              DANBY                         NY-55-V-24
GRANT, EMILY A.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-442
GRANT, HENRY J.              ITHACA                        NY-55-P-530
GRANT, JOSEPHINE             ITHACA                        NY-55-R-253
GRANT, LOVINA                DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-456
GRANT, MARY AUGUSTA          CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-586
GRANT, NANCY                 ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-382
GRANT, ROBERT                DANBY                         NY-55-I-61
GRAVES, ELISHA               GROTON                        NY-55-G-158
GRAVES, SARAH                ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-190
GRAY, ALLEN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-T-30
GRAY, ALMON                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-98
GRAY, ELIZA A.               BUSTA TWP, , ONTARIO          NY-55-L-169
GRAY, NATHANIEL              ENFIELD                       NY-55-F-396
GREEN, ANNA                  ITHACA                        NY-55-S-410
GREEN, CORDELIA              DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-572
GREEN, JOHN                  GROTON                        NY-55-J-181
GREEN, JOHN                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-179
GREEN, SAMUEL E.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-245
GREENFIELD, AMELIA W.        DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-522
GREGG, ERASTUS C.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-214
GREGORY, JOHN R.             ITHACA                        NY-55-T-122
GREGORY, MARY L.             ITHACA                        NY-55-X-374
GREGORY, ORESTUS H.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-106
GREGORY, WARD                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-38
GRIDLEY, LOUISA              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-326
GRIFFEN, SARAH J.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-Z-538
GRIFFIN, MARGARET            DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-233
GRIFFIN, MARGARET            DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-281
GRIFFIN, MARY R.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-145
GRIFFING, HENRY              DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-306
GRIFFIS, KATHARINE L.        ITHACA                        NY-55-W-450
GRINNELL, CHARLES            DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-373
GRISWOLD, ABRAM              DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-293
GRISWOLD, CAROLINE C.        ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-500
GRISWOLD, LEONARD            DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-264
GRISWOLD, LUTHER             DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-458
GROSS, VAN BUREN             GROTON                        NY-55-V-624
GROVER, CORNELIUS            ENFIELD                       NY-55-C-162
GROVER, JEROME               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-458
GROVER, SALLY                DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-514
GROVER, WILLIAM M.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-220
GROVES, ORANGE S.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-377
GUEST, CLARISSA              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-469
GUNN, CATHARINE              DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-409
GUNN, CATHERINE              DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-81
GUNN, CHAUNCEY               DANBY                         NY-55-H-301
GUNN, ELIZA                  ITHACA                        NY-55-H-230
GUNN, NEWTON                 ITHACA                        NY-55-H-64
GURLICH, GEORGE              GROTON                        NY-55-Y-186
GUTHRIE, JOHN                GROTON                        NY-55-E-398
GUTHRIE, LYMAN H.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-264
GUY, ROBERT                  HECTOR                        NY-55-A2-21
GUY, ROBERT                  HECTOR                        NY-55-A-35
HADLEY, ADELIA               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-438
HAGEMAN, PETER V.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-310
HAGER, PETER                 HECTOR                        NY-55-G-319
HAIGHT, SARAH E.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-266
HAINS, SARAH                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-396
HAKES, ELI V.                DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-586
HALL, ABRAHAM                HECTOR                        NY-55-E-180
HALL, ALBERT                 DANBY                         NY-55-T-98
HALL, DARIUS                 LANSING                       NY-55-U-486
HALL, HARMAN                 DANBY                         NY-55-J-21
HALL, LEONARD                DANBY                         NY-55-F-113
HALL, MARY                   GROTON                        NY-55-O-285
HALL, PLINY                  ITHACA                        NY-55-X-334
HALL, WILLIAM                ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-56
HALLADAY, JOHN W.            GROTON                        NY-55-V-346
HALLADAY, MYRON              LANSING                       NY-55-Q-226
HALLADAY, SUSAN E. N.        GROTON                        NY-55-U-272
HALLADAY, WILSON             LANSING                       NY-55-W-222
HALLENBAKE, SAMUEL           HECTOR                        NY-55-F-101
HALLIDAY, AMOS               GROTON                        NY-55-I-221
HALLIDAY, SAMUEL             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-170
HALLOCK, EARLE               ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-222
HALLOCK, WILLIAM B.          DANBY                         NY-55-Y-190
HALSEY, ELIZA G.             ITHACA                        NY-55-X-310
HALSEY, NICOLL               ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-17
HALSTED, DANIEL              ITHACA                        NY-55-D-285
HAMBLIN, REBECCA             GROTON                        NY-55-L-511
HAMBLIN, SHUBAEL             GROTON                        NY-55-L-505
HAMBLIN, STICKLE D.          DANBY                         NY-55-Y-350
HAMILTON, ANDREW             CAROLINE                      NY-55-H-339
HAMILTON, HARRIET A.         ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-522
HAMILTON, JOHN W.            LANSING                       NY-55-T-318
HAMILTON, JOSEPH             CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-230
HAMILTON, W. ADELBERT        GROTON                        NY-55-X-162
HANCE, JOHN L.               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-154
HANCHET, HANNAH              GROTON                        NY-55-S-242
HANCHET, VINCENT             GROTON                        NY-55-S-10
HAND, LEWIS P.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-336
HANDY, CATHARINE A.          DANBY                         NY-55-W-266
HANDY, MARIA E.              DANBY                         NY-55-O-173
HANDY, MICHAEL               DANBY                         NY-55-Y-322
HANFORD, GERSHOM             ITHACA                        NY-55-W-142
HANFORD, GERSHOM             DRYDEN                        NY-55-E-386
HANFORD, HARRIET             ITHACA                        NY-55-W-542
HANFORD, LEWIS B.            ITHACA                        NY-55-J-97
HANMER, ALVIN                ITHACA                        NY-55-C-341
HANSHAW, CATHARINE           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-358
HANSHAW, CHUANCEY            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-422
HANSHAW, COMFORT             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-544
HANSNER, ISAAC               ENFIELD                       NY-55-O-513
HANSON, EVA L.               ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-250
HARD, JOHN S.                GROTON                        NY-55-W-394
HARDENBURGH, ESTHER          ITHACA                        NY-55-J-1
HARDING, ABRAM T.            CAROLINE                      NY-55-P-10
HARDY, LOUISA                ITHACA                        NY-55-T-610
HARE, ANNA                   DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-374
HARE, JOSEPH                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-400
HARGIN, LETITIA C.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-50
HARING, ABRAHAM              LANSING                       NY-55-C-155
HARING, CHAUNCEY             LANSING                       NY-55-V-304
HARING, JOHN                 LANSING                       NY-55-Y-126
HARING, SARAH J.             GROTON                        NY-55-S-226
HARMSTON, MARY               TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-U-510
HARNEY, WILLIAM              ITHACA                        NY-55-H-388
HARRIMAN, ELIZA              LANSING                       NY-55-N-445
HARRINGTON, ABRAM B.         ITHACA                        NY-55-U-262
HARRINGTON, MARY             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-518
HARRIS, HALSEY S.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-277
HARRIS, JOSEPH               GROTON                        NY-55-U-16
HARRIS, LUCY D.              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-596
HARRISON, MARY ANN           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-6
HART, CATHARINE              GROTON                        NY-55-T-210
HART, CHARLES A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-X-394
HART, CHARLES D.             GROTON                        NY-55-P-154
HART, EBENEZER               ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-212
HART, ELIZA M.               GROTON                        NY-55-T-382
HART, ELLEN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-U-550
HART, EMMA H.                ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-494
HART, ISAAC W.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-453
HART, JOHN P.                GROTON                        NY-55-L-475
HARTSOUGLE, MIRAND C.        ITHACA                        NY-55-S-446
HARTT, EBENEZER H.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-558
HARTY, FRANK                 ITHACA                        NY-55-R-288
HARTY, MARY R.               ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-426
HARTY, REBECCA ANN           ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-570
HARVEY, ABIGAIL              ITHACA                        NY-55-N-49
HARVEY, FRANK                LANSING                       NY-55-L-391
HARVEY, JAMES                ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-550
HARVEY, MARY A.              LANSING                       NY-55-U-196
HARVEY, NELLY                ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-116
HARVEY, REUBEN               LANSING                       NY-55-V-240
HARVEY, REUBEN               ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-193
HARVEY, ROBERT               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-170
HARVEY, SAMUEL               HECTOR                        NY-55-F-33
HARVEY, SENECA               ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-2
HASBROUCK, ANTHONY           DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-193
HASBROUCK, ELIZABETH         CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-614
HASKIN, WILLIAM S.           LANSING                       NY-55-L-163
HASKINS, EBENEZER            LANSING                       NY-55-A-49
HASKINS, ELLA                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-134
HASKINS, WILLIAM A.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-434
HASTINGS, WILLIAM            CAROLINE                      NY-55-H-359
HATCH, ARTHUR                GROTON                        NY-55-V-260
HATMAKER, JACOB              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-302
HAUCHET, ELLEN               GROTON                        NY-55-I-181
HAUSNER, EMILY A.            ITHACA                        NY-55-R-204
HAWES, ISAAC                 DANBY                         NY-55-G-402
HAWES, ISAAC                 DANBY                         NY-55-B-306
HAWKINS, ELVINA W.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-490
HAWKINS, JOHN                ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-638
HAWKINS, LEVI                CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-590
HAWKINS, THOMAS              ITHACA                        NY-55-J-201
HAYCOCK, SARAH ANN           DANBY                         NY-55-U-146
HAYDEN, CHARLES              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-578
HAYDEN, HIRAM H.             ITHACA                        NY-55-P-410
HAYDEN, JOANNA               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-90
HAYES, SARAH M.              LANSING                       NY-55-V-100
HAYLETT, GEORGE              ITHACA                        NY-55-X-486
HAYS, HENRY                  LANSING                       NY-55-Q-50
HAYS, WILLIAM T.             LANSING                       NY-55-D-211
HAZELITT, MARGARETT          DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-9
HAZEN, ALLEN B.              ITHACA                        NY-55-N-285
HAZEN, CAROLINE E.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-34
HAZEN, DICKSON C.            ITHACA                        NY-55-O-233
HAZEN, JOHN                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-R-119
HAZLITT, WILLIAM H.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-430
HEAD, ISAAC                  CAROLINE                      NY-55-W-594
HEAD, MERCY JANE             CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-246
HEAD, NANCY                  CAORLINE                      NY-55-Q-162
HEAD, SARAH                  GROTON                        NY-55-W-390
HEATH, JULIA A.              CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-424
HEATON, SUSANN               GENOA, CAYUGA, NY             NY-55-A-27
HEDDEN, AARON 2ND            LANSING                       NY-55-E-291
HEDDEN, CHARLES              GROTON                        NY-55-N-289
HEDDEN, ELIZA                NTL, RICHLAND, OH             NY-55-F-251
HEDDEN, ELMIRA               GROTON                        NY-55-S-506
HEDDEN, LUTHER               LANSING                       NY-55-G-392
HEDDEN, LUTHER               LANSING                       NY-55-G-295
HEDDEN, MOSES L.             LANSING                       NY-55-D-259
HEDGES, ELIJAH C.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-178
HEFFRON, ALFRED              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-121
HEFFRON, EDMOND              ITHACA                        NY-55-O-597
HEGGIE, JAMES M.             ITHACA                        NY-55-W-562
HELLER, OREN                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-T-466
HELLES, NELSON H.            DANBY                         NY-55-Y-342
HELLICK, JAMES               ITHACA                        NY-55-J-177
HEMINGWAY, AMY J.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-126
HEMINGWAY, JOSEPH R.         , COOK, ILLINOIS              NY-55-R-54
HENNESSY, BRIDGET            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-542
HENRY, NATHANIEL             DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-465
HERRICK, MILTON              CAROLINE                      NY-55-C-239
HERRICK, NATHAN              ITHACA                        NY-55-C-369
HERRIMAN, LYMAN              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-60
HERSON, MARY                 ITHACA                        NY-55-U-44
HETHERINGTON, WILLIAM        NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-336
HIBBARD, HENRY               ITHACA                        NY-55-I-177
HIGGINS, GILBERT S.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-R-237
HIGGINS, MALONIA             ITHACA                        NY-55-X-358
HIGGINS, MARY                ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-602
HILDEBRANT, CHARLES          CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-346
HILDEBRANT, THEODORE         ITHACA                        NY-55-V-302
HILDRETH, MARIA L.           ITHACA                        NY-55-T-402
HILE, NICHOLAS               DRYDEN                        NY-55-E-286
HILES, FLAVILLA              DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-26
HILES, JOHN                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-422
HILL, ANDREW W.              DANBY                         NY-55-O-5
HILL, ANNA ELIZA             ITHACA                        NY-55-U-186
HILL, GEORGE                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-4
HILL, HARLAN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-P-202
HILL, HARMON                 ITHACA                        NY-55-U-536
HILL, HARRIET                DANBY                         NY-55-K-329
HILL, HORACE                 ITHACA                        NY-55-O-97
HILL, ISAAC J.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-397
HILL, JOSEPH                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-305
HILL, LORETTA                DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-386
HILLEBRAND, WILLIAM          HONOLULU, OAHU, HI            NY-55-S-486
HILLERY, SUSAN S.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-206
HILLSON, ROBERT              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-278
HINE, BEBE H.                ENFIELD                       NY-55-L-229
HINE, WILLIAM                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-T-346
HINES, MICHAEL               ITHACA                        NY-55-M-465
HINTON, RICHARD              ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-68
HITCHCOCK, CALEB             DRYDEN                        NY-55-D-85
HITCHCOCK, HORATIO           ITHACA                        NY-55-W-490
HITCHCOCK, OSCAR B.          DANBY                         NY-55-W-2
HIXSON, ALICA                ITHACA                        NY-55-D-100
HIXSON, MARY E.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-138
HOAG, RACHEL                 LANSING                       NY-55-A2-9
HOAGLAND, CYNTHIA M.         ENFIELD                       NY-55-X-570
HOAGLAND, HARRISON           DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-324
HOAGLIN, HELEN L.            CAROLINE                      NY-55-Y-2
HOBERT, HARRY W.             GROTON                        NY-55-P-90
HODGES, WILLIAM              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-H-26
HOGAN, MARY H.               DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-234
HOGG, SAMUEL                 LANSING                       NY-55-A-13
HOLDEN, JOHN                 LANSING                       NY-55-E-191
HOLLENBECK, HENRY            DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-130
HOLLEY, ANDREW J.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-494
HOLLEY, NOAH                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-Q-282
HOLLISTER, ASA               GROTON                        NY-55-D-17
HOLLISTER, ELIZA             DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-322
HOLLISTER, ISAAC             CAROLINE                      NY-55-F-221
HOLLISTER, KENNIS            DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-442
HOLLISTER, KINNER            CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-70
HOLLISTER, MARTIN F.         ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-58
HOLLISTER, SARAH             DANBY                         NY-55-A-203
HOLMAN, JOHN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-H-160
HOLMES, SARAH MARIA          LANSING                       NY-55-G-390
HOLZAPFEL, FREDERICK         ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-356
HONNESS, SALMON H.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-128
HOOD, ALABIAS M.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Z-474
HOOK, JOHN                   ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-166
HOOPER, JANE                 ITHACA                        NY-55-S-550
HOOPER, LAMAN                NTL                           NY-55-B-105
HOOSE, CHARLES               CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-253
HOPKINS, CELIA               ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-458
HOPKINS, HIRAM               GROTON                        NY-55-M-161
HOPKINS, JAMES               DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-452
HOPKINS, JOHN S.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-D-97
HOPKINS, POLLY               GROTON                        NY-55-O-517
HOPKINS, SALLY               GROTON                        NY-55-C-135
HOPKINS, SIDNEY              GROTON                        NY-55-T-10
HOPKINS, STEPHEN             GROTON                        NY-55-E-340
HORSNER, BORDEN              ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-10
HORTON, ANN ELIZA            ITHACA                        NY-55-T-110
HORTON, BRADDOCK M.          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-153
HORTON, HENRY B.             ITHACA                        NY-55-S-382
HORTON, JOHN                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-K-396
HORTON, JULIA A.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-314
HORTON, LEVI                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-I-497
HORTON, MAHALAH J.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-256
HORTON, SARAH                ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-341
HOSKINS, EBENEZER            LANSING                       NY-55-A2-12
HOSUE, JEHIEL                DANBY                         NY-55-M-149
HOTCHKISS, THERON            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-C-18
HOUGH, MARY BISHOP           BOZRAH, , CT                  NY-55-C-80
HOUGH, SARAH J.              ITHACA                        NY-55-X-398
HOUGHTALING, LUCRETIA A.     ITHACA                        NY-55-P-582
HOUPT, ALPHEUS F.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-182
HOUPT, PHILIP T.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-257
HOUPT, SABRINA               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-538
HOUSE, ELIZA A.              DANBY                         NY-55-U-408
HOUSEL, MARY J.              ITHACA                        NY-55-W-482
HOVENCAMP, DAVID             ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-608
HOWARD, CATHARINE            GROTON                        NY-55-J-397
HOWARD, HANNAH               LANSING                       NY-55-N-65
HOWARD, OSSIAN G.            ITHACA                        NY-55-M-301
HOWE, ANNICE M.              GROTON                        NY-55-V-474
HOWE, BENJAMIN B.            GROTON                        NY-55-Q-578
HOWE, BENJAMIN B.            GROTON                        NY-55-H-342
HOWE, CYRUS H.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-53
HOWE, ELECTA                 LANSING                       NY-55-T-506
HOWE, GEORGE W.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-269
HOWE, HENRY H.               ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-286
HOWE, MARY                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-234
HOWE, SOLOMON L.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-342
HOWE, TIMOTHY                LANSING                       NY-55-B-111
HOWELL, CELESTIA             LANSING                       NY-55-Q-430
HOWELL, MARY                 LODI, SENECA, NY              NY-55-F-383
HOWELL, R. LOUISA            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-510
HOWELL, SARAH H.             ITHACA                        NY-55-P-158
HOWELL, THOMAS               DANBY                         NY-55-X-350
HOWLAND, CALVIN S.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-410
HOWLAND, CHARLES             DANBY                         NY-55-Y-318
HOWLAND, CLINTON H.          ITHACA                        NY-55-X-478
HOWLAND, EMMA C.             LANSING                       NY-55-V-486
HOWLAND, H. ALICE            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-600
HOWLAND, HEMINGWAY B.        ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-441
HOWLAND, HILLIARD            ITHACA                        NY-55-I-117
HOWLAND, JAMES K.            DANBY                         NY-55-T-254
HOWLAND, MARY J.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-20
HOWLAND, STEPHEN B.          ITHACA                        NY-55-P-130
HOWLAND, THRESSA D.          SEE: FERRIS, THRESSA D.       NY-55-T-370
HOWSER, ANSON                LANSING                       NY-55-Y-334
HOWSER, CLINTON              LANSING                       NY-55-W-510
HOWSER, SAMUEL               GROTON                        NY-55-N-121
HOYT, DAVID                  ITHACA                        NY-55-P-42
HOYT, HEZEKIAH               ITHACA                        NY-55-P-230
HOYT, WILLIAM S.             ITHACA                        NY-55-K-410
HUBBARD, WILLIAM B.          GROTON                        NY-55-Z-498
HUBBELL, ELIZABETH S.        LANSING                       NY-55-Z-102
HUBBELL, SULLIVAN D.         HECTOR                        NY-55-E-14
HUDDEN, LUTHER               LANSING                       NY-55-J-489
HUGG, DANIEL                 SPENCER, TIOGA, NY            NY-55-H-8
HUGHES, MARGARET             ITHACA                        NY-55-T-282
HUGILL, DANIEL               DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-478
HUGILL, ELIZABETH            DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-266
HUGILL, THOMAS               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-478
HULL, MARGARET V.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-302
HUMISTON, HORACE N.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-334
HUMISTON, JANE E.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-62
HUMPHREY, CHARLES            ITHACA                        NY-55-F-457
HUMPHREY, GEORGE W.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-9
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM R.         ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-362
HUNGERFORD, ADALINE          ITHACA                        NY-55-X-210
HUNGERFORD, BENJAMIN         ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-146
HUNGERFORD, BETSEY C.        ENFIELD                       NY-55-X-42
HUNGERFORD, PRUDENCE         ITHACA                        NY-55-P-6
HUNGERFORD, WILLIAM          DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-600
HUNT, ANDREW                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-174
HUNT, ENOCH                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-B-316
HUNT, HORTON                 ITHACA                        NY-55-X-354
HUNT, JOSEPHINE E.           ITHACA                        NY-55-T-618
HUNT, STEPHEN                DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-434
HUNTING, EDWARD              DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-21
HURLBURT, ALVAH              ITHACA                        NY-55-N-181
HURLEY, PHEBE J.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-490
HUSON, HELEN                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-378
HUTCHINGS, ABRAHAM L.        DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-242
HUTCHINGS, ALVINA            DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-296
HUTCHINGS, IRENE             DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-390
HUTCHINGS, JOHN              DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-344
HUTCHINGS, POLLY             DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-427
HUYT, CHARLES                ITHACA                        NY-55-J-81
HYDE, ELIZA M.               DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-582
HYDE, WALTER                 GROTON                        NY-55-S-430
HYDE, WILLIAM G.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-558
HYMES, MARY B.               ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-526

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