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ILLSTON, WILLIAM H.          ITHACA                        NY-55-R-114
INGALLS, CATHARINE J.        GROTON                        NY-55-H-155
INGALLS, GILLET              GROTON                        NY-55-P-302
INGERSOLL, CHARLES           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-74
INGERSOLL, MARY B.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-292
INGRAHAM, CATHARINE A.       GROTON                        NY-55-O-477
INGRAHAM, NATHANIEL W.       GROTON                        NY-55-J-385
INK, ABRAHAM                 NTL                           NY-55-A-53
INK, GEORGE                  ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-253
IREDELL, JOSEPH L.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-334
IRELAND, JAMES               ITHACA                        NY-55-O-61
IVES, ALMON C.               LANSING                       NY-55-U-474
IVES, NANCY M.               ITHACA                        NY-55-L-349
IVES, RICHARD J.             ITHACA                        NY-55-L-421
IVES, SUSAN ANN              LANSING                       NY-55-U-116
JACKSON, BENJAMIN            LANSING                       NY-55-R-152
JACKSON, BENJAMIN            GROTON                        NY-55-K-170
JACKSON, DANIEL              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-52
JACKSON, ESTHER E.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-492
JACKSON, GEORGE              ITHACA                        NY-55-S-622
JACKSON, LYDIA               GROTON                        NY-55-O-265
JACKSON, MARY ANN            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-10
JACOBS, BETSEY               ITHACA                        NY-55-X-454
JACOBS, ISREAL               LANSING                       NY-55-I-489
JACOBS, RICHARD              LANSING                       NY-55-E-161
JACOBSON, ULRICKA            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-230
JAMES, MARIA L.              CAROLINE                      NY-55-W-410
JAMESON, JACKSON             DRYDEN                        NY-55-R-172
JAMESON, THOMAS              DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-401
JANSEN, DANIEL               CAROLINE                      NY-55-Q-318
JANSEN, ELIZABETH M.         CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-546
JANSEN, JOHN                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-190
JARVIS, STEPHEN              ULYSSES                       NY-55-B-302
JEFFERSON, SANFORD           LANSING                       NY-55-H-2
JENNER, CHARLOTTE C.         ITHACA                        NY-55-W-226
JENNINGS, BENJAMIN           DANBY                         NY-55-S-238
JENNINGS, EDMUND             DANBY                         NY-55-S-426
JENNINGS, ELIZA S.           ITHACA                        NY-55-T-222
JENNINGS, HOMER              DANBY                         NY-55-N-85
JENNINGS, JOSHUA             LANSING                       NY-55-H-279
JENNINGS, LEVI               DANBY                         NY-55-O-609
JENNINGS, RUBY ANGELINE      DANBY                         NY-55-J-5
JEROUS, MARGRETTE A.         ITHACA                        NY-55-T-22
JESSUP, CALEB                DANBY                         NY-55-C-296
JEWELL, LAVINA               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-2
JEWELL, MICHAEL              DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-253
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM             ITHACA                        NY-55-B-73
JOHNSON, ABRAM H.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-504
JOHNSON, ANGELINE L.         ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-166
JOHNSON, ARTHUR S.           ITHACA                        NY-55-N-341
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN L.         ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-338
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE M.        GROTON                        NY-55-P-586
JOHNSON, CHARLOTTE R.        ITHACA                        NY-55-P-78
JOHNSON, DAVID               ENFIELD                       NY-55-S-406
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH           ITHACA                        NY-55-O-245
JOHNSON, EMILY               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Z-106
JOHNSON, EMMA M.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-234
JOHNSON, EZEKIEL             OVID, SENECA, NY              NY-55-A-22
JOHNSON, EZRA I.             GROTON                        NY-55-U-244
JOHNSON, GEORGE              ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-72
JOHNSON, HENRY W.            ITHACA                        NY-55-W-446
JOHNSON, JOANNA              DRYDEN                        NY-55-D-36
JOHNSON, LUCINDA T.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-560
JOHNSON, MARY                ITHACA                        NY-55-N-137
JOHNSON, MARY A.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-122
JOHNSON, ROBERT GORDON       DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-250
JOHNSTON, CHAUNCEY           DANBY                         NY-55-Z-194
JOHNSTON, FRANCES A.         DANBY                         NY-55-V-550
JOHNSTON, JAMES              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-A-208
JOHNSTON, JOHN J.            DANBY                         NY-55-V-138
JOHNSTON, PHILO W.           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-246
JOINER, NELSON               DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-280
JONES, ANNA M.               DANBY                         NY-55-Z-134
JONES, GEORGE W.             ITHACA                        NY-55-O-405
JONES, HEZEKIAH              ITHACA                        NY-55-X-166
JONES, JAMES                 ITHACA                        NY-55-U-2
JONES, JASON G.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-190
JONES, JESSE                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-34
JONES, JOANNA                GROTON                        NY-55-M-261
JONES, JOHN F.               DANBY                         NY-55-V-320
JONES, LUTHEDA E.            ITHACA                        NY-55-L-103
JONES, SARAH                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-188
JONES, WILLIAM               CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-86
JOURDAN, CAROLINE            CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-54
JUDD, ELEANOR                DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-546
JUDD, REUBEN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-H-29
JUDSON, ELBERT               DANBY                         NY-55-S-70
JUDSON, JOSEPH               DANBY                         NY-55-I-101
JUDSON, MARTHA W.            DANBY                         NY-55-Y-138
JUNE, SOLOMON T.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-365
KANE, JOHN                   ITHACA                        NY-55-N-437
KANE, PATRICK                GROTON                        NY-55-V-554
KEANE, THOMAS                GROTON                        NY-55-U-290
KEELER, ELIHU                DANBY                         NY-55-M-401
KEENAN, HONOR                DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-482
KEENEY, PLEDIS               GROTON                        NY-55-V-188
KEENY, L. MARIA              DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-234
KELCHNER, ARABELLA C.        ITHACA                        NY-55-U-496
KELLEY, FREEMAN              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-181
KELLEY, JOHN F. G.           LANSING                       NY-55-Y-142
KELLEY, MARGARET             ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-136
KELLEY, PATRICK              CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-274
KELLOGG, AMANDA              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-E-383
KELLOGG, DAVID               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-189
KELLOGG, JOSEPH              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-D-131
KELLOGG, SOLOMON             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-N-117
KELLOGG, SUSAN               ITHACA                        NY-55-L-451
KELLOGG, WILLIAM             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-X-50
KELLY, CATHERINE             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-130
KELLY, JOHN                  LANSING                       NY-55-C-227
KELLY, MICHAEL               ITHACA                        NY-55-J-285
KELLY, THOMAS                ITHACA                        NY-55-X-466
KELSEY, CHARLES T.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-36
KELSEY, SARAH E.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-242
KELSEY, SUSAN J.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-X-342
KELSEY, THOMAS               ENFIELD                       NY-55-S-154
KELSY, CLARISSA H.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-144
KEMP, THOMAS W.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-I-321
KENDALL, ELIZABETH           ITHACA                        NY-55-I-333
KENNEDY, ANDREW              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-210
KENNEDY, FANNIE M.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-144
KENNEDY, JANE                ITHACA                        NY-55-N-45
KENNEDY, JOHN H.             ITHACA                        NY-55-N-345
KENNEDY, JOHN P.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-120
KENNEDY, ROBERT              ITHACA                        NY-55-D-170
KENNEY, HEPZIBAH             GROTON                        NY-55-I-341
KENT, ARTHUR Z.              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-304
KENT, ZENOS                  ITHACA                        NY-55-V-204
KENYON, FRANCIS H.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-522
KERBY, JOHN                  GROTON                        NY-55-S-166
KERN, CHRISTIAN              LANSING                       NY-55-E-211
KERST, CHAUNCEY              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-382
KERST, MARY E.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-533
KING, ANN ELIZA              ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-186
KING, ASAPH                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-14
KING, ELIAS J.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-B-122
KING, FRANCIS                ITHACA                        NY-55-B-204
KING, J. PARKER              ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-4
KING, JOHN                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-269
KING, LOUISA M.              DANBY                         NY-55-H-365
KING, MOSES                  DANBY                         NY-55-G-33
KING, ORIN                   ENFIELD                       NY-55-L-307
KING, RACHEL                 ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-410
KING, SAMUEL B.              DANBY                         NY-55-T-230
KING, SARAH C.               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-N-305
KING, WILLIAM                GROTON                        NY-55-H-37
KINGMAN, DEBORAH R.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-474
KINGMAN, LYMAN               CAROLINE                      NY-55-Q-158
KINNE, AMY                   LANSING                       NY-55-P-194
KINNE, ELIJAH A.             GROTON                        NY-55-P-574
KINNEY, WILLIAM              GROTON                        NY-55-M-429
KIRBY, ICHABOD               ENFIELD                       NY-55-E-238
KIRBY, SARAH                 ITHACA                        NY-55-S-638
KIRKENDALL, SAMUEL           DANBY                         NY-55-S-266
KITCHEN, MARTHA              ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-508
KLINE, WILLIAM               ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-94
KNAPP, ALVAH                 GROTON                        NY-55-K-112
KNAPP, ELIAS                 GROTON                        NY-55-E-35
KNAPP, JOHN L.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-P-34
KNAPP, NEWCOMB               DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-89
KNETTLES, ALBERT S.          LANSING                       NY-55-Q-514
KNETTLES, ANSON W.           LANSING                       NY-55-W-426
KNETTLES, JOHN               LANSING                       NY-55-C-165
KNICKERBOCKER, CHARLES       NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-150
KNOX, FLOYD T.               HECTOR                        NY-55-B-26
KONKLE, CASPER G.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-129
KOPLIN, JOHN                 LANSING                       NY-55-E-40
KOPLIN, MAHLON               LANSING                       NY-55-H-197
KOPLIN, NATHAN               LANSING                       NY-55-I-225
KOPLIN, WILLIAM              LANSING                       NY-55-I-469
KORTS, JOHN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-G-411
KORTS, MARY                  ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-522
KORTS, SEYMOUR               ITHACA                        NY-55-P-622
KORTZ, JOHN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-P-62
KRATTS, DANIEL               LANSING                       NY-55-G-185
KRESGE, PHILIP               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-604
KROMER, WILLIAM H.           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-524
KRUM, LOUISA M.              CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-218
KRUM, MICHAEL C.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-X-214
LABAR, CHARLES               DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-190
LABAR, JAMES                 LANSING                       NY-55-V-468
LABAR, JESSE                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-378
LABAR, POLLY                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-134
LABARRE, HARRIET N.          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-298
LABARRE, RICHARD             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-T-374
LABUR, HENRY                 LANSING                       NY-55-F-281
LACEY, AARON                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-B-69
LACEY, LUCINDA               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-430
LADD, SULLIVAN               GROTON                        NY-55-X-46
LAMBERSON, JAMES             DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-334
LAMBERSON, JOHN              DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-44
LAMBERSON, JOHN              DRYDEN                        NY-55-A-94
LAMBERT, HIRAM               ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-225
LAMBERT, JOHN                HECTOR                        NY-55-G-127
LAMBERT, LEVI                HECTOR                        NY-55-F-26
LAMBERTSON, SALLY M.         DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-400
LAMEBRTSON, GARRETT          DRYDEN                        NY-55-D-11
LAMKIN, JAMES                DANBY                         NY-55-O-161
LAMONT, ARCHIBALD            DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-84
LAMONT, ARCHIBALD B.         DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-134
LAMONT, DANIEL               DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-403
LAMONT, ROBERT               DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-318
LAMONT, WILLIAM              DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-62
LAMSON, JOSEPH               ENFIELD                       NY-55-R-1
LANCASTER, ELIZA             ITHACA                        NY-55-W-438
LANDON, DANIEL               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-206
LANDON, HEEMAN               CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-385
LANDON, JAMES                ITHACA                        NY-55-L-517
LANDON, MAUD B.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-S-358
LANE, ABRAM W.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-222
LANE, AUGUST                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-74
LANE, DANIEL A.              GROTON                        NY-55-Y-302
LANE, EMERY A.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-209
LANE, ISAAC                  CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-462
LANE, RICHARD C.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-205
LANE, WILLIAM                LANSING                       NY-55-O-197
LANING, CAROLINE D.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-206
LANING, ORINDA               ENFIELD                       NY-55-T-454
LANING, RICHARD              GROTON                        NY-55-Q-350
LANING, SERENA R.            GROTON                        NY-55-T-322
LANNING, AMOS                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-I-197
LANNING, ARTHUR E.           ENFIELD                       NY-55-Y-346
LANNING, J. MONROE           ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-38
LANSING, CHARLES W.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-O-185
LANSING, GIDEON              ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-413
LANSING, JANE                ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-156
LANSING, OLIVER              GROTON                        NY-55-O-81
LANSING, RALPH               DRYDEN                        NY-55-B-284
LANTERMAN, AI                LANSING                       NY-55-J-53
LANTERMAN, ELIZABETH         DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-333
LARCUNE, SILAS C.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-E-244
LARISON, MINOR               ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-61
LAROW, MAHLON                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-M-281
LAWTON, ELIZA ANN            GROTON                        NY-55-L-127
LAWTON, JOHN                 GROTON                        NY-55-L-289
LAWTON, JOSEPH A.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-602
LEAM, JOHN                   LANSING                       NY-55-J-373
LEBAR, CHARLES               ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-98
LEE, HANNAH                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-312
LEE, JEPTHA                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-409
LEE, JOSEPH P.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-258
LEET, WILLIAM                CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-413
LEGG, ELIZABETH              HEATH, FRANKLIN, MA           NY-55-H-462
LEGG, LEANDER W.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-I-485
LEGG, LEONARD                CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-26
LEGG, OLIVER P.              CAROLINE                      NY-55-W-94
LEGG, WILLARD                CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-29
LEGGETT, BENJAMIN T.         CAROLINE                      NY-55-G-131
LEMOTTE, LUCIUS              GROTON                        NY-55-V-526
LEONARD, ABRAHAM             HECTOR                        NY-55-C-34
LEONARD, LUTHER              ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-125
LEONARD, S. AUGUSTA          ITHACA                        NY-55-O-301
LESSLEY, WILLIAM             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-J-297
LESTER, ELIHU A.             LANSING                       NY-55-S-298
LESTER, HENRY                GROTON                        NY-55-Z-342
LETTS, LUCINDA               ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-434
LETTS, SARAH                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-J-453
LEWIS, ALEXANDER             CAROLINE                      NY-55-U-480
LEWIS, ALEXANDER             CAROLINE                      NY-55-I-33
LEWIS, AMOS                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-B-228
LEWIS, ELIZA                 ITHACA                        NY-55-U-232
LEWIS, J. DELOS              ULYSSES                       NY-55-N-57
LEWIS, JOHN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-334
LEWIS, LUTHER                ITHACA                        NY-55-H-329
LEWIS, THOMAS                DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-298
LEWIS, WILLIAM               NTL                           NY-55-B-90
LIDDINGTON, MARY             CAROLINE                      NY-55-R-51
LIDDINGTON, VALENTINE        CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-6
LIGNOR, PETER                DANBY                         NY-55-H-43
LINDERBERY, CHARLES          ENFIELD                       NY-55-F-205
LINDERBURY, CASPER           ITHACA                        NY-55-P-414
LINDERMAN, HARVEY            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-593
LINDERMAN, JAMES F.          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-2
LINDERMANN, HENRY H.         GROTON                        NY-55-M-217
LINDERMANN, HENRY H.         GROTON                        NY-55-M-289
LINDSEY, GEOGE W.            GROTON                        NY-55-N-109
LINDSEY, IRA                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-5
LINN, MARY                   ITHACA                        NY-55-L-355
LINSEY, ROBERT C.            DANBY                         NY-55-S-138
LINTON, LYDIA L.             ITHACA                        NY-55-X-126
LITTLE, SIMON                DANBY                         NY-55-W-330
LIVERMORE, ALMIRA S.         ITHACA                        NY-55-U-426
LOBDELL, EBENEZER            LANSING                       NY-55-T-502
LOCKWOOD, JOB                DANBY                         NY-55-D-89
LOGAN, JANE                  DANBY                         NY-55-K-501
LOGAN, JOHANNA               ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-270
LONGCOY, CHARLOTTE           ENFIELD                       NY-55-M-13
LONGCOY, SARAH A.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-70
LONGSTREET, SLOCUM H.        ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-478
LONKHOR, ABRAHAM             ENFIELD                       NY-55-A-104
LONKHOR, JOHN 2ND            ENFIELD                       NY-55-B-58
LOOMIS, AMON                 LANSING                       NY-55-D-123
LORD, ERASTUS H.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-68
LORMER, JAMES SR.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-620
LORRIMER, HUGH               DRYDEN                        NY-55-E-371
LOUGHRAIN, PETER             ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-562
LOUNSBERRY, RICHARD          CAROLINE                      NY-55-P-462
LOUNSBURY, ISAAC             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-B-165
LOUNSBURY, PETER             CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-329
LOUW, DAVID                  GROTON                        NY-55-P-542
LOVE, LYDIA                  ITHACA                        NY-55-T-418
LOVE, SARAH                  ITHACA                        NY-55-P-242
LOVEJOY, ANNIE B.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-520
LOVELL, ASAHELL              ENFIELD                       NY-55-C-120
LOVELL, EBER                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-L-271
LOVELL, JEROME B.            ITHAC                         NY-55-Z-286
LUBERMAN, DEBORAH A.         ITHACA                        NY-55-R-222
LUCE, JAMES                  LANSING                       NY-55-M-453
LUCE, MARY                   ITHACA                        NY-55-C-362
LUCKEY, SAMUEL               ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-226
LUCKY, DEBORAH               ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-306
LUCY, JOHN R.                DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-223
LUDDINGTON, JOHN W.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-313
LUDDINGTON, STEPHEN          DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-201
LUDLOW, HIRAM                ITHACA                        NY-55-H-88
LUDLOW, JOHN M.              DANBY                         NY-55-D-292
LUDLOW, MARY                 DNABY                         NY-55-F-180
LUDLOW, OLIVE M.             GROTON                        NY-55-Z-426
LUMBARD, WILLIAM J.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-42
LUNGER, JOHN W.              ITHACA                        NY-55-W-470
LUPTON, HARRIET              DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-434
LUPTON, NATHAN H. W.         DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-277
LUSK, NANCY L.               DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-282
LUSK, PETER                  ITHACA                        NY-55-D-382
LUTHER, PHILLIP              GROTON                        NY-55-H-168
LYMANE, MARY E.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-154
LYNAUGH, JAMES               DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-100
LYNCH, CORNELIA              CAROLINE                      NY-55-Y-98
LYNCH, PHILIP F.             ITHACA                        NY-55-O-573
LYON, EMMA H.                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-384
LYON, PLATT S.               ITHACA                        NY-55-R-15
LYONS, ANN                   ITHACA                        NY-55-R-36
LYONS, JOSEPH M.             ITHACA                        NY-55-N-1
MACK, EBENEZER               ITHACA                        NY-55-F-304
MACK, ELIZA ANN              ITHACA                        NY-55-V-246
MACK, ELIZA ANN              ITHACA                        NY-55-O-133
MACK, HORACE                 ITHACA                        NY-55-G-421
MACK, JOHN                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-125
MACK, JOHN W.                LANSING                       NY-55-Z-438
MACKALL, BASZIL              ITHACA                        NY-55-S-14
MACKALL, CHARLOTTE           ITHACA                        NY-55-P-450
MACKEY, JOHN                 HECTOR                        NY-55-F-343
MADDEN, PATRICK              DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-25
MAIN, ISAAC                  GROTON                        NY-55-J-85
MAKER, REUBEN B.             DANBY                         NY-55-V-146
MALLERY, LOUISE ALBRIGHT     DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-140
MALLISON, AVERY              GROTON                        NY-55-G-377
MALLORY, AMY                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-271
MALONA, SUSAN B.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-306
MALONEY, MARGARET            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-46
MALONEY, TIMOTHY             ITHACA                        NY-55-H-385
MANDAVILLE, FRANCIS          ULYSSES                       NY-55-D-56
MANDEVILLE, ALMERIN J.       ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-239
MANDEVILLE, J. C.            DANBY                         NY-55-F-428
MANDEVILLE, JOHN L.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-R-184
MANDEVILLE, STEPHENC .       ULYSSES                       NY-55-G-217
MANDEVILLE, WILLIAM A.       DANBY                         NY-55-T-126
MANING, LYDIA                ITHACA                        NY-55-F-108
MANNING, DAVID               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-186
MANNING, EPHRAIM             ULYSSES                       NY-55-A-41
MANNING, EPHRAIM             LANSING                       NY-55-Q-622
MANNING, HANNAH              DANBY                         NY-55-S-106
MANNING, JESSE               ITHACA                        NY-55-O-449
MANNING, JOHN                DANBY                         NY-55-U-350
MANNING, JOSEPH              HECTOR                        NY-55-A-149
MANNING, JOSEPH              DANBY                         NY-55-N-397
MANNING, MARIA               ITHACA                        NY-55-X-114
MANNING, MARTHA              DANBY                         NY-55-O-177
MANNING, SARAH MALISSA       DANBY                         NY-55-Y-226
MARIAN, ADELIA               ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-114
MARICH, HANNAH E.            CAROLINE                      NY-55-Y-122
MARION, ALFRED               ITHACA                        NY-55-O-145
MARION, SARAH                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-470
MARKHAM, ISAAC               ULYSSES                       NY-55-D-77
MARKHAM, SETH                ANN ARBON, WASHTENAW, MI      NY-55-D-5
MARSH, DEXTER H.             GROTON                        NY-55-V-370
MARSH, DIOCLECIAN A.         DANBY                         NY-55-T-542
MARSH, HULDAH F.             GROTON                        NY-55-S-286
MARSH, WALKER                DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-6
MARSHALL, JOHN               ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-205
MARSHALL, MOSES              ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-315
MARTIN, FRANCES              ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-354
MASON, RICHARD               ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-6
MASTEN, MARY E.              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-494
MASTERS, ABRAM               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-22
MASTERS, JOHN                ITHACA                        NY-55-M-481
MASTERS, LUCY A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-T-90
MASTERSON, NATHANIEL         DANBY                         NY-55-O-33
MASTERSON, PHEBE A.          DANBY                         NY-55-O-229
MATSON, EBER                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-399
MATTHEWS, ALANSON            ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-426
MATTHEWS, LUCINDA BRADLEY    ULYSSES                       NY-55-X-438
MAYNARD, CAROLINE            ITHACA                        NY-55-M-249
MAYNARD, THOMAS              CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-449
MCALLASTER, MARY E.          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-F-340
MCALLASTER, RPUDENCE S.      NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-160
MCALLISTER, ANNA C.          ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-470
MCALLISTER, PETER            ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-18
MCARTHUR, DANIEL             DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-15
MCARTHUR, DANIEL             DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-369
MCARTHUR, EBENEZER           DRYDEN                        NY-55-R-78
MCARTHUR, FRANKLIN           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-146
MCARTHUR, GILBERT            DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-282
MCARTHUR, MARY               DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-156
MCCALL, MARY E.              GROTON                        NY-55-V-468
MCCARTY, MARGARET            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-462
MCCHAIN, JAMES               ITHACA                        NY-55-E-169
MCCHAIN, MARY H.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-542
MCCLINTOCK, CHARLES          DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-434
MCCLUNG, CHARLES VOLNEY      ITHACA                        NY-55-A-47
MCCOLLUM, KATE               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-N-281
MCCORMICK, JACOB M.          ITHACA                        NY-55-G-448
MCCORN, CHARLES              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-387
MCCORN, CHARLES W.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Z-306
MCCORN, ELIZA J.             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-316
MCCORN, MOSES SR.            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-M-389
MCCRARY, ALEXANDER           HECTOR                        NY-55-C-332
MCCUTCHEON, ROBERT           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-362
MCCUTCHONE, GEORGE           DRYDEN                        NY-55-E-363
MCDANIELS, ORRIN             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-282
MCDANIELS, RANSOM            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-T-598
MCDOUGALL, CAROLINE M.       ITHACA                        NY-55-U-162
MCELHENEY, JAMES             DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-233
MCELHENY, JOHN E.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-138
MCFALL, HENRY                DANBY                         NY-55-J-233
MCGILLAVRAY, MARY            ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-150
MCGILLIORY, GEORGE           ITHACA                        NY-55-M-349
MCGOVERN, ELLEN              GROTON                        NY-55-Y-534
MCGOWEN, JOHN S.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-270
MCGRADE, CATHARINE           ITHACA                        NY-55-L-373
MCGRATH, STEPHEN             ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-370
MCGRAW, JON                  ITHACA                        NY-55-O-221
MCGRAW, SARAH A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-U-112
MCINERNEY, CATHERINE         ITHACA                        NY-55-R-273
MCINTYRE, ARNOLD             ITHACA                        NY-55-P-318
MCINTYRE, DWIGHT             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-52
MCKEE, JAMES                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-D-111
MCKEE, MARGARET              GROTON                        NY-55-X-534
MCKEE, ROBERT                DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-1
MCKEEGAN, JOHN WESLEY        ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-322
MCKEEN, PETER                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-H-135
MCKELLAR, CATHARINE          GROTON                        NY-55-U-248
MCKELLAR, DUNCAN             DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-602
MCKELLER, DUNCAN             DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-415
MCKELLER, MARY               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-246
MCKINNEY, JAMES              LANSING                       NY-55-F-278
MCKINNEY, JANE               ITHACA                        NY-55-U-18
MCKINNEY, JOHN J.            ITHACA                        NY-55-N-245
MCKINNEY, MARGARET           ITHACA                        NY-55-M-477
MCLACHLAN, JAMES             GROTON                        NY-55-U-270
MCLALLAN, DAVID K.           ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-250
MCLALLEN, EDWARD E.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-510
MCLALLEN, JOHN               ULYSSES                       NY-55-E-219
MCLEES, THOMAS               CAROLINE                      NY-55-D-367
MCLEICH, JOHN                CAROLINE                      NY-55-P-334
MCMANNIS, PATRICK            GROTON                        NY-55-U-278
MCMASTER, DAVID              DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-176
MCMILLEN, SAMUEL             ENFIELD                       NY-55-J-305
MCNEIL, ARCHIBALD            ITHACA                        NY-55-G-462
MCPHERSON, DANIEL            DANBY                         NY-55-D-59
MCPHERSON, ELLEN N.          NEWFIELD                      NY-55-L-283
MCSOULE, JANE                ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-173
MCWHORTER, JAMES             CAROLINE                      NY-55-H-211
MCWHORTER, JOHN C.           ITHACA                        NY-55-T-570
MCWHORTER, JOSEPH H.         ITHACA                        NY-55-J-161
MCWHORTER, LORINDA           ITHACA                        NY-55-V-84
MCWHORTER, THOMAS L.         ITHACA                        NY-55-S-618
MEAD, FREDERICK C.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-294
MEAD, MINOS M.               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-198
MEAD, SALLY ANN              LANSING                       NY-55-U-590
MEAD, WILLIAM                ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-323
MEADE, SARAH L.              ITHACA                        NY-55-W-210
MEECHIAM, SARAH              ITHACA                        NY-55-W-74
MEKEEL, WILLIAM              ULYSSES                       NY-55-M-21
MEKEIL, JESSE                HECTOR                        NY-55-C-116
MELOTTE, LORAIN P.           ITHACA                        NY-55-W-602
MERIAN, HANNAH               ITHACA                        NY-55-P-122
MERION, ANN E.               ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-414
MERION, DANIEL               ITHACA                        NY-55-W-462
MERRIAM, JAMES               ITHACA                        NY-55-D-200
MERRIAN, HENRY               ITHACA                        NY-55-G-385
MERRICK, JOHN                CAROLINE                      NY-55-O-289
MERRICK, MARGARET            CAROLINE                      NY-55-O-581
MERRICK, MATTHEW L.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-Q-450
MESSER, ELIZA ANN            ITHACA                        NY-55-O-341
MESSNER, CATHARINE           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-606
METZGAR, JOSEPH              GROTON                        NY-55-U-406
METZGAR, WILLIAM             GROTON                        NY-55-Z-346
METZKER, JOHN                LANSING                       NY-55-H-103
MIDDAUGH, JOEL               ITHACA                        NY-55-X-410
MIDDOUGH, MARTIN             DANBY                         NY-55-J-13
MILLER, ABRAM D.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-390
MILLER, ADONIRAM JUDSON      LANSING                       NY-55-S-66
MILLER, ARCHIBALD            DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-226
MILLER, CALEB                ENFIELD                       NY-55-S-62
MILLER, CLARISSA T.          GROTON                        NY-55-V-332
MILLER, FILE                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-198
MILLER, FREDERICH H.         LANSING                       NY-55-J-49
MILLER, FREDERICK            GROTON                        NY-55-M-93
MILLER, GEORGE               DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-201
MILLER, HARVEY D.            DANBY                         NY-55-M-405
MILLER, HENRY                LANSING                       NY-55-C-242
MILLER, HENRY                GROTON                        NY-55-I-29
MILLER, JAMES M.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-354
MILLER, JOHN D.              DANBY                         NY-55-I-25
MILLER, JONATHAN L.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-O-473
MILLER, JONATHAN P.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-114
MILLER, JOSEPH               LANSING                       NY-55-A-86
MILLER, MARADA W.            LANSING                       NY-55-N-337
MILLER, MARTHA               DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-294
MILLER, MARVIN B.            LANSING                       NY-55-V-72
MILLER, MARY L.              GROTON                        NY-55-P-406
MILLER, MOSES                LANSING                       NY-55-B-86
MILLER, PARNEL               GROTON                        NY-55-N-61
MILLER, PETER                LANSING                       NY-55-Z-58
MILLER, SAMUEL G.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-394
MILLER, WARD S.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-402
MILLER, WILLIAM              DANBY                         NY-55-S-582
MILLER, WILLIAM              ENFIELD                       NY-55-Q-374
MILLS, CHARLES R.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-354
MINEAH, NICHOLAS H.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-242
MINEAH, PETER                DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-606
MINEAH, SALVINA              DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-422
MINIER, ABRAHAM              LANSING                       NY-55-D-295
MINIER, JOHN E.              LANSING                       NY-55-Y-86
MINOR, MARTHA R.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-214
MINTURN, DANIEL              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Y-266
MINTURN, ELIZABETH           ITHACA                        NY-55-X-586
MITCHELL, ISAAC              LANSING                       NY-55-H-437
MITCHELL, JOHN               ITHACA                        NY-55-S-418
MITCHELL, SAMUEL             ITHACA                        NY-55-O-525
MIX, JOSEPH                  GROTON                        NY-55-N-21
MOE, HIRAM                   LANSING                       NY-55-F-348
MOE, MARY D.                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-130
MOE, RHODA S.                GROTON                        NY-55-V-380
MOE, ROBERT P.               GROTON                        NY-55-X-574
MOE, ROBERT P.               GROTON                        NY-55-K-164
MOLESWORTH, EMMA             ITHACA                        NY-55-S-502
MONAGHAN, MICHAEL            ITHACA                        NY-55-X-462
MONFORT, CORNELIUS L.        GROTON                        NY-55-N-413
MONROE, WILLIAM M.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-206
MOOD, LYNFORD                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-120
MOORE, ABIGAIL               LANSING                       NY-55-C-202
MOORE, DAVID                 GENOA, CAYUGA, NY             NY-55-B-40
MOORE, ERASPUS               HECTOR                        NY-55-G-30
MOORE, EXPERIENCE            CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-66
MOORE, GEORGE A.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-86
MOORE, HENRY                 ITHACA                        NY-55-X-338
MOORE, MERRITT               ENFIELD                       NY-55-C-319
MOORE, RICHARD               CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-58
MORE, SARAH ANN              DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-418
MOREHOUSE, GIDEON            LANSING                       NY-55-D-179
MOREHOUSE, SILAS             HECTOR                        NY-55-G-119
MOREY, ELIZA                 LANSING                       NY-55-W-514
MOREY, SAMUEL                LANSING                       NY-55-P-290
MORGAN, EDWARD J. SR.        ITHACA                        NY-55-V-222
MORGAN, EDWIN G.             LANSING                       NY-55-U-118
MORGAN, EVEN                 LANSING                       NY-55-D-221
MORGAN, HOWARD               ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-118
MORGAN, JAMES K.             EAST ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ        NY-55-X-298
MORGAN, PARK A.              GROTON                        NY-55-E-230
MORGAN, WIGHTMAN             GROTON                        NY-55-J-317
MORGAN, WILLIS H.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-534
MORRELL, CHARLES H.          LANSING                       NY-55-C-281
MORRIS, ANNIE B.             ITHACA                        NY-55-O-469
MORRIS, EDGAR E.             DANBY                         NY-55-U-268
MORRIS, JOHN                 LANSING                       NY-55-A-1
MORRIS, LEVI                 ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-586
MORRIS, LOUISE A.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-490
MORRIS, REBECCA              ITHACA                        NY-55-W-150
MORRIS, SALLY                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-472
MORRISON, MAHALA             ITHACA                        NY-55-X-274
MORSE, MARY A.               DANBY                         NY-55-Q-110
MORSE, ROYAL T.              GROTON                        NY-55-I-421
MORTON, MERCY                GROTON                        NY-55-N-389
MORTON, MILES                GROTON                        NY-55-W-386
MOSELEY, ENOS P.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-132
MOSHER, JACOB                DANBY                         NY-55-F-240
MOSHER, JOHN                 GROTON                        NY-55-C-91
MOSHER, REBECCA              GROTON                        NY-55-T-74
MOSHER, REBECCA JANE         GROTON                        NY-55-Z-502
MOUNT, WILLIAM D.            GROTON                        NY-55-T-142
MULKS, BENONI                CAROLINE                      NY-55-C-40
MULKS, DAVID                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-I-405
MULKS, JAMES                 ITHACA                        NY-55-C-24
MULKS, PETER                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-585
MULVEY, THOMAS               ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-586
MUNGER, JAMES                ITHACA                        NY-55-B-268
MUNGER, MARTHA               ITHACA                        NY-55-J-321
MUNSON, IRA                  DANBY                         NY-55-I-393
MURDOCK, ELIZA N.            ITHACA                        NY-55-T-114
MURPHY, EDWARD               TRUMANSBURG                   NY-55-R-263
MURRAY, JAMES                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-C-143
MURRAY, PATRICK              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-22
NAGLE, ELLEN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-478
NARY, PHILIP                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-N-161
NELLIGAN, JOHN               ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-562
NELLIGAN, MORRIS             ITHACA                        NY-55-X-94
NELSON, ELIZABETH            ITHACA                        NY-55-T-290
NELSON, HARRIET              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-22
NELSON, JOHN                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-H-269
NELSON, JOHN W.              ITHACA                        NY-55-N-169
NELSON, ROBERT C.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-182
NELSON, WILLIAM              ITHACA                        NY-55-N-41
NEVER, GEORGE                CAROLINE                      NY-55-C-371
NEWCOMB, HELEN W.            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-16
NEWCOMB, WESLEY              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-412
NEWELL, HORACE               GROTON                        NY-55-P-150
NEWMAN, HENRY                LANSING                       NY-55-A-6
NEWMAN, WILLIAM A.           ITHACA                        NY-55-X-178
NEWTON, EZEKIEL              GROTON                        NY-55-G-207
NEWTON, EZEKIEL A.           GROTON                        NY-55-H-271
NEWTON, JENNIE               ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-518
NEWTON, RACHAEL              ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-18
NEWTON, REBECCA              GROTON                        NY-55-M-89
NEYHURT, BETSY               LANSING                       NY-55-Z-282
NIRUMAN, SAMUEL              LANSING                       NY-55-B-216
NIVER, ADAM                  GROTON                        NY-55-D-271
NIVER, CHARLES               GROTON                        NY-55-U-628
NIVER, LARKIN A.             GROTON                        NY-55-L-301
NIVERSON, NATHAN             ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-347
NIXON, AMY                   ITHACA                        NY-55-U-564
NIXON, JOHN                  MACEDON, WAYNE, NY            NY-55-H-324
NIXON, SARAH M.              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-137
NIXON, WILLIAM               ITHACA                        NY-55-L-67
NOBLE, NELSON                ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-218
NOBLES, ANSON C.             ENFIELD                       NY-55-Y-370
NORDENGREN, HANNAH           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-344
NORRIS, ELIZA C.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-550
NORRIS, MELISSA E.           CAROLINE                      NY-55-P-522
NORRIS, PHILIP               CAROLINE                      NY-55-T-18
NORTH, ELIZABETH             LANSING                       NY-55-I-437
NORTH, JOSHUA                LANSING                       NY-55-J-17
NORTHROP, JULIUS             ITHACA                        NY-55-C-9
NORTHRUP, GEORGE H.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-324
NORTHRUP, JOB                ITHACA                        NY-55-E-348
NORTON, EMMA                 LANSING                       NY-55-U-48
NORTON, JAMES                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-254
NORTON, LOUISA               ITHACA                        NY-55-S-246
NORTON, MICHAEL JR.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-X-590
NOURSE, FRANCIS              ITHACA                        NY-55-P-266
NOURSE, JOAN A.              ITHACA                        NY-55-V-142
NOYES, EDWARD                GROTON                        NY-55-I-113
NYE, ESTHER                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-38
OAK, JACOB                   DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-70
OBERT, SIMON                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-345
OBRIAN, MARTIN               DANBY                         NY-55-Y-94
OBRYAN, JANE                 ITHACA                        NY-55-O-325
ODELL, JOHANNAH              DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-42
ODELL, SARAH                 DANBY                         NY-55-Y-70
ODONNELL, MARGARET           ITHACA                        NY-55-W-302
OGDEN, AMOS EMMONS           DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-534
OGDEN, BENJAMIN              GROTON                        NY-55-Q-458
OGDEN, JACOB                 LANSING                       NY-55-N-317
OGDEN, JACOB                 DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-280
OGDEN, PERSON D.             ITHACA                        NY-55-S-366
OGDEN, SARAH                 LANSING                       NY-55-S-194
OLIVER, JAMES EDWARD         ITHACA                        NY-55-V-284
OLMSTED, JESSE               WHITETOWN, ONEIDA, NY         NY-55-A-254
OLTZ, JOHN H.                DANBY                         NY-55-U-92
ONAN, ESTELLA W.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-570
ONAN, JAMES                  ITHACA                        NY-55-U-354
ONEIL, JOHN                  ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-638
OSBORN, ORNAN                ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-90
OSBORN, PHILO A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-54
OSBORNE, BERINTHA            DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-142
OSBORNE, CHAUNCY M.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-168
OSBURN, JOHN W.              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-197
OSMUN, EMILY                 LANSING                       NY-55-X-510
OSMUN, EZEKIEL               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-178
OSMUN, IRA                   LANSING                       NY-55-Y-474
OSMUN, JOHN                  LANSING                       NY-55-E-394
OSTRANDER, JONES             DANBY                         NY-55-Q-634
OSTRANDER, LEVI              DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-602
OSTRANDER, MARCIA            DANBY                         NY-55-V-364
OSTRANDER, MELVIN            ITHACA                        NY-55-V-340
OSTRANDER, MILTON            ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-298
OSTRANDER, ORRY **NTL        DANBY                         NY-55-K-277
OSTRANDER, ORRY              DANBY (con't)                 NY-55-L-55
OSTRANDER, PETER             DRYDEN                        NY-55-G-195
OTIS, SOPHRONIA              DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-558
OUDERKIRK, FIDELIA           GROTON                        NY-55-T-514
OUTWATER, LUCIA M.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-118
OVERACKER, ARCHIBALD D.      DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-494
OVERACKER, WILLIAM           LANSING                       NY-55-P-390
OWEN, ALVAH C.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-34
OWEN, DANIEL                 GROTON                        NY-55-V-416
OWEN, DINAH                  HECTOR                        NY-55-G-26
OWEN, DOLLY                  ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-262
OWEN, EDWARD                 DANBY                         NY-55-T-554
OWEN, ELIJAH                 DANBY                         NY-55-M-41
OWEN, ELIZABETH A.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-328
OWEN, HENRY W.               NTL, ELKHART, IN              NY-55-F-461
OWEN, JOHN C.                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-172
OWEN, MOWBRAY                DRYDEN                        NY-55-C-94
OWENS, MARY E.               GROTON                        NY-55-N-5
OZMUN, JOHN                  LANSING                       NY-55-F-263
OZMUN, WILLIAM               LANSING                       NY-55-I-81
PADDOCK, MARY A.             ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-338
PADDOCK, STEPHEN M.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-374
PAGE, ASA                    GROTON                        NY-55-S-58
PAINE, DAVID                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-D-282
PAINE, DAVID                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-101
PAINE, SARAH                 CAROLINE                      NY-55-H-181
PAINE, WALTER                CAROLIEN                      NY-55-Q-518
PALMER, ABRAM                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-306
PALMER, DANIEL               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-M-145
PALMER, GERSHAM              ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-294
PALMER, LOUIS                ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-502
PALMER, SAMANTHA             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-X-594
PALMER, WILLIAM O.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-568
PALMONTEER, GILBERT          HECTOR                        NY-55-G-230
PARCE, DANIEL                GROTON                        NY-55-D-309
PARISH, LYDIA                ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-109
PARKER, ANGELINA H.          ITHACA                        NY-55-H-190
PARKER, SAMUEL               ITHACA                        NY-55-J-477
PARMLEE, ELIAS               ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-166
PARSONS, CAROLINE R.         LANSING                       NY-55-V-530
PARSONS, POLLY               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-298
PARSONS, SALLY O.            LANSING                       NY-55-V-532
PARSTON, LEVI C.             ITHACA                        NY-55-O-441
PATCH, SOLYMAN               CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-121
PATTERSON, ASHBEL            ITHACA                        NY-55-O-529
PATTERSON, JAMES             LANSING                       NY-55-Q-234
PATTERSON, JAMES W.          ITHACA                        NY-55-U-258
PATTERSON, MARY A.           NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-518
PAYNE, EDWARD                CAROLINE                      NY-55-P-82
PAYNE, JOHN                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-I-297
PAYSON, GEORGE               DRYDEN                        NY-55-H-57
PEARSALL, E. VANLORA         ULYSSES                       NY-55-Z-334
PEARSON, NICHOLAS            ITHACA                        NY-55-X-530
PEARSON, PIERCE              ITHACA                        NY-55-U-338
PEASE, ALLEN                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-614
PEASE, CYNTHA                ULYSSES                       NY-55-L-247
PEASE, ISRAEL                HECTOR                        NY-55-F-60
PECK, ANGELINE R.            ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-550
PECK, ELLEN D.               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-372
PECK, SARAH OGDEN            DRYDEN                        NY-55-R-158
PELTON, EDWARD G.            ITHACA                        NY-55-I-313
PENNOYER, JOSEPH             GROTON                        NY-55-H-284
PERKINS, REBECCA H.          ITHACA                        NY-55-C-321
PERKINS, REBECCA JANE        GROTON                        NY-55-X-30
PERRIGO, C. LOUISE           GROTON                        NY-55-Q-90
PERRIGO, CHARLES             GROTON                        NY-55-V-150
PERRIGO, JOHN                DRYDEN                        NY-55-A-173
PERRIGO, LYMAN               GROTON                        NY-55-L-493
PERRIGO, WILLIAM             GROTON                        NY-55-Q-186
PERRY, CHARLOTTE M.          ITHACA                        NY-55-S-4560
PERRY, JOSEPH                CAROLINE                      NY-55-J-440
PERRY, JOSIAH                CAROLINE                      NY-55-I-417
PERRY, SARAH HILLHOUSE       ITHACA                        NY-55-U-192
PERRY, SIMEON                ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-614
PERRY, THEODORE              CAROLIEN                      NY-55-R-209
PERSONIUS, ELIZABETH         CAROLINE                      NY-55-P-402
PERSONIUS, JACOB             CAROLINE                      NY-55-Q-342
PESAE, SIMEON                ULYSSES                       NY-55-J-325
PETTIGROVE, WILLIAM          DRYDEN                        NY-55-D-207
PEW, ANNA                    ITHACA                        NY-55-B-22
PEW, BENJAMIN                ITHACA                        NY-55-U-346
PEW, DAN                     DRYDEN                        NY-55-X-402
PEW, JOHN M.                 DANBY                         NY-55-V-330
PHELPS, MARY D.              ITHACA                        NY-55-V-276
PHILLIPS, DANIEL             DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-487
PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-18
PHILLIPS, JUDSON C.          DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-632
PHILLIPS, LYDIA C.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-505
PHILLIPS, SARAH M.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-82
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM CARY       DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-602
PHINNEY, MAUDE               ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-494
PIERCE, EBENEZER             GROTON                        NY-55-H-162
PIERCE, JOB                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-166
PIERSON, ELIZABETH A.        ITHAC                         NY-55-T-158
PIERSON, WILLIAM             ULYSSES                       NY-55-T-262
PIFER, CHRISTIAN             GROTON                        NY-55-C-215
PINKNEY, HENRY               ULYSSES                       NY-55-O-541
PLATT, ELLEN S.              DRYDEN                        NY-55-T-510
PLATT, JOHN L.               DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-602
PLATT, MARY C.               LANSING                       NY-55-T-538
PLATT, SARAH                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-P-234
PLUMMER, MARGARET            NTL                           NY-55-A-133
PLYER, CATHARINE J.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-266
PLYER, HARRIET E.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-S-466
PLYER, HARRY G.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-270
POLLAY, ADALINE              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-70
POMEROY, AUGUSTUS            GROTON                        NY-55-N-277
POOL, MARIA                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-346
POPPLEWELL, ELIZA            ITHACA                        NY-55-T-622
PORTER, HANNABETT            ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-113
PORTER, JOHN                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-261
POTTER, ALICE M.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-402
POTTER, HANNAH M.            ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-308
POTTER, JOSEPH               HECTOR                        NY-55-E-294
POTTS, ANDREW                HECTOR                        NY-55-B-100
POTTS, WILLIAM               HECTOR                        NY-55-F-337
POWELSON, EVELINE            ITHACA                        NY-55-X-470
POWERS, TALBERT              GROTON                        NY-55-N-149
PRAME, JACOB                 ITHACA                        NY-55-T-406
PRAME, MATILDA               DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-378
PRATT, AGNES H.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-590
PRATT, BETSEY M.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-Q-34
PRATT, JERUSHA               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-T-138
PRATZ, GEORGE                CAYUTA                        NY-55-A-140
PRENTISS, ALBERT M.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-528
PRESTON, HENRY L.            CAROLINE                      NY-55-Z-506
PRICE, FRANCES E.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-W-306
PRICE, MARY                  ITHACA                        NY-55-U-198
PRICE, WILLIAM E.            ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-222
PRICHARD, GILBERT            LANSING                       NY-55-G-79
PRIMROSE, DAYTON             DRYDEN                        NY-55-L-241
PROBASCO, HANNAH             ULYSSES                       NY-55-D-116
PROPER, JOHN                 HECTOR                        NY-55-G-211
PROTTS, ADAM                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-G-443
PROTTS, GEORGE               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-N-141
PROTTS, LEVI C.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-W-162
PROTTS, SOPHRONIA J.         NEWFIELD                      NY-55-Q-506
PUDERBOUGH, MARY             DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-442
PUFF, JAMES                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-P-190
PUFF, PETER                  NEWFIELD                      NY-55-D-262
PUFFER, JULIUS               DANBY                         NY-55-F-212
PUGSLEY, ABRAHAM B.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-G-106
PUGSLEY, CORNELIUS A.        DANBY                         NY-55-I-445
PURDUN, JOHN                 HECTOR                        NY-55-E-279
PURDY, ANDREW J.             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-390
PURDY, CALEB                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-N-401
PURDY, DAVID                 ITHACA                        NY-55-I-429
PURDY, ELIZABETH A.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-386
PURVIS, NATHAN S.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-50
PURVIS, POLLY A.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-94
PURVIS, TRUMAN L.            GROTON                        NY-55-V-404
PUTNAM, MARTHA R.            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-554
PYLE, EDWARD                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-Y-242
QUAIL, JOHN                  CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-436
QUICK, FREDERICK             CAROLINE                      NY-55-N-421
QUICK, JACOBUS               CAROLINE                      NY-55-G-368
QUICK, PHILIP                CAROLINE                      NY-55-C-291
QUIGG, JAMES                 ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-82
QUIGLEY, JOHN                ITHACA                        NY-55-W-526
QUIGLEY, MARY                TRUMSBURG                     NY-55-U-454
QUINN, BETSEY                GROTON                        NY-55-S-254
QUINN, JOHN                  ITHACA                        NY-55-W-582
RALPH, SENECA R.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-428
RANDOLPH, HIRAM F.           ITHACA                        NY-55-O-321
RANDOLPH, ISAAC              ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-614
RANDOLPH, NANCY M.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-18
RANEY, ANN                   ITHACA                        NY-55-O-361
RANKIN, GEORGE               ITHACA                        NY-55-T-562
RANNEY, CLIFFORD J.          GROTON                        NY-55-O-457
RANSOM, MARY                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-D-8
RATHBORN, BRADLEY            HECTOR                        NY-55-A-196
RAUSTED, MINERVA C.          ULYSSES                       NY-55-D-370
REACH, DAVID                 DANBY                         NY-55-O-45
REARDON, DANIEL              ITHACA                        NY-55-M-241
REARDON, LOUISE              ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-14
REED, ERMIMIA KATE           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-46
REED, FITCH                  ITHACA                        NY-55-M-325
REED, JACOB W.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-N-405
REED, JOHN                   ITHACA                        NY-55-O-337
REED, MOSES                  CAROLINE                      NY-55-G-154
REED, ROBERT                 ITHACA                        NY-55-Y-378
REED, THOMAS                 ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-626
REEVES, BENJAMIN C.          LANSING                       NY-55-C-209
REEVES, ISHMAEL              LANSING                       NY-55-A-83
RENNEY, *                    SEE: RUMSEY, *
RENNEY, ROBERT               ITHACA                        NY-55-L-139
RENNEY, WILLIAM              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-450
RENWICK, ROBERT J.           ITHACA                        NY-55-N-425
REYNLDS, JAMES S.            ITHACA                        NY-55-U-392
REYNOLDS, CLARK              GROTON                        NY-55-D-372
REYNOLDS, JAMES              HECTOR                        NY-55-C-276
REYNOLDS, JOHN M.            GROTON                        NY-55-U-376
REYNOLDS, ROBERT C.          GROTON                        NY-55-O-69
REYNOLDS, SOLOMON            GROTON                        NY-55-E-215
RHOADS, GEORGE               LANSING                       NY-55-A-135
RHODES, FREDERICK            ITHACA                        NY-55-M-225
RHODES, GEORGE               ITHACA                        NY-55-R-126
RHODES, JOHN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-I-97
RHODES, TEMPERANCE           ITHACA                        NY-55-N-381
RHODES, WILLIAM F.           ITHACA                        NY-55-T-118
RHODES, WILLIAM S.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-K-485
RICE, LEONARD                CAROLINE                      NY-55-B-211
RICE, NATHANIEL              CAROLINE                      NY-55-I-157
RICHARDS, HANNAH             ULYSSES                       NY-55-F-269
RICHARDS, WILLIAM P.         DRYDEN                        NY-55-Z-510
RICHARDSON, ROBERT           ITHACA                        NY-55-U-8
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM H.       DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-294
RICHEY, JOHN                 ULYSSES                       NY-55-H-47
RICHMOND, ALFRED             GROTON                        NY-55-P-182
RIDER, MARY                  GROTON                        NY-55-J-465
RIGGS, MARY E. M.            GROTON                        NY-55-Q-66
RIGGS, MILOS                 GROTON                        NY-55-D-65
RIGHTMIRE, ADDISON           ULYSSES                       NY-55-L-457
RIGHTMIRE, ISREAL            ENFIELD                       NY-55-L-97
RIGHTMIRE, JOHN              CAROLINE                      NY-55-Y-170
RIGHTMIRE, JOHN              CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-360
RILEY, WILLIAM               DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-502
RITTENHOUSE, WILLIAM         DANBY                         NY-55-O-9
ROBERTS, PHEBE               GROTON                        NY-55-H-101
ROBERTSON, MOTT J.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-Y-446
ROBERTSON, OAKLEY            ITACA                         NY-55-X-34
ROBERTSON, THOMAS            LANSING                       NY-55-S-458
ROBINSON, ABRAM L.           LANSING                       NY-55-X-370
ROBINSON, ALMON              GROTON                        NY-55-U-40
ROBINSON, AMANDA M.          GROTON                        NY-55-V-634
ROBINSON, CYNTHIA            ULYSSES                       NY-55-U-26
ROBINSON, DAVID              LANSING                       NY-55-A-117
ROBINSON, HUGH               LANSING                       NY-55-G-311
ROBINSON, JAMES              ITHACA                        NY-55-T-166
ROBISON, JACOB               DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-386
ROBISON, JANE                DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-421
ROBISON, SOLOMON             CAROLINE                      NY-55-L-205
ROCKWELL, ERASTUS            DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-80
RODGERS, WILLIAM D.          HECTOR                        NY-55-G-347
ROE, GAMALIEL                DANBY                         NY-55-H-132
ROE, MARGARET A.             CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-286
ROE, WILLIAM                 DANBY                         NY-55-B-193
ROGERS, AHIRA                GROTON                        NY-55-H-403
ROGERS, NORAH A.             ITHACA                        NY-55-Z-290
ROLFE, AMELIA                ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-360
ROLFE, EDGAR                 ENFIELD                       NY-55-Q-22
ROLFE, EPHRAIM               ENFIELD                       NY-55-P-114
ROLFE, HENRY L.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-390
ROLFE, JONATHAN              ENFIELD                       NY-55-G-61
ROLFE, REUBEN                ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-96
ROLFE, SAMUEL                ENFIELD                       NY-55-E-309
ROLFE, SAMUEL                ENFIELD                       NY-55-Q-2
ROLFE, WARREN                ENFIELD                       NY-55-Z-186
ROLLISON, KATE               ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-174
ROLOSON, ISAIAH              ENFIELD                       NY-55-T-606
ROLOSON, JOHN                ENFIELD                       NY-55-Z-174
ROOSA, ANDRUS                CAROLINE                      NY-55-V-344
ROOT, MARTIN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-H-31
ROPER, FANNY M.              DANBY                         NY-55-U-194
ROPER, SOLOMON               DANBY                         NY-55-D-69
ROPER, SYLVESTER             DANBY                         NY-55-I-149
ROSE, CLARA                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-U-240
ROSE, PETER J.               CAROLINE                      NY-55-S-494
ROSEBROOKE, ROYAL            NEWFIELD                      NY-55-L-277
ROSS, PHILIP                 ITHACA                        NY-55-H-291
ROSS, THOMAS                 LANSING                       NY-55-U-214
ROSS, WILLIAM L.             DRYDEN                        NY-55-S-630
ROUNSVILLE, CHARLES J.       CAROLINE                      NY-55-M-441
ROUNSVILLE, MARY A.          CAROLINE                      NY-55-Z-482
ROUNSVILLE, NELSON           CAROLINE                      NY-55-N-353
ROWE, LUCINDA                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-326
ROWE, WILLIAM                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-S-322
ROWEN, ELIZABETH             DANBY                         NY-55-Q-526
ROWLAND, JONATHAN            DRYDEN                        NY-55-O-481
ROWLAND, JOSEPH H.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-F-313
ROWLAND, SAMUEL              DRYDEN                        NY-55-M-184
ROWLEE, LOIS                 NEWFIELD                      NY-55-E-401
ROWLES, LYDIA S.             GROTON                        NY-55-G-235
ROYAL, JAMES B.              LANSING                       NY-55-T-106
RUDY, HENRY SR.              ULYSSES                       NY-55-V-116
RUDY, JOHN                   ULYSSES                       NY-55-C-21
RUDY, MINOR T.               ULYSSES                       NY-55-Q-262
RULISON, BETSEY M.           DRYDEN                        NY-55-W-102
RUMMER, ANN                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-J-245
RUMMER, ELI                  DRYDEN                        NY-55-P-102
RUMMER, HANNAH M.            DRYDEN                        NY-55-V-62
RUMMER, PETER                DRYDEN                        NY-55-D-92
RUMSEY,                      SEE: RENNEY
RUMSEY, BENJAMIN E.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-374
RUMSEY, CHARLOTTE            ENFIELD                       NY-55-S-394
RUMSEY, ELIZA                ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-138
RUMSEY, EZRA T.              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-U-562
RUMSEY, FRANKLIN             ENFIELD                       NY-55-U-506
RUMSEY, GEORGE               ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-90
RUMSEY, HENRY                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-445
RUMSEY, HORTON               ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-53
RUMSEY, ISAAC                ENFIELD                       NY-55-B-132
RUMSEY, ISAIAH               NEWFIELD                      NY-55-O-209
RUMSEY, JAMES                NEWFIELD                      NY-55-R-276
RUMSEY, JOHN                 ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-10
RUMSEY, JOHN B.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-Y-554
RUMSEY, JOSHUA               ENFIELD                       NY-55-I-109
RUMSEY, JULIA A.             NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-294
RUMSEY, MARINDA              NEWFIELD                      NY-55-V-64
RUMSEY, MARY A.              ENFIELD                       NY-55-W-274
RUMSEY, MARY ANN             ENFIELD                       NY-55-V-152
RUMSEY, MILES                ENFIELD                       NY-55-Y-462
RUMSEY, NELIA                ITHACA                        NY-55-V-392
RUMSEY, SARAH E.             ITHACA                        NY-55-W-166
RUMSEY, SCHUYLER J.          ENFIELD                       NY-55-T-498
RUMSEY, SOLOMON              ENFIELD                       NY-55-H-377
RUNDLE, NICHOLAS             ITHACA                        NY-55-V-398
RUNDLE, NICHOLAS C.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-622
RUNDLE, NICHOLAS C.          ITHACA                        NY-55-V-610
RUSSEL, MATILDA H.           ITHACA                        NY-55-Q-230
RYART, DANIEL                DANBY                         NY-55-J-281
RYDER, LUCY M.               ITHACA                        NY-55-S-534
RYERSON, ELIZA               ITHACA                        NY-55-V-50
RYNSON, PETER                ITHACA                        NY-55-D-204

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