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TANNER, LEVI W.              SHARON                        NY-48-14-113
TAPPEN, CHRISTINA            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-505
TATER, HENRY                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-C-11
TATOR, ELIZABETH             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-138
TATOR, GEORGE                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-464
TATOR, MARY                  NTL                           NY-48-B2-259
TAYLOR, ABNER                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-257
TAYLOR, ORCELIA              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-289
TAYLOR, PETER                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-317
TAYLOR, WILLIAM              SHARON                        NY-48-B-267
TEABOUT, HENRY               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-181
TEEPLE, JACOB                ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-340
TEEPLE, JOHN                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-168
TEEPLE, PETER P.             ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-281
TELLER, MARGARET L.          FULTON                        NY-48-12-340
TENEYCK, JACOB               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-268
TERPENING, CAROLINE          SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-481
TERPENING, RACHEL            SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-416
TERREL, DAVID                SUMMIT                        NY-48-10-314
TETER, ABRAHAM               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-C-180
TETER, JACOB                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-119
TETER, MARGARET YOUNG        COBLESKILL                    NY-48-C-241
THATCHER, BURRELL M.         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-459
THOMAS, HIRAM                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-287
THOMPSON, ASA                CONESVILLE                    NY-48-A2-497
THORN, SAMUEL J.             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-F-9
THORP, CLARK                 ESPERANCE                     NY-48-U-503
THROOP, JABEZ W.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-176
THROOP, ORIGEN B.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-632
TICE, JOHN                   SEWARD                        NY-48-8-308
TILLAPAUGH, DANIEL           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-353
TILLAPAUGH, MARIA            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-33
TILLAPAUGH, MARY E.          COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-67
TILLAPAUGH, WILLIAM H.       ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-223
TILLMAN, CHRISTOPHER         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-241
TINGUE, MAGDALENE            SEWARD                        NY-48-15-179
TINKLEPAUGH, JACOB H.        SUMMIT                        NY-48-10-2
TINKLEPAUGH, WILLIAM         BROOME                        NY-48-9-27
TINQUE, PETER                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-417
TITUS, ISRAEL                BROOME                        NY-48-A-254
TOLES, ASA                   JEFFERSON                     NY-48-9-195
TOLES, IRA W.                SUMMIT                        NY-48-15-175
TOLES, SAMUEL                CONESVILLE                    NY-48-B2-311
TOMPKINS, NATHANIEL          MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-115
TOMPKINS, REUBEN             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-U-498
TOMPKINS, SAMUEL             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-23
TOPPING, JARED               CHARLESTON                    NY-48-B2-272
TOPPING, PRISCILLA T.        ESPERANCE                     NY-48-14-237
TOPPING, ROBERT M.           ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-591
TOTTEN, JOSEPH               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-350
TOWNSEND, ROBERT L.          SHARON SPRINGS                NY-48-15-167
TOWSLEY, LOT                 GILBOA                        NY-48-8-130
TRABER, JACOB                SEWARD VALLEY                 NY-48-15-29
TRAINOR, TERRANCE            CENTRAL BRIDGE                NY-48-11-207
TRAVEL, CIRCUIT              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-A2-564
TRAVIS, DAVID                FULTON                        NY-48-9-93
TREADWELL, HUMPHREY          JEFFERSON                     NY-48-B2-262
TREADWELL, ORRIN B.          JEFFERSON                     NY-48-14-243
TREDDMEIER, FREDERICK        SEWARD                        NY-48-10-71
TRUAX, DAVID                 JEFFERSON                     NY-48-10-358
TRUAX, MARY                  JEFFERSON                     NY-48-10-352
TUBBS, JESSE A.              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-107
TUPPER, LANA ANN             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-555
TURK, MATHIAS                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-255
TURK, PAUL                   COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-574
TURK, ROSANNA W.             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-157
TURNER, JAMES                BROOME                        NY-48-10-191
TURNER, JOSEPH               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-F-44
TUTOR, HENRY                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-360
TWITCHELL, EZRA              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-349
TYGART, ALEXANDER            FULTON                        NY-48-9-373
ULEMAN, BARNET               CARLISLE                      NY-48-C-210
ULLMAN, FREDERICK            CARLISLE                      NY-48-A2-577
UNDERHILL, JOEL              CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-456
UNDERHILL, JOEL              CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-480
UNDERHILL, JOHN              CARLISE                       NY-48-C-93
UPHAM, EVE                   MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-99
UPHAM, JOHN                  MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-350
VANALSTINE, CORNELIUS N.     SHARON                        NY-48-8-458
VANALSTINE, JOHN             SHARON                        NY-48-B-284
VANALSTINE, JOHN B.          BROOME                        NY-48-13-203
VANALSTINE, JOHN L.          CARLISLE                      NY-48-15-253
VANALSTYNE, SYLVESTER M.     RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-551
VANALSTYNE, WILLIAM          SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-485
VANAUKEN, CATHARINE M.       RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-15-25
VANAUKEN, EDWARD             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-13-457
VANAUKEN, JOHN E.            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-282
VANBRAMER, CATHARINE         NTL                           NY-48-10-382
VANBUREN, HANNAH             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-11-293
VANBUREN, JEREMIAH           SUMMIT                        NY-48-14-193
VANBUREN, PETER H.           SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-480
VANBUREN, TOBIAS P.          SUMMIT                        NY-48-11-80
VANBUSKIRK, SALLY            GILBOA                        NY-48-B2-381
VANDERVOORT, JACOB           BLENHEIM                      NY-48-B-340
VANDERWERKEN, CORNELIUS H.   CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-363
VANDERWERKER, PETER P.       SHARON                        NY-48-10-393
VANDRESER, HENRY             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-483
VANDRESER, JOH               NCOBLESKILL                   NY-48-A2-445
VANDRESSER, NELSON           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-523
VANDUEZER, ANNA              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-561
VANDUSEN, ANDREW             SHARON                        NY-48-8-342
VANDUSEN, CATHARINE          RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-428
VANDYCK, CORNELIUS H.        SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-205
VANDYCK, HENRY               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A2-232
VANDYKE, ANN                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-153
VANDYKE, MARY ANN            CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-306
VANDYKE, WILLIAM             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-U-578
VANEPS, JOHN C.              MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-239
VANETTEN, JOHN               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-B2-317
VANFALKENBURGH, JOSEPH       SHARON                        NY-48-B-69
VANGASBECK, JAMES            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-534
VANKIRK, GERTRUDE            CARLISLE                      NY-48-9-468
VANKIRKE, JOHN               CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-99
VANLINDEN, CAROLINE          SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-25
VANLOAN, SALLY               CONESVILLE                    NY-48-15-59
VANNATTA, JAMES              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-B2-402
VANNATTA, WILLIAM L.         ESPERANCE                     NY-48-11-280
VANNIST, CATHERINE           MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-163
VANPATTEN, FANNIE M.         SUMMIT                        NY-48-14-359
VANPATTEN, FREDERICK         SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-356
VANSCHAACK, MARY A.          COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-385
VANSCHAICK, JOSEPH W.        SHARON                        NY-48-10-329
VANSCHAICK, KOERT            SHARON                        NY-48-C-213
VANSCHAICK, MARY             SHARON                        NY-48-12-244
VANSCHAICK, ROBERT           SHARON                        NY-48-A-346
VANSCHOICK, DAVID            SHARON                        NY-48-A-316
VANSLYCK, HANNAH MARIA       SHARON                        NY-48-B2-187
VANSLYCK, MARTINUS           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-198
VANSLYKE, ISAAC R.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-249
VANSLYKE, JOHN               SHARON                        NY-48-14-471
VANTUYL, LEGRAND             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-169
VANVALKENBERG, JOSEPH P.     SHARON                        NY-48-12-77
VANVALKENBERGH, WILLIAM      SHARON                        NY-48-13-219
VANVALKENBURGH, CORT         SHARON                        NY-48-15-371
VANVALKENBURGH, HENRY        SHARON                        NY-48-8-321
VANVALKENBURGH, JOACHIM      SHARON                        NY-48-A2-318
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN         SHARON                        NY-48-U-157
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN J.      SHARON                        NY-48-U-13
VANVALKENBURGH, JOHN JR.     NTL                           NY-48-B2-376
VANVALKENBURGH, PETER        SHARON                        NY-48-B2-364
VANVECHTEN, JAMES            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-39
VANVECHTEN, JOHN C.          ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-581
VANVORIS, ANNA               FULTON                        NY-48-9-458
VANVORIS, JOHN               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-109
VANVOST, ADAM                SHARON                        NY-48-9-337
VANWAGENEN, ALEXANDER F.     MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-75
VANWAGONER, JACOB F.         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-544
VANWOERT, JACOB H.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-592
VANWORMER, DEBORAH           WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-660
VANZANDT, JOHN               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-B2-428
VAUGHN, HIRAM B.             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-12-94
VAUGHN, JAMES                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-208
VEBER, C. CLARK              MARYLAND, OTSEGO, NY          NY-48-14-375
VEDDER, SIMON S.             CENTRAL BRIDGE                NY-48-10-229
VELEY, ELIZA ANN             BLENHEIM                      NY-48-12-298
VELEY, MICHAEL M.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-143
VINE, HENRY J.               SHARON                        NY-48-U-330
VOSBURGH, JOHN S.            SHARON                        NY-48-9-299
VROMAN, ADAM B.              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-24
VROMAN, ANNA M.              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-15-245
VROMAN, BARTHOLOMEW          MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-236
VROMAN, BARTHOLOMEW S.       BLENHEIM                      NY-48-9-200
VROMAN, CATHARINE            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-209
VROMAN, CORNELIUS            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-77
VROMAN, DAVID J.             FULTON                        NY-48-13-271
VROMAN, DOW F.               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-365
VROMAN, ELIZABETH M.         MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-11-5
VROMAN, EPHRAIM              FULTON                        NY-48-11-363
VROMAN, EPHRAIM B.           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-11-162
VROMAN, HENRY D.             FULTON                        NY-48-11-14
VROMAN, HERMANUS             FULTON                        NY-48-U-210
VROMAN, JOHN B.              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-11-172
VROMAN, JOHN D.              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-C-376
VROMAN, JONAS                MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-184
VROMAN, MARGARET             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-297
VROMAN, MARTINUS             SHARON                        NY-48-B-204
VROMAN, SAMUEL               MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-87
VROMAN, THOMAS               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-488
VROOMAN, ADAM P. JR.         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-212
VROOMAN, BARANT              MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-216
VROOMAN, BARRENT A.          SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-35
VROOMAN, HENRY               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-366
VROOMAN, JACOB               SEWARD                        NY-48-9-612
VROOMAN, JOSIAH              SHARON                        NY-48-A2-526
VROOMAN, MARGARET            SHARON                        NY-48-15-27
WAGONER, LEVI                JEFFERSON                     NY-48-9-621
WAKEMAN, ALONZO              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-74
WAKEMAN, HORACE              CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-518
WAKEMAN, HORATIO             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-91
WAKEMAN, SETH B.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-270
WALDEN, HIRAM                WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-347
WALDEN, HIRAM                WRIGHT                        NY-48-15-287
WALDEN, SOPHIA               WRIGHT                        NY-48-14-345
WALKER, ABRAM A.             BROOME                        NY-48-10-276
WALKER, CATHARINE E.         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-377
WALKER, WILLIAM              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-357
WARD, JOSEPH                 SHARON                        NY-48-14-311
WARD, SAMUEL                 JEFFERSON                     NY-48-A2-230
WARD, SAMUEL                 JEFFERSON                     NY-48-F-211
WARNER, BENJAMIN             ROOT, MONTGOMERY, NY          NY-48-U-241
WARNER, DAVID                RICHMONDVILLE (uncopyable)    NY-48-9-4
WARNER, DAVID                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-1
WARNER, DAVID J.             SCHOHARIE (uncopyable)        NY-48-8-324
WARNER, GEORGE               FULTON                        NY-48-9-563
WARNER, GEORGE               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-192
WARNER, GEORGE H.            SUMMIT                        NY-48-14-371
WARNER, GEORGE M.            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-14-583
WARNER, HIRAM                SUMMIT                        NY-48-11-134
WARNER, JACOB D.             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-136
WARNER, JOHN                 RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-1
WARNER, NICHOLAS             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-285
WARNER, PETER                SUMMIT                        NY-48-U-424
WARNER, PETER S.             ESPERANCE                     NY-48-11-122
WARNER, TOBIAS               SEWARD                        NY-48-9-544
WASHBURN, MERRITT            CARLISLE                      NY-48-9-118
WATERBURY, MARY J.           WATERBURY                     NY-48-15-339
WATSON, CHARLES              MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-313
WATSON, DIANA                ESPERANCE                     NY-48-12-143
WATSON, ORIGEN               FULTON                        NY-48-8-271
WAYMAN, DAVID                SUMMIT                        NY-48-12-496
WAYMAN, JACOB M.             SUMMIT                        NY-48-13-223
WAYMAN, JOHN M.              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-415
WEATHERWAX, PETER            SHARON                        NY-48-A2-93
WEAVER, CHRISTIAN            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-418
WEAVER, CHRISTIAN C.         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-508
WEAVER, JACOB                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-5
WEAVER, JACOB H.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-27
WEBB, JOSEPH                 SHARON                        NY-48-C-152
WEED, AZARIAH                FULTON                        NY-48-U-451
WEED, GIDEON                 CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-596
WEED, PHILEMON               CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-151
WEETING, PHILIP              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-516
WEIDMAN, ADAM J.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-85
WEIDMAN, ELMINA              WRIGHT                        NY-48-15-291
WEIDMAN, PETER               WRIGHT                        NY-48-13-187
WEISS, DANIEL                SHARON                        NY-48-B-273
WELLER, JOHN                 SEWARD                        NY-48-9-252
WELLER, PETER                SEWARD                        NY-48-8-41
WELLS, SAMUEL B.             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-568
WELSH, ABRAM                 GILBOA                        NY-48-11-144
WERELY, ELIZABETH            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-273
WERELY, JOHN                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-217
WESSEL, LUKE H.              CARLISLE                      NY-48-13-405
WEST, CATHARINE              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-77
WEST, DAVID                  BROOME                        NY-48-B-218
WEST, DAVID                  GILBOA                        NY-48-11-40
WEST, HIRAM                  FULTON                        NY-48-8-330
WEST, JAMES                  BLENHEIM                      NY-48-10-107
WEST, JEREMIAH               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-65
WEST, PETER                  NTL                           NY-48-F-15
WEST, PETER                  SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-145
WESTCOTT, SYLVESTER          RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-557
WESTOVER, ENOS               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-145
WESTOVER, JOHN               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-47
WETHERWAX, ELIZABETH         SEWARD                        NY-48-9-513
WETHERWAX, RENSSELAER P.     SEWARD                        NY-48-8-519
WEVER, HENRY                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-100
WHARTON, EDWARD V.           RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-63
WHARTON, GEORGE              SUMMIT                        NY-48-13-245
WHARTON, JOHN B.             SUMMIT                        NY-48-14-247
WHEELER, JOHN                WRIGHT                        NY-48-B2-256
WHEELER, JOHN D.             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-179
WHITE, ABIGAL                FULTON                        NY-48-12-516
WHITE, ASA                   SEWARD                        NY-48-U-368
WHITE, ENOCH                 FULTON                        NY-48-B2-46
WHITE, ICHABOD               WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-153
WHITE, ISAAC                 SEWARD                        NY-48-U-599
WHITE, MOSES                 FULTON                        NY-48-10-580
WHITE, WILLIAM SIDNEY        MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-13-31
WHITLING, WILLIAM            ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-48-12-330
WHITMAN, ELIAS               BROOME                        NY-48-8-347
WHITNEY, ORICON              MILFORD                       NY-48-13-75
WHITTING, MARY               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-407
WIDMAN, GEORGE               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-333
WILBER, GIDEON               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-411
WILBER, HENRY                SHARON                        NY-48-13-141
WILBER, STEPHEN              CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-630
WILBER, VINCENT R.           GILBOA                        NY-48-12-141
WILBUR, SENECA               CONESVILLE                    NY-48-11-60
WILBUR, THOMAS               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-189
WILDAY, DAVID                SUMMIT                        NY-48-14-259
WILDAY, GEORGE               SUMMIT                        NY-48-15-423
WILDER, AUGUSTUS             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-337
WILEY, ALEXANDER             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-417
WILEY, DANIEL                COBLESILLE                    NY-48-8-226
WILEY, ELIZABETH             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-643
WILEY, HIRAM                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-197
WILKINS, DAVID               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-31
WILLIAMS, DAVID R.           CONESVILLE                    NY-48-12-207
WILLIAMS, OLAFF H.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-222
WILLIAMS, POLLY              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-11-51
WILLIAMS, SARAH              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-473
WILLIAMS, SARAH              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-453
WILLSEY, ABRAHAM             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-14
WILLSEY, JOHN D.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-548
WILSER, MARTIN               BROOME                        NY-48-U-45
WILSIE, ANDREW               BROOME                        NY-48-10-169
WILSIE, MANSON               GILBOA                        NY-48-12-259
WILSON, GEORGE S.            JEFFERSON                     NY-48-10-25
WILSON, HANNAH M.            BERNE, ALBANY, NY             NY-48-15-285
WILSON, NELSON               SHARON                        NY-48-12-122
WILTIE, JOHN                 WRIGHT                        NY-48-8-346
WILTSEY, DAVID               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-558
WINEGARD, GEORGE             SEWARD                        NY-48-10-235
WINEGARD, NICHOLAS           SHARON                        NY-48-A2-297
WINEGARD, PETER              SEWARD                        NY-48-9-542
WING, THOMAS                 FULTON                        NY-48-U-172
WINNE, ELIZABETH             SHARON SPRINGS                NY-48-9-462
WINNE, JACOB                 ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-48-8-351
WINTERS, WILLIAM             CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-387
WISE, JOHN                   SEWARD                        NY-48-9-239
WITBECK, HUMPHREY            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-14-33
WITBECK, ISABEL B.           RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-628
WITBECK, JOHN H.             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-14-245
WLLIAMS, ARMENIA             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-310
WOLFORD, CASPAR              WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-71
WOOD, ELIZABETH              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-123
WOOD, HARRIET                SHARON                        NY-48-11-314
WOOD, M ARY E.               JEFFESON                      NY-48-15-407
WOOD, WILLIAM                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-555
WOOD, WILLIAM                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-F-66
WOODS, HENRY                 RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-480
WOODS, JACOB                 GILBOA                        NY-48-9-507
WOODWORTH, JOHN              CARLISLE                      NY-48-U-209
WOOLSON, MAHALA              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-12-254
WOOSTER, SARAH JANE          ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-231
WOOSTER, SOPHIA              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-229
WORMER, JOHN                 FULTON                        NY-48-12-227
WORMER, MARIA                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-189
WORMUTH, HENRY               SHARON                        NY-48-A2-49
WRIGHT, CALIVN               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-156
WRIGHT, JUSTUS               SEWARD                        NY-48-12-320
WRIGHT, LUCINDA              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-13-279
WRIGHT, PETER A.             SEWARD                        NY-48-8-404
WRIGHT, RICHARD              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-114
WYCKOFF, DANIEL              GILBOA                        NY-48-11-45
WYCKOFF, GEORGE              GILBOA                        NY-48-14-9
WYCKOFF, NATHAN B.           GILBOA                        NY-48-15-411
YANSON, BETSEY               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-105
YANSON, DAVID                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-595
YANSON, JOHN                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-11-185
YANSON, JOHN                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-A2-100
YANSON, JOHN                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-F-169
YANSON, MARGARET             GUDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-11-140
YEOMANS, BARTHOLOMEW         MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-286
YOUKER, MARY                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-246
YOUMANS, SAMUEL              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-587
YOUNG, ADAM                  SEWARD                        NY-48-10-448
YOUNG, ANN                   SEWARD                        NY-48-U-633
YOUNG, BENJAMIN              CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-277
YOUNG, CORNELIUS             SEWARD                        NY-48-B2-511
YOUNG, DAVID                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-314
YOUNG, J. EDWARD             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-14-563
YOUNG, JAMES D.              WRIGHT                        NY-48-13-161
YOUNG, JEREMIAH P.           SEWARD                        NY-48-10-214
YOUNG, JOHN                  CARLISLE                      NY-48-U-350
YOUNG, LUCY A.               JEFFERSON                     NY-48-9-483
YOUNG, LUCY M.               CARLISLE                      NY-48-11-319
YOUNG, MARGARET              SEE: TETER, MARGARET          NY-48-C-241
YOUNG, MICHAEL               FULTON                        NY-48-9-19
YOUNG, NATHAN M.             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-15-373
YOUNG, NICHOLAS              CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-370
YOUNG, POLLY                 NTL                           NY-48-11-323
YOUNG, SALLY                 CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-501
YOUNG, WILLIAM H.            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-397
YOUNG, WILLIAM H.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-535
YOUNGS, SAMUEL               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-524
YOUNGS, SMITH                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-475
ZEA, CHRISTIAN               SEWARD                        NY-48-9-387
ZEA, JANE ANN                SEWARD                        NY-48-13-239
ZEA, PETER                   SEWARD                        NY-48-9-51
ZEH, CHRISTINA               WRIGHT                        NY-48-13-103
ZEH, DAVID                   RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-U-204
ZEH, EVA M.                  RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-U-301
ZEH, GEORGE                  MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-573
ZEH, HANNAH ANN              WRIGHT                        NY-48-B2-346
ZEH, IRA                     WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-193
ZEH, JACOB W.                FULTON                        NY-48-14-251
ZEH, JOHN                    COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-68
ZEH, JOSEPH                  FULTON                        NY-48-13-183
ZEH, MARCUS                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-15
ZEH, MARTIN                  RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-146
ZEH, PETER J.                WRIGHT                        NY-48-12-475
ZELIE, DAVID                 GILBOA                        NY-48-14-229
ZELIE, JOHN                  SHARON                        NY-48-9-41
ZIELIE, ELIZABETH            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-F-49
ZIELIE, PETER                MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-247
ZIELIE, PETER JR.            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-22
ZIELLIE, PETER u. JR.        SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-67
ZIMMER, ADAM                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-21
ZIMMER, ESTHER R.            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-73
ZIMMER, GIDEON               WRIGHT                        NY-48-11-151
ZIMMER, ISAAC                WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-463
ZIMMER, JACOB                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-4
ZIMMER, JACOB A.             WRIGHT                        NY-48-11-175
ZIMMER, JACOB W.             WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-340
ZIMMER, JANE A.              SCHHARIE                      NY-48-15-181
ZIMMER, JEREMIAH             WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-617
ZIMMER, JOHN G.              WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-410
ZIMMER, JOHN JOST            WRIGHT                        NY-48-8-494
ZIMMER, JOHN JR.             WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-198
ZIMMER, JOSEPH               WRIGHT                        NY-48-14-337
ZIMMER, MORRIS P.            WRIGHT                        NY-48-14-571
ZIMMER, PAUL                 WRIGHT                        NY-48-14-301
ZIMMER, PETER W.             WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-606
ZIMMER, WILLIAM              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-41
ZIMMER, WILLIAM J.           WRIGHT                        NY-48-12-486
ZIMMER, WILLIAM P.           WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-38
ZIMMER, WILLIAM W.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-395

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