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FACE, SARAH A.               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-139
FACKE, JACOB                 MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-62
FAIRBANKS, THOMAS            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-452
FAIRCHILD, HEMAN             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-98
FAIRLEE, ELIZABETH           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-95
FAIRLEE, WILLIAM             WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-278
FALK, ANNA                   CARLISLE                      NY-48-9-475
FALK, CHARLOTTE M.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-342
FALK, JAMES                  SEWARD                        NY-48-8-187
FALK, MATHIAS                SHARON                        NY-48-B2-373
FALK, WILHELMUS              CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-171
FALLE, ANDREW                SEWARD                        NY-48-8-575
FALLINGTON, LAWRANCE         FULTON                        NY-48-8-230
FANNING, BENJAMIN            CONESVILLE                    NY-48-A2-561
FANNING, HORACE              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-303
FARING, VALENTINE            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-390
FARLEY, JOHN                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-348
FARQUHER, AMANDA             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-463
FARQUHER, ARTHUR H.          SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-113
FARQUHER, MARGARET           BERNE, ALBANY, NY             NY-48-12-1
FARQUHER, MAY                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-43
FARQUHER, SARAH JANE         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-137
FAUCHER, HIRAM S.            SUMMIT                        NY-48-12-571
FEECH, PETER L.              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-28
FEECK, ANGELINE              FULTON                        NY-48-14-67
FEECK, JACOB                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-93
FEECK, JOHN                  SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-109
FEEK, JACOB J.               FULTON                        NY-48-10-254
FEERO, VALENTINE             BROOME                        NY-48-A2-36
FELTER, GEORGE               FULTON                        NY-48-8-181
FELTER, HARRIET              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-478
FELTER, MATTHEW              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-224
FELTER, SARAH O.             GILBOA                        NY-48-10-434
FESTER, JACOB                SHARON                        NY-48-B2-447
FETHERS, DANIEL              SHARON                        NY-48-13-337
FICHTER, ANDREW              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A-99
FICHTER, ESTHER              CARLISLE                      NY-48-14-91
FICHTER, HENRY               CARLISLE                      NY-48-A-279
FINCK, JOHANNES              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-53
FINK PETER                   BLENHEIM                      NY-48-B2-318
FINK, WILLIAM                BLENHEIM                      NY-48-C-268
FISH, GARDNER                CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-20
FISHER, JACOB                ESPERANCE                     NY-48-12-251
FISHER, SOPHIA               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-14-307
FLAGLER, DANIEL              CARLISLE                      NY-48-U-71
FLANSBURG, LAURA ZEH         GALLUPVILLE                   NY-48-15-265
FLITCHER, CONRADT            SHARON                        NY-48-C-122
FOLAND, DARWIN               SHARON                        NY-48-13-249
FOLAND, GEORGE               SHARON                        NY-48-13-225
FOLAND, HENRY                SEE: VORELAND, HENRY          NY-48-A-330
FOLAND, HENRY H.             SHARON                        NY-48-10-417
FOLAND, PHILIP               SHAORN                        NY-48-10-530
FOLAND, PHILIP O.            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-549
FOLMSBEE, MYRON J.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-379
FOLZ, FREDERICK              NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY   NY-48-15-389
FONDA, ANDREW M.             SHARON                        NY-48-13-301
FONDA, SEBASTIAN F.          SHARON SPRINGS                NY-48-13-29
FORSYTH, OLIVER S.           WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-417
FOSER, JOHN                  RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-493
FOSTER, ELIZABETH            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-302
FOSTER, JAMES M.             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-389
FOSTER, SPENCER              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-523
FOX, ANNAGUSTA               SHARON                        NY-48-12-263
FOX, CATHARINE               SHARON                        NY-48-12-201
FOX, HENRY                   COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-386
FOX, HENRY                   COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B-418
FOX, JENNETTE (DIETZ)        SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-383
FOX, JOHN P.                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-321
FRAATS, DAVID                SHARON                        NY-48-A2-347
FRAATS, DAVID S.             COOPERSTOWN, OTSEGO, NY       NY-48-14-145
FRAATS, HEINRICH             SHARON                        NY-48-B-39
FRAATS, HENRY G.             SHARON                        NY-48-15-413
FRAATS, PETER R.             SHARON                        NY-48-13-199
FRAATS, WILLIAM              SHARON                        NY-48-10-66
FRANCE, ABRAM                SEWARD                        NY-48-13-297
FRANCE, CATHARINE            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-442
FRANCE, CHRISTOPHER          SHARON                        NY-48-F-28
FRANCE, CHRISTOPHER J.       COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-69
FRANCE, CLARISSA L. B.       COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-173
FRANCE, DAVID L.             SEWARD                        NY-48-10-543
FRANCE, GILBERT G.           SEWARD                        NY-48-14-399
FRANCE, HARRIET              COBLESVILLE                   NY-48-11-158
FRANCE, HARVEY               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-361
FRANCE, HENRY                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-380
FRANCE, HENRY L.             SEWARD                        NY-48-8-299
FRANCE, JACOB                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-533
FRANCE, JACOB JR.            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-547
FRANCE, JOHN                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-619
FRANCE, JOHN                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-577
FRANCE, JOHN                 SEWARD                        NY-48-15-355
FRANCE, JOSEPH               SEWARD                        NY-48-9-127
FRANCE, MARIA                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-419
FRANCE, PETER                SEWARD                        NY-48-10-186
FRANCE, SALLY ANN            SEWARD                        NY-48-14-393
FRANCE, SEBASTIAN            SHARON                        NY-48-A-180
FRANCE, WILLIAM G.           SEWARD                        NY-48-15-363
FRANCE, WILLIAM N.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-45
FRANKLIN, AXEL               JEFFERSON                     NY-48-B2-30
FRANTS, JACOB                SEWARD                        NY-48-8-585
FRASER, CLARA A.             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-237
FRASER, JOHN                 GILBOA                        NY-48-12-437
FRASIER, DAVID               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-47
FRASIER, JOHN                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-252
FRASIER, JOHN P.             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-41
FRAYER, MELINDA              CONESVILLE                    NY-48-9-522
FRAZEE, AARON                GILBOA                        NY-48-8-195
FREDENDALL, PHILIP           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-106
FREDERICK, GEORGE            SHARON                        NY-48-C-355
FREDERICK, MICHAEL           SHARON                        NY-48-C-146
FREEMYER, WILLIAM H.         FULTON                        NY-48-11-313
FREEMYER, WILLIAM S.         MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-366
FREEMYRE, JOHN               FULTON                        NY-48-9-607
FREESE, ROSWELL              CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-155
FREEZE, ADAM                 GILBOA                        NY-48-12-362
FRIES, LUDWIG                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-282
FRISBEE, WILLIAM M.          GILBOA                        NY-48-11-105
FRISBIE, ROSELTHA B.         GILBOA                        NY-48-14-117
FRISBIE, SABINA K.           GILBOA                        NY-48-13-37
FRITCH, JACOB                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-588
FRITCHER, CONRADT            SHARON                        NY-48-8-573
FRITZ, EARNST                SHARON                        NY-48-B-303
FROATS, EVE                  SHARON                        NY-48-9-378
FROATS, HENRY                SHARON                        NY-48-9-212
FULLER, ARGEUETTE            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-518
FULLER, JOSEPH D.            JEFFERSON                     NY-48-10-493
FULLER, MARY S.              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-586
FULLER, SAMUEL               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-C-226
FUNK, WILLIAM                WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-161
GAFFIN, JAMES                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-45
GALE, JAMES                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-81
GALLUP, CHARLES              WRIGHT                        NY-48-B2-369
GALLUP, DANIEL               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-U-436
GALLUP, ELIZABETH            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-159
GALLUP, NATHAN               SUMMIT                        NY-48-8-304
GALLUP, OLIVE                WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-601
GALLUP, SAMUEL               SUMMIT                        NY-48-U-355
GALT, WILLIAM                JEFFERSON                     NY-48-U-559
GARDINER, HESTER V.          SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-25
GARDINER, JANE ANN           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-11-227
GARDINIER, CHRISTIANA        CENTRAL BRIDGE                NY-48-14-447
GARDINIER, MARTIN J.         SHARON                        NY-48-B-306
GARDNER, ALMEDA L.           SHARON                        NY-48-15-393
GARDNER, JOHN H. JR.         SHARON SPRINGS                NY-48-13-23
GARDNER, JOHN H.             SHARON SPRINGS                NY-48-14-443
GARLOCK, ANDREW              SEWARD                        NY-48-12-333
GARNSEY, ELISHA              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-174
GARNSEY, JOHN                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-639
GARRETT, ALLEN W.            GILBOA                        NY-48-9-436
GARSE, BENJAMIN              FULTON                        NY-48-8-374
GATES, AMOS                  FULTON                        NY-48-8-28
GATES, NATHAN                BROOME                        NY-48-U-609
GATHEN, MATHEW               BERNE, ALBANY, NY             NY-48-12-565
GAYLORD, GEORGE C.           SEWARD                        NY-48-10-53
GAYLORD, JOHN                CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-162
GAYLORD, JOHN W.             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-14-503
GAYLORD, MARY K.             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-14-365
GERMOND, ORON                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-14
GERNSEY, MONTRAVILLE         MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-644
GETTIE, WILLIAM              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-193
GIBBS, JAMES                 GALLUPVILLE                   NY-48-9-106
GIFFORD, ISAAC               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-135
GILBERT, DAVID WHEELER       GILBOA                        NY-48-U-405
GILBERT, POLLY               GILBOA                        NY-48-8-538
GLEASON, ANN                 OBLESKILL                     NY-48-14-71
GLENN, JAMES                 SLOANSVILLE                   NY-48-13-195
GOFF, ROBERT                 FULTON                        NY-48-10-570
GOODFELLOW, HENRY S.         CONESVILLE                    NY-48-11-233
GOODSPEED, MARTHA M.         ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-193
GORDEN, MARY JANE            BROOME                        NY-48-10-630
GORDON, ALVIN J.             CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-438
GORDON, DAVID                SHARON                        NY-48-B2-390
GORDON, GILBERT LYSANDER     SHARON                        NY-48-U-623
GORDON, JOHN                 CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-49
GORDON, PETER                CARLISLE                      NY-48-F-95
GORDON, ROBERT               CARLISLE                      NY-48-9-244
GORSE, HANNAH                FULTON                        NY-48-10-227
GRAHAM, CHRISTINA            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-507
GRANTEAR, SAMUEL             SHARON                        NY-48-8-380
GRANTIER, ELIZABETH F.       SHARON                        NY-48-12-446
GRAUTIER, DORCAS             SHARON                        NY-48-9-216
GRAY, ESTHER                 SUMMIT                        NY-48-13-257
GRAY, PATRICK                SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-438
GREEN, JOHN                  SHARON                        NY-48-13-357
GREGORY, FRANCES A.          JEFFERSON                     NY-48-13-475
GRIDLEY, CATHARINE           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-616
GRIDLEY, JAMES               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-168
GRIDLEY, JAMES W.            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-14-467
GRIDLEY, JOHN                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-200
GRIFFEN, ADALINE             RENSSELAERVILLE               NY-48-15-123
GRIFFEN, ELISHA              GILBOA                        NY-48-11-248
GRIFFIN, CHARLES             STAMFORD                      NY-48-12-99
GRIFFIN, HARRIET M.          JEFFESON                      NY-48-12-360
GRIGGS, CLARISSA             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-12-563
GRIGGS, CLARK B.             SEWARD                        NY-48-10-6
GRIGGS, DOROTHY              SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-474
GRIGGS, THOMAS               BLENHEIM                      NY-48-C-410
GROAT, AARON                 WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-533
GROAT, PHILINDA              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-14-319
GROESBECK, CHARITY           WARNERVILLE                   NY-48-12-242
GROOM, EDWARD                BROOME                        NY-48-A-240
GROVENOR, AMASA              CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-43
GROVENOR, CHAUNCEY           CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-361
GROVENOR, GEORGE             CARLISLE                      NY-48-9-170
GROVENOR, GEORGE             CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-542
GROVENOR, NIRAM              CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-295
GROVENOR, WALTON C.          CARLISLE                      NY-48-U-185
GUFFIN, FORD                 CARLISLE                      NY-48-15-361
GUFFIN, HENRY                CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-300
GUNN, JOHN                   MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-279
GURNSEY, RICHARD             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-11-374
HADSELL, PETER               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-43
HADWIN, WILLIAM W.           CENTRAL BRIDGE                NY-48-11-67
HAGADONE, EDWARD             GILBOA                        NY-48-10-655
HAGADORN, BRUCE              GILBOA                        NY-48-11-164
HAGADORN, HENRY              SEWARD                        NY-48-8-465
HAGADORN, STEPHEN            BROOME                        NY-48-14-159
HAGADORN, WILLIAM            GILBOA                        NY-48-15-61
HAGER, ADAM D.               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-306
HAGER, DANIEL                BLENHEIM                      NY-48-9-334
HAGER, FREDERICK             BLENHEIM                      NY-48-10-356
HAGER, GEORGE H.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-201
HAGER, HENDRICK              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-31
HAGER, HENRY                 BLENHEIM                      NY-48-U-91
HAGER, JACO H.               BLENHEIM                      NY-48-A2-552
HAGER, JOHN                  BLENHEIM                      NY-48-15-215
HAGER, MARIA                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-444
HAGER, MAURICE G.            BLENHEIM                      NY-48-15-77
HAGER, PETER J.              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-9-104
HAGER, SIMON                 BLENHEIM                      NY-48-8-460
HAINES, DAVID                *                             NY-48-F-119
HAINES, DAVID                SHARON                        NY-48-A2-27
HAINES, HENDRICK             *                             NY-48-A-34
HAINES, JACOB                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-A2-5
HAINS, HENRY                 SHARON                        NY-48-B-176
HALEY, JAMES                 CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-612
HALL, AMY                    ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-48-8-413
HALLECK, JOHN                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-91
HALLENBECK, ABRAHAM          BROOME                        NY-48-B2-495
HALLENBECK, ABRAM H.         RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-557
HALLENBECK, ARON             SEWARD                        NY-48-B2-329
HALLENBECK, GIDEON           BROOME                        NY-48-U-41
HALLENBECK, MICHAEL          BROOME                        NY-48-C-392
HAM, CHRISTINA               JEFFESON                      NY-48-10-572
HAM, JEREMIAH                FULTON                        NY-48-11-89
HAMILTON, HENRY              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-184
HAMILTON, WILLIAM HENRY      ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-207
HANDY, GEORGE                SHARON                        NY-48-B2-239
HANDY, NATHANIEL             SHARON                        NY-48-9-180
HANES, ABRAHAM               FULTON                        NY-48-U-357
HANES, ABRAM                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-300
HANES, DAVID H.              SEWARD                        NY-48-12-132
HANES, JACOB                 SEWARD                        NY-48-12-547
HANES, MINERVA               FULTON                        NY-48-12-408
HANES, PETER                 SEWARD                        NY-48-9-286
HANNAY, HARRIET              GILBOA                        NY-48-14-253
HANSON, EPHRAIM H.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-17
HANSON, RICHARD              SHARON                        NY-48-9-49
HARD, HARMON                 CHARLOTTEVILLE                NY-48-15-15
HARD, JUSTIN F.              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-33
HARDER, ELIZABETH A.         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-435
HARDER, GEORGE D.            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-427
HARDER, JACOB P.             FULTON                        NY-48-8-415
HARDER, MINARD               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-431
HARDER, OLIVER               SUMMIT                        NY-48-10-488
HARDER, PETER J.             SUMMIT                        NY-48-U-387
HARDER, REUBEN               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-322
HARE, DANIEL                 ESPERANCE                     NY-48-B2-478
HARE, SAMUEL                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-203
HARRINGTON, HIRAM A.         SUMMIT                        NY-48-14-523
HARRIS, ELIZA MARIA          COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-441
HARRIS, JOHN A.              SEWARD                        NY-48-8-264
HARRIS, RICHARD              GILBOA                        NY-48-10-17
HARRISON, MATTHEW            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-31
HARRISON, WILLIAM            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-306
HARTWELL, GIBSON             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-15-183
HASKINS, OBADIAH             BROOME                        NY-48-10-534
HASKINS, OGIDA               BROOME                        NY-48-11-69
HASKINS, SILAS               CONESVILLE                    NY-48-14-65
HAUER, ABRAM                 SHARON                        NY-48-10-123
HAVENS, CHARLES W.           SUMMIT                        NY-48-14-93
HAVENS, GRANT                JEFFESON                      NY-48-14-223
HAVERLY, DANIEL              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-212
HAVERLY, HANNAH              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-344
HAVERLY, JACOB I.            WRIGHT                        NY-48-13-333
HAVERTY, CHRISTIAN J.        MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-234
HAWES, MARY                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-319
HAWLEY, MARGAET              SHARON                        NY-48-10-127
HAWVER, BETSEY               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-29
HAWVER, HENRY                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-396
HAWVER, WILLIAM W.           CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-233
HAY, DANIEL                  BROOME                        NY-48-B2-182
HAYNES, ELIZABETH            GILBOA                        NY-48-12-468
HAYNES, JACOB HENRY          FULTON                        NY-48-10-374
HAYNES, PETER                FULTON                        NY-48-B2-1
HAYNES, PETER S.             FULTON                        NY-48-14-181
HAYS, JOHN                   COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-275
HAYS, JOHN                   COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-424
HAYS, MARGARET               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-423
HAYS, SAMUEL                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-257
HAYS, WILLIAM                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-531
HAZELTON, JACOB E.           FULTON                        NY-48-10-539
HAZLETON, LUCIUS             FRANKLINTON                   NY-48-11-120
HEAD, JOHN                   COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-283
HEBBERD, EBENEZER            SHARON                        NY-48-A2-74
HECKEL, PAUL                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-219
HELLER, GEROGE P.            SHARON                        NY-48-12-109
HEMSTREET, JOHN R.           ESPERENCE                     NY-48-9-85
HEMSTREET, PETER             CARLISLE                      NY-48-9-204
HENDRICK, JOHN               GILBOA                        NY-48-9-261
HENNESS, PETER               FULTON                        NY-48-8-361
HERRON, JOHN JR.             MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-231
HESS, ADALINE                FULTON                        NY-48-13-135
HESS, CHRISTIAN              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-186
HESS, CHRISTIAN              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A2-113
HESS, LOUIS                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-107
HICKS, HENRY                 SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-47
HICKS, LEVI                  JEFFERSON                     NY-48-11-225
HIGHT, SAMUEL                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-213
HILL, LUCY                   WRIGHT                        NY-48-11-261
HILLER, DAVID                SHARON                        NY-48-14-169
HILLER, FREDERICK            SHARON                        NY-48-10-589
HILSINGER, JACOB             CARLISLE                      NY-48-A2-260
HILSINGER, PETER             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-14-217
HILSLEY, JACOB               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-240
HILSLEY, JOSEPH H.           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-206
HILTON, HESTER               SEWARD                        NY-48-U-305
HILTON, PETER A.             SEWARD                        NY-48-B2-307
HILTON, PHILIP P.            SEWARD                        NY-48-12-240
HILTON, SARAH                SEWARD                        NY-48-11-193
HILTON, WILLIAM W.           BLENHEIM                      NY-48-U-253
HILTS, CHRISTIAN             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-451
HILTS, CHRISTOPHER           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-81
HILTS, DAVID                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-95
HILTS, DAVID                 WRIGHT                        NY-48-14-101
HILTS, DAVID                 FULTON                        NY-48-14-177
HILTS, GEORGE                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-337
HILTS, GIDEON D.             FULTON                        NY-48-9-237
HILTS, PETER                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-F-133
HILTS, THEOBALD              WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-344
HILTZ, GEORGE                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-324
HILTZINGER, PETER            CARLISE                       NY-48-B-387
HINMAN, HORCE B.             BROOKLYN, KINGS, NY           NY-48-9-602
HOAGLAND, ABRAM              GILBOA                        NY-48-U-155
HOAGLAND, BENONI             GILBOA                        NY-48-8-369
HODGE, ORVILLE               ARQUEVILLE                    NY-48-14-341
HODGSON, SAMUEL              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-U-15
HODGSON, SAMUEL              SUMMIT                        NY-48-13-47
HODGSON, WILLIAM             SUMMIT                        NY-48-10-129
HOETZEL, JACOB               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-237
HOFFMAN, MARTIN              SEWARD                        NY-48-14-69
HOGAN, PETER                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-40
HOGEBOOM, NATHAN             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-15-259
HOLLIDAY, WILLIAM E.         FULTON                        NY-48-12-116
HOLMES, MANSFIELD            FULTON                        NY-48-14-295
HOMES, PETER                 FULTON                        NY-48-14-479
HORTON, AVERY                SHARON                        NY-48-14-297
HOTELLING, OMELIA            BROOME                        NY-48-15-403
HOUCK, JACOB JR.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-263
HOUCK, JOHN                  SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-165
HOUCK, JOHN                  SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A2-97
HOUCK, JOHN W.               SEWARX                        NY-48-10-332
HOUCK, MARGAET               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-381
HOUCK, MARGARET              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-B2-378
HOUGHTAILING, DAVID          SHARON                        NY-48-10-294
HOUGHTAILING, ELIZABETH      SHARON                        NY-48-12-538
HOUGHTALING, JACOB           BROOME                        NY-48-F-178
HOUGHTALING, PETER           SHARON                        NY-48-A2-293
HOUGHTALING, WILLIAM P.      SHARON                        NY-48-U-133
HOWARD, MARTIN               BLENHEIM                      NY-48-F-159
HOWE, CAROLINE               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-121
HOWE, ROXIE A.               SEE: BICE, ROXIE              NY-48-15-331
HUBBARD, DANIEL              BROOME                        NY-48-B-326
HUBBARD, DARIAS              JEFFERSON                     NY-48-12-61
HUBBARD, ELIZA               SEE: HUBBARD, DARIAS          NY-48-12-61
HUBBARD, GILBERT E.          JEFFERSON                     NY-48-11-124
HUBBARD, ISAAC               JEFFERSON                     NY-48-8-482
HUBBELL, ALVAH               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-501
HUBBELL, JACOB R.            SHARON                        NY-48-14-263
HUBBELL, MATTHIAS            GILBOA                        NY-48-9-624
HUGHS, FERMAN                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-573
HUGHS, JONATHAN              SUMMIT                        NY-48-A2-466
HUGHS, MARTIN                FULTON                        NY-48-14-45
HUGHSON, GEORGE              BROOME                        NY-48-F-194
HULBERT, ALFRED              BROOME                        NY-48-12-130
HUMPERLY, CORNELIA           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-525
HUMPHREE, LUMAN S.           CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-110
HUMPHREY, LUCIAN             *                             NY-48-B2-337
HUMPRY, IRANE                CONESVILLE                    NY-48-U-429
HUNGERFORD, JOHN  J.         WRIGHT                        NY-48-B2-492
HUNT, ALEXANDER A.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-45
HUNT, JOHN                   JEFFERSON                     NY-48-A2-571
HUNT, SARAH A.               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-13
HUNTER, THOMAS               CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-599
HUNTING, IRA                 WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-399
HUNTING, JOHN                WRIGHT                        NY-48-12-80
HUNTING, JOSEPH              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-138
HUNTING, JOSEPH              WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-453
HURST, JOHN                  SHARON                        NY-48-12-448
HUSTED, JOSEPH               CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-109
HUTCHINGS, CHARITY S.        MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-217
HUTCHINS, MORGAN             BROOME                        NY-48-U-309
HUTT, MARY E.                SHARON                        NY-48-15-289
HUTTON, ELIZABETH            *                             NY-48-B2-116
HUTTON, GEORGE               CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-541
HUTTON, ISAAC                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-123
HYDE, DAVID R.               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-313
HYDE, LOUISE B.              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-311
HYNDS, ANDREW                SEWARD                        NY-48-B2-62
HYNDS, ANN ELIZA             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-585
HYNDS, PETER                 SEWARD                        NY-48-8-210
HYNDS, PETER                 SEWARD                        NY-48-8-77
HYNDS, WILLIAM               SHARON                        NY-48-A2-13
HYNDS, WILLIAM               SHARON                        NY-48-A2-378
HYNEY, GEORGE                SHARON                        NY-48-F-99
HYNEY, JOHN                  CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-191
HYNEY, JOHN L.               SHARON                        NY-48-9-156
HYNEY, RICHARD               SHARON                        NY-48-14-587
HYNING, GEORGE               SHARON                        NY-48-8-64
INGOLD, JOHANES              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-232
INGOLD, JOHN                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-211
INGRAHAM, EMILY J.           GILBOA                        NY-48-12-8
JACKSON, BENJAMIN            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-549
JACKSON, DAVID               GILBOA                        NY-48-9-579
JACKSON, ELIZABETH R.        GILBOA                        NY-48-15-187
JACKSON, PERMILLA            JEFFERSON                     NY-48-14-119
JAYCOX, NICHOLAS             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-547
JENKINS, DANIEL W.           CENTRAL BRIDGE                NY-48-15-359
JOHNSON, JACOB J.            *                             NY-48-U-321
JOHNSON, JAMES               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-589
JOHNSON, JAMES M.            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-622
JOHNSON, JOHN                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-461
JOHNSON, JOHN                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-412
JOHNSON, JOSEPH S.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-393
JOHNSON, WILLIAM W.          JEFFERSON                     NY-48-14-291
JOICE, JONATHAN              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-241
JONES, ABRAHAM               JEFFERSON                     NY-48-A2-257
JONES, BENJAMIN              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-155
JONES, BETSY                 JEFFERSON                     NY-48-U-438
JONES, ELISHA                JEFFERSON                     NY-48-10-528
JONES, ELISHA                JEFFESON                      NY-48-14-73
JONES, HIRAM                 JEFFERSON                     NY-48-U-109
JONES, JOSEPH                SHARON                        NY-48-13-305
JONES, ROBERT                EPSERANCE                     NY-48-8-222
JONES, THADDEUS              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-417
JORDAN, MARIA                SHARON                        NY-48-15-351
JORDON, THOMAS               CONESVILLE                    NY-48-12-163
JUDD, ISABEL C.              JEFFERSON                     NY-48-14-205
JUDD, MARVIN                 JEFFERSON                     NY-48-U-467
JUDD, STEPHEN                JEFFERSON                     NY-48-B-356
JUDSON, NOAH                 JEFFERSON                     NY-48-B2-153
KARKER, DAVID                CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-100
KARKER, ELIZA ANN            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-434
KARKER, MARIA (ROBERTS)      CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-139
KARKER, NICHOLAS             SEWARD                        NY-48-U-635
KARKER, SOLOMON              *                             NY-48-F-106
KARKER, SOLOMON              CARLISLE                      NY-48-A2-1
KELLY, ANNA BELLE            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-247
KELLY, EDWARD                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-129
KELLY, JOHN                  ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-146
KELLY, WILLIAM               WRIGHT                        NY-48-13-181
KENNEDY, MICHAEL             SHARON                        NY-48-U-571
KERMAN, ROWLAND              SUMMIT                        NY-48-U-35
KEYSER, BARNEY               BLENHEIM                      NY-48-11-77
KEYSER, JACOB                FULTON                        NY-48-10-325
KEYSER, LUCIA M.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-213
KIGGAN, MICHAEL              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-335
KILMER, DANIEL               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-370
KILMER, JOHN                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-121
KILMER, THOMAS J.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-575
KILTS, CONRAD                SHARON                        NY-48-B2-213
KILTS, CONRAD                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-217
KILTS, WILLIAM               CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-491
KIMBALL, ELIJAH              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-91
KING, JACOB                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-492
KINGSLEY, SELMA H.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-511
KINNEY, ELIZABETH            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-14-591
KINNEY, JOHN                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-393
KINNICUT, NANCY              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-F-103
KIP, ANN MARIA               WRIGHT                        NY-48-15-161
KITTS, ADAM                  SHARON                        NY-48-8-561
KLING, GEORGE W.             SHARON                        NY-48-12-369
KLING, HENRY N.              SHARON                        NY-48-U-555
KLING, JAMES                 SHARON                        NY-48-11-91
KLING, JOHN LODWICK          SHARON                        NY-48-C-378
KLING, LUTHER                SHARON                        NY-48-B2-421
KLING, NICHOLAS              SHARON                        NY-48-B2-342
KLING, NICHOLAS H.           BLENHEIM                      NY-48-11-335
KLING, OLIVE                 SHARON                        NY-48-12-371
KLING, PETER                 SEWARD                        NY-48-10-624
KLOCK, GEORGE J.             SHARON                        NY-48-F-151
KNEESKERN, WILILAM J.        SEWARD                        NY-48-9-198
KNESKERN, JOHANNES           BRISTOL                       NY-48-A-181
KNIESKERN, JACOB             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-193
KNIFFIN, LEANDER             BROOME                        NY-48-15-139
KNISKERN, ABRAHAM HENRICH    CARLISLE                      NY-48-U-180
KNISKERN, ABRAM A.           ALBION, CALHOUN, MI           NY-48-14-455
KNISKERN, BARNABAS           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A-223
KNISKERN, CHRISTOPHER        BLENHEIM                      NY-48-9-57
KNISKERN, DAVID              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-8-208
KNISKERN, GEORGE             CARLISLE                      NY-48-11-82
KNISKERN, JACOB              CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-479
KNISKERN, JACOB H.           CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-512
KNISKERN, JACOB L.           CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-441
KNISKERN, JAMES              CARLISLE                      NY-48-13-185
KNISKERN, JOHN               CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-151
KNISKERN, JOHN GEORGE        SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-542
KNISKERN, JOHN PETER         CARLILE                       NY-48-B-5
KNISKERN, JOSEPH             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-499
KNISKERN, PETER              CARLISLE                      NY-48-9-330
KNISKERN, WILLIAM            SHARON                        NY-48-C-385
KNOWER, DANIEL               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-285
KNOWER, RUGENE C. L. G.      SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-340
KNOWLES, CATHARINE           CONESVILLE                    NY-48-9-575
KNOWLES, REYNOLDS            BROOME                        NY-48-U-453
KONING, HANS                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-45
KROME, LAMBERT               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-271
KROMER, ANN E.               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-449
KROMER, HEZEKIAH             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-10
KROMER, JAPHETH              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-286
KROMER, VALETTA              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-295
KROUSHAIR, SUSANNA           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A2-221
KRUM, CATHARINE              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-63
KRUM, HENRY S.               BROOME                        NY-48-8-260
KRUM, JONAS                  SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-403
KRUM, MARTIN                 BROOME                        NY-48-9-276
LADER, CORNELIUS             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-131
LADUE, TOMPKINS              CONESVILLE                    NY-48-B2-389
LAFFERTY, WILLIAM            BLENHEIM                      NY-48-12-422
LAGRANGE, CHRISTIANNA        SHARON                        NY-48-9-134
LAGRANGE, CHRISTOPHER        SHARON                        NY-48-11-75
LAGRANGE, MICHAEL C.         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-41
LALISBURY, JOHN M.           SHARON                        NY-48-8-624
LAMANT, SAMUEL               SUMMIT                        NY-48-8-371
LAMERAUX, JACOB              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-155
LAMONT, MAJOR                BROOME                        NY-48-9-229
LAMONT, MARILLA              SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-345
LAMONT, WILLIAM              SUMMIT                        NY-48-10-8
LAMOREUX, STEPHEN            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-312
LAMPHERE, JOHN               GILBOA                        NY-48-14-97
LAMPSON, MATTHEW             WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-388
LANE, PETER                  SHARON                        NY-48-13-83
LANE, WILLIAM                SHARON                        NY-48-U-333
LAPE, GEORGE                 WORCESTER, OTSEGO, NY         NY-48-14-309
LAPE, JACOB A.               SUMMIT                        NY-48-10-354
LARGE, JOHN                  WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-108
LARKIN, DAVID K.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-535
LARKIN, GIDEON               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-330
LARKIN, GIDEON               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-486
LARKIN, HENRY W.             CARLISLE                      NY-48-9-256
LARKIN, ISRAEL               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-269
LARKIN, MARGARET             FONDA                         NY-48-13-421
LARKIN, MARY E.              CARLISLE                      NY-48-14-207
LARKIN, PHINAS G.            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-365
LARKINS, JEHIEL              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-11-64
LARUE, NICHOLAS M.           SHARON                        NY-48-13-393
LASELL, CHARLES C.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-133
LASELL, CHESTER              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-372
LASHER, RACHAEL              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-241
LASKIN, ABEL                 ESPERENCE                     NY-48-9-98
LATHA, CORNELIUS             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-11-291
LATHAM, ELMIRA               WRIGHT                        NY-48-14-379
LAW, NANCY                   ESPERANCE                     NY-48-12-541
LAW, WILLIAM                 ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-490
LAWRENCE, REUBEN             GALLUPVILLE                   NY-48-13-69
LAWTHER, ROBERT              SHARON                        NY-48-A2-543
LAWTON, MARY                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-103
LAWYER, ABRAHAM              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-A2-355
LAWYER, ABRAHAM J.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-60
LAWYER, ADAM                 CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-617
LAWYER, AUGUSTUS F.          COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-612
LAWYER, CATHARINE            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-23
LAWYER, CATHARINE M.         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-21
LAWYER, CHRISTIAN C.         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-197
LAWYER, DAVID                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-77
LAWYER, DAVID                CARLISLE                      NY-48-C-359
LAWYER, DAVID                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-293
LAWYER, ELIZABETH            FULTON                        NY-48-13-7
LAWYER, ELIZABETH M.         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-407
LAWYER, ESTELLA              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-221
LAWYER, GABRIELLE            COBLESVILLE                   NY-48-13-79
LAWYER, GEORGE               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-67
LAWYER, JACOB                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-293
LAWYER, JACOB FREDERICK      SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-171
LAWYER, JACOB J.             *                             NY-48-F-153
LAWYER, JACOB J.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A2-58
LAWYER, JACOB JR.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-6
LAWYER, JAMES W.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-229
LAWYER, JEMIMA A.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-534
LAWYER, JOH J. J.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-115
LAWYER, JOHANNES             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-108
LAWYER, JOHANNES J.          SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-207
LAWYER, JOHN W.              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-95
LAWYER, LAMBERT              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-C-62
LAWYER, LAWRENCE             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-580
LAWYER, NANCY                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-11
LAWYER, NANCY                SEWARD                        NY-48-9-284
LAWYER, NICHOLAS             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-361
LAWYER, SARAH J.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-97
LAWYER, SOSTHENES            CARLISLE                      NY-48-14-165
LAWYER, SUSAN                FULTON                        NY-48-10-174
LAWYER, THOMAS               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-505
LAYMAN, JAMES C.             BROOME                        NY-48-14-111
LAYMAN, MARY                 CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-180
LAYMAN, PETER A.             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-27
LAYMNA, MARY E.              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-433
LEAKE, OWEN W.               SHARON                        NY-48-8-169
LEE, RICHARD                 RENSSELAERVILLE, ALBANY, NY   NY-48-9-309
LEESON, ABIJAH               MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-137
LEFEVRE, MELISSA             SHARON                        NY-48-15-405
LEFEVRE, SIFROIT             SHARON                        NY-48-14-43
LEHMAN, BENJAMIN             SHARON                        NY-48-9-147
LEHMAN, CATHARINE A.         SHARON                        NY-48-10-246
LEHMAN, HENRY                SHARON                        NY-48-8-268
LEHMAN, JOHN                 SHARON                        NY-48-U-126
LEHMAN, SYLVESTER            SHARON                        NY-48-12-38
LENDRUM, BARBARA             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-105
LENDRUM, JOHN F.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-377
LEONARD, FRANK               BROOME                        NY-48-13-243
LEONARD, MARY J.             ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-492
LEONARD, ROBERT C.           BROOME                        NY-48-11-32
LETTIS, JACOB                ROOT, MONTGOMERY, NY          NY-48-10-444
LETTS, HESTER M.             SEWARD                        NY-48-15-261
LETTS, LUTHER                SEWARD                        NY-48-15-247
LEWIS, ANDREW                CONESVILLE                    NY-48-A2-494
LIDDEL, JOHN                 ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-635
LIDDEL, MARGARET             ESPERANCE                     NY-48-12-86
LIDDLE, WILLIAM              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-61
LINCOLN, CHARLOTTE           SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-503
LINCOLN, JOSEPH              SUMMIT                        NY-48-A2-483
LINTNER, GEORGE A.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-159
LIPE, CATY                   SHARON                        NY-48-8-202
LITTLE, JOHN C.              CARLISLE                      NY-48-9-408
LIVINGSTON, ABRAHAM          *                             NY-48-U-414
LIVINGSTON, BENJAMIN         MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-13-453
LIVINGSTON, CATHARINE A.     SHARON                        NY-48-14-227
LIVINGSTON, JAMES W.         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-277
LIVINGSTON, JOHN             SHARON                        NY-48-A2-55
LIVINGSTON, JOHN             CARLISLE                      NY-48-U-295
LIVINGSTON, PELET            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-78
LIVINGSTON, REBECCA          SHARON                        NY-48-11-8
LOCKWOOD, ANTOINETTE         SEWARD                        NY-48-15-163
LORD, HIRAM                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-310
LORY, AMELIA                 SEWARD                        NY-48-9-101
LORY, AUSTIN                 SEWARD                        NY-48-14-317
LORY, ELIZABETH              SEWARD                        NY-48-12-305
LOUCKS, ANDREAS              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-A2-263
LOUCKS, CATY                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-251
LOUCKS, CORNELIUS            SHARON                        NY-48-A2-382
LOUCKS, DANIEL               SHARON                        NY-48-8-20
LOUCKS, EVE ANN              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-274
LOUCKS, HENRY J.             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-14-87
LOUCKS, JACOB                SHARON                        NY-48-9-95
LOUCKS, JACOB H.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-71
LOUCKS, JOHN                 SHARON                        NY-48-B-67
LOUCKS, LAVINA M.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-213
LOUCKS, PETER                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-574
LOUCKS, WILLIAM              SHARON                        NY-48-B2-482
LOUCKS, WILLIAM              DORLOUGH                      NY-48-A-91
LOUNSBURY, JOHN              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-278
LOVETT, NOBLE                CHARLOTTEVILLE                NY-48-14-349
LOW, MARGARET                SHARON                        NY-48-9-598
LOW, MATTHIAS                SHARON                        NY-48-15-143
LOWELL, DEMMON               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-B2-441
LOWN, DIANA                  OSWEGO                        NY-48-12-165
LUDINGTON, JOHN              SEWARD                        NY-48-12-406
LYCKER, SALLY M.             SHARON                        NY-48-12-67
LYNK, AUSTIN                 SHARON                        NY-48-14-79
LYON, HANNAH E.              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-14-377
LYON, SARAH A.               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-129

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