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MACE, WILLIAM L.             BROOME                        NY-48-10-626
MACKEY, CATHARINE            GILBOA                        NY-48-12-167
MACKEY, DANIEL               GILBOA                        NY-48-14-333
MACKEY, DEBORAH P.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-97
MACKEY, JAMES G.             GILBOA                        NY-48-12-493
MACKEY, MADISON              GILBOA                        NY-48-U-547
MACKEY, ROSANNA              BROOME                        NY-48-9-313
MACKEY, SOLOMON              BROOME                        NY-48-A2-9
MACKEY, SOLOMON              NTL                           NY-48-F-129
MACOMBER, RESCOM             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-540
MACOMBER, RESOLVED           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-14-241
MAGEE, JOHN                  ESPERANCE                     NY-48-U-420
MAHAN, JOHN                  GILBOA                        NY-48-U-631
MAHAR, JOHN                  SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-73
MAKELY, PETER                CONESVILLE                    NY-48-9-569
MALICK, AARON                SHARON                        NY-48-B2-439
MALICK, JOHN                 SHARON                        NY-48-A2-68
MANCHESTER, DANIEL           FULTON                        NY-48-12-306
MANN, ANN E.                 RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-U-509
MANN, ANN MARIA              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-149
MANN, ANNA E. S.             PATERSON, PASSIAC, NJ         NY-48-14-51
MANN, CAROLINE               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-181
MANN, DAVID S.               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-378
MANN, ELIZABETH              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-384
MANN, EPHRAIM J.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-146
MANN, GEORGE                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B-224
MANN, GEORGE W.              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-287
MANN, HENRY                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-235
MANN, JACOB G.               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-322
MANN, MARIA                  FULTON                        NY-48-10-172
MANN, MARY JANE              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-14-89
MANN, NANCY                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-560
MANN, PETER                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B-426
MANN, PETER                  SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-215
MANN, PHILIP                 RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-U-29
MANN, SYLVESTER              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-139
MANN, WILLIAM                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-276
MANNING, ANN B.              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-603
MANNING, HEZAKIAH            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-378
MANNING, NATHANIEL           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-141
MARCLEY, ADAM A.             SEWARD                        NY-48-8-434
MARCLEY, CHRISTIAN           SEWARD                        NY-48-B2-333
MARCLEY, LANY                SEWARD                        NY-48-14-179
MARKEL, CAROLINE M.          JEFFERSON                     NY-48-9-265
MARSELUS, ROBERT B.          MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-327
MARSH, JACOB                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-283
MARSHALL, LOUIS              SHARON                        NY-48-14-239
MARTIN, CASPER               BLENHEIM                      NY-48-B2-320
MARTIN, FRED A.              SHARON                        NY-48-15-1
MARTIN, LIVINGSTON           ESPERANCE                     NY-48-14-127
MATTICE, ADAM                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-320
MATTICE, ADAM                BROOME                        NY-48-8-421
MATTICE, ADAM L.             FULTON                        NY-48-12-217
MATTICE, BETSEY M.           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-97
MATTICE, CATHARINE           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-344
MATTICE, CATHARINE           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-443
MATTICE, CONRAD              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-291
MATTICE, CONRADT J.          BLENHEIM                      NY-48-10-119
MATTICE, EVE P.              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-14-579
MATTICE, GEERTRUY            SCHOHARY                      NY-48-B-133
MATTICE, GEORGE              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-230
MATTICE, JACOB N.            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-249
MATTICE, JOHN C.             FULTON                        NY-48-13-341
MATTICE, JOHN F.             BLENHEIM                      NY-48-B2-170
MATTICE, JOHN JOST           WRIGHT                        NY-48-8-174
MATTICE, JOSEPH              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-270
MATTICE, MARTIN              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-8-284
MATTICE, MARTINAS            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-498
MATTICE, NANCY               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-66
MATTICE, NICHOLAS            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-A2-30
MATTICE, NICHOLAS N.         MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-219
MATTICE, PETER A.            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-69
MATTICE, PETER P.            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-629
MATTICE, WILLIAM             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-19
MAXWELL, JOSEPH              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-330
MAYHAM, JOHN                 BLENHEIM                      NY-48-U-32
MAYHAM, SALLY                JEFFERSON                     NY-48-U-348
MAYHAN, JOHN S.              FULTON                        NY-48-12-265
MAYNARD, JOHN                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-241
MCCLEERY, DAVID              WRIGHT                        NY-48-B2-230
MCCULLOCH, WILLIAM C.        SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-321
MCDONALD, JOHN               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B-381
MCDONALD, NEAL               SEWARD                        NY-48-B2-75
MCFARLIN, NORMAN             SHARON                        NY-48-C-319
MCGAFFEY, PAUL               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-147
MCGAFFEY, PAUL               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-47
MCGEE, WILLIAM               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-368
MCGOVERN, JOHN               SHARON                        NY-48-B2-303
MCGRAW, JEREMIAH             ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-278
MCHENCH, JOHN                NTL                           NY-48-F-139
MCHENCH, JOHN                BROOME                        NY-48-A2-47
MCHENCH, JOHN                GILBOA                        NY-48-8-546
MCHINCH, WILLIAM             GILBOA                        NY-48-9-320
MCINTOSH, HARRIET E.         ESPERANCE                     NY-48-13-241
MCINTOSH, JOHN               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-28
MCKAY, ROBERT                ESPERANCE                     NY-48-11-341
MCKAY, SARAH                 ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-271
MCMASTER, HENRY              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-241
MCMASTER, JAMES B.           ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-541
MCMASTER, ROBET              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-614
MCMILLAN, JOHN               NTL                           NY-48-F-108
MCMILLAN, JOHN               ALBANY, ALBANY, NY            NY-48-A2-16
MCNEEL, JOHN                 CARLISLE                      NY-48-U-461
MCNEIL, JOHN                 FULTON                        NY-48-12-248
MCNEILL, JULIA A.            CARLISLE                      NY-48-15-63
MCQUADE, JOHN                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-197
MCQUEEN, ALEXANDER           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-350
MCWILLIAMS, JOHN             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-301
MEAD, DANIEL                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-269
MEAD, DANIEL W.              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-452
MEAD, EPHRAIM                SUMMIT                        NY-48-8-256
MEAD, LEVI L.                SUMMIT                        NY-48-B2-59
MEAD, MARY L.                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-37
MEAD, RUTH                   SEWARD                        NY-48-9-87
MEAKLEY, GOTTLIB             SHARON                        NY-48-B-33
MECKEL, NICHOLAS             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A-204
MERCHANT, REUBEN             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-9-585
MERCLEY, FREDERICK           SHARON                        NY-48-A-214
MERCLEY, MICHAEL             SHARON                        NY-48-B-214
MERENESS, ELIZABETH          SHARON                        NY-48-C-189
MERENESS, FREEMAN B.         SHARON                        NY-48-12-184
MERICLE, HENRY               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-177
MERICLE, LYDIA A.            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-199
MERICLE, SUSAN               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-445
MERIHEW, DAVID               WRIGHT                        NY-48-11-191
MERRENESS, DAVID A.          SHARON                        NY-48-8-289
MERRILL, NANCY L.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-367
MERRILL, NATHANIEL           JEFFERSON                     NY-48-C-15
MERRILL, SARAH A.            JEFFERSON                     NY-48-12-261
MERRYHEW, ALTAMONT           WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-378
MERSELES, PETER              KNOX, ALBANY, NY              NY-48-11-271
MESSINGER, SARAH             ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-329
MESSINGER, STORRS            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-12-91
MICHAELS, MARIA              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-464
MICHAELS, WILLIAM G.         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-87
MICHAELS, WILLIAM L.         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-85
MICKEL, ADAM H.              CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-59
MICKEL, HENRY                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-414
MICKEL, MANDA                FULTON                        NY-48-11-154
MICKLE, JAMES H.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-254
MICKLE, JOHN                 RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-11-42
MIERS, LOREN                 SEWARD                        NY-48-12-391
MILES, JULIET                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-11-114
MILES, PETER                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-367
MILLER, CHARLES L.           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-555
MILLER, DIANA                CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-308
MILLER, FRANCIS              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-526
MILLER, GEORGE               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-C-72
MILLER, JACOB B.             BROOME                        NY-48-11-236
MILLER, JAMES                ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-247
MILLER, JEDEDIAH             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-551
MILLER, JOHN                 CONESVILLE                    NY-48-U-303
MILLER, JOHN                 WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-219
MILLER, JOHN C.              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-58
MILLER, LAURA                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-462
MILLER LEMUEL                SHARON                        NY-48-C-3
MILLER, MARIA                FULTON                        NY-48-12-344
MILLER, PETER                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-335
MITCHELL, HARMON             SUMMIT                        NY-48-8-550
MITCHELL, JOHN               SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-321
MITCHELL, SAMUEL             FULTON                        NY-48-10-400
MIX, WILLIAM P.              BROOKLYN                      NY-48-13-398
MLFORD, ANNA                 NORTHUMBERLAND                NY-48-13-469
MOAK, NICHOLAS               SHARON                        NY-48-8-153
MOELLER, HENRY               SHARON                        NY-48-A2-71
MOLONY, MARY                 SHARON                        NY-48-15-271
MONTANGE, ABRAHAM            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-301
MONTAYNE, ABRAHAM            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-302
MOON, HARMON                 GILBOA                        NY-48-8-104
MOORE, GEORGE                SCOHOHARIE                    NY-48-A2-455
MOORE, JOHN                  BROOME                        NY-48-9-187
MOORE, WILLIAM H.            SEWARD                        NY-48-9-326
MOOT, COONRADT               SUMMIT                        NY-48-8-507
MOOT, HENRY                  SUMMIT                        NY-48-8-126
MOOT, JOHN                   COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-389
MORE, LIBERTY P.             GILBOA                        NY-48-12-364
MOREHOUSE, GEORGE            BLENHEIM                      NY-48-8-593
MOREHOUSE, MUNSON            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-221
MOREY, STEPHEN               FULTON                        NY-48-9-97
MORGAN, CHARLES              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-A-187
MORGAN, HENRY S.             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-250
MORRIS, NELSON T.            SUMMIT                        NY-48-U-527
MORSE, JACOB                 GILBOA                        NY-48-12-159
MOSHER, ALVIN                SEWARD                        NY-48-U-535
MOSHER, DIGHTON Z.           SLOANSVILLE                   NY-48-9-249
MOSHER, HENRY J.             CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-35
MOSIER, ABRAHAM              CARLISLE                      NY-48-A2-267
MOSIER, JOSEPH               SEWARD                        NY-48-U-465
MOULTON, DANIEL              SHARON                        NY-48-12-169
MOULTON, FREEMAN P.          COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-137
MOWERS, BENJAMIN M.          CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-252
MOWERS, ELIZA C.             CARLISLE                      NY-48-14-459
MOXLEY, AMOS                 JEFFERSON                     NY-48-14-199
MOYER, ALMIRA                SHARON                        NY-48-9-302
MULFORD, ANN MARIA           EAST ORANGE, ESSEX, NJ        NY-48-11-349
MULFORD, JACOB               BLENHEIM                      NY-48-8-128
MURPHY, TIMOTHY              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-232
MURPHY, WILLIAM              JEFFERSON                     NY-48-9-650
MYER, DAVID                  RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-57
MYER, PETER L.               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-218
MYER, STEPHEN                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-354
MYERS, CHARLES B.            FULTON                        NY-48-15-93
MYERS, HENRY P.              FULTON                        NY-48-9-525
MYERS, JOHN H.               PRATTSVILLE, GREENE, NY       NY-48-12-257
MYERS, PETER                 CARLISLE                      NY-48-13-429
NANN, JOSIAH                 FULTON                        NY-48-13-87
NEER, CALVIN                 CHARLOTTEVILLE                NY-48-13-159
NEER, SAMUEL                 BLENHEIM                      NY-48-12-573
NELLIS, GEORGE W.            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-455
NELLIS, PETER                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-14-543
NETHAWAY, JOHN               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-281
NETHAWAY, MARY A.            COBLESVILLE                   NY-48-13-109
NETHAWAY, NELSON             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-115
NETHEWAY, PETER              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-427
NEVILL, JOHN                 CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-262
NICHOLS, JOHN                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B-298
NOAKES, FRANCES              CONESVILLE                    NY-48-15-279
NOBLES, SILAS                FULTON                        NY-48-15-9
NOREON, PETER J.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-436
NORTON, DAVID                SHARON                        NY-48-U-447
OGARDUS, CORNELIUS           GILBOA                        NY-48-U-323
OLENDORF, ALFRED M.          RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-15-131
OLIVER, ADAM                 SUMMIT                        NY-48-C-219
OLIVER, ELIZABETH            SUMMIT                        NY-48-12-214
OLIVER, PETER                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-471
OLLINGER, JOHN               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-233
OLMSTEAD, REBECCA            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-31
ORLUP, FREDERICK             WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-366
OSBORN, ABAGAIL              GILBOA                        NY-48-U-545
OSBORN, CONKLIN              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-B2-146
OSBORN, JACOB H.             BLENHEIM                      NY-48-A-305
OSTERHOUT, ABRAM             SEWARD                        NY-48-14-171
OSTERHOUT, CATHARINE L.      COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-69
OSTERHOUT, EVE               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-209
OSTERHOUT, GITTY C.          SEWARD                        NY-48-15-223
OSTERHOUT, JAMES             CARLISLE                      NY-48-11-112
OSTERHOUT, MERCY ANN         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-468
OSTERHOUT, NICHOLAS          COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-318
OSTERHOUT, PETER SR.         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-161
OSTRANDER, CALVIN            WRIGHT                        NY-48-13-127
OSTRANDER, ISAAC             SUMMIT                        NY-48-B2-519
OSTRANDER, LEVI              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-619
OSTROM, GEORGE L.            SEWARD                        NY-48-10-428
OTMAN, JOHN                  SHARON                        NY-48-F-111
OTTMAN, ABRAM                NTL                           NY-48-11-317
OTTMAN, CHRISTIAN            SEWARD                        NY-48-8-525
OTTMAN, HENRY I.             CARLISLE                      NY-48-11-387
OTTMAN, ISAAC                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-356
OTTMAN, MATTHEW              SHARON                        NY-48-11-359
OTTMAN, PETER W.             SEWARD                        NY-48-8-297
OTTMAN, WILLIAM C.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-171
OUGH, DANIEL                 SHARON                        NY-48-14-185
OVERPAUGH, JOEL              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-183
PACKARD, CHARLES             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-B2-433
PACKARD, SAMUEL S.           WRIGHT                        NY-48-11-268
PAGE, WINSLOW                BROOME                        NY-48-A2-274
PALMATIER, ESTHER            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-499
PALMATIER, JOHN              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-23
PALMATIER, MICHAEL           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-383
PALMER, CORNELL              BROOME                        NY-48-13-101
PALMER, GILBERT              GILBOA                        NY-48-10-163
PALMER, HENRY                SUMMIT                        NY-48-15-325
PALMER, JOHN                 SUMMIT                        NY-48-11-300
PALMER, RACHEL               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-347
PALMER, ROSETTA              FULTON                        NY-48-12-443
PARIS, CHRISTIAN             SHARON                        NY-48-9-577
PARIS, GEORGE                SHARON                        NY-48-15-269
PARIS, LYSANDER              SHARON                        NY-48-15-303
PARISH, ANN                  CENTRAL BRIDGE                NY-48-15-399
PARROTT, WILLIAM             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-3
PARSONS, DAVID W.            GILBOA                        NY-48-13-465
PARSONS, LONAS               JEFFERSON                     NY-48-8-501
PARSONS, MARY                SHARON                        NY-48-12-375
PARSONS, PETER               SHARON                        NY-48-9-297
PARSONS, SETH                SHARON                        NY-48-14-547
PATCHIN, CALEB G.            JEFFERSON                     NY-48-10-68
PATCHIN, FREGIFT             BLENHEIM                      NY-48-F-54
PATCHIN, ISAAC E.            JEFFERSON                     NY-48-9-233
PATRICK, JARED               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-14-121
PATRIE, CHRISTIAN            CONESVILLE                    NY-48-U-102
PATRIE, CHRISTIAN S.         CONESVILLE                    NY-48-9-448
PATRIE, JACOB                CONESVILLE                    NY-48-9-25
PATRIE, JOHN JOST            CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-113
PAYNE, WALTER                FULTON                        NY-48-12-308
PEASLEE, THOMAS              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-U-293
PEASLEE, THOMAS S.           BLENHEIM                      NY-48-10-510
PECK, DAVID                  BLENHEIM                      NY-48-A2-370
PECK, HETH                   SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-12
PECK, WILLIAM M.             GILBOA                        NY-48-U-427
PERRINE, LYDIA ANN           SEWARD                        NY-48-13-139
PERRINE, THOMPSON            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-212
PETCHTLE, GEORGE             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-275
PETCHTLE, JAMES              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-473
PETRE, JOHN CONRODT          CARLISLE                      NY-48-A-309
PETRIE, JOHN                 SEWARD                        NY-48-15-203
PHELPS, BETSEY C.            SLOANSVILLE                   NY-48-10-45
PHELPS, CATHARINE            CONESVILLE                    NY-48-14-475
PHELPS, DARIUS               NTL, TAZEWELL, IL             NY-48-U-562
PHELPS, ELIZA A.             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-269
PHELPS, ELIZA E.             ESPERANCE                     NY-48-13-299
PHELPS, ERVILLA              CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-49
PHELPS, GAIUS                ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-543
PHELPS, HORACE D.            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-449
PHELPS, SILVESTER            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-U-529
PHILLIPS, PETER              CARLISLE                      NY-48-U-129
PICKETT, AARON               GILBOA                        NY-48-9-648
PIERCE, SILAS                BLENHEIM                      NY-48-U-434
PINDAR, JOHN                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-189
PINDER, ABRAM                JEFFERSON                     NY-48-10-359
PITCHER, CONRADT             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-440
PLANK, ADAM                  SHARON                        NY-48-10-432
PLANK, GODFREY               SHARON                        NY-48-B2-190
PLANK, IRENA                 SHARON                        NY-48-11-239
PLANK, JAMES                 WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-420
PLANK, JOHN                  SHARON                        NY-48-11-296
PLANK, PHILIP                SSHARON                       NY-48-F-220
PLATNER, MARKS               SHARON                        NY-48-C-21
PLOSS, ELIZABETH             BLENHEIM                      NY-48-U-566
PLOSS, HENRY                 SUMMIT                        NY-48-B2-415
PLUE, PETER                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-325
POLLOCK, JESSE W.            FULTON                        NY-48-12-236
POND, BENJAMIN               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-5
PORTER, ELIZA JANE           BROOME                        NY-48-8-548
PORTER, JAMES W.             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-564
POSSON, CHESTER              WRIGHT                        NY-48-12-286
POSSON, FREDERICK            SHARON                        NY-48-8-140
POSSON, HENRY                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-413
POSSON, WILLIAM              WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-132
POST, JOHN I.                WRIGHT                        NY-48-B2-314
POST, JOHN JR.               BERNE, ALBANY, NY             NY-48-B-179
POTTER, PERRY                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-224
POTTER, SAMUEL JR.           BROOME                        NY-48-F-143
POTTS, CATHARINE             SEWARD                        NY-48-10-268
POTTS, POLLY                 CARLISLE                      NY-48-14-17
PRESOTN, MERRIMAN            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-52
PRIOR, SARAH A.              BROWN                         NY-48-15-35
PROPER, DAVID J.             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-U-261
PROSSER, BENJAMIN R.         CARLISLE                      NY-48-12-470
PULVER, PETER                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-257
PURCELL, EDMOND              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-333
QUACKENBUSH, GEORGE W.       COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-253
QUICK, CHRISTINA             SEE: TAPPEN, CHRISTINA        NY-48-U-505
QUICK, HUGH W.               NTL                           NY-48-B2-133
RACE, CASPAR                 SHARON                        NY-48-13-385
RACE, JOHN                   CARLISLE                      NY-48-15-159
RACE, MAGDALENE V.           SHARON                        NY-48-13-237
RACE, WILLIAM                NTL                           NY-48-F-58
RACLIFFE, NANCY              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-619
RADLIFF, RICHARD             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-434
RAMSEY, JOSEPH H.            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-29
RAWLEY, ELI S.               JEFFERSON                     NY-48-8-377
RECTOR, MICHAEL              SHARON                        NY-48-C-271
REDDICK, EVE                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-13
REDDICK, SARAH               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-21
REED, CHRISTINA              GILBOA                        NY-48-8-313
REED, COLBA                  GILBOA                        NY-48-U-477
REED, DAVID                  BLENHEIM                      NY-48-8-419
REED, JOHN H.                BLENHEIM                      NY-48-15-189
REED, LUMAN                  GILBOA                        NY-48-13-437
REESE, JOHN                  FULTON                        NY-48-13-255
REICHTMEYER, HENRY           BROOME                        NY-48-C-297
REIGHTMYER, DAVID F.         RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-15-81
RELYEA, ANDREW               CARLISLE                      NY-48-11-22
RELYEA, ANN ELIDA            SHARON                        NY-48-15-309
RELYEA, JOHN H.              CARLISLE                      NY-48-14-197
RESSIGIEN, EPHRAIM           SHARON                        NY-48-14-277
RESSIGIEU, JOHN              SHARON                        NY-48-U-200
RESSIGINE, JOHN              SHARON                        NY-48-A2-420
REYNOLDS, MELISSA A.         GILBOA                        NY-48-9-364
RHINE, CHRISTOPHEL           SHARON                        NY-48-C-295
RICE, JOHN                   SHARON                        NY-48-F-109
RICH, ABRAM S.               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-U-151
RICH, FANNIE S.              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-338
RICH, JOHN                   SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A2-86
RICH, JOHN                   NTL                           NY-48-C-328
RICHARDS, SARAH A.           SUMMIT                        NY-48-13-111
RICHMOND, MARGARET           BROOME                        NY-48-U-212
RICHMOND, SYLVESTER          BROOME                        NY-48-U-195
RICHMYER, ABRAHAM            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-115
RICHMYER, PETER              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-525
RICHTMEYER, JACOB            BLENHEIM                      NY-48-A2-218
RICHTMEYER, JACOB            BLENHEIM                      NY-48-F-200
RICHTMEYER, JACOB            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-A2-33
RICHTMEYER, PETER            BROOME                        NY-48-B-398
RICHTMYER, ABRAHAM           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-F-188
RICHTMYER, BARNET            CONESKILL                     NY-48-8-167
RICHTMYER, CHRISTIAN W.      COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-151
RICHTMYER, CONRADT           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-5
RICHTMYER, DANIEL            CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-406
RICHTMYER, GEORGE            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-A2-509
RICHTMYER, HENRY             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-321
RICHTMYER, JOHN              CONESVILLE                    NY-48-B2-404
RICHTMYER, JOHN G.           GILBOA                        NY-48-10-12
RICHTMYER, JOHN H.           GILBOA                        NY-48-11-35
RICHTMYER, JOSIAH            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-209
RICHTMYER, M ARY ANN         MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-13-145
RICHTMYER, PETER H.          CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-95
RICHTMYER, PETER H.          GILBOA                        NY-48-13-107
RICHTMYER, PETER J.          CONESVILLE                    NY-48-U-588
RICHTMYER, PHILIP            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-207
RICHTMYER, SIMEON            GILBOA                        NY-48-8-317
RICHTMYER, WILLIAM           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-291
RICHTMYER, WILLIAM E.        CONESVILLE                    NY-48-11-179
RICHTMYER, WILLIS            GILBOA                        NY-48-14-11
RICKARD, DAVID               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-553
RICKARD, GEORGE              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-538
RICKARD, GEORGE D.           WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-290
RICKARD, IRA                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-645
RICKARD, JOHN                FULTON                        NY-48-9-641
RICKARD, JOHN J.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-409
RICKARD, LAVINA              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-51
RICKARD, PETER               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-118
RICKARD, PETER               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-27
RICKARD, PETER A.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-424
RICKARD, WILLIAM             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-33
RICKART, ALEANDER            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-13
RICKART, CHRISTINA           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-495
RICKART, NICHOLAS            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-418
RICKERT, GEORGE G.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-24
RICKERT, JOHANNES            MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-194
RIDER, ELEAZER               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-B2-459
RIDER, ISAAC                 CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-205
RIDER, JOHN                  SUMMIT                        NY-48-U-463
RIDER, JOHN                  RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-586
RIDER, PHILIP                SUMMIT                        NY-48-A2-239
RIDER, ROBERT                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-424
RIES, MARY                   SUMMIT                        NY-48-10-316
RIFENBARK, AARON             SUMMIT                        NY-48-10-610
RIFENBARK, CATHARINE         SUMMIT                        NY-48-14-141
RIGGS, JOHN C.               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-12-473
RIGGS, SAMUEL O.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-155
RIGHTER, STICKLE             WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-208
RIGHTMEYER, GEORGE           MIDDLEBURG                    NY-48-A-165
RIGHTMYER, ADAM              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-189
RIGHTMYER, FREDERICK         BROOM                         NY-48-B-49
RIGHTMYRE, CHRISTIAN         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-168
RILEY, AZARIAH B.            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-321
RIPBENBURG, HENRY            BROOME                        NY-48-8-601
RITTON, PETER                NTL                           NY-48-U-614
RIVENBERG, JAMES             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-12-555
ROBERTS, ASEPH               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-124
ROBINSON, ABBEY              GILBOA                        NY-48-10-58
ROBINSON, GEORGE             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-U-569
ROBINSON, WILLIAM M.         RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-658
ROCKEFELLER, CATHARINE       SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-349
ROCKEFELLER, ELIZABETH       COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-363
ROCKEFELLER, FREDERICK       COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-298
ROCKEFELLER, GEORGE          MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-14-261
ROCKEFELLER, GRANVILLE       COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-606
ROCKEFELLER, ROBERT W.       SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-53
ROCKEFELLER, WILLIAM         RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-461
ROCKWELL, JESSE              ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-359
ROCKWELL, RUFUS              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-517
RODMAN, ASA                  SUMMIT                        NY-48-B2-121
RODMAN, OLIVE                RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-117
ROE, ELIZABETH               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-73
ROE, HEMAN B.                GILBOA                        NY-48-10-367
ROE, SALLY                   GILBOA                        NY-48-10-600
ROE, SILAS                   CONESVILLE                    NY-48-9-433
ROGERS, ELISHA F.            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-160
ROGERS, PEEDE                WRIGHT                        NY-48-B2-488
ROGERS, WILLIAM              BROOME                        NY-48-9-183
ROLLINGS, ALIDA H.           WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-405
ROSE, SALLY                  FRANKLIN                      NY-48-15-401
ROSECRANS, ALBERT G.         FULTON                        NY-48-14-551
ROSEKRANS, HENRY             WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-22
ROSEKRANS, HENRY D.          WRIGHT                        NY-48-12-290
ROSENBURGH, ORLANDO D.       SHARON                        NY-48-8-472
ROSS, SARAH A.               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-301
ROSS, WILLIAM                CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-224
ROSSMAN, GEORGE              FULTON                        NY-48-9-227
ROSSMAN, REUBEY              FULTON                        NY-48-9-185
ROWLEY, ALFRED W.            SEWARD                        NY-48-12-5
ROWLEY, DEMMON               SEWARD                        NY-48-U-493
ROWLEY, FREDERICK            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-204
ROWLEY, ITHAMAR              SHARON                        NY-48-F-17
RUDS, ELIAS                  SHARON                        NY-48-B2-199
RULAND, OBEDIAH              JEFFERSON                     NY-48-B2-105
RULON, WILLIAM               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-315
RUSSELL, ANN ELIZABETH       COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-410
RUSSELL, CHARLES             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-11-266
RUSSELL, CHARLOTTE           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-243
RUSSELL, DORA                BROOME                        NY-48-13-57
RUSSELL, JAMES               GILBOA                        NY-48-9-2
RUSSELL, JANE A.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-3
RUSSELL, NICHOLAS            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-232
RUSSELL, URIAH               BROOME                        NY-48-10-391
RUST, HOPSON                 BROOME                        NY-48-12-23
RYDER, JOHN                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-235
RYDER, MARGARET              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-15-65
RYDER, MEHITABLE             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-603
RYDER, URIAH                 RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-U-531
SADDLEMIER, JACOB            FULTON                        NY-48-8-632
SADDLEMIRE, CHRISTIAN        WRIGHT                        NY-48-8-401
SADDLEMIRE, JOHN             WRIGHT                        NY-48-9-206
SADDLEMYER, ELIZABETH        SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-335
SAFFORD, JOSEPH              CARLISLE                      NY-48-15-55
SAFFORD, URIAH               CARLISLE                      NY-48-15-415
SAGE, LEVI                   BROOME                        NY-48-C-323
SAGER, GARRET                CARLILE                       NY-48-B-42
SAGER, GARRETT               JEFFESON                      NY-48-10-596
SAHFER, JOHN H.              NTL                           NY-48-F-131
SALISBURG, JACOB             WRIGHT                        NY-48-8-156
SALISBURY, ESPERANCE         JEFFERSON                     NY-48-9-485
SALISBURY, JOHN              SUMMIT                        NY-48-14-343
SALISBURY, JOHN W.           SEWARD                        NY-48-9-120
SALISBURY, LUCINDA           GILBOA                        NY-48-U-457
SALISBURY, PETER             CHARLOTTEVILLE                NY-48-12-381
SALISBURY, WILLIAM           SALISBURY                     NY-48-B2-476
SALSBERGER, JACOB            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-1
SAMONT, WILLIAM JR.          SUMMIT                        NY-48-B2-264
SANFORD, ANN E.              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-397
SANFORD, DANIEL F.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-131
SANFORD, GEORGE P.           CARLISLE                      NY-48-11-332
SANFORD, LYMAN               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-385
SANFORD, SARAH W.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-97
SANFORD, SIDNEY W.           GILBOA                        NY-48-U-284
SAWYER, AUGUSTUS             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-90
SAWYER, ELIZABETH A.         COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-34
SAWYER, MONROE               CARLISLE                      NY-48-13-163
SAYRE, CHESTER               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-43
SCHAFER, CHRISTIAN H.        SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-15
SCHAFER, DAVID J.            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B-406
SCHELL, DAVID                WRIGHT                        NY-48-11-347
SCHERMERHORN, ABRAM J.       CONESVILLE                    NY-48-15-43
SCHERMERHORN, JACOB          BROOME                        NY-48-F-75
SCHERMERHORN, PETER S.       CONESVILLE                    NY-48-14-321
SCHERMERHORN, PHEBE E.       COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-227
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM        BROOME                        NY-48-F-71
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM N.     GALLUPVILLE                   NY-48-12-331
SCHOOLCRAFT, CHRISTINA       SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-209
SCHOOLCRAFT, GIDEON          WRIGHT                        NY-48-12-267
SCHOOLCRAFT, HIRAM           WRIGHT                        NY-48-14-203
SCHOOLCRAFT, JACOB           SCOHHARIE                     NY-48-A2-334
SCHOOLCRAFT, JACOB F.        WRIGHT                        NY-48-13-175
SCHOOLCRAFT, JACOB JR.       WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-563
SCHOOLCRAFT, JOHN            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-362
SCHOOLCRAFT, JOHN            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-31
SCHOOLCRAFT, PETER           WRIGHT                        NY-48-15-41
SCHOOLCRAFT, PETER P.        RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-9
SCHOOLCRAFT, PETER P.        GALLUPVILLE                   NY-48-14-419
SCHOONMAKER, WILLIAM T.      WRIGHT                        NY-48-8-451
SCHRUM, JOSHUA W.            SHARON                        NY-48-8-265
SCHUYLER, GARRET L.          ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-216
SCHUYLER, HERMAN             SHARON                        NY-48-12-21
SCHWARTZ, CONRAD             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-339
SCHWINLER, FRANCIS           RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-11-368
SCOTT, ASAHEL M.             SHARON                        NY-48-U-328
SCOTT, DARIUS B.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-609
SCOTT, ISAAC F.              CARLISLE                      NY-48-13-177
SCOTT, JACOB                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-45
SCOTT, JACOB H.              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-304
SCOVILL, HANNAH              CONESVILLE                    NY-48-14-355
SCOVILL, JULIA               CONESVILLE                    NY-48-14-353
SCOVILL, SYLVESTER           CONESVILLE                    NY-48-9-328
SCOVILLE, DIANTHA            CONESVILLE                    NY-48-13-291
SCOVILLE, HIRAM              CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-312
SCOVILLE, JOSEPH             CONESVILLE                    NY-48-10-349
SCRAM, JOHN                  MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-14-3
SCULLY, WILLIAM              DELPHI, DELAWARE, NY          NY-48-12-3
SCUTT, ABRAM                 BROOME                        NY-48-8-38
SCUTT, PHILO                 MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-559
SEALAH, LYMAN                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-78
SEELEY, DAVID                CARLISLE                      NY-48-U-652
SEELEY, JABEZ S.             SHARON                        NY-48-B2-56
SEELEY, LYMAN                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-12-176
SEELIE, JOHN JR.             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-109
SELEY, AMOS B.               SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-497
SELLECK, EZRA B.             GILBOA                        NY-48-12-389
SELLICK, MERCY               GILBOA                        NY-48-13-59
SEPPERS, JOHN                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-626
SETTLE, HENRY                BLENHEIM                      NY-48-A-186
SETTLE, JOHN H.              WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-195
SETTLE, JOSEPH               WRIGHT                        NY-48-12-484
SETTLE, RACHEL               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-283
SEVERSON, JOHN               ESPERANCE                     NY-48-12-15
SEXTON, HIRAM                SEWARD                        NY-48-11-107
SEXTON, SAMUEL               SHARON                        NY-48-C-313
SHAFER, ABRAHAM D. W.        COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-113
SHAFER, ADAM                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B-248
SHAFER, ADAM A.              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-510
SHAFER, ANNA M. C.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-99
SHAFER, DANIEL               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-415
SHAFER, DAVID                CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-124
SHAFER, DAVID A.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-488
SHAFER, DAVID B.             WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-497
SHAFER, DAVID G.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-630
SHAFER, DEWALD               NTL                           NY-48-F-155
SHAFER, EVE                  BLENHEIM                      NY-48-10-269
SHAFER, EZRA                 RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-464
SHAFER, FREDERIC             WRIGHT                        NY-48-U-244
SHAFER, GEORGE               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-U-379
SHAFER, GEORGE W.            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-43
SHAFER, HENRICUS             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A2-24
SHAFER, HENRY                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-339
SHAFER, HENRY J.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-265
SHAFER, HIRAM A.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-283
SHAFER, JACOB                BLENHEIM                      NY-48-A-244
SHAFER, JACOB G.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-61
SHAFER, JANE                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-11-253
SHAFER, JOHN H.              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-42
SHAFER, JOHN M.              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-F-7
SHAFER, JOHN R.              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-547
SHAFER, KASSON B.            SEWARD                        NY-48-9-402
SHAFER, MADISON L.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-55
SHAFER, MARCUS               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A2-67
SHAFER, MARIA                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-368
SHAFER, MARTIN               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-8-499
SHAFER, MARTINES             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-238
SHAFER, MARTINUS             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-130
SHAFER, PETER                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-144
SHAFER, PETER H.             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-555
SHAFER, PETER JR.            COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-461
SHAFER, PHILIP               BLENHEIM                      NY-48-U-597
SHAFER, POLLY                CARLISLE                      NY-48-10-162
SHAFER, TEWALT               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A2-62
SHAFER, WILLIAM              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-233
SHAFER, WILLIAM              SEWARD                        NY-48-8-392
SHAFER, WILLIAM D.           GILBOA                        NY-48-15-89
SHAFFER, MARCUS              SHARON                        NY-48-B2-348
SHANK, DAVID                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-126
SHANK, EMILY                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-173
SHANK, GILBERT               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-293
SHANK, JOHN                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B2-339
SHANK, PAUL                  COBLESKILL                    NY-48-B-46
SHANK, SEBASTIAN             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-51
SHARP, MARIA                 SHARON                        NY-48-12-136
SHARP, PETER G.              SHARON SPRINGS                NY-48-13-227
SHARP, THOMAS K.             SHARON SPRINGS                NY-48-15-79
SHARPE, JOSEPH A.            SHARON                        NY-48-10-554
SHAUL, CATHARINE             SHARON                        NY-48-10-520
SHAUL, JACOB                 SHARON                        NY-48-8-535
SHAUL, SIMON                 SHARON                        NY-48-14-487
SHAUL, SOLOMON C.            SHARON SPRINGS                NY-48-10-81
SHAVER, ABRAHAM              FULTON                        NY-48-11-56
SHAVER, CHARLES H.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-183
SHAVER, FREDERIC B.          BLENHEIM                      NY-48-8-633
SHAVER, GEORGE               FULTON                        NY-48-8-445
SHAVER, HENRY C.             GILBOA                        NY-48-9-43
SHEARS, JACOB                BLENHEIM                      NY-48-B-139
SHELDON, HANNAH              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-435
SHELDON, WILLIAM             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-8-509
SHELL, DANIEL                WRIGHT                        NY-48-14-423
SHELL, EMELINE               WRIGHT                        NY-48-13-191
SHELL WILLIAM                WRIGHT                        NY-48-8-597
SHELMANDINE, JOSEPH          JEFFERSON                     NY-48-12-226
SHELMANDINE, LEWIS           JEFFESON                      NY-48-12-338
SHELMEDINE, DANIEL           BLENHEIM                      NY-48-U-507
SHEPARD, JAMES               BROOME                        NY-48-U-412
SHEPERD, JULIET              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-59
SHERBURNE, NANCY ROSINA      ESPERANCE                     NY-48-12-350
SHERMAN, ANN                 SUMMIT                        NY-48-8-426
SHERWOOD, LEYMOM             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-U-43
SHEW, JOHN H.                GILBOA                        NY-48-14-57
SHOEMAKER, PHEBE M.          MIDDLEBUGH                    NY-48-15-151
SHOUT, CHRISTINA M.          ESPERANCE                     NY-48-11-384
SHOUT, WILLIAM F.            ESPERANCE                     NY-48-15-73
SHULTUS, HIRAM               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-225
SHUMWAY, ELIZABETH           RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-169
SIDNEIGH, JOHAN JOST         SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-370
SIDNEY, JOHN J.              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-11-205
SIDNEY, JOHN JOST            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-93
SIDNEY, LOUISA               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-251
SIDNIGH, WILLIAM             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B-374
SILVERNALE, COONRADT         ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-571
SIMMONS, ANDREW W.           FULTON                        NY-48-U-359
SIMMONS, ANN                 SHARON                        NY-48-15-267
SIMMONS, ANTHONY             SHARON                        NY-48-15-117
SIMMONS, BALTUS              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-C-85
SIMMONS, DANIEL              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-550
SIMMONS, PELEG               BLENHEIM                      NY-48-14-63
SIMMONS, PETER H.            FULTON                        NY-48-15-417
SIMMONS, WILLIAM W.          JEFFERSON                     NY-48-14-567
SIPPERLY, JOHN               MIDDLEBURY                    NY-48-A2-442
SISUM, ELIZABETH             SEWARD                        NY-48-15-109
SITZER, LYDIA M.             BROOME                        NY-48-14-495
SITZER, MARY E.              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-145
SIXBY, NICHOLAS A.           SHARON                        NY-48-B-334
SKIDMORE, ISAAC              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-F-198
SLATER, JACOB                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-251
SLATER, LAVINA               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-15-47
SLATER, THOMAS R.            BROOME                        NY-48-10-112
SLINGERLAND, AARON           ESPERANCE                     NY-48-14-389
SLINGERLAND, AARON W.        COBLESKILL                    NY-48-C-349
SLINGERLAND, ISAAC           ESPERANCE                     NY-48-8-214
SLINGERLAND, VIOLA L.        SLOANSVILLE                   NY-48-15-185
SLITER, LORANA E.            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-14-105
SLITES, JOHN                 RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-30
SLOOT, HENRY                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-54
SMITH, AUGUSTUS C.           COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-38
SMITH, COMFORT               BROOME                        NY-48-8-447
SMITH, CORDELIA              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-353
SMITH, DAVID H.              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-532
SMITH, GERTRUDE              SHARON                        NY-48-15-225
SMITH, ISAAC                 SEWARD                        NY-48-9-7
SMITH, JAMES                 HARPERSFIELD, DELAWARE, DE    NY-48-B2-140
SMITH, JOHN                  SHARON                        NY-48-B2-221
SMITH, JOHN                  FULTON                        NY-48-14-267
SMITH, JOHN B.               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-310
SMITH, LORENZO               SHARON                        NY-48-14-191
SMITH, MARIA                 RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-422
SMITH, MARY                  SEWARD                        NY-48-11-97
SMITH, MICHAEL               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-A2-106
SMITH, MICHAEL               MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-F-182
SMITH, NOAH                  MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-B2-251
SMITH, PETER H.              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-14-155
SMITH, SALLY A.              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-307
SMITH, SAMUEL S.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-409
SMITH, SILAS                 SHARON                        NY-48-U-584
SMITH, SOLOMON               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-466
SMITH, THADDEUS N.           SEWARD                        NY-48-13-35
SMITH, THANKFUL              SUMMIT                        NY-48-15-3
SMITH, WILLIAM               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-327
SMITH, WILLIAM               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-15-419
SNOOK, JAN ALEXANDER         CHARLOTTEVILLE                NY-48-15-5
SNYDER, ADAM                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-142
SNYDER, CATHARINE            RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-9-288
SNYDER, CHRISTINA            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-289
SNYDER, DAVID                BROOM                         NY-48-C-50
SNYDER, EMMETT               CARLISLE                      NY-48-14-381
SNYDER, GEORGE H.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-13
SNYDER, GEORGE W.            SHARON                        NY-48-15-19
SNYDER, JACOB                SCOHHARIE                     NY-48-A2-352
SNYDER, JOHANNES H.          COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A-182
SNYDER, JOHN                 CONESVILLE                    NY-48-8-442
SNYDER, JOHN                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A-206
SNYDER, JOHN W.              SHARON                        NY-48-A2-449
SNYDER, LEROY                SHARON                        NY-48-8-54
SNYDER, LEWIS J.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-A2-110
SNYDER, LODWICK              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-10-147
SNYDER, MAHALA               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-305
SNYDER, MARITTA              MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-13-117
SNYDER, MARY CATY            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-406
SNYDER, NANCY L.             WRIGHT                        NY-48-8-478
SNYDER, NICHOLAS             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-9-191
SNYDER, PETER                CONEVILLE                     NY-48-11-17
SNYDER, PETER H.             SHARON                        NY-48-F-147
SNYDER, PETER M.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-80
SNYDER, PETER W.             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-B2-412
SNYDER, SALLY M.             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-13-45
SNYDER, TUNIS                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-U-390
SNYDER, WILLIAM              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-A-114
SNYDER, WILLIAM              RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-182
SNYDER, WILLIAM N.           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-11-199
SOMBERGER, HANNAH S.         BROOME                        NY-48-13-263
SOMMER, NICHOLAS             SHARON                        NY-48-10-102
SOMMER, NICHOLAS             SHARON                        NY-48-A2-39
SOMMER, NICHOLAS             NTL                           NY-48-F-130
SOMMERS, DAVID               SHARON                        NY-48-10-614
SOMMERS, ELIZA               SHARON                        NY-48-10-278
SOMMERS, EVA                 SEWARD                        NY-48-9-175
SOMMERS, MARIA               SEWARD                        NY-48-9-295
SOMMERS, PETER               DECATUR, OTSEGO, NY           NY-48-9-172
SOMMERS, PETER               SEWARD                        NY-48-15-307
SOMMERS, REBECCA CATHARINE   SEWARD                        NY-48-14-225
SON, JANE                    COBLESKILL                    NY-48-13-461
SOUTHARD, SMITH              GILBOA                        NY-48-13-25
SOWLE, JACOB SR.             BLENHEIM                      NY-48-B-392
SOWLE, SILAS                 BLENHEIM                      NY-48-U-84
SPAFFORD, HARVEY W.          RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-85
SPATEHOLTS, JOHN W.          WRIGHT                        NY-48-12-353
SPATEHOLTS, SOPHIA           WRIGHT                        NY-48-10-522
SPATHOLTS, JAMES             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-15-71
SPAULDING, WILLIAM           FULTON                        NY-48-12-188
SPAWN, MARY                  SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-15-239
SPENCER, SAMUEL              BROOME                        NY-48-14-257
SPENCER, WILLIAM A.          SUMMIT                        NY-48-12-292
SPENCER, WILLIAM W.          BROOME                        NY-48-15-317
SPERRY, ELISHA               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-397
SPICKESMAN, JOHN             FULTON                        NY-48-9-53
SPORE, JOHN                  JEFFERSON                     NY-48-11-255
SPRAGUE, JAMES O.            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-370
SPRAKER, SARAH B.            SHARON                        NY-48-8-59
SPRING, OLNEY J.             BLENHEIM                      NY-48-14-315
SPRING, WILLIAM E.           SHARON                        NY-48-11-53
SPRINGSTEAD, URIAH           FULTON                        NY-48-11-99
SPURBECK, JOHN M.            SUMMIT                        NY-48-9-486
STAGG, THOMAS                ESPERANCE                     NY-48-10-577
STALEY, HENRY J.             SHARON                        NY-48-8-397
STALEY, JACOB                CARLISLE                      NY-48-14-123
STALEY, JOHN H.              SHARON                        NY-48-14-81
STALEY, LEONAH J.            SHARON                        NY-48-14-211
STALEY, VALENTINE            SHARON                        NY-48-15-103
STALL, CATHARINE             COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-303
STALL, ELIZA                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-9-112
STALL, JOHN G.               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-10-230
STALL, PETER                 SEWARD                        NY-48-9-478
STANBERGH, LAMBERT JR.       BLENHEIM                      NY-48-F-97
STANLEY, WILBER E.           JEFFERSON                     NY-48-15-195
STANTON, FREEMAN             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-614
STANTON, JOHN L.             MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-4
STANTON, LOUISA K.           MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-10-513
STEINBERGH, PETER            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-312
STEPHENS, CATHARINE          WRIGHT                        NY-48-15-391
STEPHENS, JOHN D.            SEWARD                        NY-48-13-153
STERLING, JULIA              SHARON                        NY-48-9-151
STERNBERG, ABRAHAM           SEWARD                        NY-48-14-39
STERNBERG, JOHN              SHARON                        NY-48-F-173
STERNBERGH, DAVID            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-C-308
STERNBERGH, DAVID HENRY      SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-244
STERNBERGH, EVE              SCOHOHARIE                    NY-48-9-102
STERNBERGH, M. LOUISA        SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-12-171
STEVENS, AARON               JEFFERSON                     NY-48-F-91
STEVENS, DAVID F.            MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-285
STEVENS, DAVID S.            GILBOA                        NY-48-15-85
STEVENS, EDWARD              SHARON                        NY-48-8-74
STEVENS, ENOS M.             CHARLOTTEVILLE                NY-48-15-343
STEVENS, HIRAM               WRIGHT                        NY-48-14-153
STEVENS, JOHN                JEFFERSON                     NY-48-8-322
STEVENS, MARK W.             SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-13-313
STEVENS, OZIAS               GILBOA                        NY-48-12-315
STEVENS, PETER S.            CONESVILLE                    NY-48-U-255
STEVER, ABRAM                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-14-115
STEWART, AFFIE               COBLESKILL                    NY-48-14-135
STEWART, WILLIAM             JEFFERSON                     NY-48-B2-38
STICKELS, HANNAH             SUMMIT                        NY-48-13-215
STICKLES, ELI N.             SUMMIT                        NY-48-13-361
STONE, WILLIAM SR.           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-10
STOTT, ROBERT                SHARON                        NY-48-9-307
STRAIL, JOHN                 SHARON                        NY-48-A-201
STRAIT, ANDREW               SEWARD                        NY-48-U-580
STRAIT, MARTIN               SHARON                        NY-48-C-301
STRAIT, WILLIAM              SEWARD                        NY-48-12-288
STRATTON, CAROLINE           SHARON                        NY-48-15-211
STRATTON, DORCAS             SLOANSVILLE                   NY-48-12-523
STRATTON, SILAS C.           ESPERANCE                     NY-48-9-382
STREET, WARREN P.            GILBOA                        NY-48-10-557
STROBECK, GEORGE W.          SEWARD                        NY-48-13-259
STROBECK, JACOB              DURLAGH, MONTGOMERY, NY       NY-48-C-127
STROBECK, MAGDALENA          SEWARD                        NY-48-12-107
STROBECK, MARGARET           SHARON                        NY-48-A2-84
STROBECK, PETER W.           SEWARD                        NY-48-15-23
STRYKER, BARENT W.           GILBOA                        NY-48-10-166
STRYKER, BARRENT             BROOM                         NY-48-A2-52
STRYKER, HARMON              GILBOA                        NY-48-11-187
STUBRACK, CATHARINE M.       SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-U-500
STUBRACK, HENRY              SCOHOHARIE                    NY-48-A2-520
STUBRACK, JOHN               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-254
STUTRACK, NANCY              SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-260
SUTHELRAND, WILLIAM R.       SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-485
SUTHERLAND, RUFUS            SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-387
SUTPHEN, MICHAEL             RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-13-133
SWACKHAMER, LAMBERT          SHARON                        NY-48-U-273
SWAIN, JOHN I.               RICHMONDVILLE                 NY-48-12-89
SWARM, LOUIS                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-155
SWART, ADAM V.               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-8-310
SWART, BARTHOLOMEW           SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-120
SWART, CORNELIA              BLENHEIM                      NY-48-B2-25
SWART, JOHN J.               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-10-149
SWART, JOHN P.               SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B2-32
SWART, JOSIAS                SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-B-128
SWART, MARIA M.              COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-70
SWART, MARTIN                COBLESKILL                    NY-48-11-93
SWART, NANCY                 STAMFORD, DELAWARE, NY        NY-48-13-85
SWART, PETER                 SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-F-1
SWART, PETER                 COBLESKILL                    NY-48-12-355
SWART, PETER S. (DR.)        SCHOHARIE                     NY-48-9-504
SWART, WILLIAM               FULTON                        NY-48-12-367
SWEET, SILAS                 BLENHEIM                      NY-48-9-428
SWEETMAN, MICHAEL            CARLISLE                      NY-48-B2-437
SWERTMAN, JAMES              CARLISLE                      NY-48-8-566
SWIFT, LANCELOT J.           SHARON                        NY-48-10-283
SWIFT, SETH                  SHARON                        NY-48-14-59
SWITCHER, NATHAN             NTL                           NY-48-B-228
SYNES, SAMUEL                MIDDLEBURGH                   NY-48-8-336

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