Schenectady, New York
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PACZKOWSKI, SOFIA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-385
PAGE, CHARLES F.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-28
PAGE, JULIA ELIZABETH                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-281
PAGELS, THEODORE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-447
PAIGE, ALONZO C.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-345
PAIGE, ARVILLA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-175
PAINSBURGH, BENJAMIN                   SCOTIA                                  NY-47-Q-332
PALERMO, VINCENZO                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-278
PALMER, ANN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-278
PALMER, CALEB                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-107
PALMER, CHARLES E.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-139
PALMER, ELIZABETH H.                   SARATOGA SPRINGS, SARATOGA, NY          NY-47-P-347
PALMER, GEORGIANNA M.                  NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-S-279
PALMER, HENRY                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-48
PALMER, MARY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-109
PALMER, PETER                          NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-K-253
PALMER, PHEBE                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-167
PALTZ, ADAM                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-214
PANGBURN, JAMES W.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-76
PANGBURN, JOHN                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-560
PANGBURN, MARIA                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-300
PANGBURN, MARY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-133
PANGBURN, PETER                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-R-219
PARKER, JOHN N.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-150
PARKER, KATE                           NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-O-393
PARKS, CHARLES W.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-336
PARLOW, JOSEPH                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-103
PASHLEY, PHILIP                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-345
PASSAGE, GEORGE                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-255
PASSAGE, WILLIAM K.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-139
PATERSON, ELIZABETH                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-404
PATERSON, JOHN WATSON                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-181
PATTEN, KEZIAH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-605
PATTERSON, CHARLES                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-23
PATTERSON, CHARLES O. L.               DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-252
PATTERSON, EDGAR                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-72
PATTERSON, ELEANOR                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-468
PATTERSON, ELEANOR                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-51
PATTERSON, JOHN P.                     SCOTIA                                  NY-47-R-595
PATTERSON, PRUDENCE M.                 MARIAVILLE                              NY-47-P-509
PATTERSON, RUTH                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-203
PATTERSON, SEELY                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-100
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-119
PATTERSON, WILLIAM                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-338
PAWLING, HENRY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-D-94
PAYN, JANE M.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-439
PAYNE, CLARA KEYES                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-27
PAYNE, ELIZA ANN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-84
PAYNE, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-304
PEARSE, ABRAHAM S.                     NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-G-128
PEARSE, ABRAM                          NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-I-427
PEARSE, ANN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-116
PEARSE, EVE                            NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-301
PEARSE, NICHOLAS                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-329
PEARSE, RICHARD                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-D-74
PEARSE, RICHARD S.                     WATERVLIET, ALBANY, NY                  NY-47-M-524
PEARSE, SEBASTIAN                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-E-419
PEARSE, SIMON V.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-148
PEARSON, HIRAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-41
PEARSON, MARY L.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-420
PEARSON, WILLIAM A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-350
PECK, ELEANOR ANNE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-125
PECK, MARY                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-229
PECK, REBECCA                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-70
PECKHAM, ALVA G.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-280
PEEK, AARON                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-313
PEEK, ANN MARIA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-253
PEEK, ANNA                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-547
PEEK, CAROLINE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-162
PEEK, CATHARINE                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-K-558
PEEK, CLARISSA                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-105
PEEK, CORNELIUS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-24
PEEK, HARAMANUS J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-3
PEEK, HARMANUS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-140
PEEK, JAM ES H.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-D-82
PEEK, JOHN                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-271
PEEK, JOHN I.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-D-54
PEEK, JOHN I.                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-313
PEEK, JOHN N.                          NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-269
PEEK, JOSEPH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-401
PEEK, JOSEPH J.                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-G-362
PEEK, LEWIS                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-142
PEEK, MARY JANE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-572
PEEK, NANCY                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-639
PEEK, RICHARD J.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-133
PEEK, RICHARD J.                       ROTTERDAM (CODICIL)                     NY-47-N-137
PEEK, SARAH                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-251
PEISSNER, MARGARET L.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-407
PELTON, ISABELLA                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-524
PELTON, SYLVESTER                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-195
PENNEY, FRANK DEE                      BURLINGTON, CHITTENDEN, VT              NY-47-Q-448
PENNY, FRANCIS B.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-677
PENNY, FRANKLIN J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-562
PENNY, JACOB K.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-446
PENNY, RACHEL                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-19
PEPPER, CHARLES H.                     NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-P-266
PEPPER, CHRISTIAN F.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-297
PEPPER, HARMON C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-430
PEPPER, HENRIETTA L.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-584
PEPPER, JOHN CORD                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-329
PEPPER, LOUISE WHITMORE                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-146
PEPPER, MARIA LOUISA                   NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-607
PERRY, ELIZABETH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-146
PERRY, FRANCES M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-572
PERRY, JOHN C.                         NTL                                     NY-47-L-485
PETERS, ALEXIS PROAL                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-506
PETERS, DOROTHEA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-517
PETERS, FREDERICK                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-519
PETERS, WILLIAM                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-124
PETERSE, MARGARET                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-324
PETERSON, DANIEL C.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-438
PETERSON, MARY A.                      GLOVERSVILLE, FULTON, NY                NY-47-R-425
PETTIT, JOSEPH                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-326
PFAFFENBACK, DAVID                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-461
PFAU, ELIZABETH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-431
PFAU, JOHN S.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-7
PFEFFENBACK, PAUL                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-O-477
PFENDER, LOUISA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-217
PHELPS, JANE R.                        JOHNSTOWN, FULTON, NY                   NY-47-P-256
PHELPS, JOSEPH                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-195
PHILIPS, JOEL                          NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-H-76
PHILLIPS, CATHARINE M.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-398
PHILLIPS, EUSTACIA ANN                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-202
PHILLIPS, HANNAH ORCELIA               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-75
PHILLIPS, JANE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-83
PHILLIPS, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-358
PHILLIPS, JOHND.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-262
PHILLIPS, M. ANNA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-480
PHILLIPS, MARGARET E.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-542
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-188
PHILO, MARTHA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-127
PHURBER, JAMES                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-463
PICKET, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-307
PIELEN, SUSANNAH                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-362
PIERCE, GEORGE W.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-573
PIERSON, GUY E.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-565
PIKE, STEPHEN N.                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-J-144
PILLING, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-163
PINK, JOSEPHINE                        MALTA, SARATOGA, NY                     NY-47-P-398
PIPER, GEORGE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-455
PITCHEL, FRANK S.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-419
PLAIN, SARAH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-463
PLANK, ADAM                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-410
PLANK, MARIA                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-568
PLANK, WILLIAM                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-167
PLUNKETT, PATRICK                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-351
POHLMAN, CAROLINE MARY                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-181
POIRIER, JEREMIAH                      AUSABLE, CLINTON, NY                    NY-47-S-526
POLAK, FRANK                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-246
POLLOCK, MARY E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-48
POMEROY, MATILDA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-569
POTTER, ANTOINETTE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-268
POTTER, BENJAMIN F.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-550
POTTER, ELIZABETH F.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-159
POTTER, JANE ANN                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-527
POTTER, JOHNSON                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-342
POTTER, MARY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-365
POTTER, MILDRED                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-345
POTTER, PLATT                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-351
POTTER, RESTCOME                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-168
POTTER, SIMEON                         NTL                                     NY-47-A-191
POTTER, WILLIAM APPLETON               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-525
POTTS, JACOB                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-514
POTTS, MATILDA R.                      NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-47-L-113
POWELL, DANIEL. L.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-58
PREDEL, ANTONI                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-R-260
PREMMER, MARIETTA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-494
PRESTON, JULIUS EUGENE                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-573
PRICE, ISAIAH B.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-470
PRICE, JONATHAN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C-70
PRICE, JONATHAN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-D-1
PRIDDLE, MARY R.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-35
PRIMMER, PETER                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-255
PROPER, MAHIBTABEL W.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-264
PROPER, NICHOLAS D.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-600
PROUDFIT, ROBERT                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-81
PROUDFIT, SARAH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-139
PROUT, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-582
PROUTY, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-415
PRUYN, ALIDA                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-107
PRUYN, JANE                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-489
PRYME, CHARLES H.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-141
PULER, CHARLES                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-613
PULVER, CHARLOTTE                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-141
PULVER, HENRY                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-542
PULVER, MARTIN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-670
PUSZCZ, VICTORIA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-148
PUTMAN, AARON J.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-C1-55
PUTMAN, CORNELIUS                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C-35
PUTMAN, ELIZABETH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-44
PUTMAN, ERNESTUS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-549
PUTMAN, JOHN                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-11
PUTMAN, JOHN                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-A-443
PUTMAN, JOSEPH                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-635
PUTMAN, MARIA L.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-397
PUTMAN, MARTHA E.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-72
PUTMAN, OLIVER S.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-152
QUACKENBUSH, FREDERICK                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-67
QUACKENBUSH, FREDERICK                 NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-I-217
QUACKENBUSH, HELEN                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-398
QUACKENBUSH, HESTER                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-107
QUACKENBUSH, JACOB                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-172
QUACKENBUSH, JACOB H.                  PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-O-230
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN S.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-246
QUACKENBUSH, KATE I.                   NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-P-406
QUACKENBUSH, LUCINDA                   PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-P-56
QUACKENBUSH, NICHOLAS                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-78
QUANT, HENRY C.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-549
QUANT, OLIVE ELIZABETH                 DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-231
QUEENY, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-339
QUICK, MARTHA M.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-438
QUIMBY, CARRIE S.                      QUAKER STREET                           NY-47-M-497
QUIMBY, SAMUEL                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-153
QUINBY, ESTHER                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-541
QUINN, CATHARINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-579
QUINN, EMMA J.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-499
QUINN, JAMES                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-243
QUINN, MARGARET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-214
QUINN, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-317
RADLIFF, EZRA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-121
RALLY, CHARLES G.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-325
RALPH, MARY ANN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-662
RAMSAY, HENRY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-514
RANDALS, WILLIAM N.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-166
RANKIN, ALEXANDER                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-595
RASCHE, FREDERICK                      CLIFTON PARK, SARATOGA, NY              NY-47-O-94
REABER, VERONA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-121
REAGLES, CHRISTOPHER                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-449
REAGLES, FREDERICA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-443
REAGLES, HELEN A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-600
REAGLES, JAMES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-667
REARDON, EDWARD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-354
RECTOR, ALFRED                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-340
RECTOR, CHRISTIAN                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-193
RECTOR, HENRY                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-275
RECTOR, HENRY                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-C1-9
RECTOR, HENRY                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-198
RECTOR, JOHN J.                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-289
RECTOR, MICHAEL                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-493
RECTOR, ROBERT                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-408
RECTOR, STEPHEN                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-474
RECTOR, SUSAN                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-55
RECTOR, WILLIAM                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-381
RECTOR, ZACHARIAH                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-53
REDLIN, FREDERICK                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-284
REED, NATHAN                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-417
REEDY, MAGGIE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-484
REES, DAVID F.                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-326
REES, FREDERICK                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C-192
REES, FREDERICK                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C1-287
REES, REBECCA F.                       SCOTIA                                  NY-47-Q-216
REES, SUSAN                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-55
REEVES, EDWARD H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-404
REEVES, FRANK P.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-270
REEVES, THOMAS H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-514
REGELE, PHILLIP CONRAD                 ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-47
REID, JAMES                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-115
REID, ROBERT                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-8
REILLY, MARY M.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-397
REINKENS, FREDERICK                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-337
RELF, WILLIAM                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-126
RELYEA, THOMAS B.                      SCOTIA                                  NY-47-Q-223
REMPLE, REBECCA                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-573
REMSCHEID, CHARLES                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-217
REMSEN, TUNIS                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-105
REQUARDT, LOUSE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-417
REUKAWITZ, MARY                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-23
REUSS, LEONHARD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-553
REYHEN, HELEN (SINZIG)                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-9
REYNOLDS, CORNELIA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-312
REYNOLDS, CORNELIUS                    NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-420
REYNOLDS, EMMA P. F.                   EAGLE BRIDGE, RENSSELAER, NY            NY-47-Q-194
REYNOLDS, FRANCIS                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-184
REYNOLDS, GEORGE                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-362
REYNOLDS, GEORGE P.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-510
REYNOLDS, LOUISA M.                    NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-501
REYNOLDS, MARGARET (DOHERTY) SCHENECTADY                                       NY-47-N-487
REYNOLDS, MARIA                        NTL                                     NY-47-S-470
REYNOLDS, MARY T.                      BALLSTON, SARATOGA, NY                  NY-47-S-314
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM A.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-99
REYNOLDS, WILLIAM H.                   NTL                                     NY-47-R-545
RICE, ELLEN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-515
RICE, GEORGE P.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-404
RICH, CLAYTON E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-505
RICHARDSON, JOHN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-626
RICHARDSON, ROBERT                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-612
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM HENRY              SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-374
RICHTMYER, CHARLOTTE C.                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-344
RICHTMYER, GEORGE P.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-466
RICKARD, SARAH A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-310
RICKARD, THOMAS B.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-206
RICKARDS, JULIA A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-673
RIDDLE, LILIAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-25
RIEGER, JOHN CHRISTIAN                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-89
RIGGS, ISAAC                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-473
RIKER, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-545
RIKER, WILLIAM M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-311
RIPTON, FRANCENA N.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-36
RITTLE, DAVID                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-342
RITZER, WILLIAM                        MALTA, SARATOGA, NY                     NY-47-S-471
RIVENBURG, MARY J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-366
ROACH, WILLIAM                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-14
ROBB, GEORGE J.                        FLORIDA, MONTGOMERY, NY                 NY-47-P-343
ROBBINS, ELIJAH                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-64
ROBERT, JOHN                           COHOES, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-S-337
ROBERTSON, CELIA W.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-402
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH                   ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-447
ROBINSON, HIRAM T.                     MALTA, SARATOGA, NY                     NY-47-R-363
ROBINSON, HUGH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-237
ROBINSON, MARGARET A.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-318
ROBINSON, NORA A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-424
ROBINSON, SARAH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-532
ROBINSON, THOMAS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-442
ROBINSON, WILLIAM                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-H-10
ROBINSON, WILLIAM H.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-127
ROBISON, ANGUS                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-J-496
ROBISON, ANN                           PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-396
ROBISON, ANNA B.                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-P-9
ROBISON, DUNCAN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-486
ROBISON, ELIZABETH M.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-117
ROBISON, JAMES                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-20
ROBISON, JOHN                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-308
ROBISON, JOHN                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-C1-225
ROBISON, JOHN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-1
ROBISON, JOHN                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-G-282
ROBISON, MARY J.                       NTL                                     NY-47-L-479
ROBISON, NANCY                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-438
ROBISON, WILLIAM JAMES                 PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-S-248
ROCHFORD, WILLIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-592
ROCKEFELLER, ESTHER ANN                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-341
ROCKWELL, ELIJAH                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-273
ROCKWELL, JAMS                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-331
ROCKWELL, RUTH                         NTL                                     NY-47-N-77
RODENMACHER, FREDERICK                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-92
RODENMACHER, JOHN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-610
RODGERS, RUSSEL                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-180
ROGAN, SARAH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-245
ROGERS, CAROLINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-312
ROGERS, CHARLES                        NTL                                     NY-47-Q-376
ROGERS, JAMES                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-87
ROGERS, SARAH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-1
ROLFE, ANN                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-242
ROLFE, CHARLES                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-26
ROLMAN, EVA L.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-170
ROMBOUGH, CHARLES A.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-483
ROMEYN, ELLEN                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-236
ROMEYN, HARRIET S.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-206
ROMEYN, MARY E.                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-379
ROONEY, PATRICK                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-276
ROOT, EDWARD W.                        DRYDEN, TOMPKINS, NY                    NY-47-L-204
ROSA, CATHARINE R.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-521
ROSA, EDWARD                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-278
ROSA, HENRY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-561
ROSA, ISAAC S.                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-311
ROSA, JAMES                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-200
ROSA, JANE E.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-445
ROSA, M ARY E.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-140
ROSA, RICHARD                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-46
ROSA, SARAH                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-333
ROSE, KATHARINE M.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-230
ROSS, ROBERT S.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-521
ROSSMAN, WILLIAM                       FULTON, SCHOHARIE, NY                   NY-47-S-209
ROUSE, CELIA P.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-602
ROWE, ELISHA                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-287
ROWE, PETER                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-184
ROWE, WILLIAM S.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-500
ROWE, ZACHARIAH                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-H-343
RUFF, THOMAS J.                        FLORIDA, MONTGOMERY, NY                 NY-47-L-215
RUGERS, DANIEL                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-G-125
RUGG, WILLIAM H.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-110
RUNGE, ANNA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-415
RUNKLE, LILLIAN B. FLANAGAN            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-304
RUNYON, MARGARET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-565
RUOFF, ADOLPH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-613
RUOFF, AUGUSTA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-500
RUOFF, ELISE                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-273
RUOFF, JACOB                           NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-521
RUOFF, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-156
RUPLEY, GEORGE H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-461
RURDES, ADA M.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-491
RUSHMORE, JULIA B.                     PITTSFIELD, BERKSHIRE, MA               NY-47-P-426
RUSHMORE, THOMAS                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-402
RUSS, SUSAN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-438
RYAN, ANNIE CECELIA                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-16
RYAN, PATRICK                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-249
RYAN, PHILIP                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-500
RYAN, THOMAS F.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-64
RYNEX, ANDREW                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-134
RYNEX, ANGELICA                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-538
RYNEX, ANN                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-370
RYNEX, DAVID T.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-H-86
RYNEX, DE WITT                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-557
RYNEX, ELIJAH                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-533
RYNEX, ELIZABETH A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-207
RYNEX, EPHRAIM                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-147
RYNEX, EPHRIAM W.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-175
RYNEX, HENRY                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-263
RYNEX, JAMES A.                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-R-83
RYNEX, MARIA LOUISA                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-279
RYNEX, ROBERT                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-592
RYNEX, THEODORE                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-430
RYNEX, WILLIAM                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-92
RYNEX, WILLIAM V.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-284
SAAF, SWAN P.                          CHICAGO, COOK, IL                       NY-47-Q-272
SAGENDORF, EMMA J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-281
SAGERDORF, HARMAN A.                   GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-426
SALISBURY, HENRY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-291
SALON, SOPHIA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-222
SALOW, MARY                            NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-632
SANDERS, CHARLES                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-162
SANDERS, CHARLES C.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-291
SANDERS, ELIZA M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-135
SANDERS, FREDERICA                     NTL                                     NY-47-L-151
SANDERS, HARRIET M.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-267
SANDERS, JAMES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-474
SANDERS, JAMES W.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-143
SANDERS, JOHN                          SCOTIA                                  NY-47-C-243
SANDERS, JOHN                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-D-116
SANDERS, MARIA                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-453
SANDERS, PETER                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-458
SANDERS, ROBERT                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-307
SANDES, JANE                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-155
SANDS, WILLIAM J.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-465
SANSON, ANNA M.                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-Q-5
SANTORA, ANTRO                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-477
SAUERBORN, NICHOLAS J.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-203
SAUERBORN, NICKOLAUS                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-292
SAUERBORN, SOPHIA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-98
SAUTER, CASPER                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-551
SAUTER, LOUISE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-178
SAWYER, THOMAS B.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-93
SAXE, WILLIAM H.                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-609
SCACE, JANE                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-R-206
SCARF, JOHN                            NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-152
SCHAFFER, FREDERICK W.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-523
SCHAIRER, CHRISTIAN                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-93
SCHAIRER, MARTIN                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-176
SCHAUBER, DAIVD M.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-25
SCHEEB, FREDERICK                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-412
SCHEIBER, AUGUST                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-228
SCHELL, HANNAH M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-24
SCHERMERHORN, ABRAHAM                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-65
SCHERMERHORN, AMANDA                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-38
SCHERMERHORN, ANDREW                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-253
SCHERMERHORN, ANGELICA                 ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-514
SCHERMERHORN, BARNARDES F.             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-147
SCHERMERHORN, BARTHOLOMEW              ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-F-35
SCHERMERHORN, BARTHOLOMEW T. SCHENECTADY                                       NY-47-L-257
SCHERMERHORN, BRACEY T.                GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-534
SCHERMERHORN, CATHARINE                ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-299
SCHERMERHORN, CATHARINE                NTL (PAGES MISSING)                     NY-47-A-409
SCHERMERHORN, E. NOTT                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-641
SCHERMERHORN, EGNES                    NTL                                     NY-47-A-236
SCHERMERHORN, ELIZABETH                ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-89
SCHERMERHORN, ELIZABETH                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-262
SCHERMERHORN, EVE ALIDA                ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-442
SCHERMERHORN, EVE ELIZA                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-498
SCHERMERHORN, EVERT                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-F-405
SCHERMERHORN, HELEN                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-224
SCHERMERHORN, JACCB T.                 NTL                                     NY-47-A-167
SCHERMERHORN, JACOB I.                 ROTTEDAM                                NY-47-F-409
SCHERMERHORN, JAMES B.                 ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-450
SCHERMERHORN, JAMES B.                 ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-411
SCHERMERHORN, JAMES S.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-572
SCHERMERHORN, JANE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-46
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN B.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-568
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN JACOBUS             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-163
SCHERMERHORN, JOHN B.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-193
SCHERMERHORN, MARIA                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-150
SCHERMERHORN, MAUS                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-270
SCHERMERHORN, MAUS                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C1-1
SCHERMERHORN, MYNDERT A.               ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-522
SCHERMERHORN, NICHOLAS J.              SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-490
SCHERMERHORN, PETER                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-418
SCHERMERHORN, RICHARD                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-181
SCHERMERHORN, ROBERT                   ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-205
SCHERMERHORN, ROBERT C.                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-20
SCHERMERHORN, RYER                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-502
SCHERMERHORN, SARAH L.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-199
SCHERMERHORN, SIMON                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-425
SCHERMERHORN, SIMON                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-J-333
SCHERMERHORN, SIMON J.                 ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-110
SCHERMERHORN, SIMON J.                 ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-267
SCHERMERHORN, SUSAN                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-329
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-54
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM H.               ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-73
SCHERMERHORN, WILLIAM B.               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-150
SCHICKEL, ANNA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-30
SCHIELE, MORIZ                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-587
SCHILLER, ANNA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-157
SCHLAUSKER, CHARLES                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-86
SCHLEIGER, CATHARINE                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-593
SCHLENSKEE, CAROLINE AMELIA            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-571
SCHLENSKEE, FREDERICK                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-81
SCHLENSKER, CAROLINE                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-242
SCHLEYER, SOPHIA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-321
SCHLOSSER, JOHN FREDERICK              NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-O-516
SCHMIDT, KARL                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-164
SCHMIDT, MARGARET                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-196
SCHMIED, MARIA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-508
SCHNEIDER, NICHOLAS                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-475
SCHNELL, CARRIE                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-170
SCHNELL, JOHN                          NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-169
SCHNELL, PHILIP                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-564
SCHNENCKER, JOHN                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-47
SCHNEUCKER, JOHN                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-204
SCHNIEZER, FREDERICK                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-607
SCHOFIELD, SARAH A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-207
SCHOONMAKER, GRACE BONNER              SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-307
SCHOPPE, BERNARD (REV.)                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-124
SCHOPPMEIER, CHRISTIAN                 NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-Q-185
SCHRADE, CATHARINE                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-S-448
SCHRADE, JACOB H.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-537
SCHREIBER, CHARLES                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-233
SCHREIBER, FRANK                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-183
SCHREIBER, JOHN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-220
SCHULMAN, HYMAN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-562
SCHULOTT, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-136
SCHUTTER, JENNIE M.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-377
SCHUYLER, HARMANUS P.                  NTL                                     NY-47-A-509
SCHWARZ, ERNEST                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-105
SCHWEIZER, WILHELMINA P.               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-633
SCHWENTKER, FREDERICK WILLIAM          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-480
SCHWENTKER, FREDERICK WILLIAM          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-6
SCHWENTKER, LOUISE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-39
SCHWENTKER, MARI                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-561
SCHWILK, CARL                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-101
SCOTT, DAVID                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-411
SCOTT, LILLIE E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-315
SCOTT, SARAH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-260
SCRAFFORD, ELIZABETH                   PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-348
SCRAFFORD, MARTIN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-28
SCRAFFORD, WILLIAM                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-522
SCULLER, ELLEN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-208
SCULLY, MICHAEL                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-286
SCULLY, PATRICK                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-19
SCULLY, SARAH M.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-460
SEAMAN, ANDREW                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-178
SEAMAN, RICHARD                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-151
SEARS, STEPHEN G.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-227
SEAVER, MARIA M.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-538
SEDDON, HANNAH A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-287
SEELEY, MARY LOUISA                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-55
SEIFER, JOHN                           SCOTIA                                  NY-47-P-323
SELIGMAN, CORNELIA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-130
SELKE, AUGUST                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-310
SEYMOUR, HARMON                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-480
SHAFER, CHARLES A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-292
SHAFER, HENRY                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-342
SHAFFER, HELENA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-7
SHAIBLE, GEORGE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-585
SHANAHAN, MARY E.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-480
SHANKLAND, JANE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-460
SHANNON, AARON                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-318
SHANNON, ELMINA J.                     NTL                                     NY-47-P-427
SHANNON, ESTHER M.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-144
SHANNON, HELEN M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-335
SHANNON, HENRY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-99
SHANNON, JANE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-195
SHANNON, JOHN                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-467
SHANNON, JOHN W.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-286
SHANNON, MIRANDA ELIZA                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-62
SHANNON, SARAH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-78
SHANNON, THOMAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-417
SHANNON, WILLIAM                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-C1-174
SHANNON, WILLIAM                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-C-51
SHANNON, WILLIAM J.                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-589
SHARP, JACOB J.                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-150
SHARP, JOHN                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-F-372
SHAVER, EVA                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-314
SHAY, JOHN J.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-394
SHAYNE, MARY                           SCOTIA                                  NY-47-Q-525
SHEAR, DE WITT C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-517
SHEARMAN, JEDEDIAH                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-366
SHEARS, ELIZA ANN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-235
SHEEHAN, PATRICK                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-168
SHEEHAN, THOMAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-132
SHELDON, HICKS W.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-484
SHELDON, JONATHAN                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-432
SHELDON, LUCY B.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-S-129
SHELDON, LYDIA                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-286
SHELLEY, JOHN L.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-266
SHELLEY, REBEKAH                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-269
SHEPHERD, GEORGE                       BUTTERNUTS, OTSEGO, NY                  NY-47-C1-123
SHEPHERD GEORGE                        BUTTERNUTS, OTSEGO, NY                  NY-47-C-25
SHERBURNE, HENRY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-278
SHERIDAN, HUGH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-242
SHERMAN, HUGH                          SCHENECTDAY                             NY-47-M-52
SHERMAN, MARY A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-195
SHERMAN, SUSAN                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-O-535
SHERRY, OWEN JOSEPH                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-584
SHERWOOD, JARUTIA B.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-502
SHIPPERMAN, CATHERINE C.               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-437
SHIPPERMAN, LEVI                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-444
SHISKEY, ANN ELIZA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-265
SHOOTS, EDWIN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-310
SHREWSBURY, WILLIAM                    DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-209
SHUFELT, GEORGE                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-449
SHUFELT, PHILIP SUSAN M.               NTL                                     NY-47-P-379
SHUFFLEBOTHAM, ELIZA                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-92
SHULER, EMMA W.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-254
SHURTLIFF, JOSEPH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-387
SHURTLIFF, JOSEPH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-217
SHUTE, HENRY                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-508
SHUTE, JOHN                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-1
SHUTE, MARY JANE                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-543
SHUTER, MARGARET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-148
SHUTER, WILLIAM                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C1-308
SHUTTE, HENRY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-617
SIBEL, WILLIAM                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-102
SICKLER, LEWIS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-71
SICKLER, MATTHIAS                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-259
SIMMONS, CORNELIA B.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-32
SIMMONS, NANCY S. H.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-561
SIMONDS, REUBEN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-35
SIMP, CATHARINE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-519
SIMPKINS, ANNA MARIA                   ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-440
SIMPSON, JOHN L.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-51
SIMPSON, ROBERT                        NTL (PAGES MISSING)                     NY-47-A-399
SINCALLIE, JAMES                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-G-55
SINCLAIR, HUGH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-461
SITTERLY, JOHN N.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-361
SITTERLY, JOHN R.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-533
SITTERLY, SARAH A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-456
SKIFF, JOSHUA                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-18
SKIFF, RUTH S.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-125
SKIFFE, SARAH                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-260
SLATER, CHARLES HENRY                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-567
SLATER, CHRISTIAN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-217
SLATER, ELIZABETH                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-P-428
SLATS, EVA                             ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-312
SLAVIN, PATRICK                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-141
SLAWSON, HENRY                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-185
SLAWSON, JOHN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-455
SLEETER, C. DIEDERICH                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-369
SLEETER, CHARLES H.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-140
SLEETER, RICHARD                       SEE: SLEETER, C. DIEDERICH              NY-47-O-369
SLEIGHT, KATIE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-179
SLINGELRAND, TEUNIS                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-393
SLINGERLAND, ELBERT                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-52
SLOCUM, MARY E.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-423
SLOUR, DANIEL                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-328
SLOVER, ALEXANDER                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-286
SLOVER, ISAAC                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-133
SLOVER, WESSEL H.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-394
SMEALLE, JOHN                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-166
SMEALLIE, ANDREW                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-217
SMEALLIS, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-364
SMILEY, JOSEPHINE                      ROTTEDAM                                NY-47-P-95
SMITH, ABNER                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-257
SMITH, ADELAIDE V.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-322
SMITH, ALBERT H.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-77
SMITH, ALEBRT                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-448
SMITH, ANGIE H.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-432
SMITH, ANNA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-79
SMITH, ANNA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-80
SMITH, CATHARINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-453
SMITH, CATHARINE HOWES                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-182
SMITH, DAVID                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-202
SMITH, DAVID CADY                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-287
SMITH, DEWITT C.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-129
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-106
SMITH, ELIZABETH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-556
SMITH, EMELINE                         COEYMANS, ALBANY, NY                    NY-47-N-199
SMITH, FLORENCE E.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-136
SMITH, FRANCES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-69
SMITH, GIDEON B.                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-260
SMITH, HARRIET E.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-443
SMITH, HENRY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-467
SMITH, HIRAM                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-189
SMITH, HUGH                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-503
SMITH, ISAAC                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-308
SMITH, ISAAC H.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-83
SMITH, JACOB                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-243
SMITH, JACOB                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-61
SMITH, JANE                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-68
SMITH, JENETE                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-208
SMITH, JOHN                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-98
SMITH, JOHN Z.                         GUILDERLAND, ALBANY, NY                 NY-47-R-341
SMITH, JOHN J.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-629
SMITH, JOHN R.                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-322
SMITH, JULIA MYNDERSE                  NTL                                     NY-47-R-439
SMITH, MARGARET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-109
SMITH, MARTIN H.                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-M-341
SMITH, MARY P.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-6
SMITH, MICHAEL                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-325
SMITH, NATHAN C.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-204
SMITH, PATIENCE                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-520
SMITH, PETER                           PETERBORO                               NY-47-D-173
SMITH, REBECCA                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-103
SMITH, RUDOLF                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-524
SMITH, SIMON G.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-171
SMITH, THOMAS                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-92
SMITH, WILLIAM HOWES                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-517
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-463
SMITH, WYNTYE                          TAPPAN, ROCKLAND, NY                    NY-47-D-33
SMITLEY, JANE ANN **NTL                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-415
SMITS, ANGELICA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-13
SNELL, MAJOR                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-387
SNOWDEN, WINSPEAR                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-296
SNYDER, BENJAMIN                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-203
SNYDER, CHARLES                        SCOTIA                                  NY-47-S-387
SNYDER, HENRY                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-E-566
SNYDER, HENRY EDWARD                   NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-R-90
SOLEY, GEORGE J.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-347
SOLEY, JOHN A.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-38
SOLLENDINE, CHARLOTTE                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-402
SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM M.                 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-47-L-50
SONNENBURGH, MICHAEL                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-291
SOUTHARD, HENRY                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-367
SPEARBECK, MARTHA                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-84
SPEIR, AMANDA L.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-409
SPEIR, STUART G.                       ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-O-648
SPERBECK, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-27
SPIES, JACOB                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-457
SPOONOGGLE, MATTHEW                    JONESVILLE                              NY-47-O-420
SPOOR, JOHN J.                         GUILDERLAND, ALBANY, NY                 NY-47-O-638
SPRINGER, CHARLES                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-K-189
SPRINGSTEAD, HENRY                     ROTTERDASM                              NY-47-P-337
SQUIRE, MARY W.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-280
SQUIRE, ROBERT J.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-163
STAEHLE, JOSEPH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-569
STALEY, HARMANUS                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-622
STALEY, JAMES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-265
STALEY, NANCY                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-273
STALEY, OLIVE                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-276
STANFORD, CHARLES                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-447
STANTON, ABRAHAM L.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-253
STANTON, BENJAMIN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-529
STARK, HENRY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-393
STAUDENMEIRR, SEBASTIAN                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-469
STEARN, EVA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-448
STEARNS, RANSOM STILES                 GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-267
STEBBINS, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-430
STEELE, ANNA B.                        NTL                                     NY-47-S-204
STEELE, ROBERT                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-407
STEER, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-70
STEERS, CORNELIUS                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-393
STEERS, JANE                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-332
STEERS, PETER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C1-219
STEERS, PETER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-317
STEERS, PETER O.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-432
STEERS, SARAH                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-1
STEERS, VROOMAN J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-405
STEERS, WILLIAM V.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-430
STEFFENS, ANNA MARIA                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-493
STEFFENS, ANTON                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-555
STEFFES, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-168
STEFFINS, GEORGE                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-143
STEINFUHRER, GEORGE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-328
STEINFUHRER, GUSTAVUS A. F.            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-228
STEMFUHRER, ERNEST                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-281
STEPHENS, MELINDA                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-417
STERLING, WINSLOW                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-M-620
STERN, IDA                             ALBANY                                  NY-47-L-603
STERN, SOLOMON                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-337
STEVENS, AARON                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-470
STEVENS, AARON                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-150
STEVENS, AGNES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-265
STEVENS, DANIEL                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-532
STEVENS, ELIZABETH A.                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-481
STEVENS, GERTRUDE                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-284
STEVENS, GERTRUDE                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C1-19
STEVENS, JANE                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-157
STEVENS, JOHN                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-530
STEVENS, JOHN B.                       NTL                                     NY-47-D-167
STEVENS, JONATHAN A.                   GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-611
STEVENS, MARY                          AMSTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-302
STEVENS, MATILDA M.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-152
STEVENS, MATILDA M.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-381
STEVENS, NICHOLAS                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-402
STEVENS, NICHOLAS                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-424
STEVENS, RICHARD                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-408
STEVENS, STEWARD                       WRIGHT                                  NY-47-M-479
STEVENS, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-77
STEVENS, WILLIAM B.                    DUANESBURG                              NY-47-M-243
STEVENS, WILLIAM J.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-582
STEVENSON, CHARLES D.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-303
STEVENSON, ELLEN L.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-366
STEVENSON, GEORGE L.                   NTL                                     NY-47-?-440
STEVENSON, JOHN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-121
STEWART, ANTHONY                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-384
STEWART, DANIEL                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-220
STEWART, JAMES                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-113
STEWART, JOHN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-556
STEWART, THOMAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-453
STICKLES, M ARY                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-17
STICKLES, PETER                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-432
STIMPSON, MOSES                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-279
STJOHN, REBECCA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-381
STOCK, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-446
STOCK, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-511
STODDARD, ELIZABETH L.                 LOWVILLE, LEWIS, NY                     NY-47-S-592
STOEVER, JACOB M.                      PHILADELPHIA, PA                        NY-47-P-602
STOOPS, WILLIAM                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-390
STOPPER, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-114
STORNG, ABBY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-297
STRAIN, MARIA                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-L-275
STRINGER, STEPHEN                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-467
STROBEL, AUGUST                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-Q-408
STRONG, CATHERINE A.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-485
STRONG, JERUSHA H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-55
STRONG, MARVIN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-330
STRONG, MORGAN                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-G-358
STRONG, SOLOMON                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-261
STROPE, HENRY E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-287
STRUNK, MARGARET E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-241
STRYKER, RACHAEL ANN                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-21
STUART, AGNES                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-M-637
STUART, DANIEL                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-G-269
STURGESS, CHAUNCEY E.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-421
STURTEVANT, ERASTUS                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-101
SULICK, PAUL                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-100
SULLIVAN, CATHARINE                    CONCORD, MERRIMACK, NH                  NY-47-M-446
SULLIVAN, DAVID                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-201
SULLIVAN, EDWARD                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-91
SULLIVAN, ELLEN C.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-137
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-328
SUPRENAUT, AUGUSTIN                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-463
SUSHOLZ, ALEXANDER                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-272
SWAN, DEBORAH                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-547
SWAN, FREEMAN STANTON                  DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-303
SWANKER, CHARLES F.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-489
SWANKER, FREDERICK W.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-212
SWANKY, MARIA LOUISA                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-72
SWART, AARON                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-222
SWART, ADAM H.                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-327
SWART, CLAUDE P.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-S-39
SWART, CORNELIUS B.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-187
SWART, GETTY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-365
SWART, HARMANUS N.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-93
SWART, HENRY H.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-128
SWART, JACOB N.                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-328
SWART, JACOB F.                        PATTERSONVILLE                          NY-47-P-577
SWART, JACOBUS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-110
SWART, JOHN A.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-122
SWART, JOHN H.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-279
SWART, JOHN L.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-58
SWART, JOSIAS J.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-365
SWART, NICHOLAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-77
SWART, NICHOLAS H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-427
SWART, NICHOLAS J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-595
SWEENEY, DANIEL                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-20
SWEENY, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-574
SWENKER, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-178
SWITS, ABRAHAM J.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-464
SWITS, CATHARINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-161
SWITS, ELIZABETH B.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-29
SWITS, EVA                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-184
SWITS, HARAMNUS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-74
SWITS, HARMAN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-276
SWITS, HELENA L. G.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-498
SWITS, HENRY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-92
SWITS, JACOB                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-D-141
SWITS, JOHN LIVINGSTON                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-178
SWITS, MARGARET B.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-290
SWITS, MARY ANN                        NTL                                     NY-47-P-198
SWITS, MARY E.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-370
SWITS, NICHOLAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-279
SWITS, REBECCA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-588
SWITS, SARAH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-481
SWITS, SEBASTIAN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-171
SWITS, TUNIS                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-145
SWITS, WALTER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-32
SWITS, WILLIAM                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-E-51
SWITS, WILLIAM J.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-494
SWITTS, NANCY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-267
SWORTFIGUER, GEORGE J.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-268

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