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JACKMAN, MARY                          SCOTIA                                  NY-47-N-59
JACKSON, ALLAN H.                      US ARMY                                 NY-47-Q-300
JACKSON, ANNA G.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-433
JACKSON, ELIZABETH P.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-209
JACKSON, HANNAH E.                     BUFFALO, ERIE, NY                       NY-47-P-430
JACKSON, JANE ANN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-119
JACKSON, LOUISA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-568
JACKSON, PEGGY (FORMER SLAVE)          NTL                                     NY-47-D-50
JACKSON, SAMUEL W.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-332
JACKSON, THOMAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-338
JACKSON, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-591
JAFFES, JOHN                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-381
JANNSCHKA, PHILIP                      MOUNT PLEASANT                          NY-47-N-102
JARVIE, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-274
JARVIS, ADA L.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-S-551
JAUNCEY, ELIZABETH                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-243
JEFFERS, GEORGE W.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-279
JEFFERS, ROBERT                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-399
JEFFES, WILLIAM                        FLORIDA, MONTGOMERY, NY                 NY-47-L-260
JEFFREY, MARIA J.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-129
JENKINS, CHRISTOPHER                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-68
JENKINS, EDGAR M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-527
JENKINS, FANNIE M.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-38
JENKINS, MARY ELIZABETH                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-156
JENKINS, NATHANIEL C.                  DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-231
JENKINS, WILLIAM A.                    DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-S-315
JENKINS, ZERAH                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-R-422
JOHANN, MARGARETHA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-590
JOHANN, MATHIAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-332
JOHANN, WILLIAM                        SCHENECTADY (PT OF WILL MISSING)        NY-47-M-592
JOHN, NICHOLAS M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-598
JOHNSON, ANNA KATHERINE                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-236
JOHNSON, ELLEN J.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-S-243
JOHNSON, FRANCES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-146
JOHNSON, JANE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-273
JOHNSON, LATIN A.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-R-379
JOHNSON, ROBERT                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-413
JOHNSON, SARAH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-604
JOHNSON, SARAH M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-96
JOHNSON, SARAH A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-400
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-475
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-177
JOHNSTON, CATHARINE M.                 HOFFMANS                                NY-47-Q-70
JOHNSTON, HANNAH M.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-27
JONES, ABIGAIL                         NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-47-N-471
JONES, BENJAMIN                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-328
JONES, JOEL W.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-356
JONES, JOHN L.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-211
JONES, LEWIS                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-531
JONES, LEWIS W.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-10
JONES, MARY ANN                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-131
JONES, MARY M.                         VERONA, *, NY                           NY-47-N-210
JONES, MARY M.                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-483
JONES, MERRIMAN                        ROTTERDAM JUNCTION                      NY-47-O-126
JONES, ORLANDO                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-502
JONES, OWEN N.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-395
JONES, THOMAS                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-83
JUKES, ELIZABETH                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-436
JUNO, JOHN S.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-559
JUSTIN, JOHANN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-52
JUTRS, MARIE JANE                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-45
KAISER, EVA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-583
KAISER, PAUL                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-351
KALEY, ADAM                            PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-F-301
KALEY, CHRISTIAN                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-K-451
KALEY, GEORGE                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-F-445
KALEY, JACOB                           PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-L-179
KALEY, JOSEPH                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-K-371
KALEY, MARGARET                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-449
KALEY, NELSON                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-S-456
KALEY, REBECCA                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-L-435
KANE, CHARLES                          NTL                                     NY-47-D-36
KANE, MARIA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-296
KANE, MICHAEL                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-352
KASSEBAUM, FRED                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-579
KASTEN, CHARLES H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-90
KASTEN, WILLIAM                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-131
KASTENHUBER, ANNIE M.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-126
KAVANAUGH, MICHAEL                     BALLSTON SPA, SARATOGA, NY              NY-47-O-637
KEACHIE, MOSES                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-146
KEARNEY, THOMAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-102
KEARNS, THOMAS J.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-268
KEATING, MARY J.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-24
KECHUM, JOHN                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-453
KEEFER, ALBERT                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-180
KEELER, JAMES C.                       CLIFTON PARK, SARATOGA, NY              NY-47-Q-563
KEELEY, JOHN H.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-495
KEENAN, LUCINDA M. CRESI               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-166
KEHRER, PETER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-367
KEIRNAN, JAMES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-510
KEITH, JAMES L.                        SCOTIA                                  NY-47-R-424
KELLE, KARL                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-561
KELLEY, ROSWELL                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-640
KELLEY, TIMOTHY                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-470
KELLY, ALICE                           NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-372
KELLY, ANGUS                           JERSEY CITY, JERSEY, NJ                 NY-47-M-496
KELLY, ANNA B.                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-S-500
KELLY, ELLEN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-404
KELLY, ISABELLA                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-387
KELLY, JANNET                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-112
KELLY, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-322
KELLY, JOHN P.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-125
KELLY, MARY ANN                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-M-297
KELLY, SOLOMON                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-G-8
KELLY, SOLOMON                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-P-98
KELLY, WILLIAM S.                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-R-42
KEMBEL, JOHANNA                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-64
KENDALL, MARTHA C.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-362
KENDALL, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-148
KENNEDY, HELLEN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-555
KENNEDY, JAMES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A1-13
KENNEDY, THOMAS                        COHOES, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-S-222
KENNY, DOROTHY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-472
KENNY, JOHN                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-241
KENNY, MARTIN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-218
KENUM, ANDREW S.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-83
KERBER, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-21
KERNAN, MARY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-354
KERNAN, THOMAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-553
KERNS, HARMEN                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-111
KERNS, KATHERINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-15
KERR, ANDREW                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-168
KERR, MARGARET ADAIR                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-473
KERSTE, AMELIA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-590
KERSTE, CONRAD                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-457
KETCHUM, ELIZA                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-271
KETCHUM, JACOB                         NTL                                     NY-47-O-581
KETCHUM, JEREMIAH B.                   NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-270
KETCHUM, JOHN C.                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-R-518
KETTLE, DANIEL M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-410
KETTLE, SOLOMON                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-44
KEYES, PATRICK                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-467
KIEFT, WILLIAM HENRY                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-651
KIHNER, ELIZABETH ANN                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-297
KILBEY, EDWARD A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-270
KILE, ALBERT                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-445
KILE, JOHN                             GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-186
KILLGALLEN, ANN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-65
KILMARTIN, JOHN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-524
KIMMEY, EDWARD S.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-79
KING, HENRY                            SCOTIA                                  NY-47-S-596
KING, HENRY L.                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-S-431
KING, ROBERT                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-275
KINGHORN, JANET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-518
KINGSBURY, FRED F.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-347
KINGSBURY, ISABELLA                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-519
KINGSMANN, EDWARD E.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-33
KINSELA, JOSEPH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-260
KINSELA, THOMAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-501
KIRCHHERR, MARTIN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-49
KIRKEY, AMANDA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-571
KIRTLAND, ELEANOR                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-141
KITTLE, ANGELICA                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-H-63
KLAUMINZER, HENRY                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-174
KLEIN, HANNAH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-24
KLINGLER, WILLIAM H.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-356
KNAACK, FREDERIC                       NTL                                     NY-47-N-201
KNAPP, DAVID                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-4
KNAPP, ELIJAH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-21
KNAPP, MARGARETTE F.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-367
KNECHT, CATHERINE                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-1
KNECHT, FREDERICK                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-172
KNIGHT, PHILIP                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-384
KNIGHTS, MINARD                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-304
KNIGHTS, MINARD                        NTL                                     NY-47-N-182
KNIGHTS, MINARD                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C1-90
KNIGHTS, SAMUEL                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-76
KNIPPER, WILLIAM                       SCOTIA                                  NY-47-P-133
KNOWLTON, DANIEL                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-442
KNOWLTON, JUDITH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-39
KNULL, DORA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-319
KOCH, ANNA MARIA                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-117
KOCH, JUSTINA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-226
KOHLER, SIMON                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-586
KOHRING, AUGUST                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-152
KONIEZKA, JOZEFA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-569
KOONS, JOHN W.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-S-156
KOONS, WILLIAM                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-483
KOPPER, CHALRES SR.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-290
KOPPER, ERNST                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-433
KRAFT, HENRY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-266
KRAL, JOSEPH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-621
KRAPP, FREDERICK                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-155
KRAUSE, FRIEDRICH                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-L-473
KREGER, LEWIS                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-313
KRUEGER, JOHN F.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-421
KRUEGER, LOUISA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-428
KRUESE, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-455
KUBES, ANTONIE M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-532
KUBIAK, MARY (OR GOBIAK)               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-322
KUHN JACOB                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-309
KURTH, FREDERICK                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-1
KUSSERON, HERMAN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-3
LADD, CHARLES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-95
LADD, CHARLES W.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-16
LADD, DANIEL EDGAR                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-340
LADD, ELIJAH                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-269
LADD, LEMUEL                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-362
LADD, WILLIAM                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-491
LADEN, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-446
LADEN, SARAH C.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-545
LAFORCE, MARGARET C.                   AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY               NY-47-Q-77
LAGRANGE, JOHN S.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-528
LAGRANGE, WILLARD H.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-10
LAKE, FRANCES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-500
LAKE, JOHN                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-277
LALLY, ELIZABETH C.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-422
LAMB, JANE A.                          NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-68
LAMB, PETER B.                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-K-168
LAMBERT, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-14
LAMBERT, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-240
LAMHART, NANCY                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-L-96
LAMOROUX, MARY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-469
LANDER, JENNETT                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-50
LANDER, WILLIAM                        NTL                                     NY-47-D-40
LANDER, WILLIAM J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-410
LANDON, JUDSON S.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-619
LANDREVILLE, MARGUERITE                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-288
LANE, JAMES H.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-119
LANE, MARGARET                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-182
LANGDON, ANDREW                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-240
LANNON, CATHARINE                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-100
LANSING, ABRAM C.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-331
LANSING, ANDEW H.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-670
LANSING, C. ANGELICA                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-497
LANSING, CLARA                         NTL                                     NY-47-R-221
LANSING, ELIZABETH                     NTL                                     NY-47-P-224
LANSING, JANE E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-336
LANSING, LEVINUS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-407
LANSING, RACHEL L.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-142
LANSING, RICHARD D.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-558
LAPPEUS, SEYMOUR                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-590
LARGE, LEVI P.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-27
LARKINS, JOHN C.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-591
LARKINS, LUCIA C.                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-108
LARRABEE, SIMON G.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-311
LARSON, NELSON                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-467
LARUE, SARAH E.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-349
LASHER, ANN                            NTL                                     NY-47-Q-122
LASHER, GEORGE                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-144
LASON, JOSEPH M.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-169
LATHROP, MARY M.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-129
LATIMER, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-208
LATOUR, FRANCIS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-232
LAUDERDALE, WILLIAM                    PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-322
LAUDERDALE, WILLIAM                    PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-C-134
LAURENTIUS, HUGO                       ONEONTA, OTSEGO, NY                     NY-47-S-52
LAVEN, MATHIAS JOSEPH                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-433
LAVILLIA, CATHARINE                    DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-321
LAWDER, JENNETTE                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-L-464
LAWRENCE, JACOB H.                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-424
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-462
LAWRENCE, JOSEPHINE V.                 FITCHBURG, WORCESTER, MA                NY-47-N-496
LAWRENCE, SILAS                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-331
LAWSING, ANNA E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-396
LAWTON, CLARKE                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-288
LEBEIS, MICHAEL                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-435
LEDGWICK, CATHERINE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-85
LEDYARD, ISAAC                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-258
LEE, ANNA MARIA S. B.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-435
LEE, EUNICE                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-388
LEE, HANNAH                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-580
LEE, JAMES                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-630
LEE, LUCY A.                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-137
LEE, WILLIAM                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-149
LEEDINGS, GERRIT                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-231
LEHRBERG, BERTHA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-28
LENDRUM, CHRISTINA                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-95
LENDRUM, HARRIET                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-606
LENDRUM, JAMES                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-535
LENTA, EDWARDO                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-589
LEONAD, AMELIA J.                      BROOME, SCHOHARIE, NY                   NY-47-P-143
LEONARD, JAMES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-221
LEONARD, JANE ANN                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-501
LEONARD, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-582
LEONARD, WILLIAM                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-160
LEPPER, GEORGE H.                      AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY               NY-47-R-506
LEROY, ABRAHAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-276
LESPERANCE, BERTIE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-289
LESSAD, WILBROD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-410
LESTER, JAMES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-D-78
LEVETTE, MARY JANE                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-213
LEVEY, MARY                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-24
LEVI, AARON                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-333
LEVI, COHN                             SCHENETADY                              NY-47-M-540
LEVI, ELISE                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-18
LEVI, ELIZA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-148
LEVI, JONATHAN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-607
LEVI, JOSEPH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-244
LEVI, PFEIFER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-492
LEVI, RIKA                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-211
LEVY, ELIZABETH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-286
LEVY, JACOB                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-409
LEVY, MICHAEL J.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-431
LEWIS, BARNEY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-569
LEWIS, CHARLES F.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-551
LEWIS, FRANCISCO                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-227
LEWIS, JANE KEZIA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-70
LEWIS, TAYLOR                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-385
LIDDLE, ALEANDER JR.                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-479
LIDDLE, ALEXANDER                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-283
LIDDLE, JAMES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-325
LIDDLE, JOHN                           PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-K-366
LIDDLE, JOHN JR.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-314
LIDDLE, LUCRETIA J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-372
LIDDLE, RACHEL E.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-107
LIDDLE, ROBERT                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-263
LIDDLE, THOMAS                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-27
LIGHTBODY, GABRIEL                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-529
LIGHTHALL, ANNA MARIA                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-235
LIGHTHALL, JOHN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-549
LIGHTHALL, NICHOLAS                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-190
LIGHTHALL, SARAH F.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-148
LIGHTHALL WILLIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-577
LIGHTHALL, WILLIAM J.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C1-204
LIGHTHALL, WILLIAM J.                  NTL                                     NY-47-C-55
LIGHTNER, BELLA S.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-143
LIGHTNER, JESSIE FARMAN                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-395
LINDLEY, CALVIN L.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-339
LINDLEY, ESTHER H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-468
LINDLEY, FANNIE D.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-84
LINDLEY, ISAAC H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-517
LINDLEY, JEANNIE E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-135
LINDLEY, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-147
LINDLEY, SILAS H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-384
LINDSAY, MARGARET                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-474
LINDSEY, JOHN                          MIDDLETOWN, MIDDLESEX, CT               NY-47-C-262
LINK, FREDERICK                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-14
LINK, REGINALD W.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-480
LINN, ARCHIBALD L.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C1-336
LINN, ARCHIBALD L.                     NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-G-435
LITTELL, HIRAM E.                      NEWARK, *, NJ                           NY-47-R-567
LIVINGSTON, ELEANOR                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-225
LIVINGSTON, GILBERT R.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-286
LIVINGSTON, MARY HELEN                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-502
LIVINGSTON, PETER A.                   GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-394
LIVINGSTONE, PETER J.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-181
LOAGUE, ROBERT                         SCHEECTADY                              NY-47-A-380
LOBDELL, EDWARD                        WATERVLIET, ALBANY, NY                  NY-47-O-399
LODEWICK, BURNETTA                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-S-550
LODGE, MATILDA M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-303
LOEBLE, ALBERT W.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-299
LOEFFLER, KARL                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-436
LOEFFLER, VERONIKA                     LOEFFLER                                NY-47-S-218
LOMAN, GEORGE                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-80
LOMASNEY, TIMOTHY                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-22
LOMBARD, JOSEPH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-217
LONG, DANIEL                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-566
LONKLE, JOSEPH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-245
LOOMIS, ALFRED                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-30
LOOMIS, PHEBE                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-440
LORD, SHELDON D.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-481
LOSEE, IRVING C.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-44
LOUCKS, OTHELLO F.                     LITTLE FALLS                            NY-47-P-539
LOUDER, MATIAS                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-442
LOVE, JAMES                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-263
LOVETT, ABBY                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-300
LOVETT, MARY                           SCOTIA                                  NY-47-P-16
LOW, DAVID                             GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-273
LOWELL, MARY ANNA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-138
LOWELL, MARY ANNA                      ANN ARBOR, *, MI                        NY-47-S-147
LOWELL, ROBERT TRAILL SPENCE SCHENECTADY                                       NY-47-M-346
LUCAS, JAMES                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-376
LUCKHUNT, FREDERICK                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-239
LUCKHURST, GEORGE T.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-586
LUCKHURST, WILLIAM W.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-179
LUDDEN, JOHN S.                        AMSTERDAM, MONTGOMERY, NY               NY-47-R-218
LUFFMAN, ESTHER M.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-361
LUNNEY, ANNIE OWENS                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-551
LUNNEY, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-34
LUNOW, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-118
LUSH, AUGUSTA C.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-364
LUSH, STEPHEN                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-L-541
LYMAN, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-171
LYNCH, JAMES                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-345
LYNN, MARY J.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-187
LYON, BENJAMIN F.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-118
LYON, EDARD H.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-254
LYON, ELIZA W.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-88
LYON, ELIZABETH W.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-603
LYON, JAMES HARVEY                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-201
LYON, JENNIE M.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-367
LYON, JOSEPH ALEXANDER                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-250
LYON, MARY                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-359
LYON, MARY JANE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-120
LYON, MARY W.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-222
LYONS, CATHERINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-100
LYONS, JOSEPH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-336
LYONS, WILLIAM                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-376
MABEE, ESAIAS                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-57
MABEE, EVE                             ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-H-275
MABEE, HESTER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-481
MABEE, JACOB                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-B-36
MABEE, MAGGIE A.                       ROTTERDAM JUNCTION                      NY-47-R-373
MABEE, SIMON                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-52
MABEN, DANIEL                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-P-251
MABER, GEORGE C.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-99
MABIE, ABRAHAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-45
MABIE, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-27
MACDONALD, MARY                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-470
MACKAY, WILLIAM                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-F-129
MACOMBER, HOWLAND                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-233
MACOMBER, REBECCA                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-484
MACOMBER, RUTH J.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-120
MACY, JOHN B.                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-468
MADER, JOHN SR.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-37
MADLIN, MOSES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-58
MAGEE, HILTON                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-574
MAGOFFIN, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47A-300
MAHONEY, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-205
MAHONEY,D ENIS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-2
MAHONY, MAGGIE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-408
MALIA, PHILIP                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-223
MALLIA, ROSE                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-1
MALONE, ELLEN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-98
MANE, KARL                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-456
MANN, ARTHUR S.                        MANHATTAN, NEW YORK, NY                 NY-47-S-174
MANVILL, BETTY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-80
MARCELLUS, CORNELIA                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-646
MARCELLUS, HANNAH                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-302
MARCELLUS, RICHARD                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-C1-252
MARCELLUS, RICHARD                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-C-60
MARCELLUS, RICHARD                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-159
MARCELLUS, SARAH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-229
MARCELUS, JEREMIAH                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-149
MARCLEY, JOHN L.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-29
MARK, JOSEPH                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-475
MARK, MORRIS                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-235
MARKEL, JACOB P.                       SEE: MARKLE, JACOB P.                   NY-47-I-591
MARKEY, HANNAH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-134
MARKLE, JACOB P.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-591
MARKLE, PORTIA M.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-580
MARLETT, JOHN                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-L-548
MARLETT, JOHN A.                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-624
MARLETTE, JAMES J.                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-61
MARLETTE, THOMAS LUTHER                ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-101
MARSDEN, MARY J.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-541
MARSDEN, WILLIAM H.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-177
MARSELIS, CATHARINE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-134
MARSELIS, JOHN E.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-500
MARSELIS, NICHOLAS                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-332
MARSELIS, NICHOLAS N.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-72
MARSELIUS, ABRAM                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-327
MARSELIUS, CHARLES W.                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-214
MARSELLUS, ROBERT                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-3
MARSH, JOHN                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-492
MARSH, ROXANNAH                        NTL                                     NY-47-L-595
MARSH, SILAS                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-276
MARSHALL, WILLIAM H.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-31
MARTIN, JOHN F.                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-4
MARTIN, JOSEPH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-553
MARTIN, MARGARETHA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-514
MARTIN, MARY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-118
MARTIN, MICHAEL                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-634
MARTIN, NICKOLAS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-532
MARTIN, PATRICK                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-90
MARTIN, PHILIP                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-342
MARTIN, RODDY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-366
MARTLING, FRANCIS                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-447
MARX, JOSEPH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-82
MASELIS, MARTHA M.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-295
MASER, ADAM                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-450
MASON, BENJAMIN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-207
MASON, CHARLES J.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-288
MASSOTH, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-153
MASTERSON, JAMES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-274
MATHEWS, ANDREW                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-534
MATHEWS, ANNA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-596
MATHEWS, CHARLES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-582
MATHEWS, ELIZA D.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-99
MATHEWS, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-132
MATHEWS, PHEBE                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-S-85
MATHEWS, RICHARD L.                    NTL                                     NY-47-S-354
MATHY, BARBARA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-318
MATTHEWS, JOHN                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-376
MATTHEWS, JOHN WESLEY                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-R-552
MATTHEWS, MARGARET                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-267
MATTICE, MARY A.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-488
MATTICE, WEALTHY ANN                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-295
MAXON, ANN MARIA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-274
MAXON, ETHAN A.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-101
MAXON, FRANK                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-201
MAXWELL, CATHERINE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-107
MAXWELL, DAVID                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-102
MAXWELL, GEORGE                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-252
MAXWELL, GEORGE H.                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-415
MAXWELL, GILBERT                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-297
MAXWELL, JAMES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-29
MAXWELL, LUCY                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-343
MAXWELL, WALTER                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-39
MAXWELL, WALTER                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-185
MAYBE, NICHOLAS                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-62
MAYBEE, ISAAC                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-446
MCALLISTER, ANNA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-206
MCARTHUR, THANKFUL                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-405
MCAULIFFE, CATHERINE                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-248
MCCAFFERY, MARY                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-258
MCCAMUS, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-491
MCCAMUS, WILLIAM C.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-212
MCCANN, ALEXANDER                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-176
MCCANN, FRANCIS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-282
MCCANN, HESTER JANE                    NTL                                     NY-47-L-126
MCCANN, JOHN                           ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-635
MCCANN, MARIA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-192
MCCANN, S. ECHEVESTE                   GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-20
MCCARON, JAMES H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-418
MCCHESNEY, ANNA E.                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-102
MCCLAVE, JOHN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-553
MCCLELLAN, MARGARET C.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-183
MCCLEMPHER, ELIZA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-438
MCCLURE, JOHN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-56
MCCLURE, WILLIAM J.                    DUANESBURG                              NY-47-Q-370
MCCLYMAN, GEORGE B.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-331
MCCLYMAN, THOMAS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-552
MCCOLL, SARAH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-108
MCCONAGHY, ROBERT J.                   ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-158
MCCORMICK, ALBERTINE                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-590
MCCORMICK, ELLEN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-600
MCCORMICK, LOVEDAY J.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-521
MCCUE, JAMES J.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-72
MCCUE, JOHN P.                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-13
MCCURTIE, SARAH A.                     AMSTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-536
MCDERMOTT, ANNIE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-137
MCDERMOTT, JAMES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-510
MCDERMOTT, RICHARD                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-263
MCDONALD, DUNCAN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-389
MCDONALD, DUNCAN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-341
MCDONALD, GEORGE E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-530
MCDONALD, JAMES                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-388
MCDONALD, JOHN                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-269
MCDONALD, KATE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-263
MCDONALD, NANCY                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-432
MCDONALD, PHILIP                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-465
MCDONALD, RACHEL                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-307
MCDONALD, REBECCA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-298
MCDONALD, REBECCA                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-327
MCDONOUGH, MICHAEL E.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-450
MCDOUGALL, ALEXANDER                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-357
MCDOUGALL, HUGH                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-575
MCDOUGALL, MARIETTE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-27
MCDOUGALL, NANCY E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-22
MCDOUGALL, NANCY H.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-559
MCDOUGALL, RALPH W.                    DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-259
MCFARLAIN, ANN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C-177
MCFARLAN, ANDREW                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-140
MCFARLAN, ANN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-37
MCFARLAN, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-323
MCFARLAND, MALCOLM                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-88
MCFARLEN, HELEN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-5
MCGAKIN, JANE N.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-596
MCGEE, THOMAS                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-293
MCGEOCH, JAMES                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-125
MCGEOY, THOMAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-537
MCGINN, MATILDA                        OLINSTEDVILLE, ESSEX, NY                NY-47-S-443
MCGOVERN, PATRICK                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-97
MCGOWAN, GEORGE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-251
MCGRATH, ELIZABETH                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-518
MCGUE, MARY                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-103
MCGUKEN, JANE A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-27
MCGUKIN, DANIEL A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-533
MCGUKIN, SARAH A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-237
MCHENRY, CATHERINE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-371
MCINTOSH, ANGUS                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-71
MCINTOSH, CATHARINE A.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-4
MCKENNY, MARGARET                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-244
MCKENRY, MARY MARGARET                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-543
MCKERLIE, ANDREW                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-E-346
MCKIE, JOHN                            PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-128
MCKINNEY, ALIDA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-469
MCKINNEY, ANN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-27
MCKINNEY, JAMES                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-495
MCKIRLIE, JOHN                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-223
MCLACHLAN, LOUISA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-475
MCLAUGHLIN, PATRICK J.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-50
MCLEAN, MARY                           INDIANAPOLIS, MARION, IN                NY-47-H-129
MCLEOD, MARGERY                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-135
MCMANARA, PETER                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-122
MCMICHAEL, ALEXANDER                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-374
MCMICHAEL, JOHN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-173
MCMILLAN, ANDREW                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-590
MCMILLAN, ANDREW J.                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-559
MCMILLAN, ELLEN                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-80
MCMILLAN, FRANCES                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-41
MCMILLAN, JAMES                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-348
MCMILLAN, JANE ANN                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-613
MCMILLAN, JOHN STUART                  DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-R-22
MCMILLAN, SAMUEL                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-S-259
MCMILLAN, SAMUEL                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-H-308
MCMILLAN, SUSANNAH                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-298
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-114
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-4
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM DELOSS               DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-55
MCMULLEN, JAMES H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-483
MCMULLEN, JOHN W.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-310
MCMULLEN, LAVINIA N.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-360
MCNAB, MARGARET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-203
MCNAMARA, EDWARD                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-75
MCNAMARA, MARGARET                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-530
MCNEE, ANNA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-235
MCNEE, WALTER MAXWELL                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-605
MCNIVEN, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-439
MCNULTY, PETER                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-163
MCNUTT, ALLICE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-249
MCOMBER, ABNER                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-68
MCPADDEN, CATHARINE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-320
MCPARTLON, THOMAS                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-352
MCPHERSON, JANE ANN                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-502
MCPHESON, CATHARINE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-426
MCQUEEN, GEORGE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-40
MCQUEEN, ISABELLA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-288
MCQUEEN, WALTER                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-534
MCWILLIAM, JAMES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-361
MEAD, JANE E.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-466
MEAD, JASPER                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-643
MEAD, LEWIS                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-41
MEAD, MARIA L.                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-37
MEAD, MARY JANE                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-200
MEAD, NATHANIEL                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-365
MEAD, NETTIE                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-511
MEAD, ZACHEUS                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-13
MEEKER, CALEB B.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-479
MEIER, CHRISTIAN H.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-403
MEIER, JOHANN C.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-434
MEIGHEN, CATHERINE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-433
MELANOPHY, JOHN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-594
MELBER, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-199
MELLMAN, ADAM                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-434
MELLOR, ELLEN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-567
MELZER, EMILIE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-46
MENIG, KARL                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-570
MERICLE, ANGELINE                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-53
MERRIAM, CHARLES E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-94
MERSELIS, JOHN A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-631
MESKELL, DAVID N.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-12
METZGER, AMANDUS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-443
MEYER, HENRY                           PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-224
MEYER, KATHERINA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-551
MEYER, MATTHIAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-282
MEYERS, FREDERICK                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-R-432
MIDLAM, HANNAH                         NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY             NY-47-S-586
MIKLOWITZ, JACOB                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-323
MILBANK, JAMES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-144
MILBANK, WENDELL W.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-269
MILES, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-124
MILLAN, MARY L.                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-S-510
MILLARD, JOHN W.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-194
MILLARD, MARCUS N.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-339
MILLARD, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-213
MILLER, ABIJAH                         GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY                    NY-47-B-112
MILLER, C. WESLEY                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-294
MILLER, CHARLES                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-138
MILLER, CHARLES F.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-557
MILLER, ELIZA J.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-254
MILLER, ELIZABETH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-517
MILLER, GRACE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-370
MILLER, HELENA                         WATERVLIET                              NY-47-M-135
MILLER, JACOB FREDERICK                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-325
MILLER, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-162
MILLER, JOHN P.                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-K-230
MILLER, JOHN H.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-599
MILLER, MARGARET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-269
MILLER, PETER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-408
MILLER, REBECCA D.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-161
MILLER, RICHARD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-467
MILLER, TITUS V.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-223
MILLERD, NATHANIEL                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-252
MILLS, ELIZABETH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-356
MILLS, JANE                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-585
MILMINE, CATHARINE E.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-14
MILMINE, ISAAC                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-425
MILMINE, MARY                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-577
MILMINE, MARY A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-68
MILMINE, TUNIS V.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-247
MILMIRE, RACHEL                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-293
MILROY, ALEXANDER                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-G-250
MINER, MARY L.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-355
MISCHLER, FRANCECA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-560
MITCHELL, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-234
MITCHELL, MATILDA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-275
MOEHLMANN, CARL                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-253
MOHLE, SOPHIA                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-411
MOIR, CATHARINE A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-372
MOLONY, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-231
MOLONY, MARY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-644
MONTEETH, ALEXANDER                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-226
MOON, JOHN                             DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-148
MOONEY, JAMES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-527
MOORE, CATHARINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-558
MOORE, DAVID M.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-32
MOORE, EDGAR W.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-382
MOORE, GIDEON                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-530
MOORE, HARRY S.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-439
MOORE, HENRY S.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-66
MOORE, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-445
MOORE, MARGIE A.                       NTL                                     NY-47-P-116
MOORE, WILLIAM                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-355
MOORHOUSE, A. ELLA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-243
MOORHOUSE, ARTHUR B.                   LANESBORO, BERKSHIRE, MA                NY-47-O-225
MOORHOUSE, ELIZABETH                   SCHENCTADY                              NY-47-L-607
MOORHOUSE, ELLEN S. W.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-343
MOORHOUSE, JOHN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-154
MOORS, JOEL                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-230
MOOSHER, JOHN OSKAR                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-159
MOREY, NELSON E.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-309
MORGAN, ANDREW                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-526
MORGAN, CORNELIUS                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-399
MORGAN, MARY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-171
MORLOCK, MARTIN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-322
MORRIS, OLIVE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-380
MORRISON, DANIEL                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-D-103
MORRISON, MARIA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-279
MORRISSON, ANDREW                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-A-441
MORSE, ABBY ANN                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-539
MORSE, ABRAHAM                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-434
MORTON, ALEXANDER                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-442
MORTON, CHARLOTTE MCQUEEN              SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-236
MORTON, GEORGE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-144
MORTON, JANET                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-4
MORY, AMOS                             DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-437
MOSER, EMIL                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-549
MOSES, ADALINE M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-232
MOSHER, CORNELIA A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-464
MOSS, WILLIAM                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-30
MOTT, CATHERINE N.                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-91
MOTT, JAMES T.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-606
MOUL, JOHN                             GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-142
MOUNTER, CHARLES                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-P-235
MOUNTER, WALTER M.                     NTL                                     NY-47-P-443
MUDDLE, ELIZABETH C.                   ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-R-335
MUDGE, ANN                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-402
MUDGE, COLIN B.                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-545
MUDGE, THOMAS                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-R-565
MULVEY, FRANCIS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-132
MULVEY, KATE                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-335
MUMFORD, HARRIET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-386
MUNDSAHL, CAROLINE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-301
MUNSON, NALLIE D.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-512
MURPHY, ELIZABETH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-351
MURRAY, ISABELLA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-514
MURRAY, THOMAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-30
MYERS, CATHARINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-228
MYERS, EBER M.                         GLENVIL                                 NY-47-F-479
MYERS, ELIZABETH M.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-53
MYERS, FREDERICK W.                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-176
MYERS, HANNAH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-352
MYERS, JOHN                            NTL                                     NY-47-L-252
MYERS, JOHN                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-329
MYERS, JOHN E.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-42
MYERS, KATE A.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-286
MYERS, L. ELIZA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-66
MYERS, LOUISA                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-531
MYERS, MORDACAI                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-680
MYERS, NICHOLAS                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-193
MYERS, YETTA                           ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-S-459
MYNDERSE, ANNA M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-51
MYNDERSE, BARENT J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-70
MYNDERSE, KATE D.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-303
MYNDERSE, SARAH                        AMSTERDAM                               NY-47-N-588
MYRES, FRANCIS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-188
NEAR, GEORGE B.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-177
NEEPER, MARY                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-297
NELSON, AMANDA M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-332
NETHAWAY, JUDSON                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-382
NEUBER, HENRY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-163
NEVILLE, MICHAEL                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-1
NEWMAN, LOUISE D.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-207
NICHOLAI, JOHN A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-363
NICKLAS, HENRY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-597
NICKLE, ARTHUR S.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-498
NICOLEI, ANNA MARIA                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-452
NIESNER, HERMAN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-255
NILES, ELIZABETH                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-436
NITZSCHMANN, E. RICHARD                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-348
NIXON, ELIZABETH M.                    NTL                                     NY-47-Q-568
NOBLE, BRABAZOR                        ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-C-81
NOLAN, MICHAEL                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-375
NOLAN, MICHAEL A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-483
NOLAN, PHILIP                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-229
NOLAN, SARAH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-453
NOLD, MARY                             ADAMS, BERKSHIRE, MA                    NY-47-R-161
NOLTE, MARGARETHA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-409
NORTON, CORNELIA M.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-129
NORTON, JAMES N.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-259
NORTON, THOMAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-616
NORTON, WINTHRIP                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-C1-130
NOTT, URANIA ELEANOR                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-507
NUTZ, VALENTINE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-503
OBALSKI, CORNELIUS                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-630
OBRIAN, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-612
OBRIEN, ELLEN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-488
OBRIEN, MARY ANN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-449
OBRIEN, MATTHEW                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-43
OBRIEN, MICHAEL                        NTL                                     NY-47-B-75
OCONNELL, BARTHOLOMEW                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-31
OCONNER, MICHAEL J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-414
OCONNER, PATRICK                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-594
OCONNER, TIMOTHY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-179
OCONNOR, MARGARET                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-134
OCONNOR, MARY                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-O-222
OCONNOR, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-299
OCONNOR, MICHAEL                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-196
OCONNOR, TIMOTHY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-227
ODONNELL, BRIDGET                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-491
ODONNELL, JAMES                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-44
ODONNELL, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-602
OHLEN, GEORGE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-200
OHLEN, HENRY G.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-376
OLDORF, CARL                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-277
OLIVE, ARUBA C.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-186
OLIVER, RICHARD J.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-499
OLMSTEAD, ANNIE V. V.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-314
OLOUGHIN, GEORGE                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-582
OLSAVER, SEBASTIAN                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-95
OLSEN, ELIZABETH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-327
OMINGER, MARIA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-115
ONEIL, JAMES                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-467
ONEILL, JAMES E.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-476
OOTHOUT, ABRAHAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-485
OOTHOUT, CATHARINE J.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-174
OOTHOUT, GERRET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C1-258
OOTHOUT, GERRET                        SCENECTADY                              NY-47-C-119
OOTHOUT, LENAH                         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-B-115
OPDYKE, AGNES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-48
ORLOP, FREDERICK                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-C1-115
ORMAN, FRANCIS                         ALBANY                                  NY-47-M-285
ORR, ALEXANDER                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-508
OSBORN, MARY JANE                      NTL                                     NY-47-M-10
OSBORN, WILLIAM                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-84
OSBORNE, FRANCIS                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-218
OSSENFORT, HENRY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-272
OSTERHOUT, ABRAM H.                    DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-268
OSTERLITZ, MARIA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-45
OSTHOUT, HENRY A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-164
OSTRANDER, BENJAMIN                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-277
OSTRANDER, CATHARINE                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-514
OSTRANDER, PETER                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-419
OSTRANDER, PETER S.                    PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-C1-191
OSTRANDER, PHILIP                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-623
OSTROM, ALMIRA                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-376
OSTROM, DAVID                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-324
OSTROM, HENRY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-200
OSTROM, JOHN G.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-358
OSTROM, OLIVER                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-504
OSTROM, WILLIAM H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-163
OSTRUM, HENRY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-103
OTT, JOSEPH                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-103
OUDERDONK, HENRY S.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-263
OUDERKIRK, JACOB                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-F-520
OUDERKIRK, JANE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-472
OUDERKIRK, JANE A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-459
OUDERKIRK, ROBERT                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-152
OUDERKIRK, WILLIAM                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-498
OUTHOUT, ELIZABETH A.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-571
OVERBAUGH, ADALINE                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-9
OVERBAUGH, BEN JAMIN                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-209
OWENS, GRIFFITH                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-324
OWENS, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-255
OWENS, PATRICK                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-199
OWENS, PETER                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-227
OWENS, THOMAS T.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-222

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