Schenectady, New York
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DAGGETT, ELIZA S.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-280
DAGGETT, JOSEPHINE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-324
DAGGETT, NATHAN G.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-588
DAGGETT, STEPHEN A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-389
DAGGETT, STEPHEN A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-99
DAHM, ERNST                            NTL                                     NY-47-M-227
DAKIN, JOHN H.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-17
DAKIN, ROY                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-435
DALEY, ERVENIA M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-402
DALEY, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-137
DALEY, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-605
DAMM, FRANZ WILLIAM                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-316
DANAHY, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-295
DANCER, HARRIET E.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-588
DANCY, JAMES EDMUND                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-112
DANIELS, JOSEPH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-75
DANIELS, LOUIS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-137
DANNENBERG, CHARLES F.                 DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-R-533
DARROW, HOSEA B.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-511
DARROW, JAMES W.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-76
DARROW, WILLIAM M.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-346
DAVENPORT, ELIZABETH                   SCOTIA                                  NY-47-S-576
DAVENPORT, HANNAH B.                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-208
DAVIDSON, DAVID                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-471
DAVIDSON, JAMES                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-189
DAVIDSON, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-450
DAVIDSON, JOHN                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-389
DAVIDSON, JULIUS E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-351
DAVIDSON, MARGARET                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-82
DAVIS, ALPHEUS G.                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-S-46
DAVIS, DAVID COOK                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-8
DAVIS, GEORGE                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-252
DAVIS, GEORGE                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-342
DAVIS, HARRIET H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-589
DAVIS, HARVEY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-38
DAVIS, JOEL                            PARIS, ONEIDA, NY                       NY-47-N-418
DAVIS, JOHN                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-22
DAVIS, MARGARETTA S. B.                NTL                                     NY-47-P-158
DAVIS, MATHEW                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-83
DAVIS, WILLIAM P.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-595
DAVIS, WILSON                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-168
DAWSON, WILLIAM                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-479
DAY, PHILA C.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-45
DAY, WILLIAM F.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-373
DAYTON, MARY H.                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-68
DAYTON, PATRICK                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-21
DEAN, VERNON                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-157
DEBOIS, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-447
DEDRICH, EMMA L.                       SCOTIA                                  NY-47-O-632
DEDRICK, WILLIAM E.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-274
DEFOREST, ELIZABETH M.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-232
DEFOREST, FRANK V.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-8
DEFOREST, JACOB J.                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-440
DEFOREST, MARTIN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-145
DEFORREST, OBADIAH L.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-45
DEGOLYER, LUCY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-299
DEGRAFF, ABRAHAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-59
DEGRAFF, ABRAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-410
DEGRAFF, AMANDA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-437
DEGRAFF, CATHARINE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-54
DEGRAFF, CORNELIUS                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C1-71
DEGRAFF, CORNELIUS                     SCHENETADY                              NY-47-B-292
DEGRAFF, EVE HELEN                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-257
DEGRAFF, GILBERT                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-198
DEGRAFF, JOHN J.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-313
DEGRAFF, NICHOLAS                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-96
DEGRAFF, NICHOLAS A.                   ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-F-216
DEGRAFF, OMIE                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-9
DEGRAFF, PETER V.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-358
DELAMANO, MARY                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-98
DELAMANO, WALTER                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-545
DELAMANS, WILLIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-556
DELAMATER, STEPHEN G.                  DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-83
DELAVAN, EDWARD C.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-691
DELLEMONT, HENDRICK                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-430
DELLEMONT, JOHN                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-F-109
DELONG, HIRAM                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-307
DELVAN, ALBERT H.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-336
DEMENT, ELIZABETH A.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-573
DENNISON, CHARLES                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-128
DENTON, ELLEN JANET                    SCHENECTAY                              NY-47-Q-312
DESIMONI, ANTONETTA PANELLA            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-513
DETTBARN, ERNST                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-289
DEVENBURGH, ABRAM                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-513
DEVENBURGH, PERRY W.                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-244
DEVOLL, SAAH F.                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-R-164
DEYO, ANNA M.                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-546
DICKINSON, AARON                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-22
DICKLEMEYER, CHARLES                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-206
DICKSON, ELIZABETH                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-571
DICKSON, GEORGE                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-470
DILLENBECK, ADAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-492
DILLINGHAM, MARY H.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-397
DIMENT, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-195
DOBERMANN, WILLIAM                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-564
DOBROCINSKI, EGNATZ                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-308
DODGE, SARAH RICHARDSON                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-340
DOMINICK, THOMAS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-411
DONALDSON, JAMES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-575
DONE, PERMELIA                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-444
DONG, MARY A.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-150
DONNADY, BRIDGET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-223
DONOVAN, THOMAS AUGUSTINE              SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-325
DOOLING, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-599
DOOLING, SARAH W.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-185
DOOLING, THOMAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-36
DORMADY, ANNIE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-117
DORMADY, MARY S.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-540
DORMADY, THOMAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-286
DORMADY, THOMAS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-266
DORN, ABRAHAM                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-E-336
DORN, CHARLES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-166
DORN, HARRIET                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-365
DORN, HOMAS J.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-511
DORN, JOHN                             PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-297
DORN, WILLIAM B.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-487
DORSCH, CHRISTINA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-360
DORSEY, PETER                          NTL                                     NY-47-O-252
DOTY, ABRAM                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-24
DOTY, LOVELL                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-98
DOTY, MARY E.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-635
DOUGALL, BOYD                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-L-32
DOUGALL, DAVID N.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-399
DOUGALL, ISABELLA                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-485
DOUGALL, JENNETTE                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-O-47
DOUGALL, JOHN                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-H-346
DOUGALL, JOHN D.                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-64
DOUGALL, THOMAS                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-487
DOUGALL, WILLIAM                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-190
DOUGHERTY, JAMES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-78
DOUGHTY, GEORGE C.                     STILLWATER, SARATOGA, NY                NY-47-L-601
DOW, CATHARINE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-105
DOW, ELISHA B.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-82
DOWLING, MN                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-355
DOWNER, JAMES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-508
DOWS, JESSE                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-580
DRAPER, ABBIE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-597
DRAPER, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-288
DRUM, HANNAH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-517
DRUMMON, WILLIAM EDWARD                KOBE, JAPAN                             NY-47-M-455
DUANE, ANN FRANCES                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-415
DUANE, BENJAMIN M.                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-177
DUANE, CATHARINE L.                    DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-101
DUANE, CORNELIUS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-560
DUANE, ELIZA PRINCE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-367
DUANE, FRANCES REBECCA                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-348
DUANE, FREDERICK A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-250
DUANE, JAMES C.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-428
DUANE, MARY                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-453
DUBBELS, FREDERICK                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-73
DUBBERKE, HENRY                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-72
DUGGELIN, ALOIS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-349
DUGUID, BARBARA                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-123
DUGUID, GEORGE                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-79
DUNBAR, JAMES                          SCHENETADY                              NY-47-M-507
DUNCAN, MARY E.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-59
DUNCAN, RICHARD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-391
DUNHAM, LOT E.                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-484
DUNHAM, MARTHA A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-270
DUNHAM, WILLIAM D.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-203
DUNLAP, THOMAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-214
DUNLAP, WILLIAM B.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-357
DUNNING, AMELIA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-18
DUNTZ, JOSEPHINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-316
DURFEE, DAVID P.                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-587
DURFEE, STPEHEN VAN RENSSELAER         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-438
DURFEE, SUSAN JANE                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-431
DYER, AMELIA                           ST. PAUL, RAMSEY, MN                    NY-47-Q-531
DYER, MARTIN C.                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-385
DYER, PERRY C.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-376
EAGEN, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-292
EARING, FREDERICK                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-315
EARING, JOHN STAFFORD                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-537
EARLY, LAWRENCE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-604
EARLY, OWEN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-444
EASTON, JAMES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-391
EATON, ALFRED HENRY                    GREEN ISLAND,, NY                       NY-47-P-349
EATON, GEORGE                          REXFORD FLATTS, SARATOGA, NY            NY-47-O-449
EBERLE, ADAM                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-522
ECKERSON, NICHOLAS                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-220
ECKERSON, WILLIAM                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-49
ECKRICH, KATHERINE (WAGNER)            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-488
ECKRICH, PETER                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-391
EDWARDS, CHARLES                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-166
EDWARDS, ELIZABETH D.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-395
EDWARDS, HELEN                         AMSTERDAM                               NY-47-M-335
EDWARDS, HENRY S.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-289
EDWARDS, JANE                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-343
EDWARDS, LEWIS B.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-369
EDWARDS, SAMUEL B.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-87
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-474
EGER, SOPHIA                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-91
EGLESTON, HORACE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-476
EIGHMEY, SAMUEL                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-196
EISENMENGER, FERDINAND                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-472
ELDER, CATHERINE                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-208
ELDER, DAVID                           NTL                                     NY-47-M-452
ELDRED, CLARA F.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-539
ELDRIDGE, NATHAN                       SMYRNA, CHENANGO, NY                    NY-47-S-401
ELLERY, BERTHA                         SAXTON RIVER, WINDHAM, VT               NY-47-O-525
ELLIS, ALEXANDER MAXWELL               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-238
ELLIS, CHARLES G.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-323
ELLIS, CHARLES G.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-315
ELLIS, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-481
ELLIS, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-390
ELLIS, ROBERT                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-626
ELLSWORTH, FRANK J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-515
ELLSWORTH, SIDNEY C.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-468
ELLWOOD, CHARLES LIVINGSTON            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-608
ELLWOOD, CHARLOTTE E.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-260
ELLWOOD, LIVINGSTON                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-249
ELMENDORF, JANE HELEN                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-181
ENDRIES, JOHN SR.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-354
ENDRIES, JOSEPH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-341
ENDRIES, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-9
ENDRIES, NICOLAUS                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-382
ENGLEBRECHT, DORA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-405
ENGLEMAN,D AVID                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-567
ENNIS, ALEXANDER (M.D.)                ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-358
ENNIS, ROBERT                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-236
ENNIS, ROBERT                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-G-452
ENNIS, THOMAS                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-625
ERKSON, JOHN                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C-76
ERKSON, JOHN                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C1-170
ERNE, ELIZA                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-542
ERNE, JOHN                             GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-185
ERNEST, JOHN HENRY                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-74
ESTCOURT, DELIA PERRY                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-157
ESTES, JANE M.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-472
EWART, ANNA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-171
EYGNER, CATHARINE                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-400
EYGNER, JOHN                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-536
FABER, MINNIE S.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-54
FAGAL, CHARLES H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-634
FAGEL, CHRISTIAN F.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-6
FAGLE, JACOB                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-R-239
FAIRCHILD, MARY MARGET                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-209
FAIRCHILD, MARY JANE                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-213
FAIRCHILD, WARD                        GUILFORD, NEW HAVEN, CT                 NY-47-A-161
FAIRLEE, JOSEPH                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-536
FAIRLEE, SIMOEN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-406
FALK, OLIVE                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-48
FALVEY, DANIEL P.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-211
FARLEY, RICHARD                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-S-257
FARLIE, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-292
FARRAN, BERNARD                        KINGSTON, ULSTER, NY                    NY-47-Q-404
FARREL, MARGARET (TONER)               EAST ORANGE, *, NJ                      NY-47-R-291
FARREL, NANCY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C-144
FARRELL, PATRICK                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-251
FARRELL, PATRICK                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-145
FARRELL, PETER                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-71
FARRELL, SUSAN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-169
FARRELL, THOMAS N.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-44
FEATHERLY, ANNA MARIA                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-378
FEATHERLY, CORNELIUS                   ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-268
FEENEY, PATRICK                        BALLSTON SPA, SARATOGA, NY              NY-47-S-324
FEHR, JACOB                            NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-421
FEHR, SOPHIE                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-11
FELDMAN, ELIZABETH                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-479
FELDMAN, LOUIS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-189
FELKER, ADAM                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-292
FELKER, HELEN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-360
FELL, ROBERT R.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-155
FELLER, DAVID                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-640
FELTHOUSEN, AHASUERUS V. S.            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-464
FELTHOUSEN, CHRISTOPHER D.             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-215
FELTHOUSEN, DANIEL                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-261
FELTHOUSEN, EMMA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-253
FELTHOUSEN, JAMES D.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-520
FELTHOUSEN, MARIA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-596
FELTS, JOHN J.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-594
FENN, JAMES                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-63
FENNER, MARY ANN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-615
FENTON, ISAAC C. (REV.)                SCHUYLER FALLS, CLINTON, NY             NY-47-N-574
FENWICK, ALEXANDER                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-242
FENWICK, ALEXANDER M.                  SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-317
FENWICK, JOHN J.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-37
FERGUSON, ALEXANDER                    PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-108
FERGUSON, DUNCAN                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-K-93
FERGUSON, JAMES                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-33
FERGUSON, JOHN                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-570
FERGUSON, JOHN                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-132
FERGUSON, JOHN                         COBLESKILL, SCHOHARIE, NY               NY-47-B-34
FERGUSON, JOHN A.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-528
FERO, DAVID J.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-598
FETTHOUSEN, JAMES E.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-79
FILLION, ALBERT                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-427
FINCH, OREN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-352
FINDLEY, MARY                          SCOTIA                                  NY-47-R-319
FINK, FRANZ                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-548
FINK, HENRY SR.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-283
FINLAYSON, MARGARET E.                 SANILAC, SANILAC, MI                    NY-47-I-94
FISHER, ANDREW                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-491
FISHER, CARRIE                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-257
FISHER, CATHERINE B.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-408
FISHER, DENNIS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-234
FISHER, FREDERICK                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-R-353
FISHER, GEORGE                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-569
FISHER, GEORGE K.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-163
FISHER, GEORGE W.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-478
FISHER, JAMES                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-172
FISHER, JAMES                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-J-86
FISHER, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-69
FISHER, MIRIAM                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-226
FISHER, THOMAS REV.                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-424
FISHER, WATSON W.                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-Q-173
FISK, FRANCIS                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-176
FISK, JOHN                             GALWAY, SARATOGA, NY                    NY-47-Q-35
FISK, OLIVIA                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-539
FITZGERALD, CATHARINE                  SCOTIA                                  NY-47-O-526
FITZGERALD, JOHN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-429
FITZGERALD, MARY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-245
FITZGERALD, WINIFRED K.                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-49
FITZMAURICE, MARY A.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-14
FLANDER, SARAH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-406
FLANIGAN, JOHN                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-S-119
FLANIGAN, PATRICK                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-17
FLANSBURGH, FRANCIS                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-439
FLANSBURGH, HENRY F.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-111
FLANSBURGH, JOHN C.                    PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-N-32
FLYNN, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-424
FLYNN, MICHAEL                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-P-420
FOGERTY, MARY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-85
FOLEY, MICHAEL                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-318
FONDA, ANNA R.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-454
FONDA, CHARLES E.                      RED BLUFF, TEHAMA, CA                   NY-47-L-378
FONDA, CORNELIA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-507
FONDA, HENRY V.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-48
FONDA, JACOB                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-147
FONDA, JACOB G.                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-115
FONDA, JELLIS J.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-D-169
FOOKES, HENRY H.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-188
FORD, STEPHEN V. R.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-564
FORD, STEPHEN V. R.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-181
FORST, ERNST                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-155
FORST, MARY LOUISE                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-523
FOSTER, E. JANE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-215
FOSTER, HENRY W.                       SCHEECTADY                              NY-47-M-559
FOSTER, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-360
FRAKING, HENRY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-31
FRAME, ANDEW                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-36
FRAME, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-586
FRAME, SARAH A.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-34
FRANCHOT, RICHARD                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-121
FRANCOIS, JOHN                         PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-H-109
FRANK, DAVID                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-94
FRANK, JACOB                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-440
FRANK, JOSEPH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-597
FRANKEN, DINAH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-373
FRANKEN, GARRITT J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-237
FRANKEN, JOHN                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-477
FRANKLIN, WALTER                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-589
FREDERICK, CAHRLES                     NTL                                     NY-47-A-155
FREDERICK, JOHN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-522
FREDERICK, PHILIP JAMES                DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-508
FREELING, MARY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-120
FREEMAN, AARON                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-195
FREEMAN, ADELIA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-44
FREEMAN, ALEXIS H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-455
FREEMAN, ANNIE C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-414
FREEMAN, CAROLINE AUGUSTA              SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-331
FREEMAN, ELIZABETH                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-512
FREEMAN, ETHAN B.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-414
FREEMAN, GEORGE O.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-370
FREEMAN, RICHARD                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-456
FREEMAN, SARAH JANE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-31
FREEMAN, VOLNEY                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-473
FREIDRICH, FREIDRICH                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-499
FRENCH, ALONZO                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-620
FRENZ, EMILY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-180
FRIDERICK, FELIX                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-473
FRIEDERICK, ANDREW                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-386
FRIEDMAN, IZIDOR                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-546
FRIEDRICH, HENRY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-185
FRIEDRICH, M. KATHARINE                SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-299
FRIES, ADAM                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-229
FRISBEE, EDWARD                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-544
FRISBIE, RODERICK                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-192
FRITCHER, HENRY                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-351
FROST, JAMES                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-84
FRY, ANGELICA                          NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-Q-295
FRY, GEORGE                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-H-315
FRYER, SUSAN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-311
FUHER, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-240
FULLER, AMELIA A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-619
FULLER, CELIA R.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-116
FULLER, ELIZABETH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-58
FULLER, ISAAC Y.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-443
FULLER, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-371
FULLER, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-582
FULLER, JEREMIAH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-220
FULLER, PETER                          ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-R-66
FULLER, RICHARD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-197
FULLER, ROBERT                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-623
FULLER, WILLIAM K.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-293
FULLERTON, ELIZA                       NTL                                     NY-47-M-143
FULLERTON, HENRY                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-54
FURBECK, HENRY R.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-252
FURBECK, PHILIP                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-9
FURMAN, JOHN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-119
FURMAN, ROBERT                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-580
FURMAN, VAN GUYSLING                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-308
GADINIER, CAROLINE                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-277
GAGE, REMEBRANCE                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-193
GAGE, WILLIAM                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-252
GAIGE, ISAAC                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-265
GAIGE, LUCY B.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-388
GAIGE, MARY C.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-282
GAIGE, MOSES                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-C1-41
GAIGE, MOSES                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-296
GAIGE, RUTH                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-635
GAIGE, WILLIAM C.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-463
GALLAGHER, PATRICK                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-86
GALLY, ROBERT                          NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-F-209
GANSEVOORT, CATHARINE                  NTL                                     NY-47-M-2
GANSEVOORT, GUERT                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-353
GARDINER, JOB F.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-426
GARDINER, JOHN                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-343
GARDINIER, JANE ANNA                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-467
GARDINIER, MARTIN                      ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-382
GARDINIER, MARY JANE                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-521
GARDNER, CHRISTIAN                     NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-M-248
GARDNER, ELIZABETH                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-156
GARDNER, MARY C.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-344
GARDNIER, TELLIS                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-338
GARLING, ANNIE N.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-281
GARNSEY, LEWIS R.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-482
GARRETT, JAMES                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-185
GARRITY, CATHERINE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-520
GARRITY, JAMES                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-250
GARRITY, MARY A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-533
GATES, CALEB                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-305
GATES, WILLIAM H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-501
GEIGER, ANDREW                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-269
GEISLER, JOHN                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-601
GENTER, HERBERT H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-513
GENTER, LANA IRENE                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-468
GERDING, GEORGE B.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-430
GERDING, LOUISA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-189
GERMAN, JANE                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-173
GERMEROTH, LOUIS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-225
GIBLIN, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-544
GIBLIN, MARY                           SCHENETADY                              NY-47-O-549
GIBSON, CHANDLER                       BURTCHVILLE, ST. CLAIR, MI              NY-47-I-90
GIBSON, GEORGE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-527
GIBSON, JAMES                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-662
GIBSON, MAGGIE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-575
GIBSON, MARY                           SCHENCETADY                             NY-47-L-187
GIFFORD, ANDREW J.                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-45
GIFFORD, ANN E.                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-P-93
GIFFORD, JOHN                          PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-E-454
GIFFORD, LOUISA                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-482
GILBERT, GEORGE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-149
GILBERT, WILLIAM                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-J-471
GILES, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-425
GILL, MARY                             GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-34
GILLESPIE, JAMES                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-220
GILLESPIE, MATILDA                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-503
GILLMAN, WILLIAM H.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-511
GILMOUR, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-435
GIRLING, ANNA D.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-78
GLEASON, EDWARD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-89
GLEN, HENRY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-172
GLEN, HENRY C.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-545
GLEN, MARY ANN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-479
GLENN, AUGUSTA                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-113
GLENN, ROBERT                          RENSSELAER, RENSSELAER, NY              NY-47-P-86
GLINDMEIER, MINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-456
GLINDMEYER, WILLIAM                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-34
GLINDMYER, FERDINAND                   GLENVILLE                               NY-47-S-497
GLOCK, AUGUST                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-464
GLOCK, CATHARINE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-78
GLOCK, FREDERICKE BARBARA              SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-91
GLOVER, EDGAR                          NTL                                     NY-47-R-456
GLYNN, LUCY MARIA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-385
GLYNN, MICHAEL F.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-408
GOLDEN, FLORENCE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-418
GOLUCKE, CHARLES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-564
GOMBEL, SARAH B.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-204
GOODRICH, JENNIE C.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-133
GOODRICH, MARY J.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-333
GOODRICH, MATILDA L.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-336
GOODRICH, WILLIAM L.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-279
GOODRICH, WILLIAM H.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-58
GORDON, CHARLES R.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-150
GORDON, GEORGE                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-K-352
GORDON, JOSEPH                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-337
GORDON, JOSEPH H.                      SLOANSVILLE, SCHOHARIE, NY              NY-47-O-210
GORDON, SAMUEL                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-459
GORDON, WILLIAM                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-G-239
GORDON, WILLIAM                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-C-164
GORDON, WILLIAM                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-D-4
GOTTSCHALK, GUSTAVUS W.                NTL                                     NY-47-L-406
GOULD, RACHEL A.                       SCOTIA                                  NY-47-R-193
GOULD, THOMAS                          NTL                                     NY-47-S-518
GOWER, CAREY                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-373
GOWER, NELSON                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-72
GRABICKI, SAIDE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-595
GRAF, ELIZABETH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-365
GRAHAM, JOSEPH B.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-609
GRAHAM, SALLY                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-64
GRAY, MARY H.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-481
GRAY, SILAS                            PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-A-413
GREEN, PHILLIP                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-425
GREEN, WILLIAM                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-O-48
GREENE, CORNELIA CHANDLER              DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-558
GREENE, ELEANOR A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-4
GREENE, SAMUEL DANA                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-534
GREENMAN, ELLEN                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-516
GREGG, ANDREW J.                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-443
GREGG, CORNELIA M.                     ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-M-225
GREGG, DOROTHY                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-125
GREGG, FOSTER                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-31
GREGG, JOHN                            ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-H-466
GREGG, MARY FRANCES                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-148
GREGG, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-549
GREGOIRE, JOSEPH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-40
GREISLER, PETER                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-356
GREISLEY, MARGARET                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-421
GRENLICH, MARY M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-561
GRIER, MARGARET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-349
GRIFFEN, DEBORAH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-449
GRIFFES, NATHANIEL                     NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-E-386
GRIFFES, WILLIAM WHITNEY               ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-O-588
GRIFFIN, WILLIAM                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-114
GRIFFITH, DAVID                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-407
GRIFFITH, DAVID O.                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-468
GRIFFITH, DAVID G.                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-209
GRIFFITH, STEPHEN                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-D-184
GROAT, ABRAHAM C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-377
GROAT, DINAH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-666
GROAT, ROSA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-308
GROOT, CORNELIUS                       WATERVLIET, ALBANY, NY                  NY-47-C-21
GROOT, CORNELIUS S.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-419
GROOT, DERICK A.                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-A-115
GROOT, JACOB                           WATERVLIET, ALBANY, NY                  NY-47-A-187
GROOT, REUBEN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-C-5
GROOT, SIMON A.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-59
GROOT, SIMON C.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-295
GROOT, SIMON C.                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C1-141
GROSS, JOSEPH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-53
GRUPE, DIETRICH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-216
GRUPE, HENRY                           NTL                                     NY-47-Q-175
GUERNSEY, REBEKAH M.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-462
GUM, FREDERICK C.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-180
GUNN, JOHN                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-439
GUNN, THOMAS                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-239
GUY, ELLEN E.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-575
HAAS, MARY                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-219
HAGADORN, ELIZABETH                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-130
HAGADORN, JONATHAN                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-1
HAGADORN, JONATHAN S.                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-23
HAGADORN, MARY                         GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-154
HAGADORN, NICHOLAS                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-503
HAGADORN, WILLIAM H.                   GLENVILLE                               NY-47-R-82
HAGAMAN, COLDEN C.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-152
HAGEDORN, RICHARD                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-258
HAGEMAN, SUSAN JANE                    ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-I-657
HAGGERTY, KATHERINE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-97
HAGGERTY, OWEN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-633
HAGGERTY, THOMAS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-82
HAIGH, JAMES E.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-403
HAIN, MARTIN A.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-250
HAKER, JOSEPH                          ROTTEDAM                                NY-47-M-417
HAL, DANIEL                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-576
HALL, DAVID B.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-424
HALL, EDWARD                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-301
HALL, WILLIAM B.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-C1-326
HALLENBECK, CATHARINE M.               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-62
HALLENBECK, GARRET N.                  GLENVILLE                               NY-47-G-219
HALLENBECK, JACOB H.                   NTL                                     NY-47-P-333
HALLENBECK, WILLIAM J.                 GLENVILLE                               NY-47-L-79
HALLOWELL, MARGARET G.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-348
HAM, CASPER C.                         NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-K-12
HAM, CHARLES                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-472
HAM, EZRA                              NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-L-621
HAMBLETON, JOHN                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-143
HAMILL, SAMUEL M.                      NTL                                     NY-47-P-216
HAMILTON, ARCHIBALD                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-A-63
HAMILTON, JOHN                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-26
HAMILTON, ROBERT                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-259
HAMLIN, ANSON B.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-187
HAMLIN, ANSON B.                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-190
HAMLIN, HARRIET M.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-373
HAMLIN, SOLYMAN G.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-104
HAMM, JOHN W.                          ROTTERFDAM                              NY-47-I-290
HAMMAN, JACOB                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-325
HAMMAN, JOSEPH                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-567
HAMMER, CHARLES                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-282
HANFOD, GEORGE T.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-212
HANIFEY, JOHN                          ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-N-236
HANIGAN, EDWARD                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-554
HANNAY, SAMANTHA                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-I-367
HANNAY, WILLIAM C.                     PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-O-527
HANNIGAN, THOMAS JR.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-418
HANRAHAN, WILLIAM F.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-185
HANSEN, ANDREW T.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-89
HANSOW, JOHANN F.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-289
HARDAWAY, MARY E.                      WASHINGTON, DC                          NY-47-N-202
HARDEN, BENJAMIN                       DUANESBURG                              NY-47-H-239
HARDIN, E. EVERETT                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-15
HARDIN, GEORGE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-628
HARDIN, JONATHAN T.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-192
HARDIN, MARINDA ANN                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-532
HARDIN, SARAH                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-129
HARDSTOCK, REINHOLD                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-268
HARE, WILLIAM                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-107
HARGRAVES, JAMES                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-116
HARHYDT, NICHOLAS                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-256
HARKLESS, TOBIAS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-481
HARMAN, GEORGE P.                      NTL                                     NY-47-N-407
HARMON, ROCKWELL                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-163
HARMON, SARAH M.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-213
HARMS, FRED C. SR.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-235
HARRINGTON, ABEL J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-233
HARRIS, HENRY                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-34
HARRIS, HENRY W.                       DELANSON, *, NY                         NY-47-S-288
HARRIS, WILLIAM S.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-165
HARRISON, JAMES                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-59
HARROD, CALEB                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-18
HART, ABBIE                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-73
HART, CATHARINE                        NTL                                     NY-47-L-97
HART, CATHARINE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-497
HART, JULIA L.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-220
HART, LEWIS P.                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-469
HART, MARGARET JANE                    NEW SCOTLAND, ALBANY, NY                NY-47-S-391
HART, PATRICK                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-434
HARTON, HANNAH M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-142
HARTSTOCK, ALBERT                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-626
HARVEY, LIZZIE M.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-125
HASCHKA, ANTON                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-74
HASEK, HELEN                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-302
HASELO, WILLIAM                        GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-393
HASKISN, CARYL DAVIS                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-377
HASS, CONRAD                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-491
HASTINGS, CHARLES                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-104
HASTINGS, CHARLES                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-190
HASWELL, ROBERT R.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-E-107
HATCH, SILAS                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-D-58
HATMAKER, KATE CUSHING                 NTL                                     NY-47-Q-598
HAUF, MORIS                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-554
HAUSETT, HIRAM                         DUANESBURG                              NY-47-K-98
HAUSHALTER, EMMA C.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-404
HAVERLY, JOHN                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C1-98
HAVERLY, JOHN                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C-12
HAWES, JOHN                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-452
HAWES, LYMAN                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-419
HAWKES, EDWARD H.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-171
HAWKES, SARAH M.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-79
HAYES, ABRAHAM TRUAX                   GLENVILLE                               NY-47-M-115
HAYES, JAMES                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-28
HAYES, MARGARET M.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-162
HAYES, SARAH CONDIE                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-N-511
HAYWOOD, WILLIAM F.                    GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-489
HAZEN, ELIZABETH                       GLENVILLE                               NY-47-P-496
HEAD, CLARK W.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-386
HEALEY, DENNIS A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-506
HEARSEY, DAVID                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-295
HEARSEY, SALLY LYTLE                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-96
HEATH, MARY                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-579
HEATLY, MARY ANN                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-516
HEATLY, PHILIP                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-180
HEDDEN, JOB                            GENVILLE                                NY-47-E-574
HEILBRONNER, HENRY                     NTL                                     NY-47-N-637
HEINRICH, AMELIA A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-435
HEINRICH, BERTHA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-220
HEINRICH, MARTHA                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-371
HEINZ, LOUIS                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-19
HEINZ, SARAH                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-97
HEISE, JOHN                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-489
HEISLER, KATHARINA                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-578
HELLER, JACOB                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-267
HELLER, PETER JR.                      ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-P-554
HELM, ALBERT W.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-164
HELM, LOUIS                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-404
HELM, MARGARET                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-593
HELMER, HENRY F.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-637
HELMER, WILLIAM H.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-530
HEMSTREET, MARY                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-614
HEMSTREET, RUSSELL                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-116
HEMSTREET, THOMAS                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-99
HENDRICK, DENNIS                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-328
HENKE, AUGUST                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-626
HENNEMAN, GEORGE                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-272
HENNEMAN, MATTHEW                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-220
HENNEMANN, JULIUS M.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-213
HENNEMANN, SOPHIA                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-63
HENNESSY, JANE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-379
HENNY, JACOB                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-412
HENRY, AGNES                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-499
HENRY, GARRET                          GLENVILLE                               NY-47-H-379
HENRY, JACOB                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-478
HENRY, JOHN                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C-139
HENRY, JOHN                            GLENVILLE                               NY-47-C1-211
HENRY, MARGARET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-69
HENRY, PETER                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-386
HENRY, ROSA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-53
HENRY, SARAH M.                        SCOTIA                                  NY-47-N-442
HENRY, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-35
HERMANN, PHILLIP                       ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-188
HERON, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-286
HERRIC, AUGUSTUS G.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-634
HERRICK, CALVIN                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-486
HERRICK, HENRY G.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-L-553
HERRICK, JAMES                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-508
HERRICK, JOHN                          DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-F-243
HERRICK, NATHANIEL                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-466
HERRIZEN, ELIZABETH                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-512
HERRON, HARRIET ANNA                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-121
HESNER, MARY                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-292
HESNER, SIMON                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-338
HETHERINGTON, JOSEPH                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-420
HETSEL, GEORGE                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-404
HICKEY, MICHAEL                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-S-180
HIGGINS, JERRY                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-329
HIGGINS, JOHN                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-505
HIGINBOTHAM, CATHARINE                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-465
HILD, CHRISTIAN FREDERICK              ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-P-225
HILDEBRANDT, ELIZABETH                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-396
HILDEBRANDT, LOUIS                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-151
HILDERBRAND, HENRY                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-58
HILL, ERASTUS D.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-96
HILL, HARRIET L.                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-K-76
HILL, JOHN H.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-57
HILL, MARIA                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-430
HILL, STEPHEN P.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-282
HILLEGAS, NATHANIEL                    DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-10
HILLER, HARRIET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-179
HILLS, JOHN C.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-K-546
HILTON, JAMES                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-538
HILTON, MAGGIE                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-355
HILTON, MARGARET                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-164
HILTON, NORA                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-614
HILTON, PETER L.                       NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-Q-534
HOAG, CASPER FRATT                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-109
HOAG, DANIEL C.                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-N-149
HOAG, ELVIRA                           ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-O-557
HOAG, ENOCH                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-A-294
HOAG, ENOCH                            DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-219
HOAG, FRANCIS                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-350
HOAG, MARTIN                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-H-236
HOAG, MARTIN E.                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-558
HODGES, WILLIAM                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-560
HODGSON, THOMAS W.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-398
HOEPPNER, FREDERICK G.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-326
HOFFMAN, CONRAD                        ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-E-266
HOFFMAN, FRIEDRICH                     NTL                                     NY-47-O-556
HOFFMAN, MARY E.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-387
HOGAN, ANNIE                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-150
HOGAN, BETSY ELLEN                     NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-R-392
HOGAN, ISAAC                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-B-268
HOGAN, MARGARET                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-423
HOGAN, MICHAEL                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-75
HOGAN, PATRICK J.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-424
HOGAN, PETER D.                        NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-N-171
HOLLAND, ALICE A.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-305
HOLLAND, JONAS                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-E-234
HOLMES, THOMAS                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-I-226
HOLMS, ISAAC                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-A-466
HOLSAPPLE, SUSIE A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-204
HOLZ, OTTO                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-485
HOOD, MATTHEW                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-F-39
HOOD, PETER                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-320
HOPPER, FREDERICK                      NTL                                     NY-47-P-285
HOPPMAN, MARIE ELIZABETH               GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-485
HORNE, EVA                             SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-519
HORNFAGER, WILMOT ANNA                 NTL                                     NY-47-N-302
HORSFALL, DEBORAH                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-172
HORSFALL, JOHN O.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-534
HORSFALL, JOSEPH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-481
HORSFALL, JOSEPH                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-89
HORSFALL, SARAH                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-385
HORSFALL, WILLIAM                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-H-283
HORSTMANN, CAROLINE                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-17
HOTALING, ADAM                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-N-197
HOTALING, SIMON W.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-458
HOTCHKISS, FRANK A.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-194
HOUCK, JACOB                           GLENVILLE                               NY-47-O-62
HOUCK, JOHN H. SR.                     GLENVILLE                               NY-47-R-468
HOUGH, ANN S.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-325
HOUGH, MATILDA                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-J-563
HOUGHTALING, THOMAS D.                 GLENVILLE                               NY-47-K-335
HOUGHTALING, TUNIS W.                  ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-L-106
HOUGHTON, CALEB WESLEY                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-322
HOUGHTON, DAVID                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-S-95
HOUGHTON, SMITH                        PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-M-454
HOWARD, ADELBERT E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-332
HOWARD, ENOS                           DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-E-673
HOWARD, GEORGE W.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-M-21
HOWARD, HARRIET DYKEMAN                NTL                                     NY-47-Q-149
HOWARD, JOHN S.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-429
HOWENSTEIN, HENRY                      NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-R-202
HOWENSTEIN, JAMES H.                   GLENVILLE                               NY-47-Q-123
HOWENSTEIN, WILLIAM H.                 MARIAVILLE                              NY-47-P-478
HOWENSTINE, JACOB                      GLENVILLE                               NY-47-I-336
HOWES, ISAAC                           SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-G-192
HOWLAND, JACOB P.                      PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-Q-394
HOWSE, WILLIAM                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-K-583
HOYT, LOCKWOOD                         NTL                                     NY-47-M-28
HOYT, R. BURDETT                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-209
HROSFALL, HARRIET                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-179
HUBER, FERDINAND D.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-381
HUBER, PLAZIDUS                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-J-90
HUBNER, WILLIAM J.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-125
HUDSON, ROBERT                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-B-88
HUGO, LOUIS                            NISKAYUNA                               NY-47-J-574
HUGO, MARY ELIZABETH                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-275
HULBERT, ALFRED                        TROWBRIDGE, WILTS, ENGLAND              NY-47-Q-325
HULL, SAMUAL A.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-I-157
HUMPHREY, ALMIRA E.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-L-246
HUMPHREY, JAMES                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-B-141
HUMPHREY, JANE                         ALBANY, ALBANY, NY                      NY-47-H-396
HUMPHREY, JOHN B.                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-87
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM                      DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-G-399
HUMPHREY, WILLIAM C.                   DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-P-617
HUNT, PETER S.                         DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-S-114
HUNTER, ANDREW                         DUANESBUGH                              NY-47-S-9
HUNTER, ARTHUR WELLESLEY               SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-145
HUNTER, JOHN                           DUANESBURG                              NY-47-K-79
HUNTER, MARGARET                       DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-Q-108
HUNTER, MARY J.                        NTL                                     NY-47-O-207
HUNTER, MARY A.                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-380
HUNTER, RICHARD                        DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-J-381
HUNTER, RICHARD L.                     DUANESBURGH                             NY-47-O-58
HUNTLEY, MARTHA A.                     SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-197
HURLEY, EDMOND                         ROTTERDAM                               NY-47-J-363
HUSER, ALBERT                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-211
HUTCHINSON, LEONARD L.                 SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-M-278
HUTTON, ANDREW                         SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-S-294
HYLAND, ELIZA A.                       SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-366
HYSER, JOHN                            SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-P-476
HYSER, STEPHEN E.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-104
ILLE, JOHN P.                          SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-Q-397
INGERSOLL, EVE E.                      SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-386
INGERSOLL, GEORGE T.                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-272
INGERSOLL, HIRAM J.                    SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-N-420
INGERSOLL, JAMES                       PRINCETOWN                              NY-47-B-210
IOVINELLA, ANTONETTA                   SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-R-592
IVES, MARY JANE                        SCHENECTADY                             NY-47-O-258

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