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PADDELFORD, LYDIA                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-271
PADDOCK, CHARLES                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-39
PAIGE, COURTLAND                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-123
PAIGE, MARIA J.                   WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-N-63
PAINE, EDMUND                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-258
PAINE, SETH                       GRANBY                                       NY-38-G-457
PALMER, DANIEL                    CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-U-2
PALMER, DENISON K.                PARISH                                       NY-38-H-415
PALMER, EDMUND                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-287
PALMER, GEORGE M.                 PARISH                                       NY-38-I-271
PALMER, MARTHA L.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-2-57
PALMER, MARY L.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-2-180
PALMER, NATHANIEL O.              HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-50
PALMER, NOYES A.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-D-320
PALMER, PETER                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-531
PALMER, SAMUEL                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-159
PALMER, STEPHEN W.                PARISH                                       NY-38-T-199
PANGBURN, AUSTIND .               PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-197
PAPPANUGH, FLORA A.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-208
PARDEE, CAROLINE A.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-251
PARDEE, DANIEL                    FULTON                                       NY-38-S-147
PARDEE, EMERY S.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-173
PARDEE, EVE                       NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-F-85
PARDEE, LUTHER                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-C-4
PARDEE, MYRON                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-118
PARDEE, STEPHEN                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-335
PARISH, CALVIN                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-O-25
PARK, JOHN B.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-C-212
PARK, LOUISA                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-288
PARKER, GEORGE O.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-341
PARKER, HIRAM                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-238
PARKER, HORACE                    ORWELL                                       NY-38-T-108
PARKER, JOHN                      ORWELL                                       NY-38-S-192
PARKER, MAGGIE M.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-401
PARKER, NATHAN                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-L-377
PARKER, SAMUEL                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-275
PARKER, SARAH                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-U-141
PARKHOUSE, WILLIAM                FULTON                                       NY-38-1-157
PARKHURST, AMANDA                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-309
PARKHURST, ARIEL A.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-495
PARKHURST, CHALRES                SCRIBA                                       NY-38-Q-91
PARKHURST, EURIAL                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-L-129
PARKHURST, ISAAC R.               SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-485
PARKHURST, NELSON                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-161
PARKHURST, RUFUS                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-53
PARKIS, WILLIAM                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-A-49
PARKS, HENRY                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-N-159
PARRINGTON, TITUS V.              RICHLAND                                     NY-38-S-275
PARROTT, JOHN                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-369
PARSONS, ANDREW                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-C-18
PARSONS, ANNA A.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-231
PARSONS, DAVID                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-523
PARSONS, JOHN                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-C-197
PARSONS, PORTIUS F.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-409
PARSONS, SCHUYLER L.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-256
PARSONS, WILLIAM B.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-129
PARSONS, WILLIAM B.               NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-S-206
PARTRICK, RICHARD                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-239
PASSMORE, CHARLOTTE H.            OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-227
PATCHIN, SAMUEL H.                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-355
PATON, ELLEN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-220
PATRICK, CAROLINE                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-J-75
PATRICK, HENRY                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-S-90
PATRICK, WILLIAM                  PHOENIX                                      NY-38-2-75
PATRIDGE, MICHAEL                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-Q-315
PATTEBORN, DANIEL                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-M-149
PATTEN, SAMUEL                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-559
PATTER, JAMES                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-P-97
PATTERSON, ADELIA L.              FULTON                                       NY-38-2-49
PATTERSON, HENRY                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-288
PATTERSON, JAMES                  CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-B-55
PATTERSON, LYMAN                  FULTON                                       NY-38-N-295
PATTERSON, ROBERT                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-433
PATTERSON, WILLIAM B.             ALBION                                       NY-38-J-205
PAYE, ISAAC B.                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-484
PAYNE, JAMES                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-F-61
PAYNE, LYMAN                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-20
PEACOCK, AVICA M.                 SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-1-147
PEARSE, AMBROSE G.                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-2-299
PEASE, DAVID C.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-C-132
PEASE, FRANCIS M.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-533
PEASE, LEVI                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-205
PECK, CHARLES                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-T-176
PECK, DEWITT C.                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-309
PECK, ELIZABETH E.                PHOENIX                                      NY-38-P-299
PECK, HARRISON                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-S-55
PECK, HENRY C.                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-97
PECK, JOHN                        SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-182
PECK, SAMUEL E.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-137
PECK, SOLOMON                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-I-217
PECK, WILLIAM                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-37
PECKHAM, DAVID                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-219
PECKHAM, ERASTUS B.               VOLNEY                                       NY-38-Q-231
PECKHAM, FANNYM.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-89
PECKHAM, GILES                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-E-360
PECKHAM, ISAAC H.                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-U-38
PECKHAM, JOSEPH                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-1
PECKHAM, OLIVER                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-163
PECKHAM, ORSON                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-Q-37
PECOTT, LOUISE                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-581
PEEBLES, MARY J.                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-17
PEETS, BARRITT                    FULTON                                       NY-38-L-363
PEETS, ELIZABETH D.               FULTON                                       NY-38-1-275
PENFIELD, ALEXANDER               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-193
PENFIELD, JOEL B.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-527
PENFIELD, LORETTA                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-577
PENFIELD, MARY ANN                MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-26
PENFIELD, MARY O.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-139
PENNELL, MARY H.                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-J-480
PENOYER, SILAS                    CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-N-411
PEPION, C. CECELIA                MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-271
PEPION, GEORGE                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-272
PERCHWAY, ROSETTA                 OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-T-3
PERHAM, LEVI W.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-130
PERKINS, DORCAS A.                GRANBY                                       NY-38-R-260
PERKINS, ELIZABETH M.             HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-E-302
PERKINS, HARRIET L.               VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-453
PERKINS, HENRY B.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-93
PERKINS, JOB                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-B-51
PERKINS, JOHN A.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-148
PERKINS, LYDIA M.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-177
PERKINS, OBED                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-145
PERKINS, SAMUEL                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-D-219
PERO, WILLIAM                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-42
PERREY, FRANCIS                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-367
PERRIN, SAMUEL                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-321
PERRY, ELEAZER                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-A-15
PERRY, JEROME                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-2-188
PERRY, SARAH                      FULTON                                       NY-38-2-66
PERRY, THOMAS E.                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-2-189
PERRY, WILLIAM G.                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-157
PERRY, WILLIAM H.                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-2-124
PERRY, WILLIS                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-K-165
PETERSON, JANE                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-244
PETERSON, ZACHARIAH               SCRIBA                                       NY-38-2-110
PETIT, FREDERICK J.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-63
PETIT, FREDERICK P.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-201
PETRIE, JAMES                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-N-171
PETRIE, JAMES                     REDFIELD                                     NY-38-1-153
PETRIE, JOSEPH                    PARISH                                       NY-38-K-95
PETRIE, RUDOLPH                   PARISH                                       NY-38-J-442
PETTIBONE, MARY                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-263
PETTIS, LEONARD                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-291
PETTIS, MIRIAM                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-167
PETTIS, SYBIL                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-R-170
PETTIT, SUSAN C.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-247
PETTITT, JAMES                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-221
PHELPS, ARON                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-289
PHELPS, BENJAMIN                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-B-287
PHELPS, BETSEY J.                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-569
PHELPS, BETSY                     IRA                                          NY-38-N-307
PHELPS, ELIZA                     FULTON                                       NY-38-1-199
PHELPS, LAVINA                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-T-174
PHELPS, LEMAN                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-R-183
PHELPS, LEVI H.                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-K-41
PHELPS, LIBBIE                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-591
PHELPS, TIMOTHY                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-G-391
PHELPS, WILLIAM                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-B-125
PHELPS, WILLIAM B.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-86
PHILLIP, ISABEL                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-K-169
PHILLIPS, ASA                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-J-161
PHILLIPS, DAVID                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-M-397
PHILLIPS, HENRY P.                PALERMO                                      NY-38-1-74
PHILLIPS, NATHAN                  CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-Q-185
PHILLIPS, ROBERT E.               VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-111
PHINNEY, SUSAN STEVENSON RANDALL  PARISH                                       NY-38-U-104
PICKARD, JACOB                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-P-255
PICKARD, MARIA                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-209
PICKENS, ELECTA W.                PARISH                                       NY-38-2-291
PICKET, PHOEBE A.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-117
PIERCE, BELINDA                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-399
PIERCE, BENJAMIN                  PULASKI                                      NY-38-1-230
PIERCE, BENJAMIN                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-256
PIERCE, EMERY                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-Q-135
PIERCE, JOHN M.                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-L-141
PIERCE, JOHN R.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-343
PIERCE, JOSIAH                    PARISH                                       NY-38-P-535
PIERCE, LEWIS                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-H-91
PIERCE, LOUISA A.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-123
PIERCE, WALTER                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-357
PIERCE, WILLIAM S.                HASTINGS                                     NY-38-T-229
PIERSON, AUGUSTUS                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-S-105
PIERSON, JOSEPHINE                HASTINGS                                     NY-38-S-146
PIGGET, JOSEPH                    WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-J-23
PIGGIS, FRANCIS XAVIER            HASTIGNS                                     NY-38-E-5
PIGGY, FRANCIS                    WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-D-436
PIKE, LEWIS                       HASTINGS                                     NY-38-K-3
PIPER, JACOB                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-173
PIPIOU, XAVIER                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-74
PITCHER, ELISHA                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-140
PITKIN, LOUISA W.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-217
PITKINS, J. WELLS                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-425
PLACE, MARY A.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-74
PLACE, SIMON G.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-533
PLANTY, MARIA                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-196
PLATT, JAMES                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-417
PLATT, ROBERT                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-382
PLATT, WILLIAM FLOYD              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-242
PLAUNTS, PAMELIA                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-R-151
PLOUD, MARGARET                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-147
PLUFF, VICTORIA                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-125
PLULEY, RICHARD C.                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-244
PLUMB, FRANCIS                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-385
PLUMB, SIMEON                     CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-P-49
POLHEMUS, AARON D.                AMBOY                                        NY-38-M-507
POND, DANIEL                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-248
POND, HIRAM                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-283
POND, PHILINDA                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-183
POOL, MARY                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-551
POOLE, JUDIAETTE                  FULTON                                       NY-38-1-69
POOLER, ABNER                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-U-91
POOLER, HULBERT                   FULTON                                       NY-38-P-501
PORTER, EUGENE N.                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-2-190
PORTER, HARVEY                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-F-73
PORTER, HARVEY                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-428
PORTER, HIRAM H.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-211
PORTER, JOHN W.                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-O-55
PORTER, LUCRETIA                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-1-263
PORTER, MARYETTE                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-469
PORTER, RUTH R.                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-I-343
POST, JOHN K.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-163
POST, SAMUEL L.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-155
POTTER, ALEXANDER                 ORWELL                                       NY-38-2-169
POTTER, ALFRED                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-373
POTTER, ALLEN G.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-108
POTTER, ANN                       ORWELL                                       NY-38-M-535
POTTER, ELIZABETH                 REDFIELD                                     NY-38-J-314
POTTER, EPHRIAM P.                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-2-107
POTTER, ETHAN A.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-191
POTTER, HENRY H.                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-2-82
POTTER, JOHN E.                   ORWELL                                       NY-38-N-511
POTTER, JOSEPH S.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-191
POTTER, NANCY B.                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-61
POTTER, NEWELL                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-S-133
POTTER, SARAH E.                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-P-165
POTTER, WILLIAM                   WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-O-137
POUCHER, JACOB                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-552
POUCHER, JULIA A.                 OSEWGO                                       NY-38-N-559
POUCHER, MARGARET N.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-523
POWELL, ELIZA A.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-345
POWERS, JOSEPH                    PARISH                                       NY-38-G-133
POWERS, NANCY A.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-P-111
POWERS, PATRICK                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-283
POWERS, PERLEY H.                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-297
POWERS, SIMEON                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-F-211
POWERS, WILLIAM                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-E-141
POYNE, WORDEN E.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-189
PRAIR, LEVI                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-L-173
PRATT, ENOS                       SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-K-331
PRATT, GEORGE R.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-123
PRATT, PETER                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-171
PRATT, TIMOTHY                    FULTON                                       NY-38-N-465
PRAY, WILLIAM                     AMBOY                                        NY-38-B-236
PRESTON, CHARLES B.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-45
PRESTON, EMERSON                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-273
PRESTON, MATILDA                  ALBION                                       NY-38-1-290
PREY, LYDIA A.                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-T-36
PRICE, FRANCES P.                 SAND BANK                                    NY-38-P-131
PRICE, RALPH                      ALBION                                       NY-38-M-85
PRINCE, JANE M.                   ALBION                                       NY-38-T-137
PRINCE, JOHN S.                   ALBION                                       NY-38-1-2
PRINCE, LORING                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-D-297
PRODOLIET, CHARLES H.             ALBION                                       NY-38-T-138
PROSSER, ANN M.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-S-174
PROUTY, ELIZABETH                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-67
PRUYN, MINOTT A.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-2-257
PULVER, CATHERINE                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-443
PULVER, WILLIAM                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-189
PURDY, MARTHA A.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-183
PUTLEVILL, CHARLES                FULTON                                       NY-38-T-82
PUTNAM, ELI                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-280
PUTNAM, SAMUEL C.                 SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-K-9
QUACKENBOSS, REBECCA              **                                           NY-38-B-169
QUACKENBUSH, ABRAM V.             ALBION                                       NY-38-2-233
QUACKENBUSH, ISAAC N.             MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-51
QUACKENBUSH, JOHN J.              **                                           NY-38-A-44
QUACKENBUSH, LOVINA               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-274
QUADE, THOMAS                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-L-401
QUANCE, HENRY                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-I-505
QUANCE, JARVIS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-157
QUIGLEY, BRIDGET                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-83
QUIGLEY, EDWARD                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-493
QUIMBY, STEPHEN                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-H-187
QUINLAN, DAVID                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-45
QUINLAN, ELLEN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-233
QUINLAN, JOHN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-137
QUINLAN, WILLIAM                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-42
QUINN, JAMES                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-87
QUINN, PATRICK                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-J-17
QUIRK, ANN                        CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-1-90
QUIRK, JOHN                       OSEWGO                                       NY-38-P-523
QUONCE, SILAS                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-35
RACINE, CATHARINE                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-99
RACINE, CATHERINE C.              HASTINGS                                     NY-38-O-203
RACINE, GEORGE                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-I-241
RACINE, HENRY L.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-199
RAFFERTY, FRANCIS                 FULTON                                       NY-38-U-147
RAMSEY, JOHN                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-284
RANDALL, BENAJAH                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-103
RANDALL, DANIEL                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-99
RANDALL, EMILY C.                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-1-62
RANDALL, FRANCES                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-209
RANDALL, HARRIET                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-81
RANDALL, JAMES                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-H-169
RANDALL, MARGARET J.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-121
RANEY, JAMES                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-510
RANSOM, FRANCIS P.                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-69
RATHBUN, CLARRISSA                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-H-73
RATHBUN, RUSSELL                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-250
RATHBUN, STRICKLIN                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-I-19
RATHIGAN, MICHAEL                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-S-264
RAULSTON, WILLIAM                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-99
RAULSTON, WILLIAM                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-446
RAWLEY, HIRAM                     CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-I-61
RAY, CHARLES                      SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-H-427
RAYMOND, AARON                    WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-K-185
RAYMOND, ALFRED                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-H-547
RAYMOND, ANNA                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-44
RAYMOND, ELVA A.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-U-22
READ, MARY ANN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-13
READ, SALA                        SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-116
READ, THOMAS M.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-C-1
REAGAN, DENNIS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-165
REBSTOCK, BARBARA                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-51
RECTOR, JAMES                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-S-173
REDDING, CHARLES                  WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-M-439
REDMOND, CATHERINE                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-311
REED, ALICE                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-159
REEVES, WILLIAM                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-307
REGAN, TIMOTHY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-439
REGO, PETER                       WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-S-155
REID, ELIZA                       PALERMO                                      NY-38-K-315
REID, WILLIAM                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-208
REIFKE, FERDINAND                 SEE: REIFKE, FREDERICK                       NY-38-U-58
REIFKE, FREDERICK                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-58
REIGNTGENS, FRANCIS               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-595
REILLEY, CATHARINE                ALBION                                       NY-38-O-401
RELYEA, GEORGE V. N.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-167
REMINGTON, DARIUS C.              GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-545
REMINGTON, JOSEPH                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-F-265
RENOLDS, PULASKI                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-283
REYNOLDS, ALEXANDER               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-36
REYNOLDS, ANN ELIZA               FULTON                                       NY-38-R-133
REYNOLDS, AVERY                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-1
REYNOLDS, CHARLES                 WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-F-19
REYNOLDS, CHAUNCY                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-S-179
REYNOLDS, CHAUNCY FOWLER          GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-435
REYNOLDS, DELIAH                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-J-121
REYNOLDS, JAMES                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-3
REYNOLDS, LAWRENCE                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-195
REYNOLDS, MORGAN L.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-302
REYNOLDS, PERRY                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-P-285
REYNOLDS, RICHARD                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-E-277
RHINES, PHILIP                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-Q-309
RHOADS, DWIGHT                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-325
RHODES, CHRISTINA                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-84
RICE, AARON B.                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-I-7
RICE, ARVIN                       HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-N-175
RICE, ASA                         OSWEGO                                       NY-38-A-4
RICE, BRADLEY                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-R-80
RICE, CHARLES                     ALBION                                       NY-38-I-553
RICE, DANIEL                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-Q-63
RICE, EDMUND M.                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-G-451
RICE, FLAVIUS A.                  WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-U-11
RICE, GEORGE W.                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-K-311
RICE, JAMES                       GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-135
RICE, JAMES                       GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-269
RICE, MARY                        FULTON                                       NY-38-P-587
RICH, MORGAN L.                   ALBION                                       NY-38-N-539
RICH, RUFUS                       ALBION                                       NY-38-E-327
RICH, SALOMA                      ALBION                                       NY-38-L-293
RICHARDS, AARON                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-326
RICHARDS, DWIGHT D.               PULASKI                                      NY-38-R-30
RICHARDS, H. ALVAH                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-224
RICHARDS, HIEL                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-I-259
RICHARDS, KIRKLAND                GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-256
RICHARDS, MORRIS                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-465
RICHARDSON, ALVIN                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-59
RICHARDSON, AZEL W.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-479
RICHARDSON, FREEMAN               PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-143
RICHARDSON, MARCUS D.             MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-195
RICHARDSON, REUBEN F.             MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-330
RICHARDSON, RICHARD               FULTON                                       NY-38-S-200
RICHARDSON, WILLIAM H.            FULTON                                       NY-38-S-165
RICKARD, GEORGE                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-237
RICKARD, MAGDALENA                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-E-149
RICKARD, OLIVE                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-87
RICKARDS, JESSE                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-252
RICTOR, ALEXANDER D.              SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-H-487
RIDER, AMOS                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-399
RIDER, JOANNA                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-F-7
RIDER, ORLO P.                    PARISH                                       NY-38-1-292
RIGBY, ISRAEL                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-U-8
RILEY, BERNARD                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-14
RILEY, JAMES                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-131
RILL, ADELINE                     WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-1-24
RINGLAND, JOSEPH                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-167
RIPSON, JOHN                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-1-177
RISLEY, ELEAZER                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-1
RISLEY, JOHN                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-2-91
RISLEY, RICHARD                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-C-177
ROBBINS, BENJAMIN G.              SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-149
ROBBINS, ELEAZER P.               CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-D-415
ROBBINS, ELIZA ANN                ALBION                                       NY-38-M-131
ROBERTS, CATHARINE                MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-65
ROBERTS, ESTHER M.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-U-77
ROBERTS, JOHN G.                  ALBION                                       NY-38-G-475
ROBERTS, MORGAN                   FULTON                                       NY-38-S-83
ROBERTS, NOAH                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-B-17
ROBERTSON, JAMES                  CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-2-194
ROBERTSON, MARY L.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-435
ROBERTSON, SOPHIA                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-183
ROBINSON, ALMIRA Q.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-163
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-278
ROBINSON, DANIEL                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-E-84
ROBINSON, DENNIS                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-T-45
ROBINSON, EDMUND                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-36
ROBINSON, HARRIET A.              VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-343
ROBINSON, JULIA                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-103
ROBINSON, LEWIS                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-192
ROBINSON, LUCRETIA                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-291
ROBINSON, ORVILLE                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-429
ROBINSON, RALPH                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-H-337
ROBINSON, THOMAS                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-142
ROBSON, ANN                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-459
ROCHE, ANN                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-287
ROCKWOOD, HENRY                   OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-1-135
ROCKWOOD, MARIA                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-222
ROCKWOOD, RUFUS H.                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-205
ROGERS, MICHAEL                   OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-T-121
ROGERS, SAMUEL E.                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-M-125
ROGERS, VERDY                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-C-180
ROLFE, CHARLES                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-2-268
ROOD, TRUMAN                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-275
ROOT, BRIDGET                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-3
ROOT, ELIAS                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-35
ROOT, JOHN H.                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-133
ROOT, JONATHAN                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-170
ROOT, MARY A.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-217
ROOT, NORMAN                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-268
ROOTS, THOMAS                     CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-I-439
ROSA, MARY ANN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-233
ROSE, BARLOW                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-G-187
ROSE, JOHN                        GRANBY                                       NY-38-F-103
ROSE, THERON                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-T-187
ROSS, JANE                        ALBION                                       NY-38-P-69
ROUNDS, JOSEPH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-107
ROW, SALLY                        HASTINGS                                     NY-38-I-55
ROWE, AUGUSTUS F.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-339
ROWE, CATHERINE                   WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-1-85
ROWE, NATHAN M.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-120
ROWE, NORMAN                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-R-2
ROWELL, DAVID                     WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-K-179
ROWEN, CATHERINE                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-77
ROWLANDSON, REUBEN                WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-A-47
ROWLEE, ESQUIRE                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-U-94
ROWLINGSON, HELEN V.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-83
ROXBURY, MARY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-175
ROYAL, PETER                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-T-182
RUDD, ADELIA                      BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-S-186
RUDEAU, JOSEPH                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-O-109
RULISON, PERLEY C.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-121
RULISON, WILLIAM H.               PARISH                                       NY-38-I-283
RUMSEY, DAVID B.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-Q-299
RUNDALL, WILLIAM W.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-167
RUREY, LOVISA H.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-2-179
RUSKEY, FRANKIE G.                WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-2-251
RUSSELL, DAVID S.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-11
RUSSELL, EMILY B.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-65
RUSSELL, JACOB                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-483
RUSSELL, WILLIAM H.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-S-242
RUSSO, ANTONINA                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-75
RUST, KATE M.                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-161
RUST, QUARTUS                     FULTON                                       NY-38-2-9
RYAN, DANIEL                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-272
RYAN, JAMES                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-283
RYAN, MARY                        REDFIELD                                     NY-38-Q-35
RYAN, PATRICK                     REDFIELD                                     NY-38-P-57
SABIN, LOUISA H.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-E-56
SACKETT, JAMES B.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-R-76
SACKETT, JONATHAN                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-D-210
SAFFORD, LUCY                     FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-301
SAGE, CHAUNCEY S.                 WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-S-47
SAGE, JOHN                        SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-P-493
SAGE, NATHAN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-27
SAGE, PHILO                       SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-G-61
SAGER, EUGENE                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-249
SALISBURY, ARCHIBALD              ORWELL                                       NY-38-Q-77
SALISBURY, DANIEL                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-D-130
SALISBURY, LORENZO                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-200
SALISBURY, MASON                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-319
SALISBURY, MINZO                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-M-435
SALISBURY, REUBEN                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-F-421
SALISBURY, TRUMAN                 ORWELL                                       NY-38-Q-157
SALMONS, THOMAS                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-F-217
SAMPSON, JOHN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-25
SAMPSON, SUSAN                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-Q-143
SAMSON, WILLIAM                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-2-48
SANDERS, DANIEL D.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-165
SANDERS, GEORGE                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-33
SANDERS, JAMES                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-U-17
SANDERS, LUCY                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-O-329
SANDERSON, HENRICK                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-H-103
SANDHOVEL, MARY A.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-151
SANDS, ELIZA                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-24
SANDS, JOHANNA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-183
SANFORD, HERMAN LEROY             VOLNEY                                       NY-38-Q-167
SANGER, FRANCES                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-583
SANGER, ZEDEKIAH                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-65
SARGENT, CHARLES R.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-K-301
SARGENT, LUTHER C.                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-U-132
SATTERLEE, ADDISON                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-415
SATTERLEE, TRUMAN                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-K-379
SAULSBURY, CATHARINE              VOLNEY                                       NY-38-R-62
SAUNDERSON, SARAH A.              FULTON                                       NY-38-O-71
SAVAGE, JOEL                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-56
SAYE, MARY J.                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-504
SAYLE, JOHN                       PALERMO                                      NY-38-F-487
SAYLES, ADALINE                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-U-69
SAYLES, GUY D.                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-O-279
SAYLES, JOHN JR.                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-G-193
SAYLES, MANVILLE F.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-171
SAYLES, MARY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-61
SAYLES, PHOEBE L.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-397
SCHELLING, MARY                   OSEWGO                                       NY-38-L-455
SCHENCK, DANIEL F.                GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-77
SCHENCK, HANNAH                   OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-Q-119
SCHENCK, LOUISA                   FULTON                                       NY-38-P-233
SCHENCK, WILLIAM                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-17
SCHERMERHORN, ABRAM               BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-U-80
SCHILLING, JOHN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-74
SCHMID, JOHN L.                   OSWEGOR                                      NY-38-R-138
SCHNEIDER, FRANK                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-195
SCHNEIDER, MATHEW                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-141
SCHOCKLETON, EMMA                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-115
SCHOFIELD, JOHN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-257
SCHOFIELD, MARY M.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-214
SCHOONMAKER, DOLLY                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-T-106
SCHOONOVER, NANCY O.              GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-473
SCHROEPPEL, ANNA                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-Q-191
SCHROEPPEL, MARY HANNAH           SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-J-334
SCOFIELD, SAMUEL                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-I-67
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-P-91
SCOTT, CHRISTINA                  FULTON                                       NY-38-L-83
SCOTT, ELIEB                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-U-39
SCOTT, J. MARIA                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-191
SCOTT, JANE                       PALERMO                                      NY-38-J-420
SCOTT, MARGARET                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-U-46
SCOTT, MARGARET                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-139
SCOTT, MARY A.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-72
SCOTT, REBECCA ANN                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-Q-277
SCOTT, ROBERT                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-361
SCOTT, WALTER                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-139
SCRIBER, LORANY                   PARISH                                       NY-38-R-19
SCUDDER, LEANDER                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-195
SCUDDER, SYLVANUS                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-1-226
SCULLEY, JAMES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-25
SCULLEY, THOMAS                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-95
SCULLY, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-549
SEABRA, MALVINA                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-427
SEABRA, MALVINA M.                OSEGO                                        NY-38-P-277
SEAMAN, GEORGE                    PARISH                                       NY-38-2-243
SEAMAN, HARRISON H.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-R-180
SEAMONS, MARY A.                  ALBION                                       NY-38-R-41
SEARLE, WASHINGTON                MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-553
SEARLES, HERBERT L.               NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-129
SEARLES, JOHN                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-125
SEARLES, JONATHAN R.              SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-125
SEARS, ANN G.                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-181
SEARS, DAVID N.                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-R-246
SEARS, NELLIE E.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-R-75
SEARS, NELSON                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-169
SEATON, PHILIP                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-422
SECOR, JONAS                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-G-217
SEEBER, AMOS                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-O-155
SEEBER, ELIZABETH                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-A-23
SEEBER, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-305
SEELEY, CALVIN                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-233
SEELEY, ELHANAN C.                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-T-98
SEELEY, JANE                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-315
SEELEY, JANE A.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-239
SEELEY, REUBEN                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-141
SEVERANCE, AVERY N.               NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-507
SEVERANCE, JOSEPH A.              MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-157
SEVERANCE, NOBLE D.               NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-367
SEVERANCE, SETH                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-E-339
SEWELL, JOHN                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-144
SEWELL, SARAH                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-82
SEYMOUR, AMY K.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-377
SEYMOUR, FREDERICK                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-395
SHANKLAND, HARRIET                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-189
SHANNON, NELLIE                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-187
SHANNON, THOMAS                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-215
SHANTZ, FRAZEM                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-69
SHARP, CATHARINE                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-487
SHARP, WILLIAM                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-427
SHARP, WILLIAM H.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-252
SHATTUCK, HARRIET                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-252
SHATZEL, JOHN M.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-276
SHAVER, JOHN                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-2-264
SHAY, JAMES                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-269
SHEA, FRANCIS                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-130
SHEAN, MARY                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-507
SHEEBY, JAMES                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-34
SHEFFEL, JAMES M.                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-E-216
SHEHAN, TIMOTHY                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-267
SHELBY, CORNELIUS                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-511
SHELDEN, ABEL                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-C-237
SHELDEN, ELIHU G.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-M-327
SHELDEN, HEZEKIAH H.              VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-241
SHELDEN, PAUL                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-67
SHELDON, FRANCIS A. B.            OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-28
SHELDON, PAUL                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-C-124
SHELDON, REUBEN D.                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-2-183
SHELDON, RHODES                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-K-271
SHELMERDINE, ANNA                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-43
SHEPARD, ABIGAIL K.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-55
SHEPARD, ASA JR.                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-D-56
SHEPARD, DAVID                    ALBION                                       NY-38-B-247
SHEPARD, FREDERICK                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-2-171
SHEPARD, OSCAR E.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-217
SHEPARD, SIDNEY                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-T-162
SHEPLEY, WILLIAM                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-1-3
SHERIDAN, TERENCE                 ALBION                                       NY-38-S-91
SHERMAN, AUGUSTA                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-43
SHERMAN, CALEB                    PARISH                                       NY-38-N-423
SHERMAN, ELIZABETH E.             CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-U-54
SHERMAN, HIRAM                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-I-331
SHERMAN, JAMES                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-Q-105
SHERMAN, JOB                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-409
SHERMAN, JOHN                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-91
SHERMAN, MARITTA A.               HOPKINTON, ST LAWRENCE, NY                   NY-38-1-104
SHERMAN, REUBIN                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-20
SHERWOOD, IRA                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-14
SHILL, EMILY                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-Q-331
SHILLING, CONRAD                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-434
SHIRE, JOHN S.                    BREWERTON                                    NY-38-P-365
SHORE, JAMES                      ORWELL                                       NY-38-R-276
SHOWERS, CLARISSA L.              GRANBY                                       NY-38-R-57
SHUFTY, MELINDA                   PARISH                                       NY-38-R-132
SHULTS, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-373
SHUMWAY, HORATIO E.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-91
SICKLES, PETER                    SCHROEPPLE                                   NY-38-G-493
SIDEBOTHAM, ISAAC                 ORWELL                                       NY-38-P-75
SILERY, WILLIAM                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-57
SIMAMON, JOHN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-246
SIMAMORE, JOSEPH                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-13
SIMARD, ADOLPH                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-T-227
SIMMONS, AMELIA A.                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-187
SIMMONS, HERVY                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-M-531
SIMMONS, JOHN W.                  WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-S-254
SIMMONS, LUCY                     PARISH                                       NY-38-N-363
SIMONS, ANDREW B.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-497
SIMONS, JAMES F.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-T-92
SIMONS, PERRY M.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-2-172
SIMPSON, FOSTER                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-487
SIMPSON, FOSTER                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-435
SIMPSON, MARY                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-280
SIMPSON, WARREN                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-73
SIVERS, JOSEPH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-97
SKEEL, H. EDGAR                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-2-289
SKILLINGS, JUDSON                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-T-152
SKINNER, AVERY                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-277
SKINNER, OTIS                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-F-205
SLACK, DEXTER                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-336
SLACK, MARY J.                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-111
SLAUSON, HESTER ANN               PALERMO                                      NY-38-R-184
SLAVIN, CHARLES                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-40
SLIFERT, JANE                     AMBOY                                        NY-38-N-23
SLINEY, ANN                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-144
SLINEY, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-122
SLINGERLAND, ISAAC                GRANBY                                       NY-38-D-424
SLOAN, DAVID                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-E-172
SLOAN, DAVID                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-E-262
SMART, DEMING P.                  ALBION                                       NY-38-M-169
SMEDLEY, CELINDA                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-S-209
SMEDLEY, JONES                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-147
SMEDLEY, JOSEPH                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-S-6
SMEDLY, ALBERTINE                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-2-32
SMITH, ABIGAIL                    PHOENIX                                      NY-38-P-35
SMITH, AMELIA L.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-288
SMITH, ANN                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-148
SMITH, ANNA                       SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-G-523
SMITH, BENJAMIN                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-B-103
SMITH, CALVIN                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-47
SMITH, CATHERINE                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-99
SMITH, CATHERINE H.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-49
SMITH, CHARLOTTE                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-J-143
SMITH, CHARLOTTE                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-I-535
SMITH, CLARISSA                   FULTON                                       NY-38-1-29
SMITH, CYRUS                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-E-224
SMITH, DANIEL P.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-445
SMITH, DAVID                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-125
SMITH, EBEN P.                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-499
SMITH, EMILY J.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-11
SMITH, FANNY L.                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-56
SMITH, FREDERICK D.               SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-355
SMITH, GERRITT                    PHOENIX                                      NY-38-1-125
SMITH, HARVEY                     PARISH                                       NY-38-L-381
SMITH, ISABELLA                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-200
SMITH, JAMES                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-233
SMITH, JAMES R.                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-112
SMITH, JAMES R.                   PARISH                                       NY-38-R-208
SMITH, JEREMIAH K.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-91
SMITH, JESSE                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-35
SMITH, JOEL Z.                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-R-14
SMITH, JOHN                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-403
SMITH, JOHN                       NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-J-85
SMITH, JOHN                       SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-88
SMITH, JOHN                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-68
SMITH, JOHN W.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-277
SMITH, JONAH                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-E-356
SMITH, LUKE D.                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-503
SMITH, LUTHER                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-D-449
SMITH, MARTHA C.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-537
SMITH, MERCY A.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-R-37
SMITH, MYRON                      FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-173
SMITH, NATHAN M.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-1-56
SMITH, ORLIN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-162
SMITH, ORRIN                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-65
SMITH, ORSAMUS                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-257
SMITH, PETER                      REDFIELD                                     NY-38-M-463
SMITH, PETER H.                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-K-66
SMITH, PHILIP                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-447
SMITH, RICHARD                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-133
SMITH, SALLY                      ALBION                                       NY-38-L-145
SMITH, SAMUEL                     BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-J-213
SMITH, SAMUEL                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-153
SMITH, SAMUEL C.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-227
SMITH, SENECA                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-89
SMITH, SEYMOUR C.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-333
SMITH, SILAS ANDRE                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-217
SMITH, THOMAS                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-Q-293
SMITH, WARREN D.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-251
SMITH, WATSON F.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-193
SMITH, WELTHA L.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-U-16
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                 PARISH                                       NY-38-G-331
SMITH, WILLIAM W.                 ALBION                                       NY-38-1-221
SNELL, CLARK D.                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-231
SNELL, FANNY                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-255
SNELL, HIRAM                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-223
SNELL, LYMAN D.                   PARISH                                       NY-38-1-4
SNIDER, JOHN B.                   WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-F-79
SNOW, EPHRAIM                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-U-47
SNOW, JULIA A.                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-1-150
SNOW, LEONARD                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-S-135
SNYDER, GARRET                    BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-J-372
SNYDER, GEORGE W.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-S-263
SNYDER, HANNAH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-301
SNYDER, HENRY H.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-Q-217
SNYDER, JOSIAH H.                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-587
SOLES, EDMUND                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-J-456
SOULARD, PETER                    **                                           NY-38-A-6
SOULE, THOMAS                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-S-67
SOUTHARD, SMITH                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-Q-265
SOUTHWORTH, HORACE W.             MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-79
SOUTHWORTH, MERIBETH              MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-95
SOWELL, SYLVIA A.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-123
SPAIDS, JOSEPH                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-B-299
SPALSBURY, JASON                  PARISH                                       NY-38-1-160
SPATH, CHARLES H.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-69
SPAULDING, ELIZA                  FULTON                                       NY-38-1-20
SPENCER, ANSON                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-K-19
SPENCER, CHARLES N.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-189
SPENCER, CLARISSA                 ALBION                                       NY-38-T-202
SPENCER, DAVID W.                 ALBION                                       NY-38-2-35
SPENCER, ELIJAH P.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-65
SPENCER, HENRY V.                 FULTON                                       NY-38-U-70
SPENCER, JOHN                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-Q-131
SPENCER, MELINDA                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-M-371
SPERRY, JOHNW.                    WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-P-121
SPOFFORD, JOHN MILTON             FULTON                                       NY-38-T-240
SPONENBERG, ALFRED                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-T-207
SPONENBERGH, THOMAS               SCHROPPEL                                    NY-38-N-323
SPOONER, SYLVESTER R.             VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-153
SPRAGUE, ALEXANDER                GRANBY                                       NY-38-C-33
SPRAGUE, CATHARINE                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-503
SPRAGUE, ICHABOD W.               SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-L-245
SPRAGUE, OREN N.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-S-58
SPRAGUE, THEODORA A.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-373
SPRINGER, ADAM                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-S-181
SPRINGER, CHARLES                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-E-429
SPRINGSTED, JACOB                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-C-200
SQUIRES, FRANCIS W.               NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-1-179
SQUIRES, SARAH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-113
STACY, SAMUEL H.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-415
STANGER, JOHN                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-347
STANLEY, FREDERICK                **                                           NY-38-B-163
STANLEY, MARY K.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-C-27
STANTON, AGNES L.                 AMBOY                                        NY-38-S-13
STANTON, CLARK T.                 AMBOY                                        NY-38-R-213
STARK, STEPHEN                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-49
STARKE, JOHN                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-G-565
STARKWEATHER, WASHINGTON B.       GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-235
STEARNS, AMOS                     FULTON                                       NY-38-M-555
STEARNS, ROSETTE                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-N-375
STEBBINS, WALTER                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-39
STEEL, WILLIAM                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-235
STEEN, JAMES                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-A-17
STEPHENS, WILLIAM D.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-2
STEVENS, AZABEL B.                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-Q-349
STEVENS, BETSEY                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-239
STEVENS, ELIZA F.                 ORWELL                                       NY-38-E-280
STEVENS, ELLEN C.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-182
STEVENS, ENSIGN D.                FULTON                                       NY-38-L-81
STEVENS, HARRIET                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-29
STEVENS, HENRY T.                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-U-74
STEVENS, HULDAH D.                ORWELL                                       NY-38-J-195
STEVENS, JOEL                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-337
STEVENS, JOHN                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-421
STEVENS, LEWIS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-513
STEVENS, MARY ANN                 PULASKI                                      NY-38-H-391
STEVENS, THOMAS R.                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-275
STEVENS, ZADOCK W.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-F-313
STEVENSON, ELI                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-I-85
STEVENSON, SAMUEL                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-D-364
STEWART, BENJAMIN                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-1-23
STEWART, BENJAMIN                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-P-287
STEWART, BETSEY                   PULASKI                                      NY-38-2-39
STEWART, ELIZA                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-121
STEWART, GILBET H.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-247
STEWART, JANE                     PULASKI                                      NY-38-U-9
STEWART, JOHN T.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-L-163
STEWART, JOHN T.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-H-151
STEWART, JOSEPH S.                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-R-63
STEWART, MILTON D.                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-385
STEWART, SAMUEL                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-O-53
STEWART, THOMAS                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-R-146
STONE, ADDIE H.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-117
STONE, ALEXANDER                  WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-B-95
STONE, ALMA                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-319
STONE, DAVID                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-261
STONE, ELI                        NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-2-158
STONE, ERASTUS                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-438
STONE, HEEL                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-B-111
STONE, JOHN                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-289
STONE, JOHN A.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-38
STONE, JOSEPH                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-347
STONE, JOSEPH R.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-282
STONE, LAURA A.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-Q-177
STONE, MARGARET                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-561
STONE, ORRIN                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-M-95
STONE, SAMUEL H.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-Q-153
STONE, WILLIAM                    ST JOHNS, NEW BRUNSWICK                      NY-38-A-21
STOUGHTENGER, ANDREW              GRANBY                                       NY-38-I-403
STOWELL, AMASA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-205
STOWELL, AMASA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-26
STOWELL, ELKANAH                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-143
STOWELL, JANE                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-447
STOWELL, LORENZO D.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-207
STOWELL, OREN C.                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-C-118
STOWELL, SINA ANN                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-270
STRANAHAN, AARON                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-R-82
STRANAHAN, MERCY                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-Q-339
STRATE, DANIEL                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-547
STRATTON, FRANCIS                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-B-124
STRONG, ANNA H.                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-393
STRONG, ELI                       PULASKI                                      NY-38-2-215
STRONG, HORATIO                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-2-36
STURGEON, HONORA                  REDFIELD                                     NY-38-R-197
SULLIVAN, ALICE                   OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-S-115
SULLIVAN, ANNA L.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-168
SULLIVAN, CORNELIUS               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-325
SULLIVAN, KATE                    **                                           NY-38-1-245
SULLIVAN, MARY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-345
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-483
SULLIVAN, PETER                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-285
SULLIVAN, PETER P.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-437
SULLIVAN, THOMAS                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-212
SUMMERS, JOHN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-261
SUMMERVILLE, JOHN                 OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-2-198
SUMMERVILLE, ROBERT               FULTON                                       NY-38-O-389
SUMMERVILLE, WILLIAM H.           GRANBY                                       NY-38-T-109
SUTTON, HYMAN G.                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-R-266
SUTTON, REUBEN                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-1-127
SUTTON, STEPHEN                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-207
SVERANCE, SARAH                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-517
SWAN, CAROLINE                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-191
SWEENY, BRIDGET                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-284
SWEET, CHARLOTTE                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-413
SWEET, EDMUND M.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-U-15
SWEET, JAMES S.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-223
SWEET, JAMES S.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-350
SWEET, JEMIMA B.                  SCHROPPEL                                    NY-38-L-33
SWEET, JOHN S.                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-13
SWEET, JULIA A.                   SCHROPPEL                                    NY-38-L-45
SWEET, MARSELINE                  FULTON                                       NY-38-T-158
SWEET, SAMUEL N.                  ALBION                                       NY-38-U-71
SWEETLAND, DAVID W.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-87
SWEETLAND, SOPHIA A.              MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-201
SWEETLAND, WILLIAM M.             SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-78
SWIFT, JULIA T.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-95
SWIFT, SETH                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-G-7
SYKES, EDWARD                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-72
SYKES, ISAAC                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-H-205
TABER, CHRISTIANA                 PHOENIX                                      NY-38-T-39
TACKLEY, JAMES                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-111
TACKLEY, MARY                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-115
TACKLEY, PETER                    PALMERO                                      NY-38-P-301
TALLMADGE, MARIA S.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-43
TALLMAN, DAVID                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-105
TANNER, CHARLES                   BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-2-134
TANNER, CHARLES A.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-D-190
TANNER, ELIZABETH                 ORWELL                                       NY-38-S-220
TANNER, LORENZO W.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-174
TANNER, NATHAN                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-B-39
TAPPAN, WILLIAM                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-E-45
TAVIT, FRANCIS                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-F-229
TAWS, REBECCA                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-109
TAYLOR, DAVID P.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-80
TAYLOR, EDMUND                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-E-117
TAYLOR, ELIZA                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-182
TAYLOR, HARRIET                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-83
TAYLOR, M. D. LAFAYETTE           NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-R-106
TAYLOR, MINER                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-B-173
TAYLOR, NATHAN                    WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-O-295
TAYLOR, OTTILIA                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-H-217
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-359
TAYLOR, STEPHEN                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-D-235
TAYLOR, WILLIAM E.                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-R-161
TEAGUE, WILLIAM                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-N-27
TEBO, ANGELINE                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-275
TELLER, JOHN                      REDFIELD                                     NY-38-T-27
TEMPLE, ANDREW JACKSON            PALERMO                                      NY-38-H-481
TEMPLE, ELIZA                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-114
TEMPLE, SWAN B.                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-451
TERPENNING, JACOB                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-J-225
TERRINGTON, HENRY                 SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-L-305
TERRY, ABRAHAM                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-143
TERRY, ANSON                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-E-239
THALL, GEORGE S.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-439
THOMAS, ALMERON                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-165
THOMAS, AMANDA M.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-391
THOMAS, ELECTA                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-207
THOMAS, ELIAS                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-427
THOMAS, GEORGE W.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-233
THOMAS, JOSEPH P.                 ALBION                                       NY-38-R-228
THOMAS, MARY C.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-177
THOMAS, MARY J.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-200
THOMAS, ROBERT                    ORWELL                                       NY-38-R-258
THOMAS, WILLIAM                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-J-292
THOMAS, ZADOC                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-C-145
THOMPSON, ALEXANDER               SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-P-25
THOMPSON, CHARLES                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-F-25
THOMPSON, JACOB C.                GRANBY                                       NY-38-E-284
THOMPSON, JANE                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-49
THOMPSON, MARY L. (WHEELER)       HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-275
THOMPSON, NORMAN                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-285
THOMPSON, SAMUEL                  ALBION                                       NY-38-T-47
THOMSON, AMBROSE M.               GRANBY                                       NY-38-R-249
THORNTON, MARGARET                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-303
THORP, ISAAC                      GRANBY                                       NY-38-L-203
THORP, MARGARETTA                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-E-94
THORP, MARYETTA                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-E-108
THORP, TRACY                      GRANBY                                       NY-38-S-195
THORP, WALTER                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-201
THORP, WILLIAM W.                 ALBION                                       NY-38-O-319
THORPE, ANNA                      GRANBY                                       NY-38-T-20
THURMAN, JAMES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-307
TIBBALD, ALCINA D.                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-235
TIBBITS, MARY E.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-234
TICE, CLARA A.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-60
TICE, HANNAH E. P.                HASTINGS                                     NY-38-1-241
TICE, SARAH J.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-23
TIFFANY, CORALLY C.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-249
TIFFANY, ELIZABETH S.             MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-253
TIFFANY, HELEN A.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-453
TIFFANY, RUTH                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-349
TIFFANY, SAMUEL                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-B-170
TIFFT, CALEB                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-81
TIFFT, STEPHEN                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-295
TILLAPAUGH, FREDERICK SMITH       ALBION                                       NY-38-Q-57
TILLAPAUGH, HARRIET M.            MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-94
TILLEY, WILLIAM R.                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-U-113
TILLISON, JANE E.                 PARISH                                       NY-38-N-53
TINKER, BETSEY                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-M-139
TINKER, REUBEN                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-M-141
TINKHAM, MARY                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-P-323
TITUS, CLARENCE O.                TRAVERSE CITY, GRAND TRAVERSE, MI            NY-38-P-567
TITUS, ORSON                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-T-69
TOLLNER, CHALRES                  PULASK                                       NY-38-1-181
TOMLINSON, ELIZABETH              OSEGO                                        NY-38-D-52
TOMPKINS, ISRAEL                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-183
TOOHEY, DENNIS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-132
TORBIT, THOMAS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-33
TOTMAN, EMILY                     WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-S-157
TOUDOT, PETER F.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-229
TOURAT, PETER                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-175
TOURDOT, FRANCIS J.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-33
TOUROT, PETER F.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-289
TOWNSEND, ALANSON                 SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-P-213
TOWNSEND, BAXTER                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-151
TOWNSEND, JAMES H.                FULTON                                       NY-38-K-285
TOWNSEND, LYSANDER T.             SCHROPPEL                                    NY-38-T-83
TOWS, JAMES W.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-231
TRACEY, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-307
TRACY, CYRUS                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-27
TRACY, THOMAS                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-123
TRAVOR, HENRY                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-S-34
TREADWAY, DAVID                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-D-242
TREADWELL, UZAL                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-D-313
TREMAIN, ELIZABETH                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-203
TREMAIN, MARGARET S.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-473
TREMAIN, RICHARD                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-313
TRIPP, JAMES                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-M-199
TRIPP, JEREMIAH                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-I-355
TRIPP, RANSFORD                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-1-45
TROBRIDGE, STEPHEN                PALERMO                                      NY-38-J-328
TROLIER, LOUIS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-43
TROWBRIDGE, ELLEN                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-206
TROWBRIDGE, SEELY                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-B-107
TRUMBULL, HORACE J.               HAGOMAN, MONTGOMERY, NY                      NY-38-1-168
TRUMBULL, JAMES                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-17
TRUMBULL, SMITH                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-492
TRYON, JAMES                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-19
TUBBS, JOEL                       RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-379
TUBBS, JOHN D.                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-H-235
TUCKER, ALMON                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-433
TUCKER, CHARLES P.                FULTON                                       NY-38-R-46
TUCKER, J. COOLEY                 FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-295
TUCKER, JAMES W.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-239
TUCKER, JENNETT K.                FULTON                                       NY-38-R-267
TULLAR, ADDISON B.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-155
TULLAR, SIMON                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-219
TURK, JACOB                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-325
TURK, JOHN                        NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-R-128
TURNBULL, WILLIAM                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-O-283
TURNER, BENJAMIN COR              SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-9
TURNER, GEORGE W.                 SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-P-431
TURNER, JOEL S.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-217
TURNER, JOHN P.                   PARISH                                       NY-38-F-115
TURNER, MARGARET ASKEW            SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-226
TURNER, MORRIS M.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-259
TURNER, WILLIAM ROSS              MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-25
TUROT, FREDERICK                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-418
TURRILL, JOEL                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-G-223
TUTTLE, BENJAMIN A.               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-343
TUTTLE, CATHERINE M.              SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-Q-351
TUTTLE, JABEZ                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-G-535
TUTTLE, JOSEPH                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-U-133
TUTTLE, MINER                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-E-313
TUTTLE, NUMAN                     LACONA                                       NY-38-2-256
TWITCHELL, STEPHEN                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-B-75
TYGAS, WILLIAM                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-H-475
TYLER, JOHN                       FULTON                                       NY-38-T-127
TYLER, LESTER M.                  PULASKI                                      NY-38-U-51
TYLER, MARY D.                    FULTON                                       NY-38-P-107
TYLER, RANSOM H.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-M-99
TYLER, RANSOM H.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-O-251
TYLOR, THADDEUS W.                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-U-86
UNDERWOOD, LOUISA M.              VOLNEY                                       NY-38-Q-337
UPTON, EDWARD C.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-2-255
UXTABLE, MARY                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-T-96
VALENTINE, ELIZABETH              NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-T-37
VANALEN, HANNAH M.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-232
VANANKEN, DANIEL J.               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-S-237
VANANKEN, ELI C.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-T-159
VANANKEN, JEREMIAH                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-303
VANANKEN, RICHARD                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-109
VANAUKEN, LUCINDA                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-180
VANBUREN, CHARLES                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-307
VANBUREN, DAVID                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-Q-171
VANBUREN, DNAIEL B.               NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-S-111
VANBUREN, EDWARD                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-2-26
VANBUREN, ELIZABETH               SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-131
VANBUREN, JOHN                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-532
VANBUREN, MARTIN                  FULTON                                       NY-38-S-71
VANBUREN, MORGAN                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-2-292
VANBUREN, PHEBE                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-347
VANBUREN, THOMAS                  FULTON                                       NY-38-1-61
VANDENBURG, PETER                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-M-213
VANDERCOOK, WILLIS L.             CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-S-14
VANDERHOOF, LYDIA                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-2-272
VANDRESSEN, WASHINGTON            OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-271
VANDYCK, ANDREW                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-501
VANHORNE, EDGAR A.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-247
VANIER, BARNABAS                  WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-H-127
VANKAPPELLAN, JOHN HENRY          WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-A-36
VANNAMCE, SIMON                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-295
VANNIER, JACOB                    CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-K-31
VANORDEN, SAMUEL                  PARISH                                       NY-38-N-147
VANPATTEN, ANGELINA               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-309
VANSCHAACK, LUCAS V. W.           OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-257
VANSHOIK, WILLIAM C.              GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-140
VANT, RICHARD                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-159
VANTASSEL, HENRY                  CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-J-308
VANVALKENBURGH, SOLOMON           VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-333
VANVILLIEZ, MARY                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-173
VANWAGENER, FREDERICK D.          VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-391
VANWORMER, ELECTA                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-2-61
VANWORMER, GEORGE                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-2-72
VAUGHN, ALMON                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-403
VEEDER, SALLY ANN                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-P-211
VICKERY, ABIGAIL H.               SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-P-41
VICKERY, GEORGE W.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-8
VICKERY, JOSEPH                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-P-39
VICKERY, NATHANIEL                MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-55
VILLIARD, FRANCIS                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-171
VIRGIL, ABSALOM                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-131
VIRGIL, ALEXANDER                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-250
VIRGIL, JAMES H.                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-K-239
VOGELGSANG, FREDERICK             VOLNEY                                       NY-38-S-32
VOLTA, ROSA                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-198
VORCE, NELLIE L.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-19
VOSBURGH, SARAH A.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-100
VROMAN, PETER                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-R-68
WADSWORTH, MARCUS N.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-476
WAFTER, GEORGE                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-443
WAGGONER, GEORGE                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-L-39
WAGNER, ANNA                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-126
WAGNER, WILLIAM                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-33
WAITE, EDWIN                      OSEWGO                                       NY-38-S-80
WAITE, MARY A.                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-521
WALENOUGH, JONATHAN               CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-I-289
WALES, GEORGE                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-13
WALES, WILLIAM                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-117
WALKER, DAVID                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-M-45
WALKER, JANE                      ALBION                                       NY-38-T-48
WALL, JOHN                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-185
WALL, PATRICK                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-187
WALL, THOMAS                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-149
WALLACE, CLEMENT                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-Q-79
WALLACE, ESTHER                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-25
WALLACE, GEORGE                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-88
WALLACE, HENRY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-67
WALLACE, JAMES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-153
WALLACE, LEVI M.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-562
WALLACE, POLLY                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-I-361
WALLACE, STEPHEN                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-283
WALLER, MARY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-305
WALRATH, CAROLINE                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-O-153
WALRATH, JOHN J.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-E-417
WALROD, RUBY R.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-274
WALSH, ELIZABETH                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-423
WALSH, JOHN                       NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-475
WALTER, CLARISSA                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-T-128
WALTER, SILAS                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-199
WALTON, JOSHUA                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-172
WALTON, TRUMAN H.                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-M-187
WALTON, VAN HALEN                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-232
WARD, GARRETT                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-391
WARD, GEORGE H.                   PARISH                                       NY-38-2-161
WARD, HANNAH A.                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-P-419
WARD, HARVEY E.                   WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-S-224
WARD, MARY A.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-240
WARD, MARY E.                     PULASKI                                      NY-38-1-89
WARD, MARY F.                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-R-227
WARD, MARY J.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-394
WARD, MARY R.                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-P-449
WARD, MICHAEL                     FULTON                                       NY-38-1-170
WARD, MICHAEL                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-L-213
WARD, SARAH ELIZA                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-34
WARD, WILLIAM S. E.               SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-P-397
WARE, ALFRED R.                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-S-63
WARE, REUBEN                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-K-235
WARNER, ANDREW                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-B-177
WARNER, ANDREW S.                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-Q-341
WARNER, ELIZABETH                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-141
WARNER, JAMES                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-167
WARNER, NOAH                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-479
WARNER, THOMAS                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-U-142
WARREN, HELEN F.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-182
WARREN, SAMUEL                    REDFIELD                                     NY-38-J-113
WARREN, SOPHIA                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-M-47
WASHBURN, GEORGE A.               VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-393
WASSON, JOHN                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-B-254
WATENOUGH, MARY                   CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-K-458
WATERHOUSE, SARAH                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-B-59
WATERMAN, LAMBERT                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-N-409
WATERMAN, NELSON                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-122
WATERS, COLUMBUS S.               VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-139
WATERS, HARRIET                   WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-S-221
WATERS, JAMES                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-203
WATERS, JOHN                      GRANBY                                       NY-38-S-197
WATERS, WILLIAM                   WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-1-17
WATERS, WUTHY                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-139
WATES, HUGH                       GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-165
WATKIN, DAVID C.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-245
WATSON, E LI                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-255
WATSON, JOHN                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-N-483
WATSON, JOHN B.                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-59
WATSON, MARY S.                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-347
WAUGH, JOHN                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-373
WAUGH, NORMAN                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-A-33
WEAVER, JOSIAH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-96
WEAVER, MARY A.                   AMBOY                                        NY-38-P-227
WEBB, CHARLES L.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-465
WEBB, HENRY                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-277
WEBB, NEHEMIAH P.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-593
WEDRIG, JACOB                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-129
WEED, EZRA                        RICHLAND                                     NY-38-D-323
WEED, HENRY                       FULTON                                       NY-38-1-55
WEED, JOHN P.                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-83
WEED, NEHEMIAH S.                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-D-401
WEED, SARAH A.                    FULTON                                       NY-38-2-112
WEED, WILLIAM H.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-135
WEEDEN, DELOS H.                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-T-237
WEEDON, STANTON P.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-I-325
WEEKS, HENRY V.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-315
WEIGELT, WILLIAM A.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-78
WELCH, THOMAS                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-S-255
WELDON, JACOB                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-290
WELLMAN, LUCY ANN                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-279
WELLS, ALFRED                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-C-142
WELLS, BENJAMIN                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-471
WELLS, EDMUND E.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-B-252
WELLS, IRA                        NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-J-197
WELLS, JOSHUA                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-135
WELLS, LE MOYNE H.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-R-254
WELLS, MARTHA                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-146
WENDELL, JULES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-24
WENTWORTH, THOMAS HANFORD         OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-76
WERTS, REUBEN S.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-U-24
WESER, BENJAMIN                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-L-247
WESER, ISAAC                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-F-127
WESER, MERIAM                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-21
WESLEY, AGNES                     PARISH                                       NY-38-T-93
WEST, ALPHEUS K.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-162
WEST, BENJAMIN                    PARISH                                       NY-38-U-60
WEST, HARRIET                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-421
WEST, IRA                         SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-O-331
WEST, THOMAS                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-K-283
WESTON, JOHN W.                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-E-120
WETHERBY, LUTHER                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-173
WETMORE, BARNABAS S.              PALERMO                                      NY-38-L-287
WHALEY, GEORGE                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-T-66
WHALEY, GEORGE W.                 AMBOY                                        NY-38-U-114
WHEELER, CAROLINE                 OSEWGO                                       NY-38-I-529
WHEELER, CHARLES                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-104
WHEELER, HENRY                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-S-85
WHEELER, MARTIN                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-73
WHEELER, MARY ANN                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-437
WHEELER, MARY B.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-203
WHEELER, MARY L.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-Q-203
WHEELER, MARY L.                  SEE: THOMPSON, MARY L.                       NY-38-Q-275
WHEELER, MORGAN M.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-329
WHIFFEN, MARIA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-139
WHIPPLE, BARNET                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-A-6
WHIPPLE, CATHARINE G.             OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-233
WHIPPLE, ISAAC C.                 ALBION                                       NY-38-U-138
WHIPPLE, WILLIAM H.               CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-S-218
WHITAKER, ELLA M.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-287
WHITCOMB, JASPER H.               GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-367
WHITCOMB, SABRINA                 REDFIELD                                     NY-38-M-387
WHITE, ANGELINE                   PARISH                                       NY-38-R-141
WHITE, AUSTIN                     PARISH                                       NY-38-M-253
WHITE, CALVIN                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-S-131
WHITE, GEORGE                     WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-B-269
WHITE, HATTIE A.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-151
WHITE, HENRY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-271
WHITE, JAMES                      PARISH                                       NY-38-N-199
WHITE, JOHN SR.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-2-278
WHITE, MILSON                     ALBION                                       NY-38-P-89
WHITE, SARAH                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-79
WHITE, ULYSSES G.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-207
WHITE, WILLIAM                    PARISH                                       NY-38-N-269
WHITED, SAMUEL F. V.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-142
WHITFORD, GEORGE A.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-41
WHITFORD, H. BRADLEY              SCRIBA                                       NY-38-G-343
WHITMARSH, JACOB                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-83
WHITNEY, BENAJAH                  PARISH                                       NY-38-B-45
WHITNEY, BURTON C.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-1-243
WHITNEY, CHESTER H.               SCRIBA                                       NY-38-2-281
WHITNEY, CYRUS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-27
WHITNEY, DEBORAH A.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-32
WHITNEY, EDWIN                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-2-203
WHITNEY, EMELINE                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-247
WHITNEY, JAMES R.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-259
WHITNEY, JOSHUA                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-367
WHITNEY, LEVI W.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-S-172
WHITNEY, MARTHA F.                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-T-251
WHITNEY, MARY                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-Q-15
WHITNEY, MATHIAS                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-F-259
WHITNEY, OLIVER C.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-371
WHITNEY, ORIN                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-19
WHITNEY, ORLA H.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-181
WHITNEY, ORSON D.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-9
WHYBORN, DAVID                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-45
WHYBORN, SARAH                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-129
WICKS, JAMES H.                   AMBOY                                        NY-38-J-47
WIDRICK, SOPHRONIA                ORWELL                                       NY-38-N-299
WIDRIE, PETER                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-264
WIDRIG, MARY E.                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-127
WIGHTMAN, IRENE                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-N-321
WILBER, CHRISTOPHER               VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-235
WILBER, GARDNER                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-330
WILBER, JANE E.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-S-82
WILBER, RHODA                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-S-2
WILBER, SAMUEL J.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-L-361
WILBER, WALTER                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-261
WILBER, WALTER T.                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-T-56
WILCOX, CALEB                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-453
WILCOX, CHALRES                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-269
WILCOX, DANIEL                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-U-23
WILCOX, OLIVE A.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-U-45
WILCOX, ROBERT G.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-M-293
WILDER, ADONIRAM J.               SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-1-264
WILDER, BETSEY                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-229
WILDER, ELI                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-385
WILDER, JASPER F.                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-89
WILDER, LEWIS L.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-O-135
WILEY, DAVID                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-70
WILEY, JAREY J.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-S-37
WILEY, JOHN J.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-C-186
WILKINSON, THOMAS                 AMBOY                                        NY-38-R-8
WILLARD, JACOB G.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-L-397
WILLARD, JAMES F.                 AMBOY                                        NY-38-S-103
WILLIAMS, AARON                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-L-265
WILLIAMS, ARETUS Q.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-118
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-F-451
WILLIAMS, CHARLES H.              HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-2-232
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-64
WILLIAMS, ELIZABETH               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-203
WILLIAMS, EMILUS                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-358
WILLIAMS, JAMES                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-145
WILLIAMS, JAMES MONROE            MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-100
WILLIAMS, JOHN                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-163
WILLIAMS, JOHN N.                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-J-11
WILLIAMS, MARY A.                 PULASKI                                      NY-38-T-65
WILLIAMS, MARY ANN                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-547
WILLIAMS, MEHITABLE               HASTINGS                                     NY-38-P-461
WILLIAMS, MILO                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-87
WILLIAMS, TARNEGEN                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-122
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-209
WILLIAMSON, FRANCIS               VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-147
WILLIS, CALEB                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-K-357
WILLIS, LODOWICK M.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-R-165
WILLMARSH, SILAS                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-93
WILLMARTH, SALLY                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-Q-199
WILLMARTH, SILAS O.               NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-2-144
WILLMONT, ORRIN                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-283
WILSON, ANNA                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-419
WILSON, BENJAMIN T.               FULTON                                       NY-38-D-279
WILSON, DAVID                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-12
WILSON, FRANCIS M.                FULTON                                       NY-38-2-149
WILSON, GARDNER                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-15
WILSON, JAMES                     AMBOY                                        NY-38-P-179
WILSON, JANE                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-495
WILSON, MORRIS S.                 PULASKI                                      NY-38-2-214
WILSON, SUSAN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-366
WILSON, THOMAS                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-189
WILTSE, BENJAMIN                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-U-120
WILTSE, BENJAMIN                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-I-427
WILTSIE, CARSON                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-N-173
WILTSIE, MARTINE                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-H-457
WIMPLE, ELIZA A.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-8
WINCHELL, ASA                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-C-135
WINCHELL, DENNIS S.               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-D-340
WINCHELL, MARY                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-293
WINEGAR, CHARLES C.               HASTINGS                                     NY-38-B-157
WING, CLARK                       RICHLAND                                     NY-38-K-107
WING, HORACE J.                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-I-313
WING, MARY F.                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-139
WING, SYLVESTER                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-N-317
WINN, DENNIS                      CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-T-84
WINN, HENRY                       CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-S-234
WINN, MARIA                       CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-T-189
WINTON, MARTHA M.                 OSWEGON                                      NY-38-N-263
WITAKER, JAMES W.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-127
WITEN, HENRY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-181
WITHERELL, ELIAS                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-446
WITMORE, JOSEPH M.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-B-156
WITT, PETER                       PALERMO                                      NY-38-H-397
WOLCOTT, GEORGE W.                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-T-44
WOLCOTT, HELEN L. A.              FULTON                                       NY-38-K-299
WOLIVER, SARAH A.                 FULTON                                       NY-38-S-60
WOLVEN, GEORGE V.                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-169
WOOD, ADAH                        HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-343
WOOD, AMASA                       PALEMERO                                     NY-38-B-33
WOOD, DANIEL R.                   ALBION                                       NY-38-J-157
WOOD, ELIZA M.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-77
WOOD, HARRIET                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-R-189
WOOD, JOHN                        RICHLAND                                     NY-38-D-353
WOOD, LAURA A.                    ALBION                                       NY-38-R-145
WOOD, LOIS                        VOLNEY                                       NY-38-R-238
WOOD, LUTHER                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-579
WOOD, PELEG                       VOLNEY                                       NY-38-B-267
WOOD, REUBEN                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-23
WOOD, SIMON                       RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-422
WOOD, TIMOTHY W.                  BLACK CREEK                                  NY-38-B-49
WOOD, WILLIAM                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-319
WOOD, WILLIAM                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-K-405
WOOD, WILLIAM F.                  PULASKI                                      NY-38-S-72
WOOD, WILLIAM P.                  ALBION                                       NY-38-O-293
WOOD, WILLIAM S.                  CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-M-43
WOODBURY, ALMA A.                 FULTON                                       NY-38-N-225
WOODBURY, JOHN                    ORWELL                                       NY-38-P-191
WOODCOCK, CHRISTMAS               VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-483
WOODCOCK, WILLIAM                 FULTON                                       NY-38-2-252
WOODIN, JOHN H.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-P-221
WOODIN, PETER                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-M-539
WOODIN, WILLIAM E.                CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-1-43
WOODRUFF, CHARLES H.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-50
WOODRUFF, GEORGE W.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-150
WOODRUFF, LAURA                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-141
WOODRUFF, MARTIN                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-188
WOODRUFF, MYRON R.                PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-76
WOODRUFF, OLIVE E.                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-101
WOODRUFF, SMITH O.                PALERMO                                      NY-38-1-149
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-171
WOODS, CATHERINE                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-166
WOODS, GILBERT A.                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-1-66
WOODS, HELEN M.                   PULASKI                                      NY-38-T-99
WOODS, JAMES                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-219
WOODS, PATRICK                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-38
WOODWORTH, MINERVA                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-1-52
WOOLSEY, ALIDA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-249
WORDEN, JOSEPH W.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-E-133
WORDEN, PERRY H.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-475
WORDEN, WILLIAM R.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-127
WORKS, ALZINA                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-119
WORSOP, WILLIAM                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-69
WORSTER, HALE                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-107
WORTH, THOMAS R.                  REDFIELD                                     NY-38-G-577
WORTS, ANN                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-10
WRIGHT, ANN M.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-64
WRIGHT, CHARLES                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-P-509
WRIGHT, DENNIS                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-C-80
WRIGHT, HANNAH                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-T-236
WRIGHT, HENRY N.                  PULASKI                                      NY-38-K-325
WRIGHT, JAMES C.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-J-175
WRIGHT, JOEL SR.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-87
WRIGHT, JOSEPH C. LT. COL.        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-523
WRIGHT, JOSIAH                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-H-571
WRIGHT, JOSIAH                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-425
WRIGHT, LEAFY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-176
WRIGHT, LUCINDA                   FULTON                                       NY-38-T-25
WRIGHT, LUTHER                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-379
WRIGHT, LYMAN                     ALBION                                       NY-38-N-81
WRIGHT, NEWELL                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-M-89
WRIGHT, PAMELIA                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-211
WRIGHT, SYLVIA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-409
WRIGHT, WARREN T.                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-P-335
WRIGHT, WILLIAM A.                SCRIBA                                       NY-38-Q-237
WRIGHT, WILLIAM J.                GRANBY                                       NY-38-T-235
WWRIGHT, ALVINZY                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-8
WYMAN, PERLEY                     ORWELL                                       NY-38-M-515
WYNN, DANIEL                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-S-268
YERDEN, EPHRAIM                   REDFIELD                                     NY-38-T-179
YORK, ELLA J.                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-2-73
YOUNG, ELIZABETH E.               SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-U-61
YOUNG, HIRAM                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-L-499
YOUNG, JOSEPH                     REDFIELD                                     NY-38-L-241
YOUNG, THOMAS                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-16
YOUNG, WELTHA                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-235
YOUNG, WILLIAM G.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-153
YOUNG, ZUBA L.                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-N-201
YULE, NICHOLAS                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-417
YUTON, JACOB                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-S-26
ZIFF, ADAM                        SCHROEFFEL                                   NY-38-M-575
ZIMMER, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-359

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