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IGOE, DANIEL                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-167
IGOE, FRANCIS                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-266
ILCOX, LUCY                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-177
IMMEN, JOHN                       CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-R-265
INGELL, WILLIAM                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-97
INGERSOL, MINNIE                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-S-194
INGERSOLL, DANIEL W.              CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-O-223
INGERSOLL, EBENEZER               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-G-325
INGERSOLL, ROBERT L.              PULASKI                                      NY-38-Q-147
INGERSOLL, THOMAS D.              VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-485
INGERSON, JERUSHA L.              NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-J-388
INGHAM, SARAH                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-427
INMAN, AMASA                      GRANBY                                       NY-38-J-344
IRISH, MARY F.                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-407
IRWIN, JARVIS G.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-97
IRWIN, MARY E.                    FULTON                                       NY-38-J-99
ISAACS, ELIZABETH C.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-453
ISAACS, JANE E.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-245
IVES, ANDRUS                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-128
IVES, IRA                         VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-123
JACKSON, ALLIE M.                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-159
JACKSON, CHARITY                  ALBION                                       NY-38-1-47
JACKSON, GEORGE R.                PALERMO                                      NY-38-L-387
JACKSON, TIMOTHY S.               ALBION                                       NY-38-T-213
JACOBS, MARY F.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-329
JACOBSON, ADDIE A.                BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-2-270
JACQUIN, FREDERIC                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-289
JAMES, BIRDIE A.                  BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-2-269
JAMES, CHAPMAN                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-R-247
JAMES, ISAAC                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-89
JAMESON, LEVI                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-95
JAMIESON, JOHN                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-Q-249
JANNESON, JOHN                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-E-220
JANNY, ANTOINE                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-38
JANNY, JANE                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-81
JANNY, JUSTIN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-213
JARVIS, WILLIAM S.                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-91
JENNINGS, ELIPHALET               PALERMO                                      NY-38-1-112
JENNINGS, HIRAM                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-T-4
JENNINGS, JOSEPH                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-293
JENNINGS, LOUISA                  PHOENIX                                      NY-38-T-104
JENNINGS, MAHALA                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-K-85
JENNINGS, OLIVER                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-459
JENNISON, JOHN                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-N-61
JENNISON, WILLIAM H.              SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-333
JETRE, HENRY H.                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-B-79
JEWELL, ALBERT                    ALBION                                       NY-38-O-235
JEWELL, TRIPHENA                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-N-571
JEWETT, BENJAMIN                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-255
JEWETT, CLARISSA                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-210
JEWETT, OLESTES                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-K-89
JIBSON, WILLIAM                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-134
JOHNSON, ABEL D.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-379
JOHNSON, AMY                      FULTON                                       NY-38-D-344
JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-143
JOHNSON, CORA                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-226
JOHNSON, DAMARIS                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-T-155
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH                ORWELL                                       NY-38-P-349
JOHNSON, ISAAC                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-A-23
JOHNSON, ISAAC                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-147
JOHNSON, LEWIS                    OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-2-19
JOHNSON, LEWIS L.                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-E-236
JOHNSON, LOVWELL                  FULTON                                       NY-38-G-151
JOHNSON, MALINDA                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-237
JOHNSON, MARY J.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-142
JOHNSON, NOAH                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-I-79
JOHNSON, OBADIAH                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-257
JOHNSON, OBADIAH                  WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-P-85
JOHNSON, REUBEN W.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-155
JOHNSON, SAMUEL B.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-162
JOHNSON, SAMUEL W.                REDFIELD                                     NY-38-D-285
JOHNSON, SARAH A.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-131
JOHNSON, SETH                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-E-364
JOHNSON, SOPHRONIA                AMBOY                                        NY-38-P-479
JOHNSON, THOMAS                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-9
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-2-67
JOHNSTON, ELIZA                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-499
JOHNSTON, ELVA J.                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-P-201
JOICE, MARIA F.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-75
JOLLEY, DELOS L.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-R-240
JONES, ALMIRA S.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-91
JONES, ANDREW A.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-1-272
JONES, CHARLES W.                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-1-274
JONES, DANIEL                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-83
JONES, ERASTUS G.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-279
JONES, FLOYD E.                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-Q-159
JONES, FRANCIS                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-M-301
JONES, GIDEON L.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-253
JONES, HENRY H.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-121
JONES, ITHAMER                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-S-233
JONES, JAMES C.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-P-447
JONES, JOHN                       PULASKI                                      NY-38-P-163
JONES, JOHN                       AMBOY                                        NY-38-D-120
JONES, LUCY                       PULASKI                                      NY-38-Q-81
JONES, MARGARET                   ALBION                                       NY-38-R-116
JONES, MARY B.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-349
JONES, MORRIS                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-9
JONES, MOSES N.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-2-244
JONES, NORMAN                     HUBBERTON, RUTLAND, VT                       NY-38-L-540
JONES, OSMON R.                   ALBION                                       NY-38-T-22
JONES, PERMELIA                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-J-342
JONES, PLINY                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-G-349
JONES, RICHARD                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-F-283
JOSELYN, WILLIAM                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-2-18
JOSLEYN, WILLIAM                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-2-17
JOSLYN, RISE                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-209
JOY, ANN                          SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-449
JOY, ELMORA A.                    ORWELL                                       NY-38-U-63
JOY, REBECCA H.                   ORWELL                                       NY-38-N-325
JOYCE, JOHN                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-274
JOYCE, RICHARD                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-49
JUDSON, AARON                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-369
KANE, BRIDGET                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-28
KANE, CATHERINE                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-173
KANE, JOHN                        SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-66
KANE, MARGARET F.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-243
KASSELHOEK, MARGARET B.           ALBION                                       NY-38-M-33
KATHERN, CHARLES                  CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-P-141
KEBBIE, AMARIAH                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-463
KEEGAN, THOMAS                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-37
KEELER, DAVID                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-K-23
KEELER, HARRIET N.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-235
KEELER, HENRY B.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-439
KEENAN, JOHN A.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-164
KEEPING, BRIDGET                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-451
KEEPING, MARY ANN                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-83
KEHOE, WILLIAM                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-397
KEITH, FRANKLIN H.                PALERMO                                      NY-38-F-199
KELLER, AARON                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-O-461
KELLER, DAVID                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-E-203
KELLER, DENNIS                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-S-228
KELLER, JOHN                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-L-149
KELLER, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-259
KELLER, KARL                      SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-2-23
KELLER, LANA                      SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-T-12
KELLER, PETER H.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-E-391
KELLEY, EMELINE S.                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-423
KELLEY, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-193
KELLOGG, AARON                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-557
KELLOGG, ALVA F.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-140
KELLOGG, AMBROSE C.               ORWELL                                       NY-38-R-103
KELLOGG, BENJAMIN                 ALBION                                       NY-38-D-178
KELLOGG, ERASTUS                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-167
KELLOGG, MARY A.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-L-13
KELLOGG, PHILINDA                 ORWELL                                       NY-38-T-102
KELLOGG, RICHARD                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-113
KELLY, ALLEN                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-138
KELLY, CATHERINE                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-88
KELLY, DANIEL                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-27
KELLY, EDWARD                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-101
KELLY, ELLEN E.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-250
KELLY, MARGARET                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-352
KELSEY, CORNAL W.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-G-145
KELSEY, ELISHA                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-U-85
KELSEY, MALISSA M.                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-S-52
KENDALL, SOPHRONIA                FULTON                                       NY-38-1-98
KENIFIC, JAMES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-371
KENNEDY, GILTZ                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-2-238
KENNEY, REBECCA                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-H-349
KENT, AMOS                        REDFIELD                                     NY-38-F-277
KENT, DOLLY                       HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-101
KENT, JASON                       HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-P-205
KENT, ORLANDO R.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-P-555
KENYON, CALVIN B.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-511
KENYON, CLARK                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-J-254
KENYON, GEORGE W.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-175
KENYON, IRA F.                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-249
KENYON, JERUSHA A.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-241
KENYON, LAVENIA                   PULASKI                                      NY-38-1-291
KENYON, LEWIS                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-547
KENYON, ROBERT C.                 FULTON                                       NY-38-L-53
KENYON, SANDS N.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-211
KENYON, SILAS                     MEIXCO                                       NY-38-N-399
KENYON, SUSAN                     FULTON                                       NY-38-O-417
KERNAN, JOHN                      FULTON                                       NY-38-U-103
KERR, ANGUS                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-339
KERWICH, ANDREW                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-279
KERWIN, PATRICK                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-102
KETCHUM, CATHARINE                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-T-130
KETCHUM, ISAAC H.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-197
KETCHUM, PALMER                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-123
KIBBE, NELSON J.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-252
KILBORN, DAVID                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-B-304
KILBORN, DAVID D.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-C-25
KILBOURN, JOHN                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-Q-161
KILLAM, AARON                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-87
KILLAM, AARON                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-174
KILLAM, REBECCA                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-143
KIMBALL, JOSEPH D.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-189
KING, AMOS                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-313
KING, ANDREW                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-J-149
KING, ANNA                        SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-63
KING, CHARLES                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-F-475
KING, DAVID                       NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-G-415
KING, DON A.                      PULASKI                                      NY-38-1-297
KING, JAMES F.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-48
KING, JANE                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-505
KING, SARAH                       VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-499
KING, STEPHEN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-14
KING, WILLIAM                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-N-233
KING, WILLIAM                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-267
KING, WILLIAM                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-103
KING, WILLIAM                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-55
KING, WILLIAM                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-156
KINGSBURY, EDWARD                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-2-186
KINGSBURY, JOSEPH                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-421
KINGSBURY, WILLIAM                MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-60
KINGSFORD, HENRY                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-355
KINGSFORD, THOMAS                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-409
KINGSFORD, THOMSON                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-242
KINGSLEY, JOHN                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-70
KINGSOFRD, MARY E.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-260
KINNE, BENJAMIN                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-429
KINNEY, JOSEPH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-21
KINNY, TRUMAN                     AMBOY                                        NY-38-H-193
KINYON, JOHN                      OMEXICO                                      NY-38-C-226
KINYON, MERCY                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-C-155
KINYON, ROBERT                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-B-71
KIPP, LOUISA M.                   HANNIBALL                                    NY-38-S-102
KIRK, GEORGE M.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-31
KIRSHNER, JOHN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-93
KIRWAN, JOHN J.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-5
KITTLE, CLARA A.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-171
KITTORN, WILLIAM                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-277
KITTS, MARTIN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-127
KITTS, PETER                      FULTON                                       NY-38-1-242
KLINE, CATHARINE                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-559
KLINE, JOHN                       SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-U-106
KLINE, MARY A.                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-1-132
KLOCK, CLARISSA A.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-477
KLOCK, DANIEL                     PARISH                                       NY-38-L-315
KLOCK, HARRISON                   PALMERO                                      NY-38-P-115
KLOCK, HENRY                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-O-291
KLOCK, JANE A.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-389
KLOCK, JEREMIAH                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-141
KLOCK, MOSES                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-Q-27
KLUCKER, CHARLES                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-119
KNAPP, EMILY                      BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-2-95
KNAPP, HARLEY                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-E-152
KNAPP, JOSEPH                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-141
KNIBLOE, SOPHIA M.                FULTON                                       NY-38-U-10
KNIGHT, CHARLES F.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-14
KNIGHT, WILLIAM T.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-455
KNOLLIN, FRANCES C.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-238
KNOP, FREDERIC                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-139
KNOWLTON, DEAN O.                 PULASKI                                      NY-38-1-105
KNOWLTON, JAMES M.                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-11
KNOX, ISRAEL P.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-B-158
KOCHER, ADAM                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-7
KOONAMAN, JOSEPH                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-H-253
KYLE, JOHN A.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-107
KYLE, MARY C.                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-2-103
LACKEY, RACHEL                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-107
LADD, ALBERTUS T.                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-N-351
LADD, BRADFORD S.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-407
LADUC, PETER P.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-E-347
LAFFIN, PETER                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-519
LAING, NATHAN                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-C-152
LAKE, ELIZABETH                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-129
LAKE, HEBRON                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-385
LAKE, HENRY                       HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-O-333
LAKE, JAMES                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-204
LAKE, LUCY E.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-599
LAKE, ORRENA                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-213
LAMASNEY, MARY                    FULTON                                       NY-38-2-184
LAMB, JAIRUS                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-2-160
LAMB, JAMES                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-110
LAMB, JOSEPH H.                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-229
LAMB, MORRIS                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-98
LAMB, THOMAS                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-R-17
LAMOREE, ROXILINA                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-65
LAMPHIN, LATHAM                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-I-301
LAMPMAN, EGBERT                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-108
LAMPMAN, HARRIET                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-401
LAMPSON, SIDNEY                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-J-87
LANDERS, JOHN                     WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-2-221
LANDERS, MARGARET                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-T-210
LANE, GILES W.                    CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-N-105
LANGAN, JOHN L.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-88
LANGDON, JAMES H.                 OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-2-211
LANGE, JOHN E.                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-51
LANGWORTHY, JOB                   WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-J-348
LANKTON, ELIZABETH A.             HASTINGS                                     NY-38-T-204
LANSING, ABRAHAM                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-C-11
LAPLANT, ADOLPHUS                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-72
LARABY, SARAH J.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-49
LARKIN, SAMUEL C.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-505
LARKIN, WILLIAM H.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-463
LAROBARDIER, JOSEPH               HASTINGS                                     NY-38-2-164
LAROBARDIER, LOUIS                MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-249
LATHROP, DORCAS E.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-17
LATHROP, FREDERIC B.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-133
LATHROP, ORMAN C.                 FULTON                                       NY-38-R-44
LAUNDRIC, CHARLES                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-33
LAURENCE, ELIZA                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-217
LAVERY, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-413
LAVONIER, ANNETTE                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-115
LAW, JAMES                        RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-15
LAW, JAMES R.                     MEXICON                                      NY-38-N-329
LAW, WILLIAM F.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-197
LAWLER, CATHERINE                 ALBION                                       NY-38-P-489
LAWLESS, ELLEN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-67
LAWRE, DAVID G.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-228
LAWRENCE, ALVIN                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-413
LAWRENCE, FRANCES E.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-397
LAWRENCE, JOSEPH H.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-30
LAWRENCE, SARAH M.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-323
LAWSON, ISAAC T.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-272
LAWSON, WASHINGTON                GRANBY                                       NY-38-Q-67
LAWTON, CATHERINE                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-195
LAWTON, CHESTER                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-2-132
LAWTON, ELSIE P.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-425
LAWTON, JOB                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-466
LAWTON, OLIVER A.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-405
LAWTON, ROENA H.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-251
LAWTON, THOMAS W.                 WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-R-270
LEACH, PHINEAS                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-E-109
LEADLEY, JANE ANN                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-217
LEADLY, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-209
LEAM, JOB                         MEXICO                                       NY-38-A-25
LEAVITT, OLIVER                   PALMERO                                      NY-38-B-77
LECLAIR, CHARLES                  PARISH                                       NY-38-U-7
LECLAIR, GEORGE                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-145
LECLARE, FRANCIS                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-Q-307
LECLARE, FREDERICK                MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-136
LECLERC, JAMES C.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-266
LEE, ANN                          FULTON                                       NY-38-P-27
LEE, CHARLES                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-248
LEE, ELIZABETH P. H.              FULTON                                       NY-38-T-78
LEE, EMELINE                      PHOENIX                                      NY-38-U-128
LEE, FREDERICK                    ALBION                                       NY-38-Q-329
LEE, HENRY                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-102
LEE, IRA                          GRANBY                                       NY-38-D-306
LEE, JULIA E.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-96
LEE, M. LINDLEY                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-543
LEE, MARGARET                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-30
LEE, MARY V.                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-265
LEECH, ALONZO                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-251
LEFEVER, LEWIS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-183
LEIGH, HENRY                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-2-80
LEIGH, SAMUEL                     PARISH                                       NY-38-Q-187
LEMMON, ALEXANDER                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-201
LEMMON, CHARLES                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-S-168
LENT, ABRAHAM T.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-D-113
LENT, JOHN L.                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-D-347
LEPLAIN, ROSE                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-S-54
LEROY, JACOB                      FULTON                                       NY-38-T-114
LEROY, LOUIS                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-433
LESAGE, ELLEN                     FULTON                                       NY-38-1-215
LESLIE, MARGARET                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-109
LESTER, DAVID J.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-R-45
LESTER, DAVID P.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-38
LESTER, EVALINE G.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-527
LESTER, HENRY                     BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-N-277
LESTER, MARY                      PULASKI                                      NY-38-L-319
LESTER, OLIVE H.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-J-97
LETSON, PELEG C.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-I-385
LETTS, JAMES                      PARISH                                       NY-38-I-337
LETTS, JOSEPH                     PULASKI                                      NY-38-1-236
LETTS, WILLIAM                    PARISH                                       NY-38-F-109
LEVEQUE, MARY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-13
LEWIS, ABRAM H.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-10
LEWIS, BENJAMIN                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-E-228
LEWIS, CHRISTOPHER                CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-J-211
LEWIS, DANIEL                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-45
LEWIS, FRIEND                     ORWELL                                       NY-38-B-132
LEWIS, GEORGE C.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-381
LEWIS, GEORGE W.                  AMBOY                                        NY-38-N-389
LEWIS, HULDAH                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-469
LEWIS, JOHN                       GRANBY                                       NY-38-B-162
LEWIS, MARMA                      ALBION                                       NY-38-F-343
LEWIS, MIRIAM A.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-297
LEWIS, NATHAN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-5
LEWIS, POLLY ANN                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-463
LEWIS, SIMEON                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-67
LEWIS, THOMAS                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-F-397
LEWIS, THOMAS J.                  AMBOY                                        NY-38-S-229
LIBBY, JOSEPH                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-P-257
LIEB, THEODORE L.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-557
LIEBSHUTTS, CAROLINE              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-124
LILLEY, PHINEAS                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-169
LILLIE, MARTIN                    BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-K-381
LIMBECK, ELIZABETH                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-341
LINDSAY, STEPHEN                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-1-6
LINDSEY, MARY                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-73
LINDSEY, STEPHEN B.               SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-402
LINDSLEY, STEPHEN                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-227
LIPPENCOTT, ROBERT                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-219
LIPPINCOTT, ESTHER                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-589
LISLEY, EMERY A.                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-161
LITTIEFIELD, GEORGE C.            VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-267
LITTLE, HESTER M.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-129
LITTLE, JOHN                      CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-P-113
LITTLEJOHN, ALIDA M.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-567
LITTLEJOHN, DEWITT C.             OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-21
LLOYD, SAMUEL                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-2-98
LLOYD, THOMAS                     PULASKI                                      NY-38-P-405
LOCKWOOD, SMITH                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-E-59
LOCKYER, RICHARD                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-E-160
LOMBARD, JOSEPH                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-15
LOMBARD, JULIA                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-239
LONG, WILLIAM                     LENOX, MADISON, NY                           NY-38-C-42
LONGSTREET, JOSEPH B.             RICHLAND                                     NY-38-N-271
LOOMIS, ABIEL T.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-N-397
LOOMIS, ALPHA                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-371
LOOMIS, ALPHEUS                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-U-62
LOOMIS, EMELINE C.                FULTON                                       NY-38-R-204
LOOMIS, GUY P.                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-111
LOOMIS, HARVEY                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-T-31
LOOMIS, LEWIS E.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-177
LOOMIS, NANCY C.                  ALBION                                       NY-38-2-216
LOPER, MINERVA                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-171
LORD, CATHERINE                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-511
LORD, JOHN H.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-497
LOT, ANNA                         ROCHESTER, MONROE, NY                        NY-38-B-122
LOUCKS, ELIZABETH                 LINCOLN, LANCASTER, NE                       NY-38-O-419
LOUCKS, GEORGE                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-290
LOUNSBERG, PHEBE                  OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-S-53
LOVELAND, MARIAH                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-B-302
LOWREY, JAMES                     BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-L-487
LUCAS, HENRY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-139
LUCAS, SARAH H.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-0
LUDDINGTON, FRANKLIN G.           PARISH                                       NY-38-O-311
LUDLOW, SAMUEL B.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-363
LUMBARD, DURUS                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-297
LYMAN, SILAS                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-11
LYNCH, MICHAEL                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-146
LYON, ANNIE R.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-597
LYON, JAMES                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-230
LYON, JOHN E.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-193
LYONS, DANIEL                     WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-F-415
LYONS, JOHN                       ORWELL                                       NY-38-U-129
MacDONALD, DUNCAN                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-Q-297
MACK, HARMAN N.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-547
MACK, JOSHUA                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-F-145
MACK, LEVI                        SCRIBA                                       NY-38-G-205
MACK, NORMAN B.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-1-293
MACK, WILLIAM A.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-179
MACY, ALBERTINE                   PULASKI                                      NY-38-R-139
MAGARRY, SARAH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-70
MAHAN, PATRICK                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-L-85
MAHANNEY, TIMOTHY                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-S-205
MAHONEY, JOHN                     OSEGO                                        NY-38-M-151
MAHONEY, JOHN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-311
MAHONEY, MARY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-149
MAHONEY, MARY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-134
MAHONEY, MICHAEL                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-31
MAHONEY, TIMOTHY                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-109
MAINS, WILLIAM D. P.              MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-198
MALCOLM, WILLIAM S.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-54
MALLET, NARCISSE                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-353
MALLORY, BENJAMIN                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-M-353
MALLORY, CHARLES                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-Q-357
MALLORY, EMMA B.                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-O-21
MALLORY, MARY L.                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-M-357
MALOREY, THOMAS J.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-339
MALTBY, ALBERT G.                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-185
MALTBY, ALMIRA S. A.              PULASKI                                      NY-38-1-277
MALTBY, ALMIRA S.                 PULASKI                                      NY-38-1-207
MALTBY, MARY                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-F-271
MALTBY, TIMOTHY                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-B-238
MALTBY, TIMOTHY                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-227
MANIFOLD, GEORGE                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-257
MANIGAN, PATRICK                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-152
MANNING, BIDELIA                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-63
MANNING, GEORGE                   PARISH                                       NY-38-T-195
MANWARIN, PHILO                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-Q-181
MANWARING, KENYON                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-512
MANWARING, MARIA DE WOLF          OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-3
MANWARING, SAMUEL                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-327
MANWARING, WILLIAM                **                                           NY-38-B-276
MANWARREN, NORMAN B.              MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-60
MANWARRING, LOUISA                MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-158
MAREY, ISAAC                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-583
MARGERY, PETER                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-21
MARGITROYD, STEPHEN               HASTINGS                                     NY-38-O-107
MARION, JEREMIAH                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-209
MARKHAM, JASON S.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-259
MARKHAM, SETH O.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-442
MARSDEN, WELCOME                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-1-204
MARSH, CATHARINE C.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-91
MARSH, DANIEL H.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-523
MARSH, ISAAC W.                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-81
MARSH, ORSAMUS                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-99
MARSHALL, JOHN                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-249
MARTIN, CHARLES G.                PARISH                                       NY-38-P-541
MARTIN, ELIZABETH                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-T-175
MARTIN, JOHN                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-259
MARTIN, JOSEPH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-191
MARTIN, MARIA                     PARISH                                       NY-38-R-102
MARTIN, PHILANDER G.              MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-403
MARTIN, SAMUEL                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-102
MARTIN, THOMAS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-191
MARVIN, NATHANIEL                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-G-265
MARVIN, ORTON O.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-T-55
MARVIN, POLLY                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-31
MARVIN, WILLIAM                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-F-139
MASON, ALMON                      SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-R-81
MASON, CATHARINE                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-335
MATHEWS, JOHN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-270
MATHEWS, LOVISA                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-1-155
MATHEWS, VIRGIL H.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-E-97
MATHEWSON, BETSEY                 PULASKI                                      NY-38-P-21
MATHIEU, CHARLES                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-U-4
MATTESON, ALETHEA                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-N-447
MATTESON, DAVID                   PARISH                                       NY-38-C-189
MATTESON, LYDIA                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-139
MATTESON, OBADIAH                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-355
MATTHEWS, EDMUND                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-C-245
MATTHEWS, LEVI                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-188
MATTISON, CHARLES J.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-114
MATTISON, JAMES H.                SCRIBA                                       NY-38-H-301
MATTISON, SOLOMON                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-410
MATTISON, TRUMAN G.               SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-41
MATTOON, ABNER C.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-16
MATTY, MARANN                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-405
MAVRET, EMMA                      HASTINGS                                     NY-38-S-163
MAXFIELD, SARAH                   PHOENIX                                      NY-38-R-49
MAXON, SUSAN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-185
MAXWELL, GEORGE G.                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-G-409
MAXWELL, JOHN                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-O-323
MAXWELL, JOSEPH                   PULASKI                                      NY-38-R-34
MAY, ALANSON                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-M-479
MAY, CHARLES                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-220
MAY, DAVID                        SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-I-205
MAY, ERNESTINA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-161
MAY, MARTHA MASON                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-S-118
MAY, NANCY                        NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-R-117
MAYBEE, JOSEPH                    PARISH                                       NY-38-I-133
MCAFEE, SAMUEL                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-K-521
MCAULEY, CRAMER                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-127
MCAULEY, ROBERT                   ALBION                                       NY-38-N-223
MCBRIDE, GEORGE C.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-296
MCBRIDE, JOHN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-100
MCCANN, BRIDGET                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-105
MCCANN, PETER                     OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-2-55
MCCANN, SUSAN                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-113
MCCARLIN, JOHN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-8
MCCARMA, SARAH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-205
MCCARR, SAMUEL                    OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-T-252
MCCARTHY, BARTHOLOMEW             GRANBY                                       NY-38-I-187
MCCARTHY, ELLEN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-260
MCCARTHY, FLORENCE                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-172
MCCARTHY, JOHN                    SCHROEPPLE                                   NY-38-F-181
MCCARTHY, MARY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-151
MCCARTHY, PETER                   REDFIELD                                     NY-38-M-467
MCCARTHY, TIMOTHY                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-242
MCCARTY, BRIDGET                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-55
MCCATHERN, JOHN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-138
MCCATHRINE, WILLIAM               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-27
MCCATHRON, MARGARET               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-267
MCCHENSEY, JAMES A.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-341
MCCHESNEY, JOHN                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-A-16
MCCHESNEY, WILLIAM                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-I-43
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-Q-269
MCCLYMOND, BRUCE                  FULTON                                       NY-38-J-322
MCCOLLUM, CLIFTON H.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-295
MCCOON, MILO M.                   PARISH                                       NY-38-T-112
MCCRAY, JAMES                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-B-129
MCCULLOUGH, ANN                   OSEWGO                                       NY-38-U-125
MCCULLY, JAMES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-122
MCCURDY, JAMES                    REDFIELD                                     NY-38-O-433
MCDANIELS, CATHARINE              AMBOY                                        NY-38-P-595
MCDONALD, CAROLINE M.             FULTON                                       NY-38-R-21
MCDONALD, JOHN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-71
MCDONALD, MARY                    FULTON                                       NY-38-2-90
MCDONNELL, MICHAEL                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-S-31
MCDOUGALL, ARCHIBALD              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-338
MCDOWELL, JAMES                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-215
MCGANN, PATRICK                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-71
MCGINNIS, PETER                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-469
MCGOVERN, EDWARD                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-385
MCGOVERN, ELLEN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-122
MCGOWAN, JAMES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-461
MCGOWAN, PATRICK                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-12
MCGRATH, CATHARINE                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-197
MCGRATH, HELEN                    FULTON                                       NY-38-T-79
MCILVEEN, WILLIAM                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-119
MCINTOSH, MARGARET                OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-S-136
MCINTYRE, ARCHIBALD D.            OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-226
MCINTYRE, CATHARINE               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-395
MCINTYRE, HIRAM H.                WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-R-222
MCKAY, ROBERT                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-I-235
MCKENNA, THOMAS C.                ORWELL                                       NY-38-2-12
MCKENNEY, JOHANNA                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-2-205
MCKIERNAN, MARIA R.               FULTON                                       NY-38-2-138
MCKINDLEY, JOHN                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-Q-271
MCKINLEY, FRANK                   PHOENIX                                      NY-38-T-101
MCKNIGHT, GEORGE                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-139
MCKOON, MARTIN                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-I-463
MCLAUGHLIN, MICHAEL               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-426
MCLEAN, JOHN B.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-79
MCLEOD, LAWRENCE                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-551
MCLOUGHLIN, MICHAEL               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-426
MCMAHON, JAMES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-387
MCMAHON, MICHAEL                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-19
MCMANUS, GEORGE D.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-116
MCMELLIN, ANNA                    FULTON                                       NY-38-H-433
MCMILLEN, ROBERT                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-R-5
MCMORTERY, BETSEY                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-112
MCMULLEN, LEWIS                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-K-365
MCMULLEN, ROBERT                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-247
MCMUTREY, HUGH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-120
MCNALLY, MARGARET                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-172
MCNAMARA, JOHN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-95
MCNITT, SAMUEL                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-391
MCNULTY, ISAAC                    REDFIELD                                     NY-38-1-38
MCPHAIL, JAMES D.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-357
MCPHERSON, DONALD                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-B-57
MCQUEEN, JOHN                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-L-133
MCQUEEN, PATRICK                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-13
MCWHORTER, ALEXANDER CO.          OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-313
MCWHORTER, CECILIA                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-495
MCWHORTER, JOHN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-267
MCWHORTER, MARGARET               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-37
MEACHAM, ASA                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-F-349
MEACHAM, JABEZ                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-C-241
MEAD, JASPER H.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-245
MEAD, NATHANIEL                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-155
MEAD, NICHOLAS D.                 ALBION                                       NY-38-M-13
MELCHERT, JOSEPH                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-55
MELLEN, ALICE                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-R-124
MELLEN, LUCRETIA S.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-T-167
MELLEN, NATHAN                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-C-205
MENETIS, SUSAN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-207
MENNEY, FRANCES                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-63
MENNEY, FRANCES                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-499
MENNEY, JOSEPH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-319
MENNIEY, POLINE                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-37
MENTER, EBENEZER E.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-471
MENTER, WILLIAM J.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-221
MERCHANT, EZEKIEL                 WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-D-384
MERCHANT, GORDON                  WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-K-237
MERCHANT, JAMES A.                WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-S-89
MERCHANT, JANE                    WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-F-361
MERCHANT, JOEL                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-175
MERIDITH, SARAH J.                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-1-19
MERRELL, THEADORE                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-B-13
MERRIAM, FREDERICK W.             OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-505
MERRIAM, GEORGE P.                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-35
MERRIAM, HELEN A.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-62
MERRIAM, HENRY H.                 OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-2-170
MERRIAM, WILLIAM                  ALBION                                       NY-38-J-550
MERRICK, MOSES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-219
MERRILL, SILAS K.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-H-277
MERRITT, CAROLINE                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-211
MERRITT, CHARLES                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-K-407
MERRITT, ISAAC B.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-E-242
MERRY, BETSEY                     PHOENIX                                      NY-38-J-5
MERRY, GEORGE                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-H-385
MESICK, LORENZO                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-R-155
METCALF, ALMEDA M.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-239
METCALF, DANIEL                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-509
METZGER, CHARLES                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-S-28
METZGER, VALENTINE                HASTINGS                                     NY-38-O-103
MEYER, CHARLES                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-P-239
MEYLER, AMELIA                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-S-259
MICHEL, NICHOLAS                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-185
MICKLE, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-54
MIDDLETON, ROBERT                 ALBION                                       NY-38-1-82
MIDLAM, EDWIN                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-58
MIDLAM, ORVILLE                   **                                           NY-38-1-260
MIDLAM, SARAH A.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-U-13
MILLEGAN, CATHARINE               SCRIBA                                       NY-38-L-409
MILLER, ADAM                      WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-P-319
MILLER, ALZINA                    REDFIELD                                     NY-38-S-104
MILLER, AUGUSTUS T.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-75
MILLER, CHARLES B.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-51
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-P-263
MILLER, CORNELIUS                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-I-229
MILLER, CORNELIUS H.              GRANBY                                       NY-38-A-31
MILLER, CYNTHIA                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-221
MILLER, DUDLEY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-26
MILLER, ELIZABETH                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-51
MILLER, GEORGE                    PARISH                                       NY-38-H-145
MILLER, HENRY W.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-73
MILLER, ISAAC                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-55
MILLER, LOREN                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-I-265
MILLER, MAGDALENA                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-55
MILLER, MARY                      GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-379
MILLER, NICHOLAS                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-B-175
MILLER, PHILLIP E.                CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-U-101
MILLER, PHINEAS A.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-2-157
MILLER, SARAH J.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-291
MILLER, WILLIAM A.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-119
MILLIGAN, JAMES                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-248
MILLINS, LEWIS                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-F-253
MILLS, ANTHONY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-174
MILLS, JOHN                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-89
MINNERY, HENRY                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-19
MINTER, CYNTHIA M.                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-K-546
MINTONGE, JOHN                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-325
MITCHELL, ALEXANDER               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-R-73
MITCHELL, EDWARD                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-139
MITCHELL, EZRA C.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-67
MITCHELL, JOHN R.                 PARISH                                       NY-38-N-491
MITCHELL, JOSHUA P.               PARISH                                       NY-38-R-52
MITCHELL, MATTHEW                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-515
MOAHET, NICHOLAS                  WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-C-115
MOE, ALANSON F.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-Q-165
MOLOY, HARRIET                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-J-320
MONROE, CLOE                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-I-469
MONROE, ERI                       GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-435
MONROE, HENRY L.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-U-107
MONROE, JOSEPH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-443
MONTGOMERY, SARAH                 SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-I-103
MOODY, HARRY O. H.                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-223
MOORE, ARABELLA                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-441
MOORE, DAVID                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-119
MOORE, FRANKLIN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-295
MOORE, GEORGE                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-19
MOORE, HARRIET A.                 REDFIELD                                     NY-38-T-81
MOORE, JANE                       SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-1-97
MOORE, KADY                       FULTON                                       NY-38-S-253
MOORE, LAUGHLIN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-325
MOORE, MARY                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-58
MOORE, SIDNEY                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-98
MORAN, JOHANNA                    PULASKI                                      NY-38-T-221
MOREHOUSE, JAMES H.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-156
MOREHOUSE, MARY                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-194
MOREHOUSE, SOMERS                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-387
MOREY, JACOB H.                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-2-273
MOREY, MARTIN                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-199
MOREY, MARY A.                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-P-231
MORGAN, ALPHEUS                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-1-73
MORGAN, ELIZA                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-221
MORGAN, ISAAC                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-B-32
MORGAN, LUCY W.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-156
MORGAN, NEWEL A.                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-R-115
MORGAN, WILLIAM R.                SCRIBA                                       NY-38-F-457
MORRIN, SAMUEL                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-321
MORRIS, JOHN B. C.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-95
MORRISON, JACOB                   PARISH                                       NY-38-P-539
MORROW, ROBERT T.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-157
MORROW, ZILPHIA                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-199
MORSE, JEDEDIAH                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-G-475
MORSE, LEVI R.                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-G-559
MORSE, MARY                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-50
MORTON, OLIVER                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-159
MORTON, PHILINDA                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-10
MORTON, POLLY C.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-238
MOSHER, DAVID                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-C-84
MOSS, EMILY                       PALERMO                                      NY-38-S-1
MOSS, NICHOLAS                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-E-287
MOTT, POLLY                       NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-201
MOTT, THOMAS S.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-161
MOUGIN, BENJAMIN                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-88
MOWERS, DANIEL                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-1-247
MOY, DEXTER                       NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-156
MOYER, ABRAM                      WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-J-384
MOYER, JACOB                      SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-1-145
MOYER, JOSIAH                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-Q-281
MUCKEY, ANNE MARIA                HASTINGS                                     NY-38-J-53
MUDGE, GERTRUDE                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-1
MULLEN, JOHN                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-214
MULLIN, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-236
MUNGER, CAROLINE                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-125
MUNGER, HIRAM                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-H-163
MUNRO, BARNABAS                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-B-41
MUNSON, IDA E.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-157
MURGETTROYA, CHARLES              HASTINGS                                     NY-38-L-395
MURGITTROYD, LORENZO D.           SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-1-253
MURPHY, DAVIS                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-311
MURPHY, JAMES                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-269
MURPHY, JOHN                      CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-P-177
MURPHY, JOHN                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-T-18
MURPHY, JOHN                      PHOENIX                                      NY-38-2-228
MURPHY, ROBERT                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-459
MURRAY, HAMILTON                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-541
MURRAY, HAMILTON                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-219
MURRAY, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-146
MURRAY, MARTHA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-217
MURTY, THOMAS                     CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-Q-169
MUSHIZER, MARY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-413
MUTTER, JOSEPH                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-S-119
MYERS, HENRY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-292
MYERS, HENRY D.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-68
MYERS, LUCIA E.                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-191
MYERS, POLLY                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-F-157
MYERS, WILLIAM N.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-271
MYRICK, SETH S.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-F-367
NASH, HANNAH                      PARISH                                       NY-38-F-373
NASH, LOIS A.                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-P-483
NAVAGH, VIRGINIA E.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-175
NAVINS, JAMES                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-391
NELLIGAN, MARY                    FULTON                                       NY-38-U-6
NELLIS, CATHERINE                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-O-225
NELSON, JOSEPH M.                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-M-113
NELSON, MARY S.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-223
NELSON, OLIVER B.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-241
NEPPER, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-109
NETTLETON, EDWARD                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-I-1
NEWCOMB, ASAHEL                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-445
NEWELL, NOAH P.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-403
NEWKIRK, ADELAIDE E.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-187
NEWMAN, MARGARET A.               FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-115
NEWMAN, THOMAS                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-195
NEWSTEAD, EDWARD                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-47
NEWSTON, ROBERT                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-C-149
NEWTON, JOTHAM                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-164
NEWTON, PITT M.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-213
NIBBS, AGNES B.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-F-37
NIBBS, JOSEPH                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-284
NICHOLS, DAVID                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-Q-137
NICHOLS, ELIZA J.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-56
NICHOLS, JOHN                     AMBOY                                        NY-38-N-405
NICHOLS, JOHN L.                  PULASKI                                      NY-38-1-48
NICHOLSON, JOHN                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-2-40
NICHOLSON, JOSEPH                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-49
NICHOLSON, LORENZO                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-2-140
NICKERSON, ENOCH                  WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-D-71
NICKERSON, MARY S.                CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-S-184
NICKOLSON, LUCY                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-78
NILES, ISAAC                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-B-183
NILES, SAMUEL                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-463
NIPPER, MARY M.                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-E-269
NOONAN, DAVID                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-423
NORRISH, ELLEN M.                 OSEWGO                                       NY-38-U-136
NORTH, CHARLES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-214
NORTHOP, DANIEL                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-184
NORTHROP, DAVID                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-127
NORTHROP, DAVID A.                GRANBY                                       NY-38-E-321
NORTON, APPOLLOS                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-O-139
NORTON, DANIEL                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-I-211
NORTON, HIRAM F.                  ALBION                                       NY-38-U-130
NORTON, JOHN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-447
NORTON, LUCY SARAH                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-287
NORTON, LUMAN                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-K-59
NORTON, RUSSELL                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-29
NORTON, TIMOTHY                   ALBION                                       NY-38-B-149
NOTMAN, TIMOTHY                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-I-421
NOYES, GEORGE W.                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-N-281
NOYES, IRA                        SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-185
NUTTING, NEWTON W.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-203
NUTTING, WILLIAM                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-539
NYBORN, JOHN W.                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-97
OBRIEN, BRIDGET                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-609
OBRIEN, MARGARET                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-100
OBRIEN, WILLIAM                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-15
OCALLAGHAN, PATRICK               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-387
OCONNOR, JAMES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-28
OCONNOR, PATRICK                  CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-L-237
ODEA, PATRICK                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-S-87
ODERKIRK, NELSON                  BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-O-455
ODONNELLY, JOHN                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-429
OGORMAN, ISABELLA K.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-427
OHANLON, ELLEN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-21
OHARA, THOMAS D.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-218
OHARRA, ELIZABETH                 OSEWGO                                       NY-38-M-273
OHDE, JUSTINA A. E.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-77
OKEEFE, MARGARET                  OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-2-137
OLIPHANT, RICHARD                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-79
OLIVER, FRANK W.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-603
OLIVER, JOHN WRIGHT               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-117
OLIVER, MARGARET                  OSEWGO                                       NY-38-2-89
OLIVER, ROBERT JR.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-173
OLMSTEAD, ORIMEL B.               ORWELL                                       NY-38-P-225
OLMSTED, GAMALIEL                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-D-85
ORMAND, THOMAS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-133
ORMSBEE, ALLEN H.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-60
ORMSBEE, PHILANDER                MEXICO                                       NY-38-F-163
ORMSBY, ELIJAH L.                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-N-265
ORTON, ASHBEL                     WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-O-381
OSBORN, AVIS                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-S-222
OSBORN, EPHRAIM                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-B-153
OSBORN, GEORGE E.                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-2-15
OSBORN, ISAC H.                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-B-223
OSGOOD, CALVIN G.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-S-3
OSGOOD, CAROLINE O. L.            FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-227
OSGOOD, DOLLY H.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-S-257
OSGOOD, WILLARD                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-G-553
OSTERHOUT, CHARLES E.             OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-271
OSTERHOUT, JACOB                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-K-21
OTIS, THOMAS                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-140
OTIS, WILLIAM F.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-2-135
OTTMAN, PETER                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-T-116
OTTMAN, WILLIAM C.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-57
OUDEKIRK, ABRAM                   ORWELL                                       NY-38-G-121
OULD, AMELIA B.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-127
OULD, SUSAN M.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-317
OVITT, ELLEN                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-1-198
OWEN, DANIEL D.                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-C-69
OWEN, LEROY                       PALERMO                                      NY-38-M-173
OWEN, NELSON                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-E-253
OWEN, OSCAR F.                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-137
OWEN, WASHINGTON                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-J-31
OYER, JACOB                       WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-F-301
OYER, SATE E.                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-T-46

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