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DADA, ARMENA B. C.                FULTON                                       NY-38-O-347
DAFFLER, JOHN                     CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-M-115
DAGGETT, GEORGE W.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-331
DAGWELL, GEORGE                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-N-11
DAGWELL, WILLIAM                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-G-37
DAILEY, JOHN                      CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-M-5
DAILY, CHARLOTTE                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-179
DAKE, MARY E.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-249
DALE, LEWIS                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-109
DALRYMPLE, JOHN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-197
DALY, JOHN                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-193
DAMUTH, MARY L.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-335
DANBY, ELIZABETH                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-J-398
DANFORTH, MARSHAL                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-P-189
DANIELS, HORATIO                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-437
DANIELS, JACKSON                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-108
DANN, SARAH                       GRANBY                                       NY-38-E-296
DARBY, ANNA                       OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-1-240
DARBY, JOHN                       PALERMO                                      NY-38-L-99
DARLING, BENJAMIN                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-475
DARLING, HERBERT E.               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-1-131
DARLING, SIDNEY                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-185
DARRIN, DANIEL B.                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-K-371
DARROW, JEDEDIAH                  FULTON                                       NY-38-F-13
DARROW, RUTH H.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-G-211
DAUMHOWER, JOHN W.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-221
DAVEY, HENRY                      ALBION                                       NY-38-O-403
DAVID, ABRAM                      PARISH                                       NY-38-N-193
DAVID, ADELLE                     WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-M-377
DAVID, JOSEPH                     PULASKI                                      NY-38-S-243
DAVID, LEANDER S.                 PARISH                                       NY-38-T-94
DAVIS, ALBERT M.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-T-10
DAVIS, CHARLES                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-U-115
DAVIS, CHARLES E.                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-295
DAVIS, DAVID                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-251
DAVIS, DAVID                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-E-250
DAVIS, ELANOR A.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-275
DAVIS, ELIJAH                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-M-181
DAVIS, FREEMAN                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-G-397
DAVIS, HARRIET                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-125
DAVIS, HOSEA                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-H-523
DAVIS, ICHABOD                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-47
DAVIS, JAMES A.                   CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-2-33
DAVIS, JEREMIAH                   WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-F-31
DAVIS, JOHN                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-M-471
DAVIS, JOHN B.                    PULASKI                                      NY-38-M-127
DAVIS, JOHN L.                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-H-241
DAVIS, JOSEPH                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-277
DAVIS, JOSEPH H.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-399
DAVIS, MARY SHELDON               ORWELL                                       NY-38-R-269
DAVIS, PELEG                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-J-185
DAVIS, PETER                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-P-563
DAVIS, PHINEAS                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-144
DAVIS, PHOEBE B.                  PHOENIX                                      NY-38-Q-71
DAVIS, SIMEON                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-F-481
DAWLEY, BENJAMIN                  PARISH                                       NY-38-J-13
DAWLEY, JOSEPH                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-113
DAWLEY, SAMUEL                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-196
DAY, MARTHA                       PARISH                                       NY-38-2-85
DAY, PETER                        SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-O-481
DAY, ROSAN                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-54
DAY, SOPHIA                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-M-55
DAYLEY, OWEN                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-137
DAYTON, GILSON A.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-169
DEAN, AMOS                        GRANBY                                       NY-38-T-151
DEAN, WILLIAM                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-150
DEANS, ISABELLA J.                CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-1-254
DEBBAGE, TEMMY E.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-219
DECORA, JOSEPH                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-K-115
DEFOREST, EMILINE O.              GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-575
DEGARMO, JOHN                     PARISH                                       NY-38-S-12
DEGOFF, GEORGE                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-R-105
DEGRAW, HENRY A.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-D-282
DEGROFF, ISAAC                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-U-93
DEITZ, CHARLOTTE                  NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, NY                  NY-38-B-164
DELANEY, FANNY                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-243
DELORE, ANN                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-U-109
DELORE, NICHOLAS                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-166
DEMING, JONATHAN                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-232
DEMING, TIMOTHY                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-547
DEMOTT, DAVID                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-J-61
DEMOTT, ELISHA                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-30
DEMOTT, GEORGE                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-82
DEMPSEY, MARY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-73
DENNING, SALLY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-44
DENNIS, ARTHUR                    PARISH                                       NY-38-L-169
DENNIS, BENJAMIN                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-61
DENNIS, ENOCH                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-121
DENNISON, HARRIET A.              PALERMO                                      NY-38-2-294
DENNISON, LUCINDA B.              HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-R-47
DENOTT, MARY                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-133
DENSLOW, LUGINA                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-145
DENSLOW, SPEEDY                   ALBION                                       NY-38-G-361
DENSMORE, MARY C.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-239
DENSMORE, THOMAS J.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-331
DENTON, CATHARINE                 PHOENIX                                      NY-38-U-148
DENTON, JOHN T.                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-383
DEPEW, JOHN                       OSEWGO                                       NY-38-U-40
DESHNER, ADALINE                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-361
DESMONT, MARGARET                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-135
DESSUM, GEORGE                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-186
DEUSE, REUBEN S.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-J-71
DEVENDORF, GILBERT R.             HASTINGS                                     NY-38-H-529
DEVENDORF, RUDOLPH                HASTINGS                                     NY-38-T-248
DEVOY, PATRICK                    WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-B-261
DEWEY, DAVID                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-B-98
DEWEY, HENRY                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-B-3
DEWEY, JERVIS N.                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-F-445
DEWOLF, DELOS                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-432
DEWOLF, JOHN                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-U-19
DEXTER, DARIUS T.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-H-259
DEXTER, MARY J.                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-O-39
DEXTER, WILLIAM                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-74
DICKINSON, ELIZABETH C.           CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-R-216
DICKINSON, ISAAC                  CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-G-253
DICKINSON, JOHN L.                ALBION                                       NY-38-K-35
DICKINSON, ROSWELL C.             RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-9
DICKINSON, WILLIAM P.             CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-R-212
DIEFENDORF, HENRY J.              SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-K-403
DIEFENDORF, JOHN H. I.            SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-O-343
DILLENBACH, JOHN M.               **                                           NY-38-B-37
DIMOCK, RICHARD E.                REDFIELD                                     NY-38-D-338
DINES, ROBERT                     FULTON                                       NY-38-S-232
DINGMAN, ABRAM                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-J-207
DINNER, ROBERT                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-J-181
DISTIN, JOHN H.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-223
DIXON, EDWARD                     WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-1-265
DIXON, LAURA A.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-M-365
DOANE, ABRAM                      ORWELL                                       NY-38-J-29
DOANE, ADELIA                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-229
DOANE, IRENE L.                   OSEWGO                                       NY-38-Q-99
DOANE, SIMEON                     PULASKI                                      NY-38-J-193
DOCKSTADER, CORA AMELIA           OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-248
DODD, GEORGE                      REDFIELD                                     NY-38-M-243
DODGE, CHARLES C.                 PULASKI                                      NY-38-U-72
DOLAN, ANDREW                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-383
DOLLAWAY, WILLIAM                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-G-283
DOMBURGH, ADAM                    BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-Q-327
DONAHER, MARGARET                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-67
DONAHUE, DANIEL F.                SCRIBA                                       NY-38-M-259
DONAHUE, HONNORAH                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-245
DONLAN, OWEN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-217
DONNELLY, AMY                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-57
DONNELLY, JOHN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-239
DONNELLY, JOHN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-76
DONNELLY, JOHN                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-141
DONNOLLY, AN                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-145
DONOHUE, FLORENCE                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-249
DONOVAN, JAMES                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-119
DONOVAN, TIMOTHY                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-126
DOOLITTLE, AMOS B.                ALBION                                       NY-38-J-3
DOOLITTLE, BENJAMIN               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-73
DOOLITTLE, CORPELIA               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-157
DOOLITTLE, SOLOMON L.             MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-142
DORR, ANNA L.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-147
DORWIN, FREDERICK H.              RICHLAND                                     NY-38-N-83
DOUGLAS, JAMES                    PULASKI                                      NY-38-S-86
DOUGLAS, JONATHAN A.              PARISH                                       NY-38-B-106
DOUGLASS, ABEL                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-153
DOUGLASS, ANN M.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-S-142
DOUGLASS, HARRIET                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-T-103
DOUGLASS, JOHN                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-256
DOUGLASS, JOSEPH                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-G-607
DOUGLASS, ORLANDO                 REDFIELD                                     NY-38-E-353
DOUGLASS, PEREGRINE F.            ALBION                                       NY-38-S-176
DOUGLASS, SALMON J.               SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-265
DOUGLASS, STEPHEN                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-C-111
DOUGLASS, VOLNEY                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-153
DOWD, MARY J.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-204
DOWD, THOMAS S.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-561
DOWLER, MARY                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-D-6
DOWLING, MICHAEL                  REDFIELD                                     NY-38-1-121
DOWNEY, ROBERT                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-43
DOWNS, EDWARD                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-375
DOWNS, EMILY A.                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-R-237
DOWNS, HUGH                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-M-367
DOWNS, MARY                       OSEGO                                        NY-38-M-153
DOWNS, RUFUS                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-L-279
DOXTATER, HENRY                   PARISH                                       NY-38-I-151
DOYLE, MARGARET                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-75
DRAKE, LOUIS H.                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-T-7
DRAKE, LYMAN                      SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-J-223
DRAKE, MARIA                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-157
DRAKE, THOMAS                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-19
DRAKE, WARNER                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-C-8
DRAPER, CLARISSA A.               REDFIELD                                     NY-38-J-7
DRAPER, HENRY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-32
DRAPER, JOHN                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-P-361
DRIESNACK, AMELIA                 FULTON                                       NY-38-1-37
DRISCOLL, MARY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-149
DRUMM, PATRICK                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-8
DRURY, EUNICE                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-G-571
DRURY, JOEL S.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-209
DRURY, JOHN                       OSEGO                                        NY-38-M-91
DRURY, NATHAN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-151
DUBOIS, DENNISON D.               SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-129
DUBOIS, ELI                       VOLNEY                                       NY-38-2-50
DUELL, CORNELIUS                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-143
DUFFY, KATHARINE                  PULASKI                                      NY-38-T-168
DUGAN, ANN                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-187
DUGAN, ARTHUR                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-313
DUGAN, THOMAS                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-287
DUGGINS, MICHAEL                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-69
DUMAS, JASPER                     HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-O-369
DUMBALTON, GEORGE                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-32
DUMBLETON, HORACE                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-300
DUMBOLTON, SAMUEL                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-76
DUNCAN, MARY ANN                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-S-41
DUNCAN, SETH P.                   CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-1-203
DUNHAM, HORATIO                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-N-471
DUNHAM, JAMES N.                  AMBOY                                        NY-38-M-399
DUNLAP, SAMUEL                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-E-1
DUNN, ALFRED                      GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-307
DUNN, CATHARINE                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-H-247
DUNN, DAVID                       WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-S-151
DUNN, JOHN H.                     CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-T-5
DUNN, MARY                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-158
DUPROW, EDWARD                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-340
DUTCHER, ANN MARIA                PHOENIX                                      NY-38-2-275
DUTCHER, JERUITA                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-37
DUTCHER, NOAH S.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-J-215
DUTCHER, SARAH A.                 OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-1-7
DUTCHER, THOMAS R.                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-M-405
DUTTON, ORSON H.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-303
DYER, ISAAC                       ALBION                                       NY-38-E-331
DYER, JOHN SR.                    FULTON                                       NY-38-1-206
DYKE, SARDIUS                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-234
EAGLE, HENRY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-247
EARL, HOSMER N.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-458
EARL, MARY A.                     FULTON                                       NY-38-S-46
EARL, NATHANIEL                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-B-69
EARLE, DANIEL                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-78
EASON, ROSE ANN                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-90
EASTMAN, PHEBE                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-337
EASTON, AMANDA                    FULTON                                       NY-38-U-117
EASTON, CHAUNCEY                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-C-129
EASTON, DAVID                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-A-1
EBERT, GEORGE SR.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-61
EDGAR, ROBERT                     ALBION                                       NY-38-B-135
EDGARTON, JAMES A.                OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-N-157
EDICK, JOHN                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-491
EDICK, WILLIAM                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-393
EDSON, ESTHER M.                  OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-T-105
EDSON, HIRAM                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-O-317
EDWARDS, CATHARINE A.             OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-383
EDWARDS, JOHN B.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-145
EDWARDS, MARGARET                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-66
EDWARDS, MARY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-26
EDWARDS, RALPH                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-Q-335
EDWARDS, WILLIAM                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-148
EGAN, LETYCIA                     CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-S-128
EGGLESTON, CHARLES T.             OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-T-100
EGGLESTON, FRANCES W.             VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-151
EGGLESTON, WILLIAM H.             SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-200
EHLE, HARMON W.                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-143
EHLE, OLIVE                       PARISH                                       NY-38-L-151
EICKS, FREDERICK                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-11
ELDRED, HELY B.                   PARISH                                       NY-38-L-429
ELDRID, CASEY                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-125
ELDRIDGE, THOMAS                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-411
ELLIS, JOEL                       RICHLAND                                     NY-38-A-28
ELLSWORTH, SAMUEL                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-U-25
ELY, EDWARD G.                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-J-103
ELY, F. LOUISA                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-190
EMBRY, J. SHEPARD                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-T-188
EMERSON, ALBERT R.                WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-G-421
EMERY, JAMES                      FULTON                                       NY-38-J-260
EMERY, SAMUEL                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-I-511
EMMONS, CHAUNCEY B.               WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-O-377
EMORY, ALVAH                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-490
EMORY, ANNIE                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-97
EMORY, BENJAMIN                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-234
EMORY, ELIZABETH                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-T-218
EMORY, SILAS                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-297
EMORY, VELORUS                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-485
EMPEY, MELISSA M.                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-2-192
ENDRES, PETER                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-110
ENO, IRA L.                       PHOENIX                                      NY-38-R-166
ENO, JOHN                         OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-55
ERSKINE, CHARLES R.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-K-327
EVANS, JOHN                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-1
EVANS, MARY J.                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-T-215
EVERTS, ANNA M.                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-187
EVERTS, ELIJAH                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-301
EVERTS, FRANKLIN                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-I-25
EVERTS, LUTHER                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-F-391
EVERTS, MARTHA J.                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-289
EVERTS, PHILO                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-E-412
EVERTS, SAMUEL                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-174
FAILING, EBENEZER                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-G-481
FAIR, BRIDGET                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-341
FAIRCHILD, CHARLES B.             PARISH                                       NY-38-K-352
FAIRLEY, JOHN J.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-84
FAIRMAN, PHEBE                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-202
FALLEY, GEORGE F.                 FULTON                                       NY-38-C-62
FANCHER, SAMUEL                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-D-360
FANNON, MALCHI                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-391
FARLEY, FRANKLIN                  REDFIELD                                     NY-38-J-157
FARMAN, ROSWELL                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-B-133
FARNHAM, GEORGE N.                FULTON                                       NY-38-2-191
FARNHAM, NATHAN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-441
FARNUM, HANNAH                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-373
FARR, ELIJAH                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-E-370
FARRAR, FRANCES                   WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-Q-41
FARREL, CATHARINE                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-189
FARRELL, EDWARD F.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-225
FARRELL, MICHAEL                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-351
FARRELL, PATRICK                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-L-71
FARRINGTON, AURELIA               SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-209
FAUCHER, MARIA L.                 HASTINGS                                     NY-38-1-298
FAY, ANSON                        VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-22
FELLOWS, ISAAC                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-215
FELLOWS, SOLOMAN G.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-155
FELLOWS, STEPHEN H.               RICHLAND                                     NY-38-N-563
FENDER, RATTSEY J.                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-2-128
FERGUSON, DAVID                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-286
FERGUSON, JAMES                   ORWELL                                       NY-38-C-230
FERGUSON, JONATHAN                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-E-378
FERGUSON, SAMUEL                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-249
FERRINGTON, AMOS                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-263
FERRIS, EBENEZER                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-D-64
FERRIS, LEONARD                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-199
FERRIS, SOLOMON                   CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-H-319
FEY, HENRY                        ALBION                                       NY-38-S-156
FIDLER, JOHN D.                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-2-178
FIELD, ALANSON                    WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-P-71
FILLMORE, ETHNI                   BOYLSTON                                     NY-38-B-244
FINCH, HENRY                      GRANBY                                       NY-38-C-38
FINCH, SETH                       VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-389
FINERSON, PATRICK                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-113
FINSTER, MARY B.                  PULASKI                                      NY-38-R-1
FINSTER, RILEY                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-S-94
FIRES, FREDERICK CHARLES          OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-445
FISH, AARON                       VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-205
FISH, AARON G.                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-59
FISH, FRANCIS J.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-2-102
FISH, HANNAH S.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-439
FISH, JESSE                       WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-J-167
FISH, JOSEPH                      PHOENIX                                      NY-38-R-92
FISH, LURA A.                     FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-313
FISH, MARK C.                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-65
FISH, MERCY                       WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-N-177
FISH, PETER                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-43
FISH, SARAH P.                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-M-279
FISHER, ADONIRAM                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-M-211
FISHER, LUTHER                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-N-151
FISHER, MARTIN                    WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-S-170
FISHER, WALTER W. R.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-101
FISK, SUSAN E.                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-95
FITCH, ELIZABETH A.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-3
FITCH, HENRY P.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-217
FITCH, MARIA                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-F-491
FITZGERALD, BARTHOLOMEW           OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-253
FITZGERALD, RICHARD               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-262
FITZGIBBONS, ELIZA                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-280
FITZIMMONS, WILLIAM               FULTON                                       NY-38-S-196
FLAHERTY, HUGH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-396
FLANIGAN, GEORGE W.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-31
FLANNERY, WILLIAM                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-305
FLEMING, JAMES                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-F-355
FLINT, ROBERT J.                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-425
FLYNN, CATHERINE                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-P-421
FLYNN, CHARLES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-265
FLYNN, CHARLES J.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-G-295
FLYNN, CORNELIUS                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-109
FLYNN, JAMES                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-161
FOLLETT, BARNUM                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-O-249
FOLLETT, SALLY M.                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-T-242
FONES, ABRAM                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-1-5
FORBES, LUCAS W.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-11
FORBES, SALLY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-115
FORD, ANN MARIA                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-U-48
FORD, CHARLES                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-227
FOREMAN, HARRIET A.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-59
FOREMAN, MARGARET E.              RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-431
FORT, JACOB J.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-67
FORT, LORINDA P.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-264
FORWARD, MARHSALL W.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-137
FOSTER, CHARLES H.                FULTON                                       NY-38-T-85
FOSTER, DARIUS                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-U-123
FOSTER, FRANKLIN                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-275
FOSTER, LYDIA                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-113
FOX, CHARLES                      FULTON                                       NY-38-R-239
FOX, ELIZA F.                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-U-42
FRADENBURG, GEORGE                SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-211
FRANCIS, JOHN W.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-M-223
FRANK, MARIA                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-81
FRARY, HARRY                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-377
FRARY, JASON                      RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-17
FRASER, JACOB                     PARISH                                       NY-38-K-74
FREDENBURG, PETER                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-J-173
FREEMAN, CALVIN B.                HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-M-193
FREEMAN, ELEANOR J. UNDERDOWN     ALBION                                       NY-38-P-375
FREEMAN, MARIA                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-374
FREMAN, SAMUEL                    WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-H-361
FRENCH, CALVIN                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-215
FRENCH, CYRUS                     WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-L-7
FRENCH, JOHN                      WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-A-38
FRENCHETT, JOHN                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-B-80
FRENHAM, RICHARD                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-L-299
FREUNDLIET, HENRY                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-92
FRINK, LUCINDA                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-Q-311
FROST, BENJAMIN                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-281
FROST, HANNA                      HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-221
FROST, ISAAC                      ALBION                                       NY-38-H-565
FROST, WILLIAM                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-J-390
FROUD, MARY ANN                   RICHLAND                                     NY-38-L-101
FULLER, AARON                     ALBION                                       NY-38-P-467
FULLER, ADELINE                   PULASKI                                      NY-38-U-131
FULLER, ASAHEL B.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-L-263
FULLER, AUGUSTUS H.               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-85
FULLER, BEEKMAN G.                FULTON                                       NY-38-O-37
FULLER, CATHARINE                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-R-6
FULLER, ELIZA M.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-2-254
FULLER, ELIZABETH A.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-68
FULLER, GEORGE                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-2-31
FULLER, HERSILIA                  ALBION                                       NY-38-N-303
FULLER, JESSE                     ALBION                                       NY-38-N-55
FULLER, JOHN M.                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-U-105
FULLER, LEWIS                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-253
FULLER, PHEBE                     CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-J-392
FULLER, SARAH FISK                ALBION                                       NY-38-P-573
FULLER, SIMEON                    WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-C-77
FULLERTON, WALTER                 HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-259
FULMER, SQUIRE                    PARISH                                       NY-38-D-404
FULTER, SAMUEL                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-L-325
FULTON, HARVEY                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-K-45
FULTON, JOHN Q.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-E-350
FULTS, ELIJAH G.                  PARISH                                       NY-38-M-35
FURGERSON, LYMAN                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-153
GAGE, JULIA A.                    FULTON                                       NY-38-1-46
GALE, HENRY S.                    CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-I-379
GALE, LEONARD C.                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-N-267
GALE, MARY W.                     ORWELL                                       NY-38-R-230
GALLAGHER, PATRICK                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-108
GALLON, HUGH                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-143
GALT, ROBERT S.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-99
GALVIN, DENNIS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-139
GARDINER, MIRANDA B.              HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-492
GARDINIER, EMORY S.               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-R-94
GARDINIER, HENRY H.               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-T-170
GARDNER, CHARLES H.               PARISH                                       NY-38-H-343
GARDNER, CHAUNCEY                 PARISH                                       NY-38-I-223
GARDNER, DEWITT                   FULTON                                       NY-38-1-229
GARDNER, GEORGE                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-36
GARDNER, HOSEA                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-O-359
GARDNER, JENNIE W.                PALERMO                                      NY-38-I-457
GARDNER, JOSEPH                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-J-115
GARDNER, SAMUEL                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-S-203
GARDNER, WASHINGTON A.            OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-91
GARLAND, ELIZABETH                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-531
GARRETT, THOMAS B.                GRANBY                                       NY-38-2-51
GASPER, FREEMAN                   FULTON                                       NY-38-R-55
GASPER, LUCY M.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-1-64
GATES, MARY                       SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-Q-69
GATES, MORRIS S.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-2-145
GATES, PHOEBE                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-417
GATES, SEWELL T                   PULASKI                                      NY-38-T-245
GELLEY, CLARINDA                  FULTON                                       NY-38-M-67
GENEY, JOHN                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-C-165
GEORGE, CATHARINE                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-1-118
GEORGE, JOSEPH                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-O-265
GEORGE, NICHOLAS                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-U-12
GEPHERT, MARY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-181
GERMAIN, FRANCIS                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-J-404
GERO, GEORGE                      NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-2-290
GERSBACKER, JACOB                 WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-N-185
GESSEL, PHILLIP                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-515
GETMAN, DAVID                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-275
GETMAN, JACOB L.                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-N-567
GETMAN, JOHN H.                   AMBOY                                        NY-38-M-49
GEVAT, WILLIAM                    ORWELL                                       NY-38-I-163
GIBBS, ASA W.                     WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-M-347
GIBBS, CHARLOTTE M.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-225
GIBSON, CATHERINE                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-263
GIFFORD, DAVID                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-433
GIFFORD, EMERANCY A.              HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-J-151
GIFFORD, GARDNER                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-J-51
GIFFORD, GEORGE                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-F-433
GIFFORD, SARAH A.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-439
GILBERT, CHARITY                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-E-103
GILBERT, HORACE E.                FULTON                                       NY-38-T-144
GILBERT, JOSEPH                   SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-L-127
GILCHRIST, TRUMAN C.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-141
GILE, WILLIAM                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-M-263
GILES, RICHARD                    ALBION                                       NY-38-M-105
GILHOOLY, JAMES                   FULTON                                       NY-38-2-52
GILL, ANTHONY                     OSEGO                                        NY-38-Q-289
GILL, CATHERINE                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-35
GILL, JOHN                        OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-35
GILL, MARGARET                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-161
GILLAM, THOMAS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-231
GILLEN, PATRICK                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-131
GILLESPIE, JOHN C.                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-Q-53
GILLETT, ESTHER E. L.             OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-291
GILLETT, JOEL                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-C-14
GILLETT, MARCUS                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-271
GILLETT, MARCUS D.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-461
GILLIGAN, CATHARINE               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-107
GILLISPIE, JOHN                   HASTINGS                                     NY-38-J-45
GILLISPIE, ROBERT                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-1-220
GILMAN, SARAH A.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-253
GILSON, CHARLES H.                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-T-177
GILSON, CORDON C.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-Q-21
GILSON, MARY A.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-43
GILSON, SIMON                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-147
GIROUX, ALEXANDER                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-1-41
GITTENS, MARGARET                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-46
GIVINS, MARGARET                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-214
GLASGOW, MORRIS F.                CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-1-285
GLEASON, OB                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-59
GLYNN, JOHN                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-201
GODDEN, CATHARINE                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-273
GOFF, DAVID L.                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-R-241
GOFF, DEBORAH                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-528
GOFF, EPHRIAM                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-393
GOIT, WILLIAM H.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-114
GOKEY, JOSEPH                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-487
GOODFELLOW, JAMES                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-169
GOODIER, RACHEL L.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-29
GOODIN, LUKE                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-K-75
GOODMAN, EDWARD                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-42
GOODMAN, JEFFERSON                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-270
GOODRICH, CHANCEY                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-370
GOODRICH, MOSES S.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-417
GOODRICH, SAMUEL                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-D-334
GOODROE, JOHN                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-517
GOODSON, OLIVE                    FULTON                                       NY-38-L-49
GOODWIN, ANSEL                    SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-K-397
GOODWIN, GIBSON                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-J-9
GOODWIN, GROVE                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-K-167
GOODWIN, RHODA                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-Q-241
GOODWIRE, JONATHAN                MEXICO                                       NY-38-F-295
GOOLAH, MAXIM                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-71
GORDINIER, HENRY C.               HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-D-249
GORDON, FRANCIS M.                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-J-187
GORDON, JOHN G.                   REDFIELD                                     NY-38-J-432
GORDON, MARY                      SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-293
GORMAN, CLARA                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-126
GORMAN, ELLEN                     OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-U-3
GORMAN, JULIA                     OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-2-20
GORMAN, MARY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-45
GORMAN, MATTHEW                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-68
GORMAN, THOMAS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-468
GORSHLINE, MARGARET               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-345
GORSLINE, MARY W.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-Q-127
GORY, PATRICK                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-G-169
GOSLINE, RICHARD                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-181
GOULDING, LOREN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-295
GOULDING, LOREN E.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-210
GRACE, MICHAEL SR.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-14
GRACE, PATRICK                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-258
GRAFFTY, GEORGE                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-45
GRAHAM, WILLIAM J.                GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-333
GRANT, A. P.                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-245
GRANT, BENJAMIN                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-160
GRANT, CORNELIA D.                OSEWGO                                       NY-38-R-93
GRANT, ELIZABETH M.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-163
GRANT, JANE                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-273
GRANT, JOSEPH                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-176
GRANT, LATHROP A. G. B.           OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-528
GRANT, MARY A.                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-R-54
GRASER, THEODORE                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-95
GRATTON, JOHN                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-H-37
GRAVES, ALANSON                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-U-78
GRAVES, ASAPH                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-G-247
GRAVES, CYRUS                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-F-1
GRAVES, WESLEY                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-N-101
GRAY, CLARISSA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-43
GRAY, DAVID D.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-C-94
GRAY, EDWIN                       ALBION                                       NY-38-R-23
GRAY, HARVEY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-223
GRAY, JOHN I.                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-G-517
GRAY, MARTIN T.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-121
GRAY, PETER                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-6
GREEN, ABIGAL S.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-S-274
GREEN, AZIEL E.                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-G-25
GREEN, JEDEDIAH                   PALMERO                                      NY-38-D-1
GREEN, JOHN H.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-70
GREEN, MALINDA                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-P-565
GREEN, NATHAN                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-189
GREEN, SUSAN A.                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-P-443
GREEN, THOMAS W.                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-S-11
GREEN, VEEDER ESQ.                MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-140
GREENE, SILAS                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-475
GREENFIELD, LUCY ANN              ORWELL                                       NY-38-R-65
GREENMAN, ADLEY                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-415
GREENSLIT, AMOS                   WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-S-42
GREENWOOD, GEORGE                 RICHLAND                                     NY-38-O-61
GREGG, EDWARD                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-27
GREGG, EUNICE                     SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-Q-123
GREGG, RODNEY S.                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-E-100
GREGORY, GRANDUS                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-E-344
GRIDLEY, ELKANAH P.               HASTINGS                                     NY-38-R-153
GRIFFIN, HENRY L.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-65
GRIFFIN, JAMES                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-246
GRIFFIN, MARY                     OSEWGO                                       NY-38-S-79
GRIFFITH, ESTHER                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-J-105
GRIFFITH, FRANKLIN E.             MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-125
GRIFFITH, STEPHEN                 SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-347
GRIM, CHARLES                     SCHROPPEL                                    NY-38-L-31
GRISWOLD, CHRISTOPHER             SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-298
GROVES, NATHAN                    WILLAMSTOWN                                  NY-38-R-144
GUENTHER, ADOLPHUS                HASTINGS                                     NY-38-2-201
GUILD, BENJAMIN                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-B-155
GUILD, ELIZABETH                  FULTON                                       NY-38-T-147
GUILE, ANGELINE                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-177
GULLIVER, LEMUEL                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-H-535
GUNDELACH, AUGUSTUS               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-110
GURLEY, CHARLES A.                RICHLAND                                     NY-38-R-259
GURLEY, ELLEN                     PULASKI                                      NY-38-J-544
GURLEY, GEORGE                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-1-231
GURLEY, ISAAC N.                  ALBION                                       NY-38-S-183
GURLEY, SUSAN                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-U-100
GUSTON, LYDIA L.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-O-77
GUYANT, HENRY                     SCRIBA                                       NY-38-E-9
GWILT, GEORGE W.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-40
HADCOCK, MARY ANN                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-K-313
HADDEN, SMITH                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-F-235
HADLEY, ALVIN                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-O-115
HADLEY, CLARISSA                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-R-9
HADLEY, ELIAS                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-395
HADLEY, JACOB                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-L-9
HADLEY, JEMIMA                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-145
HADLEY, SAMUEL                    SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-G-505
HADLEY, SPHEDEY                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-227
HADLY, ALBERT                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-1-176
HAGAN, DANIEL A.                  PALERMO                                      NY-38-U-44
HAGAN, OSCAR                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-T-178
HAGAR, NANCY M.                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-L-393
HAGEN, REBECCA                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-226
HAGOBOOM, SAMUEL C.               NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-R-244
HAIGHT, DANIEL H.                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-G-367
HAIGHT, GORDON A.                 PHOENIX                                      NY-38-Q-9
HAIGHT, SOPHIA A.                 PHOENIX                                      NY-38-T-231
HAINS, HENRY                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-241
HAINS, HENRY                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-218
HALDEN, MOSES                     FULTON                                       NY-38-J-324
HALE, BARRETT                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-U-135
HALE, GERSHOM                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-A-12
HALE, NANCY                       SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-361
HALE, WILLIAM M.                  SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-O-315
HALL, CATHRINE                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-I-13
HALL, CHARLES                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-2-119
HALL, DANIEL                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-L-207
HALL, DANIEL                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-272
HALL, ELIZA M.                    GRANBY                                       NY-38-Q-229
HALL, ELVIRA                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-268
HALL, EZRA                        CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-S-164
HALL, GALEN                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-24
HALL, JOHN                        SCRIBA                                       NY-38-A-19
HALL, JOSHUA D.                   CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-S-59
HALL, LEWIS G.                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-T-197
HALL, MARGARET                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-C-58
HALL, MARIA                       HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-U-41
HALL, MARIA                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-319
HALL, MARIAM S.                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-175
HALL, MARY P.                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-N-247
HALL, NATHAN                      AMBOY                                        NY-38-C-66
HALL, OLIVER G.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-273
HALL, RHODA                       OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-43
HALL, RUTH                        MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-130
HALL, THOMAS                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-209
HALL, WILLIAM                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-Q-75
HALL, WILLIAM H.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-O-193
HALL, WILLIAM R.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-190
HALLADAY, JARRAH                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-B-101
HALLADAY, JESSE                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-353
HALLAHAN, BARTHOLOMEW             OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-321
HALLEDAY, WILLIAM                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-J-424
HALLETT, SARAH                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-137
HALLOCK, CHARLES E.               CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-1-76
HALSEY, GEORGE                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-Q-103
HALSEY, MALTBY                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-262
HALSEY, WILLIAM                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-H-1
HAMAKER, JOSEPH                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-48
HAMER, DAVID                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-T-136
HAMER, PHINEAS P.                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-2-125
HAMILTON, ANNA B.                 FULTON                                       NY-38-O-271
HAMILTON, ELISHA                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-185
HAMILTON, GEORGE H.               PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-105
HAMMOND, DAVID A.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-136
HAMMOND, JOHN P.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-L-389
HAMMOND, NATHANIEL                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-D-81
HAMMOND, SIDNEY J.                SCRIBA                                       NY-38-S-116
HANCE, WILLIAM                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-C-53
HANCHETT, MARIA S.                PALERMO                                      NY-38-Q-273
HANCOCK, FREEMAN                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-K-353
HAND, EDMUND                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-10
HANDLEY, THOMAS                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-241
HANLEY, ROSE                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-84
HANLY, JAMES                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-28
HANNAMAN, WILLIAM                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-H-199
HARDING, GROVE W.                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-321
HARDING, J. MILTON                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-H-25
HARDING, JOSEPH                   PALERMO                                      NY-38-J-460
HARDY, DAVID L.                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-B-88
HARMON, AUGUSTUS                  PULASKI                                      NY-38-S-96
HARMON, MARY F.                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-134
HARMON, ORVILLE J.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-118
HARNER, MARGARET                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-D-245
HARREN, MARY                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-147
HARRICK, EDWARD                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-411
HARRINGTON, JOHN                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-G-490
HARRINGTON, NATHANIEL             SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-B-289
HARRINGTON, SARAH J.              HASTINGS                                     NY-38-T-153
HARRIS, ADALINE                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-551
HARRIS, ARIEL                     SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-K-57
HARRIS, HENRY A.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-303
HARRIS, RICHARD                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-304
HARRIS, SARAH J.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-310
HARRIS, STEPHEN                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-387
HARRIS, WILLIAM                   PHOENIX                                      NY-38-2-117
HARRISON, JABEZ J.                SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-2-298
HARRISON, MARY                    FULTON                                       NY-38-R-87
HARROUN, MARTHA H.                FULTON                                       NY-38-T-75
HARSHA, NANCY M.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-179
HART, JANE MARIA                  FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-333
HART, MARIA T.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-80
HART, MARIA W.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-39
HART, PHILIP M.                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-43
HART, SAMUEL                      FULTON                                       NY-38-S-193
HARTLEY, THOMAS                   CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-P-143
HARTNETT, ELLEN                   OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-S-30
HARTNETT, PATRICK                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-543
HARTSGROVE, ELIZABETH J.          OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-187
HARTSHORN, JOHN                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-F-55
HARVEY, ELIZABETH                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-H-499
HARWOOD, HENRY M.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-T-51
HASKIN, ANNA                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-337
HASKINS, AZARIAH                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-C-50
HASTINGS, HENRY                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-J-165
HASTINGS, HUGH                    FULTON                                       NY-38-R-159
HASTINGS, ISABELLA B. C.          OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-145
HASTINGS, WILLIAM                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-317
HATCH, ANNA E.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-261
HATCH, EBENEZER                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-110
HATCH, HANNAH                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-U-137
HATCH, HARRIET B.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-63
HATCH, JARVIS D.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-Q-179
HATHAWAY, EMILY J.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-G-109
HATHAWAY, JOHN                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-E-91
HATHAWAY, MATILDA                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-256
HATHWAY, CORNELIA S.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-150
HATHWAY, JESSE A.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-216
HAVER, ABRAHAM                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-D-185
HAVER, NANCY                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-H-451
HAVERILL, JOSIAH H.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-575
HAVILAND, NETTIE B.               FULTON                                       NY-38-S-159
HAVILL, CATHARINE                 CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-T-13
HAWES, CURTIS                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-T-206
HAWKINS, CORNELIA B.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-207
HAWKINS, ISAAC                    HASTINGS                                     NY-38-P-403
HAWKINS, RUFUS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-365
HAWKS, EDMOND                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-159
HAWKS, HIRAM F.                   HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-N-361
HAWKS, THUSEY A.                  VOLNEY                                       NY-38-1-33
HAWKS, WILLIAM                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-F-97
HAWLEY, CATHERINE                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-421
HAWLEY, SAMUEL                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-310
HAWLEY, THOMAS R.                 SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-T-111
HAWLEY, WILLIAM                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-192
HAYES, ELLA C.                    PARISH                                       NY-38-Q-251
HAYNES, ANN                       MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-399
HAYNES, LORENZO D.                PHOENIX                                      NY-38-R-202
HAYNES, WILLIAM H.                FULTON                                       NY-38-2-286
HAYS, THOMAS                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-1
HEAD, CYRUS L.                    NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-R-59
HEAGERTY, MARY                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-62
HEES, ISAAC                       SCRIBA                                       NY-38-A-41
HEIDINGER, WILLIAM                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-208
HEIMER, KEZIAH                    SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-245
HEMSDORFF, PETER                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-138
HENDERSON, ABNER                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-201
HENDERSON, CLARISSA A.            OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-175
HENDERSON, COMMODORE P.           MEXICO                                       NY-38-U-28
HENDERSON, EUNICE                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-124
HENDERSON, JOSEPH M.              MEXICO                                       NY-38-1-266
HENDERSON, MARVIN                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-C-184
HENDERSON, THOMAS                 ALBION                                       NY-38-P-103
HENDRICK, LUCRETIA                VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-97
HENDRICKSON, JULIA A.             MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-327
HENNASY, MARY                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-171
HENNE, FRANCIS                    WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-K-229
HENNESEY, JULIA                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-176
HENNESSEY, SARAH                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-129
HENNING, JAMES                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-61
HENRY, EDWARD                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-L-199
HENRY, SARAH A.                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-383
HERNON, ANDY                      CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-1-34
HERRICK, DWIGHT                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-301
HERRINGTON, WAITY                 AMBOY                                        NY-38-K-231
HERRMAN, THOMAS J.                SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-M-109
HESS, CONRAD                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-137
HESS, FREDERICK                   WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-L-335
HETHRINGTON, LUCY M.              GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-281
HEWITT, ABRAM W.                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-K-53
HEWITT, ALZINA E.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-1-70
HEWITT, ELAM G.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-Q-353
HEWITT, ELIHU                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-E-385
HEWITT, HARRIET L.                NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-M-313
HEWITT, PARKER                    PARISH                                       NY-38-S-125
HIBBARD, CARRIE                   ALBION                                       NY-38-J-332
HIBBORD, NATHANIEL W.             ALBION                                       NY-38-L-59
HIGGINS, RBADLEY                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-P-363
HILBERT, PETER SR.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-210
HILL, CYRUS                       VOLNEY                                       NY-38-G-73
HILL, DAVID                       RYARSON, PARRY SOUND, ONTARIO                NY-38-N-401
HILL, EUNICE E.                   FULTON                                       NY-38-P-311
HILL, JOHN C.                     VOLNEY                                       NY-38-2-267
HILL, LOIS E.                     RICHLAND                                     NY-38-N-47
HILL, LOIS S.                     GRANBY                                       NY-38-U-116
HILL, MARIA R.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-376
HILL, WILLIAM H.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-K-155
HILLS, ABIGAIL                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-U-119
HILLS, EUGENE N.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-305
HILLS, GEORGE                     PALERMO                                      NY-38-I-199
HILLS, JOHN                       PALERMO                                      NY-38-1-271
HILLS, JONATHAN                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-309
HILTON, ALONZO                    ORWELL                                       NY-38-L-157
HILTON, BETSEY                    ORWELL                                       NY-38-2-293
HILTON, MARY A.                   ORWELL                                       NY-38-U-143
HIMALL, FRANCES                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-240
HIMES, SALLY                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-K-303
HIMES, WILLIAM J.                 SCRIBA                                       NY-38-B-283
HINCKLEY, STEPHEN                 SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-R-154
HINMAN, ESTHER                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-S-123
HINMAN, JOHN                      SCRIBA                                       NY-38-P-425
HINMAN, ORIN                      VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-369
HINMAN, OZANDER                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-207
HIRSHBOLZ, MICHAEL C.             OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-289
HITCHCOCK, DANIEL                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-E-336
HITCHCOCK, WILLIAM P.             OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-191
HOAG, HANNAH                      OSWEGO                                       NY-38-T-43
HOAGLAND, EZRA S.                 GRANBY                                       NY-38-2-97
HOES, SCHUYLER                    FULTON                                       NY-38-E-71
HOGALL, ELIZABETH                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-F-91
HOLDEN, HARVEY H.                 FULTON                                       NY-38-T-238
HOLDRIDGE, MARIAH E.              ALBION                                       NY-38-1-39
HOLE, GEORGE S.                   NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-S-230
HOLLADAY, REUBEN                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-K-213
HOLLADAY, REUBEN W.               NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-J-496
HOLLISTER, GEORGE T.              MEXICO                                       NY-38-M-101
HOLLON, ARNOLD                    ALBION                                       NY-38-M-395
HOLLY, JOHN W.                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-K-251
HOLMES, BURROUGHS                 MEXICO                                       NY-38-N-15
HOLMES, DANIEL                    PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-357
HOLMES, ESTHER                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-J-111
HOLMES, EZRA                      SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-N-291
HOLMES, ISAIAH                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-K-445
HOLMES, JEREMIAH                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-K-375
HOLMES, JOHN                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-235
HOLMES, OLIVE                     PARISH                                       NY-38-S-144
HOLMES, PHOEBE                    MEXICO                                       NY-38-S-276
HOLMES, THOMAS                    AMBOY                                        NY-38-T-191
HOLSAPPLE, CASPER                 WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-S-23
HOLT, ELIZABETH                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-158
HOLT, GEORGE W.                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-N-29
HOLT, JEREMIAH                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-B-234
HOMER, VALENTINE                  WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-L-227
HOOKER, JOSEPH M.                 SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-N-439
HOOPER, ABSALOM                   ALBION                                       NY-38-N-327
HOOSE, ABRAM                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-194
HOOSE, JEDEDIAH                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-2-277
HORNING, WILLIAM                  SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-J-83
HORTON, DARCUS                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-294
HORTON, EDMUND                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-Q-73
HORTON, JAMES H.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-E-15
HOSINGTON, ARIEL                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-K-109
HOSMER, AMELIA E.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-J-408
HOTCHKISS, ADA C.                 ELIZABETH, , NJ                              NY-38-J-93
HOTCHKISS, JAMES L.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-R-18
HOTCHKISS, JOSEPH A.              OSWEGO                                       NY-38-D-398
HOURIGAN, JEREMIAH                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-515
HOUSE, ALEXANDER B.               PARISH                                       NY-38-K-63
HOUSE, ALONZO C.                  PARISH                                       NY-38-U-97
HOUSE, DAVID T.                   AMBOY                                        NY-38-T-2
HOUSE, GEORGE W.                  HASTINGS                                     NY-38-2-152
HOUSE, JOSEPH M.                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-T-196
HOUSE, JULIA A.                   PARISH                                       NY-38-M-337
HOUSE, JULIA A.                   WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-K-307
HOUSE, MARIAH E.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-R-186
HOUSE, ORRIN                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-I-247
HOUSE, WILLIAM C.                 NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-P-289
HOVER, JOSEPH                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-P-601
HOWARD, ANGELA                    FULTON                                       NY-38-Q-7
HOWARD, BENJAMIN                  MEXICO                                       NY-38-B-161
HOWARD, JOHN                      SCHROEPPEL                                   NY-38-2-248
HOWARD, LEVI                      MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-363
HOWARD, MARY ANN                  RICHLAND                                     NY-38-T-61
HOWE, ELLEN P.                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-R-129
HOWE, HENRY C.                    FULTON                                       NY-38-R-168
HOWE, LETITIA C.                  FULTON                                       NY-38-N-373
HOWE, NEWELL                      SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-G-511
HOWELL, HUNTING M.                GRANBY                                       NY-38-M-229
HOWELL, MARY                      OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-T-11
HOWLAND, SIDNEY C.                FULTON                                       NY-38-T-133
HOWLETT, ELON                     NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-T-140
HOXIE, DARIUS B.                  ORWELL                                       NY-38-P-343
HOYT, ELIAS                       WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-1-251
HOYT, GEORGE C.                   WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-2-148
HOYT, HANNAH                      WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-1-250
HOYT, MOSES                       WEST MONROE                                  NY-38-L-63
HUARD, AURELIA                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-S-84
HUBBARD, AMOS S.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-T-148
HUBBARD, ELIZA                    ORWELL                                       NY-38-U-98
HUBBARD, ENOS P.                  HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-B-61
HUBBARD, FRANCIS E.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-M-225
HUBBARD, JERUSHA                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-O-475
HUBBARD, JULIA A.                 OSWEGO                                       NY-38-Q-205
HUBBARD, LUCINDA                  NEW HAVEN                                    NY-38-J-69
HUBBARD, LUCY K.                  SCRIBA                                       NY-38-1-57
HUBBARD, MARY ANN                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-D-316
HUBBARD, MARY C.                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-U-32
HUBBARD, RACHEL                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-M-57
HUBBARD, THOMAS                   VOLNEY                                       NY-38-P-445
HUBBARD, VENILIA                  OSWEGO                                       NY-38-2-185
HUBBEL, CHARLES L.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-J-236
HUBBEL, EPHRAIM                   SCRIBA                                       NY-38-A-2
HUBBLE, HIRAM                     OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-273
HUBBORD, HOLSY                    VOLNEY                                       NY-38-L-261
HUGGINS, ALFRED                   GRANBY                                       NY-38-O-119
HUGGINS, EDWIN R.                 VOLNEY                                       NY-38-O-17
HUGGINS, MARY A.                  GRANBY                                       NY-38-P-525
HUGNERFORD, ELIZA                 PALERMO                                      NY-38-P-451
HUGUNIN, ABRAHAM D.               OSWEGO                                       NY-38-E-422
HUGUNIN, DANIEL                   OSWEGO                                       NY-38-A-28
HUGUNIN, ELIZA                    OSWEGO                                       NY-38-L-115
HUGUNIN, MAHALA                   OSWEGO FALLS                                 NY-38-1-54
HULBERT, P. SETH                  FULTON                                       NY-38-O-127
HULETT, JOSEPH                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-K-329
HULETT, SIDNEY                    RICHLAND                                     NY-38-U-35
HULL, ISAAC E.                    HANNIBAL                                     NY-38-S-5
HULL, JOSIAH                      PALERMO                                      NY-38-G-403
HUMBERT, JOHN                     MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-197
HUNGERFORD, ALONZO                MEXICO                                       NY-38-K-323
HUNGERFORD, ORRILLANA             RICHLAND                                     NY-38-Q-1
HUNT, SOLOMON                     HASTINGS                                     NY-38-E-256
HUNTER, RUTH P.                   SANDY CREEK                                  NY-38-U-66
HUNTINGTON, AMBROSE               MEXICO                                       NY-38-L-285
HUNTINGTON, DIMMIS                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-N-283
HUNTINGTON, SYLVANUS C.           PULASKI                                      NY-38-T-169
HUNTLEY, WILLIAM R.               MEXICO                                       NY-38-C-193
HUNTLY, LORENZO                   MEXICO                                       NY-38-C-168
HUTCHINSON, EDMUND G.             PHOENIX                                      NY-38-T-132
HUTT, SARAH                       WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-R-157
HYATT, GILBERT                    CONSTANTIA                                   NY-38-Q-247
HYATT, MARCENUS                   WILLIAMSTOWN                                 NY-38-N-129
HYDE, CLARRISSA W.                OSWEGO                                       NY-38-1-111
HYDORN, SARAH A.                  ALBION                                       NY-38-Q-163

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