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TABER, OTIS                            SENECA                                  NY-35-61-407
TAFT, ASA                              CHARLESTON                              NY-35-4-65
TAFT, CHAPIN                           WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-71-529
TAFT, HIRAM L.                         WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-W-627
TALLMADGE, ABIGAIL D.                  TBL                                     NY-35-101-296
TALLMADGE, ELI H.                      TBL                                     NY-35-101-529
TALLMAN, JOHN                          SENECA                                  NY-35-B-288
TALLMAN, THOMAS                        SENECA                                  NY-35-B-93
TALLMAN, WILLIAM                       SENECA                                  NY-35-18-417
TAMANE, THOMAS                         TBL                                     NY-35-81-15
TATMAN, WARD                           TBL                                     NY-35-86-138
TATUM, ALICE F.                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-251
TAYLOR, DENCY M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-35-71-356
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     NY-35-B-29
TAYLOR, EMMA L.                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-97
TAYLOR, GEORGE                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-448
TAYLOR, HARRIET                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-638
TAYLOR, HENRY W.                       TBL                                     NY-35-81-72
TAYLOR, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-35-91-116
TAYLOR, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-35-86-201
TAYLOR, JAMES M.                       RICHMOND                                NY-35-S-481
TAYLOR, JANE                           GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-134
TAYLOR, JOHN                           PHELPS                                  NY-35-A-3
TAYLOR, JOHN                           NTL                                     NY-35-18-71
TAYLOR, JOHN B.                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-419
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                         BRISTOL                                 NY-35-4-101
TAYLOR, LOREN A.                       TBL                                     NY-35-101-609
TAYLOR, M. C. M.                       CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-707
TAYLOR, MARY E.                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-671
TAYLOR, MARY EVERED                    TBL                                     NY-35-101-460
TAYLOR, PHEBE                          MANCHESTER                              NY-35-S-572
TAYLOR, TALLY                          EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-B-174
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                        GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-265
TEALL, JAMES                           TBL                                     NY-35-101-358
TEDMAN, ELIZABETH                      VICTOR                                  NY-35-S-80
TERRY, JOSEPH                          FARMINGTON                              NY-35-W-48
TERRY, NATHANIEL                       PALMYRA                                 NY-35-14-68
THATCHER, ALONZO                       TBL                                     NY-35-91-47
THATCHER, ALONZO                       TBL                                     NY-35-86-142
THATCHER, AUSTIN B.                    HOPEWELL                                NY-35-S-684
THATCHER, JOSEPH                       TBL                                     NY-35-M-634
THATCHER, LILLIS J.                    TBL                                     NY-35-101-10
THATCHER, STEPHEN                      HOPEWELL                                NY-35-S-758
THAYER, JOHN FREDERIC                  RICHMOND                                NY-35-B-247
THAYER, NATHAN                         PHELPS                                  NY-35-W-327
THAYER, SYLVANUS                       GENESEE                                 NY-35-1-181
THOEN, EMMA S.                         TBL                                     NY-35-M-224
THOM, JAMES                            CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-262
THOMAS, ANNA B.                        WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-71-619
THOMAS, BELUS                          CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-L-554
THOMAS, ELIZABETH KENYON               TBL                                     NY-35-101-280
THOMAS, ESQUIRE                        FARMINGTON                              NY-35-W-190
THOMAS, JAMES                          CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-A-312
THOMAS, NATHAN W.                      TBL                                     NY-35-86-52
THOMAS, NATHAN W.                      TBL                                     NY-35-81-599
THOMAS, OMAR                           CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-W-153
THOMAS, PETER R.                       GENEVA                                  NY-35-B-141
THOMAS, RICHARD                        FARMINGTON                              NY-35-B-309
THOMAS, WILLIAM                        BRISTOL                                 NY-35-61-579
THOMES, JAMES                          ONTARIO                                 NY-35-W-380
THOMPSON, FRANCIS L.                   PHELPS                                  NY-35-71-358
THOMPSON, JAMES M.                     CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-55-419
THOMPSON, JEROME                       TBL                                     NY-35-101-471
THOMPSON, JOHN                         SENECA                                  NY-35-L-722
THOMPSON, JOHN N.                      TBL                                     NY-35-91-138
THOMPSON, JOHN N.                      TBL                                     NY-35-86-482
THOMPSON, NATHAN                       PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-635
THOMPSON, OLIVER J.                    CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-600
THOMPSON, ROBERT                       SENECA                                  NY-35-18-120
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                      RICHMOND                                NY-35-W-611
THORN, ELIZABETH                       FARMINGTON                              NY-35-W-116
THORN, SAMUEL J.                       TBL                                     NY-35-M-632
THORNTON, JOHN                         GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-299
THRALL, JOSEPH                         BLOOMFIELD                              NY-35-7-62
THROOP, AZEL                           MANCHESTER                              NY-35-55-465
THROOP, BENJAMIN                       MANCHESTER                              NY-35-B-466
THROOP, FANNY                          MANCHESTER                              NY-35-61-430
THROOP, J. ALLEN                       TBL                                     NY-35-101-145
TIBBALS, NOAH                          TBL                                     NY-35-91-535
TICHENOR, ISAAC                        CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-120
TICHENOR, JEMIMA                       CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-W-660
TICKNER, JOHN H.                       TBL                                     NY-35-81-528
TIERNAY, JOHN                          VICTOR                                  NY-35-61-624
TIFFANY, GEORGE A.                     WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-71-172
TIFFANY, GILES A.                      EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-71-297
TIFFANY, HIRAM                         TBL                                     NY-35-81-433
TIFFANY, ISAIAH                        TBL                                     NY-35-81-142
TIFFANY, JOHN L.                       CLIFTON SPRINGS                         NY-35-55-453
TIFFANY, LAMONT                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-W-49
TIFFANY, MARY                          CLIFTON SPRINGS                         NY-35-61-601
TIFFANY, NANCY A.                      MANCHESTER                              NY-35-61-703
TILDEN, WILLIAM B.                     MANCHESTER                              NY-35-W-129
TILLOTSON, LEVI                        CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-683
TILLOTSON, LORENZO H.                  TBL                                     NY-35-81-153
TILLS, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-266
TILTON, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     NY-35-M-305
TINKHAM, JOSEPH                        PALMYRA                                 NY-35-14-224
TISDALE, TEMPERANCE                    TBL                                     NY-35-M-236
TITUS, SAMUEL B.                       PHELPS                                  NY-35-C-515
TOBEY, BENJAMIN                        EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-E-173
TOBEY, FREDERICK N.                    EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-71-321
TOBIN, PATRICK                         HOPEWELL                                NY-35-61-427
TOLNER, FRANK                          TBL                                     NY-35-91-109
TOLNER, FRANK                          TBL                                     NY-35-86-196
TOMPKINS, ARMSTRONG                    SENECA                                  NY-35-L-333
TOMPKINS, BENJAMIN P.                  GENEVA                                  NY-35-W-540
TOMPKINS, EDWARD                       GENEVA                                  NY-35-W-85
TOMPKINS, EMILY A.                     TBL                                     NY-35-91-308
TOMPKINS, EMILY A.                     TBL                                     NY-35-86-334
TOMPKINS, IRA G.                       TBL                                     NY-35-81-47
TOMPKINS, LIDA E.                      GENEVA                                  NY-35-55-147
TONSLEY, LOUISE B.                     NTL                                     NY-35-S-177
TOOMEY, TIMOTHY                        WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-71-260
TOOTE, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NY-35-101-409
TORREY, CLARRISSA                      RUSHVILLE, YATES, NY                    NY-35-61-400
TORREY, DELIA A.                       TBL                                     NY-35-81-209
TORREY, HENR Y.                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-385
TORREY, PAUL B.                        NAPLES                                  NY-35-S-3
TORRY, ABIGAIL                         NAPLES                                  NY-35-S-799
TOTMAN, HANNAH                         BRISTOL                                 NY-35-71-589
TOTMAN, IRA                            TBL                                     NY-35-101-602
TOTMAN, WARD                           TBL                                     NY-35-91-42
TOWNER, MOSES                          MANCHESTER                              NY-35-61-66
TOWNSEND, ABIGAIL                      PHELPS                                  NY-35-71-347
TOWNSEND, CLARINDA                     GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-554
TOWNSEND, ELBRDIGE G.                  WATERLOO, SENECA, NY                    NY-35-S-19
TOWNSEND, JULIA A.                     TBL                                     NY-35-81-499
TOWNSEND, LARMON G.                    GENEVA                                  NY-35-W-157
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM R.                   VICTOR                                  NY-35-71-23
TOZER, ARTHUR                          TBL                                     NY-35-101-447
TOZER, CYNTHIA A.                      CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-467
TOZER, JOHN                            CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-W-39
TOZER, MARY ANN                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-578
TRACY, EMMA E.                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-128
TRACY, SOLOMON                         ANGELICA                                NY-35-A-447
TRAFTON, BENJAMIN                      TBL                                     NY-35-81-175
TRAFTON, JOHN W.                       TBL                                     NY-35-81-256
TRASK, DANIEL T.                       TBL                                     NY-35-81-13
TRASK, DELIA C.                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-566
TRASK, MARY E.                         TBL                                     NY-35-91-673
TRASK, NORMAN                          TBL                                     NY-35-81-461
TRAVER, ABBEY JANE                     TBL                                     NY-35-101-294
TRAVIS, JOHN B.                        TBL                                     NY-35-M-120
TRAVIS, WILLIAM                        CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-L-258
TREMAN, JOHN                           CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-18-423
TRISSLER, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-35-M-385
TRUE, CYRENA                           PHELPS                                  NY-35-E-497
TUBBS, MARY L.                         TBL                                     NY-35-81-251
TUBBS, SETH                            TBL                                     NY-35-81-159
TUBBS, SETH                            TBL                                     NY-35-M-302
TUCKER, EPHRAIM W.                     TBL                                     NY-35-81-180
TUCKER, ERASTUS                        GENEVA                                  NY-35-61-517
TUCKER, SILAS                          SENECA                                  NY-35-W-353
TUFTS, THOMAS                          GORHAM                                  NY-35-S-673
TURNBULL, ADAM                         SENECA                                  NY-35-E-705
TURNBULL, EDWARD                       TBL                                     NY-35-81-185
TURNER, JAMES P.                       CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-E-731
TURNER, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-35-81-168
TURNER, PETER                          VICTOR                                  NY-35-12-89
TURNER, THOMAS C.                      VICTOR                                  NY-35-W-571
TURNER, THOMAS W.                      GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-482
TUTHILL, CHARLOTTE D.                  CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-515
TUTTLE, AMANDA M.                      TBL                                     NY-35-91-522
TUTTLE, JOSEPH W.                      CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-135
TYLER, MARY C.                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-348
UNDERHILL, JOHN                        TBL                                     NY-35-81-462
UNDERHILL, PHEBE                       TBL                                     NY-35-M-313
UPHAM, HANNAH                          CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-W-34
UPRIGHT, DANIEL                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-L-593
UPTON, JAMES                           VICTOR                                  NY-35-D-453
UPTON, JOSIAH                          TBL                                     NY-35-81-63
UTTLEY, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-185
UTTLEY, WILLIAM                        TBL                                     NY-35-86-252
VAIL, ROSE P.                          PALMYRA, WAYNE, PA                      NY-35-61-319
VALENTINE, JAMES                       PHELPS                                  NY-35-E-617
VALENTINE, RICHARD                     NTL                                     NY-35-55-158
VANAKEN, BARENT G.                     TBL                                     NY-35-86-43
VANAKEN, BARENT G.                     TBL                                     NY-35-81-588
VANALLEN, JACOB                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-W-105
VANALLEN, LUCRETIA                     TBL                                     NY-35-91-431
VANALLEN, LUCRTIA                      TBL                                     NY-35-86-405
VANARSDALL, TRYPHENA                   TBL                                     NY-35-101-15
VANBUREN, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-58
VANBUSKIRK, ISAAC                      SPARTA                                  NY-35-14-94
VANBUSSEN, PHILP                       MANCHESTER                              NY-35-71-518
VANDEBOGERT, PHILIP                    MANCHESTER                              NY-35-71-572
VANDEMARK, JAMES M.                    PHELPS                                  NY-35-W-402
VANDEMARK, JOSEPH                      PHELPS                                  NY-35-B-385
VANDEMARK, WILLIAM                     PHELPS                                  NY-35-S-72
VANDENBERGH, ABRAHAM F.                EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-W-292
VANDENBERGH, CORNLEIUS                 CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-55-209
VANDENBERGH, HELEN                     CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-523
VANDENBERGH, PETER                     FARMINGTON                              NY-35-55-262
VANDENBERGH, PHEBE T.                  VICTOR                                  NY-35-55-488
VANDERBROOK, JACOB                     TBL                                     NY-35-101-1Q47
VANDERHOOF, BETSEY                     PHELPS                                  NY-35-55-284
VANDERHOOF, CATHARINE                  GORHAM                                  NY-35-W-510
VANDERHOOF, GRIZZELLA                  PHELPS                                  NY-35-55-318
VANDERHOOF, JOHN                       MANCHESTER                              NY-35-A-215
VANDERHOOF, WILLIAM J.                 MANCHESTER                              NY-35-L-24
VANDERKAAR, REBECCA                    HOPEWELL                                NY-35-S-47
VANDEVORT, CORNELIUS                   PHELPS                                  NY-35-71-273
VANDEVORT, THOMAS                      PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-574
VANDIKE, RACHEL                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-14-1
VANDUSEN, AMBROSE L.                   PHELPS                                  NY-35-55-556
VANDUSEN, CURTIS L.                    GENEVA                                  NY-35-61-584
VANDUSEN, SALLY                        TBL                                     NY-35-81-442
VANDUYNE, THOMAS                       OWASCO, CAYUGA, NY                      NY-35-W-114
VANDYNE, MARTIN                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-B-529
VANFLEET, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-35-91-179
VANFLEET, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-35-86-250
VANGELDER, ABRAM V.                    TBL                                     NY-35-81-190
VANGELDER, BURT                        SENECA                                  NY-35-71-267
VANGELDER, GARRET B.                   TBL                                     NY-35-91-171
VANGELDER, GARRET B.                   TBL                                     NY-35-86-488
VANGIESON, JANE                        TBL                                     NY-35-81-157
VANNESS, FERRIS J.                     TBL                                     NY-35-101-473
VANORMAN, JOSEPH                       CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-18-45
VANORMAN, PETER                        EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-L-306
VANOSTRAN, ISAAC                       SENECA                                  NY-35-S-791
VANOSTRAND, DAVID                      TBL                                     NY-35-81-344
VANOSTRAND, LUCENA B.                  GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-557
VANRIPER, JOHN I.                      FAYETTE, SENECA, NY                     NY-35-71-376
VANSICKEL, JOHN                        NAPLES                                  NY-35-B-135
VANSLYCK, HENRY                        EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-61-609
VANTUYL, LANSING                       GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-55
VANVECHTEN, HERMAN                     TBL                                     NY-35-M-533
VANVOORHIS, ELVIRA                     ROCHESTER                               NY-35-61-120
VANVOORHIS, HENRY                      TBL                                     NY-35-91-217
VANVOORHIS, JANE                       VICTOR                                  NY-35-71-303
VANVRANKEN, ESTHER                     PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-162
VANVRANKEN, WILLIAM T.                 CLIFTON SPRINGS                         NY-35-71-714
VANWAGNER, ZACKARIAH                   MANCHESTER                              NY-35-L-273
VANWIE, ABRAM                          TBL                                     NY-35-101-108
VANWIE, ANDREW                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-544
VANWINKLE, TIMOTHY C.                  PALMYRA                                 NY-35-6-129
VANZILE, ALBERT                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-18-109
VARLIE, THOMAS                         SENECA                                  NY-35-S-375
VARNEY, GEORGE A.                      WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-W-686
VARTIE, THOMAS                         SENECA                                  NY-35-L-187
VEIT, ELIZABETH                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-209
VERMILYA, HIRAM                        NTL                                     NY-35-S-625
VIELE, MARY S.                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-219
VOGT, JACOB                            TBL                                     NY-35-91-253
VOORHEES, JACOB                        RUSHVILLE                               NY-35-71-553
VOSBURGH, ARNOLD                       TBL                                     NY-35-101-188
VOSBURGH, LEVI                         SENECA                                  NY-35-71-582
VREENBURG, ROBERT                      GENEVA                                  NY-35-61-341
VROOMAN, IDA M.                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-388
VROOMAN, WILLIAM                       SENECA                                  NY-35-S-778
WADSWORTH, MARY                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-502
WAGENER, DAVID                         JERUSALEM                               NY-35-1-66
WAGENER, JACOB                         JERUSALEM                               NY-35-12-141
WAGER, BENJAMIN                        WEST BLOOMFIELD (CON'T)                 NY-35-S-589
WAGER, BENJAMIN                        WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-S-491
WAGGONBER, PHEBE A.                    TBL                                     NY-35-101-164
WAGHOM, JOSEPH                         TBL                                     NY-35-86-594
WAGHORN, JOSEPH                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-515
WAITE, EZRA                            WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-B-171
WAITE, LEON                            BLOOMFIELD                              NY-35-18-89
WAKE, THOMAS                           SENECA                                  NY-35-L-533
WAKELY, BENAJAH H.                     GROTON, TOMPKINS, NY                    NY-35-71-457
WALES, ULYSSES E.                      SOUTH BRISTOL                           NY-35-L-282
WALKER, ARTEMUS                        MANCHESTER                              NY-35-W-337
WALKER, CORDELIA M.                    TBL                                     NY-35-101-275
WALKER, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NY-35-M-212
WALKER, HIRAM F.                       NAPLES                                  NY-35-55-31
WALKER, LEWIS                          PALMYRA, WAYNE, NY                      NY-35-W-471
WALKER, PERRY                          MANCHESTER                              NY-35-W-605
WALKER, SILAS                          GENEVA                                  NY-35-L-330
WALKER, TISDALL                        BRISTOL                                 NY-35-10-292
WALLACE, MARY FRANCES                  TBL                                     NY-35-91-120
WALLACE, MARY FRANCES                  TBL                                     NY-35-86-204
WALLING, PETER                         CANADICE                                NY-35-B-70
WALMSLEY, PHILADELPHIA I.              TBL                                     NY-35-81-661
WALMSLEY,PHILADELPHIA I.               TBL                                     NY-35-86-458
WALSH, THOMAS                          TBL                                     NY-35-81-384
WALTER, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-35-86-68
WALTER, PHOEBE                         KINGSTON, TUSCOLA, MI                   NY-35-61-664
WALTERS, JAMES                         TBL                                     NY-35-81-623
WALTON, JAMES                          WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-E-665
WARD, JOSHUA                           PHELPS                                  NY-35-A-224
WARD, LOVINA                           TBL                                     NY-35-81-317
WARD, MOSES                            CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-16
WARFIELD, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-35-91-1
WARFIELD, JOHN                         TBL                                     NY-35-86-460
WARFIELD, LOUEZER                      MANCHESTER                              NY-35-E-605
WARFIELD, SUSAN D.                     MANCHESTER                              NY-35-71-203
WARFIELD, THOMAS W.                    CLIFTON SPRINGS                         NY-35-71-259
WARFIELD, ZADOK                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-168
WARFIELD, ZADOK                        TBL                                     NY-35-86-241
WARMER, MYRON                          TBL                                     NY-35-101-95
WARNER, DANIEL D. T.                   TBL                                     NY-35-81-104
WARNER, EDWIN                          PHELPS                                  NY-35-71-618
WARNER, ELIJAH                         PHELPS                                  NY-35-B-326
WARNER, ELIZA                          CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-464
WARNER, HIEL                           CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-A-145
WARNER, HIRAM                          PHELPS                                  NY-35-71-118
WARNER, MINERVA E.                     TBL                                     NY-35-81-273
WARNER, SARAH A.                       GORHAM                                  NY-35-W-545
WARNER, THOMAS                         NAPLES                                  NY-35-61-172
WARNER, ULYSSES                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-120
WARNER, WARREN WILLIAM                 TBL                                     NY-35-81-91
WARNER, WILLIAM S.                     CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-E-200
WARREN, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NY-35-M-462
WARREN, LYDIA M.                       NAPLES                                  NY-35-61-428
WASHBURN, ELIZA H.                     NAPLES                                  NY-35-61-500
WASHBURN, ISAAC                        GORHAM                                  NY-35-18-438
WASHBURN, NANCY                        MANCHESTER                              NY-35-71-592
WASHBURNE, ISAAC                       TBL                                     NY-35-M-579
WASHBURNE, MARGARET B.                 GORHAM                                  NY-35-61-71
WATERBURY, WILLIAM                     NAPLES                                  NY-35-D-1
WATHERWAX, PETER                       PHELPS                                  NY-35-55-182
WATKINS, ANN                           GORHAM                                  NY-35-61-166
WATKINS, EVELINA H.                    TBL                                     NY-35-101-588
WATKINS, ISABEL                        MANCHESTER                              NY-35-61-274
WATKINS, JAMES W.                      TBL                                     NY-35-101-475
WATKINS, NATHAN                        NAPLES                                  NY-35-7-186
WATKINS, THOMAS                        SENECA                                  NY-35-71-53
WATKINS, WILLIAM                       NTL                                     NY-35-2-337
WATSON, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NY-35-81-221
WATSON, FRANCIS                        CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-695
WATSON, JOHN                           SENECA                                  NY-35-W-615
WATSON, JOHN                           PHELPS                                  NY-35-S-53
WATSON, ROBERT                         SENECA                                  NY-35-B-306
WAUGH, ADALINE                         SENECA                                  NY-35-E-543
WAYNE, CHARLOTTE                       TBL                                     NY-35-M-372
WAYNE, WILLIAM H.                      MANCHESTER                              NY-35-W-425
WEBB, HENRY                            SOUTH BRISTOL                           NY-35-71-173
WEBB, NOAH                             GORHAM                                  NY-35-10-93
WEBB, RANDEL                           SENECA                                  NY-35-C-280
WEBB,JOHN                              TBL                                     NY-35-101-T584
WEBSTER, COMFORT                       CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-158
WEBSTER, DANIEL T.                     EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-61-229
WEBSTER, ISRAEL                        SENECA                                  NY-35-C-276
WEBSTER, JAMES                         PHELPS                                  NY-35-W-110
WEBSTER, JOHN                          FARMINGTON                              NY-35-12-73
WEBSTER, LESTER                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-472
WEBSTER, LESTER                        TBL                                     NY-35-86-563
WEBSTER, WILLARD                       SENECA                                  NY-35-71-150
WELCH, BRIDGET                         TBL                                     NY-35-91-550
WELCH, STEPHEN                         SENECA                                  NY-35-18-190
WELD, ISAAC                            SODUS                                   NY-35-2-289
WELFARE, GEORGE                        CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-W-224
WELFARE, GEORGE                        CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-327
WELK, MANNING C.                       TBL                                     NY-35-101-174
WELLER, JOHN N.                        TBL                                     NY-35-81-301
WELLES, SARAH                          SENECA                                  NY-35-E-569
WELLS, ANNA C.                         TBL                                     NY-35-81-29
WELLS, BENJAMIN                        NAPLES                                  NY-35-61-262
WELLS, ESTHER                          TBL                                     NY-35-M-159
WELLS, HENRY S.                        MANCHESTER                              NY-35-S-329
WELLS, JAMES                           GORHAM                                  NY-35-E-431
WELLS, JOHN                            MANCHESTER                              NY-35-C-392
WELLS, JOSEPH                          FARMINGTON                              NY-35-D-300
WELLS, JOSHUA                          BRISTOL                                 NY-35-L-286
WELLS, LOA                             PHELPS                                  NY-35-S-642
WELLS, LOUISA                          TBL                                     NY-35-81-441
WELLS, LYDIA E. H.                     MANCHESTER                              NY-35-S-268
WELLS, PETER                           TBL                                     NY-35-M-568
WELLS, PETER                           TBL (CON'T)                             NY-35-M-574
WELLS, ROBERT                          SAN FRANCISCO, SAN FRANCISCO, CA        NY-35-71-70
WELLS, ROBERT                          TBL                                     NY-35-101-518
WELLS, SIMEON J                        TBL                                     NY-35-86-47
WELLS, SIMEON J.                       TBL                                     NY-35-81-590
WELLS, WILLARD                         PHELPS                                  NY-35-L-647
WELSH, ANN                             TBL                                     NY-35-91-231
WELSH, ANN                             TBL                                     NY-35-86-277
WELSH, HANNAH                          CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-343
WELTON, ORSEL T.                       TBL                                     NY-35-101-193
WENDELL, JOSIAH                        TBL                                     NY-35-M-204
WENTZ, ELLEN F.                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-616
WERNETT, ELIZABETH                     CANADICE                                NY-35-W-647
WEST, JAMES                            TBL                                     NY-35-101-197
WEST, SAMUEL WILBUR                    RICHMOND                                NY-35-55-555
WESTFALL, BENJAMIN                     PHELPS                                  NY-35-W-609
WESTFALL, CORNELIUS                    PHELPS                                  NY-35-18-142
WESTFALL, GEORGE                       PELPS                                   NY-35-55-17
WESTFALL, HANNAH                       PHELPS                                  NY-35-L-729
WESTFALL, JAMES                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-A-26
WESTFALL, JOHN J.                      PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-65
WESTFALL, SAMUEL                       PHELPS                                  NY-35-W-201
WESTFALL, SENAH                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-71-497
WESTFALL, SIMON                        TBL                                     NY-35-M-1
WETHERLY, JOHN                         PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-305
WETTER, EZRA                           SENECA                                  NY-35-18-400
WEYBURN, EDWIN                         GENEVA                                  NY-35-61-131
WEYBURN, ELSIE                         GENEVA                                  NY-35-55-327
WHALEN, MARY                           TBL                                     NY-35-81-447
WHEADON, JOHN                          TBL                                     NY-35-91-679
WHEAT, BENJAMIN                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-B-273
WHEAT, CLARISSA M.                     TBL                                     NY-35-81-503
WHEAT, CORYDON                         TBL                                     NY-35-81-398
WHEAT, SIDNEY                          NTL                                     NY-35-61-394
WHEATON, DAVID                         BRISTOL                                 NY-35-61-440
WHEATON, PHEBE A.                      TBL                                     NY-35-81-450
WHEDON, ALPHONSO                       SENECA                                  NY-35-61-288
WHEDON, EBER                           SENECA                                  NY-35-7-96
WHEDON, GEORGE C.                      GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-145
WHEDON, JOHN L.                        GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-392
WHEDON, MARCENA                        SENECA                                  NY-35-L-314
WHEDON, SARAH                          TBL                                     NY-35-101-217
WHEDON, SELAH                          TBL                                     NY-35-M-201
WHEELER, AARON                         BRISTOL                                 NY-35-A-405
WHEELER, ALBERT                        GENEVA                                  NY-35-55-540
WHEELER, BENJAMIN                      BLOOMFIELD                              NY-35-A-419
WHEELER, BENJAMIN D.                   BLOOMFIELD                              NY-35-12-161
WHEELER, BETSEY                        EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-61-463
WHEELER, CELIA                         EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-B-579
WHEELER, ELEANOR                       GENEVA                                  NY-35-W-64
WHEELER, GEORGE A.                     NTL                                     NY-35-B-73
WHEELER, JOHN HARVEY                   EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-W-267
WHEELER, JONAS M.                      CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-W-538
WHEELER, MALVINA A.                    CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-109
WHEELER, MARTIN                        TBL                                     NY-35-86-93
WHEELER, MARTIN                        TBL                                     NY-35-81-660
WHEELER, NATHAN H.                     BRISTOL                                 NY-35-55-79
WHEELER, SYLVIA                        GORHAM                                  NY-35-71-462
WHEELER, WILLIAM H.                    SENECA                                  NY-35-55-233
WHEELOCK, JOHN R.                      TBL                                     NY-35-81-87
WHELEHAN, MARY                         CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-524
WHITAKER, JOHN                         CANADICE                                NY-35-B-17
WHITAKER, STEPHEN M.                   GORHAM                                  NY-35-71-339
WHITBECK, GEORGE V. H.                 TBL                                     NY-35-101-547
WHITE, ANDREW                          PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-563
WHITE, DANIEL                          GORHAM                                  NY-35-A-424
WHITE, EDWARD                          GENEVA                                  NY-35-18-214
WHITE, ELIZABETH                       SENECA                                  NY-35-D-203
WHITE, ELLEN                           TBL                                     NY-35-101-253
WHITE, EUPHEMIA                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-377
WHITE, EUPHEMIA                        TBL                                     NY-35-86-366
WHITE, JANE M.                         DERBY, NEW HAVEN, CT                    NY-35-S-164
WHITE, JOHN R.                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-420
WHITE, LAFAYETTE                       CANADICE                                NY-35-W-680
WHITE, LYDIA                           CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-55-328
WHITE, MARTIN                          CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-273
WHITE, MARY E.                         PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-239
WHITE, PHEBE K.                        TBL                                     NY-35-86-70
WHITE, PHEBE K.                        TBL                                     NY-35-81-625
WHITFIELD, ELIZA                       FARMINGTON                              NY-35-S-640
WHITING, ANN                           GENEVA                                  NY-35-L-621
WHITING, JANE                          TBL                                     NY-35-101-245
WHITING, JOHN                          CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-55-355
WHITING, MARY                          GENEVA                                  NY-35-D-462
WHITMARSH, DAVID                       TBL                                     NY-35-M-247
WHITNEY, ANN                           SENECA                                  NY-35-S-779
WHITNEY, CATHERINE                     HOPEWELL                                NY-35-B-373
WHITNEY, CHEENEY                       SENECA                                  NY-35-71-348
WHITNEY, ESTHER E.                     SENECA                                  NY-35-61-458
WHITNEY, ISAAC                         MIDDLESEX                               NY-35-12-129
WHITNEY, JEFFERSON T.                  TBL                                     NY-35-101-94
WHITNEY, JOEL                          SENECA                                  NY-35-18-122
WHITNEY, LEMUEL P.                     TBL                                     NY-35-101-430
WHITNEY, LUTHER                        SENECA                                  NY-35-55-492
WHITNEY, NATHAN                        SENECA                                  NY-35-B-107
WHITNEY, OSCAR                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-427
WHITNEY, WILLIAM M.                    HOPEWELL                                NY-35-18-53
WHITWELL, JAMES                        GENEVA                                  NY-35-61-620
WHITWELL, JOHN                         GENEVA                                  NY-35-61-545
WHITWELL, STEPHEN K.                   CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-45
WHITWELL, WILLIAM                      TBL                                     NY-35-101-262
WHTIMARSH, JOHN                        BRISTOL                                 NY-35-18-22
WICKHAM, JOHN                          NTL                                     NY-35-1-177
WICKOFF, WILLIAM                       HOPEWELL                                NY-35-C-487
WICKS, ABBIE F.                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-76
WILBER, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-35-M-381
WILBER, SAMUEL                         MANCHESTER                              NY-35-61-582
WILCOX, ALVIN                          TBL                                     NY-35-M-628
WILCOX, AMINTA                         EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-L-498
WILCOX, ANSEL                          WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-S-221
WILCOX, ENOCH                          EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-A-383
WILCOX, EZRA                           EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-W-394
WILCOX, JAMES B.                       MANCHESTER                              NY-35-71-472
WILCOX, LUCIUS                         CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-249
WILCOX, MORGAN L.                      TBL                                     NY-35-81-436
WILCOX, NATHAN                         EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-C-120
WILCOX, ORIN                           TBL                                     NY-35-86-560
WILCOX, ORSON                          TBL                                     NY-35-91-492
WILCOX, SOPHRONIA C.                   EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-W-139
WILCOX, TERRISSA                       TBL                                     NY-35-86-560
WILCOX, TERRISSA W.                    TBL                                     NY-35-91-492
WILDER, ASA                            BRISTOL                                 NY-35-14-172
WILDER, EPHRAIM                        BRISTOL                                 NY-35-14-208
WILDER, GAMALIEL                       BRISTOL                                 NY-35-11-9
WILDER, JOSEPH                         BRISTOL                                 NY-35-B-5
WILEY, ANN ELIZA                       NAPLES                                  NY-35-71-184
WILEY, SILAS M.                        NAPLES                                  NY-35-55-154
WILKIE, JAMES                          TBL                                     NY-35-101-533
WILKINS, CHARLES A.                    TBL                                     NY-35-81-85
WILKINSON, GEORGE J.                   GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-277
WILKINSON, GOWAN                       SPARTA                                  NY-35-4-234
WILKINSON, JEMIMA                      JERUSALEM                               NY-35-14-44
WILLAMS, MARY J.                       TBL                                     NY-35-86-177
WILLETS, BARZILLAI                     PALMYRA                                 NY-35-6-294
WILLIAMS, ABIJAH                       VICTOR                                  NY-35-B-322
WILLIAMS, ALICE E.                     TBL                                     NY-35-101-229
WILLIAMS, ANDREW L.                    CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-258
WILLIAMS, CATHARINE L.                 PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-572
WILLIAMS, ELIJAH                       TBL                                     NY-35-M-171
WILLIAMS, ELMEETT                      TBL                                     NY-35-91-475
WILLIAMS, ELMSETT                      TBL                                     NY-35-86-567
WILLIAMS, ERVILLA                      TBL                                     NY-35-M-210
WILLIAMS, HANNAH                       MANCHESTER                              NY-35-61-286
WILLIAMS, ISAAC                        TBL                                     NY-35-M-369
WILLIAMS, JOB                          RICHMOND                                NY-35-E-375
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                       CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-518
WILLIAMS, LAVINIA                      CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-476
WILLIAMS, LYMAN                        TBL                                     NY-35-M-510
WILLIAMS, MARY J.                      TBL                                     NY-35-91-95
WILLIAMS, NATHAN                       SENECA                                  NY-35-A-482
WILLIAMS, NATHAN                       GENEVA                                  NY-35-A-400
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                       TBL                                     NY-35-M-435
WILLIAMSON, ABIGAIL                    GENEVA                                  NY-35-18-60
WILLIAMSON, CHARLES A.                 GENEVA                                  NY-35-D-586
WILLIAMSON, CHARLES A. ****            EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND (96)                NY-35-L-384
WILLIARD, URANIA                       VICTOR                                  NY-35-14-40
WILLING, MARY E.                       PHELPS                                  NY-35-71-116
WILLIS, MARY JANE                      CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-190
WILLSON, DARCAS                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-12-105
WILLSON, DAVID                         FARMINGTON                              NY-35-S-611
WILLSON, GEORGE                        TBL                                     NY-35-M-373
WILLSON, GEORGE                        PHELPS                                  NY-35-C-44
WILLSON, JARED                         CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-E-109
WILLSON, JOHN                          HOPEWELL                                NY-35-W-265
WILLSON, LEWIS                         AVON                                    NY-35-7-182
WILLSON, LYDIA                         CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-55-164
WILLSON, MARIA                         FARMINGTON                              NY-35-71-690
WILLSON, NELSON P.                     WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-55-507
WILLYS, DAVID S.                       TBL                                     NY-35-101-19
WILMARTH, OTIS                         VICTOR                                  NY-35-L-547
WILMARTH, SOPHRONIA                    VICTOR                                  NY-35-L-719
WILSON, ABRAHAM                        FARMINGTON                              NY-35-W-213
WILSON, ADAM                           TBL                                     NY-35-91-693
WILSON, ALEXANDER                      CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-W-505
WILSON, CLARA ANN                      BLOOMFIELD                              NY-35-61-306
WILSON, DAVID                          SENECA                                  NY-35-71-71
WILSON, ELIZABETH                      NTL                                     NY-35-W-712
WILSON, ELIZABETH A.                   TBL                                     NY-35-91-199
WILSON, ELIZABETH A.                   TBL                                     NY-35-86-263
WILSON, ELIZABETH R.                   TBL                                     NY-35-M-403
WILSON, JAMES                          SENECA                                  NY-35-W-162
WILSON, JAMES                          GORHAM                                  NY-35-18-430
WILSON, JOHN                           TBL                                     NY-35-101-598
WILSON, MARIA                          TBL                                     NY-35-81-178
WILSON, NATHANIEL R.                   WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-W-737
WILSON, ROEBRT                         HOPEWELL                                NY-35-71-24
WILSON, SUGIUS P.                      WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-55-276
WILSON, SUSAN                          MANCHESTER                              NY-35-55-245
WILSON, THOMAS                         SENECA                                  NY-35-S-701
WILSON, WILLIAM H.                     BRISTOL                                 NY-35-61-311
WILSON,JOHN C.                         TBL                                     NY-35-101-134
WILTEER, EDWIN                         PHELPS                                  NY-35-S-585
WINCH, AMASA T.                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-52
WINCH, ELIZABETH                       TBL                                     NY-35-101-584
WINDNAGLE, JACOB                       GORHAM                                  NY-35-S-705
WINDNAGLE, NATHAN                      GORHAM                                  NY-35-61-224
WING, MATHEW G.                        TBL                                     NY-35-M-439
WINNIE, MARY B.                        GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-229
WINSLOW, THOMAS                        ROMULUS, SENECA, NY                     NY-35-A-95
WISLER, ELIZABETH                      TBL                                     NY-35-101-185
WISWELL, HENRY F.                      NAPLES                                  NY-35-61-327
WITTER, ANNIS                          GORHAM                                  NY-35-71-275
WITTER, ELIJAH                         GORHAM                                  NY-35-B-179
WITTER, ELIJAH                         SENECA                                  NY-35-2-441
WITTER, EZRA                           SENECA                                  NY-35-55-29
WITTER, EZRA H.                        TBL                                     NY-35-86-34
WITTER, EZRA H.                        TBL                                     NY-35-81-570
WITTER, FREDERIC W.                    SENECA                                  NY-35-18-153
WITTER, HANNAH B.                      TBL                                     NY-35-101-300
WITTER, ISAAC                          GORHAM                                  NY-35-C-55
WITTER, LEWIS P.                       TBL                                     NY-35-101-471
WITTER, MARY E.                        GENEVA                                  NY-35-71-649
WITTER, WILLIAM                        GORHAM                                  NY-35-C-192
WOLCOTT, ANSON                         EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-S-240
WOLCOTT, LURENDA H.                    CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-W-102
WOLVEN, ALEXANDER                      PHELPS                                  NY-35-71-630
WOLVERTON, HUGH S.                     CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-E-597
WOLVERTON, JOEL                        CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-D-381
WOOD, ALBERT M.                        SOUTH BRISTOL                           NY-35-71-606
WOOD, ALICE                            NTL                                     NY-35-61-657
WOOD, BENJAMIN JR.                     WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-C-519
WOOD, BETHANY                          SOUTH BRISTOL                           NY-35-S-776
WOOD, BEZER                            SOUTH BRISTOL                           NY-35-L-37
WOOD, CARLTON                          WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-S-510
WOOD, CARLTON H.                       WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-55-193
WOOD, COLUMBUS C.                      TBL                                     NY-35-81-195
WOOD, EDGAR S.                         WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-61-360
WOOD, ELIZA B.                         CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-686
WOOD, EZRA                             TBL                                     NY-35-M-223
WOOD, GILBERT                          GORHAM                                  NY-35-B-298
WOOD, JOHN                             PHELPS                                  NY-35-E-510
WOOD, JOHN                             CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-12-121
WOOD, JOHN                             SENECA                                  NY-35-A-150
WOOD, LEONARD S.                       PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-253
WOOD, THOMAS R.                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-153
WOOD, THOMAS R.                        TBL                                     NY-35-86-226
WOOD, WILLIAM                          CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-625
WOOD, WILLIAM H.                       SOUTH BRISTOL                           NY-35-71-163
WOODCOCK, LYDIA                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-404
WOODEN, DANIEL                         PHELPS                                  NY-35-B-482
WOODEN, JOHN                           PHELPS                                  NY-35-S-97
WOODHOUSE, CHARLOTTE JONES             TBL                                     NY-35-101-441
WOODLEY, WILLIAM                       TBL                                     NY-35-M-460
WOODRUFF, ARDEN                        WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-W-733
WOODRUFF, CHARLES                      CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-E-642
WOODRUFF, PHINEAS L.                   MANCHESTER                              NY-35-71-584
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM D.                   TBL                                     NY-35-91-421
WOODRUFF, WILLIAM D.                   TBL                                     NY-35-86-393
WOODS, JAMES                           SENECA                                  NY-35-61-293
WOODS, JAMES LYMAN                     TBL                                     NY-35-M-654
WOODWARD, ROSWELL S.                   CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-587
WOOLSTON, NOAMI                        TBL                                     NY-35-91-258
WOOLSTON,NAOMI                         TBL                                     NY-35-86-303
WORDEN, FRANCIS M.                     BRISTOL                                 NY-35-W-99
WORDEN, SALLY                          TBL                                     NY-35-81-77
WORDEN, SARAH                          PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-367
WORRALLO, CHARLES W.                   EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-71-706
WORTH, CAROLINE S.                     TBL                                     NY-35-86-3
WORTH, CAROLINE S.                     TBL                                     NY-35-81-531
WRIGHT, ABIJAH                         RICHMOND                                NY-35-C-41
WRIGHT, ASA                            PHELPS                                  NY-35-61-432
WRIGHT, CHARLES S.                     PHELPS                                  NY-35-55-435
WRIGHT, ELISHA                         EAST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-B-493
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH A.                   PHELPS                                  NY-35-71-213
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH A.                   TBL                                     NY-35-81-196
WRIGHT, ISAAC P.                       CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-61-321
WRIGHT, JOHN                           PHELPS                                  NY-35-B-163
WRIGHT, JOSEPH                         AVON                                    NY-35-6-298
WRIGHT, MARY L.                        TBL                                     NY-35-101-624
WRIGHT, SAMUEL                         CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-668
WRIGHT, THOMAS                         VICTOR                                  NY-35-S-733
WRIGHT, WILLIAM W.                     TBL                                     NY-35-81-134
WWEBB, CHARLES                         WEST BLOOMFIELD                         NY-35-W-23
WYATT, JOHN W.                         CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-S-667
WYCKOFF, SAMUEL                        HOPEWELL                                NY-35-S-531
WYKOFF, CORNELIUS                      HOPEWELL                                NY-35-C-148
WYMAN, EZRA                            TBL                                     NY-35-M-254
WYMAN, JONAS                           AUGUSTA                                 NY-35-2-319
WYNKOOP, ADAM                          GORHAM                                  NY-35-W-724
WYNN, JONATHAN                         NTL                                     NY-35-2-341
WYNN, SAMUEL                           GENESEO                                 NY-35-2-345
YAGER, OLIVER B.                       TBL                                     NY-35-86-92
YAGER, OLIVER B.                       TBL                                     NY-35-81-654
YEAKLEY, JOSIAH L.                     GORHAM                                  NY-35-71-611
YEO, ADALINE                           TBL                                     NY-35-86-450
YEO, ADALINE                           TBL                                     NY-35-81-628
YEO, JOHN                              TBL                                     NY-35-91-105
YEO, JOHN                              TBL                                     NY-35-86-189
YEOMANS, SARAH                         GENEVA                                  NY-35-W-612
YERKES, SAMUEL                         TBL                                     NY-35-M-527
YORK, PETER                            TBL                                     NY-35-101-542
YORKE, JAMES                           GENEVA                                  NY-35-S-482
YOUNG, CHARLOTTE B.                    PHELPS                                  NY-35-S-342
YOUNG, ELKANAH                         TBL                                     NY-35-91-341
YOUNG, ELKANAH                         TBL                                     NY-35-86-522
YOUNG, JOHN                            TBL                                     NY-35-86-108
YOUNG, JOHN                            TBL                                     NY-35-81-676
YOUNG, JULIA                           CANANDAIGUA                             NY-35-71-161
YOUNG, MANDANA                         TBL                                     NY-35-86-10
YOUNG, MANDANA                         TBL                                     NY-35-81-540
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         TBL                                     NY-35-81-56
YOUNG, WILLIAM                         SODUS                                   NY-35-14-32
YOUNG, WILLIAM SR.                     SENECA                                  NY-35-C-535
YOUNGLOVE, AARON                       GORHAM                                  NY-35-C-79
YOUNGLOVE, JANE                        GORHAM                                  NY-35-W-138
YULE, HANNAH T. C.                     TBL                                     NY-35-81-354

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