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IDE, JOHN                               NY-35-W-57
INDERDEN, RAYMOND                       NY-35-71-162
INGAL, ACHSAH                           NY-35-W-75
INGALLS, HANNAH                         NY-35-61-412
INGERSOLL, POLLY                        NY-35-86-293
INGERSOLL, POLY                         NY-35-91-239
INGRAHAM, ANDREW                        NY-35-L-502
INGRAHAM, MARY                          NY-35-101-60
IRETON, JOHN                            NY-35-101-292
ISENHOUR, JACOB                         NY-35-W-641
ISRAEL, JOHN                            NY-35-18-56
JACK, JAMES                             NY-35-W-454
JACKMAN, JOSIAH                         NY-35-61-523
JACKMAN, LURA B.                        NY-35-86-56
JACKMAN, LUVA B.                        NY-35-81-604
JACKSON, CAROLINE M.                    NY-35-55-75
JACKSON, DANIEL                         NY-35-2-369
JACKSON, GILES                          NY-35-14-92
JACKSON, HARRIET                        NY-35-101-71
JACKSON, JOHN                           NY-35-C-414
JACKSON, ORRIN ***                      NY-35-S-411
JACKSON, SAMUEL A.                      NY-35-71-502
JACKSON, SARAH J.                       NY-35-91-219
JACKSON, SARAH J.                       NY-35-86-278
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        NY-35-W-302
JACKSON, WILLIAM H.                     NY-35-S-526
JACKSON, WILLIAM J.                     NY-35-A-416
JACOBS, HANNAH                          NY-35-W-412
JAMES, JONATHAN                         NY-35-18-186
JAMES, WATERMAN                         NY-35-L-324
JAMESON, HUGH                           NY-35-7-357
JAMESON, HUGH                           NY-35-A-271
JAMIESON, ISABELLA                      NY-35-81-132
JANSEN, ARENTJE                         NY-35-61-354
JANSOM, ARENTJE                         NY-35-61-354
JAQUES, CATHERINE                       NY-35-91-214
JAQUES, CATHERINE                       NY-35-86-274
JEFFERDS, NATHAN                        NY-35-14-48
JENDEVINE, FRANCIS                      NY-35-91-404
JENKINS, HANNAH                         NY-35-101-101
JENKS, WILLIAM                          NY-35-M-430
JENNER, GRACE                           NY-35-101-372
JENNER, MARY ANN                        NY-35-91-55
JENNER, MARY ANN                        NY-35-86-150
JENNINGS, JOSHUA                        NY-35-S-664
JEWETT, ALICE A.                        NY-35-81-429
JEWETT, HARVEY                          NY-35-81-11
JEWETT, RUTH M.                         NY-35-81-51
JOBSON, CHARLES                         NY-35-91-410
JOBSON, CHARLES                         NY-35-86-383
JOHNS, EVAN                             NY-35-D-336
JOHNS, ROSETTA B.                       NY-35-61-58
JOHNS, THOMAS H.                        NY-35-L-174
JOHNSON, ALVA                           NY-35-W-139
JOHNSON, ASA                            NY-35-D-427
JOHNSON, CHARLES P.                     NY-35-M-265
JOHNSON, DANIEL                         NY-35-81-241
JOHNSON, DANIEL C.                      NY-35-81-283
JOHNSON, ELIZABETH P.                   NY-35-S-445
JOHNSON, GARRET S.                      NY-35-71-16
JOHNSON, GEORGE                         NY-35-101-287
JOHNSON, GEORGE W.                      NY-35-101-640
JOHNSON, HIRAM                          NY-35-S-169
JOHNSON, JOHN L.                        NY-35-71-159
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         NY-35-61-136
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         NY-35-71-519
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         NY-35-D-187
JOHNSON, LEWIS                          NY-35-W-368
JOHNSON, NANCY                          NY-35-81-404
JOHNSON, OLIVE                          NY-35-81-453
JOHNSON, RACHEL                         NY-35-B-315
JOHNSON, RUSSELL B.                     NY-35-S-232
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-35-91-564
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-35-S-219
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-35-71-413
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        NY-35-101-464
JOHNSON, WILLIAM HENRY                  NY-35-S-792
JOHNSTON, HOPE                          NY-35-101-494
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          NY-35-61-270
JOHNSTON, LUKE                          NY-35-A-186
JOHNSTON, RUTH A.                       NY-35-61-624
JONES, AMOS                             NY-35-71-298
JONES, ANDREW                           NY-35-W-310
JONES, ARUNAH                           NY-35-W-206
JONES, ASA                              NY-35-18-415
JONES, ASA                              NY-35-W-113
JONES, AUGUSTUS                         NY-35-71-320
JONES, CHARLOTTE                        NY-35-101-441
JONES, EDWARD A.                        NY-35-81-35
JONES, ELIJAH                           NY-35-71-155
JONES, ELNATHAN                         NY-35-A-316
JONES, EPHRAIM                          NY-35-C-158
JONES, EZRA                             NY-35-81-3
JONES, EZRA                             NY-35-B-498
JONES, HARRIET                          NY-35-55-359
JONES, HENRY W.                         NY-35-W-134
JONES, HENRY W.                         NY-35-S-697
JONES, JOHN                             NY-35-M-368
JONES, JOHN                             NY-35-D-607
JONES, MARY B.                          NY-35-81-413
JONES, NATHAN                           NY-35-18-75
JONES, PHOEBE                           NY-35-61-292
JONES, SYLVANUS                         NY-35-C-387
JONES, THOMAS C.                        NY-35-71-354
JORDAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-35-W-707
JORDAN, JOHN                            NY-35-C-333
JORDON, SUSAN                           NY-35-101-132
JOSLYN, CHARLES                         NY-35-55-13
JOSLYN, IRA L.                          NY-35-W-169
JOSLYN, MARY A.                         NY-35-86-130
JOSLYN, MARY ANN                        NY-35-91-32
JOYNER, GURDON                          NY-35-M-37
JUDD, LEVI                              NY-35-18-432
JUDEVINE, FRANCIS                       NY-35-86-530
JUDSON, EPHRAIM                         NY-35-12-109
JUNE, JOSEPH                            NY-35-M-669
JUNE, SARAH                             NY-35-91-422
JUNE, SARAH                             NY-35-86-395
JUPITER, ANTHONY                        ny-35-2-399
KANOUTS, JOHN                           NY-35-E-193
KEAR, ANNA M.                           NY-35-91-290
KEAR, ANNA M.                           NY-35-86-320
KEATING, JAMES                          NY-35-81-561
KEATING,JAMES                           NY-35-86-25
KEENER, HENRY                           NY-35-W-116
KEITH, LORA M.                          NY-35-86-569
KEITH, LORA M.                          NY-35-91-480
KELCHER, DANIEL                         NY-35-86-2
KELEHER, DANIEL                         NY-35-81-530
KELLEY, CORNELIUS                       NY-35-61-228
KELLEY, EDWARD                          NY-35-101-341
KELLEY, HANNAH                          NY-35-101-588
KELLEY, JAMES                           NY-35-S-623
KELLEY, MICHAEL                         NY-35-71-441
KELLOGG, AARON                          NY-35-L-651
KELLOGG, ALEXANDER C.                   NY-35-S-50
KELLOGG, AUGUSTUS W.                    NY-35-61-151
KELLOGG, CALEB S.                       NY-35-55-293
KELLOGG, GEORGE B.                      NY-35-91-680
KELLOGG, PERMELIA                       NY-35-71-577
KELLOGG, WILLIAM                        NY-35-61-150
KELLOGG, WILLIAM H.                     NY-35-101-377
KELLY, LUTHER                           NY-35-L-690
KELLY, PATRICK                          NY-35-81-504
KELLY, PATRICK                          NY-35-61-58
KELSEY, ELIJAH                          NY-35-10-168
KELSEY, MARY E.                         NY-35-61-474
KENDALL, HENRY                          NY-35-91-59
KENDALL, HENRY                          NY-35-86-154
KENDALL, SOPHRONIA L.                   NY-35-91-632
KENFIELD, JOHN                          NY-35-61-307
KENNEDY, HARRIET C.                     NY-35-101-130
KENNEDY, JAMES                          NY-35-1-168
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                        NY-35-101-405
KENNEY, ELIZA G.                        NY-35-55-490
KENNY, CATHARINE                        NY-35-55-463
KENT, JOHN                              NY-35-A-348
KENT,PHINEAS                            NY-35-81-402
KEPPEL, SARAH A.                        NY-35-91-202
KEPPEL, SARAH A.                        NY-35-86-264
KERR, THOMAS SR.                        NY-35-81-80
KETCHAM, BENJAMIN                       NY-35-C-419
KETCHAM, BENJAMIN                       NY-35-55-184
KETCHAM, C. AMELIA                      NY-35-91-232
KETCHAM, CYNTHIA AMELIA                 NY-35-86-288
KETCHAM, GERMOND                        NY-35-61-687
KETCHEM, LEWIS                          NY-35-A-338
KETCHUM, NELSON                         NY-35-55-91
KETCHUM, SEYMOUR                        NY-35-81-248
KEYES, BENJAMIN W.                      NY-35-86-305
KEYES,BENJAMIN W.                       NY-35-91-259
KIBBE, EDWARD                           NY-35-18-174
KIBBE, ESTHER T.                        NY-35-W-346
KIBBE, PERSIS A.                        NY-35-55-528
KIBBE, SIMEON T.                        NY-35-18-80
KIBBE, WILLIAM                          NY-35-B-349
KIBBE, WILLIAM                          NY-35-61-655
KILBOURN, RHODA                         NY-35-14-196
KILHAM, LEONARD C.                      NY-35-101-79
KIMBALL, ELIZABETH                      NY-35-M-203
KIMBER, CHARLES                         NY-35-71-609
KIMBLE, ENOS                            NY-35-101-8
KIMMETT, MARY                           NY-35-91-164
KIMMITT, MARY E.                        NY-35-81-131
KIMMITT,MARY                            NY-35-86-233
KING, HENRY                             NY-35-W-307
KING, IRVING D.                         NY-35-101-421
KING, JANE                              NY-35-81-42
KING, JOSEPH                            NY-35-61-235
KING, JOSHUA K.                         NY-35-A-277
KING, KENDAL                            NY-35-W-85
KING, LORENZO F.                        NY-35-55-503
KING, MARTHA S.                         NY-35-M-269
KING, SAMUEL                            NY-35-4-129
KING, WILLIAM                           NY-35-W-136
KINGSBURY, ABBY H.                      NY-35-101-456
KINGSBURY, ALANTHA                      NY-35-81-467
KINGSBURY, HAMPTON                      NY-35-91-358
KINGSBURY, HAMPTON                      NY-35-86-359
KINGSLAND, EDWARD                       NY-35-91-245
KINGSLAND, EDWARD                       NY-35-86-500
KINGSLEY, JOSEPH                        NY-35-91-189
KINGSLEY, JOSEPH                        NY-35-86-254
KINNEY, JEANNETTE H.                    NY-35-61-627
KINNEY, THOMAS                          NY-35-91-206
KINNEY, THOMAS                          NY-35-86-266
KINSELLA, MARTIN                        NY-35-91-292
KINSELLA, MARTIN                        NY-35-86-508
KINYON, BETSEY                          NY-35-55-292
KIPP, JOSEPH B.                         NY-35-W-311
KIPP, NICHOLAS N.                       NY-35-55-456
KIPPEN, GOERGE                          NY-35-91-511
KIPPIN, GEORGE                          NY-35-86-592
KIRTLAND, DORANCE L.                    NY-35-71-280
KLOPFER, JOHN                           NY-35-71-300
KNAP, JAMES                             NY-35-18-51
KNAPP, CATHARINE                        NY-35-71-407
KNAPP, DAVID                            NY-35-L-529
KNAPP, JAMES H.                         NY-35-101-109
KNAPP, JOHN                             NY-35-101-85
KNAPP, LEONARD                          NY-35-W-168
KNAPP, LEONARD                          NY-35-S-591
KNAPP, LEONARD H.                       NY-35-61-204
KNAPP, MAHALA                           NY-35-81-66
KNAPP, SAMUEL                           NY-35-L-514
KNAPP, WILAM                            NY-35-W-716
KNAPP, ZEBULON W.                       NY-35-B-22
KNAUER, RUDOLPH                         NY-35-81-299
KNAUSS, JOHN E.                         NY-35-91-161
KNAUSS, JOHN E.                         NY-35-86-234
KNAUSS, WEALTHY                         NY-35-71-319
KNICKERBOCKER, KATIE A.                 NY-35-61-497
KNICKERBOCKER, LAWRENCE                 NY-35-7-237
KNIFFIN, ISAAC B.                       NY-35-W-483
KNIGHT, RICHARD                         NY-35-81-204
KNOWLES, CHAUNCEY S.                    NY-35-91-621
KOBY, CHRISTIAN                         NY-35-61-653
KOCHER, PETER P.                        NY-35-S-403
KOEHLER, PHILIP H.                      NY-35-S-756
KONZ, NICHOLAS                          NY-35-71-548
KOON, CHRISTOPHER                       NY-35-61-353
LACEY, CATHARINE                        NY-35-61-469
LACEY, JOHANNAH                         NY-35-71-397
LACEY, LAWRENCE                         NY-35-86-5
LACEY, LAWRENCE                         NY-35-81-533
LACEY, MARY                             NY-35-18-47
LACY, JOHN                              NY-35-55-110
LACY, LAUREN W.                         NY-35-91-597
LADD, JOHN                              NY-35-E-503
LADU, JACOB                             NY-35-M-442
LADU, SARAH E.                          NY-35-91-173
LADU, SARAH E.                          NY-35-86-244
LAIDLAW, WALTER                         NY-35-71-105
LAIN, JACOB                             NY-35-C-62
LAING, JANETTE E.                       NY-35-71-233
LAKE, HARRIET                           NY-35-55-117
LAMBERT, OWEN                           NY-35-101-544
LAMBERT, THOMAS                         NY-35-55-190
LAMBRIGHT, HENRY                        NY-35-14-36
LAMEREUX, ISAAC                         NY-35-C-438
LAMERSON, SUSAN                         NY-35-M-425
LAMPMAN, JACOB                          NY-35-M-382
LAMPORT, JOHN                           NY-35-S-157
LAMPORT, WILLIAM H.                     NY-35-81-500
LAMUNYON, PHILLIP                       NY-35-D-579
LANE, DANIEL                            NY-35-101-218
LANE, ISHMAEL                           NY-35-55-508
LANE, JOHN LLOYD                        NY-35-W-135
LANE, RHODA                             NY-35-81-191
LANE, SAMUEL                            NY-35-7-197
LANE, SAMUEL                            NY-35-12-41
LANGDON, AMIN W.                        NY-35-S-783
LANGDON, ANANIAS                        NY-35-W-98
LANGDON, MARY ADALINE                   NY-35-W-718
LANGDON, SAMUEL W.                      NY-35-61-312
LANGDON, WILLIAM J.                     NY-35-81-1
LANGDON, WILSON L.                      NY-35-W-148
LANNON, THOMAS                          NY-35-101-438
LANSING, CATHARINE O.                   NY-35-101-156
LANSING, HENRY L.                       NY-35-81-177
LAPHAM, ALMEDA S.                       NY-35-101-450
LAPHAM, AMY A.                          NY-35-61-193
LAPHAM, DAVID                           NY-35-4-275
LAPHAM,E LBRIDGE G.                     NY-35-81-216
LATHEY, LOUISA N.                       NY-35-91-56
LATHEY, LOUISA N.                       NY-35-86-152
LATHROP, DELOS                          NY-35-61-256
LATTA, JOANNA                           NY-35-55-459
LATTA, SAMUEL                           NY-35-14-270
LATTING, JACOB                          NY-35-91-575
LATTING, JOSEPH V.                      NY-35-S-516
LATZ, HELENA                            NY-35-W-223
LATZ, NICHOLAS                          NY-35-86-96
LATZ, NICHOLAS                          NY-35-81-663
LAVE, CHARLES                           NY-35-61-663
LAWRENCE, AGNES B.                      NY-35-61-600
LAWRENCE, ELEANOR                       NY-35-W-649
LAWRENCE, ELEANOR G.                    NY-35-81-295
LAWRENCE, HARRIET A.                    NY-35-101-417
LAWRENCE, LORENZO R.                    NY-35-91-251
LAWRENCE, LORENZO R.                    NY-35-86-301
LAWRENCE, SEAMAN                        NY-35-W-734
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        NY-35-E-393
LAY, HANNAH                             NY-35-M-100
LAY, NEWBURY                            NY-35-18-236
LEACH, MARY W.                          NY-35-55-111
LEACH, RICHARD P.                       NY-35-55-518
LEE, BENJAMIN                           NY-35-18-229
LEE, CHARLES W.                         NY-35-C-32
LEE, FRANCIS J.                         NY-35-S-228
LEE, GEORGE                             NY-35-E-621
LEE, GIDEON                             NY-35-B-375
LEE, MARY J.                            NY-35-86-40
LEE, MARY J.                            NY-35-81-577
LEE, PATRICK                            NY-35-91-367
LEE, PATRICK                            NY-35-86-362
LEE, REYNOLD P.                         NY-35-61-339
LEE, SETH                               NY-35-S-241
LEE, THOMAS A.                          NY-35-W-159
LEE, WILLIAM A.                         NY-35-101-385
LEE, WILLIS                             NY-35-L-72
LEECH, JOANNA                           NY-35-W-97
LEECH, MINERVA L.                       NY-35-101-445
LEESON, CLARISSA                        NY-35-81-457
LEESON, WILLIAM                         NY-35-55-426
LEETE, JOHN A.                          NY-35-M-660
LEETE, SAAH S.                          NY-35-55-172
LEFERGE, JAMES L.                       NY-35-W-617
LEFEVER, DANIEL                         NY-35-L-624
LEFEVER, GEORGE                         NY-35-E-15
LEGERWOOD, MARGARET ANN                 NY-35-91-598
LEGERWOOD, THOMAS                       NY-35-101-327
LEGORE, ISAAC                           NY-35-55-252
LELAND, ISAAC                           NY-35-55-180
LELAND, JAMES                           NY-35-2-327
LELAND, JAMES                           NY-35-2-417
LEMMYON, HOWARD                         NY-35-S-557
LEMONYON, JOHN                          NY-35-D-346
LEMONYON, JOHN                          NY-35-B-40
LEMUNYON, ELIZA ANN                     NY-35-61-238
LEMUNYON, PARIS                         NY-35-W-720
LESTER, AMANDA C.                       NY-35-71-242
LEVALLY, ELKANAH S.                     NY-35-W-331
LEVY, JACOB                             NY-35-71-704
LEVZENBY, SAMUEL                        NY-35-M-123
LEWIS, ABIGAIL                          NY-35-91-355
LEWIS, ABIGAIL                          NY-35-86-356
LEWIS, CHARLES H.                       NY-35-91-555
LEWIS, CHARLOTTE M.                     NY-35-71-456
LEWIS, DAVID                            NY-35-61-692
LEWIS, DEBORAH                          NY-35-91-315
LEWIS, DEBORAH                          NY-35-86-337
LEWIS, EBENEZAR                         NY-35-A-169
LEWIS, EBENEZER E.                      NY-35-61-168
LEWIS, EMELINE                          NY-35-61-433
LEWIS, EMMA M.                          NY-35-91-493
LEWIS, EZEKIEL                          NY-35-M-450
LEWIS, GUSTAVUS A.                      NY-35-S-162
LEWIS, JAMES                            NY-35-S-64
LEWIS, JAMES                            NY-35-W-89
LEWIS, JAMES                            NY-35-101-174
LEWIS, JOHN                             NY-35-61-466
LEWIS, JOSEPH S.                        NY-35-91-599
LEWIS, JUDITH                           NY-35-91-296
LEWIS, MELANCTON                        NY-35-61-44
LEWIS, MILTON A.                        NY-35-71-357
LEWIS, NATHANIEL                        NY-35-M-71
LEWIS, PHEBE                            NY-35-L-601
LEWIS, PHEBE E.                         NY-35-101-89
LEWIS, SARAH                            NY-35-61-404
LEWIS, SARAH                            NY-35-81-174
LEWIS, SOLOMON                          NY-35-7-60
LEWIS,EMMA M.                           NY-35-86-576
LEWIS,JUDITH                            NY-35-86-326
LIEPER, JOHN JOSEPH                     NY-35-81-118
LIGHTFOOT, JOHN                         NY-35-71-49
LIGHTFOOT, ROBERT                       NY-35-101-631
LINCOLN, ANSON S.                       NY-35-61-332
LINCOLN, ARTEMAS                        NY-35-S-721
LINCOLN, ELIZA L.                       NY-35-71-47
LINCOLN, FLAVIUS J.                     NY-35-71-187
LINCOLN, GEORGE                         NY-35-91-90
LINCOLN, GEORGE                         NY-35-86-171
LINCOLN, HENRY                          NY-35-71-174
LINCOLN, LINUS F.                       NY-35-71-699
LINCOLN, LOVISA                         NY-35-61-424
LINCOLN, MARVIN D.                      NY-35-S-343
LINCOLN, MARY                           NY-35-18-118
LINCOLN, WILLIAM                        NY-35-L-303
LINDNER, EDWARD                         NY-35-101-576
LINES, STEPHEN V.                       NY-35-61-568
LINKLAND, MARY                          NY-35-18-118
LINTON, LOUISA C.                       NY-35-W-587
LINTWIELER, JOHANNES                    NY-35-M-255
LISK, AMELIA                            NY-35-55-80
LISK, ISRAEL                            NY-35-S-475
LIVERMORE, LAURA                        NY-35-71-661
LOBDELL, CHESTER                        NY-35-B-501
LOBDELL, JACOB L.                       NY-35-L-311
LOBDELL, JAMES W.                       NY-35-81-452
LOBDELL, LEVI B.                        NY-35-61-538
LOBDELL, WILLAM S.                      NY-35-86-335
LODELL, WILLIAM S.                      NY-35-91-308
LONGSTAFF, MARY                         NY-35-101-207
LOOFBOROUGH, NATHAN                     NY-35-L-58
LOOK, MATTHEW                           NY-35-18-94
LOOMIS, CHARLES A.                      NY-35-101-278
LOOMIS, CHESTER                         NY-35-W-575
LOOMIS, CORNELIA E.                     NY-35-91-456
LOOMIS, CORNELIA E.                     NY-35-86-423
LOOMIS, GEORGE                          NY-35-91-615
LOOMIS, GEORGE                          NY-35-71-337
LOOMIS, HANNAH H.                       NY-35-W-629
LOOMIS, IRENEA                          NY-35-61-262
LOOMIS, JAMES                           NY-35-M-303
LOOMIS, JEROME                          NY-35-B-291
LOOMIS, MARY J.                         NY-35-91-280
LOOMIS, MARY J.                         NY-35-86-506
LOOMIS, REUBEN                          NY-35-61-1
LORD, ICHABOD                           NY-35-86-24
LORD, ICHABOD                           NY-35-81-559
LOVE, ESTHER                            NY-35-61-406
LOVE, JOHN                              NY-35-81-464
LOVEJOY, HANNAH                         NY-35-55-78
LOVEJOY, MARTIN                         NY-35-55-504
LOVELAND, MARY JANE                     NY-35-61-642
LOVELAND, VINCENT C.                    NY-35-81-436
LOWN, HENRY A.                          NY-35-S-263
LUCAS, CONSIDER                         NY-35-A-99
LUCAS, CONSIDER                         NY-35-B-3
LUCAS, CONSIDER                         NY-35-18-273
LUCAS, CONSIDER                         NY-35-A-350
LUCAS, RHODA                            NY-35-71-448
LUITWILLER, MARTHA                      NY-35-W-199
LUM, DAVID L.                           NY-35-W-591
LUNG, CATHERINE                         NY-35-86-4
LUNG, CATHERINE                         NY-35-81-532
LURGE, ELIZABETH                        NY-35-W-106
LUSK, STAFFORD S.                       NY-35-101-466
LUTHER, CALVIN H.                       NY-35-S-725
LUTHER, EMILY P.                        NY-35-71-503
LUTHER, SUMNER S.                       NY-35-101-356
LYKE, HARRIET                           NY-35-61-240
LYMAN, GEORGE F.                        NY-35-91-567
LYMON, C. NORTH                         NY-35-86-223
LYNCH, DENNIS                           NY-35-91-671
LYNCH, JOHN                             NY-35-101-500
LYNCH, NATHANIEL                        NY-35-71-362
LYON, AARON CLEMENT                     NY-35-91-584
LYON, ABNER P.                          NY-35-55-476
LYON, JAMES                             NY-35-S-199
LYON, LYDIA                             NY-35-W-729
LYON, SIMEON C.                         NY-35-55-142
LYON, THOMAS B.                         NY-35-61-30
LYON, WILLIAM                           NY-35-A-262
MACAULEY, EMMA                          NY-35-101-319
MACAULEY, JEFFERSON                     NY-35-91-149
MACAULEY, JEFFERSON                     NY-35-86-221
MACCAULEY, ROBERT                       NY-35-71-156
MACK, ENOCH                             NY-35-M-227
MACK, MILES P.                          NY-35-71-645
MACK, POLLY                             NY-35-S-469
MACKAY, JOHN                            NY-35-91-372
MACKAY, JOHN                            NY-35-86-526
MACO, WILLIAM R.                        NY-35-61-370
MACOMBER, CYRUS                         NY-35-61-322
MACOMBER, JAMES                         NY-35-14-16
MACOMBER, JOSEPH                        NY-35-W-632
MACUMBER, CYRENIUS                      NY-35-101-299
MADDEN, MARY (TEARNEY)                  NY-35-55-122
MAFFETT, JOSIAH                         NY-35-E-537
MAFFETT, PATTY A.                       NY-35-91-588
MAGGS, ISABELLA                         NY-35-101-27
MAHANEY, DANIEL                         NY-35-61-621
MAHANEY, MICHAEL                        NY-35-101-213
MAHAR, PATRICK                          NY-35-91-434
MAHAR, PATRICK                          NY-35-86-406
MAHONEY, ELLEN                          NY-35-91-230
MAHONEY, ELLEN                          NY-35-86-283
MALAM, MARY                             NY-35-55-371
MALETTE, JAMES                          NY-35-101-546
MALETTE, RACHEL HENDERSON               NY-35-71-678
MALLISON, AMOS                          NY-35-55-243
MALLISON, POLLY                         NY-35-91-122
MALLISON, POLLY                         NY-35-86-191
MAMERO, JOSEPH                          NY-35-91-176
MANCHESTER, MARY B.                     NY-35-81-54
MANDERVILLE, STEPHEN C.                 NY-35-S-748
MANDEVILL, HARRIET                      NY-35-81-79
MANN, PATIENCE M.                       NY-35-55-187
MANNERS, JOSEPH                         NY-35-86-248
MANSFIELD, ELIZABETH A.                 NY-35-101-175
MANSFIELD, SALLIE M.                    NY-35-91-583
MAPES, ELIZABETH                        NY-35-71-608
MAPES, HIGHLAND                         NY-35-86-404
MAPES, HILAND                           NY-35-91-433
MAPES, HIRAM                            NY-35-S-699
MAPES, JOHN W.                          NY-35-101-532
MARBLE, HENRIETTA                       NY-35-101-550
MARBLE, SHUBAEL                         NY-35-W-229
MARDEN, THOAMS                          NY-35-71-677
MARK, WILLIAM                           NY-35-61-127
MARKHAM, ELISHA W.                      NY-35-61-427
MARKHAM, MARY ETTA                      NY-35-S-36
MARKS, IMOGENE K.                       NY-35-101-387
MARLIN, CLARK                           NY-35-71-697
MARSH, APPLETON                         NY-35-M-427
MARSH, HORATIO H.                       NY-35-91-506
MARSH, HORATIO H.                       NY-35-86-548
MARSH, ISAAC (25)                       NY-35-L-150
MARSH, SAMUEL                           NY-35-55-264
MARSHALL, MARY                          NY-35-14-184
MARSHALL, STEARNS                       NY-35-W-739
MARTIN, ADMIRAL N.                      NY-35-W-97
MARTIN, CAROLINE S.                     NY-35-55-14
MARTIN, CATHERINE                       NY-35-71-388
MARTIN, ELVA A.                         NY-35-71-415
MARTIN, ESTHER M.                       NY-35-71-346
MARTIN, GEORGE J.                       NY-35-W-147
MARTIN, ISAAC                           NY-35-71-382
MARTIN, JOHN                            NY-35-91-674
MARTIN, LUCINDA S.                      NY-35-71-211
MARTIN, SUSAN                           NY-35-D-574
MARY, CATHARINE                         NY-35-M-81
MARY, ELIZABETH B.                      NY-35-81-344
MARY, JACOB                             NY-35-81-82
MASON, ANN H.                           NY-35-W-218
MASON, CHARLES                          NY-35-86-84
MASON, CHARLES                          NY-35-81-649
MASON, FRANCIS O.                       NY-35-101-589
MASON, JESSE                            NY-35-61-643
MASON, JOHN                             NY-35-A-452
MASON, JOHN                             NY-35-W-131
MASON, JOHN                             NY-35-81-454
MASON, THOMAS                           NY-35-W-408
MASON, WILLIAM R.                       NY-35-71-343
MATHER, ABBY A.                         NY-35-81-359
MATHER, ALBERT G.                       NY-35-101-194
MATHER, DAN                             NY-35-2-323
MATHER, ELISHA R.                       NY-35-91-37
MATHER, FANNY                           NY-35-101-403
MATHER, GURDON C.                       NY-35-C-313
MATHER, LUCIUS                          NY-35-61-117
MATHEWSON, ALFRED                       NY-35-61-373
MATHEWSON, LAURA                        NY-35-81-444
MATTERSON, NATHANIEL T.                 NY-35-L-270
MATTHEWS, HENRY                         NY-35-12-57
MATTICE, MORRIS M.                      NY-35-S-767
MATTISON, JACOBJ.                       NY-35-61-121
MAXFIELD, ELIAS                         NY-35-86-456
MAXFIELD, ELIAS                         NY-35-81-653
MAXWELL, HENRY E.                       NY-35-81-75
MAY, HENRIETTA L.                       NY-35-101-152
MAYLAN, BRYAN                           NY-35-81-45
MAYO, CLARINGTON                        NY-35-W-447
MCADAM, QUINTIN                         NY-35-M-584
MCADAMS, EDWARD                         NY-35-101-449
MCADAMS, QUINTIN                        NY-35-L-11
MCAULEY, THOMAS                         NY-35-A-78
MCBLAIN, ELLA P. SOVERHILL              NY-35-101-537
MCBLAIN, THOMAS                         NY-35-101-265
MCBRIDE, RICHARD P.                     NY-35-91-664
MCBURNEY, HAMILTON                      NY-35-71-559
MCCABE, SIMON                           NY-35-101-144
MCCABE, WILLIAM JR                      NY-35-91-27
MCCABE, WILLIAM JR.                     NY-35-86-126
MCCARR, ABRAM                           NY-35-101-302
MCCARTHY, ABRAHAM                       NY-35-101-100
MCCARTHY, APTRICK                       NY-35-81-543
MCCARTHY, BRIDGET                       NY-35-71-670
MCCARTHY, HONORA                        NY-35-101-255
MCCARTHY, JEREMIAH                      NY-35-W-329
MCCARTHY, JOHN                          NY-35-61-489
MCCARTHY, JOHN                          NY-35-101-414
MCCARTHY, MICHAEL                       NY-35-91-13
MCCARTHY, MICHAEL                       NY-35-86-116
MCCARTHY, PATRICK                       NY-35-86-11
MCCARTHY, TIMOTHY J. E.                 NY-35-61-247
MCCARTY, AUGUSTUS                       NY-35-55-535
MCCARTY, EUNICE                         NY-35-W-233
MCCAULEY, ANTHONY                       NY-35-A-124
MCCAULEY, JOHN                          NY-35-B-484
MCCAULEY, JOHN R.                       NY-35-71-541
MCCLELLAND, WILLIAM                     NY-35-61-697
MCCLURE, WILLIAM                        NY-35-55-499
MCCOBLEIGH, ANDREW                      NY-35-61-163
MCCOLLISTER, SAMUEL                     NY-35-C-203
MCCOMB, HENRY                           NY-35-61-211
MCCOMB, MARY                            NY-35-71-517
MCCONNELL, MINERVA                      NY-35-101-83
MCCORMICK, JAMES                        NY-35-14-72
MCCOY, DAVID H.                         NY-35-81-38
MCCOY, GEORGE                           NY-35-101-460
MCCRONE, JOHN G.                        NY-35-91-29
MCCRONE, JOHN G.                        NY-35-86-128
MCCROSSEN, DAVID                        NY-35-S-337
MCDONALD, DANIEL                        NY-35-A-15
MCDONALD, FRANK                         NY-35-101-476
MCDONALD, MARIA                         NY-35-81-55
MCDONOUGH, MICHAEL                      NY-35-101-41
MCDOUGALL, GEORGE C.                    NY-35-81-292
MCGARY, CATHARINE                       NY-35-101-237
MCGARY, HENRY                           NY-35-101-43
MCGINNIS, DANIEL                        NY-35-71-225
MCGINTY, MARGARET                       NY-35-81-39
MCGLOON, PATRICK                        NY-35-81-356
MCGOUGH, MARY                           NY-35-91-264
MCGOUGH, MARY                           NY-35-86-502
MCGOVERN, JOHN                          NY-35-101-615
MCGOWEN, NANCY                          NY-35-M-282
MCGRAVE, THOMAS                         NY-35-91-586
MCGREGOR, JOHN                          NY-35-61-123
MCGREGOR, MARGARET                      NY-35-S-540
MCGREGOR, MARY                          NY-35-71-222
MCHARG, JANNET                          NY-35-D-647
MCILVERN, JAMES                         NY-35-71-180
MCINTIRE, JOHN R.                       NY-35-E-36
MCKALOON, CHARLES                       NY-35-61-622
MCKANE, MELISSA D.                      NY-35-61-474
MCKANE, ROBERT M.                       NY-35-D-624
MCKAY, MARGARET                         NY-35-C-34
MCKAY, MARY                             NY-35-55-484
MCKAY, SAMUEL                           NY-35-14-100
MCKECHNIE, JAMES                        NY-35-81-161
MCKECHNIE, JESSIE                       NY-35-101- 334
MCKEE, WILLIAM                          NY-35-A-364
MCKELLIP, DANIEL                        NY-35-7-299
MCKELVIE, ANN                           NY-35-71-138
MCKELVIE, THOMAS                        NY-35-55-377
MCKELVIE, WILLIAM B.                    NY-35-91-552
MCKESHINE, ALEXANDER                    NY-35-61-539
MCKNUTT, ARCHIBALD                      NY-35-W-227
MCKNUTT, ROBERT                         NY-35-61-658
MCLAREN, DONALD C.                      NY-35-61-459
MCLEAN, MARGARET                        NY-35-55-8
MCLELLAN, JENETT                        NY-35-101-399
MCLELLEN, JAMES                         NY-35-10-257
MCLEOD, EXPERIENCE OAKS                 NY-35-61-352
MCLOUTH, FREDERIC                       NY-35-61-591
MCLOUTH, LAURENCE                       NY-35-4-137
MCLUD, HUBBERT                          NY-35-M-508
MCMAHON, JOHN                           NY-35-81-443
MCMAHON, MICHAEL                        NY-35-101-499
MCMANN, HIRAM                           NY-35-71-549
MCMANUS, JAMES T.                       NY-35-81-338
MCMASTER, DAVID                         NY-35-S-586
MCMILLAN, PETER H.                      NY-35-91-695
MCNAB, ANDREW                           NY-35-18-435
MCNAIR, JOHN                            NY-35-11-107
MCNAIR, MARY                            NY-35-W-104
MCNAMARA, JOHN                          NY-35-81-490
MCNARR, WILLIAM                         NY-35-7-126
MCNEAL, ROBERT                          NY-35-12-181
MCNUTT, JAMES                           NY-35-55-373
MCPERSON, WILLIAM                       NY-35-D-69
MCPHERSON, ALEXANDER                    NY-35-71-52
MCPHERSON, ELIZABETH                    NY-35-A-438
MCPHERSON, HARRIET T.                   NY-35-86-77
MCPHERSON, HARRIET T.                   NY-35-81-632
MCPHERSON, J. HARVEY                    NY-35-91-197
MCPHERSON, J. HARVEY                    NY-35-86-262
MCPHERSON, SOPHRONIA A.                 NY-35-101-388
MCPHERSON, WILLIAM                      NY-35-D-69
MCQUILLIN, EDWARD                       NY-35-12-153
MCREDMOND, JOHN                         NY-35-61-291
MCSHARY, BARNEY                         NY-35-61-369
MCSHERRY, ELIZABETH                     NY-35-71-656
MEACHAM, SAMUEL                         NY-35-10-105
MEAD, ABBIE JANE                        NY-35-S-691
MEAD, ERASTUS                           NY-35-91-224
MEAD, ERASTUS                           NY-35-86-280
MEAD, GILBERT                           NY-35-B-282
MEAD, JAMES EDGAR                       NY-35-91-403
MEAD, JAMES EDGAR                       NY-35-86-380
MEAD, JANE                              NY-35-61-153
MEAD, JEMIMA                            NY-35-81-668
MEAD, JEMMA                             NY-35-86-101
MEAD, MABEL                             NY-35-M-594
MEAD, NATHANIEL                         NY-35-L-123
MEADS, ISRAEL                           NY-35-4-199
MEALEY, MARY                            NY-35-101-112
MEANS, CHARLES H.                       NY-35-101-223
MEANS, JAMES                            NY-35-18-263
MEANS, JOSEPH                           NY-35-W-357
MEANS, SAAH A.                          NY-35-81-203
MEANS,MJOHN R.                          NY-35-101-407
MEEK, CHARLES R.                        NY-35-W-449
MEEKS, CATHARINE                        NY-35-S-487
MEENS, JANE                             NY-35-101-238
MELICK, DAVID                           NY-35-M-676
MELLEN, ELIZABETH B                     NY-35-91-96
MELVIN, ALMON                           NY-35-71-493
MELVIN, JOHN                            NY-35-101-369
MELVIN, JONATHAN                        NY-35-S-203
MENCH, CHRISTIAN                        NY-35-S-465
MENGER, NATHANIEL P.                    NY-35-L-183
MENTEATH, THOMAS L. STUART              NY-35-E-701
MERCK, JOSEPH                           NY-35-4-12
MEREDITH, GRACE                         NY-35-71-368
MERIWETHER, DOCTOR                      NY-35-L-731
MERRELL, ANDREW                         NY-35-101-539
MERRILL, ALICE                          NY-35-S-509
MERRILL, NATHANIEL                      NY-35-B-476
MERRILL, NATHANIEL                      NY-35-A-153
MERRILL, SIMON S.                       NY-35-W-596
MERRIMAN, DE FOREST H.                  NY-35-A-436
MERRITT, CORYDON W.                     NY-35-81-406
MERSEREAU, AARON                        NY-35-101-443
MERWIN, SHELDON                         NY-35-61-45
METCALF, FANNY M.                       NY-35-81-445
METCALF, FANNY M.                       NY-35-101-183
METCALF, HENDRICK                       NY-35-W-410
METCALF, HENRY                          NY-35-71-450
METCALF, IRVING                         NY-35-L-87
METCALF, JABEZ H.                       NY-35-61-584
METCALF, MERCY F.                       NY-35-81-148
METCALF, SUSAN                          NY-35-W-552
MEYERS, CHARLES                         NY-35-61-119
MIDDAUGH, ELI                           NY-35-61-554
MIDDAUGH, JASPER                        NY-35-B-36
MIDDAUGH, PERSIS P.                     NY-35-61-123
MIDDLETON, JOHN                         NY-35-C-9
MILELR, CORNELIA                        NY-35-71-383
MILES, CHESTER G.                       NY-35-101-325
MILES, DARWIN                           NY-35-71-500
MILES, LOYAL                            NY-35-L-299
MILLEN, COLISTER                        NY-35-M-565
MILLER, ANDREW                          NY-35-6-179
MILLER, ANNA                            NY-35-B-526
MILLER, CALVIN                          NY-35-M-503
MILLER, CHARLES D.                      NY-35-91-561
MILLER, ELIAL                           NY-35-E-427
MILLER, ESTHER A.                       NY-35-91-187
MILLER, ESTHER ANN                      NY-35-86-256
MILLER, HANNAH                          NY-35-D-629
MILLER, HORACE H.                       NY-35-101-627
MILLER, JAMES N.                        NY-35-101-77
MILLER, JOHN                            NY-35-12-69
MILLER, JONATHAN                        NY-35-12-117
MILLER, LUMAN P.                        NY-35-91-520
MILLER, ORRIN                           NY-35-W-350
MILLER, SAMUEL                          NY-35-M-433
MILLER, SQUIRE                          NY-35-55-364
MILLET, JONATHAN                        NY-35-1-170
MILLIMAN, EZEKIEL                       NY-35-7-70
MILLS, JAMES                            NY-35-101-331
MILLS, JOHN                             NY-35-C-29
MILLS, MARY J.                          NY-35-101-396
MINER, M. LIBBIE                        NY-35-101-191
MITCHELL, FREDERICK H.                  NY-35-D-515
MITCHELL, HENRY C.                      NY-35-91-679
MITCHELL, PETER                         NY-35-M-314
MITCHELL, WILLIAM                       NY-35-S-111
MOAN, ELANOR                            NY-35-61-675
MOAN, THOMAS                            NY-35-55-524
MOAW, MARY                              NY-35-101-551
MOFFETT, ELIJAH                         NY-35-W-102
MOFFITT, RUBIE C.                       NY-35-71-108
MONAGLE, HUGH                           NY-35-71-567
MONAGLE, WILLIAM                        NY-35-101-1
MONELL, ANN                             NY-35-M-292
MONIER, JAMES L.                        NY-35-W-72
MONROE, GEORGE D.                       NY-35-55-153
MONROE, NATHAN                          NY-35-L-289
MONSON, TITUS                           NY-35-4-52
MONTANYE, ELIJAH W.                     NY-35-71-93
MONTANYE, MARION A.                     NY-35-W-406
MONTGOMERY, JOHN                        NY-35-61-545
MOODY, ANN                              NY-35-W-626
MOODY, BENJAMIN                         NY-35-C-468
MOON, JOHN                              NY-35-101-375
MOOR, JAMES                             NY-35-L-293
MOORE, ANN                              NY-35-91-175
MOORE, ANN                              NY-35-86-246
MOORE, CALEB                            NY-35-A-11
MOORE, CHARLOTTE                        NY-35-61-60
MOORE, JAMES                            NY-35-86-205
MOORE, JAMES W.                         NY-35-101-189
MOORE, JOHN                             NY-35-C-480
MOORE, JOHN A.                          NY-35-C-500
MOORE, MARGARET                         NY-35-W-554
MOORE, MARY E.                          NY-35-61-553
MOORE, MICHAEL                          NY-35-101-305
MOORE, ROBERT B.                        NY-35-91-408
MOORE, ROBERT B.                        NY-35-86-386
MOORE, SAMUEL                           NY-35-61-715
MOORE, WASHINGTON                       NY-35-L-576
MOORE, WILLIAM                          NY-35-71-360
MOORE,JAMES                             NY-35-91-127
MORAN, ELIZA JANE                       NY-35-55-71
MORAN, ELLEN MCCARTHY                   NY-35-91-211
MORAN, ELLEN MCCARTHY                   NY-35-86-271
MORAN, PATRICK                          NY-35-101-494
MOREHOUSE, SARAH ANN                    NY-35-71-333
MORGAN, ANN                             NY-35-61-402
MORGAN, EVAN                            NY-35-W-37
MORGAN, FRANCES A.                      NY-35-81-43
MORGAN, MABEL                           NY-35-D-51
MORLAND, JAMES                          NY-35-18-231
MORLEY, JOHN                            NY-35-91-466
MORLEY, JOHN                            NY-35-86-546
MORLIN, WILLIAM                         NY-35-2-299
MORRELL, MARGARET                       NY-35-81-49
MORRIS, CHARLES B.                      NY-35-55-442
MORRIS, PATRICK                         NY-35-61-597
MORRIS, WILLIAM T.                      NY-35-61-220
MORRISON, CHARLES                       NY-35-81-408
MORRISON, ELIZABETH                     NY-35-61-560
MORRISON, SAMUEL M.                     NY-35-L-701
MORRISON, WILLIAM C.                    NY-35-71-410
MORROW, JOSEPH                          NY-35-W-563
MOSHER, MARGARET                        NY-35-81-137
MOTT, ELIZA                             NY-35-W-694
MOTT, MARY ANN                          NY-35-61-505
MOTT, PHILANDER                         NY-35-M-213
MOTT, SAMUEL                            NY-35-A-372
MOWRY, ROYAL H.                         NY-35-91-576
MULCAHY, MATHEW                         NY-35-81-173
MULHOLLAND, SARAH A.                    NY-35-101-452
MULLEN, ELIZABETH B.                    NY-35-86-179
MULLEN, JOHN S.                         NY-35-91-85
MULLEN, JOHN S.                         NY-35-86-169
MULLENDER, CATHARINE                    NY-35-55-118
MULLENDER, ISAAC                        NY-35-18-16
MULLENDER, JOHN N.                      NY-35-L-567
MULLIGAN, PATRICK                       NY-35-81-484
MUMFORD, ANSEL                          NY-35-55-460
MUMFORD, EMMA J.                        NY-35-W-150
MUMFORD, GEORGE                         NY-35-18-217
MUMOFRD, IRA C.                         NY-35-W-147
MUNDY, FREDERICK                        NY-35-C-19
MUNGER, HENRIETTA S.                    NY-35-61-272
MUNGER, MERRICK                         NY-35-55-132
MUNSON, ANSON                           NY-35-D-293
MUNSON, MARIA G.                        NY-35-101-531
MUNSON, MELISSA J.                      NY-35-101-151
MUNSON, PHILANDER S.                    NY-35-81-133
MURPHY, ARTHUR                          NY-35-101-59
MURPHY, JAMES                           NY-35-B-145
MURPHY, JOHN                            NY-35-101-210
MURPHY, JOSEPH                          NY-35-101-582
MURPHY, MARGARET                        NY-35-101-227
MURPHY, PATRICK                         NY-35-61-483
MURPHY, TIMOTHY                         NY-35-71-452
MURRAY, ALEXANDER                       NY-35-81-24
MURRAY, JAMES                           NY-35-61-467
MURRAY, JANE M.                         NY-35-86-48
MURRAY, JANE M.                         NY-35-81-594
MURRELL, WILLIAM                        NY-35-86-60
MURRELL, WILLIAM                        NY-35-81-609
MURRY, ELLEN                            NY-35-71-485
MYERS, ELIZABETH                        NY-35-86-100
MYERS, ELIZABETH                        NY-35-81-669
NARICONG, DAVID T.                      NY-35-61-89
NARRAGON, ELIZA A.                      NY-35-91-440
NARRAGON, ELIZA A.                      NY-35-86-412
NATT, SARAH G.                          NY-35-101-477
NAUGHTON, EDWARD                        NY-35-55-368
NAUGHTON, WILLIAM                       NY-35-61-143
NELSON, ABRAHAM                         NY-35-E-96
NELSON, ELLEN                           NY-35-101-178
NELSON, ELWY C.                         NY-35-91-142
NELSON, ELWY C.                         NY-35-86-217
NELSON, JAMES W.                        NY-35-91-624
NELSON, JEMIMA                          NY-35-71-38
NELSON, JOHN M.                         NY-35-81-284
NELSON, LESTER                          NY-35-71-120
NELSON, MARGARET M.                     NY-35-55-531
NELSON, WILLIAM                         NY-35-55-509
NESBIT, WILLIAM                         NY-35-A-323
NESSLER, CATHERINE                      NY-35-101-572
NEVENS, ELIZABETH                       NY-35-61-93
NEVIN, BRIDGET                          NY-35-W-564
NEVINS, THOMAS                          NY-35-55-488
NEWANS, NEHEMIAH                        NY-35-14-120
NEWARK, GEORGE                          NY-35-S-608
NEWARK, WILLIAM                         NY-35-W-113
NEWBERRY, JOHN                          NY-35-S-641
NEWBURY, WALTER S.                      NY-35-61-330
NEWELL, LATHROP P.                      NY-35-81-360
NEWELL, LECTRUS                         NY-35-101-11
NEWKIRK, WILLIAM V. B.                  NY-35-61-598
NEWMAN, BENJAMIN                        NY-35-81-581
NEWMAN, CYRUS W.                        NY-35-101-496
NEWMAN, SARAH ANN                       NY-35-55-44
NEWMAN, THOMAS                          NY-35-101-573
NEWMAN,BENJAMIN                         NY-35-86-432
NEWSON, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-35-91-163
NEWSON, ELIZABETH M.                    NY-35-86-235
NEWTON, AMANDA                          NY-35-61-533
NEWTON, EZRA                            NY-35-S-757
NEWTON, JOHN                            NY-35-B-369
NEWTON, JOHN                            NY-35-A-413
NEWTON, LAURA A.                        NY-35-81-12
NEWTON, PROCTOR                         NY-35-55-496
NICHOLAS, ANNE                          NY-35-B-199
NICHOLAS, JANE L.                       NY-35-L-482
NICHOLAS, JOHN                          NY-35-A-54
NICHOLAS, VIRGINIA                      NY-35-91-135
NICHOLAS, VIRGINIA                      NY-35-86-211
NICHOLS, EDWARD H.                      NY-35-81-34
NICHOLS, GREENWAY                       NY-35-91-693
NICHOLS, JOHN H.                        NY-35-81-315
NICHOLS, JOHN W.                        NY-35-55-2
NICHOLS, WILLIAM B.                     NY-35-101-332
NICHOLSON, DANIEL                       NY-35-2-425
NICHOLSON, JOHN                         NY-35-L-27
NICKERSON, MARY E.                      NY-35-86-496
NICKERSON, MARY J.                      NY-35-91-203
NIECE, AMANDA H.                        NY-35-61-320
NILES, PATRICK JAMES                    NY-35-61-506
NOBLE, ASENATH                          NY-35-61-571
NOBLE, LEVI                             NY-35-W-32
NOONAN, DENNIS                          NY-35-101-509
NORGATE, JOHN                           NY-35-61-550
NORGET, HANNAH                          NY-35-71-152
NORTH, EDWIN A.                         NY-35-W-481
NORTH, ELISHA D.                        NY-35-101-254
NORTH, LUCINA F.                        NY-35-101-441
NORTH, LYMAN C.                         NY-35-91-152
NORTHAM, ADDISON                        NY-35-S-488
NORTHRUP, JOEL                          NY-35-2-401
NORTHRUP, JOSEPH                        NY-35-E-187
NORTON, AARON                           NY-35-18-278
NORTON, ALFRED                          NY-35-E-410
NORTON, AMARILLIS                       NY-35-M-563
NORTON, BIRDSEY                         NY-35-6-5
NORTON, CHARLOTTE M.                    NY-35-M-186
NORTON, EBER                            NY-35-18-34
NORTON, HARRIET A.                      NY-35-61-280
NORTON, INERVA J.                       NY-35-91-233
NORTON, MARCUS A.                       NY-35-W-167
NORTON, MEDAD                           NY-35-B-267
NORTON, MINERVA J.                      NY-35-86-289
NORTON, OSCAR                           NY-35-55-461
NORTON, THOMAS                          NY-35-61-259
NORTON, ZEBULON                         NY-35-10-31
NOTT, EPAPHRAS                          NY-35-C-97
NOURSE, NATHAN                          NY-35-61-396
OAT, BERNARD                            NY-35-2-361
OBRIEN, BRIDGET                         NY-35-86-99
OBRIEN, BRIDGET                         NY-35-81-667
OBRIEN, ELIZA                           NY-35-91-121
OBRIEN, ELIZA                           NY-35-86-203
OBRIEN, MARGARET                        NY-35-101-442
OBRIEN, MARY                            NY-35-W-375
OBRIEN, PATRICK                         NY-35-W-438
ODELL, GABRIEL                          NY-35-E-330
ODELL, PETER                            NY-35-101-304
OGDEN, ABRAHAM                          NY-35-91-659
OGDEN, ROBERT                           NY-35-L-317
OGOODY, THOMAS SR.                      NY-35-55-176
OKEEFE, HUGH                            NY-35-61-567
OLDACRES, THOMAS                        NY-35-W-743
OLDFIELD, GEORGE                        NY-35-2-389
OLEARY, HUMPHREY                        NY-35-61-534
OLMSTEAD, EDWARD H.                     NY-35-71-659
OLMSTEAD, MARY C.                       NY-35-71-279
OLMSTEAD, SOPHIA L.                     NY-35-91-508
OLMSTEAD, SOPHIA L.                     NY-35-86-596
OLMSTED, ENOS                           NY-35-W-69
OMALEY, ELLEN                           NY-35-81-84
ONDERDONK, ALFRED                       NY-35-71-532
ONEIL, HONORA                           NY-35-86-139
ONEIL, JOHN                             NY-35-101-437
ONEILL, EDWARD PATRICK                  NY-35-101-594
ONEILL, JEREMIAH                        NY-35-91-91
ONEILL, JEREMIAH                        NY-35-86-175
ONEILL, MARY E.                         NY-35-71-696
ONEILL,HONORA                           NY-35-91-43
ONIEL, JAMES                            NY-35-S-406
ORCUTT, SALMON                          NY-35-71-289
ORIELEY, PATRICK                        NY-35-101-98
ORME, PRESSILLA                         NY-35-4-257
ORR, ELIZA M.                           NY-35-81-515
ORTON, ROGER                            NY-35-7-264
OSBORNE, DAVID                          NY-35-M-116
OSBORN,JANE                             NY-35-81-60
OSGOOD, CORNELIA L.                     NY-35-101-528
OSGOOD, ELIHU                           NY-35-S-82
OSORN, RICHARD                          NY-35-B-391
OSULLIVAN, JOHN                         NY-35-81-210
OSULLIVAN, MARY                         NY-35-86-13
OSULLIVAN, MARY                         NY-35-81-542
OTIS, JOHN P.                           NY-35-E-708
OTIS, MARTIN M.                         NY-35-L-225
OTTLEY, CHARLES                         NY-35-86-6
OTTLEY, CHARLES                         NY-35-81-534
OTTLEY, LYDIA                           NY-35-55-290
OTTLEY, THOMAS                          NY-35-M-58
OTTLEY, WILLIAM                         NY-35-10-45
OUDERKIRK, HENRY                        NY-35-M-243
OUTHOUSE, REBECCA                       NY-35-S-637
OVERACKER, WILLIAM                      NY-35-18-33
OWEN, TERRY                             NY-35-14-354
OWENS, ROSEANNA                         NY-35-86-116
OWENS, ROSEANNA                         NY-35-81-550

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